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A Dem Sweep in Georgia Election Could Pave Way for Trillions in New Federal Spending

Plus: Trump tries to ban more Chinese apps, cops dispute Josh Hawley's vandalism claims, and more...


Republican losses in Georgia look clear. Tuesday's runoff elections in Georgia appear to have handed Democrats control of the Senate, with Democrat Raphael Warnock beating incumbent Republican Sen. Kelly Loefflerthough, taking a page from President Donald Trump's election loss playbook, she isn't concedingand Democrat Jon Ossoff on his way to beating incumbent Republican Sen. David Perdue.

"Trailing much of the night, Ossoff surged ahead of Perdue by more than 8,500 votes after batches of votes from Democrat-heavy DeKalb County were released," notes USA Today this morning. "Most uncounted votes remain in Democratic strongholds in the metro Atlanta area."

Decision Desk has already called the race for Ossoff.

A whole lot more than just who represents Georgia is at stake, of course. If Ossoff and Warnock are both victorious, which looks quite likely, it means a 50-50 split between Democrats and Republicans in the Senate, with Vice President Kamala Harris getting the deciding vote in a tie.

That means "trillions of dollars in spending and taxes might be determined" by the outcome of these races, as Benjy Sarlin of NBC News put it:

While Democratic priorities on issues like voting rights and immigration, as well as contentious proposals to expand the courts, would likely be off the table without GOP support, much of Biden's agenda could pass via the same budget reconciliation procedure Senate Republicans used under Trump, which only requires a bare majority.

At the top of the list: A much larger coronavirus relief package. Democrats, including the Georgia Senate candidates, have echoed the president's call for a round of $2,000 stimulus checks and want to fund state and local budgets. Biden's "Build Back Better" plan calls for $2 trillion in investments related to climate change and $775 billion to help fund child and elder care, among other items.


Police dispute Hawley's claims of vandalism. Sen. Josh Hawley (R–Mo.) claims that Antifa protesters vandalized his home and terrorized his family. Police say otherwise.

"Tonight while I was in Missouri, Antifa scumbags came to our place in DC and threatened my wife and newborn daughter, who can't travel," tweeted Hawley on Monday night. "They screamed threats, vandalized, and tried to pound open our door."

However, "a local police spokesman says they have no reports of property damage in Hawley's Virginia neighborhood," reports Bryan Lowry, a correspondent for the Kansas City Star. "The police spokesman told me this was such a minor event that they're not even putting out a press release," Lowry added.

"The protest of about 15 activists was organized by Shutdown DC," who "posted a more than 50-minute video of what it called a 'Vigil For Democracy,'" says the Kansas City Star:

While the demonstrators mostly stayed on the public street and sidewalk, at one point four people walked onto Hawley's property to place a pamphlet on his front door. The group said was a copy of the Constitution.

A local police officer said cops warned the group they were breaking the law by protesting outside a private home and writing in chalk on a public sidewalk, as well as violating a local noise ordinance, and the group left without any trouble.

The only reason this is a big deal is because it's part of Hawley's pattern of making things up that dates back to his time as Missouri's attorney general. Currently, he's one of the leading supporters of Trump's doomed and disreputable election fraud claims.

Hawley is one of a dozen GOP senators saying they won't vote to certify the election results, which has provoked huge amounts of condemnation from even other generally Trump-supporting colleagues and people in the conservative media. On Monday night, he got called out by Bret Baier on Fox News:

"The states, by the Constitution, say they certify the election, they did certify it," Baier continued. "By the Constitution, Congress doesn't have the right to overturn the certification. At least as most experts read it."

As Hawley attempted to point to a statute to justify his plan, Baier jumped in to note that there appears to be no constitutional path for Congress to flip the results.


His ban on TikTok failing, Trump tries to block more Chinese apps. Still in court over his attempt to ban TikTok and WeChata ban that looks increasingly unlikely to actually be allowed to take effect—the president is issuing more unconstitutional orders against apps based in China. In a Tuesday executive order, Trump says Americans are prohibited from transactions with the apps Alipay, CamScanner, QQ Wallet, SHAREit, Tencent QQ, VMate, WeChat Pay, and WPS Office.


  • Nope:

  • Again and again and again:

  • Hong Kong police are cracking down on pro-democracy activists using a new national security law. Police "arrested 53 opposition activists and former legislators Wednesday morning, accusing them of 'subverting state power,'" reports Reason's Liz Wolfe. "The arrested leaders had been involved in organizing or attending a democratic primary last July, ahead of the fall Legislative Council elections. […] The arrests are part of Beijing's attempt to crush dissent in Hong Kong, which had long been semi-autonomous under China's 'one country, two systems' policy."
  • "An ongoing tally by The Associated Press finds that more than 250 state lawmakers across the country have contracted COVID-19, and at least seven have died," the news agency reports, warning that statehouses could become "hothouses" for coronavirus infections.
  • Outgoing Education Secretary Betsy DeVos pushed school choice and panned universal student loan forgiveness in a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, writing that "across-the-board forgiveness of college debts is not only unfair to most Americans, it is also the most regressive of policy proposals—rewarding the wealthiest sector of our labor force at the expense of the poorest."
  • "Arizona, California and Rhode Island are among the hardest-hit places in the world at this stage of the pandemic, with the highest rates of Covid-19 infections per capita," reports NBC News.

NEXT: Crackdown: 53 Dissidents Arrested in Hong Kong

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  1. Republican losses in Georgia look clear.

    Rejoice, libertarians. Your utopia is finally nigh.

    1. When do I get my $2000? That’s what’s really important.

      1. The president-elect promised he would immediately give you $2,000 if you voted for the democrats running in Georgia. Did you vote for the democrats in Georgia?

        1. You bet. I moved there for a day. Easy money.

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      2. To spend on whatever you can find in guns and ammo?

    2. For only a few trillion I get an end to mean tweets!

      1. C’mon man. You get a stake in NY, CA. IL and NJ retirement plans too! That’s a horse faced dog soldier of another color.

    3. Well, the Democrats do not claim to be fiscally responsible, so there is nothing to complain about.

      1. Which party adds more to the debt?

        1. Democrats. By a colossally huge margin.

          Now, go scampering for your “Clinton balanced the budget” pieces from 1998. I’ll wait until you’ve finished wasting 2 hours trying to type your search into Google with your hands shaking from the DTs before I provide you with your 4th grade civics lesson about where spending bills originate.

          1. Yeah but Trump could have vetoed…never mind.

            1. And kudos to him for that. Too bad Saint Reagan and the Bushes didn’t.

              1. Weren’t you and White Knight just yelling at everyone the other day, about how the TrUmP cULtists didn’t respect the Bush wing of the party.

                1. Don’t know about WK, but I wasn’t involved in that.

                2. Me neither. Have no idea what the Canadian is referring to.

                  1. What is with your short term memory chipper? Just a week ago you said Nardz was a conspiracy theorist for citing lab based covid. Yesterday you denied it. Are you an alcoholic too?

                    1. Wasn’t in on any such conversation.


            Trump’s presidency, in which the GOP controlled the entire government for 2 years, will be the most debt adding single term presidency in the history of the US –so far.

            So while I hope the GOP returns to its fiscal conservative roots, they have been off track since at least Reagan. Bush sr. was halfway decent, but raising taxes slightly to cover government expenses got him ex communicated, and even then he contributed more to the debt in 4 years than Clinton did in 8.

            1. Golly, what was Pelosi up to then?

              I’m sure all those spending bills weren’t veto proof, right? right?
              You wouldn’t try and mislead us like that, would you?

              1. Again, you can’t blame Pelosi for 2017-2019 deficits.That’s all GOP.

                And you may want to extrapolate a little, and ask yourselves why Pelosi was in a position of power at all.

                1. Did you learn what veto proof is yet?

                  1. So the GOP sent Trump veto proof debt bombs? Is that better?

                    All of his budget proposals still included beaucoup deficit spending.

                    And because he is actually pretty ineffectual, and also because he doesn’t really care about the debt, he never delivered results. Quite the opposite, as we can see.

                    1. You were blaming Trump for veto proof spending bills by congress, but somehow orangemanbad.

                2. Spending? What spending? You haven’t seen spending yet!

                3. Hmm, which party stomps their feet whenever anyone mentions spending reductions?

                  You can blame her for 2019 and 2020 though. You know, where most of that additional spending happened. And yet again, tax cuts are not fucking spending no matter how many times the chimps in the media say they are.

            2. As to POS Bush, he outright lied about taxes and Clinton was saved by a Republican Contract with America congress and a roaring economy.

              1. Clinton was saved by a booming stock market that collapsed and reduced revenues the year he left. Dot com bubble doesn’t exist for some.

                  1. I’m old enough to remember it. It just doesn’t matter. Obama inherited Bush’s recession. Trump inherited Obama’s recovery, and left it in ruins. But hey, as long as the money printer is on, asset values keep going up. So as long as you’ve got some wealth already, you are good. If you are young or poor, sucks to be you.

                    1. lmao… “Obama’s recovery”… So that’s what’s wrong with you people. Recession and [FDR] Depression is coined “recovery”.

                  2. Hey retard. I’m not a Democrat and I’m fully aware that Clinton’s “balanced budge” was just government borrowing from itself. Try arguing against something I actually said.

                    1. *budget*

        2. Will you first describe who you think is responsible for the budget?

          I blamed Paul Ryan for coming to the left with his budgets.

          My guess is you’ll blame the president while ignoring veto proof budgets and even an example of what happens with those just last week when vetoed.

          But thats because you’re a dishonest person.

          How giddy are you right now? Try honesty once. So far your comments are still anti trump, so you apparently don’t give a shit your rights will be under assault for at least 2 years.

          Good work with your ideals buddy.

          1. I’m dishonest because I don’t agree with the voices in your head? You need professional help.

    4. Rejoice Trumpians. You champion, Donald Trumpowth, and his own personal Team Rocket, Lin Wood and Sidney Powell, manager to doing the opposite of rallying the base for the GOP Senate candidates.

      1. Awww look, cytotoxic is sputtering so badly he can’t spell.

        1. Neat how he deliberately ignores all the fraud to pretend that it was a legitimate win and wave his dick around.

          1. What fraud? They are still counting the votes, and you already know a priori that there is fraud.

            Because why? Because it looks like the Democrats are winning, so Q.E.D. There was fraud.

            1. A priori is not the appropriate term here. This is not transcendental philosophy.

          2. LOL already claiming fraud, even though the only person who has made the claim so far besides this person was Trump.

            Stop swallowing his dick, parrot.

      2. Why did you switch name chipper?

        Congrats on your incoming authoritarian practices you champion.

        1. Crackdown: 53 Dissidents Arrested in Hong Kong Washington DC.
          China SleepyJoe accused the activists and former legislators of “subverting state power.”

          1. Don’t worry. The newspapers won’t print the story, and even if they did the social media platforms will stop it spreading.

            1. More victims of ‘gun violence.’

            2. Except for OAN, Newsmax, Fox, Parler, and so on. But acknowledging the existence of all those news and social media weakens the conservatives as victims narrative.

              1. It is perfectly okay for the largest networks to be in bed with the DNC because of OAN. – WK.

                Yet you push only the MSM narratives here.

                1. Anyone in the country that can tune into CNN can tune into OAN. Anyone who can go to the Twitter website can go to Parler. Size doesn’t matter — it’s a level playing field for media bubbles.

                  1. Do you REALLY want to compare TV penetration of OAN v CNN? Seriously?

                    1. Any person can choose to spend their time in either media echo chamber. They are on equal footing.

                    2. Dee’s never been to an airport.

                    3. Or a waiting room anywhere.

      3. What kind of a retard is actually naive enough to think the election was even remotely honest?

        Or, you are a corrupt partisan that doesn’t care if there was fraud as long as “your side” won.

        White Knight is either stupid or corrupt, not sure which. One thing we do know is he eats too much ass, which does make you retarded eventually…

        1. She’s both.

        2. White Knight is definitely corrupt, but not so much stupid as uneducated… or rather miseducated.

          Definitely got his history degree at the University of CNN, with postgraduate courses from Vox.

        3. WK lives in a deep blue area and is a cosplay Libertarian. He still thinks BLM committed no violence this summer.

          1. As I have already said. I do not live in a deep blue area. You just made that up.

      4. Rejoice, TDS-infected shit! You got what you wanted!
        Fuck off and die.

        1. I wanted divided government. Trumpowth and Team Rocket worked against a GOP win, successfully.

          1. What garbage, overt, outright fraud got those wins.

            You just spent the last two months watching American democracy be destroyed. Go take another victory lap.

            1. Fraud, that somehow, Trump’s legal team has failed to prove in 60 court cases.

              1. Again you claim procedural declination as merit.

                1. False. There are actual court cases that were rejected for lack of evidence. Stop pretending that didn’t happen.

                  1. I’ve shown them the sources, and they still keep repeating the same old tired lies over and over. No wonder they hate fact checking websites.



                  A Trump-appointed federal judge threw out the president’s attempt to overturn Wisconsin’s election results Saturday, saying the president “has not proved” any wrongdoing by state officials, in a decision that appeared to crush one of the last hopes of the president’s supporters, who have maintained that some of his most notable recent court losses have dealt with legal standing to sue rather than the merits of the cases.
                  Key Facts

                  Trump filed a federal lawsuit in Wisconsin that broadly challenged the state’s changes to its voting procedures amid the Covid-19 pandemic, and asked the court to “remand” the complaint to the Wisconsin legislature so they could determine the appropriate response and pick the state’s presidential electors.

                  After U.S. District Judge Brett Ludwig called Trump’s request “bizarre” and said he had “a very, very hard time seeing how this is justiciable in the federal court,” Trump’s attorneys changed their request to ask the court to order Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers to certify election results that are in line with what the state legislature, rather than the voters, want.

                  Ludwig dismissed the case with prejudice Saturday, ruling that while Trump did have standing to bring the “extraordinary” case and the issue wasn’t yet moot—as Wisconsin had argued—the president’s legal arguments “fail on their merits.”

                  Ludwig dismantled an argument that’s been repeatedly pushed by the president’s legal team as a reason to overturn election results and have GOP legislators appoint their own electors: that Democratic election officials and political leaders in Wisconsin and other battleground states violated the U.S. Constitution by making adjustments to the voting process, like adding ballot drop boxes and expanding mail-in voting, rather than doing what the Constitution says and appointing presidential electors “in such Manner as the [state] Legislature…may direct.”

                  The judge said that argument is meritless because the “manner” of appointing presidential electors is already determined to be by popular vote, and by saying only state legislatures can determine a state’s voting rules, the president’s argument “confuses and conflates” appointing presidential electors with basic election administration.

                  Wisconsin officials “acted consistently with, and as expressly authorized by, the Wisconsin Legislature,” Ludwig ruled.

                  Crucial Quote

                  If the Trump team’s interpretation of the Constitution were correct, “any disappointed loser in a Presidential election, able to hire a team of clever lawyers, could flag claimed deviations from the election rules and cast doubt on the election results. This would risk turning every Presidential election into a federal court lawsuit over the Electors Clause,” Ludwig wrote, saying the president’s legal argument is “contrary both to the plain meaning of the Constitutional text and common sense.”

                  Key Background

                  The ruling was the president’s third legal defeat in Wisconsin in the span of two days—and the GOP’s 58th post-election court loss in total—after a state judge also rejected a Trump campaign lawsuit seeking to throw out more than 200,000 ballots in Milwaukee and Dane counties Friday and the U.S. Supreme Court rejected a Texas lawsuit targeting Wisconsin and three other battleground states. The Supreme Court threw out the lawsuit, which made many similar claims to the federal Wisconsin case, because Texas didn’t have standing to bring the case. Trump allies argued that this meant Trump’s post-election legal cases could still succeed if a court were to actually consider the merits of the case, as Ludwig then did.

                  What To Watch For

                  Trump has appealed his state court ruling, which was heard by the Wisconsin Supreme Court Saturday, and will likely do the same with the federal case. While he struck down the merits of their case, Ludwig did give the Trump campaign reason to draw out their legal fight after the Electoral College meets Monday, suggesting legal disputes over the election could be brought until Congress meets to finalize the vote count January 6. Despite the failed court challenges, Wisconsin’s election results remain slightly less settled than other battleground states, as it was the only state not to reach the “safe harbor” deadline that ensures its certified election results can’t be challenged by Congress, and the Trump campaign suggested in a court filing that they will try to send their own slate of electors showing Trump’s win to Congress. Nevertheless, any challenges to Wisconsin’s electors remain extremely unlikely to succeed, and would not affect enough electoral votes to overturn Biden’s win.

                  1. And what do you know? Jesse slinks off to hide. No response. Erased from the memory banks as being hostile to the dear leader.

          2. “I wanted divided government.”

            Full demonrat is too much of a good thing?

            1. Have you not heard about Biden’s spending plans. It would have been nice to have at least one chamber of Congress holding him back. But Trump cared more about his losing the election than the runoffs.

              1. Yet you were giddy biden won. You dont get both sides you fucking lying shit.

                1. Actually, a person is allowed to want Biden as President, and still want Republicans in other offices. That is not a symptom of cognitive dissonance. It is called voting for who you think is best fit for each individual office, and ignoring blind party loyalty.

                  Stop being an obtuse, dishonest parrot.

                2. Cite for my supposed giddiness?

          3. No. You wanted the appearance of divided government. The only GOP you ever agree with are those who join Schumer and Pelosi. You want the one ratchet to continue.

            1. Stop stuffing words in people’s mouths, you dishonest parrot.

    5. Congrats to Reason and the cosplay Libertarians!!!

      Already promises of court packing, senate packing, GND expenditures, ending the Senate filibuster, criminal trials of those who dared oppose the Democrats, more regulations, lockdowns, etc, etc.

      1. All hail our new overlords!

      2. How do you reach that conclusion? This was hardly a celebration of the election outcome.

        1. Reason has been celebrating Sleepy Joe for a while now. They are flaming commies who pretend to be libertarian.

          1. They had an irrational hate for Trump. I haven’t seen anything positive about Biden, though. I’ve been mostly absent for several weeks. Perhaps I missed something.

            1. I’ve been mostly absent for several weeks.

              Same here. I’m starting to think that was probably a good call.

              1. Reason — All hail the Constitutional President Biden… lmao… It just doesn’t get more crazy than that.

            2. In lieu of outright endorsement they’ve been refusing to write on matters that reflect poorly on the Democrats (except to dismiss them).
              Hunter Biden’s laptop for instance, or pay for play, or the Obama spying scandal, or the Steele Report, etc…

              Hiding really bad scandals is as valuable as an outright endorsement.

              1. Insufficient dogma is as good as heresy! There is no need for proof of your sins. Your absence in the church is enough to label you as Satan’s minion.

                If you wish to go further, just over the next epistemological hill lies critical race theory and wahhabism.

                1. It’s not “insufficient dogma” when you deliberately bury proof. What a stupid analogy.
                  This wasn’t passive ignorance on behalf of the Reasonistas. It was willful suppression as the incidents were mocked by ENB et al. both on Twitter and in the Roundups.

              2. It is called tacit support. They even had their election article where many said they would choose biden if their vote mattered.

                The cosplays here refuse to accept the consequences of their choices.

            3. They had an irrational hate for Trump conservatism.

              You’re being pretty disingenuous here, Zeb. Reason leaned pretty openly progressive/anti-conservative before Trump. Trump just crystallized their irrationality and the anti-Trump culture legitimized their idiocy. They’ve been pro-UBI and anti-Calvinistic for nearly a decade. Even well before Trump, the magazine was well known for being a 3 trick (pot, mexicans, and ass-sex) pony.

              Yes, there high level narrative veil shifts in the political winds to make them seem anti-Obama or anti-Trump or anti-Biden, but the underlying drum beat of “OMG, What If Protestants And The Protestant Work Ethic Took Control Of Capitalism Culturally!” and “Ted Cruz Hates Liberal Democracy” is loud and steady.

            4. You haven’t missed much.

              A bunch of delusional people insisting Trump is still gonna be president next term. A bunch of “we don’t need evidence” of fraud, we KNOW it happened.

              This of course was along with mindless shit slinging from a handful of twats monopolizing the comments on virtually every post with their spasms, turning this place in to a shithole.

              Idiots all. WK, sarcastic, loveconstipation1776, Sevo, etc have all decided their infighting is the only thing that matters. Apparently they’re all fucking retarded, still of the belief that they can change minds by cussing at them and fighting multiple times daily in an anonymous comment section.

            5. I haven’t seen anything positive about Biden, though.

              Insufficient negativity equals overflowing positivity, according to the conservatard anyway.

              1. No negativity sweetie.

                When you rail against one side only while ignoring the other sides negatives you dont get to do both sides after the fact.

                Dishonest people do that. They had an obvious preference. They made their choice. Just like you.

                1. Dishonest people like you put words into peoples’ mouths and then argue against what they never said.

            6. Sullum doesn’t write 30 articles about trump losing without understanding what the consequences are. Unless you think sullum is retarded.

              The fact is they tacitly supported biden the entire election cycle. They ignored every negative story about him until post election. You can claim good will and intentions over this. Most of us aren’t dumb though. Their preference was biden. They made it clear.

              1. OK, that’s mostly fair enough, I’d say. Though I think Gillespie and several others honestly would have preferred Trump won. But you are right, they did reveal a preference for Biden overall. I’m still not going to call that support or assume that they therefore favor many or most of Biden’s likely policies. It was all about Trump. Which was stupid. They could have done good things digging into the media insanity over Trump, but decided to join it instead.

                1. I’ll agree with you about the Jacket. Maybe Robby. That’s it off the regular staffers.

        2. Get used to commenters saying that Reason is responsible for Biden’s win and that they deserve/asked for anything the Federal Government does for the next four years.
          They’ve already been doing it daily for the past three months and it’s unlikely to stop.

          1. Yeah, Reason has so much influence on elections. Not sure why people seem to think they are so powerful that they are responsible for election outcomes.

            1. Honestly it’s just getting really boring. I don’t know if they’re trying to get Reason to become more conservative or what.
              It’s just as old as the endless accusations of people being socks. I really don’t care, and it’s accomplishing absolutely nothing.

              1. Nice new sock, WK.

                1. Is there anyone here who isn’t supposedly a sock? I’m having a hard time keeping track. Also, does it matter?

                2. Thanks, Mother’s Lament! This is my first sock accusation.

                  I’ve been around a few years but don’t post that often. You can find me arguing with WK further down this thread.

                  1. I was being pretty facetious given that you specifically mentioned “endless socks”.

                    1. I just saw that Gray_Jay misunderstood too, so I guess that I wasn’t that clear. Apologies.

                    2. When people invoke Poe’s law at you, it might be time to examine your accusations.

                3. I don’t think OSL is another sock, Mother’s. Though I understand the impulse.

              2. I don’t know if they’re trying to get Reason to become more conservative or what.

                From what I read, they’d prefer Reason be libertarian rather than acting leftists claiming to be libertarian.

                1. And of course anyone with 1/2 a brain should know that not being 100% supportive of Trump does not mean AUTHORITARIAN COMMIE!. But you’d never know such a thing if you read comments here.

                  Reason certainly has its own case of TDS, but that affliction goes both ways, and some commenters have it way worse. They’ve allowed their loyalty to Trump to infect their reasoning skills.

                  This was a great place for years, but no longer. It’s a fucking zoo, with shit slingers slinging shit.

                  1. I largely agree. Though I can’t really say if it’s really gone downhill aside from the extreme factionalism that Trump seems to inspire.

                    And you can go in circles forever calling each other lefties, TDS sufferers, trump cultists, Conservatards, etc. while insisting that you’re a true libertarian.
                    But, we don’t need to waste time on that, do we? I thought the ideal was basing arguments on principles rather than principals.

                    You can call someone an ass on a particular topic without insisting they must have allegiance to a person or party.

                    1. Though I can’t really say if it’s really gone downhill aside from the extreme factionalism that Trump seems to inspire.

                      Again, Trump didn’t inspire it. Minarchists predate Trump and Reason contributors were identifying as civil libertarians under the Obama Administration.

                      And, despite Muzzled Woodchipper’s assertions, the ‘AUTHORITARIAN COMMIE’ stupidity is similarly prevalent and long-standing. Especially since the right-leaning aspects have been suffering the ‘RACIST!’ thought terminating meme since before Obama.

          2. They aren’t responsible, they just tacitly supported it. Even Shikha had an article about biden over trump based on supposed morality. It wasn’t hidden.

            That doesn’t mean I’ll accept them pretending they weren’t aware or open criticizing biden for the next 4 years. They muzzled that shit. That is their action.

            And why didn’t you complain once about the 4 years of anti trump narrative if you truly believe there is no agenda? Cry more.

        3. Go read the comments from last night Zeb. And do you honestly believe that Reason’s coverage off the two candidates was similar over the last year?

          Years ago Nick Gillespie admitted that “libertarians” need to find more common ground with the left because of open borders. Their current actions match their previous words. You need to stop pretending otherwise.

          1. This is the same Nick Gillespie that literally said in the Reason Roundtable podcast that he preferred a Trump win to a Biden win.

            But, hey, go on with your narrative and leave out the inconvenient parts.

            1. And maybe he did, but like the rest of Reason, he still deliberately witheld reporting on any of the major stories that might have negatively affected Democrats. Most of which were of strong libertarian concern.

              He’s an editor, he could have covered them.

              1. So, they didn’t cover the Hunter Biden laptop story enough for you.

                1. Or at all. And it just isn’t the laptop fucktard, it is about Bidens open policies such as GND.

                    1. This pretty much sums up Reason’s Editorial Staff…
                      Alissa, “vote for Biden because they view Trump to be a unique existential threat to liberty”
                      Christian, “Both Trump and Biden are awful”
                      Shikha, “there is no bigger libertarian cause right now than to prevent Donald J. Trump from getting re-elected”
                      Riggs, “I will settle for not having to live another four years under President Donald Trump”
                      Managing editor Slace, “voting for Joe Biden”
                      Senior editor Soave, “I might have voted for Joe Biden if he chose Tulsi Gabbard as his veep, but he didn’t, so I’m voting for Jo Jorgensen.”
                      Sullum, “I have no interest in expressing whatever horrifying message would be implied by a vote for Trump”
                      Zach, “I’ll be voting for Joe Biden”
                      Staff editor Liz, “Trump has been a tremendously terrible president”


                    2. What is it, because it’s certainly not comprehensive coverage of the laptop scandal.

            2. Who listens to podcasts?

              1. Does that matter? He said it.

                1. And he would never lie.

                  1. Well, why would he? It’s probably not making him a lot of friends in the hipster circles he moves in.

      3. What the hell is Senate packing? Dems have every right to pack the court considering the way Republicans have acted but it ain’t happening because we’re not Republicans for better or worse. Dems are the moderates more or less.

        1. Dems are moderates?

          On the socialist-communist-totalitarian scale, maybe.

          1. Only on the surface.

        2. Dems are the moderates.

          I say we split the continent.

          Now. I can’t take these people anymore.

          1. If we go by US counties, Team Red gets 90% of the area, places where we make food and energy, do most manufacturing, and go to recreate. Team Blue gets the urban area, places where we make ???

            1. Team Blue gets the urban area, places where we make ???


              1. money

                1. Not so much. They make money off of the goods produced by people in rural and suburban and exurban america. The days of cities being the driving force of the economy, as opposed to the purveyor or of other people’s products is long gone. Hell even microsoft isn’t based in Seattle but in North Bend.

                  1. Simply not true.


                    Check the very bottom of the first graphic for how much agriculture contributes to US GDP.

                    1. Not just agriculture. Most manufaccturing is located outside urban areas. It is telling that you think rural areas and exurban centers only produce agriculture.

                    2. I spend quite a bit of time in Rural areas setting up processing facilities for agriculture products.

                      The capital for those facilities, the engineers that build them, and the people who run them are typically urbanites. Not always. I have also met some very savvy and entrepreneurial farmers who have started with very little and gone on to own most of their county.

                    3. You do realize the US GDP includes government printed money right? Does it really surprise anyone that not a single PRODUCE market can keep up with government’s money printer?

                2. lmao… “money” – Isn’t that the truth…. Printer go brrrrrr…. (as someone else humorously says). Maybe a crashing USD might not be such a horrible way of wiping out the commie-city filth. It happened in Detroit; Coming to a city near you!

            2. And yet Team Red chooses a pampered New York City real estate developer/game show host as its champion. Go figure.

              1. Because he was one of the very, very few willing to be a champion for them.

                Guys like McCain et al. were snobby American aristocrats and grifters.

              2. Again you put morals over actions. God damn son.

                1. This would be image/persona over actions.

                  What actions? Trump is one of the best examples out there of someone who doesn’t follow through on things.

            3. Hep a b and c

            4. I had someone once tell me that the factories are filled with city folk and engineers from the city that will counter balance the rednecks on the farms. They had obviously never worked in a factory. Without the farmboys, no factory is gonna run right. I have worked in many and it is always this way, where the 80-20 rule comes from .

          2. That isn’t going to work when, in reality, every state in the country is a purple mixture of liberals and conservatives.

            1. Shows the lefty psyops-controlled media. Be careful where you look for information.

        3. Every right to pack the court because Repubs followed the Constitution and tradition? That’s bizarre logic.

        4. What pray tell did Republicans do? Did they add justices ? No. Fuck you are an idiot.

          1. Lefties change definitions as it suits them. Court packing has had one meaning since the phrase was coined. But now it has a new meaning. It’s really that simple.

          2. They failed to confirm Obama’s nomination but confirmed Trump’s.

            1. That’s not court packing. I explained it below. Also, “advice and consent” is the role of the Senate for confirming judges. The Senate did not consent to Obama’s judge. You might not like how they did it, but it was still within their authority.

            2. And? Does the Constitution require them to approve the President’s nominees? Then why even have a vote?

          3. They didn’t add justices, but they altered the court for political gain by leaving Scalia’s seat open for a year. They also changed the “conventions” for nominating a justice depending on how it benefitted them.

            No one should believe anything out of your inbred mouth. You’re proud to live in the shithole part of Montana. You also accept LDS Propoganda uncritically

            You’re one stupid fucking hillbilly. I called Montana child welfare. Anyone as dumb as you shouldn’t have kids.

            1. they altered the court for political gain by leaving Scalia’s seat open for a year

              You don’t seem to understand that it’s the senate that chooses a SCJ, the president only proposes nominees.
              If they don’t get any acceptable nominees, why would they choose them?

              1. The Senate is supposed to rubber stamp the nomination, unless the nominee is icky.

              2. “What pray tell did Republicans do? Did they add justices ? No. Fuck you are an idiot.” is what losersucker76 said and what I responded too.

                Shut the fuck up Canadian!

                1. They did their constitutional duty. So that is all you got. Idiot

                2. Ouch! Canadian.

            2. And they told you to shut the fuck up and called the staff at your halfway house to monitor your phone privileges more closely. How did they change anything? The Constitution says the president nominated justices but the Senate decides if they should be approved. It says nothing about them having to vote, or how long they have to deliberate. Fuck, if your IQ was above room temperature, you would not regurgitate such stupid talking points. But then again you’ve never had an original thought in your life, Nazi. Go back to defending genocide while totally denying you’re a fascist.

              1. I would explain that I don’t live at a halfway house, but it doesn’t matter because you lie about everything.

                Why did the GOP rush Barrett, but leave Scalia’s seat open over a year? Because they’re hypocrites.

                I know you’re too goddamn inbred to understand that simple logic, but please try.

                You know the people in the civilized part of your state look down on you cousin fucking rubes? They’re better than you. Their life has more value because they aren’t Mormon, fascist enabling inbred hillbillies.

                1. chill dude. When you start sound like, well the way you are, it’s time to take a break.

                  1. This is how he posts all the time. When he isn’t defending genocide for Mormons because he doesn

                2. You fish out insults then get upset when people insult you? Really?

                  1. Dish not fish. Fucking predictive text.

              2. This website fucks up my phone so I’m not going to chase every fucking comment you reply to of mine. It’s the only site that does. Maybe because it’s run by far right screwballs and read by mostly fascists like Losersucker76.

                Daines is a traitor for supporting Trump’s fascist attempt to stay in power you stupid fucking hillbilly!

                You have offered no evidence supporting your LDS Propoganda! You’re argument is essentially “I trust the mormons!”
                Shut the fuck up you uneducated rube!

                You may have not voted for Trump but did you vote for Traitor Daines or your governor that assaults journalists?


                You lie about everything. You’d never have an honest discussion about Mormons. You’ve bought their lies hook, line and sinker!

                Mormons are a rotten evil people who want to destroy our freedom. You support them so you therefore hate freedom you fascist rube!

                1. You have posted on a of my comments up to this point so I think this is a cop out on your part. Because you have nothing original to post.

                  1. Great reply! You really refuted all those things I posted!

                    1. I thought you weren’t going to respond to me. It is t difficult to refute you since your points are boiler plate talking points.

                    2. No I’m not going to scroll to respond to every goddamn thread that has comments from you in it and instead post in one place.
                      Stupid fucking redneck.

                      Did you vote for Traitor Daines? Did you vote for fascist gov Greg who assaults journalists?

                      Didn’t you take an oath to defend the Constitution? Why do you support Daines who is a treasonous traitor?

                      I know you won’t understand any of this because you’re so fucking backwards.

                    3. What us Daines done that is traitorous? And considering you felt more than adequate to scroll all morning responding to me earlier I think this is a total cop out on your part no matter how much you protest otherwise.
                      I stalked you all morning but now it is to much trouble after you refuted my simplistic talking points. And you accuse Daines of treason but haven’t said how he betrayebetrayed the countr

                    4. Daines is supporting Trump’s attempt to overturn the election. I thought I’d mentioned that.

                      I’ll take your non reply as a yes you voted for traitor Daines and the governor who assaults journalists.

                    5. My non reply was because I was driving. And no I don’t support Daines in that effort. And said as much downstream. Fuck you are an idiot. I don’t think that is treason but those preventing the vote today is treason. He can vote how he sees fit, but preventing the actual vote is treason. Again no nuances.
                      Your problem is you project opinions and beliefs upon those who disagree with you without any evidence. You’ve done it mtiple times to me and have been wrong on every single occasion. Eventually you would think you would learn.

                    6. Also, I have been consistent in condemning the voter fraud narrative and anyone who supports it. I supported their day in court and investigating but I condemned the actual message.Voting against certification is just asinine and stupid, not treasonous. If he ignores the vote when he loses today, which the protestors just assured, as a number who supported it will now vote against it (Trump’sast ditch stupid plan to overturn the election). And if he does that, I will legally do what it takes to remove him from office. A number of democratic Representatives in 2017 also voted not to certify the electoral college, and I didn’t label them traitors either. Because it is a stupid, meaningless vote. But storming the capital building and stopping the vote is treasonous. Do you understand the difference?

                    7. Glad to hear we agree on something!

                      Did you vote for Gianforte? Ya know the guy who assaults journalists?

                    8. And I will add the caveat that if by some miracle Trump’s hail mary somehow did result in a no vote in the Senate, I condemn that as well. You think you have me egged but so far you haven’t yet accused me of anything I actually have said or believe in. I have voted for republicans, Democrats and libertarians. I never supported the voter fraud narrative. I actively campaigned against Trump (supported Rand Paul and in 2012 supported Herman Cain but was disappointed in his support of Trump) l. I argued with my mother, father and brother about their support for Trump, ended friendships because they couldn’t accept I didn’t like Trump and refused to support him. And now my predictions have roven true. Welcome to one sorry rule for the foreseeable future. I didn’t vote for this shit and 8 didn’t serve for this shit.

                2. Perhaps a soothing knee to your neck will calm you down.

                3. Also, I don’t support Mormons, I simply oppose your calls for genocide and feel most of them are nice people. And I don’t believe everything they say, I reject their doctorine and reject the dogma. Your problem is you don’t understand nuances. Opposing genocide of anyone doesn’t mean I support them. Fuck you’re an idiot

            3. Jeez come on, that’s some crazy talk there. I wouldn’t say the west side of the state i live in is great. My tax dollars pay for walking/running/biking trails then me getting to find discarded needles on them every time I take the dog for a run. Awesome. Build another Portland style warming shelter seems to make it all better.

              1. Missoula, Helena, Bozeman blow away any part of Dakota junior(the eastside).

                Nothing wrong with Portland. Despite the far right smear campaigns a lot of people seem to be moving there.

              2. To be fair every state has an urban rural divide. But Jesus fucking christ. You go 10 minutes outside a city in Montana you run into some inbred, backwards, uneducated rubes. Goddamn cousin fucker central!

                I’ve encountered some rednecks, but rural eastern Montana is especially backwards. Miles City was nothing but mullets.

        5. Adding DC and PR as states, with 2 Dem senators each. Just like court packing, the term is not about changing the ratio of the current number, it’s adding to the number when you know the additions will be from your side.

          It’s really not a complicated concept. You should really understand what it means before you keep displaying your ignorance. But you won’t.

          1. Here’s an idea. Make the Republican Party more appealing to the people of Puerto Rico. Actually pay attention to their issues, and offer solutions.

            1. Lol, how about your Democrats do that for the rest of Red America instead of calling them racist and deplorable and “practically hitler’s”.

              1. My Democrats? I’m a libertarian non-partisan.

                1. Stop fucking lying chipper.

          2. Fairly sure DC as a state runs in violation to the Constitution itself.

            1. I say something about Puerto Rico, and you talk about DC.

              You may be completely correct about DC statehood violating the constitution. I don’t know. But I also wasn’t talking about DC.

              I’ve noticed there is a lot of this muddle-headedness in CACLLs. They jump around from topic to topic and are never clear on what they are discussing.

        6. Are you this dumb? D.c. abd PR statehood dummy.

      4. If anybody has moderate Democratic Senators or Congressmen, you need to lean on them hard. At this point, we’ll need some to make the GND and cabinet appointments slightly better.
        It worked for Obamacare. We might’ve had a public option if not for Democrats who knew it wouldn’t be popular with their constituents.

        1. I wonder how long Manchin will keep the D after his name. I know he is under a lot of pressure from his constituents, if they media reports are even close to being accurate. He had already said he is a no vote on the GND, court packing, new taxes, etc but has said he doesn’t plan on changing parties (yet). I will be calling my Senator, Tester, and making him aware Montana does not support Schumer’s priorities.

          1. Not that I expect it will do any good. Tester is the king of becoming a moderate year before his next election.

            1. Is Montana an oil state?

              1. Not really. More of a coal state, with probable significant reserves of natural gas, however. Not surprising, as it’s not far from the Bakken shales of North Dakota. See,

                1. Really depends on which part. Oil and gas are big in the northeast.

          2. Yeah, Senators like Joe Manchin probably won’t go along with the Squad’s policy prescriptions. But keep an eye out for those Cornhusker kickbacks; they will be very appetizing to take after the lockdowns ruined the economy.

            1. Keep an eye on Antifa and BLM showing up at Joe Manchin’s house. Political violence and intimidation is now acceptable among much of the country. And another sizable portion, including this publication, is willing to minimize it as “mostly peaceful”.

              1. Sure, there’s gotta be, like what, a dozen antifa in Montana.

                1. Why would Joe Manchin live in Montana?

                  1. Yes the part Losersucker76 lives in is a real shithole and the only reason people live there is oil.

                    1. You seem to be completely missing the point.
                      Jon Tester – Montana
                      Joe Manchin – West Virginia

                      But how do you know exactly where SoldierMedic lives?

                2. Wk thinks antifa doesn’t use planes.

                3. Never been to Bozeman, Missoula or Helena I see. Fuck there you go again generalizing and making an idiot of yourself.

          3. Tester isn’t as bad as traitor Daines or your governor that beats up journalists.

            You’re one inbred goddamn hillbilly. Tester doesn’t give two shits what stupid redneck pieces of shit like you think. You’ll vote R no matter what.

            1. Since I voted for Jorgenson, that kind of disproves your hypothesis once again. And considering over half the state is round to call themselves rednecks, I am pretty sure Tester does care. Especially as every single one of his ads is him wearing a cowboy hat, talking about his farm and how he hunts and fishes. Once again proving how stupid you are. And how is Daines a traitor? Man can you actually post original thoughts or just regurgitate other people’s talking points? That’s a rhetorical question BTW, since we know you are incapable of original and or critical thinking. Quick, I think it is finger painting time at your half way house, we wouldn’t want you to miss that, considering we know it is the highlight of your day. Finally something you can do without fucking it up.

              1. Haha.
                We see KAR engages in about the same level of nuance as the Reverend.
                The country is split in two. The educated, intellectual, morally superior elites in coastal cities, and the backward, redneck, racist, inbred idiots in the country and flyover states.

                What a straightforward view of the world to have.

                1. What’s odd is that the reverend occasionally drops the act over at Volokh, and says something actually insightful.

                  1. I know I saw and it’s weird.

            2. Kill your right on the gov, but I did vote for him since he offered me the most individual freedom of the two choices. Mike Cooney was Milquetoast and a lot of people don’t need that. We had 16 years of Dem governors so don’t think we aren’t open to both sides on ideas. Cooney and Bullock in my opinion lost touch with individualism which is big for Montanans

              1. Bullock wasn’t to bad until he ran for President.

          4. He voted against ACB.

        2. If you want to know how its going to go, look to all the other places sham elections have been used to seize totalitarian one-party rule

    6. Look on the bright side. Now Republicans can start pretending they want to cut government again.

      1. Poor Lefties. Joint session today to cut government.

        Cut Biden from government… HAHAHA

        1. It’s awesome that you’ve figured out how to type with a straitjacket on.

          1. Just ask sarcasmic or Sqrlsy.

        2. Hey LC- what is going to be your new troll schtick in a couple weeks? I mean, you had the whole board going for 4 years thinking you really were a legitimate trumpaloo. But this level of delusion truly has outed you.

      2. House just ended their paygo requirements silly. Way to take it to the GOP though.

    7. Hello.

      Yeh. That’s not good.

      And how a supreme loser like Harris can get to such a position as a deciding vote….wow.

      Enjoy the reign of Democrat retard-woke terror. It’s going to be vey ugly. But hey, at least the protests will be peaceful.

      1. Hello.

        And no, now protesting the administration will be “mostly intimidation” or “increasingly threatening” or something. Not sure if The Party has decided on the accepted term yet. Don’t worry though, you’ll see it here once they decide.

        1. Yeah, that.

          ‘Peaceful protesting’ is for Brownshirts. Not Jews.

        2. They’ll certainly come up with something. Like they did with The Tea Party protestors. A perfectly peaceful demonstration, after which they cleaned up after themselves, labeled as trying to terrorize America.

    8. Somebody probably should have told Sullum what he was frantically promoting these last few months.

      1. Shut up CULTIST!

      2. Please link to an example of Sullum’s promotion of a Democratic win in Georgia.

          1. You’re wasting my time. Tell me the quote(s) from that article that support your position.

            1. You dont click links anyways chipper. You’ve admitted that.

              1. You wish I didn’t click links. I have devastated hundreds of your attempts to prop up your arguments with links that don’t actually support them.

                1. Lol, no you haven’t, because you’ve never read a single cite that you asked for.

    9. It’s a libertarian moment that’s wrong within normal parameters.

      1. Everyone is happy!

        We’re back to a president who respects presidential norms!
        The Republicans can comfortably settle into their role as the permanent minority party!
        The flu can continue to keep the country locked down with daily status updates from our leaders!
        War by spring, happy 2021!

    10. In retrospect, trading the suburbs for the sticks wasn’t a good long-term solution.

      1. lol

  2. Trailing much of the night, Ossoff surged ahead of Perdue by more than 8,500 votes after batches of votes from Democrat-heavy DeKalb County were…

    …um, released.

    1. Hey, it worked before, why change it up?

      1. I’m just curious. If you really believe the democrats faked the election for Trump in November, what’s your reasoning for why they didn’t they do the same thing for Ossoff and Warnock then?

        1. …democrats faked the election for Trump in November,…
          Say what?

          1. Maybe he’s commenting from a parallel universe where Trump was a Democrat?

    2. Who would have thought that the same people in charge of the same processes would lead to the same tactics working the same way they did last time?

    3. When are Republicans going to get wise to this and start printing their own batches of ballots to “release”?

      1. They would first have to run those election centers.

        1. Is Brad Raffensberger on the take?

          1. They’re ALL on the take man.

          2. I don’t know, but leaking the phone call with Trump to Wapo the day before this election is definitely evidence in favor of that.

            1. That’s what you are going to focus on? That the phone call was leaked, not that the President was threatening criminal charges against Raffensberger if he didn’t find enough votes to overturn Biden’s win.

              1. Knowing what we know about Trump, would it not surprise you if he’s the one who released it? The man’s narcissistic to the point of retardation.

                1. Tell me again how Assange leaking Hillary’s horrific emails was the Russians stealing the election.

                  1. I certainly wouldn’t, because that’s ridiculous.

                    This is the argument I’m referring to.

                    Trump Threw It Away
                    He stole an easily winnable election from himself with his lack of discipline.

                    Mr. Trump was the most known person ever to run for the presidency; he spent 40 years advertising his gaucheries to the American people. His outsider act was central to his appeal, but that hardly required coming up short on political calculation, discipline and patience. Mr. Trump plays checkers. The game is chess. His slim loss in the Electoral College should rankle, all right, because it shows how different the outcome might have been if he had done a few little things differently—including listen to advice.

                    But Mr. Trump was at it again on the eve of Georgia’s runoffs. Its secretary of state has become a boogeyman on the right. If Republicans didn’t instantly suspect Mr. Trump himself leaked the phone call, if they didn’t realize he can be perfectly happy with the GOP losing the Senate as long as his chosen narrative dominates, they still don’t know Trump.

                    1. Is this what you tell yourself to ignore the lefts soft fascism, impeachment attempts, corrupting of AG offices, changing elections through courts, using courts to disallow overturning obamas EOs, etc?

        2. Come to think of it, Republican gerrymandering prowess must be overstated if they can’t even work that magic to their advantage in these elections.

          1. Well, gerrymandering doesn’t help for Senate and President.

            1. Except you have claimed in the past that it does. Until you got bitch slapped for such a stupid observation. You have claimed more than once Republican control of the Senate was due to gerrymandering.

              1. Well he’s retarded, so…

              2. You’re in no position to call out anyone for their intelligence. You blindly accept easily disprovable Mormon Propoganda. You’re also proud of being an inbred hillbilly in the shithole part of Montana.

                You’re one stupid son of a bitch!

                1. If it so easily disproved why haven’t you done so? You’ve offered one citation of book and admit it is the only thing you’ve read on the subject. Also, stop stalking me, I am happily married and no I won’t go out with you. I don’t date genocidal Nazis.

          2. You can only do so much when you have a big, liberal city in the middle of your state.

        3. They run the election centers in Republican districts. If more people vote in some rural county than there are residents, so be it, nothing to see here.

          1. Evidence that that has happened?

            1. Are you deliberately playing dumb?

              1. So, you’ve got nuthin.

                1. He has you for being dumb.

            2. Please work on your reading comprehension skills, retard. You should have learned that in 2nd grade.

              Man, liberals are DUMB.

    4. So, you are objecting to the act of counting ballots.

      1. I admire your faith in state functionaries.

        1. No widespread corruption.

          1. And mostly peaceful.

          2. Do you understand that just a little bit of corruption would not change the election results, which is why the issue is whether there is widespread or significant corruption.

            1. White Knights Narrative-0-Meter”

              “No evidence of corruption.”
              “No widespread evidence of corruption.”
              “No systemic evidence of corruption.”
              “Well, it wouldn’t make any difference.” <= We are here
              “Well, it’s too late now!”

              1. I have never said “No evidence of corruption.” There is usually some fraud and corruption in elections. (And, you won’t like this part, some of it is committed by Republicans, not Democrats).

                1. So no widespread corruption is correct.

                  1. Yes, it is an appropriate way of talking about the election. Better phrasing would be “no significant fraud”.

                2. Actually just above you said 60 court cases prove no fraud.

                  1. That doesn’t mean there is not some small amount of fraud.

                    For example, a Republican in Delaware County, PA pretended to be his dead mother to vote for Trump.

        2. She’s a consistent supporter of Top Men.

          1. What are you advocating for, then?

            1. libertarianism

              1. Please elaborate.

        3. So, you are advocating what? Throwing away elections and democracy? Let’s have a dictatorship or a monarchy, instead?

          1. Those are the choices?

            1. White Knight seems to favor an oligarchy of top men so probably the first choice. A monarchy would be too obvious, and oddly enough, déclassée in the current zeitgeist.

              1. Oligarchy is a disfavored term.
                Let’s go with “soviet” instead

      2. So, you are making up retarded red herring bullshit to try to have a conversation about the strawman in your mind. What a coincidence, just like you’ve done every single day since you registered this sock!

        1. He still thinks not a single BLM supporter was involved in riots over the summer. He is a laughable lefty.

          1. Pretty sure that was 99% white supremacists, police provocateurs, and opportunistic low information voters. Not really BLM. Or even Antifa.
            Change my mind.
            -White Knight

            1. Some rioter wearing a “Black Lives Matter” t-shirt does not equate to Black Lives Matter, the organization, organizing rioting.

              1. Do you apply the same standard to Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer, etc?

                Couldn’t you say that BLM affiliated people organizing a protest which turns into a violent riot, is effectively BLM supporters rioting?

                1. In White Knight’s world, for a damaging story about the left to be true, DNA must be found on a blue dress.
                  It’s not enough to have a witness and a victim. It’s not enough to have a computer, a cache of validated emails, thousands of affadavits signed under the threat of perjury. There must be actual DNA, videotaped evidence. If the bad guy is a lefty, there must be Blue Dress Proof.

                  However for a damaging story about a Republican to be true, nothing has to be true at all.
                  Third-hand hearsay about hookers and pee, a smile on a face, or a sarcastic tweet or phrase taken out of context can make even the most absurd conclusion be portrayed as fact and conveyed as truth in perpetuity.
                  For White Knight, if the bad guy is a Republican, no proof is needed.

                2. Yes, I apply the same standard to Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer.

                  You need to think more about what “turns into” means. Does it mean that late at night there is rioting in the same city in which a peaceful official BLM event happened earlier in the day. Then where is there any actual link between the two events? The right to assemble and peacefully protest is right there in the constitution.

                  1. NoTaRiZeD MeMbErShIp CaRdZ!

                  2. So for Unite the Right to be responsible for the deaths of the people in Charlottesville, they would need a message from the leadership telling people run over counter protestors?
                    Was it ‘Stop the Steal’ protestors’ who were responsible for violence in DC on December 12th? Would you need to see protest organizers publishing statements that they want people to bring weapons to the protest for you to say that violence has a link to Stop the Steal?

                    The link is that a large group of people were organized into a protest by an organization. Later on comes violence and/or looting. One could say the link is that it’s mostly the same people, in the same location, at a time directly following the organized protest. That’s a pretty strong correlation.
                    What is disingenuous is to say it’s a completely different group of people, with different ideology or motivations from the group that was there just an hour earlier. It just doesn’t make sense.

                    I don’t think anybody is saying BLM shouldn’t be able to peaceably assemble and protest. What is needed is they should be held responsible for being complicit in violence stemming from their protests.

                    1. “So for Unite the Right to be responsible for the deaths of the people in Charlottesville, they would need a message from the leadership telling people run over counter protestors?”

                      Essentially. If the leadership didn’t advocate or promote violence, then it was the individuals who engaged in violence that are responsible for their individual actions.

                      “What is needed is they should be held responsible for being complicit in violence stemming from their protests.”

                      Nobody has established they are complicit.

          2. Classic JesseAz. Every time he recaps what I have said, he adds lies.

            Of course, lots of BLM *supporters* were involved in riots. My argument is that Black Lives Matter, the organization, has not been involved in organizing riots.

            1. Yes, you’ve pointed out repeatedly that you have to exercise that level of disingenuous sophistry to let your lefty boos off the hook.

              1. I’m not letting anyone off the hook. Individual people who engaged in rioting were wrong in doing so.

                1. I’m not letting anyone off the hook.

                  Yeah, you are.

            2. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen Jesse lie, but I have seen you lie, almost constantly.
              In fact you’re lying right now, and not just about Jesse, but about what you were saying about BLM and Antifa.

              1. You linked to a conversation which supports what I said. You showed no proof of Black Lives Matter organizing violence or looting.

  3. …it may imply that Trump is sort of a poison pill for how the party navigates its future.

    Good things happen when a party tries to lead the voters.

  4. I’ve heard they’ve stopped counting the votes, there’s a tranche of military votes still incoming and the Democrats aren’t sure how many votes they’re going to need.

    1. Ballot printer go brrrr.

    2. None of this is funny anymore

      1. Laugh while you can, it’s going to be a dark winter.

      2. Imagine a clown shoe, stomping a human face forever…

        1. Orwell never envisaged the vacuous ridiculousness of the wannabe globalist masters.
          Instead of O’Brien and Big Brother we get jokes like Schiff and Trudeau wanting control. They’re leading us to the Mr. Bean version 1984.

      3. lap83….Exactly where my head is. I am concerned where this ends.

        1. It has been foretold:
          Meesa propose that the senate give immediately emergency powers to the Supreme Chancellor.

    3. On top of that you had Abrams on MSNBC yesterday bragging about how her group essentially removed any process meant to ensure vote integrity. Good times.

      1. They don’t need to cheat if they can put a ballot box on every block in the city with no major checks. Even completely legitimate voters will outnumber the number of rural voters who can make it to their 1 or 2 polling places each election day.

        If the GOP were smart they would take the precious little time they have left in control of their states to pass laws that require equal funding for all counties. Otherwise, what was done in GA, PA, MI, and WI *will* be repeated in NC, TX, and KY next election.

        1. And again, remove all election integrity. Why is that the solution?

  5. Eric Trump, yesterday: “… the MAGA movement is going nowhere!”

    1. Is it cool to make fun of gaffs now? I have a feeling we will have lots of material to work with soon.

      1. It has always been cool to make fun of gaffs. When has it not been.


          1. Making fun of stuttering is not cool. But stuttering is not gaffes.

            By the way, it’s not cool to make fun of people with Down’s Syndrome, either. Love how the CACLLs here throw around the word, retard.

            1. That was the excuse offered for his gaffes, you miserable idiot.

              1. You are conflating two separate criticisms of Joe Biden’s public speaking. He is known for making lots of gaffes, has been for decades. He also stutters occasionally.

                There have been tons of Joe gaffes unrelated to stuttering.

            2. Is there anything about the left you don’t defend?

              1. Stuttering, mental retardation are left vs. right political issues?

        2. Biggest voter fraud organization in US history, amirite?

          1. “Over 200 million people will have died by the time I finish speaking.”

            1. “That’s different because shut up” – t. White Knight

              1. Where did I say you cannot make fun of Joe Biden’s gaffes?

        3. Is it a Gaffe to claim no BLM member ever rioted over the summer? I gave you the links yesterday. So please dismiss them again.

          1. And Prez to be Biden condemned it in clear as day language. You Republicans on the other hand seem to love it when inner city marginalized people act out in counter productive ways because it’s all you talk about.

              1. Oh, I know but Biden changed and I love him for it.

                1. You would love Stalin, Pol Pot and Castro also, if they had a D after their name.

                  1. Total bs and you actually believe it. GTFOH.

                    1. You have proven any differently.

                    2. So you’re saying you would still love Stalin, Pol Pot and Castro also, if they didn’t have a (D) after their name?

                  2. You’d love them if they had an R next to their name Losersucker76

                    1. Once again I haven’t voted Republican in the last two presidential elections. You keep trying to paint me as some ultra deep conservative but ignore what my actual politics are dipshit. Because you can’t form original thoughts, you are only capable of thinking in false dichoyomies.v

                    2. “Nuh-uh, that’s you!”

                      Wow, stunning riposte.

                2. “and I love him”

                  I don’t recall any Trump supporter ever saying this I’m these threads. I’m sure “libertarian” DOL will be along shortly to point out that this is cult like. Not really.

                  1. In these threads.

                  2. Trump’s pretty unlovable and his fallibilities are obvious, even to his strongest supporters, so I think what’s going on is projection.

                    These guys know what they were like with Obama, they near worshipped the man. They can’t imagine everyone else not being the same.

          2. I dismissed all but one of your links. You actually came up with a good one with the story about Black Lives Matter Chicago organizer, Ariel Atkins, claiming looting was OK because it is “reparations”.

            It was the first time, in hundreds of rehashes of this debate, that you came up with an actual Black Lives Matter official saying something supportive about rioting. Of course, it also fell short of the mark of Black Lives Matter Chicago having been involved in organizing the riots, or of Atkins herself being a rioter.

            All your other links were failures.

            1. By the way, here is Black Lives Matter Chicago executive director, Amika Tendaji, making a statement: “BLM Chicago does not condone looting.”


            2. No you didn’t you ignorant sot.

              You rationalized them. You refuse to acknowledge actual reporters who know the actual BLM activists who call out the activists joining in on the riots.

              You didn’t do jack except for rationalize and defend the left’s riots.

        4. When Democrats make them.

      2. That depends…does the person making the gaffe have a D or an R after their name?

        If a D, no, that is unfair criticism, they might just be tired, or out of sorts.

        If an R, yes, that is legitimate, they obviously are ridiculous and ignorant.

  6. Congratulations Reason! You got exactly what you wanted!

    1. Cite where Reason said they wanted the Democrats to win the runoff.

        1. Did you include a copy of a notarized paystub showing Boehm is an actual member of Reason?

        2. In the article you linked to, he says this:

          A split decision Tuesday, pairing a single Republican victory with a single Republican loss, might do more to break the party’s Trump fever than a wipeout loss would. A slim Republican Senate majority would maximize the leverage of moderate Republicans like Sens. Susan Collins (R–Maine) and Mitt Romney (R–Utah)—who happen to be some of the senators least corrupted by Trumpism.

          It’s tempting to wish for Republicans to get swept on Tuesday. It’s what they probably deserve after the past two months, to say nothing of the past four years. But for reasons centered in politics and policy, I’ll spend Tuesday rooting—as usual—for both parties to lose.
          If you actually read the article, he clearly says he wants one Republican and one Democrat to win, not both Democrats.

          1. Yeah, such resounding support for a split Congress. The article is about punishing the Republicans because they’ve said stuff the author didn’t like, but the author totes supports a split Congress.

            1. You’re reading comprehension is suspect Losersucker76. The only thing you understand is Mormon propaganda.

              1. You’re reading comprehension is suspect

                The hicklib faggot is clearly speaking from experience here.

                1. He read one book on Mormons in WWII and now he believes he is the subject matter expert. He may even be right, but at this point I won’t admit it because he openly call for genocide of people he disagrees with, and I refuse to admit a Nazi is ever right.

                  1. If he ever actually retracted his calls for genocide and tried to debate in an honest manner, I would be more willing to look at his evidence. But I don’t look at the “evidence” David Duke offers to defend his stances and I won’t look at Kills either for the same reason. Fruit of the poisoned tree.

                    1. And reading the reviews of the book, I may even have been sympathetic to reading it, ad I am not a fan of LDS doctor one. But since a self admitted genocidal maniac keeps referring to it, in part to justify his own calls for genocide, even if I do read it and agree with it’s findings, I would never admit such to him.

                    2. I also never openly agree with Misek, out of principle. I refuse to openly admit to agreement on anything that anylne who supports genocide states.

                    3. And reading more about the author, I believe he would also disavot any support from the genocide loving kill. However, I did see some critics did voice the same concerns that I have, without reading the book, that some of the authors conclusions are pretty thinly sourced, and over-reliant on official Nazi government accounts or not given on context. For example the author points to the fact a number of German Mormons belonged to state groups that didn’t require party membership but were associated with the party, however 40 million Germans also belonged to these organizations and they basically were required to belong to them if they wanted to work.

                    4. To further clarify,if WK, Sarcasmic, Tony or even
                      ChemJeff had recommended this book as a a citation, I likely would have read it and have been willing to admit I may have been mistaken. But unfortunately Kill the genocidal proponent who totes ain’t a Nazi is using it as justification for his calls for genocide. I feel bad for theauthor.

                    5. It is like how I used to support Jesse Ventura until he started supporting 9/11 trigger bullshit.

                    6. I would treat him like everyone does to Sevo, and just put on ignore. It’s pretty funny watching sevo twist and shout into the void, getting no response. It’s the worst thing you can do to a troll.

              2. Give it a rest, don’t you have anything original. Or are you a one trick pony?

            2. It is not *advocacy* of punishing Republicans. It is criticism of Republicans. Different.

              1. Yes punish the Republicans by voting for the party that is less libertarian. Very different. Stupid but different.

                1. Where does anyone from Reason say, “We advocate voting for the Democrats.” They don’t.

                  1. Refusing to report on huge stories of libertarian interest because they might reflect negatively on the Democrats, is an implicit endorsement.

                    They don’t need “The Libertarian Wing of the DNC” on the masthead to provide succor.

                  2. Actually, some did. They endorsed Biden, which is the same thing.

                    1. Are you talking Shikha Dalmia. I think she may be the only one who spoke positively about voting for Joe Biden, and she doesn’t work at Reason anymore.

                    2. Didn’t they do a podcast were 6 of the writer’s endorsed Biden? Yes, they did

                    3. Hold on WK, are you trying to go back to saying that Shikha was the only Reasonista that supported Biden?

          2. Yeah, people voting for one Republican and one Democrat at the same time is realistic.

            “It’s tempting to wish for Republicans to get swept on Tuesday. It’s what they probably deserve after the past two months, to say nothing of the past four years.”

        3. You don’t know how to logic. Criticizing the GOP does not equate to endorsing the Democratic Party.

          1. It does to a degree when no one else was running in the election. There was only two choices. The author chose to criticize one party but there was no similar article criticizing the other party. It is endorsement by omission.

            1. In most races there is a third choice and the one or the other is a false e dichotomy, but in the Georgia runoff there really were literally only two choices.

              1. I don’t accept your dichotomy. I reject the two-party system.

                1. That wasn’t an option in the runoff. There was only two apryies

            2. First of all, there were more than two choices in every single state. Most members of the Reason staff, when asked, said they were not voting or were voting for the Libertarian.

              1. Not in the runoff dipshit. There was two parties. That was my point.

          2. When you continually criticize one party on even the flimsiest hearsay and rumors while refusing to report real scandals by the other party because “there’s not enough evidence”, it’s obvious what’s happening.

            Go on, now ask me for examples you deceitful fuck.

  7. At the top of the list: A much larger coronavirus relief package…

    Galleries, start your Piss Christs!

    1. But only if they’re overseas galleries.

      1. Nah, plenty of money went to galleries in DC and NYC.

    2. You’re on a roll today, by the way, Fist.

      I may be looking at Doom! and Despair!, but at least I get to read quality snark.

      1. Look, I said it before. I don’t like Trump and didn’t vote for him either time in my swing state (so I’m part of the problem, perhaps, but I knew either the voters or the vote-counters or some combination of both would not allow another term). But the double standard every fucking time is too blatant to not to lampoon.

        I’m just happy someone is enjoying the shit-stirring as much as I am.

        1. Keep it going please. That and 200+ judges is all I have to enjoy today.

          1. You still have faith in all those judges? I wish I had your optimism.

      2. Along with Doom! and Despair!, don’t forget the Agony On Me! WHOOOOAH!

  8. Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan calls for $2 trillion in investments related to climate change…

    And it was the best Christmas ever.

    1. How much of is the investment in Hunter?

      1. That’s what foreign governments are for, stupid. Biden’s whole career is an endeavor to get other people to pay for his useless kid.

    2. RESIST!
      Not my president

      1. Sowing dissent is not en vogue anymore, you fascist. Come to think of it, I don’t think En Vogue is en vogue anymore.

        1. Resistance is only the highest form of patriotism for a few more weeks.

        2. I’m bringing it back.

  9. How many years will the federal government be free of gridlock because of Trump? He’s the greatest libertarian president ever.

    1. Trump caused the useful idiots who bought whole sale into media/SV narratives? They were always there dummy.

  10. The police spokesman told me this was such a minor event that they’re not even putting out a press release…

    Antifa is more of an idea, and how do you make a report on an idea?

    1. You can’t jail an idea.

      1. The idea just gets bailed out by the incoming Veep’s fund anyway.

        1. Hey, if you want some effective leverage on people, no better way than arresting them and then giving them a conditional release.

  11. “We feel this decision failed not only Jacob and his family, but the community that protested and demanded justice.”

    So a guy with a felony warrant violates a restraining order, the police are summoned, he fights with the police, waves off a stun gun, ignores commands by police with guns drawn, displays a knife, tries to get into his wife’s car with her children inside it, and police are supposed to give him an escort out of the neighborhood? I think the decision that failed Jacob, his family, and his community was the decision to shoot him in the back rather than in the head.

    1. That situation happens pre-Martyrdom of Saint Floyd, Blake ends up with a mag dumped into him at close range, the second he pulled out that knife. Instead, the cops, no doubt thinking of how those Georgia cops also got hung out to dry, froze hoping that showing Blake their guns would be enough to stop a guy with a knife. Nope.

      I’m surprised they didn’t let him drive off, the more I think about it. Get used to seeing more of it. Or did you think the murder rate rise was coincidental?

      1. I’d think that after George Floyd, you’d have both sides acting differently. Consequences matter in life or death situations.
        Black men doing more brazen things in the face of police knowing the media and public will be on their side no matter what.
        Police giving extra deference to black men fearing being fired, indicted and publicly maligned regardless of the circumstances.

        1. You’re right on both. He pushed a bad situation worse, and they gave him deference. What would you have liked the cops to do differently there? You or I wrestle with the cops—while violating a protective order and having an arrest warrant—and pull a knife mid-brawl, we’re getting shot. He should have been shot then. Not allowed to walk all the way around the car and drive off with a bunch of kids. Even if some or all of them were his.

          The cops aren’t going to wrestle with a guy they know has a blade in his hand. Nor should they. He didn’t want to go back to jail, in as much as that dumbshit in his entire life, ever thought ahead of time more than the next half hour or so.

          We’ll see more of this, and the Reason commentariat will get to see the results of smile and wave policing, coupled with getting rid of bail, decriminalization of malum in se laws like theft, and general shrinking of criminal sentencing across the board.

          I doubt we’ll like it.

    2. Wait… Washington Post continues to claim he was unarmed. They wouldn’t lie would they?

      1. LOL. The police—eventually, after part of Kenosha burned—claimed they recovered a knife on the floorboard of his vehicle. I still haven’t heard a statement from the officers explaining how the whole thing went down.

        I’m saying he pulled a blade based on what I saw in that very grainy video:
        cops eagerly wrestling around with him, then jumping back like he got zapped with a power line;
        after the cops jumped back, they drew their pistols;
        the curved looking object visible in Blake’s hand as he walked around the front of the vehicle towards the driver’s door.
        And the knife recovered in the front of the car. Maybe there’s another explanation?

    3. “So a guy with a felony warrant violates a restraining order, the police are summoned, he fights with the police, waves off a stun gun, ignores commands by police with guns drawn, displays a knife, tries to get into his wife’s car with her children inside it”

      Totes systemic racism right there.

  12. …Baier jumped in to note that there appears to be no constitutional path for Congress to flip the results.

    Another party tried and failed in 2016.

    1. Who pays attention to that moldy old document anymore?

  13. The Vice President has the power to reject fraudulently chosen electors.

    Did Trump’s deepstate allies even try bugging Biden’s basement office?

    1. All they heard was snoring.

  14. So Trump’s final act of pathetic failure is to hand the country over to the socialists. I hope owning the libs for 4 years was worth it.

    1. It was put off for four years, but I admit the entertainment factor quickly started providing diminishing returns.

    2. Yeah, it was Trump who trucked in boxes of votes to be counted in the dead of the night after poll watchers were sent home in contravention of state law after using Covid-19 as a pretext to switch to an all-mail-in voting process with no chain of custody or verification rules.

      1. Just ignore the massive DNC funded media, Silicon Valley, House impeachments, a fraudulent special prosecutor for Trump Russia… all those things are his fault. He shouldn’t have worn that skirt.

      2. The very same people Trump has invited to the White House recently as advisors, Lin Wood and Sidney Powell, were urging Georgia Republicans not to vote.

        Trump himself held a rally in Georgia where all he did was bitch about how Georgia’s elections are fixed, “but, hey, even though I just said it’s all rigged, get out and vote for the Republicans!”

        1. They weren’t wrong.

    3. You are a lib. You’re giddy at the results.

  15. Attorney Ben Crump and co-counsels release statement after no charges filed against officers in police shooting of Jacob Blake…

    Emboldened by the Law and Order incoming administration!

    1. Take the predators off the streets!

    2. More likely emboldened by retainer checks coming in from that new community activism nonprofit, the incoming Administration will be sending grant money to…

  16. “The only reason this is a big deal is because it’s part of Hawley’s pattern of making things up”

    Yup, Hawley’s fabrications and posturing are giving all politicians a bad name.

  17. Hong Kong police are cracking down on pro-democracy activists using a new national security law.

    You do not question your cherished institutions.

    1. SleepyJoe is taking notes.

    2. How fun. In the socialist cities in the US the Gov is also cracking down on prodemocracy protesters

  18. “While Democratic priorities on issues like voting rights and immigration

    This is the best possible outcome for us Koch / Reason libertarians. Our priority is #ImmigrationAboveAll, and soon the party that embraces our open borders agenda will have total control of the federal government.


    1. More good news for our billionaire benefactor.

      Charles Koch earned $856,000,000 yesterday.

      The #BidenBoom is already paying off for the richest people on the planet. And things will get even better once Biden liberates Drumpf’s concentration camps and implements open borders. The influx of highly-skilled labor (especially from Mexico) will boost Koch Industries’ productivity like never before.

  19. At the top of the list: A much larger coronavirus relief package. Democrats, including the Georgia Senate candidates, have echoed the president’s call for a round of $2,000 stimulus checks and want to fund state and local budgets. Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan calls for $2 trillion in investments related to climate change and $775 billion to help fund child and elder care, among other items.

    I can’t help but notice there’s nothing in this comment about Biden’s trillions of dollars in new spending (or simply “federal spending” in ENB’s telling) to indicate whether this is considered a good thing or a bad thing.

    1. The Democrats do not claim to be for lower spending, therefore there is nothing to criticize. Only perceptions of hypocrisy are worthy of condemnation.

    2. She’s waiting to see if Trump is for or against it. And for the Vox twitter narrative to complete.

    3. Why stop at $2000? Why not $4000?
      It’s the same issue you run into with the minimum wage. If raising the minimum wage has no downsides, why is $15/hr the magic number?

      1. I like your way of thinking. What office are you running for?

        1. Vice POTUS.
          Vote for someone near death and I’ll tag along.

  20. An ongoing tally by The Associated Press finds that more than 250 state lawmakers across the country have contracted COVID-19…

    Out of how many total.

    1. It would be best to shut down the legislatures and give emergency powers to the governors until this crisis passes.

      1. Meesa propose that the senate give immediately emergency powers to the Supreme Chancellor.

        1. You are correct. We can’t protect every governor. It is best that all power be vested in one person that we can protect. It will take a few weeks to organize.

          1. SleepyJoe is the only person that can guide us through theses uncertain times. He will set aside these new powers when the emergency is over.

            1. I think it’s more likely that he’ll absent mindedly misplace them.
              Then we’ll need George Bailey to run all over town looking for them.

              Turns out he accidentally handed them to Mitch McConnell while giving a massage to his wife.

      2. This is how democracy dies.

    2. About 7400 according to Wikipedia – giving us a positive test result rate of about 3.4%. One third of the rate of the general population getting tested for coronavirus according to the CDC. Contextless numbers are contextless, big surprise there.

      1. We need to lockdown harder to protect our vulnerable lawmakers!

      2. Hopefully they have a much higher CFR rate.

      3. So if we had half as many lawmakers, it would follow that there’d be half as many positive cases in that sphere.

        Shrinking the size of government is the only effective way to contain COVID.

  21. Outgoing Education Secretary Betsy DeVos pushed school choice and panned universal student loan forgiveness in a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell…

    School choice is out the window now, unless unintended consequences of the neverending lockdowns bring some measure of it.

    1. To think the same website could have multiple articles on school choice… and then openly support Biden over Trump when Biden has been fully against school choice in his platform at the behest of unions. This is also true of many other civil liberties under threat of Democrats. Guess the D.C. and N.Y. cocktail parties are worth it.

      1. Yeah, but nasty tweets!

      2. The only mention Reason made of Trump’s executive order on school choice was a paragraph in ENB’s Roundup, where she mocked it for not establishing a new government program.

  22. Arizona, California and Rhode Island are among the hardest-hit places in the world at this stage of the pandemic, with the highest rates of Covid-19 infections per capita…

    They’re going to save us all with their contributions to herd immunity.

    1. It’s getting difficult to drive down the street with all the dead bodies piled up everywhere.

    2. Well, positive test rates. No one denies that the tests are way oversensitive, yet they still keep saying “cases” as if the number means anything. You need to look at deaths and hospitalizations and even those are inflated because all they mean is a positive test.

    3. Arizona still has under 10k deaths. This is using the metric of died with instead of died of.

      Less than Cancer or Heart disease when compared to the latest CDC numbers (2017 latest available). Population has grown significantly since then.

      The HORROR.

      We should lock down fatties instead.

      1. We should lock down fatties instead.

        This occurred to me this morning when hearing regional case/death stats on the radio. Imagine how much more objective, tired, and jaded everyone would be of the bullshit if we’d been broadcasting heart attacks, cancer diagnoses, and deaths thereof for the last decade. Hell, medical malpractice kills some 200-300K people annually.

  23. “I’m too tired for long takes but on a scale from 0 to 10 on how bad this is for the GOP, it’s maybe like a 9, not just because of the immediate implications, but also because it may imply that Trump is sort of a poison pill for how the party navigates its future.”

    Never too tired for TDS

    1. Yep. The guy who gained 11 million votes over his 2016 total, outperformed any other Republican in US history with minority voters, and somehow lost the presidency while his party unexpectedly flipped a dozen Democratic house seats is a poison pill for the GOP. If only you’d have voted for Jeb! you could have prevented all this…

      1. Only beltway insiders need apply.

    2. I’m assuming he means it differently, but it may be true that Trump is a poison pill for the GOP. Specifically the Establishment wing of the GOP. I can imagine that a whole shitload of Republicans breathed a sigh of relief when Trump lost. Now they can get back to business as usual, feebly protesting the progressive agenda and urging a slower approach to the inevitable socialist totalitarianism.

      1. Feeble protestations win admiration here, see the worship of Amash by reason.

    3. She is a whore for the DNC.

    4. You guys were warned from everyone from Lindsey Graham to little ol’ me that Trump would ruin the GOP the way he ruins everything he touches.

      Well, what do you know.

      1. Not today, Satan

        1. Today is the day, lap, sorry to say.

          This when former Trump supporters need to acknowledge what he has done to the GOP.

          He handed dems this victory. The rest of the GOP also deserves blame as well, for not impeaching when they had the chance, and playing along with the little fraud story, which they all know is BS.

          Time to grow a spine. Acknowledge reality and work within its constraints, no matter how uncomfortable facing that truth is.

          1. He gained 11 million votes dummy.

            Your new reality is bowing down to soft fascism through open propaganda in the media and in corporations. You now openly support CRT and such. That is the reality. You’ve bowed down to authoritarians because the media told you to. you are the useful idiot here.

            You have no spine. You are supplicant to your betters.

            1. He lost the presidency, the house, and the senate for the GOP, dummy. That is reality today.

              1. Stolen through blatant and overt fraud, isn’t the same thing as a loss.

            2. But Trump did this or said that! It doesn’t matter. No progressive I know, and certainly none of the leftie dumbfucks on this site, is capable of or willing to critically assess, or even simply see, what their own side does. Self-awareness is big ask for this crowd.

          2. DOL…precisely correct. Team R will work within the constraints to frustrate and sideline a socialist agenda. All of the behaviors Team D normalized in the last four years will be deployed. Only this time, against Team D.

            All cabinet nominees will require a cloture vote.
            No blue slips will be returned by any Team R senator.
            All judicial nominees will require a cloture vote.
            All bills before the Senate will now run a gauntlet of parliamentary procedures.
            There will be leaks. Depend on it.
            Lawfare commences shortly; I see many APA challenges ahead.

            Team R will simply have to buy time until 2022. And let Team D makes themselves look completely asinine (not hard to do).

            1. “Team R will simply have to buy time until 2022.”

              Why? What do you think will happen in 2022?

              It’s amazing testament to the power of cultural inertia. We have just watched an election be tipped through fraud, and excused by answers that a 5 year old caught stealing cookies, would have thought were stupid. Yet you think that another election will somehow change what is planned.

              1. 60 courts and 50 state secretaries of state all say no fraud.

                Not one shred of evidence of fraud.

                This is what I’m talking about. Magical and faith based decision making is not effective.

                1. “Not one shred of evidence of fraud.”


                  1. Not my assertion. That is the assertion of literally every single person who has the responsibility of examining these questions.

                    1. Top Men

                    2. No widespread fraud.

                    3. To be truthful, most never looked at the actual evidence (if it exists) but ruled on technicalities
                      They are right about that. So, we can’t state they judged the evidence ,just the merits of the technical aspects of the cases.

                  2. So, you’ve got no actual response.

                    1. There were five immediately above, shitposter.

                2. This is exactly where I’m at.

                  I would have preferred a Trump win (though I did not bother to vote in my deep red state), and on balance think that fraud probably happened on one level or another. Whether that fraud was widespread enough to make a difference is another question, and one would think that fraud on the level Trump insists would have left a massive trail, but there is nothing in any of it that a court acknowledged as legitimate. Not. One. Scrap.

                  There is no real proof outside of conspiracy theories. His own judge appointments turned his lawsuits away as frivolous time and again because there was no credible evidence to support their wild claims.

                  1. I am, and have been since November 4th, at the same place you are at. However, I do question if, even if overwhelming evidence was found, if the media would actually report on it. They did openly bury the Hunter Biden story and didn’t even try to hide the fact that they did it to not hurt Biden. So, I do question if anyone outside the hard right would even carry the story if, and it’s a is big if, evidence was actually produced.

                    1. Not just bury, they had social media block anyone who tried to report on it, including a major newspaper.

                    2. No, the media likely wouldn’t report it. That’s just one reason why I limited my reaction to court decisions. I don’t buy for a second that Trump appointed judges (in many cases) are as eager to suppress evidence as the media certainly is. I don’t buy that these judges are in the tank or wanted to avoid bad media, as so many commenters here believe.

                      There’s just no there there.

                3. Actually dismissing the case on standing is the court sticking their fings in their ears and saying “lalalala I can’t hear you”

                  1. No judge wanted to become the NYT’s public enemy #1 by allowing it.

      2. With any luck, SleepyJoe will do the same for the Democrats.

      3. You’re a lefty who supports lefty programs. You still actively believe Russia bought off the 2016 election. You have no actual leg to stand on.

        1. He’s really just here to gloat over the Dems having control of the White House and both houses of Congress. Because he’s a lefty.

      4. “You guys were warned from everyone from Lindsey Graham to little ol’ me that Trump would ruin the GOP the way he ruins everything he touches. ”

        TDS-infected shits warned us that TDS-infected shits would vote their twats instead of their brains, and they DID!

    5. Here is their definition of Poison….

      Basically a tied result in the House.
      A tied result in the Senate.
      And a loss at the Presidential race by under 1% in toss up states.

      This is with Media narrative fully against him, the IC against him, House impeachment on BS excuses, a Special prosecutor on fraudulent foreign dossiers, and questionable electoral changes/results in major toss up states.

      I don’t know how that is a 9.

      The more alarming factoid is that nearly half of the country no longer believes the elections are fair. And Reason still refuses to support an independent a udit.

      1. To be fair, Reason represents establishment libertarians.

      2. Describe precisely (no hand waving) you want to be done in this audit you are calling for.

        1. The results. Are you pretending that you don’t understand the purpose of an audit, or are you really that dumb?

  24. So, when the packed Supreme Court rules Socialism is a ‘right’ and the Senate is packed, we’ll get “The Libertarian Case for Socialism Being Better Than Mean Tweets” articles.

    Fuck you, Reason. I seriously don’t think you grasp just how bad this could get. Orange Man Bad.

    Fuck you, Reason.

    1. “Its just so bad for the GOP!”
      They squealed with delight, certain that the cocktail parties would last forever


    BREAKING: Almost every single candidate that ran in the 2020 opposition Hong Kong primary has been reportedly arrested.

    This is the largest mass arrest of pro-Democracy figures by the CCP under Hong Kong’s new national security law.

    1. NY Times. Fuck you, Reason
      My latest on how the pandemic has upended many perceptions, including ideas about freedom. Chinese don’t have freedom of speech, freedom of worship or freedom from fear, but they have the freedom to move around and lead a normal day-to-day life.

      1. Holy shit, they’re nakedly shilling for the Chinese Communists. And they’re squawking about being called the enemy of the people?

        1. Called the enemy of the people is one thing. Being treated like the enemy of the people is something else. And it hasn’t happened yet. Not sure it ever will, tbh.

        2. Boehm openly shills for them too. He refuses to concede, as much of Reason does, that China acts in bad faith in economics and in politics. Their answer is always to ignore it.

          1. It first occurred to me during Amash’s aborted campaign, but became indisputable later. Boehm and Sullum are practicing brown-envelope journalism here.

      2. “normal day-to-day life”, IOW working for and worshiping The State.

      3. I heard that. The most ridiculous thing about that statement, IMO, is the idea that one would accept the fact that the Chinese have no freedom of speech yet still believe them when they say they have freedom of movement.

      4. Chinese don’t have freedom of speech, freedom of worship or freedom from fear, but they have the freedom to move around and lead a normal day-to-day life.

        Just another day manning the literal concentration camps for the non-Chinese, sub-human Uighyrs.

    2. Well, now that we’ve kicked our authoritarian wannabe out of office, America can now confront the growing worldwide threat of authoritarianism with moral authority.

      1. Well, now that we’ve kicked our authoritarian wannabe out of office, America can now confront join the growing worldwide threat of authoritarianism with moral authority. a real authoritarian.

        1. Did you hear Trump’s mobbed up phone call in Georgia? Just imagine the “deals” and sweet talking that cocksucker made on the phone with Putin and company.

          1. It’s easy to see that the Russians made some sweet deals, everyone in Russia is driving a new Cadillac now.

            1. What’s hilarious is that CNN finally came out and admitted Trump was tougher on Russia than Obama was… yet we still get this belief of Trump being a sycophant to Russia by the idiots like Strazzle.


              CNN even waffles on his actions versus his words. But admits Trump was tougher. Yet you’ll still see DoL and other useful idiots push the Vox talking point. they will ignore the allegiance to Russia/China under Biden.

              These ignorant sots are completely unaware that globalism forces authoritarianism.

          2. “Did you hear Trump’s mobbed up phone call in Georgia?..”

            TDS-infected shits let their twats control their lives; nasty phone calls have now replaced nasty tweets as the most important issues of the day!

          3. No progressive I know understands that 1984 describes a totalitarian system that arose from the triumph of English socialism (Ingsoc). It’s right there in the goddamned book, but every progressive I know thinks 1984 describes a right-wing regime. No progressive I know thinks left-wing authoritarianism is even possible. I’ve given up talking to people on the left about any of this. It never makes any difference.

            1. They ignore all the real examples too. Name a country in the 20th-century with an avowedly leftist government, that wasn’t horribly authoritarian.

          4. The phone call? That’s your fucking “authoritarianism”?

            The lawyer who leaked it to the press was certainly scared that the secret police would whisk him off to a concentration camp, wasn’t he.

            Lol, what a joke you are, Jeff.

      2. What exactly was authoritarian about Trump? And how was it different than his predecessor and what the Democrats have promised? I mean AOC and several other Democratic Congresspeople have voiced that they want to punish Trump supporters and New York legislature is considering a bill that would allow the governor to arrest and detain anyone they deem to be a threat to public health. That seems fairly authoritarian to me, much more than mean tweets.

        1. And Obama actually jailed reporters whereas Trump was just mean to them, verbally. And both tried to kick out reporters they didn’t like.

          1. Actually every President has done the latter. I remember a running joke on the original Murphy Brown on how she had been banned from attending press conferences with President Bush, the first one.

            1. That was before. This is another different Democratic party. It’s not like the incoming leadership was part of that administration or anything

        2. Trump claimed widespread fraud without evidence and is doing everything he can to try and stay in power despite losing. Asking the GA Sec of state to find votes.

          No wonder you buy Mormon bullshit. You’re one stupid, inbred, cousin fucking, shithole pride having hillbilly!

          1. Calm down, faggot.

          2. Pretty sure the 1a applies to every American to claiming something stupid like fraud is his right it is hardly authoritarian unless he refuses to leave office at the end of the month.

        3. Just about a week ago, Trump was mulling over using martial law to overturn the election. He still might go for it after his Congressional ploy fails today.

          1. “Just about a week ago, Trump was mulling over using martial law to overturn the election…”

            TDS-infected shits let their twats control their lives; nasty rumors have now replaced nasty tweets as the most important issues of the day!

            1. It’s not a rumor. It is well documented that it happened.

              1. Cite?

                1. The voices in his head?

              2. Oh the hell it was.
                I just googled it and I’m delighted to go to battle with you on this one. But first I’m going to let you dig your own hole.

                Give us the cite.

          2. And I have criticized him and will calm him an authoritarian if he actually tries. However, he says a lot of shit nd doesn’t follow through.

            1. In fact Nardz got mad at me last week because I said if Trump tries to use the VP to overturn the electoral college i EOD be willing to take up arms to defend the constitution against that power grab. Buy at this point it is just more of his bloviating.

      3. You are such an ignorant person. I mean that with all my heart. You’re supporting the party that openly courts China. The party calling for the arrest of many in the Trump administration. The party that wants to deplatform and silence anyone who talks against them.

        You’re a brown shirt.

        1. He worse than a Brownshirt because he is convinced that he is doing this for his victims own good. At least the SA were under no illusions about the impact of their actions on their enemies.

          1. Someone told me recently that she couldn’t wait for Trump to be arrested for all his crimes. I asked her to name one crime. She couldn’t do it. I didn’t vote for Trump, but shit like this makes me wish I had.

            1. I wish I could’ve voted Trump, but I’m not an American… actually I bet that I could’ve still voted for Biden though, lol.

    3. It is the future blue print for the DNC. Many of them are openly calling for arrests on anyone who protests the certification today.

      1. Did you see New York is discussing allowing the governor to have the power to arrest and detain anyone the governor deems a threat to public health. But the legislature’s author pinky swears it won’t be abused.

        1. DoL and WK said to just ignore that when they defended the DNC the other day. Useful idiots they are.

          1. You’re lying. Again.

            I never even commented in that article.

            1. You did as WK.

        2. Actual authoritarianism. Unbelievable.

          1. Will the NY Governor get his own secret police to carry out these arrests?

            1. Why would they need to be secret?

              Dental Plan Uber Alles. Especially in this economy.

  26. So, is Trump still “literally Hitler”? Because it’s a little hard to imagine Hitler and the Nazi party just being voted out of office.

    I don’t figure Biden is “literally Hitler”. If anything, he’s more of a Paul von Hindenburg.

    1. But Paul von Hindenburg has been dead for nearly a century so I don’t think you can compare him to Joe Bi…..


      1. Lol

    2. Maybe Biden is our Allende?

    3. Trump didn’t fail for lack of trying. He is still trying, at this very moment, to overthrow our republic.

      Luckily our nearly quarter millennium old republic is much stronger than the Wiemar Republic, otherwise we would not be having these elections.

      1. Most honest election ever!

        1. mostly honest?

          1. Again, no widespread corruption.

        2. 93% honest election.

      2. “…He is still trying, at this very moment, to overthrow our republic.”

        Please don’t seek treatment for your TDS; we hope it’s fatal.

        1. Good! Good! Your anger will serve you well. It won’t be long now until you are a Trith apprentice!

          1. It’s Sith, you dope.

            1. They were trying for a merger of trump + sith and couldn’t quite stick the landing.

              1. Normally I enjoy pointing out when WK is being a retard, but I never bothered mocking him for his “Trith” bit because it seemed so awkward and tryhard.
                Just let the fifty-center embarrass himself in those instances.

      3. Luckily our nearly quarter millennium old republic is much stronger than the Wiemar Republic,

        Uh, probably because our republic didn’t have to deal with post-war reparations and a global economic depression, nor was it influenced by roughly 70 years of violent left-wing economic and social activism prior to being established.

        1. Don’t bring actual history into WK-DOL’s grandstanding. He heard a Ted Talk about the Weimar once, I’ll have you know.

    4. Hindenburg – dottering old geezer meant to keep an eye on the loony tunes second person in line, who has a mob of violent thugs at her back?

      Totally not the same.

      1. I’ve heard that the Reichsstatthalter Governor of Westmark New York isn’t very keen on Jews open synagogues.

  27. Perdue and Loeffler win Georgia Senate race.

    Democrats still trying to find votes.

    Joint Session to challenge Biden EC votes today. Notice unreason not covering that gem of news.

    1. Gotta love your optimism.

      They defrauded the Federal election and got away with it. Abrams then did her little racket thing with her Hollywood connections and fraud likely took place there.

      No one cared and screamed ‘muh evidence!’.

      The Democrat voter fraud machine is in control now it would appear.

      1. Abrams openly bragged about removing all vote integrity structures in Ga just yesterday on MSNBC.

    2. Must suck being a conservative in a state that is turning blue.

      1. Better to die free than live in servitude.

      2. It will when the roundups start.

  28. Oh, fuck. I hope at least one of the GA republicans manages to get a win. Democrat controlled legislature is pretty terrifying right now.

    1. And on a larger scale the continent has two China friendly leaders now.

      Not good at all.

      But Reason will get their ‘free trade with China is good because it will liberalize them’ coupons.

      1. Canada has been selling itself (literally, real estate and citizenships) to China for decades.

        1. Who do you think is going to buy all the real estate in NYC after all of the foreclosures from the shut downs? Besides Cuomo and Deblasio and their friends, of course.

          1. and all that sweet debt we’ve been accumulating these last months?

        2. For the longest time it was to escaping Hong Kongers and was a good thing, but since Trudeau took over it’s been overwhelmingly to CCP fronts.

  29. If Pence comes through for Trump, he could be the next GOP president.

    If he doesn’t it will be someone like Chris Christie

    1. “If Pence comes through for Trump…”

      Riots in 3, 2, 1…

      1. If there is an option that punishes those who did the fraud and election interference but doesn’t result in riots, I’m open to that.

        1. Me too, lap. I’m been for an open House of Representatives vote for the President, given there wasn’t time to hold another, in person, show ID, dip your thumb in purple ink, and sign here election. With as full an audit trail as can be devised, that still comports with the idea of a secret ballot. I’d support federal legislation pushing a Uniform Voting Security Act onto the states, under the logic it’s an Equal Protection violation to have procedures that de facto enable voting fraud.

          Trump, Loeffler, whoever….loses under those rules? Oh well, I guess we’re Socialist now. But it would be the open will of the People that it be so. This abortion of an electoral process? Was the open will of the Ruling Class.

        2. Ga’s SoS has basically said they won’t prosecute the hundreds of known double votes in their elections. What consequences? It is now time to sweep under the rug. They’ve already destroyed the envelopes against state law in Pennsylvania.

        3. There isn’t. And say goodbye to the Durham investigation now. And the investigation into Hunter (that is just a conspiracy theory anyway according to sarc).

          We know for a fact John Brennan lied to Congress. He’ll probably be back in this administration. We know that members of the FBI lied on fisa warrants, they will get away with it. Antifa and BLM terrorists have been released without charges all summer long throughout the country. Flynn? Get ready for some new charges against him, to be applauded by “libertarians” on this site.

          Sorry, the DNC now realizes they are truly above the laws that the rest of us live under, and have a huge corporate propaganda machine to cover for them.

          Voter fraud will be easier and even more blatant next election. There’s no reason for it not to be.

          1. I’ve never said anything either way about Hunter you dolt. Try arguing with something I actually said instead of the voices in your head.

          2. As I said for the whole of last year “2016 was the last real election that the United States in its present configuration will ever see”.

            Whatever Trump got in the way of was so important the establishment power structure had to reveal itself for the first time. Crazy ass thing to witness in real time.

            1. “Whatever Trump got in the way of was so important the establishment power structure had to reveal itself for the first time. Crazy ass thing to witness in real time.”

              No shit, man. It couldn’t wait another four years? Really two, since the GOP was losing the Senate in 22 anyway.

              As I wrote in the earlier thread, whatever the reason for their haste, I’m sure it will be horrifying.

              1. My guess is a combination of stopping the TPP, avoiding new wars, and generally slowing the globalization/open borders/oligarchy taking full power from nation-states.

                If you get in the way of war profiteering and enabling the super-rich to get richer, you gotta go.

                See also: Tulsi, who was hated for backing Bernie, but the knives and 24/7 character assassination didn’t really come out until she kept getting in the way of Syria invasions and such.

    2. If Pence “comes through” then that will be the end of the US republic.

      And no, that is not hyperbole.

      1. Only SleepyJoe can save us !

        1. Only the constitution can save us.

          If pence does anything other than confirming the count, then he has betrayed the constitution and our republic.

          So what does that make the people asking him to do that?

          1. Hey dummy… the Electors clause and the remedy for fraudulent elections is in the Constitution.

            1. You have no idea what the constitution says. The VP can only accept the certified electors. That is it. Read this, starting on page 3.


              The remedy for a disputed election is the courts. Remember those 60 court cases that Trump not only lost, but was laughed out of court?

              1. The constitution also says only state legislature can change election law, but that didn’t seem to matter

                1. The supreme court has ruled on that issue several times. Legislatures can change election law to designate an agency, as they do with many other issues.

            2. If the extremely literal and strict interpretation of the Electors Clause is the correct interpretation, then the state of Texas needs to have it’s electoral votes tossed, too. And probably a whole bunch of other states.

              1. Okay.

                I think America needs a redo, complete with watermarked, security-threaded paper ballots, in-person voting, proof-of-ID, video-recorded, in-public ballot counting (middle of a stadium?) and fingers dipped in voter ink.

                1. Works for me. Maybe we’ll get to see it 50 years or so?

      2. “And no, that is not hyperbole.”

        Correct; it’s bullshit from a fucking lefty ignoramus.

      3. The republic is already over. Either way it goes, 50% of the public will believe they were defrauded and disenfranchised. There is zero faith in government institutions, including the ballot box. American cities burned all summer and have become cesspools of crime and murder. American academia is infested from top to bottom with Marxists. American citizens’ civil rights have been infringed on a scale I don’t think we’ve ever seen in this country, for almost a year, and with no end in sight. Small businesses are failing by the day, while Amazon rakes in billions upon billions. Big Tech now owns the public square and basically gets to decide what can be said and what can’t. Gun ownership- NEW gun ownership- has skyrocketed in the past year.

        It makes zero difference whether Pence comes through or not. If you’re looking for someone to blame for the death of the republic, you can look directly in the mirror for being such a giant fucking TDS #resist toolbag.

        1. “American citizens’ civil rights have been infringed on a scale I don’t think we’ve ever seen in this country”

          I can think of some worse cases.

          1. Sure, there have been worse cases of violating people’s rights (slavery and official segregation being the obvious ones). But never on such a scale.
            As much as I deplore racism, I have to conclude that violating the rights of almost everyone is objectively worse than violating the rights of particular minorities. Though I suppose you believe that as long as everyone is subject to the same authoritarianism and has their rights equally removed, it’s all good.

            1. “Equity” is the goal…

        2. I agree almost completely with your first paragraph, minus the fatalism.

      4. Absolutely correct. If Pence “comes through” then it will be an attempted coup and the Republic (as well as democratic representation) will be dead.

        1. You lefties don’t realize that it is already over. You’ve applauded as the left has advanced ever leftward and corrupted every institution including the voting institutions. Half the US doesn’t believe the elections were fair.

          1. They don’t care about the Republic, let’s be real

            1. The people who are actually defending the sanctity of elections are the ones who don’t care about the republic, and the people desperately hoping for the president to declare martial law and invalidate the election do care about the republic?

              This is the fun house mirror version of reality you guys occupy.

              1. Neither side had much room to lord it up on the other side. Or did you memory hole the Russia Conspiracy Hoax?

              2. Okay after today, the left is aon. Little better footing. However, they do in part share the blame for today. People like KAR and Tony, who have for decades denigrated everyone on the right can’t expect the right to play nice but fuck today went way to fucking far. I don’t recognize this country anymore. Both the right and the left is out of control. The tea party was saying this in 2008 and no one listened. Everyone in DC is to blame,very one of those fuckers and most of the ones in the media.

                1. I agree. And I need to be more respectful. I try to at least give everyone a fair shot once a day before I retaliate, but we should do better than that. Republics are fragile. They are based on shared belief and compromise.

                  We can disagree about just about anything and remain fellow compatriots. But we can’t disagree about whether or not elections decide our political leadership, over self governance, and share a country peacefully. That’s why I’ve been so anti trump from early on. I saw this vanity, this willingness to sacrifice anything in service to himself, and perceived that as dangerous to the constitution. I know all politicians are sociopaths, but there are shades of grey.

      5. If Pence “comes through” then that will be the end of the US republic.

        And no, that is not hyperbole.

        Fine. It’s been a Banana Republic since 2008, clearly headed in this direction since 2000.

        1. I would argue since 1918 when they capped the size of the HOR and again in q945 when they term limited Presidents but not legislatures.

      6. The 17th Amendment was the end of the Republic.

  30. I observe on social media that Stacy Abrams has been elevated to progressive sainthood. We’re going to see much more of her.

    1. ITS HER TURN!

    2. It was OK to ridicule Trump for his weight so that’s fair game now, right?

  31. “Could” is pretty mild; what are we doing, ENB, practicing to become British?

    2016 was decided by a few thousand votes in Trump’s favor; 2020 was decided by a few thousand votes in the other direction. Nothing has changed as far as the American voters’ moods. It is really tempting to lash out at Reason writers who voted for Biden over Trump, especially because the only real reason listed by those Biden voters was that Trump was rude and crude, lewd and loud. Everything else was nonsense, because Biden was either worse than Trump or just as bad. Biden won’t stop the war on trade or immigrants, and he will try to jack up spending as high as possible, and he will crack down on liberty much worse; the coming climate legal prosecutions will shock and awe. I especially remember Ilya Somin saying Biden was better because Trump spent too much because Biden might spend less. What a pathetic excuse to try to put some clothes on the naked Emperor when the real reason was just Trump being rude and crude, lewd and loud.

    On the bright side, Biden will put paid to any fence sitters who think he “might” not spend as much as Trump, and 2022 will throw the Dems out.

    And possibly the GOP will pretend to return to fiscal prudence before 2022. That’s going to be interesting. How much longer will Trump hang on? They haven’t got anyone who can replace him in popularity; just about all the previous anti-Trumpers have long since gotten in line and have zero credibility with the voters. They are going to spend more time sniping at each other and trying to emulate Trump’s transparency with fake transparency, forgetting that Trump got elected precisely because he was The Real Deal, not some fake emulation, and the voters will see right through them.

    While individual GOP critters will do well in 2022, throwing Biden out in 2024 depends on who the GOP settles on after kicking Trump to the curb, and how quickly they do it. I bet they will let the 2024 primary sort that out, picking the worst Elvis Trump impersonator out of a large crowd, and the voters will not be amused. But then Biden/Harris will have had four years of fucking things up, the last two without any power once the Senate goes GOP in 2022, so the Dems will have their own come-to-Jesus moments in 2024 and 2026.

    1. Who will the dems even run in 2024? I don’t think we can assume it will be Biden.

      1. Incumbent Vice President Kamala Harris, obviously.

      2. We can’t assume there will be elections either.

        1. There will be elections. Saddam Hussein had elections. (And would have blushed at trying to claim the turnout figures in this one.)

          They just won’t matter, is all.

      3. I’m guessing Harris but they’ll be an election.

        1. Great, so a repeat of 2016, unless the GOP successor party runs someone halfway decent.

          1. Going by 2020 we should expect the unexpected which means we should expect the expected. I’m confused.

            1. You’re not confused, your a useful idiot.

        2. Maybe Harris can reward Andrew Cuomo for his best-in-the-nation pandemic response by picking him as her VP.


          1. He singlehandedly saved the social security fund!

          2. One of the many times the parody could end up being true.

        3. Harris is in a weird spot, politically. She obviously wants to be prez, she’s dropped a buttload of hints that she thinks she already is, but the midterms almost always go against the incumbent, and all the Dems have to do is act naturally, spend spend spend, try to tax some more while they’re at it, and the public will really dump on them in 2022. Harris ought to be astute enough politically to recognzie she herself is not very popular, and not want anything to do with the fiasco of being a powerless unpopular prez who will be dumped in 2024.

          So does she try to become prez sooner in the hopes of ramming something through before 2022? She might think whatever she can do will make her popular enough in 2022 to reverse the usual midterm results.

          Next 4-8 years are going to be really interesting.

          1. She was the first one out during the primaries. Her own party doesn’t even like her. But her Party’s leadership does like her. They thinks he checks a lot of boxes.

          2. It’s cute you still think voters have a say.

          3. Hey, Nixon won and almost beat kennedy, despite being completely unlikable. Hell, even Eisenhower didn’t like him.

      4. You will openly cheer for whoever it is.

  32. Does this mean legal weed on the federal level? Buttsex, weed and immigrants!! Libertarians for Democrats!

    1. I’m cautiously optimistic for federal legalization of cannabis. But Kamala and Joe are not very 420 friendly.

      1. We shall see and this is a deal breaker for me if they don’t. No more $5 donations from me!

        1. Weed will be legal, but taxed, and with increased deficits, spending, and taxes elsewhere, you won’t be able to legally afford weed or donate. Libertarian win!

          1. Like in California, Colorado and Washington, the black marketers will be the biggest sinners.

            1. Winners.

      2. Of course you are! You’re a fucking lefty ignoramus.

      3. Yeah, and probably make it illegal to grow yourself. So fuck you.

        1. Do you think I would want that restriction?

          No, so go fuck yourself. Lord knows no one else is going to.

    2. Are you crazy? SleepyJoe and Crazy girl both have long history’s of opposing drugs.

      1. Sleepy Joe has an even longer history of doing whatever he thinks is popular at the moment.

        I don’t think legalization is a priority for him, but I don’t expect his administration to be a hardass about it either. The political winds do not favor locking up young black men for plant possession right now.

        1. No, they favor making it illegal to grow yourself and locking up rural white men for not buying it from State authorized (aka connected) sellers.

    3. So just ignore the incoming authoritarianism imposed by all of the platform policies on Biden’s and the DNC’s policy websites… like the GND, increased regulations, etc.

      What a joke of a person you are. You would exist well in Huxley’s 1984. As long as you have your Soma you dont’ care about freedom.

      1. Yeah, the Republican’s authoritarianism was way more straightforward: Whatever Trump randomly chooses to focus on will be our platform, and we will follow him no matter how much he steps all over the constitution.

        1. “Yeah, the Republican’s authoritarianism was way more straightforward: Whatever Trump randomly chooses to focus on will be our platform, and we will follow him no matter how much he steps all over the constitution.”

          I see, as a TDS-infected shit, you have the same evidence for your bullshit which you commonly have: Zero.

        2. Yeah like the authoritarianism of when he starteda new war, or the time he nationalized different industries. Oh wait it was the left calling for those things

      2. Huxley’s 1984??? Not Orwell’s Brave New World???

        Maybe you can tell us also about Atwood’s Anthem and Rand’s The Handmaid’s Tale too. 😉

        1. Damn! I did slip into an alternate universe!

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  34. Does ENB believe that Wake up DC is stupid enough to film themselves vandalizing doors you know thats their method of only filming certain things, and note we have film of them at her Mrs Hawleys house at night anyone man or awomen would be rightfully disturbed if several people show up at their house with bull horns. ENB you are a literal piece of shit may you feel different when they come for you and they will for they always eat those who helped them since they know they are a danger to them.

    1. Somebody buy Ron some periods.

      1. End period poverty!

    2. Gosh, what a he-man that Rong sockpuppet is. That musta really taken some courage to dirty them undies that way.


    Just as he and co-host Don Lemon took the helm of the network’s coverage of the Georgia Senate runoffs in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, he had a bit of a Freudian slip (or Fredian slip) and cheered “we won” as it appeared that both Democratic candidates were set to win their respective contests.


    Bringing it back around to confidence in the result, Cuomo boasted: “We know on the numbers that we have, we won.” But Fredo realized what he just blurted out and immediately added: “democracy won.”


    DON LEMON: Midnight Train to Georgia! And we’re talking about Georgia, usually ruby red.

    CUOMO: Um-hm.

    LEMON: On the precipice of possibly turning blue and changing the Senate and changing, really, at least, the beginning of the course of the Biden presidency. Who would have thunk that this would have happened in state like Georgia?

    CUOMO: It is unusual. It is a sign of the times. The Republicans now hoping that this is not the night that the lights went out in Georgia.

    LEMON: [laughter]

    CUOMO: That was two songs.

    LEMON: You’re full of them.

    CUOMO: That’s it, I am done. [John] Berman was going to give you that one. Now, he’s going to have think of something else.

    So, I’ll tell you who won tonight, we already know, you did. Once again a beautiful display of democracy in action. We’re not getting any funny business out of the state of Georgia. The officials are content with how it’s going. We have a long way to go, counting could take some time. I do not expect it to be called tonight, but we will be going through.

    But already, we know on the numbers that we have, we won, democracy won. Usually a special election after a general, you have about 50 percent falloff in who votes. Here, you have 5 million voted in Georgia in November. We’re definitely over four-and-a-half million.

    1. I been to Georgia on a fast train honey
      I wasn’t born no yesterday
      I got a good Christian raisin’
      And an eight grade education
      Ain’t no need in y’all a treatin’ me this way

      There. Now you’ve got 3 Georgia songs.

      1. According to the Country/Bluegrass/Rock Fusion group Hayseed Dixie, they would only be Country songs if they incorporated drinkin’, cheatin’, killin’, and goin’ to Hell. All four and you got a Jackpot!

        And as David Allen Coe would have it, there’s bonus points if you include pickup trucks, Mama, prison, and call it not just a train a “damned ol’ train!”

  36. An ongoing tally by The Associated Press finds that more than 250 state lawmakers across the country have contracted COVID-19, and at least seven have died,”

    Well, there’s a silver lining to everything.

  37. Trump’s presidency has begun its final act. And we see how the story will end, the way all of Trump’s chapters end, in total personal failure and bankruptcy. While previously it was casinos, steaks, and fraudulent universities and fraudulent charities that suffered under Trump’s leadership, it is now an entire political party.

    The GOP went from having a strong platform with consistent principles espoused (if rarely followed), to a party living in a fun-house mirror version of reality, to having no party platform, to having no principles –since it is hard to have consistent principles when you have to pivot as quickly as a cold medicine addicted boomer with a Twitter account.

    So tonight, I clear my schedule. Join me in a candle light vigil for the GOP and Dr. Dre.

    RIP, GOP. Get well soon, Dr. Dre.

    1. Yes, deregulation, tax cuts, no new wars, removing troops from foreign states, etc. All terrible things. Instead we can now cheer on increased taxes, regulations, and the freedoms destroyed by the GND.

      You win DoL. You get your authoritarian dreams.

      1. No party platform, Jesse. How do you expect to sustain a political movement? Nihilism? Whatever Trump vomits up on twitter that day?

        Also the biggest single term contribution to the debt in history. Also 350,000 dead so far. Also becoming the laughingstock of the world; alienating allies and allowing unforced errors to benefit our foes. Well done, Trumpists.

        1. Also 350,000 dead so far.

          This is the least intelligent critique of Trump yet.

          1. How is it that Taiwan, Vietnam, New Zealand, Australia, and even China can all open back up for business, and without trying for hare-brained “herd immunity” but we are still locked down?

            They have leadership that is empowered and expected to handle crises, and a smaller resident population of reality-denying kooks.

            1. Now do obesity, sending sick people into nursing homes and the highest incarceration rate in the world.

            2. They’re also being investigated for human rights abuses, so let’s not hop on that train just yet.

              1. I am not saying to emulate China, far from it.

                I am saying that there is a whole lot of middle ground (Australia, NZ, etc.) and that our performance on this issue has been terrible.

                1. NZ and australia also have been xcuaed of human rights violations because of their COVID response. That was his point. Human rights watch, hardly a right wing think tank, has accused both governments of curtailing basic human rights as part of their COVID response.

        2. Speaking of unforced errors: look at the results in yesterday’s election in Georgia. Trumpowth and his Team Rocket, Lin Wood and Sidney Powell, get a lot of credit for the loss.

          1. Cite?

    2. Literally the exact opposite. Trump was the first R in a long time with actual principles that he actually followed.

      I wasn’t a fan of everything he said and did but he definitely made a splash in the GOP (for the better) and will be felt for a long time.

      Regardless, us libertarians are out in the cold as always. No one cares about liberty in either party and it looks increasingly like they never will.

      1. “Trump was the first R in a long time with actual principles that he actually followed.”

        Then why wasn’t he able to get anyone to commit those principles to paper for him? I understand he is averse to reading and writing, but surely he has aides.

  38. Oh boo hoo. The Rs could have chosen a normal R as president and had normal R policies, and gotten elected. But no, they wanted to go with “Own the libs” and “Make the libs cry” and pick a baby for president. The Senate could have dumped him in February, and gave Mike Pence almost 9 years as president, but the chose not to. The Rs could have not let Trump cry voter fraud for two months and easily won GA, but they chose not one.

    The Rs made their choice and now they can live with it.

    1. And instead of learning the many lessons they need to, they will double down on the conspiracy-land magical thinking and claim fraud.

      Anything at all to avoid self reflection.

      1. There will be no self reflection because that is rational. Conservatives used to be rational, but now they’re just as emotionally driven as the left. And you can’t reason people out of beliefs they arrived at by the feelz.

        1. But I can’t stop trying. Maybe I need to watch some footage of mega church pastors to learn how to get through to these people.

          1. Like wife beating, child beating hiding Warnock? LOL.

            What a joke you are stolen valor.

            1. Are you admitting that wife and child beaters resonate with Trump’s base? It seems like it.

            2. Jesse, you are a dishonorable coward.

              If you believe I have stolen valor then why not take the many opportunities I’ve given you to prove it? All you have to do is say that you will leave this board forever when I show my proof, and you will have it.

              You continually shirking this wager leads rational people to believe that you don’t believe your own accusation.

              1. A good rule to a successful life is don’t make bets with sociopaths. And you’re a sociopath.

                1. Like all of the dumb shit you believe, you have no evidence.

          2. This reminds me: I need to clean out my sock drawer.

        2. Says king of emotional strawmen the last 4 years. LOL.

          Are you finally admitting you are happy that Biden won? Which you’ve already done, but keep pretending you didn’t.

          Be happy with the GND, higher taxes, and increased regulations buddy. That’s what your ideals achieved.

          1. For the last four years I’ve been making fun of emotional Trump supporters. Being that you are one of those emotional babies, it’s no surprise you are so offended. After all, it’s only offensive if it’s true. That’s why all your accusations don’t offend me one bit.

            1. No you have been making fun of anyone who disagrees with your hyperbole.

      2. Just like the Democrats learned nothing after Hillary lost. “Oh, let’s double down on the extreme progressive and woke shit!” Biden won mostly as the default option.

    2. “…The Rs could have chosen a normal R as president and had normal R policies, and gotten elected…”

      OTOH, TDS-infected shits (such as you) could have voted with your brain instead of your twat.

    3. The Republicans thought that all they needed to win was to campaign directly at the party faithful. Just like Hillary, Trump actively pushed away the middle voters. Both were blinded by the bubbles they lived in.

      I will utterly abhor the Democrat rule of the next two years, but at least half the blame has to go to Trump for failing to campaign to anyone outside the bright red bubble he lives in.

      1. Considering Trump’s improvement with Hispanics, blacks and Asians I would say he made an effort to attract more than the core. His problem is he lost suburbia, which has been Republican friendly. In fact, the drop off in upper middle class college educated whites would actually be interpreted as him not playing enough to his core constituents.

        1. Shut the fuck up you Mormon loving Rube.

          You’re a waste of life fascist hillbilly and will speak when spoken to!

          1. Lame, even for a parody account.
            Fuck off and die.

        2. Trump gained 10 million votes including the gains you mentioned.

          The idiots that support Biden here don’t realize that.

          1. …and still lost the popular vote twice. lol.

            I think people realize that that is meaningless. The number of voters increases every year, and every election has more votes cast than previous, typically. Gaining x amount or y amount from one election to the next does not matter when your opponent gets more votes.

            1. “…and still lost the popular vote twice. lol…”

              Lefty shits seem to think this matters.

            2. My point isn’t that Trump gained but that he gained in traditionally non Republican voting blocks while losing more traditional Republican voters.

              1. And no this doesn’t mean the elections were stolen just that his campaign wasn’t a traditional plea to the base. In fact, he may have been better advised to have played to suburban voters more than he did.

          2. And the Ds gained even more votes. Both gains are about a massive, unprecedented get-out-the-vote campaign.

      2. No, the Rs thought TDS-infected shits might have brains; they were wrong.
        As a TDS-infected shit, you are proof of that.

      3. Again. You are ignoring the fact they made gains with virtually every minority party. Why do you Biden supporters ignore facts?

        1. I am not ignoring it, but it is not relevant since they lost. The Rs are now trying to pull out every possible voter metric they can to show how popular (minorities, their vote total, number of counties won, number of yard signs, size of Trump crowds) they are, but still ignoring one only one that actually counts.

      4. The Trump campaign is responsible for maybe 30% of the blame, not half. 70% goes to the fact that the Dems managed to rig the game before it started. Notice I said ‘rig’ and not ‘fraud’ because focusing on fraud is a red herring to make one side seem crazy and occlude what actually happened.

        It’s like a world series where one team (lets call them Team D) gets the rules changed so that the home team is given +5 points, then ensures the first four games are played on their turf. The other side (lets call them Team R) screams ‘fraud’ but the media, the pundits, the commissioner, the umpires, and everyone else keeps pointing out that the win was legitimate according to the rules. The conspiracy side of me thinks this is intentional on both sides part because they only care about keeping their ‘fans’ invested in hating each other since that drives up ticket sales.

        I don’t know why anyone thinks 2022 will result in the normal swing back of the pendulum. Now that the game-rigging has been successful (twice), it will be exported to every area that Team D has any control over to keep the winning streak going.

        1. You can expand it even further. Let’s say that there is a 4 team playoff, and team d get the team they have the hardest time beating let’s call them team g, kicked out of the playoffs for no reason other than they hurt their chances. So now team r has to face team d and team l, while team d only has to face team r and doesn’t have to worry about team g

          1. Oh, yeah, the analogy can go on forever. On a purely strategic level, I can even admire just how well they pulled off completely rigging the system in a way that was open, up front, and almost completely unchallenged AND managing to keep the opposition screaming about ‘fraud’ when that was only a portion of what caused them to lose.

            1. If history is any guide the GOP will study this and design their own processes next time. Obama used social media effectively. Trump and the Republicans studied it and copied it and proved more effective in 2016. And also worked heavily on get out the vote. Expect next time for Republicans to focus on early voters more heavily next time. Politicians are like generals, fighting the last war until something changes. Usually the side that designs a new process experiences short term success. Operation Cobra burrowed heavily from the Nazi blitzkrieg and improved upon it.

  39. with Democrat Raphael Warnock beating incumbent Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler—though, taking a page from failed gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams President Donald Trump’s election loss playbook, she isn’t conceding

    4 years on, she (and her party) still claims she’s the rightful governor of GA.

    1. Abrams conceded. So you are already in the realm of non-truth.

      You don’t think having the secretary of state running for governor overseeing the election in which he cuts 1.4 million voters from the rolls at the very last moment prior to voting, and additionally prevented 53,000 voters (who were coincidentally majority black) from re-registering is a little voter-supression-y?

      1. Abrams conceded. So you are already in the realm of non-truth.

        No, she didn’t, dummy. Even NPR pointed this out:

        A refusal to concede isn’t a new concept to Georgia. The 2018 Democratic candidate for governor, Stacey Abrams, also refused to concede to her Republican opponent, Brian Kemp.

        Abrams had stayed quiet for 10 days after the election while her campaign focused on getting more absentee and provisional ballots counted. Then she called a press conference at which she made a careful statement: “I acknowledge that former Secretary of State Brian Kemp will be certified as the victor in the 2018 gubernatorial election.”

        However, she declared, this was “not a speech of concession.”…

        “You see, I’m supposed to say nice things and accept my fate. They will complain that I should not use this moment to recap what was done wrong or to demand a remedy,” she said. “And I will not concede because the erosion of our democracy is not right.”

        At the time, Kemp’s communications director, Ryan Mahoney called the nonconcession a “disgrace to democracy.” Mahoney remains a senior strategist for now-Gov. Kemp.

        “I think the one thing that was very clear, which is different than I think what we’re seeing now, is that the numbers were undeniable,” Mahoney said.

        Abrams lost by nearly 55,000 votes and never did concede.

        1. I stand corrected. I took an acknowledgement of defeat as a concession. I never bothered to read the actual speech.

          I would point out that symbolically not conceding, while acknowledging her opponent’s victory is very different than propagating an insane conspiracy theory that there is a vast conspiracy from Hugo Chavez to Federalist Society Trump appointed judges.

      2. 1. She didn’t concede.
        2. She was introduced at the DNC as “Governor Stacy Abrams”.
        3. Fuck you.

  40. “A Dem Sweep in Georgia Election Could Pave Way for Trillions in New Federal Spending”

    Small price to pay for not having to read nasty tweets, right TDS-infected shits?

    1. Hell, man, Trump did this. His selfish craziness has screwed us all.

      1. That’s funny stuff right there.

      2. no bevis, we did it to ourselves. The American people allowed this to happen.

      3. “Hell, man, Trump did this. His selfish craziness has screwed us all.”

        So the devil made you do it, you pathetic piece of shit? You have no agency? You’re a poor pawn of someone posting nasty tweets?
        I repeat; TDS-infected shits voted their twats, not their brains.

        1. I’m in Texas. I know you don’t believe this, but Georgia won’t let me vote in their senate races.

          And I’m not the one that hired Lin Wood. Or changed the stimulus deal at the last second and put McConnell in a tough spot. Or got caught on tape arm twisting the Georgia SOS to “find” votes.

          You’re the one that’s a cultist not me. Some of us warned this was coming but none of the Trump folks wanted to hear it. TDS cuts both ways.

          1. “…I’m in Texas. I know you don’t believe this, but Georgia won’t let me vote in their senate races…”


          2. “…You’re the one that’s a cultist not me. Some of us warned this was coming but none of the Trump folks wanted to hear it. TDS cuts both ways.”

            Oh, and:
            So the devil made you do it, you pathetic piece of shit? You have no agency? You’re a poor pawn of someone posting nasty tweets?
            No, TDS cuts one way only: I repeat; TDS-infected shits voted their twats, not their brains.
            Fuck you with a rusty, running chain saw if nasty tweets trigger you.

    2. Sieve-brain! Yeah! Let’s hear some gospel whining by the light of the flaming cross! Hooo-hah! Potty Jesus is gonna miss yew somethin’ terrible, but maybe yáll kin get together and visit dear old Robert Dear on visiting day.

  41. It’s probably time to invest in printing press technology used for the massive amount of dollar bills that will be newly printed.

    With Biden and Democrat control of both the House and Senate, the national debt that grew under Trump will be dwarfed. I’m not sure that the dollar will survive the massive increase in spending.

    Perhaps the collapse will be hastened instead of the “slow” demise trajectory we have been following. If ever we needed a strong third party or even better yet multiple strong third parties, it is now. We are governed by terribly bad and now even worse.

  42. CNN. Fuck you, Reason

    With Rev. Rafael Warnock in the Senate, maybe we’ll begin to depolarize the role of faith in American politics.

    It should not be seen as a partisan virtue – there’s a progressive message in Jesus‘ teachings – and nobody’s going to be able to out preach or out scripture Warnock.

    1. The FF couldn’t have foreseen the logistical consequences of automatic weapons but Jesus foresaw the moral need for transgender weddings and late-term abortions.

      Just… wow.

      1. LOUDER, please! Oh, and wave that Jayses mackerel banner and the death sentence Cross in front of the cameras, pretty pleeez? Let’s see them green teeth grinning now… Attabwah…

  43. Should have bought more ammo…..

    1. Voters chose divided government back then, now they are choosing to punish the GOP because of Trump.

      I’m glad Reason has the pulse of the average voter, which is surprising considering how much they look down on them

      1. Everyone lives in NY and D.C. right?

        1. DC and LA

  44. The heavy push to reject mail-in voting lost Trump the election. The ease of voting is a factor, and Trump told people to use the more inconvenient method. And it explains the flip in Michigan, because mailin votes don’t start getting counted until midnight.

    Does this explain yesterday’s vote? Was it still mail-in versus in-person? I could be. Few people are going to sign up for mail-on ballots between these two elections. But I also expect the recent post general election shenanigans turned a LOT of people off against Republicans in general. Don’t forget, it’s not the diehard supporters of Trump who Perdue and Loeffler were after, they were trying to sway the middle towards their side. And all this conspiracy mongering may have embolded some but turned off many as well. My guess it was not a good campaign tactic to “support” Perdue and Loeffler with these shenanigans. Trump’s rallies certainly did not help as he was promoting himself and barely mentioned the candidates themselves.

    In short, to win an election you need votes from people outside the “bubble” of the diehard party faithful.

    1. Boxes of ballots under tables don’t hurt either.

      1. Sixty

    2. Trump won in 2016 because he appealed to those outside the “bubble”. 10 million more votes in 2020 for doing the same.
      A good size faction of “diehard party faihful” worked against him both times.

      1. More votes and better percentages of minority voters. But they don’t mention that on Vox.

    3. Brandy, I do appreciate you coming in here and telling us the Media/Vox narrative. it really helps out. thanks.

      1. More pjmedia and breitbarts links, please!

    4. Girl-bullying inbred redneck cowards counted too soon on using Judge Amy to bleed them Jezebels with coathangers. Irish mystical bigots made the same mistake. Just a few days ago formerly fascist Argentine politicians suddenly decided they didn’t want to end up like Tuppence and Mafia Don Trompa. The 19th Amendment, ratified in 1920, toppled Bert Hoover, George Holy War Bush, Johnny Torch, Mitt the Mystic and now KAGa Hat hisself. Some folks learn from things like that.

  45. I’m trying to look on the bright side that disco, cocaine, and orgies will make a comeback

    1. Oh man, I hate disco.

    2. Only while wearing masks.

      1. 70s bush counts as a mask

  46. A Dem Sweep in Georgia Election Could Pave Way for Trillions in New Federal Spending

    “…but we’ll still continue to pretend we oppose the spending and blame the republicans for all of it.”

    1. somebody is pretending and it aint libertarians.

    2. “If the Republicans weren’t so deplorable they’d have been able to win and cause gridlock. Since they’re a bunch of horrible racists they lost though, so they are to blame for the Democrats spending like drunken sailors on shore leave”.

  47. people in the conservative media

    Does ENB even realize she’s “in the conservative media”?

    1. ENB will scream that she can prog harder as they carry her away for wrongthink

    2. ENB is not that stupid. In fact, nationalsocialists on the gibbet at Nuremberg suddenly realized they were America’s buddies, and that together “we” could go out and git them liberlz an jyews and selfish un-Christian people. Then the trapdoor dropped out from under their feet… For a moment there it all seemed so real…

  48. “A Dem Sweep in Georgia Election Could Pave Way for Trillions in New Federal Spending”

    Anybody else remember when it didn’t matter which party controlled the White House or Congress–because neither party was libertarian?

    Seems like it was just yesterday . . . probably because it was just yesterday.

    Everything that happens because Biden is in the White House and the Democrats control both chambers in congress will bad for libertarian capitalists, but that was true with just Biden in the White House, too. We should have prevented that from happening in the first place.

    And the worst case scenario isn’t just all the awful things Biden, Pelsoi, and Schumer will do on their way to retirement. If you thought Trump was bad, wait ’til you see the populist backlash come 2022 and 2024.

    Those Americans who are contesting the presidential election results and want the election overturned, they’ll look like weak sauce moderates compared to what’s coming if the Democrats take absolute control of the senate and push their agenda through. They will stack the Supreme Court, add two states, nationalize healthcare, come after our gun rights, and inflict the Green New Deal on us–if they can. There is no real world restraint on them apart from control of the senate.

    As bad as public policy is now, what if, in the future, the only way back to as good as things are now is a real dictator? False dichotomies are only false when they’re false, and if the mutually exclusive alternatives were between Pinochet and Stalin, I might choose rebellion–but I sure as hell wouldn’t willingly subject myself to Stalin. No, Biden isn’t as bad as Stalin, but neither were Chavez and Maduro.

    Meanwhile, think about what happens if and when the U.S. government becomes the full fledged enemy of the Constitution and the American people. The backlash will make the Tea Party and the militia movement of the 1990s look like a Girl Scout jamboree. And libertarians will only have relevance insofar as they oppose Biden and the Democrats. There won’t be any nuance anymore. The higher principles go out the window when we’re talking about the survival of capitalism and the Constitution.

    1. “The higher principles go out the window when we’re talking about the survival of capitalism and the Constitution.”

      Let me elaborate.

      There are honest, ethical, and smart people on both sides of the debate about whether it was appropriate to drop nuclear bombs on Japan at the end of World War II. People who condemn Sheridan for what he did to Native Americans during the Indian Wars will overlook and neglect to mention that Sheridan did the same kinds of things to the non-slave owning farmers of the Shenandoah Valley during the Civil War. These things all happened with the support of broad sections of the general public–but at an earlier time, they were unthinkable atrocities.

      It’s usually the radical crazies that go over the edge first–like The Loyal Nine, John Brown, Terry Nichols. When the chips are down on American core values, however, the average people become like the crazies. By the time of the Declaration of Independence, John Hancock was the pretty much the only one of the Sons of Liberty who was still in a position of prominence. The adults–like Franklin and Washington–had largely taken over the revolution as it gained mainstream support. It was hard to imagine the privileged gentry, like Franklin and Washington, joining with the street radicals before the Revolution. Somehow, in the runup to the Civil War, abolitionism and secession, likewise, went from topics of debate to being issues that drove millions of Americans to volunteer for duty as cannon fodder.

      If and when the Democrats take absolute control of the senate, stack the Supreme Court, bring in a couple of states, nationalize healthcare, come after our gun rights, and institute the Green New Deal, it will be the crazies that go over the edge first. Sometimes the crazies, like Terry Nichols, are so crazy and evil, they make average people–and even the government–pull back. But if the government’s actions are sufficiently persistent and egregious (see the Declaration of Independence for examples), average people don’t pull back. That’s how you get broad support for rebellion.

      Stacking the Supreme Court, adding two new states, nationalizing healthcare, coming after our guns, and instituting the Green New Deal, if the Democrats implement those five things, don’t make any long term plans based on an assumption of social stability.

      1. Good news is the donkey party will be voted out in 2 years if they even attempt half of that. The suburban soccer moms are not going to like having to spend $200 to fill up their SUVs instead of at the nail salon. Also ain’t gonna like their kids’ college fund being appropriated to pay for reparations.

        I would actually support DC statehood if they threw NoVa, PG, and Montgomery counties into the package.

        1. “Good news is the donkey party will be voted out in 2 years if they even attempt half of that.”

          I’ve been shot five times in the chest.

          What difference does it make if there’s an ambulance coming two years from now.

          If they stack the Supreme Court, given themselves four more senators and dozens of more representatives both in the House and the Electoral College, nationalize healthcare, disarm us, and institute the Green New Deal, what difference does it make if they lose an election two years from now after that?

          P.S. Pelosi has already said she won’t seek the Speaker’s chair in 2022, and the chances of Biden running for reelection in a normal crisscrossing the country campaign in 2024 are slim at his age. I remain unconvinced that either one of them cares about what happens to the Democratic party in the future or will hold back for fear of what will happen to their party in future elections.

          1. Joe Manchin is now the most powerful US Senator.

            I suspect Mitch McConnell has already offered Manchin the chairmanship of any committee he wants (if he votes for Mitch for Majority Leader and switches to caucus with the Republicans).

            1. I expect a few other marginal Democrats, have also had a similar offer.

      2. Very well written!
        I agree with every word.
        The American Republic has fallen and the first Galactic American Empire has begun.
        We can expect an American Civil War version 2.0 to start due to gun confiscation

    2. Nobody wants Republicans in power for any good reason. All they ever do is take public money and give it to heirs and heiresses and for-profit polluters.

      People vote for them because they think they’ll shit on browns and non-heterosexuals.

      You can’t leverage bigotry to win tax cuts for decades and be surprised that a majority of the country finds that little arrangement appalling.

      Come up with ideas based on facts that serve to help people. If you don’t think government should do anything to help people who aren’t heirs and oil companies, don’t be surprised if democracy doesn’t work out for you.

      Must be why you guys so openly disdain the very idea of self-government lately.

      The problem with conservatives and libertarians is that they are just so fucking dumb. After years of research, that’s the only conclusion that makes any sense. Just so fucking dumb. As in not intelligent. Not well-read. People who believe pronouns are more of a threat than climate change.

      Be grateful that the voters of this country aren’t all as stupid as that. It’s something to take home, even if you can’t get your stupid tax cuts for people richer than you’ll ever be. It’s a stupid thing to care about anyway.

      1. Fuck off.

        Can you seriously find any libertarians who care about pronoun use? Use whatever fucking pronouns you like, you just don’t get to arrest or prosecute me if I use the “wrong” one. I’ll call you whatever I’d like since I have freedom of speech, you’re free to ignore me.

        That you even put conservatives and libertarians in the same bucket means if anyone is poorly informed and not well-read, it’s you. You’ve had years to figure out the difference and can’t, I’d be surprised if your IQ is above room temperature.

      2. “The problem with conservatives and libertarians is that they are just so fucking dumb.”

        Tony couldn’t make a rational argument on a dare. If anyone has ever seen Tony make a legitimately rational argument, on any subject, please link to it now. I’ve never seen him do anything but emote.

        Meanwhile, Tony has maintained, for years, that Jews didn’t have a right to their lives during the holocaust and that Rosa Parks didn’t have a right to sit in the front of a public bus–because the government said so, and our rights only exist if the government says so.

        This is apparently what Tony means by being fucking smart–trying to convince people that their rights don’t really exist and using everything but facts and logic to persuade them.

        1. You’re not helping your case with this willful refusal to understand a simple semantic argument. Or do you understand perfectly well and you’re just being a good little propagandist as usual?

          I don’t feel the need to pretend to be obtuse to critique your ideas. I think your ideas are bad all on their own.

          Which is worse: climate change or gender neutral bathrooms? What about a respiratory virus?

          1. Is this your example of a rational argument?

            I repeat: Tony can’t make a rational argument on a dare.

            1. I’m not making an argument, I’m gauging your capacity for rationality.

              Which is a bigger problem for humanity, the income tax or climate change?

              1. I bet you have no idea how to argue why it’s the income tax while also assuming the reality of increasing global temperatures due to CO2.

                1. You’re right about that.

                2. “I bet you have no idea how to argue why it’s the income tax while also assuming the reality of increasing global temperatures due to CO2.”

                  I’ve argued on this site for years for replacing both corporate taxes and the income tax with a sales tax on carbon–regardless of whether AGW is real.

                  Sales taxes are vastly superior to income taxes and corporate taxes from a libertarian capitalist perspective in all sorts of ways, and if people and companies made their choices in a way that minimizes carbon emissions the way they try to minimize their tax bills, real environmentalists should be delighted.

                  The reason progressives won’t do this is because they don’t care about saving the environment if it means they can’t redistribute income and corporate profits anymore.

                  The reason Tony offered up this false dichotomy is because Tony can’t offer up a rational argument–not even on a dare.

              2. To Tony,
                I know the answer!
                Income tax is far more important.
                Even if the worst prediction of climate change comes true, people will move inland, Canada will have coral reefs, food production in northern latitudes will greatly increase, and the sea level rise will be gradual over hundreds of years and people have plenty of time to move away.

        2. “…I’ve never seen him do anything but emote…”

          And lie; he’s pretty consistent with lies when he posts regarding any supposed ‘facts’.

          1. After a while, I start thinking that the lying is just us giving him the benefit of the doubt.

            What if he’s not smart enough to tell the difference between facts and a lie? What if he doesn’t have the mental capacity to do that.

            If critical thinking requires us to look at what we read and see in a critical way, and what if Tony just doesn’t have the processing power?

            Maybe we’re being too magnanimous in assuming he’s being dishonest. Maybe he really can’t tell the difference between facts and his feelings.

      3. A Liberal’s Delusion, by Tony.

      4. Keep the hate alive Tony!

      5. I’m still waiting for the fact-based argument showing how BLM riots and arson make police brutality go away. What policy solutions does that create?

        1. More than decades of libertarians pretending to care about criminal justice reform from their armchairs has.

          Democrats went from playing who has the biggest incarceration boner in the 90s (Biden chief among them) to being all-in on defendants’ rights, reducing mass incarceration, and holding cops accountable.

          There’s too much money to be made for me to be optimistic that drastic change will happen, but the attention is there at least. Every cop has to look over his shoulder before he murders a black person now. The entire paradigm has changed thanks to BLM.

          If only Republicans hadn’t been on the side of the fascist cops and for-profit prison industry the whole time we could have done a lot more. If only libertarians didn’t ally with them at every opportunity because they think tax cuts matter more than freedom and because they bought the hysterical threadbare anti-communist bullshit they have been trotting out for the better part of a century.

          1. It’s really not libertarians fault that democrats are stupid and have voted for ridiculous people with authoritarian policies that hurt minorities, all the while ignoring them. I go from “what’s the best policy?” as the starting point, and from that perspective, libertarians have been right all along, and democrats say nice things sometimes without actually solving anything with their political capital.

            It is quite telling that when democrats are smart, they’re adopting libertarian policies. Maybe one day they’ll take that as their starting point like libertarians.

            1. Oh, from my own armchair I’m the greatest political thinker who ever lived. You should see the gleaming cities in my imagination.

              Unfortunately power snd priorities are more complicated than having all the best ideas inside our own heads.

              As far as first steps, recognizing that scapegoating the entire civil rights movement for cherry picked instances of property destruction whose perps we don’t even know, or we’re just as likely rightwing agitators, is to be duped by the forces of evil.

              Letting 350,000 Americans die because “the virus will go away like magic” is worse than a foot locker being burned down. These are the kinds of impenetrably difficult moral calculations that living in the real world require.

              1. Unfortunately power snd priorities are more complicated than having all the best ideas inside our own heads.

                That sounds like a great explanation of why libertarians have been able to accomplish so little despite their superior policies, seeing as you have to sacrifice policies for power and priorities. I’m just glad libertarians can say they supported solutions for minorities and police brutality the entire time, as opposed to being part of the problem for decades, all to sell themselves as a fake alternative to the status quo, all in the name of political power.

                At a certain point, you need to have some principals and stick to them. With democrats being so fluid, I assume they’ll turn into racist assholes again if that’s what it takes to win elections, and I’m sure it will all be the Republicans fault. Progressivism means never having to take responsibility, after all. Progress!

                1. Do what? With no power comes no responsibility. Libertarians and uber-progressives alike could stand to learn the same lesson, that merely being right about stuff is meaningless to anyone else. It’s masturbation.

                  There’s certainly a place for unempowered activism and scholarship. Libertarians are basically conscientious objectors to civilization. Can’t knock that. And the line between pragmatic compromise and violating principle is fuzzy, and always worth examining.

                  1. Being right about stuff isn’t masturbation. Being right is a requirement to make fact-based policy. If you think fact-based policy is masturbation, then that explains a lot.

                    And given as democrats with their “compromises” for political power and all have devastated black communities and spent trillions of dollars making problems worse, it would be better if they had been masturbating. At least them jacking off would have been free for other people.

                    Here’s what we have for libertarianism:
                    1. Principles

                    Here’s what we have for progressives:
                    1. Power
                    2. “Priorities”
                    3. Principles

                    As they say, power corrupts. It really shouldn’t be a first priority. All you have to do is look at history for that.

                    When someone’s compromising a principle, as opposed to faking a principle, how do you tell?

    3. Hi Ken.

      How’s that strategy of cynically supporting baseless conspiracy theories about elections working out for you?

      1. “How’s that strategy of cynically supporting baseless conspiracy theories about elections working out for you?”

        I’ve read Ken’s posts and once more, you are full of shit.

  49. Last time democrats were anywhere near this position, they blew it all on Obamacare, and how much they tried to remind people of how horrible Bush was couldn’t stop them from losing the house and the senate.

    It’s very likely that history will repeat itself. Memories are short, and when democrats are trying to fuck up your life permanently, it’s going to be hard to say “but Trump!”

    Killing the republicans off is easy: democrats have done it dozens of times.

    1. Denial

      These are the five stages of grief.

      You appear to be in either the denial stage or the bargaining stage–probably bargaining. If the Democrats do what they say they’re going to do, they’ll lose future elections, and that’ll somehow make this situation acceptable.

      There are good reasons to believe that neither Biden nor Pelosi ever intend to face another election again. Meanwhile, the other members of the Democrat establishment–in the House, Senate, the donors, and the media–are all more radical than Biden and Pelosi rather than less so.

      I see plenty of good reasons to think that the Democrats, both in the leadership and further down the ranks, are likely to restrain themselves for fear of future elections.

      1. I butchered that last bit.

        I see good reasons to think that the Democrats do not fear future elections, and not many reasons to think the Democrats will restrain themselves.

        1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Encore!

      2. I don’t think it’s a foregone conclusion that the democrats will succeed at any of that.

        1. And I hope you’re right.

      3. “There are good reasons to believe that neither Biden nor Pelosi ever intend to face another election again. ”

        This should be rich. I’m listening.

        1. It’s rare to see someone who is both so bold and unknowledgeable. Usually, you get one or the other–not both.

          “Nancy Pelosi is doing exactly what she said she wouldn’t in order to secure the votes she needs to be elected speaker — putting an end date on her tenure as the top House Democratic leader.

          Under an agreement reached with seven Democrats who opposed her speaker bid, Pelosi will back term limits for the top three Democratic leaders. The limit she has agreed to will prevent her from serving as speaker beyond another four years.”

          —-Roll Call, December 12, 2018

          Nancy Pelosi has no intention of being the Speaker in 2022. At that point, she’ll probably retire. This is her last two year term as Speaker.

          Meanwhile, in 2024, Joe Biden will be 82 years old. He is unlikely to have the energy, stamina, or even the desire to crisscross the country campaigning for president in a non-pandemic election cycle at the age of 82.

          1. SleepyJoe will be fitted with a drool cup before 2024.

          2. “It’s rare to see someone who is both so bold and unknowledgeable. Usually, you get one or the other–not both.”

            We get both DOL and Tony!

          3. Biden has already said he was only going to serve one term. But he may decide to ignore that promise.

          4. Ah, I apologize. I thought you were implying that Pelosi and Joe would replace elections with lifetime appointments or some such.

          5. Sleepy Joe needn’t bother. Ku-klux Ken and Jesus’ girl-bullying redneck minions can be counted on to hand the Dems the next election too. All they need do is copy a few words out of the LP platform–the one God’s Own Prohibitionists so pointy-headedly struggled to ignore. With friends like that and Billy Sunday Graham and Linseed Graham Cracker, they’ll be a shoo-out till 2036!

      4. I really hope what you’re saying doesn’t come to pass. Because Matt Welch and his good buddies George Soros and Block Yomomma would love nothing more than to have the excuse they need to conduct a “Red Wedding” style massacre on dissidents. It’s pretty much their deepest fantasy.

    2. Isn’t this usually the end result? One party gains control over all three levels and blows their wad on one piece of controversial major legislation. This gets the leadership tossed out on their ass in the next Congress.

      That the Republicans blew all their capital on an unnecessary and off-putting tax cut (goodbye NY/CA/IL/NJ/CT Suburbs!) is political malpractice of the highest order. I make out on the child tax credits, but trading the GND for that? Political malpractice of the highest order.

      1. Trump was opposed on all sorts of issues by the Republicans in his own party, especially when it came to foreign policy, but there was also a big difference between Trump’s situation and Biden’s–because Trump was more radical than the establishment Republicans on issues like repealing ObamaCare. Biden, on the other hand, is in a situation where the Democrats in congress are far more radical than he is. They’re not going to act as a brake on him.

        Pelosi was elected Speaker the other day with a margin of only one vote–because the House Democrats are far more radical than she is. Even in the senate, as the Democratic party has largely fled the center of the country and become concentrated in California, New York, etc., it has become far more radical. Being from a district in San Francisco, Pelosi used to be the radical vanguard of her party. The ground under her feet has shifted hard to the left. She’s now a moderate!

        Anyway, the point is that if the rank and file break from Biden, it will only be because they’re more radical than he is–the rank and file are more radical than the Democratic leadership, and so there is no good reason to think they will be a brake on policy.

        Add in that the Democratic leadership up to and including Biden, may not even intend to face another election again, and there are good reasons to think that the Democrats will force through every piece of their agenda.

        Meanwhile, their agenda has been largely overlooked both by the voters and the press. Even here at Reason, Biden’s positions on the issues have been largely ignored. Average Americans know more about Trump’s tweets than they do about where Biden stands on the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and our gun rights. Like I said, he’s more moderate than the Democrats in Congress, the donors, and the media, but even he is advocating the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and an assault on our gun rights on his website. I don’t see anything standing in his way if the Democrats take absolute control of the senate.

        The internal dissent simply isn’t there within the Democratic party.

        P.S. Obama won reelection after ObamaCare was passed, even if most of the provisions didn’t take effect until after his second term started.

        1. I hear you, and you outline my great fear. But I don’t think they’ll be quite so successful because the swing-district Congresscritters will still be looking out for No. 1 and it’s a very tight Congress.

          Also, these guys all think they’re immortal: history is replete with innumerable superannuated Senators/Congressmen (Feinstein is holding on even though she’s fully demented), so age might not be as big a factor as you think.

          1. I want to be wrong.

            I wanted to be wrong about the Iran War, too. I was hoping that Iraq would quickly blossom into an American style democracy, a shining beacon of liberty and justice for all to the rest of the Middle East. Everyone else in the Muslim world would want to be just like Iraq! And the reason Iraq would be such a shining city on a hill would be specifically because we bombed, invaded, and occupied it. That’s what I wanted to happen!

            I opposed it because I didn’t believe any of that would happen. I thought it would turn into a quagmire that we might never get out of, and I feared that taking Iraq out would give Iran, a belligerent state sponsor of terror, more or less a free hand in the region.

            But I wanted to be wrong.

            Because I always want what’s best for the USA and the American people, I often find myself wanting to be wrong about the things we choose to do to ourselves. And what we chose to do to ourselves here is really shocking. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to be wrong more than I do right now.

    3. Democrats rammed Obamacare through and after eight years of campaigning on its repeal, Republicans essentially reaffirmed it when they got the chance to repeal it. Even assuming the best case scenario of there being a next election, whatever the Democrats come up with in the next two years will be a permanent superprecedent in American law.

      1. Please see my comment above.

        The repeal failed, in part, because Trump was more radical than the establishment Republicans.

        The Green New Deal, for instance, that Biden gets sent to his desk by a Democratic congress is likely to be more radical than what he’s advocating on his campaign website–because they’re more radical than he is rather than less so.

        1. It failed for lots of reasons. For one thing it is not as unpopular as some think. More people see it as favorable than unfavorable.

          There are provisions in there people like. It also is a kind of safety net. Say your company folds and you want to start your own small business. I worked as an IC for a while. The rates were high for crappy coverage but it was something anyway.

          There was never a plan for something better to replace it with. That was the sticking point. It was just another vaporous campaign promise at the end.

          1. “…There was never a plan for something better to replace it with…”

            Try being honest once; there was never a plan YOU liked.
            Here’s the plan: Get the government out of the medical goods business as far as possible.

      2. The only reason Republicans didn’t repeal it was because the preexisting conditions and parents’ insurance provisions were so popular. Congress reacting to the will of the people is a good thing, if rare.

        You’re not wrong. They have been gunning for the whole safety net since day 1, but SS and Medicare are just too popular (not to say necessary for survival in a very economically shaky environment).

        You could stop worrying and learn to love social welfare. You already do when it butters your own bread anyway. Everyone does. It’s just that all the heaps of trillions of dollars we shovel into rich people’s coffers isn’t called socialism, because then people might notice that it’s socialism.

        1. “…Congress reacting to the will of the people is a good thing, if rare…”

          Buying votes with taxpayer’s money is a long ways from rare, shitstain.

  50. Hawley is just another orange pos who spends too much time admiring himself in the mirror.

    Now that things are finally all decided the rest of the orange blossoms will leave the Reason website as nobody will be paying them to comment.

    1. Now that things are finally all decided the rest of the orange blossoms will leave the Reason website as nobody will be paying them to comment.

      Says the ‘Stilgar’ who posts with completely different tone, literary ticks, and political outlook than the Stilgar who started posting several years ago.

    2. I second that motion. Anyone dumb enough to bankroll these lewsers needs to spend some time in the workhouse.

  51. Well if they did spend trillions at least it would be on the citizens benefit. Not the 2 trillion (10 freaking percent of the debt at the time) the Republicans used to give the wealthy tax breaks that did fuck all for anyone but the rich.

    1. Yeah, but we moved economic growth from 2.3% to 2.4%!! Don’t you see how that makes it all better?

    2. You do understand you don’t SPEND money on tax breaks right?

      If I make $100k this year and only $90k next year, it does not mean I spent an extra $10k.

    3. I’m not sure that’s a reasonable assumption.

      1. Look at the handle; lefty shit.

    4. Louder, puhleeeeez! I cannot get enough of gangs of predatory looters struggling to string each others’ entrails up and down the street! May both of your parties glory in all the initiation of harmful and deadly force you’ve got coming to you. And may the sewers of Rangoon back up in both your breakfast cereals.

  52. People think they should be entrusted with big fiscal policy ideas who don’t understand how ledgers work. Or is it addition and subtraction itself that you struggle with?

    You go to a restaurant and eat a meal and the check comes. If the manager comes by and tears up your check and sends you on your way, you got a free meal. The restaurant lost money on you.

    Government doesn’t take your money and set it on fire. Well okay Republicans do that. But in principle it’s spent on public goods and services. If you get those at a discount, that’s a boon granted by government for some alleged public purpose. It thinks you deserve free stuff. It’s absolutely not different in any mathematical or ontological way from cutting you a check.

    1. You are all kinds of messed up.

    2. Except maybe I don’t want the goods or services the government is subsidizing for me using my own money, or I don’t want them at the price the government charges.

      Had they cut me a check I could spend that on anything I’d like, kind of like if they had just not robbed me to begin with. Your method is a bit like someone robbing me then using some of the money to send me a gift certificate to Bed, Bath and Beyond. Sure it has value, but not to me, and I’d prefer it if you didn’t rob me to buy people gift certificates regardless of how much everyone else wants to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond.

    3. I’m sorry, but government fiscal policy isn’t the same restaurants (or household budgets). Apparently, that metaphor makes you stupid.

      I don’t make the rules.

    4. Observe: Tony believes “it” thinks.

  53. Trump ran against Hillary who was very unpopular. He was something new and different. People thought his antics were just an act. They weren’t. He never settled down and got serious. He just became annoying to many who voted for him.

    The dems brought in Uncle Joe. Mostly boring and he ran a low key boring campaign. That was enough to get him the election.

    Trump is totally unhinged at this point. Not pretty to watch. I hope the Republicans recover.

    1. To paraphrase Sir Terry Pratchett’s character the Patrician talking to Commander Vimes:
      “People say they what justice, liberty but what they really desire is to know that the garbage will be picked up tomorrow, the same as every week.”
      No it isn’t his thoughts originally either.

      1. Funny, I’ve recently been thinking about his other quote:

        ‘Whoever had created humanity had left in a major design flaw.
        It was its tendency to bend at the knees.’

        Doesn’t matter if it is bowing to kings or to ‘experts’, the result is the same.

    2. I pray God’s Own Prohibitionists all welcome Jesus the way the Right Reverend Jim Jones taught them to. It’ll be great. A host of angels will surely lift them straight up to Heaven.

  54. “Police dispute Hawley’s claims of vandalism” says the subheading provided in this story. However, the story in no way supports the claim – it only says that police “have no reports of property damage” and that event in questions was “minor”. There is no claim provided within the story that police investigated and found that Hawley was lying. Then the writer goes out of their way to slam Hawley for his recent statements regarding the election.

    I am fed up with sloppy headlines and biased reporting, and Reason has been slipping more and more in my observations. Please get your act together or I will soon stop reading.

  55. I everybody ready for the tax increases?

    1. If you like your government lockdown-created recession, you can keep your government lockdown-created recession.

    2. You nazi jerks said there were only 2 candidates, that non-looters don’t count, that Libertarian spoiler votes, the ones that drafted Roe v Wade, are “wasted” votes. Your girl-bullying and plant leaf prohibitionism are the spirit of Herbert Hoover Americanism, and now meet the 19th Amendment just as Pauline Sabin introduced you to Prohibition repeal and five (05) consecutive defeats. Superstitious, illiterate, white trash, redneck, hillbilly lewsers. Thank the pro-coercion lobbyists, Billy Graham and Linseed Graham Cracker.

  56. I thought this was a Libertarian website. It seems more like “The Hill”.

  57. Joe Manchin is now the most powerful US Senator.

    I suspect Mitch McConnell has already offered Manchin the chairmanship of any committee he wants (if he votes for Mitch for Majority Leader, and switches to caucus with the Republicans).

    Manchin recently said that he wouldn’t support stacking the SCOTUS, creating two more states, ending the Senate filibuster, or banning/restricting fracking.

    1. The nation now ruled by West Virginia

  58. Some jaw-dropping snippets of audio of U.S. President Donald Trump begging, badgering, and possibly even threatening a Georgia election official on the weekend to overturn his defeat there in the recent presidential election had some people calling for charges.
    A pair of federal Democratic lawmakers sent a criminal referral to the FBI. They alleged Trump broke two federal laws and one Georgia state law on election fraud.

  59. Okay, storming the capital and preventing score on certification is way to fucking far.

    1. You might check on those reporting what you seem to think.

  60. Ha ha ha ha ha! Forty-eight years ago the Electoral College voted and the LP–with fewer than 4000 popular votes, though backstabbed by Ayn Rand who sided with religious antichoice baby-incinerator Tricky Nixon–got one of them votes. Just over a month later La Suprema Corte copied Roe v Wade from our platform and pasted it into 9th Amendment and 14th Amendment jurisprudence. Today’s National Socialist attempt to torch the looter Reichstag made us, with the original platform, eligible to replace the girl-bullying rednecks and impotent mystics. Yeah!

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