Georgia Senate Runoff Elections Still Undecided, but It Looks Good for the Democrats

It's a nailbiter as Kelly Loeffler appears headed for defeat, while David Perdue barely hangs on. The control of the Senate is at stake.


Georgia Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler appears to have been handed her walking papers by Georgia voters, who put Democratic challenger Raphael Warnock in her seat and Democrats one person closer to controlling the Senate.

But even with the vast majority of the votes tallied, it's not clear whether fellow Republican incumbent Sen. David Perdue fended off his challenger. As midnight eastern came and went Tuesday, Perdue remained in a tie with Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff with 97 percent of the vote counted.

If both Democratic candidates win, the next Senate will be split 50-50 between Democrats and Republicans, meaning incoming Vice President Kamala Harris will have the tie-breaking vote in favor of the Democrats. If either Democrat loses, the Senate remains in Republican control.

Beyond control of the Senate, the race is also a political culture test to determine whether continued loyalty to President Donald Trump is necessary for Republicans to win their own elections as Trump clings to wild, disproven conspiracy theories that his election loss was due to widescale fraud. Perdue and Loeffler have been reluctant to publicly acknowledge that Trump lost the election while Trump rallied on their behalf (well, sort of).

Election night was exciting: As of 10 p.m. Tuesday evening, Loeffler and Perdue were both leading, but the vote was close and major networks and media outlets had not called the races. Initial tallies had both Democrats in the lead, but those were predominately absentee ballots. As with the November election, Democratic voters had been urged to mail in their ballots.

But as the night went on and incumbents picked up votes and took the lead, there was no surge putting either of them inescapably ahead. With 88 percent of the vote counted at about 10:45 p.m., Loeffler was ahead of Warnock by just 80,000 votes, and Perdue was ahead of Ossoff by 120,000 votes. Even though Loeffler was slightly ahead, Dave Wasserman, U.S. House editor of the Cook Political Report concluded that she had lost to Warnock. Other outlets, like The New York Times and its election needle, predicted that Warnock was very likely going to win.

The logic for calling against the Republicans even though they were ahead was because at that time, only 42 percent of DeKalb County's votes had been counted. DeKalb is a  Democratic stronghold that contains part of the City of Atlanta and ranks fourth in the state in population. As of 11 p.m., election officials in DeKalb county indicated they had more than 171,000 votes to report out.

Trump responded to the delay in DeKalb County results by suggesting there was fraud afoot:

Once the DeKalb votes started coming in at 11:30 p.m., the shift was immediate. Warnock pulled ahead of Loeffler by 20,000 votes while Ossoff pulled within 20,000 votes of Perdue with 96 percent of the vote counted. Then within minutes, more votes came in for Ossoff and the two men were put in a virtual tie. As of 11:45 p.m., less than 500 votes separate the Perdue and Ossoff. Warnock, meanwhile, extended his lead over Loeffler to 30,000 votes.

Neither race has actually been "called" by major media outlets, but most of the remaining uncounted votes are in areas with significant Democratic populations.

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  1. Trump loses again. Where is lovedicks1789?

    1. “Loses”
      Take your victory lap Jeff, as your democracy is destroyed through massive fraud.

      Five years from now as you sit in room 101 for some inane thoughtcrime against the DNC, remember tonight.

      1. Aren’t you Canadian? Why are you getting so worked up over a Georgia Senate election? Can you even find Georgia on a map?

        1. And WK takes his mask off.

          1. It’s a pretty reasonable question. I’ve never given a shit about an election in Manitoba.

            1. Everyone is interested in US elections. It’s not that surprising. Especially from a low population neighbor.

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      2. Lefties and commies at unreason lost georgia…

        Looks like republican controlled house in 2021 from census 2020 and GOP controlled senate for trumps second term 2021-2025.

        Unreason is already losing its mind.

        Can we get a sanity check on unreason commie saff?

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      3. And USA hockey beat your Canadian neighbors to win the big hockey championship but maybe you like that since you’re a traitor to your country?

    2. Can we get a wellness check on loveconstitution1789?

      1. Its a great day. Republicans and perdue win in georgia based on legal votes.

        Trump serves his second term as president 2021-2025.

        Biden so close.

        Notice harris has not resigned her senate seat yet? She knows she wont be VP.

        1. And loeffler.

        2. That’s right lc. If you BELIEVE it will happen. Just like flying.

          1. Just like you BELIEVE biden will be president.

            Trumps second term 2021-2025 will be fun to watch lefties.

            1. Lefties really believe threatening people will get their loyalty.

              Poor democrat PA senator from philly not sworn in because of election corruption.

              1. The problem is the frictionless vote that the Democrats like so much: you don’t even have to stand up or live anywhere. There’s a piece of paper and it goes somewhere and you don’t even need a stamp or to be alive and then it always chooses a Democrat, especially a Black Democrat because: systemic racism.
                Fun Fact: All frictionless votes result in bigger government, more rules, higher taxes, less freedom, more power for a tiny few. Think: Hillary Clinton.

                1. The problem is the frictionless vote that the Democrats like so much: you don’t even have to stand up or live anywhere.

                  were the republicans able to do this as well, or was there a rule against it…? pubbies can’t bitch if they’re too inept to take advantage of the same rules the dems play by…

                  1. It’s one thing for the gullible and uninformed to vote en mass via social media. It’s an entirely different matter that the democrats have rebuilt the voting industry as was once organized from saloons in Chicago and Detroit. Now, they are spending up to $47 a vote employing and collecting votes while the republicans only spend $5 to $7.

        3. You really are delusional. It’s sad.

          1. The commies at unreason are delusional alright. Anyone have a sanity check on them tonight?

            Republicans win senate majority control.

            Jan 6 joint session challenging of biden EC votes…. as predicted.

        4. Poor unreason commies. Democrats lost in georgia.

          Perdue beat ossoff by 90,000 votes in general election. 115,000 voted for LP.

          Straight out of commie playbook to intern dissenters for telling the truth,

        5. “win in georgia based on legal votes.”

          Elections aren’t decided based on legal votes. They changed the law last year to make it based on who forges the most ballots.

          1. Prove the fraud in court, or be quiet.

            1. You don’t prove “legal” activity in court. You prove “illegal” activity in court, dumbass.

              Since fraud is legal now, what would we be proving in court? That the PA supreme court ruled that election laws are optional? There’s nothing to prove, it’s right there in their ruling. Other courts declared that if the fraud impacted enough votes then the fraud implicitly becomes legal because it would just be “too many” votes to overturn. Again, right there in their rulings.

              Then there’s Andy Yang openly telling people to fraudulently register to vote in GA, then just move back where they came from right after the election. He felt so emboldened that he did it openly, and publicly.

              You people are monsters for legalizing fraud. Disgusting.

              1. put up or STFU

                wheres the fraud

                1. Can you read?

                  1. The Leftists have never been able to read. Even when they write about their goals and ideals themselves, they DO THE EXACT OPPOSITE. Utopia where everyone will be equal turns into a bunch of death camp gulags for the smart, normal people and brown hell holes for the useful idiots, and glorious dachas for the truly evil.
                    As Stalin said: “It’s not who votes that matters. It’s who counts the votes.” See Hillary Clinton.

      2. Lol. Amazing seeing the cosplay libertarians who claim they aren’t lefty shits gloat about lefty shits controlling the federal government.

        1. How’s that Stop the Steal , wait no, Count the Votes! strategy working out for you guys? How’s that platformless party doing now that Trump has had the controls for a few years?

          Oh, not good? Sorry to hear that.

          You were told by everyone from me to Lindsey Graham that Trump was going to fuck up the GOP.

          1. RESIST!
            Not my president

    3. Vince Smith eats ass.

      1. Look, he won’t deny it.

        Because he knows it’s true. LOL

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  2. “Even though Loeffler was slightly ahead, Dave Wasserman, U.S. House editor of the Cook Political Report concluded that she had lost to Warnock. Other outlets, like The New York Times and its election needle, predicted that Warnock was very likely going to win.”

    Nothing suspicious there. The NYT is known for it’s political impartiality and its affection towards the Republicans.

    1. She isn’t ahead anymore.

    2. Poor commies at unreason. They are shitting themselves.

      All their democrat donation didn get them the US senate nor the presidency.

      The House is going GOP when census 2020 house seats go democrat to republican.

      1. What the fuck are you talking about, you weirdo?

    3. Yes, and the ability of its staff to count. If you are behind and the outstanding votes are less than the difference, you lost.

      1. You do know Abrams was bragging about removing signature verification and other fraud measures just yesterday right?

        1. I have long held that signatures are not effective. Most signature verifications are as simple as is it there, Yes/No. We need a PIN system if you want verification.

          1. Numbers tattooed on your forearm.

          2. Mod – what the basis of thought on the pin system? I’m not knowledgeable in it’s setup or use? Like an ATM or card reader? How you would it be implemented. I’m actually curious not attacking that thought just want to know more.

            1. Glad you asked. Here my idea, it may not be perfect but it is a start.

              When you register to vote you pick or are issued a six digit PIN. I suggest a randomly generated PIN as people are not good at picking pins. Too easy to guess.

              When you go to vote the PIN works like this:

              In person voting, you give enter you name and PIN in the polling place computer. Your ID picture (likely from DL) pops up along with a randomly generated verification code. The poll workers records the verification code and the ballot number in the poll book. During an audit you can enter the verification code and see the name and ballot number.

              Mail in voting- you request or are sent your ballot. After you completing the ballot you go to the Clerk’s web site or call the Clerk’s voting hotline. You enter your name and PIN and get a verification code. Put the verification code on the box on the ballot envelope. At the counting center the election official processing the ballot enters your name and verification code. The computer confirms the identity matching the verification to the PIN (but keeping the PIN secure). The ballot with no identification marks is then sent to the tabulator.

              I think this would work.

  3. Poor democrats and the commies at unreason.

    Loeffler and perdue win.

    Joint session of congress tomorrow will be challenging biden EC votes based on massive Democrat election fraud scheme.

    As I predicted. Trump won the plurality of legal votes in states that matter for second term and republicans win georgia senate race.

    1. Watch the commies at unreason go batshit crazy..again.

    2. Cool story, bro.

      1. Poor unreason.

        Republicans win georgia US senate.

        Biden loses but is so close.

        Hey unreason. Are ypu commies gonna quit because I called that repbuclains would challenge bidens EC votes tomorrow?

        You know what is gonna happen…. look to what happened on the PA senate with not swearing in the democrat cheater.

        1. LOLOLOLOL

          RED WAVE!!!

          just keep calling it that, as you watch everything you predict be wrong


        2. Poor unreason commies.

          Perdue and Loeffler win Georgia. MSM still hope Democrats win.

          Biden EC votes are challenged in Joint Session of Congress. MSM still hope Democrats win.

          Census 2020 moves House seats from Blue states to Red states. MSM still hopes Democrats win.

    3. Time for your meds.

      1. Poor commies at unreason.

        Tens of millions of commie money spent in Georgia and democrats lose. Ahahah

        1. I saved lall the democrat flyers they sent me.

          Over 30 flyers for the general election and runoff election.

          My wife and I voted perdue and loeffler. Hahaha

          1. That poor woman. Jesus

            1. She has endure lunacy from the Lefties every day. She is a strong Libertarian woman. She handles it.

              poor unreason commies.

      2. At what point does this charade end? Will he still be claiming Trump won after Biden’s been sworn in? I come here every day now to see when lc1789 finally accepts reality.

        1. Poor commies at unreason.

          Delusion never makes them feel good. I mean, they want Trump to be gone but he has a second term to serve as president 2021-2025.

          Its got to be infuriating for them to call people crazy but then be crazy commies themselves.

  4. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. So long, McTurtle!

    1. Even funnier than the GOP having the majority in the US senate is that Census 2020 will be giving the majority to the GOP in 2021.

      Buy bye Pelosi as house speake.

      1. The Rs will likely take the House in the 2022 election, not 2021.

        1. Census 2020 changes are implemented in some states in 2021.

          Red states are picking up 10+ house seats.

          1. No. Reapportionment takes place in the 2022 elections.

            1. Poor unreason. Bad info as usual.

              1. No. You’re wrong. Clearly. There have to be elections first before states get seats added or taken away. The next election is in 2022. The Census still has to be finalized.

                1. Poor unreason commies. They hope things go well for them.

                  FirstDemocrat Pa senator not sworn in because of election fraud, now georgia US senate race goes republicans. To,orrow joint session of congress challenging biden EC votes.

                2. seems he has the same knowledge here he does of every other political scenario, the constitution, etc…

              2. New Population Data Suggest Which States Will Win and Lose Seats in Congress

                CA, MN, MI, IL, RI, NY, RI losing at least 1 House seat.

                TX, FL, NC, and GA picking up at least 1 House seat.

    2. I didn’t realize Schumer was such a big libertarian

      1. The cosplay Ls are tearing their mask offs in their giddiness to support the authoritarians.

        1. Fuck off. You motherfuckers are the reason the libtards are now in control. You branded everyone who didn’t carry water for the conman a lefty shill and made the republican party so to repugnant to anyone with a brain that this loss is not surprising (even easily foreseeable). Take your Trump cult and shove it up your ass. The future of my country sucks and I blame cocksuckers like you for it. Fuck off.

          1. You branded everyone who didn’t carry water for the conman a lefty shill and made the republican party so to repugnant to anyone with a brain that this loss is not surprising (even easily foreseeable).

            You do realize that the Republicans picked up seats in the House, right?

    3. Remember… vince, chipper. Earcasmoc, et al all claim they never supported liberals after biden won. Tomorrow they will claim this again.

      Theu are lefty shits who support authoritarian promises such as the GND.

      They are liars like typical lefties.

  5. 52-48 republicans defeat the commies again.

    Jan 6 will be funny too.

    Biden was so close. Just like al gore.

  6. Deep Southern state elects black senator. Wow!

    GA is now a blue state with two Democrats for senators. Stacey Abrams got it done.

    1. Poor unreason commies. Georgia has two GOP US senators for 6 more years.

      1. Warnock won the remainder of Loeffler’s term. Not six years.

        1. Poor unreason.

          4.9 million votes supposedly cast nov 3, 2020.

          4.3 million votes cast jan 5, 2021.

          Republicans won. Loeffler 6 more years and perdue 6 more years.

          1. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

            1. Unreason commies are proslavery. They support the democrat party…the party of slavery, KKK, segregation and japanese american internment.

              1. So Warnock supports slavery?

                1. yup. Some slaves help the slave masters.

            2. You missed the best part of that quote:

              “What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

              It’s how I feel whenever I read any of your posts.

          2. Warnock and ossoff concede. Poor unreason commies.

            All that wasted money and propaganda that didnt work in georgia.

    2. Republicans did it first with Tim Scott.

      1. You and I both know he doesn’t count.

        1. Yeap. Youre a racist. Please keep saying how blacks are the slaves to the democrat party.

          1. More like masters of the Democratic party. We owe them everything. God bless those mfers!!

    3. Warnock’s wife says he’s a wife beater that likes to eat ass.

      I love when you liars just jettison the me too movement when it comes to Creepy Joe and now Warnock.

      And even with that dishonesty I’ll bet you still expect us to believe you sick fucks don’t engage in fraud.

    4. With an assist from President Trump.

      1. For not being a leftist you sure are giddy.

        1. Moderates will have far more power in a Senate split equally. I look to Manchin and Romney to be the real power in the Senate.

          1. Wrong. Dead wrong. Do you think the affairs of the last nine months were to ensure that ‘moderate’ policies would be enacted?

            LC1789 is unreachable on this, but I’ll admit that Leftist, Globalist thought and culture was winning in the United States, with or without Trump. He just slowed things down a tad. Demographics is destiny, and so long as the US persisted in importing groups of people that had Leftist views and culture, and those groups of people grew faster than groups of people with small-government views, the US was going to continue sliding towards Socialism.

            Trump wasn’t going to be around forever either. Four more years at the most, given how old he is. And there is no more ‘Trumps’ waiting to take over for him.

            So you guys were going to win, eventually. I assume your leadership recognized this, and yet they still insisted on enacting another Color Revolution (call it the “Red, White, and Blue Revolution,”) now. Not 4 years later, not continuing to heat up the water, but now. Subtle changes and shifts toward the Leftist endstate weren’t going to cut it. It had to be now, for some reason I’m sure I’ll be horrified to discover.

            Given that, and that they’ve won their electoral goals through decidedly immoderate means, why on Earth would you think they would now decide once they’ve won, to start governing moderately?!

            1. “It had to be now, for some reason I’m sure I’ll be horrified to discover.”

              They told us years ago explicitly. They were waiting for a global pandemic.

              1. You have to give them credit for taking advantage of their opportunities.

                Such a pathetic little bug to throw away our freedoms and wealth! Can’t even kill half a percent of the people who catch it.

                The next one will do better.

                1. They don’t even need a next one, just new strains for this one for long enough to make lockdowns a normal part of life.

                  Remember, global warming is just as dangerous as this virus. Once people get used to this amount of government control (almost half way there), it will be easier to accomplish with lesser justification.

                  I mean shit, several of the “libertarians” here aren’t against lockdowns and mask mandates.

          2. So you’re proving that you’re either very dumb, or really are a leftist. The VP breaks ties in the senate. If this holds up, the D’s control the White House, and both houses of Congress. That’s called single party rule. And you’re happy about it.

            You’re a leftist, and now we have proof.

            1. Needing “proof” is just another of those heteronormative, Judeo-Christian ways of thinking you need to be nudged away from. You’ll see.

              Eventually, you will forget that it was ever any different.

              1. Tell us again about the stolen election, this time with some of that judeo-christian proof.

                1. Hey look, another “libertarian” here to gloat about the Democrats having one party rule. Your fantasy of mowing down citizens with an Apache helicopter just got one step closer!

                  1. Not gloating. Repeating the same arguments that have been repeated day after day for the last several months.

                    And. Still. No. Proof.

                    But you do have another 2 lost elections now.

                    So maybe you all should drop the bullshit, come back to reality, and maybe reflect on why you are losing so badly.

                    1. So maybe you all should drop the bullshit, come back to reality, and maybe reflect on why you are losing so badly.

                      Like I pointed out above, you do realize that the Republicans picked up seats in the House, right? And considering the track record on mid-term election losses, the Dems’ chances of holding on to this for more than a couple of years is rather low.

                    2. Ok, see things through rose colored lenses if you like.

                      Here’s how I see it:

                      2016 Trump wins presidency
                      2018 GOP loses house
                      2020 GOP loses presidency
                      2021 GOP loses senate

                    3. Ok, see things through rose colored lenses if you like.

                      Here’s how I see it:

                      2016 Trump wins presidency
                      2018 GOP loses house
                      2020 GOP loses presidency
                      2021 GOP loses senate

                      Yes, when you cherry-pick a small window of time, it can certainly fit the narrative you’re following.

                      By your logic, the Democrats should have been dead as a party in 2017.

                    4. 2008 Obama wins presidency
                      2010 Dems loses house
                      2012 Obama wins presidency
                      2014 Dems lose senate
                      2016 Trumps wins Presidency

                      How is that different from your scenario, exactly?

                  2. Normally, I’d agree with the past pattern and practice you’ve laid out, Red. And accordingly, thought it likely the GOP would regain the House in ’22, and some of the crazier silliness would be on hold for awhile.

                    I don’t think we’re in normal times though. This looks like one of those discontinuous jumps on the graph, kind of points.

                    I hope you’re right though. But I don’t think we’d have seen this kind of behavior the last nine months if these were the kind of normal times where you would be.

    5. A wife beating, child beating racist.

  7. No surprise. Loeffler and perdue win georgia. GOP holds US senate majority.

    1. Hundreds of congressmen challenging biden EC votes jan 6 during joint session.


      Just like I said. Poor commies at unreason, things are just not working out like they hoped.

      1. They can challenge all they want. It’s going nowhere.

        1. You can’t challenge fraudulent ballots. That’s legal now.

      2. 140 isn’t “hundreds.” Idiot.

      3. Lefties super scared about republican challenge of Biden ECvotes.

        12 th amendment here we come.

        Trumps second term as president. 2021-2025. Biden was so close.

  8. This is all very amusing to me. I don’t really care who wins these senate races. but just the thought of what trump will do if the Dems win both seats in the senate and Pence announces that Biden won the election, is gonna be funny as fuck. Trump’s brain might implode. His back and fourth and back and forth hair might even get sucked into his skull. 😀 😀 😀

    1. The MSM and the commies at unreason know what os coming but they are trying to deny it.

      Just look at PA senate refusing to seat democrat state senator from philly because of election fraud claims to be resolved. The democrat yelled his hecklers veto in senate chambers.

      Trump won the plurality of legal cotes in states that matter. The GOP keeps the aiS senate majority. Democrats hate the reality, so they attack the americans fighting their communist rule.

      1. Just a couple of friendly corrections.

        The Senatorial district in question is near Pittsburgh, not Philadelphia. The margin of victory is approx 69 votes.

        The dispute is over allowance of approx 328 absentee votes that were sent in not correctly filled out—specifically the dates were missing on the outer envelope. Thus, the dispute is not over election fraud per se, it is over compliance with election law designed to curtail election fraud.

        The law requires a properly filled out outer envelope, but the PA Supreme Court said it does not. The Senate does not seem to want to allow the Supremes to meddle in their internal business.

        When the LT Gov (a Dem) acting in his role of Pres of the Senate tried to swear in the Senator from the disputed district, he was removed as the Pres of the Senate and sent packing for the day.

        1. “Thus, the dispute is not over election fraud per se, it is over compliance with election law designed to curtail election fraud.”


    2. And Trump could be extradited and prosecuted in Scotland. They suspect he committed fraud, you think lololololololol.

      1. You are a good useful idiot with fealty to political authoritarians.

        1. The irony.

        2. No dumbass, I just know a crook when I see one. This has nothing to do with politics for me at least. You and Trump on the other hand would like to muddy it up with politics.

          1. So you were cheering for Trump to go to prison before he ran for president? Liar.

    3. Hmmmm, not looking good for the GOP this morning. We’ll know more by days end. But I wonder if Trump will take responsibility for the destruction of the GOP. Probably not, he’s just not the kind of man who takes responsibility for the destruction that he causes. For him, it’s better to blame others. That’s just the way he rolls.

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  10. Congratulations Reason and all the lefty commentators! One party rule will be great for individual liberty.

    1. Serves the GOP right for backing Trump.

      1. Maybe they’ll FINALLY learn now.

      2. Serves the GOP right for not cheating as good as Democrats.

        1. if thats the lesson you learned from this, get ready for another loss next time around

          you people just dont get it

          1. No YOU people don’t get it. You sick fucks legalized fraud and ruined the integrity of the institution itself. That is deeply damaging. But at least the GOP will learn to get better at the newly legalized ballot forging schemes before the midterms.

            1. Good luck with that. The FBI is unleashed now.

              1. Why would the FBI care? I’m not talking about anything illegal. I’m only predicting that the GOP will engage in the same “legal” activities as the Democrats. What’s wrong with that?

                The Democrats keep pointing out that the courts said everything they did was nice and legal, remember? So that means it’s nice and legal for Republicans, too. 😉

                1. John, the Democrats have a multi-decade head start on this sort of thing. Moreover, why do you think that the full power of the law enforcement and national security apparatus won’t be employed to squash those Republicans like bugs? Finally, the changes that will be enacted within…my guess is two years, but it could be sooner—will enable the Left to no longer need to cheat to win a popular vote. (But of course, they still will.)

                  The Senate isn’t going to save you. Neither will the new, expanded judiciary. Watch.

                  1. All the people involved in using the IRS, DOJ, and other federal agencies under the Obama administration to persecute their opponents (including journalists that don’t get with the program) will all be back in the White House.

                    And since then, the left has added political violence, supported by prosecutors who won’t prosecute it, to the game.

                    I fear there really is only one way out of this now.

                    1. Yep. And the political culture has changed dramatically, even from the Obama Administration’s norms. Open partisanship isn’t something you’re going to get canned for now in government employment. Well, so long as you’re partisan D.

                      The powers of the United States’s digital surveillance network, both government and quasi-government, are absolutely frightening. For hilarity, go track down interviews with former Stasi officials, who were absolutely amazed at the power this state has to follow your movements, your economic activity, and who you communicate with.

                      And now, the leashes are getting taken off of the hounds…

                    2. Being openly against Republican opinions on matters of fact is required for employment in many sectors now. That’s what happens when a political party turns into a cult and adopts a bunch of irrational, clearly nonfactual beliefs. You can’t function as a pilot if you think the world is flat, and you can’t be a evolutionary biologist if you think that animals were created as is by a god 6,000 years ago. Likewise, you cannot be trusted to be around normal people if you think the outgoing president is a secret freedom fighter for kids trafficked by satanists who is going to declare martial law and take back this country.

                    3. Being openly against Republican opinions on matters of fact is required for employment in many sectors now.

                      Guess Republicans should start shooting Democrats, then.

                    4. Why? So you can fail even faster? Won’t be getting those SS checks that rural americans depend on without young democrats in cities paying their taxes.

                    5. And thanks for coming to show your belly, Red Rocks.

                    6. Why? So you can fail even faster? Won’t be getting those SS checks that rural americans depend on without young democrats in cities paying their taxes.

                      Uh, weren’t you bitching about all the debt being piled up?

                      And thanks for coming to show your belly, Red Rocks.

                      Thanks for confirming that you’re the enemy, DOL.

      3. You are a retarded authoritarian fuck.

        You’d trade yours and others liberty as a gotcha to someone you hate. You don’t give 2 fucks about liberty. Youre the same as chipper, dol, sarcasmic, and all the other lefty shits.

    2. Unreason is freaking out.

      GOP holds majority in US senate.

      1. I’m definitely freaking out!!!

        1. Its easy to tell. The more lies and propaganda pushes made, the more obvious that you Lefties are freaking out.

          We saw it when Hillary lost. When Hillary contested the 2016 election results for 4 years. When House Democrats tried to do the Mueller sham investigation. When House Democrats tried to remove Trump via Impeachment.

          And today when Ossoff and Warnock declare victory when they lost. Remember when Trump declared victory and Democrats freaked out? Poor Lefties.

    3. Donald Trump has destroyed the Republican Party.

      1. Agreed, well the Republican Party had a hand in this themselves.

        1. You died in the wool leftists have said this for 30 years. You support voter fraud. You support soft fascism. You support politically backed media. You basically are supporting a future Venezuela. Youre a sick authoritarian.

          1. Less than 30 years. After the 2012 election the Republican autopsy report called for broadening the party based. Republican did not listen and doubled down on old white men. Maybe the Libertarian Party can do better.

            1. After the 2012 election the Republican autopsy report called for broadening the party based. Republican did not listen and doubled down on old white men.

              Lmfao. Trump got a larger share of the minority vote than any Republican presidential candidate in US history in both of his election contests. Oh, and was running against… a white woman one year his junior, and then a white man older than he is.

              Here’s a tip for you: don’t go off script. If you’re confused or don’t have any copy from Democratic Underground yet, just wait until one of your handlers gets around to pushing the new copy.

              1. M4E is to dumb to realize that he’s left no doubt that he’s a lefty.

              2. George W. Bush got a higher minority vote that Trump.

            2. After the 2012 election the Republican autopsy report called for broadening the party based. Republican did not listen and doubled down on old white men.

              Actually, the problem this time around was that he tried appealing to minorities rather than the white working class that got him elected. These ended up being gains at the margins rather than a broad coalition. Romney made the same mistake, only in his case it was appealing to independents.

              If he had stuck with his main constituency, he probably would have taken those upper Midwest states again.

      2. And you clap as liberty is lost.

      3. The Republican Party that catered to Democrats. Yeah that Party is dead.

        Meanwhile around the USA, Republicans gained House seats, state political seats, and held the US Senate.

        Trump win millions more votes than 2016 and the plurality in states that matter.

    4. They are going to LOVE all the anti-libertarian policies

    5. “Congratulations Reason and all the lefty commentators! One party rule will be great for individual liberty.”

      You only have Trump to blame for that. 2024 will be here soon. All I can say is “Find someone new.” Holy shit, now I sound like Ivanka. 😀 😀

  11. Maga. Republicans win georgia US senate runoff.

    As predicted.

    Now jan 6 joint session will contest biden EC votes…as predicted.

    1. Census 2020 will give red states the blue state house seats lost …as predicted.

    2. How’d that work out for you?

  12. Election called by media for Warnock.

  13. Ding dong the MITCH is dead!

    1. Time for Mitch to answer some questions about his associations with Russian mobsters and his wife’s self dealing.

      1. Now do china and basically every Democrat.

        1. Fuck China. No one likes those authoritarian mfers. Only in your fucking head. I love America. Red, white, blue and black and brown and immigrant. Time for America to lead the free world!! Let’s go!!

        2. Why? Were the Trumpists unable to be effectual and get the investigations they wanted when they had an undivided government? Yeah, that;s what happens when you elect a conman who is known for not putting in work, having a short attention span, and generally failing at things.

          Once again, We told you so.

      2. It’s OK, Joe Biden can just threaten to withhold a billion dollars of foreign aid in order to get the investigation dropped. Lmfao.

  14. Loeffler and perdue win georgia US senate race.

    1. Democrats are still trying push their lies.

      Jan 6 joint session of congress challenging biden DC votes will be fun.

  15. Ossoff just pulled ahead. It’s over.

  16. Loeffler and perdue won georgia US senate race.

    Unreason cries.

    1. Looks like perdue and loeffler gained larger portion of black american vote than general election.

  17. Ossoff and warnock concede US senate race.

    Poor democrats.

    1. Obama just conceded to Romney too.

      1. Romney just got protested at the airport for being the commie lover that he is.

        Hahha. Romney will never be president.

        1. No but with Republicans in the minority, he could be very powerful. A centrist coalition headed by Romney and Manchin could control the Senate.

    2. Poor unreason commies. So mad that loeffler and perdue won.

      1. Would you kindly quit spamming the comment section?

        1. Awwwwww, is it making you sad when your Democratic Underground circle jerk gets interrupted?

  18. Election night was exciting: As of 10 p.m. Tuesday evening, Loeffler and Perdue were both leading,

    Seriously? You treat the strong likelihood of massive minimum wage hikes, nationalization of healthcare, massive increases in regulation, massive tax increases, enshrining racial discrimination into law, and possibly a permanent one party state like a sports game?

    1. You shouldn’t have supported Trump then.

      1. So supporting someone who at least had some libertarian streaks is worse than supporting someone with none? WUT

      2. You shouldn’t eat so much ass, it’s going to make you retarded.

      3. “If you don’t like radical left wing campus activism you… shouldn’t have supported the guy who isn’t a radical left wing campus activist”

        Do you ever listen to what you say, shreek? Christ on a bike…

        1. It’s best to just lay back and take it, haven’t you heard.

  19. I’m glad Loeffler is out because she’s truly disgusting. Perdue also sucks, but I HATE the idea of Kamala f*cking Harris landing the most consequential vice presidency in U.S. history. So much for gridlock. Chuck and Nancy are back in the driver’s seat, and Joe Manchin just became the most sought after vote in the Senate. Expect the filibuster issue to take center stage in the coming months.

    1. I’m glad Loeffler is out because she’s truly disgusting.

      More disgusting than Schumer? More disgusting than $15 minimum wage? More disgusting than massive tax increases? More disgusting than nationalized healthcare?

      1. Republicans didn’t need two hold both seats, only one. Loeffler was expendable. Stop freaking out.

        1. Luckily, republicans won both senate seats in georgia.

          1. You’re either trolling or cracking up.

            1. Well he’s always been like this. It’s just now unmistakably obvious but it’s always been like this with him.

        2. Grow the fuck up. You would rather throw liberty away over mean tweets than achieve a step towards liberty. Youre the worst type of lefty shit, the one pretending he isnt. You don’t give 2 shits about liberty because you think government is a morality play. Their job is to execute and create laws. And youre happy thenones promising full government control won.

          The irony is you don’t realize authoritarianism as the least moral part of governance. You happily clapped for it.

          1. Take your own advice, tantrum boy.

            1. Keep cheering left wing, single party control, lefty.

              1. Link to a single comment of mine cheering for any democrat.

                I told you that Trump would destroy the GOP, just like I told you guys back in March that Trump’s advice to buy stocks was not well timed. I warned you all several times, including 2 days prior to the largest single day crash in the SP500 in 3 decades.


                You guys wanna hate? Go ahead. But I’m calling them correct.

                1. I warned you all several times, including 2 days prior to the largest single day crash in the SP500 in 3 decades

                  Uh, didn’t the stock market rebound from that, because it was linked to state governors shutting down their economies?

                  1. After trillions in Keynesian deficit spending and money creation, yes. But you would have been underwater for 6 months if you followed Trump’s advice.

                    You would have been incredibly profitable if you held off going long until the end of March.

                  2. Thanks for conceding the point.

    2. Are you familiar with Warnock? He is pretty disgusting as a radical bigot.

    3. You hated it so much you hated above. Fuck off lefty shit.

  20. Beyond control of the Senate, the race is also a political culture test

    No, it’s mostly a test of party machines to see which party can cart more warm bodies to the polls.

    1. No, it’s mostly a test of party machines to see which party can cart more warm bodies fabricated mail-in ballots to the polls.


  21. Look at the commies at unreason still trying to lie like they lied before nov 3 elections.

    Us senate for georgia won by Loeffler and perdue.

    1. “Us senate for georgia won by Loeffler and perdue.”

      Stage 1: Denial*
      Stage 2: Anger
      Stage 3: Bargaining
      Stage 4: Depression
      Stage 5: Acceptance

      *You are here

      1. Poor unreason staff. So desperate to call georgia senate race even though election officals stopped counting for the night.

        Its so fun to make fun of the lefties thinking they won.

      2. Why are you gloating over a government now primed for GND and more authoritarianism?

        1. He thinks he’ll be a member of the ruling class? He thinks he’ll keep his dacha, instead of being herded into a favela like the rest of us?

          We are heading towards something titanically ugly in this country, and it will be absolutely amazing how fast it happens.

        2. It’s almost like Reason’s entire staff and their sole benefactor have been writing in favor of those things for 10 years now…

          1. Open borders Uber alles.

            1. “Anything that lowers COGS for our patrons, is to be advocated. All other considerations secondary.”

              (I read that in the voice of “Mother”, from Alien, but YMMV…)

  22. My tear barrels have ben filling up with lefty tears for over two months now.

    1. So you’re a lefty?

      1. ^see…Lefty tears.

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  24. Well, looks like Harris will get her chance to pack the court as soon as Joe offs himself like Epstein didn’t. What I’m wondering is whether that will finally provoke the second constitutional convention.


    1. My guess it will provoke serious violence, this time in a righteous cause.

      1. You mean terrorism? Hahahahahaha!

        1. It’s terrorism when your LARPing buddies get their heads blown off their shoulders despite a 200:1 body advantage while toting around an AK-47 they’re too stupid to operate. It’s peaceful protest when your LARPing buddies lock dozens of people inside a building and try to burn them alive.

          1. Are you referring to the murder of the libertarian guy? God damn you are sick.

            1. You mean Garrett Foster? The same ginger dumbshit who thought he was Billy Badass because he fired an M-16 in Chair Force basic training, bought an AK-47 because the cops supposedly “wouldn’t let us march in the street anymore,” and then said, “If I use it against the cops, I’m dead, and I think all the people that hate us and want to say shit to us, they’re too big of a pussies to stop and actually do anything about it.”

              Who would have thought that libertarians were stupid enough to point a gun at somebody without knowing what was on the other end of the barrell?

            2. Oh, and he wasn’t murdered, he was killed in self-defense.

      2. It hasn’t so far. My guess is that Boxer puts the bit back between his teeth, and goes right back to plowing that field. Instead of shaking off his reins and stomping the farmer into the dust. We’ll find out.

        Blood—a river of it, with practically zero chance of finding another General Washington as we climb out of it—or an accelerated slide towards another Venezuela. Those are the choices. Neither of them are anything to be eager for.

  25. Was there ever any doubt that the Democrats would resort to fraud in GA? Told you so.

    1. Ga didn’t even charge the thousands of double voters in the presidential election. What risk did they have for trying to cheat again?

    2. The template for this was set in 2004 with the gubernatorial election in Washington State. The exact same political team that “found” enough votes to put Gregoire in office after 3 recounts pulled off the same magic in 2008 in Minnesota to get Al Franken installed. No secret was made of any of this. You don’t stop doing what works.

      1. “No secret was made of any of this. You don’t stop doing what works.”

        This. It hasn’t been punished, or even chided, so why would they stop?

        “You get more of what you reward, and less of what you punish.” I miss Dean. No surprise he put this place in his rearview mirror though.

  26. Neither race has actually been “called” by major media outlets, but most of the remaining uncounted votes are in areas with significant Democratic populations.

    Donkey counties wait to report until they know how many votes are needed, and then supply just enough to win. The same strategy used by Richard Daley in 1960 to give JFK the Presidency, and in 1968 for Nixon.

    Our system is ripe for abuse unless we get an auditable trail for every single vote, which mail in voting undermines.

    1. No. It takes them longer to count because they have more people than rural GOP counties.

      1. That’s where they get the perfect legal cover. Red counties need to stop reporting numbers until after the corrupt urban counties are done. That will make it harder to figure out how many ballots they need to forge.

        1. If only any of you idiots had any evidence for any of this.

          60 opportunities for the GOP to bring evidence of fraud to court. 60 times that that did not happen.

          You and the others are obviously going to believe what you want, but how can you fault anyone for not buying what you are selling, in light of the complete and total lack of evidence?

          1. And most of the time courts REFUSED TO LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE (hey just like you!). Do you understand what that means? They didn’t “reject” the evidence, they never looked at it. Dismissing cases for standing, latches, etc, has nothing to do with the actual evidence.

            Even the fucking PA supreme court declared the law to be optional. The court never disputed whether the law was broken, rather they said they were allowed to break the law.

            Even in other cases the court didn’t dispute the evidence but said there were too many votes for them to overturn (your evidence may be valid but this court is too afraid to grant relief).


      2. You would think larger counties would have more ballot counters since they have more ballots to count, but I guess not.

        1. Most of their ballot counters are “off the books,” doing their work in the dark of night. Besides, they need that extra window to know how many votes they need to forge, so what incentive would they have to count “faster”?

          1. watching all the cope happening after another L is just sad. It is a guarantee you will continue to lose

            like watching a little league team get whooped by a team that outdid them, and hearing them all just walk away “well it doesnt matter, they just cheated anyways”…dollars to donuts they get the exact same result next game, because they learned absolutely nothing about why they lost.

            but sure, it was cheating. dont focus on how you can increase turnout, make your ideas popular, or expand your voter base, it was cheating and thats the only explanation…just keep playing to the same base of 30-35% of americans. Just get them super pumped up. Thatll do it…just prepare to lose again next round in the exact same way

            1. What happens when Republicans pull the same moves you did next election and beat your bitch asses, or when Trump wins in 2024?

              Are you going to whine and cry that it was fraud? Or are you going to say “well you got us there, we pulled the same BS last time”?

            2. dont focus on how you can increase turnout

              Trump got 11 million more votes in 2020 than he did in 2016 and increased his percentage with every minority group in the country, shreek. Oh, and Republicans picked up seats in the house despite the colossal blue wave that came out in droves to support Joe Biden – the most popular presidential candidate of all time!

  27. “Multiculturalism” is a program that is FORCED upon EVERY & ONLY White countries.

    “Multiculturalism” is a program to turn EVERY White country into a non-White country.

    This is Genocide. WHITE Genocide.

    If you are White, and you object to your own genocide, you are called a ‘RACISTNAZI’!

    Well guess what, my people, White people, are catching on very quickly to the following two things:

    1 – Multiculturalism is a code word for White Genocide.

    2 – Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

    1. ^ Typical trump supporter when they let the mask down.

      1. Only you would be stupid enough to respond to this fuckhead Stormfronter, who’s been saying the same thing here for the last six months or more. Never mind thinking it indicative of the people who comment here.

        Flag it and move on. The site owners don’t seem to care.

  28. Maybe its time for the Libertarian Party to step up and pick the bones of the Republican Party. There are a lot of never-Trumpers to start with, then add on minorities many of whom are conservative in their fiscal and individual beliefs. Leave behind the Tea Party and Freedom Caucus, which are just channels for resentment. Live Trump to the Republicans and move on. Get some seats in 2022 that you can start working with as a base.

    1. Just not seeing this cliche term “never-Trumpers” in the Republican party.. Pretty sure it’s just lefty propaganda.

    2. “Maybe its time for the Libertarian Party to step up and pick the bones of the Republican Party”

      Someone certainly needs to. Allowing GA to turn blue is one of the final nails in the coffin for the R’s. They have brought no new ideas other than “whatever trump farted out on twitter today” and they have shown over and over they spend like dems the second they get control. They have given people no real reason to vote for them.

      When they went full retard-cult, it was just a matter of time. People are over the trump reality show and everything attached to it. The delusional maga bullshit seems not to appeal to most of the country, and knowing this, they just doubled down on the same playbook.

      The future for them will be a previously unpopular president clinging to fame and his hardcore followers, inserting a wedge in the GOP between those clowns and the never trumpers. Trump isnt going away and neither are his diehard cultists. They have no insight that desperately clinging to a demagogue detached from reality has turned the country off to them, and they will continue to lose for it.

      The R’s need to completely scrap the losing playbook, cut the losers loose from their party, and start winning again.

      1. You lefty shits don’t give a fuck about the Rs. Stop concern trolling. You just care about the left winning.

        Youre literally gloating in this thread. A true libertarian would be thinking about how to stop the GND, MEedicarw for all, regulations, CRT, ETC. Youre not. Youre happy. Youre a lefty shit.

        1. I and many others have told you to stop pretending the emperor has no clothes with your cult leader.

          But you insist that no matter what he does or says, no matter how much gaslighting, you HAVE to agree with everything no matter what. And anyone that doesnt agree with the retard is doing so because they are lefty communist socialist, chavez venezuala loving soros blowing traitors. Follow the cult leader, that is the only true option. There can be no reasonable criticism of the leader.

          The adults are tired of it, gave you a chance to be reasonable people, and you wanted to keep the cult going. Now you are put in time out. So sit down and STFU. Maybe some time to think about your retarded behavior will help you come out of it with a clearer head.

          1. “If only you’d have voted for Jeb! you could have avoided all this!”

            Thanks shreek, I’m sure the top Republican consultants have all noted your deep, deep, abiding concern.

          2. Well said.

            1. You realize this is about Democrats taking control of the Senate, and one party rule in the federal government now, right? This is what TDS has you supporting, lefty.

              1. This is about sane people repeatedly warning you cultists that you were in a cult and not seeing reality clearly.

                The evidence is before us today, and still you persist.

                1. “not seeing reality clearly” … “warning you cultists”
                  Sure, sure; The [WE] mob is all about individuals instead of cults and seeing reality clearly like “Green New Deals.”

                  Heck you hacks cannot even name a single item President Trump has done that is so bad; you all just troll calling him names and anyone who support his De-Regulation platform “cultists”. That is what [WE] mob bullies do. It’s never about what President Trump has done that is bad… He’s just bad.. Stupid imbeciles.

                  UR S.F.O.S.

      2. Allowing GA to turn blue is one of the final nails in the coffin for the R’s.

        I’m not sure if you’re aware, but Georgia didn’t become a reliably red state until the 2000 election. It was basically a southern swing state between 1980-2000, and voted Democrat the vast majority of the time before that.

    3. Youre not a libertarian you fucking lying shit. Youre gloating here about the party promising the GND winning.

      Stop lying to yourself.

      1. No I am not a Libertarian, but I believe in a two party system and the Republicans have failed. They are the new Wigs. Time to move on and Libertarians should step up.

        1. Why are you here then? Youre just a useful idiot for the left. You don’t give a fuck about liberty. You support authoritarian. You are happy for the GND. You are happy for centralized planning even as it results on failure after failure. You want control over your neighbors choices.

          Youre a lefty shit. Thansk for admitting it.

          1. I am hear because as a moderate I read liberal, conservative, and libertarian article to better formulate my own centrist opinion.

            1. Yep, me too and I actually like and read the articles which is hilarious because you think you are libertarianish but you hate libertarians. Funny world.

        2. Lol. The party that picked up seats in the house and possesses a majority in the senate, whose presidential candidate just gained 11 million votes over his total 4 years prior and outperformed any Republican candidate in the history of the United States with minority voters is officially done. Yep. This time for sure. Just like 2008.

    4. By the way. This is how fucking retarded and lefty you are.

      The house is basically an even split. The senate is an even split. The presidency was won by under 1%. This is with Democrats controlling the media, SV, and questionable election actions in urban areas. Yet you think the party with 1% who caters to the left by crying anti racism is going to mean anything? No. You want a GOP fracture to further get gains by the DNC on every day citizens lives. Youre a lefty authoritarian shit and prove it daily here.

      1. There were 700 million votes cast in the presidential election? Or are there way more electoral votes than I am aware of? Either way, the presidency was won in a landslide. Not my words; Trump’s.

  29. rip LC’s dignity, sanity…

    dont know what to grab more of, tear barrels or popcorn

    1. You have two hands?

      1. An ironic comment coming from the guy operating 4 sockpuppets in this thread. It’s great to see you not posting child porn for a change at least, shreek.

  30. Don’t think the USA can handle another Obama 1st-Term equivalent and frankly the left has just gotten more commie-dictator since Obama left. I cannot imagine what kind of Americans would allow this to happen; the propaganda mill is winning the stupid.

    Trump is one of the best presidents the USA has had in over a century. THE ONLY president who didn’t police the world and also cut government. Once upon a time that’s what libertarians were about. Once upon a time that’s what Republicans were all about.

    Today; seems everyone is a lefty sh*t-stain. OR; There really is some massive election fraud going on…

    1. “and also cut government”

      Actually, spending went up a tiny bit under Trump.

      1. Another grade school drop out. Who controls spending. Who sent him veto proof bills, see the one that just got over written.

        God damn you lefty shits failed at school.

        1. Over ridden*

        2. Who controlled the congress, the senate, and the presidency from 2017 to 2019?

      2. Trump was a populist, eyeroller. Not a Libertarian. Yet he did quite a few Libertarian things as policy. Ken’s gone over them at length.

        It’s just that American political culture has been so debased over the last 30-40 years or so, that a politician with views Dick Gephardt would have run on was a breath of fresh air for a large chunk of the Electorate. Imagine, an American politician actually wanting to put Americans—not just Donor-Americans—ahead of the rest of the world.

        Spending was ridiculous. Frankly should have been more so, if you think his refusal to sign the last spending bill before the Election had anything to do with his defeat. The American public sent a pretty big message to any politician contemplating spending cuts.

        1. So when Trump grows government, blame the electorate. Nice. Big-government Republicans always have an excuse.

          1. Ultimately, the electorate is to blame for their chosen candidates. We are a debased, degraded culture, and we appoint people who are representative of that.
            They only do what we ask them to do, and right now, the People have figured out they can vote themselves rich. For awhile.

            You can bitch about it, but Trump not allowing this last spending bill, then getting thrown out on his ass, is a message every one of those politicians in State and Federal seats has understood loud and clear. Yes, even Rand. They aren’t cutting spending until the money printer breaks, and not one second before.

            Goldwater—and enough raw power to make his policies stick—isn’t walking through that door. Nor is he riding into Washington on a tank. But someone, quite soon, might.

    2. You can have both.

  31. It’s a nailbiter as Kelly Loeffler appears headed for defeat

    When will the blatant sexism ever end?

    1. lol… Sexism only exists in the sexist party. Republicans can’t play that game. /s

  32. So, how are the Republicans gonna blame this one on libertarians? No LP candidate “spoiler” to hang it on.

    1. Because we didn’t show up to vote Republican and are hence lefty communists.

      1. Youre lefty shits because you are happy the left won. See this thread.

        1. You can read my emotions?

          I don’t really care who wins. Either way the government takes my money and spends it on crap we don’t need.

        2. Jesse real broken.

          Seems the big L has turned him into a Sevo level NPC.

          pro tip for you:

          just get a random generator for the words
          – fucking
          – shit
          – lefty
          – you
          – fuck
          – fraud
          – bullshit

          and you can probably replace both you and him. no one would miss the substance of your comments or his, and its basically all you have to offer in shitting up the thread. Angry MAGA NPC is angry

          1. The Republicans are finished! The walls are closing in! It’s the beginning of the end!

            Yeah shreek, you’re a real font of independent thought and cogent analysis.

          2. HamSandwich is on fire today! Watch out!

    2. “No LP candidate “spoiler” to hang it on.” — So let’s consider the options here. Either GA turned 2% more [D] between Nov and Jan or someone is PURPOSELY STUFFING the ballot box to guarantee [D] wins.

      The way the [D] party wins are ALWAYS coming from the biggest cities and increasingly over-time while [D] cities are actually loosing population but increasing votes over-time sure makes it tough to believe there isn’t major voting fraud taking place.

      I truly believe there is; Too many things point to that. I hope it gets busted wide open.

  33. you trumpers tired of winning yet?

    oh did you think you wouldnt have to face the voters ever again?

    1. 11 million more votes in 2020 than 2016. House seats picked up despite the president “losing” – remember how Trump was going to kill the downballot? Lmfao. I know you’re excited shreek, but go find the tweezers and jack your micropenis to some kiddie porn to let some of the tension off. The talking points will be posted soon. You’re really, really bad at trying to do this off-script.

    2. This winning is fun.

      Loeffler and Perdue win Georgia.

      Democrats still trying to cheat to get Ossoff and Warnock to win.

    3. you commies getting tired of being P.O.S. yet? Oh, did you think you wouldn’t have to face the “commie” nightmare you’re bound to run yourselves into?

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  35. I get paid over $90 per hour working from home with 2 kids at home. I never thought I’d be able to do it but my best friend earns over 10k a month doing this and she convinced me to try. The potential with this is endless. Here’s what I’ve been doing…. 

  36. Haha! Enjoy your day, Trumpists!

    1. Another cosplay libertarian with the mask off.

      1. Haha! Keep ‘em coming!


        1. Jesus Christ shreek. 5 socks in one thread?

          Any reason you continue using these ancient socks that you outed years ago? Hoping everyone who remembers your bullshit has left?

          1. Haha! Great!


    2. Jan 6 Joint Session of Congress will be fun.

      As I predicted.

  37. The title “Georgia Senate Runoff Elections Still Undecided, but It Looks Good for the Democrats” needs a subtitle added such as ” However bad for the Country”.

    Divided government is way way better than any single party dominating the Executive and Legislative branches. I’m always nervous and worried whenever either party controls the majority.

    Toss into the mix that the Corporate Media are largely sycophantic shill’s for the Democrat party. At least when the Republican party controls the majority, the Corporate Media will hold their feet to the fire. Unfortunately when the Democrat Party controls the majority, the Corporate Media become apologists defending even the most egregious overreach and abuse of power.

    A country with either Biden or Trump at the helm is distressing, but to give either of them both the House and Senate, it’s catastrophic at best.

    1. ^This^. It hopefully will be short lived. Warnock is up for re-election in 2022 and midterms are not good usually for the party in power. Does look though that Georgia is following Virginia in going full retard, thanks to all the NY and NJ transplants.

    2. Divided government is marginally better, but it’s not “way way better”, as the events of the last two years show.

      When the government is made of up just about any combination of Republicans and Democrats, you’re screwed.

    3. Considering Reason just wrote yesterday that they were rooting for single-party government, such a qualifier would be quite unexpected.

  38. Wow! How unexpected to go to bed with one candidate comfortably ahead only to wake up to find the other candidate took the lead overnight!

    That never happens!

    1. Indeed! The problem is this democracy stuff, where it’s insisted all votes get counted!

      1. Yes! My two cats even voted

        1. Maybe Perdue should call Rafensberger and say “Come on…I need to find 17,000 votes!”

          1. Pretty sure someone on the left did EXACTLY that…. Then again; Why call anyone – just switch thousands of votes right on the machine and hope no-one catches it (as already happened but got caught) and already happened on live TV which never did get addressed because …. “It was a FAIR election”, repeated over and over and over again. Or perhaps; we can hand-count ballots to make sure and find thousands perfectly dotted like a machine did it and unfolded but USPS shipped. Then tell the hand-counters that no matter what they count just use the original machine count. Or perhaps; just to play the fiddle find thousands of UN-counted ballots over there… but, but; We know it was a FAIR election… What’s that a covered table? What are those huge black boxes getting pulled out after-counting hours? Oh yeah; right someone accidentally put them there and we now just found them. Funny how it doesn’t look like anyone, “just found misplaced ballots under a covered table.” It looks like they knew they were there all along and let them sit there till “after hours”.

            And this evidence wasn’t even released to the public for a week after Trump started yelling and commie-media already told the world Biden won. Sure, sure; it was all debunked by the magic wand of ignorance.

        2. A cat would do a better job but the birds and mice would likely outvote them.

          There is a town in California with a dog for mayor.

        3. My cat voted twice!

      2. Count every vote! Even the illegal ones! Even the forged ones!

        Remember, election laws are optional now.

    2. The “blue shift” looks suspicious to a lot of people because, why do the urban Democratic counties take so long to report? The rural Republican counties seem to get their reports in much quicker.

      It’s not good enough to say “they have more votes to count”, because they also have a lot more election workers.

      Until someone can give a convincing explanation of this apparent discrepancy (why big Democratic counties take so long to report), people will always be suspicious of the “blue shift”.

      1. It blows my mind that they don’t all have an embargo on reporting results until all counties declare they are finished, then report all at the same time. But that would prevent Democrat districts from knowing how many votes they need to forge.

      2. If the republicans weren’t so fuckin’ stupid they would have figured out by now that 1) they need to stop always releasing their results in their districts first, and 2) if the democrats are going to manufacture fraudulent votes then they need to start doing the same thing.

        But these idiots can’t play anything beyond 0.5 dimensional checkers.

        1. ^^^ THIS

      3. Blue people take more coffee breaks. Red people have faster metabolisms.

        It is really silly to call things blue or red when we are talking about razor thin margins of the voting population. It is only the swing voters and voter turnout that matter.

        1. “It is only the swing voters and voter turnout that matter.”

          It is only a party’s ability to forge ballots that matters. FIFY

  39. Dominion machines were disabled in multiple REPUBLICAN districts.

    Poll watchers were THROWN OUT of polling places.

    DEMOCRAT districts were allowed to keep polling locations open LATER than REPUBLICAN districts.

    The utter lawlessness, Georgia is a banana republic. (but this was the outcome we all expected)

    1. Georgia America is a banana republic

      1. But without the bananas.

  40. I hope you libertarians are proud of what you’ve done in Georgia. You have achieved exactly the opposite of what you wanted. You’ve given the government over to totalitarians.

    Note that the dems attacked the greens on the ballot relentlessly. getting green after green thrown off the ballot. They were NOT going to allow any third party candidates wreck their elections.

    Atlas Shrugged was supposed to be a warning, Not A Newspaper!

    1. Ayn Rand was not a libertarian and said so many times.

      If that is all you know about libertarians I am not surprised about your opinion.

    2. fyi, there were no Libertarians in the runoff.

    3. The LP voters didnt mess anything up.

      Georgia had 500,000 less voters during the runoff election than the general election. Democrats are running the same playbook but with less numbers.

      MSM announces Democrat win and they classify waiting for final tally of legal ballots counts INSANITY.

  41. “The MAGA movement is going nowhere”
    — Eric Trump, certified dumbass

    “Open wider, clingers”
    — better Americans

      – Defund The Police activists after they pussy out during an attempted murder and get their bicep blown off

      Lmfao. Let’s do it, shreek.

      1. “Defund the police” is a poor slogan.

        “Rethink the police” is a better, overdue idea.

        “We’ll be relevant again someday . . . right?” is a great chant . . . for right-wingers.

    2. You’re up early. Thought you might be tired from jerking off all night

      1. Reverend

  42. No doubt about it, the fake libertarian Obamatards of Reason are all gonna be wildly celebrating their asses off in D.C. today.

    Will these left wing lunatics make the same exactvmistake they made during the first two years of Clinton and the first two years of Obama, and wildly overlay their hand and try to push way too far to the left? Probably, because I don’t think they can help themselves.

    1. Joe Mancin will likely stop the worst of the GND, like the Dutch boy with his finger in the dyke. Sure there will be plenty of other annoying crap though

      1. He didn’t do much to prevent regulation from gutting the coal industry. So long as he gets his cut, I expect him to act like Trey Gowdy: lots of noise, but ultimately nothing happening to stop the rot.

        Let’s see if the Senate kills the filibuster procedure. That’ll be another clue that we’ve just experienced a revolution in how the US does things.

      2. Yep just like he saved you from Obamacare the last time, right you stupid cunt?

        1. Thumbs down! John McCain is a legend.

          1. You’re cheering a corrupt war monger.

    2. Will these left wing lunatics make the same exactvmistake they made during the first two years of Clinton and the first two years of Obama, and wildly overlay their hand and try to push way too far to the left? Probably, because I don’t think they can help themselves.

      Of course they will. It doesn’t matter anymore though, because we’ve moved the entire country to the WA/MN/MI model by way of Covid panic.

    3. They absolutely will. They’ll overplay their hand because they always do. And it will result in violence and bloodshed this time.

      The problem this time is that people now have no faith in the electoral process. With Clinton and Obama, people still believed they could correct the problem by voting in the midterms, AND there was still enough civility left in American politics that it kind of worked. Now, though, the electoral process has been hopelessly corrupted and the violent progressive left has destroyed any hope of peaceful transitions of power. We’re fucked.

  43. It’s now all on Mike Pence’s shoulders…dear leader says so! He’s been a lap dog for 4 years, he will just be a dog if he shirks his responsibility to Trump. Never mind the Constitution!

    Where have you gone, Mike Pence
    Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you…

    1. Remember when unreason said Republicans would do nothing and concede?

      Joint Session today will be fun.

  44. In today’s good news a hospital in California found that their freezer had failed and only had two hours remaining to use up their supply of Covid-19 vaccine. They quickly set up and gave over 800 doses in time.

    Sometimes people do amazing things.

    1. 6.66 people a minute. Praise hell Satan?

      1. They set up four temporary clinics and gave them to anybody who wanted one.

    2. Luckily this didn’t happen in New York. They’d all get fined.

      1. Coumo is out of his mind.

  45. Perdue and Loeffler win legal votes majority in Georgia. Whew.

    Democrats still trying to say Democrats won.

    1. Say it a few more times, maybe it will magically become true.

      I swear to dog, the spambots actually seem to be the least retarded people in this thread.

      1. I like the bird facts guy. He should post more often.

    2. Ummmm, ok. I guess the press is wrong again. 😀

    3. How’d Perdue and Loeffler do in the runoff? Oh wait, they lost. Never mind. 😀 😀 😀

  46. Trump could have helped get his cultists to vote for Purdue and Loeffler, but instead continued to make it about him and the “rigged” election, so they didn’t show up. I suspect this is his way of saying Fuck You! to the GA GOP-I didn’t win so neither will you!

    1. Nah, Trump’s so far up his own ass he actually believes the crap he’s spewing. He literally cannot believe he lost. Dragging everyone else down with him is just a side effect.

    2. “A man’s greatest joy is crushing his enemies.”
      ― Genghis Khan

  47. Here’s what I’ve taken away from Trump this morning. “Body, wanna feel my body. Body, wanna feel my body.” Do you guys here really wanna feel Trumps body? He seems to want you to. So go ahead, feel it. Run your hands up and down his chest and belly. Most of you might like it. 😀 😀 😀 😀

  48. Hmmmm, will Pence “Stop the steal.” He probably will stop the steal of Trump taking the election from Biden.

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