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For Trump, the Georgia Senate Runoff Is All About Him

Plus: Gov. Andrew Cuomo demonstrates how not to handle vaccine distribution , Americans are fleeing big cities and high tax states, and more...


Ahead of today's pair of crucial Senate runoff elections in Georgia, President Donald Trump ostensibly campaigned for the two Republican candidates, but instead used his time to air more grievances about the last election. Trump is convinced that he won Georgia in November's presidential election, even though the official numbers say he lost by nearly 12,000 votes and despite the fact that Trump's lawyers have been unable to find evidence of widespread voter fraud in the state. A day after The Washington Post published an audio recording of a phone call where Trump cajoled the state's Republican secretary of state to "find" enough votes to flip the results, the president continued to push his discredited conspiracy theories at a Monday rally to reelect incumbent Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, the two GOP candidates who are on the ballot Tuesday.

"That was a rigged election. But we are still fighting it," Trump told a crowd in Dalton, Georgia. He promised to return to the state next year to campaign against Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, another Republican whom Trump blames for his loss in November.

Trump's refusal to accept the results of the presidential election has left Republicans in a bind. If Democrats win the two runoff elections on Tuesday, they will have a slim Senate majority (with incoming Vice President Kamala Harris as the tiebreaking vote). The latest polls show Democratic candidates Jon Ossoff, a former journalist and political activist, and Raphael Warnock, a pastor, with slim leads in their respective races. That means turnout will likely decide the outcome, and if Trump has proven anything since his entry into politics in 2015, it's that he's a turnout machine for the Republican base.

But the president's behavior—and the fact that both Perdue and Loeffler have refused to reject a wild plot by some Republican senators to challenge the certification of the presidential election's results—may have alienated enough mainstream Republicans to tip Tuesday's races toward the Democrats. Alternatively, Trump's repeated (and false) attacks on the legitimacy of elections in Georgia may encourage his supporters to stay home.

That inconsistency has been on full display in the president's Twitter feed where he has alternated between condemning Georgia's election process as fraudulent—even going so far as to say that Tuesday's runoff elections are "illegal and invalid"—and encouraging his supporters to participate in them. It leaves the impression, once again, that Trump sees elections as legitimate only when the results favor him.

Regardless of what happens on Tuesday night, we can all breathe a welcome sigh of relief that the seemingly interminable 2020 election season is finally over. It began with a Democratic primary debate on June 26, 2019. At 7 p.m. today, 559 days later, the polls will close and it will finally come to an end.


Maximizing COVID-19 vaccinations means sometimes ignoring the government's guidelines for who gets vaccinated first, especially when the alternative is throwing vaccine doses in the trash. More of the D.C. approach, please. And less of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's heavy-handed approach to vaccine distribution, which is likely to be a disaster.


Americans moved from big metropolises to smaller cities and away from high-cost, high-tax states during 2020, according to annual migration data tracked by United Van Lines, a major moving company. Idaho was the state with the highest percentage (70 percent) of inbound moves last year, followed by South Carolina and Oregon—while New Jersey (70 percent) had the highest percentage of outbound moves, just narrowly ahead of New York, Illinois, Connecticut, and California.


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  1. For Trump, the Georgia Senate Runoff Is All About Him

    And for everyone else, too.

    1. What will reporters talk about after Jan 20?

      1. I've been wondering that. I also wonder about the purple-hair types who style themselves as "anti-fascist resistance heroes". I guess they'll have to invent a new boogeyman.

        1. The idea is to let the mob go after anyone who doesn’t go along with the program, so that everyone gets with the program.

          So hopefully they don’t have to invent a boogeyman, because that just means everyone is afraid to speak out against the program.

          1. RESIST!
            Not my president

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        2. I also wonder about the purple-hair types who style themselves as “anti-fascist resistance heroes”

          Oh, they'll still view themselves as righteous “anti-fascist resistance heroes” only then they'll be going after "Trumpism," which will basically just be anyone who disagrees with them about anything. One of their heroes, AOC, is already making a list and won't bother with checking it once, much less twice.

          Kind of like some sort of fucked up Commie anti-Santa. Instead of bringing gifts to all the "good little boys and girls" it will be re-education for all the "racist and bigoted little white boys."

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        3. You mean like Katherine Mango-Ward? I know that technically blue is not the same as purple, but they’re pretty close on the spectrum.

          And the answer to your question is senator Josh Hawley. He instantly becomes the worst person in the world the minute Trump is gone for all the media, including the fugazis or Reason. He’s also smarter than Trump, which will mAke them hate him even more.

          1. Hawley appears to be getting set up as the populist version of Rick Santorum--basically, a new version of the same old strawman the media and leftists love to pummel.

            1. It is astonishing how quickly word spreads, and how completely the newly invented beliefs are accepted.

              I always knew that people in large groups were scary, and politics makes people stupid.

              But I never realized just how easily even very smart and educated people were swayed by popular opinion. It is like the entire journalist class is a bunch of middle school girls... just waiting for Heather to tell them who to hate and who is cool.

        4. Don't worry, they're already turning on & attacking Democrat 'allies'. The Democrat Portland Mayor was attacked by Anti-Fa. Strangely, CNN, despite covering the Portland Rioting extensively prior to the election, is completely silent on these new incidents.

          1. Unless "Wheeler attacked by Antifa" means "strung up from a lamppost," I'm not interested.

            If these Safetyist cult freaks actually thought he was the major threat they are claiming he is, that luxury condo he lives in would have been burned down ages ago.

            Both of them are play-acting for the cameras, and they know it.

      2. Tens of millions of "white supremacists"

        1. 75 million white supremacist Nazis who believe in the kind of politics that DO NOT cause people to flee cities. My fave part of this idiot article is when they write "the president continued to push his discredited conspiracy theories" and linked to a New York Times article. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA.
          First, President should be capitalized when referring to the U.S. President. Second, the New York Times is left of the DNC, so hardly qualified to discredit anything.

      3. Still Trump. They won't want to talk about Biden falling asleep again during a cabinet meeting. They won't want to talk about his horrible policies.

        Plus Trump will still be out there making tons of noise.

      4. Whatever Joe and the DNC tell them to talk about.

        1. I don't know much, but I do know that Joe ain't calling any of the shots.

          Most politicians are apparently simply the front man for an organization, but this campaign has made it abundantly clear... Joe doesn't even try to hide it. He steps in front of a teleprompter and reads what they tell him to read... and he views this as being strong and in control. And with his diminished capacity, he can't even handle that reliably.

          I would assume that Kamala was chosen for similar reasons. After the Trump debacle, the establishment wasn't taking any chances.

          1. Joe doesn’t even try to hide it.

            Hell, he's been caught openly admitting it a few times because the dude has no filter.

            Kamala was clearly the Establishment's first choice, until Tulsi kill-shotted her campaign. That was a big reason they got behind Biden, besides to head off Bernie, after Bernie kicked his ass in Nevada. They needed a figurehead to rally around to get Heels-Up in the Oval.

            1. Kamala just understands she's an empty headed bimbo who will do whatever she's told to do without any thought to having her own ideas.
              They both got to where they are by being puppets, and are completely satisfied with that ride.
              Elected representation was killed with this "election".

      5. I expect a surge in suicides among TDS sufferers, when they realize that they no longer have anything to live for.

        1. Nah, excessive self-pity and self-regard is why they're woke in the first place.

      6. Wow, nice CACLL group therapy session here this morning.

        1. I too make up pathetic acronyms because my enemies make me look stupud!

        2. Confused by White Knight's awkward use of an unfamiliar acronym? Puzzle no more:

          The White Knight
          October.22.2020 at 3:18 pm

          It means conservative and conservative-leaning libertarian, and I coined it.

          Don't make fun though, or he'll start flag-waving and call you a "Canadian".

      7. How wonderful it is the first female President is a POC.

    2. Trump is in a corner anyway. If he had done nothing about the discrepancies in the presidential elections that could conceivably have turned off some Republican voters too. I don't know if there is any sort of risk-free win-win in there for him.

      1. Had he done nothing the voters would never know about the discrepancies because they do not exist. It is only and issue because he made it one.

        1. Discrepancies were noted on November 5th dummy. Not by trump.

          1. The way I remember it, discrepancies were noticed in real time the night of the election.

            1. Given that multiple re-counts have shown no discrepancies, they could not have been there on election night.

              1. No discrepancies.... you mean like the 1000 double voters in Georgia alone?


                1. Or the 100k+ adjudicated in just Fulton

                  1. Explain (no hand waving) what the problem is with that.

                    1. Fuck off sarcasmic

                    2. Adjudication means that select poll workers decide who you meant to vote for and destroy any evidence of the ballot you cast.
                      Fulton County's election director was talking about "we've counted 137,000 votes, and adjudicated 132,000".
                      That's no longer an election, but a selection.
                      Now go eat a bullet.

                    3. Is there even a point to explaining all that to him Nardz?

                      He doesn't actually want to know, or even care about the truth. He's just here to troll and shitpost and interrupt threads that are going against the narrative.

                    4. That is not what adjudication means.

                    5. She’s just a squawking bird.

                    6. "That is not what adjudication means"

                      And now White Knight's going to try to lawyer a whole new definition of adjudication in order to be right, and when everyone tells him to fuck off and stop being retarded he'll claim we're afraid of the truth.

                      What a weasel.

                2. But you didn’t actually read it. That was referring to the primaries and runoff in September and they found it and accounted for it so the system worked.

              2. Except that is the misdirection.

                What did nobody do? Validate the mail in ballot signatures.

                The only place it was tried, the democrat expert found 11% of the sampled ballots were invalid.

                Which probably adequately explains why requests to do a proper recanvas of the ballot signatures have been ignored.

      2. Trump took away Loffler's and Perdue's best argument for election, that they would be a check on President Biden.

        1. This should be idiotic... how did he do that?

          1. By insisting that he won the election and will be president still on Jan 21, dummy.

            1. facepalm.jpg

              As expected, DOL.

            2. How does him contesting the election say they won't be a check on biden you raving retard fuck.

              God damn stolen Valor. Pretend you graduated high school instead of joined the army.

              1. Because biden wouldn't be president to be checked, you mouth breathing, sub human, friendless idiot.

    3. Including Binion and Boehm.

    4. He's so vain, he probably thinks this article is about him

      1. When its really about the inadequacies and resentment of feminized males who lash out at Trump in pathetic attempts to cover their insecurity

        1. lol what in projection's name is this?

          1. See anytime sarcasmic starts bitching about his ex-wife and then switches to "Trmp cultists".

        2. as stated in previous thread, there could be no greater projection of a beta male than this keyboard commando who cries when his cult daddy gets his ass handed to him.

          A pussy obsessed with an even bigger pussy

          dont you have a revolution to start tough guy?

          1. ^case in point

            Just look at the little bitches flock

            1. You summoned sarcasmic and all his sockpuppets the moment you typed "feminized males who lash out".

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    6. It's an absurd statement. Of COURSE it's all about him [Trump]. He's a narcissistic sociopath - everything is all about them.

  2. That was a rigged election. But we are still fighting it...

    If only Russia had spent a couple thou in Facebook ads, journalists would be backing him up on that claim.

    1. Just to fuck with their brains and their bylines, Trump should put a (D) after his name for a couple of weeks.

      Watch Sullum have a breakdown and suddenly start writing pro-Trump screeds.

      1. He used to have a "D" next to his name. AND he was buddies with the Clintons. As much as a sociopath can be buddies with anyone, that is.

        1. You guys hate nothing more than a heretic that abandoned the one true faith, huh. That kind of explains the unhinged rage you all had against him.

          I suppose the DNC is like the medieval Catholic church. Blasphemy is still an offense, but the gods are different.

  3. The results of Tuesday's runoff elections in Georgia will determine how ambitious President-elect Joe Biden's first-term agenda will be.

    Biden was chosen to not be Trump. Don't let your reach exceed your grasp, Joe('s handlers).

    1. Don’t let your reach exceed your grasp, Joe(‘s handlers).

      Oh they will. If there's one thing we can all count on politicians and their handlers to do when they get their hands on The One Ring it's to overreach.

      1. "If there’s one thing we can all count on politicians and their handlers to do when they get their hands on The One Ring it’s to overreach."

        The Republican House and Senate from 2017 through 2019 is a blindingly obvious exception to that generalization.

        1. McCain and Paul Ryan went out of their way to refute that.

      2. So, if the Republicans hold on to their power play control it's not overreach. But if the people of GA elect two Democratic Senators, it is? Right.

        1. So in your frantic rush to white knight for the DNC you missed the part where Cynical Asshole said "we can all count on politicians and their handlers to do", instead of saying "the Democrats and their handlers".

    2. Joe has spent his entire life in politics and hasn't learned a damned thing. He'll view the win as some sort of mandate, we'll get something equally as bad as his crime bill that Team D won't stop cheering for until a decade from now when they realize it's racist and blame it on Republicans.

      1. "and hasn’t learned a damned thing."

        Thanks to senility he forgot everything he learned.

        1. That's incredible when Trump just got finished making the most incriminating phone call of his life on a phone line he forgot was TAPED. Talk about senile -

          1. "Hey everyone! Look over there!
            It's bad old Donald Trump and he's doing a thing!

            Nooooooooo! don't look at Uncle Joe!"

          2. Dude you're a retard. LOL

      2. Joe doesn't matter.
        Neither does Harris.
        They're both simply puppets.

        1. Pelosi has endorsed DC statehood for the upcoming congress.

          Court packing is still on the table.

          Puerto Rico statehood is also being called for.

          They are moving hard to consolidate all power, permanently.

          1. Amazing that you can be so concerned about those things and express not one iota of concern that our current POTUS is pressuring the Vice President to simply toss out some states’ electoral votes tomorrow, even though the Vice President has no constitutional authority to do so.

            1. One is much more likely to actually happen.

              1. Not the point.

                The point is it is a huge warning that American civil society is deteriorating. Not taking it seriously and condemning it is inviting more of the same in the future.

                1. "Not the point."

                  No sarcasmic it is the entire point.

                2. It's deteriorating because of your Davos godmen featherbedding and trying to game reality.

                  1. When WK talks about election fraud and he means a phone call that had lawyers on it (one got fired for representing Trump, so welcome to the Uniparty) and was taped, but DOES NOT mean the hundreds of thousands of fake votes turned up in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, et al: I wonder if he is really that dumb, or if he is paid to say stupid stuff for people like me to react to.

                3. "Not taking it seriously and condemning it is inviting more of the same in the future."

                  So the fact that you are not taking seriously all the listed items above- court packing, PR statehood, etc....that means you are inviting more of the same in the future?

                  1. I take court packing seriously.

                    Not sure there’s anything wrong with Puerto Rican statehood.

                    DC statehood doesn’t seem like a good idea to me, but have not thought much about it.

          2. DC is overdue for statehood - it's not Vatican City, for heaven's sake. PR needs the kind of governance that doesn't leave them adrift, particularly during a crisis like the last hurricane season.

            You have some cheek after what McConnell did to disparage Dems for wanting to seat SCOTUS judges. The more appropriate agenda would be to apply term limits to Congress and SCOTUS and cut the partisan crap.

            1. “DC is overdue for statehood – it’s not Vatican City, for heaven’s sake.”

              Read the constitution dumb fuck.

              1. If someone tells him that DC votes (R) he'll be over it in a second.

                1. Puerto Rico has more people collecting long term disability from the US per capita than any state. It must have many disabled people...

  4. "'A virus spent some time in a laboratory, and eventually it got out,' writes Nicholson Baker in a chilling long-form piece for New York magazine that lays out one potential origin story for COVID-19."

    Nope. Wrong. This is a discredited conspiracy theory promoted by far-right figures like Tom Cotton. Attempting to blame any person or facility in China is scientifically inaccurate. And racist.


    1. Ha. The best bit is now, nearly a year after, the dipshits are pretending that they weren't rabidly mobbing any people who suggested that the virus might have been released from a lab. Gaslight Inc, with an army of ignorant cultists to swarm the unbelievers. It would make a great science fiction horror movie, if it didn't happen each time an issue that 'they' dislike surfaces.

      1. Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
        Most terrifying movie ever made.
        And we're living it.

    2. Also bad for business, right?

    3. Amen. Even worse is that the CDC, the FDA and the WHO are spreading the discredited conspiracy theory that the coronavirus tests have been too sensitive and that some huge number of positive coronavirus tests are not actually coronavirus cases as the amount of the virus found is not enough to make the person sick or to make the person capable of transmitting the virus. Be careful of those devious bastards changing the standards for assaying a case of the coronavirus to try to pretend that the number of cases has fallen sharply when the truth is that we are all still at deadly risk of contracting the virus - they're hoping we will let our guard down and conspiring to kill us all.

      1. Even worse is that the CDC, the FDA and the WHO are spreading the discredited conspiracy theory that the coronavirus tests have been too sensitive and that some huge number of positive coronavirus tests are not actually coronavirus cases as the amount of the virus found is not enough to make the person sick or to make the person capable of transmitting the virus.

        Funny how now that the EVUL Orange Man is almost gone they're starting to backpedal on a lot of the hysteria. I kind of figured this would happen. I'm really starting to hate being right.

        New bold prediction: Biden will push for a nationwide mask mandate/ lockdown for the first 100 days of Kamala's, er, I mean "his" administration. That will put us around April 20th, which of course is the spring, when flu and cold viruses typically go down naturally. Then when the number of new positive cases tests start to go down the media will assume their usual position on their knees in front the Great Savior, "Diamond" Joe Biden and spend the next 4 years assuring us all that Dear Leader saved us all from the scourge of the Trumpenfuhrervirus. Or some such horseshit.

        1. He is the only person that can beat the virus. A national treasure, really.

      2. AWOMAN. Asshole. /s

      3. Sounds a bit like you think the sky is falling...

        Let's just take the vaccine that the world's leading scientific minds broke their backs to develop to control a global pandemic and be grateful we have the brilliant minds to do this at all. A certain contingent of fools thought the polio vaccine was detrimental too. Thousands were crippled unnecessarily then and thousands die every day unnecessarily because of paranoid thinking.

    4. the virus may have spent some time in a laboratory, but it identifies as a naturally occurring virus and only bigots mention the time before the virus became what it was always meant to be

      1. "Defenders of COVID-19 Respond to Trolls Dead-Naming Virus"

        1. Chuckle

    5. The best was chipper, dol, sarcasmic all ridiculing this idea last week. But since they all trust lefty sources they will probably change their mind now.

      1. Go ahead and link to this supposed comment of mine, please.

        I only ever recall criticizing conspiracy theories about CCP viral master plans, coordination with Dem mayors, etc. as crazy. I don't believe an accidental release of a research species has ever been a discussion I've been a part of. Not that that overly long article even asserts that that is what happened. At best, the article states that it is equally plausible that it was a research virus unintentionally released.

        1. It's fascinating watching you pivot with every change in the narrative.

          1. Then tell me what was my original position, and what has it pivoted to?

            1. The CACLL clique cannot argue with anyone’s actual positions, so they make up beliefs that we do not have, and pretend we are sock puppets of each other.

              1. What I don't understand it how it gives them pleasure.

                1. It doesn't. You repell me, sarc.
                  I've told you before that I find you two morally repugnant. Who in their right mind would enjoy interacting with you dishonest retards?

              2. The White Knight
                October.22.2020 at 3:18 pm

                It means conservative and conservative-leaning libertarian, and I coined it.
                Is there a law in Canada that ordinary people aren’t allowed to coin acronyms. Here in the godamn USA we have freedom of speech..

                Fascinating, lol.

                1. LOL, you dedicate your time to bookmarking my comments.

  5. Maximizing COVID-19 vaccinations means sometimes ignoring the government's guidelines for who gets vaccinated first, especially when the alternative is throwing vaccine doses in the trash.

    Uh, better the trash than into the arm of someone not a trans POC.

    1. Imprisoned, trans POC

      1. Imprisoned, trans POC that lives in New York

      2. As in a man trapped in a woman's body?

        1. Common porn meme.

          1. Chicks with dicks.

  6. Alternatively, Trump's repeated (and false) attacks on the legitimacy of elections in Georgia...

    There's that blend of reporting and parenthetical fact checking I'm going to miss in the Biden/Harris term.

    1. That's not reporting, it's propagandizing.

    2. Yeah. I also remember the day when Libertarians didn't just blindly accept the word of the state. Now, if the state says so....well, good enough for the LP.

      1. And BLM!

      2. Depends on the state. And by that I mean what letter is after the name of the Governor of the state.

      3. But blindly taking the word of a known conman is Libertarian-halal?

        1. Mr. Adam Schiff was doing his best, I'll have you know, and the allegations are totally not fair.

      4. Oh, and 60 fucking court losses, motherfucker. No one is just "blindly accepting the word of the state" at this point.

          1. sixty

            1. 325 Democrat court cases filed before the election to change the rules of how we vote to make cheating legal. It's nothing to be proud of, but Clinton et al paid Mark Elias to do it.
              The 60 cases were never litigated, as you know. No evidence, nothing. Dismissed because judges don't want to rule on election fraud this massive. Court cases take two, three years usually. What are they going to do? Pass the buck.

      5. For corporatist big-government libertarians like me and my senpai, a (D) is as good as an (L), maybe better.

        Real libertarianism is about government recognition of gay marriage and legal weed, and maybe hookers too.

        This nonsense about free speech and free markets is an unwelcome distraction.

      6. The conspiracy theory that there was widespread fraud that caused Trump’s win to be stolen comes from Trump, the President is the United States. When we doubt what he is saying we ARE doubting the word of a government official — the very top government official.

        1. It's not a conspiracy theory. You know what is worse election fraud? Nothing. It's stealing Democracy, and those big boxes of Dominion machines from China and the order for seven million ballots from China and the Dominion executive and Gabriel Sterling standing there lying about the machines connecting to the internet: appalling.
          Question for you: Why were our votes counted on servers in Europe? That is illegal, and yet nothing is happening. Solar Winds hosted those servers. Krebs said the election was totally secure.
          HELLOOOOOOO. Anybody home?

          1. Have you considered the possibility that some of these things you have been reading about are not really true?

  7. "The United Kingdom is going back into a full lockdown as coronavirus cases surge."

    Good. We left-libertarians know the three keys to defeating a pandemic: (1) open borders, (2) indefinite lockdowns, and (3) nationwide mask mandates.

  8. Americans moved from big metropolises to smaller cities and away from high-cost, high-tax states during 2020...

    Ouch for those smaller cities.

  9. "A virus spent some time in a laboratory, and eventually it got out," writes Nicholson Baker in a chilling long-form piece for New York magazine that lays out one potential origin story for COVID-19.

    Once verboten notion now out in the ether and acceptable to entertain? I look forward to 12 months after the end of the Biden term stories about Hunter's laptop.

    1. Yeah. Thought it was a bizarre conspiracy theory before, well, now.

      1. At least we know Boehm gets a copy of the new narrative right away. I say good for him, comrade!

        1. Plugged into the grapevine.

    2. Did anyone think it didn't come from the Wuhan lab? The level 4 (highest safety... Well nominally) lab was built 2 years before the Wuhan virus, and the chinks have been caught stealing pathogens from various labs around the world, most notably toranto because they actually pursued charges oppose to everyone else who too the oh those peskey Chinese approck.

      1. There are a lot of good biological reasons to discount this theory.

        1. Curiously none actually involve the animal it jumped from

    3. I look forward to 12 months after the end of the Biden term stories about Hunter’s laptop.

      I think you mean 12 months after Biden's "untimely death," right?

      Might as well start this meme now: Biden didn't kill himself.

      1. Biden Tripped over his dog and suffocated in the pillow he landed on face first. Help i've fallen and can't get up was not heard due to the pillow muffling anything he said but his last words were Harris shall be great as president and accept my dying words as gospel

        1. Actually you're probably onto something there. They won't make it look like suicide this time, instead they'll make it look like an accident. So the meme should be "Biden didn't trip" or something. Hell, maybe they already tried once. That's what really happened with the whole "tripped over his dog and broke his foot thing." It just didn't work because turns out the old codger's tougher than he looks.

          Actually that would be a good idea for a new sitcom. A bumbling elderly politician who can barely fumble through a speech on a teleprompter - let's call him "Ben Hiden" - finally gets elected president after an entire lifetime in politics and his ambitious, political climber VP - a feisty "woman of color" who it's subtly implied slept her way to where she is - keeps attempting to kill him in increasingly elaborate "accidents" only to have each one fail and/or backfire on her somehow. Might not work for a whole sitcom, but perhaps an episode of South Park. Matt and Trey are probably the only people in Hollywood with the balls to do it, too.

          1. Like the animal lover Ken, in "A Fish Called Wanda" trying to kill the witness to the heist, and getting her lapdogs instead.

        2. He fell down an elevator shaft... Onto some bullets

      2. Biden is going to fall and break his hip, then die from covid.

        Trump will be blamed.

        1. Trump will be blamed.

          Well, yeah, that' a given. Regardless of how they actually off the old fucker it will naturally be all Trump's fault.

  10. In Singapore, COVID-19 tracing information is being made available to the police.

    Who could have seen it coming.

  11. The United Kingdom is going back into a full lockdown as coronavirus cases surge.

    Once they spread their diseases across the empire, and now afraid to leave their own homes.

  12. In Athens, Georgia, there is a tree that owns itself.

    Until it tries to build a treehouse in itself, counter to code.

    1. Georgia v A Tree In Athens

    2. It’s going to branch out into other real estate, or it will have to leave.

      1. Leaving will be difficult. It has deep roots in the community.

  13. "Idaho was the state with the highest percentage (70 percent) of inbound moves last year, followed by South Carolina and Oregon—while New Jersey (70 percent) had the highest percentage of outbound moves, just narrowly ahead of New York, Illinois, Connecticut, and California."

    Who the fuck moves to Oregon? (at least the types who pay moving companies)

    1. Non inbred rednecks unlike you. It does suck getting all these California retards, but at least we can shove it in your far right faces when you talk shit.

      Oregon is a wonderful place!

      1. Go eat some mushrooms.

        1. I don't like mushrooms, but fail to see how it's an insult?

          1. You could spend the rest of the day stoned or dead. Either way, less annoying.

            1. What does that say about you that someone stoned from Oregon is smarter than you?

              Goddamn inbred shitstain

      2. Oregon is a wonderful place!

        Especially when Antifa gets Mario-stomped.

      3. Oregon is a racist shithole:
        "No free negro, or mulatto, not residing in this state at the time of the adoption of this constitution, shall come, reside, or be within this State, or hold any real estate."
        - Oregon Constitution

        If you love a state like that, you must be a racist!

        1. Portland is arguably the largest white metro area in the country, so I can see why a hicklib like KAR would want to live there. Like liberaltarians, they LOVE diversity at a distance.

    2. People who think of Oregon as a relative libertarian paradise to the place they're leaving. Which ought to scare the shit out of you. Keep in mind people will flee North Korea for the relative freedom of China, too.

    3. Oregon is awesome if you stay out of the big cities.

      It used to be awesome even IN the big cities.

      1. Portland has really gone to shit.

        1. A city that has been a haven for teenage runaways for decades, combined with its portrayal as a Mecca for ultra-woke whites on that ridiculous IFC show, made that inevitable.

          1. I think the leadership of that city could have stopped the decline at any time by simply enforcing already existing laws on the homeless. At this point, homeless people are effectively above the law in most petty crime, and even some violent crime. More or less of the same thing in all west coast major cities.

          2. Its long been the place for twenty-somethings to go to retire. And not the post-IPO cashed in millions in stock retire.

    4. More to Oregon and less to Idaho. Real estate is through the roof, and my newest neighbors are concerned about coyotes. Coyotes? you need to worry about the wolves, grizzlies, and mountain lions. 🙂

  14. ENB followed the twitter narrative a few days ago when blaming the Feds for not distributing the vaccine quick enough... but lets look at what is actually happening.

    In NY Cuomo has instituted prioritization lines that do not include the elderly. Those over 75 are not on the first served list, instead it is dedicated to medical professionals, nursing home workers, etc. This has caused a delay as only 25% of current vaccinations on hand are currently used.

    There is a fine for giving a vaccine to someone not on Cuomo's list. Now Cuomo is about to start fining hospitals that do not use vaccines quickly enough, so they are going to be hit on both ends.

    And yes, this is a future look at the Biden administration. This same type of behavior seen in multiple blue states such as Illinois and California.

    1. I always laugh when other Reason articles completely contradict whatever narrative ENB is peddling.

    2. Which tweet. Im only asking cause im not sure which tweet you mean. Did she post it here. I checked her twitter and didnt anything like that. I know dont have twitter so maybe i missed something I try to keep up on the stupid that the "Libertarians of reason" are peddling.

      1. Nevermind my post. Im stupid.

    3. In NY Cuomo has instituted prioritization lines that do not include the elderly. Those over 75 are not on the first served list, instead it is dedicated to medical professionals, nursing home workers, etc.

      So, let's see, first he ordered nursing homes to take in patients who tested positive for the 'rona resulting in thousands of nursing home patients dying. Now he's mandating that they're not a priority for getting the vaccine.

      I have to say, he gets full marks for creativity in attempting to address the Social Security shortfall by killing off all the old codgers. I didn't think anyone would have the stones to actually do it. If only more of our "betters" had thought of that. /sarc

    4. The narrative coming from the Dems and the media has been so self-contradictory and self-defeating, I'm trying to figure out if it was done out of malice or the sheer cognitive dissonance of their worldview.

      They said that the vaccine needed to be distributed with skin color as a primary prioritization metric, but the same people they said should be pushed to the front of the line were also right to distrust getting the vaccine because of the Tuskegee experiments. Meanwhile, white people who might be justifiably reluctant to get a vaccine that was rushed out in months with limited clinical trials, are anti-vaxxers even if they've willingly gotten vaccines and boosters their whole lives and had their kids get them as well.

      It's almost like these people want the free-floating anxiety to fester so they can continue to exploit it for their own political gain.

      1. Oh, and if the vaccines expire, guess whose fault that will be?

  15. New Jersey (70 percent) had the highest percentage of outbound moves

    This should surprise no one. Phil Murphy is the dumbest and most incompetent Governor the People's Republic has ever had.

    I am going to leave NJ for sure.

    1. Murphy came from the same wall street firm as Corzine, but with less experience.

  16. The very thought that the CCP is going to get off scot-free turns my fucking stomach. If another country had killed 360K+ Americans, deliberately or not, what would we do? Not respond?

    Communist China must pay a severe price for what they have done to us.

    1. As soon as apple can offload the production to some other low wage slave state.

    2. Don’t kid yourself, nobody wants to piss off CCP.

      1. Think of the NBA!

        1. Don't forget about Disney. It's really Mickey that we don't want to piss off, and making him lose out on all that sweet, sweet Renminbi will definitely do the trick.

    3. I wouldn't mind an accident happening to the three gorges dam

    4. Except that China bought and now owns Joe Biden (and his family), who won't do anything that might cause China to expose hundreds/thousands of additional documents (beyond those revealed/released by the NY Post and Bobulinski) proving that Chinese paid off the Bidens.

      China is/will be cashing in (by blackmailing Biden) to further its own political, economic and military goals (at the expense of the US and freedom).

      1. thats why its okay for the info about Wuhan to come out now nothing will happen. Before it was all Fox and TDS conspiracies

      2. China is not going to be blackmailing Biden, they don't have to. Biden would be just as friendly to China if they weren't paying him at all, China is the perfect socialist globalist future as far as Biden's concerned.

        1. It's a mutually parasitic relationship. Remember the good old days (about 20-plus years ago) when Democrats still thought that shipping jobs and money overseas was something to fight against, and actually wanted a post-racial society?

          The movies, the tabloids, TV and magazines/ they tell us what to think and do/ And all our hopes and dreams/ All this information makes America phat/ But if the company's outta the country/ How American is that? But we got Americans with families that can't even buy a meal/ Ask a brother who's been downsized if he's getting any deal/ Or a white boy bustin ass til they put him in his grave/ He ain't gotta be a black boy to be livin like a slave

          1. It wasn't even 20 years ago. I was watching Veronica Mars with my kid a couple months ago and one of the episodes had the nice, sympathetic daughter who wanted to keep company jobs domestic, vs the evil capitalist asshole who was going to nuke the local factory.

            That was 2007 and they were still beating the drum against offshoring.

    5. Trump was in the process of making them pay. But Biden is too senile and fragile to do anything about it.

  17. "crucial Senate runoff" it shouldnt be. But since everybody is fine with others getting to control their lives. Yay democracy.

    1. democratic socialism is democratic

      1. I see what you did there. Now get on the train car or be shot.

  18. Americans moved from big metropolises to smaller cities and away from high-cost, high-tax states during 2020, according to annual migration data tracked by United Van Lines, a major moving company.

    I wonder how many elections it will take for all those people moving into those places to turn them into carbon copies of the hellholes they fled?

    1. It only took one.

      1. I know someone who was associated with the dem party here in Virginia. They actually send scouts out to smaller towns and look for things like fancy coffee shops, ethnic restaurants, and even if the local Kroger carries soy milk to decide whether to run candidates who may have a chance of winning.

        1. The Democrats are pure evil at this point. A few normal old school Dems perhaps, and then a cabal of evil freaks.

          1. The entire system is broken if that is what the Dem party is looking for. It says that demographics- i.e. Class- are more likely to influence your vote than actual issues.

  19. Fun fact for a day when all eyes are on the state: In Athens, Georgia, there is a tree that owns itself.

    Planted by slaves no doubt, time to cut it down!!!!

    1. My neighbor has a tree that owns another tree.

      1. Is it a Birch?

        1. No. It also isn't a tamarisk. Those trees are racist.

    2. If you actually read the article, no it was not.

        1. No, I got the point. Great Notion wanted to virtue signal to other victimized conservatives here.

          Of course, to do so, he totally had to stretch because there was no slavery angle to the tree story whatsoever.

  20. "Metropolitan Police arrested Enrique Tarrio, 36 years old, and charged him with destruction of property related to the burning of a Black Lives Matter banner"

    If anti-fa leaders stayed up all night trying to think of new and better ways to promote the cause of the alt-right in the minds of average Americans, they might not come up with anything better than prosecuting a leader of the Proud Boys for burning a Black Lives Matter sign.

    Anarchist black blocs practically exist for the purpose of creating a situation where the police are caught on camera beating up protesters, and every time the police are caught on camera beating up a protester, they police are doing the organized rioters a huge favor.

    If organizations like the Proud Boys don't exist for the purpose making themselves and the alt-right look like the victims of injustice and the champions of the First Amendment and our civil rights, then the prosecutors who are going after this guy are doing the Proud Boys a solid favor.

    I know there are extenuating circumstances, and this guy is supposedly being prosecuted for stealing the sign rather than burning it specifically. That's beside the point. The point is that being prosecuted this way is a huge win for the Proud Boys.

    They couldn't afford to buy this kind of advertising.

    1. Depends on spin and the left is all over these proud boys as racist SOBs

      1. That is good for the Proud Boys.

        It's like denouncing Trump supporters as "deplorables".

        The news media is still wildly unpopular in this country, and seeing the Proud Boys' leadership prosecuted for burning a Black Lives Matter sign will play extremely well to a huge chunk of the Republican masses.

        The most amazing miracle in our lifetimes was when a billionaire casino magnate, playboy with a foreign, trophy wife, and a reality show, no less, somehow became the physical embodiment of the blue collar, working, middle class values in the Midwest. The reason that happened is because the media constantly barraged him with the charges that he was misogynistic, racist, Islamophobic, xenophobic, etc.

        Those were the same accusations that had been leveled at average Midwesterners in the white, blue collar, middle class by the social justice warriors and the media all during the Obama administration. As the media continued to lob those charges in the same terms at Trump that they used for average "deplorables", average people started internalizing the media's message. He's just like we are! Pretty soon they were chanting, "gabba gabba, one of us".

        It still works the same way.

        If you ask a progressives why so many people in the white, blue collar middle class think that progressives hate them, the conversation still typically turns to why the white, blue collar, middle class should be hated--it's because they're stupid, xenophobic, misogynistic, racist, homophobic, etc. So long as the media continues to lob these charges at average people, average people will continue to rally around those who are attacked for being deplorable.

        Like I said, the Proud Boys couldn't afford to buy the kind of advertising that prosecutors are giving them for free--by prosecuting someone for burning a Black Lives Matter sign. It makes the Proud Boys look like they're the champions of free speech and civil rights in the face of hate filled leftists. And the news media won't be able to stop themselves from giving them that kind of publicity either.

        Even if their hating on average people is stuff that makes populism grow, they'd rather hate on average people anyway. If hating on the white, blue collar middle class is wrong, what's the point of being a social justice warrior?

        1. Mr. Rule-of-Law when it comes to kidnapping Mexican children from their parents permanently, but Mr. Leniency when it comes to prosecuting Brown Shirts.

          1. Prosecuting a Proud Boys leader for burning a Black Lives Matter sign is good publicity for the Proud Boys whether I like it or not.

            If you're incapable of separating your feelings about someone from your analysis of the issues, You should try to get over that. It's fundamentally irrational.

            "Typically this term refers to a rhetorical strategy where the speaker attacks the character, motive, or some other attribute of the person making an argument rather than attacking the substance of the argument itself."


          2. I like how you dont realize BLM and anyofa are the brown shirts because you're too stupid. The left is recreating the SS and Red Guard and youre too dumb to notice.

            1. It would seem antifa and Proud Boys are brown shirt-like.

              BLM, on the other hand, is an organization that schedules peaceful protests.

              1. Pathetic fuck.

            2. Any fascist uniforms give DOL a hard-on.

    2. How many people did the DAs refuse to charge for the rioting this year by BLM?

      1. Uh.... all of them?

      2. No hand waving. Which BLM is that?

        1. Lol. God you're a pathetic fuck. The ones chanting blm in blm shirts on video during the blm marches that turned into blm riots.

          Holy fuck chipper.

          1. “turned into” means happened much later the same night as a match?

            That is playing fast and loose with guilt by association.

          1. “Linked to”?

            How did they define “BLM activist”? A black person was involved, maybe someone wearing a BLM t-shirt?

            Anyone can wear a t-shirt. It establishes no bona fide affiliation.

          1. Congratulations! In hundreds of these conversations this is the first time you’ve given an example of an actual BLM affiliated person endorsing looting.

          1. Says right in the article it was organized by the “New Afrikan Black Panther Party” and the “Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement.”

          1. This is just another story about the same person as two links above.

          1. “BLM supporter” does not equal BLM involvement.

          1. You could, but it would be pointless. Dee will be back to squawking about the same shit, pretending none of this was posted, next time the subject comes up.

            1. The very last thing White Knight wanted to see was actual citations.
              Any requests are for sheer shitposting reasons.

            2. I will acknowledge that he came up with one BLM Chicago organizer endorsing rioting as “reparations”. In all the hundreds of times we’ve debated this, it is the first time anyone has come up with any official BLM involvement or endorsement of violence or looting.

          2. So, Black Lives Matter organized his reckless driving? Again, no affiliation.

  21. I've been saving many/most Reason magazines since 1980 because I've long treasured the libertarian ideas in those publications.

    But since Reason has gone left wing and published 1,000+ anti Trump screeds in the past four years (including several hundred in the past six months), I decided to move on (and free up lots of shelf space in my library) yesterday by throwing out hundreds of my old Reason magazines (the Virginia Postrel years were my favorite).

    It's such a shame that this formerly excellent libertarian publication and foundation abandoned advocacy of free markets and free minds, and has become yet another anti-Trump, anti-GOP propagandist rag that promotes left wing policies, billionaire controlled monopolies, and censorship of truthful speech.

    1. Reason staff mostly live in DC, NYC, and LA. Are you surprised? If they wrote anything remotely pro-Trump, they would be banned for life from cocktail parties, shi shi bars and restaurants, and maybe even doxxed.

      1. Not an excuse.
        They shill for totalitarianism.
        Reason staff lives don't matter.

    2. "throwing out hundreds of my old Reason magazines"

      Aww don't do that! Just because the current staff of writers are a bunch of douchebags does NOT diminish the (once) insightful and principled writings from the old days.

    3. Man, imagine being so brainwashed that you think Reason is leftist because it doesn't suck the d of your dictator in chief.

    4. then why toss the old ones if they were good?

    5. How exactly is criticizing Trump “going left wing”?

  22. Fun fact for a day when all eyes are on the state: In Athens, Georgia, there is a tree that owns itself.

    And that tree will be voting in today's runoff election.

    1. You would think rural Georgians would be motivated by the possibility of two gun grabbers representing their state to get up off their asses and vote against them, but I guess Trumpism is a hard addiction to break.

      1. Recite that Narrative, boy

      2. Like Illinois, Georgia is quickly becoming two states--Atlanta, and The Rest of Georgia. On Election Night, even the CNN map procter called the former the State of Atlanta, because that's basically what it is now.

      3. I do not get why rural people would fee any affinity for a soft, pasty, whiny city dandy like Donald Trump in the first place.

        1. If you've never been around rural people, or proles in general, then yes, you wouldn't get it. Like Thomas Frank, you're always asking "What's the Matter with Kansas?" but not actually understanding those whom you're trying to analyze.

          1. My whole family is rooted in farming and ranching. My grandpa and other role models growing up were tough real cowboys. Trump is anethema to everything they held to as a code of conduct and how to be a man.

            1. No, no, you got it all wrong... that's all changed. To maintain the true quiet rugged alpha male type and preserve American values, the only way to get rid of those darned coastal elites and crush Hollyweird is to elect a real estate developer/tv star from Manhattan that was born rich!


    2. I’m sure it would.

    3. How dare you even think about disenfranchising that poor innocent tree who is unable to get a voter ID or register itself but is still able to vote with the assistance of selfless Democrats.

  23. "That was a rigged election. But we are still fighting it," Trump told a crowd in Dalton, Georgia. He promised to return to the state next year to campaign against Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, another Republican whom Trump blames for his loss in November.

    I'm sure Kemp had a perfectly ethical, non-conspiratorial reason for the bait-n-switch where he promised a signature audit in the county with the worst indicators of fraud and only delivered an audit in a county that no one suspected of fraud in the first place.

  24. "A virus spent some time in a laboratory, and eventually it got out," writes Nicholson Baker

    Is Baker also a Birther, a 9/11 truther, an anti-vaxxer, a believer in Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, and UFOs, does he think Hitler, Elvis and Jim Morrison are all alive and well and working at a Burger King in Pontiac, Michigan? We all know that the idea that the virus came from a lab is pure conspiracy-theory nutter garbage, so why is a formerly reputable publication giving it the slightest bit of attention?

    1. Please, even Bigfoot knows the lochness monster doesn't exist

      1. But he knows for a fact that UFOs exist because one dropped him off here.

    2. Because Biden will be pres and the truth can now come out since Biden will do nothing about it. they will probably eventually blame an American inspector working there.

  25. I watched Trump's speech last night. Yes, Trump's speeches are always a bit about him. But the election challenges were not an example of that. To the media's chagrin, voters in GA believe their lying eyes and are understandably concerned that their votes may not count. It would have been utterly moronic for Trump to not address that.

    1. I don't understand the logic. The initial argument was that the Democrats stuffed the ballot boxes, then that the tabulators switched votes, now it has morphed to Trump votes did not get counted. The only commonality is that there is no evidence that any of the three scenarios happened.

      Lets try something simpler, a unpopular President running during a crisis (pandemic) lost. Makes far more sense.

      1. Thus election was a perfect storm for people to believe that but Unpopular, is that why Trump had more votes than any previous election before. And Biden beat that by 7+ million? One of these dont fit. My guess would be the crotch grabbing kid sniffing geriatric who cant remember what position hes running for and didnt campaign for shit and whose party lied, supported riots and slapped down illegal restrictions on peoples freedoms.

        1. Did you ever think Rs cheated and Trump didn't get that many votes and Biden's is the real number?

          Probably not. Hard to breathe with your head up your ass I bet.

          1. The Republicans cheated, lost and want to investigate the cheating they instigated. Makes sense.

            1. What else would you call DeJoy purposefully sabotaging mail sorting machines prior to the election? Cheating.

              Then Trump priming all his drooling cultists with the refrain about big (unspecified) problems with mail in voting. "Get rid of the ballots, and there won't be a transfer (of power)," he infamously said.

              For months prior to the election, he primed all of you right wing media-consuming zombies that there was going to be "massive fraud". In parallel, state gop legislators tried their best to limit ballot access and mail in voting, early voting, and restrict ballot counting (ridiculously). Yet, no fraud lawsuits or scant lawsuits at all were filed by Trumpian cultist traitors prior to Trump losing the election in a landslide.

              Then he declares himself victor on election night, with a very small minority of ballots counted. Goes on to allege fraud, this time still without any evidence whatsoever. Then files and loses 60 out of 61 lawsuits, again not presenting any evidence of fraud in any case, and often amending their complaint (when judges allowed it) to strike fraud from the complaint, as no evidence exists, and there are actual penalties for lying to a judge.

              1. Cool story brah.

                1. Bro, he told the story very accurately.

            2. How would you feel if you went to all the trouble of cheating and then you still lost. Would you not be mad as hell. You go out of your way to make voting difficult. Slow the Post Office, limit drop boxes, etc. And then you lose. It not fair all that work for nothing.

        2. So let me guess:

          If the Rs win in GA, the election apparatus is suddenly perfectly legit and everyone loves Raffsberger again.

          If the Ds win in GA, the election was “obviously rigged” with the “proof” being that Trump said it so many times and I heard it on Parler and a survey from November said so.

          And of course all following litigation is all just part of the grand coverup including all branches of the legislative and judicial branches at every level of state and federal government. Do I have it about right?

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  27. Oh those crazy conspiracy theorists at the New York Magazine. Someone ought to censor them. They are spreading *dangerous* misinformation!

  28. The Brookings Institution has released a preliminary estimate of which states are likely to gain and lose electors as a result the 2020 census.


    Texas +3
    Florida +2
    Arizona +1
    Montana +1
    Colorado +1
    North Carolina +1
    Oregon +1


    Alabama -1
    California -1
    Illinois -1
    Michigan -1
    Minnesota -1
    New York -1
    Ohio -1
    Pennsylvania -1
    West Virginia -1
    Rhode Island -1

    Final score by my count has it that the Republican states gain six (+8-2), the swing vote state numbers drop by two (+1-3), and the Democrat states lose three (+1-4).

    The swing vote is always a toss up, but the GOP gaining six high confidence seats at the expense of Democrats losing three is an estimated nine vote swing. Last I checked, the Democrats held onto the House by nine or eleven seats, with two elections pending. Split the difference between the two that are pending, and the Republicans only need ten seats to take the House in 2022--one more than they're getting courtesy of the census.

    Nancy Pelosi narrowly won her election as Speaker of the House the other day. If those seats were already reapportioned, she probably wouldn't have won that election--but that wouldn't matter much because if the Democrats lose one more seat in 2022, in addition to the nine they're likely losing to the census, the Democrats will lose control of the House.

    Historically, the median number of seats the president's party loses in the House, in the president's first midterm, is north of 20.

    For the electoral college, Democrat states losing 9 votes in the electoral college means that the Republican presidential candidate in 2024 can lose a swing state like Minnesota or Nevada--and it doesn't matter anymore. The states that are likely to vote for the Republican are gaining more than that number anyway.

    Biden's agenda is a shit show, and there is a huge danger that the Democrats don't give a fuck about the consequences or the polls anymore--because they know they're getting routed come 2022.

    "Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time."

    ----Revelation 13 (and Iron Maiden)

    I'd love to say that the future for the opponents of the progressives and their socialist and authoritarian agenda is bright if they make it through the next four years, but none of that matters if the Democrats win control of the senate. The whole cell block will rape us and our rights, repeatedly, for two years--and stacking the senate with new states and stacking the supreme court is absolutely on the table. If the Democrats win control of the senate, America won't look the same two years from now.

    1. Like we are going to be allowed to vote anymore.

      1. The Roman senate lasted for six hundred (600) years after the establishment of the Roman Empire--almost 200 years after Rome was sacked by barbarians.

        One of the problems with not having a legislature is that when things go wrong, there's no one else to blame. Emperor Xi keeps a legislative body around for show like that. You need someone to punish when things go wrong. It's nice to be able to project yourself as the champion of the people against a corrupt and self-interested body. You can't have a purge if there's no one to purge!

        The emperor Caligula, apparently, once threatened to have his horse made consul. His detractors made it look like he was a nut, but it was probably an intimidation tactic. He was probably saying, "I can make the senate do anything I want, including make them elect a horse as their leader. Save yourself the embarrassment, and don't make me do it". We used to cite this as evidence that we weren't really an empire yet during the Bush Jr. administration. Bush couldn't get his horse (Harriet Miers) confirmed by the senate--not even with the Republicans in charge. We weren't an empire yet!

        When we become an empire, though, they'll keep the legislature around. It's just that the legislature won't do much except argue about social justice warrior bullshit. The president will order the treasury to spend whatever he wants. The president will make whatever treaties he likes. The president will set taxes wherever he wants. The president will declare wars whenever he wants. And we'll still have elections every two years.

        The outcome of the elections just won't matter anymore.

        1. From what I have read Xi probably has less power than our president. He is an emperor but emperors can be executed. They do not have the legal power or mandate that our president has.

          China is impossible to rule. To do that you need to give power away. The way kings would give knights and barons land and wealth to control. Eventually you could end up on the chopping block when you got too greedy.

          Democracy was a way to cement central control. Give the people a vote and let them think they have a choice. Trump is pounding away at the foundations of that but I am not sure that the alternatives are what I want.

          1. This deserves the Billy Maddison "we're all dumber now for having listened to you" clip

    2. "two years from now" I imagine it would be less time than that. Remember they have to "heal" America. Cant do that without a boot on your neck.

      1. Well, two years from now is when the Democrats almost certainly lose the House. Liberating the concentration camp two years from now may not matter to us if our chances of surviving the concentration camp for two years are slim. If they've stacked the Supreme Court, given themselves four more senators and however many representatives from DC and Puerto Rico, instituted the Medicare for All, come after our gun rights like we've never seen before, and instituted Biden's Green New Deal, then how much does taking the House back after that really matter?

        Winning in Georgia may be the difference between not getting shot in the chest and having an ambulance on the way after we're shot.

    3. Imagine thinking the left is authoritarian. Have you paid attention at all to Trump's term?

      Gd you guys are idiots.

      1. "Imagine thinking the left is authoritarian."

        Authoritarianism is using the coercive power of government to force people to do things against their will.

        Progressivism is using the coercive power of government to force individuals to make sacrifices for the common good (as they see it) or the good of the less fortunate. It is authentically authoritarian.

        Libertarianism is the idea that people should be free to make choices for themselves without interference from government--so long as they don't violate other people's rights to make choices for themselves.

        Get your head around the Nolan Chat, and in the future, you'll suck less.

        Realizing that the things you say are embarrassing is the first step to becoming less embarrassing--and the idea that nothing on the left can be authoritarian is entirely embarrassing. It's the intellectual equivalent of picking your nose and eating it at a dinner party.

        1. And what's it called when you attempt ('attempt', because you are an incompetent, talentless rich kid) to use the power of government to stay in power and overturn elections?

          1. "And what’s it called when you attempt (‘attempt’, because you are an incompetent, talentless rich kid) to use the power of government to stay in power and overturn elections?"

            This is obviously begging the question. Trump is fishing for voting irregularities, insisting that he won the election fair and square. He isn't in office after the end of his term.

            In addition to being wrong on its face for that reason . . .

            The suggestion that we should bend over for Biden's Green New Deal, his war on guns, Biden's Medicare for All, and the Democrats stacking both the senate and the Supreme Court--just because President Trump is contesting the election results--that's fundamentally stupid. The argument that because two options are authoritarian, they're just as awful as each other is also stupid logic. That's the perfect solution fallacy.

            The police shooting an unarmed man in the face during a no-knock raid--without a warrant-- over something that shouldn't even be illegal is authoritarian. Being handed a traffic ticket when you weren't speeding is also authoritarian. Because they're both authoritarian, doesn't mean they're both just as bad as each other.

            No, because Trump is imperfect doesn't mean he's just as bad as what Biden is promising to do. Trump banned bumpstocks, and that was bad. On his website, Biden is promising to ban assault weapons, track those currently in circulation, ban the sale of guns and ammo online entirely, and institute a nationwide confiscation program in conjunction with local law enforcement. One candidate is far worse than the other on the issue of gun rights, and because Trump wasn't perfect doesn't mean he isn't far better than Biden.

            A lot of us in comments question the honesty of our critics, but sometimes they don't really deserve the benefit of the doubt. And we're giving them the benefit of the doubt when we assume that the reason they're being so obtuse is because they're dishonest. This joker has been lambasted for Freshman year fallacies at least three times in this thread. And this isn't the first day like this. At some point, day after day, year after year, Ocaam's razor says that it's something other dishonesty. Maybe the reason the guy can't avoid ad hominem fallacies, begging the question, and the perfect solution fallacy is because he doesn't have the stuff necessary to understand the basic principles of reason.

            Half the people in this country are of below average intelligence.

            1. And all of those people vote for progressives

              1. One of the fundamentals of libertarianism used to be that things like communism and authoritarianism can't be well defended on a rational basis. If we can convince people to be rational, we're more than halfway to persuading them to be libertarian and capitalist. That's why the place is called "Reason".

                Objectivists often took the idea too far. Some especially vocal among them started insisting that the world can't be free and capitalist until they become entirely rational. That's the perfect solution fallacy again. Just because things can't be perfect doesn't mean they can't be better or worse. And teaching other people about your perfection is incredibly obnoxious. That's no way to make friends and influence people.

                . . . but there were some babies in there when we threw out that bathwater.

            2. "The suggestion that we should bend over for Biden’s Green New Deal, his war on guns, Biden’s "

              I stopped reading here, because no one in this thread fucking said that, and I'm not proof reading another one of your text walls for the inevitable "factual irregularity" that you sprinkle in them.

              1. Just because you're not smart enough to understand the implications of your own comments, doesn't mean I'm dumb, too!

                "And what’s it called when you attempt (‘attempt’, because you are an incompetent, talentless rich kid) to use the power of government to stay in power and overturn elections?"

                ----De Oppresso Liber

                "The suggestion that we should bend over for Biden’s Green New Deal, his war on guns, Biden’s Medicare for All, and the Democrats stacking both the senate and the Supreme Court–just because President Trump is contesting the election results–that’s fundamentally stupid."

                ----Ken Shultz

                The implication of your argument is that if that's the definition of authoritarianism, then we shouldn't prefer Trump to Biden--because Trump is also authoritarian in some way. In addition to being factually incorrect, that's the perfect solution fallacy. Just because Trump wasn't perfect, doesn't mean he isn't vastly superior to Biden and the Democrats in important ways.

                I even listed some of the obvious ways in which Biden and the Democrats are vastly inferior to having Trump in the White House. If you still don't understand what I'm saying, it's either because you don't want to understand or because you're incapable of understanding.

                1. Simply tell me what it's called when the president attempts to use the power of his office to ensure that he wins reelection, regardless of actual election results.

                  That's it. No need to write 400 words on some incredibly tortured interpretation of some strawman that no one else can hear but you.

            3. "The police shooting an unarmed man in the face during a no-knock raid–without a warrant– over something that shouldn’t even be illegal is authoritarian. "

              And yet that is exactly the kind of shit that Trump loves, and that idiots like you get all jazzed up by and go buy blue line American flags to show your support for.

          2. Politicians try to overturn elections all the time. That's what recounts are.

            1. It’s almost like Christine Pelosi, The Hamilton Electors, and United For America never happened, and several electors in the electoral college didn’t vote against how their state did in 2016.

              I’m sure all the lefties here threw a similar fit then too though, right?

        2. "Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of it's victims may be the most oppressive" Great C.s. lewis quote.

      2. Didn't seem particularly more authoritarian than any other recent presidents.

        1. Not paying attention to the whole, "I refuse to concede the election" thing?

          1. You know there is no law requiring someone to concede right? His concession has nothing to do with the electoral process. He can fight until he can't.

            Fucking idiot.

            1. Ever play a game like when you were a kid. Chess, monopoly whatever. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Sometimes your opponent just kicks over the board yells “you cheated” and stomps out of the room.

              Look I did not have a dog in this fight. There is no way I was going to vote for either one of them. I did watch the game. Biden won. That’s it. That was actually a surprise to me.

          2. How is that authoritarian?

            1. DOL’s TDS has him in a bit of a tizzy. A coherent conversation with him is not possible on this subject.

            2. Yeah, just how, exactly, is attempting to overthrow our republic authoritarian?

      3. Imagine thinking the american left is NOT authoritarian? how clueless and out of touch would you have to be to think that?

      4. “Just wear the fucking mask, shut down your business, and you can’t go to work or school unless we say so.”

        Gd you’re an idiot.

    4. Except that if Democrats prevail in both elections today in GA and then make Puerto Rico and DC states, Dems will pick up several additional House seats (as PR would get 4 House seats and DC would get 1, in addition to the 4 new Democrat Senate seats).

      Not sure which states would lose those 5 House seats, but I suspect several would come from NY, CA, NJ or other blue states, while one or two would come from red states.

      Anyone know how/when reapportionment of the House Seats would take place (if/when DC and PR are made states)?

      Might there be a second reapportionment of House Seats before the 2022 election?

      1. See my comment above.

        We're on the same page with this.

        The Democrats will only be limited by the extent to which they can implement their agenda, and the only limitation on that agenda is their lack of control of the senate.

        There is no other check on their agenda.

        We should also remember that 1) Pelosi already promised not seek the Speaker's chair come 2022, and 2) Biden probably won't have the stamina to run a traditional campaign crisscrossing the country for months at a time come 2024. In other words, neither of them seem to have much in the way of a reason to fear the wrath of the voters in 2022 and 2024,

        They're on a kamikaze mission. Other people talking about them not wanting to hurt their political careers at this point is ludicrous. Both of them may be retired by 2022. The only thing stopping them is that they lack control of the senate. There isn't anything about their ideology or their self-interests to limit them.

      2. The Democrats blatantly adding two Democrat-run states would likely be enough to split the country in half. The Civil War started just six years after the Democrats decided they didn't want to abide by the Missouri Compromise anymore, and introduced "popular sovereignty" in an effort to get slavery extended north of the 36th parallel outside of Missouri.

  29. This Warnock guy in Georgia. Was there some kind of scandal he was involved in as a principal in a day care camp or something where he actively impeded an investigation into sexual abuse of children by the staff? If that is true, how can any Georgian vote for such a man? If true, what Warnock did is far worse, in my mind, than Nixon's involvement in covering up the Watergate burglary.

    1. No

    2. That is about the first third of the entire story. If you are interested in the truth, go seek out the entire story, in which the investigators commended him for his cooperation.

    3. I don't know if that's true, but he did beat/abuse his now ex-wife

  30. Boy, January 21 2021 through 2024 is going to be one long, dark media dirt nap.

    1. The infighting for position to lick Biden's and Harris' boots is going to be ugly.

    2. Except that plenty is happening and we will not be focused on the mad king's daily tweet. Imaging a President that does not have to be the center of attention. Been a while but we can get used to that.

      1. I didn't subscribe to the mad king's twitter feed, so I only read what the subscribers had to say about it.

        1. Translation: I’m hiding my head in the sand, and ignoring President Trump’s primary activity for the entire time he has held office.

          1. Hey everyone, we found a subscriber.

            1. Well, I am not a subscriber to Trump’s Twitter feed, but I do check what he tweets every day. Lately, he mostly fumes about the election.

              1. I am and I will never cease to be embarassed that the Library of Congress will display for all time these ravings as the writings of the leader of this country. Compared to literally every other president ever, it'll read as though for four years we had a Breitbart comment section for a President.

                Trump is the one that claimed it was his "way to speak directly to the people with no media filter." So that is even MORE damning...on his self-chosen direct messaging platform he gives us these Tweets.

                Compare to Ronald Reagan's speech after the Challenger disaster.

      2. You could, IDK, not have TDS and obsess about what he tweets. But thanks for supporting what we've already known. The main issues you and other liberals have with Trump is that he tweets mean things.

        1. Ah, Jason A also hides his head in the sand.

        2. Well Trump could have won if he acted like a mench. I think he lost on character not so much policy. People got tired of his antics.

          1. So tired of his antics, that Biden won more voters than Obama could have ever dreamed of.

            1. Yes, so?

              1. There is no 'so'. It's just a fact, Biden is more popular and well-liked than Obama.

          2. You're a fucking tool.

            Trump. Gained. Votes.

            Pick a less idiotic narrative.

            1. Yes, both major party candidates gained votes. So?

            2. Nardz, this has to literally be the 100th time you have fallen prey to this absolutely basic failure to comprehend math.


              Trump clearly inspires you at an almost godlike level (which explains why you also fail to grasp that yard signs for Trump does not equal no one voting for Biden, it's just that no one holds him up as a godlike object of devotion. he's simply not Trump and that's good enough for millions). Maybe some day you'll realize the flip side of that coin is that he also inspires huge numbers of people to vote against him.

        3. Imagine excusing such behavior by your own boss. Imagine if his Tweets weren't also eerily similar to his speeches, phone calls, emails, and recorded behaviors.

          Does ANYTHING bother you?

    3. The MSM is gonna do what they did during Trump's first term. They are gonna lie about Trump during Trump's second Presidential term 2021-2025.

      Jan 6, 2021 is gonna be so fun!

  31. I'm posting this because I'm genuinely confused by the comment section on this website.

    I'm very new to libertarianism, so I'll cop to maybe being a bit ignorant. I thought that libertarians were generally in favor of states' rights but in many of the comments, I see people ok with the thought of overturning the election results, effectively interfering with the states' ability to self-govern. Am I reading this wrong?

    I strongly believe that the states should have a certain level of self-determination free from federal interference, although I realize that doesn't mean that states will be any more competent.

    I'm not here to tell anyone who they should have voted for or debate who is going to be worse for the country, because, frankly I think they both stink.

    Would love to hear some thoughts about whether I am reading this correctly....

    1. Libertarian and states rights are orthogonal. Election results and states rights are also orthogonal.

      If Wyoming ran a flawed election and allowed the losing candidate to be installed as the winner, would the losing candidate contesting that election have anything at all to do with "state's rights"?

      Libertarian and "method of selecting electors" is also not directly related.

      There really are no hard-core libertarian principles at stake in your objection. If an election is decided by fraud, a libertarian would object to that. I have no idea how that magically stops if it is not a federal issue. Fraud is a big one for libertarians, whether it be in elections, contracts or elsewhere.

      As to being confused by the comment section... well... it is a bunch of random people on the internet. Of course it is confusing! We have paid shills for political parties, self-appointed shills, ideologists, political partisans, mentally ill trolls.... basically exactly what you'd expect on a political comment section. There are some really brilliant people mixed in the group... a few of whom are actually right from time to time.

      1. And as It Is Known, the only Real Libertarians are the ones who call other people un-libertarian.

    2. Asking for an audit of election results = overturning an election? I read the comments here regularly. Nobody is claiming that election results should be overturned. Many are, however, expecting the states to uphold their actual election laws, uphold ballot chain of custody and investigate obvious voting irregularities.

    3. Reason doesn’t put any time or money into moderating these comments. A bunch of pro-Trump conservatives have discovered they can come here, commiserate with each other about how awful liberals are, and act like total assholes without being subjected to any moderation.

      1. That sums it up.

        1. Needs moar cocksuckers and Cult! though, amirite?

          1. Is that from your Trumpista manual?

            1. Needs moar mean girls!

    4. 1) Not everyone who posts in the comment section of a libertarian website is libertarian. Not everyone who writes for this magazine is a libertarian either.

      2) A lot of people are genuinely concerned about the things Biden has promised to do when he's elected, and different people react to that in different ways. What we say to each other in this website might not be how we'd rule if we were on the Supreme Court.

      3) I don't know exactly which comments you're referring to, but some of it may be wishful thinking. Because they're really hoping that we avoid the Green New Deal, an assault on our gun rights, and Medicare for All, they may be hoping that the election really was stolen.

      4) Generally speaking, libertarians believe that everyone should be free to make choices for themselves. Once we agree on that, agreeing on anything else isn't really necessary--and we tend to disagree on a lot.

    5. If you're not a troll and really are 'new to libertarianism', you're going to find all kinds of seemingly contradictory things in both the comment section and in particular, the articles written here. There are a lot of schisms going on across the political spectrum.

      For instance, you could probably go to any comment section for any political subset and it might read:

      I'm not to being a Democrat, but I'm genuinely confused by the comment section... I thought Democrats were supposed to be for free spech, the working class etc, but what I'm reading here...

      And so on.

        1. Ignore my edit... I'm trying to do too many things at once.

          1. Definitely not trolling, and appreciate everyone who responded taking the time to educate me a bit.

            I will keep all your info in mind when I read through both the articles and comments in the future. Sincere thanks!

      1. On the day of the senate election in Georgia, too.

        I once had a conversation with a Muslim about the Golden Rule. I asked him to consider it in the context of Judgement Day. What does, "Do unto others as you would have done unto you" mean on Judgment Day?

        According to the polls at Real Clear Politics, both the Democrats are leading both of the Republicans. It's really hard not to think of Trump contesting his election results without considering the implications on policy--the day of the election in Georgia.

        All those Libertarians who voted for someone other than Trump under the assumption that the Republicans in the senate would save us from the Democrats, they may have made a really bad assumption.

        1. A shitty assumption.

          An assumption that reeks to high heaven!

        2. And what did your Muslim friend say? Christians, Jews, and Muslims have those concepts but they are quite different.

  32. Poor unreason. Democrats lost the Senate elections in Georgia by legal votes.

    No massive news about it, so you know that they know its a loss.

    Just like Lefties are ignoring what is happening tomorrow before the Joint Session of Congress.

    1. What in delusional heck are you going on about now.

  33. crooked election or not trump is a deluxe asshole and always has been. we knew that and elected him anyway. he was a dick every day of the last four years, he's been a dick since the election and now we're sick of his dick shit.

  34. Stopped in to see how much my name was used in vain. Ladies, there's only one me. Treat those "socks" like human beings, because that's what they are. People. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    1. Tell that to my 3,297,597 socks!

  35. So let me guess:

    If the Rs win in GA, the election apparatus is suddenly perfectly legit and everyone loves Raffsberger again.

    If the Ds win in GA, the election was "obviously rigged" with the "proof" being that Trump said it so many times and I heard it on Parler and a survey from November said so.

    And of course all following litigation is all just part of the grand coverup including all branches of the legislative and judicial branches at every level of state and federal government. Do I have it about right?

    1. Almost. Donald Trump will still be unhappy, even if the GOP senators are elected.

  36. Looks like the Team Red strategy to tell its voters not to vote because "the fix is in" is paying dividends tonight.

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