Americans Are Sick of Arbitrary COVID-19 Restrictions

A year into the pandemic, politicians still have not digested the dangers of careless public health measures.


"I'm not sure we know what we're doing," San Mateo County Health Officer Scott Morrow recently confessed, referring to the myriad puzzling restrictions state and local governments have imposed in the name of fighting COVID-19. Morrow's doubts are striking, because last spring he joined other San Francisco Bay Area officials in imposing the nation's first lockdowns, which he still thinks were justified.

Morrow's remarkable statement, which he posted on his department's website earlier this month, shows that politicians and bureaucrats are still struggling to justify edicts that are often arbitrary and scientifically dubious. A year into the COVID-19 epidemic, many of them have yet to digest the dangers of carelessly exercising their public health powers.

Although research in other countries has shown that K-12 schools are not an important source of virus transmission, they remain closed in California and many other jurisdictions, largely because of resistance from teachers unions. "The adverse effects for some of our kids will likely last for generations," Morrow warned.

Morrow, who has served as San Mateo County's health officer since 1992, also criticized the stay-at-home order that California Gov. Gavin Newsom issued on December 3, which he said is "rife with inconsistencies." Although the new restrictions will mean "more job loss, more hunger, more despair and desperation…and more death from causes other than COVID," Morrow said, they were imposed without evidence that the activities they target are "major drivers of transmission."

A conspicuous example is Newsom's ban on outdoor restaurant dining, which applies in regions where the available ICU capacity drops below 15 percent. This month a Los Angeles County judge said such bans are "not grounded in science, evidence, or logic."

California Health and Human Services Secretary Mark Ghaly has admitted the state ban was not based on evidence that outdoor dining plays a significant role in spreading COVID-19. Ghaly said the policy, a grave threat to businesses that were already barely surviving, is "not a comment on the relative safety of outdoor dining" but is instead aimed at discouraging Californians from leaving home.

Ghaly assumes that giving people fewer things to do outside their homes will push them toward safer behavior. But as Morrow noted, "these greater restrictions are likely to drive more activity indoors," a "much riskier" setting.

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham apparently did not consider that possibility when she imposed a two-week "pause" last month that shut down golf courses and state parks. Although many parks remain open in California, camping is banned in restricted regions, and the state says residents "should not travel significant distances for recreation."

COVID-19 restrictions are equally capricious in other states. New York Gov. Cuomo last week banned indoor dining in New York City even though his own data showed that restaurants accounted for just 1.4 percent of infections, while Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz banned both indoor and outdoor dining at a time when 1.7 percent of cases were linked to restaurants.

Another Walz decree was so sweeping and invasive that even The New York Times, usually a big fan of COVID-19 restrictions, was taken aback. Walz "took the extraordinary step of banning people from different households from meeting indoors or outdoors, even though evidence has consistently shown the outdoors to be relatively safe," the paper reported.

Cuomo's eagerness to show he was doing something about the epidemic led him to impose onerous limits on "houses of worship," a policy so blatantly discriminatory that it was overturned by the Supreme Court. Even when ill-advised COVID-19 restrictions don't violate the Constitution, they provoke resentment and resistance, which undermine compliance with the sensible precautions that are crucial to containing the virus until vaccines are widely available.

"Just because one has the legal authority to do something doesn't mean one has to use it, or that using it is the best course of action," Morrow noted. "The power and authority to control this pandemic lies primarily in your hands, not mine."

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  1. Telling everyone that masks work also gave everyone a false sense of security to go out and do their Christmas shopping, and to fly wherever whenever. Obviously the masks didn't work, or this thing would be over already. Californians have been wearing masks for 9 months.

    1. I doubt anyone was wearing a mask at their Thanksgiving dinner with a fuckton of annoying relatives.

      1. No, but they were wearing masks before going to dinner. So how did they catch it in the first place?

        1. Celebrating Biden's election, perhaps?

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              1. Reason has supported the communist lock-downs since day one. Shut your fucking holes, you fucking Marxists. Reason is just a mouthpiece for cuomo.

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      2. Since you don't have any evidence that small gatherings contributed to the spike, you can get fucked with a rusty chainsaw like the rest of the Maskthulians.

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        2. I'm stealing "Maskthulians"!

      3. You’re probably one of the relatives who doesn’t even get invited.

      4. "a fuckton of annoying relatives"

        Narrator: "Little did Chipper realize that he was the annoying relative and that everyone else was simply enjoying themselves"

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    2. So maybe Fauci was right after all when he said last spring "people shouldn't wear masks, they don't do shit."

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    4. nobody ever ever said that masks 100% stopped the spread. it is fair to say that many may have failed to emphasize this distinction; but saying they "don't work" is, at best, equally as wrong. everyone should be wearing masks..... everyone needs to know that protection is not absolute. a bulletproof vest increases your odds in a shootout, but you are still smart to avoid one.

      1. but saying they “don’t work” is, at best, equally as wrong.
        Wrong based on what? Not on the various studies that say masks don't work. And I realize there are studies that say the opposite, the total of which sounds a lot like people not being sure what is or is not effective.

        There has yet to be a convincing argument of how someone who is not infected can possibly stop the spread of a virus that he/she does not have by staying home or wearing a piece of cloth.

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      2. Um, OK. Let's see.

        Bullet-proof vests were designed by people with technical skills, extensively tested during development, and have decades of documented use in the field. They have a proven significant effectiveness.

        Lakota Indian ghost shirts were also deployed to stop bullets. They were developed and promoted by shamans, based on fantasy and politics. And, unfortunately for the wearers, actually caused more harm than good.

        So now, which one is more like the current face covering craze?

        1. That reminds me of a (true) story of a Lakota shaman who told some warriors that the water in a certain river was magical and would protect them from bullets if they bathed in it. To prove it worked he had them dip their hands in the river, then shot them in the hand and the bullet bounced off. (He neglected to mention that the powder charge was greatly reduced to trick them.)

          So the warriors rode off confidently into battle to face the US Cavalry, only to be flee in a panicked rout when the Cavalry unit initiated a saber charge.

      3. " a bulletproof vest increases your odds in a shootout"

        So might a sheaf of papers, but the odds say no.

        And masks are not remotely as effective as ballistic vests - which are tested and proven effective up to specific limits. Masks, in common practice, are theater.

        Anything other than a well fitted N95, coupled with proper hand and face hygiene is equivalent to carrying the text of a speech to a gunfight.

      4. "everyone should be wearing masks"

        Go fuck yourself, fatass.
        Apart from the (in)effectiveness in stopping virus particles, why the hell "should" people who aren't sick wear masks?

      5. Just look at the midwest. Vastly different rules regarding masks and lockdowns, but the same curves.

        1. That is not very helpful because viral transmission rates depend on a lot of uncontrollable factors. Mask wearing, and I have given up arguing about it, is only likely to be a small part of that.

          People are very emotional about this so there is no convincing at this point. It is no big deal to me so when I go to the store or something I put one on.

          1. By all means, please put one on if it doesn't bother you, but that doesn't mean the rest of us should have to if we don't want to. Especially if there is no proven reason for us to do so aside from some politician getting his rocks off from bossing people around.

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    5. Pretty amazing people haven't figured this out by now.

      Fine you flouted the established science pretending to believe the Magic Amulets would work.

      Nine months in and simple observation has revealed they've been a spectacular failure likely adding fuelling to the spikes.

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    6. It's pretty amazing people haven't figured this out by now.

      Fine. They flouted the established science to believe in Magic Amulets.

      But now? Nine months in and you still can't see they don't work?

      They may even be fuelling the spike.

      1. Nine months in and Big Tits Foo and the Jeffys best take is 'they would work if the prols weren't such assholes'.

        Fuck them and the Che Guevara scooter they rode in on.

      2. I have seen enough evidence, even if its circumstantial, that says they make the problem worse and thus I do my very best not to ever wear one.

        In fact, logically, it makes perfect sense that wearing the same dirty piece of cloth strapped to one's nose and mouth everyday would make one more likely to eventually inhale a pathogen from the dirty junk accumulated on the mask.

        That's just common sense.

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    9. Idiots like you who ignore data and science and think that masks don't work just because they don't work 100% are almost as big a problem as government officials like CA Gov. Newsom who ignore data and science.

      Morons like you that deny everything do not help the cause of advocating for liberty.

      1. Liberty is not wearing a mask if you choose not to. And we would all agree if it was anywhere in the realm of 100% effective we would be wearing them. However, they seem to be closer to 0% and that is when people get sick of bureaucrats telling us to virtue signal meaningless nonsense.

  2. Christ how many of these people hate the lockdown articles are we going to get.

    We literally have a congress that thinks you’re worth 600 bucks for your trouble. Meanwhile enriching themselves and their cronies. And getting a vaccine in front of the people they impoverished.

    We have a president elect worth millions despite only being an elected public servant for nearly five decades. Illegally gotten gains or shrewd investing you decide. He never ran a business and couldn’t write a book or give a speech to save his soul.

    Cmon reason write something about that if you dare.

    1. 900 billion dollars in Covid relief means about 8k spent per citizen, and the people get 0.6k of that, or about 8 percent.

      Marinate on that for a bit.

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      2. But are you saying the Feds shouldn't be spending another $900 billion, or that citizens should be getting more than $600?

        Personally, I think it would be better if us plebes didn't get any more at all. That would be ~$166 billion less that the feds are spending in total.

        Now of course, I'm opposed to almost all of the spending in this bill. I can see the need and legitimacy of the ~$30 billion allocated to testing and vaccine rollout. Otherwise, cut the rest... even my own personal bribery check.

      3. People are getting more than $0.6k. The unemployment benefits are being paid to people. The workers who will stay employed - for example the tens of thousands of airline workers that got recalled this week in direct response to this bill - will get money.

        You’re looking at it pretty simplisticly.

      4. but we get to pay it all back

      5. ""900 billion dollars in Covid relief means about 8k spent per citizen, and the people get 0.6k of that, or about 8 percent.""

        Government 101.

      6. Don’t forget not everyone gets a check so its less than .6k per person.

        1. The bill allocates $166 billion for payments, and it's supposed to be for every man, woman, and child. So parents will receive more than .6k, and I'm sure a lot of dead or otherwise non-existent people will receive a check again as well.

    2. I didn’t see a single mention about decorum or normalcy in your post. Now report to your district decorum manager for your next class assignment.

      1. Nobody gives fuck about decorum and normalcy. The thieving Democrats put a stop to that when they legalized voter fraud.

    3. Cmon reason write something about that if you dare.

      Don't hold your breath.

      Narrative uber alles at Reason

      1. "Reason Magazine - we have the exact same views as you'll find in the Washington Post and New York Times, but we're not afraid to use f-bombs."

    4. Actually it is good that they are getting the vaccines. It sets a good example. A lot of people are paranoid about it.

      They should run ads on TV showing popular celebrities and sports stars getting it as it starts to become more available.

      1. We should all do as actors and athletes do.

        1. Should ain't got nothing to do with it.

          We live in a world where "social media influencer" is a full-time vocation.

          1. Right it is just an ad campaign. “ I mean if Oprah is getting one I guess it must be OK”

            1. Anyone that gets this vaccine is a complete nube. Good news is, I get to watch what the fallout is in real time. Bad news is, it could be really bad. Either way I'm keeping it out of my bloodstream and the bloodstreams of those I love. Worst case scenario I get COVID instead? I'm in perfect health and 35 years old, who cares? A two week flu.

    5. 9 months and not a hint of tar and feathers. Sure. People are fed up. About 1% nationwide as far as I can tell.

  3. RE: Cuomo: Christ, what an asshole.

    1. Please stop insulting ....assholes.

    2. Or as I refer to him as, the biggest putz on the planet.

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  5. Sullum's not saying anything here that hasn't already been said a million times, but here's the bottom line:

    The people who are telling us that these mandates and restrictions are necessary to save lives aren't obeying those same mandates and restrictions themselves. They break lockdown when they've gotten a postive coof test. They gather in large groups at restaurants and get their hair done in salons. They go on vacations over the holiday to frolic on the beach or to see relatives who aren't in their own household. They take off their masks when they think the cameras aren't running.

    If they don't take this shit seriously, why should we? And if they don't take this shit seriously enough to follow their own bullshit rules, what else are they lying about?

    1. Event 2.0, created by the World Economic Forum and the Bill Gates Foundation IN CASE OF A PANDEMIC is what we are now living. In their 2018 simulation, they called it the Clade X pandemic. THE GOAL: A New World Order where the USA loses all freedoms and dominance and a "more equitable" world prevails. That of course involves Chinese people understanding why they need to take over America. Here you go, an ad made by the Clinton Foundation as propaganda called Great Nations Eat (hint we are not a great nation):

    2. The people who are telling us that these mandates and restrictions are necessary to save lives aren’t obeying those same mandates and restrictions themselves.
      And that cannot be pointed out often enough. The first rule of rules is that they have to make sense. Arbitrary business closings fail this standard. The second rule is that at least a portion of rules' moral authority comes from those who impose them. That part is obviously falling on its face.

      1. Red agree completely btw.

      2. Yup and look how many of them are coming up positive from the president on down the line.

        1. Comrade echospinner says we must remember it is a sin to stray from the collective

      3. "The first rule of rules is that they have to make sense."

        Nonsense. The first rule of rules is the golden rule: He who has the gold makes the rules.

    3. Ask Tony to explain I'm sure he has a great fact filled answer.

      1. His actual argument has been that just because the people imposing these rules aren't following them, that doesn't mean they shouldn't be followed anyway.

        The sad part is that the majority of the country has this same servile, unquestioning attitude. They remind me of that line from Morpheus in The Matrix about people whose identity is so wrapped up in the system that they'll willingly kill anyone who's seen as a threat to it.

        1. Tony actually thinks the COVID-19 pandemic could cause the extinction of humanity.

          So we don’t have to save the human species from extinction because China and India aren’t taking the lead first.

          We could take the lead. Justify our miserable existence for the first time in a long time. We could even leverage our power to incentivize other countries to join the effort.

          Because if we don’t we’re not a living species anymore, and you may be a bunch of malicious narcissists, but even you know you don’t have the right to make that call.

          Emphases added

  6. I've always thought most elected officials were inept ,power hungry people looking for a easy way to make a buck. They have now confirmed it.

  7. These power mad assholes understand exactly one thing: loosing elections. Until the the great toilet of constituents is cleared with a flush that is heard around the world, the COVID bullshit is here to stay.

    1. "These power mad assholes understand exactly one thing: loosing elections..."

      In SF, we have boarded-up downtown, restaurants 'hibernating' (not even offering take-out), a cratered city budget, and Trump is being blamed.
      Not Newsom: Trump.
      I'm not sure if you have to be an imbecile to be a lefty shit, or becoming one requires a brain-removal, but the result is the same.

      1. Don't forget the 10,000 businesses that have fled California in the last decade including some rather large ones like Toyota, Tesla, Charles Schwab, Hewlett Packard, etc. I wonder if the morons blame Trump for that too? The hard part: they bring their moronic Democratic feelings with them and ruin cities like Austin in two election cycles.

      2. If only Trump had done more sooner (never mind he was roundly attacked/criticized for instituting a ban on travel to the US from China all the way back in January), it wouldn't have been necessary for Newsom to destroy the California economy.

      3. Of course they blame Trump. Democrats gonna Democrat.

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  9. Fuck you, Sullum, I am so sick of you bad-mouthing our most sacred institutions, creating distrust of our hard-working civil servants, sowing discord, questioning the very basis of our democracy. This shit has got to stop, how dare you undermine our constitutional republic in this manner?

    1. Almost as bad as mean tweets. He’s never going to have a decent social score.

  10. Recalls or revolutions; nothing else will work.

    1. The Tree of Liberty roots are thirsty for the blood of our tyrants. We've waited long enough.

  11. Not one mention of Trump's fraudulent claims the election was stolen.

    Who are you and what have you done with Jacob Sullum?

    1. Even Whoopi Sullum doesn't want the masses to start watching or talking about Trump's speech last night.
      Try finding this on Google and tell me we are not living in China right this very second. Biden will lock our borders "to keep us safe" and then boom. It's over.

      1. Thanks for posting Trump's speech about the election last night, which I didn't hear or see about on Fox News.

        Ironically, or NOT, the Wall Street Journal (also owned by Rupert Murdoch, who campaigned for and predicted a Biden victory)
        finally ran a lengthy article today exposing foreign business dealings by Hunter and James Biden

        The following excerpt states that the WSJ had lots of info about Hunter Biden's dealings back in October, which the WSJ editors chose not to reveal to its readers until after the election (similar to left wing and social news media).

        "In October, Mr. Bobulinski shared hundreds of emails, texts and other correspondence from Mr. Biden and his partners with the Journal. He said he was frustrated that SinoHawk never got the seed money promised by CEFC, and the frustration grew when he read in the Senate report about wire transfers to Mr. Biden.

        Many of the communications can’t be verified without Mr. Biden and other partners, who declined to answer questions when contacted by the Journal. Interviews, public records and findings of Senate Republicans support many of the events they describe."

        1. Welcome to China. Our media (including Fox) is practicing active censorship). Our media has created a COVID panic to eradicate ALL FREEDOMS. Our media covered for Biden's payola scandal because obviously a man whose family received tens of millions of dollars from China cannot be the leader of the United States.
          Not ONE JOURNALIST has dug into the Dominion Voting scandal except back when they thought cheating may have benefitted a Republican. And lastly, yes. The election was stolen by Soros, Malloch Brown, Clinton, Gates, and Zuckerberg because they know what's GOOD FOR YOU.

    2. The bet Sullum had with KMW paid off already?

      "Hey! Jacob. Bet you can't write about Trump conspiracy theories and election fraud for three straight weeks!"

      "You're on."

    3. They finally realized those articles only allowed commenters to post all the evidence they're trying to ignore and handwave away

      1. Like this?

        I will concede this, though.

        Tariq Nasheed makes a stronger case for his claims in his video, than Adam Schiff did regarding his claims that "Russia hacked the election".

  12. people need to take the pandemic seriously.

    the government should not mandate anything.

    i think if those in power had respected the second, we would not be having problems with the first. it is the arbitrary and heavy handed things that have people the most fed up.

    1. "...people need to take the pandemic seriously..."

      Goddam annoying nannies.
      Fuck you; I'll deal with it as I please.

      1. A good friend of mine just died of covid. It's a hoax! He was a great guy. Never went to see a doctor cause he was a macho, macho man. Fuck you.

    2. I think you got your answer Foo.

      1. Fuck off and die, karens.

      2. Goddam annoying nannies.
        Fuck you; I’ll deal with it as I please.

  13. SleepyJoe will save us from this problem. Day one.

    1. Using THE SCIENCE. And listening to THE EXPERTS. It's going to be great. Now I know why the Soviets and the Khmer Rouge killed all the intellectuals. Because useful idiots are so much easier to control. Biden is the King of the Useful Idiots.

  14. Reason has strongly supported the covid lock downs. Why complain now, almost a year later?

    1. You’ve clearly been reading something other than what’s been written.

      1. They supported Biden over Trump who promised more lockdowns and more government boot. So, yeah, they support the lockdowns.

  15. Sounds like this Scott Morrow fella needs to report to Room 101.

  16. From the WSJ piece on renewed lock-downs this morning:

    "In Chicago, where bars and restaurants are closed for indoor service and people are asked to limit social gatherings to six individuals, officials monitor social media to break up potential superspreader events.

    Chicago authorities said they work with Airbnb Inc. and Eventbrite Inc. to keep tabs on people renting party pads or selling tickets to illegal gatherings, and try to shut down parties before they start.

    A spokeswoman for Eventbrite said Chicago officials have focused on the company’s “Report This Event” feature, which allows users to flag questionable gatherings. A spokeswoman for Airbnb said the company has banned parties at rentals and won’t allow one-night bookings over New Year’s Eve. She added that Airbnb is working with local governments to crack down on people who violate local ordinances."

    They have gone full Soviet.

    1. "work with", good euphemism

  17. You see the problem with all this outrage though right? People don't have a problem with the demands to kneel at the altar of "The Science". They only have a problem with the clerics of "The Science" being insufficiently pious themselves. They don't wish to do away with the altars, they just want the priests to kneel as well.

    The average American isn't angry that all of this is insane. They are angry that some people (the leaders) do not openly appear insane enough.

    1. I bet you've totes got your finger on the pulse of "average Americans"

  18. Let's forget about the dubious efficacy of any of those totalitarian martial law measures that predictably mission creeped from 2 weeks to now going on 9 months. It has set precedents far more dangerous and will cause far more misery and death in the long term than even the absurd 2.2 million dead prediction (that unsurprisingly was way overblown). In the US the depressions, poverty, suicides, substance abuse resulting from turning a free prosperous nation into effectively a giant poverty stricken prison for a year (it may still be longer) alone will kill far more in terms of life days lost than the few 100 thousands of very old and/or sick (that are 90% of the victims of coronavirus and who did not have that many life days left before anybody knew what coronavirus even was). In the 3rd world it is already predicted that the economic effects of the lockdowns will push millions into abject poverty and starvation conditions. This will go down in history as the worst overreaction and self inflicted disaster by the western world. In the US, 2020 has brought hands down the worst mass constitutional violations in our nation's history and having any limits on what government can inflict on the people will now be a distant memory. I think even if the 2.2 million prediction was accurate, the long term consequences of lockdowns would have proven to not have been worth it.

    1. "This will go down in history as the worst overreaction and self inflicted disaster by the western world."

      I wish this were true. Unfortunately, the left will do everything possible to ensure that this conclusion is not reached, and they have at least a very good chance of success.

  19. Americans Are Sick of Arbitrary COVID-19 Restrictions

    So why did Sullum wait nine months after left wing Democrats began imposing these unconstitutional totalitarian lockdowns to express these same extremely important concerns that hundreds of commenters have been posting here (for the past nine months)?

    That's right, Sullum (and many others at Reason) were obsessed with writing daily screeds denouncing Trump, who has been the most libertarian president since Cal Coolidge.

    Had it not been for the Democrats totalitarian lockdowns
    (and fear mongering about covid), the Dems wouldn't have been able to change election procedures in most states and counties (via manipulative, illegal and unconstitutional means) to greatly expand mail in ballots, including greatly expanding illegal ballots (for Biden), in order to defeat Trump.

    1. They used COVID to make voting a total joke. No one votes in Venezuela anymore because there is no point. Zuckerberg and his $500 million worth of ballot harvesting combined with Soros's voting machine algorithms means we will soon have the Uniparty locking our borders and sending us $600 to show us who is boss. But the Kennedy Center will still be doing great for when the Soviet leaders want to see a nice ballet.

    2. I know. Now that their team Kamala Biden Blocko successfully wrecked the economy and stole the election, NOW they’re going to demand they be allowed to dine in late at their favorite eating establishments once again.

      Fuck all these fake libertarian assholes. I hope Cuomo, Deblasio, and Newsom thank them by locking their asses down forever.

    3. Trump is upset that they won't repeal section 230. Section 230 is why the website can take the risk of not being responsible for what we say and this they can have this comment section. He's not all that libertarian, but I'm glad he's against endless wars. Doesn't mean if vote for him. I'm glad that Biden isn't instituting a seizure of the mend of production too, but I wouldn't vote for him either.

  20. Look at the cuck sullum taking a day off from Trump bashing to play captain obvious.

  21. Sullum. Resident expert on COVID and science. In the summer he was all about herd immunity in Sweden. Now never mentions it because it’s turned into a disaster, compared to their Nordic neighbors. And the architect of their policy has been banished to the sidelines while they implement their own restrictions.

    In November Sullum said this about Biden’s forecast on COVID deaths:

    “ That implied a total U.S. death toll of about 423,000 by January 1. The current total is around 242,000. Biden's projection therefore suggests that COVID-19 will kill more than 3,600 Americans a day between now and the end of the year, compared to the current seven-day average of fewer than 1,100.”

    Yesterday there were 3300 deaths. We aren’t close to that 1100 anymore Sullum. By the end of December it will be close to 350,000 deaths, meaning Biden was off by about 75,000. And it will turn out Biden was off by about a month in his estimate. Whic I guess means Sullum figures that’s OK, because it didn’t happen a month earlier.

    Happy Sullum?

    1. Today in Foreign Policy magazine about Sweden’s botched COVID response, which Sullum and Tucille loved in the summer, but now hope you forget about:

      “And the result has been deadly. While countries such as the United States, Brazil, and India have made headlines for recording the highest number of coronavirus-related fatalities, Sweden’s death rate of over 80 per 100,000 people is among Europe’s highest and is around 10 times as great as those of Norway and Finland, and over four times Denmark’s. COVID-19 hospitalizations are now rising faster there than in most European countries, and Sweden is caring for more patients in hospital now than it did at the height of its first wave. By Dec. 21, Sweden had surpassed the United States and all major European countries in its daily confirmed cases per million. Things have gotten so out of control in Sweden that neighboring Norway, for the first time since World War II, put troops on the border to prevent Swedes from crossing over.”

      1. Herd immunity is the most misunderstood term out there.

        - It is observational not predictable and never should be used as policy.

        - It really only rests on the idea that if you have a prevention such as a vaccine which locally eradicates the disease that some percent of those not vaccinated will not catch it because they have not been exposed. It is not immunity at all. Expose the individual and they will catch the disease.

        - This is biology, Mother Nature, not engineering. We barely understand much of it. The virus can do anything. All you can do is observe and find strategies and weapons to fight it.

        - Human behavior is equally full of uncertainty. What we choose to do or not do is up to us as individuals. There is no question this is devastating for all of us.

        I do not pretend to have the answers. The amount of disinformation out there now is dangerous.

        1. Much disinformation comes from the public health establishment.

          "It's not that public health folks are wrong that racism and police
          brutality have significant public health consequences; while coronavirus has
          the potential to kill hundreds of thousands in a short period of time, over
          the long-term racism and state violence can cause even greater harm.

          But here's the thing: while it's understandable that people want to take to
          the streets to protest racism and state violence, there is no
          epidemiological or other scientific evidence that such protests will have
          positive public health effects by spurring positive social and political
          change. Any scientist or public health expert who suggests otherwise is
          engaging in political and sociological speculation that is not only beyond
          their expertise, but that really beyond anyone's expertise. But it's worse
          when such speculation purports to be scientific, from experts whose
          credibility is crucial for containing the current and future pandemics."-
          David Bernstein

  22. ""I'm not sure we know what we're doing," San Mateo County Health Officer Scott Morrow recently confessed,"

    When you don't know what you are doing (and if you aren't sure, you don't) the safest, least harm course of action is to do nothing.

    1. Psssh....

      What’s the using of having the power to issue arbitrary edicts if you aren’t going to cause misery?

  23. They hate them so much they vote in record numbers for the guy who promised more of them.

  24. Just google “entire family catches COVID” and you’ll quickly see why partial lockdowns nearly guarantee the spread of COVID. You either encourage people to spend as much time outdoors as possible or you go totalitarian on them like China, Vietnam and a few others.

  25. I am glad people are only tired of these arbitrary rules and not dying, because 10,000's of us will die over the next few months.

    1. Do you have a rigorous mathematical proof?

  26. I'm so glad that I've ignored all of the nonsense since jump.

    I don't own a mask. I hug people. I shake hands. I pay cash for things.
    When Cali first announced lockdown. . . I got in my car and went on a road trip, because the 1st Amendment says I can. Then, I went on another road trip. Then, another. Then, I went to Tennessee and Michigan.
    I'm "compromised," and haven't been ill in 6 years or more.
    Y'all can have your 95% effective vaccine. . . I'll stick with my tried-and-true, 99.9% effective immune system.
    And go where I like, when I like, as I have always done.

  27. In Los Angeles County, outdoor dining has been banned for four weeks.

    How many out of work?

    And for what?

    To accomplish jack shit?

  28. The pandemic is fake. My granddaughter was sick 4 days ago with a cough and a slight sore throat. Went to the doctor and they tested her for Covid. Results came back today as positive. However she hasn't had a fever and she is no worse than she was on Monday. No aches, chills or any other symptoms. I will never trust anyone in government or any medical expert like Fauci (he's about on the same level as Dr. Gates) or the CDC, FDA or WHO...all con artists paid off by Gates. I do not believe for one second that my granddaughter has Covid. The Cpr tests have been proven to be hit or miss and mostly miss because they set the sample RNA/DNA collections above 35 cycles and that distorts the data. Count me as an 110% denier and proud of it.

  29. If masks work, it is because they REDUCE the number of virus particles that inoculate you. If you are infected by a smaller number of particles, making it possible to much more easily allow your immune system to fight it off.

    When used together with povidone iodine (5% diluted with half sterile water), mouthwash and q-tip swabbing the nostrils before you leave the house, you probably would not catch the virus. And if you had it you probably would not spread it.

    We could kill off this virus in a month if everyone did this. You have never heard of this before. I am the ONLY person posting this here.

    I will also tell you that the (very safe) drug Ivermectin would not only cure you if you took it immediately upon exposure, an PREVENT it if you took a few tabs once/week.


    It is criminal that Media is not publishing this data. It is up to you to come to your own conclusions. LACK OF INFORMATION IS AN EXPRESSION OF POWER.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)
    Retired surgeon

  30. I have to give Gov Newsome a bit of credit. He did bring back the speakeasies. Kind of fun and gives me some hope for California.

    Also, fuck Newsome and insane, power-mad bureaucrats like him.

  31. Whenever there is a crisis, government feels that it has to "do something", even when that something makes us less safe Replacing airport security with TSA comes to mind.

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