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Deal Reached To Tack $900 Billion COVID-19 Relief Package on to Spending Bill

Plus: 1 in 5 prisoners has had COVID-19, Supreme Court won't stop undocumented immigrant exclusion from Census, and more...


A Sunday agreement between Democrats and Republicans in Congress will result in another round of relief checks going out and a continuation of expanded federal unemployment benefits. The new $900 billion bill is part of a larger $1.4 trillion spending bill to keep the federal government and its programs funded through next September.

Both the House and the Senate are expected to debate and vote on the COVID-19 relief package today.

The White House has already indicated that President Donald Trump will sign.

"After months of impasse, negotiations came down to the wire as 12 million people are set to lose unemployment benefits the day after Christmas," notes USA Today. "The deal includes restarting a $300 boost to the federal unemployment insurance benefit, extending eviction moratoriums for renters for an unspecified amount of time and a $600 direct payment to most Americans."

The one-time $600 checks would go to Americans making less than $75,000 a year.

The full text of the COVID-19 bill has not been released yet. But rumor has it that it may also expand a tax deduction for corporate meal expenses. From The Washington Post:

Since the 1980s, businesses have only been able to deduct 50 percent of their meal expenses off their federal taxes. A proposal championed by the White House and Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) would increase that deduction to 100 percent allowing companies to deduct the full cost of a business meal off their federal taxes.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin included the meal deduction as a White House priority in negotiations, two people with knowledge of matter said. A Treasury Department spokeswoman declined to comment.


This many months into the pandemic, jails still aren't prioritizing people's health and continue to cause both harm to those incarcerated and wider community spread. "New cases show the protocols adopted by even the most proactive jails aren't working. Crowded jails, where social distancing is virtually impossible, are fueling outbreaks both inside and outside of their walls," writes Nathaniel Lash at The New York Times:

Today some jails are getting overcrowded even by normal standards. The system in Jacksonville, Fla., was over capacity before the pandemic. Despite an early drop in population, jails there now hold more inmates than they did a year ago.

Prisons don't seem to be doing much better. New data from The Marshall Project and the Associated Press found "one in every five state and federal prisoners in the United States has tested positive for the coronavirus, a rate more than four times as high as the general population," and "in some states, more than half of prisoners have been infected."

"I sort of think it should come down to A, build more prisons, which I hate that, or B, reform this system," said Aimee Wissman, a formerly incarcerated artist who is now with the Ohio Prison Arts Connection. "And I think it's unfair that, quote unquote, public safety has now trumped these human beings' right to public health."


The U.S. Supreme Court won't prevent undocumented immigrants from being excluded from 2020 census counts—for now. Eric Boehm explains:

The high court on Friday dismissed a challenge that sought to prevent the White House from excluding undocumented immigrants in the final numbers that will be used to apportion congressional seats. In an unsigned opinion, the court said the Trump v. New York case was "premature" and that plaintiffs lacked standing to seek a legal remedy because the census has not yet been finalized.

"This case is riddled with contingencies and speculation that impede judicial review," the justices wrote. They noted that Trump "has made clear his desire" to exclude undocumented immigrants from the census, but that the court would have to wait until the plan was implemented before determining its constitutionality.


A new bill in the Senate would end the prohibition on incarcerated people receiving Pell Grants for higher education (a policy that's been in practice since 1994). The Restoring Education and Learning (REAL) Act—from Sens. Brian Schatz (D–Hawaii), Mike Lee (R–Utah), and Dick Durbin (D–Ill.)—is endorsed by prison groups and criminal justice reformers alike.

• The U.K. and South Africa are seeing a COVID-19 mutation that has scientists worried and officials enacting new shutdown orders.

• Jacob Sullum on the latest Trump attempts to conjure election fraud.

• If Arizona's "government restarts lethal injection executions, it has two choices, both of which involve breaking the law."

NEXT: An Anti-Racist Education for Middle Schoolers

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  1. 1 in 5 prisoners has had COVID-19…


    1. Hello.

      “The U.K. and South Africa are seeing a COVID-19 mutation that has scientists worried and officials enacting new shutdown orders.”

      Covid-20,21,22, 23….

      The on-going scam.

      1. Well, some people were starting to talk about the end of the pandemic, so our overlords had to do something.

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      2. They’re really desperate to get this Huxleyite Great Reset in place.

        “Stay in your pods, wear your masks, and eat your bugs, citizens!”

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      3. One of the scientists thinks the mutation is due to our reaction to the virus, ie it mutated in response to the measure we took. Peanut allergies did the same.

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    2. I think this means our prison population just dropped by 20%. Thanks Trump!

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    3. So what I am hearing is that the worst case scenario maximum infection rate is 20%? Isn’t that good news

      1. Isn’t that what the cruise ship ended up at? Somewhere around 20% infected?

        1. Yes. It’s also what I originally projected for the US and we may still achieve it.

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      2. This is what we see over and over again in real life. Roughly 20% prevalence and then it starts crashing.

    4. well, if you’re gonna go “full lockdown”….

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  2. SleepyJoe will fix all these problems.

  3. RESIST!
    Not my president.

    1. Has the TDS vaccine come out yet? I think it infects more people than Covid-19-45.

      1. How about the moron vaccine? At least 80% of the population is infected and suffering!

        1. The problem with “moronism” is that it does not kill its host…

          1. Actually it does, and with amazing reliability.

            The main problem is that it does not kill them before they breed.

            1. Well, it used to do better, before “civilization” started interfering.

              1. Sᴛᴀʀᴛ ᴡᴏʀᴋɪɴɢ ғʀᴏᴍ ʜᴏᴍᴇ! Gʀᴇᴀᴛ ᴊᴏʙ ғᴏʀ sᴛᴜᴅᴇɴᴛs, sᴛᴀʏ-ᴀᴛ-ʜᴏᴍᴇ ᴍᴏᴍs ᴏʀ ᴀɴʏᴏɴᴇ ɴᴇᴇᴅɪɴɢ ᴀɴ ᴇxᴛʀᴀ ɪɴᴄᴏᴍᴇ… Yᴏᴜ ᴏɴʟʏ ɴᴇᴇᴅ ᴀ ᴄᴏᴍᴘᴜᴛᴇʀ ᴀɴᴅ ᴀ ʀᴇʟɪᴀʙʟᴇ ɪɴᴛᴇʀɴᴇᴛ ᴄᴏɴɴᴇᴄᴛɪᴏɴ…TBf Mᴀᴋᴇ $80 ʜᴏᴜʀʟʏ ᴀɴᴅ ᴜᴘ ᴛᴏ $13000 ᴀ ᴍᴏɴᴛʜ ʙʏ ғᴏʟʟᴏᴡɪɴɢ ʟɪɴᴋ ᴀᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴏᴛᴛᴏᴍ ᴀɴᴅ sɪɢɴɪɴɢ ᴜᴘ..Yᴏᴜ ᴄᴀɴ ʜᴀᴠᴇ ʏᴏᴜʀ ғɪʀsᴛ ᴄʜᴇᴄᴋ ʙʏ ᴛʜᴇ ᴇɴᴅ ᴏғ ᴛʜɪs ᴡᴇᴇᴋ……….. Home Profit System

          2. KILL ALL MORONS! Or something similar.

        2. At least 80% of the population is infected, but only the other 20% is suffering because of it

        3. How long have you had it?

          1. Pee wee Herman’s sock.

  4. Both the House and the Senate are expected to debate and vote on the COVID-19 relief package today.

    “Wait a minute, I want to tack on a rider to that bill: $30 million* of taxpayer money to support the Perverted Arts**.”

    * paltry amount; how naive The Simpsons writers were
    ** painting of Bill Clinton in the blue dress

  5. The U.K. and South Africa are seeing a COVID-19 mutation that has scientists worried and officials enacting new shutdown orders.
    So what if it is a much weaker variant?

    1. Doesn’t matter. It’s HIGHLY TRANSMISSABLE. /prepares jab.

      This won’t hurt.

      We think.

      We hope.

    2. That would be great. What if it’s a variant that would be unaffected by either of the new vaccines that were recently approved?

      Further, as per this recent journal submission:

      This new UK coronavirus is quite a bit different than other SARS-COV2 strains. Take a look at the second graph at that link. That’s an interesting jump, and I wonder whether this new bug had some help.

      1. They kept saying, on the NPR this morning, that the new strain was 70% more infectious. Like, they know how infectious the existing virus spreads. Or if it’s spread by aerosol or cough/sneezing or touching surfaces. Or if masks are or are not effective. And you are taking all this non-data and coming up with “70%”?

        Sure enough, in the quotes from the scientists, they start saying “up to 70%” and “more transmissible” and “this strains shows the possibility of being more transmissible than the previous strain.” So “70%” isn’t science, it’s a meme. It’s garbage*. If you people want us to “listen to the science”, then start telling us the damn science, instead of all this Fauci/Stanford nonsense garbled through ignorant journalist’s brains pretending to be science.

        [*and all the global warming science cultists can just blow it out their ignorant holes.]

        1. Correct, sir!


        3. HOW DARE YOU??(kill my childhood)

        4. My favorite is “up to X or more.”

        5. So what do you think of the functional significance of the new spike protein on the B.1.1.7 form of the virus?

          1. I couldn’t begin to tell you. With our luck, it aids the virus with something like antibody-dependent enhancement.

            I also don’t have the chops to accept or reject the hypothesis that these mutations in B.1.1.7 were the result of antibody challenge trials to select for a strain that could traverse Abs created by either vaccine. We have, I thought, some no-shit microbiologists or virologists in the commentariat, if they haven’t been run out of here yet. I’m curious what they think about all of this.

  6. This many months into the pandemic, jails still aren’t prioritizing people’s health and continue to cause both harm to those incarcerated and wider community spread.

    There will always be more prisoners to replace those ones.

    1. Did I miss the memo where we redefined the mission of jails as promoting public health?

      1. and schools as daycare with meals?

      2. These people are VICTIMS damnit! No time for memos, we’ve got to act NOW.

        Check yourself. Being able to follow the law comes from a place of privilege.

        1. How much privileges do I need to follow the law?

      3. Who said anything about public health? Contitutionally-guaranteed, taxpayer-funded, human pseudo-science experimentation is their purview.

  7. Do you know who ELSE dehumanized people by depicting them as rats?

    Remember the horror show of the democRATS ad a few elections ago, which was a War Crime?

    The Washington Post printed a cartoon on Sunday depicting various Republicans as rats.

    The cartoon, drawn by The Post’s editorial cartoonist Ann Telnaes and titled “All the Republican rats,” includes well over 100 named “state attorneys general and U.S. Congress members” accused of allowing President Donald Trump to attempt to stay in office.

    Ahead of the drawings of rats – each given the name of a lawmaker or a state attorney general – a description explains what the cartoon intends to depict: “All of the state attorneys general and U.S. Congress members who collaborated with President Trump in his attempt to subvert the Constitution and stay in office.”

      1. A bar code is dumb. The correct method would be numbers tattooed on the forearm. A time tested method.

        1. Buzz Patterson
          Yet, we can’t require IDs to vote? Interesting.

          On the flip side, it makes sense that Yangbang wants to run for mayor of NYC, what with his anti-Semitic notions and all.

          1. Voting is the only basic human right. Unlike being able to buy necessities, work, travel, which are all privileges granted by the government.

            1. Asking for ID 6 inches away from the polling place? Public health measure designed to see if you are vaccinated.

              Asking for ID 6 inches inside the polling place? Racism, straight up.

        2. Not enough graft and smug sense of moral superiority for tech nerds in the arm tattoo route.

      2. I don’t get it.

        I have to document proof of vaccination to do business with hospitals, etc.

        His idea is a receipt you could keep on your phone and display as you choose.

        This isn’t an inherently dumb idea.

        1. I think he is looking to end fraudulent test results. A PDF’s text can be changed anything you want. Britain ran into this recently finding many people were buying fake or forging tests to travel when the real tests weren’t available to them.

          Not that his idea is any good.

        2. It’s a brilliant idea, for the power.

          It’s a dangerous, very dangerous, idea for the people.

        3. It needs to be connected to the individual. On the phone could be used by others who grab the phone.

          1. There is much you don’t understand.

    1. They are absolutely all communists. They just don’t know it.

      Appalled doesn’t give it justice.

      Without WaPo democracy dies apparently.

      1. With WaPo democracy dies sooner.

    2. Presumably they depicted Al Gore and his supporters in the same way back in 2000. I mean, we know they are ubiased.

      1. Vicious, vain, dumb little animals that think of little beyond killing, fucking, and grooming? Yep, that’s a great metaphor for our Ruling Class.

    3. except rats are generally smart enough to not jump ON a sinking ship

  8. Damn you, science denying GOP

    Venus was once Earth-like, but climate change made it uninhabitable

    1. Earth was also once Venus-like but climate change made it inhabitable.

      1. With oxygen pollution from the first photosynthetic life.

    2. The landscape is littered with rusting hulks of SUV’s.

    3. Is that why the women moved here?

    4. How you prevent planet wide volcanic eruptions, though?

      1. Mask the volcanoes

    5. And it was humans fault back then and there too.

    6. Venus is nearly anhydrous. It lost its water through radiation induced dissociation into H2 and O2, and the H2 escaped from the atmosphere since it is so light. Without water the atmosphere was left with mostly CO2.

      1. Venus has a solar constant nearly double the Earth’s. Earth would be much warmer with Venus’s constant.

      2. Clearly you are a science denier of the worst sort.

    7. To give you a sense of scale, consider that the smallest LIPs produce enough magma to cover all of Canada to a depth of about 10 metres. The largest known LIP produced enough magma that would have covered an area the size of Canada to a depth of nearly eight kilometres.

      Build more windmills, run them in reverse to cool the tidal wave of lava that would be required to turn Earth into Venus. Science!

  9. A new bill in the Senate would end the prohibition on incarcerated people receiving Pell Grants for higher education…

    Now if only Congress would also forgive their student loans.

    1. and cover room and board as well as tuition. oh wait…

  10. An honest politician is one who stays bought

    Biden space advisers urge cooperation with China

  11. The Nation looks at vote reparations, where the votes of black Americans would be counted twice

    1. “How to completely undermine democracy in one easy step”

    2. Funnily enough, your link tries to load for a second or two, then Google smacks it with a 404 page. Thankfully, was able to help.

      To hell with Google. And this idea from the Nation. (Really, does it matter which one of theirs?)

    3. So for the black people who already vote twice….do you multiply by 2 so they get to vote 4 times? /something only a racist would say

    4. don’t they already do this in Chicago and Philadelphia?

      1. Vote twice as early! Vote twice as often!

  12. The U.K. and South Africa are seeing a COVID-19 mutation that has scientists worried and officials enacting new shutdown orders.

    Well this is a totally unpredictable turn.

  13. Asymptomatic Spread Revisited

    Asymptomatic spread was the answer given to the great question: I’m not sick so why should I have to be locked down? Why are we quarantining the healthy? And what possibly could it mean, in any case, to be sick without symptoms? Why are half the PCR-positive tests assigned to people who otherwise seem to be perfectly fine?

    All these valid questions came to be answered by this one phrase: asymptomatic spread. You might not feel sick. You might not ever have symptoms from SARS-CoV-2. Still, you could be an even worse super spreader without knowing it, infecting people all around you who will carry it to people who will die from the disease. This was also the moment when, subtly and imperceptibly, we were being asked to think of our fellow citizens not as human beings with dignity and rights but pathogen-carrying disease vectors. We had to be masked, all of us, because we are secretly filthy and unclean: we cannot be allowed to breath near others, so even with a mask we must stay 6 feet away.

    (As I type these words, I feel sure that if anyone reads them in ten years, the reader will assume I’m writing fiction or engaged in wild hyperbole. To the future reader: this is all true.)

    On June 7, Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, head of the WHO’s emerging diseases and zoonosis unit, told a press conference that from the known research, asymptomatic spread was “very rare.” “From the data we have, it still seems to be rare that an asymptomatic person actually transmits onward to a secondary individual.” She added for emphasis: “It’s very rare.”

    1. But , but, it could happen, right? So, so, we need to continue kicking 2 year old kids off airplanes because science!

    2. Germany’s ‘Fauci’ Dr. Drosten (an epidemiologist – blows into slide whistle) peddled two things that form the basis of our panic: PCR and the idea of asymptomatic spread.

      He and Neil Ferguson should be preparing lunch for inmates.

      1. Fauci said in July that our PCR tests are overly sensitive and give too many useless positives. I’m sure he will correct that mistake in Feb after Biden’s useless mask mandate.

      2. He and Neil Ferguson should be preparing prepared as lunch for inmates.


        1. Chuck is an America hating fascist far right loon who worships a pedo con artist and believes disproven scriptures are divinely inspired.

          Ftfy you goddamn Mormon asshole

          1. Cite he preferred biden?

            1. He didn’t he prefers Trump. Ya know the guy trying to overturn an election he lost 306 to 232 in the EC and by 7 million popular votes. Filing 50 court cases that have been rejected, pressuring state politicians and legislatures to overturn results, and talking to people saying he should declare martial law. You fascists can believe whatever you want but you’re un-american traitors. Chuck double so cuz his church is trying to destroy our country. He and all other mormons should be executed.

              1. It’s amazing how Trump raised his own total by 7 million over 2016, and yet an old dementia patient hiding in his basement still kicked his ass.
                Biggest percentage of voters in 120 years. More people voted than there were registered voters.

                But of course that’s not at all suspicious because shut up traitor.

                1. Except that isn’t true. There weren’t more votes than registered voters. Not easy to find out that’s bs on google. What part of Canada are you from? Probably northern Alberta or some other shithole

    3. I don’t feel tardy.

  14. And their lack of savings will be a Failure of Capitalism

    Home workers who ‘built up savings’ must go on spending spree when pandemic ends, Rishi Sunak says
    The Chancellor said he ‘felt good’ about the prospects for the UK recovering strongly after coronavirus

    1. a healthy system needs potential energy as well as kinetic energy. if the economy is short circuiting it doesn’t mean it’s in good shape.

  15. Jacob Sullum on the latest Trump attempts to conjure election fraud.

    The integrity of our national elections is being assaulted by politicians for the first time in our nation’s history!

    1. Fuck Sullum with ENB’s dick.

      1. If only we had Shikha back!

        Then Sullum wouldn’t be the dumbest writer here.

          1. Valhalla

        1. Boehm and Binion will fight you over that assertion.

  16. If Arizona’s “government restarts lethal injection executions, it has two choices, both of which involve breaking the law.”

    Laws aren’t for governments.

    1. Just don’t wear a mask around the guy. He’ll be dead in a week.

    2. “which involve breaking the law.”

      Personally I think Painkiller is the better track, but what are you gonna do.

      1. I feel like a victim of changes….(and it’s a fantastic guitar riff.)

        Comparing Halford then to now is hilarious. Talk about taking a level in badass, even with the cane he was using on stage.

      2. That scream though…

        1. The drum intro always makes me want to headbutt a hole in the wall.

        2. If you want screams from Halford, you could do worse than check out their 1983 US Festival appearance.

          It’s a better live performance than Unleashed in the East, IMHO. Screaming for Vengeance is absolutely amazing.

  17. The Dems that Reason love so much (this should kill CA higher ed, if you go to school there and have to pay their taxes on jobs outside of CA):

    A California Plan to Chase Away the Rich, Then Keep Stalking Them
    A proposed wealth tax would apply for a decade to anyone who spends 60 days in the state in a single year.

    Assembly Bill 2088 proposes calculating the wealth tax based on current world-wide net worth each Dec. 31. For part-year and temporary residents, the tax would be proportionate based on their number of days in California. The annual tax would be on current net worth and therefore would include wealth earned, inherited or obtained through gifts or estates long before and long after leaving the state.

    The proposed wealth tax would fall on a star high-school or college athlete who grows up in California but becomes a wealthy professional in another state after graduation. It would grab a scientist who develops a drug to cure cancer years after leaving California. A grandchild who spent a single summer surfing in Southern California would be subject to the tax. It would include anyone returning home to a foreign country after 60 days in California….

    1. No taxation without representation.
      Everyone allegedly subject to this tax would have to be made eligible to vote in all CA elections, via secure mail in ballots.

      1. Even better, no representation without taxation.

    2. Begone ye parasites and never come back!

      I hear Texas is nice.

      1. Texas is full!

    3. If this nuttery became law, fortunately the only ones effectively subjected to it would be high visibility folks like athletes, movie stars, IT moguls, and assorted 1% who back Democrats.

      1. Just like the income tax, way back when…

      2. yeah, but who’s going to pay it? come and get me California.

        and isn’t it racist to tax pro athletes just because they went to college in California?

    4. These things have been in the works for a while. Until 1996, CA used to tax the pensions of State retirees who moved out of the State. Congress stopped it.

      More recently, CA wanted to tax that portion of the income of professional athletes made while playing in the State. I am unaware of how that worked out.

      No doubt, before long, they will want to tax people who simply visit the State. Maybe through an “entry fee?”

      1. Athletes pay state income tax on every game they play in states, not just California

        1. it’s why even Karen Newsom let MLB play games in California this summer, instead of all going to Phoenix.

        2. I am not surprised. Not “residing” in the income bracket of pro athletes, I know little about the details.

    5. The proposed wealth tax would fall on a star high-school or college athlete who grows up in California but becomes a wealthy professional in another state after graduation

      I’m at a loss for words.

    6. oh great, now UCLA will never be good at basketball again. if pro athletes have their pay stolen by California for 10 years just because they went to college in California, who would even go there?

      1. but then why would any California high school students bother to go to out-of-state schools if CA is gonna tax their success either way?

    7. So all those foreign students that come and support California Universities will quite coming to California in fact no one will come to California anymore.

      1. in reality what this means is that California believes it owns you, you are not citizens you are its cattle or serfs that must pay for time here to get out of here

    8. Many wealthy people track their days to ensure they don’t spend the majority of the year in state. If they are domiciled, California can tax their income from anywhere instead of only income earned in state. They will now reduce the limit to keep under 60 days.

  18. But muh private corporationz!!!!

    Your Credit Score Should Be Based on Your Web History, IMF Says

    1. The stupid, it burns!

      Really, looking forward to this. SEO your way to perfect credit, bada boom!

    2. On a scale of 1 to 10, how negative do you thing visiting Reason would score?

  19. Yea, Trump is the threat to democracy. Fuck off and die, Reason.

    Pass an Anti-Racist Constitutional Amendment

    To fix the original sin of racism, Americans should pass an anti-racist amendment to the U.S. Constitution that enshrines two guiding anti-racist principals: Racial inequity is evidence of racist policy and the different racial groups are equals. The amendment would make unconstitutional racial inequity over a certain threshold, as well as racist ideas by public officials (with “racist ideas” and “public official” clearly defined). It would establish and permanently fund the Department of Anti-racism (DOA) comprised of formally trained experts on racism and no political appointees. The DOA would be responsible for preclearing all local, state and federal public policies to ensure they won’t yield racial inequity, monitor those policies, investigate private racist policies when racial inequity surfaces, and monitor public officials for expressions of racist ideas. The DOA would be empowered with disciplinary tools to wield over and against policymakers and public officials who do not voluntarily change their racist policy and ideas.

    1. The DOA is DOA. You couldn’t even get half of Senate Democrats to vote for that.

      1. Oh yea?

        IMPORTANT THREAD ????????

        Many people scoff at my progressive ideas and predictions.

        But eventually, they *always* come true.

        So I thought I’d start compiling a list of every time I was ahead of the curve…

    2. This is Ibram Kendi’s woke stalinism plan and it’s in contention with Green New Deal for the worst idea in contemporary american politics.

    3. in a country with the 14th Amendment, no government form or agency should even be allowed to ask you what your race is.

    1. The staff needed hazard pay working around all those unmasked politicians.

  20. The U.S. Supreme Court won’t prevent undocumented immigrants from being excluded from 2020 census counts—for now.

    No taxation without representation! Or maybe it’s the other way around.

    (Yes, I know, everyone pays taxes, citizen or not. Settle down.)

    1. Standing giveth, and Standing taketh away.

      1. you can’t get an injunction to stop the harm because you haven’t been harmed yet. see us after you’re hurt to see if we’ll stop you from getting hurt.

    2. There’s paying taxes and there’s paying net taxes. No matter how you spin the numbers, an increasing number of American adults “pay” negative taxes.

      So, it really should be “no representation without taxation”.

      1. just give people one vote for each net 10K in taxes they pay.

        1. In some local jurisdictions, special tax district voting is weighted by the taxes the voter would have to pay.

  21. Fuck off, Fergie. Cases are rising during lockdown. We must therefore lockdown harder.

    BTW, why did he leave the govt group? The article didn’t say, so fuck the media, too.

    Third lockdown may have to be toughest yet, says professor who designed first
    ‘There may be a need for additional controls,’ says Professor Neil Ferguson

    “The concern I have right now is that … (in) the East of England, for instance, case numbers were rising during the last lockdown, so there may be a need for additional controls beyond even what were in place then,” he told BBC Radio 4’s World At One programme on Friday.

    Prof Ferguson sat on the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies until May, and his modelling led the UK government to U-turn on its initial “herd immunity” strategy and to design the first national lockdown in March.

    1. This criminal should be under investigation.

      His stupid full of shit models predicted millions of deaths kicking off the greatest health scare in history.

      He should be ARRESTED.

      He did the same thing in 2009.

      1. Lol, why are they interviewing a disgraced charlatan? His code was so bad even a crack team from Microsoft couldn’t fix it. They looked at it for a week and said “nuke it from orbit, just to be safe.” His life’s work is literally unrecoverable.

        I am kind of impressed that he has the nerve to show his face again after being revealed as a charlatan and being caught with a mistress while violating the lockdown he advocated. That’s hutzpah!

        1. Why are the media still in love with Ferguson? Could it be that they are all attention whores?

          1. He predicts doom and advocates panic at all times. What’s not to love if you survive on ad revenue?

        2. And the kicker is media gives him air time and continues to ignore superior scientists while clueless, lazy people blindly listen to this piece of shit.

  22. Calling my shot now: prioritizing the Biden vaccine for people of color is Racial Justice, up until the second we find problems with the Trump vaccine at which point racist Amerikka experimented on people of color to make sure it was safe for white people.

    1. !RemindMe one year

    2. That would be a lot funnier if it weren’t true.

  23. “The U.K. and South Africa are seeing a COVID-19 mutation that has scientists worried and officials enacting new shutdown orders.”

    And you wacko conspiracy theorists were worried this shit was going to go on forever…

    1. ‘It’s just a mask’.

      They have the sheep right where they want them.

      As Bruce Cockburn sang, I’m ‘Wondering where all the lions are’.

  24. “The deal includes restarting a $300 boost to the federal unemployment insurance benefit, extending eviction moratoriums for renters for an unspecified amount of time and a $600 direct payment to most Americans.”

    The deal also includes billions to bail out the airlines – again. You know what other hidden goodies it contains? No, no you do not because this hastily cobbled-together compromise must-pass bill hasn’t been read or studied by one single member of Congress so you’ll have to pass the bill in order to find out what’s in the bill. Where have we heard that before? And that’s how Congress fucking operates now.

    1. We have to pass it to see what’s in it.

    2. Here you go:

      First: the good news – the bill will include a fresh round of benefits for small businesses as well as the usual one-time pittance for peasants, amounting to a $600 check. Here are the key components:

      Direct payments of $600 to most Americans ($600 per adult and $600 per child); the amounts decrease for individuals with more than $75,000 in income and $150,000 for couples.
      $300-per-week in enhanced unemployment benefits through March. Expiring programs for gig workers and the long-term unemployed also would continue.
      $284 billion for the Paycheck Protection Program that provides grants forgivable loans to small businesses, arguably the most successful and also most abused program of the CARES act. This represents the bulk of the $325 billion the bill puts toward small businesses
      $82 billion for education: includes $54.3 billion for K-12 schools and $22.7 billion for colleges; governors would get $4.05 billion to spend on education aid at their discretion. For-profit colleges would get $908 million for grants to students, and another $1.7 billion would be set aside for historically black colleges, tribal colleges, minority-serving institutions
      $10 billion for child care.
      15 billion in grants for theater operators and owners of small performance venues.
      $25 billion in rental assistance and an extension of the moratorium on evictions
      $13 billion in funds for food-stamp and child-nutrition benefits.
      $30 billion for the procurement and distribution of a Covid vaccine, as well as testing and tracing.
      $1.8 billion in tax credits for businesses to provide paid leave.
      Of course as with any fiscal stimulus that is nearly $1 trillion, there will be lots of pork and other shady components, thrown into the bill. One such questionable kicker is the $15 billion in payroll assistance to airlines that will in theory allow them to return more than 32,000 furloughed workers to their payrolls through March 31, according Reuters. In reality, since there is no enforcement clause, we wouldn’t be surprised if many of the airlines continue to quietly layoff employees and use the funds to repurchase stock.

      1. So much better than just, you know, letting people work.

        1. Work is racist!


    There were riots, fires, beatings, even murder – and through it all – for three long months, Dems sat silent. But worse than just silence, they actually supported and celebrated the protests.

    VP candidate Kamala Harris even promoted a “bail fund” that helped put the violent protesters back onto the streets.

    It was a shocking and frightening look into the violent left-wing.

    …State reps are saying they want to do something about our broken election but are afraid Antifa will come after their families

    This is why Biden and Kamala protect them

    Spent 4 years warning this would happen

    — Jack Posobiec ???????? (@JackPosobiec) December 20, 2020

    1. Amazing how the riots died down after the election.

  26. “I sort of think it should come down to A, build more prisons, which I hate that, or B, reform this system,” said Aimee Wissman, a formerly incarcerated artist who is now with the Ohio Prison Arts Connection. “And I think it’s unfair that, quote unquote, public safety has now trumped these human beings’ right to public health.”

    Only A or B? How about C, we give up on any legal restrictions on human behavior. Or D, people magically turn into angels. E, the AI awakens and tries to exterminate humanity, distracting us from petty issues like pandemics and prisons. Others?

    1. E) I’m afraid I can’t do that.

    2. Why is this woman making national headlines? They couldn’t get a quote from anyone else?

      1. “a formerly incarcerated artist’

        Let’s list her qualifications:
        artist (i.e. someone in touch with her feelings)
        ex-con (personal oppression point bonus)

        Woke reporters and editors can’t resist, but do wish she was black.

        1. Trans would be better.

    3. F) We colonize Mars and either send the convicts there or leave Earth to the convicts.

      1. Convicts to Mars, definitely. Any escaped animal or bacteria that evolves to survive on Mars is going to make Australia look positively tame.

        1. Van Diemen’s Land II – where Ice Pirates and Spaceballs will be be shipped.

      2. Every if we send the convince to marse then in a 100 years it will be a really cool place tk live and work, than 50 years later it will be back to being a hell scape self imposed prison distopia. For examples see austrilia

    4. Anyone who says “quote unquote” shouldn’t be trusted to give directions just to the end of the block.


    Let’s evaluate the current situation in light of Brown’s Plan A. Suppose either Perdue or Loeffler win their elections and give a 51-49 majority to the Republicans. Game over for Democrats? Maybe not.

    What if the Democrats approach, say, Republican Senator Mitt Romney — a man I confess to having voted for in 2012, to my everlasting shame – and make him a Willie Brown offer? Suppose they propose to Romney: “We’ll make you Leader of the Senate. All we ask of you is fairness, because we’ll expect you to represent all 100 Senators. We want 50% of the committee slots and chairmanships, and we want equal treatment when it comes to bringing bills to the floor. What does that mean? Well, we’ll leave that to you and your honor as a gentleman to decide, Senator.”

    Do you think that the honorable Senator Romney would refuse the opportunity to attain the highest and most consequential position he is ever likely to attain in life?

    And do you think the Republican Senators would vote as a 51-member bloc to thwart the Democrat agenda?

    1. No need. Dangle switching parties, and a permanent no primary challenges ever again, to Susan Collins. Or Romney—though he’d get voted out next election, but you get the idea. One of these whores will have a price that can be met.

      1. Can’t the GOP make Manchin an offer he can’t refuse?

        1. They really should. Does WV vote via Dominion machines?

    2. As President of the Senate, I don’t expect Willie Brown’s brown willy holsters would go for that proposal.

  28. Hey, I’ve got an idea. I know this may sound crazy, but hear me out. What if, instead of borrowing a bunch of money and driving up the national debt even further, we instead pass a law that prevents lockdowns. See, if we stop outlawing work, then people will be able to work and provide for themselves rather than stealing from the next generation. It’s kind of a win-win, given that there isn’t a discernable correlation between lockdowns and hospitalization rates.

    Just throwing that out there. Let people fish, rather than giving them fish occasionally.

    1. Not just hospitalization rates but MORTALITY as well.

      All lockdowns do is perhaps slow a spread down temporarily but the trade off is devastating. Which is why, to me, epidemiologists who pimp it are criminals.

      1. I figure mortality and hospitalization rates probably track each other, with overflowing hospitals being the only thing that will break that correlation.

        1. Then you would be wrong. Mortality rates have been decreasing

          1. Well, yeah, a lot of the most vulnerable people already got it and kicked the bucket. And we’re getting better at treating it. I didn’t mean the tracking was linear, just that if one goes up the other goes up.

  29. “1 in 5 prisoners has had COVID-19”

    That’s more proof that Koch / Reason libertarianism is ahead of its time. For years we’ve been calling to #EmptyThePrisons so our benefactor Charles Koch can have the largest possible labor force. Now it turns out that releasing criminals is also the correct thing to do from a public health perspective.

  30. So the Communist Chinese Virus is acting like every other virus, and mutating?
    Damn; I am shocked, shocked.
    Clearly we need much more of the failed fascism that has not stopped the virus yet.


      1. This has been the longest “two weeks” in human history.

        1. An ex of mine once had a period that lasted 2 weeks, that might’ve been longer.

        2. Maybe using those “days” in Genesis?


    England’s new Covid variant: should we be worried?

    There is no need to panic: the three new vaccines reported in recent completed clinical trials all use technologies that encode information for coronavirus spike protein, pass on the information to our own cells, which do the hard work of producing the protein to stimulate our immune system. It is remarkably simple for us to change the recipe to update our vaccines when we need arises, and to keep them relevant for different parts of the world.

    We have the tools to keep up with the virus using genetic sequencing methods. …

    1. But GMO foods are totally not acceptable.

      1. And animals too!

        But humans a-otay!

  32. The Wall Street Journal’s take on the “stimulus” hits the most important point square on the head:

    “The best provision in the bill is the limit on potential abuse by the Biden Treasury and Federal Reserve. Credit here to Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey, who held firm on limiting the Fed’s maneuvering room without a new act of Congress. Democrats are claiming victory, but that’s face-saving spin.

    The bill will repurpose the $429 billion in Cares Act emergency funding that the Fed hasn’t had to use. It also includes language barring the Fed from restarting the facilities that are set to expire on Dec. 31 or creating clones. That’s important because the wailing over this language proves that Democrats want to use the Fed to bail out state and local governments.”

    As I was arguing all last week, the provision that prevents the Biden administration from spending that $429 billion in unspent money from the last Covid-19 bill effectively cuts the new costs of this $900 billion bill to $471 billion.

    Even more importantly, this provision prevents Biden and the Democrats from using that $429 billion to bail out state and local government–and preventing that is about the best thing that could happen for small state libertarians who want the government to get smaller.

    It is entirely possible that Biden and the Democrats could push through a bailout of the states in the next Congress with the help of one or two Republicans in the senate, but there will be a heavy political price for the Democrats to pay for doing that.

    If there is anything less popular than bailing out Wall Street with average Americans, it might only be bailing out deep blue states like California and New York. The reaction to Biden leading the charge to accomplish that may provoke a reaction bigger than the Tea Party. Again, for those who don’t remember, the Tea Party arose outside both the Democratic and Republican parties as a reaction to both Bush’s and Obama’s support for TARP. If Biden and the Democrats bail out state and local government, however, they won’t share the blame with the Republicans. The Democrats will own that lock, stock, and barrel come the midterms of 2022.

    We can only hope that this realization will make House Democrats in purple districts hesitate to vote for a bailout of state and local government. The time for voices like Reason’s to start advocating against a bailout of state and local government is right freaking now. Maybe it’s unreasonable to hope that Reason’s weird obsession with the entrails of the Trump administration will be over before Biden’s term starts. However, if Biden can’t orchestrate a bailout of the states in his first 100 days, (like Trump’s failure to get the Republicans in congress to repeal ObamaCare), the bailout of state and local government probably won’t happen.

    I oppose all stimulus bills, but if they’re going to pass one over my objections anyway, it’s a good thing if they pass one that prevents a bailout of state and local government.

    1. Red states will bail out blue states and cities and then the blue stats and cities will go back to complaining about what a bunch of deadbeat subsidized bums we are.

      1. When progressives argue that blue states pay more in federal taxes than red states, it’s a necessarily stupid argument–in all cases. States don’t pay income or corporate taxes. Individuals pay income taxes. Corporations pay corporate taxes. Where they reside is immaterial. They all pay their federal taxes by the same rules–no matter their state of residence.

        The progressives group identity mindset has driven some of them so insane that they imagine themselves as members of a state identity–even when it has no grounding in the real world.

        If there is a bailout of the states, it will go to California and New York disproportionately because they have larger populations, and there is no good reason why individual taxpayers in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin should want their future paychecks to finance the bloated size of government in California, for instance, and California’s outrageous unfunded pension obligations to its state employees. That’s especially true when we consider that taxpayers in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin aren’t allowed to vote for politicians in California, who voted to finance bullet trains and approve spending on the pension benefits of California’s state employees.

        No taxation without representation!

        1. Not to mention that NY, NJ, CA etc. have done more damage to their own economies than most red states due to their absurd lockdowns this year. They need to face the consequences of those decisions full force.

          1. That’s spot on.

            Some governors made the tough choice to ease or forgo lockdowns in the face of criticism. Why should residents in those states who supported that choice be made to bail out states that made different choices?

            1. Why? Because elections have consequences and “we’re all in this together!”

        2. Sounds like a program for the Libertarian Party to follow in the next two years. But they wont, because of continued internal squabbling that focuses on whether or not Jo Jo should have been actively or passively anti-racist in the last campaign.

          1. It’s funny what people will lock onto when they are looking for an excuse to not vote for the LP candidate. “Oops, she supported a banal concept who’s name was co-opted by an inconspicuously Marxist organization. Now I just have to vote for Trump!”

            1. And now you get Biden as cover for totalitarian leftism.
              Good call, genius

        3. Even better, and more likely to restore some political sanity, no representation without taxation.

        4. Constitutionally, federal taxes were supposed to be proportional to the population by state, but the progressives broke that by their insatiable greed for tax revenue by implementing the income tax.

    2. The time for voices like Reason’s to start advocating against a bailout of state and local government is right freaking now.

      NO, the right time was last spring. And, rather than Trump bashing and virus pimping, this should have been and continue to be the most high profile issue in Reason…

      …if it is a libertarian mag, of course.

      I’m looking at you KMW and Matt.

  33. 1 in 5 prisoners has had COVID-19”
    Aren’t prisons like lockdown?

    1. “1 in 5 prisoners has had COVID-19”

      Some people might see that as a good argument not to parole them.


    BREAKING: Poland Threatens $2.2 Million Fines For Social Media Companies Who Censor Lawful Speech


    The stimulus is politicians destroying the economy with garbage policies while they flout the rules and party then offering to extract nearly 1 trillion dollars from working class people, give them back 600$ each and give the overwhelming majority to big businesses


      The $600 stimulus is a slap in the face of the American people. The same politicians that are locking down small businesses and not allowing people to make a living are themselves still making millions in DC selling the country out to China and other globalist interests. WOW

      As long as America is locked down and businesses can not operate freely, no elected official should be getting a paycheck.
      Remember we the people are their boss but they are playing us because the average American has lost their sense of what it means to be an American.

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        1. Maybe so, but I am making $600.00 without any work at all; as is my wife.
          Top that!

      2. Remember we the people are their boss but they are playing us because the average American has lost their sense of what it means to be an American.
        And it only cost $600.

    2. We can’t let big businesses fail. Then they might be replaced with new businesses that aren’t familiar with the lobbying process. It might take those new businesses years to ramp up their lobbying efforts and legislators simply can’t afford a gap in funding at this moment.

      1. I’m looking forward to my all favorite DC haunts closing and being replaced by whatever bland, tasteless, soulless, designed-by-woked-folx restaurant chain that Lord Bezos creates.

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  37. “I sort of think it should come down to A, build more prisons, which I hate that, or B, reform this system,” said Aimee Wissman

    What reform the system means is anyone’s guess, but it is not a plan or even a suggestion of a plan (unlike building more prisons, however unpalatable she finds it).

    1. True. That’s a high school level thesis right there.

      1. It’s DOCTOR Biden, you misogynistic pig!

    2. Come on, in the 21st century just wishing for (or protesting against) some idea is the same as actual work to make something happen.

    1. Socialists, calling themselves ‘liberals’.


    ⬇️ Our government posting this should chill you deep into your bones. This is how desperate they are for people to stop asking questions about the election.

    1. For those not clicking the link, it’s a Tweet from the official account of the Michigan Department of State (the elections administration people), saying to The Gateway Pundit’s tweet, and I quote,

      “THIS IS MISINFORMATION. Report incidents to” Unquote.

      I was disappointed to see there wasn’t a Ministry of Truth mentioned. Maybe later.

  39. Where the think pieces about how his team pulled off such an amazing, unprecedented achievement?

    Every incumbent who gained votes has won re-election for 150 yrs. Trump gained 11M. Every incumbent in history who won 75% of the primary vote has won re-election. Trump won 94%. So basically, “Beijing-Biden” out-performed every pres. challenger in US history from his basement…

    Biden will be the second pres. in 168 yrs to lose Ohio, Florida, & Iowa. Biden will be the first in 60 yrs to lose Florida & Ohio. Biden will be the first in 40 yrs to lose the bellwethers. One of the biggest US election miracles *ever*. Must have been those high energy crowds…

    1. SleepyJoe is a miracle worker. You’ll see.
      With his energy and vitality, he will solve all our problems.

    2. Yeah, and I remember when Vermont was a staunch GOP state.
      Demographic changes happen. Culture changes. And maybe a controversial president performs a lot different than the white-bread guys of the past? What was the turnout this time? In my precinct, nearly 50% of the voters voted by mail…yet the lines at the polling place on election day were longer than they were when Obama was making history. and absentee voting wasn’t a thing.

      1. The problem with the mail in votes is that there’s no way to verify all of them are valid. How many were sent to Grandpa and intercepted by Grandson? Who knows? How many low-info, low-interest voters were “helped” by ballot harvesters? Who knows? We’ll never know.

        1. And how many have no ‘chain of custody’ that can support their validity? Once they are in the system there is no way to check their validity. Hence recounts are fruitless.

    3. No Dodger right-hand hitter has ever hit a home run in the ninth inning before against a left-hand, rookie pitcher with 2 outs. The World Series results must be overturned because the impossible happened!

      1. Cite?

        1. The last right-hand hitter stepped into the box for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1957. Maybe you need a more recent example, like from whatever that NL team in Los Angeles is called.

    4. No TV celebrity with no record of holding political office has won a Presidential election before. The 2016 election results are impossible, and must be overturned!

    5. It was probably the newfound ease of voting (from your couch) combined with either a) an unprecedented hatred for a sitting president (driven by media vilification and Trump’s own abrasiveness) or b) an unprecedented ballot harvesting operation in key states (everyone votes, whether they want to or not!)

      1. There’s a good comrade

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  41. Hmm, seems jerryskids was on to something

    We still don’t have text yet for this massive spending bill, and we’ll likely be expected to vote on it later today.

    Just another bill we have to pass before the American people discover all the goodies that special interests jammed into it over the past week.

  42. I like how saddling 100 million USA taxpayers with 9K in new debt each is supposed to be a “stimulus” of some kind.

    1. There are about 150 million taxpayers, so it’s a ‘mere’ $6,000 per.

      But ”The top 1 percent paid a greater share of individual income taxes (38.5 percent) than the bottom 90 percent combined (29.9 percent).

      On that basis, it’s ~$200,000 of debt for each of the 1%ers. But still ~$1,500 @ for the 90% of us working stiffs.

      1. Great. Now do that payment in each cohort as a percentage of their annual income or net worth. In a democracy, it’s far more palatable to ask Jeff Bezos to give up buying a fifth solid gold toilet (especially when .Gov restrictions helped him earn Gold Toilets #3 through #5), than it is to stick poor people with the question, “OK, which bill are we not paying this month? Water or Power?”

        Yes, the rich pay a lot more in taxes than the poor. If the poor even pay income taxes at all. The rich also have a staggering proportion of the wealth of the country too.

        1. Socialism is immoral, and can only be implemented with force.

  43. There’s an argument floating around on the airwaves about how Biden’s cabinet is all about diversity–to the exclusion of other considerations. Even news media stage right is talking about this (as if it’s a bad thing, under their breath).

    I’m calling bullshit.

    Late last week, I pointed out that Biden’s picks at the Treasury Department, the Department of Energy, and the Department of Transportation seemed to be all about implementing the Green New Deal. Diversity considerations seem to be secondary to that at best. Now, I’m looking at Biden’s incoming director of the NEC, which is the White House’s economic policy arm. If you want to see what a president’s economic policy will be about, look at the NEC.

    Biden’s pick for director at the NEC is Brian Deese, a former Obama administration official, with three major accomplishments to his name:

    1) He orchestrated the government bailout takeover of General Motors.

    2) He helped negotiate the Paris Climate Accords.

    3) He led the “Sustainable Investing” team at Black Rock ($7.8 trillion in assets under management).

    Every single member of Biden’s team that could be about negotiating and implementing the Green New Deal seems to be all about implementing Biden’s Green New Deal. And I’m not sure there’s much in the way of diversity among these picks to run the Treasury, DoE, the DoT, or Biden’s own NEC. There are two women among them, but are those picks especially diverse on the basis of race? They’re certainly not diverse in their ideas about Biden’s Green New Deal. It’s almost as if Biden were concerned about diversity–but just so long as it doesn’t interfere with his push for the Green New Deal.

    Biden found someone who quacks like a duck to run the Treasury. He found someone who walks like a duck to run the Department of Energy. He found someone who flies and swims like a duck to run the Department of Transportation, and he found someone who looks like a duck to direct his National Economic Council. Why is it so hard for some people to imagine that Biden is planning to build a duck?

    Is it because they don’t want to feel like idiots for failing to reelect Trump? I’ve seen some of them start to advocate for Biden, apparently that helps them deal with the real consequences of Trump losing. Is it because they imagine that Biden’s Green New Deal won’t happen because they don’t want it to happen? That’s magical thinking. I’m not saying Biden will be successful in his efforts, but from all appearances, it looks like Biden is loading up to go balls out for the Green New Deal.

    1. Biden is loading up to go balls out for the Green New Deal

      Crony Capitalism. Wall Street loves this, hence 4/5 of their donations going to Biden.

      1. Yeah, it’s a Free Trade Full Trough agreement for Wall Street and the captains cronies of industry.

  44. They deserve Trump’s tweets.
    A former Bloomberg News reporter quit her job, divorced her husband, and froze her eggs for imprisoned former CEO Martin Shkreli, known as the “Pharma Bro,” who now refuses to talk to her

    1. Damn you, Trump
      There are 274 journalists jailed worldwide for doing their job; the worst year on record.

      These are the worst jailers:

      China 47
      Turkey 37
      Egypt 27
      Saudi Arabia 24
      Eritrea 16
      Vietnam 15
      Iran 15
      Belarus 10
      Russia 10
      Cameroon 8
      Ethiopia 7

      1. Orange Hitler didn’t make the USA #1?

        What a wimp!!

        But he tweeted mean things!

  45. The Science, bitches!!!

    They will start vaccinating old people in Feb so the numbers plummet after Biden gets in. Science!!

    Meet Jo. Jo is a 20-something MPH who works for the CDC. Jo’s model is being used to decide who gets vaccinated in the U.S. Jo is a proud American who lives on “occupied Mvskoke land”.

    The NYT explained why this was fair, and now many states are implementing vaccination plans based on Jo’s model—resulting in hardly anyone over 70 being vaccinated.

    Based on our current death rate, every month that those over 70 are not vaccinated, another 50K people will die. Another 12K from 50-70. Not only are these deaths tragedies in themselves, these deaths will be used by the media and unions to keep schools and businesses closed.

    1. Having SleepyJoe in office will be like the second coming.

      1. You think he can get it up even once?

    2. 50,000 dead a month? Pressing X for Doubt on that one.

      Say, where did our flu season go?

  46. Yeah it’s too bad about incarcerated folks who just want the same freedoms we all take for granted.

    But if their infection rate is higher wouldn’t that make dumping them in the outside population worse and infect more people?

    Not to mention recidivism rates are high.

    So more COVID deaths and more crimes.

    Do you think these things through first or just type it out by muscle memory.

  47. Covid 19 is everywhere in the world. We should follow the precautionary measure to get safe. Anyway you can read some quotes about Covid 19 from the link here:

  48. Money printer go brrrrr

  49. Barr just decided not to appoint a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden.

    That means there won’t be a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden.

    1. This is how elections are rigged. Well, that and mail in ballots that were filled out under the helpful assistance of left wing activists.
      Politico’s new WH editor congratulating mainstream press for refusing to cover a story critical of a democrat
      Quote Tweet
      Sam Stein
      · Nov 16
      According to Biden campaign metrics, online chatter about the Hunter Biden story during the election’s last week was greater than it was around Hillary’s emails during last month of ’16. The difference: it never spilled over into mainstream outlets.

    2. To be clear, Hunter Biden is still being investigated, though:

      “To the extent there’s an investigation, I think it’s being handled responsibly and professionally currently within the department, and to this point, I have not seen a reason to appoint a special counsel, and I have no plan to do so before I leave.”

      1. Right up until his dad takes office, that is.

        That’s usually why a special prosecutor gets appointed, so they have some degree of independence from the department. If that investigation is just run-of-the-mill DoJ work, expect it to get deprioritized with a new boss.

        Without a special prosecutor there’s only one possible outcome: “Nothing to see here, move along”. There’s no way any investigator that could be fired by Joe Biden actually goes after Hunter. That might be the reality of the situation, maybe Hunter didn’t actually do anything illegal, but without a special prosecutor the whole thing looks like a sham even if it isn’t.

        1. You may be right. I was surprised that Barr has taken the position he has.

          1. That’s what I’m trying to figure out as well, why would Barr do this? He’s resigning so it’s not like he’s worried about career implications or keeping the new boss happy.

            He could personally dislike Trump (certainly not the only person) and this is a way to make sure Trump doesn’t even get a consolation prize on the way out. My other theory is that he understands no career DoJ person gains anything by this investigation happening with Joe in charge so he’s killing it off for the good of his buddies who still have careers in front of them.

            1. He doesn’t want to do the same things that were done by the FBI to Flynn and the Trump administration.

              He is so disgusted by the politicization of the Justice Department against Trump that he doesn’t want it to become a new default political tool.

              I think Barr is genuine and honest. I just think he’s genuinely and honestly wrong on this.

      2. Allegations of Hunter Biden peddling influence on behalf of his father are being investigated by his father–and you’re offering that as a consolation prize?

        That’s some seriously stupid bullshit. You don’t really believe that’s appropriate yourself, do you?

        Why would you even say something like that? Do you not know that the purpose of a special counsel is to investigate when there’s a conflict of interest?

        Do you have a personal stake in this? Do you want to see Hunter BIden exonerated for some personal reason?

        1. Forget it Ken, it’s White Knight town

        2. When did I say (a) that it is appropriate, or (b) that you should accept it as a “consolation prize”. I just filled in extra information that wasn’t clear from what you posted.

          I don’t have any interest in seeing Hunter Biden being screened from investigation.

          1. “To be clear, Hunter Biden is still being investigated, though:”

            —White Knight

            What the fuck is that supposed to mean?!

            Why would you say that shit?

            That’s not a legitimate qualification.

            It’s ignorant bullshit.

            1. Because you left out part of the news story, so I added it. Not complicated.

  50. Who would of thought Mike Lee would be for prisoners receiving Pell Grants? Still doesn’t change the fact he’s an unhinged fringe right loon. He worships a pedo con artist and believes in scriptures that have been proven phony.

    I know most here don’t accept climate change, but Lee is just a goddamn nut. He believes the solution to climate change is to reproduce more. It’s like he belongs to a cult that is trying to outnumber everyone. Mormons need to be stopped. They’re un- American traitors.

    1. “would of”

      Fucking moron

      1. Rather have a typo than be a fascist traitor. If you hate America so much Nardz then leave.

    2. “Mormons need to be stopped.”

      Even Marie Osmond?!

      1. If she had only committed fully to country.

        1. Alas.

          1. 1) Mormon scripture is silly, but so are the other ones.

            2) Marie? Still would, but I thought the slightly older Tanya Tucker
            was way hotter, and by far the better singer. I’m less than 2 years
            older than TNT, so crushing on her was less creepy, BITD. A HS
            senior dating a sophomore was not unknown, but it was not the
            coolest thing to do.

            3) Would You Lay With Me In A Field Of Stones? v Paper Roses.
            No contest.

  51. More free money is useless while 5.56 and 9MM are in such short supply.

    1. Commie calibers are still readily available and not much more expensive than they usually are.

      $600 could get you an SKS and 500+ rounds of 7.62×39. Probably can’t score an AK worth owning at that price anymore though.

      1. True, but those SKSs are just as easy to maintain. Plus, you get the excitement over wondering whether charging the bolt is going to accidentally set off a round.

        1. The M-60 had a design flaw that made it easy to put the sear in backwards.

        2. That happens if someone dry fires it too much, or if the thing is still all gummed up with cosmoline from storage.

          They shouldn’t do that, but given the provenance of most SKSs who fuckin’ knows what happened to it before you got it.

  52. A new bill in the Senate would end the prohibition on incarcerated people receiving Pell Grants for higher education (a policy that’s been in practice since 1994). The Restoring Education and Learning (REAL) Act—from Sens. Brian Schatz (D–Hawaii), Mike Lee (R–Utah), and Dick Durbin (D–Ill.)—is endorsed by prison groups and criminal justice reformers alike.

    And why should we here care? I can see only two likely reasons:

    (1) We think there’s too much incarceration, partly because of victimless crime laws. But since there’s too much resistance to reducing incarceration for victimless crimes, we should do the next best thing: Make life more pleasant for incarcerated persons generally. Because surely some of them are there for the wrong reasons, and nobody’s going to go for differential treatment of them in the hoosegow.

    (2) The worst speculation here is true: Reason is trying to hijack a libertarian audience and donations as subtly as possible by slowly swinging our cause from liberty to redistribution and other “left” causes. So rather than being unsubtle about the hijacking as for Niskanen’s foundation when he died, they want to see if they can concern-troll us long enough to get the money for a different audience to eventually support them.

    I’m ruling out the possibility of a sincere evolution of views such as happened to liberalism in the 20th Century, as typified for instance by The Economist. That happens much more slowly and with more open discussion of reasons for this and that.

    1. Given their continual beating the drum for bail reform and compassionate release of prisoners because of COVID, I’m voting for Door #2. They’ve slid considerably to the Left in their writing in just the last three to five years.

      Irony, given the LP is still sufficiently Right-leaning that the Democrats didn’t really care whether the LP was on the ballot or not, but moved heaven and Earth to get the Greens off of it.

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