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'Checks for All' Prioritized Over Unemployment Benefits in Latest COVID-19 Relief Bill

Plus: The FDA approves a new rapid at-home COVID-19 test, lockdowns in Victoria, Australia ruled a human rights abuse, and more...


Congress is inching closer to an agreement on a compromise COVID-19 relief package that will include renewed federal unemployment benefits and another round of checks being sent to all Americans.

On Wednesday, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell (R–Ky.) urged his Republican colleagues to pass a relief bill that includes one-time checks of either $600 or $700, in part to shore up public support for GOP candidates Sens. Kelly Loeffler (R–Ga.) and David Perdue (R–Ga.) in Georgia's January runoff election, reports The New York Times.

A vote on this package could come as early as Friday. That's the same day that Congress will have to pass a funding bill for federal agencies in order to avoid a government shutdown. The final price tag for this second relief bill is currently estimated at $908 billion.

In order to cover the cost of relief checks—a policy goal that's attracted support from as diverse a duo as Sen. Josh Hawley (R–Mo.) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.)—lawmakers have decided to go with a less generous extension of federal unemployment benefits.

HuffPost reports that the new bill will provide jobless workers with an additional $300 a week in expanded federal unemployment benefits for three months, instead of the four months included in a bipartisan relief bill from earlier this week that's serving as the basis for negotiations.

That $300 a week amount would equate to your average out-of-work person making roughly the same as if they were still working.

Trimming back unemployment benefits in favor of relief checks for the gainfully employed has sparked criticism in some quarters. "There's no reason whatsoever to pay for relief checks by cutting the incomes of jobless workers," Sen. Ron Wyden (D–Ore.) told HuffPost.

Meanwhile, some progressives in Congress are pretty miffed that these relief payments will only be $600 or $700, not the $1,200 that had passed as part of the CARES Act back in March. The Washington Post reports that Sanders could potentially grind the whole deal over the reduced checks.

Also included in this latest relief package is another $300 billion in aid to small businesses, $25 billion in assistance to emergency housing assistance, and a month-long extension of the federal eviction moratorium issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). That mortarium expires at the end of the year.


The ever-pernicious Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared Abbott Laboratories' rapid COVID-19 test, which costs $5 and can deliver results in minutes, for at-home use. That would be great news but for all the strings the FDA has attached to this approval.

Patients will still need to get a prescription for these at-home tests. They'll also have to pay an additional $20 for a virtual appointment with a doctor who will supervise them administering the test.

Neither of those conditions makes any sense whatsoever, as the Cato Institute's Jeffrey A. Singer wrote in November:

Forcing people to get a prescription for the at‐​home COVID test burdens them with the expense in time and money of going to a doctor's office to get the prescription when they don't even need the doctor to perform the test. It also subjects them to the risk of contracting COVID, if they don't already have it, from other patients in the waiting room or lobby. In short, it erases many advantages of an at‐​home test.

The added cost and hassle of actually using these at-home tests will inevitably dissuade some people from getting tested altogether. That means more uninfected folks will needlessly isolate themselves, or people who unknowingly have the virus will go about their business as usual. Neither outcome is great for those who are eager to safely and quickly return to normal life.


The state government in Victoria, Australia imposed some of the most draconian lockdown restrictions in the developed world. A new state government report has criticized that harsh policy for violating the rights of public housing residents.

Reports The New York Times:

The sudden lockdown this summer of nine public housing towers in Melbourne that left 3,000 people without adequate food and medication and access to fresh air during the city's second coronavirus wave breached human rights laws, an investigation found.

The report, released on Thursday by the ombudsman in the state of Victoria, of which Melbourne is the capital, said that the residents had been effectively placed under house arrest for 14 days in July without warning.


  • Greg Braxton of the Los Angeles Times is concerned that not enough Christmas movies this year are about the deadly pandemic we've suffered through for the past nine months.
  • Are airports romantic? The Washington Post says yes.
  • The Irish government is planning to criminalize sharing very vaguely defined "hate speech" on social media.

  • Regulations are preventing Portland's food carts from reopening during the pandemic.
  • Sheep have taken control of a city hall in Nevsehir, Turkey. Let's hope they don't ram through baaaad legislation that fleeces taxpayers.

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  1. ‘Checks for All’ Prioritized Over Unemployment Benefits

    Even though the next election is two years away, we need to prioritize all potential voters.

    1. …in part to shore up public support for GOP candidates Sens. Kelly Loeffler (R–Ga.) and David Perdue (R–Ga.) in Georgia’s January runoff election

      Oops. A month away.

      1. How is a check to someone outside of Georgia going to affect elections in Georgia?

        1. Democrats are essentially flat out saying they’re going to cheat in Georgia. Why not? They got away with the biggest fraud in history.

          If you can’t beat’ em, join ’em.

          1. They got away with the biggest frauds in history, serially.

            The ACA, spying on an election campaign, framing Russians, the Kavanaugh Interroview, impeachment I, impeachment II… even if they decided to turn over a new leaf, they’d have to develop some Kryptonian-esque morals to stop that train.

          2. “Democrats are essentially flat out saying they’re going to cheat in Georgia.”

            Can you link to that Democratic press release?

            1. Put on your tinfoil hat and prepare to receive said press release(s) forwarded by the Trumpistas, right away!

              1. Do you prefer tinfoil hats to Ritalin and Adderall, Sqrls? What does your therapist think?

                1. My therapist agrees with me… That the TrumpTurds (like YOU!) should go right ahead and transmit those “D” Party press release(s) right away! Evade much, liars?

                  1. Your therapist needs to be brought up on charges of malpractice, if you are any indication of the quality of their “work”

                    1. Young Sqrls first therapist was a wino at the bus depot who used a prostate check to formulate his diagnosis.
                      This methodology led to the Sqrlsy we know and love today.

            2. Yang you fucking dipshit. Told people to move to ga to vote, no intention of permanent moves.

              1. You’re getting kind of incoherent, JesseAz.

                1. You’re being deliberately obtuse again, White Excrement.

                  1. Because bird shit is white! Haha we’ve gone full circle with Dee being a squawking bird.

            3. It’s tattooed on the inside of his sphincter. Still interested?

              1. Nah, I’ll pass.

            4. “Can you link to that Democratic press release?”

              A notarized link and it must be a “press release” , right Sempai? *wink*
              Because if we accepted mere public statements by Democrats then we’d look like deceitful propagandists.

              1. Please link to whatever you’ve got.

                1. I find this thing you do where you pretend you’re interested in evidence particularly funny, since you have made it clear you aren’t but still think people buy it.

                2. Actually, before you get your link that you definitely don’t actually want, are you saying Rufus is lying?

                  1. It depends whether he was stating what he sees as facts, or he was just stating his emotions about Democrats.

        2. All the democrats that get the checks can donate them?

      2. Only if we get them in time to send all of it in response to any of about a thousand emails a day begging for money so the country doesn’t split in two or something equally horrible.

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      1. Hysteria pays!

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  2. Sheep have taken control of a city hall in Nevsehir, Turkey. Let’s hope they don’t ram through baaaad legislation that fleeces taxpayers.
    Bad puns. They are there for a meating.

    1. Or to shepherd in the new era.

    2. That goat has really had enough of the lockdowns.

    3. How clever of ewe.

    4. I really admire that “live free or die” spirit that the ram leading the group was sporting.

    5. oh great, now tourists are going to flock to the city hall

  3. Fuck off and die, Reason.

    So much for state election powers: SCOTUS blocks Kansas from requiring proof of citizenship to vote

    We’ll likely have to carry around papers to show we were vaccinated in order to live, even unfreely with masks, in this society, but illegal aliens can vote. That is the upshot of the latest insidious Supreme Court decision to allow lower courts to shred all voter verification processes in election law.

    For the past few weeks, we’ve been told “states’ rights” force us to pursue a “live and let live” policy toward state governors who violate the state’s election law to weaken voter integrity laws. However, this principle is evidently a one-way street and doesn’t apply to governors who want to follow, not break, state voter integrity laws. Then, the federal courts have every right to get involved and nullify those laws, and the Supreme Court doesn’t seem to be concerned about the 10th Amendment and Art. I Sec. 4, which dictate that state legislatures prescribe the “Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections.”

    On Monday, the Supreme Court denied Kansas’ request (in Schwab v. Fish) to hear an appeal from the 10th Circuit, which ruled earlier this year that the state could not require proof of citizenship to register to vote. Amid a trend of states seizing boundless powers to crush the lives and liberty of citizens under the guise of coronavirus, evidently anyone can get standing to sue and block a state from merely ensuring non-citizens don’t vote.

    In 2011, the duly elected Kansas legislature passed a law requiring proof of citizenship to register to vote. Non-citizen voting is increasingly becoming a problem as the immigrant population grows and immigrants are automatically asked to register to vote when they obtain driver’s licenses. In many states, there is automatic voter registration of anyone on record as having a driver’s license, which includes legal immigrants in all states and illegal immigrants in some states. Just days after long lines were seen of illegal aliens registering for driver’s licenses in New York beginning last December, the state Senate passed a law to enact automatic voter registration. This will help get illegal aliens on the voter rolls as well. Almost all of the 15 states that grant licenses to illegal aliens also have automatic voter registration.

    1. All part of the Koch/reason open borders plan. What could go wrong?

    2. Blaze columnist, Daniel Horowitz, seems a bit prone to histrionics.

      Sounds like the District Judge, Julie Robinson, was a George W. Bush appointee, so not some liberal “legislating from the bench”. Sounds like she had to rule in compliance with the National Voter Registration Act, and that there were problems with Kansas Secretary Kobach being in contempt of court and not presenting the case well.

      1. Ah, a Bush appointee. Certainly a serious type about immigration law.

      2. Do you have a notarized assessment from a therapist on his histrionics?

        1. Let’s dissect his first two paragraphs:

          “We’ll likely have to carry around papers to show we were vaccinated in order to live, even unfreely with masks, in this society, but illegal aliens can vote.”

          Just straight up paranoia about vaccinations. Maybe his paranoia will turn out to be reality, but at this point nobody is saying you cannot “live” if you cannot show your “papers”.

          At the heart of this case, former Kansas Secretary of State, Kobach made exaggerated claims about how many illegal aliens voted illegally (“3.2 million”!), then couldn’t back up those numbers.

          “That is the upshot of the latest insidious Supreme Court decision to allow lower courts to shred all voter verification processes in election law.”

          You could put it that way. Or you could say, more accurately, they didn’t take up a case that was already handled by a circuit appeals court.

          “For the past few weeks, we’ve been told ‘states’ rights’ force us to pursue a ‘live and let live’ policy toward state governors who violate the state’s election law to weaken voter integrity laws.”

          Why the scare quotes around “states rights”? The Supreme Court didn’t say any of what Horowitz claims we “were told”. In fact, the Supreme Court didn’t say much at all.

          “However, this principle is evidently a one-way street and doesn’t apply to governors who want to follow, not break, state voter integrity laws.”

          The ruling in Fish v Kobach didn’t have anything to do with Kansas’ governor wanting to follow or not follow the DPOC law. The court ruled that DPOC went beyond what was allowed by Congress in the National Voter Registration Act of 1993.

          “Then, the federal courts have every right to get involved and nullify those laws, and the Supreme Court doesn’t seem to be concerned about the 10th Amendment and Art. I Sec. 4, which dictate that state legislatures prescribe the “Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections.”

          This part is not all that histrionic. Horowitz actually presents some plain, non-emotional argument in this last sentence.

          1. Personal reading are ok as citations for you now?

            So this means you’ll stop pretending you want citations when you’re actually just thread shitting?

            1. “Personal reading are…”


      3. “Sounds like the District Judge was a George W. Bush appointee… Sounds like she had to rule in compliance…”

        Do you have a cite verified by the internet pope to all those “sounds like”?

    3. The Kansas law excluded 31,089 people from registering to vote, and 99% of them were citizens. It is wrong to have a law that prevents 99 citizens from voting just to stop 1 from registering. And remember that voting if you are not a citizen is already a crime. These are voter suppression tactics, because they demand documents to register, yet do not include in the law a method to make it easy for low income or rural people to get these documents.

      1. Every other country in the Western world requires ID to vote, and their poor manage just fine.

        1. I doubt the rest of the western world has local politicians hell bent on suppressing the vote of those they don’t like. As I said, voter ID would be much less objectionable if the states made it easy and free to get and ID, but they commonly don’t. In my town the local DMV office is miles out of town, with very limited bus service. It would take a person who does not drive at least a half a day to go there and get back.

          1. Half a day? The horror!

            1. If you are a low income person it would hurt to lose a half or full day pay, and that is even if your employer will let you take off work. If you have kids with no child care then you have to take them with you one mult-bus- mulit-hour trip to get an ID.

              1. Yeah, there’s always excuses for why people can’t get a cheap ID, even though it’s required for just about anything we do these days.

                1. It is not an excuse, it is local officials intentionally making it hard.

                  1. Yeah, it’s an excuse, and it’s not hard at all.

          2. “I doubt the rest of the western world has local politicians hell bent on suppressing the vote”


          3. Shitthatisnttrue.txt

          4. I doubt the rest of the western world has local politicians hell bent on suppressing the vote of those they don’t like.

            So you’re saying… American exceptionalism? Lol, you’re such a fucking clown.

            Also, the poor aren’t as inept as your trying to pretend. Basically you’re being patronizing, classist and bigoted towards them.
            Just because Daddy didn’t give them a trust fund doesn’t mean that they don’t have their own personal agency.

            1. ^ this.

            2. The racism of low expectations is a thing, and Molly is exhibit A.

          5. Everything is so terrible and unfair, molly.

        2. Nobody ruled that Kansas couldn’t require ID. They did rule about what kind of ID Kansas could require, but that was the judge following Congressionally-passed law.

    4. Reason will be right on this, with The Libertarian Case For Replacing Elections With Calvinball.

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  5. That $300 a week amount would equate to your average out-of-work person making roughly the same as if they were still working.

    But without the pride of earning it. On the other hand, more time for social activities like…


    npr: we won’t waste your time with stories about hunter biden’s shady af business activities (which, by the way, have earned him a DOJ investigation)

    also npr: pete buttigieg loves choo-choo trains.

    1. I hear he’s even pulled one.

    2. so does “earning” a DOJ investigation mean something again? Yay!


    “Ugh, men are just the worst. But because you’re a woman, you’re strong and unique, like a tiger made of unicorns. No one else understands how underappreciated you are. But we do. Buy our tube socks.”

    —Every advertising agency in America

    1. It must work on some level because almost every single company that targets women uses some variation on that theme in their ads.

      But a personal anecdote in way of refutation to that hypothesis, is that my mother, sisters, grandmothers, girlfriends, aunts and cousins, by and large hate that patronizing “girl-power” kind of tripe. Most are far more practical and grounded than the men in their lives.

      I can only think that some of the immature girls I knew back in college would eat that up. I can’t imagine that they’re enough of a demographic to base a whole genre of ads on though.

      Maybe something else is going on.

  8. Patients will still need to get a prescription for these at-home tests.

    Those results might not be 100% accurate, unlike your infallible doctor.

    1. *clicks pen, puts it in labcoat pocket*

    2. “Forcing people to get a prescription for the at‐​home COVID test burdens them with the expense in time and money of going to a doctor’s office to get the prescription when they don’t even need the doctor to perform the test. It also subjects them to the risk of contracting COVID, if they don’t already have it, from other patients in the waiting room or lobby. In short, it erases many advantages of an at‐​home test.”

      Feature, not a bug! Doctors need more $$$$, and to hell with the rest of us!


    Literally the exact same video but Twitter doesn’t fact-check liberal accounts when they post it


    After discussing voter fraud, ⁦
    ⁩ goes after ⁦Rand⁩. “Why do you want to spread violence across America by spreading this lie?”Not once did ⁦
    ⁩ call for violence. Few have been physically attacked as much as Rand,by the left

    1. Rand said the fraud word. He is no longer libertarian. Do not make me summon Sullum.

      1. Looking forward to ENB calling Rand Paul a “racist” again.

  11. RESIST!
    Not my president

    1. Ya gotta admit, impeachment hysteria was more fun than covid and riots.

      Ah, the good ol’ days.

  12. The sudden lockdown this summer of nine public housing towers in Melbourne that left 3,000 people without adequate food and medication and access to fresh air…

    Air? That’s where the virus lives!


    Literally the exact same video but Twitter doesn’t fact-check liberal accounts when they post it

      1. Facts are stubborn things, ain’t they?

        1. They are.

          But playing the perpetual victim is not a good look for conservatives. Old school conservatives were never whiny.

          1. Nice concern trolling.

          2. “conservatives. Old school conservatives”

            Get a therapist. You need one badly.

          3. You had to know that lefty whining would catch on. But they are not as effective with it, for sure.

      2. Consivitiv isn’t a group it’s an idea

      3. When our self-appointed political officer can’t refute the message he attacks the messengers.

        I think we should all start calling White Knight, “Comrade Politruk”.

  14. …not enough Christmas movies this year are about the deadly pandemic we’ve suffered through for the past nine months.

    So unquarantine yourselves, Hallmark, and gather crews together to make a new timeless classic about mask-wearing big city gals getting stranded in Smalltown USA with a bunch of hicks who reject science, but falls in love with that one hunk who converted his Christmas shop into a PPE manufacturing plant or some shit.

    1. Well, to do it in true Hallmark style the hunk needs to be initially running a gun store but the woke city gal gets him to turn it into a PPE manufacturing plant with the power of her love.

      1. Single father with a troubled teen son and a socially-conscious daughter. Together, the they win over the older brother and ply the father to sell homemade PPE.

        1. What, no gender re-assignments?

          1. That only happens to the males who are forced to watch this kind of dreck.

          2. Why do you think the son is troubled? He rejects his toxic masculinity in the second hour.

        2. You guys don’t get it. Halmark is decidedly unwoke- which is why the left makes fun of it so much.

          1. But they still watch the movies, and long for traditional romances.

            Hallmark movies are an escape. Maybe their viewers don’t want to be reminded of the pandemic and the shutdowns and politics.

    2. You nailed it coming this valentines day

  15. Candidate’s son registered as a foreign agent, and known to be under investigation by the FBI, would have made impeachment and the #LaptopFromHell into very different stories.

    Hunter Biden Sought to Avoid Registering as Foreign Agent in Chinese Business Venture, Text Message Shows
    Hunter Biden suggested setting up a shell company to do business with a Chinese firm to avoid registering as a foreign agent and be able to bid on U.S. government contracts, according to documents from May 2017 obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

    A day after sending the message, Biden arranged a meeting between his father, former Vice President Joe Biden, and Tony Bobulinski, one of the prospective partners in a deal with CEFC China Energy, a Chinese conglomerate whose chairman had links to the communist regime in Beijing.

    “We don’t want to have to register as foreign agents under the FCPA, which is much more expansive than people who should know choose not to know,” Hunter Biden wrote to Bobulinski on May 1, 2017, according to a text message obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

    “No matter what it will need to be a US company at some level in order for us to make bids on federal and state funded projects,” the former vice president’s son wrote.

    1. The time is long past to confront, and and defeat Red China.

      Can you imagine any other country inflicting a disease that kills 300K Americans, and we fail to respond? I can scarcely believe the tepidness of our response today, under POTUS Trump.

      1. Rest easy, Sleepy Joe will get us in a war soon enough.

      2. What exactly are you advocating? Going to literal war with another global nuclear superpower?

        1. What are you advocating? Kneeling in submission?

          1. Maybe something in the vast range between “kneeling in submission” and World War III.

            1. Something like “confront and defeat”?

              1. I’m not familiar with that phrase. Whom are you quoting?

                1. The person you replied to.

                  Didnt read it huh?

                  1. Ah, upthread. Thanks!

                  2. She literally said she wasn’t familiar with a statement she just responded to. And at some point in the next day or so, she’ll accuse someone else of not arguing in good faith.

            2. Oddly you are against anything that isn’t just ignore chinas bad acts.

              1. Odd how you are always telling me what my position on political issues is.

                Truth is I think dealing with China is a really hard conundrum with no facile answers. Zealots like you cannot relate to not knowing exactly what the right thing to do in a complicated situation is; you have the certainty of belief that comes with not being very smart.

                1. Da, Comrade Politruk. Your political motivations totally aren’t obvious. The fact that you sound like a DNC newsletter all the time is totally coincidental.
                  You are obviously very smart.

                  1. You think anyone to the left of Rudy Giuliani “sounds like a DNC newsletter”

                    1. Are you to the left of Rudy Giuliani? How much farther left?
                      He wasn’t exactly a far-right radical as NYC’s mayor, so there’s a pretty good chance you’re to the left of Joe too.

                2. You’re always telling us what your position is.

            3. “World War 3!!!

              World War III already happened last year when the Iranian guy was assassinated, remember?
              You guys are on World War IV now.

              1. 3 was with North Korean. Iran was 4. This would be 5. That’s a lot of death at Trump’s feet!

          2. Only Neel if you say his name. Whinny the poo

        2. TWK…You ask a fair question. I shall respond.

          First, the tariffs levied by POTUS Trump remain in place. The Chinese have not fulfilled their obligations under the phase 1 trade deal. The additional tariffs arising by non-compliance to P1 should immediately go into place on January 4, 2021. A deal is a deal.

          Second, we must immediately arm Taiwan to the teeth. They need to become a porcupine. No animal eats porcupine because the quills hurt too much. Sell them 50B in weapons, easy terms, immediate delivery.

          Third, once Taiwan is armed, we must recognize their independence, and exchange ambassadors. And park an aircraft carrier on the East side of the island, with Taiwan paying that cost.

          Fourth, all Chinese companies must be immediately delisted from any US stock exchange, because they do not comply with SEC regulations on accounting transparency.

          Fifth, we must revoke MFN trade status, and begin proceedings to eject from the WTO. China cheats, and the world knows it. Concurrently, we must name Red China as a currency manipulator.

          Sixth, covertly, I would destroy every oil pipeline running from Iran to China. That forces China to import oil by sea routes…sea routes which can be closed. Accidents happen, right? Why just last year, a bunch of ships were mined by who knows. It could be an Iranian resistance group just got lucky. But those pipelines get shut off. You can argue that is an act of war, but you have to get caught first. And what is Iran really going to do, anyway?

          Seventh, I would assist the Philippines and Vietnam in their admiralty cases against China, and their actions in the South China sea.

          The seven things I laid out are just for starters. There is plenty more we can do to rachet up the pain and the tangible cost to Red China. We must begin immediately.

          1. 1. No idea about the specifics of the deal you cite. Pretty sure the incoming Biden Admin will torpedo it.

            2. They already are. In addition to loads of SSM sales, they should be included in F-35 sales, though I have a strong idea why they weren’t. Adding them to Japan and South Korea as East Asian customers of F-35 shouldn’t be that unusual, and the VTOL version allows us to also sell Taiwan…

            3. Their own aircraft carrier. Or two. The US isn’t going to retrofit either Nassau or Peleliu to replace the Bonny Dick burning down at dockside, so why not try to sell them to the Taiwanese and let them (and their lax environment regs) take a crack at it? Couple it with F-35 VTOL and voila, instant A/C carrier.

            The US cannot afford to permanently stick one CSG off the shore of Taiwan forever. We have 10 of the things, more whenever the Fords are ready. That means you can deploy 3. You can temporarily surge to get more—I thought for sure someone was getting bombed a few months ago when 5 were available—but it doesn’t last. You want to patrol the Persian Gulf, Korea, West Africa, and anywhere else? You can’t afford to leave a carrier parked off Taiwan. Cont.

            1. 3. I like the recognizing independence idea. Rip that bandaid off.

              4. I’ve no idea how that works. Are their foreign owned, and foreign government controlled, entities on the NYSE or other US exchanges? They have to comply with SEC regulations, and Chinese ones aren’t currently? Turning a blind eye doesn’t sound like it’s in the US’s interests. Biden won’t do that, either.

              5. The writers here would shit. So would a good chunk of the US population when Wal-mart started having shortages and Harbor Freight went away.

              6. Keep in mind, the US is far more vulnerable to those shenanigans than either Iran or China. We have farther to fall, anyway. Numerous chokepoints in the US economy have been discussed in open source literature: >100kV transformer equipment, vital bridges and tunnels, single point of failure water distribution systems, etc… Be careful what you wish for.

              7. Agreed, but define, ‘assist.’ And keep in mind, Duarte likely owes his seat to PRC influence and money. I.e., the Philippines may be even more leaky and unreliable than were the South Vietnamese.

              None of this, Biden will do. The opposite, really, though some more 4th gen toys might get sold by LockMart, et al, to the region.

              1. re: assist

                Red China has fishing fleets that spy on our allies, and generally make themselves a royal pain in the ass. It would be a real shame if the Philippines or Vietnam acquired the means to sink Coomunist Chinese fishing boats in a manner hard to trace. After all, the waters are deep there. Tough to do salvage operations. No proof positive.

                1. The PI and Vietnam already have all of the equipment they need to sink whichever trespassing trawler or spy plane that they want. They will never have enough equipment or personnel to take on the PLAF or PLAN in a conventional war or smaller scale skirmish, which is one reason why they haven’t.

                  Quietly, and without a warning being shouted, is quite a bit harder. I’m not sure the US would have an easy time of it. Even that South Korean corvette that got sunk by torpedoes, managed to get off a distress signal.

                  The PLAN have ROVs that can go to the deepest parts of the ocean, FWIW. Part and parcel of having a robust deepwater offshore O&G program. They’re not the US, and I dunno what large structures could be raised, but they could send an ROV or divers, given how shallow a lot of that area’s waters are, and see that the hapless ship had help in getting on the bottom.

    2. Not that I want to defend Biden, but do you know how many foreign investors come into the US through US blocker corps. so that they don’t have to register with the US tax authorities individually, or be subject to the US tax regimes? It’s a legitimate concern. People use shell companies all the time, though it’s a pejorative term for what normal people would call a holding company or investment company.

      If I had the option of investing personally in China or through a chain of US entities into a Chinese entity to provide at least some type of barrier… I know what I’d be choosing.


    Is this Israeli dude a crackpot? His past history is not Alex Jones like. I’d be cool as hell if there really was an underground base on Mars.

    1. Who do you think is doing the oil changes and tire rotations on those mars rovers?

      1. 142 million miles in the vacuum of space is just a social construct, a figment of your imagination.

    2. Eshed added that President Donald Trump was aware of the extraterrestrials’ existence and had been “on the verge of revealing” information but was asked not to in order to prevent “mass hysteria.”

      They covered it up by creating a completely different mass hysteria?

    3. Chicks with 3 titties is real?

      1. + 1 Quaid to start the reactor.

        1. Sounds like he wants to get his ass to Mars.

      2. Those new vaccines are wonders aren’t they?

  17. Are airports romantic?

    Nothing more romantic than getting your nuts tugged by a federal employee.

    1. It can hardly be a coincidence that no language on Earth has ever produced the expression “as pretty as an airport”.

      — D. Adams (mayherestinpeace)

    2. “The truth is that airports have seen more sincere kisses than the wedding halls.”

  18. The Irish government is planning to criminalize sharing very vaguely defined “hate speech” on social media.

    The land of ire no more.

    1. It’s not like anyone is going to understand when they hate on you in Gaelic anyway.

      1. Not speaking to me in my native language is a hate crime.

    2. What a bunch of drunken, sister-fucking, pope dick-sucking Micks.

      Is that enough for Hate?

  19. Regulations are preventing Portland’s-

    Stop right there.

  20. “The Irish government is planning to criminalize sharing very vaguely defined ‘hate speech’ on social media.”

    Good. According to Reason contributor Noah Berlatsky, the US should do the same.


      1. That’s hate talk, right there!

      2. How is it even possible for a person like that to be a staff member for a libertarian publication?

        It feels like there’s been a woke commie takeover of Reason and it’s been very directed.

      3. This walking estrogen hormone actually made the argument a couple days ago that disciplining your kids in any way is tyranny.

        1. Because the government should be doing it instead?

          IW, it’s not woke Communists that took over—though people sliding close to that are who this site’s staff predominantly choose to associate with and occassionally employ.

          It’s that any argument to get rid of Trump, and thereby increase immigration and decrease import tariffs, is a good one. People who believe in that, are also usually happy to go along with the rest of the SJW cookbook.

    1. Amazing how when writers leave Reason they end up being hyper lefties. Shocking.


    You’re a professional but don’t know when you have an empty syringe?

    Allegedly, this is the first COVID-19 vaccinations at UMC this week.

    1. Not even smart enough to put saline in the syringe for show?

    2. Allegedly, this is the first COVID-19 vaccinations at UMC this week.

      The video says second. I’d put money on the fact that one syringe was used for the first and second vaccinations.

      1. Sharing needles?

        1. Holy shit! Interesting fact: Medical malpractice deaths kill almost as many Americans annually as COVID.

  22. Longtime GOP strategist Steve Schmidt announces he’s registering Democrat

    “I spent 29 years as a Republican, I’ve spent two and a half as an independent, and later this afternoon I will register as a member of the Democratic Party,” Schmidt told Plouffe. “Because in America today, it’s only the Democratic Party—which is the oldest political party in the world—that stands for the ideas and ideals of American liberty.”

    The GOP sucks ass as we all know but this is an over reaction.

    1. Like it’s going to keep him from being canceled.

      1. I don’t know.

        The left is pretty thankful for Schmidt’s work running the McCain presidential campaign, and appreciate the fact that he was the one who kicked the chair out from under Palin during it.

        Since then he’s written a bunch of articles on the greatness of Obama and how the GOP needs to adapt to globalism and woke, so maybe he’ll be okay.

        1. He’s been a Democrat in all but name since 2012 anyway, he’s just making it official now.

    2. From Twitter: Lincoln project spent millions and only converted one voter (Schmidt).

      1. Maybe because people remember Lincoln was a Republican?

    3. “I spent 29 years as a Republican”

      Wow. Imagine being a proud Republican during the far more respectable early 2000s neocon-dominated era — only to watch the influence of David Frum and Bill Kristol fade as the alt-right white nationalist faction took over.


    4. “…“Because in America today, it’s only the Democratic Party—which is the oldest political party in the world—that stands for the ideas and ideals of American liberty.”…”

      It’s a shame there are no sanity requirements to serve.

      1. At least the ideals that liberty is subordinate to equality, equity, justice, fairness, grievance, retribution, reparations, democracy, state planning, and feelings.

    5. Let him suck on campaigns for Dems for a while.

      1. Hope they put him in charge of Harris 2024.

    6. when it is about the power and not principle…. you stick with the duopoly…


    It’s kinda weird how all of a sudden Big Pharma is noble and trustworthy and you’re not allowed to question them.

    1. Nope, government control is for US citizens, not immigrants.




        Jim Breslo: Raise your hand if you’re a Democrat who wants to lose the election

        Another question from the second debate: “Raise your hand if your government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants.”

        Everyone raised their hand.

  24. Sheep have taken control-

    To those sheep the sheepdogs have not only looked but acted like the wolves for too long!

    1. Sheep took control a long time ago.

    2. Four legs good, two legs bad.

  25. Only six or seven hundred bucks? I was hoping for a free AR! Dag nabbit!

    1. Another one? What are you going to do with two?

      1. Kill more innocent pieces of paper.

    2. You can build an AR for that much.

      Or at least you could, maybe recent supply chain issues and historically high demand have made it impossible.

  26. The #BidenBoom continues to pay off for billionaires like’s benefactor Charles Koch.

    Mr. Koch earned $119,000,000 yesterday.

    Keep in mind this is just because of the market’s positive reaction to Biden’s historic landslide victory. Once Biden is in office, things will get even better when he implements the open borders policy Koch / Reason libertarians have been advocating for decades.


    1. I’m waiting for the flurry of anonymous reports about Biden.

      1. Like the press would report on them…

    2. I hope that is true.

      I want to see the Secret Service drag the Con Man out of a spider hole after Jan 20 like they did Saddam Hussein – with his hair all matted and a nasty half beard.

      1. But enough about your perverted sex fantasies.

      2. “I hope that is true.”

        Of course you do, turd; you’re a TDS-infected pile of lefty shit.

    3. “President Donald Trump has told advisers that he will refuse to leave the White House on Inauguration Day, a new CNN report claims”

      Gee a Clinton News Network cite…

      1. Be honest. You are not even slightly embarrassed that you are a devotee of this cry-baby man-child?

        1. But enough about Bill…

          1. Bill Clinton?
            Mr. Bill?

            1. And this is why all you globalist own Biden now. No pretending you are against him. For 4 years anyone pointing out the libertarian policies of trump was called a cultist. You are a biden cultist.

        2. Be honest, are you *capable* of embarrassment, TDS-infected shit?

        3. Hey Comrade Politruk. Did you even read the DailyMail article?

          “though some believe he may try to stay put, according to CNN report citing multiple sources.”

          Let’s check it out:

          Oh look, it’s all claimed by a single anonymous “adviser”. Not multiple sources, and CNN doesn’t give a name, what department they’re with, nothing.
          “Biden’s laptop needed verification from the FBI, but we’ll run this story with a phantasmagorical source”

          So just more falsehoods created out of thin air, and our own two little self-nominated political officers are forcing it.

    4. I thought there was controversy happening with his Mar-a-lago neighbors because he’s informed them he’s moving there soon and they say he can’t.

      Seems like if you’re into making fun of the Bad Orange Man you have to choose one or the other story because they’re completely contradictory.

      1. But mah narrative.

        Fuck off and die, Reason.

      2. Let’s see if I got this straight. I copied a link to a story at the top of the Daily Mail, and that means I hate Trump because I didn’t link to a story you thought was more important? You need to get your head checked. Seriously. You’re fucking deranged.

        1. I don’t think that was directed at you. More like the media in general.

          1. I’m sure it was directed at me. The Trumpista crew believes I’m a hardcore leftist because I criticized Trump and haven’t sufficiently criticized Biden.

            1. “I’m sure it was directed at me”

              Because apparently you’re stupid. I’m not a Trumpista but don’t let that interrupt your valiant fight against fascism.

              1. Sorry I put sand in your crotch. Go take a shower.

                1. Poor sarc. He’s always nice, and everyone else is mean to him. He’s the real victim.

                2. You’re being a mean girl again sarc. Your supposed to be playing the victim, remember.

            2. You’ve never criticized biden. Keep asking for links when you did it without being backed into a corner.

            3. “I’m sure it was directed at me…”

              Yep, what isn’t about you is about Trump, right?

        2. I didn’t say that or even want to imply it. My comment wasn’t really even directed at you. The problem is your inference. If you read other posts, it’s pretty obvious I’m not a Trumpster. But the obvious is too complicated for you I guess.

          Or maybe you’re just one of those people that go to message boards to argue. Well, I ain’t gonna play. Fuck off.

          1. My comment wasn’t really even directed at you.

            Then why did you say “you” in a reply to me?


            1. “English has always had a gender-neutral second-person plural pronoun: you. You has been the second-person plural pronoun since the days of Old English.”



              1. Sarc’s in high dudgeon at the moment, so he’s lashing out.
                It’s probably more to do with the bottles of Cisco on the floor around him, than anything you said.

        3. You don’t got that straight.

        4. Or it was the last 2 years of hyperbolic strawman and calling everyone cultists.

          1. It’s not my fault you don’t like the fact that the cult of Trump acts very much like the leftists you hate so much.

            1. Not so fast, it’s definitely your fault that you think that lol

            2. “iT’s a cULt !!”

        5. ” I copied a link to a story at the top of the Daily Mail,”

          And there’s your mistake.

      3. “you have to choose one or the other story because they’re completely contradictory”

        Why does sarcasmic have to choose one of those stories or the other, when Trump himself is not choosing between those two contradicting futures?

        1. He doesn’t. “You” in that context was a generic you, mostly directed toward the media, which is jumping on every anti-Trump rumor while they still can.

          OneSimpleLesson got the context exactly right.

          1. I understand why using you in that context might be confusing, but this is a stupid thing to try to argue over.
            I suppose Sarc is defensive because of how often accusations of TDS are directed toward him.

            1. Yes, as are all of us who are accused of being liberals/Democrats/progressives because we say critical things about Donald Trump.

              1. I suppose that’s understandable. I don’t engage in many arguments on here, but it’s tiring seeing the same arguments play out 20 times a week.

                1. The Reason comments section used to be full of witty, interesting discussion, then it became infected with Trump worshipers with rude behavior.

                  1. You were never witty chipper.

                  2. This from a TDS-infected shit who is incapable of posting without reference to Trump.

                  3. And “how dare you call mr a leftir while I call you a trump worshipper” lol

                    God you and the other biden cultists are dumb as fuck.

                  4. I haven’t been around for all that long, but pre Trump it seemed to be more rational. There were definitely left leaning and right leaning people before, but Trump just seems to make many more tribal and shrill.
                    As far as TDS is a real thing, I think I’ve seen some of it on this board, but the pointed accusations are hardly ever productive.

                    And I don’t think the rudeness is isolated to the right leaning either.

                    Can we all say that there are both bad things and good things on Trump’s record?

                    1. There are bad things and good things on Trump’s record.

                    2. Dee is a fucking hypocrite, who stole a bunch of handles to try to stop people from using words she doesn’t approve of. Now him and sarc jump into every conversation calling everyone Trump cultists, then play the victim when people respond.

              2. You openly push globalist ideals and nay say anything trump has done even when they are libertarian. Youre a biden cultist. Own the title. It is what you’ve done here for years. You even use trumpista in this thread.

              3. “because we say critical things about Donald Trump”

                No, it’s because you talk exactly like a Democratic party press release.

                If you look like a donkey, walk like a donkey, and bray like a donkey, then you’re probably a donkey.

      4. Seems like if you’re into making fun of the Bad Orange Man you have to choose one or the other story because they’re completely contradictory.

        I don’t know. After four years of “Trump is an anti-Semitic Zionist!” I think we’ve learned that his critics are pretty comfortable with contradiction.


    The “Lie of the Year” was “15 days to slow the spread”…

    1. That counts as downplaying the virus, doesn’t it?

  28. The added cost and hassle of actually using these at-home tests will inevitably dissuade some people from getting tested altogether. That means more uninfected folks will needlessly isolate themselves, or people who unknowingly have the virus will go about their business as usual. Neither outcome is great for those who are eager to safely and quickly return to normal life.

    So? What does that have to do with the FDA? Jesus, you can plainly see that governors and boards of health are passing restrictive rules just for the hell of it, rules that have nothing whatsoever to do with “the science”, and yet you cling to this idea that high-level bureaucrats are neutral and non-partisan noble and altruistic arbiters of truth and justice and the American way of life? Face it, the FDA and every other agency and department of the federal government is headed by corrupt, immoral, cheating, lying, self-aggrandizing pieces of shit who don’t care a bit about the peasants.

    1. .. go about their business as usual.
      Except for all the things that are banned.

    2. To be fair to politicians and bureaucrats, the pandemic is like a candy store to them, with open tubs of power, crony support, and self aggrandizement–just too tempting to ignore.

  29. University of Texas ripped as ‘Orwellian’ for naming journalism award after Dan Rather
    ‘Irony is dead, buried, and cremated’, remarked one social media critic

    UT’s Moody College of Communication tweeted Wednesday that it was introducing “the Dan Rather Medals for News and Guts to recognize collegiate and professional journalists who overcome obstacles like stonewalling and harassment to speak truth to power.”

    1. What is the frequency, kennith?

    2. They are just being honest. ‘News’ stopped being about the facts and started being about the narrative sometime during the Clinton administration and Dan Rather was center stage during the transformation.

      For example the coverage of Tiananmen Square in 1989 versus the coverage of Hong Kong in 2020. Same totalitarian regime, but a complete lack of judgement this time around. Because if Trump hates China, they must be doing something right.

      1. “”‘News’ stopped being about the facts and started being about the narrative sometime during the Clinton administration””

        I credit the rise of the 24 hour “news” channels for it. Those channels became mostly opinion editorial shows. Now it seems a lot of people can’t understand the difference between opinion and news.

      2. For example the coverage of Tiananmen Square in 1989 versus the coverage of Hong Kong in 2020. Same totalitarian regime, but a complete lack of judgement this time around.

        Which is extra creepy in that with Tiananmen Square, the CCP was at least putting down something that could be characterized as a ‘domestic uprising,’ whereas Hong Kong today is pure aggression in explicit violation of an international treaty, but crickets, if not outright rationalization of what the CCP is doing from the American media.


    URGENT. This photo was taken moments ago by a poll watcher at the Congress Center in GA for the “signature audit”

    This is his vantage point. He cannot see anything and they are being kept corralled behind these barriers.

    How is this any different than before? #StopTheSteaI

    As soon as he took his phone out they came up to him and demanded he put his phone away and asked if he took any pictures. He said no.

    He’s now being told he has to leave the area if he takes his phone out at all.

    1. STFU. Food trucks, Nardz, food trucks.

    2. It worked once. Nothing changed.

  31. One time checks are vastly superior to paying people more to stay home than than they’d make if they went back to work. There’s this thing called moral hazard, and there’s thing called a lazy fuck.

    1. Except one time checks go to people who don’t need the money, like me and (I’m guessing) you.

      1. So are you going to give yours away?

      2. Whether I need my money isn’t really for other people to decide.

        It’s nice that I’m getting some of my money back, and sending the consumers money is far better than taxing them to get around their marginal propensity to save.

        Still, the one time checks are expected to be only $600 or $700, and the government owes me a whole lot more than $600 or $700.

        Regardless, it isn’t for other people to decide whether I really need my money.

        1. Except the government already spent the money they owe you. The checks are borrowed money.

          1. …aaand, here comes sarcassmic with an awkward non-sequitur he thinks somehow relates to what Ken was saying.

            1. It does, Chuck P. (The Artist formerly known ass CTSP). Ken wants smaller government, but he apparently supports more debt if it means him getting a check. Seems a bit contradictory.

              1. That is not what Ken supports at all, but please, project some more.

              2. Like most libritarian, and I suspect Ken has a similar thought process, is that I will take all of the money the government decides not to steal from me. Until the feds zero out the income tax most tax money is ill gotten gains

                1. They went after Ayn Rand for cashing the social security checks the government sent her–as if getting back some of what they’d taken from her over the years were somehow hypocritical.

                  Yeah, it’d be better if they never took that money in the first place, but it they’re spending it on something whether I like it or not, I’d rather they sent me some of my money back.

                  And if the question is whether it’s better to send me some of my money back or send it to unemployed people (who “need” it), if I want to give my money to unemployed people, I’ll do it myself.

          2. True, can I borrow money to pay myself? 30 year loan interest only with a ballon payment due after i die

          3. So, you believe that sending me some of my future paychecks back (ahead of time) isn’t better than sending my future paychecks to unemployed people–from my perspective?

            Not the way I see it!

            Borrowing to send me money is better than borrowing to send my money to someone else. If the alternative were sending more money to people on unemployment, I’d rather just let the unemployed people look for a job.

            If there were an option to not spend the money at all, I’d rather do that. I don’t think that’s a legitimate option at this point, because this is all about the upcoming deadline on keeping the government open.

            This $600 or $700 isn’t worth dying on a hill over, especially not when the Democrats are also dropping their plan to bail out state and local government as a precondition for keeping the government open.

            The Republicans won’t get better terms when Biden is the one who has to sign the bills to become law a few weeks from now. If they’re planning to keep the government open, this is probably as good as it can get–given that you and people like you voted for Jo Jorgensen.

            How’s it feel?

            1. I didn’t vote, dumbass.

              1. You’re just happy Biden won.

            2. I’d frame it in terms of borrowing from future generations, rather than returning some of your own money to you.

              Realistically, that’s who’s going to be paying for your $600 check.

              1. “Realistically, that’s who’s going to be paying for your $600 check.”

                It’s coming out of my future paychecks.

                It’s coming out of my future discretionary income.

                I take my discretionary income very seriously. The amount of discretionary income we have determines our quality of life. International trade, tax cuts, spending cuts, productivity increases due to technology, all these things are good because they increase our discretionary income and, thus, our quality of life. There are things I’ll want but can’t afford in the future because they spent money out of my future paychecks.

                That’s the way I see it because that’s the way it is.

                If they’re taking money out of my future paychecks and spending it on something today, it’s better if they send it to me rather than someone else.

          4. Money is fungible dummy.

        2. I don’t think the government needs to be borrowing more money and reducing payments to people who need the help to give money to people who don’t.

          1. Especially when they’re paying some of these people more than they’d make if they were working and doing something useful to somebody.

            Being compelled by markets and circumstances to make ourselves useful to other people of our own free will is not a bad thing. There’s legitimate self-esteem to be found in that equation somewhere, too.

            The fleas I washed off my dog’s back over the summer had such a sense of entitlement, like I feed and care for that dog just so they’ll have place to live and something to nibble on. That dog gives me affection and fun. The fleas are useless.

            I’m so glad I’m useful. Some people feel like parasites because they’re parasites–they don’t do anything useful for anybody. Like we all work our asses off to be useful to people–just so we can take care of their bloodsucking asses.

  32. I am creating an honest wage from home 1900 Dollars/week , that is wonderful, below a year agone i used to be unemployed during a atrocious economy. I convey God on a daily basis i used to be endowed these directions and currently it’s my duty to pay it forward and share it with everybody, Here is I started….. Read More.


    In other words, the Constitution cannot protect you, if you don’t protect the Constitution with your votes against anyone who violates it. Those government officials who want more power are not going to stop unless they get stopped.

    1. He ain’t black!

    2. Sowell is a bad ass. Love the man.

  34. Too late Koch fuckers you sold everyone out and now you’ve got no reason to complain about some stimulus checks.

  35. Unemployment is up.
    The Biden effect has started.

    1. You need to start screaming about Hunter Biden every day. Because, you know, that is what wingnuts do.



      2. rUsSiaN b0ts, hAngiNg cHaDs, tRuMp’s jUsT sTartEd w0rLd wAr 3, tRuMp’s kiLLeD 300000, piZzAgAtE iS rAciSt, MaGA mAdmEn lYnChEd jUsSiE, CoVinGton kiDS aSsAUlted a vEt, kaVAnaUGh rAn a sEcREt gaNg rApE cArtEl.

  36. Violent Crime Rate Doubles On Chicago Rail System, Even With Stepped-Up Police And Far Fewer Riders


    Rand Paul: Voter fraud ‘happened’ and election was in ‘many ways stolen’

    1. Reason doesn’t like or respect Rand Paul anymore. Not woke enough

      1. Rand Paul got curb stomped by his neighbor, was the first senator to get COVID (right before he would have spoken out against the stimulus), got chased by rioters trying to cross the street after the RNC, and is still speaking out. The guy has more balls than the entire Reason staff put together.

    1. Better shut down the bottling plant, it’s full of the virus!

    2. Then maybe the tests shouldn’t be used on a bottle of Coke?

      1. Now we know what you are the white knight for, Science!

        1. Now do masks.

          1. Masks can probably be shown to not work well when soaked in Coca Cola.

            1. OK, that was funny.

            2. They’d actually work slightly better dummy.

      2. Why not?

        1. Because they were designed to be used to test a sample of mucus from a human being’s nose?

          1. They were designed to test for a virus. Unless the virus was in the coke, that’s a fail.

            Rapid tests are notorious for false positives. The protocol is if you test positive on a rapid test, you need to do another test to confirm.

            1. He was and still is a Theranos investor.

            2. They were designed to test for a virus in a particular environment.

              And nobody claims they are perfectly accurate, so what is the political point of the Coke video?

          2. So you don’t understand what the tests do. Got it.

          3. I mean… youre basically implying you think coke is generically similar to covid.

            1. Genetically *

            2. I am? I thought I was claiming:
              * There is no point to the Coke video other than political contentiousness for the sake of being contentious.
              * The acid in the Coke probably f’s with the way the test works, but so what? What’s the point?

      3. Yes. You really are this stupid.

    3. The real story here is that coke is spreading COVID!

      5G was a false flag!

    1. It’s an earned doctorate, but I’m betting my engineering degrees were harder to get (Both the BS and MS).

      1. Ed.d. not Ph.d

        1. Describing an Ed.d. as garbage is redundant.

  38. Thanks, Reason. Now fuck off and die.
    After generations of furiously denouncing slavery as the ultimate sin, it’s amazing how quickly and easily Chinese influence on Western Big Business forced the world to become comfortable with slavery again. Thanks, globalists!
    Quote Tweet
    Susannah Luthi
    · Dec 16
    From @politico Morning Trade:

    “The Uighur Forced Labor Act…passed by a 406-3 vote in Sept, but the Senate has refused to take it up amid pushback from …companies like Apple and Nike, industry groups like the Chamber of Commerce, American Apparel and Footwear Assn.”


    To prove how unreliable the rapid tests can be and how the numbers can’t be trusted, an Austrian parliamentarian tested a cup of Coca-Cola for COVID-19.

    The Coca-Cola tested positive!

    Sorry for the lack of English subtitles, perhaps someone who understands German can translate.


    Having come of age in the 80s, it’s been amazing to watch the corporate world swing hard to the Left, while the Left switched from diehard anti-corporatism to fawning reverence for billionaires and big businesses that push the “correct” politics.

    The cyberpunk dystopia is here, and guess what? It’s giant “liberal” corporations controlling speech and using financial muscle to impose ideology on the masses. Left-wing media swoons while billionaire CEOs tell us how to live. The subversives and rebels are conservatives.

    ..But this was all inevitable for those who understood that the accumulation of centralized power and corporate money will always swing to the Left eventually – if for no other reason than how easily left-wing virtue signaling conceals and sanctifies greed and the lust for power.
    And in retrospect it was so easy for left-wing activists to infiltrate big corporations, or capture the new mega-corps of the Internet era at birth. It’s so obvious that left-wing ideology is far more useful for protecting Big Business money than anything the Right offers.
    What do corporate Masters of the World really want in the post-industrial era? Protection for their markets, income guaranteed by government policy, protection from rapacious socialists, political influence and respectability as Great Men and Women. Only the Left offers all that.

    1. Only the Left offers all that.

      Don’t forget all that glorious, glorious virtue signaling. The key to any religion is convincing the followers they are guardians of the ‘truth’ and better than everybody else.

    2. Now, what’s that thing called where totalitarian governments and corporate cronies conspire to control society?

      1. IIRC, it starts with an “F” . . .

  41. I takes a month – max to get a job. If you don’t have one after a month, you ain’t never gonna have one. Fuck unemployment.

    1. Not in this economy.

  42. Tucker Carlson’s Brutal Takedown of ‘Dr.’ Jill Biden’s Dissertation

    “Three quarters of the class will be Caucasian; one quarter of
    the class will be African American…the remaining seats will be filled with students of Asian descent or non-resident aliens.”

    what remaining seats, Jill

    1. Jill Biden’s Doctorate Is Garbage Because Her Dissertation Is Garbage

      Mrs. Biden wanted the credential for its own sake. As for its quality, well. She got it from the University of Delaware, whose ties to her husband, its most illustrious alumnus if you don’t count Joe Flacco, run so deep that it has a school of public policy named after him. That the University of Delaware would have rejected her 2006 dissertation as sloppy, poorly written, non-academic, and barely fit for a middle-school Social Studies classroom (all of which it is) when her husband had been representing its state in the U.S. Senate for more than three decades was about as likely as Tom Hagen telling Vito Corleone that his wife is a fat sow on payday. The only risk to the University of Delaware was that it might strain its collective wrist in its rush to rubber-stamp her doctoral paper. Mrs. Biden could have turned in a quarter-a**ed excuse for a magazine article written at the level of Simple English Wikipedia and been heartily congratulated by the university for her towering mastery. Which is exactly what happened.

      Jill Biden’s dissertation is not an addition to the sum total of human knowledge. It is not a demonstration of expertise in its specific topic or its broad field. It is a gasping, wheezing, frail little Disney forest creature that begs you to notice the effort it makes to be the thing it is imitating while failing so pathetically that any witnesses to its ineptitude must feel compelled, out of manners alone, to drag it to the nearest podium and give it a participation trophy. Which is more or less what an Ed.D. is. It’s a degree that only deeply unimpressive people feel confers the honorific of “Doctor.” People who are actually smart understand that being in possession of a credential is no proof of intelligence.

      1. It is not a demonstration of expertise in its specific topic or its broad field. It is a gasping, wheezing, frail little Disney forest creature that begs you to notice the effort it makes to be the thing it is imitating while failing so pathetically that any witnesses to its ineptitude must feel compelled, out of manners alone, to drag it to the nearest podium and give it a participation trophy. Which is more or less what an Ed.D. is.


    2. Math is part of the oppressive patriarchy, you monster.

      1. Shut up, Greta.

  43. The thing that should be of most importance to libertarians about the emerging package wasn’t mentioned in the article–because Britschgi doesn’t want to give credit to Trump and the Republicans or because Britschgi genuinely doesn’t know what the most important thing is about this bill?

    Going back to when Pelosi and the House Democrats passed their $3.5 trillion package, the thing that made it unacceptable to Trump and the Republicans was that it contained $1 trillion to bail out state and local government. This was essentially forcing federal tax payers all over the country to bail out the outrageous pension obligations of California, Illinois, and New York. Both President Trump and Republicans in the senate refused to even negotiate on that issue–they wouldn’t even consider it as a condition of getting stimulus in the middle of a recession and two weeks before the election. In short, the Democrats refused to pass any stimulus bill that didn’t include a bail out for state and local government, and Trump and the Republicans refuse to pass any bill that bailed out state and local government.

    Well, guess what?

    There’s no bailout of state and local government in the stimulus bill under consideration tomorrow.

    No doubt, the next Congress, with Biden’s support, will take the issue up again, but then it’ll still be a Republican vs. Democrat issue. TARP was a bipartisan measure, which is why the Tea Party originally formed outside the Republican and Democratic parties. The biggest victims of the Tea Party’s wrath over TARP were actually pro-TARP Republicans, who were eliminated from consideration on the ballot by Tea Party candidates at the local level in the primaries. If there’s a big reaction by average taxpayers to being forced to bail out California and New York, it will all be directed at Biden and the Democrats if it passes with the support of only one or two Republicans in the senate. 2022 will be a bloodbath for congressional Democrats.

    In the meantime, your local government is getting smaller–even in places like California and New York, they’re being forced to lay off state, county, and city workers for the lack of sales tax and income tax. There’s a huge price for state and local government to pay when they shut businesses down. All those employees aren’t buying stuff as much when they’re unemployed. All those restaurants and retail establishments aren’t collecting sales tax. How will California and New York finance all that spending they love to do–sans a bailout from people who don’t live there?

    The government will never become so flush with cash that they decide to cut spending. The only time they cut spending in the real world is when their revenue dries up–typically because of a recession. Last time I checked, we have already laid off almost one million county workers in this country because of this recession–and that’s not including state and city workers. This, my libertarian friends, is what it looks like when the government gets smaller.


    1. Exhibit 1:

      Lawmakers and Gov. David Ige are planning initiatives to “restructure” government to cut costs to cope with the state budget crisis. The Ige administration is setting a goal of cutting a whopping $600 million from next year’s operating budget.

      House Finance Chair Sylvia Luke, meanwhile, is predicting the state can save $130 million or more per year by freezing positions as state workers retire.

      . . . .

      The Ige administration has instructed state departments to make plans for budget cuts of 10%, 15% or 20% from their spending, depending on the department, and informed the public worker unions the target is to cut $600 million from next year’s operating budget.

      . . . .

      He also used his emergency powers to defer a $388 million payment the state was supposed make this year to pay for future health care obligations for public workers. Looking ahead, Ige plans to ask lawmakers for permission to defer four more years of similar payments for future health care obligations, for a total savings of $1.85 billion.

      —-Honolulu Civil Beat, November 30, 2020

      Hawaii is the most heavily Democratic state in the country.

      There is probably no position more libertarian right now that refusing to bail out state and local government. This is how the government gets smaller.

      1. Hawaii should have gone with ‘all you COVID lepers come die on our glorious island’. Instead they went full retard and have inevitably bankrupted their state. Fuck them if they can’t see the joke.

        1. Fuck them if they want a bailout courtesy of the federal taxpayers.

        2. How about we sell Hawaii to China?

          That could be entertaining on so many levels.

          1. I thought we already sold it to Filipinos and the Japanese.

      2. Well, we have to cut $600 million from next year’s operating budget, so we can save $130 million by doing this–and then we’ll raid the state pension fund ’cause there’s no way those benefits were realistic anyway . . .

        How inspiring if recessions and refusing to bail blue states out makes even a deep blue Democratic state like Hawaii act like they’re fiscal conservatives!

        Economic realities are not partisan, and “destruction” that comes with recessions is often a really good thing that shouldn’t be avoided. In 2008, the subprime lenders needed to go out of business, and in 2020, the states need to get their pension funds in order.

      3. Here in Illinois Pritzger is proposing a 400 million cut is services while concurrently imposing more lockdowns, blaming Republicans for not supporting his income tax increases, announcing a new program to supply poor people with free computers and completely ignoring the state’s pension liability. If the Democrats don’t win Georgia the whole house of cards will collapse.

    2. Let’s assume, worst case, we get two more democrat senators in Georgia. Do you think Biden and crew can actually use this senate majority(ish) to push through a bailout for Cali, NY and Illinois? Without loading it up with lard for every other state in the union?

      1. They’re already done this once in the House, but, no, it isn’t specific to California, Illinois, and New York.

        They authorized spending $1 trillion bailing out state and local government, which bails out California, Illinois, and New York by giving them a proportionate share based on their population–and the distributes aid to the other states by the same measure.

        They not letting a crisis go to waste by effectively bailing these states out of self-inflicted non-coronavirus related unfunded pension obligations–a problem that predated the coronavirus by a long shot. Here’s a little snapshot.

        “According to the American Legislative Exchange Council—which discounts pension liabilities using more conservative assumptions—the four states with the most burdensome levels of pension debt last year were Alaska, Connecticut, California, and Illinois—with each person on the hook for over $28,000 in unfunded pension liabilities in those states.”

        —-Reason Foundation, May 7, 2019

        The solution to that problem is to cut spending in various ways–especially by cutting government employees and cutting their outrageous pension benefits.

        The solution is not to force people who don’t live in those states to pay for the benefits of government employees in California, Illinois, New York, and elsewhere–when we don’t even get to vote for the politicians that approve those pension benefits in those states.

        If anything polls as more unpopular in red and purple states than bailing out Wall Street with federal taxpayer dollars, it’s probably only bailing out blue states like California, Illinois, and New York. The problem for Democrat is that their constituents live in blue states disproportionately. Your average House member from California doesn’t care what the people of Ohio and Wisconsin think. His or her constituents live in northern California.

    3. There’s no bailout of state and local government in the stimulus bill under consideration tomorrow.

      Ken is right. This is a huge win.

  44. Smith & Wesson Lawsuit Reveals Stealth Attack Against Gun Industry

    As the Wall St. Journal first reported, Grewel has issued a subpoena seeking a range of internal documents relating to how their guns are advertised, including claims of the safety of the company’s products, whether they “make a home safer, or enhance one’s lifestyle; whether an untrained consumer could successfully and effectively use a Smith & Wesson firearm for personal or home defense; and whether private citizens should have the right to carry a concealed firearm.”

    1. whether an untrained consumer could successfully and effectively use a Smith & Wesson firearm for personal or home defense;

      Lol. If you can’t shoot a gun effectively without “training” than what’s the problem? All these untrained gangsters and small time thugs have no chance of hurting anyone with one. right?

  45. ◄ WORK AT HOME ► Corona is big threat of the century which effect physically, mentally and financially/ To over come these difficulties and make full use of this hostage period and make online earning for more detail visit the given link…………….. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO


    My favorite aunt passed away from COVID this morning. She followed every guideline, was locked away with my uncle in their assisted living townhouse, and wore masks constantly. They both still got it, she died…alone and afraid.
    Quote Tweet
    The Daily Wire
    · 5h
    Fauci Cancels Christmas: ‘Just One Of The Things You’re Going To Have To Accept’


    2. The rest of what Allen Ray had to say was pretty amazing:

      Allen Ray Santa Claus
      Go enjoy your Christmas. Use common sense. Protect the ones who are statistically likely to succumb to COVID, but don’t imprison them, which does little to no good. Fight these tyrants with all your might. Your freedom does not end when the flu hits. It’s time to push back.


    The New York State Education Department (NYSED) has given schools guidance to lie to parents about their child in order to “protect” the child from the parents.

    1. Never ever put your kid in public school. It’s madness.

  48. Who is better off with a check for $1200? In some meaningfully significant way?

    1. It helps people on the very bottom for a month or two.

      1. Isn’t Tony on the bottom?

      2. Are they competent enough to get the check?

    2. I don’t know if buying an AR is meaningfully significant, but it would be nice.

      1. If you already have the guns, you can stockpile ammo or a few months of food.

      2. Given how the last election went, you should really be looking into more commie guns.

        I bet you could get 2 SKSs for what they’re gonna send you. Without a bayonet they don’t even count as assault weapons, at least under all the old legislation.

        1. I don’t like commie guns. They’re heavy and ugly.

          1. The weight builds character, and if you ever run out of ammo you can always just bludgeon people to death with them.

            1. Or carry a lighter gun and more ammo.


    It’s racist to ask for ID to vote but it’s virtuous to ask for ID proving you had a needle jabbed into your arm just to take part in everyday life. This is the Democratic Party position. You can’t count on a lot of things in life but you can always count on them being hypocrites.

    1. I’m not a fan of showing any ID to exercise a right. Including the 2nd amendment.

  50. “another round of checks being sent to all Americans.”

    Uh, you do know that all the COVID relief checks issued so far only go to people with incomes below certain limits. Full checks went to about 80%–not quite “all”.

  51. Best breakfast sandwich ever…

    Toast a couple blueberry waffles, fry egg, add a little pepper, flip, add cheese and ham, flip again to caramelize ham, cut, and – here’s the most important part – wrap tightly in foil and then let it sit for a few minutes. That gets the waffle all nice and soft. Enjoy!

    1. Look at this guy getting all Martha Stewart on us.

      1. Better than being a Republican crybaby.

        1. Is it?

          1. I suppose you could use your tears to add some salt to the egg.

          1. Speaking of…

          2. Even when discussing a breakfast sandwich.

            1. Oh look! Another one!

              1. You’ve confused laughing and crying.

                1. I’m laughing and you’re crying. Check.

    2. Where’s the story about how your mother taught you how to make this sandwich?

      2 stars.

      1. She uses regular old toast. I tried the toaster waffle on a whim and it was really good.

    3. Be careful, you might not be able to schedule that coronary bypass for a few months.

    4. I counter with Korean street toast.

      Take some cabbage, julienne’d carrots, add salt+pepper and whatever spices you’d like. Beat together with 2 eggs and some shredded cheese, fry that into a patty. Health is no concern here, fry in butter or duck/bacon fat.

      Toast 2 slices of white bread, thicker the better. Do not attempt to use bread with nutritional value. Preferred method of toasting is in cast iron with shitloads of butter.

      Fry up however much ham you want. Assemble sandwich. Koreans would add ketchup and mayo, I’ve been using “burger sauce” which is just knockoff Big Mac sauce and it works great.

      1. Think I might try that. Any excuse to use duck fat. *drooool*

        Speaking of, before the plague I went to Duck Fat in Portland. If you watch food tv you’ve probably seen the place. The poutine of fries cooked in duck fat with duck gravy and an egg on top was a religious experience.

        1. I probably use more duck fat than any other fat for cooking (ghee is a close 2nd). 99% of my cooking is in a cast iron skillet, and over time all that duck fat seasons the pan and everything you cook in it comes out incredible.

          That poutine sounds amazing, not sure it’s enough to convince me to go to Portland but who knows once we stop panicking so hard.


    The Republican Party would be making a cataclysmic and FATAL mistake if they’re under the impression that they can successfully shove all of the lies, smears, corruption & CRIMINAL behavior that’s been uncovered over the past 4 years [decades?] back into Pandora’s Box. You can’t.

  53. Greg Braxton of the Los Angeles Times is concerned that not enough Christmas movies this year are about the deadly pandemic we’ve suffered through for the past nine months.

    Greg Braxton is a bitch.

    1. Maybe more Christmas movies about death. Or child abuse. Or domestic violence. Uplifting stuff like that.

      1. Die Hard was the greatest Christmas movie ever made. It’s all you need.

        1. Facts.

        2. My Christmas go tos are
          Die hard
          Trapped in paradise
          Planes trains and automobiels
          Nightmare before christmas

          And a Christmas story sucked I don’t know how it got to be famous

        3. Word

  54. AT&T finally capitulated to Roku, and HBOmax is now available on Roku. They’ll have a free tier available come January.

    With discovery+ coming January 4, 2021, there will soon be even less reason to subscribe to cable, but for the time being, Vidgo is offering the first two months of their live cable replacement for $10 a month.

    No, you don’t have to buy more than a month at a time, and you can cancel whenever you want. If you cancel before the end of the first month, you only get charged $10 a month for two months. 85 live cable channels, lots of sports, ESPN included, but none of those channels are CNN or MSNBC.

    P.S. New season of The Expanse is up on Amazon Prime.

  55. I remember many years ago going to college and being surrounded by communists who would go on and on about how the current year was “late stage capitalism” and that the revolution was just around the corner. Soon the proletariat would grow wise to the machinations of their despicable jewish (it was always the jews in control of these things, you know) masters, of the global elite, and the world would be transformed into a hippy paradise where everyone selflessly works their ass off to give all their money to orphans or something. It was always funny to me because of how delusional it seemed. Even if everything they assumed about how the world was were true, if every one of their villains were as mustache-twirlingly evil as they claimed and every one of their heroes as virtuous as they hoped, their chosen cause wouldn’t lead to their desired effect. But the thing that sticks with me was always the faith that today (then) was the last few days of the “old system”, the last twilight hours before the dawn, the last sleeping moment before everyone would “wake up”.

    It’s sort of funny now, as I look out my window in the hellscape that is December 2020, unable to leave my house as I am due to the edicts of the local commissar and read about the government’s plan to close all the businesses and just mail people money I wonder if the communists were right. Perhaps the world before Friday, March 13th, 2020 (and it’s really quite shocking how immediate that cutoff was) really was late stage capitalism, the last few moments before communism reared its ugly head once more. It’s just strange that it happened not because everyone “woke up” but because, apparently, they “fell asleep” and handed the keys to the kingdom to a collection of apparatchiks in exchange for absolutely nothing, least of all protection from a virus.

    1. The scariest part is that this is world-wide.

      1. Yeah, that’s the worst part to me. You can’t even say “Well, this land is fucked. I’ll just go live somewhere else where I can live in peace.” Somehow, impossibly, the United States remains (relatively, relatively, and only in the most relative of senses) the “land of the free”. My entire life is upended and the world around me is destroyed and there’s no escape because everywhere else is wholly committed to being ten times worse.

        1. That’s my frustration with American politics. If you want a more European country, you can go to Europe. No voting required, no protests, just pack your shit and get on over there.

          There’s nowhere on Earth like the USA. I can’t go anywhere else and improve my situation, at least as I perceive it.

      2. Wasn’t scary enough to you to not ignore it, call the violent riots mostly peaceful, and then advocate for the guy advancing the ideology through acceptance of CRT.

        1. Except I never said any of those things, but that’s ok. Everyone on the board knows you’re a liar.

      3. Yeah globalism!

  56. The unemployed are in a shit position, they lost their jobs due to no fault of their own, and due to the bad economy, there are very few new jobs to be had. Congress should prioritize help to those who are struggling. Those with jobs don’t need $600 nearly as much as those without a job need $1200.

    1. Or they could get a job. Every time I go out I see a half a dozen help wanted signs.

      1. Those are mostly crap, abusive, low wage jobs with no benefits. If they take those it will cut into the prime time for hunting for a real job, and those jobs makes it tough to do interviews. Taking one of those could have major long term negative impacts. It is better for them to focus on getting a career job.

        1. If you devoted actual skills you wouldn’t only be qualified for those jobs. I take it you have no skills.

          1. Yes. I have no marketable skills whats so ever, other then a PhD in engineering. But I am not talking about myself.

            1. Yes. I have no marketable skills whats so ever, other then a PhD in engineering

              Goddamn, why are you so fucking stupid, then?

        2. I completely disagree. A crappy job is better than no job, and most of them are not traditional day shift, so it’s simple enough to schedule interviews. Meanwhile the person gets a paycheck, and more importantly a sense of pride in not being a leach.

        3. “”Those are mostly crap, abusive, low wage jobs with no benefits.””

          Beats starving.

          1. Yep, that’s how I started and would do again if I had to. Tomorrow.

            1. I’ve done it three times in the last 45 years and I’ll do it again if I have to. Anything beats government slavery and poverty.

  57. “we should make sad Christmas movies because covid.”

    fuck off. being miserable is not an excuse to make everything miserable… let happy shit be happy.

  58. When the president of Mexico shows greater regard for liberty than Reason

      1. This is super dark.


    Top social media executives poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into Joe Biden’s presidential campaign and the Democratic party. Simultaneously, NYPost’s exposure of Hunter Biden’s dealings overseas was censored from certain social media platforms.


    2020 was GloboCap Year Zero. The year when the global capitalist ruling classes did away with the illusion of democracy and reminded everyone who is actually in charge, and exactly what happens when anyone challenges them.

    In the relatively short span of the last ten months, societies throughout the world have been transformed beyond recognition. Constitutional rights have been suspended. Protest has been banned. Dissent is being censored. Government officials are issuing edicts restricting the most basic aspects of our lives … where we can go, when we can go there, how long we are allowed to spend there, how many friends we are allowed to meet there, whether and when we can spend time with our families, what we are allowed to say to each other, who we can have sex with, where we have to stand, how we are allowed to eat and drink, etc. The list goes on and on.

    The authorities have assumed control of the most intimate aspects of our daily lives. We are being managed like inmates in a prison, told when to eat, sleep, exercise, granted privileges for good behavior, punished for the slightest infractions of an ever-changing set of arbitrary rules, forced to wear identical, demeaning uniforms (albeit only on our faces), and otherwise relentlessly bullied, abused, and humiliated to keep us compliant.

    None of which is accidental, or has anything to do with any actual virus, or any other type of public health threat.

    Yes, before some of you go ballistic, I do believe there is an actual virus, which a number of people have actually died from, or which at least has contributed to their deaths … but there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever of any authentic public health threat that remotely justifies the totalitarian emergency measures we are being subjected to or the damage that is being done to society. Whatever you believe about the so-called “pandemic,” it really is as simple as that. Even if one accepts the official “science,” you do not transform the entire planet into a pathologized-totalitarian nightmare in response to a health threat of this nature.

    The notion is quite literally insane.

    GloboCap is not insane, however. They know exactly what they are doing … which is teaching us a lesson, a lesson about power. A lesson about who has it and who doesn’t. For students of history it’s a familiar lesson, a standard in the repertoire of empires, not to mention the repertoire of penal institutions.

    The name of the lesson is “Look What We Can Do to You Any Time We Fucking Want.” The point of the lesson is self-explanatory. The USA taught the world this lesson when it nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki. GloboCap (and the US military) taught it again when they invaded Iraq and destabilized the entire Greater Middle East. It is regularly taught in penitentiaries when the prisoners start to get a little too unruly and remember that they outnumber the guards. That’s where the “lockdown” concept originated. It isn’t medical terminology. It is penal institution terminology.

    As we have been experiencing throughout 2020, the global capitalist ruling classes have no qualms about teaching us this lesson. It’s just that they would rather not to have to unless it’s absolutely necessary. They would prefer that we believe we are living in “democracies,” governed by the “rule of law,” where everyone is “free,” and so on. It’s much more efficient and much less dangerous than having to repeatedly remind us that they can take away our “democratic rights” in a heartbeat, unleash armed goon squads to enforce their edicts, and otherwise control us with sheer brute force.

    People who have spent time in prison, or who have lived in openly totalitarian societies, are familiar with being ruled by brute force. Most Westerners are not, so it has come as a shock. The majority of them still can’t process it. They cannot see what is staring them in the face. They cannot see it because they can’t afford to see it. If they did, it would completely short-circuit their brains. They would suffer massive psychotic breakdowns, and become entirely unable to function, so their psyches will not allow them to see it.

    Others, who see it, can’t quite accept the simplicity of it (i.e., the lesson being taught), so they are proposing assorted complicated theories about what it is and who is behind it … the Great Reset, China, the Illuminati, Transhumanism, Satanism, Communism, whatever. Some of these theories are at least partially accurate. Others are utter bull-goose lunacy.

    They all obscure the basic point of the lesson.

    The point of the lesson is that GloboCap – the entire global-capitalist system acting as a single global entity – can, virtually any time it wants, suspend the Simulation of Democracy, and crack down on us with despotic force. It can (a) declare a “global pandemic” or some other type of “global emergency,” (b) cancel our so-called “rights,” (c) have the corporate media bombard us with lies and propaganda for months, (d) have the Internet companies censor any and all forms of dissent and evidence challenging said propaganda, (e) implement all kinds of new intrusive “safety” and “security” measures, including but not limited to the physical violation of our bodies … and so on. I think you get the picture. (The violation of our bodies is important, which is why they love “cavity searches” in prison, and why the torture-happy troops at Abu Ghraib were obsessed with sexually violating their victims.)

    And the “pandemic” is only one part of the lesson. The other part is being forced to watch (or permitted to watch, depending on your perspective) as GloboCap makes an example of Trump, as they made examples of Corbyn and Sanders, as they made examples of Saddam and Gaddafi, and other “uncooperative” foreign leaders, as they will make an example of any political figurehead that challenges their power. It does not matter to GloboCap that such political figureheads pose no real threat. The people who rally around them do. Nor does it make the slightest difference whether these figureheads or the folks who support them identify as “left” or “right.” GloboCap could not possibly care less. The figureheads are just the teaching materials in the lesson that they are teaching us.

    And now, here we are, at the end of the lesson … not the end of the War on Populism, just the end of this critical Trumpian part of it. Once the usurper has been driven out of office, the War on Populism will be folded back into the War on Terror, or the War on Extremism, or whatever GloboCap decides to call it … the name hardly matters. It is all the same war.

    Whatever they decide to call it, this is GloboCap Year Zero. It is time for reeducation, my friends. It is time for cultural revolution. No, not communist cultural revolution … global capitalist cultural revolution. It is time to flush the aberration of the last four years down the memory hole, and implement global “New Normal” Gleichschaltung, to make sure that this never happens again.

    Oh, yes, things are about to get “normal.” Extremely “normal.” Suffocatingly “normal.” Unimaginably oppressively “normal.” And I’m not just talking about the “Coronavirus measures.” This has been in the works for the last four years.

    Remember, back in 2016, when everyone was so concerned about “normality,” and how Trump was “not normal,” and must never be “normalized?” Well, here we are. This is it. This is the part where GloboCap restores “normality,” a “new normality,” a pathologized-totalitarian “normality,” a “normality” which tolerates no dissent and demands complete ideological conformity.

    From now on, when the GloboCap Intelligence Community and their mouthpieces in the corporate media tell you something happened, that thing will have happened, exactly as they say it happened, regardless of whether it actually happened, and anyone who says it didn’t will be labeled an “extremist,” a “conspiracy theorist,” a “denier,” or some other meaningless epithet. Such un-persons will be dealt with ruthlessly. They will be censored, deplatformed, demonetized, decertified, rendered unemployable, banned from traveling, socially ostracized, hospitalized, imprisoned, or otherwise erased from “normal” society.

    You will do what you are told. You will not ask questions. You will believe whatever they tell you to believe. You will believe it, not because it makes any sense, but simply because you have been ordered to believe it. They aren’t trying to trick or deceive anybody. They know their lies don’t make any sense. And they know that you know they don’t make any sense. They want you to know it. That is the point. They want you to know they are lying to you, manipulating you, openly mocking you, and that they can say and do anything they want to you, and you will go along with it, no matter how insane.

    If they order you to take a fucking vaccine, you will not ask what is in the vaccine, or start whining about the “potential side effects.” You will shut up and take the fucking vaccine.

    If they tell you to put a mask on your kid, you will put a fucking mask on your fucking kid. You will not go digging up Danish studies proving the pointlessness of putting masks on kids.

    If they tell you the Russians rigged the election, then the Russians rigged the fucking election.

    And, if, four years later, they turn around and tell you that rigging an election is impossible, then rigging an election is fucking impossible.

    It isn’t an invitation to debate. It is a GloboCap-verified fact-checked fact.

    You will stand (or kneel) in your designated, color-coded, social-distancing box and repeat this verified fact-checked fact, over and over, like a fucking parrot, or they will discover some new mutant variant of virus and put you back in fucking “lockdown.” They will do this until you get your mind right, or you can live the rest of your life on Zoom, or tweeting content that no one but the Internet censors will ever see into the digital void in your fucking pajamas. The choice is yours … it’s is all up to you!

    Or … I don’t know, this is just a crazy idea, you could turn off the fucking corporate media, do a little fucking research on your own, grow a backbone and some fucking guts, and join the rest of us “dangerous extremists” who are trying to fight back against the New Normal. Yes, it will cost you, and we probably won’t win, but you won’t have to torture your kids on airplanes, and you don’t even have to “deny” the virus!

    That’s it … my last column of 2020. Happy totalitarian holidays!

    1. Mencken’s version is more concise.

      The great masses of men, though theoretically free, are seen to submit supinely to oppression and exploitation of a hundred abhorrent sorts…. Politics becomes the trade of playing upon its [the masses’s] natural poltroonery – of scaring it half to death, and then proposing to save it. There is in it no other quality of which a practical politician, taking one day with another, may be sure. Every theoretically free people wonders at the slavishness of all the others. But there is no actual difference between them.

    2. Nice, Nardz. Prolix as all hell, but nice. He’s far from wrong.

      The absolute fucking greed of these people is utterly galling. (To answer who ‘these people’ are, the contributors to the World Economic Forum would be a good start.) It’s not enough to live the life of a centi-millionaire or billionaire in 2020; they want the power of a medieval feudal lord, without any of the sense of obligation towards their charges.

      I’ve said it here a ton of times. These people want our future to be Brazil. Both the movie and the social striations within the country. Enjoy your favelas. At least there’ll be weed.

  61. Somehow I don’t see “More Debt for All” as some kind of improvement.

    1. You’re probably still hung up on the notion that anyone in government ever plans to pay it back. They don’t, we’re just going to end up fighting a massive war when the other countries come to collect on their loans.

      This is of course bad, but again we’re not viewing it through the lens of a professional politician. A massive war is a feature for them, not a bug.

      If you view all of this through the lens of a mass murdering sociopath it makes a lot more sense.

      1. I don’t think there will be a war because there’s nothing to collect. Right now bonds are a good investment because the government pays the interest. Once it stops then everyone will unload them and the federal government won’t be able to borrow any more money. Not sure what will happen after that. Hyperinflation most likely, followed by collapse.

      2. They don’t, we’re just going to end up fighting a massive war when the other countries come to collect on their loans.

        Why, when we can just print money? We won’t need war until the dollar is no longer the world’s benchmark currency.

        The wars will come when people in developing countries start rioting and trying to overthrow their governments because we’ve devalued their currencies, and the USArmy will need to be brought in to keep the peace (to pay for which we’ll print more money).

        1. Including here, Square.

          All of this novel social control and change is treading water until something like Boston Dynamics creates a robot that can build itself and other machines, is easy to power, and has about an 85-90 IQ. At that point, a giant part of humanity becomes surplus to requirements.

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  63. Trimming back unemployment benefits in favor of relief checks for the gainfully employed has sparked criticism in some quarters. “There’s no reason whatsoever to pay for relief checks by cutting the incomes of jobless workers,” Sen. Ron Wyden (D–Ore.) told HuffPost.

    So I spent some time thinking about this, and Wyden is of course wrong. Unemployment benefits are regressive, as they incentivise being unemployed for as long as the benefits are dispensed. I have seen people turn down jobs simply because their unemployment benefits are higher than what they could earn working full-time.

    Universal cash payments to everyone do not incentive unemployment, as you do not need to be unemployed to receive them. Furthermore, the payments are so paltry, they are at best a minor refund on the huge contributions taxpayers make.

  64. If this virus was like any other, paying everyone who has not contracted it to stay in their home for 3 weeks straight would put an end to it.

  65. If they are Pcr tests, they are about worthless. It really doesn’t matter how they divvy up the stimulus since it adds to the debt just the same. We are going to explode past the $30 trillion debt mark in 2021-2022 and just keep going once Biden’s make-socialism-great-again program gets going.

  66. The keel-billed toucan one of the colorful Latin American member of the toucan family.

    The keel-billed toucan impresses people with its substantial beak length of 20 cm. It is the national bird of Belize. The fantastic-looking beak mixes with the bird’s head, consisting of stunning color combinations of green, purple, blue, and orange. The body is black, the front of the head is covered with pure yellow fur. About 55 cm long and the bird weighs 380-500 grams. It is mainly found in parts of southern Mexico to Venezuela and Colombia.They tend to travel at very slow speeds and can fly at altitudes of 6,200 feet. Finally, the bird is considered endangered because many people are left to hunt its beak.
    The keel-billed toucan

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