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A Trump Appointee Rejects Election Complaints Similar to the Ones SCOTUS Declined to Hear

Although the president says the justices "chickened out," other courts have considered and rejected the merits of his legal arguments.


President Donald Trump thinks the Supreme Court "chickened out" when it declined to hear Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's lawsuit seeking to overturn the election results in four battleground states. "The fact that the Supreme Court wouldn't find standing in an original jurisdiction matter between multiple states, and including the President of the States, is absurd," Trump says on Twitter, suggesting that the justices simply "didn't want to rule on the merits of the case."

One problem with this gloss is that the question of whether Texas has standing to sue other states because it does not like their election procedures was crucial to Paxton's case—a threshold issue that had to be resolved lest the Court overstep its authority to rule on genuine "cases or controversies." The justices said they were denying Paxton's request to file a bill of complaint because "Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections."

In a separate statement, Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas said they thought the Court, under its original jurisdiction in cases involving disputes between states, was obliged to let Paxton file his bill of complaint. But they agreed that no "other relief" was appropriate.

Even if Texas could have established standing, that hardly means the Court would have been receptive to Paxton's claims. In a decision published the day after the justices declined to hear the Texas case, a Trump-nominated federal judge in Wisconsin ruled on the merits of arguments similar to Paxton's and concluded that they "fail as a matter of law and fact."

Wisconsin was one of the states that Paxton sued, along with Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Michigan. Paxton objected to Wisconsin's use of drop boxes for absentee ballots, its policy regarding deficiencies in address information for absentee ballot witnesses, and its determination that people at high risk from COVID-19 counted as "indefinitely confined voters," meaning they did not have to submit copies of their IDs when they applied for absentee ballots. Trump complained about these same features of Wisconsin's election rules in a separate federal lawsuit he filed on December 1, nearly a month after the election.

In Saturday's decision, U.S. District Judge Brett Ludwig, who was appointed by Trump this year, concludes that the president has standing to sue as a candidate in the election—which is quite different from the question of whether a state such as Texas could sue based on the same alleged deficiencies. Although Trump tried to intervene in Paxton's lawsuit, he was not a plaintiff.

After hearing arguments from both sides of the case, Ludwig rejected Trump's claim that Wisconsin's rules violated the Constitution's Electors Clause, which says "each State shall appoint" presidential electors "in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct." The "manner" chosen by Wisconsin's legislature, Ludwig notes, is "by general ballot at the general election." Trump, by contrast, wanted Ludwig to set aside the results of that election and require "the appointment of electors by the Wisconsin legislature"—a remedy Ludwig describes as "even more extraordinary" than Trump's claim that President-elect Joe Biden's victory was achieved through unconstitutional means.

In Ludwig's view, the procedures cited by Trump (and Paxton) cannot, as a matter of law, violate the Electors Clause, since they are consistent with the "manner" that Wisconsin's legislature prescribed for picking presidential electors—i.e., through a popular vote. But "even if 'Manner' includes aspects of election administration," he says, "Defendants administered Wisconsin's 2020 presidential election as directed by the Wisconsin Legislature."

Ludwig notes that the legislature created the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC, the lead defendant) and gave it broad authority to regulate elections. Acting under that authority, the commission instructed election officials who encounter an absentee ballot witness certificate with an incomplete address to fill in the details by contacting the voter or by relying on "extrinsic sources." That directive came in 2016, four years before Trump filed his suit. This year the WEC updated its guidance, saying "the clerk should attempt to resolve any missing witness address information prior to Election Day if possible, and this can be done through reliable information (personal knowledge, voter registration information, through a phone call with the voter or witness)." It added that "the witness does not need to appear to add a missing address."

That policy, Trump argued, was inconsistent with Wisconsin law. "If a certificate is missing the address of a witness," the statute says, "the ballot may not be counted." But the law is silent on the question of whether missing address information can be added later, making the ballot acceptable.

Last March, the WEC issued guidance saying that "many voters of a certain age or in at-risk populations" could qualify as "indefinitely confined" during the COVID-19 pandemic. It said that designation "does not require permanent or total inability to travel outside of the residence," citing the statutory definition, which applies to voters who are "indefinitely confined because of age, physical illness or infirmity or are disabled for an indefinite period." Apparently as a result of the WEC's guidance, the number of voters claiming that status increased dramatically this year.

In August, the WEC authorized drop boxes for absentee ballots, and more than 500 were used across the state during this year's election. Wisconsin law says absentee ballots "shall be mailed by the elector, or delivered in person, to the municipal clerk." The WEC viewed drop boxes as one way of delivering ballots "in person."

Trump argued that the WEC misinterpreted state law when it announced these policies. "While plaintiff's statutory construction arguments are not frivolous," Ludwig says, "they consist of little more than ordinary disputes over statutory construction," and "these issues are ones the Wisconsin Legislature has expressly entrusted to the WEC." He elaborates on that point:

If "Manner" in the Electors Clause is read to includes legislative enactments concerning election administration, the term necessarily also encompasses the Wisconsin Legislature's statutory choice to empower the WEC to perform the very roles that plaintiff now condemns. Thus, the guidance that plaintiff claims constitutes an unconstitutional deviation from the Wisconsin Legislature's direction, is, to the contrary, the direct consequence of [the] legislature's express command….Even if "Manner" were stretched to include plaintiff's implementation objections, plaintiff has not shown a significant departure from the Wisconsin Legislature's chosen election scheme.

In addition to addressing the merits of Trump's claims (and therefore Paxton's claims) about Wisconsin's election rules, Ludwig emphasizes the "extraordinary" nature of the president's lawsuit—a word he uses in italics three times. He notes that Trump himself "narrowly won the state of Wisconsin's electoral votes four years ago." Biden's margin this year was similar: 20,600 vs. 22,700 for Trump in 2016. Yet in this case, Ludwig notes, "a sitting president who did not prevail in his bid for reelection has asked for federal court help in setting aside the popular vote based on disputed issues of election administration, issues he plainly could have raised before the vote occurred."

Ludwig's opinion is not quite as scathing as some of the other decisions rejecting attempts to overturn the election results. But it should be clear from all of these cases that Trump's problem is not that courts have failed to consider the merits of his arguments.

Although Ludwig does not mention it, Trump's Wisconsin lawsuit conspicuously failed to allege election fraud, let alone the sort of systematic fraud that the president still claims delivered a phony victory to Biden—a fantasy that polls indicate most of his supporters accept. In that respect, this case resembles all the other post-election lawsuits that the Trump campaign has filed in state and federal courts, which fell far short of presenting credible evidence that the election was stolen, notwithstanding the president's insistence that "the evidence is overwhelming."

Trump's own motion to intervene in Paxton's lawsuit conceded that he could not back up those charges. "It is not necessary for the Plaintiff in Intervention to prove that fraud occurred," said Trump's lawyer, John Eastman. The problem, he argued, was that the election procedures challenged by Paxton made any such scheme "undetectable."

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  4. Mark Jefferson and the RepublicanParty of Wisconsin,Petitioners,v.Dane County, Wisconsin and Scott McDonell in his official capacity as Dane County Clerk,Respondents,Disability Rights Wisconsin,Intervenor-Respondent.

    Poor Democrats. Wisconsin Supreme just ruled that approximately 215,000 Wisconsin ballots were erroneously allowed to be “Indefinitely confined”. The other Trump campaign case in Wisconsin was dismissed because the Trump campaign “waited to long to file”.

    More evidence that the evidence supports Trump’s election law violation claims but judges are too big of pussies to toss hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots.

    12th Amendment here we come!

    1. you might want to read and understand that a bit better….. it isn’t the big whammy you think it is. they did say that some who said the shutdown rendered everyone as indefinitely confined were wrong…… but they, more importantly, also said that every individual can decide for themselves if they are indefinitely confined…… they basically made the requirement completely unenforceable, because everyone gets to decide for themselves if it applies to them.

      1. Correct. The Wisconsin Supreme Court did not invalidate the ballots themselves based upon their interpretation. They stated that the the respondent (Dane County clerk) made erroneous claims that everyone could be an affected individual under the particular electors clause claiming indefinite confinement. The judges merely stated that a 3rd party cannot determine that universally for all electors (in this case citizens participating in the popular vote), and that it is up to the individual.

        This does not actually invalidate a single vote.

        1. And this case started way back in the beginning of the year before the primaries in April.

          The respondents stipulated that the plaintiffs were correct on the law on several points long before the general election and the guidance was corrected.

          The erroneous guidance was not even used in the general election.

          The respondents tried to have the case mooted, but the Wisconsin State Supreme Court decided that the matter was capable of repetition and that settling the law was important.

          Again, the reason no general election ballots were invalidated by this is that the erroneous guidance over which the suit was filed was rescinded shortly after the April Primaries.

          1. More ammunition for the SCOTUS to throw out millions of mail-in ballots.

            1. This scares the shit out of Lefties and the unreason Commies.

            2. SCOTUS is not going to throw out millions of mail-in ballots. Those millions of voters cast their ballots in reliance upon election officials´ advice and regulations, and the public interest strongly favors recognizing that reliance interest.

              1. Except when a federal judge threw out tens of thousands of PA ballots for democrat election fraud in 1994.

                1. The judges are done ruling, as the EC has already voted. You lose.

                2. Except it wasn’t tens of thousands. It was only ~1,700 – total ballots cast. And only 540 were actually found to be illegally cast. See below:

                  The reason the judge threw out those “tens of thousands” (LOL) of ballots was due to illegal actions by the Stinson campaign that a) literally forged signatures, b) voters couldn’t at that time vote by mail for any unspecified reason, and c) the Stinson campaign delivered the ballots to voters (which is still illegal).

                  Educate yourself and you won’t sound like such a fucking idiot next time.

              2. Yeah, no. The virtuous intent of appointed officials does not validate an invalid law. And never has. Not even one single time, anywhere, in any court in the United States.

                1. Fuck off. They’re not going to disenfranchise voters.

          2. The worst part of this election is that it has turned everyone into a lawyer, the lowest form of humanity.

            1. Fuck.

      2. You guys dont even see whats coming.

        AZ, NV, GA, PA, WI sent Trump set of electoral votes to Congress for their Joint Session.

        When Democrats lose in court, the results will be tossed either for Trump or as unknowable and we go 12th Amendment vote.

        Its cute that you believe unreason, that Biden will be President.

        1. Tick…tick…tick…tick…tick…tick…

          That’s the calendar as a clock ticking once per day, inexorably leading to Jan 20th.

          Only 37 ticks left.

          1. Yup biden doesnt have much time to secure his position. Even New Mexico sent trump electoral votes to congress.

            1. Incorrect.

            2. Link?

            3. Tick…Tick…Tick…

              36 clicks left.

        2. You are delusional, lc1789. It´s over. Biden won.

          1. Nobody won yet dumdum. EC votes are counted and challenged jan 6 before a joint session of comgress.

            1. Both houses must reject the official slate of electors for them not to count. House is controlled by Dems. The end. Biden wins.

              GOP Senate will uphold the electors as well.

        3. It’s weird how you have ‘love constitution’ in your username but somehow are of the opinion that congress can choose a set of electors not chosen by the states.

          It’s like you have a 3rd graders understanding of it.

          1. NM, AZ, NV, GA, PA , MI, WI sent trump electoral votes to congress.

            Jan 6 is when they count thos EC votes and can challenge the cotes because of massive democrat election fraud.

              1. Literally nothing in that post is wrong, although it’s unlikely congress will invoke its powers and challenge the electoral college vote.

                1. That is correct in its wording but incorrect in its meaning.

                  The first line is wrong because there were no Trump electoral votes in NM, AZ, NV, GA, PA , MI, WI. The actual and only valid votes are those from the Electors on the winning slate of their state’s presidential election, certified by the state through its process defined by the state legislature before the election.

                  Those Biden votes were sent to and accepted by the National Archive, who will then provide them to Congress for their January 6th action.

                  The second line is factually correct, while being utterly meaningless in its intent.

        4. Nope. Not happening. None of those states sent Trump’s electoral votes either. There are NOT two sets of votes for those states. You lose.

          Judges are DONE ruling.

    2. The Electoral College met and voted today, pursuant to the 12th Amendment. Biden won and is the President-elect.

      1. Ec voting day and Ec counting day are why you are stupid and wrong.

        Biden got mad in his coronation ceremony because as president of the senate he knows what is coming. Trump not conceding blew bidens chances of president out of the water.

        1. Pence being President of the Senate means nothing..Pence will announce himself and Trump as the losers, and that’s that.

  5. Well I’m sure this will be brought up sooner or later in this thread, so might as well get the ball rolling.

    So the Antrim County, Michigan “forensic audit” of the voting machines there was released.


    First it should be noted that this document was prepared at the request of a plaintiff in a court case, not by some neutral unbiased party. That doesn’t mean it is necessarily wrong, only that the conclusions should be taken with a grain of salt. Naturally the conclusions are going to be shaped in a way that is most favorable to the plaintiff’s case.

    Second, if you read the whole thing, particularly the methods part, what really stands out is not some conspiracy of MASSIVE FRAUD, but instead, just poll workers who don’t really know what they are doing. They store thumb drives with election data in unsecured locations, they don’t update computer software as often as they should, they misconfigure the tabulation software to select Ranked Choice Voting when they shouldn’t have, resulting in an erroneous first count, stuff like that. So basically, general incompetence. This is far more likely than MASSIVE FRAUD. And if this election leads to better training for poll workers and more stringent security measures at polling stations, then that’s great. I don’t think any reasonable person would disagree with those changes.

    Third, there’s the missing log files. Sure, it could be the result of a conspiracy for MASSIVE FRAUD. Or, it could be that some poll worker forgot to turn on the logging option (see above for evidence of general incompetence). Or, it could be poll workers engaging in some CYA for concealing their general incompetence. If the logs were actually deleted illegally then yeah that should be punished. But it ought to require a higher burden of proof to go from the mere absence of logs to conclude MASSIVE FRAUD.

    Finally, all along people have been saying that the Dominion software “could have” been manipulated to produce rigged results. And this report makes the same claim about Antrim County. Yes, that is true. That is true for any piece of software – ask anyone who has any experience with coding whatsoever, and they’ll tell you it’s possible to manipulate any piece of software to produce any desired result. So no one seriously doubts that. What is required, though, is actual EVIDENCE that the results were not only purposefully manipulated, but manipulated corruptly to generate a knowingly incorrect result. Not just “it could have been done”. I would totally be in favor of having all election software be open source so that everyone knows exactly how the software works, and I think again that is a reform that a lot of people could easily adopt as a common-sense thing.

    1. Good thing all the mistakes only favor one party

      1. This report covered local school board elections and state referenda.

        1. This machine covered all the elections happening concurrently sweetie.

          1. Apparently they had different software for different regions because different counties had different local elections and different referendums. The wrong software would have made a high error rate (as reported…) As I recall, atrium county is the one that everyone expect would go for tRump but the votes came in for Biden. They did a recount (mini-audit) and fixed the issue. Was that when they did a software update? Who knows.
            Not enough detail.

      2. Fuck off, Tulpa.

        1. Devasting rebuttal cytotoxic.

          1. Better than your idiotic ramblings.

    2. Poor Biden. He conceded today as Trump won all 538 electors.

      1. Isn’t it a little early to be that drunk? And on a weekday?
        Well, I suppose it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

        1. Every time LC1789 says Poor _____ — DRINK!

          My poor liver.

          1. Poor unreason staffers.

            See that even New Mexico sent trump electoral,votes? Hahaha

        2. I was just following unreasons lead and printing stuff that is not true yet.

          1. Oh so you admit to being a liar. Gosh darn it, now who am I suppose to trust and get my information from?

    3. If this really was an isolated incident of incompetence then auditing additional machines across the state should show a much lower incidence of errors. Seems worth doing.

      There is still a voter-verified paper audit trail in Michigan (and 42 out of 50 other states), so a hand recount would reveal significant errors in the machine count (which is what this report seems to deal with). I don’t think a hand recount was conducted in Michigan. That also seems worth doing.

      1. The SoS has ready argued to disallow any similar audits.

        1. And I disagree with that.

      2. You are so missing than the primary states involved like Ga are already trying to wipe the systems. PA has stated they tossed all the mail on ballot envelopes despite state law requiring them to keep them for 2 years.

        Amazing how you want the audits despite arguing against them for multiple weeks now after much of the information is being destroyed.

        1. I never argued against audits. Not once.

          1. Jesse wants endless audits until the MASSIVE FRAUD is finally proven!

            Just like Al Gore in 2000 wanted endless recounts until he won!

            1. But, even though JesseAz has been asked several times, he still has not described exactly (no hand waving) an audit would entail. Just: “AUDIT!!!”

              1. Well, in this case, I think it is actually pretty clear. Third party investigation of additional tabulation machines, and/or a hand recount of the voter verified paper ballots to see if they agree with the electronic tabulation. Both have their place and answer slightly different questions. If I had to pick just one, it would be the hand recount.

                1. A hand recount has been done in Georgia, so if that’s what JesseAz is asking for, he has it already.

                  1. Correct, but this is in reference to Michigan. I don’t think one was done there.

                    1. It wasn’t clear. JesseAz has brought audits up in regards to Georgia several times, and brought up Georgia again in his comment above:


                  2. Wow… I have plainly told you how you are wrong with Ga. They did not do a hand by hand count. They rescanned all of the ballots through the same machines. Mendacious is the correct word to describe you.

                    1. To be fair, I am pretty sure that even re-scanning ballots would identify the issue raised in this report, namely ballots being sent for manual adjudication. Presumably that would happen in a re-scan, too, and if the ballots were not adjudicated in the same way, there would be a discrepancy in the original count and recount.

                      If I’m wrong about that, please let me know.

                    2. See, there you go. Once the first audit is finished, Jesse will move the goalposts once again and demand yet another audit. He won’t be satisfied until he has personally inspected every single ballot himself.

                    3. They did two recounts, JesseAz. The first was by hand and the second was by machine. How can you not know that? It was national news.

                    4. “They did two recounts, JesseAz. The first was by hand and the second was by machine. How can you not know that? It was national news.”

                      Because him and the rest of the short dick squad are willfully ignorant assholes that believe what they want to believe.

                    5. Yup. The election officials know its illegal ballots in, legals results out.

              2. Umm.. Yes I have. Hint. Jeff’s link entails the type of audit. You can also do an audit like the Voter Integrity Project did (currently still under lawsuits) of statistical sampling of contacting voters. They did so with the same databases parties get to access who the State things voted and then ask those people if they did or not.

                Weird how you always ignore the arguments that are made because you are so mendacious.

            2. I want A SINGLE AUDIT dummy.

              You can’t even admit that it is now 1 for 1 in a forensic audit of bad things happening. You know how sad you sound right? As long as the government tells you what you want to hear you are happy and dumb.

              1. I don’t doubt at all that “bad things” happened, it’s just not the MASSIVE FRAUD that you all seem to think happened. What happened in Antrim County is fairly obvious: someone did not set up the software correctly, and selected “Ranked Choice Voting” for the initial tabulation. Then when the error was discovered, the votes were retabulated, and that was the “switch” of votes that you all complained about. It wasn’t MASSIVE FRAUD. It was a mistake, that was caught and corrected.

                There is no such thing as an election that is completely flawless. There is no such thing as an election where zero “bad things” happen. Not even the FEC demands that level of perfection.

                If you want an audit so as to propose reforms in the future that will make mistakes less likely, then I am all for it. But, if you want an audit just so you can point to OMG BAD THINGS so as to throw even more sand in the air and create more doubt and deliberately undermine faith in the election process itself, then no I don’t support audits for bad-faith reasons such as that.

        2. Georgia did the original count, then an audit, then a hand count.

          1. Georgia has never hand recounted anything. They hand scanned all the paper copies. Illegal ballots in, legal results out. Its the scam.

            As stalin said, its all about the vote counters.

            1. Democrat knew if they the election officials didnt have to follow state legislature rules, they could steal an election.

    4. Lol.

      That doesn’t mean it is necessarily wrong, only that the conclusions should be taken with a grain of salt.

      The government saying this was the cleanest election ever is much more supportable right jeffrey?

      1. they don’t update computer software as often as they should

        This should never happen during an election in progress sweetie.

        1. You’re right, it shouldn’t! And that’s wrong!

          It’s also not the same as MASSIVE FRAUD!

          1. You understand how ridiculous your argument is right? The only audited area has shown a massive fuck up. Most of the large changed to the vote totals happened to help Biden. The entire time since November 4th you’ve basically inferred no audits should really happen. And that any discussion of issues was merit less. Yet here you have merits and you’re arguing from a state that is unknowable since most of these machines are not being audited in a meaningful way. Youre argument is basically now only one area fucked up, stop the audits.

            1. No, Jesse, that has not been my position. Unsurprising that you have to try to put words in my mouth as opposed to arguing against what I actually believe.

              Go ahead and perform whatever recounts or audits or canvasses or whatever that are required by state law. I’m totally fine with that.

              But beyond that, if you are going to demand further audits or recounts, then you should have some rational basis for wanting to do so. “Because the machines COULD HAVE BEEN hacked” isn’t it. Get it now?

              1. Yes it has been your position since day one. Stop lying Jeffrey.

            2. In other words, conspiracy nonsense and bitching about Dems isn’t enough of a justification to demand endless recounts and endless audits.

              1. I’ve only seen one demand for an audit that was acted on, and it revealed massive security holes. I’d be happy with just one transparent hand recount to settle things. The issue here isn’t the same as in Florida in 2000. Back then we had several recounts because the result was so very close and every vote mattered. Here the issue is whether people took advantage of these demonstrably faulty machines to execute massive vote fraud. One transparent hand recount will clear that up easily.

              2. Nobody is asking for endless recounts dummy. They are asking for statistical audits at a minimum such as been done by the Voter Integrity Project or a random sampling of audits such was done in this county. instead they are wiping the machines.

                1. What the hell is a “statistical audit”? What do you think it will accomplish?

                  And then when that’s finished, you’ll say “that’s not good enough, I want a full audit!” And then when that’s finished, you’ll say “that’s not good enough, I want to hand inspect every ballot myself!”

        2. Its unclear if they mean software or configuration. The issue in that county was that the ballots were not recognized by the machine because the wrong configuration was setup.
          Expect a high error rate…. Check!
          Expect the proper certified software installed…. unknown – lower error rates so 1/2 check?
          Expect final run to match hand count…. Check!

          As I expressed earlier, if the sofware was wrong, I would have expected fewer errors on the top line candidates and more errors on local elections. That seems to be what happened, but there is not enough documentation there to tell (either from Michigan nor from this report).

      2. So basically, general incompetence. This is far more likely than MASSIVE FRAUD.

        Which in every known case benefited Biden far more than Trump. If it was general random incompetence it would be distributed as such. Again. You got your proud globalist so youre happy. It taints your thinking.

        1. This report had nothing to do with Biden or Trump. It was about fkn school board elections for heaven’s sake.

          1. The machines were used in the same election fuckwit. Which is why the report matters.

            For fucks sake.

          2. I mean are you really so fucking stupid you don’t realize this was the county that “accidentally” had almost 6k votes for trump get tabulated as Biden originally??

            1. And now we have a clearer indication of why that happened, and it wasn’t MASSIVE FRAUD.

              1. Again, your argument that follows your premise is unknowable since only one county has had any type of relevant audit.

                How are you too simple to understand your result does not follow from your premise?

              2. Jeff, keep in mind that this county was heavily tRump favored and the people running the machines were presumably tRumpians… so some level of incompetence has to be expected 🙂 sorry, couldn’t resist.

      3. What is required, though, is actual EVIDENCE

        You now have evidence of the one county that has allowed a forensic accounting of what happened. The SoS of the state has refused audits of every other area. The evidence you require is under lock and key by the government to disallow evidence to be collected.

        As I stated in the roundup thread. Using your same metrics here, prior to Snowden we should have laughed at anybody claiming the IC was spying on Americans. Dozens of court cases were dismissed. Any investigation into it was disallowed. That is what you have been arguing FOR the last month.

        1. 1-60


          sixty court losses.

          biggest losers ever.

          1. Has no bearing on this discussion Stolen Valor.

            Go figure out the court count on lawsuits against the IC prior to Snowdern.

        2. If, prior to Snowden’s revelations, your only “evidence” that the NSA was spying on everyone, was wingnut conspiratorial bullshit, then yes you should have been laughed at.

          And, if Snowden’s only “evidence” for NSA spying had been more conspiratorial bullshit, then he should have been laughed at too.

          But as it turned out, Snowden had more than just crackpot nonsense, he had actual concrete evidence. THAT is what made his claims credible. Not the tinfoil hat nonsense. See how that works?

          1. So your argument is that as long as the evidence you require is gate kept by the government then nothing happened.

            Good argument Jeff. Says a ton about you.

            1. It says that I’m not a tinfoil hat wearing wingnut. Otherwise, who’s to say that the government really ISN’T run by lizard people?

        3. prior to Snowden we should have laughed at anybody claiming the IC was spying on Americans

          Akshually Snowden didn’t reveal the fact that they were spying, merely the methods. The fact that they were mopping up as much web traffic as they could to search through it was known in 2005.

          1. Didn’t we know about Echelon in n the mid 90s?

          2. That’s not what I wrote, Juice.

    5. 1) Looks to me like this audit was ordered by a 13th Circuit Court Judge.

      2)If none of the poll workers knew what they were doing, as evidenced by the terrible security posture, then it would only take one knowledgeable poll worker to commit massive fraud.

      3) According to the report it is state law that those logs must be retained. So, it doesn’t matter if they were deleted by accident or on purpose. Someone still needs to be prosecuted.

      4) You’ve got this all wrong. The poll workers didn’t have access to the code, so they aren’t going to manipulate anything except what is exposed to them in the configuration files and the GUI. The report makes it clear that the possibility for manipulation comes from the fact that the code throws errors more than half the time and all those ballots are sent to manual adjudication where they can be manipulated by an individual poll worker with no paper trail. You’re right there isn’t proof of fraud, but this is solid evidence that the results can’t be trusted and should not have been certified.

      1. “it would only take”
        “possibility for manipulation”
        “they can be manipulated”

        Yes yes they are all possible. And Tulpa could have hacked into every single Dominion voting machine and elected Kanye West president. That could have happened too.

        In every human-created system there is always the possibility for error. If your standard for “secure voting” is that it is 100% free from errors, or even the possibility of errors, then no system on the planet would ever satisfy this standard. As the report itself even notes, the FEC’s standard isn’t 100% accuracy, but only an error rate that is very very small.

        1. I think I’d be happy with the FEC’s standard, which these Dominion machines demonstrably don’t meet. And their failure to meet that standard means they are susceptible to massive fraud. Their results can’t be trusted and should not have been certified. You don’t have to prove fraud to prove that the law was violated and that the results are not verifiable.

          Though, I have heard that all the raw paper ballots in Michigan have to be retained for 2 years, in which case all this could be cleared up with a full and transparent hand recount.

    6. As of this morning the deputy AG of Michigan was trying to silence the report from being released.

      Erik Grill, the assistant attorney general for Michigan, began his oral arguments by attacking DePerno over accusations that he provided information about his report on Dominion machines prior to the removal of a protective order issued by Elsenheimer earlier this month.

      Grill told the court that DePerno has been giving interviews in which he has “discussed the content” of the report in “direct violation” of the court’s protective order.

      There is zero concern by the government to investigate issues past this one county.

      1. Okay, and?

        1. And, dozens of other counties use these same machines, meaning dozens of other counties violated election laws, their results aren’t verifiable and their results shouldn’t have been certified.

          1. Based on this report, though, the machine itself wasn’t the problem. It was the failure to maintain and set up the machine properly. So the fact that these machines are widely used isn’t relevant per se.

            1. And your implication is that this was the only county that appears to have any issues.

              Again, your finalized argument does not follow from your premise.

              1. BASED ON THIS REPORT, yes it does. Sure, it COULD BE that every single Dominion voting machine *other than this one* was hacked and throwing all its votes to Biden. It COULD ALSO BE that the government is run by lizard people. There are a lot of COULD BE’s that are possible. That is why it’s called a conspiracy theory, Jesse. They are non-falsifiable and whenever more evidence is brought to bear that the theory is false, yet another COULD BE is invented to breathe new life into the theory. So I’m not going to support endless audits to try to satisfy all of the COULD BE’s that nutjobs such as yourself can potentially dream up.

                1. Read the report, jeff. This machine wasn’t hacked. It was specifically designed to throw most ballots into adjudication, where they could be manipulated by a poll worker. It didn’t behave this way because the poll workers set it up wrong. It behaved this way because it was designed to do so and therefore it will likely behave this way everywhere it is used. More audits are needed to know how widespread the security holes are. And only a transparent manual recount can determine whether any fraud actually occurred in these counties.

            2. The fact that these significant errors were not caught in ballot testing and not caught by the local county clerk shows that there are major inherent built-in vulnerabilities and process flaws in the Dominion Election Management System, and that other townships/precincts and the entire election have been affected.

              Source: The report (that you, apparently, haven’t read)

        2. I do love this about you Jeff. You claim you are for Audits just a few posts above… you have evidence of 1 out of 1 audits having massive errors… yet more audits will have no meaning to you.

          Just wow…

      2. Most secure election ever.

    7. It would be a very poor and insecure system design if standard users could turn off log files.

    8. The document seems to be well written, but rife with errors.
      1) It is possible to trace software from source to binary (the stuff that actually runs). If there was a flaw or intentional backdoor or whatever it would be apparent.
      2) This kind of software, I would expect a lower error rate for top level votes (ie for President) but a higher error rate down ballot (ie. for dog catcher) because the ballot would be the same at the top across the whole state, while Detroit would not be voting for Grand Rapids’ dog catcher.
      3) The document repeats the same arguments about the origin of Dominion software – talking about servers in Germany, Spain etc. Dominion has categorically denied this. Unclear what evidence they have. Not sure why they thought this was necessary or helpful but, as I so far expect, if this info is demonstrably false, it will draw into question the rest of the document.
      4) The document talks about intentional changing of votes, perhaps I don’t know what they mean my intentional. I saw nothing in the document to conclude that.
      4) The document smells of cherry picking. Using unclear statistics. For example, the document keeps saying that 80% of the ballots were adjudicated but never says why? Which line did the software have problems with? Always the same line? Was this why the accounting error showed up for this county?
      5) Wasn’t this all from the county that at least at one point had the wrong software loaded (couldn’t recognize the ballot)? I would expect high error rates.
      6) Yes, there are definitely better ways to run a piece of voting software – open source both software and system so that people can comment in advance to what is wrong. But there is a difference between leaving the front door unlocked and getting your house robbed.

      1. 1) If you don’t have the source it can be very difficult (and time-consuming) to do this and your results won’t be exact because there can be many different ways to get a given result.
        2) The issue here is that the ballot gets thrown into manual adjudication on any error, so it doesn’t matter what generates the error.
        4) Any vote that is different before and after manual adjudication was changed by the poll worker doing the adjudication. The change could very well be justified, but it was certainly “intentional”.
        4a) It clearly states “For examples, there were 1,222 ballots reversed out of 1,491 total ballots cast, thus resulting in an 81.96% rejection rate. Some of which were reversed due to “Ballot’s size exceeds maximum expected ballot size”. I’d love to see the full list of errors, too.
        5) They mention that the software was updated right before election day, which appears to be against Michigan law.
        6) If you leave your door unlocked, then return home to find it wide open, wouldn’t you at least look around to make sure nothing was missing? A transparent hand recount is needed to clear this up.

  6. Massive crowd of seven MAGA hats outside the electoral college meeting in Michigan. These rightwing social events have such an unfortunate way of becoming sad and awkward for all concerned. Anyone see that time Gorka and Charlie Kirk and all those asshats rented a club out for a night of boredom in three-piece suits? You guys cry and pout and insist on the right to tell racist jokes in public, and then you get in public and tell your racist jokes and you just look like humorless assholes who hate yourselves. Clearly you’re threatened by a mainstream culture that is more shaped by the blacks and gays than cigar-chomping aristocrats, but your parties are just so, so lame, guys.

    1. Poor Lefties associate large crowds with political power, except with Biden campaign rallies. For Biden campaign rallies: small crowds mea more political power.

      SCOTUS cases still pending relating to election 2020.
      Jan. 6, 2021 Joint Session counting of EC votes challenges.
      12th Amendment vote.
      Finishing the Civil War 2.0 that Democrats started.

      1. “For Biden campaign rallies: small crowds mea more political power.”

        Guess that is so: Biden won the election.

        1. Not until jan 20, 2021 he hasnt.

          New Mexico sent trump electoral cote to congress. Hilarious!

          1. Send me a link of this alternate electoral vote from New Mexico. And not a link to the moronic bullshit spewing from Stephen Miller.

          2. You’re distorted fever dreams of having Trump re-elected through an alternate slate of electors is not going to happen, bud.

            1) Trump can’t rely on the courts to give into his bullying.
            2) It has to pass muster in both the House and Senate – not going to happen in the House, obviously, and not in the Senate now either – Mitch McConnell just congratulated Biden this morning on the Senate Floor.
            3) The only avenue left would be through the State Legislatures through an incorrect interpretation of 3 USC 2. Justice Bradley in the 1876 already ruled that there is no such thing as an alternate slate of electors – so judicial precedence matters here.

            Game over. Please be quiet now.

    2. I wouldn’t dismiss the unbridled power of the far-right. They’ve taken over a run-down building on Whidbey Island, and they’re doing things like setting up worship services in protest of our thoughtful leadership’s directives. Some of them even own handguns. You dismiss this massive movement, and yet they’re poised to take over our highest institutions of power. Look for critical mask theory being taught at an HR department near you.

      1. Many Americans still have too much to lose to give Lefties what they want- a bloody finish to the Civil War 2.0 that Democrats started. Americans knowing that there will never be a free and fair election again if Democrats get away with it will probably be enough. That and hyper-inflation and indefinite Kungflu lockdowns.

        Only some 3% of Colonists fought in the Revolutionary War.

      2. “critical mask theory”

        Check your white mask privilege!

        1. Black masks matter!

      3. That’s the big joke of it. If somehow they manage to fasten their shoe Velcro and take over culture, it would end up just like that lame-ass party. All this perceived oppression from a society that is more inclusive than they are comfortable with… and when they’re in charge they’re met with a diverse and open-minded society that has no interest in their retrograde punching-down jokes and autistic-level social skills.

        Rightwing cultural anxiety doesn’t go away with rightwing solutions, because they mistake the problems they perceive in society for the problems in their own heart. A new Lifetime Christmas movie.

    3. Massive crowd of seven MAGA hats outside the electoral college meeting in Michigan.

      Seven people? Sure it wasn’t a Biden rally?

  7. Youtube now claims their policy is to disallow any allegation of election fraud, if they changed the outcome of an election. There are a lot of CNN videos that are going to have to be taken down dated 2016-2020.

    1. Wisconsin just released decision that 215,00 “indefinitely confined” ballots are illegal.

      CommieTube just banned any videos on topic.

      1. Youtube is now a full-on, anti-free speech organization. Imagine not allowing the allegation of a thing to be discussed on one of the largest media platforms on the planet.

        It’s really hard for me to get my blood up when a politician wants to break these tech companies up.

        1. They’re also serving explicitly as an arm of The Party here

        2. Free speech is supposed to have some useful role to play in a free society. If it’s being used to produce propaganda for fascist movements, it’s doing harm to people. You care about freedom for a reason, presumably. You like free speech because it can change things in the world. Well, YouTube doesn’t want to participate in the Fourth Reich. Well to the extent of actively abetting a coup. It certainly has done more than its fair share amplifying fascists voices.

          It remains a private company of course, so if the Koch and Mercers want to spend money to spread filth, maybe they should come up with their own website.

          1. Free speech is supposed to have some useful role to play in a free society.

            Agreed. Biden should create a Free Speech Commission and appoint a Czar. This person and agency will be responsible for determining which speech has a useful role to play, and that which doesn’t.

            1. Trumps’s the one who wants to make all three companies liable for the stuff that gets posted on their sites.

              1. If YT gets to decide what content is published, then like any other publisher, they should be held liable for that which they allow.

                1. They are not the publisher of user-provided content.

                  1. This is stupid even for you.

                    Penguin, according to your logic, isn’t a publisher either.

                2. I’m not saying that’s wrong, but it wouldn’t be a bonanza for the hard right considering everything they say is a dangerous lie.

        3. Free speech does not apply here. YouTube is a private company that can set its own rules.

      2. no…. they didn’t….. they said some people who said the pandemic made everyone indefinitely confined were wrong, but that everyone gets to decide for themselves if they are indefinitely confined. (meaning…. it is completely impossible to make any ballot “illegal” based on this.)

        1. This is pretty much it, though they did allow that if you could prove someone lied when they said they were indefinitely confined then their vote wouldn’t count. But they also said you have to do that on an individual basis.

          So, last time around Wisconsin had about 55,000 confined voters, meaning maybe 160,000 claimed to be confined this time around due to COVID. But to get those votes eliminated Trump lawyers would have to challenge each of those cases individually, which obviously isn’t going to happen.

          Still, yeah, loveconstitution has this all wrong.

      3. The Wisconsin ruling was 4-3 against Trump. No ballots were invalidated.

        1. Aw. Poor unreason. The WI supreme court found those indefinitely confined ballots to be illegal. Perfect for the SCoTUS to toss those ballots.

          Or joint session of congress to reject WI EC votes for biden and replace them with Trump EC votes.

          1. Aw. Poor lovedicks still can’t mentally process Fat Donnie’s loss.

      4. I already debunked this claim by posting and reviewing the actual ruling by the Wisconsin Supreme court. Or do you just continually ignore evidence?

  8. Trust almighty, uncorruptable, always honest government and infallible media… for their pronouncements are beyond criticism or analysis.

    1. So, when did stealing and rigging an election become a Libertarian value?

      1. I wonder the same thing.
        Seems there’s very little difference between self styled libertarians and communists these days.

      2. Trump’s attempt to steal the election failed.

        1. Trump attempt to prevent democrats stealing the election has not failed.

          Look how mad biden got. Biden knows he will never be president. That is how gore felt too.

    1. “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

      1. Antrim County, Michigan forensics report released.

        Michigan now wiping all voting machines to cover tracks.

        1. Like, with a cloth?

          1. using Grandma Hillary’s Old fashioned Server Wiping Cloths (made in China)

      2. We know that quote was taken out of context. He’s talking about an organization to fight voter fraud. The media has been doing this to Trump for 5 years. Now you’re doing it to Biden. There’s plenty of actual bad stuff to criticize Biden on. When you take stuff out of context and outright lie, you just undermine your own credibility.

        Not sure what’s so terrible about the audio you linked…

        1. “I mean what I say when I say it!”

          1. Well we already knew Biden was a blowhard and an idiot. Also an asshole.

        2. Why would he have needed to assemble such an organization?

          1. Trump tried to steal the election using illegal covid spreading maskless in-person voters, but luckily the heroic election workers found enough legal (“pristine” even, so pure and wholesome that many had no flaws or creases) mail in ballots hiding under rocks, furniture, trunks of cars. Just in the nick of time. Democracy saved!

        3. Agree with this. I talked about this last week. And it’s unfortunate that some people believe that Biden put this organization to “defraud the election”. And of course, that’s what the media reported it as, while ignoring the larger… dare I say, not out of context meaning. As DLAM! posted below, there was a reason he put that fraud detection team together, and that’s because he didn’t trust the election process– a process his party and supporters demanded, and had every intention of filing every challenge and lawsuit that could be conceived. And I have zero doubt that the sycophantic press would have treated every single challenge and lawsuit as an attempt to hold our Democratic Institutions accountable to The People.

      3. Cry more, bitch cakes.

  9. So, the conservatives have taken over the supreme court at least until Thomas retires. But Democrats have normalized an election process that will make it much easier for them to harvest ballots from extremely low info/energy people in democratic strongholds, and undermines conservatives’ confidence that elections are fair. The next decade should be fun.

    1. Don’t worry, Republicans will copy the Democrats’ new election process and cheat just as bad. And since the cowardly courts provided precedent, they are now on firm legal ground to do so.

      When Trump runs in 2024, he should steal California because the Democrats would never think they’d need to cheat there. They’d all cheat in the swing states, but they’ll never see Cali flipping RED!

      1. The GOP doesnt cheat on elections. They have the constitution on their side.

        Of the courts wont punish democrats for election fraud, the joint session of congress can reject EC votes for biden. 12th amendment here we come!

      2. Democrats didn’t cheat, asshole.

    2. undermines conservatives’ confidence that elections are fair

      Anyone who ever thought that elections were in the slightest bit fair is a rube.

  10. Actual current events: “China had access to Dominion voting machines and all swing state high ranking officials are simultaneously trying to cover it up”

    Reason: “UGH why isn’t Trump slinking away in defeat yet after SCOTUS crushed his stupid dreams! So unfair!”


      Give him his binky.

  11. China had access to Dominion voting machines

    What do you mean “had access”?

    Because this sounds a lot like all of the “could have been” claims about Dominion – that the votes “could have been” altered, etc.

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    2. We just had another article on hackers getting into government machines. Chinese communist party infiltrators in various companies and state department embassies. But you find it difficult to believe a company supplying most of the voting machines is avoiding this. You are being too credulous even for you fatty.

      1. Yes, it COULD BE that there was Chinese government interference in the election.

        There are a lot of COULD BE’s. But is there anything actually known if there was or not?

  12. Reason Koch liberaltarians flogging the dead horse just for the hell of it.

    Sullum is One step from full on Dahmer

  13. Electoral college vote done. Every time we pass a milestone, the conspiracy rhetoric shifts. Some of the Trumpistas on H&R (refugees from 8kun?) had predicted state legislatures were going to rise up and snatch this whole thing back for Trump through the EC. And despite the “Bye, Felicia” given to Team Trump by the Supreme Court, they’re going to pull some crazy post-EC shit? Uh, OK. We’ll be three years into the Biden term and there will still be idiots arguing over this. If this is really about elections (rather than this one election), maybe focus on ways to improve the system ahead of the midterms. Scratch a couple of BS weapon systems the Pentagon doesn’t even want and buy the best voting technology on the planet.

    1. Well, they do have one more chance I guess, when Congress convenes on Jan. 6 to count the Electoral College votes. They could try something then. I am just hoping that we have all moved on by that point though.

    2. “…We’ll be three years into the Biden term and there will still be idiots arguing over this…”

      As a TDS-infected shit, do you assume they’ll be pushing a special investigation into the charges, as the other TDS-infected shits did after Trump won?

    3. What’s “H & R”?

  14. Trump loses again and again. He’s pathetic.
    😀 😀 😀

    Soon he will release the Kraken!!!!!! Haaaaaahahahaha.

    1. Since Trump is a buffoon, does that make his followers buffoonies?

    2. Poor ureason bots.

      Even new mexico sent trump electoral votes to congress. Hahaha

      1. Incorrect. Citations fell off, too.

      2. But Biden won. Now what? Release the Kraken? That sounds so scary. 😀 😀

    3. Seattle Kraken

      1. Cool logo they released a couple months ago. Can’t wait until they start playing.

  15. How’s the orange ???? guy this evening? He’s been very quiet on the interwebs today. Maybe he’s just having a good cry since he knows it’s all over now. Or maybe he’s just too busy plotting his next clever move. Off to Siberia he goes. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr 😀 😀

    1. Better than the raging TDS-infected shit.

      1. You only wish he was doing better than me. But at least we are done with the orange chemo.

      2. Get over your BDS, loser.

    2. Biden sure was mad because he will never be president. That must have been like gore felt.

      1. Biden mad? I don’t see him twatting day and night with fake accusations like Trump does. Trump lost. Just deal with it.

  16. Sullum missed an important on this. Andrew McCarthy (former DoJ US Attorney, strong conservative, strong Trump supporter, writes for the National Review and has provided some of the most credible defenses of Trump and attacks on the Mueller investigation) wrote an article yesterday on Saturday’s Wisconsin decision.

    As Summum said, Judge Ludwig rejected the defense argument of lack of standing, and said he’d run the trial based of the merits of each side’s argument, including any evidence Team Trump wished to introduce.

    This is exactly what Trump defenders have been wanting, so let’s let McCarthy explain what happened—here are the core paragraphs:

    Publicly, the Trump campaign has been claiming there was extensive vote fraud and law-breaking. Specifically with respect to Wisconsin, President Trump tweeted on November 28: “The Wisconsin recount is not about finding mistakes in the count, it is about finding people who have voted illegally . . . We have found many illegal votes. Stay tuned!” The campaign further maintained that the recount it demanded would “show somewhere around 100,000 illegal ballots in the two counties that Biden carried” (i.e., Milwaukee and Dane).

    This is in addition to the innumerable times the president and his surrogates have asserted that they were being systematically prevented from proving massive fraud and illegality. The courts and state officials, we’ve been told, have invoked legal technicalities, such as the supposed lack of standing to sue, in order to stop the campaign from calling witnesses and introducing voluminous documentary evidence.

    Judge Ludwig denied the state’s claims that the campaign lacked standing. Instead, he gave the campaign the hearing they asked for — the opportunity to call witnesses and submit damning exhibits. Yet, when it got down to brass tacks, the morning of the hearing, it turned out there was no actual disagreement between the Trump team and Wisconsin officials about the pertinent facts of the case. The president’s counsel basically said: Never mind, we don’t need to present all our proof . . . we’ll just stipulate to all the relevant facts and argue legal principles.

    In the end, after all the heated rhetoric, what did they tell the court the case was really about? Just three differences over the manner in which the election was administered — to all of which, as Ludwig pointed out, the campaign could have objected before the election if these matters had actually been of great moment [Sullum covered that well so won’t repeat].

    There was no there there. Despite telling the country for weeks that this was the most rigged election in history, the campaign didn’t think it was worth calling a single witness. Despite having the opportunity of a hearing before a Trump appointee who was willing to give the campaign ample opportunity to prove its case, the campaign said, “Never mind.”

    And that’s what’s happened every time Team Trump has had the opportunity to introduce evidence. They won’t argue in court, the things they say to Fox, Newsmax, and OANN.

    Read the whole thing (and it’s well worth the time):

    A Stunning Passage from the Latest Court Rejection of Team Trump
    December 13, 2020 5:28 PM

    1. Lc1789, JesseAz, Nardz, Sevo, Mother’s, R Mac, care to comment?

      1. You, like our government and courts, are cowardly and corrupt.
        Your life doesn’t matter, and you’ve sown the wind.

        1. Sounds like you are getting ready to leave the country for good. Maybe you can move with trump and start your own new country. Good luck with that.

        2. From the Court’s decision:

          With the Electoral College meeting just days away, the Court declined to address the issues in piecemeal fashion and instead provided plaintiff with an expedited hearing on the merits of his claims. On the morning of the hearing, the parties reached agreement on a stipulated set of facts and then presented arguments to the Court.

          From credible conservative and well-qualified legal analyst, and Trump supporter, Andrew McCarthy:

          A “stipulated set of facts,” in this context, is an agreement between the lawyers for the adversary parties about what testimony witnesses would give, and/or what facts would be established, if the parties went through the process of calling witnesses and offering tangible evidence at a hearing or trial.

          When you say the people who support this are “cowardly and corrupt,” you do realize this was the Trump Team, right?

        3. Something something failure to consider evidence presented directly to you.

      2. Sure comment down below.

        See how mad biden got about never being president? That must be like when gore realized he will never be president.

    2. Aw poor unreason staffers.

      WI supreme court declared ~215,000 “indefinitely confined” ballots illegal. Perfect for the SCoTUs to toss those.

      Or for the joint session of congress to challenge every biden EC vote. 12th amendment here we come.

        1. Despite what Colbert keeps telling you, reality doesn’t magically rewrite itself in the Regressive Left’s favor just because you shit your pants and whine “NUH UH!”.

          1. Except lovedicks was factually incorrect. Enjoy Biden’s inauguration, pissant.

      1. Citations fell off.

    3. Is this the same Andrew McCarthy from Weekend at Bernie’s?

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  18. Once again, Trump loses.

    1. Once again, Vince projects.

      1. Cry more, bitch.

  19. After

    After he’s gone, you’re gonna miss him.
    After he’s gone, you’ll wished you kissed him.
    You’ll feel blue.
    You’ll feel sad.
    You’ve lost the last, best chance you ever had.

    There’ll come a time.
    There’s no denying.
    There’ll come a time with all the lying.

    Someday soon you’ll see what you’ve done.
    You’ll see the mess you’ve made that can’t be undone.
    After he’s gone.
    After he’s gone away.

    1. Sounds like lyrics from some chick breakup song. Hahahahahaha hahahahahahaha
      I’ll miss home like a hole in the head.

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  21. We have been having fun playing chess in my family lately. At a certain point in the game, even if you are not in checkmate, your position becomes unwinnable. Then you just knock over your king and say “wanna play again?”

    1. You left out the rule where the player with the Blue pieces gets to grab his opponents Queen and Rooks, and then instantly win by screaming “NUH-UH!” when the other aides says that’s cheating:

      1. There are blue pieces?

      2. Wow, that’s an amazing analogy.

      3. My God, you’re a bitter moron!

  22. BREAKING: McConnell says that after the electoral college voted yesterday: “Our country has officially a president-elect and a vice-president elect.”

    “I want to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden,” McConnell says.

    He said this on the Senate floor this morning.

    1. He did the right thing. Will Trump?

      1. I am going to go with no.

  23. While Hackjob Sullum was busy writing his 800th “the Constitution is unConstitutional and rigged elections are good for limited government” shitpiece, court-ordered independent investigators in MI conclusively demonstrated that the Dominion machines they audited electronically switched votes, and had been tampered with.


    All while the Dominion CEO perjured himself in court with literally every statement.

    1. You should ask trump if you can be on the Elite Strike Force team. Since all of his other lawyers se to be an epic fail, maybe hill let you in. You and his other epic fails can win!!!!!!

      1. Release the Kraken!!!!!

  24. “Ludwig notes that the legislature created the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC, the lead defendant) and gave it broad authority to regulate elections. Acting under that authority, the commission instructed election officials who encounter an absentee ballot witness certificate with an incomplete address to fill in the details by contacting the voter or by relying on “extrinsic sources.” That directive came in 2016, four years before Trump filed his suit.”

    In case anyone missed it.

  25. I am impressed at the Democrats’ restraint. Since clearly they have the power to invalidate more than 7 million votes to change the outcome of the Presidential election, winning the Senate and gaining seats in the House would surely have been a piece of cake for them. For some reason they didn’t use their special powers to win Congress – what restraint! What gallantry! Instead, they chose to steal only the Presidential election, while losing seats in the House and doing little to contest Republican control of the Senate. This means that Joe Biden and Congress Democrats will be hamstrung when it comes to actually getting anything done. Moreover, the magical Democrats who can make 10 million votes disappear were also gracious enough not to use this power to win more Gubernatorial elections, allowing themselves (despite their infinite power) to lose Montana and for the rest of the contested Republican governorships to retain their partisan status.

    1. Seems more like Republicans bailed on Trump, but not the rest of the party. I guess they didn’t want a lunatic in office. If I was a republican, I probably would have bailed on Tump but voted for other Republican candidates. I just makes sense.

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  27. Trump is a LOSER.

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