Brickbat: Nothing to See Here


The Melbourne, Australia, police department has cleared an officer of misconduct after he was caught on video apparently choking a woman. Officers had stopped the woman for walking on the street without a mask. The police confirmed the woman had a medical exemption from the local mask ordinance. She has been charged with resisting arrest and for assaulting an officer for kicking at a second officer after the first officer grabbed her.

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  1. Damn, another Aussie brickbat. These cops need to drink some Tooheys and chill the hell out.

    1. Aussies might be sick cunts online but they are no better than English fags on their totalitarian island. Hope they enjoy becoming a Chinese colony in the next century.

      1. The cops are already auditioning.

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  2. When one can be arrested for resisting arrest, there might be a serious systemic problem.

    1. When one can be arrested for resisting arrest abuse, there might be a serious systemic problem.

    2. You are right. According to the US media coverage of Covid and masks she should be charged with hundreds of counts of attempted murder for every day of the mandate.

      You gin up unreasonable fears you get unreasonable reactions.

    3. Comply citizen!

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  4. I don’t care for Australia at the moment.

    Heck or even Canada.

    They all suck.

    1. Debating with my son the other day about the severity of the COVID pandemic, I asked him how he would distribute 2 million dead. Right away he said Australia.

      Now he was off by an order of magnitude, but perhaps has good intentions.

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  6. When even Rufus is peeved, you know it’s serious.

  7. Here in the U.S. those who shout “defund the police!” want policemen doing this on our streets.

  8. Odd article, doesn’t say how it all transpired. She had a note from her doctor, but that appears to have not been known until they had taken her to the ground for …. what, exactly? Doesn’t say. Did they jump out of their cars and tackle her without any questions first, or did they ask her first and she refused to answer, as the article implies?

    Poorly written. (Not the Reason FA, the Aussie FA)

    1. She was choked for not wearing a mask

      Are you seriously saying there might be justification for this behavior?

      1. We don’t know how ugly she was. We should wait until we know ALL the facts.

      2. But in all seriousness, Reason has been guilty of not reporting important details on police interactions in the past.

        For instance, it’s possible the police did stop and ask her about her lack of mask, and she immediately started swinging. I doubt that’s what happened, but it’s possible.

        1. Maybe it was the 4th time she had been stopped on that particular 1/2 mile walk.

      3. well, if the problem with not wearing a mask is that she was breathing unimpeded, the police were just trying to stop that.

    2. The article has a videotape of how it all transpired.
      Basically, the officer believed, and his superiors now concur, that the best way to control an unruly suspect 14” shorter than you and half your weight is to choke her into unconsciousness.

  9. This victimless crime, like all victimless crimes, will be disproportionately enforced against the most vulnerable in society. It’s already starting. I’m honestly surprised they didn’t “find” some illegal drugs on her. Guess they need a refresher course from their buddies in the US.

    1. What victimless crime? The woman who was choked is a victim. Arrest the perpetrator.

  10. Hey, the cop was not “choking” her. He was validating her claim for breathing problems that justify not wearing a mask.

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    2. If you don’t pass out and die from being strangled then you’re a witch! I mean, you’re susceptible to COVID!

  11. Even Hobbes in his book about how the State should control everything (“Leviathan”) still realized that people held the right to defend themselves from the State if the State attacked them.

    I see he was what one would call a “moderate” now…

    1. Nope. Alt-right for sure.

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