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Obama Knocks 'Defund the Police' Activists for Valuing 'Feel Good' Sloganeering Over Practical Reforms

Efforts to push for substantial police reforms many people would support instead became a political battlefield.


President Barack Obama is the latest establishment Democrat warning that screaming "Defund the Police" is not necessarily a viable path to bring about actual police reforms, let alone win elections.

In an interview on the Snapchat show Good Luck America, Obama compared the slogan to a marketing tool, not a realistic effort to bring about change. Quotes via Politico:

"If you believe, as I do, that we should be able to reform the criminal justice system so that it's not biased and treats everybody fairly, I guess you can use a snappy slogan, like 'defund the police.' But, you know, you lost a big audience the minute you say it, which makes it a lot less likely that you're actually going to get the changes you want done," Obama said.

"The key is deciding, do you want to actually get something done, or do you want to feel good among the people you already agree with?" he added. "And if you want to get something done in a democracy, in a country as big and diverse as ours, then you've got to be able to meet people where they are. And play a game of addition and not subtraction."

There were some modest successes in police reform over the summer, but they almost feel like they've happened despite the "defund the police" movement, and because they had the support of civil libertarians of all political persuasions. We've seen laws passed to ban "no-knock raids" in the wake of Breonna Taylor's shooting death by police in Louisville, Kentucky; we've seen new laws banning types of chokeholds, partly in response to anger over the death of George Floyd under the knee of former Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin; we've seen, after years of resistance, New York state pass a bill that subjects police misconduct and disciplinary files to public records laws.

However, hundreds of proposed police reform bills also went nowhere this year. Street protests can draw attention to outrageous police behavior, but state legislatures are where those outrages are addressed (or not). Countless Californians protested over the summer, but law enforcement unions still managed to kill a bill that would have created a system to decertify problem cops and prevent them from finding new police jobs in other cities.

So much of potential policing reform is transpartisan: Successes have come not from one single party having power but when individuals across the political spectrum agree. Many reforms of state civil asset forfeiture laws—which empower police to seize and keep money and property suspected of being tied to criminal activities, even when the owners haven't been charged or convicted—came from a combination of those who object to Fourth Amendment violations as well as those who noted that poor minorities and immigrants were often the targets of this tactic. That's reform people across the ideological spectrum can support.

The "defund the police" movement instead invited polarization and vagueness, and as we clearly saw this fall, got dragged not just into the culture war but into election campaigning, as President Donald Trump used the slogan to argue that police reforms were entirely a Democratic "anti-cop" crusade. Democrats ended up losing down the ballot in many states and races (even in California). Does this now taint as partisan future criminal justice reform efforts?

Those who have actually paid attention to years and years of police reform efforts know that this is not true. Not only have numerous Republicans supported efforts to reduce harsh police enforcement, but Democrats have also carried water for police unions. Don't believe me? Check out Arizona, where Democrats killed a bill in May to restrain civil asset forfeiture because they didn't want the police to lose the revenue.

Tying police reform to a particular party or ideological movement is ultimately bad for criminal justice, and Obama recognizes that. Unfortunately, the damage may have already been done. We'll see what, if anything, comes out of President-elect Joe Biden's administration and state legislatures next year.

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  1. *checks calendar*


    I am SHOCKED that this didn’t run a couple months ago.

    1. Serious question.

      The Democrats seem to have the biggest conflict between what they say to different audiences. Is that my own bias, or is that a function of the party being a collection of competing grievances with a frosting of rich white people on top?

      Trump has his own conflict between taking him seriously versus taking him literally, but I “feel” like the republican party is more consistent in the alignment between what they say and what they mean.

      I mean, hell, the Dems are literally an alliance between Biden and the people he put in prison.

      1. I dunno, the GOP rhetoric on reducing the deficit and fiscal responsibility are 180 degrees at odds with their actions. Likewise on respecting the constitution and their desire to regulate twitter. Likewise on their rhetoric on family values vs. their actions with zero tolerance child separation at the border.

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      2. The Ds are totalitarians who use altruism as a cover.
        There is no truth, only power.

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              1. You are known to be the very zenith of credibility.

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                2. When have I ever lied here you mendacious piece of shit?

      3. It’s about saying whatever you need to as many as you can to get enough of them to vote for you.

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      4. It’s the natural disconnect between what the politicians want and what the people want. The politicians are run by Wall Street and big “lockdown” corporations. They want endless war and the ability to censor the opposition.

        But many Democrats still think the party is for the “little guy”.

      5. but I “feel” like the republican party is more consistent in the alignment between what they say and what they mean.

        Republicans are going to cut spending any day now. Any. Day. Now. Starting with defunding Planned Parenthood.

      6. That is a very interesting point of view. I get it!
        I think that is why I started to hate Kamala Harris. She was left wing earlier in California, but seemed right of where Newsom and a lot of others were. And then, blamo! She went way left… I get frustrated when I see that flip flop with the Republicans, and get TDS sometimes, but I agree it is less. I think honesty as a nation is important, and shifting ones message depending on ones audience is a shady.

      7. No.

        The D’s say they want bigger government and when they are in office, they work for bigger government. They expand government even at the cost of short-term political losses (see Obamacare).

        The conflicts within the D coalition are just arguments about priorities and means. They may argue about how to get there, but the destination is always socialism. They are a successful, functioning political party.

        The R’s say they want limited government, but once they are in power they expand it. The R’s have NEVER shrunk government when they hold power. They couldn’t even get rid of PBS!

        Many positions that 90% of rank-and-file R voters hold are anathema to R politicians in power (see immigration). They are not a functioning political party, they are a disorganized opposition.

    2. If you like your police you can keep your police.

      Minneapolis, ground zero of “defund the police,” is on pace for its 2nd highest annual murder rate this year.

      The year-over-year increase alone (30, just through the first 11 months) is more than the *total* number of unarmed people in the city killed by police since 2000 (28).

      1. So you are saying the program is working exactly as expected, what is the issue? I’m sure throwing a few billion federal grant dollars at the area will make it all fine.

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  2. He’s so dreamy.
    Have you seen his latest photoshoot?

    1. SOME Democrats (excluding Obama) think that it is a GOOD idea to defund the police, as if police (or some sort or another) are NOT essential, to society as we know it today.

      SOME Republicans (INCLUDING Der TrumpfenFuhrer) think that it is a GOOD idea to defund national security (defense), as if national security (defense) (or some sort or another) are NOT essential, to society as we know it today.

      Trumpster-to-the-dumpster, in one of His Last Hissy Fits, would play games with defunding the armed forces in order to steal our free speech! Now really, who is the worst asshole here, Trump or Obama?

      1. Get thee behind me, Sqrls…

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        1. Mother’s Lament
          Bimbosday, 43 Bimbobember 2020 at 6:66 PM
          I lust after being abused by power-mad politicians, because I am power-mad myself! And I suffer under the utterly stupid illusion that power-mad politicians will feed me, like a doggy under the table, a wee few, tiny scraps of their vast powers. Biden came up here to Canoodlestanistanistanistanistan to noodle me and my poodle, and give me nookie, with my Wookie and my bookie, but all that Biden would do, is smell my hair! So I lust after Der TrumpfenFuhrer to come up here and grab my pussy good and hard!

          1. Sorry Sqrlsy, I’m not believing any of that because you already said that you “love to LIE my ass off, and suck Satan’s dick! Because I hate humanity!”
            If you’re really Satan’s dicksucker it’d be wise not to listen to you.

  3. Seriously?
    Citing Politico, who is sourcing snapchat?
    What a great way to reduce contributions!

    1. amen. journalism is dead dead dead

  4. About seven months too late, Mr. Ex-President. We needed strong, charismatic leaders to stop the madness when Minneapolis was burning, not half a year after the fact.

    1. Yeah that would have helped. Remind me, what was Trump busy with at that time?

      Never mind, found his inspiring tweets from the time:
      “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

      Well, that was helpful.

      1. So now you wanted trump to go in guns blazing? The local abd state authoritieset shit burn stolen Valor. Do you even know what federalism is?

        1. “The local abd state authoritieset shit burn stolen Valor.”

          Do you even know how to write a coherent, readable sentence? When did you drop out, the 7th or 8th grade? Ye who pretends to be a Great Legal Scholar! Dorped-out dorp-outs gonna dorp out, I suppose!

        2. Take the orange dick out of your mouth and try again.

        3. Last I checked he was saying that he was the only one that could stop anything.

          He literally RAN AGAINST HIS OWN ADMINISTRATION trying to get reelected.

          Of course a dullard like you wouldn’t pick up on that and voted for him anyhow.

    2. Come on. Does anyone really believe this Democratic kabuki theater anymore? This is the same guy who was criticizing “safe spaces” in colleges while his administration was sending out “Dear Colleague” letters telling schools to violate due process.

      There’s not a single ounce of sincerity in anything Obama is saying here. It’s deflection for normies while his party is blissfully ignoring the rise in crime rates because it’s racist and fascist to not let certain demographics steal and destroy shit with impunity.

    3. I’m surprised Barry took time from his busy schedule to offer such razor sharp perspective (sarc). At least Carter still volunteers at Habit for Humanity.

      Of course, it’s hard to swing a hammer while drinking a martini.

  5. Kinda weird how Obama never went away, and now his minions (Biden, Harris, and all their appointees) are being installed in power.

    1. What we are seeing is completely normal. Deputies and assistants in one administration become principle appointees in the next administration. It has how you have experienced and competent people run the agencies and departments. Both Ds and Rs have done this for decades.

      1. “It has how you have experienced and competent people run the agencies and departments.”

        How do you manage to make yourself actually believe such bullshit?

      2. It has how you have experienced and competent people run the agencies and departments.

        That’s… one way of looking at it.

        1. I call it rectal occulitis.

      3. Easy to see. I am always amazed by this. If you want something done you go to experience people who do that type of work. You don’t go to your bank and ask for an oil change and you don’t go your car shop and ask for a loan.

        Government is like many things you need trained and experienced people in that agency of government.

        1. Nobody goes to Congress because they “want something done”

      4. Just look what the geniuses did for all the major cities they run. Rampant crime, crushing pensions and some progressive utopias have brought back plague. Such competence.

    2. “Never went away” like what? And how is it weird that a former VP is now the President?

      1. Another fucking believer I see.

        1. “Believer” in what? That the VP eventually becoming President isn’t anything new or interesting in American history?

          1. no but the incumbent gaining 10 million votes and “losing” is.

            1. As is a former president stating in DC, especially after fabricating a story to discredit his replacement and using loyalists in the intel agencies to spy on him, all while his minions in the corporate press and Big Tech further his agenda through false reporting.

              As is selecting for VP a candidate who was so unpopular she couldn’t even make it to the first primary vote, called her running mate a racist rapist, and comes from a safe state whose votes were already counted on.

  6. He waited until after the defund-the-police fanatics went to the polls. With their votes successfully obtained, now is the time to “disavow” them.

    1. Sort of like how Ted Wheeler and Kate Brown called in the National Guard the day after the election and voted against defunding the police.

      1. Ted Wheeler was re-elected. Portland deservers 152,000% of everything it gets.

      2. The other candidate in the run off was left of wheeler. Fuck Ted, but Portland is better than the rural shitholes mot reason commenters hail from.

    2. See Molly G? Now this isn’t bullshit. Can you see the difference?

  7. This cretin has been getting all kinds of fluff press lately. As usual the media doesn’t scrutinize democrats and the bullshit things they say and do.

    Oh well you wanted a president who doesn’t tweet mean things and now you got that plus all his baggage. Enjoy getting fucked for the next decade by Obama’s cadre of fools.

    1. Trump tweets mean things to the press. Obama spied on them.

    2. Well, now Trump has shown he can also tweet lots of batshit insane, whiny things, too.

  8. “And if you want to get something done in a democracy, in a country as big and diverse as ours, then you’ve got to be able to meet people where they are. And play a game of addition and not subtraction.”

    Aside from Biden himself (who at least gives lip service to trying), who in his orbit is interested in “meeting” Team R or Team L where they are? I have not heard a word from Harris’ mouth on this.

    I did not care for Obama’s policies, but his observation is a very good one.

    1. i agree…the true believers of the lefty kant seem unable to think and are as intolerant as any brownshirt or apparatchik seen before

  9. Sorry, the webpage is jumping around on me

    Minneapolis, ground zero of “defund the police,” is on pace for its 2nd highest annual murder rate this year.

    The year-over-year increase alone (30, just through the first 11 months) is more than the *total* number of unarmed people in the city killed by police since 2000 (28).

    1. you need to stop confusing us with facts!

    2. The Dems have fully ran MPLS (with the opposition being the left like the Green Party ) and were 100% in backing the cops….there was no debating about it.
      There is no way they will retreat from that position.

  10. It’s a hard problem, but getting started is quite simple: Abolish qualified immunity.

    1. I would say banning no knock warrants is a better first step.

      Reducing the Unions’ ability to interfere with the discipline and firing of officers is a better 2nd step.

      Qualified Immunity isn’t going to get you very far. First, a lot of people believe it will lead to harassment of government officers with nuisance lawsuits. But my problem is that the logical next step would be for the government to pick up the tab for officers’ liability (either by paying for insurance or just paying off their lawsuits). If you think that will change the police departments’ behavior with regard to bad cops, I have a bridge to sell you. Bad cops have been costing city and state governments MILLIONS of dollars in settlements for the past 40 years (because the police department is who gets sued today).

      1. Abolish police unions. Right to work has never sounded better than when applied to government leaches.

        1. I see no need to abolish Police Unions. But governments ought to be forbade from including them in negotiations. And governments should not compel or restrict them in any way. So if police don’t like their Union, or don’t want to support them? Fine.

          1. Exactly. You can join all the unions you want. You fucked up, Officer X, you’re fired. I don’t care about your arbitration process, you’re fired, and if you don’t drop your badge and your gun on my desk the fuck right now, I’ll have you arrested for trespassing.

      2. I’d rather see undercover policing abolished.

  11. OT Post:

    Anti-‘Cancel Culture’ Reason Magazine Accused of Canceling Columnist for Being Too Anti-Trump

    1. Reason would be the first to say that as a private corporation, they have the right to make decisions and to be just as hypocritical as any other private organization. I tend to believe Dalmia, though I have a inherent bias for the individual and against organizations. Gillespie, Welch, Mangu-Ward, et al have become a comfortable chatty bunch. Reason seems less crisp and incisive than it was years ago. And I suspect big donor money makes everyone a bit more comfortable. Humans have a seemingly infinite ability to rationalize their judgments. I’m guessing the honchos at Reason believe they let Dalmia go for all the right reasons.

      1. I tend to believe Dalmia


        This is her self-characterization:

        “I had a staunch and uncompromising anti-Trump voice calling out his authoritarian tendencies unambiguously”

        I think most of the commentariat would rephrase that as “I had a deranged and obsessive hatred of Trump and all Republicans that distorted absolutely everything I wrote far out of all resemblance to reality.”

        Other than her reflexive and simplistic support for open borders and vicious moral condemnation of anyone who disagreed with her even slightly, it was hard to say what would characterize her as a libertarian or mark her as someone appropriate to be hosted at a libertarian publication.

        And bottom line, I think we all know that the suggestion that she was fired because Reason doesn’t like people to criticize Trump too much is just silly.

        1. The “commentariat” here is mostly a dumpster fire. I remember when H&R posters were occasionally trenchant, witty, and thoughtful. Not much of that these days. And like some of my ilk, I have an inherent distrust of organizations. Reason, after all, is just another organization subject to the same human foibles. And things like Matt Welch declaring the 1 percent victory? It was getting squishy around the “libertarian moment” period. Now, it feels like Reason has lost its edge. I didn’t follow Dalmia, but I do think it’s worth listening to what people say when they’re kicked to the curb.

          1. Thanks Jose Ortega y Gasset returns!!!

            Real and even vaguely real libertarians here in the comments are getting scarce! I actually value the VERY few liberals/Democrats who show up here a wee tad as well… And now libertarians are getting scarcer as well! Scary times!

            Hey, OT post, but is good for a good laugh or two, if “too real to be funny” doesn’t put you off. Hitler docu-drama overlaid with Trumpeese text-dubbing conspiracy-theory-type BS!

          2. “I have an inherent distrust of organizations”

            Do you distrust your eyes too? Go read the 6 bajillion anti trump articles that have been written over the past 4 years. It takes an absolute moron to look at the content of ENB, Boehm, Binnion, Bradley and Sullum over the last 4 years and come to the conclusion that Reason somehow wants to support Trump.

            Dalmia was a horrible writer. She posted an article trying to claim that India has a nationalism/bigotry problem that it imported from Trump- as if the country that has been fighting wars with packistan, pogromming muslims, and enforcing castes for decades and longer somehow needed Trump to corrupt them.

            Look, I am an open borders guy, and the stupid arguments she regularly made actually made me question that position. Having her on the side of their issues was like McConnel having to defend the rantings of every GOP Snake Dancing KKK zealot dog catcher who opened his mouth in rural counties. This magazine is far, far better off without her.

    2. Wait, that stupid bitch actually got cancelled here? Did I miss it?

    3. Whatever Shikha was, she wasn’t a libertarian.

      1. And whatever Reason is, it ain’t “pro-Trump”.

        1. Agreed! And we should all thank Government Almighty, profusely, for at least that one small blessing! (For allowing this Trump disrespect, that is).

          THANK YOU Government Almighty!!!

      2. But she sure is gonna play the victim card.

        1. Her entire byline was built on turning non-victims into victims.

    4. “The columnist’s ouster comes as the magazine has taken heat from some libertarians and former employees, including Washington Post columnist and reporter Radley Balko, for what they perceive to be the magazine’s peculiar Trump-era positioning: not overtly pro-Trump by any stretch, but apparently more focused on belittling, dismissing, or ignoring the left’s concerns about the president’s autocratic impulses rather than on actively repudiating his abusive governance—instead seeming to reserve its most unequivocal condemnations for campus PC and cancel-culture gripes.

      “In recent weeks, the outlet has been critical of Trump’s attempts to reverse his electoral loss by pushing baseless conspiracy theories about widespread voter fraud. Elsewhere, Reason has excoriated the president’s trade wars, scorned his calls to crack down on social-media outlets because they “censor” his fact-free missives, and called out his nativist immigration policies including family separations.”

      It’s simply not possible for Reason to be woke enough for the type of people who fellow-travel with The Daily Beast. I hope they have no hopes in that direction.

  12. I was making this statement back in May. The “Defund the Police” and rioters ensured that there would be zero police reform during 2020.

    Reason is always first to point out the political grandstanding of the right, but in this case many of the Reason writers gave a pass to the left and their enabling of the Defund the Police ACAB arm. It isn’t that Reason supported them per se ( I don’t think they did), but it is that they never once called out how people like Pelosi were using this extremist rhetoric and policy to put forward “reform bills” that would never, ever make it through the Senate.

    Rather than get 20% – 40% of what reformists wanted, Democrats cynically insisted on the ACAB agenda, ensuring that the Law and Order types in the GOP would never come to the table. They sacrificed real gains to keep this a wedge issue in the election.

    Now of course, the left is preaching compromise and common sense solutions because they never wanted the most absurd of their recommendations.

    1. They sacrificed real gains to keep this a wedge issue in the election.

      It’s what successful politicians do.

    2. “ACAB”? All Coloreds Are Black? A cab, not an Uber? Anti-Christian Army Buddies? All Clear As Bull?

  13. Normally, I would be inclined to say Obama should just shut the fuck up and go away but in this case I’m more inclined to say that Obama should just shut the fuck up and go away.

    1. The only thing I like about reading his statements is knowing that at least I’m not listening to his condescending nag tone of voice

      1. My gawd I am glad I never have to hear him say “Now let me be clear…” as if he is going to straight talk you, as he then makes a bunch of mealie mouthed lies.

        1. And let us not forget the emotional bait and switch routines.

          And “we are better than this.”

        2. He even makes killing people thousands of miles away from the comfort of the White House seem kinda wholesome…

          “In places like Yemen and Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, the lives of millions of young men like those three dead Somalis (some of them boys, really, since the oldest pirate was believed to be nineteen) had been warped and stunted by desperation, ignorance, dreams of religious glory, the violence of their surroundings, or the schemes of older men. I wanted somehow to save them—send them to school, give them a trade, drain them of the hate that had been filling their heads. And yet the world they were a part of, and the machinery I commanded, more often had me killing them instead.”

    2. Careful what you say about our de facto dictator

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  15. Countless Californians protested over the summer, but law enforcement unions still managed to kill a bill

    It’s almost like Unions might be a major impediment to police reform.

  16. This effen POS had eight years and did sweet f-all.

    All talk no action this light-weight narcissist.

    2020 is the year of the assholes.

  17. The “defund the police” movement instead invited polarization and vagueness, and as we clearly saw this fall, got dragged not just into the culture war but into election campaigning, as President Donald Trump used the slogan to argue that police reforms were entirely a Democratic “anti-cop” crusade. Democrats ended up losing down the ballot in many states and races (even in California). Does this now taint as partisan future criminal justice reform efforts?

    If you’re paying attention, this is by design. BLM is not a mainstream ‘civic’ organization interested in “reform”. They are a revolutionary Marxist group whose purpose is to destabilize and foment a revolution. You can ‘to be sure’ their reform ideas until you’re blue in the face (racist!), but as has been pointed out before, BLM specifically focuses on divisive cases and issues.

    “Reform” isn’t the goal. The goal is destroying the system and replacing it with something else entirely.

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  19. In an interview on the Snapchat show Good Luck America…

    Perfect show title.

  20. Meanwhile the greatest step in many years for criminal justice reform which has resulted in the release of thousands already is the FIRST STEP Act passed last December and supported by the ACLU. It passed because Trump pushed it and got McConnell and others to drop their opposition. This has been almost totally blacked out by the MSM. Ask any progressive about FIRST STEP and they will give you a blank stare. Why did Obama not pass such an act when the Dems were in control of both Senate and House in the first two years of his presidency? Why? He was too busy killing off Medicare For All and instituting more of the same in our health care system, the atrocity known as ObamaCare.

  21. Outright lies work better than slogans.

  22. lol O’s entire existence is feel-good slogans

  23. What a racist.

  24. This is a red-letter day! I’ve found something Obama said that wasn’t wrong.

    1. He talks so much, it would be statistically unlikely for him to be wrong *all* the time – sometimes, for want of anything else to say, he’ll say something true.

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