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Offensive License Plates Are Free Speech, Court Tells California

Plus: National Labor Relations Board rules against The Federalist, France is getting less free, and more...


QUEER, SLAAYRR license plates are OK, says judge. Thanks to the First Amendment, the state of California can't ban residents from vanity license plate messages that it deems "offensive to good taste and decency." A federal court ruled Tuesday that the state rule was an unconstitutional restriction on free expression.

The case against the California Department of Motor Vehicles—heard by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California— was brought by five people who were told their choices of vanity plate messages were off-limits. The five plaintiffs were represented by the libertarian law firm Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF).

"Vague bans on offensive speech allow bureaucrats to inject their subjective preferences and undermine the rule of law," said PLF's Wen Fa in a statement.

One of the people who filed the suit is a gay man who owns a record company called Queer Folks Records. He was originally told that he couldn't get a license plate saying QUEER because it was an insult.

Another plaintiff—who loves the band Slayer—was denied a SLAAYRR license plate because the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) said the message was "threatening, aggressive or hostile."

The DMV told plaintiff Paul Ogilvie that he couldn't get a plate combining the first letters of his last name and his favorite animal— OGWOOLF—because OG can be slang for original gangster.

Another plaintiff was denied DUK N A plate because the DMV said it sounded too much like an obscene phrase, even if it wasn't itself obscene. And BO11LUX (which looks to me like a play on the exclamation "Bollocks!") was declared by the DMV to be too sexual.

But U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar sided with the plaintiffs, saying the state's ban on plate messages with "connotations offensive to good taste and decency" is unconstitutional.

Tigar pointed to a recent Supreme Court ruling in favor of the band The Slants, who won a fight with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office over their name.

"Tigar did say the DMV could probably be permitted to deny plates that are, for instance, obscene, profane or contain hate speech because they fall outside of First Amendment protections," notes the Associated Press.

You can read the judge's full ruling here. The case is Ogilvie v. Gordon.


"France will soon be a far less free country than it is now," warns Mira Kamdar at The Atlantic. The country is considering three worrisome new laws. The first, adopted last week, is "a bill that sets the research budget for French universities for the next decade" as well as "targets student protests and took a stab at academic freedom," explains Kamdar:

The bill includes a provision criminalizing on-campus gatherings that 'trouble the tranquility and good order of the establishment' with a fine of up to 45,000 euros and a prison term of up to three years. An amendment requiring that academic research hew to the 'values of the Republic' was scrapped only at the last minute, after strong pushback by scholars who feared that its intent was to restrict freedom of inquiry….

A second piece of legislation, a global-security bill introduced on November 17, aims to give the police a freer hand….

If all that weren't bad enough, a third bill, designed to fulfill Macron's vision for tackling Islamist radicalism outlined in an October 2 speech on "separatism," is scheduled for consideration by his cabinet on December 9. Dubbed the "Confirming Republican Principles" bill, it would assign all French children a tracking number to enforce compulsory attendance in public or government-recognized schools, putting an end to homeschooling and unaccredited religious schools, and ensuring that all children are educated in the values of the French Republic. The bill also criminalizes sharing identifying information about a public servant that could be used to inflict harm—a response to the fact that private information about Paty was shared on social media, allowing his assassin to track him down. The new offense will be punishable by up to three years in prison and a 45,000-euro fine. Another provision would criminalize, and punish by up to five years in prison, "threats, violence or intimidation of a public official…for motives drawn from convictions or beliefs." Some jurists fear the wording is so vague that it could be used to convict people for what amounts to justified criticism of a public official.


The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has ruled that a joke tweet by Ben Domenech, the publisher of The Federalist, violates federal labor law. It's part of a disturbing trend of the NLRB policing tweets. More from Bloomberg Law:

The publisher of conservative online magazine The Federalist unlawfully threatened workers when he said via Twitter that he'd send them "back to the salt mine" if they attempted to form a union, the National Labor Relations Board held.

"We find that employees would reasonably view the message as expressing an intent to take swift action against any employee who tried to unionize the Respondent," the NLRB said in a ruling Tuesday. "In addition, the reference to sending that employee 'back to the salt mine' reasonably implied that the response would be adverse."

The agency in recent years has policed high-profile executives' anti-union language on social media, citing Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk for a tweet and reaching a settlement with Barstool Sports co-founder David Portnoy that required the deletion of offending tweets.

The decision upholds an administrative law judge's ruling that FDRLST Media publisher Ben Domenech's tweet violated federal labor law. The board ordered Domenech to delete the "salt mine" statement from his personal Twitter account.


• A new study from University College London researchers finds no evidence that some strains of COVID-19 spread more easily than others. "None of the mutations currently documented in the SARS-CoV-2 virus appear to increase its transmissibility in humans," the study reports.

• You can check in on who Biden has appointed to his Cabinet here. So far, the choices are…not great.

• Here's an interesting and eloquent exploration of a prestigious happiness researcher who killed himself.

• A new documentary, Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project, looks at the life of a woman who recorded local TV news segments on VCR tapes, all day, for 33 years. "Some have labelled Stokes a hoarder, but many remember her as an activist and visionary ahead of her time," writes Daisy Schofield at Huck magazine.

• In Kentucky, more than one in every 10 children has had a parent in jail or prison.

• New Jersey police will have to start wearing body cameras.

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  1. Get too clever and your license plate will just get stolen.

    1. Hello.

      "You can check in on who Biden has appointed to his Cabinet here. So far, the choices are…not great."

      Buckle up buckaroos, it's gonna be four years of 'poo-too-weet?'.

      Iran just said they want to celebrate Thanksgiving just to thank God for Biden.

      Best foreign policy in place in years about to go 'poof'.

      1. There are gonna be a bunch of disappointed Biden cabinet members who never get those positions after Trump vs Biden.

        1. “TRUMP 2024!!!” ASCII art, lc. You know, just in case Trump v Biden goes about as well as all the other lawsuits have.

          1. Lefties are scared as fuck. They know another 5-4 SCOTUS decision is gonna destroy their election fraud hopes of a win.

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      2. Orangemanbad only has until January to star WW3 as the left-leaning pundits, wokerati, and shitstain media claimed he would.

        1. Wasn’t Ronald Rayguns going to start a nucular war as well?

          1. His ghost / zombie still may.

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  2. US should encourage China's rise, Biden national security pick Jake Sullivan says
    Sullivan served as an adviser to Biden during his vice presidency

    1. Jake Sullivan Trashed Trump’s Israel Policy In Interview With Chinese Propaganda Outlet

      1. DJT, worst version of Hitler ever.

        1. He's really fucked up his hitlering.
          He was so shit at it that the media had to help him out by making stuff up.

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      In his remarks, Jake Sullivan says
      tasked them to "reimagine national security" to include "the pandemic, the economic crisis, the climate crisis, technological disruptions, threats to democracy, racial injustice and inequality in all forms."

      1. Perhaps the new office of National Crisis Exploiter?

        1. You mean "we" didn't elect him to that position?

      2. "“reimagine national security” "

        Of course they were told that. The left loves nothing more than to coopt "war footing" for their pet causes. When you declare War on something, only traitors would oppose you, right? Right?

    3. Cooperative Competition Is Possible Between China and the U.S.
      A former vice foreign minister of China proposes a way forward for the world’s two leading powers.

      By Fu Ying
      Ms. Fu, a former ambassador and vice foreign minister of China, is the director of the Center for International Security and Strategy and an adjunct professor at Tsinghua University. She is a vice chairwoman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress.

    4. Biden is not even official yet and look at the mess and mayhem they're about to unleash.

      Anyway, I don't think public support is there anymore. There's growing anti-CCP sentiment as it should be not just in the USA but I see it here too now. Covid seems to have opened some eyes up.

      Trump correctly pulled America off that China drug.

      1. Democrats are helping SCOTUS justices make their decision for Trump in trump vs Biden.

        There is no way SCOTUS justices can miss that allowing Democrats to use election fraud to beat Trump will not lead to a status quo or "peace in our time". It will lead to election fraud and "emergency" virus lockdowns every election and Democrats are going to undermine everything conservatives want, like rule of law.

        Justice Clarence Thomas voted for Bush in Bush vs Gore and Democrats had not show their tyrannical lunatic side yet.

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        2. Out of curiosity LC1789, are you going to show any amount of contriteness if your prediction does not come to pass? Or are you going to be on these threads making some other bizarre prognostication?

          I am really getting worried for you. I am not looking forward to the Biden admin, and I am open to the possibility that Biden won through dirty tricks, but have you taken the time to sit and think about just what kind of inside straight flush it would take for Trump to change things? We aren't talking about Trump v Biden, we are talking about MULTIPLE Trump v Bidens in multiple states, arguing about different things.

          1. The dude reminds me of Nikita Koloff, who wasn't actually Russian but would stay in character even when delivery drivers came to his house.

            1. These guys like Overt are hilarious. They demand all sorts of things from others but have no standards for themselves.

          2. Poor Overt has no idea what is happening behind the scenes in states like MI, WI, PA, GA, AZ with Republican state legislatures holding hearings or the actual legal proceedings.

            If its not on unreason or MSM it must not be happening.

            There is unprecedented election fraud in probably every state but only a few more states matter for Biden to be shown for the fraud he is. So the SCOTUS will do something ALMOST unprecedented - toss ballots and/or send the election to the House under the 12th Amendment.

            I called Trump as the winner and more popular than he was in 2016. Trump has 10+ more votes than 2016. Never would have guessed that Democrats election fraud was this massive and needed to be smacked down.

        3. Just checking ... you do know there is no such thing as “Trump v Biden” yet, right? You talk as if the case already exists.

          1. You have a better name?

            1. Dee just likes to squawk.

              1. R Mac bot just likes to call me Dee.

            2. I don’t feel a big need to name things that don’t exist. Umm, “Trump campaign efforts to bring an election related case before the Supreme Court, where they hope the preponderance of Republican appointees will somehow result in a decision on their favor where the Supreme Court just throws out millions of people’s votes.” That’s a bit awkward, admittedly.

            3. Poor Dee doesnt follow what is actually happening in states like MI, WI, PA, GA, AZ because the MSM is not covering it.

              1. Funny that this voting machine rigging is only happening in swing states Trump is upset about losing.

                1. Its in every state that used them.

                  Gotta pick your battles and Trump only needs 38 EC votes to win. Any combination of WI, MI, PA, GA, AZ, NV.

  3. Here's an interesting and eloquent exploration of a prestigious happiness researcher who killed himself.

    ... also happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Well, super-happy people can be annoying...

      1. Guess he flew too close to the sun.

  4. Remember when Trump tried to pull us out, and Jeffery Goldberg suddenly found an anonymous source about Russian bounties on US soldiers at the same time Liz Fucking Cheney was working with Democrats to keep us there? Remember when Jeffery Goldberg was cheerleading for the Iraq war and retelling BS about WND, which one would think would cause him to lose all credibility among the left?

    Good times, good times. Enjoy your dead civilians, progs:
    26K children casualties reported between 2005 and 2019 in Afghanistan

    1. That was when REASON championed Trump's libertarian bona fides and warned what a nightmare Biden would be.

      1. Disappointed Reason didn't take that position about Biden being a return to the war state.

      2. So in your imagination then. Reason flat out ignored anything positive about Trump in their zeal to return to civility that Biden would bring.

        1. Reason flat out ignored anything positive about Trump in their zeal to return to civility that Biden would bring to the American people, with F-15s and hellfire missiles if need be.


    You have been conditioned, from birth, to think Thanksgiving food is good and important. You never had a vote. It's a religion, and you were indoctrinated. It's not fair, and it's not your fault. There is still time. Start over. Think about what you're eating. It's just not good.

    1. Why is this guy boasting about how awful he is at cooking?

      1. I agree with him. Turkey is a bullshit meat, it's not good. I've lobbied my family into switching to smoked hams.

        1. FINALLY! I've never been a fan.

          The turkey lobby say it's better than chicken, yet, the latter is far better for a cutlet!

          1. My brother has a little hobby farm (some poultry, bees, a milk cow) and raises three or four heritage turkeys each year. He butchers, hangs and then smokes them and gives one to my parents and another to his inlaws.
            Dad brines it for a day and then roasts or deep fries it and it's the best tasting thing ever. Blows chicken away.

            Also, sorry, but turkey sandwiches are king.

            1. I'm sure it must be delicious!

            2. Yes, one of the best parts of Thanksgiving is a turkey sandwich the next meal

              1. Yes, my wife plans our thanksgiving around the leftovers. We need to make enough extra jous, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and stuffing for me to make leftover sandwiches the next week.

        2. I sort of skimmed through that, but mashed potatoes and green beans? Those are delicious, low-effort dishes that should be nearly impossible to screw up, and yet this guy somehow manages to do that every year. And then goes on Twitter to brag about it.

          1. Potatoes and beans! The once and future proletariat diet.

            1. As if. Too many carbs in potatoes.

          2. I do a green bean casserole that's all fresh. I grew up with canned beans and campbell's mushroom soup, but after having to prep everything fresh during a study abroad semester, and working in restaurants in college, I just find it's so much better to make your own mushroom cream sauce and use fresh green beans.

            My grandma likes to take it right off the table and nuke it in the microwave for 5-10 minutes until it has the consistency of the canned stuff, but everyone else seems to like it.

        3. Turkey is fine. The problem is that when you roast a whole turkey, the breast is always overcooked because it gets hot faster than the legs do. And everyone always wants white meat for some reason even though it is the least flavorful part.
          Brine it and cut it up so it cooks evenly and it can be very good.

          1. Roast it upside down.

            1. Deep fry that bitch

          2. This is why you spatchcock the bird. It also only takes 2 hours to cook instead of 4 or 5, and is 10x easier to break down when the roasting is complete.

            I smoke my turkeys, but you can do them in the oven too. The other key thing is to not put the turkey in a pan. Put the neck, wings and other bits into a deep pan, with onions, carrots, celery, apple, cider and water and then elevate the spatchcocked turkey above it (in the grill, use the grates, but in the oven, use a bakers cooling rack) breast side up. Cook it in the oven at 375, and watch the fat and juices season the jous in the pan.

            1. The dry brine keeps the white meat moist, and flavorful. Also, put the whole turkey on a rack, and fill the pan with farmhouse ale.

        4. What Moonrocks said. You’re just bragging that you don’t know how to cook.

          I put my dry brine on (on, inside, and rubbed under the skin) Monday night.

    2. A previous employer used to host a Thanksgiving and Xmas party. A bright young sales and marketing rep got put in charge of Thanksgiving. She said she wanted to do something different because she figured people didn't want turkey, turkey, turkey, and then turkey on top of the turkey at spouses' holiday parties. We assumed that meant ham. Turns out she meant brisket, pulled pork, chicken, cornbread, beans, and slaw. Best thanksgiving meal ever.

      And for all the talk of black friday turkey sandwiches. Nothing beats leftover brisket, pulled pork, garlic potatoes, cranberry dressing, rolls, and pie. Nothing against turkey, especially well prepared, and this guy sounds like a culinary nincompoop, but I can't laud variety in holiday meals enough.

      1. When I lived in NC, away from family, went to a friends house, who was from Texas. He smoked brisket. I had no complaints.

  6. Pajama Boy lives:
    Going home for thanksgiving/holidays and being presented with a PowerPoint on gender... can’t think of much better !!

    1. She's witnessing to the unsaved.

    2. There are three genders: masculine, feminine, and neuter. Pronouns for singular neuter are it, it, and its.

    3. .........speechless.

      Best line:

      Awful child- "anyone want a shot before we begin?"

      Dad- "bring the bottle."


    I knew it would be widely denied that prominent liberals floated an Electoral College coup in 2016, which is why I contemporaneously saved a bunch of examples


    I am getting messages saying “Hey, the anti-torture folks need to stop knee-jerk criticism of the Biden nominees, a long time has passed.” Here’s why that is enraging, and why it would be a huge disservice to stay quiet now (thread)


      John Brennan’s CIA spied on, and then tried to have prosecuted, Senate staffers who were investigating the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation techniques.” In March 2014, he said on NBC that the CIA “was in no way” spying on the Senate.

      He later apologized privately to senators.

      1. Now Reason doesn't like S-bst-ck:

        In just the first four years of Obama’s two terms in office, there was a “gunwalking” scandal, a scandal involving the extrajudicial droning of a U.S. citizen, and the Solyndra and green energy boondoggle scandals. There was the “If you like your healthcare plan” lie. There were multiple unconstitutional presidential appointments, including Richard Cordrary to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

        In Obama's first term, Inspectors General who uncovered abuses at AmeriCorps and Amtrak were fired. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission chairman resigned in disgrace following allegations of abusive behavior toward female colleagues. There was the Secret Service's Colombian prostitution scandal. Treasury Department officials were likewise cited for soliciting prostitutes and accepting illegal gifts.

        There was also the terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, and all the lies that went with it, including the White House's initial falsehood that the deadly assault was inspired by a YouTube video.

        1. It's telling that progressives and liberaltarians consider that particular state of affairs to be "normal" and "democracy," and want to see a return to that.

        2. "Now Reason doesn’t like S-bst-ck:"

          What does this mean?

          1. Substack I assume.

  9. A new study from University College London researchers finds no evidence that some strains of COVID-19 spread more easily than others.
    This statement is disputed.


    ITALY: CONFIRMED BY ITALIAN HEALTH SERVICE: False positives to Covid19 test as diagnosis are 95%. Legal cases started against testing under charges of fraud to procure public funding, false alarm, ideological false, and manslaughter.

    ...Stefano Scoglio: swabs look for 3 genes characterizing SARS-CoV-2: E gene, RdRp gene & N gene. "If the virus were present, all 3 would have to be found, because if the virus is intact, the only case in which it can have a pathogenic role & infect, the test must find all 3 genes"

    **In fact, this was initially the case and the results of the swabs were only positive if all three genes were found. But everything has changed since last April.**

    The note of this Italian RT-PCR test reads "from 02/04/2020, in agreement with the regional coordinating center, the detection of even a single SARS-CoV-2 target gene is interpreted as a POSITIVE test".

    1. Since March there were Italian doctors who were noticing some, erm, discrepancies. One of the top doctors said they were over counting deaths.


    THREAD: A summary of what we just heard from the L.A. County Department of Public Health.
    1) They have no data/numbers tying outdoor dining to surge in cases in LA.
    2) They based decision off a national CDC study that didn't discern indoor/outdoor dining - "best info we have".


    Flu is more dangerous to young people (like NFL players) than COVID.

    Did the Texans quarantine every contact of Tunsil's? If not, doesn't this demonstrate that all COVID protocols are just theater?

    Texans are ruling out LT Laremy Tunsil, who battled the flu this week.

    1. Covid isn’t the flu! Remember? It’s a death sentence! Stay home with a mask! It’s your patriotic duty to live in fear!

  13. "You can check in on who Biden has appointed to his Cabinet here. So far, the choices are…not great."

    What? Who could have guessed?


    Time once again to demonstrate that "presidents have no mandate to wield power after close elections" is a scam directed solely and entirely at Republicans. By any objective standard, Biden has less of a "mandate" than anyone in memory, but no one in the media will say that.

    ...Biden won't have to worry about "resistance" bureaucrats sabotaging his administration from Minute One or crazy Hawaiian judges stalling his policy agenda. If anyone tries it, the media will absolutely savage them, instead of cheering them on. Their very lives would be in danger. Biden's case, the idea of a "mandate" for sweeping power is especially laughable. Even leaving aside the question of outright fraud, he won by harvesting votes from lazy people who didn't give a damn about the down-ballot and knew nothing about any issue except Orange Man Bad.

    Biden hid in his basement throughout the campaign, and the media studiously avoided asking him tough questions about policy. The election became a straight up-or-down referendum on Donald Trump after a year-long crisis of cataclysmic proportions. Biden was just The Other Guy.

    even at that - with the media absolutely BECOMING the Biden 2020 campaign, pop culture demonizing Trump, a constant drumbeat of bad Covid news, and a fair number of GOP voters turned off by Trump's style - he came within, what, 50k votes of winning in a couple of key states?

    1. How DARE you! The Biden LANDSLIDE was the most perfect, complete, and mostly fraud-free election in HISTORY!!!

      1. Also, the fraud was mostly peaceful. The violent threats were at a minimum and mainly directed at Republicans who were quesrioning the process and delaying certification.

        1. Violent threats? What violent threats? There were no violent threats. The only violent threats were the violent threats to our Democracy posed by the literally orange literally hitler.

    2. Look, you little shit, Biden has a mandate from the media and who the fuck are you to claim that that's not the only mandate that matters?

      1. It's insane how some people refuse to accept the establishment media's mandate to declare a winner.

  15. You can check in on who Biden has appointed to his Cabinet here. So far, the choices are…not great.

    unreason still has all the hope in the World that Biden is their man.

    It's gonna be a Hail Mary for Democrats, but Trump for the win.

    1. Biden is their man. They're just going to pretend to be a little upset at him from time to time, but he's exactly what they wanted.

      1. Biden did what? He invaded a country?! This is an OUTRAGE! We thought he could change!

      2. Look at how unreason has change overnight. Once the MSM crowned Biden the "winner", unreason is all Biden's picks are not that great.

        When people call the Democrat Party a terrorist organization, they are not kidding. Democrat politicians are murderous tyrants bent on terrorizing people into submission and their Propaganda wing prints endless lies to cover up the terror campaign.

        1. Try being a little more shrill.

          1. Poor sarcasmic. He gets his booze from sucking Democrat and unreason dicks.

            1. Hi mean girl! Where is your clique?

            2. To be fair it's not all 'sucking' per say.

              1. There's one! Hi mean girl!

                1. So I'm the cheerleader and sarc's the fat aspie kid who screams when he's touched and steals the other kid's cupcakes?

                  1. I'm so sorry you peaked in high school. Your life must suck.

                    1. I’m sorry you’re a whiny bitch. Actually not really, it amuses me.

        2. There were numerous articles skeptical of Biden prior to the election. You ignored them then so that you can forget about them now.

          1. Was I the only one who noticed a dearth of comments from the mean girls when Reason posted such articles?

          2. Yeah. Real hard hitting articles about Biden.

            unreason and its apologists are such jokes. They need new handles because they have been compromised.

      3. Well, sure--point out that the "children in cages!" meme started during the Obama administration and no one said shit about it then, and liberals will offer up the lame response that "some people were upset about it."

        I mean, fuck, if it didn't bother you all that much then, it must not be that big of a deal, right?

  16. "Tigar did say the DMV could probably be permitted to deny plates that are, for instance, obscene, profane or contain hate speech because they fall outside of First Amendment protections,"

    Way to bury the lede on that California license plate story - the real news here is that a federal judge just declared that hate speech is not protected by the Constitution, which may come as a surprise to the Supreme Court. (May come as a surprise, depending on whether or not the Dems go ahead with their court-packing scheme.)

  17. "In Kentucky, more than one in every 10 children has had a parent in jail or prison."

    Another reason to implement Charles Koch's preferred policy — #EmptyThePrisons.

    1. #EmptyThePrisons


    1. I guess you'd know how that feels since your reliably red home state went all blue on you.

  18. Poll: One In Six Biden Voters Would Have Changed Their Vote If They Had Known About Scandals Suppressed By Media

    Propaganda works. Just ask the Commies at unreason.

    Also: These people will get their wish when the SCOTUS tosses millions of illegal ballots.

    1. Inexcusable.

      The information was there. They chose to not look.

    2. Just wait until Biden's physical and mental decline, also not covered by the press, becomes too obvious to ignore and/or he dies of natural causes 6 months into his term.

      Want proof of media bias? Here is the dead body.

    3. Those polls don't impress me that much.

      "Democrats would be less likely to vote Democrat if they knew more about anything."


      1. True. Its like less Democrats would be Democrats if schools really taught kids useful knowledge rather than Socialist drivel.

  19. The DMV told plaintiff Paul Ogilvie that he couldn't get a plate combining the first letters of his last name and his favorite animal— OGWOOLF—because OG can be slang for original gangster.

    And DMV can be slang for doze muvva vukkaz.

  20. The Biden economy continues to benefit the richest people on the planet. And he hasn't even taken office yet!

    Charles Koch earned $991,000,000 yesterday.

    Mr. Koch is taking advantage of the strong market performance following Biden's landslide victory. And after inauguration, he'll take advantage of the unlimited influx of highly skilled immigrant labor (especially from Mexico) when President Biden #OpensTheBorders.


  21. "France will soon be a far less free country than it is now," warns Mira Kamdar at The Atlantic.

    It's outrageous that you'll no longer be free to behead infidels who insult the Prophet in France. What is this world coming to?

    And fuck The Atlantic.

    1. It's also pretty ironic that the French are now trying to combat Islamic terrorism with some unsavory policy, but there's absolutely no talk about their policy of importing Islamic terrorists in the first place. The open borders are more sacrosanct than 1000 year old cathedrals.

      1. "The open borders are more sacrosanct than 1000 year old cathedrals."

        Ummmmm ....... yeah? Of course they are.


    2. It's too bad the French aren't free to cut off the head of an imam in recompense for that teacher getting killed.

  22. Did we lose John? Haven't seen him in the comment mines for about a week I think.

    1. Holy crap, I was just going to ask.

      His comments would have been epic.

      He's probably part of the double secret probation operation to arrest all traitors who permeated a mass fraud on the election.

      1. 'perpetuated'. What is it with auto-spell sneaking in and changing words last second like that?

        1. Auto-spell will soon morph into auto-censor.

          1. Next episode Dame Autocorrect! Next eppiisssooooooooooodddeee!!!!

    2. Isn't John a lawyer? Maybe he's busy. Has anyone ever seen him and Rudy in the same room?

      But seriously, I remember he was here shortly after the election and seemed pretty optimistic that the certification process would be performed fairly...which hasn't exactly panned out. I would be interested to know his take now.

      1. He's taken extended breaks before. I think his record is about a month and a half.

        1. Quick, somebody make jokes about him digging thicc (or even slightly past thicc) ladies. Maybe that will summon him?

          1. Does the Daily Mail even post articles anymore showing off thicc thots? I know sarcasmic liked his string beans, but he hasn't taken John-type breaks.

            1. My reply went to moderation. Guess three links is too many.

          2. *Ahem*
            How does John get a "thicc" girl into bed?
            A piece of cake.


            1. He saves some flour so he can roller her around and find the wet spot.

      2. Maybe he’s busy

        He works for the government and posts from work. I seriously doubt he's been busy since grad school.

        1. Usually it's because there's some huge project going on that ends up taking most of his time.

          I actually kind of admire the guy for showing how pointless most government work really is.

  23. "Twitter is now labeling tweets summarizing public opinion polls as "disputed.""

    We dispute that. We dispute that you disputed what we're disputing.

    But 'muh private company! right?

    Twitter is poison. I hate government interventionism but here it's so throughly and richly deserved.

    The captains of industry of the past were refined and educated men. These tech guys are just illiterate punks.

    1. They have been doing that for awhile now. I think of it as a more journalistic way of saying "Nuh uh!! Thats not what I heard!!"

      1. it's the equivalent of schoolyard kids yelling "na nahnah nana" in a sing song voice.

  24. Twitter is now labeling tweets summarizing public opinion polls as "disputed."

    Glad to see that Twitter is getting with the program and realizing that public opinion polls are utter bullshit and show no such thing as they claim, I just wish they had recognized that reality about 6 months ago and flagged all the polls showing Biden and the Democrats were going to roll over Trump and the GOP.

  25. They don't censor license plates around here.


    When I shop at Walmart I park in the very back so I can see as many license plates as possible while walking to and from the car. I almost always get a larf.

  26. Recounting Ohio
    Was Ohio stolen? You might not like the answer.

    Did George W. Bush Steal America’s
    2004 Election?: Essential Documents
    By Bob Fitrakis, Harvey Wasserman, and
    Steve Rosenfeld. CICJ Books. 767 pages. $40.
    What Went Wrong in Ohio: The Conyers Report on the 2004 Presidential Election
    Academy Chicago Publishers. 142 pages. $10.95.
    Fooled Again: How the Right Stole the 2004 Election & Why They’ll Steal the Next One Too (Unless We Stop Them) By Mark Crispin Miller.
    Basic Books. 224 pages. $24.95.

    1. In the year that has passed since the 2004 election, not a single major American news outlet has published a serious investigation of whether the victory was properly awarded to George W. Bush. Is that because Bush won fair and square and, as a spokesman for House Speaker Dennis Hastert put it, only the “loony left” claims otherwise? Or is it because, as some on the left argue, there is too much proof that Bush stole the election and the U.S. media are afraid to say so?

      Certainly the election had its share of irregularities, especially in Ohio, the battleground state each side had to win. In the days after the election, newspapers nationwide carried accounts of how voters in and around Columbus, the state capital, had to stand in line for hours before casting ballots. It turns out the Franklin County Board of Elections had reduced the number of voting machines in urban precincts—which held more African American voters and were likely to favor John Kerry—and increased the number of machines in white suburban precincts, which tended to favor the president. As a result, as many as 15,000 voters in Franklin County left without casting ballots, the Washington Post estimated—a significant amount in an election that Bush won by only 118,775 votes (out of 5.6 million cast). But except for one-day stories in the Washington Post and New York Times, these revelations triggered no broader investigations, or if they did, the results went unpublished.

    2. Bush evidently won Ohio by 118,775 votes out of 5.6 million. That is pretty substantial but if there was election fraud it should be investigated and fixed.

      That is the difference between Democrats and Libertarians and Republicans. Democrats dont want to really investigate election fraud because it would expose their systematic attempts at election fraud every election and that Republicans can only win by covering that fraud spread.

      1. Remember, Conservatives cant beat Democrats when they keep recounting how many votes Democrats have. Democrats always find more Democrat votes.

        This election is hilarious because now most states have certified their total number of Democrat votes. They cannot have more Democrats votes to offset how many illegal ballots the SCOTUS starts tossing.

        This is actually a genius strategy and akin to what someone on here mentioned. Have Democrats give their vote total first and then GOP and LP give their vote tallies. The see who won. That prevents Democrats from "finding" more votes.

        1. it's okay though because Bush was (D) in that second term anyway.

          1. Medicare Part D for the fiscal conservatives! WOOOOHOOOO

          2. We know now how Democrat Bush is. Keeping Jeb Bush away from the White House was yet another great thing Trump did.

            There is no way Romney, Jeb, or any of those other RINOs who outed themselves will every win a Republican Primary for President.

          3. and first term Obama would be (R) now

  27. New Jersey police will have to start wearing body cameras.

    You can make them wear 'em, but who's going to guarantee that they don't frequently malfunction at inopportune times? For that matter, who's going to guarantee the cameras don't frequently malfunction at inopportune times as well?


    I hate them for thinking this circle-jerk was okay
    I hate them for destroying journalism
    I hate them for their outright lies that deepen the divide in America
    I hate them for dismissing half the country as rubes & racists
    I hate them for being the PR arm of the Democrat Party
    Quote Tweet
    Tom Elliott
    · 18h
    PBS's @Yamiche: Biden's cabinet picks was like "The Avengers" —

    "It felt like we are being rescued from the craziness and now here are the superheroes to come and save us all."

    1. That's why American journalism has actually become the enemy of the people.

    2. Good lord, what a sad person she is to think and say such things.

  29. ...looks at the life of a woman who recorded local TV news segments on VCR tapes, all day, for 33 years.

    Do you want "Rocked by Rape"? Because this is how you get "Rocked by Rape".

  30. Didn't NM shut down grocery stores for two weeks?

    1. Some of them, but not the entire grocery market. The governor there has a metric that requires them to close if a certain number of COVID cases are traced to the place.

      New Mexico's COVID website isn't particularly helpful because it doesn't do a full breakdown of where cases are being traced to; they notably are very selective in only showing the data for public gathering places, not nursing homes, prisons, or schools. They aren't alone in that a lot of states have really shitty data breakdowns.

      Colorado's is far more comprehensive and gives a better picture of the case spread, which is why the NYT was able to actually dig in to their data and show that social gatherings and restaurants aren't causing this massive spike.

      1. Ah. Interesting.

      2. You wouldn't happen to have that NYT link?

        1. ENB cited it in the morning links yesterday.

    2. HAHA. Georgia grocery stores are open, fully stocked, and there are no Georgia mask requirements.


    Low-information voters can't distinguish between problems Trump allegedly caused versus problems the fake news caused and assigned to Trump.

  32. The ruling is common sense, but I wonder if longterm this will result in eliminating vanity plates altogether.


    Of the 19 counties that have predicted the president perfectly over the past 40 years, Trump won 18 of them by an avg. of 16 points. Biden won one by 3. Of the top 58 bellweathers since 2000, Trump won 51 by an average of 15 points, Biden won 7 by an average of 4 points.

    1. Yes but of the top 20 most corrupt locations Biden won 19 so adjust your weighting of evidence accordingly.


    "Yes, there WERE Dominion employees working in our Tabulation center...."
    "...we rely on [Dominion's] expertise to ensure that we can provide a [sic] accurate, reliable election for Maricopa County voters."
    -Maricopa County's Director of Election Day and Emergency Voting


    Votes for Trump in 2016: 62,985,106

    Votes for Trump in 2020: 73,817,684

    So @realDonaldTrump got 10,832,578 more votes, the 2nd largest increase in votes for an incumbent President EVER + increased support from Black, Latino & Asian voters yet Dems want us to believe he lost?

    No incumbent president in history has increased their vote by that number and lost re-election but the Dems say there’s nothing to see here, move along, this was all fair & square and now they’re fighting recounts and full audits. All of this makes sense under one premise: Fraud.

    • Late ballots marked on time
    • 10,000+ GOP votes not counted in WI alone & 10,000+ requested ballots filled out by someone else
    • Illegally cured signatures
    • Non-citizens voting
    • 1000’s of out of state + dead voters in disputed states

    But the Dems say there’s no fraud.

    1. It just kills me that the media isn't investigating this. The West needs free and robust investigative journalism in order for democracy to function, but it doesn't have that anymore.

    2. This is not that statistically unbelievable. Go look at the results here, and you can see that pretty much all around the country, Biden made gains over 2016.:

      Other than Florida, Utah, New York and Hawaii, Trump's margin of victory was essentially the same, or LESS than in 2016. While more people voted overall, Trump's percentage of the vote was reduced all over the country.

      Do you think that the Democrats have the power to commit massive fraud in Tennessee? Kentucky? North Dakota? Oklahoma? These are all states that went FOR Trump by ~60%. But compared to 2016, his overwhelming margin was still a lower margin in 2020.

      For example, he won Alabama with a 25% margin- but that was 2.3% lower than he beat Clinton in 2016. He won by 5.6% in Texas- a 3.4% reduction (That's over half his margin in TEXAS!) from 2016. Kansas: Trump wins by 15.1% (down 5.5% vs 2016). Indiana: Trump wins by 16.1% (down 3.1% vs 2016)

      For all of the "statistical irregularities", the general statistical fact remains- millions of more voters than normal turned out and by and large more of them voted for Trump. If he lost 2-5% in most states around the country, it is not unbelievable that he lost 2-5% of the margin in swing states- ultimately losing him the election.

      Really, what is more likely:

      Scenario 1: A vast national conspiracy to reduce the percentage of votes Trump received across the country- including states dominated by Republicans. Tens of thousands of people conspiring to cheat in places like MONTANA (Trump won by 16.4%, a 4% decline) all to legitimize a less than 1% swing in votes for battleground states.

      Scenario 2: Massive turnout, countrywide had people who normally don't vote going to pull the lever against Trump. This includes liberals in battleground states who thought there was no way Trump could win in 2016 and vowed "Never again", and a large number of swing voters who have decided for whatever reason that the polarization of Trump needed to end.

      1. And by the way- I do believe that the left stole this election. Just not by Fraud. They did it by foisting disaster after disaster on the public and blaming Trump for it. They did it by hiding and downplaying every positive thing he accomplished, and every flub, gaffe and scandal that went in front of Biden.

        They carried water for him and enraged this country for 4 years. I am frankly surprised that they could only get a ~2% shift in margin towards Biden.

        But it wasn't fraud.

        1. I think it was both.

      2. The mail-in ballots drove up turnout for both Biden and Trump.
        They also made it easier for Dems to harvest ballots from their supporters who don't always make it to the polls. Repub voters already turn out at a high rate, so ballot harvesting is less fruitful for them.

        The biggest sign of massive fraud is the pro-Biden margin of the mail-in vote in PA (78% pro-Biden) and in Michigan. Mail-in votes in the rest of the country favored Biden, but only by a small amount over each state's popular vote. Somehow mail-in voters in Pennsylvania, a 50-50 battleground state, were 10 percentage points more pro-Biden than mail-in votes in true Blue California?

        It doesn't pass the smell test, but no amount of recounts will change the result if the envelopes are gone.

  36. A federal court ruled Tuesday that the state rule was an unconstitutional restriction on free expression.

    Federal courts should now turn their attention to CA’s unconstitutional “Handguns Certified for Sale” list and new ammo buying process.

    1. For that to happen you'd need a SCOTUS interested in taking action on the 2nd ammendment circuit court splits. Since Heller and McDonald they have not been interested in putting a stop to CA and NY's shenaningans. Maybe with 6/3 they will feel finally want to take another case?

  37. "Tigar did say the DMV could probably be permitted to deny plates that are, for instance, obscene, profane or contain hate speech because they fall outside of First Amendment protections"

    Hate speech is not protected by the First Amendment????? What the hell is "profane" speech?

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  38. >>Paul Ogilvie

    knew what OG meant but had the last name as cover

    1. every gangster knows you have to cover all exits

  39. When you want it done right, try NOT to use the government:

    "California inmates part of $1B unemployment fraud schemes, prosecutors say"
    "...A multi-agency investigation found that 35,000 unemployment claims were filed in the name of California state prison inmates between March and August, including that of convicted murderer Scott Peterson, and that at least 20,000 had been paid out, said Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert..."

    Trusted guardians of the taxpayer's money, to be sure!!

  40. It's rather funny watching the useless Colorado press rend their garments over people going to visit relatives during Thanksgiving. Even Polis desperately resorted to the "You're going to kill grandma!" manipulation to try and shame people into staying home, as if Grandma isn't already aware of the risks, and would rather place her emotional and mental well-being over the infinitesimally small risk that she's going to get the coof from her snot-nosed grandson.

    Simply put, when these guys say that social gatherings are spreading COVID, they're lying. And what's more, at least in Colorado, their own COVID website proves it. Cumulative case numbers for restaurants, bars, and entertainment are practically the same as grocery and retail, and each has grown by about 400 since the spike started. Cases from social gatherings have only grown by 200 for the year since this massive spike, while those for nursing homes, prisons, and schools (which the NYT reported was actually largely colleges) in the state have grown in the thousands in that time frame. Nursing homes by 3,000; schools by 6,000; prisons by 4,000.

    The claim that you're going to kill Grandma if you visit her for Thanksgiving is a lie. The press is lying. Government leaders are lying. And the data backs that up.

    So go visit Grandma tomorrow. Spend time with your family. Don't be like these miserable, self-righteous, autistic shut-ins who want you to be as unhappy as they are, and have to lie about how COVID is being spread to get you to live in the same state of free-floating anxiety as them.

    1. The part that frosts me is the way they're acting like protecting Grandma from contagious diseases is something new we've never thought about before. Being careful around fragile folk is something we've always done.

      1. Based on the data, what's really killing Grandma is denying her the comfort and routine from being visited by relatives at the nursing home.

      2. It's also quite funny that they feign empathy, pretending that they care about anything but their own miserable lives.

    2. Oh, and get outside this winter and get some fresh air and exercise. The virus isn't spreading outdoors, and the fatter you are, the better your chances are of catching this and actually dying from it.

      1. I asked up top and will ask here since it's fresher, do you have a link to the NYT article?

        1. Again, just to repeat, ENB posted it in the morning links yesterday. My ability to post links on my account got nuked a few months ago, and I don't really care about that enough to ask them to fix it.

          If you want to do a Google search, the article's title is "Small Gatherings Spread the Virus, but Are They Causing the Surge?"

      2. Staying inside and a watching Netflix all day is now the best thing for my health #NewNormal

        1. Yeah, these people sure sound sane and healthy, and not at all like a bunch of hyper-neurotic basketcases, when they talk about how they've only gone outside three times in the last seven months.

  41. • You can check in on who Biden has appointed to his Cabinet here. So far, the choices are…not great.

    Can we now expect a mea culpa from ENB, who demonized Trump ad nauseum and campaigned for the senile, corrupt and racist champion of the War on Drugs and foreign military interventions?

  42. I'll be curious to see if Bowser waives the 2-week quarantine rule for DC for people attending the inauguration (ha!) or if the media pursues the superspreader narrative the way they pursued it on the Sturgis rally. (double ha!)

    But I have heard a rumor that the DNC has scheduled Joe Biden's funeral for Inauguration Day since everybody's going to be in town anyway.

    1. The quarantine would be a good excuse to cancel the public event so Gropey Joe's inauguration isn't a MAGA rally instead. Besides Joe's supporters could all fit in a broom closet.

  43. "France will soon be a far less free country than it is now," warns Mira Kamdar at The Atlantic.

    Fuck! The Atlantic is on to us!

    /Angela Merkel

    1. Truer than we suspect

  44. "QUEER, SLAAYRR license plates are OK, says judge."

    How about BLM SUX?

  45. "France will soon be a far less free country than it is now," warns Mira Kamdar at The Atlantic.

    Ha! As if the Atlantic prefers freedom, at least for anyone not sharing the Party vision.

    1. They had a pretty decent article today about nonsensical covid restrictions.

  46. "A new documentary, Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project, looks at the life of a woman who recorded local TV news segments on VCR tapes, all day, for 33 years. "Some have labelled Stokes a hoarder, but many remember her as an activist and visionary ahead of her time," writes Daisy Schofield at Huck magazine."

    Yeah, but how many cats does she live with?

  47. Vox, HuffPo, and now Bloomberg! Huzzah! This NLRB case is a shitshow. For this ruling to stand, at least one worker must have been in Domenech's salt mine, in order to be sent back. NLRB's claim that the language implies an adverse action is pedantic, immature, and to be expected from them.

  48. I own a Krav Maga martial arts studio. Can I get.......

  49. Twitter is embarrassing themselves with these warnings on 'disputed' posts. It's arbitrary, capricious, and 100% obviously targeted at people they don't like. It makes them look like children. They might as well say "Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah!" on those posts.

  50. Hadn't seen this story before.

    Shortly before the election, the AJC did a story on Georgia's new voting system and how it was vulnerable to fraud. They questioned why the (Republican) Secretary of State was so adamant it be accepted and put into place so close to the election, I suppose hinting that naturally it would be Trump and the GOP committing fraud. I don't think the AJC is quite so worried about the new voting system and the possibilities of fraud now.

    1. No one, from either team, cares about fraud AT ALL. If their guy wins, it's not worth checking into. If he loses, then it was totally fair.

      Both sets of fans could give a shit about fair elections. If they KNEW for a FACT that their guy had cheated to get in, they still don't care. That's the sad truth.

    2. A funny bit from the story - Dominion defended the integrity of their system by pointing out that it was used by many big jurisdictions for their voting. For example, Cook County, Illinois. I don't know that you could pick a worse example to attest to the integrity of your voting machines.

    3. Thanks for the link. Starting to think Sidney may be onto something.

      1. She’s definitely on to something. The questions are how big of a something, and how much she can prove, and who really gives a fuck.

  51. New Jersey police will have to start wearing body cameras.

    Every single cop in every single jurisdiction should have to wear body cameras at all times on duty, and if they don't get their interaction recorded on camera their testimony is automatically thrown out.

    1. It is a good idea. The flip side is the neo-progressives that insisted on cop cameras will demand the video suppressed if it reflects badly on the subject of a police action.

  52. You know, if the GOP had a lick of sense (I said "IF"!), they'd nominate AOC for Speaker of the House and every single Republican Congressman would vote for her. A handful of Dem votes, and voila!, the Dems would vote to invalidate the vote or some such shit because who am I kidding, the Dems would never go for it. But it's nice to speculate about the Dems having that dipshit rammed right down their goddamn throats.

    But still, why wouldn't the GOP make an agreement with the more sane and reasonable members of the Democratic Party to vote for a sane and reasonable and - relatively speaking - a more moderate Speaker of the House? Other than the fact I alluded to above - they ain't got a lick of sense.

    1. That's a horrible idea. Look what happened to the party after a San Francisco leftist was allowed to be their House leader in 2004.

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  54. Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump · 6m Just saw the vote tabulations. There is NO WAY Biden got 80,000,000 votes!!! This was a 100% RIGGED ELECTION...... Read More

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