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Joe Biden's Secretary of State Pick Has Been an Avid Backer of American Military Intervention

The president-elect's forthcoming nomination of Antony Blinken as the country's top diplomat suggests an appetite for continuing America's role as the globe's policeman.


President-elect Joe Biden will soon formally announce his appointments for top foreign policy and national security positions, including longtime adviser Antony Blinken as secretary of state.

As a veteran of the U.S. State Department and Democratic foreign policy establishment, Blinken's forthcoming nomination has garnered praise for the extensive experience he'll bring to the job as the country's top diplomat. But advocates of a more restrained foreign policy caution that his appointment signals that the incoming Biden administration will do little to roll back America's web of global entanglements.

Biden's very conventional secretary of state pick offers little hope for anyone who'd want "a new and fresh foreign policy that doesn't involve global military primacy, continued intervention overseas, and this massive military footprint" overseas, says Kelley Vlahos, a senior adviser at the Quincy Institute, a non-interventionist foreign policy think tank.

When working as Biden's national security adviser, she notes, Blinken supported the Obama administration's disastrous Libya campaign, despite the vice president being opposed to that particular intervention.

In 2015, Blinken—then assistant secretary of state—was also a proponent of the Obama administration's policy of shipping arms to and sharing intelligence with Saudi Arabia in support of that country's war in Yemen, which has proven to be a humanitarian disaster.

He served as Biden's chief policy adviser in 2002 when the then-Delaware senator voted in favor of the use of military force in Iraq.

"In short, Blinken has agreed with some of the biggest foreign policy mistakes that Biden and Obama made, and he has tended to be more of an interventionist than both of them," wrote Daniel Larison in a Monday article for the Quincy Institute's publication, Responsible Statecraft.

Blinken, to his credit, has expressed some regret over his support for Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen and criticized the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In other instances, however, he's been regretful about missed opportunities for more military intervention, even criticizing the Obama administration's Syria policy as doing "too little."

"Without bringing appropriate power to bear, no peace could be negotiated, much less imposed" in Syria, wrote Blinken and Robert Kagan in a 2019 essay published by the Brookings Institution. "Today we see the consequences, in hundreds of thousands of civilians dead, in millions of refugees who have destabilized Europe and in the growing influence of Russia, Iran and Hezbollah."

Late-coming regrets about past interventions and a general desire for America to do more globally suggest Blinken has not absorbed the lessons of America's foreign policy adventures from the past couple of decades, says Vlahos.

"A lot of people who have offered some regrets for specific foreign policy mistakes—whether it be Libya or Vietnam or Iraq—is because they cannot deny the consequences. The consequences are so awful and public opinion has already decided."

A few progressive non-interventionists have offered a rosier interpretation of the forthcoming Blinken nomination. Matt Duss, Sen. Bernie Sanders' (I–Vt.) foreign policy adviser, described Biden's selection as "a good choice," saying Blinken has "the knowledge and experience for the important work of rebuilding US diplomacy."

Likewise, most of the mainstream coverage of Blinken's nomination has emphasized his diplomatic experience, contrasting it with Trump's own "ricocheting strategies and nationalist swaggering" in the words of The New York Times.

Those that want a less militarized foreign policy should see some silver linings in Blinken's forthcoming nomination, says Eric Gomez, director of defense policy studies at the Cato Institute.

"A lot of what Trump did while in office is hurt all the parts of the tool kit that weren't the military or weren't sanctions. He was heavily dependent on U.S. threats of force," Gomez notes. "Having a more effective and resourced and utilized diplomatic corps, and using those peaceful non-military parts of U.S. foreign policy, it is not sufficient but it is necessary. We have to have those."

At the same time, Gomez cautions, a more efficiently run State Department also means that Biden will be more effective in enacting a foreign policy vision that has little to do with restraint or rolling back America's role as the global policeman.

The most cause for optimism from a Biden foreign policy, argues Gomez, comes not from the personnel he'll pick but from the fact that more pressing concerns closer to home will prevent the incoming president from doing anything too dramatic.

"Any coming Biden administration foreign policy will be restrained by circumstance, but not design," wrote Gomez and Brandon Valeriano, a senior fellow at Cato, in The American Conservative earlier this month. "The domestic, political, and economic environment in the United States will significantly constrain the Biden administration's ability to adopt ambitious foreign policy goals."

Alongside Blinken, Biden has tapped Jake Sullivan to be his national security adviser and John Kerry to be his climate czar.

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    1. Biden is NOT the president elect! Why will you not get that straight?

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  2. “an Avid Backer of American Military Intervention”

    Good. That’s exactly what I voted for.


      1. Following up on reports of Russian bounties on American lives too hawkish for you?

        1. I’ll note the reports had precisely zero evidence.

          But do not worry…we will be back to bombing those dark skinned folks you fear so

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          2. Evidence that would be obtained by…investigating? Why not investigate?

            And there was evidence, that is how intelligence reports get made. They don’t share the evidence until it’s 50 years down the road or it gets taken to international court etc.

            1. “Evidence that would be obtained by…investigating? Why not investigate?”

              It was investigated. The report of bounties was a rumor. Analysts on multiple sides determined that there was not enough evidence to send it up the chain.

              That you continue to repeat this one shows, honestly, just how bad you are in the tank for the Left. You aren’t quite LC1789 bad, but this story was pretty terrible.

              1. This,

                I’d also add that last time we went to war based on “intelligence” we toppled the Iraq government and plunged the country into chaos, with the added bonus of strengthening Iran. And we didn’t find any real stockpile of WMDs besides the ones we sold them in the 80s. But the intelligence was solid, Colin Powell had some 8×10 gloss pictures with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each one was.

                1. Colin Powell had some 8×10 gloss pictures with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each one was

                  Blind justice!

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                2. You can get anything you want at Powell’s restaurant.


                  “”“The question should be put to the CIA” and the Pentagon “as to why this wasn’t known before the false information was put into the [National Intelligence Estimate] sent to Congress, the president’s State of the Union address and my … presentation to the U.N.” “”

                  1. Back then the intel agency relied on “curveball”, and more recently on Steele. Little has changed.

              2. DOL is definitely a lefty shit.

            2. “”And there was evidence, that is how intelligence reports get made.””

              Now that’s some funny shit.

            3. “Evidence that would be obtained by…investigating? Why not investigate?”

              Maybe you should produce some evidence before demanding an investigation.

              …I mean, that is your demand of Trump…

            4. “ Evidence that would be obtained by…investigating? Why not investigate?”

              Stop defending Trump.

            5. like the Steele dossier used “evidence”?

            6. “”Evidence that would be obtained by…investigating? Why not investigate?””

              Remember when republicans wanted to do this to get a better understanding of what happened at our embassy in Libya after the ambassador was murderer, and the dems had a shit fit?

              1. …and then had about a dozen investigations, followed with Clinton testifying under oath for hours and hours? Yeah, I do remember that.

          3. Russians are dark skinned?

            Typical Trump culstist, calling everyone racist.

            1. We’re going to bomb RUSSIA now? Geez, that sounds like an impressively stupid idea.

              Oh yeah, our President elect is a long-term moron…

              1. It’s like we’re in a bizarro version of “seven days in May.” The warmongers are the heroes in this version.

              2. Biden is NOT the president elect. No electors have met, or cast votes. The vote results in multiple states are hotly disputed.

            2. “Typical Trump culstist, calling everyone racist.”

              Typical lefty shit TDS victim, finding Trump everywhere he looks.
              It’s your LIFE, isn’t it, lefty shit? You wake up in the morning hating Trump, spend your entire day finding him everywhere and go to bed the same way.
              Pathetic. Fuck off and die

          4. Wrong brown people. Arab brown people are no longer fashionable. We like the Central American brown people now.

        2. it’s curious how quickly that talking point faded away. Why do you suppose that was?

        3. “Following up on reports of Russian bounties on American lives too hawkish for you?”

          Posting bullshit just fine with you, lefty shit?

        4. Nothing hawkish about digging around enough to figure out the bounty story was fake.

        5. You know that was a lie, right? But you probably believed the Russian Hoax too

    1. Nobody expected Biden to have a humble foreign policy. Let’s hope he won’t get the US entangled in any new foreign conflicts, though he probably will. But let’s not pretend Trump was some sort of peacenik.

      1. More treaties than any other President in many years.

        1. Lesser of evils by any reasonable measure. Too bad Christian and Reason waited till after the election to notice. Oh and fuck you Christian.

      2. told the generals to stand down when they were geared up to bomb Iran

      3. No new conflicts, extricat(ing) us from two (maybe 3), got Arab states to officially recognize Israeli legitimacy, and smacked down a good bit of Iranian offensive capability.

      4. Oh we are about to get in more and more shit overseas – look how the propagandists, er, MSM, lost their fucking minds about the prospect of leaving Afghanistan, a war that has accomplished NOTHING, save for kill our kids and their civilians.

        1. Don’t forget… According to the left the kurds in Iraq were a quasi terrorist group because they supported u.s. Forces. But the kurds in syria/turkey were the world’s most vulnerable ethnic group when trump pulled out of Syria.

      5. So we’re finally beginning to tell the truth. War with Russia is gonna be super fun!

        1. Unfortunately we will probably get our asses kicked. Our military is not properly staffed and the draft will be liberal kids who will be shell shocked by firing a rifle.

          1. And


            Two links in one post was flagged. It said awaiting moderation.

            1. The Russian military is puny and filled with conscripts.

              The American military has been honed to a razor edge by 20 years of combat.

              It really would not be much of a contest. Of course, there would never be a true conventional war between 2 nuclear armed countries, so this is all moot.

              And you think someone’s politics changes their ability to fight? Maybe you are starting to believe the pajama boy memes?

      6. “”But let’s not pretend Trump was some sort of peacenik.””

        Trump stands to be the first president since Carter to not commit troops to a new campaign on foreign soil.

        Far more peacenik than that last president to win the nobel peace prize.

      7. Let’s hope the courts do their job, so an uprising to remove him will not be required.

        There can be no peace if he attempts to illegally assume office.

    2. Ah, so YOU are the guy who gave BJs to Paul Wolfowitz and Robert Kagan…

      1. Elena Karan even.

  3. The president-elect’s forthcoming nomination…

    Who else thinks the Communists at unreason would call Trump the “projected President-Elect” if the situation was reversed and Biden was contesting massive election fraud by Republicans?

    1. Oh wait, Republicans dont conduct massive election fraud.

      1. Hence the reason why the left had to hold a 4 year séance with the spirit of the Russian bogeyman.

      2. Trump is the first uncorrupt president since at least Reagan, maybe longer. He has all the money he can possibly use, so nobody can tempt him. Why do you think the Democrats tried so hard to smear him? If there was the slightest bit of truth to their accusations, it would have come out in the impeachment hearings.

        1. Did you forget the sarcasm tag? That’s one fine bit of irony you’ve written there.

          1. Trump was investigated head to toe by an incredibly hostile CIA and FBI under Obama’s prompting and all they could come up with was the fraudulent Steele dossier and an old stripper.
            Then Mueller tore everything apart looking in every crack and crevice and the best he could do was flimsy insinuations of possible obstruction by rude tweeting.

            All that horseshit, and that’s all they could come up with.
            Who would’ve thought that a cheesy real-estate-agent-slash-reality-tv-star would be the cleanest politician in America.

            1. Well said.

        2. No, he doesn’t have all the money he can use. He is half a billion in debt and being investigated for criminal wrong-doings. He also hired his unqualified kids to work for him, used his properties to host government functions that he then billed to the government, used his office to promote his businesses, used government property for holding campaign events, used government resource to investigate his political opponents, and racked up a staggering 3400 conflict of interest events during his one term. But yeah, tell us about how he is not corrupt.

          1. He is half a billion in debt

            Does he have that much in debt being serviced? Or is he that much in the hole? I’m guessing it’s the former.

            1. A billionaire who is invested heavily in real estate that has mortgage debt? No way! RE investors never have mortgages!

              Chip sure is an idiot.

          2. Do you know how leveraging works?

          3. “used government resource to investigate his political opponents…”

            LMAO at the irony of this complaint. Louis learners irs, John Brennan Cia, and James comeys fbi called to say hello you stupid kunt

            1. Chipper’s a fifty-center, it’s his job to be a hypocrite.

      3. That’s the problem.

    2. no just the reason staff, but every democrat in america. they would be rioting in the streets every day and night.

      1. Funny how all those places where windows were boarded up didn’t need to take precautions after all.

    3. You lost. Get over it. Cry more with the MAGA-tards, Q-Anon idiots, and miscellaneous chuds on your hentai imageboard.

      1. You and especially the BLM crowd will be crying as soon as Biden or Harris gets in and starts undoing Trump’s police reforms. Both of them have long records of putting lots of black men in prison, especially for minor and/or victimless crimes.

        1. The Democrats can’t allow riots, looting, assaults and arson to go on forever, so they will have to start locking up a bunch of black people and antifa operatives.

          It’s late Autumn now, so the riots will quiet down but when the weather heats up in the summer and a cop shoots another martyr and the riots start, the crackdown will begin.

        2. What police reforms? Sending federal mercenaries to throw some hoodlums into unmarked vans?

          1. —which was only legal because Obama suspended habeas corpus…

  4. Well, yeah. Democrats are now solidly the party of Team America: World Police. Not to say that many Republicans aren’t also on that team. But no one should be surprised when Biden starts to crank up US presence in various places around the world.

    1. “America! What? How?”
      -President Elect Joe Biden

    2. I’ll give an over/under of 2 months before Biden gives John Bolton his job back. Or a bigger one, maybe SecDef.

      1. Susan Rice is the non-mustachioed warmonger they’ll hire. Bolton has the stink of Bush and Trump; now Bush could be forgiven but that Trump stank will not fly in this admin.

        1. Susan Rice is the non-mustachioed warmonger they’ll hire.

          Yep. And her list of impressive failures will be touted as “deep experience.”

        2. She isn’t the only one

  5. The most cause for optimism from a Biden foreign policy, argues Gomez, comes not from the personnel he’ll pick but from the fact that more pressing concerns closer to home will prevent the incoming president from doing anything too dramatic.

    Yeah, that’s pretty optimistic, all right. Trump’s tenure was marked by frequent disagreements with the people he appointed. Biden’s made it clear he’s going to “listen to the experts” and basically be a rubber stamp for whatever it is they recommend.

    1. Hard for biden to anyze or argue when he is in bed by 9am

      1. I’m not sure we’ve had a president who called a lid on his day.

      2. Which is just what this country needs.

        I hear he likes ice cream. Probably after a nice bowl of rocky road and a couple episodes of I Love Lucy it’s time to get some shuteye.

        1. No, the country doesn’t need some senile lifetime politician as its nominal leader.

    2. Pressing concerns at home was always a good reason to start overseas wars. It will probably be that way in the Biden/Harris years because there are going to be plenty of things to be concerned about at home.

  6. The Biden Body Count is going to be epic.

    Every single COVID death after 1/21. Every single death of a troop. Every death in the ME.

    1. If we don’t drone strike children abroad, we’ll have to drone strike children at home!

      1. They’ll drone-strike Republican bloggers instead.

      2. If a child dies in a drone strike and the NYTimes does not report it, did it really happen?

        1. Arabs are classified as “white” so when Obama was blowing up wedding parties in the Middle East the New York Times didn’t really care. Remember, push white-on-Black crimes not Black-on-white crimes.

    2. you forgot the deaths from the lockdown

    3. Every single COVID death after 1/21. Every single death of a troop. Every death in the ME.

      actually, all those deaths should be charged against his account, going forward, on 12/14/2020…

  7. site’s authors supported the war party.

    1. Shhhh. They are back to pretending they didn’t tacitly support biden now that he has won.

      1. I’m going to enjoy the shit out of throwing this into the face of the lefty Reason apologists.

        1. every day.

          1. You guys are soooo mature!


            1. are you hitting on me?

              1. Are you throwing poop again?

                1. if poop is your gig I suggest sqrlsy

                  1. Naw, that’s JesseAz’s thing. He tacitly said he flings poop by not saying he doesn’t, and if he denies it now he’s just back peddling.

                    1. also I don’t think I get anywhere near flinging poop. ever.

            2. Nobody’s going to go on a date with you sarc.

              1. I can see Mean Girls was your favorite movie.

                1. Never seen it. Is about hypocrites that insult people and then cry when people insult them back? Because that sounds like something you would enjoy.

                  1. I think it’s about a clique of girls who enjoy being mean. You know, like you, Sevo, JesseAz, Nardz and such. You didn’t know they made your life story into a movie? You really should sue.

                    1. I don’t enjoy it. Id much prefer you not be an asshole, but you seem to be incapable of anything else.

                    2. Here’s a wild idea. If you don’t enjoy being mean to people, maybe ignore them.

                    3. I’ll admit I enjoy embarrassing you on a regular basis, but I probably wouldn’t enjoy it as much if you weren’t always carrying on about Trump cock suckers and CULT! members.

                      Also let’s be honest, you love to play the martyr and cry with indignation when you’re getting pummeled.

                    4. I ignore sarcasmic most of the time he makes a dimwitted and bigoted post, but thanks for your extremely valuable contribution, zeb.

                  2. He opened a door and you slammed it in his face lol.


            3. Are you actually stupid enough you didn’t see this as the result of Biden support? But you did get the return to civility of calling voters dog faced pony boys, so there is that.

              1. No no, don’t you see: Sarc hates Trump and anyone who supports him, doesn’t care about the lack of new wars, doesn’t care about criminal justice reform, lower taxes and regulations, he thinks the election was all on the up and up, he’s glad that Trump lost, and is enjoying Trump supporters being upset about the election. But he’s not a lefty that’s happy Biden won.

                1. Except that I’ve never said any of those things. But that’s ok. Keep arguing with the voices in your head. I doubt they mind.

                  1. Must’ve been that drunk “imposter”of yours.

                  2. You didn’t say those things just argued for every one of thoe positions.

      2. And you tacitly support throwing poop at people like a monkey.

        Hey, I’ve never heard you explicitly say you don’t do it every Wednesday. That means you’re a cheerleader for throwing poop.

        Poop thrower.

        1. Monkey don’t throw poop… Black homeless ladies in Target do. YouTube it

          1. That’s what he meant. Sarc’s a racist, that was a dog whistle. Or, monkey whistle, if you will.

  8. Well at least if he maintains some shreds of capitalism we can invest in Raytheon and General Dynamics so we can make a killing while he does a lot of killing.

    1. Win win!

    2. Play more with Claymore.

  9. Joe Biden’s Secretary of State Pick Has Been an Avid Backer of American Military Intervention

    You forgot to include Biden himself, his party, the Republicans, and the swamp in the title of this article.

    As a veteran of the U.S. State Department and Democratic foreign policy establishment…

    And please don’t refer to Blinken as a veteran, it insults those who served

  10. The neocons must all have serious war boners. I’m fortunate to be too old and gimpy to be sent to some foreign mudhole to spread the blessings of democracy.

    1. Come January unless the courts intervene some countries are going to get it good and hard.

      I’m guessing Armenia and old favorites Lybia, Syria and Afghanistan. Maybe Somalia for good measure.

      1. We’ll also scuttle all of the recent peace deals because we need to bomb more dark skinned folks. FOR FREEDOM!

      2. We are. China will hand us our ass, because Biden’s agenda for the Pentagon will put woke-ism ahead of preparedness, just like Obama’s but more so.

        1. China will hand us our ass because Biden’s party will continue selling out the country to them like they have been for over 25 years, with the tacit blessing of controlled opposition-globalists in the GOP like Sasse and Romney.

  11. I’m just pleased that Biden has announced a “bold new approach” to governance by pointing out that his cabinet included two blacks, a cripple and a Jew. Gives me some hope that he doesn’t know the meaning of “bold new approach”. I’m eager to see who he’s going to announce as his token gay person and his token transvestite.

    1. That’s transgenderite, shitlord.

    2. but where is the strong woman of color?

      1. Cleaning toilets in Biden’s mansion in Delaware.

        1. Black women made sure he had groceries in the basement.

      2. Making copies of the 25th Amendment papers?

    3. “two blacks, a cripple and a Jew.”

      “So the bartender says…”

      C’mon help me out here.

      1. Good to see you, Krauthammer, but you’ll need to leave your lectica outside.

      2. So the bartender says I’ll temp you three but can’t have any Jews in here. Mayor says you guys are all super spreaders.

  12. I only wish that Trump had done more to clean house in the State Department, among other places. The idea that the US has any interests in the Middle East or even Ukraine any more is absurd. We only play in those domains because of institutional momentum. Many very rich people in the Ukraine have funded major think tanks in DC. And many intellectuals have built their entire 10 – 15 year careers writing policy briefs and summarizing news from Ukraine.

    Somewhere at the CIA, there is a desk staffed with analysts whose sole job experience is gathering intelligence on the inbred family cartels that represent “warlords” in Yemen. And at the State Department, there is another analyst who is VERY IMPORTANT because he knows by sight all of the Kurdish warlords in Syria, and can tell you which ones might be amenable to allying against whichever one.

    Biden will continue these stupid, stupid wars, because those career analysts wouldn’t ever stop for a MOMENT to ask why they have dedicated their lives to analyzing Shitholistan. That would mean asking why they have wasted their lives. And any time their (or their manager’s) resolve falters, a think tank whose benefactors love the billions of dollars that the US pours into the region, will be first to generate headlines like “Experts warn of destabilization in Butt Fuck Egypt without US Action”.

    1. “We only play in those domains because of institutional momentum.”

      That is one reason, but I do not believe it is the primary reason. We intervene in these areas, in my opinion, with the goal of deliberately destabilizing them. Destabilization breeds corruption at all levels, and our connected elite cash in on that corruption (see Burisma) at every opportunity. War torn states provide cover and plausible deniability for every flavor of grift our leaders can imagine.

      Expect many, many proxy wars and interventions under a Biden administration. That Presidential salary will not suffice to cover Hunter’s weekly cocaine soirees.

      1. We intervene in these areas, in my opinion, with the goal of deliberately destabilizing them.

        ^ This.

        Destabilization breeds corruption at all levels, and our connected elite cash in on that corruption (see Burisma) at every opportunity.

        That’s certainly a big part of it. It’s also International Conflict 101. If we keep the ME as a bunch of small, separated powers fighting one another, we avoid having an oil-glutted superpower to compete with on the World Stage.

        Divide and Conquer – probably the oldest trick in the book, literally.

        1. They lost their potential to become an oil glutted superpower when we started fracking. That’s part of the reason the middle east has been cooling down: They’re in a bad way financially.

          1. Meh – they could still make India and China their bitches.

            1. You have the Sunni-Shia rivalry on top of the Saudi-Turkish competition.
              There hasn’t been any danger of/from a unified Middle East since the 18th century.

              1. There hasn’t been any danger of/from a unified Middle East since the 18th century.

                I.e., since that last set of powerful dynasties headed into decline and European powers starting plucking off various feathers, part of which involved stripping Turkey of its Persian Gulf territories and making sure that Iran didn’t take them (back).

                If the US (and Israel, if we’re being real) were to abandon the Saudis today, what stops Iran from taking over the whole Gulf tomorrow?

                1. I can’t believe Iran would be that stupid, though. It would set off a GCC vs. Iranian Alliance conflict that would spread across the entire region, and likely pull Turkey in to it as well, which would probably lead to us getting involved anyway, unless we finally decided to kick them to the curb.

                  1. The Saudis can’t fight for shit, but Turkey has an extremely formidable military that doesn’t shy away from action. After the US, Russia, and China (probably, and due solely to massive resources) I’m not sure there is a more capable military existing.
                    Iran doesn’t have the economic capacity to take over the Gulf and Turkey (+ Egypt and Israel) wouldn’t let that happen. And they wouldn’t exactly be dealing with a receptive populace.
                    Iran can influence Mesopotamia (Iraq mostly) largely because proximity is combined with a Shia majority. But if they tried to take over Iraq, I wouldn’t necessarily expect the “friendly” Shia population to remain so.
                    In reality, Iran can’t accomish much on their own – they have to use proxies/allies like Hezbollah, Assad, and the Houthis because they would be absolutely obliterated in direct engagements, quickly go broke, and soon face revolt. The regime has been operating to the fullest extent of its capabilities over the past decade, and it just isn’t that much. This is why they are so desperate to develop nukes.

      2. “We intervene in these areas, in my opinion, with the goal of deliberately destabilizing them. Destabilization breeds corruption at all levels, and our connected elite cash in on that corruption (see Burisma) at every opportunity.”

        No, you have it exactly opposite. That corruption has always been there in these regions and always will be. They draw in the United States because they stand to benefit from that corruption.

        When Russia invaded Crimea, the Atlantic Council insisted that we shouldn’t really care about what was going on there. However, Burisma and other billionaire donors spent money funding the Atlantic Council, and suddenly a few years later, they were insisting that helping Ukraine (with billions of dollars in aid) was key to resisting Russia.

        I totally agree that one of the big reasons we stay in these places is the opportunity for graft. 20 or 30 Billion dollars in aid to these regions is small change on the US budget, but it buys Think Tank fellowships, cushy jobs for the children of diplomats and vice presidents, and good money to US Consultancies and Military Contractors. I should have stressed it more, because I feel that is all part of the Institutional Momentum that keeps us in those locations.

        1. Corruption in a functional state is, of course, still an issue — particularly in the regions you identified. My point is that it is far easier to mask corruption in a dysfunctional state torn apart by war than in a functional state.

          Why risk having the receipts discovered when you can be assured that there are no receipts in the first place? The purpose of the war is not to create the opportunity for corruption, which is preexisting, but to create deniability should anybody back home start to ask any questions.

          1. Why bother masking corruption? Biden bragged about getting the guy who was investigating his son fired on live television and nobody batted an eye.

            Hillary Clinton conducted all of her personal communications as Secretary of State on a private server under her direct personal control, and when Congress asked to see the contents she said “Fuck you, I just erased it.” and the only comment our media made about it was to say how ‘badass’ she was.

            Nobody cares about corruption. Why even bother trying to hide it? Hunter Biden is going to spend his weekends smoking crack and snorting powder cocaine out of a Chinese lobbyists ass in the Lincoln bedroom while the media runs adoring profiles about his father’s ‘scandal free administration’.

            1. Unfortunately I agree, but I think having the corruption so completely out in the open is a relatively new phenomenon, that has only increased because of how Bad Orange Man is.

              What the establishment is getting away with right now, between the media being so blatantly Democrat propaganda, and what they’ve pulled off with this election, has all been a test run. And I’m afraid we’ve failed the test.

              1. Correct, though you neglected to mention the covid psyop and tyranny – the greatest crime against humanity ever perpetrated.

            2. Don’t forget Hillary Clinton’s Clinton Foundation taking millions of dollars in donations from countries that she was actively dealing with in her role as SecState.

              If that isn’t shady as fuck- the sort of thing that makes you at least pause a minute- you are too far gone in the Team Politics to be saved. And yet for all that, the Media never once gave a single shit about it.

              1. Why should they have cared? They belonged to the same political party.

        2. “When Russia invaded Crimea, the Atlantic Council insisted that we shouldn’t really care about what was going on there. However, Burisma and other billionaire donors spent money funding the Atlantic Council, and suddenly a few years later, they were insisting that helping Ukraine (with billions of dollars in aid) was key to resisting Russia.”

          You do realize that the Crimea situation was a response to 2 decades of Atlantic Council shenanigans bringing about the Euromaidan?
          Never doubt these people’s tendency to play both sides. Russia wasn’t supposed to act decisively and that caught them off guard.

    2. The biggest issue related to what you’re describing is that the whole “think tank” operation is quite literally a Cold War construct. These institutions functioned for decades thinking in dualistic terms.

      They’ve been incredibly ham-handed when it comes to thinking strategically in a world where the US is effectively the only superpower, while plenty of other countries have just enough regional influence to cause geopolitical issues that are very specific to their own cultural paradigms that don’t fit neatly in a Cold War frame of reference. That’s big reason why we operate largely as a reactive rather than proactive force now.

      I’m pretty sure a lot of these analysts are terrified that the minute we actually pull out of any country we’re occupying, it will be the equivalent of Rome exiting Britain–a precursor to the ultimate fall of the American empire.

      1. While Think Tanks existed for quite some time, their ascendency really came about in the post cold war world. Specifically during the HW Bush and Clinton administrations, Washington DC had a sea change in its makeup.

        Prior to the mid 90’s, you were hired by a senator or president into their staff from private industry or academia and would go home when that person left office, or when government was out of session. This is why DC, and even the surrounding counties were urban wastelands up until the late 90s.

        Going into the Clinton administration, many government officials just stuck around and opened these think tanks and advisory boards. Washington DC developed a permanent, revolving door policy. You bide your time at these think tanks until your party calls you in. It was like a bureaucratic National Reserves system. This created a permanent presence in the DC area that continues to invite “investment” from all the shady players of the world, and is the reason the DC area hasn’t experienced a downturn in 30+ years.

        1. That makes sense. It certainly explains why an obscure bureaucrat with little actual accomplishments to his name like Eric Fanning ended up being the interim Secretary of the Air Force and later Secretary of the Army.

    3. the wars over oil in ME will have to continue once we start our green new deal and quit pumping our own gas out of teh ground

  13. >>for continuing America’s role as the globe’s policeman

    also, T stopped this. much more “restart of Establishment” than continuation.

    1. I comically one thought Libertarians opposed war. I am admittedly bummed to learn how wrong I was. Pot, hookers, and illegals are the only things this joke of a movement believe in.

      1. They seem to be for fraud filled elections by being against any form of fraud analysis as well. This includes any form of voter identification.

        1. Remember when you were going on about “Binford’s Law” (sic)? Here’s Benford being interviewed about his analysis of the election. Not that hearing from the actual mathmetician will change your mind. After all, he is an expert, and therefor a deep statist, in league with zombie Chavez.

          Feel free to present some evidence of widespread or even simply coordinated fraud. Trump’s legal challenges are 1 and 31 so far. Rudy must be waiting for case number 33 to present that evidence.

          1. >>Feel free to present some evidence

            trial much?

          2. The fat lady hasn’t sung yet on any of them. When the Supreme Court throws them out and the electors decide whether or not to be unfaithful, then we’ll have a President-elect.

            And if it’s Cheatin’ Joe, he’ll still be an anti-President to me.

          3. Here’s Benford being interviewed about his analysis of the election.

            Are you seriously that stupid? Benford didn’t do the analysis.

            Did you also know that Einstein objected to the building of atomic bombs and refused to participate? That doesn’t mean they didn’t use his theories to build the damn things.

            1. Yeah somebody deciding “Dude, I was totally wrong” when their analysis is used to defend somebody they don’t like is nothing new.

              Just makes the person a hack.

            2. “Are you seriously that stupid?”

              Why yes, he is.

            3. Yes, he did. Listen to him talk about it through the link i provided. Or remain comfortably ignorant. Your choice.

              1. Frank Benford, who died in 1948, is nowhere to be found in the Podcast that you keep linking to.

                He probably voted for Biden though.

      2. They are. Don’t take most of what people say around here as libertarian.

        1. Or accept that nothing is as logical as we like to imagine and people are going to honestly disagree about lots of things.

      3. You must know different libertarians than I do. Reason magazine does not get to define what it is.
        Also, libertarians disagree about many, many things. Which, if you ask me, is largely because libertarian principle leads to philosophical anarchism if you take it seriously. So it’s hard to define exactly where the proper role of government ends.

        1. “Reason magazine does not get to define what it is.”

          Do they even claim they do anymore? Last I remember Reason wading into the discussion was ENB calling Ron Paul supporters racist.

      4. War is the apex of unregulated capitalism and, therefore, not incompatible with contemporary libertarianism. Concerns about non-aggression can be assuaged with vague appeals to the notions of “self-defense” or “global stability.”

        The other benefit of war, from the libertarian perspective, is the inevitable influx of refugees and immigrants (a/k/a cheap labor). Libertarians in 2020 do not oppose war, so long as the war is profitable, and the labor it brings is plentiful.

        1. War is the apex of unregulated capitalism

          You sound just like AOC.

          1. I am not saying I believe this, but there are libertarians that do (or, at least, many people that tell themselves they are libertarians).

            1. (Small-L) “libertarian” is a term like “tea party” because nobody owns it. Therefore, there is no objective way to distinguish real ones from impostors.

            2. there are libertarians that do (or, at least, many people that tell themselves they are libertarians)

              “Libertarian” is the fashionable thing to claim you stand for at the moment.

              In just the same way that Leo DiCaprio calls himself an “environmentalist” as he lounges in his private plane sipping the finest champagne from the belly button of a porn star, there are those who call themselves “libertarian” as they call for more and more government force in the world.

              1. I do not disagree with that.

        2. >>“global stability.”

          lol we have always been at war with eastasia

      5. hookers have replaced homosexuals?

        1. fair trade nttawwt

      6. Me thinks you’re confusing Libertarians with the Republicans that regularly post here.

        1. You’re coming off desperate there

      7. Don’t forget heads of state who project the current fantasy of “decorum,” which apparently is expansive enough to include Biden challenging random constituents to fights and calling them bizarre names, as well as telling his opponent to shut up during debates. Many Reason staff and definitely all the progressive trolls here mainly just want a certain flavor of corrupt, warmongering kleptocrat. The line seems to be “Is he mean on Twitter?” If no and he’s for business as usual, he’s their boy.

    1. I wish the GOP didn’t sell out so hard for Trump. Then we could have had a real conservative or small government party instead of a rational big government party and an irrational big government party.

      1. The battle for a real small govt party was long among Repubs long before Trump entered a race.

      2. “rational”, “big government”.

        Pick one.

        1. Ok, fact based big government and cult of personality faith based big government.

          1. So at least you come out with it. You really don’t give a shit about the size of the government. As long as it is big government doing the things you want, you’ll be fine with it. Indeed, that pretty much confirms that you were being disingenuous to begin with. You have no intention of supporting a “small government” conservative party- you just know it will lose.

            1. Well, to be fair, he’s no different that the bulk of the authors, and the entire editorial slant here. A bunch of people who think libertarianism amounts to nothing more than government delivering their set of preferred outcomes.

            2. He’s also blaming Democrat love of Top Men on Republicans. He’s really not very bright.

            3. Reading comprehension. Try some.

      3. “I wish the GOP didn’t sell out so hard for Trump”

        You are crazy and nuts- or more likely disengenuous. The last “small government” sounding guy got his ass handed to him in 2012 by Obama. The country- let alone the GOP- does not want small government. They want free shit and they want their political opponent to pay for it, preferably with the government’s thumb in their eye for good measure.

        1. A lot of people still seem to be under the illusion/delusion that we’re still operating under the conservative/liberal paradigm that took hold during the Great Depression. It hasn’t been seriously debated since the mid-90s after the press shat a brick when Gingrich released the Contract With America, and operated largely out of cultural ennui until TARP and the Tea Party/Occupy movements re-established populism as a national political force.

          Now that the Democrats are wholly on board as the globalist party (with a hyper-activist flank that’s fine with globalism as long as it gives them MOAR FREE SHIT), and the Republicans increasingly trending populist since 2010, that’s what is going to be the paradigm going forward. It’s not exactly an accident that Mattis praised Biden for not putting “America First.”

          1. Did Mattis replace Bolton and Sessions as the worst hire of Trump? The kind of general fragging was invented for.

            1. Mattis was always something of a meme, but I honestly don’t think things started to go sour between him and Trump until ISIS was finally broken in Syria. Without powerleveling too much, the impression I had from his time in the seat is that Trump more or less let him have carte blanche to conduct things as he saw fit for quite a while. It wasn’t until Trump got antsy to pull people out of Syria that things went south.

      4. I wish conservatives weren’t content to lose over and over and over.

        1. Content heck i think they like it, they are masocist

          1. Playing the role of faux opposition pays well.

  14. the globe’s policeman

    ‘Policeman’ isn’t even/exactly the right word. It’s more like we’re going to be somewhere between hired goons and the world’s home-team umpire or referee. Not that ‘policeman’ carries a lot of positive connotation these days, but it at least, at some point, implied things like heroism, devotion to duty, and upholding justice. It’s not like we’re going to stop the Uighurs from being rounded up or topple the Supreme Leader (again) or really crack down on the interference of Russian Oligarchs or anything.

    We’re going to spend more lives and money to give the appearance that we’re the world’s policeman.

    1. As Ace said, we seem to LOVE war where there is no possible victory because that is never the goal.

      1. The political class loves war that doesn’t get closer than a screen and with US casualty rates that are ‘noise in the news’ low-enough so as to not be inconvenienced with constant reminders or have that become a consideration in electoral calculations.

        The US public has become desensitized to random news of single-digit American casualties anytime anywhere in the 3rd world this past generation since 9/11. The new normal.

  15. “Joe Biden’s Secretary of State Pick Has Been an Avid Backer of American Military Intervention”

    This must please all the Reason editors and writers who continue to campaign against Trump and for Biden, especially since Trump reduced American military interventions abroad and established peace treaties in the Middle East.

    Nothing like more endless wars to promote libertarianism.

    1. Reason doesn’t care one bit about seeing libertarian policy (other than cheap labor and legal weed) enacted. And I’m pretty sure they’d throw the immigrants under the bus if they could get the legal weed.

      1. False. Open borders (globalism) is THE issue here. Years ago Nick admitted that they will have to become allies with the left because of this very issue. It’s also the most important to their benefactor.

        There’s a reason Openbordersliberltarian parody is so successful.

      2. Legal weed is the only libertarian policy supported by most Democrats, but not Biden.

        Had Trump legalized weed, all of the news media would have declared him the winner on election night (as the Democrats couldn’t have manufactured an additional 10 million ballots for Biden in response to Trumps landslide).

  16. Duh.

    The only time the media ever called Trump presidential was when he was dropping bombs.

    Orange Man Bad has ALWAYS been about the continuation of the forever wars.

    1. Sometimes not even then, as they had an aneurysm when Soleimani was killed, and practically put on sackcloth and poured ashes on their head after Baghdadi got smoked.

      The peace/cooperation deals that were brokered this year are one of the things that Trump can legitimately point to as a significant success of his presidency. Getting Muslim-dominated nations to even recognize Israel shows that the previous administration’s sucking up to Iran wasn’t the way to go, especially when we’re already giving military hardware to their regional adversaries.

      1. Now, lucky for us, we can sell weapons to Arabs, and give cash to Persians. Win/win.

  17. Where’s WK?
    The guy could start a nuclear war, and WK would cheer, since it isn’t a Trump[ appointee.

    1. Having completed his mission, his communist handlers put him against a wall and shot him. This happens to revolutionaries a lot.

  18. I don’t expect much good from Biden. Our military policy has been horrible for decades. Hopefully they have learned the folly of the Bush and Obama years but who knows.

    The treaties between Israel and the gulf states was perhaps the best thing to come out of the Trump admin. Kushner did a lot of legwork there. Really the time had come. They were never at war with Israel except in a diplomatic sense.

    I don’t think the gulf Arabs ever really had a problem with a Jewish state “over there somewhere”. Their brand of religion sees the Jews the way they see the Christians. Happy to do business with you.

    Having a common enemy in Iran is a factor. Sure nobody is thinking of a mutual defense treaty but they know that just thinking about Israel is keeping a lot of Iranian military resources tied down. They also appreciate the Israelis blowing up Iranian bases in Syria.

    Business is another factor. Israel has a lot of technology to sell.

    They gave up on the Palestinians long ago after one peace deal after another was rejected.

    1. The irony is that the current situation is the closest thing the Palestinians are ever going to have to their own state. They’re too radical and left-wing (seriously, just about every Palestinian immigrant to the US is a hardcore, anti-West Marxist; Amash is an exception to the rule), and they’ve caused civil wars in so many of the countries where they’ve settled that their nominal allies look on them like dogs that piss on the carpet. After 70 years, the GCC are largely moving on.

      1. Gaza and the West Bank are for all purposes permanently severed. So excluding Gaza which is really more Egypt’s problem.

        This means that the PA has not much to work with. Landlocked and they need Israel to have any chance of success and successful economy. They need water, power, transportation, defense.

        Personally I think a binational state with open borders is the best deal. You can have either citizenship. You do not need defined borders. Netanyahu offered this at one point. Jews and Arabs live together in Tel Aviv why not in Hebron? Palestinians work with Israelis now. They go to Israeli universities. They cooperate on multiple levels.

    2. Really fucking pathetic that hate rules your life, echospinner.
      Orangemanbad uber alles

      1. hate rules your life


  19. The problem with this type of foreign policy is that it receives widespread bipartisan support. In a world where “bipartisan support” is code for “sucks to be you” I bet we’re all going to be in for a treat.

  20. This is a more interesting discussion than this one.

  21. “Biden’s Secretary of State Pick Has Been an Avid Backer of American Military Intervention”

    That’s interesting.

    Pompeo was instrumental in forcing the U.S. backed government in Kabul to stop dragging its feet, release the Taliban fighters they were holding as POWs, and name a negotiating team per our full withdrawal agreement with the Taliban.

    “DOHA/KABUL (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday announced a $1 billion cut in U.S. aid to Afghanistan after he failed to convince Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and his political foe to end a feud that has helped jeopardize a U.S.-led peace effort.”


    March 23, 2020

    It’s starting to look like voting for Jo Jorgensen and effectively electing Biden was a terrible mistake!

    1. Ken,

      I’m Canadian and understood that.

  22. Congrats on the next war, Reason. You helped make it happen.

  23. Lol. Reason acting like they’re all surprised.


    I can only come for the comments now.

    1. Their credibility is an ex-parrot.

      1. ENB is pining for the fjords?

  24. “A lot of what Trump did while in office is hurt all the parts of the tool kit that weren’t the military or weren’t sanctions. He was heavily dependent on U.S. threats of force,”

    A tool kit that included a world apology tour, hundreds of millions of dollars shipped to Iran, denying terrorism, covering up the cause of Amb. Christopher’s murder, droning civilians as part of defense policy, sucking up to fellow traveler Hugo Chavez, and far too many other things to list here.

  25. Republicans chose to make a (bigoted, of course) partisan fake scandal over the Iran deal, and now Iran is enriching more than ever before, because Trump gave them permission by withdrawing from the treaty.

    Trump is also giving Pakistan and its fellow Islamic fundamentalist allies in Afghanistan carte blanche.

    Why does Trump like Muslim fundamentalists having nuclear weapons so much?

    1. I had no idea that Pakistan unlocked the atom during Trump’s term.

      1. I wonder if Trump even knows Pakistan exists.

        1. It’s pronounced “Pakeeston”.

    2. I keep getting spammed with your newsletter. How do I unsubscribe?

  26. Gotta pay back the Lenin Project neocons somehow.

  27. Obama redux, but this time we will achieve WWIII.

    This man is an idiot; no, I mean it; he’s stupid. If you’ve grown accustomed to continual state of malevolence, then Joe is your man.

    1. Nah, we won’t get WW3 until Kamala is in charge. Joe will just bring back the “smart diplomacy” that brought back open air slave markets and US citizens extrajudicially executed by executive order. You know, the kind of thing much better than a mean tweet or two.

  28. Libertarian moment!

  29. Blinken

    Not the best name for someone going into tough negotiations, or helping the president decide what to do in a conflict.

    1. Winken and Nod were not available.

  30. Perhaps the regime is ‘new,’ but what is being installed is four more wars – it was a nice little break for a little while.

    One of those wars might be a little dust-up with China, thinking maybe they’re going to down an American asset or some-such just to see what happens with the Trojan Joe regime.

    1. Why would these assholes start a war with China? The chinks are their main funders.

  31. Advocate for and driver behind the endless middle eastern wars? Check. Profits directly from the wars via his consulting contracts and investments in arms manufacturers? Check. Ticket to hell? Punched.

    Let me ask you one question
    Is your money that good
    Will it buy you forgiveness
    Do you think that it could
    I think you will find
    When your death takes its toll
    All the money you made
    Will never buy back your soul

    And I hope that you die
    And your death will come soon
    I will follow your casket
    By the pale afternoon
    And I’ll watch while you’re lowered
    Down to your deathbed
    And I’ll stand over your grave
    ‘Til I’m sure that you’re dead

  32. Oh goody! Nothing like the words “foreign intervention” to get banksters, Lockheed- Marting, Rathyon, and corrupt politicians excited. And they’ll make sure the “interventions” are long lasting.

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  34. More foreign wars is what you “Left-Libertarians, meaning Leftist cowards, are all about. But, you won’t be the ones doing the fighting …. there’s all that pot to smoke and video-games to play.

  35. What we will gain is a steady hand at the tiller and I for one welcome that development. The problem I have with Trump foreign policy is it lack any kind of consistent message or actions. Ignoring a problem one day and bombing the next. It also seem that the President’s personal likes and interests dominated over American interests in policy. So I am happy to have Blinken as SoS and will address his decision as they come up.

    1. “” Ignoring a problem one day and bombing the next.””

      Bombing takes a fair amount of prep. Even if it is just armed drones patrolling an area waiting for a signature strike or intel gathering of where a possible target will be. There is no ignore one day and bomb the next.

    2. Yeah, Biden will be like Obama’s steady blood-drenched hand. Seven hot wars going all at once, complete destruction of a couple of countries, a Death Matrix kill program, a European military build up, a Pacific Pivot, wedding drone bombings ordered from the ninth hole, and the extraordinary feat of out-murdering the deadly Bush regimes.

      Trump shamefully continued some of the Obama adventures, but despite his loud rhetoric, he was much less aggressive than the previous regimes.

  36. Biden is bragging that he has made America great again and is ready to deploy force all over the world to prove it.

  37. Yeah, Biden could be like Obama’s steady blood-drenched hand. Seven warm wars going all at once, whole destruction of more than one countries, a Death Matrix kill program, a European military construct up, a Pacific Pivot, wedding ceremony drone bombings ordered from the ninth hole, and the outstanding feat of out-murdering the lethal Bush regimes.

    1. Laura you are a cheap spamming slut and a comment thief.

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