Brickbat: Just a Training Issue


New Braunfels, Texas, police officer Kaleb Meyer's bodycam shows him pull his gun almost immediately after exiting his vehicle back in January. He had just pulled Clarence Crawford over for having a dirty license plate, and he points the gun at Crawford as he approaches his vehicle. Crawford appears to be cooperative as Meyer pulls him out of the vehicle and places him on the ground. Crawford repeatedly asks why he was pulled over but gets no answer. He is prone on the ground, still apparently cooperating with Meyer but asking why he was stopped, when the the officer uses his Taser on him. Meyer then shouts at him about refusing to stop. But Crawford says he wasn't going to stop until he was at a safe place, which is what he is supposed to do. City officials say Meyer's conduct was unacceptable, and he was given additional training. He has since resigned from the department.

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  1. But he went home safe and sound there by full filling then first rule of police work.

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  2. What’s the use of having authority if you can’t abuse it when frustrated?

    1. That’s abuse of power, not authority. They’re not the same thing.

        1. Abuse of authority is an oxymoron because, by definition, authority is the legitimate use of power.

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  3. when the the officer uses his Taser on him. Meyer then shouts at him about refusing to from the department.

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  5. Our officers are trained to be respectful, to de-escalate situations, give clear and concise commands, listen to those they interact with and only use force when the situation deems it necessary

    I’ve got a video that suggests otherwise.

    1. And who the hell gets pulled over for a dirty license plate? Seriously, I’d like to know – how many tickets do you issue each month for dirty license plates? Is this a pretextual stop or is this town a speed trap sort of place?

      1. I got pulled over for a dirty license plate about a year ago in a small town on the way to visit my parents.

        For a dirty license plate, they also had my car sniffed by a K9 unit, and had my car torn apart and searched for absolutely no reason.

        Good times.

        1. Do you drive a nice car? Because they were probably looking for an excuse to steal it. A while back I saw local cops driving around an Escalade that had “WE STOLE THIS FROM A DRUG DEALER” proudly emblazoned on the back and sides. Which is interesting because under state law all ticket revenue and stolen property goes into the general fund. Though the cops around here regularly avoid this by teaming up with the DEA and keeping loot through the Equitable Sharing policy.

          1. Nothing as good as a new Escalade, but it was a pretty nice coupe.

            Asset forfeiture is bad enough, but the Equitable Sharing Policy combined with Asset Forfeiture effectively legalizes theft by law enforcement.

            1. I knew a guy who got pulled over and the cop demanded to look in his wallet. He complied, and after the cop counted the cash he dejectedly said “Not enough” before handing it back. Think about the implications of that.

      2. I work near a very rich town, and my commute occasionally takes me through it. Dirty license plate is one of the many excuses the police there have used to pull me over (100s of times). They saw a young guy in a beat up honda, and assumed I was there to deal drugs or something.

        I replaced the car with a new model a few years ago, and they haven’t pulled me over since.

    2. That statement is almost comical in that it’s the polar opposite of the truth.

      Cops are trained to have zero tolerance for non-compliance. That means they are explicitly trained to escalate the moment someone fails to obey. They are also trained to issue confusing and contradictory commands to disorientate and provide an excuse to escalate. Respect, de-escalate, clear and concise commands, listen? That’s literally not in their vocabulary.

  6. at the additional training…. “what do you mean this badge doesn’t give me the right to be a complete asshole without cause or accountability?” then he resigned.

    1. He was disappointed when they told him he wasn’t the law.

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  7. This isn’t going to spill a lot of beer during happy hour in New Braunfels.

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  10. There ought to be a registry for bad government employees like these. Someplace the neighbors could check to see who is worth their suspicion.

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