Brickbat: Just a Training Issue


New Braunfels, Texas, police officer Kaleb Meyer's bodycam shows him pull his gun almost immediately after exiting his vehicle back in January. He had just pulled Clarence Crawford over for having a dirty license plate, and he points the gun at Crawford as he approaches his vehicle. Crawford appears to be cooperative as Meyer pulls him out of the vehicle and places him on the ground. Crawford repeatedly asks why he was pulled over but gets no answer. He is prone on the ground, still apparently cooperating with Meyer but asking why he was stopped, when the the officer uses his Taser on him. Meyer then shouts at him about refusing to stop. But Crawford says he wasn't going to stop until he was at a safe place, which is what he is supposed to do. City officials say Meyer's conduct was unacceptable, and he was given additional training. He has since resigned from the department.