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Jews and Catholics Ask Supreme Court To Stop NYC Religious Services Ban

Plus: DOJ argues for right to kill civilians, tech CEOs are back before Congress today, Dolly Parton helped fund COVID-19 vaccine, and more...


Catholic and Jewish organizations in New York City are taking restrictions on religious services to the Supreme Court. The Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn filed a plea with the U.S. Supreme Court last week. Now, several Orthodox Jewish groups and leaders and are also asking the Supreme Court to bar enforcement of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's October 6 executive order restricting attendance at houses of worship.

They suggest to the Court that Cuomo "made clear through unambiguous statements that the order was targeted at a religious minority's practices and traditions," and ask "whether an executive order violates the Free Exercise Clause when the order, on its face, disfavors worship."

"For six weeks and counting, Applicants have been laboring under discriminatory restrictions on their religious exercise," states the plea from Agudath Israel of America, Inc., Agudath Israel of Kew Garden Hills, Agudath Israel of Madison, Rabbi Yisroel Reisman, and Steven Saphir. It continues:

Their neighborhoods and religious institutions have been—in the words of the Governor himself—"targeted." The Governor publicly asserted that other Orthodox Jews had violated his prior rules, and therefore the Governor imposed severe restrictions on worship across several Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods. Applicants themselves are not alleged to have violated any public health or safety rules. To the contrary, they have carefully and successfully complied with mask requirements, social distancing, and capacity constraints. Yet the Governor's guilt-by-religious-association restrictions have made it impossible for Applicants and their members to exercise their religious faith. The restrictions have eliminated the ability of many Jews to worship on important religious holy days. None of this is necessary to protect public health.The Governor has admitted that the restrictions are not based on science, but rather on "fear" and "emotion" about areas that would be "safe zones" in other states.

You can read the full petition here.

Last week, the Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn made a similar ask of SCOTUS. The diocese also claimed Cuomo's order was discriminatory, saying that it "expressly singles out 'houses of worship' by that name for adverse treatment relative to secular businesses, and does so in a way that is not narrowly tailored to any compelling government interest, in direct violation of the First Amendment's Free Exercise Clause."

More on that case here.


"Do you appreciate how extraordinary that proposition is?" asked Patricia Millet, a federal judge, of U.S. prosecutor Bradley Hinshelwood yesterday, following Hinshelwood's claim that—as the judge put it—the government could "unilaterally decide to kill U.S. citizens." His proposition, via Courthouse News Service:

A lawyer for the United States argued Monday that the government has the power to kill its citizens without judicial oversight when state secrets are involved….

The hearing before the federal appeals court came as the government fights to hold off allegations by two journalists who say it wrongly targeted them as terrorists in Syria.

One of the journalists, U.S. citizen Bilal Abdul Kareem, says his interviews with al-Qaida-linked militants landed him on the U.S. kill list. Just in June and August 2016, Kareem says, the U.S. government targeted him five times, including one drone strike involving a U.S.-made Hellfire missile.


Tech CEOs are back before Congress today, and once again facing impossibly conflicting demands from Democrats and Republicans there:

The hearing will also focus on the 2020 election and how the social media and search companies handled content related to it.


Sen. Lindsey Graham accused of pressuring Georgia officials to not count legal ballots. From The Washington Post:

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said Monday that he has come under increasing pressure in recent days from fellow Republicans, including Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (S.C.), who he said questioned the validity of legally cast absentee ballots, in an effort to reverse President Trump's narrow loss in the state.


• Happy we may have a COVID-19 vaccine soon? Thank Dolly Parton!

• The FBI's 2019 hate crime statistics are out.

• Fifteen Asian or Pacific Island countries are coming together to form the world's largest free trade bloc, signing a Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) over the weekend. The 15 countries are Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam.

• On Monday, Philadelphia banned indoor gatherings involving people from more than one household until next year.

• The Supreme Court offers no relief to Texas prisoners:

• "Before Trump won in 2016, conservative media was actually, finally, starting to develop a marginal sense of independence. But once he became the president all of that just fell apart. Now you can't have a conservative outlet unless you worship Donald Trump," early online conservative columnist Matthew Sheffield tells The New York Times.

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  1. Catholic and Jewish organizations in New York City are taking restrictions on religious services to the Supreme Court.

    Take that, Trump, you Hitler.

    1. The left shutters synagogues but it’s everyone else who are fascist.

      1. It’s not the f-word if it’s for their own good.

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      2. The better approach woukd be to use civil lawsuits and contact tracing to hold these fanatics accountable for spreading the virus.

        1. Blame the Jews! I wonder if this ever happened before?

          1. It’s got nothing to do with religion.

            1. Got to do with your cowardice, scumbag.

            2. Considering that you believe a piece of cloth covering your face to be a holy totem, it kind of does.

            3. The hell it doesn’t, Jeff.

              You guys hate Orthodox almost as much as you hate Evangelicals. If this wasn’t about religion, they would have been given exactly as much latitude as the BLM marchers.

            4. If you’re going to be an anti-semite, at least own it like your idols.

        2. “The better approach woukd be to use civil lawsuits and contact tracing to hold these fanatics accountable for spreading the virus.”

          Cowardly piece of lefty shit wants the courts to protect him from catching anything.
          Fuck off and die.

          1. Let the anger flow through you, Sevo!

            1. Keep your “stupid” on high, WK!

            2. Hey, it’s Dee white knighting an anti-Semite again.

              1. Uh huh. You guys are going with anti-Semite as your slur of choice lately instead of child molestor?

                1. Jeff posted child porn links here.
                  Misek and JFree have said some pretty anti-semitic shit.
                  Strazele (Jeff) just now decried Orthodox Jews as “fanatics” which sounds anti-semitic to me.

                  This is who you’re white knighting for. Own it.

                  1. I haven’t said anything anti-Semitic. And I know at least one of the things you just said is b.s.

                    1. Damn you’re dumb. Strazele is the anti-Semite, and you white knighted for him.

                      You also asked killallrednecks about his background when he was talking about exterminating Mormons.

                      You’re so busy trying to attack “Trumpists” you’re white knighting for bigots and leftists. Because you’re a leftist.

      3. This may blow your mind, but it’s possible for both the Democrats and Republicans to exhibit authoritarian tendencies.

        1. Why not toss in a LOL?
          Your lame attempts at neutrality are laughable.

          1. LOL

    2. Hello.

      Thank Dolly Paton but not Trump and Operation Warp Speed.

      Got it.

      TDS mutates.

      Vackssshheeeeen!!!! /drools.

      For a virus with a 99.85% survival rate. For a virus that’s been around since 2019. Had it not been for the hysteria and paranoia and mixing politics with medicine, we wouldn’t be begging for one like a bunch of sissies.

      Utterly ridiculous.

      And fuck you and your masks that do jack shit.

      1. I’d have little problem with the vaccine had they not used it to extort people into giving up their lives. No masks, no vaccine no LIFE.

        This is nefarious. It’s amazing how Reason hasn’t tackled this issue from a liberty perspective.

        All I see are passive-aggressive, sophomoric anti-Trump screeds.

        1. “A man he hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.”:

          Didn’t have to look far. This blog post is from yesterday:

          “Legal responses to this fall’s surge in new cases, like last spring’s lockdowns, are frequently illogical and unscientific.”

          1. Found one, (1). Goody.

            1. Did the job of refuting the false assertion, “… Reason hasn’t tackled this issue from a liberty perspective.”

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  2. They suggest to the Court that Cuomo “made clear through unambiguous statements that the order was targeted at a religious minority’s practices and traditions…

    You know who else targeted religious minorities? (Wait, is this one too on the nose?)

    1. Like most evangelical religions, the Church of Woke (Progressive) does not tolerate competing beliefs.

    2. Popes targeting Protestants?

    3. Religious majorities?

      1. Nice.

    4. The State of Missouri?

      1. Can’t blame the show me state for Mitt Romney

      2. If only they would of succeeded in whipping you pieces of shit out the world would be a better place!

        Kill your family and yourself you miserable piece of shit.

        1. Yikes, someone woke up on the wrong side of the futon.

        2. I find your beliefs fascinating and would like to learn more, good sir.

        3. Goddamn it. Wiping not whipping

    5. Mel Gibson?

    6. Would it be ok if it were a religious majority?

  3. The White Knight
    November.16.2020 at 11:17 pm
    I keep hearing how I’m a lefty shit

    WK wants to be called lefty shit from now on.

    1. Do you people actually keep records of each others posts to dredge up for your slap fights? lmao were you giddily laying in bed late last night in anticipation of unleashing this sick burn the next morning?

      1. So we should just forget what someone posts? How long before a post is no longer valid? 24 hours? A week?
        Please tell us, oh ‘libertarian’.

      2. Apparently, so.

      3. The funny thing about JesseAz’s post is that people already call me a “lefty” or “lefty shit” on a frequent basis, even though I’ve never strayed from libertarian territory in any comment I’ve ever made, so nothing has changed. They throw the “lefty” accusation at others such as sarcasmic, De Oppresso Liber, chemjeff, too.

        1. If you don’t worship Trump then you’re a leftist. Duh.

        2. I’ve never strayed from libertarian territory in any comment I’ve ever made

          Okay I lol’d at this one.

          1. Link to any place where I have made a comment in support of liberal / progressive political policies.

        3. No, you’re just an infantile troll. “Internet trolls are people who want to provoke and upset others online for their own amusement.”

  4. Weird how the worst people on Earth support Biden:

    CEOs may press lawmakers to ensure smooth transition to Biden

    On Saturday, the day after the video meeting, the Business Roundtable, a group that represents the most powerful companies in America, including Walmart, Apple, Starbucks and General Electric, put out a statement congratulating Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris. It largely reflected the conversation from Friday’s video meeting, saying the group respects Trump’s right to seek recounts and call for investigations where evidence exists.

    1. Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger reveals his hopes for the next president: ‘I like Joe Biden’

      1. Free minds, free markets, and Henry Kissinger.

        1. Funny how Kissinger’s history as architect of Vietnam military expansion is #memoryholed

          1. Don’t forget Kissinger’s policy of appeasing the Soviet Union lest they use their dominant position to attack Western Europe. Oh, and calling on Israel to make concessions to the Palestinians to achieve peace in our time in the Middle East.

      2. Of course massive cooperations support the Democrats. Any single party control scenario is optimal in their point of view (easier to arrange bribes). And if America does degenerate into uni-party control, who’s likely to end up on top? (Hint: see the West Coast and New England)

    2. Biden is a return to the crony-corrupted, military-driven world Reason is ostensibly against.

      Yeh. Ssssure. There was no fraud. Keep on that. Peaceful protestors No fraud.

      1. To return to that world, we would have had to have departed from it during the Trump presidency.

        1. Cronyism aside, Trump has been one of the least military-driven presidents in my lifetime. At the moment Trump stands to be the first president since Carter to not commit troops to a new campaign on foreign soil. He has actively been trying to end the wars and the establishment has been fighting him tooth and nail.

  5. Authoritarians cheer as they harassed lawyers to leave a case the day before a hearing. This is the shit they pull in banana republics. Good work lefty shits.

    1. This is standard lefty 1984 type psy-ops. It is not enough for them to win. They must force you to admit that you were wrong for ever questioning their authority.

      1. We’re gonna force you Mormons to admit your religion is a crock of shit asshole.

        The only good Mormon is 15,000,000 dead Mormons. While those stupid, evil, cowardly fucks off the face of the Earth.

        1. Are you including Donnie and Marie in that purge? ‘Cause that’s not cool. They are adorable.

        2. Seriously, how many Mormons ran a train on you?

    2. It is wrong that another lawyer made a harrassing phone call to Trump’s lawyer.

      But “harrassed to leave a case” is not what the story you linked to says. All that the attorneys that withdrew yesterday, including Kerns, have said is they “have reached a mutual agreement that Plaintiffs will be best served” if they withdraw. You are assuming harrassment.

    3. PjMedia again, Jesse? I thought we talked about this. I’m not mad, I’m disappointed.

      1. Kill the messenger!

        1. It’s straight propaganda. There is no reason to read it, and no reason to take anything in it seriously.

          Case in point ^ jesse, who seems to think that a 1 minute voice mail is what is causing several different law firms representing the president to quit. Not the risk of being disbarred for filing frivolous petitions, or just not wanting to participate in an attempt to overturn an election. Nope, it’s this one minute voicemail.

          1. “”It’s straight propaganda. There is no reason to read it, and no reason to take anything in it seriously.””

            Kill the messenger more!

  6. But gov’t can’t force either. At most, it can ensure that websites aren’t sued for blocking hate speech

    Missing some scare quotes there.

  7. Dolly gets the credit, not the Donald.

    1. Big breasts beats the patriarchy.

      1. Grab them WITH the pussy.

    2. No better President than Trump to award Dolly Parton the Medal of Freedom.

  8. Here’s What We Learned About the Far Right From Donald Trump’s Presidency

    Despite his authoritarian tendencies, Donald Trump never came close to dragging us into fascism. But he did drag us further toward a xenophobic, anti–working-class, right-wing-populist abyss. Those forces will continue to destroy American and global politics — if we don’t take them on and defeat them.

    1. Nothing supports the working class more than lockdowns.

      1. All we’re doing is acknowledging that the working class is ‘essential’, when we make them go out and keep society running and deliver our food and goodies while we hide inside.

        1. Don’t forget assuming they will vote D (if brown) and calling them ignorant racists (if white).

      2. We are about to have a second wave of lock downs because weak willed idiots can’t stand to take basic precautions. Just you watch. No matter their rhetoric, GOP governors will begin locking down as they see their hospital occupancy rates rise. This happened last spring as well.

        Yes, doing the initial lock downs correctly would have been massively pro-working class. Doing a half-assed quarantine and not complying with costless precautions is going to put us in a second wave of lock downs, and right around the typical surge in holiday shopping and increased employment for seasonal retail workers. Thanks, covid deniers!

        1. We are about to have a second wave of lock downs because weak willed idiots can’t stand to take basic precautions

          “It’s not the failure of our blessed Holy Government and Scientists; it’s the fault of you unfaithful heathens.”

          1. The invisible hand giveth, the invisible hand taketh.

            It turns out, government intervention or no, that you can’t just ignore covid. There will be negative economic effects just through the virus hospitalizing, killing, and doing its thing.

            Hospitals full to the point of triage is not a political issue, it is a reality issue. Are you going to grab your balls and deal with reality, or coddle yourself in comforting lies?

            1. Your magical mask totems failed and you’re desperately grasping for anything else to blame.

          2. The beatings will continue until morale improves.

        2. “”We are about to have a second wave of lock downs because weak willed idiots can’t stand to take basic precautions. “”

          Even places that are following precautions are having or will have a second wave.

        3. Or maybe it is because those vaunted precautions do precisely f*ck and all about preventing spread of a respiratory illness during cold and flu season.

          I live in a bluer-than-blue area of a bluer-than-blue state, we haven’t been out of lockdown since March. Compliance with mask and social distancing guidelines here is upwards of 90% from my observations. The only place I’ve seen people not wearing a mask is outdoors at the dog park, and even then 3 out of 4 people have one on.

          And yet – COVID levels are rising. So are cold and flu levels. I may not be an epidemiologist, but I’d hazard a guess it has a lot more to do with the fact that it has been raining and cold since October, forcing people indoors. You know, just like in every cold and flu season. And just like everyone predicted would happen with COVID back in June.

          1. Yep. What sense did it make to drag our curve into flu season?

        4. Please define basic precautions.

          To the best of my knowledge of the evidence, none of the suggested or required precautions have done anything against this coronavirus.

          No precautions are basic, when none work.

          So please, define.

    2. How is populism anti-working class? I thought they were synonymous.

      1. When the “populism” is curated by the elites, with lots of race, gender, and political leaning criteria.

  9. 2600 more uncounted votes found. Nothing to see here. Move along. Who needs clean, fair, auditable elections?

    You would think a real libertarian publication would be on the side of auditing elections. But apparently that isn’t the case. Just trust the media and politicians instead.

    1. Apparently the GA AG promised to follow the State’s procedures on risk mitigation and hold a recanvas including a signature check, an audit and a hand recount. This was agreed to by all parties.

      And apparently this is not what is happening.

      But since the coverage in the media has been restricted to “when will Trump finally stop being a dictator and hand power over to Biden so people stop dying of covid”, we don’t know anything about it. All I’m seeing is coverage from activists who follow the proceedings closely and are reporting things said by the lawyers.

      It sure would be nice if we had an actual 4th estate who could gather this information for us and present it in an unbiased and trustworthy manner.

      You know, so we could have confidence that our election officials are following procedures and that our processes are secure and accurate.

      1. “Apparently the GA AG promised to follow the State’s procedures on risk mitigation and hold a recanvas including a signature check, an audit and a hand recount. This was agreed to by all parties.”


        1. But since the coverage in the media has been restricted…
          So much you don’t understand.

          1. lol. how convenient.

    2. Who at Reason argued that Georgia should not do its automatic recount? Nobody.

    3. All votes should be counted.

      “”The new count netted about 800 new votes for President Trump, who current trails in Georgia by about 13,000 votes.””

      This is why Trump is not going to win. Votes found, only 31% are for Trump.

      1. ……..really?

      2. So, obviously the significance of the word “netted” was lost on you.

        1. Perhaps I got the premise wrong. I thought it was saying they found 2600 more votes, and of them 800 were for Trump.

          1. More like 1865.

      3. I did some reading –

        The big issue is that they dropped the recanvas and the audit.

        So they are not checking signatures or eligibility for votes during the recount. Just counting them again. So unless someone just penciled in an additional 10k votes on the tally sheet, the total should not change.

        The issue, of course, is the validity of all of those mail in ballots. Apparently prior elections had about a 5% rejection rate for mail in ballots – missing signatures, errors in filling out the ballot, etc. This go around? Less than 10% of that amount.

        So what led to an order of magnitude less rejections in mail in ballots, in a year when they went up so dramatically? Did they finally make an idiot proof ballot? Or did they simply not do the checks required.

        That one issue alone would be enough to change the election results, should it prove to be that there actually should be 5% of the mail in ballots disqualified.

        One wonders, why are they avoiding recanvassing and checking the signatures in every state? Why did they exclude observers from this part of the process in the initial count?

        And how could it ever be remedied at this point? There is no way to track back a ballot to an envelope, as I understand it. So now that they have been separated and intermingled… that horse has left the barn.

        If the Biden supporters are so confident in the election results…. why in the world would they be opposed to a real recount with a recanvasing? In 2000, there was a republican observer and a democrat observer looking over the shoulder of the people doing the recount. Each individual counter had two observers, agreeing or disagreeing with each and every vote. And that was in a direct attempt to steal an election by Team Gore by only recounting the heavily democrat areas of Palm Beach, Broward and Miami Dade (hoping to pick up a percentage of votes there that were missed, while avoiding picking up votes for the opposition in the rest of the state – and in direct contradiction to state law).

        I don’t really understand how you hope to resolve a dispute about ineligible ballots being counted by recounting the same ballots and not doing any checks for eligibility.

        1. No joke, I enjoy reading your wisdom Cyto.

          /NOT sarcastic

      4. This is why Trump is not going to win. Votes found, only 31% are for Trump.

        I agree Trump will not win; and btw, you don’t understand math, do you…?

  10. On Monday, Philadelphia banned indoor gatherings involving people from more than one household until next year.

    And they’re willing to carpet bomb any infractions.

    1. How many no knock swat raids on thanksgiving this year?

    2. For an aerosol virus that travels 30 ft. Totes science.

      1. distance is dependent on humidity levels and temperature. low humidity and low heat gets the most distance. turn up the heat and humidity the aerosols will drop quick.

        1. So, roast the turkey with the oven door open?

          1. No, you put all the guests in the oven.

            1. Sounds like a plan that Deblasio would come up with.

              1. Expertly crafted callback.

        2. “”distance is dependent on humidity levels and temperature. “”

          Yep. Meteorology is a factor Wind will also affect how far it travels and in what direction.

    3. This is going to lead to a lot of confusion in the Kensington section of the city.

    4. So no home games for the 76ers then?

  11. US elections are always fair:

    How to Rig an Election
    The G.O.P. aims to paint the country red

    Hagel’s victory in the general election, invariably referred to as an “upset,” handed the seat to the G.O.P. for the first time in eighteen years. Hagel trounced Nelson by fifteen points. Even for those who had factored in the governor’s deteriorating numbers and a last-minute barrage of negative ads, this divergence from pre-election polling was enough to raise eyebrows across the nation.

    Few Americans knew that until shortly before the election, Hagel had been chairman of the company whose computerized voting machines would soon count his own votes: Election Systems & Software (then called American Information Systems). Hagel stepped down from his post just two weeks before announcing his candidacy. Yet he retained millions of dollars in stock in the McCarthy Group, which owned ES&S. And Michael McCarthy, the parent company’s founder, was Hagel’s campaign treasurer.

    ..We are now in the midst of yet another election season. And as November 6 approaches, only one thing is certain: American voters will have no ability to know with certainty who wins any given race, from dogcatcher to president. Nor will we know the true results of ballot initiatives and referenda affecting some of the most vital issues of our day, including fracking, abortion, gay marriage, GMO-food labeling, and electoral reform itself. Our faith-based elections are the result of a new Dark Age in American democracy, brought on, paradoxically, by techological progress.

    1. But any claims that the 2020 election was anything but 100% above board is just right wing lunatic talk. Right…

    2. Funny how the media only start really digging into potential voting fraud issues when Democrats lose. The sad part is that this article in particular shows them missing the forest (electronic voting is not particularly secure and can be fucked with by bad actors) for the trees (Republicans bad).

      1. Poor vicitimized Republicans.

        1. Yes, the media’s double standard truly is a wonder to behold.

          1. “If they didn’t have double standards…”

        2. “”Poor vicitimized Republicans.””

          Hillary doesn’t start with an R.

    3. Anybody heard anything lately about the foreign interference in our recent election?

      1. If by foreign you mean outside the blue urban centers…

        1. No, no, I was assured by our intelligence agencies that the Russians were still interfering with our elections (possibly the Chinese as well, but most definitely the Russians) and yet I haven’t heard anything since the election on just what those dastardly Russians managed to pull off with their meddling.

          1. Were both major political parties hacked this year? Did one of the candidates publicly lobby for illegal campaign assistance and electronic theft this year?

            Gee, I wonder why foreign interference was not as big a story this time?

      2. Russia suddenly never existed.

    4. So, as an example of possible voting machine fraud, you are giving the example of an unproven insinuation from 2012 against a Republican candidate.


    In Canada, any therapist who counsels a child against puberty blockers in favor of “watchful waiting” to see if they settle into their natal gender after puberty (as 85% do), will soon risk criminal charges for “conversion therapy” (another term activists have redefined).

    1. The scary part of 1984 was always newspeak, not the damn cameras.

      1. we do have the 2-way TVs now though, and portable versions we carry everywhere

    2. At this point, the West really does deserve to be nuked by Russia. Only a society this degenerate and mentally ill acts like Mengele was a role model.

    3. Hmm, another Canadian matter that Mother’s Lament is not commenting on.

      1. 1. Who care?
        B. Who cares?
        III. Nobody cares.

      2. So what’s your point White Knight?

        You’re trying to imply something. Come on, spit it out. What are you inferring with your little ‘hmm’.

        1. That you are an oddball.

    4. That’s pretty fucked.

      1. “If you do your job, you’re going to jail.”

    5. I read the bill, as linked in the comments below that tweet. That’s not what it says.

      1. Definition of conversion therapy
        320.‍101 In sections 320.‍102 to 320.‍106, conversion therapy means a practice, treatment or service designed to change a person’s sexual orientation to heterosexual or gender identity to cisgender, or to repress or reduce non-heterosexual attraction or sexual behaviour…

        Forced conversion therapy
        320.‍102 Everyone who knowingly causes a person to undergo conversion therapy against the person’s will is
        (a) guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term of not more than five years; or
        (b) guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.

    6. There are a hundred stupid private members bills a year. If it makes it past first reading I’ll be worried.

      Not like Zoolander wouldn’t try to ram something like this through, I’m sure.


    VP on Afghanistan: “We will leave in 2014.”

    1. I saw on Tapper’s Twitter feed some guy saying leaving Afghanistan is dangerous.

      1. It is well know that 2,500 US soldiers can rule any country in the middle east.

        1. 2,500 is the “official” number; now that Jeffrey admitted that they play “shell games” with the manning to put troops in areas where they aren’t supposed to be, it’s more likely to be twice that.

  14. Lefty shits are so ignorant they keep pushing the claims of big business and wall street as conservative despite biden and the party of corruption getting those donations 4 to 1.

    Of course many of the leftitarians here are fine with corporatism and soft fascism.

    1. Something about train schedules? (And Amazon deliveries?)

      1. But first we have to build the electric trains

    2. Do you always wrestle with straw men that exist only in your head?

    3. Let me let you in on a little secret: businesses hate uncertainty and chaos. They can deal with high taxes, they can deal with regulations, as long as these things are planned out well in advance and applied somewhat equally. Business plans can be made that mitigate these things. Business plans cannot mitigate the unforeseeable. And Trump brings a lot of unforeseeable events. Not good for business, no matter the sugar high they get from sudden and temporary tax drops.

      1. Trump not good for business? Lol. How many times did the dow break a recorded under Trump. Businesses do not like being overburdened with regulations. Regulations cost time and money for compliance. They knew Trump would be an ally.

        Covid is not good for business.

        “”They can deal with high taxes, “”

        By passing it on to the consumer.

        1. Stock market is not the economy. And if you want to use the stock market as an example, you should probably check the charts for the days after Biden was presumed to have won.

          1. When companies do well, their stock rises. That is a reflection of the economy.

            What was gas prices under Obama, and how much during the last four years? Obama does get some credit due to allowing fracking and shale oil.

            “”the days after Biden was presumed to have won.””

            While Trump is still president?

            I took a look at a 1 year DJIA chart. It is continuing the bullish trend it started in April.

    4. Main Street democrats don’t yet realize they’re the party of Wall Street, big tech, the media empire, “lockdown” corporations, and endless war.

      They’re gonna find out.


    A desperate plea from a woman in Maryland whose 46-year-old husband was diagnosed days ago with kidney cancer: “The surgeon explained to my husband he will have to wait at least three months for his surgery… the hospitals need to keep beds open for #Covid.”


      Not just the 1619 Project:
      is now making a practice of changing problematic stories without telling readers (sorry, saying you’ve “updated” an article months later does not count). A July article spread a likely #Covid hoax; only in September did the Times admit as much.

    2. Welcome to the future.

      1. We can’t help poor people get insurance because they might use it. You guys are just fucking idiots and assholes. Nothing more to it.

        1. I don’t think you understand the story.

          1. Mfer should start his own hospital and treat himself.

            1. Stupid lefty shits should fuck off and die.

        2. We can’t discourage people from being poor, because then where will the left voter base come from?

        3. This comment shows that you are irrational, lump in straw man fallacy and ad hominem attacks, and think that you have made a point of some sort. Get out of your in-group.

          1. There aren’t enough hospital beds. That’s tough luck bud. Maybe in the next life he’ll think about hospital beds as opposed getting his grass mowed every week.

            1. “There aren’t enough hospital beds…”

              Your stupid ate your cite.

            2. You are an absolute scumbag.

              1. Maybe in the next life he’ll think about hospital beds as opposed getting his grass mowed every week.

                It’s nice the way that Marxist assholes lose all pretense at empathy once they start getting their way. It’s very reassuring to those of us who can predict the behavior while they are still pretending to be human.

                1. Mormons are the most selfish assholes in the country you self centered fuck!
                  Kill all the Mormons. They deserve it.

                  1. neopagans and wiccans first though

                    1. How are they hurting anyone?

                      People can believe whatever nonsense they want as long as they dont try to force it on others.

                      Mormons are forcing their bullshit on everyone.

                      That’s why they need to go.

                    2. “”Mormons are forcing their bullshit on everyone.””

                      When it comes to people forcing bullshit on me, Mormons are not even in the top 10.

                    3. They should be 1

                    4. Let me guess, you were born in an old school Mormon colony and don’t know who your mother really is, so you take it out on everyone else?

                    5. My guess is a missionary boned his girlfriend.

                    6. Never would associate with someone who’d fuck a Mormon.
                      Goddam wastes of life.

        4. Yeah, it’s rather ironic that the coof is leading hospitals to enact the same delays on surgical procedures that they have in Canada.

  16. Before Trump won in 2016, conservative media was actually, finally, starting to develop a marginal sense of independence.

    Why should they, in the sea of journalism, be alone in editorial independence or free from barely-concealed bias?

    1. I mean, fuck. An article in the New York Times about media’s support for “their” party’s candidate? And it’s about the conservative media?

      Oh, and of course, it’s the conservative media that has a different reality. I mean, fuck.

      1. The NYT news editors held a meeting after impeachment in which they told their staff that their efforts to use the Russia story to get Trump removed had failed, and they would be getting together to devise another strategy which would be announced soon.

        (this was the genesis of the 1619 project)

        This is the new room, not the editorial staff.

        And that is the organization complaining about “right wing media” being partisan.

    2. At least the bias isn’t barely concealed anymore. So that’s something.

  17. While you cancel Thanksgiving and Christmas and go into lockdowns, politicians travel to Hawaii.

    1. It’s the same thing as the Davos and celebrity crowd flying to Climate Change conferences on their private jets, each burning a small towns annual carbon output while they posture and party.

      They never intended for the rules to apply to them.

      1. ​In America and around the world, a transnational elite postures for itself and despises the people it rules. This is a recipe for a bloody revolution.

      2. The rules never apply to the ruling class.

    2. the event’s purpose was to “provide a setting, away from the Capitol, for elected officials and a diverse group of industry experts to consider policy matters in a nonpartisan manner.”

      This is the part where they destroy any American businessman other than the sycophants who bow to the political and bureaucratic class.

      Ayn Rand has been discredited for the most part, but it actuality, she was a prophetess. At least we know which dystopia we are living in.

      1. Why do you think we’re only living in *one* of them? I suspect we’re going to get to live in several of them simultaneously.

      2. I’ve heard Topeka, Kansas is a nice place and it’s much more central than Hawaii.

      3. Ayn Rand was a selfish cunt like Mormons. Fuck you Chuck!

        1. Ayn Rand was a selfish cunt

          LOL! Rand wrote a book titled The Virtue of Selfishness, so that certainly isn’t the scathing criticism you must think it is. We already know you are an ignorant, petty little man, you don’t need to constantly reinforce it.

          1. That’s why I called her a selfish cunt dumbass.

            Goddamn you Mormons are dumb!

            Kill your family and yourself!

    3. Aristocrats are immune to coronavirus. Only the peasants are susceptible, that’s why the aristocrats are so worried about your health and wellbeing.

    4. Since when does public policy apply to apparatchiks?


    Given that most ppl don’t go to college, student loan debt forgiveness would be largely (not entirely, but largely) a wealth transfer to more well-off (or soon-to-be well-off) ppl, paid for in part by ppl who couldnt go to college, chose not to, paid their way, or paid loans off.

    1. It’s the upper middle class rewarding itself for a hard fought victory over democracy and the proles.

      1. It is the most singly regressive policy this country has ever considered.

    2. Don’t worry it’ll trickle back down to you losers.

      1. Wow. Hate speech .

        1. Burn him!

      2. And us poor suckers who actually paid off our college loans.

        I hope elected officials end up hanging in gas stations over this.

        1. And what off Trump’s bankruptcies?

          1. That has what to do with me paying off loans and then having grad students with degrees in ethnic studies getting their loans forgiven?

            1. One plus, though, is that “forgiveness” would have to be treated like taxable income.

          2. ????
            Was that taxpayers dollars you gibbering fuck?

            1. What’s it to you Canadian?

              1. That’s all you’ve got Jeff? Not going to bother thinking, huh.

              2. I suppose that is a way to answer a question. A poor way, mind you.

          3. You mean the ones where people voluntarily extended credit to Donald Trump on the hopes of making money (Risk vs Reward). That is on them. How does that equate to the government forcing others to pay for other people’s bad decisions? Or do you want to bailout his creditors making his cons subsidized by the taxpayer like you want for student loans?

      3. Like my piss will be trickling down your face?

    3. With Biden proposing a $10,000 student loan forgiveness, any guesses on how much college tuition will increase next year?

      1. there is a lot of math involved but i’d guess forgiveness squared + materials to be determined and will now charge in class learning as rental fees for deck space.

    4. College debt should be discharged in bankruptcy, but total forgiveness is too far.

      1. Actually, colleges should be put on the hook to provide refunds. That nobody is demanding that shows that this just a giveaway.

        1. “”Actually, colleges should be put on the hook to provide refunds.””

          I don’t know. Perhaps in some situations. But if you are not prepared to learn at a college level and you suck in school, you can’t blame the school. Also college is no guarantee of a job. So what situation would allow for a refund?

          1. Colleges are infinitely more responsible for the debt problem than, you know, I am. If they’re going to entertain loan forgiveness, colleges need to eat it hard.

        2. I went to college later in life. I had the right mindset. After class I would have younger kids asking me how I knew the answers to the questions the professor was asking. I always had the same answer, I read the assignment.

          A lot of kids do not do the homework, do not turn in homework timely, and are not really interested in the subject matter. They are there because they think that is what they suppose to do. We should not fund these people at all.

      2. Delaware Senator Biden sponsored the bill preventing bankruptcy from including student loan debt. This problem is partly his creation.

  19. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said Monday that he has come under increasing pressure in recent days from fellow Republicans…

    Finally, a Republican official we can believe without question.

    (Although I do actually believe he probably felt pressured.)

    1. (Although I do actually believe he probably felt pressured.)



    According to Biden campaign metrics, online chatter about the Hunter Biden story during the election’s last week was greater than it was around Hillary’s emails during last month of ’16. The difference: it never spilled over into mainstream outlets.

    1. The difference: it never spilled over into mainstream outlets.

      They learned their lesson from ’16 and this time just ignored any story that reflected poorly on their preferred candidate.

    2. “it never spilled over into mainstream outlets.”

      The Koch financed nonlibertartians at Reason made sure not to mention it either, except to claim those who exposed these key facts were/are conspiracy theorists.

      1. And, that it was totes okay for Twitter/FB to censor stories about it. Totally cool with Vox Light Libertarians.

        1. I like how Biden stealing from cancer patients came out after the election.

  21. “Before Trump won in 2016, conservative media was actually, finally, starting to develop a marginal sense of independence. But once he became the president all of that just fell apart. Now you can’t have a conservative outlet unless you worship Donald Trump,” early online conservative columnist Matthew Sheffield tells The New York Times.

    So all of a sudden it isn’t “private company” and “market forces anymore, ENB?
    …I’m having trouble with the rhetorical whiplash.

    Neocon NeverTrumpers like Sheffield better enjoy their ‘principled’ adulation while they still can, though. The fix is almost done and they’ll go back to being ‘enemies of the people’ once Harris is sworn in.

    1. When I go for unbiased, non partisan opinions, I go to the NYT.

      1. Where do you go for blatant propaganda?

        1. fAuX nEws!!!1!

          Oh, wait… they don’t like Tump anymore so I guess they’re now pRinCipLeD.

          1. Fox only likes winners.

            1. No one likes you!

              Goddamn piece of shit!
              Kill all the Mormons!

    2. For the past 4 years, “conservatives” have had plenty of misgivings about Trump.

      However, the bald-faced media-lying and swamp-couping has resulted in repeated “Please don’t make me defend Donald Trump” comments.

      It persisted to such degrees and Trump was vindicated so many times, that a huge portion of the population came to actually admire and desire Trump as POTUS.

      That’s how bad the left is.

      1. This….. absolutely.

        I spent the first 2 years, plus campaign, prefacing my remarks with such disclaimers. I very publicly predicted that Trump would get zero votes in the primary. I was wrong about that.

        And somehow the media and democrat politicians managed to be so horrible, so over the top and laugh out loud wrong about everything that I ended up spending most of my time tearing down their ludicrous straw man attacks and outright lies.

        The worst are the absolute canards that are also lies. Like the story of the racist and privileged white conservative christian boys who assaulted a peaceful native american elder that was used to prove that Trump is the most racist president in history. A cursory glance proved that everything they were saying was not just wrong, but quite obviously fabricated and completely the opposite of everything claimed. And they still have not fully backed off on that story.

        Attacking some random kid like that should get every right-thinking human up in arms. The fact that it didn’t is kind of terrifying.

        The same goes for so many of the attempts from the left to demonize their opposition over the last few years.

        It wasn’t enough to disagree with Kavanaugh’s judicial philosophy – something I knew nothing about and wouldn’t really have had any particular attachment to. No, they had to go out and accuse a man who is by all accounts a complete boy scout and ideal family man of being a gang rapist. And they went all-in on it too… passionately believing the completely unbelievable. Which I found terrifying. Watching them spin up fantastical tales to demonize an individual like that, simply over politics made me think of history’s examples of similar behavior.

        The idea that anyone – left, right or center – could possibly go along with these people is so unbelievable to me that I had a hard time grappling with it. It made me realize that the insanity I find in history books is not relegated to far away places and the distant past. There is an innate feature of the human mind that encourages this sort of thing, and as our forefathers warned, we must be constantly vigilant to protect against such evils.

        1. Me three. I voted for GarJo in 2016, then was amused in a detached fashion about Trump and media shenanigans for the first 2 years or so. Then when I started thinking I should pay attention in prep for this year’s election, I was surprised by how often I found Trump not all that bad. Biggest eye opener was finally going and actually watching the “very fine people” press conference. What he actually said in context, vs what media said he said are not even remotely connected. That was when I started to see media bias had shifted to a whole new level, that media was in effect acting as part of the Democratic party organization.

      2. + a cubic shitload

        1. +15,000,000 dead mormons!

          1. +1 AIDS-ridden KillAllRednecks

    3. “So all of a sudden it isn’t “private company” and “market forces anymore, ENB?
      …I’m having trouble with the rhetorical whiplash.”

      I also noticed that lack of sanctity of MUH PRIVATE PLAFORMZ!!!


    More than 11,000 adults across England and Wales were interviewed. The Institute then used a technique called Multilevel Regression Poststratification, which certainly sounds very sciency. This revealed that working from home — and the lockdowns that force people to work from home — are racist. And you can’t argue with science.


      Working from home could lead to more prejudice, report warns

    2. Not necessary. They have told us that being white is racist. And being male is sexist. And earning a living is privileged.

  23. “The FBI’s 2019 hate crime statistics are out.”

    The new phone books are here! The new phone books are here!

    1. I hate cans.

      1. Today I found out what my special purpose is for.


    It’s now the default position among most progressive journalists that companies like Substack need to do a better job protecting readers from themselves, and have a duty to censor writers they (the journalists) find too offensive to publish.


      Here’s an email exchange I had with someone yesterday about that
      article that maligned Substack as nothing more than a place of unearned privilege and entitlement. As Substack (and other independent-voice-supporting platforms like Patreon) thrive, these attacks will grow.

    2. Ideas and opinions are dangerous.

      1. All freedom is dangerous.

        1. Freedom is just slavery to the natural world. We must rise above it!

          1. We must rise up against the evil Mormons or else they will force their goddamn batshit beliefs on everyone!

            Die you piece of shit!

    3. The assault on freedom of speech is out in the open and full throttle. This is just a side battle in the larger battle being waged.

      We all watched as crazy conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was booted from all major tech platforms in a coordinated manner. Reason was in the front row, cheering his demise. I was sounding the alarm, as they went after him across all platforms including banking and payment processing, hosting… the whole 9 yards. Those who followed and hated him saw it as a victory. I saw this as a very dangerous precedent.

      Now here we are. Outlets like “Conservative Treehouse” are being deplatformed. Not crazy space-alien conspiracy theorists… just conservative bloggers.

      National politicians like AOC are publicly calling for lists of Trump supporters to be drawn up so that they can be appropriately punished in the future.

      And all of this is being done without facing any criticism. The media either stands silent on the subject (why do you think I had to track down a Washington Examiner article about WordPress deplatforming conservative sites? Because it didn’t make any larger and more liberal papers) or openly supports it.

      This is the time for civil libertarians to stand up. It isn’t only government action that threatens a free society. We are capable of totally screwing it up ourselves without any help. And if a magazine with the masthead motto of “free markets and free minds” can’t stand up for free expression, who can?

      1. Free association. If twitter does not want to associate with Alex Jones et al., then the government should not force them to.

        1. Reading comprehension bro. Nothing in Cyto’s post talked about the government fixing anything. It was a critique of the media’s coordinated, anti-free speech attacks on disfavored speech.

          1. Which is all free association in action. Free expression is part of it. Many libertarians fail to understand the counter-party’s rights in these situations. Twitter deplatforming Jones is an example of free expression. Twitter is expressing their preference to not amplify messages of psychic vampires.

            Cyto already identified the Washington Examiner and other publications who will and continue to provide a platform for “alternative facts” and whatnot. So what are we left to infer?

            1. People should remind others that Twitter has NO problem with the head of Iran posting. They agree with what he is saying.


    The extraordinary joke of all of this is Obama — to warn of the dangers of disinformation — chose to give a key interview to ***Jeffrey Goldberg***, author of the most destructive disinformation of the last 20 years. Those warning about “disinformation” are its worst purveyors.

    The outlets most loudly demanding suppression of “disinformation” — CNN, NBC, The Atlantic, etc — are the ones who not only sold the bullshit of the Iraq War but also the last 4 years of deranged Russia-took-over! conspiratorial insanity. They want their discourse monopoly back

    1. Uh…. Obama personally oversaw the initiation of the Russia investigation and the deliberate set-up of innocent people for prosecution because of political affiliation.

      I’d say that makes him an expert on disinformation campaigns.

      1. You must be mistaken. Authoritative sources officially declared the Obama administration to be completely scandal-free.

        1. Which is true. There was no scandal. Nobody really even blinked an eye.

  26. Has Reason attempted at a nuance stance on what social media – Twitter in particular – is doing censoring the President? It’s not enough to say ‘much private corporation’. That’s an unprincipled, lazy cop-out. The big picture here is why are they even engaging in it and to a SITTING PRESIDENT no less. That demands more than just a snark. They seem to condone it because it’s Trump.

    I feel like this place is one article away from a ‘The five best organic, free-trade dildos on the market’ report.

    1. “That’s an unprincipled, lazy cop-out.”

      Welcome to Reason 2020, where the agenda is set by JournoList and the content by Twitter.

      I hope Gillespie, Rommelman and Robby head over to Substack soon, and leave Reason to the Koch and Soros handpuppets.

      1. unreason got prepaid for years of propaganda.

        Charles Koch Says His Partisanship Was a Mistake

        We all knew the Kochs were acting like they supported America and Libertarians ideals. These pieces of shit get in close and then destroy America from the inside out. RINOs and LINOs.

    2. Twitter hasn’t censored Trump at all. They have attached notices to his tweets. The tweets are right there for anyone to see.

    3. ‘The five best organic, free-trade dildos on the market’ report.

      Are you trying to summon the ghost of the Crusty Juggler, because this is how you summon the ghost of the Crusty.

      1. No babtism of the dead is disrespectful and WRONG you lying, thieving piece of shit!

        Kill all the mormons!


    4. I coulda swore that trumps twitter feed was declared a public forum that could not be censored, by our supreme court overlords.

  27. Prepare for more of this, with dems in power, and prepare for reason to ignore it even harder.

    1. “Howle said he was not concerned about the public health implications of bringing people from around the country together because of the stringent requirements in Hawaii’s mandatory Safe Travels program. To avoid a lengthy quarantine, visitors must provide proof of a negative Covid test taken within 72 hours of arrival.”

      So then, we can get the whole fam together for Thanksgiving if they all get booger tests, right?

      1. Are you all elected officials? If not, then no.

        1. We are in my family. Titles include “Most Annoying Uncle” and “Kid with the Weirdest Haircut”. Most elections have be called, but some factions are protesting.


    The Dem student loan forgiveness scheme would turn higher education into an even worse example of Chumponomics: a system that relies on chumps who pay full freight to subsidize those who don’t.

    …Socialists artificially exacerbated the student loan process by creating conditions in which loans would be inflated as the cost of education absolutely skyrocketed. There aren’t many goods on Earth whose cost inflated faster than university tuition over the past decade.

    …They’ve rarely been more aggressive about using this tactic than with higher education and health care. The latter is the bigger prize, but student loans are a useful crowbar for widening class divisions that can be exploited for political and monetary gain.

    1. This student loan debt jubilee plan is basically an admission that colleges charge WAY too much for FAR too little a return on their investment, even when you take into account the relatively higher pay that college grads receive.

      What’s also left unsaid here is that it’s a bailout for the privileged, white liberal upper middle class, who spent their 20s and 30s consoooooooooooming and getting what they now admit are useless degrees, instead of paying down the loans that they willingly signed on for.

    2. And still nobody seems to care where all that money is going. Why can universities exempt themselves from taxes when they’re racking up those fat endowments? Why doesn’t anyone advocating a wealth tax want to tax the wealth that these universities fleeced from students?

  29. If Americans Can No Longer Trust Our Elections, We’re In Big Trouble

    Luckily, when Trump vs Biden throws out Biden’s “win”, the Lefties will go back to hating the Constitution and burning down property.

    1. Still, you might want to work on that “TRUMP 2024!!!” ASCII art. You know, just in case.

    2. I agree, if Americans no long trust elections, our society will not last much longer.

      Gee, I wonder who keeps asserting, without evidence, that the election was rigged? Who has a massive cult that believes every word of his, even when it contradicts plain evidence in front of their eyes?

      1. “”Gee, I wonder who keeps asserting, without evidence, that the election was rigged?””

        What year?

        2000 was rigged by SCOTUS
        2016 was rigged by the Russians.

      2. “”if Americans no long trust elections, our society will not last much longer. “”

        Perhaps, perhaps not. One thing the intel community has been talking about is a Russian propaganda campaign aimed at destabilizing the US. Democrats only ran with the part where they wanted to help Trump and inserted their own reasons why. They totally ignored the to destabilize our country part and added 4 years worth of serious fuel to that fire. They have helped the Russians. If anyone really gives a shit, everyone would step back and calm down.

        It’s like the old Star Trek episode where the entity that lived off violence puts Klingons on the Enterprise. The entity agitated everyone so they would fight. The entity also made it where no one would die, just keep fighting. They forced the entity from the ship when they realized what was happening, they stopped fighting, and started laughing at the entity.

    3. Well I for one believe what I read in the NYT and see on CNN and hear on NPR and I sure as hell don’t trust our elections now that I know how easily they can be hacked by the Russians.


    Andy Ngo’s videos show things like Antifa throwing fireworks at people who are eating dinner.

    What he conveniently leaves out is that these people disagree with Brandy politically.

    1. So disagreeing with someone’s politics now makes them fair game to throw fireworks at them while they eat dinner. Got it.

      On a completely unrelated note, I’m gonna head up to Wyoming to buy some fireworks and then swing by Boulder on my way back down…

  31. Tomorrow, Senate Republicans will hold yet another political circus with CEOs of Twitter, Facebook & Google. They want less moderation of hate speech, etc. Dems want more.

    But gov’t can’t force either. At most, it can ensure that websites aren’t sued for blocking hate speech

    If you’re unironically using the term “hate speech”, we’re done here. It’s not worth my time arguing with or listening to anybody with the mentality of a thirteen year old girl.

    1. “I hate you, mommy, I hate you!”

  32. Democrat Senate Candidate Raphael Warnock Refuses To Answer Questions About Past Child Abuse Investigation

    Republican incumbent US Senator Perdue beat Ossoff by almost 86,000 votes even with the election fraud.

    Loeffler and Perdue will be reelected and it will be 52 GOP to 48 Lefties in the US Senate. With Pence as the tie breaker until 2025.

    1. Thank goodness. Gridlock will (hopefully) keep Biden’s spending plans in check.

      1. Give it 2 years and the 25th Amendment will have a lot more to do with it than any pesky election.

        Kamala’s plans are worse mind you, but I don’t think anyone on team D seriously thinks Biden is running the show for the entire term. He’ll say the right things, and after 2 years of dealing with an obstructionist Senate he’ll be removed because such a futile battle has taken too much of a toll on the poor guy.

      2. “”Thank goodness. Gridlock will (hopefully) keep Biden’s spending plans in check.””

        I’m a fan of gridlock myself, but there is a possibility that the dems will gain control of all three branches or at least split the Senate which gives the tie breaking vote to the dems.

        Where are you hoping republicans win? Senate seats in GA? Trump pulls a hail mary?

  33. Funny how the violent, racist, psychopath that is DJT will wind up killing fewer Arab civilians than Biden/Harris will:

    Trump Is Said to Be Preparing to Withdraw Troops From Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia
    Facing the end of his time in power, the president is pushing to accelerate withdrawals from counterterrorism conflicts. He campaigned on ending the longstanding wars.

    WASHINGTON — President Trump is expected to order the U.S. military to withdraw thousands of troops from Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia by the time he leaves office in January, using the end of his time in power to significantly pull back American forces from far-flung conflicts around the world.

    Under a draft order circulating at the Pentagon on Monday, the number of U.S. forces in Afghanistan would be halved from the current deployment of 4,500 troops, officials said.

    In Iraq, the Pentagon would trim force levels slightly below the 3,000 troops that commanders had previously announced. And in Somalia, virtually all of the more than 700 troops conducting training and counterterrorism missions would leave.

    Taken together, the cuts reflect Mr. Trump’s longstanding desire to stop shouldering the cost of long-running military engagements against Islamist insurgencies in failed and fragile countries in Africa and the Middle East, a grinding mission that has spread since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

    1. In before Jeff Sarc, Chipper and WK tell us why it’s not actually happening and why it’s too rushed.

      1. You’re fucking obsessed dude. It’ s creeping me out.

        1. Heh. That’s “obsessing”? Is that really you comeback?

          1. I look through some of these threads, and I sometimes see you and Jesse taking my name in vain more often than I post. It makes my skin crawl how you guys think about me so much.

            1. If you think that’s creepy, just wait until they show up outside your house holding a boombox over their heads playing Careless Whisper. Wham!

              I kid, I kid…

            2. Basically you’re bitching that we’re picking on you by calling your stupidity out, and you’re trying to portray that as some kind of stalking.
              Lol, you’re so pathetic.

              Also “taking my name in vain”.
              Sarc thinks he’s Jesus or something. I’m laughing my ass off.

              1. You think everyone is me. It’s hilarious and creepy at the same time. I’m squirrely and alphabet and jeff and who knows who else, all at the same time. It’s like I’ve got magical powers or something. So yeah, I may as well be Jesus to you the way you see me everywhere, or is that the Virgin Mary? Well that ain’t me. I fucked your mom last night.

                    1. Highlight the name. That was ” sarcasmic” not “sarcasmic”. Some imposter put a space before the name and pretended to be me.

                    2. Though I’m sure you won’t believe stupid facts like that that because it would shatter your entire worldview.

                    3. I just tried putting spaces before a nick. It said it was protected. I suspect bullshit.

            3. If you didn’t bullshit as often as you do, perhaps you wouldn’t get called on it as often as you are.

              1. All you do is shout playground taunts from your ivory tower. Get fucked Sevo. You’ve never added anything of substance to a single conversation in all the years I’ve been here. A bull’s tits are more useful than you.

                1. Sevo’s Ivory Tower, lol. What esoteric pursuits will Sevo be doing today?

                  You don’t seem to understand what Ivory Tower alludes to. What with this and your misuse of ‘strawman’ and ‘false equivalence’, I’m starting to suspect you aren’t the boomer you claim to be. They at least were taught what the phrases actually mean.

      2. I’ll give Trump credit for withdrawing troops and ending wars when he actually does so. You CACLLs give him a lot of “A’s for effort”.

        1. The FBI openly plots against the sitting president and the military leadership hides troops from him, but he is the problem. God, you are so fucking stupid.

          1. No Chuck YOURE FUCKING STUPID! You take the rantings of a pedo con artist as gospel!

            You and all the Mormons deserve to die!

        2. The White Knight
          October.22.2020 at 3:18 pm

          It means conservative and conservative-leaning libertarian, and I coined it.
          Is there a law in Canada that ordinary people aren’t allowed to coin acronyms!? Here in the godamn USA we have freedom of speech!!! *waves flag superhard*

          1. LOL, you bookmark my comments because they matter to you so much. Awesome!

            1. We enjoy ridiculing your stupid lefty ass

            2. I love mocking you, WK, and you definitely earn it.

    2. President Trump is expected to order the U.S. military to withdraw thousands of troops from Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia

      The DoD is expected to sue to prevent the order from being instituted. The lawsuit will of course be mooted by Joe Biden taking office and rescinding the order.

      1. Followed by the NYT et al mediasplaining to the rest of us proles how Trump’s troop withdrawal was “rushed” and “short sighted” because forever war is the tits now that the establishment is back in charge, baby!

    1. WaPo’s not quite NYT evil yet, but they’re getting there.


    “We’re going to cancel 50k in student debt so you can get yourself into $250k in mortgage debt.

    And Your kids- who will continue to have to honor their contracts- will also be footing this bill.

    1. To be fair, in The Great Reset, they won’t actually own a home. They’ll just rent it out like they do everything else.

    2. Btw Tom Winter who’s twitter is promoting this is beyond so two faced. Complaining about debt (student loans too) in mt, cost of living then buying up land throughout Missoula and he goes and builds super expensive housing is really helping nothing but his pocket books. Watch out for that POS moving into the national stage.

  35. Maine woman arrested and charged with threatening to murder Sen. Susan Collins:

    On Nov. 11, Preble allegedly left six similar voicemails at the senator’s Washington, D.C., office. In one, Preble stated: “We the people are going to put you in front of firing squads,” the affidavit said. “Stretch you by the neck. Decapitate you.”

    1. Mostly peacefully.

      1. If that’s supposed to be a dig against liberals apologism for antifa and rioters, let’s remember that Susan Collins is on Trump’s shit list, so it is very likely the person making the threats is a Trump fan.

        1. Collins is still (R), which is enough to make any self-anointed warrior of the left ready to “peacefully” attack.

          1. Trump has informed us many times that Susan Collins is a “RINO”. Any Republican who doesn’t tow the Trump lion is a “RINO”.

        2. Why are you like this?

          1. Why are you a Mormon piece of shit?

            1. Why are you a psychotic piece of shit?

              1. I’m not.

                1. You’re an AIDS-ridden faggot. Faggot.

          2. Because Dee is a squawking bird.

        3. You gonna provide a cite for this, or is that only for the rest of us?

          It’s amazing how frequently you change your opinion on wild ass speculation.

  36. Democrats Claim They Want ‘Unity’ But Keep Calling Me A Nazi

    After spending 20 years claiming that Al Gore won in 2000, four years claiming that Hillary Clinton won in 2016, and two years claiming that Stacey Abrams is the actual governor of Georgia, leftist media continued to reject basic reality when they unanimously declared that Joe Biden, on his third attempt, is now president-elect of the United States.

    The facts that the Trump campaign is actively challenging some results, and that recounts are scheduled to occur, or that the media are not endowed with the ultimate authority to erase electoral procedure with their enthusiastic projections, to them are irrelevant details.

    On the back of this media-endorsed “victory,” Biden took to the stage and delivered what the left are describing as a “call for unity.”

    Democrats already declared war on America just like Democrats declared war on the USA in 1861.

    1. While peaceful protestors keep beating MAGA deplorables in the street.

      There will be no unity.

      I can’t see how one can accept Biden as legit.

      At this point, fight is the only option. Fuck the DNC for what they’ve done the last four years.

      1. White Knight’s going to try accusing me of fomenting revolution, but what else can you Americans do when an attempt to subvert your democracy is being perpetrated by the clerisy and the bureaucracy?

        1. Democrats already started Civil War 2.0. Its self-defense for non-Lefties at this point.

          1. Civil war? Really? That’s got to be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read.

            1. You’ve really got nothing, huh.

              1. Yep. I got no troops shooting at each other. I’ve got no stacks of dead bodies. I’ve got no tanks rolling through the streets. Yep, when it comes to this supposed civil war I’ve indeed got nothing. Nothing at all.

                1. Pretty sure DNC militias have been on the streets burning and looting since summer.
                  Maybe you can explain why if there’s no war being perpetrated by team DNC, so many urban cores are all boarded up.

                  1. That’s called civil unrest, not civil war.

                    1. Not when it’s the militia of one of the only two (real) political parties.

        2. It’s pretty fucked up that a Canadian, who won’t even have to face the consequences of a civil war, comes here and pines for one to happen.

          1. Yeah, no neighboring county in the world feels the affects of civil war.

            1. Baloney, a second American civil war would be something Mother’s follows in his web browser, sucking back a Molson’s, at a safe distance from the bullets.

              If I were sitting here cheering for a Canadian civil war, Mother’s would not be saying, “That’s cool, White Knight.”

              1. You’re fucking stupid Dee.

          2. Pretty fucked up that WK only thinks borders are a thing when it suits his rhetoric.

            1. True. You’ll probably be right on the border sniping at liberals with your high-powered rifle. What an asshole.

              1. high-powered rifle

                Can’t help you there, but I had a .22 when I was young that I gave to my brother. He probably still has it.

                Can I use that?

    2. The Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) are appalled that Donald Trump is damaging our democracy and our most sacred institutions by refusing to concede until all the votes are counted, despite the fact that they displayed no such consternation when Joe Biden insisted all the votes must be counted and Hillary Clinton urged him not to concede under any circumstances.

      It’s also odd that the media are so hysterical about the possibility of Trump illegally and unconstitutionally refusing to concede power when there’s a long history of Trump conceding to court orders blocking him from enacting various policies he tried to put forward. When has Trump ever refused to follow the law except in their imaginations?

  37. A lawyer for the United States argued Monday that the government has the power to kill its citizens without judicial oversight when state secrets are involved….

    Sounds like he was saying the “in his head” parts out loud. I hope for his sake that his overlords don’t decide to add his name to a certain list for running his mouth too much.

    One of the journalists, U.S. citizen Bilal Abdul Kareem, says his interviews with al-Qaida-linked militants landed him on the U.S. kill list. Just in June and August 2016, Kareem says, the U.S. government targeted him five times, including one drone strike involving a U.S.-made Hellfire missile.

    Ah yes, the good ole kill list. I mean “disposition matrix,” sorry. I look forward to a return to the good old days of June and August of 2016 when the POTUS could just have people whacked like some kind of mob boss and the media would just ignore it lest they be spied on by the Justice Department.

    1. Killing US citizens without a trial is fine as long as they follow due process by having the president personally consider the case before ordering the hit.

      1. Declared ‘Enemy of the State’, baby!

        1. Mormons are the real enemy.
          Russell Nelson needs to hang by his magic underwear!

  38. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said Monday that he has come under increasing pressure in recent days from fellow Republicans, including Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (S.C.), who he said questioned the validity of legally cast absentee ballots

    Well obviously it’s wrong to question the validity of legally cast ballots, you should only be able to question the validity of ballots that are of questionable legality. And, just as obviously, it’s wrong to question the legality of ballots that are of questionable legality. That’s simple logic.

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  40. “Before Trump won in 2016, conservative media was actually, finally, starting to develop a marginal sense of independence. But once he became the president all of that just fell apart. Now you can’t have a conservative outlet unless you worship Donald Trump,” early online conservative columnist Matthew Sheffield tells The New York Times.

    I guess Sheffield has never heard of National Review. Or maybe, just as Asians don’t count as people of color because they are relatively successful socioeconomically (see recent Volokh Conspiracy posts by Eugene Volokh and David Bernstein), so publications like National Review don’t count as conservative because they aren’t Trump cheerleaders. It’s not hard to pull a rabbit out of a hat if you stick it in the hat first.

    1. I believe this is known as “concern trolling”, pretending to give advice to your enemy under the pretext of caring deeply that your enemy “do the right thing”.


    it staggers me that we’re still having this argument.

    the truth is utterly simple and perfectly clear:

    anyone who still speaks of “cases” as “proven” by a positive PCR test at 40Ct (or even 30) is either virologically illiterate or seeking to mislead you

    these are not cases.

    …this is why NONE of the vaccine trials accept this definition of “covid case.” all require symptomatic conformation as well.

    mass testing is NOT the cure to an epidemic. it’s the progenitor of a fake one.

    we’ve made this mistake before

  42. Just in June and August 2016, Kareem says, the U.S. government targeted him five times, including one drone strike involving a U.S.-made Hellfire missile.

    That means Obama did it and that makes it bad. Had the exact same thing happened a year later it would have been glorious and wonderful because Trump.

    1. Explain to me how targeting an American journalist like Kareem is same-same as targeting an enemy Iranian general who had just killed American troops.

      1. Since that strawman exists only in your head, you’re the only one who can explain it.

        1. Gen. Qassem Soleimani is a strawman?

          Shit, I know you guys memory hole stuff, but damn.

          1. The false equivalence is the strawman.

            1. How the fuck is that false equivalence?

              1. “Explain to me how targeting an American journalist like Kareem is same-same as targeting an enemy Iranian general who had just killed American troops.”

                1. Which is exactly what you were implying.
                  “same thing happened a year later it would have been glorious and wonderful because Trump.”

            2. And no, false equivalence and strawmanning aren’t the same thing.

              You’re just throwing out buzzwords, huh.

      2. My point was that the actions don’t matter. What matters is who ordered it. Obama bad. Trump good.

        1. Your point was retarded. They guy Obama tried to drone was an American citizen, the guy Orange Hitler droned had targeted and killed American troops.

          If you can’t tell the difference you’re a piece of shit.

        2. “My point was that the actions don’t matter. What matters is who ordered it. Obama bad. Trump good.”

          You didn’t have a “point”; you had your fantasy.

        3. My point was that the actions don’t matter. What matters is who ordered it. Obama bad. Trump good.

          Oh, that was the false equivalence. Now we understand…

          1. Die you mormon waste of goddamn life

            1. You do know that Iranian general was really a Mormon.
              Trump says you’re welcome.

    2. “…That means Obama did it and that makes it bad. Had the exact same thing happened a year later it would have been glorious and wonderful because Trump.”

      Gee, lefty shit makes up hypothetical, claims it to be an ‘argument’.
      It isn’t; it’s a fantasy of yours.

      1. Still waiting for you to link to a single, solitary comment of mine where I sing the praises of the left.

        Just one.

        You can’t do it.

        But you can keep thinking I’m a southpaw because I’m not a Trump fan and because I make fun of conservatards like you.

  43. Fifteen Asian or Pacific Island countries are coming together to form the world’s largest free trade bloc, signing a Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) over the weekend. The 15 countries are Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam.

    Fourteen of those countries know which way the wind is blowing.


    Standard tests identify SARS-CoV-2 infections by isolating and amplifying viral RNA using a procedure known as the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), which relies on multiple cycles of amplification to produce a detectable amount of RNA. The CT value is the number of cycles necessary to spot the virus; PCR machines stop running at that point. If a positive signal isn’t seen after 37 to 40 cycles, the test is negative. But samples that turn out positive can start out with vastly different amounts of virus, for which the CT value provides an inverse measure. A test that registers a positive result after 12 rounds, for a CT value of 12, starts out with more than 10 million times as much viral genetic material as a sample with a CT value of 35.

    But the same sample can give different CT values on different testing machines, and different swabs from the same person can give different results. “The CT value isn’t an absolute scale,” says Marta Gaglia, a virologist at Tufts University. That makes many clinicians wary, Mina says. “Clinicians are cautious by nature,” Mina says. “They say, ‘If we can’t rely on it, it’s not reliable.’” In an August letter in Clinical Infectious Diseases, members of the College of American Pathologists urged caution in interpreting CT values.

    …n a study published this week in Clinical Infectious Diseases, researchers led by Bernard La Scola, an infectious diseases expert at IHU-Méditerranée Infection, examined 3790 positive samples with known CT values to see whether they harbored viable virus, indicating the patients were likely infectious. La Scola and his colleagues found that 70% of samples with CT values of 25 or below could be cultured, compared with less than 3% of the cases with CT values above 35. “It’s fair to say that having a higher viral load is associated with being more infectious,” says Monica Gandhi, an infectious diseases specialist at the University of California, San Francisco.

    Conversely, people often test positive for weeks or even months after they recover but have high CT values, suggesting the PCR has identified genetic material from noninfectious viral debris.

    …CT values could also help clinicians flag patients most at risk for severe disease and death. A report in June from researchers at Weill Cornell Medicine found that among 678 hospitalized patients, 35% of those with a CT value of 25 or less died, compared with 17.6% with a CT value of 25 to 30 and 6.2% with a CT value above 30. In August, researchers in Brazil found that among 875 patients, those with a CT value of 25 or below were more likely to have severe disease or die.

    Gandhi agrees that having access to CT values could help clinicians identify people at high risk for developing symptoms. Nevertheless, she and others note that a high viral load doesn’t necessarily lead to disease; some 40% of people who contract SARS-CoV-2 stay healthy even though they have a similar amount of virus to patients who fall ill. “As a physician, having the CT value is not the only thing I will use” to diagnose and track patients, says Chanu Rhee, a hospital epidemiologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. “But I do still find it helpful.”


      The reverse transcriptase quantitative polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR) test used to identify those people infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus uses a nasal swab to collect RNA from deep within the nasal cavity of the individual being tested. The RNA is reverse transcribed into DNA and amplified through 40 or more cycles, or until virus is detected.4 The result is reported as a simple “yes” or “no” answer to the question of whether someone is infected.

      …Any test with a cycle threshold (CT) above 35 is too sensitive, says Juliet Morrison, PhD, a virologist at the University of California, Riverside. “I’m shocked that people would think that 40 [cycles] could represent a positive.” A more reasonable cutoff would be 30 to 35, she added. Dr. Mina said he would set the figure at 30, or even less. Those changes would mean the amount of genetic material in a patient’s sample would have to be 100-fold to 1,000-fold that of the current standard for the test to return a positive result worth acting on.6

      The CDC’s own calculations suggest that it is extremely difficult to detect any live virus in a sample above a threshold of 33 cycles.7

      “We’ve been using one type of data for everything, and that is just plus or minus—that’s all,” Dr. Mina said. “We’re using that for clinical diagnostics, for public health, for policy decision-making.” But “yes” or “no” isn’t good enough, he added. It’s the amount of virus that should dictate the infected patient’s next steps. “It’s really irresponsible, I think, to forgo the recognition that this is a quantitative issue,” Dr. Mina said.8

      The number of people with positive results who aren’t infectious is particularly concerning, said Scott Becker, executive director of the Association of Public Health Laboratories. “That worries me a lot, just because it’s so high,” he said.9

      …Officials at the Wadsworth Center, New York’s state lab, have access to CT values from tests they have processed, and analyzed their numbers at The Times’s request. In July, the lab identified 872 positive tests, based on a threshold of 40 cycles. With a cutoff of 35 cycles, about 43 percent of those tests would no longer qualify as positive. About 63 percent would no longer be judged positive if the cycles were limited to 30.

      In Massachusetts, from 85 to 90 percent of people who tested positive in July with a cycle threshold of 40 would have been deemed negative if the threshold were 30 cycles, Dr. Mina said. “I would say that none of those people should be contact-traced, not one,” he said.

      “I’m really shocked that it could be that high—the proportion of people with high CT value results,” said Ashish Jha, MD, director of the Harvard Global Health Institute. “Boy, does it really change the way we need to be thinking about testing.”10

      1. That’s right. Because testing isn’t 100% reliable, therefore, it’s 100% bullshit and feel free to ignore it all. Isn’t that right?

        1. Only pussies and cowards get tested anyway, so what does it matter?

          Real men shun masks and tests, and vote for Trump early and often.

          1. Asshole lefties with TDS drag straw men around.

            Oh, and that testing which ‘isn’t 100% reliable’, jeff?

            “Elon Musk is waiting to find out if he has the coronavirus. He took four tests on the same day, on the same machine. Two came back negative, and two positive.”

            Why not flip a coin instead?

          2. Since the masks failed to stop a massive spike, you’re not exactly making a case for their efficacy here.

            1. I’m saying that masks have become political. No amount of evidence can convince a liberal that they’re ineffective, and no amount of evidence can convince a Trumpista that they help. The evidence will be judged only by the politics of the source. It’s stupid.

              1. Of course they’re political–they became so when the “experts” did a 180-degree flip on their efficacy this spring, following the New England Journal of Medicine blatantly admitting that mask-wearing in public places was little more than a psychological placebo, and that there had been no clinical studies proving “masks work” outside of very limited, controlled settings using high-grade medical masks. Certainly not in containing community spread.

                Start digging into the new “masks work” studies, and their methodology inevitably shows them working backwards from the conclusion.

                Literally the only reason they think “masks work” is because of their Far East fetishism–never mind the fact that these coronaviruses always seem to pop up in that same region over the last few years. The cope in the face of literally every state experiencing these dramatic case spikes is the cognitive dissonance that takes place when the “experts” failed to anticipate reality overcoming their dictats.

                1. I’m not arguing with you. I only wear a mask when the alternative is a conversation (or worse) with the cops.

                  But my point stands. The average liberal will poo-poo your evidence as being politically biased before introducing their own politically biased evidence.

              2. Masks were always political, but you are either incapable or unwilling to see that

                1. Yet you still have yet to show a single post of mine where I praise the left.

                  1. Which has nothing to do with what I said, and I’ve never called you a leftist.
                    You make yourself look stupid, sarc.
                    YOU do that.

        2. This isn’t “ignore any test that isn’t 100% reliable”, it is recognizing the real possibility (probability is more like it) that we will use a test that is orders of magnitude more sensitive when there is a Republican in the White House than when a Democrat is there, and they will claim the lower case counts are policy driven instead of test driven.

        3. Wooo, laddie, when you have to resort to this kind of false dilemma in the face of the utter failure of “expert” recommendations, it’s pretty clear your Scientism ideology is probably more of a cult.

        4. But it’s not as if it’s 95% reliable and mostly works. It’s way off. Which does make the numbers pretty useless. You are not measuring the number of people actually infected or likely to be spreaders at that point. So it is pretty useless for getting an accurate picture of what is really going on.

  45. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said Monday that he has come under increasing pressure in recent days from fellow Republicans, including Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (S.C.), who he said questioned the validity of legally cast absentee ballots, in an effort to reverse President Trump’s narrow loss in the state.</

    Uh, when Graham questions the validity of ballots, ,what he's doing is questioning whether they were in fact legally cast. By referring to them as "legally cast absentee ballots," Raffensperger (and, by extension, the Washington Post) is begging the question.

    1. Yes, but the narrative so its okay.

  46. I thought there would be way more hate crimes based on how the dinosaur media reports, then I saw it was the 2019 data. I can’t wait to see the 2020 data.


    Absolutely shocking that Twitter didn’t put a warning or “disputed” tag on this
    Quote Tweet
    Jeremy Boreing
    · 2h
    Help me get this message out there wide on the Twitters, guys.

    Brian Kemp rigged the 2018 election in Georgia and stole it from Stacey Abrams.


    1. Lamest troll attempt ever. The Georgia governor election was 2 years ago.

      1. How is it different? Stacy lost, by more than Trump allegedly did. Why is one commented on by Twitter and one is not?

        1. Because the Georgia election was 2 years ago. It’s not “disputed” anymore.

          1. That Twitter user specifically is.

            Again, if you dispute elections, Twitter should be flagging it, right?

            1. That election is over, certified, done. I suppose I can go on Twitter and claim that the 1796 election was rigged too, is Twitter supposed to flag that one? It’s a bullshit comparison that doesn’t actually prove what you want it to prove, it only proves that you’re a bunch of trolls with nothing better to do than to mock Twitter. Don’t you have Parler anyway?

              1. Ahh, so it’s OK for Twitter to stifle SOME disputes but not others. Those whole ToS aren’t meant to be taken seriously, right? Insane to hold companies by the rules THEY create.

                Stacey Abrams has not once ever conceded defeat. She still claims she won. Democrats still stand by her claim.

                Making the whole “Trump should concede” mentality all the more amusing,

              2. Shorter Jeff:
                It’s only controversial if Trump does it.

  48. I’m sorry, that WaPo bit needs to go back for a rewrite, people, haven’t you seen the 2020 style guide? The correct phrasing is:

    Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger asserted without evidence on Monday that he has come under increasing pressure in recent days from fellow Republicans . . .

    Thank you.

  49. Don’t worry, I’m sure that the massive overwhelming fraud in the election will be proved any day now. Any day.

    I must say, it is amusing to see Team Red 2020 turn into a mirror image of Team Blue 2004. Just substitute “Dominion” for “Diebold” and “voting irregularities in Ohio” with “voting irregularities in Georgia and Pennsylvania” and it’s basically an exact fit.

    Just more evidence that both Team Red and Team Blue are idiotic tribal cults that suck people into narrative bubbles.

    1. The only major difference between teams is who and what they want to control.

      Neither team has any use for freedom.

      1. Well, true. But it’s even worse than that. They act like children throwing temper tantrums time and time again. It is no wonder that only a minority of voters identify with either major party. They are the ones being the rational adults here.

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          1. What would I do with a Euro? I think you’re barking up the wrong tree here. Unless you know something I don’t……

      2. There is a vast difference between the parties in regards to their preferred scope of control.

        The Democrats want to reconfigure the entire economy to minimize carbon emissions, force you to sacrifice the healthcare you can buy with Medicare for All, and take your guns away.

        The Democrats also want to restrict your speech online so that you can’t oppose affirmative action online because that’s racist, so that you can’t support building a wall because that’s xenophobic, so that you can’t oppose gay marriage online because that’s homophobic, and so that you can’t oppose abortion because that’s misogynistic.

        We haven’t even started talking about large sugary soft drinks.

        Because neither party is libertarian doesn’t mean that one alternative isn’t vastly superior to the other in that regard, and the Republicans are vastly superior to the Democrats–even if it were only for the subject of socialism alone.

        1. It really isn’t, Ken. It is just different areas of control that either party wishes to dominate. Just because you dislike more strongly one type of control doesn’t mean the other type doesn’t exist. The modern Right wants to rearrange the economy to favor this neo-autarkic economic bullshit, shit on foreigners, build huge walls to keep the dirty brown people out, wave huge flags to proclaim how great USA is while ignoring all of its big problems and/or blaming all of USA’s problems on foreigners or “not real Americans” like those pussy coastal elitists. But not themselves, “real Americans” should be worshipped as the soul of America even while all of their sins and faults are overlooked.

          You bet, a lot of left-wingers would call you a racist if you were in favor of building a border wall. What do you think you would be called by the MAGA crowd if you went on Twitter and proclaimed your support for Kaepernick kneeling for the national anthem? Do you think they would soberly accept your free speech? No you’d be called an America-hater, a Marxist, and a traitor. You don’t like that the left-wing wants to censor certain views through social ostracism. Well I don’t like that the right-wing wants to censor certain views through social ostracism either. You seem to ignore one of them and highlight the other. Why is that, Ken?

          1. Just because you dislike more strongly one type of control doesn’t mean the other type doesn’t exist.

            Because you’re talking about your feelings doesn’t mean I’m talking about mine.

            I gave specific examples.

            Scope = the economy + healthcare + gun rights + speech + perfect solution fallacy.

            Everything I see you writing is about your emotional reaction, and as a grown up, you really shouldn’t think that your precious feelings outweigh facts and logic.

            We should all ignore facts and logic because of Jeff’s precious feelings–what are you, nine years old?!

            1. Oh wait a minute, I’ve seen this scene before.


              Me: Umm Ken, the Republicans aren’t terribly great either…


              1. Are you claiming that the Democrats don’t want to implement the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and a War on Guns?

                Because those are facts.

                I guess you really can’t tell the difference between facts and your feelings?

                One of the differences is that facts don’t change depending on how Jeff feels about them.

                1. “Democrats”, like “Republicans”, aren’t a monolith and don’t all agree on the same thing. Some Democrats want to implement this crazy AOC/Bernie version of a Green New Deal. Some Democrats want nothing to do with it. JUST LIKE, some Republicans want to seal up the border and end all immigration immediately (both legal and illegal), while some Republicans are completely opposed to that idea.

                  Some Democrats are in favor of single-payer health care. Some Democrats are not. JUST LIKE, some Republicans are in favor of banning abortion, and some Republicans are not.

                  If you are going to pretend to be the sober, rational adult, then you should begin by correctly identifying the issues and who supports what. Otherwise you are just demonstrating that you are even more susceptible to Team Red demagoguery than you think you are.

                  YOU are the one who is letting your feelings about “Democrats” interfere with your rational brain. You hear AOC speak and then conclude OMG DEMOCRATS.

                  1. “Democrats”, like “Republicans”, aren’t a monolith and don’t all agree on the same thing.”

                    Biden is calling for the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and a War on Guns on his campaign website and his transition website.

                    The Democrats in the House are more radical than he is. The Democrats overwhelmingly support all three.

                    1. Fact 1:

                      “Biden believes the Green New Deal is a crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges we face. It powerfully captures two basic truths, which are at the core of his plan: (1) the United States urgently needs to embrace greater ambition on an epic scale to meet the scope of this challenge, and (2) our environment and our economy are completely and totally connected.”

                      —-Joe Biden


                    2. Fact(s) 2:

                      “The Biden-Harris Administration will work to ensure that the protections for those with pre-existing conditions that were won with Obamacare are protected. And, they will work to lower health care costs and expand access to quality, affordable health care through a Medicare-like public option.”

                      —-Joe Biden


                      “And he is working to ensure that every American has access to quality, affordable health care, by providing a public option and lowering costs for care and for prescription drugs.

                      —-Joe Biden

                      (Link below)

                      It isn’t Medicare for All.

                      It’s a Medicare like option that every American can join!

                    3. Fact 3:


                      On that link, the whole web page is devoted to promising a war on guns like we’ve never seen before.

                      He’s promising to repeal a law that protects gun manufacturers from lawsuits for the crimes that were perpetrated with their guns. He promises to reinstate the federal assault weapons ban. He promises to start tracking the assault weapons that are already in circulation. He promises to ban the sale of guns and ammunition online. He promises to institute a national gun confiscation program.

                    4. That’s what facts look like.

                      Jeff’s feelings about how other people feel doesn’t look like that at all.

                    5. Biden’s “Green New Deal” is not the same as AOC’s “Green New Deal”. Biden is co-opting the term in order to hope to pass his own very watered down version of it to try to win support among the left-wing of his party. You know this, but you are fully willing to use Team Red’s propaganda to try to pretend they are the same thing in order to scare people.

                      Biden specifically rejected Medicare For All. Again you know this.

                      And WTF is this “War On Guns” nonsense? That he wants to ban so-called “assault rifles”? Yes, that’s right, and that’s bad, but how typical of Team Red to come up with another “War On X” nonsense to scare people. How does this “war” rank compared to the “War On Christmas”?

                      Again you know all this but you lie and distort about what Team Blue is really doing, in order to drive votes to Team Red. Why? I believe it is because YOU are the one who is the over-emotional pants-shitter. You actually believe the Team Red nonsense that Biden is going to “destroy America” or some such. Stop carrying their water.

                    6. “Biden’s “Green New Deal” is not the same as AOC’s “Green New Deal”. Biden is co-opting the term in order to hope to pass his own very watered down version of it to try to win support among the left-wing of his party.”

                      Biden’s Green New Deal forces all power production to be 100% emissions free in 15 years and the entire economy to be emissions free in less than 50 years. Because the timeline in Biden’s Green New Deal isn’t as aggressive as other proposals isn’t that big of a difference.

                      All these are facts though, and I know you can’t tell the difference between facts and feelings. You’re like a little girl throwing a tantrum because other people don’t feel the way you do.

                      If Biden’s death march lets us get there at a later date, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a death march.

                      P.S. No way Biden eliminates the biggest fuel for U.S. energy production in 15 years without banning fracking.

                    7. “”And WTF is this “War On Guns” nonsense? That he wants to ban so-called “assault rifles”? Yes, that’s right, and that’s bad, but how typical of Team Red to come up with another “War On X” nonsense to scare people. How does this “war” rank compared to the “War On Christmas”?””

                      Really Jeff? Ken mentions five areas and you pretend there is one?

                    8. “Biden’s “Green New Deal” is not the same as AOC’s “Green New Deal”.

                      You Really Think jEfF Would Do That? Just Go On the Internet and Tell Lies?

                    9. Lying Jeffy lies. That’s all he really does.

                    10. I’m not sure it’s lying per se.

                      He genuinely has no concept of what facts are.

                      He may be legitimately oblivious to facts.

                      If you don’t understand why facts matter, is it really a lie?

                    11. Well he’s plenty stupid too, so good point.

                    12. He doesn’t know the difference between a lie and the truth because he doesn’t understand the significance of facts.

                      It’s all about feelings. That’s it. Facts are of no importance in relation to Jeff’s feelings. It’s a child’s mind.

            2. Ken, perhaps you might want to start by acknowledging that Republicans want to direct control of the economy AS WELL through tariffs and their protectionist bullshit? That they want to control the types of products that you buy based on where it is made? Can we start there?

              1. I’ve criticized Trump for that. I’m not sure the Republicans are as bad as Trump on that issue.

                Regardless that would be more of a difference between the Democrats and Republicans if Biden or the Democrats were much different from Donald Trump in that regard.

                Have you seen any statements from Biden or the Democrats promising to get rid of Trump’s tariffs? Do you have a link to it, or are you just telling us about your feelings again?

                1. Yeah, you “criticized” Trump for that, while simultaneously begging us all to vote for him. Isn’t that right Ken?

                  1. Yes, there isn’t an anti-immigration regular on this board who doesn’t know that I’m open borders. There isn’t an anti-free trade person on this board who doesn’t know that I’m pro-free trade.

                    And, yes, Trump was vastly superior to Biden in spite of that–especially since Biden is no better than Trump on trade and because Biden’s intended remedies are fundamentally unconstitutional (see DACA).

                    Maybe that’s one of the other ways facts are different from your feelings, Jeff! Facts are weighed pro and con, and there are typically pros and cons on everything. Whenever you make a decision, you do so despite the cons. I bet that doesn’t happen with you, though. Once you know how you feel, it doesn’t matter what the facts are at all! You just pretend they’re all in your favor–like a little tiny child.

                  2. “That guy doesn’t always cover his mouth when he sneezes. That dude other there, on the other hand, has a habit of tossing live grenades about. They BOTH want to kil us. AIIEEE!!!!”

                  3. And here you are, carrying water for a guy who ALSO wants to rearrange the economy according to central planning diktats. STFU Ken, you had your chance to actually support a libertarian who supports free trade and open borders, but you spent your time shitting your pants and shilling for the Orange Clown, because you are a weak-minded scaredy cat who fell prey to Team Red demagoguery and went running to Daddy Trump to save you from the Big Bad Evil Democrats, but you did so with a huge amount of pretense, at 5,000-word essays a pop.

                    Go join the MAGA cult, it is the bed you made. Now lie in it.

                    1. So, all you have is your feelings again?

                      Like I said, this guy won’t cite facts on a dare!

                    2. Like your feelings that Biden is going to “institute a national gun confiscation program”?

                  4. P.S. You don’t have a link to Biden or the Democrats promising to undo Trump’s tariffs, do you.

                    1. Ken, I am not arguing in favor of Team Blue. Biden is about as bad as Trump when it comes to tariffs. I have no problem calling both of them out and actually meaning it. You on the other hand catastrophize what Team Blue is doing and then try to excuse away what Team Red is doing.

                    2. You’re not arguing for anything. You don’t cite facts. You just tell us about your feelings.

            3. Ken, perhaps then we can move on to the culture war that Republicans want to wage, pitting “real Muricans” vs. “coastal elitists”, where the opinions of the common man using “common sense” is to be valued over those of those snooty academics living in ivory towers? That “panels of experts” are nefarious agenda-driven ideologues, but your Uncle Fester who once read something from his buddy on Facebook should instead be the voice of authority on important matters of state?

              1. Again, this is all about your feelings.

                You don’t like the way other people feel.

                So what?

                1. When I say I don’t think Jeff knows the difference between facts and feelings, I’m not kidding.

                  He failed to make a factual argument on a dare!

                  Is there a better explanation?

                2. This is actually about YOUR feelings Ken, and how your 5,000-word essays here are just a manifestation of your submission to the demagoguery of Team Red. You actually think Joe Biden is going to be confiscating your guns?

                  1. “You actually think Joe Biden is going to be confiscating your guns?”

                    I believe he’s promised ban assault weapons, track those in circulation, make it easier to confiscate weapons from people, and to institute a national confiscation program.

                    And I gave you a link!


                    Jeff, you idiot, I’m not talking about my feelings.

                    These are facts, and they’re on Joe Biden’s website–that I keep linking.

                    If you feelings contradict the facts, then they mean nothing, and if you can’t tell the difference between facts and feelings or understand the difference between them, then that would explain a lost about the silly things you believe feel and why.

                    That’s why you’re a laughing stock.

                    Figure out the difference between the facts and your feelings already, or get used to being treated like an angry little girl.

                    1. I believe he’s promised ban assault weapons, track those in circulation, make it easier to confiscate weapons from people, and to institute a national confiscation program.

                      And this is where you demonstrate that you are a weak-minded fool overly susceptible to Team Red propaganda. Absolutely nothing on the page that you cited says that Biden is going to “institute a national confiscation program”. But Team Red sure wants you to believe that, in order to scare people and drive them into the arms of Daddy Trump who will save Real Muricans against those gun-grabbing socialist Democrats! STOP FALLING FOR THIS BULLSHIT. Start talking about what Democrats and Republicans are ACTUALLY DOING. You destroy your own credibility when you just parrot the talking points of Team Red. Try thinking for yourself for a change.

                    2. “Absolutely nothing on the page that you cited says that Biden is going to “institute a national confiscation program”.


                      “As president, Biden will direct the FBI and ATF to outline a model relinquishment process, enact any necessary legislation to ensure relinquishment when individuals newly fall under one of the federal prohibitions, and then provide technical and financial assistance to state and local governments to establish effective relinquishment processes on their own.”

                      —-Joe Biden


                      It’s not a federal confiscation program!

                      It’s a relinquishment program that covers every state and municipality with standards drawn up by the FBI, the ATF, and passed through Congress!

                      Again, just because you can’t tell the difference between facts and feelings doesn’t mean the rest of us act like little girls.

                    3. Well, we’re just going to have to tell them what Anton’s dad used to tell him.

                      “Mow lawn, LaVey!”

                    4. Lying Jeffy lied about Biden’s gun policy? I’m shocked!

                3. Please tell us again how what the craziest Democrats say should be considered to be the platform of “the Democrats” and we should hyperventilate and shit our pants about whatever stupid thing AOC says next, but what the craziest Republicans say should be dismissed as nonsense and we should consider Republicans broadly, in good faith, with reasoned nuanced criticism.

                  1. “Just ignore the policies the incoming administration is actually promoting, they don’t really mean it.”

                    1. Actually, it would be an improvement if we were discussing the ACTUAL policies that Biden is proposing, and not whatever vomited out of AOC’s mouth pretending that it is the same as what Biden and every Democrat everywhere agrees with.

                    2. Ken posted links directly from Biden’s campaign website, so I don’t know what you’re crying about here.

                    3. He doesn’t understand why we refuse to feel the way he does because he doesn’t understand the difference between the facts and his feelings.

        2. There is a vast difference between the parties in regards to their preferred scope of control.

          Forget their “preferred” scope of control, there’s only one party that has a compliant media, a compliant academia, a compliant Administrative State, and a compliant social network of businesses and institutions pushing their scope of control, normalizing their narrative and demonizing and marginalizing any resistance to their control. It’s not a matter of what they want, it’s a matter of what they already got.

          1. chemtard will still be yipping “both sides!” and “wait, I defended you on the internet!” when the leftists he simps for line him up against the wall for some high-velocity re-education.

          2. “there’s only one party that has a compliant media”

            Baloney. The right has their own thriving media bubble.

            1. The media on the right are going after each other, and Trump has gone after Fox on numerous occasions. The biggest reason Newsmax was the #2 most downloaded app on Google Play store, (as of yesterday) is because so many viewers are upset with Fox for calling the election for Biden before the counts were official.

              There is much more dissent within the media on the right than there is on the left. There certainly isn’t anything like the senior editors of major news services being forced to resign because their underlings don’t consider them sufficiently pure in their leftness.

              1. The New York Times is kowtowing to its staff’s progressive political correctness, and right-wing media is kowtowing to Trump’s nuttiness.

                1. No doubt, Trump gets better coverage from the right, but Trump has plenty of criticism for Fox, too.


                  Do a search for Trump criticizing Fox. You’ll get lists of instances with dates far apart.

                  1. I don’t disagree. He has had a troubled relationship with Fox. They don’t always tow his lion.

              2. And those people are apparently 4 years old and have never lived through an election before? Because “the media calling the election” is what has happened ever 4 years for 150 years or so.

                1. Or, like I said yesterday, Gallup surveys show that 89% of Republicans and 64% of independents have little or no trust in the news media, and they’re genuinely afraid of what the Democrats are planning to do to the white, blue collar, middle class. A nice chunk of the white, blue collar, middle class seems to be convinced that the progressives hate them–and maybe they do.

                  Under those circumstances, it is entirely understandable that these people wouldn’t want to believe the election results (even if it isn’t justifiable). Biden and Pelosi could go on television and address the American people directly and claim that the Democrats don’t really plan to implement the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and disarm Americans to the best of the progressives’ ability, but the fact is that the Democrats plan to do all of those things–if they can.

                  So, what do you expect people to do under those circumstances–believe the election results just because the media they don’t trust says so?!

                  That expectation is probably unreasonable. The progressives have spent four years (or more) convincing the white, blue collar, middle class that the Democrats hate them. The news media has spent more than four years convincing them that they’ll twist any story–from Russian interference in 2016 to arsonists and looters being “protesters”–into something that suits their preferences. They made that bed. Time to lie in it.

                2. “”Because “the media calling the election” is what has happened ever 4 years for 150 years or so.””

                  Dewey hit hardest.

          3. I was reading a piece the other day where the author casually mentioned the “move to the right” this country has been undergoing over the last 40 years or so, and I was trying to figure out what the hell he was talking about. The country may be more Republican, but if you think that automatically means more right, I have some news for you. The GOP now supports drug legalization, gay marriage, universal healthcare, endless deficit spending, and a whole host of social welfare spending – how is that a “rightward” move when the GOP has become more Leftist?

            Or perhaps the author was using some of that government math where a failure to increase the budget as much as you’d like is a budget cut, and what he means by a “rightward shift” is a failure to move to the left as fast as he’d like.

            Or maybe the author was simply lying his ass off in an attempt to gaslight people on which direction the country has been moving.

  50. “WASHINGTON—President Trump is expected to order the Pentagon to withdraw more forces from Iraq and Afghanistan, furthering his promise to end U.S. involvement in world conflicts and defying many Republicans who believe a precipitous withdrawal would amount to a strategic stumble.

    The orders, which could come by Tuesday, would call for the U.S. military to draw down the number of troops in both countries to roughly 2,500 each by Jan. 15, five days before President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration. “

    —-WSJ, November 16, 2020

    There is little doubt that President Trump would have withdrawn all troops from Afghanistan by the end of April–and this move by President Trump is exactly the right thing to do to help makes sure that still happens.

    It might seem better for President Trump to pull all of our troops out ahead of Biden’s inauguration, ahead of the schedule negotiated with the Taliban in our withdrawal agreement, but it probably isn’t. The Taliban is already on the verge of a military victory–regardless of the ongoing peace talks between the Taliban and the U.S. backed government in Kabul–and if Trump withdrew our troops entirely five months early, Biden and the neocons would probably use the ensuing slaughter to justify sending in fresh U.S. troops and keeping them there forever.

    By lowering our troops levels to a symbolic presence, Trump is effectively putting a tremendous amount of pressure on the incoming Biden administration to adhere to Trump’s withdrawal agreement with the Taliban. Biden won’t be able to increase our troops levels in Afghanistan without violating the agreement with the Taliban. The Taliban hasn’t attacked a single American soldier since the day Trump signed the agreement with them. If Biden were to increase troops levels and Afghanistan went into a full war again, Biden would own that entirely. Furthermore, if the Taliban overran Kabul and there were a massive slaughter, Biden would own that, too.

    To decrease the chances of a slaughter, the other thing President Trump’s decrease in troops levels does is put even more pressure on the U.S. backed government in Kabul to capitulate to the Taliban’s demands. What was once clear to everyone on an intellectual basis is now becoming real–when Trump agreed to withdraw from Afghanistan, and one of his demands was that the Taliban engage in peace talks with the U.S. backed government in Kabul, it wasn’t with the understanding that the Taliban would capitulate to Kabul. They aren’t really peace talks. Because Trump was always dead serious about withdrawing from Afghanistan entirely, the ongoing talks between Kabul and the Taliban were always really about the Kabul government negotiating the terms of their surrender to the Taliban.

    The choice for the U.S. backed government in Kabul is clear: Would you rather be massacred or surrender?

    I feel for the people of Afghanistan, but an eternal war until the Taliban decides to stop being Islamic fundamentalists may not be in the long term best interests of Afghanistan either. Regardless, the legitimate purpose of the U.S. military is to protect our rights, and that means serving the interests of the United States. It is simply not in the best interests of the United States to fight an unwinnable war for women’s rights in Afghanistan forever. By painting the incoming Biden administration and the U.S. backed government of Afghanistan into a corner, President Trump is putting the interests of America first. Thank goodness.

    The Wall Street Journal is arguing that Trump’s withdrawal orders have no military rationale. They’re right, but it isn’t about the military. It’s about whether it’s in the best interests of the United States to engage in forever wars. It is incredibly sad, from a libertarian perspective, that President Trump won’t be there to oversee the end of the war in Afghanistan completely or the end of the War in Iraq. We’ll haven’t seen a president as good as Trump on foreign policy since Bush Sr. left office, and we’ll never see another president this libertarian on foreign policy again in our lifetimes.

    1. I agree with Ken.

      Unfortunately, the Koch financed Reason and the LP demonized and campaigned to remove the most libertarian President of our lifetime.

      1. He really is.

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  52. America’s Zombie Companies Have Racked Up $1.4 Trillion of Debt

    From Boeing Co., Carnival Corp. and Delta Air Lines Inc. to Exxon Mobil Corp. and Macy’s Inc., many of the nation’s most iconic companies aren’t earning enough to cover their interest expenses (a key criterion, as most market experts define it, for zombie status).

    Almost 200 corporations have joined the ranks of so-called zombie firms since the onset of the pandemic, according to a Bloomberg analysis of financial data from 3,000 of the country’s largest publicly-traded companies. In fact, zombies now account for nearly 20% of those firms. Even more stark, they’ve added almost $1 trillion of debt to their balance sheets in the span, bringing total obligations to $1.36 trillion. That’s more than double the roughly $500 billion zombie companies owed at the peak of the financial crisis.

    The consequences for America’s economic recovery are profound. The Federal Reserve’s effort to stave off a rash of bankruptcies by purchasing corporate bonds might very well have prevented another depression. But in helping hundreds of ailing companies gain virtually unfettered access to credit markets, policy makers may inadvertently be directing the flow of capital to unproductive firms, depressing employment and growth for years to come, according to economists.

    1. that puts them in the position to be bought out by Chinese company(s), government, that Biden’s son works, for completing the economic take over of the U.S.. the real purpose behind the Pandemic

    2. Build Back Better!
      All part of the plan.


    Georgia’s current mail-in ballot rejection rate is low at about 0.24%. The historical average is 3%.

    Voter files are usually subject to open records/FOIA requests. If the state doesn’t conduct a meaningful mail-in ballot signature verification audit, I’m sure a 3rd party will.

    1. Seems odd that a massive increase in mail in ballots coincides with record low rejections. I guess all of these first time mail in people were just spot on accurate….


    Elections Canada does not use Dominion Voting Systems. We use paper ballots counted by hand in front of scrutineers and have never used voting machines or electronic tabulators to count votes in our 100-year history. #CdnPoli

    1. Voting Fraud Is a Real Concern. Just Look Around the World | Opinion

      Liberals and progressives often try to model the U.S. on Western European countries, but you never hear them arguing that we should adopt their voting rules. There is a reason for that. Banning mail-in voting or requiring people to use photo IDs to obtain a mail-in ballot is quite common in developed countries, especially in Europe.

      To study this, the Crime Prevention Research Center, of which I am the president, created a database on voting rules around the world.

      …Among the 27 countries in the European Union, 63 percent ban mail-in voting unless living abroad and another 22 percent require a photo ID to obtain a mail-in ballot. Twenty-two percent ban the practice even for those who live abroad.

      There are 16 countries in the rest of Europe, and they are even more restrictive. Every single one bans mail-in voting for those living in the country or require a photo ID to obtain a mail-in ballot. Sixty-three percent don’t allow mail-in ballots even for citizens living outside of the country.

    2. Interesting.

      Three now who identify as Canadian conservatives posting all day every day here.

      Canadians are we and Americans are we. So since I do not know much about what is going on in Canada on the libertarian front. Perhaps one of you could update us. We already know what is happening here.

      It is all y’all when referring to a group.

  55. Y’all do realize the election was two weeks ago. If you’re still ‘finding’ ballots, you aren’t giving the rest of us confidence in what is going on.
    Breaking: Philadelphia just reported almost 8k newly counted ballots…

    Biden 6,628 (85%)
    Trump 1,140 (14%)

    Biden’s statewide PA lead now up to 72,379 votes (1.1%), more than double the automatic recount threshold.


    Nothing instills confidence in elections, like finding out weeks after Election Day that some dude didn’t upload a memory card that contained thousands of votes, of which two-thirds were for one candidate.

  57. At least she is of age and a legal adult
    Pope Francis’ Instagram account appears to ‘like’ bikini model’s photo

    1. At least it’s a girl.

  58. Australia actually signed a free trade agreement that included China? Good luck with that.

  59. >>Tech CEOs are back before Congress today

    I just can’t quit you, Jack. ~~ Ted Cruz

  60. So… what is going on with Sidney Powell? Nobody seems to be seriously covering her claims, aside from right wing personalities who quote her with a note of skepticism.

    But she’s a serious attorney with a serious reputation. And she seems to feel confident that she’s found evidence of…. what exactly? A mechanism for stealing the election? Is that what you’d say?

    I didn’t go find her interviews, so I only have clips of her claims in my head – that she has “mountains of evidence” coming in, and a high-level military officer who will testify to first hand knowledge about the development of tools for stealing elections by the big vote counting machine company involved in these elections.

    What is the deal? Why are we doing yet another round of “she claims, without evidence” and “already debunked”, once again without even covering the topic, let alone detailing the evidence or lack thereof, or without debunking anything?

    1. “she’s a serious attorney with a serious reputation”

      Is she? In the area of election law?

    2. Sidney definitely > Boehm

    3. There is a clip of congressman Gohmert (R) Tx, on Newsmax, I think. He claims that the military retrieved a Dominion server from Germany and that data supposedly shows the vote switching that went on. I didn’t know about the high ranking military official witness until now, but I’m guessing it relates to what they found from the server as well as why it was in Germany in the first place.

      For obvious reasons, the msm is suppressing as much of this as they can. So I feel your pain in trying to understand it and knowing what is true

    4. Because we have a narrative to build. That’s all it is. It’s regurgitating the exact same talking points from the exact same Dem/Biden camp/anonymous sources as every other media outlet until it becomes the truth, regardless of what the truth was before.

    5. I refer you to a little allegory called, “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”.

      1. did you send it to Mueller?

        1. Why would I? He already document 11 counts of obstruction of justice, and indicted 30 some people. Turns out, there was a wolf. See the final senate intel report on the matter for some real color. Collusion all tied up nice and neat in one key go between: Roger Stone.

          Now you don’t have to wonder why Trump commuted his sentence instead of pardoning. Can’t have him lose those 5th amendment rights.

          1. lol Wolf! was cried for four years

          2. If the wolf was really a wolf, why was the impeachment about people’s opinions of trump? Why were people arguing the quality of hearsay evidence? It’s not an argument to have if you have real evidence.

          3. You must have missed the memo. Like literally the memo from the director of the CIA. He briefed Obama on Hillary’s plan to do a fake connection to Russia in order to discredit Trump. This was immediately prior to the entire FBI investigation taking place.

            It was part of the discovery in General Flynn’s case. you know, one of those indictments that you are so proud of. The one where the current president elect personally directed the FBI to set someone up and prosecute them after they reported to him that they had no information of any criminal activity after months of investigation. That’s the guy.

            Discovery in his case proves conclusively that not only was the entire Russia thing a hoax, Barack Obama and Joe Biden were personally involved in setting people up and lying to the American people about it.

            1. The good news is, if Biden follows through with his promise to make Sally hates his attorney general, you will have an attorney general who actively participated in the entire thing. The good thing is, she knew that what they were doing was wrong and probably criminal. So she ran back to her office and documented it. That’s how we know all about it.

          4. If you really have a shit about it, you would acknowledge the goal of the Russian propaganda campaign wasn’t to install Trump, but to divide the country to the point where we collapse. Trump may have been a tool in that goal because they thought it would help achieve their ends. This is a Russia v US thing.

            Then ask yourself who benefited from the last four years of tantrums. It wasn’t the US.

          5. “…He already document 11 counts of obstruction of justice, and indicted 30 some people…”

            And some of those people worked for Trump at one time or another! Or knew him! Or something!
            Lefty shits are not real bright.

      1. I am confused as to our use of the word debunked. We keep using that to describe claims that have not even been vetted.

        he has one Philadelphia Republican saying that he has seen no evidence of widespread problems, therefore it is debunked? The associated press asked the company, and the company says that there are no problems with their software? That is debunked?

        There is a very good chance that it is all nonsense. but you really can’t claim something is debunked before you actually investigate anything. Heck, at this point they haven’t even made any claims yet. How the hell could they possibly be debunked?

        1. It’s what showed up on Boehm and DOL’s Media Matters talking points schedule. Don’t ask them to explain it.

  61. You know who else created a co-prosperity sphere in Asia?


  63. Jenna Ellis @JennaEllisEsq · 5m No political bias here, folks. Face with rolling eyes Why are you so afraid of assuring Michigan voters accurate results, Jocelyn? Quote Tweet Jocelyn Benson @JocelynBenson · 2h Wrong again. Flag of United States
    …………… Read More

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  65. Socialists artificially exacerbated the student loan process by creating conditions in which loans would be inflated as the cost of education absolutely skyrocketed. There aren’t many goods on Earth whose cost inflated faster than university tuition over the past decade.

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