Why the Hell Don't We Have Enough Damned COVID-19 Tests After 8 Months of the Pandemic?

It's not like we didn't know that we had a problem.


The COVID-19 testing situation in the United States after eight months of the pandemic is déjà vu all over again. As cases surge, Americans around the country are once more lining up for hours in the hope of getting a virus test and then waiting for days for the results. Despite the fact that the number of COVID-19 tests has recently been hovering around 1.5 million per day, that's not nearly enough.

Why? Among other reasons, because the test positivity rate is now 10 percent, which is more than double the rate back in October. The percent positive rate "is a critical measure," two researchers at Johns Hopkins University explain, "because it gives us an indication how widespread infection is in the area where the testing is occurring—and whether levels of testing are keeping up with levels of disease transmission."

It didn't have to be this way.

At the beginning of the pandemic, there were understandably few tests available for detecting coronavirus infections. But the federal government made the situation much worse by screwing up the development and deployment of testing. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention botched its own COVID-19 test while the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) blocked the development of alternatives by private companies and universities. Months later, the United States still does not have enough tests.

The good news is that the FDA has since approved more than a couple hundred COVID-19 tests. But these tests are not available on the scale needed to stem the tide of infections by enabling Americans to test themselves, warn friends and family if they test positive, and then voluntarily isolate themselves to prevent the further transmission of the disease.

President Donald Trump and his administration deserve credit for launching Operation Warp Speed, which appears just months later to be delivering on its promise to provide safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) also launched a Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics (RADx) program, funded with $1.5 billion appropriated by Congress as part of the Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act. The RADx initiative has been integral to developing numerous COVID-19 tests. In a July New England Journal of Medicine article, NIH researchers noted that RADx intended to expand COVID-19 testing capacity to 6 million persons per day by December. As of mid-November, we aren't close to getting there yet.

Operation Warp Speed was successful at scaling up vaccine production in part because the federal government issued around $18 billion in contracts to their makers. Had the government similarly prioritized COVID-19 testing, the country would not now be piddling around with just 1.5 million tests per day. The Trump administration contracted in late August with Abbott Laboratories to purchase 150 million of its point-of-care BinaxNOW COVID-19 tests for $750 million. The tests, which take about 15 minutes to provide a result, began shipping to state public health agencies at the end of September.

That's a start, but much more testing needs to be done. Instead of using tests primarily to diagnose COVID-19 cases, they should be used as part of disease surveillance approach in which every American can test themselves frequently. The Harvard epidemiologist Michael Mina and his colleagues argue for a crash program to roll out of tens of millions of cheap antigen tests that people can take at home.

In an interview published today in The New York Times, COVID-19 task force advisor and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease director Anthony Fauci was asked, "If you had a national plan for testing, what would it be?" He responded by calling for

flooding the system with tests. Getting a home test that you could do yourself, that's highly sensitive and highly specific. And you know why that would be terrific? Because if you decided that you wanted to have a small gathering with your mother-in-law and father-in-law and a couple of children, and you had a test right there. It isn't 100 percent. Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. But the risk that you have, if everyone is tested before you get together to sit down for dinner, dramatically decreases. It might not ever be zero but, you know, we don't live in a completely risk-free society.

That would be terrific. Keeping in mind that all politicians' promises are flexible, the Biden presidential campaign put testing at the top its plan to address COVID-19. Specifically, the incoming administration wants to ramp up "next-generation testing, including at home tests and instant tests, so we can scale up our testing capacity by orders of magnitude." Better late than never.

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  1. Why the Hell Don’t We Have Enough Damned COVID-19 Tests After 8 Months of the Pandemic?

    Raise the price of tests until demand matches supply!

    1. Best answer ever. This once libertarian magazine is pleading for the gubermint to DO SOMETHING NOW.

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      2. Without the Federal government there would be no electricity in rural parts of the country. No Interstate highway system. No air traffic control. No army. There are some necessary things only a centralized body can ensure. Libertarian economic policies hold up well to a certain point, but as soon as people think someone else is going to the job no one else wants or no one group can afford they fall on their face. I have known some smart libertarians, and they distinguished themselves as such by acknowledging libertarianism has limits in practical terms. This I one of those times. I get that Tue Libertarians would rather see the dissolution of the republic than see the government step in to ensure its survival, but those tend to be Internet libertarians and high school kids.

    2. love this plan.

    3. Hey great idea. Let’s also apply that to the doctor and nurse shortage going on right now at the hospitals. If you just raise the salaries of doctors and nurses, the shortage will be eliminated in no time at all! Like, by tomorrow, I bet!

      1. Lol.
        You didn’t even have an argument but you were damned if you were going to let some libertarian drollery pass unchallenged. Keep working it for that fifty-cents.

      2. Yes, moron. If you raise salaries of doctors and nurses, you’ll attract more of them. There are plenty of both that don’t work inside hospitals and might be drawn in by more money.

        1. By tomorrow? I wasn’t questioning the fact that raising salaries of doctors and nurses will attract more of them, dumbass. I was pointing out that such responses are not instantaneous. In the real world, economic principles don’t work right away. They have a time component. So, raising the price of covid tests will not magically make more covid tests appear, if the production capacity isn’t there.

          1. So, raising the price of covid tests will not magically make more covid tests appear

            You’re right. It won’t. However, it will constrict demand. But you knew that.

            1. No, he didn’t…

          2. “By tomorrow?”

            Lol. Why not just go with an hour from now? Cuz I’m sure with enough government enforcers, and a good enough list, you could get enough drs and nurses curing Covid in the hospitals within the hour!

            1. If this idea doesn’t work within the next nanosecond, that proves ONCE AND FOR ALL that the market sucks terribly.

          3. You can draft doctors for tomorrow. Maybe. If you want to be treated by a drafted doctor.

            Is that why we need government?

        2. Increased pay might even prevent some from getting the Hell out, like just about everyone I know is itching to do right now.

      3. If only so many places didn’t have CON laws.

        “Oh, you don’t have a gov’t issued Certificate Of Need, sorry, apply again when you have one.”

  2. “Why the Hell Don’t We Have Enough Damned COVID-19 Tests After 8 Months of the Pandemic?”

    Bailey can’t find fault with Trump on this . . . and indeed applauds Trump?

    Carry on, clingers.

    1. Keep on clingin, gecko.

    2. Ah yes the success of WARP SPEED must really make Artie’s skin crawl. A government program on time and under budget and the prog leftie here hates it.

      1. You can make a lot of budgets appear under $18B.

      2. Nah, by next year, Artie will credit Biden with personally inventing and distributing the vaccine.

      3. Pfizer’s vaccine was unrelated to any Trump program, you half-educated bigot.

        1. “Operation Warp Speed, the federal effort to rush a vaccine to market, has promised Pfizer $1.95 billion to deliver 100 million doses to the federal government, which will be given to Americans free of charge”

          Dumb fuck.

          1. Even Jake Tapper and Dr. Goopy mustered the courage to give Trump credit.

          2. It isn’t just the lying but the monumental ignorance of Kirkland and his pals that’s so amazing.

  3. “Why the Hell Don’t We Have Enough Damned COVID-19 Tests After 8 Months of the Pandemic?”
    Politics, each side worrying they will give the other a “win” as American die.

    1. Too bad leftie governors like Walz and Cuomo just let elderly people die. And blamed others for their mistakes.

      1. The feature of Democrat governance, not a bug.

      2. Not that Bailey would EVER make that the central issue of an article.

    2. Because tests don’t prevent or cure infections?

  4. You shouldn’t take the test anyway unless you absolutely need to. They use the results to shut down businesses and put people out of work.

    If you’re not sick and you test positive, is it a false positive? How many people will lose their job because of your “positive” test — even though you aren’t sick?

    1. Not only that, but testing negative doesn’t solve anything either. The nurse at the hospital I was tested at said the worst thing that ever happened was the Antigen rapid test. People would go get one, and test negative, and use that as license to carry on with their life. The problem, of course, is that the Antigen test has a 50% false negative rate.

      But even with the highly accurate PCR tests, you could be infected and still test negative, negative, negative until finally there is enough virus in your sinuses that the test can detect it. But it isn’t like these tests automatically detect the infection at the point you are contagious. It is a grey area. You could get tested negative, then hit that critical point and start shedding the virus before your next test.

      1. Sounds like with all of these tests, you might as well just flip a coin.

        1. It’s not as much about flipping the coin as understanding that each test is just a sample of a specific point in time. Acting as if a test will allow us to live our lives normally is like using presidential polls to decide who the head of our government is today.

          As I said below, this sounds like it will work in theory, but it just doesn’t when you add in the factors of reality- the tests are agonizing, the virus can turn from starting to contagious in a few hours- all that means that if someone still came in contact with a COVID case, the only real choice is to isolate for 2 weeks.

    2. Yeah, my local government insists that any businesses that are ‘open’ during their renewed lockdown abide by ALL CDC and Local guidelines. One of these guidelines (from the CDC, I think) insists that if you are waiting for the results of a COVID test, you need to quarantine at home. You can’t go to work or anywhere else.

      Why would I take one of these if I’m asymptomatic? A guy from our office did over the summer – because his kid had a close encounter with a person who was exposed. Neither one of them got it, but it took them 16 business days to get the results. Holy crap.

      And how often are you supposed to have this testing done? You can be exposed at any time after passing. It’s not a get-out-of-jail-free card. Antibody testing maybe, but antigen? GTFOH.

    3. 100% this.

      We have plenty of tests; we just keep wasting them on people who don’t need to be tested.

      And why are we wasting them? Because politicians want to manufacture panic.

    4. not to mention all the contact tracers they will sic on your friends and family

      1. Ultimately, that’s why I won’t be tested.
        It’s quite possible I had this thing in January. Had a flu, felt just awful for two days. Considered getting tested to see if I could donate plasma, but that’s when stories about people being put on lists and such came out.
        No way in hell I’m going to risk that.

  5. Mr Bailey,

    From the article you used to claim that we didn’t have enough tests:
    “The rising demand for coronavirus tests was evident Wednesday at several testing sites, where dozens or, at least at one location, hundreds waited for hours. Lines were short or nonexistent at other locations.”

    So in fact, we aren’t running out of tests. This looks like it was just some sort of supply and demand issue- a bunch of people at one location (maybe offering free or subsidized tests) while other locations had little or no wait.

    “they should be used as part of disease surveillance approach in which every American can test themselves frequently.”

    This is frankly, CRAZY. Have you taken ANY of these tests, Mr Bailey? I have. Numerous times. And if you think that I am going to line my kids up against the wall and shove a swab into their sinuses and scrape around while they scream for “surveillance” purposes once, let alone multiple times per day or week, you are off your rocker.

    The idea that there will EVER be a demand among Americans to do this in any of the numbers you suggest, is obtuse misreading of the market.

    I am finishing up a stint of self isolation, and there is nothing that testing would have done to fix things. Family who are also isolating got free tests. They weren’t testing every day because it is excruciating and annoying. So they still needed to isolate, because if you test negative after being exposed IT STILL DOESN’T MATTER. By the time you get back home and test yourself again, you could still be positive and shedding the virus again.

    1. “And if you think that I am going to line my kids up against the wall and shove a swab into their sinuses and scrape around while they scream for “surveillance” purposes once, let alone multiple times per day or week, you are off your rocker.”

      And by the way, Mr Bailey, scenario where Little Jimmy gets his brain poked out by mom as she hands him his lunch bag and sends him off to school is just one more example of the complete la-la land fantastic utopia that scientists have dreamed up with absolutely no regard for reality.

      In reality, the world of CONSTANT ON DEMAND TESTING is as much a solution to this virus as socialism is a solution to economic inequality. It isn’t rainbows and sunshine, it is yet ANOTHER indignity tearing every ounce of joy from my kids already bleak and fleeting childhood.

      Stop your imagination and come back to reality. These scientific fantasies of stopping the spread, and “surveilling” the virus, are in reality bleak existences where my kid is sitting at her desk all day, unable to move, a mask covering her face, and her teacher unable to get closer than 6 feet with her. Now you want to add jabbing her in the throat each morning because of this fantasy you put in your mind.

      1. The biggest laugh in all of this is China supposedly having hardly any cases since last spring.

      2. Bailey is not driven by the motives you assume.
        His come from a much darker place.

        1. “they should be used as part of disease surveillance approach in which every American can test themselves frequently.”

          Behold the velvet glove. As if we cannot recognize what it would take to get “every” (or even near enough every) American to participate,

          But hey, so long as the coercion is accomplished through extra-governmental means (employers mostly) then it’s totally libertarian.

      3. Hasn’t it been obvious for a while now that Bailey is a nutcase? He not only believes all the manmade global warming bullshit, he also believes he’s going to live forever.

        He has a permanent raging big government boner and a serious case of narcissistic personality disorder.

    2. My understanding is that the home tests do not require the swabbing to be so far up the nose. I wouldn’t think this is a panacea, but it would be one more tool people could make use of. That doesn’t mean it should be mandatory.

      1. PCR

        They are all different tests, with different procedures and differing results.

    3. “And if you think that I am going to line my kids up against the wall and shove a swab into their sinuses and scrape around while they scream for “surveillance” purposes once, let alone multiple times per day or week, you are off your rocker.”

      For some reason, I’ve flashed to the shower scenes from that movie, “Silkwood”.

  6. “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention botched its own COVID-19 test while the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) blocked the development of alternatives by private companies and universities. Months later, the United States still does not have enough tests.”

    Well, doesn’t that answer your question?
    The deep state assholes were too busy hating Trump to do their damn jobs.
    And yet, only effigy guillotines have been erected.

    1. That’s some perfectly hermetically sealed logic there: If the Trump Administration does something right, Trump gets credit. If they do something wrong, it’s the “Deep State” inside the Trump Administration that failed, not Trump.

      1. The CDC is the “Trump administration” now?

        I suppose we can try to pretend agencies like the CDC and FDA don’t have their own agenda. Makes it easy to claim everything is Trump’s fault I guess. It’s ahistorical and naive in the extreme, but whatever.

        1. I have to tell you, as a long time Libertatian I really don’t understand whatever kind of “libertarianism” the deep state denialists are. The “Droit du seigneur my wife” kind it looks like to me, and that ain’t Libertarian.

          1. *Libertarian

            1. Dee’s not a libertarian. She’s a contrarian, nit picking, lefty bird.

        2. The CDC is absolutely an agency within the Executive Branch, and hence part of the Trump Administration.

          1. So you agree that There will need to be a special investigator for Hunter Biden and the Biden family’s Chinese dealings should Sloe Joe actually be sworn in.

            The DOJ being an agency within the Executive branch.

            1. That was quite a non sequitir, but I’m sure it made total sense rattling around inside a partisan’s brain.

          2. Just like the CIA, right?

  7. Because tests don’t actually help.

    A) not everyone runs to get tested with every sniiffle
    B) not everyone has symptoms
    C) contact tracing is largely a mirage. My company claims to have it, yet every positive test is met with “nobody else was near them”
    D) false positives are a real thing
    E) no correlation between test rates of a population and their death rate after 8 months

    1. and even if the test is 100% accurate, it’s only good until you’re exposed to another human being.

  8. From the link about FDA obstructionism.

    “Federal and state officials said the flu study could not be repurposed because it did not have explicit permission from research subjects; the labs were also not certified for clinical work. “

    It goes on to describe a number of conflicts between urgency and accuracy. It doesn’t really support the narrative.

  9. You can test negative today and then test positive two days from now. So what’s the point again? I seemed to have forgotten!

  10. I will not be tested. No need. If I get it, I get it and I doesn’t benefit me to know. My wife has been tested 4 times (fever symptoms). Nope. All negative. Even with the immunity I may learn that I could have, it is not worth it. Just avoid most people (to prevent possibly upsetting them) and move on with life like before. This all happened last year and the year before, just slightly smaller scale.

  11. Maybe home tests can’t get amplified enough to produce the positives required?

      1. I used to think I was, but holy shit has 2020 opened my eyes.

  12. Why? Because we had a President that said “slow the testing down, please!” Kinda like when he didn’t want that one cruise ship to dock back at the beginning, because it made our numbers look bad.

    You’d be sure to quote that Ronald if Obama said that, like you did when Obama said “you didn’t build that.” On that one you were outraged. It takes a lot to get you outraged at the guy who is responsible for such a poor federal response to testing.

    1. Obama wasn’t making a joke, Trump was.

  13. Because the solution has to go through government to see the light of day, and that’s a loooooooong tunnel.

  14. Georgia recounted and Biden is still 12,000 votes ahead.

    Too bad Peanuts. The Con Man has lost and Biden will be POTUS.

    1. That was a pyre recount. They still haven’t k vestiges how the rejection rate for mail in ballots went from 4% historically to 0.1% it made no judgements on any irregularities.

      But you also seem okay that roughly 7k votes were just completely missed.

      1. JesseSPAZ can’t be abidin’ with Biden, and settling for merely getting her hair smelled. JesseSPAZ wants to get back to having her pussy grabbed good and hard, by Der TrumpfenFuhrer!

        1. Take your Adderall, Sqrlsy dear, and next time please use the toilet instead of the crock-pot like we talked about with Dr. Rosenberg.

      2. Good thing they did a recount.

    2. That wasnt a recount dum-dum. That was an audit of the voting mechanisms. During the audit, they still found thousands of ballots never counted and those ballots had more ballots go to trump.

      Trump can request a recount so they handcount the paper ballots.

      Its funny that every time the states audit the election process, they find more ballots for Trump.

        1. Is “womp womp” your version of “squeal like a pig for me”.

          Hillbilly Gay.

        2. I believe lc1789 is correct that the Trump campaign can request a recount, after the vote is certified, since the difference is less than 0.5%. Not sure they can request a hand recount, though.

          In other words lc1789 is having trouble following what is going on in his own state.

          1. Accidentally hit Submit. Verified that everything I said was correct. The Trump campaign can request a recount, by machine, with a deadline of next Tuesday for making the request.

            It’s a Hail Mary, but they might as well. If I were Trump or Giuliani (or lc1789), I wouldn’t set expectations that a second recount will change anything. But they’ll no doubt shamelessly Twitter up a storm, saying that it will flip the election.

            1. “Accidentally hit Submit. Verified that everything I said was correct.”

              You’re a parody of yourself.

            2. I meant: Site?

      1. “Well except for massive election fraud”

        I wonder if you remember the time you realised you were related to Rudy Giuliani!

  15. It might have helped if Mr. Bailey had included info on testing availability in other countries. Do they have more tests per capita? Did their governments waive some approval steps for manufacturing test kits? How often do their citizens get tested and has it had positive results?

  16. Pussies like Bailey are slaves to Lefty lies.

    Im never wearing a mask. Im never taking a kungflu test. Im never staying home because some tyrant says so.

    Luckily, I live in a state controlled by republicans still willing to stand up to Lefties. We have been without any lock downs or mask mandates and are doing fine. Well except for massive election fraud out of democrat controlled counties.

    1. LC, I’m saying this as a friend: you are ranting.

  17. Bailey’s totally disconnected from reality in his reporting on this. What is the practical import of testing? How can anyone realistically use the results of such a test? Don’t just say isolate and trace without some realistic assessment of what such isolation and tracing would entail, i.e the scope and severity of the problem. Don’t pretend that the current numbers are such that test-and-trace would work the same as it would if the numbers were otherwise.

  18. I bet we get an article in a few months titled WHY THE HELL DON’T WE HAVE ENOUGH DAMNED COVID 19 VACCINES and we blame Biden.


  19. biggest problem is the FDA. there have been tests that people can take at home and have results in 15min for 7 months. the FDA has just green lighted one, and they chose the most expensive one. the FDA has been one of the biggest problems throughout this entire thing. they have stood in the way of getting testing into the market at every turn….

    also, personal pet peeve…. the “positivity rate” is a completely BS metric to be using for anything….. who cares if you test more people who don’t have it or not? i can get a bunch of people who are not sick to go take a test (possibly as required for travel or work) and that will mean things are getting better? STFU.

    1. The point is that in actual fact you, or anyone else, cannot just get a bunch more people who don’t have it to go get tests. So, something else must be making the rate go up — like more community spread.

      1. and when more people are getting test because it is flu season, that will mean things are getting better? if all airlines institute mandatory testing that will mean it is getting better? how about all the people trying to get tests right now to get cleared for thanksgiving? unless you have a constant periodic testing rate of the entire population, the positivity rate is utterly meaningless. we are comparing inconsistent testing levels for inconsistent reasons at inconsistent rates.

    2. That’s “the Trump FDA”, which is out to kill as many Americans as Trump can manage to take out, right? That’s Trumps goal, after all, isn’t it? That’s what the media and Pelosi has said, anyway.

      1. the bureaucracy sucks no matter who is in the white house.

  20. Ron Baily: We just need to test and we can get back to normal
    JD Tuccille: Hey buddy, you don’t want to lose your job because you flunked the 40 cycle PCR test. I got a negative test for you right here.

  21. Seems like more than enough tests. Why should people who aren’t sick bother to test themselves?


    Amazon: profit up 100%
    Walmart: profit up 80%
    Target: profit up 80%
    Lowe’s: profit up 74%
    Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Google: stock at record high

    Small businesses: 21% closed; revenue for rest down 30%. They’re gonna go extinct in the lockdown without help.


    In an age where too many citizens will lazily accept a peaceful form of slavery over challenging the powers that have played us as fools for so long, it’s hard to believe that Americans once waged war against the greatest military superpower of their time over a 3% tax on sugar.



    Russell Ramsland from Allied Security Operations Group filed an affidavit today.

    Follow along.


    Antifa are rioting in Seattle tonight and have already vandalized another Starbucks. Notice the symbol in their graffiti.

  26. Why is the asshole who thinks he’s going to live forever always the biggest frightened pussy who thinks the rest of us fragile little flowers need constant watching and maintenance? Inquiring minds want to know.

  27. Testing IS NOT a panacea. Early after an infection, an individual can falsely test negative for several days. Plus, no matter how good the test, there is an additional false negative rate. People will be falsely reassured and congregate with others, spreading the virus. It must be combined with people quarantining for likely 2 weeks before any close contacts. People aren’t going to do this. That’s human nature. They don’t even have the common sense to avoid massive crowds in the middle of a pandemic – no matter their political persuasion.

    The only way this could have been kept under control is if the US was able to create a bubble, limiting entry into the country initially and keeping the outbreak small. Then, aggressively contact tracing and testing contacts for any infection. This is only effective if the outbreak if initially limited. This was never realistic in a country with long porous borders and numerous international travel hubs. It’s only been achieved in countries that are isolated such as islands or those with limited points of entry.

  28. Let’s say I get an accurate negative test this morning. What does that say about me at 2PM?

    1. You should always just assume that any negative test will be rendered moot by some inconsiderate asshole who hates grandma so much that he refuses to wear a mask. You should always go on about your life as if you are a spewing volcano of COVID viruses, no matter what some negative test a hour ago said. Assume the same for every single person you encounter. Assume that if you are exposed to even a single virus, you will die, but not until you’ve infected 100 other people, whom you will have murdered because you simply couldn’t be inconvenienced by locking yourself in a closet until you quietly expired.

  29. We don’t have enough tests because demand substantially changes at random due to on/off government lockdowns that mandate testing in order to circumvent quarantine rules.

  30. Where is this shortage of testing?

    Here in Florida, you can go get tested for free at state run testing locations and get same day results.

    There are large mass testing locations and locations at drug stores and testing companies. Then there are tests that you can pay for through your doctor or drug store. And then there are employers who buy tests.

    Are we talking about shortages, or a difference in strategy?

    Because the monitoring that you are talking about implies a quarantine strategy. Test everyone, quarantine anyone who tests positive. That was certainly be a viable alternative. it would be a lot cheaper than what we have done with shutting everything down. But nobody seems to be okay with quarantining people, on either side of the aisle. That’s what we tried to do down here in Florida very early on with the people from the cruise ships and that strategy was overwhelmed by a flood of New Yorkers coming down with the virus.

  31. Someone here’s actually giving Trump credit for something?


  32. I heard it was because Trump was going around and personally destroying thousands of tests every day. So that he could kill more people with COVID or something.

  33. Because people like Elon Musk are taking 4 in one day?

  34. Y’all need to stop with the fucking profanity. Not professional.

  35. How about we quit thinking that testing is “doing something”. (We definitely have a bad case of the “do something” disease.)

    All testing does is add fuel to the fire of “Panic, the sky is falling”. The latest chart of skyrocketing cumulative positive tests in NY shows deaths practically flat. Even Cuomo isn’t able to kill more people effectively with Covid at this point.

    Just stop the panic and only count people who actually seek medical help as cases. People like me (I had a fever earlier this month… and got over it, whatever it was) are doing just fine and we aren’t dying like flies.

  36. Another of those seemingly endless government screw-ups? By the way, the Republicans do not have sole ownership.

  37. Why do have any tests at all for the flu? Yes, we have a problem. The state, MSM, and medical industries have run a massive scam which resulted in a demonstration that the vast majority of so-called “citizens” in this country are little more than compliant sheep with no ability to separate fact from fiction.

    What bothers me, and why I will no longer support Reason with my subscription dollars, is that your organization has fallen in line with the official scam and still talks about the “pandemic” as if it were a real thing.

  38. Is there a Pandemic or a Panhoax? No matter. The “solution” is not more authoritarianism. More initiation of force (more govt.) is NEVER the answer. It’s only logical, i.e., sound politics.
    The widespread worship of servitude, rulers/ruled, self-enslavement is a dangerous superstition forced on all by the political zombie majority.

  39. Why don’t we have cheaper and better bacon? I love bacon. Why are there not more golf courses, offering lower prices? Why does the government not produce everything I want?
    Where did “Reason” find a writer like Ronald Bailey? He thinks like a collectivist, he writes like a collectivist. He wants the government to do a better job of taking care of us.
    No support for liberty there.
    Get the government entirely out of health care and watch the marvels that markets create. Ask for more government . . . and you will get more coercion, corruption, stupidity, and dishonesty.

  40. COVID testing has been seriously ramped up in all the countries. In India, Govt has also done away with Doctor’s prescription also. A patient can also visit home sample pickup by visiting websites like

  41. COVID is being used to subjugate US. The pandemic has been over for months ago as population (‘herd’) immunity was reached, globally, back in June.

    There is plenty of evidence that covid is over that is continually being removed from publication.

    Want proof? Sorry, but the burden of proof is on the lockdowners.

    You can’t lock someone up, nor down, unless you can prove your case beyond a reasonable doubt.

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