Conspiracy Theories

Judges Are Not Impressed by Rudy Giuliani's Evidence of 'Widespread Nationwide Voter Fraud'

Although the president's lawyer says the anti-Trump conspiracy is "easily provable," the affidavits he cites fall notably short.


One evening a few years ago, I was approached by a friendly, seemingly rational man outside our apartment on Keren HaYesod in Jerusalem and somehow got sucked into a conversation about "chemtrails." Try as I might, I could not seem to extricate myself as he spun an elaborate conspiracy theory and assured me there was plenty of evidence to back it up. I thought of that guy while watching Rudy Giuliani's press conference yesterday, which began with an appeal to fair-mindedness before descending into madness.

According to the tale told by Giuliani and two other Trump lawyers, Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis, Democratic election officials across the country conspired to assure Joe Biden's victory through a "massive fraud" that initially involved tricky election software produced by Dominion Voting Systems. "One of its most characteristic features is its ability to flip votes," Powell said. "It can set and run an algorithm that probably ran all over the country to take a certain percentage of votes from President Trump and flip them to President Biden." But because so many people voted for Trump, she explained, "it broke the algorithm that had been plugged into the system."

That's when Democrats resorted to Plan B, which involved hurriedly manufacturing phony absentee ballots. "A truck pulled up to the Detroit center where they were counting ballots," Giuliani said. "The people thought it was food, so they all ran to the truck. Wasn't food. It was thousands and thousands of ballots, and the ballots were in garbage cans, they were in paper bags, they were in cardboard boxes, and they were taken into the center." It turned out "these were ballots for Biden" and "only for Biden," meaning the conspirators did not even bother to mark votes in other races. According to Giuliani, this sort of thing happened not only in Michigan but also in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Arizona, flipping those battleground states to Biden while Republican poll watchers were kept at a distance so they could not see what was happening.

In Giuliani's view, it defies logic to suppose that Democratic officials in all those states independently decided to sabotage Trump's reelection: "Isn't the logical conclusion—that I think any jury would accept if they heard this evidence—that somebody had this plan? Maybe that was always the plan?" Was Biden himself involved? Probably! "I think the logical conclusion is this is a common plan, a common scheme, that comes right directly from the Democrat Party," Giuliani said, "and it comes from the candidate."

The conspiracy described by Trump's lawyers extends even further. "What we are really dealing with here and uncovering more by the day," Powell said, "is the massive influence of communist money through Venezuela, Cuba, and likely China in the interference with our elections here in the United States."

By Giuliani's account, this vast, international, communist-influenced scheme was both incredibly sophisticated and remarkably inept, since it left conspicuous clues, including statistically impossible vote tallies for Biden and shipments of clearly fraudulent ballots, unloaded in plain view. He repeatedly slammed members of the press for willfully ignoring this evidence and falsely reporting that there is no factual basis for the president's claim that Biden stole the election.

The anti-Trump conspiracy is "easily provable," Giuliani averred, based on testimony from "hundreds of witnesses, maybe thousands." But although he repeatedly faulted reporters for not reading those affidavits, he conceded that the vast majority are not available for them to read. "We have a hundred more of these," he said, referring to statements about alleged fraud in Detroit. "I can't show them to you because those people don't want to be harassed….Do you know how many affidavits we have in the Michigan case? 220 affidavits. They're not all public, but eight of them are."

While Giuliani is confident that his mostly secret evidence would be enough to persuade "any jury," judges who have actually considered Republican claims of massive election fraud were not impressed. Last week Wayne County, Michigan, Judge Timothy Kenny ruled that the public affidavits to which Giuliani referred, which were submitted as part of a lawsuit filed by the Great Lakes Justice Center on behalf of two Republican poll challengers, provided "no basis" for ordering an independent audit or issuing an injunction against certification of the election results in Detroit.

Giuliani's claim that "thousands and thousands" of fraudulent Biden ballots suddenly appeared in the count room at Detroit's TCF Center in the middle of the night seems to be based on statements from two Republican poll watchers. Neither of them mentioned the "garbage cans" or "paper bags" that Giuliani described, and Kenny found neither of them compelling.

"I heard other challengers say that several vehicles with out-of-state license plates pulled up to the TCF Center a little before 4:30 a.m. and unloaded boxes of ballots," Andrew Sitto said. "Tens of thousands of ballots were brought in and placed on eight long tables. Unlike the other ballots, these boxes were brought in from the rear of the room….I specifically noticed that every ballot I observed was cast for Joe Biden."

Kenny said "Mr. Sitto's affidavit, while stating a few general facts, is rife with speculation and guess-work about sinister motives." He noted that Sitto did not actually know how many ballots were delivered or how many of them were marked for Biden.

Contrary to Sitto's implication that bringing ballots in "from the rear of the room" was inherently suspicious, former Michigan Elections Director Christopher Thomas said "all ballots were delivered to the back of Hall E at the TCF Center." Thomas also said the city used rental trucks to deliver ballots, which would explain the "out-of-state license plates." Kenny concluded that "there is no evidentiary basis to attribute any evil activity by virtue of the city using a rental truck with out-of-state license plates."

Another Republican observer, Daniel Gustafson, said "large quantities of ballots were delivered to the TCF Center in what appeared to be mail bins with open tops." Gustafson "offers little other than to indicate that he witnessed 'large quantities of ballots' delivered to the TCF Center in containers that did not have lids, were not sealed, or did not have marking indicating their source of origin," Kenny wrote. "Mr. Gustafson's affidavit is another example of generalized speculation fueled by the belief that there was a Michigan legal requirement that all ballots had to be delivered in a sealed box. Plaintiffs have not supplied any statutory requirement supporting Mr. Gustafson's speculative suspicion of fraud."

While she was working at a "satellite location" prior to Election Day, city employee Jessy Jacob said, a supervisor told her not to ask voters for identification. Jacob, whose claims Giuliani repeatedly cited yesterday, also said she saw other workers coach people to vote a straight Democratic ticket and accompany them to the voting booths.

"The allegations made by Ms. Jacob are serious," Kenny wrote. "In the affidavit, however, Ms. Jacob does not name the location of the satellite office, the September or October date these acts of fraud took place, [or] the number of occasions she witnessed the alleged misconduct. Ms. Jacob in her affidavit fails to name the city employees responsible for the voter fraud and never told a supervisor about the misconduct." He added that "Ms. Jacob only came forward after the unofficial results of the voting indicated former Vice President Biden was the winner in the state of Michigan."

While working at the TCF Center, Jacob said, she was told not to check whether signatures on mail-in ballots matched the names of eligible voters. She said supervisors also instructed her to "pre-date" ballots that arrived the day after Election Day.

"Ms. Jacob ascribes a sinister motive for these directives," Kenny said. "Evidence offered by long-time State Elections Director Christopher Thomas, however,
reveals there was no need for comparison of signatures at the TCF Center because
eligibility had been reviewed and determined at the Detroit Election Headquarters on
West Grand Blvd. Ms. Jacob was directed not to search for or compare signatures because the task had already been performed by other Detroit city clerks at a previous location….As to the allegation of 'pre-dating' ballots, Mr. Thomas explains that this action completed a data field inadvertently left blank during the initial absentee ballot verification process. The entries reflected the date the City received the absentee ballot."

Melissa Carone, a Republican who was working at the TCF Center as an I.T. contractor for Dominion Voting Systems (yes, the same company that supposedly supplies fraud-facilitating software), said she "witnessed nothing but fraudulent actions take place." The irregularities allegedly included a cover-up aimed at concealing the "loss of vast amounts of data" and "untrained counter tabulating machines that would get jammed four to five times per hour."

Kenny noted that "Ms. Carone's description of the events at the TCF Center does not square with any of the other affidavits"; that "there are no other reports of lost data, or tabulating machines that jammed repeatedly every hour during the count"; and that "neither Republican nor Democratic challengers nor city officials substantiate her version of events." He concluded that "the allegations simply are not credible."

Zachery Larsen, a Republican vote challenger and former Michigan assistant attorney general, alleged that ballots were processed without confirming voters' eligibility. He "expressed concern that he was unable to observe the activities of election official[s] because he was required to stand six feet away from the election workers." He also complained that he was not allowed to reenter the TCF Center on November 4 after he left briefly to eat.

"Mr. Larsen's concern about verifying the eligibility of voters at the AVCB [absent voter counting board] was incorrect," Kenny said. "As stated earlier, voter eligibility was determined at the Detroit Election Headquarters by other Detroit city clerk personnel."

Likewise, Kenny wrote, "the claim that Mr. Larsen was prevented from viewing the work being processed at the tables is simply not correct. As seen in a City of Detroit exhibit, a large monitor was at the table where individuals could maintain a safe distance from poll workers to see what exactly was being performed."

Kenny also noted that "Mr. Larsen's claim about the reason for being excluded from reentry into the absent voter counting board area is contradicted by two other individuals." According to those affidavits, "Democratic challengers were also prohibited from reentering the room because the maximum occupancy of the room had taken place. Given the COVID-19 concerns, no additional individuals could be allowed into the counting area."

Kenny noted that Larsen never filed a formal complaint about the irregularities he said he observed. "Given the concerns raised in Mr. Larsen's affidavit, one would expect an attorney would have done so," the judge said. Instead Larsen "only came forward to complain after the unofficial vote results indicated his candidate had lost."

Maybe Giuliani's secret affidavits are more substantial than the ones that are publicly available. But until he lets a court see them, there is no way to know.

Giuliani's explanation for the failure to make any headway with allegations of systematic election fraud is that Democrats "have some friendly judges that will issue ridiculously irrational opinions just to come out in their favor." Yet Giuliani himself, while challenging the election results in Pennsylvania this week, seemed to concede that he could not prove the "massive fraud" he described yesterday.

Giuliani was asking U.S. District Judge Matthew Brann to block certification of Pennsylvania's election results, which Brann said would "invalidate more than 6.8 million votes…thereby disenfranchising every single voter in the commonwealth." Brann wondered how that outcome could "possibly be justified." Although Giuliani began the hearing by alleging "widespread nationwide voter fraud," Brann noted that none of the Trump campaign's specific claims were examples of that. Later he asked whether the practices challenged by the lawsuit should be judged by the "strict scrutiny" standard that applies to burdens on fundamental rights. "If we had alleged fraud, then yes," Giuliani replied, "but this is not a fraud case."

What about the allegedly nefarious software that Giuliani and Powell said was at the heart of the original plan to steal the election? Such claims are "unsubstantiated," if not "technically incoherent," a group of 59 computer scientists and election security experts said in an open letter published this week. "Anyone asserting that a U.S. election was 'rigged' is making an extraordinary claim, one that must be supported by persuasive and verifiable evidence," they wrote. "To our collective knowledge, no credible evidence has been put forth that supports a conclusion that the 2020 election outcome in any state has been altered through technical compromise."

[This post has been revised to clarify the context of the exchange between Giuliani and Brann.]

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  1. We should do a re-vote, but put Harris at the top of the ticket.

    1. Unlike the Establishment Clause, the lesser known "Do Over Clause.'

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    2. The constitution has a fix for massive democrat election fraud. Article I and II and the 12th amendment.

      Trump vs biden is just as unlikely as the media said Bush vs gore was.

      All the ballots tied to changes by governors and state officials that were not the state legislators are getting tossed. Millions of mailin ballots are getting tossed.

      1. I’m sure you know that’s not happening. And if Trump attempts a coup, there will be civil war. Actually, we’re close to that now and that’s fine by me if you Trumpists want to throw away the country on one man’s conspiracies and ego. Trump is a fascist (pretty damned incompetent, but that’s what he is) and is therefore antithetical to libertarianism. Good luck.

        1. You cheated to seize power.
          Leftists have so far been saved by our reluctance to break norms.
          Keep pushing at your own peril.

          1. “We”? You’re an idiot. I’m about as right of center as they come when it comes to limited government. The Mad King must go. He’s a losing loser who lost the election to Sleepy Joe! which is really saying something. Bring it on, tough guy. The law, the National Guard, the military, and pretty much every lever and facet of institutional power will prevent your Mad King from becoming the tyrant he’s trying to be. He will be dragged out of office if necessary.

            Now, if you want to talk actual policy, we probably have lots of common ground.

            1. If you're being honest, you're a fucking brainwashed idiot stumping for Top Men who tell you what reality is.

              1. There’s that projection again Nardz.

                1. Everybody can read what I write and come to their own conclusions.
                  Personally, I don't think parroting what all corporate media and mass institutions are saying qualifies as "independent thought", but maybe you're of a different opinion.

                  1. Everybody that has read what you write has come to the conclusion that you're a complete idiot.

                    1. seems about right, at best he can parrot conspiracy theories he finds on right wing soon as he goes off the copy/paste script it becomes very evident his IQ is in the sub 70 category.

                2. It isn’t. You fags are trying to steal this election through massive fraud. We’re not having it. You fags have been illegally pushing all kinds of shit on A,Erica for decades and Americans have had their fill.

                  Enough is enough. Perhaps things can get straightened out if we the progressive population in America is reduced to a manageable level.

                  1. Poor Erica

                  2. Man, you sure do refrain to calling everyone fags, or faggots.

                    Few more times and people are going to start thinking you have some inner projection issues going on.

                    Wont be surprised when you get caught with your pants around your ankles in a shitty motel getting plowed, will we?

              2. Lefties are scared because the Constitution strikes again and roberts pn the SCoTUS cant save them like he did with unconstitutional obamacare.

      2. You obviously did not read the story you just commented on.

        1. You obviously have no idea what your talking about.

        2. No, we just all know Sullum is filled with rotten, decaying bullshit.

      3. And, yes Dominion voting machines have flipped votes before. As a retired clerk for WI, responsible for many Elections, twice Dominion had to resend SD cards (software) as votes we're flipped (2018-2019). This is not a conspiracy theory, but alas, reporters don't know how to interview the source.

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      1. Yes, we can all learn to code when his illegal shutdown renders everyone in America, except for government workers, unemployed.

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    1. That video seems to be conflating A LOT of different stuff. They slink back and forth between saying "Every batch to Biden had an EXACT ratio of 50.5 to 49.5" but then in Pennsylvania they say "Trump then only had 40% of the vote for each batch" - and when you look at the data, it is clear that it is not exactly 40%. It is a range between 35% - 45%.

      So they are using their strongest case (the odd exact ratio batch after batch) and then extending it to Pennsylvania. That makes me doubt the rest of their evidence.

      That said, the "Exact Ratios" data is very interesting. While it is possible that it is proof of fraud, I highly doubt it. It looks more like a limitation in reporting precision. I will reserve judgement for right now until someone has the actual data.

      1. You can download the data from the NY Times.

      2. It's maybe the most retarded argument I've ever seen. Complete trash. Hey, I get it. Trump is trolling the asshole libtards for degrading the legitimacy of his 2016 win with the Russian bs, but anybody that believes in this pile of shit is a legitimate idiot. Troll away. You still lost.

      3. All these garbage rebuttals from the liars in the media.

        Trump vs biden is gonna be another hilarious win for Trump vs the crackpot democrats and their schemes.

        1. So let me get this straight, the Trump, the guy that threatens to sue everyone, the guy that consistently looses his lawsuits, suddenly, with BS arguments over a presidential election is going convince judges that they should exclude votes.
          Are you taking bets?

          Trump's win percentage is pretty low

          1. Then why are you leftists so frantic?

            1. Leftist are sweating it out? Not Guiliani?
              Everyday more Trumpians are acknowledging he's gone.

              The only question is, "Is Trump going to pardon himself?" as he burns the place down.

              What odds do you give me that Trump will get indicted before Hillary?

              1. No, the real question is if cancer like you survives the next 6 months.

                1. I wonder how many progtards will get themselves killed in a civil war with Americans?

            2. People on the left are frantic because there is a ton of work to do. The longer Trump draws this out the more the virus infects people. Without making any attempt whatsoever to even acknowledge its existence Trump is just letting get worse. For functioning human beings that is motivation enough.

              Plus I think everyone is just sick and tired of putting up with Republican nonsense.

              1. So you're frantic because you're a neurotic coward without the level intelligence required to interpret reality for yourself...

          2. Poor lefties and their propagandists.

            Trump won election recounts and legal challenges in 2016.

            Trump beat democrats with the coup attempt.

            Trump beat democrats with replacing 3 SCOTUs justices.

            1. It’s a real shame the progressives insist on forcing a full scale civil war on Americans. I wonder how many of them we can spare and still keep America a constitutional republic?

          3. Trump’s win percentage is pretty low

            You mean the billionaire who has been living in the White House with his supermodel wife for the past 4 years?

        2. I can only assume you’re talking about 2024. I don’t think Trump will want to get within a million miles of an election after his team’s fiasco over the past few weeks. The one lesson he seems to be able to learn is where his bullshit doesn’t work.

          1. The kungflu is not scary except to pussies.

            It has a 10% infection rate and <1% death rate in the USA.

  2. One day I was approached by a seemingly sane journalist claim the Russians had interfered with our election by buying a few ads. They've gotten progressively more unhinged everyday since.

    So tell me Jacob why should I believe a word from a lying leftist propagandist like you?

    1. They did much more then buy a few ads.

      1. I see we're back to the big lie of leftist argumentation. You can't even bother to assert what else was done because there was nothing.

      2. Yes, a whopping total of $150,000 dollars worth of internet ads. For that kind of scratch you could by a garden shed in California, or 42 seconds of primetime airspace.

        1. Judging by the simplistic tribal bullshit the typical incurious Republican will internalize as fact, $150K seems like an awful lot.

          1. Judging by the simplistic tribal bullshit the typical incurious Republican will internalize as fact

            Something, houses...something...throw stones...something....

      3. "They did much more then buy a few ads."

        Yep, they had GIFS!

        1. And had bots say stuff on Facebook! Nothing influences votes like that!

      4. I wonder how many Trump supporters even noticed that some of their 'friends' on Facebook or whatever suddenly disappeared. Well, there is a strong possibility they were Russian Bots.
        Some Republicans are easily manipulated. First you had the ditto heads of the 90s. Then Trump said only Republicans would be dumb enough to elect him.
        Just because you think you saw a UFO doesn't therefor mean our planet was visited by little green men (or gray men) from another planet. While we are at it. There is no psychic powers, no big foot, no lock ness monsters, no aliens from outter space, and tRump is still a liar, cheat and draft dodger.

        1. Poor lefty unreason bots.

        2. No big foot? I wear 12.5 4E. It’s a real bitch to get shoes. So big foot definitely exists.

          Progtard fag.

    2. Sullum will be damned if he let's the president not accept the will of the nation's press core.
      Fuck waiting for the courts and congress to decide, Trump should have conceded the second the New York Times editorial board declared him the loser.

      1. Which nation are we talking about, again — oh, yeah, the United States, which is not the nation you live in.

        1. Another reminder that Dee is a bigot.

        2. You're supermad about "other" people getting to have opinions, huh.

      2. The press corp is like the weatherman, making predictions on what is going to happen. Its up to you to grab the umbrella or not. But keep repeating what Trump says, I'm sure it will change things.
        So in football, 2 minutes to play, your down by 14, the other team has the ball, and yes, the game isn't officially over, but the smart people are already in their cars.
        The dumb, that think there is still a chance, will hope the refs overturn the fumble call than happened in the 3rd quarter.

        1. Is this Hihn again?

          1. No Tulpa, it's not.

          2. Nope. Hihn is taking a permanent dirt nap.

    3. Did Sullum carry water for the Russian Collusion hits?

    4. So Facebook is just a place to view ads? Where do I sign up for that privilege? How many of the right wing or 'patriot' (hah!) groups were actually started by Russian bots?

  3. Wow. The level of skepticism about foreign election interference is very different this time. You must have learned your lesson from last time you got roped in.

    1. In 2016, both parties were hacked. That much we can agree on. Something actually happened. All of our intel agencies, the senate intel committee, and several NATO allies all came to the conclusion, based on evidence, that Russia did it.

      This is not like that. because no evidence. at all.

      1. Ah but then the lefties claimed it affected the outcome of the election. And there was no proof of that. But they pressed on for years looking under rocks for Russians.

        So yeah, you were paranoid then, and still paranoid now. If Biteme lost you would be doing it all over again.


        1. The case ain't closed till the Judge slams the hammer down, AND the fat lady sings!

          Very soon now, the courts will verify as true, the current claims that fluoridated water is chock-full of tiny little Hunter Biden homunculi (one each per each fluorine atom, with a tiny sub-atomic Hunter Biden homunculus-clone working the tiny little brain-control levers, and chucking an evil laugh), and they FORCED tens of millions of fluoridated-water-drinking voters to NOT vote for Trump!

          THEN it will finally be settled, and we can settle in for a nice, long, perpetual reign of the Trumptatorshit! Until Der TrumpfenFuhrer dies fairly soon, and then yet another fat lady will sing, and I have NO IDEA what happens after that! Anyone know? PLEASE do tell!

          1. Sqrlsy dear, go put on your pants, wash your hands and take your Adderall.

            ...and leave the cat box alone, I just scooped it anyway so you won't find anything.

            1. I found some tiny little Hunter Biden homunculi in the kitty-litter box when I last cleaned it out, so I think that the tiny little Hunter Biden homunculi have been leaking out of your tiny little brain! Could you PLEASE flush them down the toilet next time?

        2. I just want to thank you guys for proving the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis. I have long suspected there is much truth to it, but you guys have really hammered it home.

          1. Looks like Chipper picked up a hypothesis from reddit to throw around in his sophomania.
            But, did you know Chomsky and Pinker oppose linguistic relativity though? The Kos kids may not like you anymore.

            1. Chomsky sucks.

              1. As much as many people who are annoying love Chomsky; and, as much as some of his defenses of his linguistic theories became a little sketchy... I have to defend the old man.

                First, he doesn't pussyfoot around when talking about "election meddling" and noting that the US' fucking with other countries is surely worse than our dumb electorate being super by facebook ads.

                Second, he is one of the few people to handle Ali G is a way that is smart and respectful!

          2. noun
            a hypothesis, first advanced by Edward Sapir in 1929 and subsequently developed by Benjamin Whorf, that the structure of a language determines a native speaker's perception and categorization of experience.
            Definitions from Oxford Languages

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            At the end of the day, Momma is WAAAAY pissed that the Donald will NOT cum up to Canuckistanistanistanistan, and grab her pussy, good and hard! (WHY she thinks that Der TrumpfenFuhrer would give a fuck about, or to, HER? A fuckin' Canuckistanistanistanistanese, for Moose's sake?!?! I have no idea! Maybe The Donald plans to conquer Canuckistanistanistanistan soon?).

            Well anyway, momma is gonna have to settle for getting her hair smelled by Biden, at the VERY best, and she is ONE PISSED OFF momma! Worse that a moose in heat! Do NOT get in her way!!!

            1. You're hardly a moose and I have a dick, Sqrlsy. Although I don't imagine that would stop you.

              Also... hey, Sqrls... Canadamanbad...

              1. Up there in the Great White North? In Canuckistanistanistanistan? Many of you are Islamic, right? So... Moose... They have split hooves and chew their cud, and all, so eating them is OK, right? "Halal", hello?

                1. Ignore these voices. The ones that tell you to kill yourself? Yeah, listen to them.

                  1. Cheerleading for the Evil One again, Evil One Junior? What sort of reward to you expect for yourself, Evil One Junior, for drinking the Kool-Aid of the Evil One? Do you NOT know, that as you sow, so shall you reap? That what comes around, goes around?

                    1. Canadamanbad, Sqrls

              2. So, moosemeat, or even mushed moo-shu or minced moosemeat... Head flesh, between-the-ribs meat, organ meats (heart, liver, chitlins, spleen, tripe), tongue, all Halal, right?

                What I REALLY want to about know is... Moose-legs? Moose-limbs? Moose-limbs for Mooslims, is that Halal? Or HALAL-NO, it sounds WAAAY too unclean, like some sort of CANNIBALISM, for Allah's sake?!?!

                1. Canadamanbad, Sqrls

              3. Oh c’mon now.

                Canada has great potential to grow into an actual fully independent country someday. Great potential.

        3. They also claimed that the Trump campaign actively coordinated with the Russians.

        4. You seem to not realize how many Russians were discovered there. Or how many have been charged with crimes. mueller not charging Trump because he could not seems to the imbecile to be the same as not finding anything. The utter lack of awareness by the typical Republican idiot is striking.

      2. Something actually happened.


  4. Statistical anomalies, no matter how improbable, do not constitute evidence. They do, however, create grounds for suspicion.

    1. Some statistical anamolies would essentially constitute evidence. If you threw a dice 10 times and got number 5 each time, you probably have to suspect the dice is rigged.

      If this was a mostly honest election, then you have to believe that a lot of the states voted like Maine - a blue state that keeps voting for Susan Collins. Biden got nearly 80 million votes but his party suffered unforeseeable losses in the house.

      We already have evidence that human error occurred, and most of the time they returned votes for Biden. An election official is on video (Project Veritas) admitting that they threw out soiled ballots when they're supposed to be stored somewhere else. Libertarians won't trust words from the border patrol by default, but they trust the election apparatus? Most of the people counting votes are civilians.

      1. If you roll the dice enough times you would actually get five a thousand times in a row at some point... each roll is an independent event dumbass.

        1. What's the probability of a true pair of dice getting 5 1000 times in a row prior to the sun turning into a red giant assuming each roll takes 10 seconds. At a certain point possible becomes so improbable that it virtually guarantees fraud.

          1. Voting isn’t anything like rolling dice.

            1. You’ve gone full npc with this comment Dee. Time for you to leave. This is you’re replacement:


              1. You might actually be dumber and more annoying than Shitlord, but you're probably the same idiot.

                1. Unreason staffers know the Trump victory in court is coming.

                  Propagandists at unreason just have to toe the line in delusional hope.

                  1. I wouldn't count on the courts doing the right thing. It's a corrupt system, which is why Trump has to be gotten rid of.
                    The republic be damned, global socialism needs its serfs.

                    1. "global socialism needs its serfs."

                      And Reason needs it's idiots to cry foul without any supporting evidence. Keep cryin, I enjoy your daily tears.

                    2. You keep saying "no evidence" and keep proving your fundamental dishonesty.
                      Nobody will miss you.

                2. No faggot, I require no sock puppets. Not like you. And for the record, I easily possess ten times your cognitive capacity.

                  Feel free to commit suicide now

      2. Statistical analysis for a system with constrained values of equal probability (flipping coins, rolling dice, picking a card) cannot be applied to data of a different nature.

      3. So you think massive fraud is more likely than the explanation that people don't like Trump but are fine with other Republicans? Seems like Occam's Razor might be of use here.

        1. Somebody just learned about Occam's Razor. Welcome aboard bucko.

      4. "If you threw a dice 10 times and got number 5 each time, you probably have to suspect the dice is rigged."
        And you can spot check the die to verify it. The odds of throwing a 5, 10 times in a row are 60,466,176:1. The odds of winning the lottery is (mega millions jackpot) - 1 in 302,575,350. Yet someone seems to keep winning.
        As for belief. The only one that seems to have a high track record for lying or, shall we say stretching the truth, is tRump himself. So why are you believing him now? Lets not forget cheating on taxes (or bank fraud - on or the other), cheating on his wife, cheating to get into college, cheating his way out of the draft. I mean we all bitched about Clinton (deferred while on Rhoad Scholarship) and Bush (going to National Gard) everyone Trumpian makes an excuse for tRump.
        In fact the the biggest evidence that tRump colluded with the Russians is the fact the tRump denied it.

        1. It's time to delete these npcs.

  5. Massive voting software fraud was alleged and statistical aberrations were used to "prove" this software fraud. We can test this today by looking at the Georgia audit. They recounted by hand and verified that the Software accurately counted the votes.

    Note that this ALREADY submarines the entire claim by Giuliani. He said that the states tried software cheating and when it wasn't enough THEN they trucked in more ballots.

    But if that was the case, we should have seen a massive change from the recount in Georgia. All those votes that were being "flipped" should have shown up in Georgia. The "Landslide" number of votes that required them to supplement with fraudulent ballots later should have shown up. But they didn't.

    The entire theory of the Trump team doesn't make sense. They seem to be grasping at straws- throwing everything against the wall in order to....what? Just piss off the rest of the country? I don't get it.

    1. "Note that this ALREADY submarines the entire claim by Giuliani. He said that the states tried software cheating and when it wasn’t enough THEN they trucked in more ballots."

      I thought he was talking about MI and PA here, not Georgia.

      1. To be fair, even Rudy isn't sure. He got called out in court the other day for mixing up cases.

      2. They specifically call out Dominion software, which is in use in Georgia.

        But let's say, for a second, that they weren't alleging this in Georgia. Georgia STILL gives us a test against PA and MI. Georgia is FAR more Republican than PA or MI. Trump won Georgia 50 - 45% in 2016. But he only won PA by .7% and Michigan by .3%.

        So we know that without "Cheating Software" Biden was able to make a 5.2% swing in Georgia. But we are supposed to think that Biden needed software fraud PLUS a raft of ballots to swing the much more reliably liberal states of MI and PA?

        That just makes no sense.

        1. Yea, Trump increased his vote totals across the board by significant margins, but fraud from the party and people who have done literally nothing but cheat, lie, and commit fraud in front of a FISA court is what doesn't make sense...

          1. The media has now switched to its old schtick that biden beat trump nationally in the popular vote which means Biden should win.

            As I said here that Trump was more popular than he was in2016 and Trump gained 10M+ votes in 2020.

            1. At least 10+ million...

              1. Idiots gonna idiot. Keep crying. Your hero lost to a senile geriatric. Neither of you idiots can refute Overt's logic.

                1. You've literally never posted an intelligent comment.

                  1. pot -> kettle

                    1. I'm quite comfortable with my posts and the conclusions people come to regarding them.
                      You, on the other hand, are neither intelligent nor human.

                2. The fact the media support you and overt means that y’all are 100% full of shit. The media were liars on nov 2 and are still liars.

                  Georgia didnt hand recount every ballot. They audited the equipment and reentered their original numbers minus “misplaced” ballots that shrunk bidens imaginary lead.

                  Democrats fucked up when republican senator Perdue beat ossoff by 80,000 votes but biden supposedly beat trump by less than 10,000 votes.

                3. Yes. You are an idiot. You should just give up and commit suicide.

        2. Republican senator perdue beats jon ossoff by 80,000 votes and all the typical offices get filled by republicans. but Biden beats Trump and that win is clearly from unverified absentee ballots.

          1. What??? You beat John off? I've always suspect there's something going on between you two.

            1. Typical of democrat arguments. Its why trump will won trump vs biden.

              And we will laugh and laugh and laugh.

    2. There was no audit in GA.

      1. There was, Nardz. It was an audit of the counting machines. They performed a hand count, and compared it to the machines. This is by definition an audit (using original records to reconcile a.

        I know that you want more- an audit of ballot validity, but that doesn't mean this wasn't an audit.

        1. But that (I could wrong) wouldn't detect flash drives not being uploaded or being uploaded with incorrect info, and that's already happened.

          The recount apparently involves a second person verifying the ballot as another person call it for a candidate. One observer in GA said a worker he observed added several ballots to the Biden pile until she was corrected.

          The right side of internet is pumping out allegations and witness statements every day. I think some of the more actionable claims are buried by more sensational claims. I personally doubt that Dominion singlehandedly switched thousands of votes.

          Whatever happened to Richard Hopkins allegation? Did anyone here watch the weird "interrogation"?

          1. "But that (I could wrong) wouldn’t detect flash drives not being uploaded or being uploaded with incorrect info, and that’s already happened."

            Yes it would, because manually recounting the ballots would lead them to say, "Hey we have more ballots than actually got uploaded to the county".

            "One observer in GA said a worker he observed added several ballots to the Biden pile until she was corrected."

            The actual story was that the tabulation was wrong. Again, this would be caught on the audit. When the recount went against the computer tabulation, they would say "Huh, these numbers don't match. Let's recount." And the problem would have been identified.

          2. Whatever happened to Richard Hopkins allegation? Did anyone here watch the weird “interrogation”?

            I didn't see the interrogation, but my understanding that the post office he worked at handled only 3 ballots that arrived late. So there were only 3 opportunities to backdate (if those ballots needed it).

            I'm also reminded when Washington DC had the "DC Sniper" There was a guy in VA that swore he saw someone with an AK47 shooting.
            FYI, AK47 are 7.62mm, the bullets recovered were 5.56. The police, suggested that maybe it was a AK74 (5.56mm) but they had doubts.
            Turns out the sniper(s) used a AR15 variant and shot from the modified trunk of a car.
            So the witness lied. Why? Was he a bad person? No, just in his frustration, anxiety etc. thought he was helping.

            1. Lefties love to discount witnesses against them without supporting evidence of witness falsehood.

              Many state legislatures didnt approve many of the lat minute changes to election laws by Democrat governors, which violates the constitution.

              Millions of mailin ballots are getting tossed.

        2. They just recounted the fraudulent votes.

          1. What Trump partisans seem to be asking for is that they can redo all of the signature validation for mail-in ballots. Of course, since they already know the mail-in ballots are Biden-heavy, they have every prejudice and motivation to reject as many mail-in ballots as they can get away with.

            Can you see how redoing signature validation after knowing the results of an election is a tad problematic.

            1. “problematic”

              Spoken like a true lefty.

            2. Georgia state legislature made that law.

              Per the constitution, only state legislatures and congress can change election laws.

              Georgia election officials are trying to change the rules without state
              Legislature approval.

            3. There is also the problem that the envelopes with the signatures have been separated from the ballots. So, it is no longer possible to invalidate individual ballots if a signature were re-checked and failed validation.

              The signature validation ship has sailed.

              1. Nope. Toss millions of ballots.

                Democrats wont b allowed to win because they violated election laws.

                Democrats should have voted in person, like normal americans.

          2. There was one claim that the counting machines added votes for Biden, so there were no votes to count, they were just made up. Nothing to recount and nothing to audit.
            The other claim is that thousands of extra ballots were faked for Biden, that's easy enough to audit, they track who voted, so they have the number of total ballots. No ballots cast by Casper the Ghost.
            So we are left with 12,000 votes. The allegation is that as the elections were drawing to a close, that someone figured out which mail-in ballots were not returned, faked those ballots (guessing that they would never return the legit ones) and did so more or less election night. Pretty amazing feat! Note Geogia is not one of the states that accepted ballots passed election day.
            If you did 1 ballot a minute, that is unfold it, and begin checking things off and then refolding it etc. It would take 200 man hours. (assuming the race was a tie.)

            1. Your citation fell off.

    3. > I don’t get it.

      The three explanations I can see are:

      1. It's just being done to save face because Trump can't admit he's lost

      2. He's trying to convince state legislatures to overturn the results of the election (I have no idea if this is even legal according to state constitutions).

      3. He really believes these crazy conspiracies.

      1. He’s trying to convince state legislatures to overturn the results of the election (I have no idea if this is even legal according to state constitutions).

        Hint: it's more legal than harassing and threatening canvassers to certify a vote count they don't think is valid.

      2. I would like to believe it was 1 or 2 but I'm not sure, I think tRump is dumb enough that 3 is a possibility. Embarrasing that he was President.

        Remember, Bush was considered by the rest of the world to be so bad, that Obama won the Peace Prize before taking office! tRump was orders of magnitude worse (and still is).

        1. It will be good to cleanse our great nation of your ilk.

      3. Theory #4: Trump's lawyers are just trying to cram as many billable hours before Jan 6 as possible. Those guys get paid like $200+ / HR, win or lose. How much is Trump in on the scam rather than just the useful idiot.

        Theory #5: This is part of the long con, so Trump can set up Trump TV after he loses and/or part of his 2024 run.

        1. #6
          There was a shitload of electoral fraud, and this is the legal process to deal with.
          Otherwise it's fucking war or tyranny.
          And I don't think I'm very unique in not valuing the lives of you NPCs and vicarious tyrants one bit anymore.

          1. These faggots can’t even consider the idea. A full blown civil war becomes more likely by the day.

        2. A lot of lawyers are doing this work pro bono. I know someone who took off work for two weeks to help out. He isn't getting anything, not even per diem.

    4. Georgia never recounted ballots by hands. They audited the machines and ballots counts.

      Trump has requested a hand recount on georgia.

  6. Stop the world, I want to get off.

    1. You know who else wanted to get off?

      1. Your dad?
        Damn shame what he did to your mom... she was best in show too.

      2. Jenna Jameson?

        1. Jeffrey Toobin?

          1. Toobin was Lublin’.

  7. I can't get over how much the Trump lawyers sound like they learned it from watching democrats.

    1. The bit about voting machines changing votes is deja vu from the 2004 election.

  8. Trump won. Period. The election saying otherwise is proof of fraud.

      1. Plot murder less.

        1. That's Nardz, not Tony.

          1. It’s both, dood. Nardz condones murder.

            1. What, like abortion?

              1. No. Killing political foes. You two should date or something.

                1. Can’t get a date for yourself here, so now you’re trying to play matchmaker? #sad

                  1. That would be funny if the narrative was true.

                    1. It is true. You asked out Tulpa on a date and he said no.

                    2. I asked him to join me and other Reason commentariat for a guy’s night out, but if it gives you pleasure to think it was a date, then pine away.

                    3. That’s when you started your break, I believe.


                    4. You have some weird-ass fantasies, yo.

    1. This wasn’t funny the first five times you posted it.

      1. It’s still the prevailing attitude. Fraud because Trump lost. Sour grapes are sour. Grow the fuck up.

        1. That's rich coming from someone who just threw a 4 year tantrum over the previous election.

          1. Your what hurts?

            1. hiGh qUaLiTY rEtoRt

            2. Sarc you should kill yourself. Feel free to blame Trump in your suicide letter. Or even me. I would be quite flattered if you did.

          2. Let me get this straight, if someone acts like an a-hole, then its OK for you to act like an a-hole.
            Well, that is tRumpian logic.

            Like I said, pretty much what you expect from a 4th grader

            1. So is this your new sockpuppet, sarc?

        2. NeEds mOAr CuLt!

        3. Can I get a Drumpf suckers!?

          1. Ah, yes. Just down thread! Only 5 minutes later.

        4. No, fraud because of a unexplained sixfold increase in the percentage of president only ballots. Fraud because Biden outperformed Obama, but only in the 4 metro areas needed to swing the election. Fraud because every major statistical test for elections pegs the weird shit o meter. Fraud because any CPA or fraud investigator willing to actually comment on things says there was a bunch of sus activity, with the others keeping their traps shut because of the obviousness of the fraud. Fraud because the swing states suddenly decided to send the poll workers home and then kept counting.

          1. Shit...even the "judge", who was looking for every excuse he could find to ignore the affidavits, admitted the signatures were verified elsewhere - clearly where the observers weren't.
            Why the fuck would you have observers if they couldn't observe the verification of the signatures?
            Biden's advantage over Trump in mail-in ballots was in the single digits of percentage in almost every state. In PA, it was 60%. In MI it was 37%.

            1. Stop noticing things. The New York Times found a bunch of activists to sign a letter. What more proof do you need there's nothing to see here?

          2. Non of what you mention is fraud. If you want, you can vote for just president. Besides, if it was a fraudulent ballot, why wouldn't you just vote Democrat down ticket? Or maybe you just hate tRump.
            As for statistical test, those are not statistical tests. Its utter, complete mathematical bullshit. You need to understand the math and when it can be applied and when it can't. Its not a test for election fraud. Dummies trying to do math.
            If a fraud investigator had evidence, he should present it.
            As for poll workers going home. Poll workers don't actually tally the votes, they just help you vote. Then they go home. I highly recommend you volunteer next election to see how its done.
            BTW, about half these states are RED states. That means they control the government. And this fraud happened under their watch. I actually think the bigger fraud is how a president, who never got over 40ish% approval rating got so many votes. I think it tRump that committed fraud.
            Oh and tRump's administration approved the voting software.... Guess they didn't tweak it enough eh?

            1. "tRump"

              This is how you know the poster is totes smart and worth considering...

              1. If control of this country comes down to who. Can take it for the other side then we should just do it.

                Then we can end the democrat threat forever.

  9. Lawyers always spin things to make their case look good. There is so much politics and bullshit from both sides. Even so, it's still necessary to filter out what's legitimate and what isn't rather than throwing out everything merely because some of it's bullshit. I leave that to the courts, though. They are getting paid to do this.

    There is a difference between evidence that points to something wrong and evidence that is usable in a court of law. The bar for the latter is much higher. This does not mean it's OK to ignore the evidence.

    1. I wouldn't even point to something wrong.
      Counting watchers not seeing something doesn't mean something was done improperly, it just means they didn't see something.
      What some are calling statistics to prove something is wrong is not even that. Benford's law can fail for many reasons and is not a good indicator of election fraud. In fact, if the order of magnitude of the data doesn't vary, Benford's law falls flat and you would expect more of a bell curve. But, I guess real math doesn't fit the narrative.

  10. 1) A business that misplaces almost 10,000 orders wouldn't be in business anymore (ref; GA).
    2) A business that doesn't check credit card zip code's, addresses or other means to verify payment would be bankrupt within weeks.

    Final Lesson; Fraud is EVERYWHERE...

    1. It's interesting how the American establishment spends a whole year waxing rhapsodical over the sacredness of voting, and then treats the actual ballots like used toilet paper.

      1. Vote brown!

    2. Georgia was closer to 3000 votes, and they did find them and added them to the tally (I think Trump benefitted by about 2000 votes - still lost by about 12000). That's why they audited. Oh and 10000 out of 4,000,000 voted, is less than 1%, that's less people that will die from COVID and that's a fake disease.
      As for checking. Every state has a voter registration, checks are made against that. Most states required you to request a ballot, then send it back in. So you had to have given them you full name and address at some point. It also give the states the ability to see if you double voted.
      So to put in a single fake vote, you need to find someone in the voter registration that did not ask for a ballot, ask for one in their place (requires a significant amount of information plus a signature). Wait at their mailbox for it to arrive (has to arrive at registered address), steal the ballot, fill it in, and return it. Of course you have to sign the ballot the same way you requested the ballot. And all that work, and you get one ballot. If you screw up at any point, you will be caught and not just voter fraud, but mail fraud as well.
      In PA, you need to find something like 130,000 of these. How about you start by finding 10. Then we'll talk.

      1. Citations keep falling off the new bot posts.

  11. Better to let 10 guilty men go free than 1 innocent man be falsely convicted. THAT is the #1 consideration of our court system. Which means even if the evidence is "significant" (which it is), it may not be "overwhelming" (which it needs to be for the courts).

    That is a good thing in the end and the lesser of two evils, but often results in guilty Democrats getting away with obvious fraud...As long as they can muddy the waters enough to satisfy the courts.

    For the public, we have the standard of "common sense." And common sense dictates that Democrats are guilty as sin. Unfortunately it's looking increasingly likely that a harsh political price must be paid instead of thinking the courts will do anything. And since the courts seem to be establishing the precedent that voter fraud, committed in muddied water, is legal, Republicans MUST respond in kind next election.

    1. I would submit to you that the longer you are in denial of Biden's victory, the harder the swing against the GOP is.

      Georgia was a GOP stronghold. It was a stronghold because a large number of Democrats reliably did not vote. The Democrats figured out how to get those people to vote- by instituting mail-in votes, using technology to identify them, and spending shit-tons of money to send campaign personnel to get those votes.

      Maybe they managed a 5% swing with fraud. But just ask yourself: what if you are wrong? What if in January they do it again? You can put in place all the anti-fraud mechanisms you want, but they will still go throughout Atlanta Georgia; They will still knock on the doors of every Democrat who never votes (especially on off elections); They will still help those people fill out their ballot, and put it in the mail. And they will still win two Senate seats.

      The alternative is for the GOP to identify all those Republican voters who don't vote, and do the exact same thing. Instead, the GOP is dumping a bunch of money into fruitless court cases.

      1. "They will still help those people fill out their ballot, and put it in the mail."


      2. The huge dem turnout in GA didn't net two senate seats for the democrat party. Why would they wait until January to vote for the senate? Perdue was fairly close to avoiding the runoff. I think he wins, and the more moderate dems and independents who broke for Biden will reject Warnock, who's a total nutjob. Senate and midterm races usually don't generate turnouts seen in presidential races.

        If this was mostly a legitimate election, then the voters rejected Trump AND hard socialism and opted for a more divided government. That won't be possible if GA flips two seats for the dems.

        1. Georgia require a candidate to have at least 50% of the total vote to avoid a runoff.

          Loeffler was in an open race because she filled a US senate seat between terms. She had over 10 other candidates to compete with.

          Perdue beat jon ossoff by 80,000 votes. The LP senator and massive election fraud for democrats siphoned off votes for the top two candidates. Perdue will beat ossoff just like loeffler will beat the democrat.

          1. I hope you're right = Perdue will beat ossoff just like Loeffler will beat the democrat.

            I worry about complacency and disappointment not bringing out voters.

            1. And the GA GOP telling Trump supporters "fuck off... but make sure to vote for our senators!"
              Not going over too well.

      3. In most states, "helping people to fill out a ballot" is illegal.
        Though probably one of those laws that is only enforced against Republicans.

      4. Thats not why they are saying biden won. Senator Perdue beat ossoff by 80,000 votes.

        Absentee ballots require a signature verification process and election officials waived that in violation of georgia state law. Those ballots will get tossed.

    2. You’re confusing criminal proceedings with certifying elections.

      The standard for convicting someone of criminal election fraud should be “beyond a reasonable doubt”.

      The standard for not certifying an election and throwing the decision to the state or state delegation should be “significant possibility” of fraud.

      The burden of proof should be on states and districts that their vote counts are accurate, not on others to prove that the vote counts are inaccurate.

      1. WTAF. You are trying to argue for disenfranchising voters because of suspicions of fraud.

        1. Allowing fraud disenfranchises legal voters.
          "Count every vote" is unconstitutional.

        2. If your local election officials cannot deliver a trustworthy count, you indeed end up getting disenfranchised. That’s bad, but not as bad as the risk of disenfranchising everybody in the country by adding suspicious counts to the totals.

          And people in other states can’t fix your elections. If you don’t want to lose your ability to have your vote count, make sure that the local and state officials you elect do their job beyond reasonable suspicion.

          1. That’s one legal theory. Sometimes it seems that CACLLs confuse the way they think election laws should be with the way they actually work.

            1. Yup lefties have now idea how legal elections work. Its all anout trying to steal elections and whether they get punished for it.

              Biden is getting punished for it just like gore got punished for his election fraud scheme.

            2. I didn’t state a “legal theory”, I stated the way in which I think a rational, functional legal system SHOULD operate, hence the word “SHOULD”. What is it with people like you that you so frequently project your own failures and deficiencies onto others?

      2. +10000000000

    3. Evidence is not significant. I dispute your first point. Everything else is moot.
      What the saying? "anecdotal evidence, even a lot of it, is not evidence." Same for hearsay, same for wrongly applied statistics.

    4. Or just settle accounts if the courts fail us.

  12. One evening a few years ago, I was approached by a friendly, seemingly rational man outside our apartment on Keren HaYesod in Jerusalem and somehow got sucked into a conversation about "chemtrails." Try as I might, I could not seem to extricate myself as he spun an elaborate conspiracy theory and assured me there was plenty of evidence to back it up.

    I feel your pain on that one. I got cornered at a party once by one of those fucktards. They also believed that the Apollo moon landings were fake and that the government had a secret cure for cancer that they were only allowing the elites to have access to.

    1. Both your tales sound like manufactured anecdotes created for the purpose of illustrating your narratives. They swing too close to leftist parodies and strawmen of the right.

      Maybe I'm the real Cynical Asshole but I'll give 90 to 1 odds that Sullum invented that anecdote.

      1. I'll take that bet. Say $10,000? Seriously, though, many mostly sane people have encountered conspiracy theory nut jobs, or semi-normal people who just lost their fucking minds. Remember Y2K? Hey, if someone wants to buy a metric ton of spam and eat it for 20 years, OK. Rock on, preppers.

        Change a few words, and the same mega-conspiracy about "the gubmint" hiding the real truth about the coming apocalypse is the line of shit the Trumpista's are peddling. You can't prove the chips won't fail at the stroke of midnight!!! TEOTWAWKI!

        I don't need to make up stories about stupid people. I've been alive long enough to have an Encyclopedia Britannica shelf of stories. But it's a special kind of delusion where an otherwise functional person just loses their shit in some wacky theory. It's happened throughout human history and show no sign of stopping.

      2. Cue laugh tracks from "State v. Stoner" in Big Bambu...

    2. I have met many intellectuals and Libertarians who self aggrandize by fabricating anecdotes about the stupidity of others.

      Such behavior is rooted in deep seated ignorance and insecurity.

    3. McDonald Observatory in West Texas regularly bounces a 4-inch laser beam off of corner-cube laser reflectors left on the moon by Apollo II, 14 and 15 missionaries. Observatories in France, Australia and Germany have also reflected beams off of those reflector panels. Anyone with a telescope and powerful laser can light them up and see there is no hoax.

      1. But are there a plethora of piñatas?

  13. The look on Rudy's face is what I can imagine the face of Sevo, Jesse, Nards, LC and the rest of the Trump clan on this comment section have ended up looking like over the years as they start peeking out of Trump's ass.

    1. Your life doesn't matter, traitor.

    2. What's funny is that they all live in blue states. Why can't we get some real red state people on here?

      1. All states are blue now.

    3. Funny how close you pay attention to what we write, plus how familiar you are with Trump's ass. Obsessed much?

      1. Jeff's always obsessed.

        1. I read this as obese at first. Which would also be accurate.

          1. Because you're totally not a bald beanpole living in your mom's house.

            1. You should try being dead.

    4. The look on Rudy’s face is

      ... the kind of embarrassing photo you can take of anybody. The man is 76 years old and has done more for NYC than any Democrat ever and deserves a bit of respect for that alone.

      The fact that Reason and you obsess about this is a reflection on who you are.

      1. The man has made a caricature of himself. For that fact alone he deserves to be ridiculed for his stupidity.

      2. I had a problem with the picture selection as well.

    5. How can you see what's going on when all you do is eat Biden's ass?

    6. Stop eating Biden's ass you bitch.

  14. A shameless piece of shit is defending a shameless piece of shit. More at 11.

    1. Yes, you should stop that.

      1. Who am I defending? Cite?

        1. Lol, you’re almost as pathetic as Dee now.

          1. You’ve got nothing so you make playground taunts. Gotcha.

            1. sarcasmic
              November.20.2020 at 5:25 pm
              A shameless piece of shit is defending a shameless piece of shit. More at 11.

              1. Former mayor. Lawyer. Defending game show host. President. Yeah. That room must smell really bad.

                1. sarcasmic
                  November.20.2020 at 5:39 pm
                  You’ve got nothing so you make playground taunts. Gotcha.

                  1. I'm seriously laughing my ass off. He walked right in to that.

                    1. I thought he’d see what I was doing after I quoted him the first time, but he couldn’t stop going full steam ahead. Sarcasmic is one of the reasons I love the internet.

                    2. Sarcasmic now has to wait another 4 years of trumps second term before operation burn america to the ground can get started. Without the bern, there can be no anarchyland.

    2. Oh, that's a little harsh. After all, Biden is merely senile and Sullum is desperate.

  15. Bwaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    That's all I can say after watching what went on yesterday.

  16. The choice of photo for an accomplished politician and lawyer tells you all you need to know about Reason's biases and lack of common decency.

    1. Yes it shows they don’t kneel to Republicans and gag on dick. You might notice if you shifted their balls a little to the left. Does it show anything else? Only if you got a sore throat.

      1. Your continued obsession with cock sucking is noted.

      2. Yes it shows they don’t kneel to Republicans and gag on dick

        Ah, using homosexuality as an insult again. Under your pretense of tolerance, you viscerally hate gays and lesbians.

        1. I think you would be an interesting conversation if you argued with me instead of the voices in your head.

        2. I made a joke about him always talking about cock sucking...5 minutes later he posted this.

          1. It’s only derogatory if you make it that way in your head.

            1. Your self-own this morning when I said I felt pity for you and you brought up your penis was hilarious.

            2. "It’s only derogatory if you make it that way in your head."

              Yep, your intent was not at all clear.
              Fucking lefty ignoramuses and their lies...

              1. There’s really only 2 options here. Either he means it as derogatory, or he’s truly obsessed with cock sucking and can’t stop bringing it up regardless of the situation.

                1. People are trying to tell me sarcasmic used to be clever, but I can't imagine how.

                  1. Try harder, Tulpa. YOU can do IT!

                  2. Sarcasmic never was nothing but a drunk and unreason deflector account,

            3. I agree. And the way you use homosexuality as an insult, it is clearly derogatory in your mind, Sarcasmic. You’re an anti-gay bigot.

              1. I’m trying really hard to care but I keep failing miserably.

                1. Your failures are common and obvious.

                2. Yes, it’s obvious you don’t care and that you aren’t even important.

                  I’m just using you as an object lesson of the common phenomenon that people pretend to care about minorities but really don’t give a It actually matters with people like Hillary, Obama, AOC, and Biden, who trick minorities they despise into voting for them.

              2. He’s a gay bashing fag. How sick is that?

            4. Why are you such a self hating homosexual? This is a libertarian website, be who you want to be (except a dishonest, leftist piece of shit). We can all respect honest people. All liberty loving people hate leftists.

              1. “Show me a movement that doesn’t hate somebody and I will join it at once.” Robert Anton Wilson

    2. Agreed.

      I dislike politicians as much as anyone, and frankly, I don't care if they're accomplished or not, but using that photo is extremely petty. It's the kind of thing that I imagine I would see out of the Huffpost or Breitbart or Daily Kos (is that thing still around?).

      C'mon, Reason, you're supposed to be the media voice of libertarianism. It's not a good look.

      1. Lol. Where you been?

      2. Yeah, Reason never would run an unflattering photo of a Democrat.... [/eyeroll]

        1. This response has fuck all to do with his point.

        2. It’s unprofessional, manipulative, and reprehensible whether they do it to a Democrat, a Republican, or anybody else.

        3. The Reason blog has a long tradition of unflattering pictures of politicians, and captivating pictures of lobsters.

            1. Bot bot

          1. Well, then it has been run by unprofessional jerks for a long time. Not a good showing either for journalists or Libertarians.

      3. MAGA wet mop needed on aisle 68, plus a hankie and some "No More Tears".

    3. Libertarians. Not sure if you've ever met one, but it's fairly common of people with a low opinion of authority to think every political hack deserves the least flattering photograph available. You want common decency, don't be a jackboot.

  17. McLovin. Born 1903. Michigan resident. Votes Biden.

    1. Of course he did; All dead people are socialists... 🙂

      1. It's amazing how woke one gets after they die.

      2. Wrong. Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead refused to vote for Mondale or Reagan, and wished he'd known of an anti-war, pro-freedom alternative.

    2. What in the world are you referring to?

      1. Pretty sure everyone else figured it out, even some of your mentally challenged fellow lefties.

        1. Dee misses about half of what’s going on around here.

  18. I wish Reason was this tough on the Russia hoax.

    But nah. There was massive fraud. Come on. Have you not seen how mentally retarded they acted since 2016? They had all kinds of motives to try this.

    And they knew they could get away with it.

    A plagiarizing, possible rapist, creepy borderline pedo, corrupted, senile, career loser who didn't campaign much and had no platform other than 'I'm not him but will copy him' who underperformed Hilary beat Donald Trump as Democrat cities looted their way around screaming 'defend the police'? I don't think people hated Trump to the point of voting for a loose-lipped, flippant, war mongering hoodlum.

    Now that's some conspiracy!

    Reason - the magazine that taught me 20 yeas ago non-interventionism is wise and good - had exactly that in Trump. You won't miss something until it's gone?

    1. I haven’t checked lately but it seems based on the decreased output, the Trump presidency hasn’t been good for libertarian/conservative movement fundraising.

    2. Oh? The 2020 Dem platform says: "We will ensure no one is incarcerated solely for drug use". That wasn't there before Libertarian spoiler votes whopped them upside with 4 million spoiler votes. The Dem victory is a textbook example of how Libertarian spoiler votes cause our planks to be adopted--with repeal of the laws we abhor. Just because it took 48 years doesn't mean it isn't inexorable and effective. Winning is using democracy to repeal bad laws. To voters, winning is totally different from electing idiots or getting a hand in the till.

  19. ....but these are the judges who ARE impressed by qualified immunity arguments and who see the plain text of the 9th amendment as literally indistinguishable from an ink-blot, so why exactly should libertarians care what people who want to be taken seriously while wearing their robes to the office have to say?

    1. They are not necessarily impressed at all. They are following settled precedent in an area where Congress could take action to overrule that precedent.

      1. Settled precedent. Where would we be as a nation if this is where the judges always looked? Hell, maybe you could own some negroes as slaves.

        1. You just reinforced my point. For slavery to end, the Constitution had to change, the legislatures had to pass different laws. The courts couldn’t do it on their own.

          1. Except abortion “law” roe v wade....bush v gore.....

            1. "All persons born" in 14A does not mean "all ova fertilized." The Constitution is just fine. In fact, were it not for antichoice zombies we could dispense with 14A and start to question the the way Congress flushes other people's money down the toilet.

  20. I swear Giuliani is a classic example of how defending Trump causes brain damage. Sidney Powell may be another example, or maybe he's just another evil Sid (as opposed to good Syds).

    1. I swear I have never heard more limp wristed democrats whine about Trump in four years than they did with Bush or Reagan in eight years. It must be all the brain damage Trump is causing you nerds.

  21. It doesn't matter if the judges are impressed. It does matter if the electors are impressed.

    1. Yeah, sure, a bunch of Biden electors are going to say to themselves, “Gee, maybe there’s something to what Trump and Giuliani are saying...”

      I think what you most mean is impressing Republican legislatures matters. Trump appears to be losing that ploy, but we will see. There would be a huge, ugly backlash if Republican legislators in swing states overruled the vote and picked their own slate of electors.

    2. For what it's worth, Guiliani's evidence, or lack of it, has impressed a lot of pseudonymous commenters at Reason.

  22. Hey everybody, look. More proof. I mean if this don't make people stand up and take a deep look, nothing will. Rudy says there is even gonna be future videos when he actually dives down into the facts.

  23. I do not believe there was fraud BUT, one thing left me scratching my head is that shouldn’t the democrats have picked up at least a few seats in congress if Biden won, or not lost any? Unless, there was a half-assed attempt of fraud by marking ballots only for Biden and not voting down ticket for democrats. Purely hypothetical but something to think about.

    1. Ticket splitters (people who usually vote Republican but were repulsed by Trump) and those who voted only on the presidential line (possibly a bunch of first-time voters) can explain it.

      1. Not uncommon, so not really “something to think about”.

        1. I think you meant "not common."

    2. You might not believe there was election fraud but democrats did on 2016 and 2018 and 2020...until their people win.

      Republicans says there is democrat election fraud every election. Sometimes it is mitigated but sometimes its so tainting to fair elections that democrats have their wins voided. See bush v gore and PA state senate race in 1994.

      1. The Republican line is "beat the margin of fraud."

        When Rs win, they don't think fraud disappeared, they think it wasn't successful.

      2. So that's how they justify massive disenfranchise efforts to themselves. With lies.

    3. When beer was a felony many wet republicans survived elections--though Herb Hoover didn't. Other drys were also unlucky. I'd wager the drug test urinators wanting men with guns breaking into women's clinics--or places where informers thought they smelt burning leaves--had comparatively tough sledding. Prohibition Party platform planks are a liability while early LP planks have become an asset.

  24. Poor Rudy. He's so drunk/out of it he doesn't realize his boss/overlord is only doing this to bilk his supporters into paying back campaign debt. I'm not one of those 12 step assholes, but he needs help. He's probably too far gone at this point, but it's worth a try.

    1. Look, they found a female judge to nominate, then Lindsey Graham Cracker began whooping and gloating about how this was a victory for Positive Christianity and National Socialism. Unwizened women promptly decoded this as the return of papal pederasty and coathanger Comstockism of the sort recently repealed in Ireland. Like Romanian dictator Ceausescu, Prohibition Party conservatives have become a liability and deserve to feel the initiation of force on their own hides for a change.

    1. Here’s the paper requirements in each state:

      Looks like Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, and Louisiana are the only ones with weak paper redundancy.

    2. It's a real concern, and Republicans really should stop blocking any attempt to make them more secure. They wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong impression. *cough*Ohio 2004*cough*


    1) A former member of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez's personal security detail is a prime eyewitness in @SidneyPowell1's case to show that Smartmatic election software was created by the regime to manipulate votes. The redacted affidavit is here:
    2) The redactions appear mostly to protect the identity of the witness and others named in the document.
    What follows are quotes from, and summaries of, the affidavit. Under the law, this is evidence.
    3) The witness testifies that the Smartmatic operation began more than a decade ago "to wrongfully gain and keep power and wealth" in Venezuela and in other countries in the hemisphere.
    4) Evidence: "I was witness to the creation and operation of a sophisticated electronic voting system that permitted the leaders of the Venezuelan government to manipulate the tabulation of votes ... and select the winner of those elections to gain and maintain their power."
    5) Evidence: "I was a direct witness to the creation and operation of an electronic voting system in a conspiracy between a company known as Smartmatic and the leaders of conspiracy with the Venezuelan government...."
    6) Evidence: "This conspiracy directly involved President Hugo Chavez Frias, the person in charge of the National Electoral Council named Jorge Rodriguez, and principals, representatives, and personnel from Smartmatic...."
    7) Evidence: "The purpose of this conspiracy was to create and operate a voting system that could change the votes in elections from votes against persons running the Venezuelan government to votes in their favor in order to maintain control of the government."
    8) Evidence: Chavez had the witness work directly with Smartmatic after a fraudulent 2009 referendum:
    "Chavez instructed me to make arrangements for him to meet Jorge Rodriguez, then President of the National Electoral Council, and three representatives from Smartmatic."
    9) Evidence: "Among the three Smartmatic representatives were [names redacted]. President Chavez had multiple meetings with Rodriguez and the Smartmatic team at which I was present."
    The plan was to manipulate the election process electronically to give Chavez dictatorial power.
    10) Evidence: "In the first four meetings, [elections chief] Jorge Rodriguez promoted the idea to create software that would manipulate elections. Chavez was very excited and made it clear that he would provide whatever Smartmatic needed."
    11) Evidence: Chavez "wanted them immediately to create a voting system which would ensure that any time anything was going to be voted on the voting system would guarantee results that Chavez wanted. Chavez offered Smartmatic many inducements, including large sums of money..."
    12) "... for Smartmatic to create or modify the voting system so that it would guarantee Chavez would win every election cycle. Smartmatic's team agreed to create such a system and did so."
    13) Summary of evidence: The system was designed to record the biometric identity of each voter but not assign that biometric ID to the real ballot, leaving no evidence that the vote had been changed or otherwise manipulated.
    See PDF of affidavit in first post.
    14) The witness personally was involved with "several" Venezuelan elections, including in 2006 and 2013.
    Smartmatic fed the false voting tabulations directly onto the Internet and to the news media to track returns from each Venezuelan state.
    15) EVIDENCE: "Persons controlling the vote tabulation computer had the ability to change the reporting of votes by moving votes from one candidate to another by using the Smartmatic software."
    16) EVIDENCE: By 2 PM during the 2013 election, Chavez's opponent was ahead by 2 million votes, so the decision was made to "reset the entire system" and "take the internet itself offline in practically all parts of Venezuela and to change the results."
    17) EVIDENCE: It took about 2 hours to change the voting to ensure Maduro would win. Controllers checked the numbers in every Venezuelan state, inspected the changes, and had Maduro win narrowly by 200,000 votes.
    Venezuela had 19,000,000 registered voters.
    18) EVIDENCE: "... the software and fundamental design of the electronic electoral system and software of Dominion and other election tabulating companies relies upon software that is a descendant of the Smartmatic Electoral Management System."
    19) EVIDENCE: "... the Smartmatic software is the DNA of every vote tabulating company's software and system."
    In the US, "Dominion uses the same methods & fundamentally same software design for the storage, transfer, and computation of voter identification data & voting data."
    20) EVIDENCE: "I saw first-hand that the manipulation and changing of votes can be done in real-time at the secret counting center.... it doesn't matter what the voter decides or what the paper ballot says. It's the software operator that decides what counts--not the voter."
    21) "What happened in the United States was that the vote counting was abruptly stopped in five states using Dominion software. At the time that vote counting was stopped, Donald Trump was significantly ahead in the votes...."
    22) "Then during the wee hours of the morning, when there was no voting occurring and the vote count reporting was off-line, something significantly changed. When the vote reporting resumed the very next morning there was a very pronounced change in voting in favor of ... Biden."
    23) The witness testifies that insid knowledge of the Smartmatic fraud in Venezuela became public in 2017.
    What he did not say: Chavez's security detail was under the supervision of Cuba's DGI intelligence service.
    The FBI counterintelligence chief in 2017 was Peter Strzok.

    1. Wall o’ bullshit

      1. You are so very desperate for dictatorship

    2. If you truly believe that, you are a fool. The kind of fool that Trump preys on for his own use. Instead of supporting, you should run as fast as you can to get away from them before he asks you to drink the koolaid.

      1. You're out here reciting The Party gospel as handed down from on high by The Anointed Press - which has been nothing but completely wrong for years now on just about everything they've asserted - and calling other people fools who are being conned.
        Why is the "you're dumb and Trump's tricking you" such a stock line from you "people"? One might suspect it comes from a place of deep fear and insecurity within the NPC itself...

  26. The judges in Venezuela aren’t impressed by charges of election fraud either. It looks like Rudy’s looking in the wrong place for evidence. It wasn’t voters voting fraudulently, it was county election board workers. My grandmother worked almost 30 years for the local Election board and she over the years told me stories of how Democrats would go in to the room of locked ballots and play with them.

    I don’t know this for sure, but I find it unlikely Joe Biden received more votes than Donald Trump in this Election. How often has a candidate won Florida and Ohio and not won the Election? Again not definite but probable.

    And how do you determine this? That seems to be the big problem. If they stole it, you’re never going to find the smoking gun. I’d love to see the Trump campaign get Joe Biden on the stand and ask him what he meant by the voter fraud bit. Then they could ask Ron Klain what he meant about rigged elections.

    At least you’d get some sweat.

  27. Georgia secretary of state says absolutely no problems with georgia voting.

    Meanwhile floyd county fires election official for “misplacing” ballots.

    1. Yawn.

      1. Poor unhappy unreason staff. You see whats coming.

        Trump victory in Trump vs biden is gonna make y’all cry even more than trump kicking hillarys ass.

        1. Bookies'll be crying if the court hands it to Boss Trump.

  28. And how do you determine this? That seems to be the big problem. If they stole it, you’re never going to find the smoking gun. I’d love to see the Trump campaign get Joe Biden on the stand and ask him what he meant by the voter fraud bit. Then they could ask Ron Klain what he meant about rigged elections Read More.

  29. And how do you determine this? That seems to be the big problem. If they stole it, you’re never going to find the smoking gun. I’d love to see the Trump campaign get Joe Biden on the stand and ask him what he meant by the voter fraud bit. Then they could ask Ron Klain what he meant about rigged

  30. ""It can set and run an algorithm that probably ran all over the country to take a certain percentage of votes from President Trump and flip them to President Biden." But because so many people voted for Trump, she explained, "it broke the algorithm that had been plugged into the system.""

    LMAO this is too much. I cannot believe there are people out there dumb enough to buy this ahahahahaha

    1. Why is that so hard to believe, eh? Remember the software was written by Canadians, and they tend to write buggy code because they're always getting high on maple syrup and drinking too many Mooseheads.

      1. Anti-Canadian!

    2. It is especially laughable if you are a programmer. If it were true, it would be, like, two or three lines of code. And how would it become overwhelmed.

      Having said that, it would be a good idea for all voting machines to use open source software that anyone can examine for questionable algorithms. A program that adds up votes is of the most complicated thing in the world, by a long shot.

      1. It needs to be open source, and a hash of the executed code should be recorded for each vote. Even with open source, you don't know whether a "temp" code alteration is made. Even a hash isn't foolproof, but offers better assurance of whether the "known and accepted" code was executed in each case.

    3. I can. Those same people are praying to The Baybee Jesus to smite Joe Biden with lightning. If the boon be granted they will again gape in bovine incomprehension as Kamala chooses Lolita Lebrón 2.0 for her veep. Didn't Heinlein comment that the capacity of humans to believe the improbable has never been plumbed?

  31. We get it. Jacob still mad at orange man. Don't worry Jacob your savior will be in office soon enough. Meanwhile do something meaningful with your life. Bleating and signaling to the mainstream mob has a very limited shelf life these days.

    1. Everyone is jealous of Trump's success! Covid deaths down, jobs up!

  32. GOP has feared a deep state coup since 2016. Little did they know that it was themselves they had to fear.

    1. Oh for sure; I mean being/pushing socialism/communism while entirely ignoring the U.S. Constitution is the farthest thing away from a "deep state coup" in the USA.

      "Wrong is actually Right" ---- The Lefty banner of lunatics.

      1. Hyperbole much?

  33. Only ballots cast for Trump can be deemed legitimate. Others are fakes (or worse)!

    1. Well, yeah...voters for Trump are more honest. How many times did YOU vote, Zach? (be honest, we know it was more than once)

  34. From Trump today:

    “Big voter fraud information coming out concerning Georgia. Stay tuned!”

    Are you staying tuned, morons? Are you waiting for that big reveal, with bated breath....oh, its coming! Dear leader says so! Idiots...all of you. In the meantime, send this conman some money.

    What dopes.

    1. How many times did YOU vote, you dope? (don't lie, we know it was more than once)

  35. Trading DC swamp rats for NYC sewer rats got us, only, even more septic rats.

    King Rat Trump was a septic fraud and loser as a businessman, as a Republican, as a candidate, and as a president; that has spent a long lifetime using nepotism, cronyism, shady loopholes, and spurious lawsuits to cowardly hide from his serial failures.

  36. So I wonder where Trump is today. Is he hiding in his basement? I think he is, but I wonder why. Could it be that he is scared of covid? Or could it be that he is planning on saving the world from china? Is he he hiding to protect us? Or is he just a weak minded simpleton who doesn't know how to handle defeat? More than likely he will run somewhere far away where he can't be found because he's a coward.
    What a joke of a man we've had on office for the last four years. He's a clown and I'm very happy I can say I did not vote for him in 2016, and I sure as hell didn't vote for him this time. Good luck following your new found God. It it's gonna be funny to see your god marched out of the white house in handcuffs.

    1. Poor lefties. They know what is coming. 4 more years of trump as president.

      1. When Trump loses, do you guys still get your rubles, or do they take you out back and shoot you?

        1. The corrupt Democrats will do the latter.

          AOC is already gathering her enemies list for the executions.


    Hello to all our new viewers who've encountered our 2019 segment on voting machines through conservative media using it to push Trump's voter-fraud claims! First: sorry we swear so much! But second: the way people are using that segment is horseshit!

  38. Antifa protesting people not having proper faith in elections...

    Antifa black bloc militants pounded on their shields in Atlanta today at a protest against the “Stop the Steal” rally. #antifa

  39. Oops. Accidental honesty, kinda like when Biden bragged about having the best "voter fraud team" that's ever existed.

    Due to a last minute change of schedule, President-elect Biden left without his protective press pool. We watched him drive by as our bus was getting swept and now we are trying to catch up to Biden at TBD location.

  40. If leftists had any self awareness, they'd kill themselves immediately.

    Today "boogaloo boy" Mike Dunn led militia activists on an armed march in laps around the Capitol in Richmond, Virginia, where it's illegal to carry guns at protests, and it's illegal to carry 20+ round mags.

    Police stood back and did not intervene as the group defied both laws.

  41. I noticed elections opened in BURKINA FASO today. Didn't see anything about mail in voting either. See? Even with the electioneering we know about there, they still have a higher election integrity standard than the United States.

    PATHETIC standards in The Banana States of America. SMH

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    2. The only people standing in the way of election reforms are Republicans.

      1. The Democrats and the RINOs are. Why are we using closed source software to manage our elections? Taking the Dominion CEO's word for it is outrageous.

        All federal elections must require open source software for voting machines are else it doesn't count. Period.

  42. Girl-bullying rednecks with green teeth lost the GOP this presidential election. After losing to LP spoiler votes the amended Dem platform says: "We will ensure no one is incarcerated solely for drug use"--a declarative statement easily translated into Spanish. Dem abandonment of loot-and-shoot prohibitionism drastically cut into GOP efforts to gull enough voters to kill pregnant women with coathanger abortions. Pushing Coney onto la Suprema Corte helped alarm women voters (which the LP used to have) into action. Q.E.D.

    1. “Hey, girl-bullying rednecks with green teeth, why don’t you vote Democrat next time? We have your best interests at heart!”

    2. Heh

      “So you start walking over to her house
      And you get over to her house
      And you walk over to her door and
      You start poundin on her door and you say
      "Open up the door bitch!?
      This is wooba gooba with the green teeth, let me in!!"
      Well, she opens up the door
      And then you just kinda walk up to her and say
      "Baby", (say Baby!) you look up way up at her green mascara
      And you say "Oh my darling,
      You know her and me was at the party as friends -
      Do not believe what they say
      That's only gossip that they tellin ya -
      A wise crack of lies!"
      You say Darling!!!”

      What’s the name of that chick with the long hair?

    3. You are incoherent. Are you high right now?

  43. Jacob you still mad bro? You're boy won. Take a breather man.

    1. He will always be mad. Liberals are incapable of humor or feelings of happiness.

      As they say on the left, malaise forever!

  44. In a case challenging a coroner's death certificate of a man found with two bullet holes in the back of his head, which the coroner declared as a suicide ...

    Plaintiff: "Your honor, the coroner is wrong. The victim was shot by someone other than himself."

    Judge: "Do you have evidence?"

    Plaintiff: "Yes, two bullet holes in the back of his head ... and a witness claiming he saw someone shoot the guy."

    Judge: "But the coroner claims otherwise. No one else says they saw someone shoot the guy, no one has produced a gun. My ruling is the coroner's declaration is correct ... nothing to see here."

  45. "Kenny wrote. "Mr. Gustafson's affidavit is another example of generalized speculation fueled by the belief that there was a Michigan legal requirement that all ballots had to be delivered in a sealed box."

    Seriously? Michigan doesn't require ballot boxes to be sealed when transported? Is this a third world country?
    If they aren't sealed then you have no chain of custody, the entire election is therefore unsafe.

    And a judge was happy with this? Does no-one know how to run an election?

  46. As I'm reading this article I notice you seem to supply a caveat to every fraud statement they make i.e. "alleged nefarious software,"
    etc.. but every time I've looked into the leads Giuliani highlights they turn out to be true. With very little research time, I found plenty on the relationship of the Venezuelan software group that openly rigged elections for Chavez the same way, as well as the valid connections to Dominion. But California politicians openly boast about their new relationship with this software group as well, and that all by itself speaks volumes.
    As for the scores and sacks of ballots being back doored in polling stations, quite a few videos have now surfaced showing just that.. One such video shows half the poll workers staying behind after closing and digging out large bags of ballots stashed under tables and other dubious places and proceeded to continue counting.

    I'll admit in the beginning I was an easy sell to the massive fraud claim, not because I'm easily swayed to an outcome I prefer, but because I'm a pragmatist, truth be told everyone knows Democrats cheat, lie and are as scandalous as Wile E Coyote whose motives are as easy to ascertain as Democrats are, given it's the only possible reason you can come to with the non stop absurd decisions they make.
    Living in California makes you painfully aware if your even marginally aware of what's going on. Merging the DMV database with the voter registration database after a campaign of free drivers licenses for illegals isn't exactly subtle. [A.B.] 1461, dubbed the California New Motor Voter Act. The New Motor Voter Act automatically registers to vote all eligible voters when they obtain or renew their driver's licenses at the Department of Motor Vehicles instead of requiring them to fill out a form. Miraculously thought up immediately after granting illegals drivers licenses.
    After you've seen Democrats do things like this over and over it becomes quite clear it's deliberation, along with the obvious intent since even when warned of the possible outcome of these statutes (as if Democrats weren't acting premeditatedly) just as them being told their voter database has more people on it than the states population because it includes dead people from 50 years ago, 10 years later, still nothing is done about it.
    I'm pretty sure the vast majority of Californians, know a few illegals, just as I do. It's almost impossible not to, as it is highly improbable to be unaware not to have heard them discussing voting for their favorite Democrat and being giddy about the free goodies their going to get from them this go around.
    And just as is ballot fraud we all know it's going on, but unless I can produce a video of them at a polling station and the ballot he used, Democrats will make up some ridiculous lame reason for an illegal to be at a polling station then use emotional blackmail and claim you must be a racist for pointing it out.
    One only needs ask themselves why Democrats were so eager to send out millions of mail in ballots, in many cases mandating every voter get sent one unsolicited. You can bet they wouldnt have done so if there was any doubt it wouldn't favor them in some way. Cheating is the only thing they are fastidious about.

    Look I could go on all day pointing to all the obvious behavior patterns that elude to Democrats motives, but I dont really have to anymore they stopped trying to hide it a long time ago. I guess so much of our citizenry has become so deluded after years of listening to the likes of Pelosi, common sense is no longer common. The truth is (not just because retrospect shows it) but the facts always stack up against almost if not everything Democrats do. But their propaganda and control of certain industries, not to mention their psychobable machine and emotional blackmail are so overwhelming it stifles dissent.

    Can anyone truly tell me Joe Biden who lost 2 primary bids, with a 40 year do nothing political career, running on the worst platform you could imagine wanting to open borders, increase taxes, return us to oil dependency, destroy the private insurance industry killing over a million jobs and force everyone onto medicaid. A guy who barely showed up to campaign, got a pass on every legitimate ethical and legal scandal that actually had merit, who couldnt get 50 people to show up for a rally, all of a sudden became so popular overnight got more votes than either Trump or Hillary in previous elections, more votes than anyone in American history. And only between 12 midnight and 4AM in the morning and only in states that changed all the election laws a month before to include ballot harvesting and every measure that could possibly validate legal ballots. What other possible motive could there be for changing the law to count ballots with unmatching signatures and no postmark. Just give me one other possible reason.

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