Campus Free Speech

Journalism Professors Demand Iowa State University Disband the College Republicans Over Offensive Tweet

ISU initially criticized the tweet, but later affirmed the group's free speech rights and declined to punish them.


Iowa State University has reaffirmed the free speech rights of conservative students initially under fire for tweeting an edgy comment—thus provoking the ire of several ISU journalism professors who demanded the students be punished.

A few days after the 2020 election, the Twitter account of ISU's College Republicans made this statement: "Everyone, you must arm up, expect these people to try to destroy your life, the elites want revenge on us."

The tweet may have been hyperbolic, but it did not endorse violence. It did not call for violence or encourage armed resistance. At most, it was a trollish right-wing talking point alongside a call to purchase guns.

Nevertheless, ISU interpreted the tweet as a "suggestion of armed activity," in possible violation of university policy. An ISU spokesperson told The College Fix that the matter would be investigated.

This drew the attention of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), which defends the free speech rights of students and faculty members. In a letter to ISU, FIRE correctly explained that the tweet was protected by the First Amendment, and the public university could not punish conservative students for their sentiment. "Although the university may legally punish 'true threats'—serious expressions of an intent to commit an act of unlawful violence against a particular individual or group of individuals—it may not punish expression that fails to rise to this narrow category of unprotected speech," wrote FIRE.

To its credit, the university swiftly reached the same conclusion, and informed FIRE within an hour of receiving the letter that the students would not be punished.

"The protections afforded by the First Amendment and similar provisions in the Iowa Constitution are core values of the university and are foundational to the university's mission to create, share, and apply knowledge to make Iowa and the world a better place," ISU responded.

While it would have been preferable for the university to have avoided suggesting the tweet could result in punishment in the first place, ISU administrators deserve credit for quickly reversing course. They also deserve considerable praise for continuing to reject the demands of many members of campus—including several journalism professors—who want the College Republicans disbanded for creating an unsafe environment.

On November 12, Assistant Professor Kelly Winfrey and Associate Professor Novotny Lawrence of ISU's journalism school circulated a petition signed by more than 750 students, faculty, and alumni. "We are appalled that the Iowa State University administration has decided it will not invoke disciplinary action on…the Iowa State University College Republicans…for a tweet that, having nothing to do with the political nature of the organization, incites violence and creates a campus climate that feels threatening to and isolates students, faculty, and staff of marginalized and historically oppressed populations," they wrote. "Privileging the free speech of those causing harm over the safety of the historically marginalized members of our community furthers the damage."

The petition accuses the university of failing to fight inequity and racism, and making everyone feel less safe on campus.

In response, the administration carefully explained that it simply could not violate the First Amendment rights of students, no matter how much some members of campus might desire this.

"At the core of this demand is a disconnect between the law and First Amendment freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution, and the desire by many in the campus community to punish those whose comments are hurtful to others," wrote the administration. "In short, this demand asks that the university proactively violate the law, and we will not do so."

The administration's response noted that there are many campus resources for students and faculty who feel threatened or unsafe, including counseling services and the police. This also irked Winfrey, Lawrence, and ISU staff recruiter Lindsay Moeller, who penned the following lament:

We are sorry that the university administration directed those who feel unsafe to contact a resource for help — the police — that disproportionately harms or kills members of the very populations we were trying to protect by demanding action.

We are sorry that the university is calling for education that will disproportionately tax members of historically marginalized populations by using their emotional labor and time to justify their very existences in spaces in which they already feel unsafe.

We will remain unapologetic in our efforts and continue to work for you, to call out hate and to push for university policies — and enforcement of those policies — that reflect the values of diversity and inclusion it espouses.

Activists are welcome to push for more diversity and inclusion, but they can't violate the First Amendment in pursuit of these goals. Ideally, this would be a lesson that ISU's journalism professors were already teaching to their students, rather than something they themselves had to discover for the first time. (And we wonder where so many young progressives in media came up with the idea that their job is to suppress information that conflicts with a woke worldview.)

In any case, good on ISU for defending free speech principles in the face of considerable hostility.

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  1. Meh give it 2 years, they will try again.

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  2. >>journalism professors who demanded the students be punished

    fire them all for rank stupidity.

    1. Meanwhile the University of Wisconsin declares a large rock to be racist and plans to remove it because a newspaper article in the 1920’s described it’s type as a “xxxxxrhead”.

      Sometimes stupidity is so stupid that it becomes evil and destructive.

      1. That’s a sacred Native American rock and those people are racist for trying to remove it!

      2. Are we surprised. In Wisconsin they beheaded the statue of a militant abolitionist and omkigrant who died fighting the confederacy.

      3. Oh my god what the hell is wrong with these people? Does anyone pay attention
        to them? The “teachers” who wanted the students punished should be fired.

        1. I call the place Greater Mendota Autonomous Oblast Indoctrination Center. Ring out, ahoya!

    2. Assistant and Associate professors — does that mean no tenure yet?

      1. It means graduate students who couldn’t even get a batista job.

      2. journalism tenure w/o basic understanding of 1A would be ludicrous.

        1. And yet, there they are.

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      3. Assistant Prof probably doesn’t have tenure. Associate Prof almost certainly does.

    3. The professors were mad because they knew the CRs weren’t lying.

    4. Actually had jury duty with a “Journalism Professor” some years ago. He made fun of one of the jurors for referring to their notes during deliberations. Some journalist.

    5. Journalism is a profession with a Code of Ethics. It was violated by these professors. They should be fired for unprofessional conduct.

      1. “Journalism is a profession with a Code of Ethics.”

        Winner of the Internets. November 21, 2020.

    6. I’d refuse to attend any class taught by a self-appointed zampolit prick.


  3. “At most, it was a trollish right-wing talking point alongside a call to purchase guns.”

    Minor details; there is no mention at all in the tweet of guns or firearms, the most severe reading could only see it as a call to self defense against a group (democrats) who follow a published manifesto of actual deadly violence (abortions).

    1. Self defense is now trolling.

    2. I agree. I thought they should arm themselves with information and logic.

      1. Ayn Rand’s old Objectivist Newsletter had an “intellectual ammunition department.” The CRs should have told The Blob that’s what they meant – then got some practice time in on the range. 🙂

    3. Mark Twain reported on masked sockpuppets like Longtobullygirls. How does it feel making coathanger abortion laws more important than free trade? And shooting black gentlemen and hippies–THERE’s a good reason for ignoring the LP platform and making God’s Own Prohibitionists lose the election. Longtobullygirls is the Dem posterchile for Ku-Klux activism that helped put Biden back on teevee. Congrats!

  4. People need to stop trying to punish people for free speech that does not incite violence or is hate speech. It’s like the boy who called wolf. I understand the urge to nip it in the bud before it possibly escalates, but this has not even reached that point yet.

    1. Hate speech bans are bullshit too. Direct incitement to violence is the only valid exception to being able to say whatever you want.

      Spewing bigotry and identarian garbage just lets the rest of us know what an asshole they are.

      1. It’s okay to be white.

        1. It’s healthier to at least be a little pink, but one can overdo it on the tanning. Skin cancer sucks.

    2. Everything is so terrible and unfair!

      What do you not understand about that? No further explanation needed.

      “Historically marginalized”. Haha. People who speak like this are collectivist, identity politics assholes.

    3. or is hate speech

      So you’re fine with thought crime laws.

      1. Yep. Another statist progg self identifies.

  5. “To its credit, the university swiftly reached the same conclusion, and informed FIRE within an hour of receiving the letter that the students would not be punished.”

    Or perhaps (o their credit), university officials promptly realized they would lose in court, so they backed down.

    Not that I’m discounting the possibility that they spontaneously had an epiphany about the importance of the First Amendment which coincidentally happened at the same time they got a complaint from a group which supports lawsuits against universities.

  6. “The Twitter account of ISU’s College Republicans made this statement: “Everyone, you must arm up, expect these people to try to destroy your life, the elites want revenge on us.”

    The elites then immediately took revenge and tried to destroy their lives.
    I can’t even…

    1. Heh. Yeah, pretty much. The lack of self-awareness is really something. Or they just don’t give a fuck.

    2. I too am unable to even

      1. Yet, even we must.

        Or give up.

    3. Ah! Another green-teeth sockpuppet who helpfully pushed coathanger abortions and shooting kids and dogs over foliage to the top of the God’s Own Prohibitionist agenda. Thanks soooo much for demonstrating how suicidal it is to let the other looters copy LP planks republished for 48 years. May your sabotage of Boss Trump’s election chances bring the Cross of Our Savior to your front lawn in appreciation for a job well done.

  7. “We are sorry that the university administration directed those who feel unsafe to contact a resource for help — the police”

    If the campus Republicans are dangerous gun-toting terrorists, who exactly should handle them?

    The Democratic party’s private paramilitary arm? They had one during Reconstruction, and they seem to be building up another one today.

  8. “In any case, good on ISU for defending free speech principles in the face of considerable hostility.”

    Agreed, glad to see this from the school.

    That said, here’s hoping for a big Cy loss tomorrow.

    1. my dad got me an ISU hat in like 1978 when I lived up there. I still own it but have never worn it.

      go Cats.

      1. EMAW!

        I’m hoping for another really ridiculous ending to Farmageddon this year, like 2015 ridiculous. I’m thinking like Iowa State leading with under 15 seconds, and they punt it away on 4th down to try to preserve the win. Punter kicks it into the back of his own blocker’s helmet and Cats recover it in the end zone to snatch a W.

        1. Go ‘Clones! And good on ISU for getting this one right fairly quickly

          1. Sheesh, your twirly-winds all take a shot of cocaine before that game? That was ugly. Welp, good luck rest of the way; just don’t let the land thieves win the conference again.

            1. So tell us, what happens in the first chapter of Heinlein’s action thriller Spy-fi novel?

        2. That went well.

          1. Ha, I was hoping for 2015 vs ISU, and I got 2015 vs OU. Oh well, can’t win ’em all (or any of ’em if you’re KU 🙂 )

  9. This does lend further support to the suggestion that when the progressives want to censor “hate speech”, “conspiracy theories”, and “violent threats” online, what they’re really talking about may not be what most Americans expect when they read those terms.

    “Hate Speech” =

    a) Opposition to affirmative action is racist.
    b) Opposition to abortion is misogynistic.
    c) Support for a border wall is xenophobic.
    d) Opposition to gay marriage is homophobic.

    “Conspiracy theories” = Hunter Biden is . . . exactly what everyone thinks–going back to at least 2008, when mainline news services like CBS were reporting about his apparent influence peddling on behalf of his father.

    “violent threats” = urging people to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

    1. P.S. If any progressives out there are genuinely wondering why so many Republicans are so reluctant to accept the results of this election, take a long look in the mirror. Maybe it’s because you and progressives like you are so eager to violate their rights and rationalize it with bullshit.

      1. “If any progressives out there are genuinely wondering

        Hahaha, fuck no.
        If earnest inquiry rather than knee-jerk reactionaryism or emotional outburst were possible, then they wouldn’t be progressives.

    2. Wheee! Ku Klux Ken here to tell us how Trump woulda won if he’d pardoned Robert Dear, given him a cabinet post, and signed an EO making all those Jezebels suffer the way they did in Ireland for 30-odd years. Didn’t Ireland just repeal the Girl-Bullying Amendment God’s Own Prohibitionists expected to pass no later than 1985? Thanks for being the Poster Ceausescu for the importance of ignoring LP spoiler votes while framing ‘platforms. The Dems luv ya too, Kukie. Give us the green teeth smile!

      1. “Ku Klux Ken here…”

        Way to prove him right Hank. Or were you trying to be ironic?

  10. “Privileging the free speech of those causing harm over the safety of the historically marginalized members of our community furthers the damage.”

    In addition to being journalism professors, it sounds like they also teach in the drama department.

    1. The “historically marginalized” live in a state of perpetual fear of vague tweets.

      You don’t know many “historically marginalized” people, do you?


  11. At most, it was a trollish right-wing talking point alongside a call to purchase guns…
    …This drew the attention of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE)”

    So a call to purchase guns drew fire?

    1. Exactly retaining FIRE would seem a further call to arms.

  12. “Everyone, you must arm up, expect these people to try to destroy your life, the elites want revenge on us.”

    It did not call for violence or encourage armed resistance. At most, it was a trollish right-wing talking point alongside a call to purchase guns.

    “Arm up” is not an encouragement to armed resistance? Sounds like it to me. But it is quite allowable to make vague calls for violence, on the right or the left. Journalism professors against free speech? Ugly but unsurprising these days.

    1. Not if you mean armed resistance to a new president. It’s a call for people to arm up and be ready to defend themselves against rioters, arsonists, and looters [“protesters”]–who are publicly sanctioned by both the news media and progressive politicians. Have you not been been watching the news for the last six months?

      1. you forgot the modifiers “mostly peaceful” with or without “intensifying” on the word “protesters”

    2. Is there any real difference between “violence” and “armed resistance”? “Resistance” implies actively engaging in efforts to reject authority. And “armed” implies doing so with arms available for use to further enable the rejection of authority. So I’d argue the more that the phrase is redundant.

      1. “Is there any real difference between “violence” and “armed resistance”?

        Are you trying to be serious? Violence would require an overt act against another. Resistance, armed or otherwise, can be entirely passive.

        Granted armed passivity does pose greater inherent risk to any aggressor. But that fact only goes to show with whom your true concerns lie.

    3. “Be prepared to defend yourself against people who are willing to deny your human rights. They are coming to attack you.”

      Were they wrong?

      1. Not if we take AOC and Robert Reich and numerous others at their word.

        1. Or the “journalism” professors, that actually tried to violate their rights.

    4. ‘“Arm up” is not an encouragement to armed resistance? Sounds like it to me…’

      Not surprising from a gun-grabber.

  13. This tweet was for more damaging than the 93% peaceful protests over the summer.

    Just another decade of this and maybe the leftitarians will realize the risk. Took about that long for them even admit slightly to woke culture leaving universities.

    1. There were a number of shootings and hundreds of buildings were burned to the ground, but other than that, the protests were mostly peaceful.

      P.S. But apart from that, did you enjoy the play, Mrs. Lincoln?

  14. Don’t get me started on that “University” and what they did to my daughter….. I being a graduate from the other (and far better) Iowa public university… Can’t say that I am surprised.

    1. My daughter went to Temple a basically apolitical lukewarm Republican and returned a Democratic Socialist. Worst $100K I every spent.

      1. Used to be a 40 dollar d&d book was all it took to brainwash someone.

        1. Thank God my mother convinced the girl I had a crush on you offer me a back rub so I’d stop playing D&D with my friends on a school trip or just think how’d o would have turned out.

  15. incites violence and creates a campus climate that feels threatening to and isolates students, faculty, and staff of marginalized and historically oppressed populations,” they wrote. “Privileging the free speech of those causing harm over the safety of the historically marginalized members of our community furthers the damage.”

    Oh, please. This boiler-plate is so ten minutes ago. Can’t you come up with something new? I mean, come on, “marginalized and historically oppressed populations” and “historically marginalized members of our community” are basically the same phrase and it just makes you sound lazy. Come up with something new and cutting edge! Pedophilia is particularly hot right now, work that in there somewhere. Environmentalism is always a good go to, accuse them of not caring about nature or hating vegans or something. You could dredge up some little-known indigenous sub-group to bring into the conversation, like the Kwegwi or the Ormuruwan, (or just make up the indigenous sub-group, call them the Kwegwi or the Ormuruwan, nobody’s gonna know you just made that shit up), work in some buzzwords like intersectionalism and diaspora and reflexivosivity and transmogrification (you can make up some of that shit, too) and top it all off with a sentimental appeal to authority by some unknown poet like Qui-Gon Jinn “It is only through the power of healing that the petals of sorrow may be transformed into the blossoms of love” or some such shit. Jesus Christ, you’re journalists, you should know how to write creative fiction, do I have to come over there and show you how it’s done?

    1. You’re treading dangerously close to Poe’s Law, Jerryskids.
      That’s totally something Kirkland or Tony would write.

      1. Progressives have made Poe’s law moot, because just when you think they can’t get any crazier, boom.

        1. They copied LP population and prohibition repeal planks. God’s OAN Prohibitionists stood pat. Brilliant! Nice outcome.

      2. No, Kirkland would include something about shoving his dick down your throat.

      3. Too many new and polysyllabic words for Kirkland.

        OBL could pick it up,though.

    2. Very good Yes they should be able able to make up shit. Don’t they want to work for the NY Times? Wash Post?

  16. “Everyone, you must arm up, expect these people to try to destroy your life, the elites want revenge on us.”

    That’s the offensive tweet? That’s it?!!

    1. I know. There wasn’t even anything about woodchippers.

    2. To all socialists, nothing is more violent than a suggestion that there assaults should face a defense.

      (The most hateful document I have read lately is the democratic party platform.)

      1. The Dem platform copied some Libertarian drug policy. No wonder Boss Trump’s Army of God beat them. Oh wait… Redact that!

  17. American universities: Islands of repression in a sea of liberty.

    1. Send narcs in to beat and arrest them over a joint. That’ll help your candidate bring back coathanger birth control. Oh, and ignore those Libertarian platform planks from 48 years back…

  18. I’m surprised they could only get 750 signatures on a petition to disband the college Republicans because of a tweet. So deep runs their hate, I would think they could have gotten a lot more just because Trump.

    1. Official sources such as the New York Times Opinion page have already said that no good person can be a Republican any more. What do you expect?

      1. AOC is literally keeping a list and calling for action against Trump supporters, Robert Reich is calling for re-education camps. But no worrying about the elites coming for you is hyperbole.

  19. “’Everyone, you must arm up, expect these people to try to destroy your life, the elites want revenge on us.’

    The tweet may have been hyperbolic…”

    I think you mean “spot on”

  20. You love censorship, until they try to censor you!

  21. We must cancel Cancel Culture, so we can return to canceling Kaepernick and so many other Negroes who are uppity.

    1. Kaepernick signed a deal with Nike long after he fumbled his way out of the NFL, and also has current deals with Disney and Netflix. Never has someone been paid so much to accomplish so little. But sure, let’s see your argument that people are “canceling” him. Race-baiters like you are widely known for their trenchant commentary so I’ll check back regularly; I don’t want to miss a single thing you have to say!

      1. Russel Wilson is a black QB raised by a black father, who has played in two Superbowls, won one and was seconds away fr wimming a second, has broken numerous records, gives his off season time and energy to various charities and visits sick and dying kids every week at Seattle Children’s hospital, but he has not gotten a single MVP vote, Kaepernick was benched because his play was getting worse but he is the black QB we are supposed to celebrate?

  22. The appalling aspect of this is that, after years of easily available instruction about free speech, Iowa State administrators don’t routinely pass questions like the one that arose here to a halfway competent staff attorney.

    The only thing worse would be if they did not have such an attorney on tap and didn’t at least use their favorite web search engine to search for “First Amendment Exceptions.”

  23. First it was “diversity” in the 90’s but that didn’t work out as most folks saw what it was about..punishing folks you didn’t like and equal results…to ensure your conscience as a lib was ameliorated. Now is it s inclusion, diversity, equity…and again for “marginalized”..what the f does that mean? This is the problem with Twitter and FB..they treat “tribes” differently based on bullshit. Govt can’t discriminate or pass laws discriminating..period done. All this equal results crap is a direct threat to our republic. And journalism is not reporting facts but punishing the other side..and ensuring they can’t even practice their natural rights. If the GOP kids said take to the streets and fight the antics bolsheviks..well sorry that is free anyone could even say..”well it seems ok but it they went a little further no” is a no better than the Bolsheviks who butchered 10Million Ukrainians…JC…Reason get your gd head straight..

    1. And for some strange reason media and entertainment are a lot more diverse now than they were in the 90s.

      Looks like they succeeded while you were whining the whole time. Was it really that bad? Do you really need to shoot someone over it?

      1. Did that make sense in your head before you typed it, or did you just throw a bunch of words together and hoped it made a point? Because I am leaning towards the second choice.

        1. Yes. See, you people whine and moan about increased minority visibility and rights like you have for hundreds of years, and meanwhile those of us actually working on civilization rather than just throwing incessant tantrums actually achieve the things we want, and then nothing bad happens, and then you whine about the next thing.

          1. No one is whining about minority rights, unless those rights aren’t applied to everyone. Rights are rights, period. It doesn’t matter your skin color. You leftist just think anyone who doesn’t toe the line is a racist because you are narrow-minded group thinkers who can’t understand nuances.

            1. You’re probably right. It’s just that the political opposition is so extreme that there are no moderating forces because no bargaining can happen. Every time black people do anything, some force of evil working for the fucking Republicans drown it in a bath tub of right-wing hysteria. Now black civil rights protesters have to answer for Antifa for some reason.

              1. You are the racist for grouping all black people together. Black people do not have to answer for antifa, but elites and the media that have supported the “mostly peaceful protesters” do.

                Black people do not have to answer for BLM being a marxist organisation, but those that support BLM (some of whom may be black) have to have an answer.

                1. I honestly have no idea what Marxism has to do with anything or why you people keep bringing it up.

                  Seems like a slur and a conversation stopper, or exactly the fucking exact thing I described.

                  1. After watching the projection games for a while now I have to concede that Tony comes across as predominantly whiny and butthurt.

                    1. Does that mean I can be president too?

                      Whiny and butthurt seemed to be Trump’s only qualifications, and boy did he deliver some of history’s great butthurt.

              2. Tony, you’re a vicious bigot. You are the problem, not us.

              3. “Every time black people do anything” Like what? Murder 400 in Chicago?
                200 in St.louis where I live. Rape rob shootings welfare who do absolutely nothing for this country,except cry whine etc.. oh Looting They are just very fine people eh?

          2. Now go goose step with the rest of your cult.

          3. And I am betting I grew up in closer proximity to “marginalized” groups, are at their houses, dated their daughters, and maintain close friendships from childhood than most of these lilly white progressives lecturing me.

            1. I do have one diversity point, but as a handsome white male I can blend in to the power structure. If you want to know how I really feel, I think white people still dictate the terms in this society, which exactly means that white allies are a necessary evil. (Same goes for all such dynamics.)

              I guess I was indoctrinated into these politics, if you will, since we were taught in school that minority civil rights struggles are the definitional positive narrative of this society with the ever-present threat of the South and its ideological descendants serving as the villain. I just can’t reason my way out of that one I’m afraid.

              1. Handsome? Who are you kidding?

              2. Yes because all young people need to think the same way, as do all women, latinos and blacks. Hell, your side demand these groups march in lockstep and yet you push diversity. What you mean is no diversity in thought, bow to your betters.

              3. I’m glad you currently have one point on your diversity point account and I am happy you have cleared a very important milestone of correct-think by acknowledging that “white allies” are a necessary “evil”. If you keep cultivating this attitude, your correct-think score will hit a threshold and you will unlock the achievement “Kenobi-Style Highgrounder”, which will grant you access to 72 hung virgins after death. I hear there is also an option to exchange them for more experienced participants, depending on your choice.

                1. He has a second one. He’s a fucking retard.

                2. Look, this is very easy to explain. Your political coalition is almost all white people. Mine is more than half nonwhite people. So we’re naturally going to have a few more group dynamics, and sometimes our conversations will be about race.

                  I’m very happy for you that you don’t have to bother your pretty little heads about such things.

              4. Tony, from one white gay man to another – enjoy packing your pretentious white allyship up your ass.

                1. I think white gays have a lot to offer. We got marriage equality with a deliberate strategy of seeming normal to the mainstream and making it seem cruel to maintain second-class citizenship. I’ll be the first to say that screeching about what society owes you is no way to win power.

                  1. Yet you are likely the most entitled poster here.

              5. Victims and villains are the centerpiece of your ideology, tony. That’s a sad way to live.

          4. Tony, you detract from civilization. You are narcissistic, sociopathic Marxist filth. The world would be better off without you.

            And the only whiners here are you and your leftist friends. Case closed.

      2. Nobody disputed that you can import racial diversity on industries. What you have failed to make a good argument for is why this is either a good thing or a just thing to do.

        1. Diversity serves at least two goals. One is to rectify any social mobility challenges unique to underrepresented groups. That’s the concept of justice, if you’re keeping up. You’re the ones insisting on a market capitalism with a lot of churn. If people have to live and die by that, it better be a fair system or you explain why not.

          The other is broadening the empathy universe of people with social power. You just have a harder time demonizing and scapegoating people you work with.

          1. If you cared about social mobility, you’d be railing against the shitty public schools that Democrats fight tooth and nail to protect from competition, you mendacious hypocrite.


          2. Tony, you’re subhuman garbage. Not because you let other men fuck your asshole. That is merely distasteful. No, you’re filth because of your narcissism, sociopathy, and you Marxism.

            So I am literally correct when I say you make the world a worse place to live with every breath you take. So perhaps you should breathe no more.

      3. media and entertainment are a lot more diverse now than they were in the 90s.

        “Diverse” is not a synonym for “maggoty with leftards”, Tony.


    2. Louder sobbing please. It stokes my schadenfreude!

  24. Equity and racism has nothing to do with self-defense and hyperbole. The left is and will always remain insane.

  25. College Republicans, where you learn to be a lifelong cunt.

    1. Yes calling for self defense is being a cunt. Trying to kick them off campus for protected speech isn’t being a cunt. Do you come from bizarro world?

      1. They’re just so terrible though. They’re probably way worse than I remember now too.

        1. AOC is literally keeping a list, she admitted as much, and calling for punishment of Trump supporters, including small money donors, and Robert Reich is proposing re-education camps, but college Republicans are terrible because they think they may need to defend themselves? Again, Bizarro world?

          1. They’re dicks because they are just plainly dicks. What kind of person is a Republican in college? Especially these days?

            I’m gonna have to come down on the side of it being OK to remember who backed this attempted coup. I care too much about fanciful ideas like the rule of law to let this one slide. They’ll just do it again if they aren’t held accountable. And we can hold people accountable for treason.

            1. Better people than you will ever be, Tony. And more successful too.

              1. Tony believes he is one of the “top men” and will be holding the rifle on the firing squads, or being one of those leading people onto trains as they are loaded up for the re-education camps.

                1. All I want is for the guy with neo-Nazis in his political coalition to stop trying to steal the election.

                  1. That’s funny because you support groups that use literal (and yes I am using that word correctly) tactics that are straight out of the Nazi playbook for taking power.

                  2. Tony, you speak like a true follower of Roehm: “don’t let the legal system steal the election from our Fuhrer”. Yes, Tony, each time you speak, your masks slips further and further.

                  3. “Tony
                    November.21.2020 at 1:34 am

                    They’re dicks because they are just plainly dicks. What kind of person is a Republican in college? Especially these days?”

                    Bias confirmed. Lost some of my respect.

                    If you ask “What kind of person is a Republican in college?”, I gotta tell you all I know is they ain’t black.

            2. Good people. Not evil trash like you. You are a poster child for why progressives should be purged fro America.

    2. Where do Antifa and BLM learn to be ‘lifelong cunts’? In every other aspect of privileged college life?

      1. Tony approves of them. Rioting, raging, stealing, raping and murdering are commendable to Tony if done in the name of democrat Marxism.

  26. Can someone point out how anything in their tweet at all targets “marginalized” communities? Are the elite now a “marginalized” community?

    1. No, and yes.

    2. Sadly not yet, but we’re working on marginalizing them.

      1. With shit like this, I think they are helping to make themselves marginalized. I can hope anyhow.

  27. There is so much irony in all this. First, the so called journalism professors use the First Amendment Freedom of the Press to spread lies and vitriol without consequence but want to deny Freedom of Speech to those who disagree with them. Second, they are offended by a statement from the campus Republicans calling on people to be ready to defend themselves against the violent actions of others. Finally, the same people who are so grossly offended over this tweet are, in the finest traditions of Chairman Mao, the same ones calling for re-education camps for the 73 million Trump supporters therefore justifying their calls for self defense. These people are clueless. No wonder journalism is dead and newspapers dying.

    1. My son was a Columbia journalism grad. Oy vey! Such crap they teach. I’ll give him this, he can write well and quickly but always with a lefty bias.

    2. You sound surprised?

  28. ISU staffer, Lindsey Moeller, perhaps did not read the tweet. What a “feeling threatened” moron.

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  31. <

    […] and creates a campus climate that feels threatening to and isolates students, faculty, and staff of marginalized and historically oppressed populations[.]

    They must have left their citation hanging.

    Or is just that everyone who isn’t a white male is de facto isolated and threatened simply by them having spoken? Asking for a friend.

  32. One does wonder if diversity of thought is ever considered by the intelligentsia of our society.

  33. Double secret probation.

    The left are the new Dean Wormer.

  34. I remember some of my college classmates, who were in Naval ROTC, went on road trips to Ames to compete against ISU in rifle and pistol shooting. I checked. The Cyclones still do that. I’m not sure about the Army ROTC, but they still have a Pershing Rifles drill team. Some students may arm up, it seems.

  35. One contemplates whether variety of thought is ever considered by the intellectual elite of our general public.

  36. Republican platform planks call for men with guns to bully girls and shoot people’s pets and kids over foliage. What a SURPRISE they are not idolized by mobs of young women voters! It’s like Jim said: “Women seem wicked, when you’re unwanted, streets are uneven, when you’re down.”

  37. “Privileging the free speech of those causing harm…”

    Sit, Ubu, sit. I hear dog whistles…

  38. Republican platform planks call for guys with weapons to bully girls and shoot people’s pets and kids over foliage. What a SURPRISE they’re not idolized by way of mobs of young women voters! It’s like Jim said: “Women seem wicked, whilst you’re unwanted, streets are uneven, while you’re down.”

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