Listen to the Science, Listen to the Students: Schools Can and Must Reopen

"Keeping kids out of the classroom will make recovering from the pandemic harder in the long term."


Throughout the fall, New York City repeatedly delayed reopening its schools for most students, despite an emerging scientific consensus that classrooms were not significant areas of spread for COVID-19. Now Mayor Bill de Blasio has ordered a full shutdown of schools due to rising coronavirus numbers; the city has reached the 3 percent test-positivity rate, the predetermined (and largely arbitrary) threshold for keeping kids at home.

Many parents are rightly infuriated, and even some district officials think the call might have been premature. New York bars and restaurants are operating under new restrictions, but they are still open for business, even though these establishments are believed to be far less safe than schools. Public school children and working-class families appear to be planners' last priority.

This approach runs completely counter to the science. K-12 schools have not caused significant outbreaks. The risks to children are negligible, and there's scant evidence that kids are infecting a large number of their teachers. Meanwhile, the adverse consequences for children who don't attend classes in-person can be quite serious. Remote learning has been a stunning failure for younger kids, and the economically disadvantaged are falling further and further behind. Policy makers could be dooming a generation of at-risk students to years of suboptimal social and professional outcomes—and it's all for nothing, since pandemic mitigation doesn't actually require this course of action.

"Keeping kids out of the classroom will make recovering from the pandemic harder in the long term, while not keeping us any safer in the near term," writes Nina Schwalbe, a professor at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health, in The Atlantic. "Even with case numbers climbing in New York City, we know that schools are not driving the pandemic. However, one thing is clear with COVID-19: Our kids are paying the highest price."

Like virtually all other aspects of the government's approach to the pandemic, school closures have become a political football. President Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos favor keeping schools open, which has prompted many anti-Trump partisans to dutifully take the opposite stance. But a growing number of journalists on both the left and the right think this is a terrible mistake. "Some things are true even though President Trump says them," notes The New York Times' Nicholas Kristof. "Trump has been demanding for months that schools reopen, and on that he seems to have been largely right."

"I don't get why NYC feels bound to stick by a 3 percent positivity rule for closing schools when we know more about the virus now, including relatively low rates of transmission in schools," tweets Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight. "If I were a parent I'd be furious."

There is one pivotal reason that public schools have stayed shut, or quickly closed again, even as many private schools resume in-person classes: teachers unions. The unions have fought tooth and nail, ostensibly on behalf of their members, to keep schools closed. The unions maintain that distance learning is the only safe option for teachers—and some believe that this will remain the case for at least another year. Teachers unions are influential members of the Democratic Party's coalition, and so many officials in blue cities feel they have little choice but to heed their demands.

President-elect Joe Biden is thus likely to be more hesitant about school reopenings than President Trump. Indeed, some education experts believe Biden is inclined to nominate either Randi Weingarten or Lily Eskelsen Garcia to be the next secretary of education. Weingarten is the current boss of the American Federation of Teachers, and Garcia is the former head of the National Education Association. Biden has enjoyed strong support from both unions, and his wife, Jill Biden, is a member of the latter.

The decision to reopen schools is primarily made at the local level, so there's only so much that any education secretary could do either way. But virtually no single person has worked harder to prevent kids from returning to their classrooms than Weingarten. Elevating her to the nation's top education job would send a clear message about the new administration's priorities.

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145 responses to “Listen to the Science, Listen to the Students: Schools Can and Must Reopen

  1. This hasn’t been about the science since march.

    1. These are the days of FYTW.

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    2. “Listen to the Science” is usually progspeak for “Listen to ME”.
      Actual science may or may not be involved.

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    3. Models built on assumptions is the new science. And this pains me because my career is in modeling complex systems. Of course we actually validate our models as intended and required. The validation is an expensive piece of our contract.

      1. I was listening to the NPR the other day, and it struck me during all of the blathering about how with the Right Party in power, the government will once again start Listening to the Science: the liberals/progressives believe that science is what a scientist says. Can people really be so clueless as to forget 500 years of reasoning? Science is a testable, falsifiable idea, and then you do the experiment. Whatever “experts say” is nonsense, when the results can be found just by looking!

    4. True. Know why either test-positivity or hospital cases have increased lately in so many countries? If you do and can prove it, that’s Nobel material right there.

      Yeah, we know the molecular biology of viruses, we know lots about immunology, and we know…just rudimentary facts about transmission. When it comes to aggregate phenomena like incidence and prevalence of really a great many transmissible diseases, we don’t know shit. It’s a heck of a lot easier to explain these things on a micro scale than a macro one.

    5. When we got the first antibody test results that showed us the virus was already widespread and the system would be safe in the vast majority of the country, that should have been the end of it.

      Instead we performed this pivot to ‘no new cases’ so that we could blame Trump for all the cases.

      But in March everybody understood it was too late to stop.

    6. Schools in Georgia are open for in person teaching or kids can remote learn.

  2. Stop voting for democrats.

    1. In some places they thought they didn’t. Cough illinois, Mass, Ohio and MD Cough.

      1. Is it normal they’re still finding UNCOUNTED votes in GA two weeks later?

        I don’t think it is.

        But ‘minor clerical errors’ right?

        1. That was just from an audit of Georgia voting systems.

          Now the Trump campaign can request a full recount because the results are within .5%. Its a full hand recount. I voted on a machine with a paper printout of my vote to count. Some of Georgia had machine problems so they paper ballot voted. Tens of thousands voted by provisional ballot.

          Georgia officials “found” thousands of uncounted ballots during the audit. Imagine what they will find during a hand recount.

      2. You need to self-isolate for two weeks.

  3. We should give 16 yr olds the vote and then… oh wait.

    1. And require them to register for Selective Service, along with women. But raise the drinking age to 25, triple penalties for skipping or defaulting on student loans, and have the equivalent of a shock color required for use of social media. More responsibility for all, even though reliable, ha, sources say that personal responsibility is the equivalent of white supremacy..

  4. Listen to science.

    Exactly. Open schools. Absolutely.


    Hey, you said listen to science and the science says those are NPI’s not backed by solid empirical data.

    Maybe you can walk on over to Ron’s office and remind him about this because he seems to be confused about masks.

    Until this stupid superstition ends, we’re kidding ourselves about ‘science’.

    1. you can’t beat religious/magical thinking with charts and graphs.

      1. You can, if you cook the data and create hockey-stick graphs.

        1. They don’t cook the data. They just use weighting terms to heavily select the data to fit their assumptions. Why hickey sticks appear even with random white noise inputs.

          It is no different than what they do on Ghost Adventures.

        2. They don’t cook the data. They just use weighting terms to heavily select the data to fit their assumptions. Why hickey sticks appear even with random white noise inputs.

          It is no different than what they do on Ghost Adventures.

    2. Masks are the modern St. Christopher medals .

  5. The mailman school of public health? Oh my with cliff clavin educating the next generation of doctors clearly people need to stop listening to them

    1. It’s not Cliff Clavin, dumbass, it’s John Kasich’s father.

      1. Cheers

  6. Sorry, Robby; you think science and political science are the same.
    No grasshopper, they are not.

    1. The Blue Wave happened. Political science suggested as much.

      1. The blue wave was like the wake of a canoe on a still lake.

        1. A fart at church

  7. Oh. What these criminals are doing across the continent to kids is psychological abuse.

    1. All in all, it was all just bricks in the wall.

      1. waiting for the worms.

        1. The child is grown, the dream is gone

    2. The primary output of modern democrats is uneducated victims.

  8. Wow. A Reason headline saying “Listen to the Science.” What a laugh. The same website that for about 10 years suggested climate change was a hoax, that climate scientists were on the take, that there was equal evidence suggesting that temperatures were remaining stable, that ignored the warnings of every single scientific organization in the country, and that even most recently was taking its cues on climate from Michael Shellenberger and Bjorn Lomborg….you know, “climate scientists.”

    A website that over the summer suggested nearly every week that herd immunity was the way to go to fight the pandemic, that herd immunity could be achieved with about half of the 70% infection rate that science said was needed, that Sweden was going to prove the world wrong (even Sweden now admits they were way off on herd immunity), that masks weren’t required (at least Bailey suggested differently this week citing science, only 11 months into the pandemic)…

    Yeah. Science and Reason. Nothing weird about that.

    1. go cough on a smoker you fucking little secondhand smoking snitch.

    2. Yeah, they’ve been consistently wrong on a lot of things. And the Clinger Whisperer is adding fuel to the fire here.

      1. Isn’t that Tony’s snuff porn name?

      2. You’ve proven yourself more ignorant on science than even tony.

      3. Did you just out yourself as Rev?

        1. No, I stole it from the Rev, because it cracked me up when he called Robby that.

    3. The same website that for about 10 years suggested climate change was a hoax…

      Oh, see I thought “Listen to the Science” was funny because the magazine went along with Kavanaugh rape and Russian/Ukranian collusion nonsense that no amount of actual science could prove.

      After that, the same source saying “Listen to the Science” comes off like we need to fetch Sir Gallahad’s largest scales.

      1. Well here’s the thing….Kavanaugh and Russian collusion weren’t questions for the scientific community. Unlike a pandemic and climate change, which are two of the most important scientific issues of the past 10 years.

        But then, I wouldn’t expect ignoramuses like you to even understand that simple fact. But hey, enjoy your evening!


        1. Well here’s the thing….Kavanaugh and Russian collusion weren’t questions for the scientific community.

          You know you’re a zealot when someone agrees with you about a magazine’s idiotic take on facts, evidence, and logic and you leap to your religion’s, which wasn’t attacked in any way, defense.

          The good news is, your TDS test came back negative. Your mental retardation has nothing to do with Trump.

        2. The idiots who maintain that Kavanaugh is a rapist and that Trump is a Russian plant don’t ‘believe’ in the scientific method, this seems to have escaped you in your ignorant bias and ad hominem.. They believe in advocacy and selection/confirmation bias driven studies that support their in-group biases. Folks call your crowd cultish for a reason, and it’s not because you tend to serve fruity drinks.

          1. Show me the scientific investigation into either Kavanaugh or Russian interference. Waiting…waiting…


            1. The proof is inside the celestial teapot. If you can’t find it, it’s because you aren’t looking hard enough. Go back and check again. Don’t come back until you’ve found it.

              1. Waiting…waiting…

                1. Have you tried Google, fatass?

                  1. Mommy is in the house!

                    1. It’s funny to me how much of this conversation went sailing clear over your head, when you were such a part of it.

                    2. I know, right? And here I thought Kavanaugh rape accusations and Russian interference were not science issues. Proved wrong again by the scientists and geniuses, like Rmac, at Reason!

                    3. It’s funny to me how much of this conversation went sailing clear over your head, when you were such a part of it.

                      I’m impressed at the doubling down on the stupid. Like anyone anywhere is ever going to read “Waiting…waiting…” and think “Now *that’s* a sharp mind with a serious point!”

                    4. Kavanaugh has nothing to do with geology. Check mate bitch.

          2. It really is becoming cargo cult science. Scientists of the next generation will be able to add, subtract, and perform statistical analyses flawlessly because Zoom programmed them well (assuming adding, subtracting, and performing statistical analyses aren’t labeled as colonialism and eliminated).

            Unfortunately, becaused they were raised believing in Russian collusion and Kavanaugh rape fantasies, they won’t understand why, no matter how hard they statistically analyze, crates full of goods no longer drop from the sky.

            Just you watch, I bet Jackand Ace will regard this post as an attack on science rather than an attack on (public) education and the media.

            1. A defense of Trump, which is worse, but will still elicit the same programmed response.

              1. It says a lot that you think Trump’s supporters are looking for some high-minded philosophy to answer all their questions and set/affix humanity on the golden path.

        3. pandemic and climate change, which are two of the most important scientific issues of the past 10 years

          The climate change crowd had an agenda 50 years ago before there was any science supporting it (global cooling!) and then the science was invented to back up the agenda (hockey stick!).

          Kinda like there is suddenly science appearing to support mask mandates when all of the previous science demonstrated masks would have no discernible effect in a viral pandemic.

          But I wouldn’t expect a prejudiced polar bear advocate like yourself to understand even those simple facts.

          1. And the libertarian science experts check in!

            1. So you admit you are not a libertarian, because you certainly seem to think you are a science expert.

              Fuck off.

        4. Climate change alarmism is a lot older than 10 years. It started before acid rain was determined to be local.

          1. Here we go…all the science experts are here, right on cue!

    4. climate change was a hoax.

      >>over the summer suggested nearly every week that herd immunity was the way to go

      Bailey suffered lumbar injuries bending backwards *away from* herd immunity all summer … like Sweden wasn’t on his little blue globe when he was a kid

    5. The claims that people ever called climate change a hoax is the hoax. Climate has always changed. Alarmism is the hoax.

      1. Again…libertarian science experts at Reason! Keep em coming!

        1. Yet you’re not countering any of their points. All you do is poke fun at “libertarian science experts”.

          Show them how their views are wrong. Have the stones to make an argument.

      2. Yup. Just like kungflu hysteria is the problem, not the virus. Wuhanvirus still has a <1% death rate for Americans.

    6. …quit making things up. Sweden does not claim anything of the sort.

      1. In May, Anders Tegnell said this:

        “In the autumn there will be a second wave. Sweden will have a high level of immunity and the number of cases will probably be quite low,”

        Oops! COVID is raging in Sweden…they’ve been forced to close bars at 10 pm, and limit public gatherings to 8. And what has Tegnell been forced to admit now?

        “The harsher measures Monday come after Sweden’s chief epidemiologist Anders Tegnell conceded the country is experiencing a second surge in coronavirus cases despite his expectation that the first wave would forestall a second.
        Immunity to COVID-19 in Sweden is likely lower than previously estimated, Tegnell said last Thursday, as daily deaths in the disease rose to their highest level in months.”

        Try to stay on top of things!

        1. Poor lefties think getting is scary eventhough it kills than than 1% that get it.

        2. Your magical mask talismans failed and you’re desperately coping in response.

        3. JackandAce

          I’ve watched and observed here long enough to see that you do a rather absurd “dance” of political uncertainty and some serious fear of getting sick (Co-morbidities?) …….and personal SOMETHING (I’m guessing insecurity). Though it seems in your heart, you somehow love the rebuttals to your absurd political and social bias. I imagine it’s comforting like coming home to Mom’s fresh-baked cookies or grabbing your well-worn pillow to settle in for a nap. As I follow your posts, (making one utterly delirious while reading I might add), it seems you constantly circle back and double down, often using arguments against yourself. Sweden is one of those arguments.

          In Anders Tegnell’s humility lies his brilliance. He’s been nothing but transparent, willing to admit fallibility, mistakes, and adjustments as they are uncovered. After all, why wouldn’t he? The constant message has been that this virus is novel and the science is NOT settled. We wait for RCT studies to tell us how to live (mask/distancing), what to take when sick, (Emerging therapeutics), and who to listen to (Only to find out much is censored not by science but rather MEDIA decision-makers) and even where; The UK is running an almost mirror-like reactionary public outcry to the US and they have far more televised/reported/uncensored scientific dissension than the US. Sweden’s public message has largely been accepted by its citizens without the constant catastrophizing drumbeat by their public health. Also, presumably, the relied upon group of scientists and public health officials Sweden has is clearly well orchestrated and looks NOTHING like our own diminutive Fauci, rejected by Trump, yet schlepping himself on every news program, podcast, digital print ad the guy is invited to attend. This in contrast to Tegnell’s few public appearances, etc. suggests that Dr. Anothony Fauci has personal motivation at play.

          Sweden is moving along nicely and no amount of cases will change that. The PCR test won’t be seen as what it really is until long after the debacle is over because IT IS solely driving the crisis to date. What you do to prevent infection is your right and what I do, now that I’ve been infected, is mine. The difference is that I have now taken the risk you are unwilling to take…and that makes you a coward and me a patriot. So too is every citizen that is infected BEFORE you, creating a virus-free world so that you may again emerge. Until then, settle in with your pillow and cookies, they’ll be more cases and even deaths.

    1. Trying to figure out where to categorize this, the race is tight between OMG and LOL.

      1. They’ve got a lock on tween political commentary now with that purchase.

      2. I can’t even.

    2. hahahahahahahahahaahahahaha.

        1. Ballots are still being counted, but official sources call the race in favor of OMG.

    3. They must have either gotten a fresh infusion of venture capital, or HuffPo needed an excuse to lay off workers, and getting sold to Buzzfeed provides the perfect out to use them as a scapegoat.

    4. Wait – they were different?

      1. Huffpo had more quizzes.

    5. Meh, scientist have already observed two black holes colliding.

    6. “These 10 gifs best illustrate my transition from Republican cis white male to blue haired Democrat prepubescent-identifying Latinx climate activist”

  9. “Lockdowns now, lockdowns tomorrow, lockdowns forever!”

    1. Just two more weeks cetin, two more weeks.

      1. “Wait two weeks” is the Branch Covidian’s prayer for their safe rapture to the scientific afterlife where they get to watch their god emperor Fauci throw baseballs alone in a stadium.

        1. That was a helluva curve he threw…as accurate as his predictions.

          1. Yep; fully isolated, and breaking strong to the left.

    2. Two weeks to flatten the curve!

      1. “it’s so awesome our national struggle is just sitting on the couch watching netflix for a month”

        -some mouth breathing retard on social media.

    3. “It’s not shutting down the economy. It’s shutting down the virus.”
      -Joe Biden

      1. And yet, somehow, he did not get shut down completely.
        The keepers let him out from time to time.

  10. Biden has enjoyed strong support from both unions, and his wife, Jill Biden, is a member of the latter.

    That’s DOCTOR Jill Biden to you, motherfucker, and don’t you forget it! She’s a DOCTOR! Science!

    1. Maybe, but I stayed in a Holiday Inn last night.

      (and saw what she was up to)

    2. So is Dr. Demento and I don’t see anyone asking for his opinion on COVID.

      1. My limited exposure to Twitter, Rand Paul is just stupid idiot and needs to shut up.

  11. Do You Think Students Want to Go To School ?

    1. Absolutely.
      If they get through the first 12 grades, they get to borrow unlimited sums for a four or five year vacation in a major resort, and then crawfish on the loan payments.
      Who wouldn’t go for that deal?

    2. Absolutely. The social element is just as important to psychological development as learning. They need their friends.

  12. Top pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson told government officials in Alberta during a zoom conference call that the current coronavirus crisis is “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.”

    1. Well, he is wrong.
      That distinction still belongs to the Hillary sponsored Russian collusion fable.
      Because, after all, there actually IS a Communist Chinese Virus.

  13. WHAT is Creepy Joe doing to that old woman in the picture?!?!

    1. got an eyelash in your eye. let me lick it out.

    2. I see they had to photoshop in a giant blue disk to hide exactly where his hands are.

  14. Not sure if someone has shared this here already today but damn this is huge.

    Sidney Powell Comes Forward with EXPLOSIVE Claims of Voter Fraud and Vote Counting

    1. Giuliani’s “We’re here because we have to do your job for you./I don’t know where the FBI has been for four years.” slam dunk on CNN was pretty good.

      1. That’s an easy answer the FBI was busy falsifying affidavits, evidence, sources, and extorting members of the trump cabinate

      2. Both he and Jenna Ellis did a nice job eviscerating the MSM. Looking forward to the spin: “Unhinged Trump lawyer bleeds from ear while promoting unproven conspiracy theories”.

        1. Close. They focused on guiliani being sweaty.

          The lefties are desperate because they cant refute the election fraud evidence so they are just calling anyone fighting Biden’s coronation, crazy.

    2. “Claims”

  15. Keeping the kiddos out of school this long is going to have serious unforeseen consequences, not that Gen Z had much of a chance with the current state of public schools. Education is everything, and there’s a lot to be said about the price of ignorance.

    And not that there’s anything wrong with it (seriously), but has there been any studies on how many high schoolers have dropped out and plan to just get their GED’s due to this COVID BS?

  16. shutter the conformity factories let the children play.

    1. Give me my money back first, then shutter the conformity factories.

  17. The unions have fought tooth and nail, ostensibly on behalf of their members, to keep schools closed. The unions maintain that distance learning is the only safe option for teaches—and some believe that this will remain the case for at least another year.

    Once again, if this isn’t in their contract, order them back to work, fire any teacher that refuses.

  18. there is far too much focus on the schools. the problem is something we all know…… we let the government have full control of education…. they are doing this not because they need to or it is the smartest thing to do, they are doing it because they can. all those in government feel the need to “do something,” and the schools are something they can screw with with less concern of constitutional challenges. lock downs, business closures, mask mandates, closing churches, all the other things being toyed with….. they all present clear problems with running afoul of legally protected rights. but that isn’t the case with schools. with schools, we have already allowed them all the control they need to do this. and so they are.

    at the same time, i think the problems with closing schools are exaggerated in many cases and we should be pushing for more balanced approaches instead of insisting on life as normal. we know that home schooling is more efficient, costs less, and can give parents more control over their children…… and more people are becoming comfortable with it. but it is true that this becomes less true the younger the kid is. i think we should push that the younger kids who are most hurt by the limitations of remote learning go back to school, but maybe be more open to having the later grades doing things more remotely……. and, in the meantime, we continue to beat the drum that government should not be in charge of education so we never have to have this conversation ever again. a private run school that answers directly to the parents is far more capable of determining what is best for any individual school or community.

  19. Jesus, that picture. Biden just looks (and acts) like such a creep. I see where Hunter got it from.

    1. Biden’s motto: #youtoo

  20. I remember back when libertarians wanted to abolish public school.

    1. That was back when kids were free to play on playgrounds, sports fields and courts, empty parking lots, bike paths, etc., etc.

      Of course it would baffle the misanthropic dipshits as to why humans would prefer the choice of a variety of cages with a variety of occupants rather than one cage with the same fixed occupants.

      1. “empty parking lots”

        There’s probably broken glass on those parking lots, which a child may cut themselves with. And get infected, and die. Why do you want children to die?

  21. I’m so confused.

    So, what? I’m supposed to listen to these people when they tell me that I must do what you think I should do – but *the very same people* should not be listened to when you, Soave, disagree with them?

    But if *I* disagree with them, well, I’m not an ‘expert’, am I?

    See that’s the problem with relying on authorities when you’re not one – if I don’t know enough to make these decisions for myself, how can I possibly know which authority I am supposed to be listening to?

    Is it that we need another layer of experts between us and the ‘Top Men’ to tell us which ‘Top Men’ we should obey at any given moment?

    See, the issue might not be that we’re all a bunch of inbred hick yokels with (the brightest of us) 8th grade educations – it might be that ‘the science’ talks in a hundred different voices and says a thousand different things.

  22. I believe that keeping kids in in-person schools is important and support the goal. I think part of the problem is that we have not seen real leadership or thought. One side just says keeps learning on-line and the other says just open schools. We know there are models out there that are working and we need to look into these. Here is some suggestions.
    1. Just give retirement to older and vulnerable teachers. If they really want to teach move them to on-line units.
    2. Get the kids in smaller groups and keep them together. Think big building housing many one room schools. Kids stay with their group and avoid contact with other groups.
    3. Regular testing, daily temperature, weekly Covid tests. Isolate any group coming up positive.
    4. Up the hygiene, masks, handwashing, distance when we can.
    5. Up grade building where possible get better air movement and air exchanges.
    6. Realize this will all cost money, so just pay it. It a bigger expense but we need it now.

    We put a man on the moon we can figure this out.

    1. I like your plan, but we don’t have enough tests for regular testing. And retrofitting buildings with huge fans and better airflow takes millions of dollars and at least a year if not more. It’s construction, so contracts go out to bid, etc. Watching it happen where I live.

      We do need it now and it would probably be cheaper in the long term. But it is not what is happening.

      It is not the same “we” that put the man on the moon, organizing this . Scientists with military involvement, highly educated and trained to cooperate and analyze… Right.

      The piece that must change, is kids who value education, or will value it as adults, must realize they will never get their hands held and education given to them. They must scramble for it. Families need to realize this too. New hustle.

      1. And it changes the balance in the family of how education is valued. Education is not something we submit to. It must be something we seek, daily, and train ourselves and our children to seek daily. Education is not something we receive. It is something we create and nourish and cultivate.
        I have realized somewhat guiltily that I was letting the system do some – not all – of the education-valuing for me. I was trusting them. Every day now I see what their curriculum is, my heart breaks a little more. The people that realize this now, Covid will actually save them from educational failure. I feel for the kids who need somewhere to be other than home, and don’t have that now, because it probably will be the streets for a lot of them, or their friends’ homes if they are lucky. But we have overburdened the “school” system with a ridiculous impossible list of things. The kernel of it that is education, people must go for it themselves.

        I have no belief we will get a vaccine by next school year. Some people will have it but a lot won’t. Then the thing will mutate again and the mutation will spread, and they’ll try to get a vaccine for that, et cetera. I’m beginning to think we’re watching a slow-motion mass casualty event that isn’t close to done.

        1. I’m beginning to think we’re watching a slow-motion mass casualty event that isn’t close to done.

          And the key stupidity to Moderation4ever’s “solution” is that the lockdowns and closures are *causing* the mass casualty rather than the virus. It’s not like “open the schools” means or could even really be wildly interpretted as “force kids to contract the virus at school”.

      2. First thanks you for the support of the idea.

        The problem we have is that no planning was done. We have until January 20th, an incompetent administration. The Trump Administration spoke repeatedly about the need to get schools reopened but did little else. We had the time to come up with planning. Look at the success of operation WARP speed in vaccine development. Why not an operation WARP speed to get schools opened safely. How many months did we have for this.

        As for COVID testing, Reason has over and over age addressed the need for additional testing. What was the administrations response, testing will only show more cases.

        I agree that air handling changes is a long term task, but in the month we have had we could have had schools checked and existing HVAC systems optimized to get maximum air exchanges. Was that done? I don’t know.

        Could we have a perfect system, NO. But we could certainly be in better shape and had a better chance to keep kids in schools.

        I agree with Libertarians that there are times for government to step back, but there are also times for government to step up. There is little to show this was done.

    2. The big thing standing in the way of that? Fear. About half the nation, this includes policymakers, are afraid of death due to infection.

      However Anecdotal, with daily headlines plastering the LONG HAULERS, or DEAHT TO AN ATHLETE who could think? It’s mind fuckery and they know it.

      1. Of course you might not have the same opinion if you worked in a hospital and were seeing your critical care beds fill up. Yes, many will get the virus and handle it well personally. Problem is that enough are having problems to stress the healthcare system. No one wants to get into the idea of rationing critical care or having doctors and nurse quitting because they are facing a too much of a crisis.

        1. Of course you might not have the same opinion if you worked in a hospital and were seeing your critical care beds fill up.

          I’ve heard this many times, and it doesn’t hold water with me. Here’s why: it’s the same argument that racist cops make when they say black people are all potential criminals. Of course that’s what they think because their small piece of reality shows that as evidence. It DOESN’T show the other 99% of black people who AREN’T causing trouble.

          Because a nurse or doctor sees an influx of patients doesn’t mean everyone in the country is a potential death from this bug.


    Coronavirus: Joe Biden Discussed ‘National Mask Mandate’ with Governors | National Review

  24. Why is Reason arguing in favor of re-opening public schools? I support re-opening only private schools, but no way should any of us want to send our kids to public schools.
    This is a perfect chance to break the teachers’ unions, claw back our property taxes, and re-focus schooling on actual skills like reading, writing, math, and hard sciences.

    1. Willingly sending our kids to government schools is a form of child abuse.

      “Historically, much of the motivation for public schooling has been to stifle variety and institute social control.” ~ Jack Hugh

      Modernly it is also a hugely expensive welfare program for public employees and unions that has almost no concern for the students well being.

      1. “When school children start paying union dues, that’s when I’ll start representing the interests of school children.”
        ~ Albert Shanker
        president of the United Federation of Teachers (1964-1985), president of the American Federation of Teachers (1974-1997)

  25. Recovering from a Panhoax will require a pan revolt against authority. That is happening all over the world, but goes unreported.

    The closing of public schools is counter productive for the state indoctrination as it teaches us we don’t need the old paradigm to learn, in fact we are much more efficient without it.

    Authoritarianism is maintained by people with a belief in hierarchy, e.g., rulers/ruled. Rulers make mistakes. The ruled learn to self govern, reject authority, live & let live. It’s happening more rapidly as the chaos of law, of social control, weakens. Long live individuality.

  26. Was no one committed to what they advocated the day before yesterday?

    “Libertarians” and “Conservatives” are, now, the biggest and unqualified advocates for status quo Government Schools and mandatory enrollment and attendance..

    “Men had better be without education than be educated by their rulers; for their education is but the mere breaking in of the steer to the yoke; the mere discipline of the hunting dog, which, by dint of severity, is made to forego the strongest impulse of his nature, and instead of devouring his prey, to hasten with it to the feet of his master.” ~ Thomas Hodgskin

  27. Why is Reason arguing in favor of re-opening public schools? I support re-opening only private schools, but no way should any of us want to send our kids to public schools.

    Why indeed? I remember when libertarians opposed public funding of education.

    This is a perfect chance to break the teachers’ unions, claw back our property taxes, and re-focus schooling on actual skills like reading, writing, math, and hard sciences.

    For years, I have been reading in this publication how public education is a cesspool of socialism and an instrument of unquestioning conformity. I would think Reason would welcome an opportunity to break the hold of the education establishment.

    “Never let a crisis go to waste” -Rahm Emanuel

  28. Funding for schools has been decreased even though they aren’t working. Closing schools should involve teacher and staff layoffs. Do that they will open up immediately.

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