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D.C. Schools Suddenly Abandon Plans To Reopen After Teachers Union Objects

"This timeline will need to be adjusted."


D.C. public schools were scheduled to reopen next week, but Lucy has yanked the football away again: The district announced today that distance learning will continue for most students.

"While we planned to offer in-person learning at the start of Term 2 for select elementary school students, this timeline will need to be adjusted," wrote Lewis Ferebee, chancellor of D.C. Public Schools, in an email to parents.

This reversal came after the Washington Teachers Union voted to oppose the reopening plan. The union also instructed teachers to take a "mental health day" on Monday and refuse to teach virtually, as a show of force.

Much like the union's earlier efforts to thwart the city's reopening plans—which involved dumping fake body bags in front of district headquarters and staging drive-by protests—the tactics have succeeded: Officials caved to union demands without any fight whatsoever. As a result, parents who had made arrangements to send their kids back to school just a few days from now will be thrown for yet another loop.

This same dynamic—district announces a reopening date, teachers protest, district relents, working parents suffer—is playing out in large districts across the country: Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, and others. The Fairfax Education Association, which represents public school teachers in northern Virginia, doesn't want its members returning for in-person instruction until at least the fall of 2021.

Teachers unions claim that their goal in thwarting reopenings is to keep students and teachers safe. But we know from schools that have reopened that doing so is relatively safe; meanwhile, virtual education is a completely disaster for many kids. Unfortunately, the teachers unions' incentives are totally at odds with what families need. Students need in-person instruction, whereas public school teachers will be paid regardless of whether they actually have to show up to work.

Imagine if public education dollars followed individual students instead of automatically lining the pockets of institutions that aren't serving students particularly well.

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  2. Must be nice to get paid without having to go to work. I bet the folks stocking the shelves at the stores teachers shop at wish they had that option.

    1. I bet the folks stocking the shelves at the stores teachers shop at wish they had that option.

      The people at the stores have more of a chance of getting exposed than teachers. That said, they could still just put up a plastic screen at the front of the room.

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      2. the teachers going to the stores and beauty parlors and drive thorugh coffee/fast food joints are far more at risk of getting WuFlu doing THOSE things than they ever would be standing in front of a classroom full of children at school, DOING the job for which they are overpaid.

        As of a month ago the TOTAL NUMBER OF DEATHS from WuFlu for all those in the age zero to fifteen group could easily be couted on both my hands, and not even use up all my fingers. ADd those from sixteen to twenty five, I might have to use a few fingers the second time, but no more than on one hand.

        Noe. Those union freakoes are milking the system big time. lazy rats!!!

    2. Exactly. This behavior justifies why I NEVER vote for any school funding. Now I don’t feel so mean after all. No work no pay for most of us.

      1. It’ll be hard to demand more funding for a job that is so utterly and totally non-essential, per the employees’ own beliefs.

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  3. Fire them all.

    1. From a cannon, into a volcano?

      1. With sharks.

        1. With frickin laser beams on their heads.

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    2. Like the Democrats in D.C. government would give up those juicy campaign contributions.

  4. Stop voting for democrats.

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    2. And stop getting money for nothing?

  5. Lucy has yanked the football away again

    I’m starting to think that Lucy’s a misandristic bitch.

  6. public school can’t die fast enough.

  7. Tar. Feathers.

  8. But we totally need more unions. For the children. Just not the ones in that school district.

    1. I forgot For Science. Cuz some of the cowards probably claim to be science teachers.

      (Unfortunately, after doing science enrichment for many years, I discovered that many of the Science teachers know about as much science as a lab rat. Maybe less.)

      1. I discovered that many of the Science teachers know about as much science as a lab rat.

        I would imagine that would vary quite a bit depending on if the lab rat one compared the teachers to was in the placebo arm or not.

        Those in the placebo arm probably don’t learn much about science except that being in a scientific study is pretty nice as they are always warm, have food and water reliably available, and have a very limited number of predators (although those predators are quite difficult to escape from at the end of the experiment).

        Many of those in the experimental treatment probably have a rather different view of being in a scientific study.

        (Hey, maybe we could use underemployed teachers in lab tests – PETA would probably approve. Although, perhaps many unionized teachers are under qualified for the job.)

  9. If kids wanted an education, they should have gone somewhere where education isn’t after

    Disease numbers
    Union payroll
    Staff satisfaction

    On the priority list.

    1. So…. Private school?

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  11. good, they can cut back on administrative positions and save the taxpayers some money

    1. Why do that when it’s not the city feeling the tax pain? They just pass it on to the citizens.

  12. This is trumps fault for not wearing a mask.

  13. I bet these degenerates that inhabit the teacher’s unions go around screaming how they hate Trump because they follow science and he doesn’t.

    There is NO justification for keeping schools closed. The data is CLEAR on this. We’re open here – though the government panicked one month in and move to part on-line and shoved them all in masks. At least they publicly stated they want them to stay open and probably masked the kids up because of shithead parents and unions just to shut their pant shitting faces up.

    Either way, there was no outbreaks and it’s not because of the stupid masks. We know from studies in Europe kids are simply not vectors of the disease and outbreaks are low. Simple as that.

    Kids and teachers are constantly exposed to coronaviruses and flu and probably have better resistant to it than the average population.


    The teachers are gutless pukes not thinking of the children.

    And I swear, one more child abuse pictures of kids in masks and I’m gonna fly to Reason HQ and grab the editor who clears it and wring their necks.

  14. All parents need to abandon public schools. Kill the education beauracracy.

    1. I can’t believe they’re getting away with ruining children like this.

      1. Go back to Canada

        Fix that then scold the USA

    2. yuo flag MY vlid factual comment for review but let a dozen posts shilling for online work, the same names every day, get posted? What’s with that?

    3. Kill the education beauracracy.

      No, DO NOT do that. Fire them, flag their records as unfit for hire, and let then continue breathing.. they’ll have to make a living somehow, only this time round an HONEST living. That will be a harsher punishment than instant death.

    4. You say that like they’d get to stop paying for the schools even if they were empty. Y’know, like they are right now.

      Forget defunding the police, defund the public schools.

  15. This doesn’t go far enough.

    The teachers must vote for a national “if black kids can’t go to school, then white kids can’t go to school either” measure. Kamala Harris’ equality video shows us that kids who go to learning pods or private schools have an unfair edge. Most of those kids are probably white. Take them all out. Let their smart liberal parents educate them. Oh no, they have to turn off Netflix and social media to do things with their kids. Donald Trump is worse that Hitler!

  16. Teaching.

    Teach them to learn to fly.

    Teach them the letters and numbers. Show them how to swim. Give the kiddos opportunity and they will amaze,

    “The greatest sign of success for a teacher… is to be able to say, ’The children are now working as if I did not exist.’

    Maria Montesori

  17. Of course they get paid either way. They should keep it up and continue to make the case for school vouchers. Parents will no longer be held hostage by the teachers’ unions.

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