Another Wave of Business Closures Devastates the Suffering Restaurant Industry

Job losses and business closures loom as more cities and states once again shut down their hospitality industries.


Lawmakers from California to Washington, D.C., are still busy dining out and socializing, even as that option disappears for more and more ordinary Americans.

Prompted by a rise in coronavirus cases, the country's mayors and governors are imposing new restrictions on bars and restaurants, including curfews and the forced shuttering of indoor dining rooms. These are yet another setback for businesses that already went through one prolonged shutdown in the spring, and that are now heading into winter without knowing when they'll be able to serve customers inside again.

"My first reaction probably contains some expletives in my head," says Anthony Hansen Mairs, a manager of the distillery Crater Lake Spirits in Bend, Oregon, when reacting to a Friday public health order from Oregon Gov. Kate Brown (D) banning bars and restaurants from serving customers onsite for at least the next two weeks. Instead, they'll be limited to offering takeout and delivery.

The order means Crater Lake Spirit's tasting room—which had already been closed for a couple of months earlier this year—will have to shut down again.

Hansen Mairs says that he is hoping to keep his tasting room team of 12 paid during the two-week shutdown and that the production side of the distillery has enough work to keep them employed at least through the end of the year.

The closure of the tasting room comes with costs for the company's workers who relied on tips they earned serving drinks there. "There are some nights where I might make $80 in my wage and $120 in tips. That's not always how it is, but it's a good portion of the income from that job," says Ross Orndorff, one of the tasting room staff. (Disclosure: Orndorff is a former roommate of mine). Working on the distillery's production line comes with more predictable hours, but won't make up for all that lost income, Orndorff says.

"There's still the air of doubt that this will only be two weeks," adds Hansen Mairs, telling Reason that the longer the shutdown goes on, the more likely it is that they'll have to lay off some employees.

Other bars and restaurants that don't have a distillery business to fall back on are in much worse shape.

"We were already hearing from members they were concerned about what another shutdown would do to their chances of staying open," said Jason Brandt, president and CEO of the Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association (ORLA), in a press release criticizing Brown's order. "This latest round of regulations focused on restaurants will trigger an unknown amount of permanent closures impacting the livelihoods of thousands of Oregon families."

That economic pain is likely to be replicated across the country as more and more places return to the lockdown policies from earlier in the pandemic.

On Monday, Philadelphia issued a new public health order closing down indoor dining, alongside gyms and movie theaters. Last week, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) ordered bars and restaurants in the state to close at 10 p.m. as Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) mandated that eating and drinking establishments stop serving alcohol by 10 p.m. and close by midnight.

The most dramatic rollback of business reopenings is happening in California. As of Monday, climbing case numbers have forced most counties into the most restrictive tier in the state's four-tiered reopening scheme. That means bars and indoor dining rooms in most parts of the state will have to close.

San Francisco has been ahead of the curve in reinstituting business closures. Last week, Mayor London Breed issued an order requiring all indoor dining in the city to close over the weekend, even though the city still qualified for the state's least restrictive tier at the time.

"If this closure does stay in place, it's going to have devastating consequences," says Laurie Thomas, the owner of two restaurants in San Francisco and executive director of the Golden Gate Restaurant Association (GGRA).

Breed's order, issued on Wednesday of last week, came as a shock, says Thomas. The city had previously committed itself to lag behind the reopening conditions by one tier set by the state. For example, in late September, the city allowed indoor dining rooms to open at 25 percent, despite the state allowing indoor dining at 50 percent capacity.

As of last Monday, the city was in the state's "red" tier, which allows indoor dining at 25 percent capacity. A rapid increase in new cases prompted Breed, acting on the advice of city public health officials, to shut down all indoor dining and impose new capacity limits on gyms and movie theaters.

"With this decision," says Thomas "there was not much notice for restaurants to one, absorb this information, and two, take actions to stop financial losses that occur when you cut back."

Suddenly having to close down is not great for any business. It's particularly costly for restaurants that operate on slim margins in the best of times, and who face massive closing and reopening costs.

"It's not like having any other type of business. You have to buy a significant amount of inventory. That inventory is really volatile," says David Nayfeld, chef and co-owner of two restaurants in San Francisco. When reopening, staff often have to be retrained and the restaurant must be prepped to receive customers again, he adds. "You have all this labor cost that's going out before you even make a dollar."

To take on all those costs of reopening and then be forced to close down again runs counter to everything that goes into running a profitable restaurant, says Nayfeld. "There's constant stutter steps. We're buying inventory then it goes thrown away. All the money is getting thrown out the window."

For that reason, he says his own businesses didn't jump on the opportunity to reopen indoor dining when it was allowed, saying that they'd planned on waiting to see how things went when the city allowed 50 percent indoor dining capacity.

The city had been scheduled to allow dining rooms to open at 50 percent capacity in November, but that was delayed in late October, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. Following the most recent shutdowns, it's not clear when restaurants will be allowed to welcome diners back inside again.

Thomas says she understands where San Francisco's public health officials are coming from when ordering restaurant closures—the city has reported a 250 percent increase in new cases since the beginning of October—but still thinks they were being too hasty.

"They're trying to pull the levers they have in front of them to dampen the speed in the increase of the cases. They are truly afraid that this represents an uncontrollable spike," she said last Thursday. "I want to revisit where we're at on Monday, and still see if there's that need. I would have liked to have waited through this week" before closing indoor dining.

More energy, she added, should be spent alerting the public to the dangers of house parties and private gatherings.

In recent days, public health officials have been beating that drum. California's Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly says that county officials in the state are reporting "private household gatherings as a major source of spread," according to The Guardian.

"We are increasingly observing this fall that transmission is happening in small gatherings related to youth sports or among family and friends in their homes," wrote several doctors in a blog post at the Children's Hospital of Philidelphia's PolicyLab.

"Earlier in the outbreak, much of the growth in new daily cases was being driven by focal outbreaks—long-term care facilities, things of that nature," said an official with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to The Washington Post last week. "Now, the kitchen table is a place of risk."

The role that private gatherings are playing in spreading the pandemic is seeing some public health experts question the wisdom of the recent wave of business closures and restrictions.

"It's like you're taking a sledgehammer to the problem; it's not very fine-tuned," said Peter Chin-Hong, a professor and infectious disease expert at the University of California, San Francisco, of Newsom's latest restrictions, to the Associated Press. "It doesn't address where a lot of the catalysts are for transmission."

Indeed, restaurant closures might even be counterproductive. If people aren't allowed to socialize in a sanitized, socially distanced, well-ventilated restaurant, they might be more likely to gather in private homes that might not have any of those measures in place.

Business advocates haven't been shy about drawing attention to this discrepancy.

"Knowing small social gatherings are the focal point for the transmission of this virus, it is incredibly disappointing to see our industry once again targeted," said Brandt in response to Oregon's closures.

The latest shutdowns have also reinvigorated calls from the restaurant industry for additional government aid. ORLA is asking for the creation of a $75 million relief fund for the state's hospitality industry.  Breed, when shutting down indoor dining, announced that the city would make available $4 million in aid to restaurants and small businesses.

Nayfeld, who also serves on the advisory board of the Independent Restaurant Coalition (IRC), says that much, much more is needed. With the IRC, he's been advocating for the passage of the RESTAURANTS Act, which would create a $120 billion federal assistance fund for distressed restaurants.

That would give restaurants the financial security they need to ride out the pandemic, he says. It would also compensate them for the losses they've incurred from government-ordered shutdowns and other measures they've taken to keep the public safe.

Some libertarian policy experts are divided on the subject of aid to restaurants and other small businesses affected by government shutdowns.

"Evidently, the case for some sort of aid from the government is stronger when the government in question is explicitly closing down businesses and preventing them from trading," says Ryan Bourne, an economist with the Cato Institute.

On the other hand, policy makers "have no concept of how much this pandemic will change the demand for eating out," says Bourne.

A federal aid package like the RESTAURANT Act would "entail subsidizing businesses that may well not be viable in the near future, and that comes with an economic cost. It will take us longer for the economy to adjust to its new condition after the pandemic," Bourne says.

An alternative response would be to let restaurants figure out if it's profitable and safe to operate during the pandemic, and to let customers decide whether the risks of eating out are worth it. If private gatherings are going to continue to undo sacrifices in other parts of the economy, it's harder to justify restrictions on any specific sector.

Still, even in the absence of shutdowns, the natural impulse to curtail socializing and other voluntary activities in the middle of a pandemic is going to cause the hospitality industry to suffer business closures and job losses, says Bourne.

"What's going to get the economy going is the end of this pandemic. [We should do] anything we can do to hasten the end of this pandemic, whether that's greasing the wheels for rolling out the vaccine, whether it's facilitating, through lowering regulatory barriers, more in the way of rapid testing and screening."

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  1. Another hilarious effort from Reason, where the only restrictions EVER mentioned are ones in blue states.

    Of course, you ignore Oklahoma has a 10 pm curfew on restaurants and bars. Ohio has a blanket curfew from 10 to 5. Because the effort here must always be that blue states impose restrictions. Maybe you should tell that to Utah, Ohio and ND, who all have mask mandates. All red states.

    But we’d expect nothing else from Britschgi.

    1. lol Reason is literally Breitbart

      1. Georgia has had no lockdowns and businesses and schools are open.

        We have family gatherings and eat out at least once a week.

        No masks. No social distancing.

        Its why lefties want to come to Georgia and fuck up what makes it great.

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        2. The fact is that people like you people in Georgia and many other places here in the United States who are refusing to wear masks and social distance, and insist on eating out in restaurants, even though it’s unsafe to do so during the pandemic are the ones who are screwing everybody else over, are causing the Covid-19 virus pandemic to worsen and run so rampant and out of control. You people don’t give a shit==that’s your fucking problem!

    2. Fuck off asshole. We all know democrat run states and cities are shitholes. The rest of us might have weak governors, but we pretty much ignore them. Unless the slavish left wing.

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      2. Hey listen! It’s the Red States that are fucking everybody over! Get with it!

    3. Because a mask mandate is equivalent to closing indoor dining on the edge of fucking December.


      1. See Oklahoma and Ohio, as I mentioned.


        1. I assume a jackass like you has no knowledge of business whatsoever, so let me give you some advice:
          Opening a restaurant for lunch and closing at 10PM is a HELL of a lot better for the bottom line than closing the restaurants for indoor dining totally, as the D-scumbags have done.
          Fuck off and die, jackass.

          1. You worship an obese orange man-baby, Sevo. No one should ever have to take any of your opinions seriously.

            1. “You worship an obese orange man-baby, Sevo. No one should ever have to take any of your opinions seriously.”

              TDS victims are like evangelicals; whatever subject is under discussion, they’ll immediately refocus it on their obsession. They wake up in the morning hating Trump, spend the entire day whining about it, regardless of the context, and go to bed hating him; it’s their LIFE, for pete’s sake.
              Fuck off and die, you pathetic excuse for humanity.

              1. The Trumpti-clorian count is off the chart with this one!

                1. Dee is such a libertarian, that she’s white knighting for jackass, whose advocating for small business’s being completely shut down, so that she can make an anti Trump joke (one that she’s already made and no one thought was funny the first time).

                  It’s weird that a libertarian would be so cavalier about small business owners being shut down. But not so much that a lefty would. So this isn’t that weird.

                2. Trumpti-clorian

                  Sure it’s Sqrlsy level wit, but he coined it himself.

              2. Lol, look at Sevo lecturing others about hate. Well, you are an expert, after all.

                1. Amazing:
                  No one said anything about Trump until the first piece of TDS-infected lefty shit showed up, and got called on the obsession, which drew the next piece of TDS-infected lefty shit to prove the point!
                  Thanks, lefty shits! You can’t make this up!
                  Fuck off and die; your family, your dog, your goldfish and the world will thank you.
                  Oh, and please do so by jamming a running, rusty chainsaw up your asses; you deserve nothing better.

                2. Sevo has every right to hate you Chipper. You’re pretty disgusting.

        2. When Oklahoma and Ohio shut down indoor dining completely, let me know.

          1. OKC did for the first couple of months and reopened in May.

        3. And Oregon and New Mexico.


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    4. “…Of course, you ignore Oklahoma has a 10 pm curfew on restaurants and bars. Ohio has a blanket curfew from 10 to 5. Because the effort here must always be that blue states impose restrictions…”

      Open 11:30AM for lunch, close 10PM; should get 4-6 table turns. Keeps the rent paid.
      Compared to:
      NY(D) – closed, SF(D) -closed for indoor dining, Philly(D) – closed, Chi(D) – closed, State of WA(D) – closed, St. Louis(D) – closed, Minn(D) – closed.
      Do you post here to prove how stupid your are, jackass?

      1. Do you post here to prove how stupid your are, jackass?


      2. “Do you post here to prove how stupid your are, jackass?”

        Yes, yes he does.

    5. Yeah he forgot to mention Illinois where Pritzger has once again banned indoor dining and is threatening full lockdown. Oh wait. Illinois is a blue state too. A 10:00 curfew actually looks pretty good when you live in a state where the curfew is 24/7.

    6. Are they focusing on blue states, or ignoring fly over country?

    7. And those restrictions failed to stop the massive spike in cases anyway. Welp.

      1. You mean restaurants aren’t causing the rise in “cases?” I don’t believe it. The politicians would never lie to us.

    8. I live in Oklahoma and we don’t have any state mandates. There are some city mandates.

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  2. When times are tough and businesses are struggling, we Koch / Reason libertarians have the solution: open the borders and abolish the minimum wage.


      1. …is the preferred breakfast meat for many of the highly skilled laborers that wish to cross the southern border

  3. An alternative response would be to let restaurants figure out if it’s profitable and safe to operate during the pandemic, and to let customers decide whether the risks of eating out are worth it.

    You mean, a response of *liberty*? Surely you jest!

    If private gatherings are going to continue to undo sacrifices in other parts of the economy, it’s harder to justify restrictions on any specific sector.

    Au contraire. It totes justifies “rationalizes” such restrictions, and more, and MORE!

    1. Problem is one’s liberties do not extend to infecting others. So while it is fine for one person to risk infection, the externality of their decision is that they will spread their infection to someone else, particularly if they are asymptomatic or ignore minor symptoms.
      Some shared communal responsibility is in order. I agree not to do activities that could cascade into imperiling your friends and family, and in return you please do the same.

      1. Therefore we should criminalize anal sex.

  4. This Act may be cited as the “Real Economic Support That Acknowledges Unique Restaurant Assistance Needed To Survive Act of 2020” or the “RESTAURANTS Act of 2020”.

    *** facepalm ***

    1. I know, right? I thought I had seen it all with lame acronyms for bills, but this one takes the cake.

      1. Speaking of acronyms, have you tried CACALL? White Knight recommends it.

    2. I applaud somebody’s perseverance and ingenuity. Hard to blame them for not using it once they had it.

      1. No, it’s not.

  5. The restaurant association in the St. Louis area is suing the county over their new ban on indoor dining that went into effect today.

    The new ban was only just announced on Friday, too. Nothing like having 3 whole days to prepare. Shit, you have to make liquor orders 5 days in advance from the local distributor. Longer lead time for regular food deliveries.

    1. Back in Sept, emperor Newsom allowed indoor dining at 25% capacity, only to shut it down something like 4 days later.
      Every one of these scumbags has zero experience in business in general and the food-service in particular. I swear Newsom expects, like a light switch, when he allows businesses to re-open, they’ll be up and running just like before he switched it off.

      1. My theory is that politicians hunger for the achievements of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jim Bezos, etc, but they sure as heck aren’t going to invest their time in learning the trade. So they settle for following the Hollywood prescription for successful business leaders: yell at subordinates, demand results, play hardball, and never ever be seen actually thinking or planning or working.

        “Where is that Jones report?”

        “Tell him my next offer will be $1M less.”

        “You want four months to build that? Come back ready in two weeks or don’t come back at all.”

        1. Prolly the reason they’re all hopeless H’wood groupies, imagining themselves Michael Douglas in Wall Street.

    2. it sucks to have misfortune of being in the business most likely to transmit an infectious disease. Mary Mallon could not be permitted to continue as a cook for the same reason that restaurants and bars are a problem; the external costs of business are too much for society to bear currently.

      1. They actually do not have any evidence that restaurants are any more likely to be disease vectors than many of the other businesses that are allowed to remain open. That is what the lawsuit is about.

  6. Who gives a fuck about the Restaurant Industry when all you eat is applesauce and Lime Jello?


    1. Longest 2 weeks of our lives.

      But at least president lockdown won. Libertarians everywhere should rejoice.

      1. Not celebrating the win of President Lockdown, but thrilled about the loss of President Four Year Old Sore Loser Throwing Yet Another Tantrum.

        1. Sure thing lefty.

        2. Stuff your tDS up your ass; your head needs companionship, adolescent piece of lefty shit.

        3. It’s funny the white knight explicitly created this account to throw tantrums.
          It is very upset that the world is proving just how mediocre it is.

          1. Yes but “both sides” and “I voted for JO (seph Biden)”.

      2. Just reading reports of how Giuliani did in the courtroom today. About as well as you’d expect his drunken, incompetent ass to do.

        1. So far better than you did flipping burgers today?

          1. Let’s say, hypothetically, that I did make my living flipping burgers. What would be wrong with that?

            1. Sevo is a typical left coast elitist, looking down at those that have to use their hands to make a living.

              1. Right.
                Care to tell us how, oh, a drill-press works, lefty shit?

                1. Pretty sure making a living in your case involves grills, meat patties, and spatulas; some of us learned to make a living starting there and progressing, but lefty shits hope they don’t have to learn anything, just get paid more, right lefty shit?

                  1. Who are you replying to? Have you been drinking?

                    1. “Who are you replying to? Have you been drinking?”

                      Oh, gee! A thread Nazi!
                      Nope. Just missed the direct reply to a lefty shit.

            2. Absolutely nothing, but given your idiocy evident here, it’s an odds-one bet that you do is so poorly that you’ll spend the rest of your life doing the same.
              Some of us grow up; you seem to have problems with that.

              1. LOL

                1. “LOL”?
                  13 going on what, 9?
                  Grow up or fuck off and die. Adolescence is not an end, it’s a very bad time to outgrow, but you seem to have real problems.
                  Does mommy bring cookies to you?

                  1. Didn’t you tell me to say, LOL, earlier today?

                    1. I sure did! As a lefty adolescent shit in mommie;s basement, I suggested an “LOL” would establish your rep as a pathetic piece of lefty shit,

                    2. Poor Dee doesn’t understand when people are laughing at her, instead of with her.

                      That’s a common trait among lefties.


          “When Brann asked technical legal questions about whether ‘strict scrutiny’ or ‘rational basis’ tests applied to the case, Giuliani struggled to answer.”

            1. Giuliani is charging the Trump campaign $20,000 a day, and he cannot even answer basic procedural questions about the case.

              If I were a Republican, especially if I had contributed to the election challenge effort, I’d be pissed this incompetent boob has been put in charge.

          1. Oh, GOOD! Lefty shit WK offers blind link!
            Fuck off and die, WK.

            1. Click, and be amazed by just how incompetent Giuliani is.

              1. Why would bother? I have no dog in that fight.
                You and the rest of the TDS assholes seem to find that sort of stuff compelling.
                Were the three years you spent in the 6th grade the best years of your life so far?

          2. “Judge Brann tells the plaintiffs that they need a new motion for an injunction since they have a such a different amended complaint.

            “’You should write this down. That’s what lawyers do. They write things down.’”

            1. OH! OH! WK finds a judge who doesn’t agree with Trump’s lawyers! WK gets more cookies from momma!

  8. TV news lately has been full of “get your free testing at such and such a site.” So, if I test negative at 10am today, can’t I get infected at 10:30am? Yes, if I test positive, I can quarantine and tell others who might have been in contact with me. But absent daily or twice daily testing, how is a negative testing person to be comforted in the future? Won’t some of them say “I’m good; let’s party?” False sense of security.

    1. If you’re Elon Musk you get a handful of positive and negative tests every day and create your very own Choose Your Own Adventure.

      1. His tests were exactly as valuable as a coin-toss.

    2. Funny. I look at free testing as deliberately going to a place full of people who suspect they have the plague. Why in the world would I go get tested if I feel fine, and can’t go anywhere else because some damn fool politician has closed the world?

  9. Republicans don’t care. Practically every country in the world is following the same script on mitigation, the difference is that the decent countries are making up for the economic losses by paying the bills.
    Unfortunately and predictively, Republicans would rather exacerbate the pain and point the finger because they hate regular Americans.

    1. Governments don’t pay the bills. Taxpayers do. Communist fuck.

    2. Ah here’s another stupid cuck who thinks government is the solution. Fuck off shitstain.

    3. Translation: I want my kids and grand kids to suffer in the future to ensure my comfort now.

    4. “…Unfortunately and predictively, Republicans would rather exacerbate the pain and point the finger because they hate regular Americans…”

      Actually, most of them hate lefty parasites like you.


    Here’s John Oliver spending 20 minutes to tell us how unreliable Dominion voting machines are.

        1. TLDR: The Republican board members ended up voting to certify the results after all.

          1. This is a microcosm of how Trumpists think. They will share the first link, but not the second.

            1. This is the best that lefty shits confuse with thinking.
              Fuck off and die, lefty shit.

            2. In fairness, the story I linked to broke only minutes before I posted it.

              Kills me to be fair to the Trump fans after the behavior that Sevo and others have exhibited for the past couple of years.

              1. Fuck off and die.
                Regardless of your claims otherwise of neutrality, only other pieces of lefty shit are fooled.
                Those of us who understand that government intervention always and everywhere causes harm have your number; you are a lefty shit.


            Take note what happened tonight. 2 Republican officials in MI stood up to the machine. Within minutes they were doxxed, threatened, and CNN/Politico labeled them racists. Where does this behavior lead?


              Another one of your heroes @jaketapper. You are complicit.

              Democrat Abraham Aiyash threatens Wayne County, MI GOP Election Official Monica Palmer’s children on zoom.

              1. “Think about what that means for your children, who go to Grosse Point High School…”

            2. I saw some of the behavior at the meeting, with people angrily hurling accusations of racism at the Republicans. I agree it was unfounded and wrong of them to do that.

              On the other hand, the male Republican (don’t remember his name), interviewed at the end of the meeting, said none of that affected his change of vote.

      1. Keep dreaming.

        1. Keep fantasizing, lefty shit

  11. Meanwhile in Florida and Georgia everything is fine and everybody can see it.

  12. I maintain that the primary cause of the riots wasn’t injustice or police shootings–but the recession and the lockdowns. In American history, we have never seen that many people lose that many jobs that quickly–as they did in the aftermath of the first wave of lockdowns. The chances of their being no social unrest in the midst of that was virtually nil. Show me the age and skill level of the rioters, and I’ll show you people who are likely to be working in the hospitality and service industries. If it hadn’t been for the police shootings, they would have rioted over something else.

    There is no good reason to think that a second round of lockdowns won’t have the same effect.

    1. I think you’re right. What will be different this time is the news will be suppressed so as not to embarrass the democrat regime.

  13. Progressives have been saying “If *insert government policy here* is enough to put you out of business, you didn’t deserve to be in business in the first place” long before the Chinese bat flu showed up.

    Just sayin’.

    1. Please give an example of a progressive having ever said something like that. I have never heard one say any such thing.

      1. Google “if you can’t afford to pay a living wage you don’t deserve to be in business”. You’ll get nearly 5,000,000 results. That’ll get you started.

      2. “Please give an example of a progressive having ever said something like that. I have never heard one say any such thing.”

        I guess it is possible that the lefty shit WK is young enough (10 years old?) to have never heard of such a thing, but it’s more likely that WK is such a fucking lefty ignoramus that s/he chose to ignore the claims:
        “Companies that cant pay minimum wage SHOULD go out of business”

        Do you, like that whiny woodchopper and jackass pieces of lefty shit post here to prove how stupid you are?
        You (and those lefty shits) are doing a wonderful job.

      3. I’m trying to dig up the quote from the Seattle City Council official that said that if you can’t pay the new $15 minimum wage that “you don’t deserve to be in business”. But it’s several years old now… but he fucking said it.

        1. Yeah, I can’t find the particular instance, but if you search on those relevant phrases, you can find that comment all over the internet. If you believe that’s never been uttered, you haven’t been paying attention.

  14. “We are increasingly observing this fall that transmission is happening in small gatherings related to youth sports or among family and friends in their homes,” wrote several doctors in a blog post at the Children’s Hospital of Philidelphia’s PolicyLab.

    That can’t be possible. I was informed very strenuously today by DOL that this current spike is all the fault of rural communities, North Dakota, and bars in Omaha and Oklahoma. He didn’t base it on any actual evidence, but he did get to indulge his useless yuppie pretensions, so he had that going for him, at least.

    1. Don’t forget big weddings. Everybody who goes to one will die.

  15. The authoritarians are making their play. Prepare yourselves.

  16. Don’t worry Christian your savior President lockdown will be along soon to throw piles of cash at people to buy goods not produced at stores not open. You leftists chose to vote for this authoritarian shit so fuck off and suffer with the rest of us for the consequences of your decisions. Mean tweets are so much worse than the intentional ruin of society apparently.

  17. Very knowledgeable blog! You really did great job by posting such a informative

  18. The recent data from the UK says that supermarkets are where COVID gets spread the most.

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