Election 2020

Presidential Pardons Offer Trump a Way to Go Out on a Positive Note

If Trump isn’t interested, maybe the Biden administration could get started with a few acts of mercy.


Despite much posturing by President Donald Trump and his supporters, it's increasingly likely that Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th president of the United States. In response, Republicans seem bent on petty vengeance in the form of non-cooperation with the new administration's transition team—an empty gesture that ruffles feathers while accomplishing nothing. But if the outgoing chief executive wants to leave office in a way that has a lasting impact (and yes, that will likely get under the new guy's skin) he can do so and benefit the country by using the presidential pardon power.

Article II, Section 2 of the United States Constitution specifies that the president "shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offences against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment." According to the U.S. Supreme Court, in Ex Parte Garland (1866), "with that exception the power is unlimited. It extends to every offence, and is intended to relieve the party who may have committed it or who may be charged with its commission, from all the punishments of every description that the law, at the time of the pardon, imposes."

The power can even be wielded preemptively, such as when President Gerald Ford pardoned his predecessor, Richard M. Nixon, for any crimes he may have committed.

Pardons, then, are powerful tools for offering relief to people who got on the wrong side of government officials. Such people include high-profile whistleblower Edward Snowden, who revealed U.S. government surveillance of its own population and the world beyond and was personally targeted by Joe Biden when he was vice president in the Obama administration.

"Every time one of these governments got close to opening their doors, the phone would ring in their foreign ministries and on the other end of the line would be a very senior American official," Edward Snowden told MSNBC in 2019 about the fate of his applications for asylum in multiple countries. "It was one of two people. Then-Secretary of State John Kerry or then-Vice President Joe Biden."

Snowden went on to paraphrase the resulting conversations: "But if you protect this man, if you let this guy out of Russia, there will be consequences. We're not going to say what they're going to be, but there will be a response."

In 2013, Ecuador's then-President Rafael Correa confirmed that Biden leaned on him to deny asylum to Snowden.

Given that Snowden provided an important service to the world and that, despite once calling for his execution, Trump seems to have warmed to the whistleblower, pardoning him should be a no-brainer.

Another candidate for official mercy is Julian Assange, the digital journalist and WikiLeaks founder, who worked with Chelsea Manning to reveal bloody U.S. military missteps. He took refuge in Ecuador's London embassy while Sweden pursued sexual assault charges that were eventually dropped.

In 2016, WikiLeaks published embarrassing Democratic National Convention emails in a likely slap at the Obama administration that had targeted Assange.

There's been speculation that Biden might go easier on Assange, but that seems a stretch, given the emails and the then-veep's description of the journalist as "a high-tech terrorist." President Trump himself has never really taken to Assange, even though he arguably benefited from the DNC leak. But pardoning Assange would be a win for press freedom and a slap at the intelligence community with whom he has sparred.

Of course, if you're going to pardon Julian Assange, that calls for similar consideration for Manning, who did the heavy lifting in terms of sourcing military documents and diplomatic cables that were then published by WikiLeaks. She went to prison for her actions, and then was jailed again for refusing to testify about WikiLeaks.

Manning's sentence was commuted by then-President Obama at the end of his second term. But she still lives with a conviction and the resulting restrictions on her activities. While Trump has been harshly critical of Manning, this would be another opportunity to simultaneously do the right thing and needle the intelligence community.

While we're talking about whistleblowers, let's add Reality Winner to the mix. In 2017, she passed an NSA report about Russian attempts to fiddle with American voting software to The Intercept. Winner was arrested when the publication screwed up basic security precautions, revealing her identity.

Admittedly, this case is a tougher sell, since it happened on Trump's watch, and the soon-to-be-former president isn't known for his forgiving nature. It also involves a sore spot for him in the form of foreign election interference. But, even so, a pardon for Winner would be a sharp jab at the alphabet agencies.

On a different note is the case of Ross Ulbricht. He was convicted in 2015 of a variety of charges that all boil down to, in the guise of "the Dread Pirate Roberts," operating Silk Road, a darknet marketplace for the buying and selling of intoxicants disapproved by the powers-that-be. Two federal agents on his case were also convicted—of extortion and of stealing from Silk Road.

Ulbricht's case is near and dear to Reason writers because of the consensual nature of his "crimes," but also because the prosecutor in his case—Preet Bharara—later went after this publication and its readers. In 2017, Bharara picked a fight with the Trump administration and was fired from his position as a U.S. Attorney for his troubles. Pardoning Ulbricht might not yet be on Donald Trump's radar despite his supporters' best efforts, but it would be an impressive way to close this chapter while also doing the right thing by a guy who did no wrong.

But let's not rest all of our hope on the man who's leaving the White House. If Trump doesn't want to exercise his power of mercy on behalf of the people mentioned above—and so many other deserving victims of the carceral state—for whatever reason, perhaps his replacement might give it some thought.

Pardoning Snowden, Assange, Manning, Winner, Ulbricht, and many others who have run afoul of the criminal justice system would be an effective means for Joe Biden to rebrand a government that has gained a well-deserved reputation for brutality under officials of both major political parties. Given that he has a personal history with some of these individuals, it would also demonstrate a rare quality of forgiveness in an elected official.

Presidential pardons have been exercised over the years for a variety of reasons good, bad, and indifferent. If using that power now can bring about some justice and respect liberty, we shouldn't care too much about the motives.

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  1. In response, Republicans seem bent on petty vengeance in the form of non-cooperation with the new administration’s transition team—an empty gesture that ruffles feathers while accomplishing nothing.

    Or maybe Trump knows something you don’t.

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      1. You mean getting a vaccine from start to finish in eight months isn’t a high note? Trump may be orange and obnoxious, but he did more in a few years while being impeached daily than Biden did in 47 years of having his dumb ass kissed daily. Seriously. Why do you call yourselves Reason when you are basically complete Leftists who ADORE your own feelings? Facts don’t care about feelings. And how about some censorship of the constant “I get paid to work at home” spam? It’s not hard.

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    2. …form of non-cooperation with the new administration’s transition team—
      Like it never happened before.

      1. O can’t say for sure if biden is in cahoots with Russia, but we should look into china. That’s the normal transition process now right?

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        2. At the very least they’re going to appoint a prosecutor to run a massive investigation for three years, right?

          I mean, I’d hate for Sleepy Joe to miss out on any of the cool party tricks that his predecessor received. Is just wouldn’t be fair to not give him everything Trump was gifted with.

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    3. petty vengeance

      Unlike the grand vengeance in the form of using the government’s intelligence apparatus to fabricate evidence of a scandal that will hamstring the next administration for 3+ years.

      1. ⬆ This. All at the expense of the American people. Thanks, Obama. And thanks, Hitlery.

    4. Jay Inslee announced a new shutdown of WA State. With other western states ruled by democrats to follow.

      It’s just about time to remove the democrats and deal with the problem they have become.

      1. I’m with ya

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      2. Hey, more “emergency powers”! Cuz for 8 months they’ve been unable to convene the State legislature and take legislative responsibility. I hope this time they have enough businesses out there giving the finger to his highness that they simply decide they can’t enforce it.

        Conversely, perhaps businesses should deny they are open for peaceful protest, and paying employees [uh er protestors] to do shit in protest.

        1. Some of us are already organizing. Compliance is not going to be very good in eastern WA.

    5. In response, Republicans seem bent on petty vengeance in the form of non-cooperation with the new administration’s transition team—an empty gesture that ruffles feathers while accomplishing nothing.

      Yeah, get back to us when they pull the W’s off of the typewriters, ok?

    6. Say what you will of Trump and his lack of cooperation, at least he hasn’t sicced the FBI on his rival’s transition team to put them in jail.

      1. Bugged Biden’s offices… you know… to “protect” Biden.

    7. I find that unlikely. But he could go out on a good note by pardoning people who were convicted under the previous administration. Biden will not pardon either of those guys. It is ironic that the Republicans seem to do more pardoning while the Democrats complain how the system is unfair. Duh. No system is fair, and that is why the chief executives, including Governers, deserve the power to commute and pardon. And then he can through in a few of his friends into the mix, and it won’t matter. People will be pissed anyhow.

      1. Your name miSspeels Cthulhu. I ton’d lyke dat.

        1. Fuck off Jeff.

      2. When it comes to your comment though, I have no objections.

        1. Nobody cares.

      3. Just for shits and grins, he should pardon Obama, Biden, and Hillary. It’s not like they would ever be convicted of anything anyway, but it would be funny as hell to watch their faces swell up with anger over being pardoned.

    8. Dont ruin the punchline for unreason staffers.

      They didnt see bush vs gore turning out the way it did either.

      Thomas voted for the majority. Add in barrett, gorsuch, kavanaugh who know first hand how they will be treated if democrats get away with this massive election fraud. Even alito is signaling his distance from john “its a tax” roberts.

    9. Joe Biden appeared to clinch a victory on Saturday morning to become 46th president of the United States, closing out an election cycle that was dominated in the final months by debates around COVID-19, the economy, and police reform……….. VISIT HERE FOR FULL DETAIL .

  2. I would be OK with pardoning Snowden or Ulbricht, I suppose.

    Manning did what he did while in uniform, which I have an issue with, and he’s already been released, so what’s the point?

    Assange shouldn’t need a pardon because he shouldn’t be charged with anything here, but that’s a whole different issue. He should, however, be prosecuted in Sweden for sex crimes, under their laws.

    Reality Winner is as stupid as the parents who named her. Her sentence is almost up anyway.

    1. I thought Manning was back in prison again. Or is the second sentence now over as well?

      1. Manning should rot in prison. What that nutbag did was the opposite of Snowden, and got people killed.

      2. Manning was being held for refusing to testify against Assange in Manning’s most recent run in with the law. Manning was released after the conclusion of the grand jury since Manning’s testimony wouldn’t be needed anymore.

    2. He should, however, be prosecuted in Sweden for sex crimes, under their laws.

      Those charges were dropped.

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  4. Nah I think Trump should not do it. What is there to gain here? Pardoning criminals who are ardent Biden supporters? Who colluded with foreign governments, other criminals, and democrats. Who if released would then go on to throw Trump and his supporters under the bus.

    There is no upside for President Trump, or the United States of America.

    1. The only one that would provide the best laughs is Snowden. It’s not like he could step foot back in the country without a bunch of intel trash wanting to kill him anyway, and pardoning the guy who embarrassed the shit out of Joe’s boss would be a nice, final “fuck you” to all of these people.

      1. Not as much fun as pardoning Obama, Biden, and Clinton for their crimes, and a final Oval Office address to the nation to announce that he personally forgives them for being assholes.

        Not like any of them would ever spend a day in court let alone ever be convicted anyways. So pardoning them would be the greatest troll EVER… and it can never be undone. Though that level of trolling would have to be explained to a LOT of people.

        1. I came here to say that exact thing.

          Trump should absolutely pardon hillary, bill clinton, obama, w bush, and biden for their crimes.
          LEave the rest of the democrat criminals for future republican presidencies to indict.

  5. Probably not so much cheerleading if he pardoned himself.

  6. Widespread pardons of non-violent drug offenders would be more of more impact, but I doubt Trump has the interest or the nerve.

  7. Oh, maybe he should pardon Biden. That would throw a monkey wrench into things.

  8. If He wants to go out in style, and get a reputation for at least SOME low level of benevolence, Trump could pardon all the myriads of otherwise-harmless folks now on death row, who have blown on a cheap plastic flute, nakedly exposed to the Wrath of the Long Arm of the Law, lacking the permission of a Government-Almighty-licensed physician!

    Stay ye SAFE from the Flute Police!

    To find precise details on what NOT to do, to avoid the flute police, please see http://www.churchofsqrls.com/DONT_DO_THIS/ … This has been a pubic service, courtesy of the Church of SQRLS!

    1. You never answered my question: Does the Flute Police carry only flutes, are do they go after people who play flutes?

      1. Flute Police are authorized to use everything up to and including field artillery, and nuclear weapons, to enforce The LAW, dammit, citizen, so OBEY!

        Unauthorized civilians are NOT allowed to play the WRONG kinds of flutes!!! Capisce?


        “Germans who wish to use cheap plastic lung flutes should join the SS or the SA — ordinary citizens don’t need these deadly lung flutes, as their having cheap plastic lung flutes doesn’t serve the State.”

        ― Heinrich Himmler

        1. Nobody cares.

        2. Sqrlsy sure likes quoting Nazi’s.

          1. So you prefer not to be quoted?

    2. Fuck off SQRLSY.

    1. Whoa… that’s pretty creepy. Kudos to whoever compiled this.

    2. Well if they are saying it it must be true right??

  9. maybe the Biden administration could get started with a few acts of mercy.

    Lol I needed a good laugh, thanks.

  10. “I villified you for 4 years, never giving you credit for the good things you did. But if you do this extra thing I promise to say it wasn’t all bad.”

    He has already been commuting sentences for fucks sake.

  11. Sure would be interesting if a few state legislatures decided they didn’t care if their state voted for Biden, they’re going to appoint a slate of Trump’s electors anyways. It’s not like there’s anything wrong with a state legislature appointing a slate of electors their state didn’t vote for, is there?

    1. One can make a plausible argument that a state legislature can appoint whomever they like in (almost) whatever way they like, but not after the election.

      1. According to the Constitution the Legislatures can do whatever they want in regards to appointing electors. State law may bind them but not federal.

        1. If democrats can make exceptions for kungflu hysteria to suspend constitution protections, state legislatures can definitely make an argument to change state elector rules on the fly too.

          Some everyone is gonna die from the coof, the election doesnt count.

      2. Yeah, actually they can. Electors can be replaced right up till the point at which they cast their vote unless it is prohibited by State law [which I’ve never heard of]. Doing so would not be unconstitutional nor against any federal law.

        1. IIRC, 2016 saw a few electors removed and replaced during the EC voting process because of rogue electors that didnt follow state legislature wishes.

    2. Yeah, my worthless cunt of a government signed on to that. I hope they at least got the traditional thirty pieces of silver.

    3. Other than the fact that several Republican State Legislatures have already said they would not do this. There are limits to how much any Republican will do for Trump and it appear we are fast closing in on those limits.

      1. The MSM said the republican state legislatures would not do this. The media are liars.

        Its not doing anything for Trump. Its would be exercising constitutional powers to protect the ISA from democrat election fraud attempts.

  12. What is most likely is a pile of pardons for high ranking members of the Trump administration, his friends, family, and himself. There may be some non nepotism ones also.

    1. Steve Bannon is #1 for takeoff!

      1. Take me SQRLSY before it’s to late.

    2. That’s fine. If democrats can corrupt the entire process of elections and prevent investigations into their wrongdoing, why would Trump play the game their way. He should do the opposite of everything democrats want.

    3. I agree. Also look for pardon for anyone that could testify against Trump in the future.

      1. For what? The crimes you read about in progressive fan fiction?

  13. New administration? The EC hasn’t voted yet Tuccille and with Sidney Powell on the case Biden might be in trouble.

  14. If Snowden had made his revelations during a Republican administration, the Democrats would have made him a hero of the people. And he sure wouldn’t have had to go to The Guardian to be heard. Unfortunately, he blew the whistle during Obama’s Administration, and won’t be coming home anytime soon.

    There’s absolutely no chance that Biden will pardon him. It would be a great gesture from Trump, though. And in line with the Trump Administration’s exposure of the intelligence community.

    1. There is no way in HELL Snowden would have gotten heard today, especially not from some leftist rag like the Guardian. Snowden came along when Glenn Greenwald was still considered a Stunning and Brave Truthteller by the media and political elites for #Reeeeeeeeeesisting the Bush administration.

      These people aren’t going to allow anything to be heard anymore that would in ANY way damage a Democratic politician. The government could literally implement Big Brother-type devices in our homes at this point, and you’d have governors and the media arguing why we need these in the interest of “public safety” and “we’re all in this together.”

  15. “Presidential Pardons Offer Trump a Way to Go Out on a Positive Note”

    You shit all over him for four years, make the difference in his defeat, and now you’re gonna kiss his ass–in the hope that Trump gives a shit what Libertarians think of him?!

    1. Even though I think Snowden should be pardoned, I wouldn’t do it just to fuck with the LP. Fuck all of them.

      1. after they just shit all of his dinner?!

        Anything Donald Trump ever did to make us happy, he regrets that now. He should have signed off on a $3.5 trillion stimulus package if he wanted to get elected–and we shouldn’t think Republicans presidents in the future won’t notice that either.

        Meanwhile, there are Libertarians out there who still think Trump cares if they think he’s cool? How embarrassing.

      2. Half my comment was cut off . . .

        Why would he care what Libertarians think of him after they just shit all over his dinner?

        What kind of childish mind imagines that how they feel is important to someone–even after they shit on his dinner?

        1. Like ANYONE gives a fuck what the crew at Reason think of them.

          1. But why–especially in the aftermath of the Libertarian vote costing him the election–do they imagine that Trump or any Republicans care what they think of them?

            If Trump had authorized Pelosi’s extra $3.5 trillion in stimulus, he may have won.

            And every Republican knows that.

            They ruined his reelection–despite him negotiating and signing a full withdrawal deal from Afghanistan, killing a $3.5 trillion stimulus deal, and opposing the Green New Deal?!

            And now they think he’s supposed to pardon Snowden so that he’ll look cool to Libertarians on the way out the door?!

            Who the fuck thinks this way other than children?

            1. I never understand this kind of weak thinking. It’s a mystery to me too.

              1. Trump should pardon snowden because snowden bravely exposed violations of the US constitution and federal law. His actions against the bush/obama administrations outweigh his crimes.

                1. If snowden is a CIA plant for disinformation and the cash pallets to Iran were all marked bills for tracking, I would give Obama some credit.

                  Since they arent, snowden provided documentary evidence of constitution violations by the deep state.

            2. Ken, I remember you as considerably calmer a few years ago. The most consistent aspect of Trump is him acting in his own self interest. I think on his way out the door, he pardons everyone in his family, himself, his associates, big donors. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a “pay-to-play” scheme where a briefcase full of cash buys a pardon. Hey, if that’s illegal he can just pardon himself after he pardons everyone else.

      3. Don’t confuse Libertarians with LP sellouts and LINOs.

        We know that unreason doesnt speak for libertarians.

    2. He should do it because 1) it would actually be the right thing to do in this case, and 2) if there’s anything that would piss off the Biden bobbleheads and the intelligence community, it would be pardoning Snowden. Which is exactly why it’s such a good idea.

      1. Now that’s a good reason to pardon Snowden!

        I agree 100%.

        Meanwhile, yeah, Trump doesn’t give a shit what Libertarians think about him–and Libertarians can thank themselves for that.

      2. Imagining that someone they shit on cares whether they think he’s cool–even after they shit on him–is even worse than denouncing conspiracy theories about the election count–even after they promoted the Great Russian Conspiracy for years and came up empty.

        At some point, it becomes insulting to our intelligence as an audience.

      3. Sorry, I have to disagree. Snowden has become a hero to some in the national socialist, I mean democratic party. Biden would love for Trump to pardon him. He can blame Trump and call him a traitor and take credit at the same time. He cannot do it himself as the deep state have all the incriminating evidence from the laptop and more to lord over him.

  16. I would start with Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, then move on to non-violent prisoners who were convicted of victim-less crimes.

    Trump should set a record with the number of pardons. More than any other President in history. He should make it Huge.

  17. In response, Republicans seem bent on petty vengeance in the form of non-cooperation with the new administration’s transition team—an empty gesture that ruffles feathers while accomplishing nothing.

    Trump is alleging election fraud; it makes no logical sense for him to cooperate with the transition team until at least the electoral college has met.

    If you think that amounts to “petty vengeance”, that says more about your petty mind than about Trump.

    1. I don’t care whether it’s vengeance or not, even if those efforts are completely fruitless. It still has a purpose. The DNC has been voting dead people since at least FDR, and it has changed elections. Hell, even Democrats acknowledge it with a sly grin. Aw shucks, Dems will be Dems, right? Seriously, the DNC and Clinton campaigns admitted they bought evidence and submitted it to a court. Who got busted for that?

      And the Republicans weakly roll over and say that unity is more important and the past is the past, and other milquetoast bullshit. It goes back to being that with a concession and the dropping of lawsuits. At least so long as there are live issues in front of the courts, some of this shit can float to the surface.

      1. Even after democrats of the confederacy were shelling and seizing federal property, republicans didnt immediately react.

        Its a fatal flaw of hope by republicans that democrats are not the evil and violent shits that democrats are.

  18. Hell, since Trump is the Evil One, a racist-sexist-Hitler clone gone bad, he should pardon all white males. Just for shits and giggles.

  19. Gosh, you’d think that a Mid East Peace Deal and a COVID vaccine would already be good notes to end a presidency on. But apparently, Reason demands more!

    But, yeah, pardoning Snowden and Assange might be a good thing to do: it would annoy the hell out of Biden’s deep state people.

    Trump should also consider pardoning Hillary (presidents can pardon people for crimes not yet proven in court); that would annoy the hell out of her. Throw in pardons for Obama and Biden for good measure.

  20. We should pardon everyone and see what happens.

    1. Yeah sure, let’s do that. What a cool idea.

    2. He should throw you and your 3 eyed cousins in a fire.

      1. Do you make a concerted effort to be a lefty pile of shit, or does it come naturally to you, lefty pile of shit?


  22. As what is accepted as a ‘whistle-blower’, he should be welcomed!

  23. Not Julian Asange. He put my brother and his company at increased risk.

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  24. America has an “indirect” loyalty oath for government officials. Police, FBI, CIA, DHS, etc swear supreme loyalty to a “constitutional rule of law system” of government. Not a single American official swears direct loyalty to the people, nation or political party under Article VI of the U.S. Constitution and clarified under federal statute Title 5 US Code 3331.

    This is arguably the greatest “check & balance” on tyranny created by the Framers of the U.S. Constitution. It gives “subordinate employees” the legal authority to refuse unconstitutional and illegal orders from disloyal superiors. When the Bush Administration’s top management (including DOJ attorneys) betrayed that supreme loyalty oath by green lighting torture, warrantless domestic spying, etc.

    By contrast, 1930’s Germany had a loyalty oath to a single person. The Cold War East German Stasi (America’s current model) had a loyalty oath to a political party. America is really great, in large part, because of our loyalty to the constitutional rule of law. When Bush officials betrayed that oath, Snowden upheld his loyalty oath, he should be pardoned and appointed head of the CIA.

  25. Trump isn’t going to “go out.”

    The election was a sham. His loss his all the proof of fraud that you need.

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  26. Trump has no intention of going out on a positive note.

    When he has to leave the White House he will take the drapery and furniture with him.

    From his new base as opposition leader unfairly ousted he will set up operations.

  27. >>maybe the Biden administration could get started with a few acts of mercy

    >>an empty gesture that ruffles feathers while accomplishing nothing

    it is wrong to be this obtuse and accept money for your words.

  28. If Snowden disclosed facts about the contact tracing, and stopped there, he would have been a whistle blower and there would have been an argument in favor of a presidential pardon.

    He did not stop there. He disclosed much more, to potential enemies of America and without apparent benefit to the American public.

    1. Knowing what the American government is up to is a benefit to the American public.

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  29. Lets be honest here, Trump is unlikely to pardon Snowden, but Biden is more likely to drone strike him on Russian soil than to pardon him

  30. What “important service” did Snowden provide to the world?

    He is certainly directly responsible for the deaths of thousands, and dramatically increased the risk of conflict up to and including World War III.

    The only people concerned about the NSA computers scanning communications are either those who have severe paranoid schizophrenia, or who are terrorists.

    I DEMAND that Mr. Tuccille offer an apology in person, and offer reparations, to those who were killed as a result of Snowden’s treachery. More specifically, he should stop acting like a petulant toddler.

  31. From the book regarding the Silk Road, my understanding was that Ulbricht payed for one or more killings (granted that the ones in the book didn’t succeed). I don’t recall if those particular offenses were part of his overall conviction, but I wouldn’t agree that murder (or attempted) should be pardoned.

  32. Knowing what the government is up to is a benefit to the USA public.


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  34. If he plans to run again in 2024, he should do something big that would encompass a lot of people – a blanket pardon a la Carter’s of draft-dodgers. The kind of thing that would affect people of both parties and possibly get some from the left to look at him more kindly.

    It can’t be anything criminal (don’t want to appear soft on crime) so civil…

    A pardon, across the board, of everyone who owes back taxes. Or maybe just wiping out the egregious late fees, interest, etc, that the IRS shouldn’t be charging people anyway since they’re not a lender. (Many people owe more in late fees than they owed in taxes to begin with)

    A “clean slate” pardon. Or maybe it would be an executive order. Which would (wink wink) wind up including himself, more than likely.

  35. Another damned good idea by Tuccille. Pardon Ross and Snowden yea! Tuccille could profitably replace at least one–better yet both–of the boring deadweights on the Reason Podcast. Audience could easily double, and the experiment is simple. Suderman could slip and accidentally bump into the unnamed deadweights. The resulting avalanche down a staircase could open room for new faces as in the Country Joe and The Fish movie “Zacariah” hiring scene.

    1. Trump has been effectively neutered by some as of yet discovered threat to him or his legacy. That’s why he never “declassified” and that’s why no one of significance will be pardoned. It’s most likely the CIA, which he was unable to do anything about despite public threats to his presidency.

  36. “Donald Drumpf is evil Hitler Badman for mideast peace talks, tax cuts and standing up to Critical Race Theory authoritarianism, but hopefully Godking Elect Biden the Savior will pardon the guy he and the rest of the Obama regime wanted to assassinate for exposing their illegal police state.”

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