Election 2020

Republican Lawsuits Cannot Deliver the Evidence Trump Needs To Prove He Actually Won the Election

Even if the GOP's complaints are valid, they do not prove a vast anti-Trump conspiracy.


After last week's election, Donald Trump supporters in Nevada claimed that 10,000 people had voted illegally in Clark County, which includes Las Vegas. Even assuming that all 10,000 voted for Joe Biden, that would not have been enough for Trump to win Nevada, where the former vice president beat him by nearly 37,000 votes. Still, such a large number of illegal ballots would have counted as serious and substantial voting fraud. But by the time Republicans filed a lawsuit challenging the results in Clark County, The Washington Post notes, the claim of 10,000 fraudulent votes "had been whittled down drastically" to a single case involving a woman who said her mail-in ballot had been stolen, although the signature on it matched hers.

That incident illustrates a broader pattern. While the president insists the election was "stolen" through large-scale, orchestrated fraud, the post-election lawsuits fall notably short of making that case. With the exception of the dubious argument that the longstanding practice of voting by mail is inherently unconstitutional, the claims in the lawsuits, even if accepted as true, are weak tea compared to the strong brew cooked up by the president, who alleges a vast anti-Trump conspiracy that denied him his rightful victory.

"Even Trump's campaign and allies do not allege widespread fraud or an election-changing conspiracy," the Post notes. "Instead, GOP groups for the most part have focused on smaller-bore complaints in an effort to delay the counting of ballots or claims that would affect a small fraction of votes, at best."

Consider Pennsylvania, whose 20 electoral votes clinched Biden's election. Trump was dismayed that his initial lead in Pennsylvania disappeared as election officials counted mail-in ballots, which strongly favored Biden, largely because Trump had for months discouraged his supporters from using that method. According to Trump, corrupt Democrats in Pennsylvania were determined to "find" enough ballots—hundreds of thousands, by his account—to assure Biden's victory. In the end, Biden won Pennsylvania by more than 47,000 votes.

Tasked with substantiating Trump's claim that he actually won Pennsylvania, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany started a press conference on Monday by agreeing that Democrats are corrupt. But unlike Trump, who claims Democratic election officials manufactured phony votes, McEnany suggested their role was more passive. By opposing election security measures such as voter ID laws, she said, Democrats are "welcoming fraud" and "welcoming illegal voting."

In McEnany's account, Democrats looked the other way when Biden supporters cast illegal ballots. But if that alleged laxness delivered Pennsylvania to Biden, it still would have required hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes, cast by people who independently decided to risk severe criminal penalties in the hope that enough Biden supporters would do likewise to defeat Trump. Given what we know about the rarity of such crimes in prior elections, this theory is even less believable than the orchestrated corruption that the president imagines.

When McEnany ventured beyond vague insinuations, she averred that Democrats were "trying to keep [Republican] observers out of the count room." Last week, Republicans used that claim in a vain attempt to halt vote counting in Philadelphia "so long as Republican observers are not present." The complaint, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, alleged that the Philadelphia County Board of Elections "is intentionally refusing to allow any representatives and poll watchers for President Trump and the Republican Party."

But during a hearing before U.S. District Judge Paul Diamond, a Trump campaign lawyer conceded "there's a nonzero number of people in the room." Diamond (a George W. Bush appointee, in case that matters) pressed the question:

Diamond: I'm asking you as a member of the bar of this court: Are people representing the Donald J. Trump for President [campaign], representing the plaintiffs, in that room?

Lawyer: Yes.

Diamond: I'm sorry, then what's your problem?

In the end, the dispute was resolved by an agreement to allow up to 60 observers from each party in the count room. The Trump campaign also obtained a state court order allowing it to "observe all aspects of the canvassing within 6 feet, while adhering to all COVID-19 protocols." The campaign had complained that its observers were kept too far away to see what was going on, and Trump bragged that we "won the case." Yet despite that victory, the count continued, and Biden won.

Republicans also argue that Pennsylvania election officials violated the law when they gave voters a chance to correct (or "cure") mail-in ballots that otherwise would have been invalid. As Eric Boehm notes, a state judge rejected that argument on Friday. A federal judge seemed equally skeptical.

Leaving aside the legal merits of these lawsuits, there is no reason to believe they would change the outcome of the election even if they were successful. The situation is similar in Michigan, where Biden won by more than 146,000 votes. As in Pennsylvania, Republicans complain that their observers were not given an adequate opportunity to monitor the count. But even assuming their complaints are valid, stealing the election in Michigan still would have required a massive conspiracy, and to believe that happened requires more evidence than Republicans have been able to muster.

Republicans are leaning heavily on an affidavit from Detroit election worker Jessy Jacob. In September, she says, her supervisor instructed her to "adjust the mailing date" of absentee ballots to make it appear they arrived earlier than they actually did. Jacob also says she was told, contrary to Michigan law, not to ask voters for ID.

Jacob says she "observed, on a daily basis, City of Detroit election workers and employees coaching and trying to coach voters to vote for Joe Biden and the Democrat Party." The coaching allegedly consisted of suggesting that people vote a straight party-line ticket instead of voting separately in each race.

A lawsuit based on Jacob's affidavit and claims by two Republican poll challengers, filed this week in Wayne County court by the Great Lakes Justice Center, alleges several other "instances of fraud." The complaint says election workers accepted ballots from people who did not appear on the list of qualified voters, failed to verify signatures on mail-in ballots, processed "unsecured and unsealed ballots," accepted ballots that "appeared after the election deadline," "used false information [such as fictitious birthdates] to process ballots," refused to record challenges by poll observers, and "allowed ballots to be duplicated by hand without allowing poll challengers to check if the duplication was accurate."

The city of Detroit, one of the defendants, says the lawsuit is "a grab bag of falsehoods," based on "hearsay, speculation and unfounded conspiracy theories." It adds that the plaintiffs "don't understand how elections function."

One example cited by the city is Jacob's backdating claim. "What she calls 'backdating' is simply dating," says David Fink, an attorney representing Detroit. "The actual date of receipt of the ballot was stamped on the envelope. We followed a proper process by putting that date into the system. The fact that it was done after the ballot was received has absolutely no significance." More generally, he says, "this case is not based upon actual evidence of any election fraud or misconduct."

But let's assume that the allegations about illegal election practices in Detroit hold up. Let's also assume that fraudulent votes in Wayne County gave Biden his victory in Michigan. These are heroic assumptions, since they would mean that at least 17 percent of the ballots cast in Wayne County were illegal, which would be a dramatic departure from recent experience with voter fraud. Even then, losing Michigan's 16 electors would leave Biden with enough electoral votes to beat Trump.

That fanciful scenario highlights the gap between Trump's claims and even the most serious allegations that Republicans are making in court. "We intend to ensure that every lawful voter has their vote counted in accordance with the law," Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel said at Monday's press conference, "that observers are granted the access they are due under state law and that any irregularities that have occurred, whether by malicious intent or incompetence, are investigated to the fullest extent allowed under the law. We will not give up on this process until every last issue has been uncovered."

Republicans have a right to pursue these claims, and some of them might be successful. But such "irregularities" are a far cry from the sort of malfeasance that would have been required to fraudulently anoint Joe Biden the president-elect.

"Do you know that fraudulent votes were actually cast, or are you simply saying we don't know?" a reporter asked McEnany. "What we are asking for here is patience," she replied. "We're hearing these reports. We're seeing them come in. We are vetting them. We are getting affidavits. So right now we would point you to all of that. That information is publicly available. But what we're asking for right now is patience."

If McEnany meant people should not jump to conclusions about the validity of specific Republican complaints, that is unobjectionable. But if she meant the country must wait until Trump is persuaded that he lost the election, I'm not sure anyone has that much patience.

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396 responses to “Republican Lawsuits Cannot Deliver the Evidence Trump Needs To Prove He Actually Won the Election

  1. V.3.0 Coup-o-meter:

    Step 1: Get mail-in voting approved to guarantee a non-credible election result.

    Step 2: Have the media proclaim Biden as winner.

    Step 3: Use media to make it “true” that Trump lost. Frame any challenges to the narrative as the ragings of a dictator, clinging to power. <— WE ARE HERE

    Step 4: If the courts and congress find Trump’s electoral victory is legitimate, claim that it’s not. Activate rioters.

    Step 5: Remove Trump by non-Constitutional means. Frame it as saving the nation.

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    1. As was said when it was declared that Trump was Hitler; he’s not Hitler and we shouldn’t fear him as though he were. Fear what comes after him. Trump had a greater portion of Latino and Black voters in 2016 than he did in 2020. In 2024 when black and latino voters are more disenfranchised than they were in 2020, whatever populist (including potentially Trump himself) will have a far scarier mandate than Trump ever had. And if he’s a political insider with the media on his side? Fuggedaboutit.

      1. Kamala Harris is the “what’s worse” that comes after a blowhard like Trump.

        1. IDK. Agreed, definitely worse than Trump and likely worse than Biden. However, she’s no Castro and could be considered a step towards someone like him. Despite Reason’s short-sighted/narrow-minded overtures, I see nothing in this election cycle as a unequivocal rebuke of socialism.

          1. Nobody ran on socialism so how could it possibly be relevant to this election?

            1. Huh. Sanders did, and was about to win the nomination, ensuring the biggest lose by a political party since the Whigs. Only by promising the extremists that Biden would adopt their policies were the remaining candidates persuaded to concede and then back Biden. Without the votes of those who backed Sanders and Warren, et al, Biden would not have won the general. He owes them.
              Second, he chose Kamala Harris, a woman who never received a single primary vote, as his veep, and she is fairly explicit about her socialist tendencies. So yeah, socialism was on the ballot, at least for those smart enough to not be brainwashed by the media into the Cult of Sweet Stupor.

              1. So the guy who lost the primary was controlling the mind of the guy who won the primary, and who won it while deliberately rejecting the former’s politics.

                Words have meaning. You are being hysterical over something that isn’t real. It’s just a slur. That’s why you’re saying it.

                Aren’t there enough real problems in the world to worry about now to waste your vote on a fantasy?

                1. The Biden-Sanders manifesto was pretty big news. And I see you leftists are back to saying being called a “socialist” is a slur. You poor guys—always being slurred upon.

                2. I’m sorry that you didn’t keep on the news during the Democrat’s primary, my scenario is fairly well accepted, even by the left. Biden was absolutely the compromise candidate specifically to keep Sanders from winning the Democratic nomination. Most Bernie Bros, people not known to be fans of Trump, agree with me. But, yeah, keep up the Orwellian attempt to memory hole inconvenient historical facts.

                3. You’re calling it a slur because you are both uninformed and rather stupid.

                  1. Nobody, not even Bernie Sanders, is calling for government control of the means of production.

                    Do you mean something else by socialism?

                    I wish it would go without saying that people are even allowed to be socialists in this country. They’re even allowed to vote.

                    Well, they were hassled a bit during large portions of the 20th century, and I guess all the fascists are using the same playbook so that people are distracted from their evil failures.

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                    2. Yes, at this point the democrats are far more fascist than socialist. Give them a little time. They’ll get there.

            2. Bernie Sanders claims to be a socialist and ran as one.
              Merriam-Webster defines socialism as a “political theory advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.”
              According to Biden’s campaign website, he wants energy production either under government ownership or control such that government ownership and administration is effectively implicit where not explicit: “The Biden plan will make a historic investment in our clean energy future and environmental justice, paid for by rolling back the Trump tax incentives that enrich corporations at the expense of American jobs and the environment. Biden’s climate and environmental justice proposal will make a federal investment of $1.7 trillion over the next ten years, leveraging additional private sector and state and local investments to total to more than $5 trillion.”

              1. Not socialism. It’s just governing in a capitalistic republic. Laissez-faire horseshit was never part of our system, so you can’t claim it’s some kind of default.

                1. Sure sure, the constitution says nothing about private property. You’re a dishonest hack, Tony.

                  1. What does that have to do with anything we’re talking about?

                    I just said we aren’t a socialist country, and nobody is proposing socialism, and that means we sure as hell aren’t communist or anarchist either.

                    Why are we talking about things that don’t matter?

                2. You are an endless fountain of stupid and uninformed commentary.

          2. Kamala Harris is a long, long way from becoming like Fidel Castro. She’s a prosecutor, and a tough one, to boot.

            1. She’s a dishonest prosecutor who used her ability to railroad innocent people to advance her political career. She cares this much about law and order- she wants power.

            2. Damn, I haven’t seen this sock in a long time.

          3. You can’t rebuke socialism because you can’t fix stupid

        2. May be a good thing in the long run; she takes over, progressive socialists run wild, economy is ruined; then there will be a small government, conservative resurgence in a few years

          1. Too late. Do you honestly think that, if these people got control of all three branches of government, that there would ever be an honest election again?

      2. Trump had a greater portion of Latino and Black voters in [2020] than he did in [2016].

        1. also lost pop vote by more, and all his margins in swing states went negative…

          joe biden set records with overall vote, pop vote win, black voters…maybe work on your efforts, its kind of embarrassing to watch you flail around man

          1. Well, Biden didn’t do much. You have the msm to thank, along with their cia and fbi handlers. This election is testament that domestic propaganda works exceptionally well, especially on younger people and people who need social status (sjw’s, virtue signallers).

            Before the BLM came to town, trump was dominating the black vote. My hats off to the left for their brazen and callous desperation in bringing in marxists to swing the black vote. With the help of the fbi and the media, they finally got what they wanted.

            It should be noted that trump really was representative of the people – it took this whole insane circus including most corporations, all of Hollywood, all news media, all social media, all big tech, and most federal agencies to dethrone him.

            I can’t believe it was even this close. Shoulda been a Biden blowout.

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            2. The fraud for biden is massive. He pulled in 13 million more votes then Clinton in 2016 and campaigned a small fraction of any candidate in recent history. Ads buys were weak, and the online efforts largely focused on endless (and kinda bad) youtube buys. The media, as shrill as it was for biden, pulls a far smaller audience then they ever have in the past. It beggars belief that biden would increase the turnout from 65 million to close to 78 million, in a year when the republican had record popularity in his party. Trumps numbers and enthusiasm with republicans was on par with Reagan, and his inperson voting turnout was through the roof…. no fraud there. We are being gaslighted at a frantic pace to hide the travesty ofnthis election.
              Dig into the numbers, and see the statistics for yourself.

              And the issue that should terrify everyone, is that if they can do this, there will never be a free election again. One party rule.

              1. Exit polling says that a majority of people who voted for Biden didn’t actually like Biden, they were just voting against Trump. Biden apparently didn’t have to campaign because 4 years demonizing Trump had got the job done for the Democrats even if they had run a gerbil for the office.

                That said, and while I think it’s unlikely there was enough fraud to swing the election, any fraud is too much fraud, and if we shrug at this election, the next is only going to be worse.

                Our election administration is so bad that third world countries point at us and laugh, and justifiably so. We desperately need to do something about it, and the hell of it is, the winners never want to fix the system they won under.

                So I guess that the next election probably WILL be worse.

                1. Exit polling is a useless data point. It’s never been considered valid even when people trusted the media/pollsters.
                  And the issue with the anti-trump theory, is that that has never happened before in US presidential elections. Elections revolve on turnout.
                  Candidates don’t win by convincing everyone that the other guy sucks. They need to convince their own voters that its worth spending the energy to cast a vote….whether filling out paperwork or taking time to go to the polls.
                  Trump, for all his issues is highly regarded by Republicans, pulling a positivity and energy in his party not seen since Reagan. Don’t believe the media…believe the enormous rallies. Nothing suggests Biden was able to pull even a minor fraction of Republican votes. Which means his only route to his absurd turnout, was getting Dems to the polls and throughout election history, that hasn’t been due to being the ‘anti-other’ candidate. That can squeak a win if the other candidate’s turnout is suppressed, but that wasn’t the case here…Trump had historically high Republican turnout. Biden’s vote numbers are counter to all election understanding and history. It beggars belief.
                  The simplist and most logical conclusion is that it’s all a lie.

          2. He really didn’t. When you can generate millions of phony ballots and have your allies alter electronic voting software to switch votes, things tend to work out in your favor.

      3. So what if Donald Trump did have a greater portion of Latino and Black voters in 2016 than he did in 2020? He did far better among Latinos and Blacks than he had a right to. Donald Trump must be forced to concede to this year’s Election of the Biden/Harris ticket, and to get the hell out of the way–once and for all! Donald Trump’s actions and behaviors are beyond disgraceful and disgusting, and the fact that he confirmed Amy Coney Barrett to the SCOTUS prior to this year’s election because he wanted her to hand him this year’s POTUS Election on a silver platter when he did nothing what. so. ever to earn it is beyond irresponsible–and shameful.

        Having said all of the above, I sincerely hope that Donald Trump is not only forced to concede Biden’s winning of this year’s POTUS Election, but that he gets escorted out of the White House by force, by security personnel, the military, or secret service people. THAT, imho, would serve Donald Trump exactly right!

    2. Step 1: Start tweeting months before the election that there will be widespread voting fraud possible with mail in ballots and Democrats will be the likely culprits.

      Step 2: Urge all of your followers to vote in person and not trust mail in ballots. Keep announcing to the media that mail in ballot fraud will happen.

      Step 3: Rely on the fact that Democrats are much more worried about Covid 19 and will prefer to vote by mail.

      Step 4: Quietly accept the votes in the states you won where mail in ballots were counted first (and thus what started out well for Biden gradually moved toward Trump as in person was counted last.) Insist that all votes in these states be counted fully.

      Step 5: Immediately cry foul over the votes in the swing states you lost where mail in ballots were counted last (and thus what started out well for Trump gradually moved toward Biden as mail in ballots were counted last.) Try to insist that votes in these states stop being counted.

      1. No, step 3 is trick Biden voters in behaving in such a way that they create huge statistical anomalies, that are only apparent in his tallies but no others, and look like giant red flags.
        Also step 2 is: trick the Ds into making on the fly changes to the voting process without the input of state legislatures, and just seems to make voting way less stringent and secure.

        Diabolical, really

        1. Clemdane thinks its 9D chess, Trump tricked the Dems into blatantly vote rigging.

        2. There are no statistical anomalies.

          1. Liar. Anyone with half a brain can dig into the reported vote tallies and run their own statistics. Fake election 2020.

            1. Try using a whole brain.

              1. You never have. On the plus side, you must get at least a 90% discount at the mind reader’s.

          2. The biggest anomaly was that in some states (But not others!) absentee ballots arriving late had a much higher ratio of Biden to Trump votes than absentee ballots that arrived earlier. Higher than was really plausible based on the party registration of the people who cast them.

            Anyway, there are always statistical anomalies. It would, statistically speaking, be anomalous if there weren’t.

            1. Check the Michigan video

            2. There are no statistical anomalies that signal widespread fraud. There are in fact statistical methods of determining this. They just haven’t found any.

              1. Poor tony. Appellate court sided with trump and tossed thousands of mailin ballots.

                Trump vs biden is going to be a better loss for democrats than bush vs gore.

                1. Assuming the courts do their job correctly. If not, more will be required.

      2. The idea that democrats will be the culprit behind widespread voting fraud with mail-in ballots is utter f**king bullshit. The fact is that Trump filed a dozen lawsuits regarding evident fraud, every single one of which got thrown out of court completely, due to lack of evidence of fraud. Donald Trump doesn’t even have the decency to concede to this year’s POTUS, like most outgoing presidents, is totally out of line and unacceptable. He’s an overgrown combination of a spoiled brat and a schoolyard bully, and he’s the worst president we’ve had so far. This cannot be allowed to continue, or this country will really be taken over a cliff. He’s a dangerous person who needs to be reined, in or we’re screwed, royally, as a country.

    3. Fascinating. Not a single state has yet certified their election results. There are hundreds of lawsuits, thousands of affidavits, dozens of manual recounts, but the increasingly leftoid mouthbreathing NPCs at Reason have declared a winner.

      I missed the part in Art II, Sec 1, Clause 3, or the 12th Amendment where the media’s opinion matters.

      Nor does it have to be a “conspiracy.” Just a bunch of liberal shitheads doing liberal shithead things and assuming they wouldn’t get caught.

      At least three state and federal races have already been flipped by an accurate recount. Even if Trump loses, that matters.

      1. Trump lost

        1. Says the MSM and unreason that were liars nov 2 and still liars.

        2. Trump won.

          1. Donald Trump lost the Election. get over it!

      2. Great post, ImanAzol.

      3. Ha ha ha! It’s you republican Trump supporters who’re doing all these shitty things, and assuming that you wouldn’t get caught. Your guy is an overgrown spoiled brat and schoolyard bully who can’t accept not getting his own way all the time, and is clearly used to having stuff, including POTUS elections handed to him on a silver platter. Well, I’ll tell you this: Biden won this year’s POTUS Election fair and square, as well as legally, and he earned his way into office. Donald Trump, on the other hand, was hoping that Amy Coney Barrett would hand him this year’s Presidential Election on a silver platter, and that’s why Donald Trump confirmed her to the SCOTUS prior to this year’s Presidential Election.

    4. Coup = Republicans stuffed enough ballots to win down ballot but only get Trump close to winning because Biden kicked his ass so bad in reality.

      1. You didn’t think about that one before posting, did you

        1. He really didn’t. lol

    5. Sullum is like most retarded unreason staffers and knows nothing.

      Trump never ever has to prove a conspiracy.

      Trump has to prove that ballots should not be counted because they are illegal, invalid, or do not follow state or federal law.

      Mail-in ballots additions this election without state legislature approval are by definition unconstitutional violation of article I, sec 4 and will be tossed.

      Tens of thousands of ballots were tossed this election already and in 2000. See bush vs Gore. Also see Trump vs biden.

      1. We are in a worst-case scenario situation. Trump isnt trying to invalidate specific votes, his camps lawsuit are trying to invalidate the state process to run the election. PA did so many sketchy and illegal things this year that the lawsuit has a serious chance of winning. Not in pa’s dem controlled court, but scotus. That wont invalidate enough votes to switch pa….it will invalidate pa entirely.
        That lawsuit, once the media loses control of the gaslighting operation is guaranteed to make half the electorate lose its friggin mind.

        1. Appellate court sided with trump in PA and is tossing thousands of mailin ballots.

          We should do bets on how unreason will defend the massive election fraud and Lefty propaganda when Trump wins Trump vs biden court case.

    6. ive got a solution for ya bro



      pathetic to see someone this invested in politics of another country. it is bad enough to be like the little bitches here whining and crying all day about political shit in their own country, whining that a used car salesman they fell in love with lost an election it was clear he would lose…but you are not even an american. Get fucked man.

      Seriously the best use of your time is spamming a minor offshoot political parties site, of a nation you arent apart of?

      seriously man, analyze your life, maybe think about taking a worthwhile vacation. your current existence is fucking pathetic.

      1. Shoulda gone with chicken or turkey sandwich Dee.

    7. How did I know Sullum’s name would be under the header of this trash? Because it was as obvious as a cheap comic book…

      Don’t think the claims are legitimate? Lets see one of the disputed states formally certify the election… Go ahead, I dare you.

    8. You overestimate their competence to pull off that complex a scheme.

    9. “Republican Lawsuits Cannot Deliver the Evidence Trump Needs To Prove He Actually Won the Election”

      1) There was no election fraud. Crazy talk!
      2) There was no *widespread* fraud. Crazy talk!
      3) There was not enough fraud to flip an election. Crazy talk!
      4) There is no *concrete* proof of fraud!
      5) Yeah, well, maybe we did steal the election, and maybe we didn’t. But you can’t *prove* we did, so even if we did, we’re gonna get away with it.

      The Left’s March over the Constitution was a series of “whaddya gonna do about it?”, with the Right always backing down not to make a fuss.

      Trump supporters are in the mood to make a fuss. Will the GOP go along? We’ll see.

      It’s the 3D Chess End Game. That the Dems would *try* to rig the election was inevitable, and therefore predictable. How well did the God Emperor prepare to counter fraud?

      Republicans own the state legislatures of 5 of the 6 contested states. Perhaps the DOJ with Barr. A Supreme Court as Originalist as ever. And the majority of the state delegations in Congress, who are the last line of voting for President when the other means have failed.

      Unlike the IRS theft of the 2010 midterms, FISAGATE, UnMasking. the Russia Russia Russia investigation, the continued railroading of Flynn, and the impeachment for merely suggesting that Ukraine look to manifest crime by the Biden mafia, all the institutional whimsy in the *process* of deciding the election is under GOP control.

      All the legal, procedural dominos are in the hands of the GOP.

      By the way, reports are that Trump replaced Pentagon civilian leadership.

      Sweet dreams.

      1. 12th amendment presidential decision is worse case here and Trump wins that too.

        1. Fuckin’ suck shit, asshole! Biden won this Election. Trump did not!

    10. Use media to make it “true” that Trump lost. Frame any challenges to the narrative as the ragings of a dictator, clinging to power……….VISIT HERE FOR FULL DETAIL.

    11. Right out of the Reason playbook.

  2. “Don’t bother looking. Trump can’t prove fraud because fraud doesn’t exist.”

    1. Sullum’s entire argument in eleven short words.

      1. ya and he copped it from someone who knows eleven words

      2. I guess you missed the part where the judges keep dismissing their lawsuits for lack of evidence.

    2. Does anyone else smell gas?

      1. Hey nothing to see here. Identical fraud to Venezuela (and ballot counting software/app!) and they tested it on Sanders during the primary.


        1. The media already “called it” and people danced in the streets. Are you really insisting that we overturn the will of the people?

          1. No, just the will of some people.

              1. ^Dismissed due to lack of evidence…… 🙂 lol…

          2. Those are Demorrhoids, not people.

        2. Yeah Reason keeps insisting that changing the outcome of this election would require a vast conspiracy to accomplish. No. All it requires is the right software. It worked in Venezuela and almost worked in Michigan and maybe did work elsewhere. Without a paper ballot that can be counted who’s gonna know?

          1. I’m watching the Michigan video now, which I’ve linked to below.
            Would love to hear how such a linear slope could occur naturally…

          2. It is a vast conspiracy, and it always has been. But its broken up into small localized actions. The precincts in philly for example are small, controlled entirely by locals. The ones that had black panther militia standing outside with clubs in 2016. The ones that go 100% dem every election and have turnouts that beggar belief.
            For decades, they ballot stuff….its the norm, and everyone know it. That practice expanded to the suburbs and infected the surrounding counties, increasing blue control of the local authorities. there is a reason philadelphia is 80%+ deep blue, and it has next to nothing to do with the will of the people.
            This turned pa blue over the years, until trump beat the fraud, barely. So, what did the dems do? Up their game. They couldnt take over more precincts that quickly, so they turned to mail in. No voter verifaction required. The same corrupt ballot stuffers, now can just run boxes of mailin ballots handed to them. No need to make the numbers logical because there are no bodies to count standing in line. 25% turnout increase would be blatantly obvious in person, but mailin…., just run them up to where it will beat trumps projections. Not enough? Well then halt counting where you can best hide it…i.e. Philly and pittsburgh…and adjust as needed.

          3. Isn’t it astounding, and almost scary, reason keeps hand wringing about investigations and recounts…

            But I don’t remember a single article decrying the unconstitutionality of the bypassing of many state legislatures by state AG/IG/Governors to alter election laws less than 2 months before the election, which also raises separation of powers issues as well.

            The changes in Pennsylvania are blatantly unconstitutional, and even though reason has a PA based reporter we largely have crickets. But I’m sure boehm is out there trying to find some more squatters and pretend they’re anything but homeless people infringing in someone else’s right to private property.

      2. Maybe tear gas

  3. tl;dr

    Of course there was fraud. The Republican lost. That’s all the evidence anyone needs.

    1. Not at all the argument, Puerile.

      1. Would you be whining and crying and bitching and moaning about fraud if Trump won?

        1. This is one of those times I really wish I had access to alternate timelines. I expect that in the one where Trump clearly won we’d be seeing Democrats acting like it’s the end of the world and calling it a coup and Trump supporters insisting that it’s over, so get over it.

          1. Exactly.

            1. Why are you such an idiot?

          2. Out of curiosity, how many *more* impeachment attempts does your alternate timeline include?

            1. I’m going to say three.

          3. So you need an alternate timeline for your argument?!?! LOL

          4. You mean this isn’t a sincere plea for democratic legitimacy?

        2. Absolutely.

          1. So you admit to whining and crying and bitching and moaning about Trump’s loss. Thanks for being honest.

            1. You asked about fraud … not Trump, you dishonest cunt.

              1. I’m overwhelmed by your diplomatic skills.

                1. Stop being a dishonest shit.

                  1. You are so respectful of people who disagree with you. It is something to admire.

                    1. You are not disagreeing. You are just talking shit and lying about it. You have made absolutely no point worth considering or rebutting, Puerile.

                    2. Then why are you arguing with me, law student?

                    3. I’m overwhelmed by your diplomatic skills, single dad.

                    4. Thanks!

                    5. Says the guy who jumps in with hyperbolic strawman arguments in almost every thread. He was right the first time. You’re a dishonest cunt.

                    6. Sarc, you’re regularly a disrespectful little punk. You have no business criticizing anyone here.

              2. “Dishonest cunt” is actually a little too kind.

                1. See you next Tuesday.

        3. Would they be acting like Hillary supporters, in other words?

          I’m waiting for all the liberal forensics and statistical experts to explain how these aberrations aren’t. So far, they’ve been strangely silent.

          And regardless of who wins, it must be an honest process, or it ceases to matter.

          At least three lower offices flipped GOP during recounts so far. So let’s finish this out.

          1. Ya because REPUBLICANS are cheating and the smokescreen diversion is blaming Democrats. they cheated enough to win down ballot but couldn’t get Trump over the top because he lost SO BADLY

            1. So you’d support full audits then?

        4. No, but you all the sudden YOU would be and I have full faith that most Republicans (who aren’t generally treasonous commie [WE] mobs) wouldn’t run around trying to thwart investigation – but would generally just laugh at your coup attempt (Russia Interference) and wish you good luck and a smirk.

    2. The best evidence is (unfortunately for Trump fans) circumstantial.

      Why did mail-in votes in Pennsylvania and Michigan skew so much more heavily toward Biden than they did in other states? In most states, Biden’s edge was around 5% greater on the mail in ballots than in the overall vote. In PA and MI, the gap was enormous.

      PA: mail-in 78.5 to 20.6% for Biden (overall 49.7 to 49.0)
      MI: mail in 68.3 to 30.4% for Biden (overall 50.5 to 47.9)
      CA: mail in 67.6 to 30.6% for Biden (overall 64.3 to 33.6)

      So mail-in voters in PA and MI, two razor thin swing states, were more liberal than California’s mail-in voters?

      1. Nothing short of a notarized confession will be sufficient. And, even then, we will know the confession is false because voter fraud does not exist.

        1. Unless it’s Russian Hackers and the NRA for Trump.

          1. Well let’s see GW Bush investigate voter fraud for FIve years, Trump created the Election Fraud Commission and they couldn’t find shit, except Republicans cheating!

            1. I get that you’re just a bot, but it should be pointed out that Dem controlled states absolutely refused to turn any information over or cooperate in any way.

              1. Of course he would leave that out, even if he wasn’t a bot. That’s their way.

                1. If you’re not lying then you’re not progging right.

      2. Also the circumstance of the timing of the winning margins.
        The mail-in ballots that turned the tide were from the same city as where the counting took place, yet it was the number that came in last that swung the election.
        I guess those mailed from farther away got there first?

        …and this, from https://www.theepochtimes.com/pennsylvania-100000-ballots-with-implausible-return-dates_3572942.html
        […] Over 51,000 ballots were marked as returned just a day after they were sent out—an extraordinary speed, given U.S. Postal Service (USPS) delivery times, while nearly 35,000 were returned on the same day they were mailed out. Another more than 23,000 have an impossible return date—earlier than the sent date. More than 9,000 have no sent date.

      3. Except there’s also the post office worker who ‘recanted’ in a 4 hour unlawful detainment without a lawyer by a USPS IG agent who was gaslighting him. Unfortunately for the dumb fed he didn’t check for recording device and now he’s on tape doing so. Gonna make for some fun tapdancing on his part as to how it wasn’t witness intimidation. Oh, and the 100000 ballots which have impossible dates.

        1. And he didn’t recant.

      4. “So mail-in voters in PA and MI, two razor thin swing states, were more liberal than California’s mail-in voters?”

        This would not be a surprise. CA has been a mail in state for years. So the mail in vote for CA is pretty much what the vote is for CA.

        CA should not be compared with states that are doing mail in for the first time.

        1. ^lmao….. If ever I heard such a ridiculous argument it’s this one right here..

          1. Its the same stupid shit from Lefties that Biden should win because Biden got 5 million more votes overall than Trump.

            Biden beat Trump by some 5 million votes in commifornia. Trump didn get 5 million votes in Taxifornia even when its such a blue state.

    3. I recall there were concerns about voting going back to techies mumbling about not having a verifiable paper trails for electronic voting machines, concerns over audit procedures going back to at least Bush v. Gore, etc.

      And now this.

      Would have been nice if the states had given as much thought to voting under adverse conditions as say collecting taxes, but here we are, and even if there is no fraud, it should be a wake-up call that our voting procedures aren’t as robust as they should be.

      1. They did give it thought, and they determined this was the best way to make voting least secure and therefore easier to rig for the guy who’s going to raise tax rates.

        1. ^OH yeah!!! This right here…. Purchasing voting system from a U.N. Greenpeace lobbyist to No I.D. required to Late vote’s count to etc, etc, etc…. They most certainly have worked at least a little to rig the system – funny thing is it seems most idiots in this country was cheering it on.

          1. You need an ID to enter the convention hall of the DNC that has no specific age or residency requirements – not rayciss

            You need an ID to cast a vote that is inherently sacred and only meant for those who meet specific age and residency requirements, both of which are on an ID – raaaaayyyyciiiiissssss!

            1. Ever try getting an ID?

              It’s a huge pain in the ass that requires a ton of other documents, all of which can be forged with minimal skills.

              Having an ID is akin to proving you can handle adversity.

              Having an ID is really not proof that you are who you claim you are.

    4. Poor unreason bots. Sending in drunks to fight for biden.

      Trump vs Biden will be a glorious win for Trump.

    5. More like: Of course there was fraud because there’s fraud in every election. The only real questions at any given time are 1. How much and 2. Who pulls off the better operation.

  4. Fuck you

    SPECIAL MEETING: The Allegheny County Board of Elections has voted to count more than 2,000 ballots without dates.

    1. Of course they have… and if it still doesn’t work they’ll count another 2000.

      1. Those ballots were postmarked by Nov. 3. The voter omitted identifying the date the ballot was completed. You want to disenfranchise someone for failing to print a date on a line of an otherwise properly submitted ballot (information, signature, proper envelopes, etc.)?

        So did the Republican member of the Board of Elections. But that obsolete bigot’s argument, if any, was unpersuasive and the recorded vote of the Board rejected his objection.

        If Rep. Mike Kelly’s tweet snags any lawyers willing to file a complaint, have at it, clingers. Until then, quit whimpering.

        1. You want to disenfranchise someone for failing to print a date on a line of an otherwise properly submitted ballot (information, signature, proper envelopes, etc.)?
          Yes, because that’s what the law says. You can’t change the rules in the middle of the game because you don’t like the score.

          1. You can cry all you want, but the courts are not gonna throw out ballots because the voter didn’t fill in the date.

            1. “…the courts are not gonna throw out ballots because the voter didn’t fill in the date.”
              Then “the courts” don’t care about the law.
              So, who do we turn to for the rule of law?

              1. Smith, Wesson, Ruger, Springfield, Henry, etc.. lots of good choices if there is to be no more rule of law.

                1. Right, so you disagree with judges and then talk about guns. Refreshing at least that you admit you’re basically a drooling animal.

            2. So no validation of votes ever. Xhilper is officially pro banana republic.

              1. This result, I consider crazy. At the end of the day, a mailed in ballot is a piece of paper. To treat is as anything more, on the basis of our faith in the good nature of people, is absurd.

            3. The courts have and will throw out ballots for numerous reasons.

              This election has unprecedented mailin ballots with unverifiable voter credentials, so millions of mailin ballots will get tossed.

              1. Should get tossed.

                Will get tossed? Doubtful. Democrats have gone out of their way in certain counties to counties to “fix” problem ballots.

          2. Laws are racist.

        2. Haha when the scotys tosses them I hope you finally off yourself hihn.

          By the way, you failed at life and are relegated to trolling message boards because you failed to ever hold any political office or writing job longer than a year. Probably because no one likes your company, not even your family.

  5. Hey Jacob is getting there. Notice the slight change in wording every article.

    You would think actual journalism would love the opportunity to find fraud. Instead we see articles like these that change wording slightly to seem credible within the echo chamber profession they belong to.

    1. >>You would think actual journalism would love the opportunity to find fraud

      this this this ^^^ Sullum. do your job.

      1. Only certain frauds.

    2. Fraud lawsuits being tossed out and laughed out of court all over the country. Now they have bounties and rewards for anyone who finds fraud. Now begging journalists to go and find fraud. All that sounds to me like these idiots desperately hope there’s fraud, but can’t find any. Sad.

    3. These aren’t journalists.

      These are columnists.

      They never leave the house except to get in a satellite TV truck for the Kennedy show, show up at the SoHo Forum, or get sloppy drunk.

      They don’t investigate facts. They regurgitate opinions.

  6. #Unity


    Fuck the farmers. Honor our cities and their museums and theaters and public gardens and business people and office workers who make the welfare money we give to farmers and red states.

    1. And the entire list there creates what again? Gosh public gardens is the only one on that list that makes a single item worth buying.

  7. https://twitter.com/secret_returns/status/1326367325797421058

    *laughs in Chechen, Dagestani, Pashto, Vietnamese, Tamil* you obviously haven never been to war. Those two systems can be killed relatively easily. Your crews eventually have to shit.
    Quote Tweet
    Carl Spackler
    · Nov 8
    Replying to @BritbeauLocke and @atensnut
    A civil war? Hahahaha This ain’t muskets and cannons sweetie. Y’all gonna show up to a drone and tank fight with a AR15. That’ll last about 15 seconds depending on how long it takes a tanker to determine range. Then boom you vaporize as if you never existed

    1. It’s also funny how people just assume that the military would be perfectly willing to make war against fellow Americans like that. If it got to the point where you could actually call it a civil war, there would be a significant part of the population on the ant-government side. That would include a lot of people in the military and their families, etc.

      1. The left never thinks things through. They don’t think the military will split. Economically they think they give orders, everyone obeys, and life is sweet. They think that way about everything.

        Antifa threatens cops in their homes, away from their buddies and equipment, but never thinks two can play that game if it comes to it. “We’re smart enough to think of that but they aren’t because they’re stupid”.

        1. Funnier, they think Trump is planning to use the military to stay in power and are laughing about how nobody will obey him. No, they won’t; there will also be widespread disobedience to “shoot the fuckers” orders from the left, but they don’t think about that.

        2. The left never thinks things through. Economically they think they give orders, everyone obeys, those that don’t obey get shot in the head, and life is sweet. They think that way about everything.


      2. They think that because the few military they are exposed to are the Washington types, the generals and admirals in the pentagon. it will be the Captains and Majors on the ground giving the orders to the foot soldiers. You know the guys that you never see on CNN or Meet the Press.

        1. Conner Lamb the cunty JAG officer is their idea of military man.

    2. That’s a whole lot of projection. Private individuals defending themselves, their children, and their homes with AR-15s will be vaporized using the full force of the US military.

      They wouldn’t do it to brown people in the far reaches of countries of unknown but they’ll almost revel in it to being done to Americans on native soil.

      They’re going to do more for Trump-style populism than Trump ever could.

  8. https://twitter.com/Excelsior_PR/status/1326554062519611393

    I thought there was no fraud. Now it’s the fraud played no role in the outcome. Why should we believe the people who lied about the first assertion when they make the second assertion?

    Quote Tweet
    Frank Luntz
    · 19h
    “Election officials in dozens of states representing both political parties said there was no evidence that fraud or other irregularities played a role in the outcome of the presidential race.”

    Excelsior Strategies
    Replying to
    Eventually it will be “Even though there was evidence of widespread fraud in 1960, the great Republican statesman Richard Nixon conceded for the good of the country and to heal the division, so…”

    1. And Trump learned from Nixon’s experience – – – – – – – – – –

  9. Why the he’ll do you publish this drivel? You have no information and no legal insights

    Let the process take its course and STFU.

    1. The appropriate thing to do when confronted by the ranting of a lunatic is to ignore it. But that doesn’t generate clicks. They increase the appearance of a conspiracy with the ‘nothing to see here’ narrative, but that can’t help themselves.

    2. Why the hell do you comment here? Go read something that will not piss you off.

      1. Why the hell do you respond to his comments? Go read comments that you agree with.

        1. The only thing keeping him from slitting his wrists at this point is resentment and bigotry

      2. Settle down White knight.

      3. Because (1) Reason pretends to be libertarian abs (2) because the comments are more interesting than the articles and (3) because Reason authors might actually change at some point.

    3. Because Trump’s legal strategies are objectively failing. Getting laughed out of courts all over. Nothing wrong with journalists observing that. Maybe YOU should join Trump’s legal team if you think you could put lipstick on that pig.

      1. Appellate court sided with Trump and tossed thousands of mailin ballots on PA.

  10. https://twitter.com/ByronYork/status/1326255464032718849

    Thread. Lincoln Project now threatening General Motors with negative ad campaign because it uses same big law firm now representing Trump. They’re doing it, of course, because they believe so deeply in the principle of free and fair elections.
    Quote Tweet

    Greg Sargent
    · Nov 10

    @ProjectLincoln is launching a TV and social media campaign targeting @JonesDay for any role it plays in enabling Trump’s efforts to overturn the election, I’m told.

    Jones Day clients will also be targets, @TheRickWilson tells me. New details here:

    1. The Stalin Project should stay in their lane — conspiring to get non-neocon Republicans out of office.

  11. Incredible! Reason Leftists – including the moron who wrote this article – have helped deliver us Joe Biden and his ball peen hammer. Libertarianism is DEAD in the US.

    1. Reason doesn’t speak for all libertarians. In fact, they seem to go out of their way to piss most of us off on a regular basis. I didn’t expect them to go full on gaslighting like the rest of the corporate media. But, here it is.

      1. Regardless of who they speak for, libertarianism in this country is indeed dead, unfortunately. And Reason played a part in it’s demise with its cosmopolitan left leaning “libertarianism”.

        1. They won’t even address the killing of the Green Party thinking they aren’t next on the list.

          1. It amazes me that anyone can know what the Democrats did to kill the Green Party in MI and other places and think that they are, in any way, above cheating.

  12. Yawn. It’s over. On January 20 it’s President Biden.

    And Trump knows this, he’s just leading you all on and you’re willing suckers. His endgame is Trump TV, he’ll charge you 10 bucks a month, and y’all line up to give it to him and he will make millions off your gullibility. Because you’re suckers…have been there for his whole life…you enrolled in his phony school, you gave money to his phony charity, you bought the crap he hawked on media, you bought all his lies for 4 years, you made excuses for his bankruptcies with “debt to equity” BS, and now you’re buying election fraud.

    But he laughed at you 4 years ago when he said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and you’d STILL support him. He saw you coming years ago.

    And you prove it true everyday. But have fun on January 20!

    1. “Yawn. It’s over. On January 20 it’s President Biden.”

      Make sure you let us all know if the liver spots on his balls improve or detract from the flavor.

      1. Dickhead gaslighters like Jackoff Ace like to pretend this is about Trump. It is not about Trump! If the Senate stays sufficiently red, Trump can fuck right off.

    2. “president Biden” actually used the FBI to target and frame political enemies. Like, prove it in court level evidence, abuse of power.

      This is where the whining about peaceful transfer of power is coming from.

      So no, I am not really concerned about hyperbolic comments that amount to nothing.

      And it is not Trump voters who had their fingers in their ears singing LaLaLa… Biden supporters literally censored proof that their guy was on the take.

      That is how strong partisanship has become. We had a bufoon who mostly has been on the right side of issues against a corrupt system politician who got caught red handed taking bribes and who happily participated in the subversion of the US government using the CIA, FBI and DOJ to attack political enemies. And as near as I can tell, nobody voted on these issues.

      That is just pathetic.

      1. Democracy Dies in Decorum.

        1. Nice. Stealing this.

          1. It’s the alliteration that pleased you, right.

            1. That and Wapo’s complete lack of self reflection. “Pravda” means truth in Russian, and it was completely ridiculous for a propaganda outlet to call itself “truth.” The same logic explains my complete disdain for Wapo.

      2. Banana Republic.

        Did Reason delve into Hunter and the Bidens running an Irish mob racket in Ukraine?

      3. I actually pity Biden. He will be absolutely powerless against the swamp. That the FBI had the laptop and did nothing for a year is telling, that Giuliani sat on it until October in order to spring a surprise was a strategic mistake but the FBI sitting on it was for a reason. I am sure they knew about this already and will hold it over him for his Presidency.

        1. Biden is the swamp, and has no ambitions beyond being called Mr. President and letting his handlers tell him what to do.

    3. On January 20 it’s President Biden.

      Assuming the ‘rona or “the ‘rona” doesn’t get him first. Then we swear in Harris. Assuming that a bunch of people from her own party who feel they were sold a bill of goods doesn’t get her first too.

      1. It’s pretty amazing how she’s even here. She was one of the first to end her campaign because she was so inept and useless.

        And she’s gonna be second in command.

        Heaven help the U-united States of AH-Mericah!

        She’s toxically mediocre.

    4. Poor lefties. they now see when Trump wouldnt concede that Bush vs gore is history repeating itself with biden.

      Trump vs biden will be a historical win against biden and the communist that run the DNC.

    5. Huh. Wouldn’t it be fun if Trump TV launched the next Tea Party? Laugh all you want, a clearing house for populism might be politically influential.

      1. What I’m laughing at is the idiots who give him money for it…because that is his only interest…the next grift.

  13. Everything is awful, why try, nobody should care, just do drugs, etc etc.

    The libertarian principle.

  14. So many maga fans on Reason? Did I miss something? pathetic

    1. Did you miss the part about Biden promising to institute a national gun confiscation program, institute a “public option” like Medicare, and introduce the Green New Deal?

      Because if you didn’t know about that, then you definitely missed something.

      You may have missed that Trump negotiated a deal with the Taliban to get us out of Afghanistan completely, gave us Betsy DeVos, and single-handedly killed a $3.5 trillion stimulus bill, too.

      In which case, you missed a lot.

      1. Ken Shultz, Cherry Picking Champion 2016-2020.

        1. Chipper, biden super fan all year.

        2. Chipper would have a point if Biden (cough, Harris) wasn’t a fucking cherry tree.

        3. So what is it about Biden that you think might be positives? Besides him not being Trump, natch.

    2. “Did I miss something?”

      Unfortunately for you, we won’t.

      1. Nardz, don’t do it, man. Don’t die in the most embarrassing way possible for an old, obese reality tv star.

        Everyone else, here is Nardz, making yet another threat of violence. Where’s the outrage from the onion skinned trumpies?

        1. You really do need to see a psychiatrist.

        2. Look at DOL lie about Nardz. He’s obsessed with him.

        3. Says the guy that fantasizes about mowing down Americans with an Apache helicopter.

        4. I bet your parents have to ask to see your hands a lot when your on the computer

    3. So many maga fans on Reason?

      All these commenters wanting America to be great (again)! WTF? Sure, Libertarianism is about property rights and non-aggression but, first and foremost, it’s about hating America!

      1. but, first and foremost, it’s about hating Communism that will destroy America!

    4. It’s been like this since 2016. You would think they would slither away in shame after their orange daddy lost, but no, they are gonna keep crying crocodile tears on here for the next four years.

      1. Pretty big talk for somebody who just threw a four-year temper tantrum.

  15. “Even if the GOP’s complaints are valid, they do not prove a vast anti-Trump conspiracy.”

    And yet the goal posts went from complete conspiracy theory without evidence to now having evidence but not enough to prove a nationwide conspiracy.

    The question isn’t whether someone should go to jail beyond a reasonable doubt. The question is whether the election system was rife with fraud from however many actors–perhaps locally and uncoordinated.

    And when it’s all over, it will be about legitimacy. Given all the awful things Biden has promised to do on his campaign websites, delegitimizing his victory seems like a good thing to this libertarian.

    From a libertarian capitalist perspective, this is not a time to heal. This is a time to encourage dissent.

    1. I am gonna have to go find you one of those surplus RESIST bumper stickers.

  16. Why are there so many unserious arguments floating about?

    “Trump can never prove….”. Really? So the argument is “I don’t think they can prove it… And I don’t like Trump anyway, so they should just give up.

    Is it likely that they will be able to produce enough evidence to overturn more than 1 of these states? No. But they are only a couple of days into the investigation. They have unquestionably pointed out enough red flags to warrant an investigation. Thankfully, the courts created enough of a mess in Pennsylvania that we can never have a satisfactory resolution there.. so well done on that one.

    There are multiple recounts. If they reveal something widespread, or reverse two states, should Trump still have simply conceded? Why? Because you were never a supporter? Because the media said he lost?

    A week after the election, and they don’t have more than a few thousand fraudulent votes alleged, and only a couple of systemic issues that point to problems. So they should give up?

    This is all very unserious.

    Now, I could say the same for the Republicans. They have a very good reason to suspect something was up… The Democrats basically spent the last 6 months bragging about how they were going to rig the election using vote by mail, so it is hardly surprising that the Republicans suspect that this happened. But they have yet to produce much of anything. Their ground game in these key cities was weak. They had no eyes on what was happening, so they don’t know what to look for.

    The election system in all of these contested states looks very suspicious, and at a minimum the Democrats made an end run around normal elections changes and switched from a “we vote November 3” format to a “presidential elections are about 3 months long and getting reluctant voters to fill out a mail in ballot is the name of the game.” Election format.

    That probably is something we should have a debate about before we do it, and surely it is something that should not happen in the middle of a campaign as it did this time.

    These are all serious issues… And because it is politics, nobody is talking seriously about any of it. Which I expect from the DNC, RNC and NBC, CNN and FOX. But not from reason. I expect reason to be better than Vox and offer a real analysis, not snarky dismissal with a noted lack of understanding of the underlying issues. Reason should rarely be dealing with things at the talking point level.

    1. good post sir/mam!

    2. +1000

    3. “Which I expect from the DNC, RNC and NBC, CNN and FOX. But not from reason.”

      Ridiculous statement in an otherwise great post.

    4. Have you been following the lawsuits? There is a definite pattern. The pattern is Trump lawsuits getting dismissed summarily for lack of evidence, or their claims are wildly reduced to mere nothing.

      Don’t you find it at all odd that Trump & co allege massive fraud, yet when they get to court, they admit they have no evidence, and in some cases admit that their complaint isn’t even true?

      “At what point does this get ridiculous?”
      -Nevada Judge in a recent Trump lawsuit

    5. The courts forced all mailon ballot election fraud issues to be pushed until after full vote counts are completed.

      Trump vs biden is gonna end badly for democrats just like bush vs gore did.

  17. Why does Reason bother? The Trumpistas have their fingers in their ears and are loudly singing the LA LA LA LA song.


    1. So, you don’t care whether the complaints are valid or whether Georgia has ordered a statewide recount by hand–and it’s the people who would rather Trump won who have their fingers in their ears?

      Maybe you should open your eyes.

      1. “So, you don’t care whether the complaints are valid or whether Georgia has ordered a statewide recount by hand…”

        Georgia is irrelevant at this time. At least for the presidential election. AZ too.

        1. Not if Pa is found to culpable to fraud that their certification for electors is stopped.

          1. These tools also need to realize PA has multiple lawsuits and challenges.

            Many for fraud, ballot harvesting, etc.

            But also for the constitutionality of the major changes made to our elections, against the will of the legislature and in violation of both the federal constitution and state constitution, only 50 days from the election. Those changes include..

            NO LONGER requiring signature verification of mail in ballots

            NO LONGER requiring and postmark as long as received by last Friday at 8pm

            NO LONGER requiring ballots be both postmarked and received by 8pm election day

            And the real kicker that led to fraud in Philly…

            NO LONGER using electronic, secure voting in person. But switching in-person voting to paper ballots with NO SERIAL NUMBER, NO BARCODE, NO QR CODE, NOTHING TRACEABLE OR ABLE TO IDENTIFY CHAIN OF CUSTODY.

            That’s the real sham, even our in person ballots can be fraudulent because they had literally no security. The forms were as secure as the old scan-trons we had in high school, but at least you had to write your name on those…

            1. I guess to clarify… In PA our in person voting used paper ballots with no identifiers whatsoever. There was literally nothing stopping a rogue poll worker, let alone an organized group, from simply taking leftover or extra in-person ballots in Pennsylvania, filling in the Biden circle, and throwing it in the machine. And then repeating that as many times and as fast as they could…

              Which is probably how these retarded inner city democrats ended up with so many “Biden only, no down ballot” ballots cast in these states. Inner city democrats too lazy and hurried to fill out the entire ballot.

        2. Also fuckhead, if you ignore the fraud now it will get worse and worse. But you pathetic liberals are planning for that. Always envious of Venezuela.

        3. Georgia is not irrelevant. People who committed fraud should be prosecuted.

        4. Dream on assholes. Your hero lost to a senile geriatric. Please keep crying though.

          1. enjoy your senile crook president and his corrupt prosecutor sidekick.

        5. I don’t think Trump is going to find the evidence of fraud to swing this, but the idea that Georgia is irrelevant is a bad take. Georgia matters if an audit can swing a few thousand votes in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Arizona.

          1. Georgia matters a lot because this hand recount will give Trump Georgia and our US senator Perdue will have 50% of the cote to avoid a runoff.

            With NC and AK GOP senators winning, there is a 51 senator majority for republicans woth VP pence breakong a tie for the next 4 years.

          2. All of those states matter, whether there was enough fraud to actually turn the election or not.

            Because the problem, that whoever the fuckstick is socking this Stack account doesn’t seem to get, is that if there was widespread fraud (or even the appearance of it) that eroded people’s faith in the system.

            I, for one, don’t want to see where shit goes when your average person loses faith in the system.

      2. Trump just won AK and NC today. GOP senators also won in NC and AK.

        Its a close race and Trump won. The media just didnt want to wait to see biden cry on election night. They would rather let him make a fool of himself as “president-elect” of nothing.

        Hand recount in Georgia means Trump won and perdue got 50.0% of the vote.

        Georgia used to be democrat. Y’all know that, right? Election fraud by democrats is well know here and easily countered. Ask stacey abrams who the msm declared was the new Georgia governor in 2018.

    2. Agreed

    3. Come on, buddy. It’s unlikely that the outcome will change, but enough people think there is likely significant fraud that it should be investigated. Even if it’s not significant, there is definitely some level of vote fraud. Should probably be addressed or it’s likely to become a problem at some point if it isn’t already.

      1. It’s just 70 million disenfranchised and pissed of Americans who have no reason to believe in the electoral system anymore, who also own most of the weapons in this country, produce most of the physical goods, and control the land where most of the nation’s resources are located.
        No biggie!

        1. Sounds like you and your friends are getting ready grab America by the pussy! Good luck with your war

    4. Because they do not write the magazine for the commenters.

  18. Reason: We haven’t seen any convincing evidence for election fraud on Twitter, so it must not exist.

    1. We have not seen any convincing evidence period. If you have some put it out there, otherwise shut up.

      1. Eyewitnesses are evidence, even if you say they recanted when they didn’t

        1. Right and when they are willing to give swore testimony and be cross examined I will believe them. But at this point no one seem to want to do what is required. They are happy to give stories, so long as the stories are not challenged.

          1. Plenty of people have given swore(sp) testimony. There hasn’t been a chance for cross-examination, but they’re willing to go through it.
            Unfortunately “the courts” are cowards when it comes to stepping into elections especially when the domestic terrorism of Biden voters in the streets for the last three months tells them what they will unleash if they do what’s right.

          2. Somebody is too stupid to know what a signed affidavit is.

            1. Somebody is too stupid to know when they’ve lost.

              1. Well I hope you find whatever it is you’ve lost.

              2. Yup, biden is too stupid to know he lost.

                Trump won AK, NC, GA, and AZ today.

          3. They ready have idiot. See the affidavits.

            1. uh huh. I wonder why none of this “evidence” you guys speak of seems to hold up in court?

      2. Eyewitnesses with signed affidavits, video of guilty behavior, statistical anomalies that apply only to Biden’s vote tallies = “no evidence”

      3. Pft… “We have not seen any convincing evidence period.”
        Altrium County 12K Dominion Systems
        10K illegals
        Mail-in going almost 90% in supposedly ‘swing’ states worse the CA.

        Let’s be truthful here; YOU’LL NEVER SEE ANY CONVINCING EVIDENCE no matter what…

      4. So put out the evidence that can’t be gathered without an investigation that you don’t want to start because there’s no evidence.

        Catch 22.

  19. I wanted to Trump to win as much as anybody. And I would like some of these claims investigated, especially for Pennsylvania. But I have seen no strong claims of fraud. Almost every claim is second or third hand, or recanted, or misunderstood.

    It appears Biden won. I will be crying in my cornflakes for awhile. It looks like the Senate will stay Republican, so that will help.

    1. Fraud is one piece of the puzzle. You do not need fraud, however. Irregularities that irreparably taint the proceedings are sufficient, standing alone, to disqualify thousands, if not tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots.

      We are talking about razor thin margins and the amount of ballots that would need to be disqualified in order to close those gaps is, likewise, very small. Even a <1% disqualification rate for mail-in ballots in any given swing state can dramatically change the outcome.

      1. That’s a good point, and part of what I’d like to see investigated. However, nothing I’ve seen so far can support the claims from Trump and many of his supporters that the election was stolen.

        1. Again, it depends on how one interprets the word “stolen.” Deliberately counting invalid ballots as though they were valid, I would argue, is “stealing” the election. Doing so inadvertently would also be “stealing,” in my view, if after acquired knowledge of the disqualifying irregularities is ignored and the ballots are counted anyway.

          Now, at the end of the day, if Trump is going to win on any point (and, to be clear, I do not think he will win at all) it will be on disqualifying irregularities and, in such a case, proving that the irregularity was the result of fraud or other wrongdoing is not going to be necessary. Similarly, when courts rule upon the admissibility of evidence, they rarely delve into issues of fraud or the intent of the party making the proffer of evidence. If the evidence is inadmissible, it is inadmissible.

          The validity of a ballot, ultimately, is not determined by intent. If it is invalid under the law, it does not matter if the vote was legitimately but mistakenly cast with some disqualifying defect, or whether the ballot was filled out by some nefarious wrongdoer. The result is the same; the ballot should be rejected. This is why verification procedures exist — that is, to avoid delving into difficult to resolve issues of credibility and intent.

          As a final thought, I have gotten more than a fair share of parking tickets in my life. Some of them were dismissed, when challenged, due to the failure to the ticket to provide certain information required under state law in order for the ticket to be valid. And, truth be told, in all of these instances, they had me dead to rights. It did not matter because I was never going to admit that, and the issuing officer could never prove it because the only proof was the ticket itself.

          1. Hundreds of thousands of ballots have to be proven fraudulent for Trump to win.

            1. Clearly, you did not read a thing I wrote. Your stupidity reaches a new level every single day you pollute these comments.

              1. Okay, I’ll bet you $10,000 that Biden is sworn in on Jan. 20.

                Remember, I’m really stupid.

                1. I will bet you $100,000 that Trump is president for a second term.

                  Oh yeah Tony doesnt pay bets.

                2. 1. You do not have the money to wager
                  2. The point stands. You did not read anything I wrote, and reveal your stupidity daily.

            2. Not at all. Trump only has to cast doubt on the validity of the vote, in which case the election can be decided by the legislature or the House.

      2. While 1% sound like a doable number in PA that is 70K votes you would have to disqualify and that is a big number.

        1. It is a big number but, given the circumstances, it is entirely plausible.


          In Pennsylvania, somewhere along the lines of 6 million ballots were mailed to registered voters. Approximately 3 million were returned and the chain of custody for these ballots, given the PA Supreme Court’s ruling, is virtually non-existent.

          Is it likely to happen that Trump makes up ground? I don’t think so. But adding up the poisonous fruit of every irregularity alleged can swing the state.

          A lot of the argument being made are more along the lines of “a court would never do that” rather than “the math doesn’t work.”

          Well, a court may well do it, and the math does work. This is an unprecedented election and it is not unreasonable to audit the process given the reports being made. It is not even about Trump anymore but about ensuring that we are not trapped in such a clusterfuck ever again. This is not good for the country.

          1. Florida tossed thousands of ballots in 2000 election. States often toss thousands of ballots because democrat election fraud is systematic.

            This election saw unprecedented election fraud, including massive mailin ballots being submitted without being spoiled when the “voter” then voted in person.

        2. Not necessarily. If the integrity of the election is in doubt, the legislature can simply chose to override the results. Trump does not actually have to get the numerical outcome to be exactly right.

          1. That is also one option.

    2. Even if you believe trump can’t win, an honest broker would want the investigation of fraud to be deep and thorough. If it isnt fraud will continue to escalate. That is not what reason is advocating for.

    3. “Almost every claim is second or third hand, or recanted, or misunderstood.”


      Dude, you gotta look a little deeper than MSM headlines.
      For example, NOTHING was ever recanted – that was outright fabrication immediately contradicted by the person in question.

    4. And you are either a liar, or have swallowed the propaganda without the critical thinking skills of a responsible adult,

      The fraud in pennsy has been an open secret for decades, particularly in philly. The dem court, dem sos, dem ag, and dem gov of pa blatantly fomented covid panic through the start of early voting, even though the peak was well past in july, to camoflague the huge skew in voter turnout. You cant fraud the election with absurd dem turnout numbers, if there are no lines at the poll to back it up. A 25% turnout will cause lines. So….implement mail in voting, ram it through the pa legislature by compromising on security measures to limit fraud, then have the dem controlled court illegally void those measures at the last minute and have the dem sos and ag provide the guidance and legal cover to commit the massive fraud needed to push biden over the top with numbers that are so unbelievably high, that the media is trying like hell,to avoid even talking about, The fraud is in plain site and no one in pa believes biden pulled in the turnout claimed.

  20. “What is Hammer and Scorecard?

    In the tense aftermath of the 2020 presidential election, there are massive amounts of information circling around. One of the hot topics that people are talking about is the ‘Hammer and Scorecard’ software. What is this software? Where did it come from and why is it important?

    Dennis Montgomery a former CIA/DOD/DHS/NSA/FBI contractor turned whistleblower designed and built the software called “The Hammer.” According to an article by The American Report in 2019, this software was designed as a “foreign surveillance tool” with many safeguards in place in order to prevent it from being used as a domestic spy tool. However, the “whistleblower tapes” leaked in 2015 cover 47 leaked hard drives and testimony that reveal this software was in fact used to spy and surveille U.S. citizens, namely President Donald Trump a “zillion times.”

    This software is a CIA spy program designed to use on protected networks (like voting machines) without detection. It is important to note that Montgomery claims that in 2009, under then-President Barak Obama, this software was “commandeered and repurposed” by John Brenan and James Clapper into a “private and parallel domestic surveillance system.”

    How Can This Software Effect Voting Machines?

    While Hammer is the software that enables access to voting machines without being detected, the more important part of this equation is the software that works with Hammer to change vote tallies during the data transfer part of reporting the tabulation totals. Scorecard is designed to change only a 3% total of votes in order to go undetected during the transfer of totals.

    Kirk Wiebe, a former senior analyst at the NSA from 1975-2001, explains that Scorecard is designed to change votes “on the fly.” He says that data is grabbed in real-time and changed in microseconds. It happens so quickly that no one notices the delay. Kirk mentioned Sydney Powell’s interview with Lou Dobbs regarding the current election.

    Sydney Powell spoke on Lou Dobbs’ show and stated that they have some “excellent witnesses on the issue” regarding the 2020 election. There is forensic evidence showing what data was changed, where it came from, and where it was going to. A record is kept of the original data prior to the changes made by the software.

    How This Effects the 2020 Presidential Election

    Given all this information, and there is a lot to go through, the ramification concerning this election could be huge. As we saw in Michigan, there was a “glitch” that occurred. It was discovered that 6000 votes were incorrectly tabulated for Joe Biden that were cast for President Trump. Once the numbers were manually corrected, it flipped the county back in favor of the President. This was just one occurrence in one state.”


    1. As a Trump supporter and someone in a position to know, I can tell you that 98% of this pure bullshit. In particular, Kirk Wiebe knows absolutely nothing of what he speaks.

      1. Yes, but a great plot for the next Mission Impossible movie.

      2. “I can tell you”

        But can you elaborate or substantiate?

      3. Ya MAN — GET THE NAME STRAIGHT… It’s a ‘Glitch’!!!! Not a ‘Hammer’!!!

        1. …and it was caught and fixed in 1-of-the 2000!!!! Counties it’s used in!! /s

      4. Polk cut and ran.

    2. Here is a smoking gun video of fraud caught live on CNN on election night.

      It actually shows the fraud occurring in Kentucky.

      The Republican tally actually decreases by the exact amount the democrat increases instantly.

      Proof of the hammer and scorecard.


      1. It’s the bottom video

        1. Titled the smoking gun

      2. Wow… Just wow; right on public TV… Can’t wait for them to explain that ‘glitch’…

        1. They wont explain it, they will just continue to disappear this kind of evidence from the public space as much as they can and replace it with endless gaslighting to convince as many people as possible that there is nothing there to see.

          Orwell was a genius. And the summer riots were the start of our “hate sessions”. Evetually eveyone will be required to riot in the streets to demonstrate the proper groupthink.

          1. Think about it.

            They decided that they would get away with a conspiracy to defraud democracy in entirety, the US election.

            Most other “conspiracy theories” pale in relative consequence.

  21. Notice the changing narrative:

    1. There was no fraud!
    2. Well…there can be “some” fraud…but not enough to swing the election.
    3. Even if there was massive fraud…Trump can’t prove it!

    1. Even more absurd is the notion that a massive, organized conspiracy needs to exist as a prerequisite for fraud (leaving aside the fact that fraud constitutes a relatively minor part of the legal claims being made).

      Why does the conspiracy have to be massive? Small conspiracies can have wide ranging effects as well. People separated geographically and socially are perfectly capable, by virtue of their individual actions, and convergent beliefs, of acting toward a common goal without any concerted activity whatsoever. Many people or groups can conspire toward the same objective, entirely independently and without any knowledge of other actors pursuing the same goals.

      It’s the same argument that Mafiosos back in the sixties and seventies used to make. “There’s no mafia! You really think all of these millions of Italian people in America are coordinating some sort of giant crime ring?! Ridiculous!!” And, this was true. You did not have one giant family; you had pockets of criminal activity and distinct families pursuing their own self-interest all over the country, with only vague contact, if at all, with the others.

      The point is that aggregate and independent activity toward a common goal can produce material distortions in an election without the existence of a vast conspiracy.

      1. I agree. Here is evidence of a small conspiracy.


      2. Its a giant lefty lie that “election fraud is NOT widespread.”

        Election fraud is targeted election fraud based on which states have close counts and which counties have willing democrat zealots to commit election fraud.

    2. Yup. This is how you know Lefties and their media whores like unreason staffers are scared shitless.

      Democrats gave gorsuch, alito, barrett, thomas, and kavanaugh a glimpse of what Democrats will do if they win an election fraud case with massive democrat election fraud.

    3. I didn’t do it.

      Nobody saw me do it.

      You can’t prove anything anyway.

  22. The MSM sure is getting a good return on their “recanted” fake news piece.

  23. Reason last week: “There is zero evidence of voter fraud anywhere in human history, so don’t look for any.”

    Reason this week: “Okay, there’s fraud, but it’s not enough to change anything, so just ignore it.”

    Reason next week: “Why overturning states based on the discarding of hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots violates the NAP against dead voters.”

    Reason next month: “Here’s why China sending military aid to appoint Joe Biden President-for-Life is a win for limited government.”

    1. Thanks. I needed that.

  24. I think reason koch editors are terrified of making that Orwellian list that the socialist democrats are crafting.

    1. Well, it is kind of troubling.

  25. Until you have spent one hour reviewing Dr. Shiva’s presentation on the math of the voting machines, you are horribly uneducated about election fraud. And note: I said “election fraud” and NOT ‘voter fraud’ for a reason.

    The answer to why I used the word ‘election’ and not ‘voter’ which appears on its face to be simply a linguistic maneuver is answered in the presentation: https://youtu.be/Ztu5Y5obWPk

    1. lmao that’s the guy that lied about inventing email

      1. LOL at the leftist who can’t come up with an argument

  26. How the hell do you write for a libertarian publication? The previous argument was no fraud. Then it was no WIDESPREAD fraud, and now it’s okay, it’s POSSIBLE that there was a huge amount of fraud, but it wouldn’t have swayed the election.

    If any of these claims are true, am ENTIRE state was cheated out of its vote. It may or may not end up swaying the election, but, if true, this was NOT a free and fair election BECAUSE THEY FUCKING COMMITTED FRAUD. They did illegal things which altered the outcome in at least one entire state. If it’s true, they cheated an ENTIRE STATE out of its vote.

    If any of it is true, even if Trump loses, every person who is found guilty of election crimes should be prosecuted to the fullest extent, or there is no hope for our electoral process. It’s been a clown show for as long as I can remember, but letting election fraud slide because Trump is a douchebag eliminates any hope of ever changing that

    1. Its why millions of mail-in ballots will get tossed by the courts. You cant prove most of those mailin ballots were filled out by registered voters because identity identification is impossible.

      As designed.

    2. And this is how countries collapse into tribal street fighting horror shows.

      Any rational ctitizen should be demanding open analysis of voting investigations with proof that it was legitimate. Not doing that leads to a very bad situation.

      Who wins is irrelevant. This is supposed to be a government of the people. If half the people are being belittled, and essentially told “dont worry your pretty little head about it..trust us”, it is no longer a government of the people….it is rule by oligarchs.

  27. Maybe just enough fraud can be found to justify, for future elections, voters be required to produce IDs?

    1. Voter ID (combined with oversight at all polling places….or secure online voting) would turn cities from 80% blue to 50:50 and the rest of the country to 75% red. The dem platform has gone so extreme away from the american center that it is only sustainable through massive vote fraud. The republican platform today is comparable to the dem platform of 20 years ago and even then, can barely hold half the country.

      The american taxpayer provides their most personal information every year through the irs and third party tax preparers, but yet the lefts screams like banshees at the thought of using a gov id at the polling place, or online voting with security comparable to that of turbotax. They only scream and stop this because they would be ushered out of power so aggressively they’d never work in the public space again.

  28. Left “Libertarians” are just Leftists who don’t like paying taxes, more proof courtesy of Reason Magazine and it’s writers.

  29. Jacob. Come on. It’s us. We’ve been through a lot together. Even though I’m just a Canadian. But remember we helped form some great American bands, and provide great screenwriters and comedians! We’ve even given you some politicians and of course the usual – poutine and hockey players as well as NBA, NFL and MLB players. We share a lot man.

    So I feel I can say this.

    Look at us here in the eye and say there was no fraud.

    Come on, Jacob. It’s so blatantly obvious it’s crazy. We couldn’t prove the gulags were real in real time but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t true.

    So come off the record. Forget your editors for a second.

    Just at least acknowledge the results make no sense.

    Joe Biden. GTFOH.

  30. Yea, that must be why Twitter is going on an unpersoning spree…


  31. Trump was the messenger. It really comes down to rural/small city suburban Americans versus Cosmo Wokes. The cosmos want the exterminate the rural folks…through the Fed, deficit spending, open boarders, “free trade” and of course war (wokies don’t die in Iraq or the middleast….they just sent poor rural kids to). Rural and small cities were the manufacturing backbone and built goods for the big cities…that is how America worked. But the “creative class” in the cities started to want much more…the political class ran deficits to buy their votes..but all that easy money had to be offshored to minimize inflation..hence the love of China..and you needed someone to buy the debt (see China again). The primary dealers, hedge funds and “woke” social media companies get “free money”..cities bath themselves in big govt..but that money printing and debt destroyed rural and small towns…manufacturing moved to China, big city liberals put up regulations and laws which impeded rural areas from using their own resources, they infested with “dollar stores” and poured drugs in…and the only economic way out was for young men and women to join the military and die in woke wars…

    We need a new policy..”chose your state” …rural countries in NY, PA, MI, WI, and MN should be able to join border “free states”…since we can’t really fix the issues which would include ending the Fed, ending deficit spending, shutting down the big banks, and ending foreign wars.

    As for voter fraud..”Cuties” needs to explain the “halt to counting” and the ridiculous bags of Biden votes that showed up in the middle of the night..if true and this is where the media should be focusing on…IF TRUE…

    1. Rural folks who live off welfare taken from cosmopolitans areas, you mean? Those poor, poor freeloaders.


      1. Who put them in that position, Kemosabi?

        1. Always the victim, yet always lecturing others about boostraps and family values.

          1. Why do you hate black people so much, Tony?

            1. Cause he’s a racist pos.

            2. Don’t you ever think it would be nice having a political worldview that didn’t require you to constantly be a duplicitous annoying cunt?

              If being a fascist wrapped in a moral ninny makes you happy, just say what you believe. I’m confident in my beliefs and my ability to change them on new evidence. I don’t need you to tell me how much of a supposed hypocrite I am. That is not an idea on your part, it’s just being a 3 year old.

      2. You mean like how rich Detroit subsidizes poor rural North Dakota, or how rural Utah is subsidized by San Bernardino?

        Oh wait… DOL’s spouting dishonest party narratives again.

      3. Taxes spent on military bases that are in red states is not welfare.

      4. You’re the ones who demanded that that welfare exist and constantly be expanded.

        Don’t bitch that people took you up on your offer of free money.

        Or are you upset that they aren’t showing sufficient gratitude towards your largesse.

    2. “and the US Mail bags of Biden votes that showed up in the middle of the night”


    3. No, they want the serfs returned to serfdom.

  32. When are these people going to get it. Trump you list the election get over it.

    1. Two bottles in but still felt like sharing, huh?

  33. Your favorite classics all in one album:
    “Nothing Burger”…..Yep!
    “No There There” (Durp Durp)
    “I Won Biggly” (Damn, is That the Door Bell!)
    Not on My watch “Buttercup!”
    “Mexico Will Pay for It”…Check please!

    And if you order now, you will receive at no extra charge:
    ‘Quid Pro Quo to Go’ and Why Can’t I Taste this Taco Salad (Better Call Walter Reed Hospital)

  34. I didn’t read the article but:

    There doesn’t need to be a “vast anti-Trump conspiracy.”

    All there needs to be is a couple of 95 IQ morons printing off pallets full of ballots.

  35. A theory must be falsifiable before you should expect anyone not in the Trump cult to buy it. Don’t go crying that the courts are in on the conspiracy too. The Trump campaign has not produced any evidence. Period.

  36. Totes not dystopian…


    It’s over. Trump won.
    [OFFICIAL sources called this election differently]

  37. Umm… pick your battles, Robby. What the hell???

    I think is unnecessarily harsh and we are becoming a relentlessly unforgiving society.

    Jeffery Toobin:
    I was fired today by @NewYorker after 27 years as a Staff Writer. I will always love the magazine, will miss my colleagues, and will look forward to reading their work.

    1. Sigh. The dude got caught jerking off during a work meeting. Just another example of how the cosmos in this country are so far removed from the rest of us. In what normal line of work would someone caught jerking off during work not be fired on the spot?

      1. From some reports it suggests that he knew the video was on.

        1. In which case he should be charged with indecent exposure.

  38. https://twitter.com/CodeMonkeyZ/status/1326715838850764802?s=19

    What we have learned so far from reading the Dominion Voting System manual:
    1. Votes can theoretically be ignored for individuals if a straight ticket vote is selected. This setting could very welI enable “Repubiican”-style typo fraud. Many complex rules decide how the “straight ticket” option works.
    2. Network Security is very weak since all software access keys use the same cryptographic pair. This gives plausible deniability to whoever potentially decides to mess around with voting settings. It cant be proven who changed a setting since everybody has the same key
    3. Digital certificates are not protected by password, and Dominion user manual explicitly says not to enter a password. This enables potential for bad actors to MITM attack data traveling over network between precinct tabulator and central tabulator.
    4. Cryptic “split rotation” function that features the ability to “force a maximum deviation”. There is no definition of a “split rotation”, so we cannot know what “force a maximum deviation” means in this instance.
    5. Local IT guys have ultimate power to clandestinely change settings, thus having the ability to potentially alter an entire election. There are no checks and balances or observers of the local IT guy when he accesses machine debug and admin settings. Its unclear if logs exist.
    6. Dominion is a black box with votes ultimately tabulated in a central server system. Who has access to the central server and where is the manual and security reviews of that server software?
    7. Settings could theoretically have been changed during evening downtime on first night of voting. Much easier to change settings on hundreds of machines than to forge thousands of ballots. A couple of people could have done it quickly.
    8. State of Pennsylvania requested semantic changes to the Dominion voting software, possibly to aid in their lawfare efforts. The word “Cast” became “Print”, obfuscating the moment when your vote becomes officially cast. For what reason is currently unknown.
    9. There is an option to force the vote scanner to “overrun” a preset amount of ballots EVERY time anybody pauses the scan mid-batch. “Overrun” is undefined. Potential for abuse is high with this function, which was added shortly after 2018 mid-term elections.

    1. And if I were looking for cheaters, I would look at the guy who is currently trying to cheat now first. Also he has a certain affinity for Putin-esque politics.

      1. Biden is a big cheater.

        Trump vs biden will be a glorious win against democrats.

        Thank god RBG died in office, so Trump could replace her with barrett.

        1. If you want to do a coup, you can do a coup. But you won’t have the military on your side, so have fun getting turned into goo.

          1. Poor tony is scared because he heard about thousands of PA mail-in ballots geting tossed by appellate court .

      2. “Putin” lol. Never change, Tony, bless your heart.

  39. https://twitter.com/CNBC/status/1326637282468696066?s=19

    Biden Covid advisor says U.S. lockdown of 4 to 6 weeks could control pandemic and revive economy

    1. So read A Song of Ice and Fire Again and lets get back to normal already.

      It’s only Trump and his incompetence and his sheeplike followers who have caused a delay in getting back to normal.

      1. What, the Magical Mask Talisman didn’t keep people in blue cities from catching the coof? I was informed those were foolproof and if you wore them, there was no way you could get sick.

        1. Yeah. I’m to the point where I’m about purposely cough on people. This is madness. It is a psychosis resulting from no belief in an afterlife (correct in my opinion) being conflated with some idea that what you do doesn’t live on in what you leave behind. If we could cure aging, but not prevent death due to accident, mankind would become a race of cowards.

        2. You were not informed that they were foolproof. You were informed that they reduce transmission by some meaningful degree. You’re lying, or you’re stupid.

          Trump is responsible for all of this. And that’s not a surprise, because just look at the incompetent fucker.

  40. https://twitter.com/mtracey/status/1326610373957574656?s=19

    Here’s something to ponder. The political/cultural/media/intelligence/tech industrial complex spent four years throwing the kitchen sink at Trump — totally pulled out all the stops in a monomaniacal crusade to destroy him — and he still got ~10 million more votes than last time

    1. *Ponders*

      Those aren’t the rules. He lost.

      1. Poor tony. Millions of mailin ballots are being tossed.

        Trump won even with election fraud by democrats.

        AZ and NC went for Trump today.

        1. You wouldn’t know Arizona from a beet. And you know beets.

          Joe Biden (winner winner chicken dinner)
          Democratic Party

          Donald Trump
          Republican Party

          Jo Jorgensen
          Libertarian Party

          LOL. Joe says thanks, Jo!

          1. Poor tony. He hasnt heard.

            AZ called for Trump today. Along with NC and AK. Democrat senate candidates conceded to GOP senators in NC and AK.

  41. Most disappointing article I’ve ever read by Jacob Sullum.

    Nullifying all votes counted when observers were unlawfully banned by Democrat officials from observing vote counts seems like the most reasonable remedy for the US Court to impose on PA, which would flip the PA’s vote to Trump.

    1. Sullum is a fucking hack like unreason staffers like to be.

      Mailin allots are ALL election fraud because you cannot prove registered voters voted.

      Trump fixtory in trump vs biden will be fun to watch.

      1. But probably not half as much fun as watching you cry buckets day after day.

        1. Appellate court sided with Trump campaign and tossed thousands of mailin ballots in PA.

          Where do you think Biden will concede to Trump?

          1. In your imagination.

  42. I’d like to hear a “natural” explanation for this pattern in Michigan.

    Start around 15 or 20 minutes in

    1. Sure. It means you lost.

  43. I made 10k dollar a month doing this and she convinced me to try. The potential with this is endless. Here’s what I’ve been doing Please visit this site…. CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAIL

    1. Who is “she”?

      I’ll tell you who “she” is. “She” is Hillary Clinton. (Note the variation on “HER.”) Henceforth, she.

      It is well known that 10k dollar a month was the PRECISE salary of Vince Foster at the time of his death. What did SHE convince him to DO? OR WAS IT MORE THAN CONVINCING??

      Ipso facto, there are pizza children in sex basements. MAGA 2024.

      1. You idiot. It’s “sex pizza in children’s basements”, which is much worse.

        1. It hardly matters as long as the GOP base keeps having their lizard brains activated.

    1. Hahahahahahaha, you’re funny!

    2. It’s actually caught occurring on CNN.

      This video shows the theft of votes from the R to the D and how CNN was complicit in the cover up.


      1. Hell, what’s another conspiracy.

        It’s not like it’s a crime to deny that the election wasn’t rigged.

  44. The issue is far more important that Biden or Trump. We’ve got monuments to Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln and they have all been replaced, who the hell is Trump or Biden in comparison?
    It is about election integrity and enough credible instances of dead people voting, not following proper procedures with mail in votes, votes in the trash or being delivered late, no address or other irregularities. Once the credibility is gone we have no country.

  45. Scott Adams is eerily correct on so many points.

    This disappearing of the issue even if–no, especially if it’s true is frightening.

  46. Kayleigh McEnany — fake hair, fake figure, fake Harvard degree (she transferred in from Miami), fake ethics, fake facts, fake arguments — the perfect Clinger Barbie.

    She seems to be having a difficult time processing the point that Joe Biden is Pres.-elect and Donald Trump is Pres.-reject. The daddy issues may be affecting her comprehension.

    1. So you’re saying she graduated from Harvard then.

  47. I have a dream that one day the republicans will get fucking brains and balls and resort to the same dirty tricks the democrats have been using to steal elections for decades. Refuse to release your results before they do, and if they’re going to manufacture fraudulent votes in their districts, then you do the same in yours! Jesus Christ, stop bringing a knife to a goddamn gunfight.

    1. Trump brought the gun. which is why the media is leaping all over themselves to gaslight the public.

      My prediction is that it will become evident that the Trump camps groundgame was heavily involved in getting loyalists training in the law and in place in swing-state polling sites. This is where the huge numbers of sworn statements are coming from. The election was only last week…..no investigator ever manages to collect hundreds of affidavits in that amount of time. The dems are going to get hoisted on their own petard and all hell is going to break loose when the riots start next month.

      The dems and media have been wargaming outcomes for months. We’ve heard about this publically…that who TIP thing. And Toobin was caught doing his thing on a call with the media wargaming the outcome.
      It beggars belief to think Trump’s camp didn’t extensively wargame this exact outcome. This is the team that surgically took down the whole republican establishment, then did it again to the Clinton machine. That record alone suggests they have some serious campaign skills. They were talking about fraud all year….why do anyone believe Trump is just throwing a tantrum….they surely knew this outcome was a possibility and planned for it. This isn’t any 4d chess nonsense…this is the basic competence of any campaign which was already proven to be very competent in 2016.

      1. They’ve repeatedly gone to court and repeatedly were asked by judges why they are suing for something they have no evidence for.

        This is the farce that it has always looked like. You’re just emotionally coping, a luxury you people never suggested Hillary supporters deserved.

        Man the fuck up. Why are all the effeminate pajama boys such bigger men than you babies?

        1. Poor lower courts are just helping get Trump vs Biden to theSCOTUS faster, so barrett, thomas, kavanaugh, alito, and gorsuch can rule against democrats on this election fraud scheme.

      2. Appellate court sided with trump and tossed thousands of mailin ballots in PA.

  48. The thing that bothers me is that we can have two standards at the same time. When a R is ahead in the count, then the results aren’t “official”. You can see this over the past few days in several congressional races. But as soon as a D is ahead, those results are “official”.

    In neither case have the results been certified, so what exactly is “official”? All I can figure is that it means the media have all decided to tell the same story.

    1. +10000000

      Democrat propaganda knows its their only chance of “winning”. Act like Biden is president because they think judges they teated horribly will be too scared to challenge this lie.

  49. When are we going to stop pretending that people who obfuscate and destroy evidence aren’t committing crimes? People don’t just do things like that for no reason. You don’t let someone get away with the perfect crime, yet we’re expected to do this for elections? Absolute bullshit.

  50. Nobody other that the people dunking the vast anit-Trump conspiracy ever said there was a vast anit-Trump conspiracy.

    There doesn’t need to be a conspiracy if people know what needs to be done.

  51. Well he is doing no worse than the Democrats impeachment.

  52. Well well well…courts just ruled against Boockvar.

  53. Liberal purposeful publicity knows its their lone possibility of “winning”. Act like Biden is president since they think makes a decision about they teated horrendously will be too frightened to even consider challenging this untruth.


  54. No one is other than individuals dunking the immense anit-Trump trick ever said there was a huge anit-Trump scheme.
    There shouldn’t be intrigue if individuals understand what should be finished.


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  57. “Republican Lawsuits Cannot Deliver the Evidence Trump Needs To Prove He Actually Won the Election”

    Why is that the standard? If Trump can show a systemic attempt to change a single vote the outcome cannot be believed. Blocking GOP observers should be enough. 6000 votes have already been changed by Dominion changing the outcome of another election that is more than enough to throw out any count from a Dominion machine any state or precinct that used it should do a hand recount.

    1. But your problem is that you believe in facts and reason and your own “lying eyes” showing massive fraud groundlessly inflating the votes for the Biden corpse and deleting votes for Trump’s instead of listening to Jacob’s great delusions of godhood where he knows all, sees all, tells all to us little people who lack his great arrogance (sarcasm alert).
      Any rational, informed person (i.e. unlike Jacob) who’s not blind or stupid (as most sadly are, being insufferably lazy and gullible and listening to the corrupt Dem media) is aware of the gigantic scale of fraud deranged Dems infected by Trump Derangement Syndrome have been planning for 4 years, in cahoots with corrupt Dominion software’s massive vote switching. This will go down in history as the most corrupt election ever; no wonder Trump justly fired the corrupt clown delusionally touting its security that only the useful idiocy of a Biden dupe puppet would even suggest.

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  59. Quite clearly in my state, Article 1, section 4, paragraph 1 was violated point-blank. When I showed up on election day to vote, no one was manning the precinct, and the state (not the Congress, as specified to have the explicit power) had diverted elections to a mall elsewhere in the city in another precinct.

    1. No, I must be mistaken. The state can do anything they want with breaking longstanding election precinct practice unless the Congress may say otherwise. I guess that makes the “precint” concept rather arbitrary.

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