Election 2020

Mike Pompeo Jokes, Hopefully, About 'a Smooth Transition To a Second Trump Administration'

The Secretary of State places himself among the ranks of Republican officials willing to humor, but not quite endorse, Trump's claims that he in fact won the election.


Top Trump administration officials and Republican legislators continue to humor the idea that, contra the vote count thus far, President Donald Trump might have won the presidential election and could soon be inaugurated for a second term.

"There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration," said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo with a slight chuckle today in response to a question at a press briefing about whether the U.S. State Department was working with the Biden transition team, and if any delay in working with the transition team would hinder national security.

"We're going to count all the votes. When the process is complete, there'll be electors selected. There's a process. The Constitution lays it out pretty clearly.  The world should have every confidence that the transition necessary to make sure that the State Department is functional today, successful today, and successful with the president that's in office on January 20th a minute after noon," said Pompeo.

When asked if he believed that there was widespread voter fraud, as Trump is claiming, Pompeo said that "we must count every legal vote. We must make sure any vote that wasn't lawful ought not be counted."

Given his follow up comments, the most plausible reading of Pompeo's remark about a "second Trump administration" is that it was tactless snark about the Trump campaign's electoral lawsuits.

It was still an incredibly inappropriate remark given the tensions of the current moment, and the fact that Trump's legal challenges are still ongoing. That the comment is being so widely interpreted as an endorsement of Trump's stolen election claims is yet more reason why Pompeo shouldn't have said it.

The secretary's churlish comments put him in the ranks of other Republican officials who would rather assuage Trump's feelings than dismiss his dubious claims of widespread voter fraud.

Attorney General Bill Barr, for instance, issued a letter to U.S prosecutors authorizing investigations into "substantial allegations of voting and vote tabulation irregularities prior to the certification of elections."

That letter prompted the resignation of the Department of Justice (DOJ) lawyer in charge of election crimes. As Reason's Elizabeth Nolan Brown noted this morning, however, Barr's letter did not endorse claims of widespread fraud, nor did it give DOJ attorneys a blank check.

Similarly, the head of the General Services Administration (GSA), which manages federal government buildings, has thus far declined to declare Biden the winner of the election. That needs to happen before the president-elect's transition staff can access government offices. The GSA has said in a statement it will certify the successful candidate "once a winner is clear based on the process laid out in the Constitution."

The White House has also instructed federal agencies to proceed with work on Trump's budget plans, which are normally released in February, weeks after Biden is expected to be sworn in.

None of these actions or statements fully endorse Trump's repeated claims that the election has been stolen from him. They are all nevertheless predicated on the idea that the president's legal challenges could end up undoing Biden's victory.

A number of Republican elected officials have walked a similar line.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R–Ky.) said on the Senate floor yesterday that Trump was "100 percent within his right" to pursue all legal options open to him, without claiming the currently projected Biden victory would be overturned. Other GOP senators, from Mike Lee (R–Utah) to Susan Collins (R–Maine), have walked a similar line in their own statements on the president's election lawsuits.

Less careful and more damaging to the perceived legitimacy of the election is the letter issued by Sens. Kelly Loeffler (R–Ga.) and David Perdue (R–Ga.) calling on Georgia's Republican secretary of state to resign for failing to "deliver honest and transparent elections" in a state that Trump appears to have very narrowly lost. A recount there is all but assured.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany and RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel both leveled meritless accusations of widespread voter fraud and election irregularities at a press conference yesterday.

As Reason's Jacob Sullum wrote last week, Trump's accusations that he's the real winner of the election should be understood as an effort to save his own ego, even if it won't save his presidency. The decisions of White House staffers to delay the transition process, or to look into accusations of voter fraud, until the president's lawsuits and recount requests have run their course, should be viewed in the same light.

That falls short of wholesale acceptance of the fraud narrative, and doesn't rise to the level of an attempted "coup." It nevertheless represents a prioritization of Trump's own hurt feelings over the smooth transition of power. That's plenty bad, even if it doesn't destroy democracy as we know it.

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  1. On a non Trump related note: how the hell can it be possible that a week after the election Alaska still hasn’t finished counting their votes yet? There are about 750,000 people in the entire state. Are they transmitting ballots and information by husky-pulled dog sleds up there?

    1. +1 Snow Dogs 2: Election Boogaloo

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        3. It was still an incredibly inappropriate remark given the tensions of the current moment, and the fact that Trump’s legal challenges are still ongoing. That the comment is being so widely interpreted as an endorsement of Trump’s stolen election claims is yet more reason why Pompeo shouldn’t have said it.

          Yeah. Disagree. Not inappropriate at all. The left need to be psychologically prepared, if Trump swings some states. That way they can go back to screaming on their knees in the middle of the street, followed by looting, arson, and rampage, hopefully to be remedied with rioter's getting machine gunned down in the street, blood spraying everywhere, after an attempt to pummel national guard with soup cans after lame-duck Trump authorized lethal force with a whimsical smirk for such actions, all much to my delight. Or at least one can hope.

          1. Agreed. People need to chill the fuck out. The dude made a joke. Grow up and deal with it.

            1. This. I thought it was hilarious.

              1. I think it’s going to be hilarious when rightwingers are forced to stop sucking down copium by the gallon and realize that Trump actually lost. Man, that’s gonna be brutal for them.

                1. Looks like Trump is really gonna be the 21st Century Hoover. Biden has 50.8% of the popular vote, the highest percentage for a challenger since FDR defeated Hoover in 1932.

                  1. He can also have 100% of the left-handed red-head vote.
                    Popular vote doesn’t matter any more than who scored the most runs in the second inning.
                    It is the certified electoral college votes that count, and nothing else.

                    1. He lost that too.

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                  2. You really are a student of the left. Always pushing lefty talking points that have no actual value.

                    1. Oh they have value. That’s what they will write in the history books.

                    2. No, they have no value at all other than lefty shits claiming so, lefty shit.

                  3. That was when Hoover realized he was a stupid technocrat and turned his life around and became the darling of conservatives, founded the Hoover Institute, and became an avatar of limited government and free markets. Before then he was just a mini-FDR.

                    And no matter how much it makes you cry, FDR actually did win that election fairly.

                2. What’s going to be brutal is how much Republicans will engage in rampant cheating in all future elections. They will feel perfectly justified since the left has taught us that’s how elections are conducted now. Get ready for it! 😉

                  1. You mean the party that put up fake ballot boxes with “official” written on them, and then sued for a Texas county to NOT count ballots in the actual official ballot box? That party?

          2. No machine guns. Just bounce birdshot off the street like they (used to?) do to quell prison riots.

      1. State law is a thing.

        Except in Pennsylvania where the court decides it can be set aside because of the Covid-19 exception in the penumbras.

        1. All these tears are gonna raise the sea level way before climate change gets around to it.

          1. Never takes a side everybody. Chipper not choosing sides. Move on.

            1. Eunuch is just really desperate for leftists to approve of him.

          2. “All these tears are gonna raise the sea level way before climate change gets around to it.”

            So all your bullshit claims regarding ‘neutrality’ were so much bullshit, lefty scum?
            How ‘surprising’.
            Fuck off and die. Slowly and painfully; your family and your dog will thank you.

      2. No it’s not.

    2. Alaska is in on the joke to let Biden make a fool of himself and Harris a fool of herself just to have Trump win the election as per constitutional law?

  2. Reason jokes, hopefully, about being a libertarian publication.

    1. LOL! ^ This.

    2. Reason = Vox Light

    3. This is another “libertarians for authoritarian coups” comment isn’t it.

      1. Poor Tony doesn’t know what “coup” means.

    4. LOL…why isn’t there a way to upvote comments?

  3. Meh … America had a good run — who says Wednesday, January 20th is not the sell by date?

  4. The Trump case is going to look better and better every day as facts come out.

    1. The Pa lawsuit is heavy on equal protection based on the election officials treating areas different and most important all fraud detection schemes removed from mail in votes such as sig verification. That verification was still utilized for in person. Heavy references to Bush v gore which was decided on equal protections.

      1. There’s also the earlier Penn GOP lawsuit as well.

      2. What do you think the remedy is going to be if this equal protection argument were to prevail (it won’t)?

        1. Equal arms for each side, and a shootout at noon.

        2. Chipper… do you bother ever educating yourself? There is a remedy ready established if there is no majority electoral votes such as a state not being able to certify its votes. It ends up going to the house where each state gets one vote. Try educating yourself dummy. Dec 14th is an important date.

          But you keep just excusing leftist ethical issues like voter integrity.

          1. That’s not a remedy for violating the equal protection clause, dumbass.

            1. You won’t be protected, eunuch.

        3. Let the state legislatures send their own slate of electors. Choose big old retired lifer NCOs and burr head cops w/ minimal physical disabilities.

  5. If Biden does win, I’m gonna miss how Trump and his administration troll the media into pathetic pearl clutching.

    1. You know, I thought I would get a lot of entertainment from that. But it didn’t take too long until it just seemed pathetic and gross (I’m talking mostly about the press’s response and a little bit about Trump’s trolling.). It’s just amazing how many people seem to absolutely refuse to get what the Trump phenomenon is really about.

      1. “It’s just amazing how many people seem to absolutely refuse to get what the Trump phenomenon is really about.”

        I would agree with the first part of your comment, except for this part of your comment.

        1. In what way? Is it not amazing, or are people (and I mean the press and the left mostly) not refusing to get it?

    2. Well it’s not some guy kneeling during the National Anthem.

      1. Holy non-sequitur.

    3. Trolling seems like a job for comedians, not the fucking presidential administration of the United States.

      Government for morons by morons apparently. You guys are idiots.

  6. Seems like a pretty good response. Don’t insult your boss and don’t sound like a partisan.
    And he’s right. I’m pretty sure Biden is going to be president, but he isn’t president elect until the EC meets. Lets count all the votes, do the recounts that are going to happen and investigate plausible allegations of fraud and other problems that might make the vote count inaccurate. We survived 2000 and this will almost certainly take less time to resolve.

    1. But sufficient electors have already been decided that we know how the EC vote will turn out.

      The only real variable is if there are any faithless electors. Even if state law forbids it,the votes of faithless electors still count. Trump could still pull a major blunder before the 14th and lose a couple more. I can’t see Biden doing anything short of getting caught with a dead girl scout to turn away any of his.

      1. I’ll take assuming facts not in evidence for $100.

        1. What? The dead girl scout?

  7. It was still an incredibly inappropriate remark given the tensions of the current moment.

    Britches, come off it. No need to clutch your pearls. A little humor during tense times is exactly what this country needs.

  8. Given his follow up comments, the most plausible reading of Pompeo’s remark about a “second Trump administration” is that it was tactless snark about the Trump campaign’s electoral lawsuits.

    It was still an incredibly inappropriate remark given the tensions of the current moment

    “Lighten up, Francis.”

    For fuck’s sake, stop taking this shit so damn seriously. The legal challenges will work their way through the courts, the electoral college will meet on December 14th and whoever wins that vote will be president for the next 4 years while the other side spends every waking second over those four years pissing and moaning about “StoLeN EleKShUnZ!11!!111!!!!! MuH DeMOcRaSeE DERP!!!111!!11!!!!!!!” I don’t think it’s asking too much to be able to point and laugh at the retards in the meantime.

    1. Wait til Biden, excuse me Harris, grants amnesty to 22 million illegals and gives them the vote.

      1. It will be Trump’s legacy.

      2. ^THIS; really is the problem. We have an entire majority party that wants to DESTROY this nation entirely rather than preserve it. I call them the [WE] foundation-mob out to conquer and consume by dismissing the very notion this nation was founded upon which is Individual Liberty and Justice.

        1. So let me. We ain’t that special.

  9. the most plausible reading is he means what he fucking says.

    1. Y’all have spent four years telling everyone they’re idiots for believing that the Trump admin means what it says, and now you want to claim that’s the “plausible reading”?

      1. >>Y’all

        pretty sure not me. T says what he means and probably so does Pompeo.

      2. The remark about “seriously but not literally” was about Trump himself, not every member of his administration you absolute fucking shank. Also stop saying ya’ll. You’re not a Texan and you damn sure ain’t black. It just makes you look even more fucking pathetic than you already are.

    2. The most plausible reading is that he is a humorless robot? Mmmmkay, then.

    3. So Pompeo is Humpty Dumpty? Come to think of it, he does kind of look like that.

      1. This is the amazing comedy you’re always talking about, huh?

        1. Dude, quit stalking me. Seriously.

          1. You’ve got a point – I’ve never seen you make an assertion worth considering.

  10. Well he certainly triggered the reason koch editors today. Maybe if they report him to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (minitrue?) and the Trump Accountability Project (miniluv?), reason editors can avoid that same fate.

    1. Trump humpers are obsessed with koch.

      1. That’s the best you can do? Give me some real outrage.

  11. “any delay in working with the transition team would hinder national security.”
    Really? Wasn’t one of the “collusion with the Russians” talking points that a Trump transition team member touched base with the Russian ambassador to the U.S.? Maybe “National Security” means that only incoming Democratic transition teams need to be up and running the second a Dem president is sworn in.

    1. You got it.

  12. Every vote counts. Except for the hundreds of thousands of votes yet to be counted. Biden has already been selected by the media as the winner, so just give it up already and pay no attention to the colossal and mounting evidence of voting irregularities, and whatever you do, stop counting the votes!

    1. Editorial opinion is not the same as state certification.
      And all that “calling” states has ever been is editorial opinion.

  13. This is way worse than the lists the left is advocating for. Like CNN creating a list of people who didn’t congratulate biden.

    1. This and the Dems creating a hit-list of Trump supports; yet nothing about it on Vox Light. Seriously, you could ask a hundred people to tell you who Mike Pompeo is and 99 wouldn’t even know. But this is newsworthy while the other stories aren’t worth mentioning.

      Reason – this is why the majority of the commenters mock you nowadays.

      1. There is nothing wrong with identifying, mocking, scorning, and shunning Trump sycophants and enablers in decent American society.

        Bigotry, backwardness, and belligerent ignorance have — and should have — consequences. The way this works is that Trump lackeys get to be Trump lackeys and better Americans get to decline to respect or associate with the Trump lackeys.

        1. You’re an authoritarian psychopath, we get it.

          1. I believe in accountability.

            I also have lost my taste for political correctness. I call a bigot a bigot rather than enabling the bigots to hide behind euphemisms such as “traditional values” and “conservative values.”

            Add freedom of association — which includes the freedom to decline to associate with deplorable people — and you have my position.

            This apparently bothers faux libertarians and other clingers.

            1. I believe in accountability.

              Citation needed.

            2. Add freedom of association

              Unless you exercise it. Then you’re a bigot, and a clinger. Right, gecko?

            3. No more pc he says? But yes to more cancel culture? You’re a fucking duplicitous pile of fuck. And I’ve always pictured you as fat.

            4. So what happens when your brownshirt buddies turn on you because you did a bad job eating Biden’s ass? It’s easy to project your bigotry on others NOW, but your kind tends to cannibalize each other eventually.

            5. lol @ you calling anyone else a bigot.

              You’re just too precious.

        2. Funny how you expect tolerance, yet show none. Noted.

          Btw, you’re actually a bigot in case you didn’t realize it.

          1. Thumbs up. The troll just gets off on trolling.

  14. There is no constitutional requirement to concede and there’s not constitutional prohibition of being an ass. So guess everyone on both sides and in the press are safe

    1. There was apparently a big fat global crisis over what email account Hillary used, though, wasn’t there?

      1. You mean the big fat global crisis that resulted in the FBI basically ignoring Hillary’s violation of the law? WTF are you even talking about. Seriously Tony, seek professional help man.

        1. There is no hope for you people, is there?

          1. Only if you keep bringing your Ukraine shit to America. Otherwise it’s gonna be drawn out torture for the believers.

            Me and the other objective non partisans will just get richer while you die in the streets for your minimum wage increase.

          2. You should really learn what protection is.

  15. This is a dumb take.

    1. They don’t even try anymore – they just do as they’re told.

      1. Meh, I see no reason to believe that’s the case. Most people are capable of being dumb with no outside help.

  16. I hear a lot of comments that Trump will retain a lot of importance after he leave the WH. That Republicans have to keep Trump happy. I think no one will remember Trump in six months, but we will remember the ass kissing. I know that there is a place for Mike Pompeo out there as a state official or Fox news analyst. But this will be remembered and he should not count on national office.

    1. I’m not seeing any such comments? WTF are you talking about? The voices in your head?

      Some of use believe in upholding the integrity of the election process. Radical, I know…

      1. I don’t know about M4E, but the voices in my head all started speaking Spanish as soon as Basement Bunker Biden claimed victory.

        (Do you think my “identical to brand name” generics from Communist China work different than the ones from India?)

    2. Because none of that happened with mr divisive, Obama himself.

  17. The amazing part isn’t the stupid shit Pompeo says.

    It is that he can say anything at all with his entire tongue so firmly affixed to Trump’s scrotum.

    When Pompeo gets the ‘rona that should be . . . interesting.

    1. Found the teabagger

      Fake reverend, fake lawyer, fake poll watcher. But ardent soup kitchen fan.

    2. Every time you post, you prove that you’re an illiterate bigot. Dude seriously, you’re even more deranged than Tony.

      1. Left sock, right sock?

    3. Hey reverend, haven’t you got some dead criminals to memorialize?

    4. Oh MAN…the good Reverend Kirkland eats SO MUCH ass!

  18. Barr [authorized] investigations into “substantial allegations of voting and vote tabulation irregularities prior to the certification of elections.”

    The Horror!

    That letter prompted the resignation of the Department of Justice (DOJ) lawyer in charge of election crimes.

    Why? Because he didn’t like being told he was being allowed to do his job?

    1. Because he didn’t want to piss off the people paying the big bucks by actually investigating.

      1. lol – If the people paying the big bucks didn’t want an investigation, he wouldn’t have called for one.

    2. The lawyer who resigned is the one who refused to charge Lois Lerner.

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  20. It nevertheless represents a prioritization of Trump’s own hurt feelings over the smooth transition of power. That’s plenty bad….

    Meh. It highlights what we all understand: the difference between the rule of law on the one hand, and what may be good citizenship or socially honorable or good sense on the other. It is perhaps unfortunate, but we accept– in a FREE society– that people may have widely different points of view, and may behave in ways we see as disappointing.

    Trump has a very different take on the situation, and that may be disappointing depending on who you talk to, but as McConnell said, he’s 100% within his legal right.

    The legal process will play out, the republic will endure, and in the meantime we can make fun of the retards.

    1. Which is what most of us are doing, most of the time. Meanwhile, most of the retards don’t even realize they’re the joke.

      1. An attempted coup is a funny joke haha lighten up libs.

        1. You mean the coup where the Obama administration used the FBI to fake evidence about the incoming Trump administration? Seriously Tony, seek immediate professional help.

          1. No, because that never happened.

            I mean how the president lost the election and is pulling every lever of power he can find with his tiny hands in order to stay in office, and all the Republicans save 4 are backing him.

            1. Tony still believes the pee dossier is real!

              Is it because the thought of it excites you, and you’re afraid if you accept it isn’t real, you won’t be able to get off on it anymore?

              1. Not sure how it’s relevant to the fact that Trump lost the electoral college.

                1. The electoral college hasn’t met yet dumbfuck.

        2. You just admitted you’re retarded.

    2. Union – don’t act like you guys wouldn’t be “burning this bitch down” if you didn’t get your way. At least trump is civilized and defers to the law when confronted with perceived malfeasance.

      Also, have you had a chance to eat your own dick yet you dirty piece of dogshit?

  21. I must say, I am thoroughly enjoying the fact that, at a magazine dedicated to skepticism of government overreach, in the midst of an actual coup attempt, the tone is rather “To be sure…”

    I demand a better class of government skeptics. Trump is firing everyone at the pentagon and replacing them with loyalists.

    I wonder what he could possibly need to do in the next two months at the Pentagon.

    1. And you’ll be upset when Biden turns around and fires everyone in the Pentagon and replaces them with *his* loyalists. As every President does.

      1. Oh so I don’t need to be worried about the next two months, but the next four years after Trump installs himself as president.

        This administration is doing a lot of walking and quacking for government-skeptics to be so casual about it.

        1. You can worry about whatever your black, shriveled heart desires.

    2. Trump is firing everyone at the pentagon and replacing them with loyalists.

      Like the 4 SECDEFs that Obama had.

      1. Democrats think public service should be for life. Bureaucrat turnover is viewed by lefties completely opposite of many conservatives.

        1. How is a bureaucrat supposed to make millions off taxpayers if they only work in government for 1-2 years?

    3. Tony speaks in absolutes because the world is black and white to him. You see, he lives off emotion and goes with his intuition, eschewing logic and reason for “feelings.”

      Congratulations Tony, here’s to the next four years of you shutting the fuck up. I don’t think I could bear to see so many of you wailing and gnashing teeth like 2016.

      What’s it like aligning with the CCP and Marxism just to spite your country? I hope all your kids don’t grow.

      1. I just said I wondered what Trump was up to at the Pentagon. Me and the entire planet are wondering about that.

        1. I doubt the entire planet spends even a tenth of their brain power on what Trump is doing, much less is as interested as you are in the outcome of bureaucratic positions at the Pentagon.

          Grow up – To the victors goes the spoils.

  22. “White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany and RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel both leveled meritless accusations of widespread voter fraud and election irregularities at a press conference yesterday.”
    Yeah so I clicked the link thinking finally Reason would explain why they’ve decided the charges are “meritless”. Nope. This was simply a broad summary of the litigation to come. I don’t know if these charges are true or not so I won’t claim they’ve been verified. Nobody at Reason knows if these charges are true or not but we get a column every day informing us that they’re meritless. You know Christian simply linking to your fellow Reason writers making the same claims as you are is not very compelling. An actual reporter might approach the issue with an open mind, research the opposing claims and provide a thoughtful analysis for the reader. Of course no one will ever mistake you for an actual reporter.

    1. You murdered and ate 15 children. Why won’t reporters take the accusation seriously, gosh!

      1. Maybe you can explain why the software glitches always favor the Democratic candidate?

        Or how the boxes of ballots that always come in at the last minute are all Democratic?

        Or how the Republican districts get the Sharpies the machine can’t read but the Democractic ones don’t.

        Is it happening to both sides but the Democrats are too stupid to notice?

        1. Maybe you can explain why presidents get to be president even if they lose the election by 5 million vote.

          You have lies an innuendo about Democrats. I have psychotic actual reality with Republicans.

          1. Yeah all you have are lies and inuendos… And video… And sworn statements… And the people commiting the fraud saying they will do it.. And a system that already falsified a source to take down trump. Apart from that you have nothing!

            1. So when the pervert who lied about voter fraud admitted he was lying and that PROVES THE CONSPIRACY.

              1. Stop being racist Tony – we get it, you’re a bigot.

        2. None of those things happened

      2. Seriously Tony, seek professional help. You’re mind is lost in itself. You’re posting complete non-sense. Again, I pray, seek help man.

      3. You murdered and ate 15 children.

        You’re sick in the head.

      4. “You murdered and ate 15 children.”

        Write that in a sworn affidavit, where perjury charges can apply if you do so knowingly and falsely, give said affidavit to the proper organization and I assure you an investigation will be stated promptly (assuming you’re not knowingly lying and simply providing false information).

  23. God save us from humorless journalists.

    1. Yeah incumbents losing the presidential election are always in such a light and frivolous mood. FFS.

      1. Yet they get lauded years later. Will Tony give it up for Trump as the statesman?

        Probably not. Tony being more obsessed with Kamala’s strap on and Jill’s whip.

        1. The best-case scenario here, and this is being peddled by Trump apologists mind you, is that the entire Republican establishment (except Susan Collins and a couple others) is pretending to be participating in a coup in order not to hurt Trump’s feelings.

          When do I get to change the channel from this veritable hilarious sitcom?

          1. Except that there is no coup – pretend or otherwise – by the Republicans.

            The Left, however . . .

            1. …Won an election.

              1. Not a presidential election in 2020.

                Democrats lost quite a few House and senate seats too.

                I guess we will have to wait to “count every vote” to find out what else democrats lost. Trump vs biden, Im sure.

          2. WTF are you even talking about? Seriously, as a caring human being to another human being, Tony, you need serious help man. I know Rev Art Bigot is a retard troll. You, actually, sound like you believe the non-sense you post. You’re not even making any sense. If necessary, start a go fund me and get the professional help you need.

            1. I’ve been gaslit by better than you.

              1. Nobody wants to hear about your weird gay sex role playing.

              2. We know. We witnessed you buying in to the same shit the millennials did the last four years.

                At least they have an excuse being young. You should go back to adult night school – I hear tv/vcr repair is making a comeback now that America will be turning into Cuba’s wet dream.

                1. I am technically a millennial. We’re all grown now, and we fucking hate Republicans because they are evil and stupid.

                  1. From one technical millennial to another: Go fuck yourself, Tony. The Republicans are evil (though for none of the reasons you believe), but the Democrats are Orwell’s nightmare. They’re aiming for permanent one-party rule, and if they ever get it we can all kiss our rights goodbye unless we suddenly remember the purpose of the second amendment.

                    1. By one-party rule you mean more Americans freely choose to elect Democrats to the political branches of government? I don’t recall the constitution saying that Republicans get to rule even if the people don’t want them to, because fairness.

                      Republicans can’t win the popular vote anymore. They don’t win it at the presidency or Congressional level. You can change the subject and say that’s the rules, fine, but Democrats are not the one trying to rule against the will of the electorate. Maybe Republicans should be better people and have better ideas. As far as I can tell they’ve only had one idea in 40 years (cut taxes), and it hasn’t done anything useful for the country.

                    2. B-b-but it can’t be tyranny! There were democratic elections!
                      Tell that to everyone living under a mass-graves communist regime or banana republic dictatorship. One-party rule is bad in principle, regardless of how it comes about, because unopposed power tends to start getting big ideas about what it can get away with.

        2. and Jill’s whip.

          Erm… I’ll be in my bunk.

    2. Not to worry, the “journalist” you think you are referencing is as gone as the unicorn.

      1. God save us from humorless propagandists. And while we’re at it god, please save Tony from his feeble mind.

  24. and if any delay in working with the transition team would hinder national security.

    Because North Korea will invade the continental US if there’s a slight delay?

    Did Gore’s transition team get into the White House during the 40 days that the lawsuit took?

    1. #memoryhole

  25. If he is joking, I’m disappointed.

  26. There isn’t any joking with this crew. You’re making a big mistake if you think so.

    1. Well, you’re clearly a joke. Does that count?

      1. No? Does Trump being the biggest joke to ever walk this planet count for you? No answer? That’s what I thought. Check and mate.

        1. R Mac
          November.10.2020 at 9:25 pm
          Well, you’re clearly a joke. Does that count?

          Jackand Aceㅤ
          November.10.2020 at 10:16 pm

          Lol, you’re not even sure that you’re not a joke! Guess what? That means that you’re a joke.

        2. lol @

          Does Trump being the biggest joke to ever walk this planet count for you? No answer? That’s what I thought. Check and mate.

          You are both adorably childish and stupid.

  27. When Biden takes office, aside from trying to deal with this Covid-19 bullshit, one of the first issues at hand he needs to deal with should be to stop construction of that stupid wall and tearing down any unnecessary portions that serve no purpose. By doing so, he will be on his way to becoming the most Libertarian President evah!!

    1. No need. That wall is about to fall into the Rio Grande because the contract went to a Trump supporter business charlatan.

      1. Correct, maybe now I’ll be able to get an unobstructed view of Brownsville. That would be awesome!

    2. Covid is over dumb fuck. You guys won you witless fuck:


      See? It’s the flu now. Your charade is over.

      1. Why can’t you childish pathetic crybaby snowflakes just admit that Trump is so dumb and incompetent that he found a way to have the election stolen from him? How does that go, If you have, let it go. If it doesn’t return then is wasn’t meant to be. I don’t know, something like that.

  28. Well the election isn’t until Dec 14 so…

  29. Biden *won* shit.

    1. You Canadians getting the real news that Trump has not conceded and is setting up teams of seasoned state republicans to challenge the election fraud?

      Our US Media is trying to cover it up but their Biden “president elect” narrative is falling apart.

      Even worse is that the the courts and swing state legislatures are solidly pushing a constitutional resolution that crushes this Democrat election fraud scheme.

    2. Biden is a crook.

  30. I will truly appreciate the joke when Trump is walking toward Marine One for the last time, turns around and says “And I call it ‘The Aristocrats!'”

    1. LOLOLOLOL. Okay Tony, I have to admit that was pretty funny.

    2. January 2025 will be glorious for Trump to leave the White house after two successful terms as president.

  31. Leave it to Reason to convert me to a Pompeo fan.

  32. Anybody know how many people in Pennsylvania filled out national change of address cards and still had someone vote for them? Or absentee ballots not returned?

    1. Absentee ballots requested but not received is another trick.

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  35. Trolling should be done by comedians not the president of the united states kitchen product reviews

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