America Wants Legal Marijuana More Than Ever Before. Catch Up, Joe Biden.

Gallup shows 68 percent supporting legalization.


The extremely pro-marijuana results in last week's ballot measures were not an anomaly—and to judge from current poll numbers, they shouldn't be a surprise.

A Gallup poll released this morning shows that marijuana legalization is more popular than it has ever been, with 68 percent of all Americans supporting it.

Support for legalization crossed the 50 percent threshold in 2012 and hasn't been back since. These numbers mean that marijuana legalization polls as well as same-sex marriage: About two-thirds of the country support each.

Demographically, majority support of legalization runs across all age groups, even those over 65. Opposition is still slightly greater than support among Republicans and among those who say they attend church weekly—but even among those groups, the anti-legalization position is a mere 52 percent. (Republicans actually crossed the 50 percent line in 2018, but they just dipped back down.)

Some government leaders resist, but even that may be starting to crumble. In Montana, one state lawmaker—Rep. Derek Skees (R–Kalispell)—said before Election Day that he would draft a bill overturning marijuana legalization if the voters passed it at the poll. When it passed overwhelmingly, with 57 percent of the vote, he dropped the plan. (Even so, opponents of marijuana legalization are now suing to reverse the new law.)

President-elect Joe Biden supports decriminalization, expunging the records of people convicted of marijuana possession, and shifting marijuana off of Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act. And yet he still opposes full legalization. This poll needs to be waiting on his desk in the Oval Office, along with a reminder of how he brags about evolving toward supporting same-sex marriage before President Barack Obama formally declared his support.

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  2. the (D) Boomers will never legalize it on a national level. Peter Tosh on line 2.

    1. Who do you think the 12% was back in the 70’s?

      1. they’ve run the show since 1992 when’s the descheduling?


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    2. Biden ain’t a boomer.

    3. After democrats bashed the shit out of tobacco companies and taxed them until they were unobtainable to the common man, and ran a gargantuan anti- smoking and health campaign to combat cancer and a host of all other kinds of crap and criticisms - they are now EXCITED about legalizing marijuana, so people can light it on fire, burn it, and suck the smoke into their lungs, because that's so much better than that terrible tobacco.

      #logical left

      1. Smoking anything isn’t great for you, but pot smoking does not have the same high cancer risk associated with it that tobacco does. So at least as far as cancer goes, it is better than tobacco.

        Not to defend the left, but the results of logic are only as good as the facts you start with.

        1. Not to defend the left, but the results of logic are only as good as the facts you start with.

          Right. Which is why you should get the facts.

          Breathing any kind of smoke into your lungs is harmful to your lungs. End of story. Smoking marijuana regularly causes chronic cough, phlegm production, wheeze and acute bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema. An autopsy on a weed smoker will reveal “smokers lung” just like that of a tobacco smoker.

          The cancer risk for smoking pot is marginally smaller than tobacco:

          There were 79 cases of lung cancer and 324 controls. The risk of lung cancer increased 8% (95% CI 2% to 15%) for each joint-year of cannabis smoking, after adjustment for confounding variables including cigarette smoking, and 7% (95% CI 5% to 9%) for each pack-year of cigarette smoking, after adjustment for confounding variables including cannabis smoking. The highest tertile of cannabis use was associated with an increased risk of lung cancer RR=5.7 (95% CI 1.5 to 21.6), after adjustment for confounding variables including cigarette smoking.

          Long term cannabis use increases the risk of lung cancer in young adults.

          So I find it hilarious for the left to wage a massive anti-tobacco campaign, across decades, only to follow it up with a massive “legalize weed” campaign.

          #logical left

        2. Breathing in tobacco smoke is no more cancerous than marijuana smoke (and both have risk of disease). The real problem is with additives in tobacco cigarettes (tar, etc); the risks from natural tobacco are comparatively less.

    4. The last vestiges of the Boomer Republic, are being swept away.

      I see decriminalization, not full legalization. Permission slips and fees, instead of treating people as if they were free.

      1. ya like I always say I’ve managed well never having my green taxed once.

      2. At 67, I know few people my age who oppose at least decriminalization. You need to get out of your mom’s basement and talk to someone who operates in society, rather than in a World of Warcraft game.

        1. >>who oppose at least decriminalization

          I don’t think anyone opposes decriminalization …

  3. Trump could have rescheduled marijuana and chose not to. So sad. He still can, don’t expect him to.

    1. Boomer judges would block it on the grounds he didn’t go through the proper notification process.

      1. He can still start the process. But he won’t.

        1. aw you have sad face o/b/o everyone?

        2. Look man. Stop smoking weed and snacking out on your cough. Try to have a more productive life than bloodshot giggles and naps on the cough. Get off your ass. Stop acting like a loser. Throw that joint away, and go get a job and a life.

          1. *Couch! Having a Biden moment here.

            1. snacking out on your cough also acceptable

          2. Cheech and Chong movies were not documentaries.

    2. Don’t worry, Kamala is “committed” to marijuana legalization. She is so committed, she will do whatever it takes.

      1. That's right! Before, she was handing out 10 years sentences left and right for them. But if she can be VP, she'll do whatever you want in exchange for that. Her principles, values, and viewpoints(if she has any), are flexible in exchange for political power.

    3. Trump could have rescheduled marijuana and chose not to

      Obama could have rescheduled marijuana and chose not to. Joe Biden could have exerted whatever influence he had in the Obama administration to nudge him in that direction and chose not to. Joe Biden authored a crime bill that put millions of drug offenders in prison and instituted sentencing disparities between powder and crystalline cocaine. Kamala Harris spent her entire career putting drug offenders behind bars and stood by an overturned conviction she obtained against an innocent man. Damn that Trump! What a fascist!

      1. Obama also raided medical dispensaries against the wishes of the States that had them, something Trump never did while in office.

    4. he really does not have the time to do it without congress. it is a bit more involved than a simple executive order.

      1. Rescheding is the province of the Executive.

        None of them – not just Trump but all his predecessors, Choom Gang included – could have rescheduled MJ at any time.

        There doesn’t need to be official legalization. It’s only illegal because it’s a Schedule 1 drug. Remove (or even just shift it to another schedule) and the issue is resolved, Federally.

        1. This.

          That schedule is a function of the DEA, and the DEA reports to the Executive. While I’m sure technically the head of the DEA has to be the one to make the change, the Executive can simply fire people until he gets one to sign off.

          1. the DEA has nothing to do with scheduling.

        2. rescheduling requires some back and forth reviews between the attorney general and HHS. it is outlined in the controlled substance ac, and can’t just be done with an executive order, the reviews are legally required. you can stack those positions with people you know will do what you want, but you can’t skip the process. it is something that takes several months, or an act of congress.

          1. But you can issue an executive order and make it public saying, this is how this is going to come out, fuck you, while the process proceeds.

            1. so….. he can do something meaningless that does not actually change anything……

    5. Why ever would he possibly spend the little remaining time in office doing that for you? It’s not like you voted for him. Ask Jo to do it. Ask Biden.

    6. Isn’t it a legislative function? If it’s up to congress, the most useless body on earth, it will never happen.

    7. Yup,
      That said, my millenial Trumpist Congressman, Matt Gaetz, did co-sponsor a bill (with a downstate democrat) to have marijuana rescheduled. Don’t think it got far. Nancy Pelosi must not have approved.

  4. In the law allowed .0000000000001 of users to be recreation users, @reason would still be calling legalization

  5. Democrats: stop sucking union cock and start caring about real people. It shouldn’t be hard. Just stop being hypocrites.

  6. “America Wants Legal Marijuana More Than Ever Before. Catch Up, Joe Biden.”

    The reason there isn’t legal marijuana in New York is because the progressive politicians who run New York want it that way–and because New York doesn’t have a referendum process like we have in California.

    These are the same Democratic party machines that protect police from brutality claims. They’re against legalizing marijuana for the same reasons: because the law enforcement unions that control the state and local governments want it that way.

    Even in California, the progressives that run the state weren’t willing to vote against the law enforcement unions and legalize marijuana. We had to do it by referendum–because the politicians depend on the law enforcement unions for their support, especially in single-party states. It’s especially bad in single party states like California and New York because the outcome of the election doesn’t depend on the general election. It depends on who wins the primaries–and the law enforcement unions effectively control the primaries.

    So, yeah, before we tell Biden to catch up with public opinion, we might need to catch up with the fact that the progressive, Democrat party machines that Biden depends on for political support are controlled by unions that oppose legalizing marijuana. For goodness’ sake, Biden doesn’t care what average people want! He cares about inflicting the Green New Deal on us, confiscating our guns, and whether the unions support him.

    In the progressive mind, refusing to give people what they want–because they want it–is virtuous. In the progressive mind, the purpose of government is to force average people to make sacrifices for the greater good of others. Why should Democrats care about what people want? You get what you want by shopping online. Democrat politics is about forcing people to accept things they don’t want.

    1. The drug war keeps the cops employed.

    2. NY is making noise about it now, not because they finally developed morals but because they have an incredible budget shortfall and have realized that weed is one of the only ways to generate more tax revenue without really pissing everyone off.

      Ironically for those police unions, their swanky pension programs that they refuse to give an inch on are the very reason the budget shortfall exists to begin with. You can have your swanky retirement or you can keep the hippies in their place, not both.

      1. “Ironically for those police unions, their swanky pension programs that they refuse to give an inch on are the very reason the budget shortfall exists to begin with. You can have your swanky retirement or you can keep the hippies in their place, not both.”

        You can’t have both if President Trump wins reelection and refuses to sign off on a $3.5 trillion stimulus bill that included $1 trillion to bail California, Illinois, and New York out on their unfunded pension obligations.

        Unfortunately, Joe Biden won reelection, and that means they can have both fat and ridiculous pensions and keep the hippies locked up–all they need is a federal bailout under the guise of stimulus, and that will be one of the first things Biden and Pelosi do come January, as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow.

        1. Joe Biden won reelection

          No, he did not. The electors do not vote until next month. Not one state has certified its official vote tally. Several states have not completed their official vote tallies. And several states will be conducted court-ordered recounts before they can certify their vote tallies. Fuck off with your narrative building bullshit. Words have meanings.

          1. Let’s not miss the forest for the trees.

            1. you fold so easily?

              1. You saw my comment below?

            2. Georgia’s been called? Of course Collins will vote with Dems on a bailout so you really need both of those Senate seats.

              1. And that’s just one issue.

      2. “You can have your swanky retirement or you can keep the hippies in their place, not both.”

        Lmao. +100000000000

        1. Except of a federal bailout of New York.

          1. Just for the record . . .

            “Biden’s transition team in a new website that went live over the weekend pledged “a renewable fund for state and local governments to help prevent budget shortfalls, which may cause states to face steep cuts to teachers and first responders.”

            The money would be a boon to states like New York that have seen their tax revenue plummet during the crisis since March.

            New York is facing a multi-billion dollar budget gap, and Governor Andrew Cuomo has warned spending reductions, tax increases on wealthy people, and borrowing would be necessary to cover the gap if money from Washington is not approved.

            The “renewable” portion of this may be key for New York, given the multi-year nature of the budget problems the state faces. Cuomo has called for tens of billions of dollars in stimulus funding since the spring; a bill supporting state governments has stalled since then.”

            —-November 9, 2020


            The world where California, Illinois, and New York would be forced to make tough choices and cut the outrageous pension plans, etc. they shower their state workers with–that world faded and disappeared when Biden became president.

            1. Endless federal dollars.

              1. And that federal taxpayer money is coming out of the paychecks of people who do not live in New York.

                You know what taxpayers are to Joe Biden?

                We’re a “renewable” resource!

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      3. Is there any data that shows how much weed is sending into state coffers? I only ask because some of these states of budget gaps of eleventy kajillion dollars. While I appreciate the majesty of state-controlled/regulated/taxed marijuana sales (go Freedumb!) I’m doubting that MJ legalization is going to close this gap- let alone even come close to it. In fact, in states like California and New York, budget gaps will/have increased, not decreased after MJ legalization.

        1. Part of it is competition among unions, too.

          Some union confederations may represent the growers and/or the marijuana retailer workers–but they also represent law enforcement unions. Law enforcement is not all in the same union. If the union that dominates in New York doesn’t have any dues paying people in the medical marijuana industry, that union is obviously far less likely to push for recreational marijuana in Albany.

          It’s just important to understand that the law enforcement unions are the ones in charge. The only reason they’re taking a haircut on their pensions is because there is no money to be had. Unless we’re talking about national riots over a George Floyd video, the police unions aren’t budging on their benefits. They own the politicians. So, you have to starve the beast like Trump was doing. They won’t cut those benefits until there’s no other way out, and Biden’s bailout will give them another way out.

        2. I live in Colorado.

          While it has certainly helped our State budget, it doesn’t cure people of the desire to spend more money than they have. Politicians will always “need” more than they’re currently getting regardless of how much they take from you.

          I don’t think weed will solve NY’s budget crisis, not even close. What it will allow them to do is kick the can down the road a little longer, and that is very appealing to the people currently on the hook in NY.

  7. 2019: Illinois legalized recreational cannabis through state legislature. Though not the first state to legalize recreational this way, Illinois became the first state to legalize recreational commercial sale through state legislature.[67]

    Vermont legislature legalized in 2020. No others?

  8. Biden will do no such thing.

    Recall the Pantheon of Progressive Grievances. Legalizing marijuana would put an entire generation of drug dealers in minority communities across the country out of business. Subjecting these drug dealers to state regulation would require also subjecting them to criminal and civil penalties for operating in derogation of state mandates.

    The progressives, with Biden at the helm, are in a Catch-22. Legalizing marijuana is anti-racist. But, regulating minority owned marijuana businesses is racist.

    Unless our progressive overlords can figure out a way to constitutionally legalize marijuana exclusively for minorities, and exclude everyone else, marijuana will remain illegal.

    1. Rescheduling or descheduling marijuana federally would kick the issue to the states. There’s no law requiring the states to institute a fascist state-controlled monopoly or oligopoly in marijuana sales and distribution.

      1. “There’s no law requiring the states to institute a fascist state-controlled monopoly or oligopoly in marijuana sales and distribution.”

        I agree.

        There is no law that says the government has to be shitty and repressive, and yet ….

        And, if Biden does elect to pursue a federal level marijuana initiative, you can be certain it will be part and parcel of some vast and comprehensive regulatory scheme in the mold of Obamacare. Nothing is getting kicked to the states.

    2. Those minority drug dealers won’t participate in the legal business because of barriers to entry. A street hustler making $350 a week on small-time transactions isn’t going to be able to jump through the bullshit reglatory hoops of opening a real, bonafide business, with employees, licenses, safety regulations, code enforcement, bookkeeping etc. If they have a rap sheet, it’ll make it even more difficult.

      1. The barriers to entry for weed are pretty high too, at least from what I can see here in Colorado.

        You need a brick & mortar location with armed security. You need A LOT of cameras. You have to implement a system to make sure no one comes in more than once on a given day. It’s all cash only, so you have to have ways of safely dealing with lots and lots of cash. All the weed has to have tracking in place; every gram is tracked from grower all the way to end user. All kinds of testing for potency and purity has to be done.

        Ideally a small time grower would be able to just buy an old van, set up a Facebook site in his town and start delivering. That isn’t legal anywhere in the country as far as I can tell.

        1. Right, that’s why I’m having trouble imagining Sugar Bear, the street dealer west of 9th, successfully starting an operation like you describe all on the up-and-up. Not because he lacks the brain power, but it’s just a different world than he’s used to dealing in. And… probably requires connections, upfront investments etc. Something the street dealer who didn’t have any of those things day-before-yesterday suddenly needs today.

        2. It ain’t legal but it has been going on and still does.

          Thing is government is late to the game. There is already a supply chain which is hardly enforced or enforceable. The best way is for the federal government is to find a path to ignore it.

          There are other things to worry about so they will kick this can down the road again.

  9. President-elect Joe Biden

    Joe Biden is not the president-elect. There is no president-elect until the electors vote for the president next month. A dozen states are not even finished with their initial vote counts. Several have mandatory recounts to complete. And many more will have to perform court-ordered recounts due to the irregularities with their voting processes. Fuck off with your narrative building bullshit. Even if Biden somehow manages to hang onto his 1/2 of 1% vote tally leads in the 3 states he needs to win he will not be the president-elect until the electors elect him president. Words have meanings.

    1. Refusing to accept reality doesn’t make you precise. It makes you delusional.

      Words only have true meanings when the words reflect reality, and the reality is that Joe BIden will be the president. And that reality is in no small part because Libertarians voted for third party delusions–when they should have been voting against the authoritarian and socialist policies Joe Biden is promising to inflict on us in the real world.

      1. your pessimism is awful. mho.

        1. I just finished reading the new website Joe Biden put up with all the god-awful things he plans to do immediately once he takes office.

          The situation is bad.

          Read it for yourself.

          Read through all his priorities.

          It’s bad. It really is bad.

          1. Are you really not giving Biden any points for decorum and character? Come on, man!

          2. To see this agenda through, President-elect Biden will make new, bold investments and speed up the timetable for many of the 10-year investments he has already announced.

            10 year plans. Twice as effective as 5 year plans, comrades!

          3. I don’t expect Joe Biden to take office.

      2. Why didn’t you do that then?

        You could have voted against authoritarianism. You didn’t. You voted for the somewhat less authoritarian.

        All you want to do is shift blame on Libs for Trump losing when it is your fault Jorgeson lost.

        1. Ken said it best.

          “Third-party delusions.”

        2. Being a principled libertarian capitalist means doing what’s in the best interests of libertarian capitalism even when it’s hard.

          Voting to enable authoritarian and socialist policies may make someone principled, but it doesn’t make him or her a principled libertarian.

          You might as well have voted for Biden. You’d have hurt the movement less in the eyes of those who might try to appeal to us if you’d actually voted for Biden. Then you wouldn’t have made it look like libertarians don’t care about stopping the Green New Deal, stopping a national gun confiscation policy, and Trump signing an agreement with the Taliban to get us out of Afghanistan completely by the end of April.

          Hell, if Trump had backed the $3.5 trillion in stimulus (instead of killing it), he might have done better in the election and won. Is that what you want Republicans to think? That there’s no point in making a play for the libertarian vote because they won’t reward you for instituting libertarian policies anyway?

          1. That there’s no point in making a play for the libertarian vote because they won’t reward you for instituting libertarian policies anyway?

            No we want them to shift back towards their former positions on actual libertarian policies. Like not growing government to the tune of $3.3T per year. Like not confiscating tax money and sending out checks to non-taxpayers. Like free trade. Like supporting Twitter’s property rights even when we don’t agree with the outcome. Like kicking out people like Justin Amash because they don’t support their leader’s big government positions. Like the things that Republicans used to stand for.

            Why should we reward the Republican party for lurching toward big government just because they’re not out and proud about it like Democrats are? Having no party that cares about limited government is far more dangerous than having 4 years of Obama’s 3rd term.

            As you like to point out, Duverger’s Law means that we have to work within one of the two major parties. The Republican Party can still be saved. Trump’s brand of nationalistic, collectivist populism isn’t good for liberty.

            1. “No we want them to shift back towards their former positions on actual libertarian policies. Like not growing government to the tune of $3.3T per year”

              President Trump single-handedly killing a $3.5 trillion stimulus bill was a necessary first step, if you wanted to cut the budget. If Jo Jorgensen were president, she’d need to kill that $3.5 trillion stimulus bill before she starting chopping down that $3.3 trillion annual budget, too. In fact, Jo Jorgensen couldn’t have killed that stimulus bill any better than Trump did. And she’d still be subject to the House democrats on future appropriations bills, too.

              1. P.S. Donald Trump fought for a bill to cut $772 billion from Medicaid. I don’t know of another president who has ever taken on trying to cut a socialist entitlement program like that.


                We didn’t get those cuts because certain senators, an ostensibly libertarian one from Kentucky among them, opposed the bill–because of what it didn’t do. How fucked up is that?

                1. Rand was wrong to oppose that bill. I’m willing to say it.

                  1. And Donald Trump was right to fight for it!

                    1. I don’t disagree.

                      Now what about the rest of the spending? Rand seems to be better on net, wouldn’t you agree?

              2. But what are Trump’s net results on government spending? And don’t give me that this is all the Democrats faults. Trump was so happy to pass the first stimulus bill that he wanted to personally sign every check.

                Trump only killed the second stimulus because he doesn’t want to bail out blue states. While the effect is admirable, it doesn’t really reflect any principled approach to cutting or even limiting spending.

                Again, if my only options are to increase deficits by $3.3T or $6.8T I’ll choose to sit it out and hope for someone that might actually reduce the rate of growth of government. Trump ain’t it.

                1. Because Trump wasn’t a libertarian doesn’t mean he wasn’t better than Biden–on the budget as well.

                  Refusing to spend $3.5 trillion is better than campaigning on spending trillions more–and those were the alternatives.

                  True dichotomies are not false.

                  1. Yeah but you could argue that Biden would be a better President than, say, Bernie Sanders. But that doesn’t mean I should support Biden in a presidential election if he happened to run as the only opposition to Bernie. Are you suggesting that? At what point does the lesser of two evils become unpalatable to you?

                    How can we save the Republican Party if we keep rubber stamping candidates that are against liberty? Why would the Republican Party even listen to libertarians unless they see us as a key to winning elections? Voting for their bad candidates just because they aren’t the worst candidate doesn’t make it a good vote.

                    1. Did I mention that Trump killed a $3.5 billion stimulus package, negotiated a deal to get us out of Afghanistan, isn’t hostile to our gun rights, and fought to cut $772 billion from Medicaid?

                      Because none of that seems to have sunk in.

                      The choice wasn’t between Bernie Sanders and Biden. It was between Trump and Biden. Why would it be the same in every situation? Trump was light years better than Biden–full stop.

                    2. You didn’t answer my question. At what point does the lesser of two evils become unpalatable to you?

                      Trump has been horrible on spending. Why pretend otherwise? It makes you look like just another partisan.

      3. Andrews is correct. He’s not president-elect. That doesn’t mean he won’t be, but the insistence on giving a pass to the narrative that CNN calls elections needs to stop. I have no real hopes that Trump will be able to find, let alone discover any targeted fraud– enough to overturn where the results appear to be going. But this insistence on literally saying that if the Press Calls the Election, the Election Has Been Called is getting annoying.

        1. We’re talking about what will happen when Biden is president.

          1. I see what you did there. 🙂

      4. Refusing to accept reality doesn’t make you precise. It makes you delusional.

        No. Calling someone who has not been elected president the president-elect makes you delusional. In the same way and for the same reason that calling a cat a chicken makes you delusional. Words have meanings. And even if accept your idiotic conditions on that statement, calling Biden the president-elect does not reflect reality, because the reality is that he is not the president-elect. Even if Biden maintains his lead through the coming recounts and legal challenges, which is by no means a guarantee, he is absolutely not the president-elect today, November 9th. He will not be the president-elect until the electoral college votes on the Monday after the second Wednesday in December. Similarly, Donald Trump was not the president-elect on November 9th of 2016. Barack Obama was not the president-elect on November 9th of 2008. George W. Bush was not the president-elect on November 9th of 2000 – and neither was Al Gore despite the election being “called” in his favor on that date. Jam your sophistry and narrative-building directly up your asshole Ken. You’re a mindless fucking retard.

        1. The context of this thread is about what will happen once Biden is inaugurated, and taking issue with the words used to describe Biden’s status in that context is absurd and delusional.

          It’s the fourth quarter. The other team is ahead on the scoreboard. We’re out of time outs. The two minute warning was a long time ago. And the other team is taking a knee to run out the clock. Whether that last play had a missed pass interference call is beside the point. Whatever words you want to use to describe it, it’s time to start thinking about next week’s game.

          Yogi Berra says it’s never over until it’s over.

          I say it’s time to hit the showers.

          1. By the way, the most likely way that Trump could pull out a win here is to argue in a court of law to disregard the will of tens of thousands of voters. Whether the ballots were legally cast is a question he could ask, but it’s pretty hard to argue that these voters didn’t have the intent to vote the way those mail-in ballots were cast. We’re arguing about the date a ballot was received, most likely. Forget about the will of the voter because the post office was late in delivering the mail. It might be a short-term win, but it’s a long-term losing strategy politically. Most likely he still loses and looks like he’s willing to throw out thousands of votes in the process. No wonder Republicans are distancing themselves from this strategy.

            There simply isn’t going to be tens of thousands of votes that were a result of fraud, unless some major bombshell comes out. So you’re talking about a strategy of throwing out votes that were cast in good faith.

            1. Well, we’re also arguing some dead voters as well. Although I seriously doubt they’ll find enough dead voters to overturn Biden’s lead anywhere.

            2. Keep simping, leo.
              Great look

          2. “I say it’s time to hit the showers.”

            Someone is way too eager for a reaming.

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  11. considering the blue wave that didn’t happen, and the fact that Biden will not have a friendly senate…. coupled with election night results that clearly show Americans want this….. Biden would be wise to chose ending the drug war as the slam dunk he can get done and have something to call a “legacy.” (they all seem to care about that.) it is VERY popular with his base, and few who are not in his base really care so much about it that it would fuel more partisan bickering. good policy that fits with his party’s wishes without sparking more hair on fire screaming.

    that said, i won’t hold my breath. the problem with doing the right thing, is admitting he did the wrong thing for over 40yrs.

    1. Two things:

      1) The blue wave not happening probably doesn’t matter.

      For one thing, Biden will be too old to crisscross the country in 2024 in a pandemic free election season. He’ll retire before 2024, and probably after the 2022 midterms.

      The first midterm for a new president almost always hits the president’s party hard. The only recent exception was George W. Bush in 2002, but that was in the aftermath of 9/11 and before we invaded Iraq. For everyone else, big losses in their first midterm. It happened to Trump. It happened to Obama. It happened to Clinton. It happened to Reagan, . . . you can go back a hundred years and see the same thing over and over again. The Democrats will almost certainly lose the House in 2022, and that will be Biden’s queue to bow out because of his age and his health.

      Why should he care about a blue wave? That was probably Biden’s last election.

      2) Biden not having a friendly senate is by no means guaranteed.

      Whatever the central issues were in the Georgia senate races before, the central issue is now control of the U.S. senate. That means the two more likely outcomes are either that both Republicans win or both Republicans lose. I don’t know which outcome is more likely. Neither does anyone else.

      Even if the Republicans get one or both senators, that’s still a razor thin margin on issues like signing off on the Green New Deal in exchange for cash for your state, signing off on “common sense” gun confiscation in the wake of a mass shooting, or expecting Republicans in purple states to stand up and vote against raising corporate tax.

      Anyone who thought it was okay to vote Libertarian for president because a razor thin majority in the Senate will save us set themselves up for serious disappointment.

      1. Both Republicans win is the more likely outcome.

        1. Not with Dominion Systems counting the votes for weeks or months after the election again.

      2. a am describing what Biden should do. yes, he is likely to lose the house in 2022. yes, it would not be surprising if he does not run for a second term. and yes…. it is theoretically possible that the GOP would lose both run offs in Georgia. it ain’t going to happen, but it could. (it would require everyone who voted libertarian to vote democrat…… and libertarians will vote for gridlock.) yes, i understand that you have taken a personal stance on which evil was less…… but the election is over…. get over it.

        what matters is that Biden has no mandate, and no single party rule of Washington. any legislation he wants will require some GOP involvement and support. ending the drug war is an area where this can happen.

        1. “what matters is that Biden has no mandate, and no single party rule of Washington.”

          I don’t understand why this matters.

          It’s the number of seats they have in the House, the senate, and who’s in the White House that matters.

          What’s the difference between a Joe Biden that never plans to run again and a Joe Biden with a mandate?

          What’s the difference between the Democrats being in possession of the White House, the House, and a razor thin minority in the senate–when there’s a mandate or there isn’t a mandate?

          What happens differently without a mandate?

          No one in Congress is voting based on whether Joe Biden has a mandate. They’re mostly voting based on their party affiliation. Party control of the levers means Joe Biden will mostly get what he wants–regardless of whether he has a mandate.

          This mandate term keeps being given importance, but I can’t find any evidence of its importance. Joe Biden is in the White House. The Democrats control the House, and will be at most a hair short of control of the senate. Whether there’s a mandate doesn’t matter at all.

          The Democrat will need to pay the piper come the midterms, but that was already in the cards.

          Obama didn’t have a mandate. He got ObamaCare anyway.

          1. you don’t seem to understand the way things work. when Obama got elected, he had control of the house and senate. Obama care was passed without a single republican vote. Biden can not pass anything without republican votes. whether the majority is slim or not, Biden needs at least some republicans on board for whatever he wants to pass.

            the term mandate gets tossed out when a president wins and the electorate also gives him a congress capable of rubber stamping anything they want. it means Americans not only chose him as the lesser of two evils, they also voted in down ballot races to hand him what he needs for any agenda he wants. Biden doesn’t have that. what he has is a resounding declaration that he is president because people didn’t like Trump, but don’t like the overall agenda put forward by democrats. he can’t get anything he can’t get republicans to agree with.

            I’m sorry if this is too complicated for you to understand, but i can’t think of any other way to explain this to you. he will be president with a congress that won’t agree to progressive agenda items. the broad shift in attitudes towards the war of drugs creates a possible exception. it might be the only progressive goal he has any prayer of getting through congress.

            1. “I’m sorry if this is too complicated for you to understand”

              This mandate word is a delusion that doesn’t seem to have any impact in the real world.

              I understand alright.

              The question is control. The Democrats have almost all of it for the next two years–and the results in Georgia are still unknown.

              Things aren’t true because we want them to be true. Sometimes the truth is that we’re gonna get screwed. It’ll be worse if the Republicans lose both races in Georgia. And it won’t have anything to do with a mandate. It’ll just be about control of the senate.

              Anybody who thinks that Trump losing isn’t awful for libertarian and capitalist policies because Biden doesn’t have a mandate is fooling themselves. The only thing that might save us is the Republicans winning both seats in George–because that means keeping nominal control of the Senate.

              P.S. If I were the Democrat whip, I’d be asking Susan Collins right now what it would take to get her to jump ship.

              1. i am always amazed at people who will try to argue in favor of Trump, who try to use the word “libertarian.” do you guys really not know how absurd that is?

                1. your premises are dependent on congressional (R) wanting to *stop!* congressional (D) … recent history shows little effort to do so.

            2. Obama care was passed without a single republican vote.

              Untrue. It required a couple house Rs to flip and they did.

              1. if you are that completely ignorant, you should STFU….. it takes 15 seconds and google to learn you are wrong. the ACA did not receive a single republican vote in either the house or senate.

    2. Biden would be wise to chose ending the drug war as the slam dunk he can get done and have something to call a “legacy.”

      And Trump would be wise to deschedule marijuana before the EC vote next month to deprive him of that opportunity just to be a petty prick.

      1. that would make some heads explode…. not really enough time though.

  12. Joe Biden has basically refuted his entire set of principles and positions when he was Senator and Vice President. He has no moral ground to stand on anymore. Which means he’s ripe for manipulation, and considering most people believe he’s a doddering old fool likely to snooze away his time as president while the vultures help themselves to whatever is left of this country. And you helped vote him in. Think about it.

    1. 50 years in national politics and now, the he’s president, he’ll fix everything

      Starting with undoing everything he’s done over the last 50 years.

      1. He’s got Fresh Ideas and the Youth Vote.

      2. You know who else has 50 years in national politics?

    2. I live in a deep blue state. For us, hope has already been lost for decades but I cannot afford to move. Nobody that I know that voted for Biden did so on the basis of his policies. They all simply had a visceral, completely irrational hatred for Trump. Their entire political calculus was a hodgepodge of memes — everything from drinking bleach to children in cages to the Russians. Never in my life have I witnessed so many people so reflexively choosing a President on the basis of the most asinine considerations imaginable.

      And, the most insane part is that they actually LOVED the Trump tax cuts. I told my colleagues all of that is now out the window and their response was “well, we just wanted things back to normal.”

      Go fucking figure.

      1. The Times They are a Changin’ Back.

  13. Catch up, Joe?

    Sounds like a theme for the incoming administration. I suspect we’ll be hearing a lot of that from the Progressive wing.

    Didn’t Joe Biden help put in place the framework that keeps it illegal? Is that ‘catching up’ or is that ‘diametrically opposed’?

    Just kidding. It’s politics. I’m sure opinions will ‘evolve’. Just keep electing the same people. People like Biden prove that you can vote for the same guy 20 years apart and get something totally different each time. Or…is it?

    1. ‘It’s politics’ – you forgot your Kamala Harris cackle when explaining why you’re suddenly supporting a guy that a few weeks earlier you called a racist. To his face.

      1. Uhh, didn’t Warren essentially call him a rapist?

        1. Yeah, but that was during the election, so . . . it doesn’t really matter.

          She also once said she was Cherokee.

    2. He’s a politician, just like Kamala, his position can “evolve”.

  14. 57 percent of the vote is overwhelming?

    Might be time to reset the boundaries of loc and state governments if the people inside them have such conflicting desires and views that you can get a bare majority *of just the people who voted* (not even all the voters) and that is today considered ‘overwhelming’ agreement.

  15. I’m looking forward to the new crime bill from this police-state tankie.

  16. I can wait. I put 100K into a vertical maryjane venture. Returns will come for those in early.

  17. This poll needs to be waiting on his desk in the Oval Office

    Somewhere that Kamala can see it.

  18. Oh, now we’re making “wrong side of history” arguments.

  19. Prohibition laws, with their coercion, gunplay and confiscations, drive money away from the banking system, which then collapses. This happened in 1907 when states banned coca leaf products and beer in many places. Mabel Willebrandt’s 1929 series on prohibition enforcement crashed the economy in 1929. Nixon’s war caused a recession after Operation Intercept. Reagan, Gramm and Biden’s Crash of 1987 was a prohibition consequence as was the Waffen Bush crash that elected Obama. “Prohibition and The Crash” made this impossible to evade, so those laws are changing.

    1. You’re babbling again, Hank.

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  22. Democrats have probably run the numbers on loss of forfeiture revenue for drug busts and drug suspicion, and legal drugs with taxes low enough that people won’t buy street drugs, and found out the status quo makes more money.

  23. Americans want a lot of things that are dumb, this being one of them… A senile old man as POTUS being another.

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