Election 2020


Trump's tweets are muddying the process. His legal challenges deserve to be heard, and all votes will continue to be counted.


President Donald Trump tweeted on Thursday morning that election officials should stop counting votes—and his campaign's legal team is firing off a flurry of lawsuits in an attempt to at least slow the democratic process down.

But Trump's "STOP THE COUNT" tweet is a good reminder of how purely political—and a bit silly— all this has become. The president doesn't control the election process; each state does. And there has been no indication of voter fraud or election malfeasance that could somehow swing the election. Trump's behavior is nothing more than an attempt to stop the legitimate democratic process from fully playing out (and an inconsistent attempt at that, given that Trump supporters have been cheering for additional vote-counting in Arizona, where the president is hoping to make a late comeback).

But as the election drags on, Trump seems determined to push the result into overtime. In Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, the Trump campaign is suing to halt ballot counting or to challenge what it says are illegal late-arriving ballots. The campaign also wants to intervene in an ongoing U.S. Supreme Court fight involving Pennsylvania's rules for late-arriving mail-in ballots. And the president's team says it will seek a recount in Wisconsin, which former Vice President Joe Biden won narrowly.

The flurry of legal challenges means the election could drag on in complicated, messy ways for days or even weeks. The combination of potential recounts and the specter of the U.S. Supreme Court's involvement suggest some parallels to the infamous Florida recount that decided the 2000 presidential election—except this time, multiple states are involved.

On the other hand, it's also possible that Wednesday's actual and threatened legal actions will end up being nothing more than the final gasps of a desperate campaign that's heading toward a narrow but definitive loss. In Georgia, for example, the Trump campaign is suing over the possible inclusion of 53 late absentee ballots counted in one county. One of several lawsuits filed in Pennsylvania on Wednesday seeks to disregard 93 absentee ballots in Montgomery County.

While accurate counting of all votes is of course important, it seems highly unlikely that a few dozen votes will alter the outcome of the race in either state. A repeat of the Florida 2000 controversy will only be possible if a single state ends up swinging the outcome of the election and if that state's final tally is extraordinarily close. In that context, the lawsuits launched in the 36 hours since polls closed are essentially an attempt to start as many potential challenges as possible in hopes that one will have legs.

Lawsuits filed on Wednesday in Michigan and Pennsylvania allege that Trump campaign poll watchers were not given access to facilities where some absentee ballots were counted. In both places, the campaign is asking judges to halt counting until access for poll watchers can be assured. Another Pennsylvania lawsuit seeks to limit how long voters have to provide identification if their mail-in ballots are rejected for mismatched signatures.

The outstanding U.S. Supreme Court case involving Pennsylvania's decision to count absentee ballots that arrive by Friday—as long as there is no evidence they were mailed after Election Day—also received renewed attention on Wednesday as the race in the Keystone State predictably tightened. Again, that will only end up mattering if the number of late-arriving ballots is significant enough to affect the outcome in Pennsylvania and if Pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes prove decisive.

The same is true in Wisconsin, where Biden was declared the winner on Wednesday by about 20,000 votes. Trump's campaign has promised to push for a recount.

"There have been reports of irregularities in several Wisconsin counties which raise serious doubts about the validity of the results," Bill Stepien, Trump's campaign manager, claimed in a statement. "The president is well within the threshold to request a recount and we will immediately do so."

But with Biden holding leads in Arizona and Nevada after being declared the winner by slim but significant margins in the crucial states of Wisconsin and Michigan, time may be running out for the president. Pennsylvania's slow-going count of mail-in ballots is also trending toward a Biden win, though Trump had a 600,000-vote lead at the end of Election Day. Any serious legal challenge to the vote totals in those states will have to convince judges to toss out votes that were cast on or before Election Day.

In short, it's a Hail Mary effort that seems aimed at delaying the inevitable, or at least at giving Trump more time to complain about the outcome.

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  1. What will you write about when Trump is gone?

    Will we get a daily column on the nonsensical things Biden says but don’t matter?

    Can’t wait.

    1. Isn’t that the point. There is a world of news out there we should be following and yet the President for the last four years has insisted that he be covered first.

      1. In my county, in California, 80% of the county and city workers are registered as Democrat. That is not surprising, as the Democrats want to enlarge government and will always support anything the SEIU want. Self-interest. The few Republicans are mostly in law enforcement and the fire department – and they don’t count the votes.
        That said, why would you not believe the party that invented the Russia collusion conspiracy and which has a long history of ‘fooling around’ with the vote says? No real need to let observers – allowed by law – to actually see what is going on. COVID-19! SCIENCE!

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        1. “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”
          -Joseph Stalin

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      2. “President for the last four years has insisted that he be covered first.”

        Blame Trump for Eric’s column?


        1. I mean, technically, Trump is responsible for every single case of TDS.

          1. +1

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      3. Boehms:

        “But Trump’s “STOP THE COUNT” tweet is a good reminder of how purely political—and a bit silly— all this has become.”

        As of today, Trump has filed suit in Nevada regarding the votes. He claims mail in ballots were sent to apartments and deceased people who are no longer in Nevada. The reason he wanted the count stopped, is because they are mail-in ballots. If you count those votes, then you lose traceability. Prior to counting, there may be a way to determine where the votes came from, to determine if they are legitimate or not.

        1. http://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/1324418523813367809?s=19

          Doors pad-locked in Detroit

          Observers barred in Philly

          Observers barred in Las Vegas

          “This is what democracy looks like”

          1. Wow, you quoted some guy’s unsourced, unsupported tweet. That’s impressive argumentation right there! What next? An anecdote from your grandma?

            1. Eat a bullet

            2. this guy is an impotent moms basement keyboard warrior. disregard the little bitch

              1. Sounds like projection

          2. Standard Dumb techniques to ‘find’ more votes.
            The longer the counting continues the more time Dumbs have to manufacture and the ‘find’ additional votes.

    2. What is the libertarian response to useless, liberal platitudes? Who can oppose taxing and spending when the message is “hope and change”?

    3. Trump’s behavior is nothing more than an attempt to stop the legitimate democratic process from fully playing out.

      Or it could be an attempt to investigate the 100 thousand or so 100% biden votes that allegedly appeared, that Matt Walsh tweeted his opinion on, that twitter instantly deleted and censored retweets. So, depends on what you think is “legitimate” Boehms.

      1. Those votes were a typo in a third party aggregation site. They added a zero, and then corrected it a few minutes later.

        1. Disagree.

          1. I disagree with your disagreement.

        2. Possibly. However, given the mass fraud in New Jersey in the primary, the sheer number of people who think defeating Trump is a moral mandate worthy of any cost, rampant accusations of various illegitimate votes, and the media’s clear censorship attempts of anything bad for Biden, I have to side with “I’m not dismissing this without evidence”.

    4. Why will you care?

      None of you Trumpbot apparats gives a damn about anything other than polishing Dear Leader’s dingleberries.

      I chose not to vote this year but I sure am happy to watch you morons writhe in agony. I hope we can stretch out this ‘who won the last election before Stalin takes power’ period – for months. Years if it continues to stress all you who take this stuff so so seriously. Even better if the narrative is truly confused and no one knows who is winning or won.

      1. Speaking of writhing in agony, shouldn’t you still be cowering in your antiseptic bunker from the Chinese Death Flu?

        Which, I note, none of the talking heads seem to be paying much lip service to, the last few days. Guess Biden looks like he’ll win. Gotta get people prepared when we declare we’ve always been at peace with EastAsia.

        1. We need to get ready to stop the democrat coup.

        2. It’s a shame that you turned into a commenter who can’t understand the difference between talking about a new disease in order to try to understand it v enforcing a political narrative about the same in order to stifle all discussion about it.

          If I remember correctly, you were one of the few commenters who in early Feb was trying to figure the early stuff out about the virus and the different responses to it (mostly in Asia then cuz Iran offered no info of value at all). But once the R’s and Trump offered up their narrative, you chose to goosestep with them. the easy and stupid way out to avoid learning anything.

          1. It’s a shame a cowardly piece of lefty shit like you isn’t dead yet.

            1. There’s that patented Sevo civility.

              1. I would be really worried about Sevo shooting up a school if I thought he was smart enough to figure out how to mount an assault rifle to his walker.

                1. You globalist should form a site together.

                  1. Aren’t we on it?

          2. No, you were a chicken little. A really dumb one.

        3. You have been played comrade. Democrats to the right of Mao needed your lefty vote to survive as a political party. The white colonist, Wheeler, won re-election. You lost house seats. The senate is controlled by capitalists. The house has more dems to the right of Pelosi than left. Antifa is finally being crushed in Portland.

          1. Antifa is finally being crushed in Portland.

            The open Antifa candidate lost by 5% to the closeted antifa supporter. Combined the antifa supporting candidates earned 86% of the vote.

            So sure as long as by “crushed” we mean completely validated and empowered.

            1. https://policetribune.com/portland-antifa-overwhelmed-at-latest-riot-by-state-police-sheriff-national-guard/ y sh

              Crushed meaning overwhelmed, by order of the governor. The timing is precious.

              1. (1) The night began with two main groups comprised of hundreds of people.

                (2) At least 10 people were arrested, including two suspects who were armed with guns when they were taken into custody, according to the sheriff’s office.

                So maybe less than crushed. Maybe a change in tactics because their goal seems to have been achieved.

              2. Behold the ultimate fate of the useful fools. Look at them, look at them and laugh..

      2. The Trumpistas are rocked to their very soul that Reason might actually start to report on stuff other than Trump! Gosh!

        Of course they have been doing this all along, and the Trumpistas know it, because every story that isn’t about Trump has them all whining that Reason is ignoring Trump.

        1. Yes, it would be a nice breath of fresh air if most of them could make it through an entire column without mentioning him.

          Personally, I’m sick and tired of hearing about how uniquely awful he is.

          1. What you seem to be missing is that Trump IS uniquely awful.

          2. Right now, Trump is acting like a four year old who is losing a game of checkers, and about to kick over the board.

            1. Or perhaps Al Gore in 2000.

              1. Remember, left wing mythology is that Gore didn’t fight hard enough.

              2. or trump 2016 when he lost pop vote. or hilldawg the same year. both babies.

                “stop counting where im ahead but keep counting where im behind!”

                a real paragon of liberty and democracy

                good riddance

            2. 100’s of thousands of votes show up overnight (when counting had supposedly been paused till later Wednesday morning) and they’re 100% for Biden and you don’t think that makes average people go “That seems fishy”? This is totally expected.

              And honestly, if it was reversed and 100’s of thousands of votes just showed up, Biden would have every right to contest it too.

              1. heard soros was stuffing the boxes himself! oh no!

        2. The TDS victims are terrified that they’ll have to think of something other than Trump.

          1. You have that so completely wrong. It would bring me great happiness to not have to hear about what new b.s. Trump is up to every day.

            1. Death shall set you free

    5. Same stuff they write about now. They’ll give praise and criticism from a libertarian point of view. What will change will be the demographics comments. The Trump supporters will wander off as they won’t be able to accuse Reason of being leftist, and a new set will come in to accuse it of being a conservative rag for criticizing a Democrat president.

      1. I remember when the Reason comment section was mostly filled with libertarians, libertarian-leaning conservatives, and libertarian-leaning liberal. Now it seems like it’s all Trumpalumpas all the time.

        Same names, come to think of it, they just swapped out ideologies like a change of underwear. “Libertarians have always been against free trade!” “We’ve always been at war with Eastasia!” That sort of thing.

        1. Oh, good ole 2015.

        2. That’s not totally true. Most of the cool kids left for glibertarians, and there’s still a reasonoid list serve full of former commentors. They keep inviting me back but it’s just too much to sort through. Speaking of, I should organize another New England trip to the range before it gets too cold to shoot comfortably.

          1. Are the glibs still active? Last time I checked it was pretty sparsely used and mostly just one line comments with not much deep discussion. Also, I think most of the glibs were Trump supporters and left because Reason was “too left” for them.

            1. We left because of multiple reasons (drink?). I know my initial sabbatical wasn’t because I thought they had gone too left, but the hyper-focus on Trump’s awfulness in 2016 got completely out of hand.

              But I just couldn’t quit you guys, even Tony.

              1. Aww, that’s sweet. It’s not as much fun in an echo chamber, is it?

                1. You mean talking with your fellow TDS victims?

                  1. Trump Devotion Syndrome? That’s you, homey.

                    1. Sevo is a gnat. Don’t confuse noise with conversation.

                2. Glibs is hardly an echo chamber, but whatever.

            2. I was invited but I didn’t go Glib. So I don’t know.

              1. I did like the “No Tulpas” rule.

        3. I agree with you that the comment section has drastically changed in the last 3 years, but I wouldn’t say “same names”. There are very few people remaining from the 2011-3 days. John and Tony, Ken Schultz are still here and the same. There was a quasi anarchist Episiarch who I assume moved on. Old Mexican is gone. There was a left-leaning libertarian named Chad who also left a while ago. JsubD died, rest his soul. Tulpa, interestingly, was here but it felt like he left for a few years then came back.

          We have also lost a few trolls/really annoying commenters (white Indian, Gregory Smith, Dondero).

        4. You dumb fucks all admitted yesterday you were globalist, not libertarians.

          The fact that you’re happy with a candidate pushing higher taxes, the GND, higher regulations,, etc proves you aren’t a libertarian.

          Stop lying to yourself.

          1. you and your ilk are just cult follower R’s. Grats. Not libertarians

            also enjoy the L

      2. I don’t think they’re leftist, I just don’t think a lot of them are very libertarian.

        And come on, some of the more egregious writers (Suderman, I’m looking at you) can make multiple posts on a subject without ever giving an actual libertarian point of view.

        1. The McSuderman position seems to be full government support for healthcare (and virtually everything else the left wants) but using a more effective and less wasteful framework than the left prefers. I’ve always found it amusing everyone including the left recognizes this desire disqualifies them as leftists. It makes you wonder what the left is really after that these features are considered bugs rather than features.

          I’m just not sure how this makes them libertarian.

    6. Hey, fellas. Don’t mind me, I just have to preserve a whole buffalo carcass.

      [starts shoveling salt into a wheelbarrow]

      Phew. Hot in here.

      [nods to Rufus, starts wheeling full wheelbarrow away]

      Ok, carry on.

    7. Well, go back and look at reason.com posts and magazine articles from the Obama years. It will look a lot like that.

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    9. Boehm wrote two anti Trump articles today.

      Reason’s trashing of Trump, who is the most libertarian president of my lifetime, has become pathetic.

  2. Once again, one sided, focusing on Trump. No condemnation of all the shenanigans pulled by Dems before the election, changing procedures to their benefit. Trump could not be trying to roll back those shenanigans if they had not been implemented in the first place.

  3. What kind of voting laissez-faire editor-in-chief lets an article like this get published?

    1. A liberal/leftist one. Boehm considered voting for Joe Biden.


      And that makes him… Not a libertarian. Certainly not in the traditional sense.

  4. Project Veritas is reporting that USPS workers in Michigan were ordered to back date ballots.

    Nothing. To. See. Here.


    1. OT: this story is from Traverse City. I went to a boarding school just outside TC and was in town one night, crossed paths with Michael Moore who owns a theatre downtown. Dude is fuckin MASSIVE, like Chemjeff massive, and way freakier looking in real life.

      1. Is Michael Moore taking estrogen injections or does he just naturally look like an old dyke?

      2. “Dude is fuckin MASSIVE, like Chemjeff massive, and way freakier looking in real life.”

        Actually LOLd.

        Celebs are strange when you meet them. The guys are either way taller than you thought (Tom Selleck) or shorter (Sly Stallone, Don Johnson.) The women are invariably plainer, if not freaky looking.

        1. Pedo Jeffy is tubby?

          1. Morbid obese.

            1. so the size of the clown you idolize and carry water for

              cool cool cool cool

              eat the L while your boy drowns in a bucket of fried chicken

        2. Rodney Harrison – former safety for the Chargers and Patriots, heavy hitter, current Sunday Night Football host – is tiny. Rock solid, but just looked so small compared to how you see him playing. I felt like I towered over him. It was weird.

    2. Which puts a lie to Boehm’s insisting that “there is no indication” that there was fraud at levels to affect the election.

      I am willing to say that there is no hard evidence at this point- but there are DEFINITELY indications. Big indications. In a state where Trump is losing by 150,000 votes- this is a hugely irresponsible thing to say.

      1. This. We’ll see how it all shakes out in the coming months.

      2. http://twitter.com/hollandcourtney/status/1324391931313442816?s=19


        The Trump campaign has publicly available information that shows that people who are not residents in Nevada have voted in the Nevada election.

        They are filing a lawsuit.

        1. BREAKING:

          you lost

          eat the L

          1. Eat a bullet

            1. you lost, take the L, sad sore loser. take it out on antifa you whiny little ineffectual pussy, the country would be better without them as well as you

              1. Not man enough to pull the trigger?
                Then slit your wrists like a bitch.

                1. im sitting pretty. weak centrist prez checked by R senate

                  libertarians dream

                  but your cult leader lost,

                  eat the L or your gun, whatever feels better puss

      3. http://twitter.com/ElijahSchaffer/status/1324421318612320257?s=19

        I’m supposed to believe after Democrats spent $47 million on a 2 year investigation

        With nonstop coverage on almost all major left wing broadcast networks

        To convince us that election fraud/interference was a serious threat

        But on Nov 3rd, 2020 the threat suddenly went away?

        1. It’s only fraud if the other team does it.

    3. Yep, and the Inspector General with the USPS is investigating.

  5. Yep keep shilling for democrats. There is nothing to see here. I suppose this is self preservation on reasons part otherwise they will get shut down by big tech and not invited to democrat coke parties.

  6. COUNT ALL THE VOTES, the illegal ones, the 11th hour found ones mixed into the pile, the ones without signatures or postmarks, the 100%+ turnout from Dem areas, the 120 year olds that first registered 35 years ago after they died, etc

    Fvckin nitwit

    1. don’t forget the libertarian votes. PA’s reported libertarian votes dropped by 40k between 12 and 12:15 election night. I don’t think too many folks have noticed.

      1. I saw that on Reddit. WTF is going on there?

        1. Voter fraud. The election has been tampered with, most likely irreparably, by the Democrats, and the system won’t hold any of them accountable. Which means either the people will have to, or the USA ceases to be

        2. It was a typo on the same third party aggregator as mentioned above.

          There was a typo.

          there was a tweet.

          There was an explanation.

          Then the tweet was retracted.

      2. I couldn’t find 3rd party vote share on Politico or CNN.

  7. Also this article is trash.

  8. Isn’t “Stop the Count” because he wants some oversight of the process? It seems like that was denied in certain areas, and it certainly seems suspicious.

    1. he only wants to stop the count where he is currently in the lead and could lose it. he wants counting to continue where he is not in the lead and might gain it. the motivation seems pretty clear.

      1. It would be fine reporting if that were the only thing to report. How much reporting was there beforehand of all the Dem attempts to expand the vote before the election, which is what almost all these count protests are about?

        IOW, Trump wouldn’t have all these challenges if the Dems had not provided the expansions before the vote, and that is where the balance is missing.

      2. Got it. That seems ridiculous.

        On the other hand, the way ballots have turned up, and the way counts have “mistakenly” given Biden more votes, I can understand it

        1. Funny how all these typos and mistakes are always in favor of Biden.

      3. Well yeah…if you suspect there’s fraud and you won in spite of it by massive margins (FL and OH), why would you waste your time there first?

        This is why TDS exists as a concept; because you throw out any logical answer the moment it involves Trump. He MUST be evil. He CANNOT be just like you or me. Your distrust is engrained so strongly that further discussion is pointless.

        1. he wants to stop counting where he is ahead, and keep counting where he is behind…… and i am the one throwing out logic? the blind devotion is strong with you.

          1. Oh, you’re just very stupid…
            Carry on

  9. Don’t ‘STOP THE COUNT’

    One, Two, Three newly discovered votes for Biden, ah ah ah…

    1. ya funny.

  10. It’s pretty funny how all these errors and glitches just happen to go in Biden’s favor.

    By funny, I mean totally ludicrous and corrupt.

    1. If there was just one batch that was “found” that’s 100% for Trump, these odd cases of 20k+, 130k+ batches 100% for Biden turning up left and right would look a little more believable.

      1. They could have peppered in a few Trump votes to make those batches look plausible, but clearly they aren’t sending their best. Probably a few Somalians will get arrested and the people at the top will skate as usual.

        1. And no election results will be changed.

          1. Overthrow the democrat rats if they attempt to take over.

            Enough is enough.

        2. Hire idiots to do ballot harvesting, get the results from idiots doing your ballot harvesting.

        3. I think the Trump margins in some places made that unworkable. If Trump votes were lumped in there, it would drive the overall total up to an unbelievable level. Supposedly Wisconsin is seeing record “turnout” where it looks like 700k – 900k people voted with same day registration and did so overwhelmingly for Biden. Doesn’t exactly pass the smell test.

            1. And it’s why all these decisive states had that strange pause in counting Tuesday night/Wednesday morning

          1. I came to say same. Wisconsin hit 89% voter participation. Highest prior percentage in last 2 decades was 75%. AFAIK no other state has ever hit 89%. AFAIK the numerator and denominator used to get the 89% have not been shown to be incorrect numbers.

            No indication of electoral malfeasance Boehm???

            1. 5. 5 standard deviations above their mean

  11. Trump’s behavior is nothing more than an attempt to stop the legitimate democratic process from fully playing out

    So, filing a lawsuit is an attempt to stop the legitimate democratic process?

    Try harder next time, Eric.

    1. Similarly, asking for a recount is an attempt to block the democratic process, particularly when the state law expressly permits a recount?

      I wonder if this guy said the same thing about Al Gore in 2000.

      1. He was still in diapers then.

  12. I’m having a hard time clarifying whether Trump’s complaint that his poll watchers don’t have access to counting facilities has merit. The law seems pretty clear that they should have access. If they in fact don’t, isn’t that grounds for delaying vote counting until such access is granted? The only response I see to this complaint is that “there’s no evidence of fraud”, which is a red herring.

    1. there is never evidence if you fail to look. just like the kid who said he can’t find his shoes so he can’t go to school.

    2. yes, it is grounds to halt the counting. there are direct complaints that poll watchers were banned from stations, and count watchers were kicked out of dem-dominating districts. Fulton County GA has some very questionable stories/accusations circulating. As does Detroit, Milwaulkee, and, of course, Philadelphia.

      The Dems insisted on delays in counting to allow inclusion of ‘all votes’ well after election night, ensuring a delay and confusion in reporting. And now they want to rush to complete. not suspicious at all.

      1. In Detroit there are videos of GOP watchers being kicked out of the building while the poll workers cheer. Then the video taker gets asked to delete the video. Windows being boarded up so they can’t be watched from the outside. Nothing to see here.

        It’s a shitshow.

        1. http://twitter.com/adamhousley/status/1324428702269071366?s=19

          1/3 With all the reports and claims of fraud it’s up to us in the media to either confirm, or deny such claims, rather than universally accept or dismiss. So..I am now going to report an instance I found and am asking Nevada to take a look and will put these individuals in touch

          2/3 A paramedic in Nevada & family I have spoken to directly and are legitimate…decided to check their ballot status online. They got this upon their check so they decided to call the state number provided.

          3/3 Upon calling the state they have been told that none of them are registered voters and their votes have not been counted. Paramedic says all 5 are indeed registered and voted about a week and a half before election in Nevada in person and voted for President Trump.

        2. http://twitter.com/MariaBartiromo/status/1324386054254809091?s=19

          -4am dump/Wisconsin 65,000 votes 100% for Biden
          -4am dump/Michigan 138,499 votes 100% 4Biden
          -AZ poll workers forcing voters to use sharpies thereby invalidated ballots
          -Trump leading in GA, NC, PA, WI, MI & they stop counting” before the vote fairy visits overnight…

          1. James Woods retweeted the above, with this comment:

            Is any Democrat ready to accept this with a straight face? This is as unAmerican as overt insurrection. I promise you I would feel exactly the same way if hundreds of thousands of votes showed up that were 100% for my candidate. I would say unequivocally that it was voter fraud.

            1. Twitter has disabled all interaction with it – can’t retweet, reply, like, or even copy the fucking link to the tweet to post here

    3. Agreed. If GOP observers were not permitted to observe the vote counting, that’s a violation of the law. Whether or not there was voter fraud is irrelevant to the present question.

      Defense: “Your honor, the police searched my client’s car without a warrant.”
      Prosecutor: “But your honor, there is no evidence of police brutality in our city.”

      Great. Still gotta deal with the unconstitutional search, though.

      1. I’ve definitely grown tired of pretending there is no issue. They aren’t allowed to observe vote counting because…why? Oh, but there’s no fraud, I assure you.

        This entire shitshow can be summed up with “these are not the droids you are looking for.”

        1. No one engages in voter fraud (or any other kind of cheating) expecting to get caught. The reason is that most don’t get caught.

    4. For poll watchers, it depends on the state laws. For example, in PA, poll watchers have to registered with the board of elections as a poll watcher, and you can only do it in the county you are registered to vote in. So people that claimed to be poll watchers could be barred from the counting facilities if they didn’t meet the criteria. There are some details here:


    5. There’s also no evidence that the mass protests were a COVID-19 super-spreader event (except the July spike in cases), but 30,000 COVID-19 cases have been traced to a half dozen Trump rallies, and Sturgis was worse than the Spanish Flu.

  13. And there has been no indication of voter fraud or election malfeasance that could somehow swing the election.

    And the feudal lord of New Jersey Phil Murphy said he was certain they wouldn’t “detect” any voting fraud.

  14. Interesting article from a Biden Supported. I sure that this didn’t factor in his opinion.


    Who do you plan to vote for this year? I am currently not registered to vote in Virginia, where I live. If I change that before the election, I will vote for Jo Jorgensen—unless I believe there is a chance that Joe Biden will somehow fail to win Virginia, in which case I will vote strategically and reluctantly for Biden.

    If you could change any vote you cast in the past, what would it be? I can’t imagine thinking a single vote is valuable enough to spend time regretting.

  15. You are being intentionally misleading and/or clueless and/or outright deceiptful.

    The demands to “stop the count” have been specifically directed at states where the legality of the ballots are in question. And the demand to stop is to halt until that legality is clarified. This has been made abundantly clear by Trumps campaign leads and to ignore their clear statements is some combination of the above.

    In PA for instance, the dem SOS has provided guidance to counters that is in direct contradiction of existing law, allowing the count and inclusion of ballots received without post-marks. They are counting illegal ballots and mixing them into the totals. once they are included, it will be impossible to separate them out again in a recount.

    this is how countries collapse…a loss of faith in the systems.

    1. Yea, Donald Trump, defender of the system.

      1. I’m glad that you and everyone else be forced to remember his name when we look back at this in the future.

    2. unpopular (and probably not a very libertarian) opinion, if you are caught committing election fraud, from lowly ballot counter to presidential candidate, you should be subject to the harshest penalties allowed by law, up to and including the death penalty. It’s a betrayal of what the USA stands for and self-preservation is the only thing that will make these animals toe the line. In addition, in cases like above with PA where they’re doing their best to mix fraudulent votes with real ones, the party committing the fraud loses the state, their votes are null and void, and the remaining parties decide the winner based on who has the largest number of votes. Before anyone cries about disenfranchising voters, if fraud is being committed then the voters are already being disenfranchised. My way ensures that the ones being punished are the ones trying to profit off of fraud, and would provide an incentive to ensure your party is on the up and up.

      1. A point that many are making right now….
        Elections developed as an alternative to physical violence, force, and war. Where an agreed-to process allowed winners and losers to compromise because they had faith in the fairness. The losers didn’t have to be happy, they just had to have faith that the process was fair.

        We should be very, very focused on maintaining fair elections where our millions of citizens have faith that even though they lose, it was through honest majorities of their neighbors that disagreed with them.

  16. you realize he only wants illegal counting without observers to stop until they can be observed. Use your brain

    1. All citizens over the age of 18 should be able to vote. Voting is the only way the people have to check the government and the government should not be allowed to choose who votes.

      1. All citizens over the age of 18 who are registered should be able to vote in compliance with existing law.


        1. I support changing the law so that there is automatic voter registration (or no registration) and almost no way to take away voting rights.

          1. Then change the fucking law.

          2. 18-20 year olds are historically the lowest-voting demographic in American history, even in the 1972 election when they could first do so when the past Literally Hitler, Nixon, ran and ended up in a complete fucking blowing out his opponent. This is the demo that was supposed to push Bernie over the top, and fizzled.

            If they’re too fucking lazy to tell the DMV clerk, “Yes, I’d like to register to vote” (which is an automatic process) when they update their driver license, then they certainly aren’t going to show up when they don’t even have to register.

            1. None of what you said is a valid reason to prevent them from voting.

              1. Not being registered is a valid reason to prevent them from voting.

                1. I am saying that I want to eliminate registering or make it automatic.

                  1. I mean, really, it’s pretty fucking simple. The DMV clerk asks them, “do you want to register to vote?” and they say “yes” or “no.”

                    Do you really think this is some kind of difficult process?

                  2. And the whole point of registering is to ensure that you’re legally allowed to do so in the first place. Unless you want foreigners influencing the election. Like the Russians, for example.

                  3. I’ll go further than ‘registration should be automatic’. I think elections themselves are nonsense. Congress should be selected randomly from among those with the minimum constitutional requirements. The random selection can be screened after selection for age, citizenship, etc. Other than that, its more like jury service. Congrats you are now a congresscritter for the next two years.

              2. Who’s preventing who from voting? If you can register and you don’t, you are preventing yourself.

              3. Is someone holding a gun to their head to prevent them from registering when they get their license updated at the DMV?

            2. They also won’t check to see if someone voted in their name.

            3. If an individual is incapable of figuring out how to register to vote or too lazy to do it, that individual should probably not be voting.

  17. A Libertarian thinking every voice should be heard is just hilarious regardless of how disingenuous the parsing of Trumps message is. No not everyone should vote this shouldn’t even be controversial, some people definitely shouldn’t vote.

    1. It certainly isn’t part of open-borders libertarian arguments that everyone should vote.

  18. Chicom-19 killed the Trump Administration. It gave cover to all the “it’s too dangerous to vote in person” election procedure legislation that allowed for massive mail balloting and potential fraud. I’m actually shocked that Trump came as close as he did; without Chicom-19 , and his questionable response, he strolls to a big victory.

    1. I don’t think so. There were very few Rs who thought covid was an issue and thus voted D, and no Ds who though covid was not an issue and voted R. Trump was historically unpopular before covid. If anything I think covid gave Trump another way to drum up support from his base.

      1. “Trump was historically unpopular before covid”

        That is simply not true. His approval numbers were running ahead of Obama and had higher approval rating among minority groups then any GOP POTUS ever. And this was reflected in the voting numbers where he well surpassed voting totals across all demographics.

        1. He never broke 50%.

  19. write about the fraud.

  20. “Trump’s behavior is nothing more than an attempt to stop the legitimate democratic process from fully playing out.”

    And still it’s about how Trump is bad without entertaining the possibility that something is seriously amiss and askew.

    Cheating is in the DNC wheelhouse. This is the party of Tammany Hall and Huey Long. It rigs its own primaries for the love of God. It’s not a stretch to think they’d try some stun with the election. They basically hinted that they would.

    This is a coup.

    Nothing makes sense. Trump apparently got 20% of the black vote and made some in-roads with minorities and women.

    1. Yep. They are finding votes in only the places they need, but those results aren’t duplicated anywhere else in the country.

  21. Hey Boehm:

    It is A FACT that Shiawassee County in Michigan reported an order of magnitude (i.e. 10x) more votes for Biden than he actually received. This was only corrected when people on Twitter noticed and complained.

    But there is “no indication” of Fraud that could tilt the election?

    1. We are rapidly approaching the point where talk or legal action spinster enough. We will have to stop them ourselves.

      1. Yep. Expect violence in the streets today, there are anti-election fraud protests happening in Phoenix, Philly, and Detroit, and Antifa hasn’t been shy about being out and about attacking people.

      2. Let the third (jury) box work. Give it some time.

        Good though, that people are getting angry about this.

      3. Ruh-Roh. Looks like the 101st Chairborne is getting ready to mobilize. Go with God boys (and don’t forget your Orthopedics and Prep-H).

        1. How’s your wife’s kid, Eric?
          He get drafted yet?

        2. he gets it

          these guys are fucking pussy keyboard warriors

          theyll bend over and take the L like bitches

  22. Republican voters will bitch and moan and come up with endless excuses for why their candidate lost, just like Democrats? Who would have thought

    1. Trump is whining just like he took lessons from Hillary. I fully expect a book out in 2023 about how his throne was stolen from him by .

      The villains could be anything, doesn’t matter who they are so long as it advances the narrative that life is terribly unfair to Donnie. Maybe it’s Russians, maybe it’s Facebook and Twitter, maybe it’s five dimensional chess Biden, or maybe it’s the same guys who stole the original copy of the Constitution and blew up the World Trade Center to cover up the heist.

      1. I mean there is no possible way a centrist dem could possibly beat a historically unpopular and bumbling president with a 3rd grade reading level, by taking back a handful of states that very frequently vote dem. That just isnt possible. It was cheating. Or Russia. Or China. Or Hunter’s laptop or something.

        Couldn’t be that a guy who couldnt break 40% in his presidency just happened to lose. Nah, its cheating.

        Maybe they can go back and look at their 2016 posts for some advice on how to cope. Something along the lines of:

        STFU, you lost, take the L, lol. Something like that should help them.

        1. By no means has the pro Trump crowd complained as much as team blue when Trump won. Not even close.

          Let see if Trump fans will riot in the streets claiming Biden is not their president.

        2. Couldn’t break 44% approval rating in his presidency….Do you think those approval rating polls had the same validity levels as the polls that consistently found Biden ahead 7% nationally?

          1. Well youre fucking retarded, and lying. Even nate silver put him above 45% election night for approval. Fuckkng lefty retards all around here.

      2. Do you know how pathetic you sound. You’re giddy someone who has promoted the most authoritarian changes to government in our history won. And youre fucking giddy.

  23. Hey Boehm:

    It is a FACT that Trump poll watchers are being denied access to Michigan ballot counting, in violation of state law.

    But there is “no indication” of Fraud that could tilt the election?

  24. Hey Boehm:

    It is a FACT that people are identifying DEAD 100+ year olds in Michigan who requested, received and returned Absentee ballots in the city.

    But there is “no indication” of Fraud that could tilt the election?

    1. The Dems could be on video changing out ballot boxes and he’d say it was due to Donald’s tariffs.

    2. And by the way, you can go to the michigan website and confirm these yourself. I did this morning. Don’t take my word for it, try it out. It is fucking insane.

      And what is even worse, is that people like Boehm are sitting there saying completely inane bullshit like “No Indication” of widespread fraud when we can look at it with our own eyes.

      This is the most insidious thing. Boehm HAS TO KNOW that there are “indications” of fraud. He has to. And yet he has no problem writing and publishing it. He knows you don’t believe him. He doesn’t believe it. But the fact that he can say it without losing his job for rank incompetence is- in and of itself- a demonstration of how his side is winning.

      1. And this approach will be taken by 90_+ percent of the media that most people get their election reporting from.

        This is the ‘cover the story (with a blanket till it suffocates)’ scenario the press and twitter – and probably facebook [though i havent read reports of that yet], and google [i assume they will demote coverage of fraud to the 4th or 5th page of results and only have ‘fraud debunking’ articles on the first 3 or 4 pages] – will take.

      2. And the media would be complicit in the fall of democracy if this is al true.

        It has to be dealt with regardless of what party you’re with. For once won’t people like outside their petty partisan politics and actually think of America?

        1. Yes! These are the things that contribute to the continued divide and seeing the other side as evil!

          And the press is contributing. If they don’t want to be called “enemy of the people” then they need to stop acting like they are.

        2. So how is democracy going in Canada?

  25. Hey Boehm:

    It is a FACT that early, early Wednesday morning, Michigan and Wisconsin both reported thousands of new votes for Biden, and only Biden. Not 1000 Trump votes, and 5000 Biden votes. No, Biden got 140,000 votes added to his total, and zero for Trump.

    But hell, there is “no indication” of Fraud that could tilt the election, right?

    1. Yep, and only after people started raising hell in Michigan did they say “oops, we accidentally added a zero, its really only 14,000”. And then an hour or so later, they found another hundred thousand lying around.

  26. I get so sick of the shrieks of disenfranchisement from the left whenever anyone points out the checks needed to stop obvious fraud from occurring.

    If the GOP was better with messaging they would fight back by pointing out that fraudulent, illegal votes have effectively canceled far more legitimate votes than the measures preventing fraud ever do.

    1. I don’t suppose you have any evidence of all this obvious fraud. Nope didn’t think so.

      1. Oh, there’s as much evidence of voter fraud as there is that Trump was a Russian asset since 1987.

        In the new reality, innuendo counts as evidence.

        Don’t blame me: I haven’t been running the news four years.

        1. I heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend.

      2. going on right in front of your face. don’t be obtuse.

        1. Tony will believe it happens just as soon as those SOS’s and AG’s in battleground states start investigating it. What’s that? They’re Democrats? Oh, then they were 100% truthful when they said there wasn’t anything to investigate and pay no attention to the weird buckets of votes that appeared when counting was supposedly paused.

          1. We all know Tony would defending this shit if Biden was making the challenges.

            1. And, for once, he’d be right to

      3. those dead people were going to vote for Biden anyway

      4. Here we go.

        Tony can witness a murder and he’d still say, ‘I need more proof’.

    2. Well, no. The disenfranchisement of people due to Rs is in the hundred of thousands in some states, and millions across the US. Fraudulent voting is on the order of maybe hundreds each year across the US. Not even close.

      1. “The disenfranchisement of people due to Rs is in the hundred of thousands in some states”

        lol, hundreds of thousands……where did I see that amount just randomly appear overnight recently?

        1. In the states with strict voter ID, and without an easy way for people to get the IDs, 200k disenfranchised people is quite likely.

          1. and without an easy way for people to get the IDs,

            There is always an easy way to get IDs. This is just one of the many ways Dems support voter fraud.

            1. If you live in a rural county that does not have a DMV and you don’t have a car, then it could be quite tough. And there are plenty of counties with no DMV.

              1. Sure. Somehow they manage to get food to remain alive but going to the DMV once in their lifetime is just too much. You people are nuts. Are they all subsistence farmers without a single friend or relative?

      2. If trump has 150,000 votes and Biden has 160,000 votes and 20,000 votes are fraudulent, 150,000 voters were disenfranchised.

        Making it easier for fraud makes it easier to disenfranchise thousands of voices.

        And you are an idiot if you think getting an ID is hard.

        1. Fraudulent votes in excess of actual votes cast also weakens libertarian votes that would have a bigger % of the share without flooding with fraudulent ballots.

  27. “And there has been no indication of voter fraud or election malfeasance that could somehow swing the election.”

    Someone failed Statistics. Or never took it. Or is a liar.

    1. The reasoning is that if you cheat and don’t get caught, then you didn’t cheat.

  28. So this telegram channel I follow has an interesting screenshot. Or rather, 2 interesting screenshots. Election night, 12:03, PA with 56% reporting. Google is showing Libertarians have 2.3% of the vote with 89,025 votes. a few minutes later at 12:15, with 59% reporting, Libertarians now have 1.2% of the vote… with only 46,987 votes. That’s pretty damn interesting, and would also help explain why the Libertarian party can’t get any damn traction in a country where everyone hates the 2 party system. Stealing legit votes from a 3rd party that most people don’t pay attention to would also probably be easier than making fake voters out of thin air

  29. Hey Boehm:

    It is A FACT that Antrim county in Michigan declared that Biden won the county by some 3,000 votes- a 4,000 vote swing from Trump’s performance against Clinton in 2016. Only after this was called out on Twitter did the county begin “investigating” the issue. Those numbers still haven’t been corrected.

    But there is “no indication” of Fraud that could tilt the election, right?

    1. Watching people lose an election is just unpleasant.

      1. You should have seen the last one.

        1. Tony’s been screeching about russian interference and Trump being a russian asset for 3 years at least the conservatives current complaints are grounded in a more realistic scenario, ie political hackery and juking votes which happens on both sides.

        2. <You should have seen the last one.

          I laughed. Their hysteria then is even funnier now that we’re watching them try to pretend others are out of line.

          It’s like a child’s first role in the school play.

          1. Yeah, it’s not like “voter irregularities in Wisconsin” never come up in 2016.

            Democrats never got past the first stage of grief over the last election four years ago, so it’s silly to listen to them whine about the morning after this one.

      2. somehow I’m sure you’ll see your way through it.

    2. Antrim (which went 60-30 for Trump in 2016) has admitted that votes were reported incorrectly due to issues and are recounting manually. They believe it was a glitch with the vote counter software they’re using, but aren’t ruling out human error. If its a software issue however, there are reportedly another 33 counties in MI that are using the same tool, and as far as I know no one is looking at them yet

  30. hilarious – a Wisconsin recount will cost Trump $3 million PREPAID.


    Trump’s a deadbeat that won’t pay his creditors.

    1. “”Trump’s a deadbeat that won’t pay his creditors.””

      So are a lot of Americans.

  31. After this shit show circus of an election, I say we agree to the following:

    1. Mail-in voting is more susceptible to fraud. Why the libertarians cannot bring themselves to acknowledge this is frankly weird. There is quite a lot of money and power in politics, so it’s naive to assume it doesn’t happen. Of course it happens. Humans are corrupt. People cheat to win all the time – why would it be different with elections? I don’t need evidence; I just need to know a little about human nature. How much they get away with? No idea. But stop pretending men are angels and that voter fraud is a myth.

    2. Polls are worse than useless. Not only are they wrong much of the time, they may influence decision-making and conversation around a race that isn’t justified. Polls just borrow trouble (making you worry your candidate will lose without any real way to know) or allow you to purchase joy on credit (giving you warm fuzzies when you think your candidate will win).

    3. Early voting is stupid. Let’s say Biden died in late October. Would those who voted for him in September be just as happy with Kamala Harris? What if Trump had a massive stroke and Pence moved to the top of the ticket? I think there would be some early Biden voters who would wish they could take it back (I know many – if not most – voted for Biden mostly because he is not Trump, but he’s also not Pence). We should wait until we have all the information before we vote.

    Given the previous two statements, I make the following suggestion:

    Let’s choose one day on which we all vote. I don’t know, make it the first Tuesday in November. Let’s make it a federal holiday. Let’s provide child care at the polling stations – whatever we need to do to make it easier for people to show up. Buses and metros with no fare on election day. More polling places.

    Mail-in voting should be available to those who need it, but it should be rare. I have no issue with showing ID at the polls. The solution for those who do not have ID is to help them get ID. There could be a public-private partnership that helps people get a valid state ID card. But even if we choose not to require ID, mail-in voting should be limited. (Yes, even in a pandemic. Have you been to Target? If we can be that close together in a store while wearing masks, we can surely socially distance at the polls.)

    Finally, ignore the polls. Please. We have to stop pretending we can predict these things. Perhaps they were useful when everyone had a land line and no one had caller ID. With cellphones and the proliferation of robo-calls, I don’t answer if I don’t know the number. They aren’t able to get a good sample of the general electorate. It’s time to retire them.

    Then we get fewer lawsuits, faster answers, less concern about fraud, less pre-election dread or comfort based on polls, one day where we all agree to come together to make this decision as a country, and heck – get rid of the dumb “I Voted” stickers and give out ice cream.


    1. the politicians would never go for it, it makes too much sense and removes the option for them to game the system.

      1. I can’t help but notice that it’s the Democrats who love early voting and voting by mail and always insist that voter fraud is a myth. You know, like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster. It starts to seem like they are protesting a bit too much. Republicans attempt to make it harder to vote, in part to discourage shenanigans, but also because those who will have a harder time getting to the polls tend to vote Democrat. Both sides are disingenuous here.

        And no, politicians won’t go for it. But let me dream – at least for a few moments – in the midst of this misery.

        1. I honestly don’t think that republicans are doing it to disenfranchise people, not unless you believe the racist bullshit Democrats trot out that minorities are for some reason too incompetent to get a legal form of id

        2. Republicans attempt to make it harder to vote, in part to discourage shenanigans, but also because those who will have a harder time getting to the polls tend to vote Democrat.

          Who are these people who have a hard time getting the polls? I’ll give them a ride. But not if they’re non-residents, dead, or just released from jail, which seems to be the only kind of people Democrats are interested in “protecting” from disenfranchisement.

          1. They are the ones who live out in Ruralville, OK who have several miles to travel to their closest polling location, unlike the average urban democrat who only needs to go to the corner.

    2. I would almost agree if this came with a massive expansion of polling locations, and free and reliable transportation for those without cars or other mobility issues. Voter ID is ok if it was free and easy to get.

      1. If it bothers you that much, set up a local charity that pays for ID for poor people.

        1. In PA, the state government was going to provide IDs to all citizens for voting, the facilitate mandatory Voter ID.

          The Dems squashed that hard. It’s all about the fraud.

    3. a quick review of your proposal passes initial inspection.

      i do rely a lot on the give and take in the comments here for considered reflection but what you say does immediately resonate

  32. Why do you care Eric, your sock puppet savior is going to win? This article is full Eric’s usual blather and half truths. There is in fact evidence of fraud and manipulation, not that the activist state courts will give a damn.

  33. Georgia at 12:30pm

    Donald Trump*(R)
    2,436,006 49.52%
    Joe Biden(D)
    2,422,467 49.25%
    Jo Jorgensen(LIB)
    60,602 1.23%

    1. Ha, when I saw “ex-presidents”, I thought…you know….

  34. Fuck this analysis. I don’t think Trump’s twitter or election night speech were helpful and screaming stolen elections is playing into leftist narratives. However, the actual cases filed have valid points. The banning poll watchers is the best example. Also, asking to halt counting of mail in ballots a until your poll watchers can verify addresses or counting them as provisionally is not unreasonable.

    1. I love the stupid line that there is no fraud but whenever people try to investigate scream that they shouldn’t investigate because “there is no evidence”. So if you suspect fraud, what do they propose you do?

      1. All reports of voter fraud are Russian disinformation, this is known.

      2. See below: “Trust the system.”

        You mean the system that was stolen in 2016?

        Seriously, at this point, there’s a reasonable question about if some (several hundred thousand) dysfunctional retard(s) couldn’t wander into a polling place that’s not even his and functionally cast a vote. No ID, not even the dimmest awareness of the politics or even common sense, as long as you know a name and address in the district, you’re good.

      3. The idea that the Trump campaign is not allowed to observe the vote counting process is complete bullshit. They had and continue to have people observe the counting process.

        1. That’s funny, earlier today you claimed they were ejected for good cause. As usual you assert whatever you think wins the argument completely without regard for whether it is true.

    2. Poll watchers are just that, watchers, they have no business to interfere with the counting. If they see something wrong there is a process to report that, but they can not slow down or block votes for partisan reasons.

      1. Exactly. There is poll watching and there is interfering with the counting. The first is allowed, the second is not. Trump supporters are confusing the second with the first.

        1. So blocking poll watchers and making them stand out of sight of the actual vote counting is okay?

          1. And I would add it was one sided both of these measures.

        2. WHat do you think they are there to do if not prevent illegal votes from being counted?

          Seriously, you think we have poll watchers to just stand there and watch people commit fraud?

      2. they have no business to interfere with the counting.

        It’s revealing there is no evidence this is the circumstance since the authorities have refused to investigate. Dem supporters say it anyway because they’ve been trained to instinctively believe a theoretical explanation is sufficient to rebut facts.

      3. Poll watchers can’t be blocked and they can challenge votes. Blocking them entirely is illegal and even if you don’t change the votes opens you up to charges you did. There is no adequate reason to block poll watchers, nor is their any adequate reason to move ballots out of sight before counting or making poll watchers stand over 100 get away and out of sight like they did in Philadelphia. Maybe there isn’t fraud but it sure makes it look like they were hiding something.

  35. Given how election discussions typically go, I don’t mind Trump being his usual, no-filter self. It’s not like we can actually have a calm, productive discussion about election processes. We’ve tried for decades with voter ID and I expect anything that makes voting even remotely harder is off the table for Ds. At this point, we should be asking why. I don’t think they’re debating in good faith.

  36. Once each state declares a winner, the Court will be extremely reluctant to do anything that would overturn an election result.

    1. Likely. But fighting isn’t necessarily bad. But fight it smartly.

  37. This is just insane. It is the job of the President to do everything he can to ensure a free and fair election, but instead of doing that, he is doing all he can to undermine the election. It is absurd and wrong.

    1. it’s not the president that’s blocking pollwatchers from doing their jobs, or secretly counting votes when no ones watching.

    2. he is doing all he can to undermine the election.

      Interestingly Dems spent years undermining free and fair elections over obvious bunk for partisan motivations. Exactly zero of the people complaining today criticized them at all.

      But today attempting to ensure the law is followed magically becomes “undermining the election”. That this conclusion is only supported by hyper-partisanship could not be more clear.

  38. Favorite QOD: “Trump should just trust the system.”

    ROFLMAO! You mean the system that said he stole the 2016 election? The system that he’s supposed use to make sure the 2020 election isn’t stolen? That system? Between the DOE and the media’s complete inability to inform an electorate in any meaningful way, I’m about ready to give up on the system.

    1. There is no “system.” There are mainstream media outlets that are clearly in favor of Biden, and others that are clearly in favor of Trump. Then there are hundreds of county election offices that are trying to do their job. There is no relation between the two.

      1. Then there are hundreds of county election offices that are trying to do their job. There is no relation between the two.

        The inference only the media has bias and the people in these election offices do not have their preferences is clearly false. But Trump haters are willing to say anything to protect their cause no matter the impact on their credibility.

        There are some very simple problems the media and relevant government agencies could follow up on, in particular whether or not poll watchers were illegally excluded on a partisan basis.

        The fact that authorities and the media have chosen not to investigate is alarming.

        1. It seems you are making the claim that people counting the ballots would put aside their basic human decency and miscount on purpose, and do this without anyone else catching them. You further appear to believe there is enough people like his to sway the election, and also that only people on the left would do this. That’s a whole lot of fertile imagination with no evidence whatsoever to back it up.

          1. That’s a whole lot of fertile imagination with no evidence whatsoever to back it up.

            There is evidence. What there is not is proof. You should try to understand the difference between the words. Then you should realize there is almost never proof before an investigation occurs, so a lack of proof is never a justification for not investigating. Then you should wonder why so many people claim to believe we must have proof before an investigation occurs.

            It seems you are making the claim that people counting the ballots would put aside their basic human decency and miscount on purpose, and do this without anyone else catching them.

            We know this happens because we routinely catch people even though we don’t try to. When you catch people corrupting your process purely by random fortuity it makes sense to investigate the process. Imagine catching your AP processor stealing money but refusing to review the process to see how it was done or judge if additional protections are necessary. Imagine deciding on those protections but taking no action – even asking why – when the protections are suspended. The person in charge would have a hard time explaining that which is why you foolishly fall back on the demand for proof before the investigation.

          2. and also that only people on the left would do this.

            I don’t necessarily think this is 100% true. But it is certainly disproportionate because of the left’s nature. It is they who believe “By Any Means Necessary”. It is their mantra “the personal is political”. It is their belief they are fighting Hitler. The left far more than the right are willing to dedicate their lives to political issues.

            All of this is driven by the far left’s institutional control which focuses on fearmongering and fomenting hatred and division.

            1. Democratic officials manipulate laws and regulations to make it easier to commit voter fraud in the knowledge that their activists will eagerly take advantage of them more than Republicans will. If it was the other way around, Democrats would be all for anything that would increase election integrity.

          3. That’s a whole lot of fertile imagination with no evidence whatsoever to back it up.

            Rational thinking is on the other side of the looking glass, dumbass. Would you feel better if he backed it up with a dossier from Chris Steele? Would that count as evidence? Would you trust that system? Or would you regard that as an utter failure of whatever education/information system that caused Marshal to dream up a dossier showing that the system is broken and then fail to recognize that the system he said was broken should be trusted?

            Acting like he needs evidence or that “There is no ‘system'” is some kind of rational response or that there can be a rational response is pretty abjectly stupid. You might as well be rationalizing homeopathy or a flat Earth.

      2. There is no “system.”

        Who are you talking to?

    2. Please tell me you’re not quoting someone who’s supposed to be a libertarian?

      1. Oh no. My MIL ’nuff said.

      2. Supposed to be a libertarian.

        When did I hear this before?

  39. there has been no indication of voter fraud or election malfeasance that could somehow swing the election.

    This is not true. There have been many indications of problems a legitimate media would be following up on. Unfortunately we have our media instead who have adopted the Biden Protection Standard whereby anything detrimental to the left must be 100% proven before any investigation can begin.

    It’s revealing Boehm’s statement is so clearly false. He could make the statement itself accurate by changing the word to proof, but that would negate the justification for the article he intends to write whether or not it’s justified.

    1. Only a liar or someone willfully ignorant could make a statement like that. Boehm is a lying piece of shit. The fact that he even admits there might be an issue at all shows what a farce the whole thing is.

      1. Exactly. Boehm is a shitbag.

        Notice Republicans bring up voter fraud every election- and there is targets voter fraud.

        Notice Democrats never bring up Republicans committing voter fraud because Republicans think its wrong.

  40. First let me say this is a good article that get the point across. Reason had foreshadowed that the count would be long and that we would need to be patient in an earlier article.

    I also appreciate your saying that the late arriving votes were likely to be few in number and not make a difference in the final count. I think SCOTUS knew this and wanted to avoid making a unneeded decision.

    Regarding observers, while observers are allowed they are limited to observing, they cannot observe individual ballots or speak to workers. There are designated pathways for observer to file complaints. I noted the Clark County Clerk spaeking about addressing problems with observers moving around and speaking directly to workers processing ballots.

    As for the lawsuits, it has been commonly noted these frivolous in nature. These are not being filed by top rated lawyers, these are ambulance chancers. Their goal may be more to keep Trump happy than to achieve any meaningful changes.

  41. His tweet shouldn’t be “stop the count”, it should be “follow the rules”. Stop counting in each state when state law dictates. Disqualify ballots with no signature and no post mark. It’s not that complicated. Count all the legal votes.

    1. And if any state is super-close (like Wisconsin or Georgia or Nevada), do a full recount with observers from both sides present.

      1. Wisconsin is not close. As Former Gov Scott Walker pointed out the 2016 recount, initiated at Jill Steins request found 131 extra votes for Trump. We do a good job in Wisconsin and there are not 20,000 extra votes floating around.

        1. We do a good job in Wisconsin and there are not 20,000 extra votes floating around.

          Note how evidence becomes irrelevant when the assertion supports the left. Contrast this to demands for absolute proof for assertions supporting the right from these same people.


          1. What evidence? You got evidence then put it up, because all I am hearing is accusations.

            1. Eyewitness testimony is evidence. It’s revealing what you nuts will say to protect the Blue Shield.

        2. We do a good job in Wisconsin and there are not 20,000 extra votes floating around.

          So you’re saying the 20,000 extra votes for Biden that just floated in out of nowhere got counted then?

  42. Here’s Trump,
    “Stop the count, no wait, keep counting. No wait, stop the count. Oh shit keep counting. Oh wait, stop the count in PA, NC and GA, but keep counting in NV and AZ. I’m ahead in PA, NC and GA, so I win those states. But wait, That’s not enough delegates, so keep counting in NV and AZ. If Biden win’s I’ll have all the votes recounted over and over again until I win. I know I won because I have proof. Read the papers, you’ll see. Qanon sent me the proof. If I still lose, I’ll sue. Then I’ll sue again and again until I win. I’ll keep this thing in the courts until well after Jan. 20 and I won’t leave the White House until I win!!!!! Then I’ll announce that I won. Oh wait, I already announced that I won back on Nov 3rd. oh shit, I guess I’ll just sue sue sue. I have my rights god damnit!!!!!”

    That’s a great maser plan and very dignified for a man of Trump’s stature. Haaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

  43. “And there has been no indication of voter fraud or election malfeasance that could somehow swing the election.”

    I think Mr Boehm needs to do a little for research here. This is just one counter example:

    While there may be an explanation for this, if true it certainly smells like large scale fraud. As much as I dislike Trump, I dislike corruption even more. I’d hope reason, which one of my primary sources of “balanced” information would be a little more careful in their reporting.

    1. This may be true, but I doubt it. I think the overwhelming amounts of votes that Biden is getting is due to the mail in ballots. Going to the actual polls to cast your ballot is no fun at all. But since a ballot was mailed to everyone and you don’t even have to leave your house to vote, that makes it much easier to vote. So now those who don’t usually vote did vote. The vast majority of those who mailed their ballots in are Dems. Probably because they didn’t want to go to the polling places to vote and catch Covid. Had Trump advised most of his followers to use mail in voting, perhaps a lot more of them would have and the counts would be totally different. But unfortunately for Trump, he trained his followers to hate main in voting. So I’m sure many just didn’t vote.

    2. Different factors influence voting for President vs. voting for Senate or Congress. Why does Collins keep getting elected in Maine? It isn’t necessarily an indication of fraud on it’s own.

  44. President fatfuck and the R’s lost their ability to use the voter fraud boogeyman. Last time he got a result he didnt like we were told the dems stuffed ballot boxes, cheated, dead people voted 4 times, and the heavens were moved to cheat so Trump lost the popular vote as bad as he did.

    Because he was embarrassed. So much that he formed a commission on voter fraud…that had to be quietly disbanded because he found 0 evidence. Sorry, sometimes you just lose.

    Sorry kiddos, you already blew your wad on this one. The American people are over this 15 yr old troll dressed as a president, he was never popular, and the vote is in line with that.

    Get over it, take the L

    1. “”President fatfuck””

      Spoken like a true 15 year old.

  45. Would the party of #notmypresident resort to cheating if it looked like Trump would win again?

    The outright rabid hate for Trump gives them motive.

    1. Or maybe they just actually voted this time because it was made so easy for them to vote without leaving their house. I’ve been voting absentee for decades now. I hated going to the polls to vote. It’s a royal PITA. You get to stand in line out in the cold for hours so you can cast your vote. That’s not how I plan to spend my time on election day. So I just mail mine in from the comfort of my own home. It looks like this time around, millions of voters did the same. The only downside to that is most of the voters who mailed in the ballots were Dems.

      1. Which as absolutely nothing to do with my post. I’m simply saying they do have motive based on their behavior.

        Trump shot himself in the foot by demonizing vote by mail. The last votes counted will be overwhelmingly for Biden. No doubt. Is it within the realm of possibility that no republican voted by mail. Yes. Is it likely? Can’t say.

  46. People should realize that after this election, people in other countries will have cause to laugh their heads off at the suggestion from any USAn official that an election in their country was unfair. Also expect general election turnout in Democrat-dominated jurisdictions within the USA to go down, way down…in reality. On the books, turnout will continue apace. Meanwhile expect every voter in those jurisdictions to enroll as a Democrat, to get their only possible piece of the action.

  47. In other news, Macron of France is the new Trump of border security and the mainstream media is now using the word Islamist terrorism:

    “Literally Hitler”

    1. Imagine how the Austrians feel, after their sets of attacks.

      1. I would assume the Austrians would be mightily pissed if a Frenchman was “Literally Hitler”.

        1. Well yeah. They’re supposed to invade France, not the other way around.

          Stunning how little coverage these attacks in Vienna got here in the States. Guys (plural) machinegunning people in the heart of the tourist area, then suicide vesting when the cops got near.

          Too bad we’ll never know why they did it…

  48. Boehm still doesnt understand how Trump operates.

    Quick points. STOP THE VOTE was to get corrupt states from accepting ballots after Election Day.

    STOP THE COUNT was to get corrupt state governments from counting late ballots.

    1. Then why didn’t he just say that?

      1. Because that’s not what he meant. He literally meant “stop the count.” Trump is very literal. He can’t grasp allusion or metaphor.

    2. you lost bitch. take the L. Ga about to flip.

  49. Actual reporter:


    1/3 While the Trump team should not push to invalidate votes that have yet to be counted, but were cast fairly…we also need to investigate reports. Again..don’t take em/tweet em because you THINK they may be true. I have now found something in Pennsylvania

    2/3 I have personally spoken with people who work at funeral homes in Pennsylvania because they reached out to me. A quick search revealed that 13 individuals they’ve buried in last few months…7 were sent mail in ballots on 9/28.

    3/3 Also an 87 year old man applied online for absentee ballot 5 days AFTER his death. “Adam if we were able to find this many so quickly, it gives me great concern.” All info is verified by using obituary data on funeral home websites for DOB and the PA Voter Services website

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