Brickbat: The Wheels of Justice Turn Slowly


When Dade City, Florida, police found Gwen Donahue, a 74-year-old dementia patient who had wandered away from her nursing home, they made sure to run her name through their database They found she had a warrant from nearly a decade ago, and rather than return her to her nursing home, they arrested her. Donahue's daughter says the warrant stems from a DUI. She says her mother completed all of the terms of her sentence except a two-hour online course, so the judge issued a warrant that none of the family was aware of. It took the family nearly a week to get a judge to sign a release order to get her out of jail.

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  2. It would have been illegal for the Dade City officers to ignore the warrant.

    Dade City officers never break a law… in service of someone else’s interest.

    1. Regardless. If you’re for the rule of law, you have to concede that the arrest was legitimate.

      1. Did they ever attempt to serve this warrant at the address she gave the court?

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        2. Have you heard anything about her or her dog being shot to death?

          1. That has been blocked by Twitter and Facebook; move along – – – – – – – –

      2. Legitimate does not mean just.

        1. Never confuse a court of law with a hall of justice.

      3. Arresting slaves to return them to their owners was legitimate.

        Maybe the rule of law is overrated?

        1. The advantage of a Republic is the ability to change the laws based on the will of the public.

          1. The advantage of having government actors be humans instead of robots is sometimes they can act like it.

          2. There is no will of the public. There are only individuals.

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      4. The rule of law is a myth, it doesn’t exist.

        It’s impossible to write laws clearly enough that no interpretation is needed. That interpretation is done by men.

    2. I know I feel safe knowing this violet criminal is off the streets.

      1. Nice typo!

      2. Purple-haired old women are a menace to society!

  3. A lot of states have a lot of legal bullshit on the books when it comes to DUI, because no one wants to speak out against it, since it looks too much like defending drunk driving.

    1. They aren’t as icky as the sex offenders with their registries. Who wants to defend them?

  4. On the other hand, was she even aware of the difference between jail and the nursing home?

    1. One will release you so you don’t catch the ‘rona?

      1. Which one is that?

        I’d say “One will allow you to be released so you don’t catch the ‘rona.” but even that doesn’t really clarify it.

        1. I can clarify:
          One is forced to admit people who have the ‘rona. The other is forced to release people to prevent them from getting the ‘rona.

  5. So she didn’t complete her sentence?

  6. To be fair, everybody knows the law is powerless to help you, not punish you.

  7. Libertarians for cops acting as judges!


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  9. she probably didn’t know she was *in* jail, so there’s that at least wtf

  10. Gwen Donahue, a 74-year-old dementia patient who had wandered away from her nursing home

    She’s now polling favorably in the run for President.

  11. They should have given her the chair. The audacity of not doing a two-hour online course for over a decade.

  12. Pasco County cops have a multi-million dollar center for tracking pre-crime. They’re not the good guys in any story.

  13. “It took the family nearly a week to get a judge to sign a release order to get her out of jail.” Only a week? In Florida? No way! A judge in Florida did the right thing? Come on!

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