Brickbat: I Use a Cobra Snake for a Necktie


Australian Border Force Officials seized a woman's $26,000 ($19,000 U.S.) legally purchased alligator-skin purse and destroyed it because she had not purchased a $70 ($50 U.S.) import license. Officials say she also could have been fined for trying to bring it into the country without a permit. Import of reptile-skin items into Australia is regulated by its membership in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), which ostensibly aims to protect species endangered by illegal trade.

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  2. Alligators aren’t endangered. The skin was probably from a farmed animal.

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    2. Which matters not a whit to petty enforcement bureaucrats.

    3. Yup, alligator farms are big business, and they’re aren’t just for the meat, they’re for the leather.

      Also, alligator tastes like chicken. Slightly different texture, but wouldn’t notice the difference in most dishes.

      1. Unfortunately Calif has also outlawed items made from alligators. its a stupid world we live in

  3. That AU$70 missing from Australia’s pocket could have somehow saved the next alligator from becoming an accessory?

    1. The mob must get it’s cut.

    2. No, but it is an opportunity for an aristocrat to show disapproval of a peasant’s choice.

      “Aside from the rules themselves, it is important that people take the time to think about ethical fashion choices.”

      1. A ‘peasant’ with a $19,000 purse? Otherwise, point taken.

        1. Aristocrat wanted it for his aristocrat wife.

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  5. Animals should be saved as they are at the edge of extinction and if not saved, we would not see many of them in next coming years. Read More…

    1. This is dumb, even for a bot. Bed bot, very bad bot.

  6. Yeah, I’m sure the handbag got “destroyed”. Somebody in the Customs office got themselves a nice new handbag.

    1. After they paid the $50 fee , of course.

  7. Australia is getting to be more and more the Democrats’ paradise: firearms confiscation, restrictions on travel, jail for protesting the wrong things, theft of property without due process, feel-good laws that don’t accomplish anything.

    If they just didn’t have those pesky immigration laws, I bet there’d be a Progressive flood, once they allow anyone past their quarantine.

    1. It is really shocking that a frontier spirit country like Australia has gone that way.

      1. That’s what happens when you start letting non-criminals into your penal colony. Everything goes to shit.

        1. The problem is, they let in the kinds of criminals that don’t go to jail.

      2. You actually bought that? Trust me, it’s strictly propaganda. For a bunch of supposed rebels and outlaws, Australians are some of the most uptight, rule-loving submissives on the planet. I don’t blame you for falling for it; I used to believe it, too. But then, through the magic of the interwebs, I actually got to know a few Aussies. I hear a lot of people talk about the disconnect between Americans’ self-image and reality, but we’ve got nothing on Australians.

    2. Let’s not forget sucking up to the ChiComs.

    3. Hey, maybe we can send American progressives to Oz. A new wave of undesirable elements to enrich the land down under.

  8. This is what happens when you have a defined rights constitution instead of a government limiting constitution like the US. They give them the right to certain liberties defined in the constitution, we limit the rights of the government to tell us how to live…” shall make no law” is a powerful restraint.

    1. How much did you pay for your permit to exercise your second amendment “right”?
      Or did the sheriff deny your applications without having to say why?

    2. The US is a member of CITES. The same thing likely would have happened here, and probably already has.

    3. I don’t know. Far worse assholery occurred when the US government tried to bankrupt Gibson guitars for “improperly filed paperwork”.

      In fact worse shit than this happens every day in the US thanks to insane regs like the Lacey act…
      and as far as “government limiting” outside of airports goes, look at the civil forfeitures; literally highway robbery American governments are committing each day.

  9. Ignorance of the law all of the laws of all other countries as referenced in membership in multinational conventions is no excuse.

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  11. one angry chick could probably sack Australia within a week. she should invade.

  12. So, this endangered species law applies to species that aren’t endangered at all?

  13. I would bet that they sell the exact same bag in an expensive shop in Australia.
    Her problem was with the import law.
    We’ve got lots of alligators here in Florida.
    And a hunting season for them.

  14. Let that looting be a warning to Texans in lizardskin cowboy boots!

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  17. Reason could use more courageous necktie wearers on the team.

    CITES monomaniacal claim to a mandate to ban trade in anything makes it the worst bureaucracy the UN has so far spawned .

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