Trump Says He Downplayed the Coronavirus Threat To Avoid 'Panic.' That Helps Explain His Policy Failures.

In interviews with Bob Woodward, the president said he knew COVID-19 was much more serious than he let on.


President Donald Trump has admitted in a series of interviews with veteran journalist Bob Woodward that he downplayed the threat of COVID-19 despite knowing that it would cause considerable harm.

On February 7, Trump emphasized that the novel coronavirus was "deadly stuff."

"You just breathe the air and that's how it's passed," Trump said on a taped call with Woodward. "And so that's a very tricky one. That's a very delicate one. It's also more deadly than even your strenuous flu."

Contrast that with Trump's remarks later that month: "The flu, in our country, kills from 25,000 people to 69,000 people a year," he said at a briefing on February 26. "That was shocking to me. And so far if you look at what we have with the 15 people, and they are recovering." On March 6, he said he "didn't know people died from the flu."

According to Trump, the move was strategic. "I wanted to always play it down," Trump told Woodward mid-March. "I still like playing it down, because I don't want to create a panic."

That defense—that he did so on purpose for good reason—has already caught on in some circles. "When media accused Trump of downplaying the virus, he publicly and repeatedly said he was doing so to avoid a panic," tweeted Charlie Spiering, a correspondent for Breitbart News.

But it remains unclear how lying to the American public and deliberately propagating wrong information, even if it cultivates some false sense of security, is a winning strategy. Just last month, the president said that just 9,000 people had died from COVID-19.

The short-sightedness of such an approach is reflected not only in Trump's public statements but also in how he approached the virus from a policy perspective in its nascent stages.

Consider Trump's March 13 announcement that he would pave the way for a public-private partnership to create a robust testing program, as private labs were having difficulty navigating burdensome Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations. The decision was a good one but could have been made earlier had Trump chosen to be frank with the American people.

"Our capacity to identify potential outbreaks of #coronavirus early, and intervene to prevent spread, is well served by expanding access to the PCR [Polymerase Chain Reaction] based test for the virus," tweeted former FDA Chief Scott Gottlieb on February 2. "The test is based on a common Roche platform, and is a fairly routine technology."

Also in February, Trump privately admitted to Woodward that the virus would pose a menacing threat. But the president did not shepherd the Roche test, which is particularly efficient at screening for the virus, through FDA approval until that March 13 press conference, hamstringing the country's ability to get ahead of the problem.

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  1. “his policy failures” lol

    1. Poor Bailey. This won’t end well for him.

      1. he looks like a nice guy

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      2. Forgot bailey got banned from covid articles. Binion. Lol

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      3. Billy Binion spun a tale,
        Said Trump is going off the rails,
        But Billy fibbed on a giant scale,
        Naughty Billy Binion.

        1. Bill Binion took an ax
          Gave the stats 40 wacks
          When he seen just what he done
          Gave covid 2,376,641

    2. The only “policies” Billy cites are good but a few weeks late in his armchair view. Trump’s only mistake in my view was getting sucked into the panic by self interested Top Men and media assholes like Billly Binion. The Covid scam is the biggest assault on individual rights in the US in my lifetime but a libertarian magazine thinks we should worry about whether the Roche test was approved in February or mid March. I didn’t think Billy could possibly make a bigger ass of himself that his past body of work has demonstrated. I stand corrected.

    3. The boilerplate response they’re going with now is that Trump wanted to avoid a “panic”

      “I wanted to avoid a panic….”

      stevemb September 09 · 06:42:27 PM

      This guy’s comment nails it.

      1. “The boilerplate response they’re going with now is that Trump wanted to avoid a “panic”…”

        Boilerplate? That’s exactly what he said he wanted to do, but reading is tough for lefty ignoramuses.

      2. I don’t think Trump actually believes it was worse than he let on. When he spoke the truth (that it is not as bad as the media make it out to be), the media slammed him, and a significant number of low-information voters believed what the media was saying. If they need to hear that he thought it was as bad as the media was saying it was to avoid voting for an old man with dementia who was so bad that he was “assassination insurance” for Obama even before he had dementia, then so be it.

        I’m interested in actions, not words. Nothing from Trump shows that he has changed his mind about how bad this is, and a key case in point would be the selection of his new advisor. If he secretly thought Fauci’s doom and gloom was accurate, there’d be no need to look elsewhere for advice.


    Since I’m encouraging New Yorkers to go on with your lives + get out on the town despite Coronavirus, I thought I would offer some suggestions. Here’s the first: thru Thurs 3/5 go see “The Traitor”
    . If “The Wire” was a true story + set in Italy, it would be this film.
    7:16 PM · Mar 2, 2020

    1. I trust you’ve seen where Cuomo is folding and now planning on letting NYC restaurants open at the end of the month? The science can often turn on a dime it seems.

      1. So say we all

  3. Wait, he said this shit back in February and it’s just coming out now? What, is somebody hawking a new book or something? Oh……

    1. People were panicking over 2 million dead. Be had the temerity to say not to panic. Reality is an order of magnitude less. They shouldn’t have panicked.

      I dont even get what the media is trying to do here. Did they want riots, burning, looting in the streets from fear?!? Oh wait. They did.

      1. People were panicking over 2 million dead.
        That’s a good point. We were promised over 2 million deaths, but we only got a hundred thousand or so. Is saving nearly 2 million American lives a policy failure now?

        1. “but we only got a hundred thousand or so”

          Fewer than 10k have died “of” COVID. The rest died with COVID and of things like heart attacks, being fat, being older than the average life expectancy, and motorcycle accidents.

            1. Facts made available to everyone.

              1. I think you may be overstating it. Those of us who are trying to debunk the mainstream narrative need to be very careful to have our ducks in a row or will come off as cranks. The of vs. with question is not simply answered by subtracting every death that had a comorbidity in addition to covid. For example, I think that in the case of obese people, it is probably mostly fair to say they died of the virus. People don’t usually die just from being fat. You don’t say that an obese person who died of a hear attack died from being fat, they died from a heart attack. Being obese was a contributing factor, but not the primary cause of death.

                1. Of course it is still important to inform people on risk factors such as obesity and make it clear that risk varies a lot depending on what else is wrong with you.

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                2. What about if you are obese which has weakened your heart and you die of a heart attack, if they test you and you are positive for Covid 19 should they list the death a Covid 19 death?

            2. Here’s a lengthy article describing the BS of the stats –

            3. Umm…the CDC.

            4. Correctly, 98% of the people who died from the “Chinese Plague”, had underlying conditions of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, auto immune disease, high blood pressure, obesity. So really, they all had weakened immune systems to start with. It’s like one had heart disease and downed a quart of vodka. That would definitely kill or in a mild case, severely debilitate one permanently.

          1. “Officer, he didn’t die from my stabbing. He died with the knife in him, sure, but he died of blood loss.”

            1. Your false equivalency is so juicy.

            2. Are you stupid enough to assume that’s an equivalence, or stupid enough to hope someone reading it does?

          2. The Soviet’s used to have a high rate of deaths from heart failure … caused by the loss of blood … caused by bullet holes.

      2. They do seem to have gotten what they wanted, at that.

      3. ” Did they want riots, burning, looting in the streets from fear?!? Oh wait. They did.”

        COVID wasn’t getting it done, so they cued a race war.

      4. They’re pissed that he didn’t join in the panic mongering.

        Of course if he had run around and set his hair on fire (like they did) they would have said he wasn’t acting “presidential” and that he was just trying to distract from all of his scandals or something.

      5. We were facing two million dead?

        Preventing only half of these deaths would be a rousing success!

        1. Woohoo! Glad you’re on the Trump train!


    Pelosi Feb 24th: “Come to Chinatown, here we are — we’re, again, careful, safe — and come join us.”

  5. Because clearly putting everyone into a panic over a virus that has a 99% recovery rate has worked out so well.

    1. Why do you hate old people? /s

      1. The smell?

        1. Definitely the smell.

        2. But worthers? Everyone loves caramel hard candy

          1. Except my dentist

            1. Nah they bought him a boat.

  6. 04/07/2020 09:12 pm ET Updated Apr 08, 2020
    Trump Defends His Weeks Downplaying Coronavirus: I’m A ‘Cheerleader’
    “I don’t want to create havoc and shock and everything else,” the president said. “I obviously was concerned about it.”

    “The cases really didn’t build up for a while, but you have to understand, I’m a cheerleader for this country,” Trump said during a daily coronavirus briefing at the White House. “I don’t want to create havoc and shock and everything else. But ultimately, when I was saying that, I’m also closing it down. I obviously was concerned about it.”

    Trump, asked by @benstracy about early statements downplaying COVID-19: “You have to understand, I’m a cheerleader for this country. I don’t want to create havoc and shock…I’m not gonna go out and start screaming, ‘This could happen, this could happen'”

    — CBS News (@CBSNews) April 7, 2020

    1. OK, so I found a really disturbingly detailed Trump mask on Amazon, now I just need a 5XL red, white, and blue cheerleader outfit and my “Sexy Cheerleader Trump” costume for Halloween is done.

      Of course, I won’t be able to go out in LA…

      1. you’re good any day but 10.31

        1. Oooooh, if they’re banning Halloween, are they also banning Dia de los Muertos? Or would that be racist?

          “Sexy Cheerleader Trump in Sugar Skull Makeup”

          Yep. I bet I’d get lynched. 😀

  7. The only thing that would have prevented the pandemic was to have quarantined mainland China back in September 2019.
    But even then, this virus is still just a nuisance value to us 99% of the people. It is only dangerous to a small section of the population who already have serious heath issues.
    It is the overplaying of the threat that has caused more issues than the virus itself.

    1. Not just China. The whole world. Not panicking was the correct decision. Governors still panicked too fucking much.

      1. A permanent quarantine of the rest of the world since not a single place has been able to eradicate within its borders, nor will it be possible.

        Like trying to eradicate the common cold

      2. This is like when my sister told me she wanted to sue because she hadn’t been told, based on an earlier diagnostic that was done, that a finding might have been a breast cancer, and then she had a later diagnostic saying so, and then a biopsy that was negative. I asked her what her damages were. “You’d’ve been better off if you’d never known” about that lesion!

    2. You misspelled “bomb China during the cultural revolution and make sure Mao and all of his supporters were dead.” don’t worry alot of people make that same typo

  8. lot’s of BS complaining here. They didn’t immediately get everything perfect on a once-in-100-years phenomenon. So what? What government ever even does a good job, let alone a perfect job?

    Covid has not been under hyped. Talking on TV doesn’t cause or cure or prevent Covid. Stop complaining that we didn’t panic hard enough or soon enough. Panic was never the answer.

    1. “Panic was never the answer.”

      Except for those who financially benefited from the panic.

      1. And politically.

        1. No difference these days.

  9. Now now, Billy Binion. This can all be easily explained away:

    1. Fake News
    2. Woodward is a Democrat Operative
    3. Trump is Just Playing 99-D Chess
    4. Trump Downplayed Coronavirus to “Own the Libs”
    6. You Still Have To Vote For Trump Anyway, Because Otherwise The Democrats Will Destroy America

    1. And based on the responses so far, I guess I’ll have to add one:

      7. It’s Okay For Trump To Lie To Us Because His Intentions Were Good

      1. please pretend all the pertinent covid tyrants don’t have (D) at the end of their names

        1. Which governor, R or D, did NOT issue any sort of statewide mandate pertaining to the coronavirus?

          1. yeah (R) jumped right the fuck out to the lead in that race. just don’t, dude.

          2. “Which governor, R or D, did NOT issue any sort of statewide mandate pertaining to the coronavirus?”

            Kristi Noem.

            1. Okay. That’s one. So the other 49 are “covid tyrants” then?

              1. yes. what else?

                1. What about Governor Stitt again?


                  Gov. Kevin Stitt on Tuesday took greater steps to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

                  Saying Oklahoma could have more than 500 positive cases of coronavirus, Stitt announced he is enacting a “safer-at-home” policy to mandate the state’s “vulnerable populations” remain at home until April 30.

                  In an updated executive order, Stitt mandates all “nonessential” business in the 19 Oklahoma counties with confirmed cases of COVID-19 close for a 21-day period starting at 11:59 p.m. Wednesday.

                  Additional counties will be included if more confirmed cases are discovered in surrounding counties.

                  I don’t know, sounds pretty authoritarian to me to mandate that so-called “non-essential” businesses close by government diktat.

                  1. Well, if he doesn’t, he knows the media will spread fake stories about 250k people being infected because of his inaction. Group think is rampant in government, and most people are CYA. Which is why Noem has my vote for president in 2024.

              2. Pivot.

              3. Yes, and?

                Are you done?

                Did you get your attention fix?

              4. Oh Jeff, why do you do this to yourself.

              5. DeSantis was ok

                1. Lol

              6. Some worse than others.
                Worst: Witmer
                Second Worst: Newsom
                Third Worst: Cuomo
                All of whom have been lauded by the press for their effective leadership.
                California: most cases (plus first lockdown, first mask mandates)
                New York: most deaths
                Michigan: most hypocrisy (okay, it’s too close to call)

                1. I mean, are we going to judge governors based on a libertarian standard of ‘covid tyranny’, or are we going to use a relative standard?

                  By a libertarian standard, every single one, with the possible exception of Noem, was awful. They all enacted authoritarian and coercive orders in response to the pandemic.

                  But if we are going to use a relative standard, then yes, some were worse than others, and those in the ‘worse’ category tended to be Democrats.

                  1. Right. Because these are statist governors. They don’t really care about people or individual liberty. They care about getting re-elected. I see no difference between R and D except how they want to use the state. Are you not familiar with libertarianism at all?

              7. Yes. They seized unprecedented powers and acted as dictators. Legislatures share the blame for failing to rein them in and for passing the over-broad emergency powers laws in the first place.

            2. Our governor in Iowa did issue statewide mandates (currently shut down some bars in COVID hotspot counties). In comparison to what many other state governors have done she is a fucking saint. With that said, she has succumbed to the fear induced panic for some of her orders.

          3. It’s only OK if it’s Fauci lying about masks.

      2. You are really fucking dumb lol.

        1. You have gift for understatement.

      3. Why not thatswhy Fauci said mask weren’t needed. I guess its okay when the deep state lies

    2. Woodward was canceled after his Obama remarks.

    3. Or it could be easily explained as the President shouldn’t add to a manufactured panic and the burden lies with the state’s in a federalist system?

      You know, since trump isn’t a fucking dictator.

    4. 1. Fake News TRUE
      2. Woodward is a Democrat Operative TRUE
      3. Trump is Just Playing 99-D Chess After 11 dimensions, the measurements aren’t actually in ‘numbers’ that humans can really comprehend
      4. Trump Downplayed Coronavirus to “Own the Libs” ?
      6. You Still Have To Vote For Trump Anyway, Because Otherwise The Democrats Will Destroy America TRUE

  10. “Trump Says He Downplayed the Coronavirus Threat To Avoid ‘Panic.’ That Helps Explain His Policy Failures.”

    Which policy failures?

    Do you mean he should have imposed national lockdowns?!

    That wasn’t a policy failure at all.

    1. The article does detail a few of the legitimate policy failures.
      Like not fast-tracking a COVID test through the FDA sooner than he otherwise could have, if he had actually taken the disease more seriously.

      And maybe instead of lying to us and telling us all to “trust him”, maybe he could have treated us like adults and told us the truth.

      1. Assuming those are legitimate issues, how does President Trump failing to push the panic button on prime time news solve them?

      2. Assuming those are legitimate issues, how does President Trump failing to push the panic button on prime time news solve them?

        1. Who is saying he should have panicked? I’m saying that he should have been honest. In private he believed that it was a dangerous disease but in public he was telling people that it was a “bad flu”.

          1. You and the media. That is the entire point of those tapes on social media.

            1. Your bigoted schtick gets tiring. If you want to argue against “social media” then do that. *I* am saying that he should have been honest. Agree or not?

              1. Your bigoted schtick”

                Jeff’s last redoubt.

          2. Fauci I lied about masks at first. Or is he lying now?

            1. Oh I forgot. WHATABOUTFAUCI

              1. Well, if Fauci was advising the president, which he was, and he initial said people shouldn’t be wearing masks, which he did, then it’s a relevant comment and you are an asshat.

                1. Because whatever bad advice Fauci did or didn’t give somehow justifies Trump’s decision to deliberately downplay the virus.

                  1. He was following the science.

                  2. So trump is ALWAYS supposed to listen to the doctors. Except when the doctors are wrong…

                    Fauci Jan21st “covid is not a major threat” in newsmax interview

                    Jan 31st trump bans China travel

                    Fauci on Feb 17th “covid risk is minimal in the U.S….mask are not necessary”

                    So the scientist the president is always supposed to listen to was downplaying the virus at the same time trump was. GASP! DOES THIS MEAN TRUMP ACTUALLY LISTENS TO SCIENCE! HOLY FUUUUUUUCK!

                    1. Fauci Jan21st “covid is not a major threat” in newsmax interview

                      Not what he said.

                      On Jan. 21 – the day the first COVID-19 case in the U.S. was confirmed – Fauci appeared on conservative Newsmax TV. “Bottom line, we don’t have to worry about this one, right?” asked Greg Kelly, the host.

                      Fauci said, “Obviously, you need to take it seriously and do the kind of things the (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and the Department of Homeland Security is doing. But this is not a major threat to the people of the United States and this is not something that the citizens of the United States right now should be worried about.”


                    2. “this is not a major threat to the people ”

                      Looks like exactly what he said to me.

                      Do you read your own links?

                    3. This comment platform sucks. This is in reply to chemjeff and Ogullo.

                      Of course chemjeff didn’t read the links he posted. Readin’s hard.

                    4. What Fauci said was not as simplistic as “covid is not a major threat”. He said that it was not a threat AT THE TIME, which was January, when there was only one proven case, but that it still ought to be taken seriously. But the way the quotation is used, it is made to sound like Fauci was completely dismissing the virus. That is not accurate.

                    5. That’s not how it reads to me.

                      This thing you do where you insist the way you interpreted it is black letter law is anathema to honest discourse.

                    6. I don’t call him Lying Jeffy for nothing, Jim.

                    7. I post a quote.

                      Jeff posts a link with my exact quote.

                      Jeff – “that’s not what it says” lmao.

                      Also, Jeff’s too stupid to realize i just put him in the position of defending fauci for saying and acting exactly the way trump did at the concurrent times.

                      Jeff takes faucis words with nuance and context…but not trumps.

                      Hmm, seems non partisan…

                  3. Fauci is **the** motherfucking expert. Right? RIGHT???

          3. ” I’m saying that he should have been honest.”

            Which president, R or D, has ever been honest? Say Abe Lincoln, motherfucker. I fucking dare you.

            1. None of them were completely honest. And they were all criticized for it too.

              1. >>completely honest

                short list.

              2. Do why do you want dishonest people ruling you? You can’t rule yourself so you need liars to rule you?

            2. George Washington

              1. Not an R or D, so goal posts will be moved.

                1. Or enforced. Or whatever it is Jeff is doing. Smells like trolling to me.

                  1. Jeff is attention whoring per the usual.

                    1. Paging ENB! ENB to the courtesan phone!

                    2. People need to really start ignoring Jeff…
                      But I know it’s tough because he’s such an easy target.

          4. but calling it a “bad flu” is closer to the truth than saying “2 million people are going to die if we don’t shutter our economy indefinitely”.

          5. he was telling people that it was a “bad flu”.

            We’ve seen flu virus be far more deadly.

            1. Indeed. Epidemics in the 1950s and 1960s killed a larger percentage of the population.

          6. “The article does detail a few of the legitimate policy failures.
            Like not fast-tracking a COVID test through the FDA sooner than he otherwise could have, if he had actually taken the disease more seriously.

            And maybe instead of lying to us and telling us all to “trust him”, maybe he could have treated us like adults and told us the truth.”

            —-chemjeff radical individualist

            I’m not trying to understand your feelings. I’m trying to understand which of those policies would have been different if President Trump had made you feel that he was alarmed about the virus.

            The fact is that those policies would have been the same regardless of whether President Trump made you feel scared or whether he made you feel like an adult. Why pretend otherwise?

            The title of Binion’s article says, “Trump Says He Downplayed the Coronavirus Threat To Avoid ‘Panic.’ That Helps Explain His Policy Failures.”

            How does the way Trump make you feel explain those policy failures? How were those policy failures impacted by your feelings?

            I think it’s the other way around. I suspect you think that Trump opposed getting a safe vaccine quickly because of your feelings about Trump–not because of any policy. And I think that your feelings shouldn’t matter to anyone but you, your therapist, and your mother. Why do you keep telling us about you feelings?

            1. *crickets*

          7. “And so that’s a very tricky one. That’s a very delicate one. It’s also more deadly than even your strenuous flu.”
            More deadly than strenuous flu equals dangerous disease. It does not equal nationwide panic. The planet is covered in dangerous diseases.

          8. Who is saying he should have panicked? I’m saying that he should have been honest. In private he believed that it was a dangerous disease but in public he was telling people that it was a “bad flu”.

            And, as it turns out, it isn’t even as bad as that.

            1. Not that Trump could have known at the time.

          9. It _is_ a bad flu, more or less. And I’m pretty sure he still believes that.

      3. I like how Jeff thinks Trump runs day to day FDA processes and they weren’t long standing policies. He did fastback shit dumbfuck. He also set up a response team in fucking February to help things go faster. The FDA fucked up, those lifetime government workers you always defend. Fauci also fucked up.

        1. Chemjeff has stopped even trying to pretend he’s not just a typical leftist npc

        2. The perfect Trump defense from Trumpbot NPC right here:

          1. It’s not Trump’s fault that the FDA is a bunch of bureaucrats, stop blaming Trump!
          2. Trump fast-tracked a test through FDA, give Trump a bunch of credit for overruling the FDA bureaucrats!

          1. What about Fauci? What was he telling Trump? Was he saying, “Hey, Trump. People don’t need to wear masks.”? Because that’s what Fauci told the country on 60 Minutes. Even asshats like you can’t deny that Fauci was against masks before he was for them–and that he likely told the president this, too.

            1. I’m thinking Trump’s reelection might be the final straw for chemjeff, prompting his long overdue suicide.
              Should be reason enough for everyone here to vote Trump 2020

            2. Yes, Fauci was wrong about the masks. But Fauci changed his tune, while Trump never did.

              Furthermore Trump’s downplaying of the virus extended well beyond his consideration of the mask issue. I’m pretty sure Fauci didn’t tell Trump that he should be a “cheerleader”.

              1. No, Fauci was right about the masks. The decades of scientific research available at the time (not the rushed, politicized recent “science”) showed that masks are largely ineffective. They create a false sense of security, they are not tightly fit to the wearer, and people touch them repeatedly, thereby increasing the likelihood of spread.

                Fauci changed his tune for political reasons. He really, really likes his celebrity status and being able to throw out the first pitch at a Nats game.

                He’s worse than a politician.

              2. while Trump never did

                Nevah evah?


                “Trump, in a Shift, Endorses Masks and Says Virus Will Get Worse”

                Published July 21, 2020
                Updated Aug. 13, 2020

                “Mr. Trump urged Americans to avoid packed bars and offered his most robust endorsement of masks, saying, “When you can, use a mask,””

                ““I have no problem with the masks,” he said, holding up a blue one with a presidential seal. “I view it this way: Anything that potentially can help, and that certainly can potentially help, is a good thing. I have no problem. I carry it. I wear it. You saw me wearing it a number of times, and I’ll continue.”

                1. Hmmmm that’s interesting was not aware he did that.

                  1. Apparently you’re not the only one

              3. Don’t bother with bottom of the barrel trash. “How is Trump being remotely honest about the disease that has thus far killed 190, 000 americans any better than him calling it a demicrat hoax? Only commies whine about being infantilized by Dear Leader!”

                They aren’t rational or relevant. Let them enjoy their last few months of fantasy.

              4. Fauci IS wrong about the masks. He WAS right about them.

          2. I mean, it’s not Trumps fault that the FDA and CDC are full of incompetent bureaucrats. It won’t be Biden’s fault either.

            And Trump did force the FDA to fast track a test after they sat on their ducking thumbs, if I’m not mistaken.

      4. Except the NYT has reported that 90% of positive tests don’t seroconvert. That means there is so little virus the person isn’t contagious.

      5. So, the President is supposed to know which test to fast-track?

        How? Because ‘Top Men’ tell him so? Like the ‘Top Men’ at the FDA?

        The test wouldn’t need fast-tracking if it weren’t for the FDA’s insistence on bureaucratic procedure in the face of Armageddon.

      6. So those intelligent people couldn’t fast track on their own They are now the ones saying not to fast track vacines. If it wasnt for trump we would still be waiting for the test

      7. So by being one of the few presidents who would’ve intervened with FDA at all instead of letting “the experts” do what they ordinarily would, but not intervening sooner, he comes in for criticism for “a failure”?

        Every president’s been afraid to intervene with medicine since Gerald Ford’s debacle with swine flu. Trust me, there’s no way Obama or Bush (either of them) would’ve had the balls to lean on FDA to speed such diagnostic authorization. In fact, every time Trump has expressed any opinion about Covid-19 diagnostics or therapeutics, he’s come in for ridicule.

      8. Like not fast-tracking a COVID test through the FDA sooner than he otherwise could have, if he had actually taken the disease more seriously.

        It was fast-tracked as soon as we knew one was possible, how much faster could have been managed?

        And he DID treat us like adults and tell us the truth–he shut down travel from China–he didn’t implore us to ignore the xenophobic orange man and go party in the streets with Chinese people (in areas with the most covid deaths, I might add).

        Those bodies suggest that the dangerous lie was Pelosi, Deblasio, and Cuomo’s.

        But hey, why let facts get in the way of trotting out Mr Watergate again, amirite?

      9. you cannot “fast track” molecular biology. these tests have to be developed over time. only after the viral antigens and the human bodies response to them are understood can various testing be developed. you cant just shit testing methodology. it doesn’t work like that.

      10. Yep, that Trump didn’t pre-empt the FDA’s authority IMMEDIATELY after dead bats were found in Wuhan. Total failure of leadership. Sure.

  11. The bigger question is why the fuck his staff let Woodward in there. They know he’s a lib democrat shill for the media mafia.

    And with the ability to record it, and wait to play it back just before an election in which 99% of the media hopes to throw to Biden.

    OK you want Biden you got him. Congrats and good luck with all that libertarians. I am sure that will turn out well for you.

    1. The bigger question is why the fuck his staff let Woodward in there. They know he’s a lib democrat shill for the media mafia.

      This question assumes that Trump’s cabal of treacherous, self-promoting toadies aren’t prepared fully prepared to shit in Trump’s punchbowl and jump ship for a lucrative book deal(or two) and speaking circuit.. and the slim hope that the DNC might remember the favor (and “rehabilitate” them in the media) if Biden actually manages to win.

  12. But I thought the current narrative was that Trump called the virus a “hoax” and never took it seriously. Now we’re told the opposite is true. I wish these people with TDS would get their lies straight.

    1. TDS is like reverse Groundhog Day. TDS sufferers never have a yesterday, so they’re not bound to conventional notions of consistency or hypocrisy.

      1. “not bound to conventional notions of consistency or hypocrisy”

        That is a perfect description of Trump.

    2. The person at the center of this, who has trouble with keeping his stories straight, -is- Trump.

      1. I think we all know you well enough to know you’d be criticizing him no matter what.

    1. Except Trump was wrong. It’s not that deadly to healthy people under 65. Even if you use the 200,000 number that’s not a lot. That many people die every year from mistakes made in hospitals! Half the deaths are from nursing homes. This whole thing is a psyop. Look at Australia. It’s insane.

      1. GD it. This is not a reply to Diane. Stupid 90s Reason comment format!

        1. No shit. I feel like I’m on Windows 95 on dial-up. They need to move to Disqus.

          1. Disqus hardly works if the wind blows.

  13. Because panicking people even more would have made things better? We’ve already destroyed the economy and taken away our liberty for something slightly worse than the flu (and only for old people, young people it’s much less worse)

  14. That Helps Explain His Policy Failures.

    I thought we were libertarians – the only policy failure Trump’s had here is the insistence that instead of acting as a clearinghouse for information and as a backup for the states that the federal government ‘take control’ instead of the state governors. And that’s not exactly a failure no other president would have had.

    Beyond that – let’s look at the great policy results New York has had. Or Michigan.

    “You just breathe the air and that’s how it’s passed,” Trump said on a taped call with Woodward. “And so that’s a very tricky one. That’s a very delicate one. It’s also more deadly than even your strenuous flu.”

    Contrast that with Trump’s remarks later that month: “The flu, in our country, kills from 25,000 people to 69,000 people a year,” he said at a briefing on February 26. “That was shocking to me. And so far if you look at what we have with the 15 people, and they are recovering.” On March 6, he said he “didn’t know people died from the flu.”

    So, in other words, faced with new information, Trump changed his tune.

    1. But it remains unclear how lying to the American public and deliberately propagating wrong information, even if it cultivates some false sense of security, is a winning strategy.

      You might want to ask Dr ‘let’s tell people masks don’t work’ Fauci about that.

      1. The decision was a good one but could have been made earlier had Trump chosen to be frank with the American people.

        The decision wouldn’t have needed to be made if the FDA didn’t exist. Libertarianism, what the fuck is that? Same with the delay in getting tests out because the FDA was the only agency that could approve the use of a test and they had already picked a winner – that wasn’t ready and didn’t work when it was.

        1. tweeted former FDA Chief Scott Gottlieb

          Its amazing how government officials are all for the removal of restrictions put in place by the agencies they are no longer affiliated with that were all for those restrictions when they were running the place.

  15. Like the racist travel ban.

    1. that Trump was racist for enacting, and then was bumbling for not enacting it sooner

  16. He should have told every “leader” in the country to ignore it 100%. It likely would have resulted in less death than what we did in response.

    1. except the “excess deaths” will be blamed on an undercount of COVID-19 deaths, instead of being counted as side effects of mass quarantine and economic destruction.

      1. Sooner or later reality will win.

        ALL of Oregon’s covid deaths only equal 22% of Oregon’s excess deaths. And SOME of those deaths are merely “with covid”. We’re killing people with bad policy.

  17. I guess it is asking too much of Trump to request that he be, you know, just HONEST about coronavirus?

    NOT spreading unjustified panic
    NOT deliberately downplaying it either.

    Just treat us like adults. Give us the truth and take reasonable steps to marshal government resources to fight the pandemic.

    It’s like a complete reversal from the 1990’s version of Team Red.
    Back then, “character matters” and “lying was a serious matter”.

    Now, it’s “character doesn’t matter, only policy does” and “who cares if he lies, it’s no big deal”.

    1. How can you be honest about a new virus? Say “I don’t know what the hell is going to happen.”?

      1. That would work.

        1. That would work.

          But not for Trump.

          He has said variations on ‘But what do I know, I’m not a doctor’ over and over and over again.

          And you fuckers ignore it when it might help him and leap on it when you think you can hurt him with it.

    2. In the middle of the impeachment “crisis”, did Trump still have the poise to ban travel from China? How was that leadership move received? Did he call together execs from top pharma companies and ask them to fast track covid research and potential vaccines?
      Did he order more PPE when CDC finally informed him that Obama/Biden had run the stockpile down and not replenished it?
      It would be interesting to see a time line of how Trump/Fauci responded to the science behind this pandemic and what Biden’s secret plan was for doing the same.

    3. True.

      But has ANYONE and like an adult? Everyone has acted like a parent, and those two are not the same things.

      Nobody wants to look like the bad guy (or girl for you feminists). Everyone is afraid of making a mistake because the scientists told us there would be millions of deaths.

  18. Downplaying the threat would have led to a less severe economic disaster, and had little impact on the health disaster. So Trump’s first instinct was correct.

    Inciting panic led to a demand for governments to “do something”, which they were happy to oblige.

    1. Yup.

    2. He should have stuck with the Easter reopening which was his first instinct.

  19. What. Policy. Failures?

  20. ‘They say I have the most loyal people — did you ever see that? Where I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters.”

    That is not a compliment you fucking scumbags. Please stop being evil.

    1. This is as boring as anyone reflexively defending Trump.

      1. Strazzle strives for mediocrity.

    2. To him it is, not to the people.

  21. Let’s be purely cynical and partisan (as always?).

    How would Trump benefit from deliberately down-playing the virus early in the year? Lack of panic, sure. Discouraging broad shut downs? Looking like a confident leader? And what ever other image factors that would not have upset the economic boom, and his claims to supporting policy.

    Now, who would benefit from the opposites of these things?

    Oh, and I guess this is still an election year.


    “Did you get a sense that [President Trump] was or wasn’t playing this down?” Fox News’ John Roberts asked.

    “No, no, I didn’t. I didn’t get any sense that he was distorting anything,” Fauci replied. “In my discussions with him, they were always straightforward about the concerns that we had. We related that to him. When he would go out, I’d hear him discussing the same sort of things.”

    1. If Trump should be ashamed of anything, it’s listening to Fauci.

  23. Trump says stupid shit. He should stand by what he was saying earlier. The predictions were apocalyptic, and he was saying it wouldn’t be that bad. It turns out it wasn’t that bad.

    His problem is trying to spin now instead of just speaking truth. “This virus is barely a risk to healthy populations. It’s very transmissable, so precautions should be taken to protect vulnerable populations, but panic and economic devastation will kill more.”

    1. But also, why the fuck is he not saying that now?

      Can we please have someone, anyone, speak some truth to all the scared sheep?

      1. Because the truth is extremely fucking unpopular. It gets you banned from Twitter and Facebook.

      2. But also, why the fuck is he not saying that now?

        As it turns out, PR and political messaging are hard and politicians and pundits often get it wrong.

        Ask Hillary.

  24. 100% agree. Had Trump freaked in January and demanded an insane overreaction, the Dems would have taken the opposite position and fought against all the fucking batshit bonkers North Korea style lockdowns.

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  27. “Policy failures”? Please, stop with the nonsense. You had an entire article to make your case and you failed.

    1. He failed to prevent panic and mass hysteria. But I don’t think that’s what people are trying to say.

  28. Reason should stop having Billy write until he’s at least shaving regularly. What kind of adult goes around calling themselves by a kid’s nickname? First column I read from him, don’t even remember what it was about, but he made some off the cuff comment about people who actually work for a living that I found highly insulting. Nice to see absolutely no personal growth in the last few years. Way to go “Billy”.

    1. But maybe he’s Shazam when he says the magic words

      1. I hope he gets the Kingdom Come treatment.

    2. He prefers to be called Billy. So what? That’s not an argument. That’s just a personal attack.

    3. Don’t be a dick. I know at least two adults who are plenty mature and manly who call themselves Billy.

  29. I just had to share this moronic take from NPR on Trump’s additional potential scotus picks

    Trump’s updated list, which includes several women and people of color, reflects the emphasis the Republican Party has to pay in its attempt to court voters more broadly outside of white, often older, reliably conservative circles.

    Translation: Non-white, young, non-conservatives don’t care about anything the judges say or do except that they are dark and have vaginas. Yeah, that’s not insulting at all.

    1. Democrats have succeeded in painting Republicans as the party of old white racist men. Furthermore, they take advantage of this to shoot down nominations. It makes political sense for Republicans to seek out blacks and Hispanics for important positions, not because Republicans believe it, but because Democrats do.

      1. Trump’s unilateral actions are Democrats’ fault!

    2. People like Tony are horribly racist and sexist.

      In Tony’s defense, he thinks vaginas are gross so the second one is at least understandable from his perspective.

  30. So let’s say Trump did what all the best brains later said we should have done and locked down the US in February, halted all international flights, cruises etc., and shut down schools. The virus may have never taken off but you can bet the usual suspects would have blasted him for destroying the economy. Oh and the WHO didn’t seem to have a clue either when they said masks weren’t effective, but nobody is calling them out on it.

    1. We would have had the summer surge regardless, fueled by Latin American border crossings (legal and illegal) from Mexico. And at that point there would have been a whole lot of hurr durr racist red state governors blame innocent undocumented migrants for Trump’s public health failures.

      Once COVID progressed to community spread in Wuhan (basically China’s answer to Chicago) there was no getting the genie back in the bottle (doubly so after the Milan strain emerged). Unless your country is an island or effectively one (S. Korea; Denmark; Norway) and is willing to endure Juche for a 3 year stretch then you’re just going to have to weather the storms.

    2. Are masks effective? I think they must do something, but it’s hard to say what. Since masks weren’t used widely until there was a lot of immunity already in many places, it’s hard to sort out what effect masks had on infection rate and what is just down to increased population immunity and other behavior changes.
      I’ve seen how people use masks. Most people are just going through the motions. I doubt they are having much of an effect. And I’m still not convinced that slowing spread is a good idea except when the infections get high enough that it causes significant problems for hospitals or the general functioning of society.

    3. Wasn’t the Virus here at least by January? I don’t think anything would have stopped it. Only delayed the inevitable. And that’s still all any of this is accomplishing.

  31. Trump Says He Downplayed the Coronavirus Threat To Avoid ‘Panic.’ That Helps Explain His Policy Failures.

    And by “policy failure” you mean that he didn’t act like a fascist dictator the way progressives would have? That he left COVID policy up to the states, like he is required to under the Constitution? That kind of policy failure?

  32. Can we at least agree Trump is a moron for telling Woodward this? What did he think he was gonna do? Say “My interviews with Trump went great! Real straight shooter.”

    1. I don’t see what you think is so bad about politicians softening bad news in order to avoid panic.

      Seems better to me than the sexist, racist, and dishonest stuff Biden says all the time.

    2. I think it was I’ll advised, but if he only did interviews with New York Post and Fox, you’d accuse him of being a coward or something.

  33. You mean, like Botox Barbie Pelosi did when she said it was OK to have parades in San FranFeces? When Commie Cuomo put the elderly back into nursing homes? Like that?

    This comment not approved by Silicon Valley brain slugs.

  34. People keep saying covid has a 99% recovery. That it’s harmless in the big picture and people are overreacting. Comments here are constantly downplaying it.

    Except… no one here realizes just how fuck up that is.

    If the US has a population of 300 million people, and just 1% die of covid?

    That’s still 3 Million People dead!!!

    People get up in a gd rage over numbers way less than this.

    1. People keep saying covid has a 99% recovery. That it’s harmless in the big picture and people are overreacting. Comments here are constantly downplaying it. Except… no one here realizes just how fuck up that is. If the US has a population of 300 million people, and just 1% die of covid?

      What’s “fuck up” is your math. You can’t multiply the 1% with 300 million because most of the 300 million won’t ever get sick enough to be counted as a recovery.

      Most likely, when all is said and done, the number of deaths actually caused by COVID in the US will be a few tens of thousands.

      1. So the 190,000 dead now is just a few tens of thousands?

        1. “Actually caused by”

          If 20% of our population gets a virus during a stretch, I would fully expect 20% of our deaths during that stretch to have the virus in their system, even if it had nothing to do with what killed them.

          About 1.5M deaths since covid means we expect 300,000 deaths-with-covid. That doesn’t mean covid killed them all. That’s the BASELINE.

        2. That deaths with Covid, not deaths from Covid. Most who died with Covid died from something else. Or, to put it differently, without Covid, most would have died within a year anyway.

          1. That comorbidity study didn’t exactly say that. It did not parse out causality. Some comorbidities go the other way. Congestive heart failure, pneumonia, kidney failure, liver failure…. The study just looked at what was listed on the death certificate. So some could be “died of a heart attack and had covid” and some could be “had severe diabetes and asthma and covid finished him off” or it could be “covid caused pneumonia and he died of a pseudomonas infection due to that”. You can’t tell the difference in the study they did.

  35. Think the whole point is that Trump is Guilty of the same thing the CCP did, downplayed the Pandemic as a form of Propaganda

    Reason did made the case before that Complete Transparency (Both from the State and the Media) would have been better

    1. Complete transparency from the media was never on the table. Would it have been better if we didn’t have a media peddling in fear porn and blowing this thing all out of proportion? Certainly. It would have been better if there was a magic wand inside the oval office that allowed Trump to make the virus disappear. What’s the point in even stating that? It was never possible for it to happen, and the media being transparent about something is about as unlikely.

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  37. Addressing the seriousness of the pandemic didn’t cause panic in other nations, who have fared much better than the US, it is just saBing lives.

    The ones panicking are the dipshits who can’t wear masks to save their lives, literally.

    1. Uh., Which country is this that faired much better?

      Europe as a whole looks pretty much exactly like the US as a whole. They are comparable in size and economics.

      Take out New York and New Jersey and the US fared far better than most places. Notably, new York and New Jersey actively took steps to increase their fatality rate and did not follow early guidelines.

      1. Well you can look at Canada. With today’s rolling 7 day average daily deaths Is 3 for a population of 37 million.

        Compared to the US 724 for 331 million, Canada is currently doing 27 times better.

        Etc, etc

  38. You guys are right.. Policy failures… wow.

    The US is right in the pack – take out the New York area where governors and mayors did everything in their power to make it worse, and the US is basically like any other industrialized nation. For some reason, people who write this sort of article want to compare the entire US with countries the size of one of the US states.

    Trump has been faced with some extremely unique obstacles. This pandemic required either completely locking the country down and tracking and tracing every case, quarantining every person found infected. We kind of started that way in some areas. Other than the northeast, the states with heavy tourism and particularly cruise industry presences were working that way.

    But then reality intervened. Trump started moving to shut down international travel, and Team D howled! He’s a Nazi! He’s Racist! He can’t do that!! Washington was getting their outbreak under control. Florida and California were hunting down cases and Florida had things mostly contained.

    Then New York happened. They didn’t shut down the bars and restaurants. They tried to be overly aggressive in Rochester, but left New York City alone. And New York didn’t do anything about the subway other than wipe it down with lysol every day. Even after the pandemic was in full spread, they still waited late to do anything about the subway. Long after south Florida had shut down, NYC wasn’t even requiring masks on the Subway (long in terms of the pandemic, not in terms of geological time).

    Still, it was plausible that the worst of it could be contained to New York. It was spreading like wildfire there, but this is a huge country. Other places were untouched. Governors from other states went to the President to do something about cordoning off New York.

    New York howled. Cuomo howled. The national media howled. National democrats howled. Unconstitutional! He’s not a dictator! He’s not a king! He’s a Nazi!

    So New Yorkers fled to Florida and New England and took big doses of the virus with them. And Trump didn’t call in the army to stop them. I’m not sure if he could have.

    And still….

    Outside of the New York city area and a couple of states with governors who followed Cuomo’s example on nursing homes, the US has been Ok. Each area has been reacting to local conditions, requesting aid from the feds as needed. Most states are big enough that even a state-wide solution is counter-productive. In places like Florida and Texas and California this is particularly pronounced. There are cities that had a lot of covid, and rural areas where the risk was minimal. They took flexible approaches that acknowledge this fact.

    And the “flatten the peak” thing worked everywhere. Remember that? Remember how that was the goal set by the CDC and WHO? Nobody believed stopping the spread altogether in a place like the US or Europe was possible. New Zealand? South Korea? Sure. Relatively isolated, smaller countries. Catch it early enough and that might work. But you’ll be in lockdown forever, once the virus spread to the entire globe.

    What this article boils down to is that it was the president’s job to keep things on an even keel. And the democrats have seen it as their job to maximize panic and economic destruction. And the national media has seen their role as assisting the democrats in doing that.

    1. And the ‘mischaracterization’ early on was not downplaying the danger. It was overstating it. 2.2 million dead. 6% case fatality rate. Lingers on surfaces for days… Even weeks. Going paddle boarding alone off Venice Beach is so dangerous that the police needed to go arrest the scofflaw. Boats were weapons of mass destruction.

      1. Remember…. 18 million dead from the spanish flu at a time that the world was much less populous. That is the modern pandemic benchmark. This is not immeasurably worse than the spanish flu.

    2. It was the President’s job to look after the best interests of ALL US citizens.

      Something he failed to do.

      1. That is just plain idiotic.

        Did you expect him to come to your house and tuck you in personally?

        1. He’s a Nazi; not where I look for anything approaching intelligence.

      2. And suppose some of those interests conflict?

        Just go away, you Nazi idiot.

        1. What interest could you have that would supersede another’s interest to live?

          Who’s the psychopath?

          1. Lots of things. As long as I’m not causing their death, I have no obligation to go out of my way to keep anyone alive.

            As I have said many times, if it is sensible and reasonable to take the measures against virus spread now, then it always is. There are always respiratory viruses in circulation that kill people.

            1. If you Do nothing to contain your spreadOmg a deadly virus that you know you have, you are knowingly causing the death.

              If you take part in activities that increase your likelihood of contracting the virus, again you are responsible for the deaths your ignorance causes.

              If you follow the advice of medical professionals to prevent you from getting and spreading the virus and you still get and unknowingly spread it, you have acted responsibly and are not responsible for any resulting deaths.

              1. You’ve noted three items. The first two are the price of living in a society free of majority-imposed oppression. Would-be slavers like Cuomo (and you, apparently) love to make those arguments. If you don’t want to catch any viruses, oppress yourself by staying home, don’t oppress me by imposing your voodoo mask mandates.

                1. On the contrary, the distinction is between behaviour in public or private.

                  If you want the privilege of participating in public society, you need to follow certain basic rules, like wearing a mask during a deadly pandemic.

                  If not, you can stay in your private residence.

    3. The Democrats never considered the virus a problem. They considered it a chance to gain politically. “This is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision,”
      While the country is down and weakened was their opportunity to attack and they have been doing it with the aid of their ally the fake news media.

  39. Just for fun, here’s the CDC report about deaths related to coronavirus, and those where flu and pneumonia were involved, and the death rates among various age cohorts.

  40. It was the right move at the time. There was a lull in Covid in February while previous scares had turned out to be nothing at all. He was also going on Fauci’s paper (which, Fauci was right by the way; this has turned out to be far milder than originally anticipated).

    “This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968) rather than a disease similar to SARS or MERS, which have had case fatality rates of 9 to 10% and 36%, respectively.”

    New England Journal of Medicine: NEJMe2002387

  41. Had a discussion regarding Trump’s ‘failed policies’ with a run-of-the-mill SF resident several weeks back.
    I asked what, specifically, should Trump have done? The answer was ‘He should have coordinated stuff’.
    That’s as close to specifics as the person could deliver…
    Just a guess, but that’s BB’s list of ‘failed policies’ also.

  42. The thing is, it’s Trump, he just says shit. When will people learn? Think for yourself, don’t look to politicians for all the answers.

    1. Oh my GOD, people are really criticizing Trump for not ratcheting up the hysteria caused by an invisible deadly enemy?

      Al Gore, where are you when we need some comedic relief? Or is that the joke?

      1. I am very glad that Trump did not try to ratchet up the hysteria any more than he did, and that he did not try to impose a national policy for lockdowns or masks or anything.

      2. Trump, definitely not a fan of ratcheting up hysteria.

        1. We’re talking about a specific case here, not the general situation.

  43. Trump said that if Covid-19 were properly mitigated responded to the death toll on Americans could be kept to 40,000 or less. Those currently killed number 191,000+. Trump’s failed response and his deceit and disinformation, that denied Americans our chance to compensate for his government’s failure via our individual responses, has now killed 151,000+ of our countrymen, that according to his own numbers need not and should not have died.

    1. Or maybe he was just wrong about it being possible to keep it to 40,000 or less. Anything people were saying in March was very speculative.

    2. Considering it was up to individuals, local governments and state governments to mitigate the infections are you implying they all failed? The worse failure was in New York and along the Eastern Seaboard where they refused to shut down mass transit and then Cuomo putting covid 19 patients in nursing homes. From there they allowed it to spread throughout the country. Then we had the Democrats in our Congress kneeling in submission to the violent Marxist that gave them permission to riot, loot and burn which is still ongoing which has contributed to the spike in cases of their age group and pulled defeat out of the mouth of victory. States that had done a great job reducing the number of cases were blindsided by the riots and were left trying to mitigate the damage done. If you deal in facts where does the way the President responded equal a failure? When Biden was in charge of the response to the swine flu a high estimate of 90 million Americans were infected. It has to be estimated because their was no testing or tracing. You calculate the damage and deaths if it had been as lethal as the coronavirus. When it first appeared no one knew how deadly it would be and it was only luck that a large percentage of older folks had some immunity to it and we did not have millions of deaths. To a lefty 90 million cases is a success and 6 million is a failure. That is completely irrational.

      1. Was there a different virus in each state?

        I dunno, be a fair-weather federalist for obvious partisan bullshit reasons if you want. The people will decide who’s to blame. Don’t you hate that?

  44. Trump followed Fauci in the beginning. Then he realized Fauci is who he always was – a rat (his stance on HCQ is a disgrace. He didn’t learn from his mistakes during HIV/AIDS) – and began to isolate (excuse the pun) him.

    And trying to keep calm is precisely what you should do.

    Since when is this a bad thing?

  45. “This is deadly stuff but it goes away with heat in two months” is typical Trump stream of conscious style of speaking in which he tries to cover multiple angles. It’s like him saying that white supremacists are bad but they were fine people (those who merely protested the removal of statues) on both sides in Charlottesville. Or that Mexico sends us rapists but some of them are good people.

    The world initially thought Covid was just another Mers or Sars. Deadlier than a typical flu for the infected, but ultimately localized and soon to pass. America never wore masks during the last pandemic, which nobody even remembered last year.

    That was essentially Trump’s view. He never had any advance knowledge of the true nature of this virus. Everyone wanted to protect the economy. Even the Korean president told his people it was fine to go outside even as they started to ramp up tests. Blasio’s aides threatened to quit because he refused to close down schools.

    There’s no bombshell here. Trump publicly stated what he told Woodard in April. Woodard knew what the president meant in the interview. He’s releasing this “bombshell” in coordination with the fake “Trump insults veteran” news as the polls start to tighten.

    1. “He never had any advance knowledge of the true nature of this virus.”

      Only the best medical authorities on the planet. What with being the president.

      Everyone thought Trump was being stupid and repeating horseshit he heard on FOX News. Turns out he was lying because he thought sending people out to die would help his re-election.

      Stupid and evil, the Republican way, and Trump is their rightful king.

      1. Sending what people out where to die? Do you mean like telling them there was nothing to worry about and they should continue riding the subway and mass transit and not change their day to day activities or was it drawing crowds in Chinatown? How would sending people out to die help his re-election? That is a pretty irrational post.

        1. It’s a pretty irrational president.

          Every last Trump fellating goober here has been arguing that the virus isn’t so bad and that mitigation measures were an overreaction. Something Trump didn’t even believe the whole time. Now, don’t you feel stupid.

          1. The virus has kill rate of less than 1% on 99% of the population. The entire Democrat party and the msm thought this was just another flu in feb. Remember Pelosi and blasio telling everyone to go outside after the travel ban?

            Your shitty heroes in New York sent infected people to nursing homes months after trump shifted his month. That’s when the wave hit. Then another one hit when protests hit the streets, imperiling 5 states that had largely evaded the covid bullet.

            Why are you such a hack? Do you realize that the “system” is ran by progs? Schools, hospitals, banks, tech etc? Who’s behind “systemic racism”? Who’s running cities where blacks are most likely to be cut down by crime and

            We knew back in March the elderly sick were vulnerable. Cuomo said screw them and infected his entire state. You should have felt stupid weeks ago.

          2. Of course he did, and does, believe that the measures were an overreaction. They were an overreaction.

  46. Considering that Reason was more concerned with impeachment in January. And then when Trump banned travel from China, Reason was more focused on just how racist/xenophobic that action was. It’s not clear exactly how Reason thinks they are the purveyors of pandemic wisdom.

  47. Remember how everyone here regurgitated the “masks are dumb” and “it’s just a flu” and “it’s harmless to children” bullshit that is now totally debunked by Trump’s own admission on tape that he was lying to you about it?

    Don’t you feel embarrassed? A little guilty that you advocated for children to go to get infected with potentially life-altering disease?

    Of course you don’t. You were already advocating sacrificing the elderly so Trump might get re-elected. You don’t give half a shit that he was lying to you or that you were lying to the internet and advocating mass death for the sake of Donald fucking Trump’s feelings.

    I wonder if you’re the worst people I’ve ever met.

  48. President Trump briefed the American people everyday allowing his team of experts to alert the American people to the dangers of Covid 19 and what they needed to do to stay safe. Even during his early in the year rallies he told people how serious it could become. When Dr. Fauci was asked his reply was, “I don’t think Trump ever distorted things that I spoke to him about.” Fauci said, “I don’t think he said much different than what we said to him when we were in the Oval Office.” The left’s ally the fake news of course distracted in everyway they could but any one paying attention knew there was a serious problem when he restricted travel from China. While he was actually reacting the experts were assuring Americans there was no problem and the Democrats were telling people to not change their day to day activities and drawing crowds in Chinatown. Personally I can find no fault with how President Trump responded but many governors did fail badly.

    1. If Trump ate a baby on live TV would you be able to find fault with him?

      He admitted to downplaying it. He said he liked doing that. It’s recorded!

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  50. Billy Binion hates our President Trump so much he is voting straight Democratic on November 3. My sources confirm this.

  51. Billy Bunion is voting Biden. Billy wants to see all single homes bulldozed in favor of poverty ridden high rises. Watch the crime increase 10,000%. Go Billy ! ! !

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