Trump Declares National Emergency To 'Unleash the Full Power of the Federal Government'

But what he will do with that power remains uncertain.


"To unleash the full power of the federal government in this effort today, I am officially declaring a national emergency," President Donald Trump announced on Friday afternoon. "Two very big words."

The president assured listeners that the country "will overcome the threat of the virus" and will be "even stronger" for it. But his briefing comes amid criticisms from conservatives and liberals alike that he has not done enough to address COVID-19, particularly as the stock market continues to toss and turn. The president's delayed response to coronavirus—which included passing over meetings on the subject, propagating false statistics, and downplaying its severity—may have contributed to its proliferation in the United States. 

Trump nonetheless struck a boastful note in his remarks. "When you compare what we've done with other areas of the world, it's pretty incredible," he said Friday. "A lot of that had to do with the early designation and the closing of the borders. And, as you know, Europe was just designated as the hotspot right now, and we closed that border a while ago. Whether that was lucky or through talent or through luck, call it whatever you want."

The national emergency declaration would allow the deployment of up to $35 billion in aid. (Or perhaps $50 billion, which was the figure the president quoted in his remarks.) Per the Stafford Act, the president can disburse Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) support to states and localities as they wrestle with containing the pandemic. In addition to suspending the entry of foreign nationals who have been to Europe over the last two weeks, the president also asked hospitals to activate their emergency preparation plans and is allowing the Secretary of Health of Human Services to waive several regulations around medical treatment and hospital stays.

Trump announced a public-private partnership to increase coronavirus testing in the United States. That's a good idea, but until now Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations have hamstrung private labs' ability to provide tests to those in need. That shortage could have been successfully ameliorated with the help of private sector players more than a month ago. 

The Roche test, for instance, is 10 times faster at screening for the virus, but it was not approved by the FDA until today. Scott Gottlieb, a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and former FDA chief, noted the success of the method on Twitter, calling it a "fairly routine technology" as far back as February 2.

Denunciations of Trump's approach crescendoed after his national address on Wednesday evening, when the president overstated European travel restrictions, accidentally said that there would be a trade ban (there won't be), and erroneously claimed that coronavirus treatment would be free. 

Indeed, Trump on multiple occasions has downgraded the coronavirus to nothing more than seasonal influenza—an assertion that contradicts the scientific consensus. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, testified that the fatality rate is likely to settle around 1 percent, which is 10 times that of the flu. 

Reminders to quell panic are well-taken, though insufficient in the face of a deadly disease that experts say requires significant social distancing to protect the most vulnerable. In that vein, Trump sought to strike a different tone as he delivered his final remarks, emphasizing the seriousness of the matter.

"All Americans have a role to play in defeating this virus," he said. "Our most effective weapon right now is to limit the damage to our people and our country, and slow the spread of the virus itself. The choices we make, the precautions we put into place are critical to overcoming the virus." 

NEXT: Politicians Declare Eviction Moratoriums To Combat Coronavirus. Will They Give Up That Power After the Virus Fades?

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  1. Trump on multiple occasions has downgraded the coronavirus to nothing more than seasonal influenza—an assertion that contradicts the scientific consensus.


    1. Anytime you show up in a thread I feel like I need a shower.

      1. You’re too old to be his type. He’s a pederast.

        1. Ya never know, Freddy could be 12. He is kind of a Jerk.

          1. Twelve’s too old, 7-Eleven is his motto (although the 7 border is somewhat more fluid than the eleven).

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      2. Bathe in hot bleach. You’ll feel better.

    2. You’re right, “Trump don’t need no science experts”….
      Those “science experts” consensus told us the world would be a dust-bowl TODAY… Those “science experts” consensus told us all the children would be dead from smokers. Those “science experts” consensus told us solar and wind would be cheaper and that greedy oil was to blame.

      Those “science experts” consensus seem to only do ONE THING consistently and repeatedly — That is to subsidized the living tar out of their LIES.

      1. Cite sources for your ridiculous claims.

        1. Source: Reality.

    3. I listened to Trump’s remarks on the coronavirus, and I didn’t hear him downgrade it to influenza, but I did hear him compare it influenza which kills hundreds of thousands of people every year.

      “But his briefing comes amid criticisms from conservatives and liberals alike that he has not done enough to address COVID-19”

      The one constant from those criticizing Trump and his response, is they have no alternative plan. And they criticized him as being racist for banning travel from China, and would have allowed more Chinese to spread the disease quicker in the USA. Further, they demanded more spending, but on other things so as not to waste a crisis to spend more of our money.

      As a libertarian, I recognize that government exists to protect us from others who’d harm us. That includes people who’d spread disease among us, knowingly or not. This is a legitimate exercise of government.

      I’m more uncertain about Reason’s fealty to libertarian values, than what Trump “will do with that power”. Binion is unable to give Trump credit for quickly removing FDA regulations (implemented by Bush, and left there by Obama) inhibiting testing for coronavirus, and instead writes “That shortage could have been successfully ameliorated with the help of private sector players more than a month ago” in an effort to blame Trump. Obviously the TDS the Reason staff is infected with isn’t helping them celebrate libertarian policy changes Trump had made and is making. Trump could use some support in his efforts towards libertarian policies, rather than the piling on of criticism along with the statists and deep state players.

      It’s not libertarian to support the people who are against libertarian policies, and to just criticize those implementing libertarian policies. I’ll have to donate my money to more libertarian institutions if this keeps up.

  2. …an assertion that contradicts the scientific consensus.

    Oh, no you didn’t.

    1. when will they quit that?

    2. The scientific consensus is they dont know the infection or death rate of covid19. The CFR is their measured rate which the consensus is that the rate is too high.

      1. One consensus vs another consensus.

        Two consensi enter, one consensus leaves!

        1. Yes, Sensei!

      2. This one is driving me nuts. Nobody is being responsible with the numbers.

        Flu is bad. It is a killer. But we have experience with it. Flu is the closest example to this coronavirus.

        Initial reports were that it was orders of magnitude more lethal and orders of magnitude more contagious. When those numbers came out I said “the initial numbers are always way too high”. And they came down. But they still seem way too high.


        The Italy numbers that came out today. I heard them on the radio, so operating from memory here… but the mortality rate for under 30 was zero. And for people in their 80’s it was 16%. That’s really high. And numbers for people in their 50’s and 60’s were pretty high too… 2.5-6%.

        But there was a red flag in there too. They mentioned the number of cases per each age group. The average age of infected people was 65. And only one or two percent of the cases were in the under 30 cohort.

        There’s your clue. Only a tiny slice of the people infected are under 30? But people under 30 are the ones running around everywhere, going to school, playing sports, going to the club. They would definitely be the ones most likely to get infected, not 73 year old retirees who sit at home all day.

        That tells me that the denominator for their numbers is “people who presented themselves for treatment”. That would be consistent with almost nobody under 30 being counted.

        Which means, these numbers are exceptionally biased, selecting out those who are the sickest and most likely to die. People with mild symptoms are extremely unlikely to have been tested at all.

        Which cycles back to the consensus. Virologists and epidemiologists should know this. They should know that even the 1% number is likely very skewed, making the “10x as lethal as flu” label highly suspect.

        It is obviously a really bad virus that is doing a lot of damage. But the death toll so far is way, way low for something to be so much more easily transmitted than flu, while simultaneously being 10x as lethal. China should be posting deaths in the hundreds of thousands or low millions if that is the case, not in the single digit thousands.

        Remember, flu takes out on the order of a half a million worldwide every year. And it routinely kills 20k here in the USA, and killed 80k back in the 2017 flu season. So a disease that is 10x as lethal and more contagious should kill off a good 5 million worldwide…. at the low end. We should be looking at numbers north of a quarter million – and 800k if as many people get it as were affected by the flu in the 2017 season.

        So, comparing it to flu is not crazy or anti-scientific. Claiming that a comparison to the flu is the same thing as saying that it is harmless is the crazy, anti-scientific thing to do.

        Second take-home… the scientific consensus of 10x as bad as the flu is on very shaky ground. It really doesn’t comport with the numbers … not the ratio of death to known cases numbers, but the “this is how many people have died” numbers.

        This article
        has some numbers for flu in China. They are in “deaths per 100,000”, so it is hard to suss out, but they peg the mortality rate from flu at 0.4% (half of the rate reported from South Korea for Covid-19. not 1/10th).

        And with a death rate at 9.4 per 100,000, my quick and dirty says that they should have on the order of 100,000 deaths each year from flu.

        Compare and contrast with a few thousand from what they are reporting as a waning coronavirus epidemic.

        Something does not make sense about these numbers and the reactions from people like WHO. The more “ground floor” experts from the CDC and elsewhere seem to have a more level-headed approach. Their language does not seem nearly as alarmist.

        But TV is going with “doctors” who don’t seem to know the first thing about virology or epidemiology who are simply extrapolating the WHO numbers and recommendations and adding a little hype sauce to the mix.

        I don’t know for sure, but it really seems to me that it not only won’t turn out to be 10x as bad as flu, it probably won’t turn out to be as bad as flu once the true numbers are collected.

        And my guess is that this still will be reported as the worst killer virus ever, and our government’s response will be reported as the most incompetent and deadly ever.

        1. the mortality rate for under 30 was zero. And for people in their 80’s it was 16%

          Mortality decisions for Italy are no longer about the virus. They are about the triage decisions made outside the hospital door. For serious cases needing hospitalization – the old are told to go home and die, the young are admitted for treatment. That age cutoff will get lower and lower as the seriously infected to hospital capacity ratio gets higher.

          1. The triage recommendations that the Italians are following are going to be a serious problem for the US. We are not remotely prepared for the reality of ‘hospitals are full’. And yet in some places that will hit within a couple of weeks.

            1. Just as one example (machine translated):

              The decision to limit intensive care should be discussed and shared as collegially as possible of the treating team and – as far as possible – in dialogue with the patient (and family members), but must be able to be timely.

              How is ‘timely’ or ‘collegial’ (meaning presumably non-confrontational with guns not involved) going to be possible in the US – with a half dozen lawyers in the mix – and a few hundred more in the wings who are probably prepping TV ads right now?

        2. China should be posting deaths in the hundreds of thousands or low millions if that is the case, not in the single digit thousands.

          China COMPLETELY locked down Hubei province when Hubei had under 500 confirmed cases and the rest of China only had 100 or so. Still locked down. Not people hoarding toilet paper and then going about their daily business. LOCKED DOWN.

          They then built 11 hospitals there to deal with the surge. So yes transmission slowed hugely (mostly medical staff, uninfected family, and lockdown leakage) and they only faced an overcapacity mortality problem for a few days.

          Still – after 7 weeks Hubei has 67,000 cases and 3000 dead. That does not mean everyone else in Hubei has been exposed so it isn’t dangerous. It means 1-2% of the Hubei population has likely been exposed. Like everywhere else, they will have a big second wave. Though it is entirely possible that that second wave will be imported to China from elsewhere.

          1. The lockdown that was easy to get out of by taking tylenol? They were using thermometers.

            How much have you shit your pants the last week?

            1. Easy to get out of? Maybe easy to avoid going to hospital when they knock on your door – but still in apartment for seven weeks now.

          2. The “lockdown” that didn’t start, by their own admission, until 6-8 weeks after they knew they were dealing with an unknown, mild SARS like illness?

            Anyone that doesn’t believe this virus has been in the US from Nov/Dec is not paying attention. Millions of people were traveling to and from that area in China while they were trying to cover this up quietly, it was only after it hit a hospital over there that the world media got wind of it… but that was at least 4-6 weeks after it started, and they weren’t locked down for another 2 week. Likely it has made its way through the US mildly… and is just now hitting the most vulnerable.

        3. In South Korea, only 4% of those tested had the virus. The infection rate is actually low. On a cruise, a contained are where infection should be highest, only 40 out of 2200 tested positive.

        4. 1% is 10x the flu rate of .1%.

          1. ^EXACTLY — Not to mention that 1% is entirely reflective of 70yrs + of age.

      3. What do you think of Trump saying the virus will just disappear soon? Lol.

  3. Sounds great keep up the good work. This is far better than it would be with Clinton or Biden in charge. Meanwhile the rest of us go on with our lives while the children at CNN panic.

    1. Your QAnon group fascinated me. How can I learn more about it?

      1. You contact the FBI and then send them a link of that website that got you banned here. You should do so immediately…they’ll be happy to get in touch with you and discuss whatever you want to know.

  4. >>”All Americans have a role to play in defeating this virus,” he said.

    words of the power-mad.

  5. He’ll suspend elections, habeas corpus, and now that he has all those kids in cages, he’ll gas them.

    1. CNN Intern plagiarizing Reason comments: “…suspend elections, habeas corpus…I’m getting a lot of good stuff from this guy!”

  6. First – I look forward to all you dingleberry-munching bots do a 360 reverse double half-spin about this is just the flu

    Second – good decision Trump

    Third – the president can disburse Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) support to states and localities as they wrestle with containing the pandemic.

    No no no no. Unless he is seconding those people and that money through the various interstate compacts that we have:
    Emergency Management Assistance Compact

    Hell that’s the only one I can find that seems relevant. No health compact.

    But this is exactly the sort of emergency that should be funded through the ‘interstate compact’ form and through state-level banks (like Bank of North Dakota)

    That is what allows states the freedom to better decide how to address the stuff that’s facing them immediately. And that means has NO long-term executive branch growth. No long-term mandates. And is exactly the means that was put into the constitution to deal with states cooperating on different things (or learning from each other) while also requiring congress enough say to make sure it’s not a beggar-thy-neighbor type thing (and yeah – congress can also fund it – under the ‘how do you create/distribute that constitutional money called ‘US dollar).

    Showing that in action might also provide clues – post-Covid19 – about how to reform the big monstrous stuff like SS, Medicare, Medicaid, DHS.

    Interstate compact. It’s a good thing for classical liberals and libertarians

    1. JFree,
      What do you want, that Trump isn’t planning to do with this declaration?

      My assumptions are that isolation and containment are out, and we’re in the mitigation/peak-spreading part of this epidemic. Accordingly, what should ‘we’ be doing that we aren’t?

      1. Different states are in different phases and will need to do different things.

        Here in CO, we’ve ramped from 2 cases last week to 72 now. 33 in ski country and 32 in Denver area. That itself is two very different problems. The ski country folks are already at altitude where breathing problems are common even among the healthy and young and cuz of the outside weather often in a ‘cruise ship’ environment indoors – but they are also mostly out-of-staters who brought/caught it here. There will need to be evacuations and closures since they are only equipped for skiiing accidents. Denver/burbs is more like everywhere else and still a few weeks from the serious problems. Still obviously mile-high

        So far I think the locals are making good decisions and are in fast-and-furious mode. The last thing they need is to stop and collectively decide what ‘we all need’ – or to just accept whatever the feds decide to do (esp since we are in the West where fed land/water decisions have been about how to screw the West for a century or more). That latter is the real danger of a fed-level and fed-decided emergency.

        Force CO to set up a state-owned bank to receive US dollars.
        Backstop state bonds short-term so Wall St doesn’t threaten at near-term rollover dates.
        Set up the interstate compact website so that states can share info re what’s working and what’s not; feds can share epidemi/macro/meta data; feds/states can discuss rules re what those deposits in banks can be used for and how/when payback might be structured, etc

        Separately, I’d love to see feds just open up an online resource and put data/problems/etc out there so we can crowdsource this stuff at that level.

        Too late for any sort of trained militia action. But hey – maybe Trump can use the bully pulpit to call for volunteers or semi-volunteers and then provide that info to states so they can mobilize as needed.

        If he has a meeting with CEO’s or announces some DC/K Street bullshit about public-private partnership I’m gonna get really fucking pissed.

        1. Further thought re an online resource and put data/problems/etc out there so we can crowdsource this stuff at that level. since this ain’t getting any comment

          The sort of data/problem/challenge/etc I see being put on this site is precisely EVERYTHING that would currently get discussed in closed-door meetings in DC or would remain opaque inside companies or between bureaucrats/pols and lobbyists/donors. Knowledge that can become Hayekian – but that needs to BE dispersed first.

          eg We need masks and ventilators in locations XYZ and all online sources are either overseas or ‘out of stock’…We are near hospital capacity in locations DEF and need transport of patients elsewhere and/or fast field hospital construction. etc… We have a new cluster of cases in locations ABR and need people to avoid this location

          If the market works – then this is precisely the way barriers to entry and meta-knowledge about market needs gets distributed FAST. Not via pricing signals of existing products and Wall St deciding which of their clients projects will get financing via govt debt expansion/leveraging while information remains tightly controlled.

          And – for all you supposed believers in actual free markets (v the dingleberry snipers and sockpuppets and ubertheory types) and/or libertarian alternatives to direct govt action – I’m perfectly willing to help set this up. I’ve got an old blog that can be repurposed into more of a collaborative workspace. Just comment there.

          This is a rubber meets the road moment for actual libertarians.

        2. And now – with news that hackers are attacking the HHS computer systems is yet another cost of not having BOTH an interstate compact response system (to decentralize rather than centralize) and a failure to understand that militia response in today’s society goes way the fuck beyond guns. Cyber defense is exactly the sort of specialized training that would be very attractive to teens wondering how to fulfill that service – and very useful when an enemy also sees a crisis as an opportunity) goes way the fuck beyond guns.

    2. You should really wait until the number of deaths broach 100 before declaring yourself a winner. Flu is already at 20k. But hey, tortoise won in the fairy tales.

      1. Prez already declared me the winner.

        1. You mean that guy you call a liar every day?

          1. LMAO.

          2. What can I say. Maybe he respects people who fight for something more than he respects the toilet paper under his shoe that just follows him around everywhere.

        2. No, the Prez declared irrational panic the winner.

          He has to coddle you from your closets.

          When you actually get the 2 million deaths you predicted a few years ago, you’ll be a winner.

          1. Few days ago, not years. Brain hiccup

      2. This guy again with the total number count instead of the relative mortality count.

        1. Ok.
          Let’s see numbers.
          Covid-19 vs non covid-19 flu.
          We’ll wait

    3. First – I look forward to all you dingleberry-munching bots do a 360 reverse double half-spin about this is just the flu

      Do we get bonus bot points if we’ve been saying it’s essentially just the flu since the start?

      I haven’t seen anyone out in the streets calling for us to bring out our dead yet. Just reports of terrified people creating shortages so far.

      1. Here in CO, we’ve ramped from 2 cases last week to 72 now. 33 in ski country and 32 in Denver area.

        End. Of. The. World. /sarc

        And I say this as someone that lives in Douglas county, which was ground-zero as far as anyone knows here in CO. As soon as one grandma with pneumonia dies and tests positive for COVID, I expect full-blown retardation. I mean, 50 people have already died in a nation of 350 million people. END OF THE WORLD!

        Sad, yes, but hardly worth shitting the bed over. I do like how the Denver drive-through testing was shut down because of pure unadulterated panic though.

        So popular!

        With luck, I didn’t SF the link.

        1. The best part of this has been those who went through coronavirus finally getting on the news and going “this wasn’t that bad, it lasted a few hours, and I was fine”

          There was a concentrated 2200 people on a cruise, only 70 contracted the virus. That is literally the most contained a group could be for an extended period and the transmission rate was small.

          And we are worried about 60% of the population contracting it?!?!

          1. TDS infected “libertarian”:

            “Insensitive ass! The dead cannot speak up to detail their harrowing ordeals! Just you wait, sir. Tomorrow will prove to be darkest day in American history! I sure hope so! Your stupid orange cult, and undying fealty to literally the biggest liar ever, will quicken your well deserved demise!”

        2. //I mean, 50 people have already died in a nation of 350 million people. END OF THE WORLD!//

          150 million people died from gun violence, and I don’t remember any emergency declaration …

        3. I say this as someone that lives in Douglas county which was ground-zero as far as anyone knows

          Douglas county is a fucking backwater. 3 cases? Hell – Aspen has 10. And just because you don’t know shit doesn’t mean everyone else is as stupid. CO is providing a lot of info about cases

          1. And hey – it’s up to 77 confirmed – from 72 when I first posted.

            1. Boy, just imagine if we tracked the flu like this. Blood. In. The. Streets.

              1. ^this, byodb.

                This is what I’ve been thinking the whole time.
                I mean, what’s stop the media from doing this about the regular flu?
                Tens of thousands of Americans die from it every year.
                We can have annual pan(ic)demics!

            2. 77 out of 6 million people in the state. Truly the end of times.

          2. LOL yeah sure. Fuck me because I’m not a panicked child. Good retort.

            1. Look. Over there. Way way over there. Mexicans are crossing the river

  7. “To unleash the full power of the federal government in this effort today, I am officially declaring a national emergency,” President Donald Trump announced on Friday afternoon. “Two very big words.”

    He then raised his staff, and called out to his cabinet, RELEASE THE LEVIATHAN!!!

    1. Wasn’t that supposed to be the Kraken?

      1. It’s “Release the Crackhead” ….

        ….I.e. Hunter Biden.

  8. Our God has failed us! Let us find a new God to worship! Surely the One True God shall cleanse us of all our sickness and impurities, for why else should we call Him God unless all manner of miracles might be His to command? Let us now worship *examines chicken entrails* Rutherford B. Hayes! Rutherford B. Hayes? How damn old are these chicken guts? Goddammit, what’s the use of even having chicken guts if it can’t tell us who we should select as our all-powerful, all-seeing, all-knowing God to solve all our problems for us? And what’s the use of even having a God to run our lives if we still have to occasionally think and do for ourselves? Man, I’ll tell ya, it’s almost enough to make me think we’d be better off just managing our own lives rather than waiting for somebody to show up and take care of us. (Not really, it would be silly to think that government can’t solve everything with just a little more money, a little more power and the right God running things.)

    1. it’s almost enough to make me think we’d be better off just managing our own lives rather than waiting for somebody to show up and take care of us.

      He’s a witch! Burn him!

      1. Who are you, who are so wise in the ways of “settled” science?

    2. There’s nothing wrong with our system. We just need to elect the correct gods.

      1. Top gods.

    3. No, the Shoe! The Shoe!!

      We should all hold aloft 1 shoe!!

  9. “All Americans have a role to play in defeating this virus,” he said.

    “Indeed, I would like to thank in advance the future generations saddled with paying off the defeat. They will be very special, incredible people!”

    1. Careful. If you bring up deficits around here, you get labeled a leftist. Deficits only count under Democrat presidents, and if you suggest that taxation has any relationship to deficits, why, you must Marx himself.

      1. Know what has more to do with deficits than taxation?

      2. No, if your assertion is that you have to raise taxes to match spending because of the deficits, you’re a leftist. Your only solution so far has been to raise taxes. You’re a leftist.

  10. I didn’t realize we had so much toilet paper.

    1. Short Charmin, their sales are going to crater next quarter.

    2. My wife confessed to me that she had left an unopened package of toilet paper in the back of her car for several days. We decided that this situation created an irresistible nuisance and would inevitably lead to a smash and grab as desperate individuals roam the streets seeking relief from the devastating effects of the impending worldwide toilet paper famine. Under cover of darkness I was able to retrieve the grail and secure it in a place I prefer not to disclose here.

      1. +1000

      2. Tsk tsk. I would leave one roll as a decoy with the window down. THEN hide the rest.

        1. I’d like to go out into the parking lot of a crowded store, maybe hide in the bushes, and just start lobbing rolls if tp onto the pavement one at a time.
          Let’s see if we can get a riot going.
          Unfortunately, nobody where I live seems to notice there’s a plague going on.
          No masks, no looted stores, no dead in the streets, beach was packed, centre street was hopping, restaurants crowded, all sorts of people out and about and gathering in parks. Tons of old folks.
          Oh, and there’s a mini carnival going on that was full of high schoolers.
          If jfree saw it, he’d probably have a heart attack

  11. Unleash the Full Power of the Federal Government


  12. Trump’s definitely get reelected now.

    He’s waiving student loan interest and giving the American masses their opiates.

    At this point, it is jealousy that Trump is playing the game better than Lefties could have dreamed.

    1. The only thing Trump could point to — for most Americans, not for the drooling bigots in his base who constitute a dwindling minority in America — was the economy.

      Now he doesn’t have the economy, in part because of how he botched the response to this public health problem.

      Most Americans recognize that firing the scientists, closing the pandemic office, and cuddling with faith healers instead were bad ideas when a pandemic was relatively predictable.

      When hospitals are clogged, Americans will blame the Trump administration, remembering the president’s foolish performances as the problem developed. Then, when the Republicans are flailing just before the election, asking for forgiveness and national unity, Democrats should step on the clingers’ necks.

      1. drooling bigots

        I know you’re mad that the highschoolers you stalk won’t ask you to prom, but just let it go already! You’ll feel better

      2. So tell us how a doddering old white male dementia patent is the Democrats best choice. You mean the woke party suddenly doesn’t trust brown people, or women, to run things? Seems like your neck stomping fantasy is probably more about your ex wife and how she emasculates you every day.

    2. TARP 2.0 — Virus edition

      Sounds like Trump is playing on the same side as the lefties. Even CNN seems to be happy with his latest response. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em… eh?

      1. Granite — but lets not so easily dismiss what else besides spending that he’s doing like….
        – allowing the Secretary of Health of Human Services to waive several regulations
        – a public-private partnership to increase coronavirus testing

        1. That doesn’t make up for Trump’s botched response. You’re talking about small stuff.

    3. You are delusional. Experts blame Trump for his shitty response to the outbreak. He may still win, but this crisis is not helping him in the least.

      You are praising Trump for giving people free stuff? Lol.

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  15. Isn’t it humorously ironic that the President has to, “waive several regulations” in order to make U.S. agencies competent?

    … and that, “private partnership” … “is 10 times faster” … “but it was not approved by the FDA (GOV)”…

    It’s almost as-if, dare I say, They stifle their very excuse for existing.

    1. Why did he get rid of the pandemic response office?

      I can see this crisis, coupled with the resulting recession, ending Trump’s presidency.

    2. Why does every idiot on this site link to the atlantic and then claim they are neutral?

  16. Well, since this is just a temporary emergency, may I suggest”
    Confiscate all funds from all political parties. Use the money to produce toilet paper.
    Institute a 100% tax on all political contributions.Use the money to buy masks.
    Allocate living space in all dwellings owned or rented by any registered democrat (just for these times where solidarity is needed) to those who suffer unemployment or eviction.
    Prohibit unnecessary public gatherings like political rallies, liberal fundraisers, and elections.
    Restrict online posts to one a day.

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