'You're Not Allowed To Film': The Fight To Control Who Reports From Portland

Both sides are getting their information through purposely bottlenecked media reports, and the results are predictably distorted and dangerous.


"YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO FILM!" is a cry you hear incessantly at protests in Portland, Oregon, always shouted at close range to your face by after-dark demonstrators. You can assert that, yes, you can film; you can point out that they themselves are filming incessantly; you can push their hands away from covering your phone; you can have your phone record them stealing your phone—all of these things have happened to me—and none will have any impact on their contention that "YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO FILM" and its occasional variation, "PHOTOGRAPHY EQUALS DEATH!"

I cannot say who came up with these anti-camera battle cries. But it's easy to understand why protesters use them: to shape the narrative the country sees about the protests. And that narrative, in my estimation after many weeks covering street clashes in a city where I lived for 15 years, is 90 percent bullshit.

I wondered, the first time I attended the protests at the federal building back in July, who all these young people with PRESS emblazoned on their jackets or helmets were. I asked one such guy who he worked for.

"Independent Press Corps," he told me. As it turned out, dozens of other young PRESS people happened to work for the same outfit, which I at first assumed was a fancy way of saying "I want to report stuff and stream it on my Instagram."

This turned out to be naive. The IPC is an organized group in league with the activists, and it is usually their footage you see streamed online and recycled on the news: mostly innocent protestors being harassed and beaten by police.

The police indeed have tear-gassed and beaten people; there has been brutality. It is equally true, but featured less prominently in the news coverage, that activists spend hours every night menacing and setting fires to police stations and other institutions: City Hall, Immigration and Customs Enforcement headquarters, and last week Mayor Ted Wheeler's apartment building (until he agreed to move out). With the PRESS crew recording part of the story and the "YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO FILM!" crew harassing other journalists, the result can be a misleading view of the protests. It's a revolution via the cellphone video they allow you to see.

The IPC and other documentarians who are deemed sympathetic to the activists' cause agree on certain principles. You do not show activists' faces. You only show activists in a defensive position: responding to, rather than inciting, violence. You enhance what can appear to be police brutality, e.g., activists defending themselves with homemade shields, often bearing the anarchist circle-A, against police. The shields are largely ineffective for personal defense, but extremely effective for optics, and that's precisely the point. If a member of the IPC is arrested, he or she will be protected.

Reporters seen as not sufficiently sympathetic to the cause—which is defined by the Ten Demands for Justice, and includes most notably the abolition of the police—will be followed, be harassed, have their notes photographed and their phones blocked or stolen. (All these things have happened to me in the last month. A photographer friend has been repeatedly doxxed and placed on a list of "enemies.")

If you forget any of these rules, you can just refer to the handy Google spreadsheet of approved journalists and suggested behavior. The spreadsheet contains names, Twitter handles, and ways to financially support the journos who make the cut.

Note who the people on this activist-approved list are writing for. Sergio Olmos, who made IPC's list of approved journalists, is freelancing as a man on the ground for The New York Times.* Freelancer Robert Evans, whose early tick-tock of events on the ground I have admired, tweeted on July 19 that the burning of the Portland Police Association was "the single biggest win so far." When questioned why, he replied that protesters have been "tear-gassed and beaten" for weeks. Unmentioned in his tweets: Protesters have been setting fire to the building for hours on many nights throughout the summer before a police response materializes. These protester-approved journalists are producing much of the news you see about the protests, with an assist from the national press. Kate Shepherd isn't on the list, but she was previously a sympathetic reporter for local Portland media, and she is now filing such stories for The Washington Post, with headlines like "Portland police arrest a hate crime survivor and Wall of Moms organizer in crackdown."

Meanwhile, Portland has become a political football, with Donald Trump essentially running his presidential campaign against Democratic mayors like Wheeler, tweeting that "Portland will never recover with a fool for a Mayor. He tried mixing with the Agitators and Anarchists and they mocked him. He would like to blame me and the Federal Government for going in, but he hasn't seen anything yet. We have only been there with a small group to defend our U.S. Courthouse, because he couldn't do it." Both sides are getting their information through purposely bottlenecked media reports, and the results are predictably distorted and dangerous.

It will not be quiet in Portland this weekend. Last night self-professed antifa supporter Michael Reinoehl was shot to death as the authorities tried to arrest him for killing Patriot Prayer member Aaron Danielson. (Reinoehl claimed in an interview with Vice that it was self-defense.) It's going to be 100 degrees in the city. As we move into what is shaping to be the hottest weekend thus far in Portland, it's important to understand how the coverage you are getting is being shaped, and by whom.

*CLARIFICATION: This article has been edited to clarify that Sergio Olmos is a freelancer. 

NEXT: D.C. Prosecutions Highlight the Connection Between Gun Control and Racial Disparities

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  1. Another excellent report. Thank you.

    1. Seconded

        1. I’ll take the fifth!

          1. I should have said may the fourth be with you...

            1. It's ok to do them out of order. Math is racist anyway.

              1. Yeah, wiht the racist maths, the smartest one comes in last sometimes.

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            2. To late!

              oh, wait. It wasn't.

    2. I'll throw my hat into the ring too. Good job, glad you've persevered.

    3. Agreed. Wonder if she’ll win one of those awards in LA next year?

      1. Maybe if she writes another piece about COVID's damaging effect on cocktail party fundraisers for trans sex workers victimized by climate change (and how its all Trump's fault, naturally)

        1. ENB hardest hit by this comment!

    4. Agreed, it's actual Reporting which has become rare on Reason.

      1. Nancy Rommelman really is Reason's treasure.

        Outside of Nick, it's too bad the other Reasonistas (particularly ENB) don't seem to be reading her missives. They're missing out on one of the best sources right here in their own magazine.

        1. I generally enjoy and appreciate Robby’s articles.

          1. Sure. Well, the ones that aren't pathetic pandering, anyway. Which is more than half, lately.

          2. Robby's been trying way to hard lately to pander to the woke.
            I don't know why he bothers, they're never going to forgive him for occasionally practicing actual journalism. If you write one heretical article you may as well write a thousand because they don't believe in redemption.

    5. Nancy delivers the best on the ground reporting out there. Reason is lucky to have her.

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  2. Can Reason writers see the Marxism through the Orange Man Bad haze?

    Any Reason writers care to write an article defending free speech and freedom of the press for non-Marxists in Portland? Or are you all just waiting to be told another fairy tale about so-called protestors being "abducted" by the Feds?

    1. This one is a pretty good criticism of the disgusting media tactics used by the commie shits in Portland.

      1. I think the author is independent. Not a Reason staffer.

        If it was a reason staffer, we'd probably see a paragraph equivocating the Marxist violence against journalists with some half-remembered words Trump spoke years ago. Gotta get them. Orange Man Bad hits in.

        1. "Staffer", independent, they are all writers for Reason.

          1. Except they aren't

          2. Oh, lol.

        2. Yeah, it's routine to throw in something about "Trump's vicious, divisive rhetoric", by way of excusing the fucking Marxists.

          I mean, it's not like people could choose not to be hateful, violent arsonists, NO MATTER WHAT TRUMP SAID.

      2. Truth is an amazing thing.

      3. If you don't make the list, it means you're telling or reporting the truth.

        And that's what they are: Commie shits.

      4. What's new about these protests, is the number of people using umbrellas at night when it's not raining. It's a new tactic of blocking cameras from recording their crimes.

        I don't remember what an old black civil rights protester from decades ago said about MLK and protests: he wanted it in daytime and recorded for people to see. Today's "protesters" come out at night with umbrellas, and lots of other "supplies" to damage property. They're not protesting; they're throwing a tantrum for Democrats who can't accept the outcome of an election.

    2. You just read such an article by a Reason writer.

      1. No he read an article in reason by an author.

    3. "If you forget any of these rules, you can just refer to the handy Google spreadsheet of approved journalists and suggested behavior. The spreadsheet contains names, Twitter handles, and ways to financially support the journos who make the cut."

      The "Freedom Fighters Press" documenting the depradations of their Nazi Overlords have a *publicly* accessible list of their names and contact information.

      Whaddya suppose Xi would do with such a list for the Freedom Fighter Press in China?

  3. anyone else remember the second predator movie. in an over heated city of violence a predator comes to clean up. we need Danny Glover and maybe a few predators to clean up Portland during this heat wave.

    1. Glover would be siding with antifa.

      1. The actor would, while most of the characters he played would oppose him.

        That in itself sounds like a fun premise for a movie.

        1. I don't want to kill you, and you don't want to be dead.

        2. Do you mean like his character in Lethal Weapon 2?

    2. I say hire The A-Team.

      If you can find them.

      1. I'm pretty sure they're geriatric by now. Hannibal might be dead

        1. Didn’t the rock do a movie version recently?

          Or maybe the rock made so many movies a few years ago that I just assume he’s in everything.

          Anyway, someone did an a-team movie. Maybe they could help.

          1. If you can find them.

    3. I remember a scene where a few thugs started hassling a guy on the subway, and literally everyone else on the subway car pulled out a gun. It was a good gag, but also demonstrative of how fed-up people were about street violence at the time.


    W.T.F? At least use Orwell's "IS" for parallelism.

    1. PIctures steal your soul.

      1. I'm good. They say Whites don't have souls anyway.

        It's not just the Gingers.

    2. And I'm guessing those same people will (correctly) point out that police have historically antagonized people filming them for nafarious reasons. But when they do it, it's OK I guess. These idiots and the police deserve each other, and Portland deserves both because it spawned both. I have a hard time caring.

    3. Imagine what these people would do if they had the levers of power

  5. Invaluable service.

    No, wait. Valuable service.


    Anyway, once again, good reporting.

    1. When it may go up in flamms at any time?

      1. Flamms are the worst.

        1. "It WURFS FLAMM, Dummkopf!"

    2. It can both spontaneously ignite or be externally ignited.

  6. There are two things that will revolutionize civilization.

    Criminalizing lying.

    Empowering everyone with the inalienable human right to record what we witness.

    Together they have the potential to eliminate the majority of corruption.

    1. Plenty of people recorded the Holocaust. Aren't you a Holocaust denier, or am I confusing you with someone else?

      1. Yep, he’s that idiot.

        1. Look what you did. Never encourage this Misek fucktard.

          1. Chip, this is something you and I wholeheartedly agree on.

      2. Show me one recording of a bright pink cyanide gassed body. No “witness” ever mentioned that remarkable necessity.

        Show me any picture of the cyanide gas delivery equipment that fed it through the shower heads as was confessed (After torture) and recorded at Nuremberg.

        Simple pictures of piles of dead bodies are a dime a dozen in war.

        1. Ah, so you *are* that fellow.

          1. Yes. Yes he is.

        2. There are pictures of bodies from the furnaces. Are you saying those sick Nazi's burned them alive, rather than gassing them first? Damn, the Nazi's must have been worst than I thought.

          1. Bodies after cremation, imagine that.

            1. Partial cremation, Nazi scum

              1. What would be the reason/benefit of partial cremation?

                What a fucking mess that would be you retard.

                1. Prevent disease.

                  1. Half cooked doesn’t prevent disease dimwit.

                    Fully cremated would.

                    1. Benefit? You fucking retard it was just what was left.

                    2. "Half cooked doesn’t prevent disease"

                      And now he pretends he can know this because he's an epidemiologist.

                    3. There ain’t no bodies after cremation dipshit, just ashes.

                      So if there were bodies to photograph they weren’t cremated, just cooked a little like retardo offered.

                      A lot of them may be a source of disease, half cooked guts, pieces falling off and all.

                      Doesn’t take an epidemiologist, just common sense.

                      So, why would zee Germans only partially cook anyone?

                    4. "There ain’t no bodies after cremation dipshit, just ashes.

                      So if there were bodies to photograph they weren’t cremated,"

                      Or they were incompletely cremated.

                      But keep making a fool of yourself with your "logic"

                    5. "why would"

                      Anyone but an idiot think that because the "cremation" was amateurish that it didn't happen.

                      You know your point is stupid. it is why you retreated like that.

                    6. Right, in order for you to believe the false narrative Nazis couldn’t know how to cremate someone.

                      The lie is getting even less believable, save for dimwits.

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        3. Don't forget you can't touch a body that has been gassed with cyanide because it would kill you too.

          1. That’s true but irrelevant.

      3. yeah, but they had no way to transmit it instantly to a worldwide audience.

      4. If anyone wants to consider and review the evidence, probably for the first time In your lives, that soundly refutes the false holocaust narrative you can read the book,
        Breaking the Spell: The Holocaust, Myth & Reality.

        1. Crafting a myth to attack a truth.

          As I told you before, my grandfather liberated a camp with the 11th Armoured Division and he was an honest man.
          Unlike you and your chums.

          1. There were prison camps. There just wasn’t a holocaust.

            Allies bombed the shit out of them for months because they were always near munitions factories where inmates worked.

            When foot soldiers eventually showed up the Germans were long gone and anyone “liberated” was simply waiting for them.

            Who knows what your grandfather was told. Probably a similar false narrative that allied propaganda was spewing and you believe today.

            So review and consider the counter evidence that is a crime to share in every nation where the holocaust allegedly occurred, or be just another dimwit brainwashed bigot.

            1. Man if that's your best attempt it's no wonder you get mocked for believing stupid shit.

                1. OMG IT WAS!!!

                  It was the best you had!!!

                  1. Do you think you’ve added anything of value here, much less refute what I’ve said?


                    Is that the best you’ve got?

            2. Who knows what your grandfather was told.</i

              He wasn't "told" shit you dishonest fuck. He saw thousands upon thousands of emaciated corpses stacked like cordwood.

              Fuck I wish I could track you down.

              1. You fucking anonymous little coward.

                What would a dipshit like you do if we met?

                1. I'd like to beat you down for insulting my family. My name is Kelvin Skorupski and I live in Victoria BC.
                  Who are you and where do you live?

                  1. Are you prepared to die when I kill you in self defence?

        2. I’m down with being skeptical of anything - it’s pretty rare the truth is ever told. But we do get part of the truth, usually laden with bias.

          Your source better be good - I hate wasting my time on Christian websites and other “believers” and fanatics. Granted, this topic - like 9/11 - would be relegated to the dregs of the internet - but objective and sound reasoning is still possible.

        3. Well it sounded like it could have been a good read until I got to the part where it said “foreword by professor James Fetzer.” Fetzer is a genius who traded his PhD in for scamming the conspiracy theory “believers.” He denies kids were killed at the Newtown, CT shooting. He’s buddies with Jim Tracey and Wolfgang Halbig - the former whom I’ve had numerous encounters with. In fact, I take pride in helping shutting down memory hole blog with my incessant refuting of the bullshit Tracey was knowingly publishing. Time and again he was caught in lies, and his only strategy was to censor me. But not before a majority of readers started to put things together and turned the tables on him.

          It’s all a big money making scam with these conspiracy regards. There are a shit ton of conspiracy minded people coming from all ranks of society - it makes no difference how educated they are, everyone is susceptible to it. People naturally gravitate to conspiracy theories when their own lives are in tatters.

          And it is these people who pay shysters like Fetzer and Tracey to tell them what they want to hear. So, gfy mr Misek. Any responsible person wouldn’t be posting claims like yours without having damn good sources. Known conspiracy theorists who’ve been busted lying are shit sources and you should know this. Which means you’re either one of them, or recklessly gullible.

          1. You didn’t review the evidence.

            You’re just another bigot who found some lame ass excuse to refuse to review and consider the evidence.

            Don’t waste my time.

    2. Criminalizing lying.

      Yes, fuck the First Amendment. Fuck it HARD!!!!

      Dumb fucking stormfag.

      1. If lying was protected by 1a it would not already be illegal in court and contracts dimwit.

        1. Trying to prove a general case via a specific case? Not all lies have damages attached. It's the potential damage that makes them illegal (or in the case of contracts, in general, a civil violation).

          "Congress shall pass no law" actually means something. Maybe it doesn't translate into German well enough for you.

          1. Misinforming others, lying, to coerce them under the presumed authority of truth to make decisions in the liars interests instead of their own, damages their agency to direct their lives.

            1. That's why we have laws for slander and libel - both of which require not just a lie, but tangible damages. And if you're making a false presumption of authority, that's on you.

              1. What’s the tangible value of your liberty dimwit?

        2. That's fraud i.e. lying to make a profit.

      2. Criminalizing lying.

        This is the stupidest thing I've read all day, and I've read a lot of stupid shit today.

        1. “ and I’ve read a lot of stupid shit today.”


          1. Yes he meant you.

        2. Misek is such a fucking idiot.
          He's a holocaust denier which means most people think he's a fucking liar, so in a nation that criminalized lying he'd be immediately sent off to jail.

          1. Before I could be convicted of lying, ALL the evidence refuting the holocaust would need to be reviewed as evidence.

            The nations who currently censor the evidence where it allegedly occurred would be required to allow objectively forensic analysis. Something they have NEVER done.

            1. Ok, AFTER they are done laughing at your moronic "evidence"

                1. And you shut right up.

                    1. Nobody censors evidence you fucking moron. Hundreds of thousands of Allied soldiers saw it with their own eyes, and none of the SS denied it.

                    2. “Nobody censors evidence” is your argument.

                      My counter argument that follows soundly refutes yours.

                      When nations censor holocaust denial, they are censoring the evidence that proves the holocaust is a false narrative.

                      “Sixteen European countries and Israel have laws against Holocaust denial“


                      As I have done throughout this thread.

                    3. You're fabrications aren't evidence you stupid fuck, and you're not being censored here in North America, so go stick your phony persecution complex up your ass.

    3. lying is perjury. COmmonly accepted, even praused, these days. The most common such crime is when politicains swear their oath to uphold the Constitutions of the US and their state, then go off and break that oath. LIke Kate Brown and Ted Wheeler and their ilk.....
      A campaign to prosecte such criters would go a LONG ways toward straightening a few things out,

    4. "Criminalizing lying."

      You'd never get out of jail, Nazi scum.

      1. I like my chances better than yours.

        1. Seriously? ????

    5. "Criminalizing lying."

      Watching FakeNews, I'm increasingly impressed by Christianity singling out false witness as a sin.

      The Left is all relentless false witness to drive fear, hatred, and resentment

      1. While you may prefer to place everyone on earth into two groups, left or right, to demonize those who don’t share your politics, you are only lying to yourself and others.

        Truth, reality doesn’t share your politics any more than lies, evil do. Both can exist everywhere.

        Everyone has agency, free will, to choose to demonstrate only one of the two every moment of every day.

        1. I disagree, determinism appears to be the most likely explanation for the cause and effect we see everyday. And since we are on that topic, I can’t blame you for being a conspiracy theorist who *really* needs to believe the Jews weren’t killed like history says.

          It’s evident that your life is in shambles right now, isn’t it? That’s why you have time to do your “research” which is really just going to the sites that affirm your predetermined conclusions, right?

          Indeed, there was a reason for you to turn to the internet to find a negative spin on the world that fits your current paradigm. Thankfully it’s easy to point out sheep like yourself. That’s right, you’re a sheep. Isn’t that ironic? But you couldn’t objectively change your mind if you wanted to, because you’re just a follower of conspiracy theorists. Your mind is already made up.

          And for that, you are no longer worthy of debate. Because, what’s the point in debating someone who won’t accept anything as evidence if it runs in contravention to their preconceptions?

          1. “And for that, you are no longer worthy of debate. Because, what’s the point in debating someone who won’t accept anything as evidence if it runs in contravention to their preconceptions?“

            My thoughts exactly bigot.

  7. If all the media covering Portland is biased how do we know that this isn't biased. I've yet to see any evidence that the majority of protestors are the ones being violent. I know I'm gonna be called a liar and shit but that's a good thing because the majority of reason commenters have no brain. Why is Nancy still in Portland if she doesn't like the people. I'm sure you've spent a lot of money on phones for how many times they've been stolen. I assume the journalist you're friends with who was doxxed is the liar far right loon who colludes with patriot prayer to assault people.
    Most people in Portland are sick of the violence, I suggest the media stop covering them. They've tried everything else maybe ignoring them will work.

    1. Why would you come here with a handle like that and expect anyone to treat you as anything other than a troll?

      1. You mean accept him as one of their own?

        It doesn’t matter what I post, scaredy troll bigots throw out their bigoted perspective on the holocaust, just because the brainwashed masses are emotionally invested in a false narrative. Not one would review and consider the counter arguments.



        In Internet slang, a troll is a person who starts quarrels or upsets people on the Internet to distract and sow discord by posting inflammatory and digressive,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses[2] and normalizing tangential discussion,[3] whether for the troll’s amusement or a specific gain.”

      2. Bigotry

        Examples of bigotry in a Sentence

        “ a deeply ingrained bigotry prevented her from even considering the counterarguments”


        1. Because you don't have counterarguments. You have callow little rants and a whole pile of logical fallacies.

    2. "I assume the journalist you’re friends with who was doxxed is the liar far right loon who colludes with patriot prayer to assault people."

      I'm just curious what links you have to support the idea that a "right-wing" journalist is helping perpetrate assaults.

      1. I just think its so nice of leftists like Harris who want to bail out all of the right wing terrorists who are the ones actually perpetrating the violence

    3. Dear KillAllRednecks,

      I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. Please enjoy yourself and take a break from being so angry.


      A redneck

      1. I’m not a redneck, but a lot of my friends are. This troll isn’t even slightly amusing.

        1. If only you guys would express this much outrage when Nardz calls for killing all leftists.

          1. KillAllRednecks literally called for genocide of Mormons and defended at length this position. For three hours on one thread and then came back the next morning to post more defense of genocide. Nardz jokes this guy actually believes genocide of people he disagrees with is justifiable.

            1. He and Rob Misek should kibbutz.

            2. Found it:

              Allegations that killallrednecks is a bigot who calls for genocide of everyone that disagrees with him are self evident. He is also a prog who supports antifa and violence. He is a sterling representative of the current BLM movement in Portland. He and his ilk need re-education. Or imprisonment. Or just keep Portland and maybe we can cede it to China.

          2. "If only you guys"


      2. I hope s/he gets drunk and drowns.

    4. Why is Nancy still in Portland if she doesn’t like the people.

      Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a prima facie example of stuipd.

    5. /drops cigarette from lips.

      1. [puts cigarette back in Rufus' lips and pats his cheek]

    6. "KillAllRednecks"

      Bigots love posting to Reason.

    7. You have a invitation to come to S.E Ohio and try that. You handle shows your a coward.

      1. He also wants to commit genocide because Mormons don't believe in drinking and he thinks they have a conspiracy to turn the US into a theocracy because they teach sex is for procreation so they have a lot of kids.

        1. To be fair, the council of 50 was created solely to institute the Mormon constitution after overthrowing the US constitution. And it was a “theodemocracy” that smith called for. You must be Mormon?

    8. I’ve yet to see any evidence that the majority of protestors are the ones being violent.

      As a comment on a story talking about how people are blocking people from gathering evidence of protestors being violent, this is a special level of impressively tone deaf.

    9. All I know is that the son of a friend of mine got beaten up by some antifa thugs for filming their activities -- three or four years ago. So, this is not, by far, the first time I've heard about this.

    10. Hey your fellow Nazi scumbag is upthread. Still calling for genocide of a religion because you're an incel skinhead?

    11. Why doesn't she leave?

      Is that the same question you'd ask an impoverish person living in any urban area struggling to survive?

      No? Hypocrite.

    12. Careful now dude. You’re interfering with this commentariate’s preferred narrative. They like that about as much as the leftists they think they have so little in common with.

      1. Careful, you appear to be offering verbal support to a person who defends outright genocide.

        1. Really? No fucking clue who this guy is.
          But, have forgotten some of the shit Nardz, Shitty, Red Rocks, LC and the others say around here? I guess it only matters when it’s your team right?

          1. Sorry I don't feel the need to apologize for wanting to see radical left subversives stomped. Especially when they've been on a bender of destruction and murder for 100 days now.

            Anyway, it's pretty easy to feel smug posting that from your safe, suburban whiteopia rather than, say, northwest Aurora or Park Hill.

            1. Violence is the entire intention behind Portland. Don’t take the bait.

        2. Nobody cares about your fucking Mormons - stfu already.

  8. "Both sides are getting their information through purposely bottlenecked media reports, and the results are predictably distorted and dangerous."

    Most of my information on Portland comes from Rommelman, except for the apprehension and shooting of the antifa assassin, concerning which I saw a variety of sources who tend to agree the guy was dangerously violent (at least if his sister is telling the truth).

    1. I'm reading various sources, but it's not like I assume anything is the gospel truth just because it was published by any journalist. Most of the important facts aren't really disputed anyway.

      The arson rate exploded in June and July of 2020 compared to June and July of 2019--according to the Portland Police Department website.

      A pro-Trump protester was murdered, and his alleged killer was killed by the police--does anyone dispute that?

      Journalists can mostly just fake the emotional stuff. They try to make us feel one way or another--like in commercials. Meanwhile, what's happening in Portland is out of control (or not) and the National Guard should be called in to restore order (or not) regardless of how we feel about it, but whether people support sending in the National Guard depends on how they feel about it, I guess.

      There was a film that came out shortly after we invaded Iraq called Control Room. It was a study in subjectivity based on the images people see. I remember when that footage of Iraqis flooding into the streets to topple a statue of Saddam Hussein hit the news. It made me think our invasion was popular. Control Room showed the same scene from Al Jazeera cameras--and the whole thing looked staged.

      I think we have to confine ourselves to the facts. Whether the images we see confirm or challenge our feelings probably shouldn't matter. That it's ridiculous that they still haven't reestablished order in Portland after all these months may be a fact, too. I don't think that's just how I feel. Responsible adults would have brought an end to this by now.

      1. "We" eembaided Iraq? "our" eembasion was popular? "we" have to confine ourselves?

        1. Yeah, I'm an American, and we invaded Iraq.

        2. "eembasion was popular?"

          It made it appear that the invasion of Iraq was popular with Iraqis.

          That was the pro-war narrative at the time: That the Iraqi people wanted us to bomb, invade, and occupy their country, anyone who thought otherwise was a racist, and the video of the Iraqis storming the statue of Saddam Hussein--American flags in hand--made it look like they were glad we bombed, invaded, and occupied their country.

          Why, they were celebrating our victory!

          Turned out those were probably Kurdish troops posing as civilians, the American military fired on Al Jazeera journalists who were trying to cover it from the rooftops as it was happening, and the whole thing may have been a propaganda stunt.

          Not that we'll ever know for sure and not that it should matter.

      2. "I saw [Control Room] in the theater, and although I bought the DVD and lent it out extensively, I hadn’t looked at it again until just now. …I just rewatched it after reading Cavanaugh’s post. …and the film can be viewed, rather, it seems intended as a study in subjectivity.

        Yes, the toppling of the statue appears to have been staged. …but I think we all suspected that. I remember people, on this very board, commenting about the remarkably sudden availability of American flags, etc. Does that mean the people of Baghdad weren’t ecstatic to see Saddam fall? If they were, does that mean they were glad to have been bombed, occupied, etc.?"

        ----Ken Shultz

        February 11, 2006

        That's the way things are in Portland. We can only see it through other people's lenses, and we can drive ourselves crazy trying to treat feelings as facts. Most of the news media is just trying to sell a feeling. Rommelman is standing out for talking to "protesters" and giving us facts from her perspective we wouldn't get otherwise. But it's not just a problem of the other journalists' bias. All of us are subject to perspective, and we tend to focus on things that shouldn't matter.

        Whether we should have invaded Iraq, should have maintained the occupation of Iraq, or should send the National Guard into Portland shouldn't be about our feelings, much less the ones the news media is trying to manufacture. I suspect the news media is selling a pro-Biden narrative so close to the election because they hope to sway the feelings of American voters in one direction, but whether we reelect President Trump shouldn't depend on our feelings.

      3. and there's the rub. There are not anough "responsible adults" in positions to DO anything much except avid the downtown areas, Sometimes that's harder to do.. as in the case of the older gent who was ripped outof his car and beaten because he could not figure out which way to go with their street shutdown. Or for those who still own businesses in that part of town. HOW can a business survive in a war zone unless they are selling weapons?

        Most of the "responsible adults" I know who live in the area stayAWAY from the trouble zones. They have families to feed and care for, cannot risk being assassinated, beaten, car stolen or burned (car insurance companies have an exception to coverege: if the destructioin is the result of "riot or civil commotion, or an act of war" the owner eats the loss. The insurance company will not pay. Shows how iggerunt the rioters and destroyers are when they say "its alright, the insurance company will pay fo r it". Uhm, no they wn't, and even if tjey do the rates for everyone else who has been smart enough to stay away will go up to pay for it. So, no, the "insurance' will not pay for it.

    2. as a hint of bias, I read everything I can come across about Portland.... I live nearby and know lots of folks who live there, so I have a strong interest.

      But THIS piece and the feedback is the first news I've heard of the assassin being apprehended and shot in the attempt to arrest. Good news. WHY have not the controlled media reported this? Hmmmm.... a touch of a controlling bias in this?

    3. Well then you're not a part of "both sides" then, Eddy, are you? 🙂

      1. I'm fairly sure I'm on the side which dislikes the antifa goons and their allies and doesn't think it's all Trump's fault.

        1. You're being faulted for your failure to engage in bothsideism.

          Why are you being so biased against arsonists, vandals, and looters?

        2. BLASPHEMER!

    4. "Both sides are getting their information through purposely bottlenecked media reports, and the results are predictably distorted and dangerous."

      I'm a little confused about this statement. We know that antifa is curating their coverage to create propaganda. I haven't seen the inverse from other independent and affiliated journalists. I remember seeing coverage when they were harassing Nancy. There are also accounts on Twitter that aggregate footage from streamers. They aren't cherry picking footage to fit a narrative.

      It would take thousands of man hours to even begin to understand the impact and scale of these riots. The black out by main stream media is increasingly difficult to justify. At some point, coverage for *peaceful protests* begins to look like sympathetic activist journalism.

      The twisted and maligned coverage from most outlets is completely at odds with the real world impact. They cannot tell us to not believe our own eyes when the safety and security for Americans all over our country is in jeopardy. These riots could very easily translate into a landslide election win for Trump.

      1. Who are we talking about with "both sides"?

        Are we talking about 1) the rioters and 2) the people on the left who are defending them?

        Are we talking about 1) people on the left who are apologizing for the rioters and 2) people on the right who are condemning them?

  9. BREAKING NEWS: Totalitarian collectivists refuse to allow free press and seek to control the narrative! More at 11.

    1. It's like no one ever read how Stalin manipulated observers and media.

      1. "It’s like no one ever read how Stalin manipulated observers and media."

        Of course they did. They're using it as an instruction manual.

        1. The thing is, Stalin was doing it AFTER he was in power. These dweebs are being permitted to do it BEFORE taking power.

          1. Whaaatttt???!!!?? Have you not read Saul Alinsky? If not, go find his book Rules for Radicals and READ it. Its the main playbook, along with Communist Manifesto and others, for Antifa. DOn't forget, these guys were the same organisation back in 1920's Germany and Europe. Their forbears have danced this dance before,

            1. Antifa: Germany, 1932

              1. But "Antifa" was just a renaming of the violent Communist squads that had been turning protests to violence ever since the 1840's. You should not be surprised when they act like Hitler's Brownshirts, because the Brownshirts were copied from them. (And from Mussolini's Blackshirts, who were such a close copy of the Commies and anarchists that they didn't even change the color of the clothes.)

            2. Public health officials now talk with an identity politics slant now.

              This may seem harmless but this is potentially very dangerous down the road.

              Health officials mixed with racial gibberish. A toxic mix.

    2. As we have for the last four years noticed the the democrats have been telling US what our constitutional right to think and have tried with much successfully backed by suing state laws. Totalitarian collectivists will control through state and federal laws. They believe in teaching what to think but never teaching how to think. This is what they have done in the public schools. They started out in primary schools and them moved into colleges and universities until almost all schools primary and post primary schools all the teachers are very liberal to extreme progressive/leftist. Most of the primary schools (k-12) the schools students when they graduate are very progressive and many now even accept communism. I know for I have seen it myself.

      1. and this is also per their playbook. Back in the nineteen naughts and tens, some communis toperatives carefully planned a long range game to overtake the school system in America, make it universal, compulsory, and fund it by government. They fought hard to prevent any carve-outs for religious and other private schools , and homeschooling. But they failed.. and REALLY regret it now. They've had it going for over a hundred years now.THIS is the end result they were after back then. John Dewey was one of them, can't recall the cohorts.

      2. Yes of course. Schools which teach students to question traditional dogma means that they "accept communism". It can't be that students are exposed to the wider world and have learned to think for themselves. No no, it's all a communist plot.

        1. Well, if you teach students to question "traditional dogma", but don't teach them how the main alternative to that "dogma" keeps committing genocide, you're teaching them to accept communism.

          Tear down all the alternatives, and don't tell them why communism isn't a viable alternative to capitalism.

          1. If your argument is so convincing, then why haven't you converted all the leftists yet?

            1. The left half of the bell curve exists, too...

            2. Because the left has substituted state for God and you can't convert true believers.

        2. They definitely aren't being exposed to a wider world, they are being exposed to a very narrow dogma and world view. Reason has documented it pretty extensively.

          1. This is exactly what I’ve concluded.

  10. Excellent reporting. My schadenfreude goes out to all the victims who voted FOR the initiation of force instead of casting highly-leveraged law-changing Libertarian spoiler votes against aggression. May the sewers of Rangoon back up in your breakfast cereal. --libertariantranslator

  11. “And that narrative, in my estimation after many weeks covering street clashes in a city where I lived for 15 years, is 90 percent bullshit.”

    In case you were wondering if ENB is reading Nancy’s work, the answer is no.

    1. Is it me or do Rommelmann and ENB look alike?

      1. Ya know, come to think of it, I've never seen them naked in the same room together...

        Rommelmann might be ENB's libertarian alter-ego.

        1. That PornHub special was something else though, amirite?

      2. They are both women, slender, and well above-average attractive, looks-wise. Blonde-ish.

        Writing and reporting styles are quite different.

  12. And the sheeple believe it. Don’t trust, verify.

  13. It sounds a lot like, I am not sure who started it if it was the democrat or ANTIFA because both groups uses it with the ANTIFA a little more bold. The democrats use the milder form but both forms have the same meaning. ANTIFA says Down with America while the democrats keeps saying that Trump is destroying this country (in several different ways). All the while the democrat politicians these cities and states that are all under democrat control are saying Trump is destroying the nation but then these politicians tell the police to back off the enforcement of the laws and let the rioters (which they call peaceful demonstrators) while the rioters are destroying the town which they are PEACEFULLY RIOTING IN. But in no case will these BLACK LIVES MATTER who are there to protest the killing of a black man by police but at the same time there are many more black men being killed every week by other black me than the are killed by police. If black lives mattered then these same people (black and white demonstrators) would be protesting these black lives that are lost to other than police. But that would help the democrats win this presidential election since all these black men are be killed every week are almost all form DEMOCRAT run cities and states. This has been the case back to Baltimore while Obama was president.

  14. This calls for a good photography drone just high enough to avoid being taken out, with a parabolic mike, recording the events. Maybe Argus, if the spooks can spare one.

    And a federal taskforce ready to bust heads in terms of going after what is pretty clearly a conspiracy against civil rights.

    1. You do remember drones can be weaponized, right?

    2. Counterlasers.

      1. handheld lasers would take incredible skill to deply against a droone flying at a few thousand feet up. Or even one thousand feet up. That's an error zone of maybe two minutes of arc. The dweebs manning the pocket chinese blinding lasers lack that level of sophistication. But first they'd have to SPOT the drone.. hard enough in daytime, near impossible at night.

        1. But we can still put counterlasers on the drone, right?

    3. "Protestors" would take them out of the air with projectiles in a hot second. They know their behavior would get no sympathy if published, and they won't care how its getting done.

      1. At 1000’+ above them?


    4. if the Wheeler/Brown coalition do not wise up soon, such tactics may well be deployed. I read with great relish the report that OSP have now been FEDERALLY deputised, and OSP members can now arrest on federal charges, and hand over their arrestees to federal marshalls for trial in federal courts. Does a nifty end run round Wheeler and his nasty co-consirator DA who have been busy playng Catch and Release with the hooilgans. I read recentll that there are somewhere around a hundred rioters in Fed custody facing fed charges. nice start. Drones well may be the next level or equipment to be deoloyed. Their night vision, recording, transmitting, etc cpabilities make them excellent tools. But first the will has to be there to really put an end to this Portlanders WANT this to be done. But are powerless to DO anything. One attempt was made to recall Wheeler, another for Brown. But those in control have gone hard on those who were furthering those causes.

      1. I know, right? What's more important: making sure every one of those hooligans is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, or enacting the reasonable reforms in policing that would completely nullify the reason for the broad support of these protests?

        1. Most of us recognize false dichotomies from lefty shits are at the bottom of the list.

        2. You believe their demands are reasonable?

          1. Some of them. The bits about actual policing reform. Things like "Breeona's Law" (and how rare that a law named after a person isn't a shitshow) banning no-knock raids for anything other than, well, what SWAT was originally for in the first place. Or reining in of QI.

            The demands for full Marxist bullshit, obviously, is not reasonable.

            1. I think they've stopped advocating for your first paragraph somewhere around June 15th or so when someone suggested defund the police and let's use this to push marxist bullshit. People were right there with them until they decided to bet the house.

        3. You believe that enacting their reasonable demands will end their violence?

        4. Their demands are linked in the article. Some of them anyway.

          Some of them are more reasonable than others. Some of them are completely ridiculous.

        5. chem...In this case, the former: making sure the hooligans are prosecuted and imprisoned.

  15. The purpose of a protest is to have as many people as possible hear your message. If efforts are being made to prevent filming, then what is happening is not a protest.

    1. Yup. Can you guys imagine if MLK refused to allow people to film his speech at the Lincoln Memorial?

      Back then, the way to control the narrative was to live the narrative. Be nonviolent, visibly and obviously in front of as many cameras so people could see the white racists hosing you down and siccing dogs on you.


    When they yell that at you and are reaching toward your body, shoot them.

    1. Yup. Mob equals disparity of force in numbers. Reaching out at such close range IS assault. especally if they touch you. A credible threat of death, with means, and obvious intent, complets the trilogy needed to justify lethal force. I'd never go into that area alone and armed though. A dozen friends loosely hanging about, also all armed and skilled.. but even smarter.. I simply will not even GO THERE>


      1. SEX

      2. Words are like weapons /
        They wound sometimes

      3. Also, silence is violence.

  17. "Both sides are getting their information through purposely bottlenecked media reports, and the results are predictably distorted and dangerous." So how are conservatives bottlenecking media reports? Are they threatening independent journalists? Or do you mean conservatives are using the work of independent journalists to publicize what the mainstream media refuse to publish?

    1. If the media was out there trying to show you "everything," people like Andy Ngo wouldn't be able to say, "Here's what they aren't showing you."

      1. Why is Andy Ngo so lionized around here? Why do you think he is some sort of "truth teller" or some such? How do you know he is not doing the same thing as the 'PHOTOGRAPHY IS PROHIBITED' thing as the left-wing protestors are doing, but in the service of right-wing causes?

        1. Because if he was the left would blast it on the front of every platform they own? This guy is person non grata to the left in Portland. They've sent him to the hospital before, and they would love a reason to legitimize their hatred beyond having to admit he keeps publishing them acting badly.

          1. They already do. They regard him as a right-wing stooge. And they're not entirely wrong either.


            1. From your link:
              "...Ngo has found a sympathetic ear in mainstream figures like CNN anchor Jake Tapper and President Donald Trump..."
              CNN finds him sympathetic and I'd to accept he's a 'right wing stooge'?

          2. Here is an article from Andy Ngo editorializing about how terrible London has become because of all those damn Muslims.


            He can say whatever he wants about anything. But I wouldn't rely on him as some sort of "truth-teller".

            1. If you think that helps your case, it really doesn't. Nothing in that links says much other than Muzzy fundies are stuck in the 10th century, and really are nothing but free-riders when they live in civilized cities.

            2. He's not wrong.
              Whole neighborhoods haven't immigrated to England, but have instead instituted chunks of Pakistan and the Sudan there.
              You can be an English Muslim, but the people he's referring to don't want to be English.

          3. This is interesting:

            Ngo also made nearly $195,000 on a GoFundMe raising money for his “security and medical needs” as well as replacing his camera equipment, which he said had been stolen.

            Huh. $195,000 can pay for a lot of health care and cameras. I wonder where the rest of it went.

            1. That depends on how much his insurance covers and the exact cameras. Reds could eat up half that amount easy.

              1. Sure, it could. But it might not either.

                1. Which makes the entirety of your argument "Ngo got a lot of money for his GoFundMe, which is very much in the probable realm of costs for his misfortune, but I don't like him so I'm going to accuse him without evidence of graft."

                  Are you an insurance adjuster?

                  1. Ya know, legitimate charitable organizations are obligated, if not by law then by ethics, to tell their donors how their money is spent, so that the donors can know that their money is being spent on worthwhile causes and not consumed by bureaucracy or bullshit expenses. Just sayin'.

                    1. That makes no sense.

                      He's not a 501c or 503c.

                      You're "just sayin'" because you want to cast aspersions. And worse, those aspersions are only being cast because of really shallow partisan political reasons.

                      Ngo is hardly a Trump type. He's a gonzo journalist who got beaten into being a virulent anti-antifa dude.

                      Being "not on his side" puts you squarely in the "extreme douche" category.

                      He doesn't have to be wonderful or the lightbringer or even on the right side politically. He is trying to report about what he sees on the street, and has been targeted with violence in an attempt to silence him. That means libertarians are on his side, even if he's not on the libertarian's side.

                      That's how real defenders of liberty roll.

              2. It might be - and this is me just spitballing here - that Andy Ngo is just one more of a long line of right-wing grifters, feeding right-wingers a narrative about what they want to believe is happening in Portland. Which is basically the mirror image of Portland protestors which are feeding their hardcore supporters a narrative about what they want to believe is happening in Portland.

                1. This is not you just spitballing.

                  This is you attempting to sell the absolute dumbest narrative I have yet heard.

                  There are plenty of burned out buildings to disprove the BLM/DNC narrative, even before one of the Antifa dudes murdered some guy for wearing a hat.

                2. Uh chem...that is a pretty huge stretch on your part. Not buying it.

              1. How do you know this, Brett? Because you take his word for it?

                1. And we know otherwise by your opinion?

                  1. All Jeff needs to know is someone labeled Ngo a right wing stooge, with little actual evidence and some rather debatable circumstantial evidence. That is enough for Jeff to declare he is a liar and a tool of the right producing right wing propaganda. And lying about his injuries.

                    1. You know how many of those far-right gay dudes there are running around out there. It is such a trope.

            2. "...I wonder where the rest of it went."

              No one was forced to give him money, so my best guess it that it's none of your business.

              1. He is free to spend his money any way he wishes, of course.
                It would be nice to know, however, how much of his GoFundMe donations went to legitimate health care and photography expenses, and how much went to furthering his business of feeding gullible right-wingers of a narrative that they want to hear about Portland.

                1. '...and how much went to (my fantasies)...'

            3. It wouldn't go far providing him any security though, would it?

              You call him a grifter, but he's out there covering what he said he'd cover, and he's getting his head bashed in and they are attempting to blind him with lasers.

              I wonder how much some decent protective eyewear would cost that would protect him from lasers and chemical attacks, like the quicklime milkshakes they were throwing at him.

          4. Because chemjeff is an idiot let me quote him "How do you know he is not doing the same thing as the ‘PHOTOGRAPHY IS PROHIBITED’ thing as the left-wing protestors are doing," I gave him a reason that we could believe that NGO does do those things, and he had to change the subject because he doesn't have a counter to my point.

            Read his replies for yourself and note that exactly zero of his responses to me addressed his original point or my response. He cannot provide a single shred of evidence that Andy Ngo physically assaults other people who are trying to record what's going on, and we have zero reason to believe that if such evidence existed it wouldn't be heavily publicized.

            1. "that NGO doesn't do those things" I want an edit button.

            2. I didn't claim that Andy Ngo physically assaults anyone. I have no idea if he does or he doesn't. What I think he is doing is feeding right-wingers a believeable narrative. Just like what the left-wing "photography is prohibited" protestors are doing with their audience. I think he has an unearned status as some sort of right-wing 'truth-teller' when he is mostly just feeding you a line.

              1. And your dog ate your cites.

                1. It's my opinion. Read above for evidence in support of my opinion.

                  1. "...Read above for evidence in support of my opinion..."

                    Your dog ate your 'evidence'.

              2. Stop. Just stop defending murderous criminals. It's over.

                1. I'm not defending murderous criminals.

                  Stop defending propagandists posing as "truth tellers".

                  1. But you refuse to condemn them and criticize everyone who speaks out against them. What exactly is your definition of defending then?

                  2. sorry chem....but silence is violence. 😛

              3. Haha. Yeah. He sure is doing a great job of staging those riots and arson (not to mention getting his ass kicked) just to feed the right wingers a narrative. Fake news, I guess.

        2. I think he's definitely slanted. The problem is that the media writ large has actually failed to close the gap for him to insert his biased narrative into. If they could actually provide a real picture instead of propaganda, there wouldn't be people like him filling the gaps.

          1. The reason he is slanted is because they beat the crap out of him for covering what the other side was saying.

            That is the complaint.

            That's how they roll out there. You are a right wing white nationalist if you do not swear fealty to a marxist/anarchist hive mind.

            Just look at how they turned on their mayor. The dude is a full on marxist, and they turned on him like yesterday's pasta salad. He's probably going to lose to an actual, honest to god, Maoist. I didn't even know they existed in the real world, but there she is, sitting in the catbird seat.

            If you look up some of his original interviews, it is pretty clear how he came to be. He reported on things that disfavored people were saying. For that he was labeled as an enemy. Then they assaulted him, and he began to believe he indeed was an enemy to them. Assault will do that for you. Particularly when oft repeated.

            Hell, they have even assaulted random Asian looking dudes because they suspected it was him.

            They are foul and violent people.

            If you are too blinded by partisan politics to be able to see that, you should seek help. Reporting "what I saw" is not violence. Beating the crap out of someone because they reported "what I saw" is violence.

            We libertarians stand on the side of being free to speak your mind, and we stand against people who try to silence those they disagree with using violence.

            It really is an easy choice.

        3. Yes, Andy NGO is keeping people from posting video, you mendacious fvcktard

  18. "Seeing is believing."

    "A picture is worth a thousand words."

    "Eyewitness reports."

    Penn and Teller laugh.

  19. Here's two possible ways to end the unrest in Portland:

    1. Send in EXTREME FORCE and use whatever steps are necessary to restore LAWN ORDER. If that means lots of dead bodies, well, then so be it.

    2. Actually do something meaningful to enact the REASONABLE changes that the protestors are asking for. This takes the wind out of their sails for the vast majority of people. The hardcore revolutionaries will always remain but a major victory in favor of substantive reform will convince most of them to go home.

    No the police is not going to be abolished. But the police is tasked with doing too many things. Why not seriously rethink what the police's proper duties and reallocate resources accordingly? There will still be a police, the suburbs aren't going to go up in flames when the mythical planeload of Antifa soldiers flies in, and, just maybe, you won't have police shooting mentally ill individuals just because they don't understand the orders they are being given, you won't have police trying and failing to serve as society's all-purpose problem-solvers.

    Trump can't be trusted to do any of this, all he understands is demagoguery and getting re-elected. So it is up to more mature individuals to do this. Like, you know, libertarian-minded individuals who have a decent track record of supporting reasonable police reform ideas without being just knee-jerk "anti-cop" or "pro-murder" (if there is such a thing). That is what we ought to be supporting. Not "sending in the troops", but acknowledging the reasonable reforms, working to do that, denouncing the idiot extremes.

    1. What "reasonable changes"? The cop who killed George Floyd has been charged with murder, and so have the 3 cops who didn't stop him. There are no "reasonable" changes requested by the Portland rioters, I mean mostly peaceful protesters. They just like to riot, I mean protest mostly peacefully.

      1. Here's a few ideas for "reasonable changes":

        But again it has to be something that is concrete and not just some token effort. The mood now is not going to tolerate just something like "more training". It has to include some form of structural reform.

        1. Here's a proposal: GFY

          You mendacious cvnt

        2. Why are you pretending that the protesters give a shit about police reform?
          Half are poseurs who are larping the sixties for their Facebook and Instagram accounts and the other half are Marxist sociopaths who pop boners using gang violence and arson.

        3. You can't really link to Reason as representative of Portland Protesters' demands.

          They hate libertarians. You know that, right? I mean, they really, really hate libertarians.

          Their demands are in no way in line with Reason's proposals.

          Their #1 demand is to "destroy the system". By "system" they mean "western society", by the way. All of it. Capitalism. The US constitution. Banking. Private property. Private ownership of companies. The free press. All of it must be destroyed. Then they can remake a new world.

          This is not some hyperbolic interpretation. This is actually what they claim to want. This is their own point of view, in their own words.

          Sure, there are some people who want police reform. There are other people who have had their racist tendencies tickled by stories of bad things being done to people who look like them (vast majority of BLM supporters in the black community, I'm looking at you... Particularly LeBron and Doc Rivers) or even more folks who are desperately afraid that the world will find out that they really do harbor racist feelings.

      2. And there is a subset of protestors who will never be satisfied short of wholesale revolution. They are unreachable. They are not the target audience here.

        The target audience are the people who are broadly sympathetic to the idea of reform and are discouraged by the lack of progress on this issue, but don't want any type of all-encompassing revolution.

        1. Dude seriously!?! Have you seen the videos and pics of these Antifa idiots? Defund Police! Racist Police cannot be trained to NOT be racist. How do you satisfy these dolts?

          The irony, is they are commit crimes, while calling for the police to be defunded. These are idiot communist that need to be arrest and jailed.

          Somebody mentioned using drones above the area. Newsflash - the feds ARE doing this. After the election, they'll have a major sting and arrest all of these idiots. Right now, Trump is happy to let them hurt the Dems in the election. Even CNN is starting to realize that Antifa is hurting Biden.

          1. When you've lost CNN, you're completely off the reservation!

          2. You will not reach the hardcore revolutionaries. That is true.

            You CAN reach the people who don't want revolution, but who do want concrete sincere reform in policing practices.

            Instead of railing against Antifa, why not try something constructive?

            1. If the "pragmatists" wish to side with antifa, then they are to be tarred by their association.

            2. "...Instead of railing against Antifa, why not try something constructive?"

              You really seem confused regarding 'false dichotomies'. Instead of regularly making an ass of yourself, you should do some reading.
              And fuck off until you do.

            3. Instead of railing against Antifa, why not try something constructive?

              Like, kicking the shit out of the snotty little bastards? Sounds great. Let me know how it goes.


            4. Anything "constructive" is going to require step one that you posted earlier. You cannot begin working on solutions until there is stability and stability is not coming by reasoning with or talking to the rioters. And how will that show of force be framed, do you suppose?

              Trump can’t be trusted to do any of this,
              and yet, it's highly unlikely that any effort to end the violence is going to happen without him. The mayor and governor have demonstrated their impotence, and that's being charitable. An equally strong bet is that they are complicit in what's going on, not too weak to stop it. They don't want to stop it. A woman running to succeed Wheeler proudly calls herself an antifa. Is that somehow going to lead to constructive solutions?

            5. 1) End the 1033 program. Militarized local police are a joke, especially when the pols won't let them run over protesters with their half-tracks.
              2) End Civil Asset Forfeiture. (or the "Free Shit Day is Every Day!" Program)
              3) Limit/reduce qualified immunity.
              4) Proscribe the use of SWAT teams to situations where violence is likely, not serving papers to grandparents. No matter how much fun it is for the roided up boys in blue.
              5) Make some concessions on the bullshit "let other trained personnel deal with matter police are not trained for". This is the "social workers" and "counselors" solution that the deluded left either thinks will actually work or (more likely) thinks will get some of their friends jobs. It won't be effective, but throw it in there.

              None of these reforms will be done overnight, and therefore are unlikely to satisfy rage-filled 20 year old revolutionaries. So, the riots will go on, until somebody goes in and smacks them down, media be damned.

    2. 2. Actually do something meaningful to enact the REASONABLE changes that the protestors are asking for.

      3. Do nothing at the Federal level, let them have their experiment in Democracy any way they choose.

      All of their demands are against their local governments. All of what they ask for is already enshrined in the Constitution and none of their problems are the fault of Federal Policing (well except for the pesky IRS, ATF, DoE(d), EPA, DEA and a few other power excesses).

      These racist cops are all hired locally and guaranteed by the Federal Government to reflect the demographics of the community. Those racists in their community are their brothers, sisters, parents, friends, neighbors, relatives, and kids. Maybe they should just hire better people than those live in their community.

      1. They're not rioting about problems in their community. They're rioting over events that have been cherry-picked from other communities. A mostly-white city wants to put its full wokeness on a retarded display of doing more to demonstrate the need for law enforcement than expose its flaws.

    3. your #2 option is just profoundly stupid. Have you even bothered listening to them?

      They have no desire for any such things.

      They want a war in the streets so they can "tear down the system". They are really clear about that. They don't mince words. All you have to do is listen. They'll tell you.

      And the only president who did any meaningful police reforms in your lifetime (in the positive direction, anyway) is the douchebag who you say can't be trusted to do any of this.

      And the people you say can be trusted to do it have been filibustering bills to do just that.

      So maybe your entire view of the world is skewed by partisan leanings.

      Oh, and no, the alternative is not "sending in the troops".

      All that had to be done in Portland and Seattle was for the prosecutors to actually prosecute people who were arrested for violent crimes and property crimes. They let them all go. Repeatedly.

      And their mayors told the police to quit arresting people.

      There's only a couple of hundred people in Portland who are actively engaged in the rioting. Proper law enforcement actions behind the police would have put an end to this within a week or two. It still can.... but they still won't prosecute anyone.

      1. They want a war in the streets so they can “tear down the system”. They are really clear about that. They don’t mince words. All you have to do is listen. They’ll tell you.

        Ever since world war two, anyone with a brain has realized that when someone brags about their intention to cause mayhem, you'd better assume they mean it and prepare to defend yourself with overwhelming force.

        Never again, motherfuckers.


  20. No one is filming anyway. They are recording digital video on their cell phones.

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  22. "You do not show activists' faces. You only show activists in a defensive position: responding to, rather than inciting, violence."

    They're not activists, they're rioters. Call them that.

  23. Someone decided to win the internet today.


    is reporting through multiple anonymous sources: "Reinoehl only opened fire on police because he feared for the life of a family member, his Black Aunt Eefa.""

  24. The criminal complaint against the Portland shooter sure appears to show him ducking into a parking garage to get behind the victim. (Page 18 shows relevant pictures)

    1. The complaint also confirms that the killer shot the can of bear spray first. Which kills antifas favorite pet theory they've been trying to float to justify the murder.

      1. And by "they" we mean outlets like CNN.

        Even days later they did not mention anything from the videos, only their "eyewitness" who said he didn't see who fired the shots... but he saw that the dead guy went right after him and sprayed him directly in the chest with bear spray.

        Now, CNN was reporting this story with 4/5 of the story being about how a bunch of far-right Trump supporters went through the city attacking peaceful protesters... and then the one paragraph on the actual shooting says that their eyewitness both saw the victim attack the shooter, spraying him directly in the chest with bear spray... and simultaneously did not see who fired the shots.

        This is the same CNN that was able to verify that the Kenosha shooter was a white nationalist who went to Kenosha from out of state to kill black people and started indiscriminately firing into a crowd of peaceful protesters.

  25. Reinoehl was set up by Trump operatives - and killed by them, too, before he could blurt.
    Remember Lee Harvey Oswald (the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy)?
    Yes, that was a long time ago ...
    But it's still the way "things are done."

    1. Try the hat shiny-side-out; imbeciles like you get better reception.

  26. Perhaps serious photojournalists should hire armed security and break a few bones. We're not dealing with a trained army. We're dealing with a rag-tag gaggle of ignorant, snot-nosed delinquents who cannot tie their own shoes yet. Just provoke them into violating the law and put 'em down.

  27. The rioters in Portland are acting out their rage against the fathers who failed them, either by abandoning them or neglecting to teach them right from wrong.


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  32. It's going to be 100 degrees in the city. As we move into what is shaping to be the hottest weekend thus far in Portland, it's important to understand how the coverage you are getting is being shaped, and by whom.

    Nope. 76 today (Saturday). 85 Sunday. Maybe because of the smoke plume from California?

    Weather can't be accurately forecast two days in advance, yet people are confident the climate will be so much hotter decades from now.


    1. Climate is easier to predict than weather. The global average temperature has been measured rising, and not on the optimistic side of predictions. But it’s true that not having even the first slightest sliver of a fucking clue what you’re talking about does indeed make you smarter than PhDs in the subject.

      1. So much anger. That's going to cause ass cancer, along with the stick that's up your bum.

      2. The global average temperature has been measured rising, and not on the optimistic side of predictions.

        If it's a serious problem why do you pretend providing incomes for people who choose not to work is a solution?

        Regardless of how fast global warming is happening the left has no ability to address it.

        1. Incomes to people who choose not to work. Hm. I think my plans are far bigger in scale than that.

          Out of curiosity, do you think unemployment shoots up during an economic recession because millions of people coincidentally choose to stop working at the same time?

          1. I think my plans are far bigger in scale than that.

            No doubt they are. Also no doubt they will be just as useless in combating global warming demonstrating that people concerned about the issue have no reason to vote left.

            1. So we’ll make the plans bigger and bigger until they stop being useless.

              Don’t like it? You shouldn’t have advocated stalling action as long as possible, should you?

              It’s always the same with you people. Magical thinking about the big problems so you free up brain space to clutch your panties about scary black people or whatever.

  33. The problem is these rioters dont know what they want,
    How are these riots ever going to end if there is no understanding of what the ending is supposed to be?
    Seems to me sooner or later the hammer is going to have to come down on thees Marxists and that will not be pretty.
    Rumor has it Guantanamo Prison is getting a large upgrade.

    1. At least protests against the war in Vietnam had a definitive purpose.

    2. The problem is these rioters dont know what they want,

      They want to throw tantrums, burn buildings down, beat up people without getting their own stupid asses beat, and gain social standing amongst their peers, who are of course utterly worthless people like Tony. Rather pathetic, I must say.


  34. Reading this I can’t help but wonder how hard it would be to film the protestors discretely. Or do they have super-commie powers that allow them to sniff out apostates by smell?

  35. Nonsense. There are many people like Amy Harris out there capturing what is happening.

  36. I read the "Ten Demands" article that was linked. As I was reading it I was singing John Lennon's "Imagine."

    I haven't seen such naivete since the Vietnam war protests.

  37. If that pasty, obese, white-skinned slob with the red hair and bad back-molars is running things from a megaphone, they're lost. If this kind of weakness is what's running Black Lives Matter, they have SERIOUS credibility issues. Privileged White women who have been coddled their entire lives in the laps of luxury have NO right to rep Black folk's issues. This is INSANE.

    1. Insanly funny.

  38. (Reinoehl claimed in an interview with Vice that it was self-defense.)

    Following newly established journalistic practice shouldn't we say the asserted without evidence it was self-defense?

  39. This is excellent reporting.

    I have to wonder, why has this story not been told in any national outlet.

    I get that the NYT and CNN crowd are completely on the payroll of the DNC.

    But is there no other national outlet who is willing to do real reporting and tell real stories? I'm not even seeing any "on the ground" reporting, per se. Instead I'm seeing a lot of standups by reporters in front of backdrops as they tell me whatever the narrative is.

    There was a time when reporting consisted of quoting real people who were involved in the story, not simply repeating talking points given to you by a media spokesperson. Even eyewitness reporting was usually peppered with on-the-scene interviews. Particularly for TV, the mantra was to use other people's voices to tell the story, not the reporter's voice.

    I love this entire series.... particularly the "this is what they are actually saying and doing" aspect. Just ask them, they'll tell you.

    I have had every political hack in the country telling me what "defund the police" means. And what they say never lines up with the answer you get if you just let these people talk.

    1. Redirect some police funding to mental health services and such so that our communities don’t deal with every social problem with jackbooted state violence. Better?

      1. A good idea.

      2. Good lord, Tony. You just can't turn it off, can you?

        And no, your answer is not remotely close to the answer from the people who originated the phrase. Sorry, but nice try.

        1. In case you missed it, that puts you in the "political hack" category.

          Worse, the "repeats things political hack tells him to say" category. Which is way, way worse.

          1. So my sin is advocating good policy and not buying your ludicrous characterization of your political opponents. That’s what’s known as bad faith.

            1. You are guilty of pretending that their demands match what you heard from some congress critter in the establishment. They are not even on the same team. Even AOC doesn't agree with you.

              That is the bad faith.

              You are literally responding to 'what political hacks are saying doesn't line up with what BLM says defund the police means' with "here's what political hacks are saying". That is almost a non-sequitur.

              The mainstream spin might at least have an argument that could be made... but that isn't the point. The point is that people keep stepping in front of BLM/Antifa and spinning what they stand for into something from their own agenda.

              It is disingenuous, sure, but that's not the half of it. It is a naked attempt to co_opt and whitewash someone else's movement.

        2. He can't non-stop retard mode.

    2. I get that the NYT and CNN crowd are completely on the payroll of the DNC.

      Not exactly. More like the children running amok at the NYT get paid by the same people who own the DNC.


  40. Oh, look. A Reason journalist who does actual field work and doesn't just attend porn expositions.

  41. "Both sides" *proceeds to write article showing only one side manipulating the narrative*

  42. The sad thing is, if you actually read the list of the "Ten Demands", about half are standard libertarian positions (end the war on drugs, stop giving Barnie Fife leftovers from the SEALS, etc.). Yes, there are the nutso ones (Defund the police and dump the money into more socialist crap, etc.).

    If these folks would grow up, start working within the system, they might get a bit more sympathy. Then all they would have to do is get Team Blue and Team Red to start talking to each other and working together.

    Well, maybe the riots protests are the way to go.

    Neh, let's try to be civil?

  43. Huh, the sub headline feels put in to add "both sides" for no reason. Yeah no the problem is not equivalent and the article more or less states the same. Yes there have been police responses but it also mentions that the police were attacked and the rioters use friendly media to spin a narrative of them being the victims. One side shows the violence, is harrased and made seem as if they are alarmists at best and fascists at worst, the other side hides the truth of what the anarcho-communists are doing in order to promote their political positions.

  44. It is shocking to read such revelations about the so called "press" by a truthful reporter. But we already knew most of this by some independent reports from a brave reporter named Andy Ngo who has been written about in reason before.
    Jun 29, 2019 · Ngo is a well-known chronicler of antifa activity, and has criticized their illiberal targeting of independent reporters.

    The major news media has to know about independent reporting that refutes the "mostly peaceful" folks who are destroying cities and governmental centers like courthouses and police stations.

    How can anyone with ethics continue to falsify events and not report that what is happening nationwide is a planned and financed insurection by the shock troops of the left. Every coup in history had its violent shock troops who declared they were saving the country. "Most of wars or military coups or invasions are done in the name of democracy against democracy."

    Eduardo Hughes Galeano was an Uruguayan journalist, writer and novelist considered, among other things, "global soccer's pre-eminent man of letters" and "a literary giant of the Latin American left".

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  47. Why is Andy Ngo so lionized around here? Why do you think he is some sort of “truth teller” or some such? How do you know he is not doing the same thing as the ‘PHOTOGRAPHY IS PROHIBITED’ thing as the left-wing protestors are doing, but in the service of right-wing causes?

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