Portland Protests

A Quiet Night in Portland

The J.V. squad was out looking for trouble and the battle over who counts as press continues.


C. programs her camera glasses. She's covered dozens of Portland protests, had her equipment stolen, had people rough her up.

"They don't like to be photographed," she says, "they" meaning the various young people who've confronted law enforcement nightly since the killing of George Floyd. 

Our first stop of Thursday night, however, is peaceful, watching a young black man in a gray hoodie on a mic in park a few blocks from where the usual action is. 

"I come here to speak to you today about self-accountability," Xaii Kuu says, explaining to a smattering of people that he's been told variously that he's an Uncle Tom, that he doesn't go about protesting the right way, that he should die.

"We gotta watch for how we deal with those who do not agree," he says. "We say we're out here for Black Lives Matter? We're here because another group, another race of people, said, 'Nah, fuck them.' And every time we do that? In any capacity? We do the exact same thing."

There's soft applause, a marked change from the fence-shaking and window-breaking, the tear gas and rubber bullets, exchanged for weeks between protestors and federal and local forces, at the federal courthouse and on the streets of Portland.

Things quieted somewhat after the feds mostly pulled out—there was no avenue for them to "win," and the protesters were not backing down, were in fact gaining local sympathy. I did not trust it, did not see how the energy and momentum could go flat. Why would it when it was working? The movement, peaceful and not, had achieved at least one of its stated goals, to make sure the police had less authority. A day earlier, the brand-new progressive D.A., who'd won with 77 percent of the vote, announced that the majority of the people arrested since the protests began would not be prosecuted. Call it special protections for protest-related cases, a tacit endorsement of those Portlanders who felt a more fair and equitable future required damaging property and setting fires.

That drive is not much in evidence tonight. There are maybe 200 young people loitering near the federal courthouse and Justice Center, the city's main police bureau. A Ford Focus in the middle of the street has a speaker on its trunk blasting Common's "Letter to the Free." Where a bronze elk statue once stood, there's a pile of commemorative drawings, one of which reads, "Feed the Movement." That feeding tonight feels thin, mingy, and frankly everything is too quiet.

"It's ominous," reads a text from inside Justice Center. It's from a police employee I've written about before, a woman who'd been trapped in the building's basement when protesters set fire to the building May 29.

"We are all really perplexed," her texts continued. "Are they resting up for tomorrow night?"

"Let's go around the back," says C. The street here is dead quiet, no protestors, no pedestrians, only a lone cop sitting in the Justice Center lobby. Why does he have the door open?

"Because they came last night and threw feces and diarrhea in here," he says, above the whirr of an industrial fan trying to blow out the stench.

"What happened, what happened?" asks a group of five teenagers, who, when told, make a show of laughing. They're not black bloc anarchists, they're random kids with random energy who came to engage, maybe, in some light taunting of a police officer. The J.V. team. Finding him talking to two middle-aged women, they slink back to the corner, then advance, then fall back again as they make way for the varsity squad, such as it is.

"Quit your job!" shout the two young people. It's a stock refrain. Still, I ask them, why did they say it?

The young people stop. They are in the black bloc uniform—black clothes, black face mask, black helmet. And yet there is something patrician about them. The boy reminds me of Benedict Cumberbatch; the girl is fine-featured above her mask. It's as if, under different circumstances, one might encounter them at cotillion.

"Do you believe that property is worth more than human lives?" asks the boy.


"Do you believe the police should be allowed to murder people?" asks the girl.

Is that what's been happening in Portland, the police murdering people?

"The entire police force is built on systemic racism," she says. "On keeping black people down."

"We've tried for 20 years to do it another way," says the boy, who is maybe 22. "It hasn't worked. Nothing changes except with violence."

Like setting fire to Justice Center while there were people inside, including black people?

"But those people were illegally arrested by the police," says the girl.

I meant the black people that work inside.

"They're part of the problem," she says.

Is there a flicker of interest when I ask if she's familiar with the German youth movement of 1968, how the Baader-Meinhof Group sought to correct the sins of their Nazi parents through escalating acts of violence? Maybe. Then it goes out. She says something about people doing what they need to do.

We'll have to agree to disagree that using the tactics you decry in your perceived enemies is the way to a utopian future.

"No, I will not agree to disagree with you when it comes to racism, but you have a nice night," she says and walks off. The boy flips me the bird.

"It's too quiet," says C., checking her phone.

"Feeling a little let down because tonight is a quiet night in Portland?" tweets @AntifAnonSupplies. "Use it to rest up for tomorrow's Direct Action March. Fuck your peace policing. Let people be angry."

"How you doin'?" asks a girl carrying a steel baton. "New normal life now."

Normal meaning patrolling the police station at midnight with a baton. Normal meaning that when there are two loud booms a moment later—maybe mortars, maybe flash bangs—people barely react. It's night 77, after all.

The 200 in front of the Justice Center don't seem to know what to do. Half of them wear PRESS taped to or spray-painted on their clothes. Local measures forbid police from interfering with the press, ergo, anyone who wants to be is press. People film incessantly, and those suspected of not spreading the right message can have their camera taken away.

"YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO FILM!" shouts one of the girls in an altercation I'm getting on video. It's more girlfight-on-a-hot-August-night than political battle, still, everyone uses the same verbiage, believing it to be blanket protection. As I keep filming regardless, my phone is snatched by a scrawny white kid in a hot pink shirt. C. lunges for him and they both go down, but he's faster on the rise and jets around the corner.

Two girls are immediately in my face. "You're not allowed to film!" one shouts.

Who told her that? I'm allowed to film anything I want.

"Get out of here," the second girl says. "This is not your fight, you wouldn't get it, you're old."

If by this she means not seeing the efficacy of shitting in a communal bucket, point taken.

"We gotta get out of here," says C., her eyes flicking toward five masked people not so much moving our way but wanting us to know, by their posture, that they're there; that these are their streets now.

But my phone!

"He went around the corner," says C., and just as we make the turn, a black kid comes rolling up on a one-wheel skateboard.

"I got your phone," he says, and hands it to me.

What? How?

"I told him to give it to me," he says, like no big deal. "He said to just erase what you filmed."

He rolls off before I can finish thanking him profusely.

"He has more sense than the guy who took it," says C. "He knows stealing your phone does nothing to help the cause."

I will never know how one-wheel knew the phone was mine, if he saw it get swiped and followed the kid, whether there's an "honor among thieves" ethos at play, whether things are more choreographed than meets the eye. I don't have much faith that such choreography, and its keenness to have others feel the sharp end of the stick, will lead to many such acts of grace.

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  1. It is effective in Portland. Portland let’s these idiot pretend they are an insurgency. That is bad for the people of Portland but they seem to like riots and violence, so I wish them luck. The problem is that these tactics are not going to work anywhere else. In other localities the DA isn’t going to let you walk away after you are caught destroying things and terrorizing people. In other localities, the locals won’t think it is cool.

    The government of Portland is just setting these idiots up to end up with a very long prison sentence somewhere or dead. It is hard to believe anyone could be stupid enough to think they are going to riot and loot their way to power in this country just because one brain dead city allows you to do it. But, Ms Rommelman shows us such people.

    I think at some point the people of Portland will have enough of this crap and put a stop to it. If they don’t, then eventually these idiots will go somewhere else and either end up dead or in prison. If they were not such awful people and not so deserving of such a fate, I would almost feel sorry for them.

    1. John, I was horrified at what was happening, but after two months, I said, “Fuck it. Let them stew in their own juices”.

      The bottom line is the people of Portland are choosing this. They have made their choice. Let them own it. We can protect federal facilities and let them tear apart all the other shit.

      And oh yes….Portland can forget any federal funding for rebuilding what these asshole rioters have destroyed. They own it now.

      1. You can’t help people who won’t help themselves. The people of Portland are going to have to put a stop to this. No one can do it for them.

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        2. They haven’t even faced the longer term consequences. How much will insurance cost for residences and businesses in a city that will not provide security for persons nor property?
          Of course they will blame the greedy, racist actuaries at the insurers who base it strictly on numbers. But then again numbers and math are considered racist by these “protestors”

      2. Totally agree.

      3. Excellent point. The people of Portland at the end of the day will have the final say in how all of this pans out. They elected Wheeler, the “progressive” DA, the city council. These upper-middle class white kids playing Jacobin for 77 days, these spoiled children, are living and acting off their parents’ and Portlanders’ largesse.

        It will probably do incredible damage to the city’s commercial reputation. No one will want to open a business or invest somewhere where the rule of law (especially property law) aren’t enforced. Current business owners, taxpayers, and citizens who just want to live their lives are probably making plans on leaving (if they haven’t already done so).

    2. Portland will hate the Insurrection Act being used on them after Trump is re-elected.

      …but they will have earned it many, many times over.

      1. Trump would be smart to ignore PDX and let it crumble. This is only continuing because the local government and residents are allowing it to. It’s their problem. Don’t waste our money on it.

        1. Offer Federal help and if the Mayor doesn’t want it he owns it.

          1. I quit working at shoprite and now I make $65-85 per/h. How? I’m working online! My work didn’t exactly make me happy so I decided to take a chance on something new…NFd after 4 years it was so hard to quit my day job but now I couldn’t be happier.

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    3. Can’t wait until they come to my community so that we can address the problem with appropriate means. Go ahead, make my day!

  2. Is this the reason writer people have been mentioning posted a video of them being assaulted?

    1. Whelp, after reading the article. Portland is fucked. Once they have justified murder to themselves and are openly willing to say they believe it is justified, you’re just screwed. That wasn’t hyperbole. That was justifying burning a building down with real people inside to someone they thought was reporter. Ya’ll are screwed.

      1. If a so-called “libertarian” like Matt Welch can openly advocate cold-blooded murder on his Twitter feed, why wouldn’t these people do the same?

        This is how lefties really are.

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  3. I have a friend in Portland and said this all started a couple decades ago. Downtown parents NOT doing parenting, letting kids just hang out in gangs. Roving gangs of WHITE kids fucking shit up because they had nothing better to do. Parents unable to tell their kids “no”.

    My friend was as progressive as they come, from San Francisco, but he was shocked by it.

    So I wonder, I really do, where they twenty somethings get their money to spend 100% of the time protesting? Are their parents supporting them? Saying it’s just a phase they’re going through? Are they tricking their parents by saying they’re in college? I know the Right likes to pretend that they’re all funded by the DNC, but I don’t buy that conspiratard bullshit. You can’t hide that this long. Are they just like all on welfare? Scamming the system? A few days of protests is one thing, a few weeks maybe, but not this long. So long it’s become it’s own culture.

    1. Like I said above, they are going to end up dead or in prison if they don’t stop. Maybe they will just stay in Portland and the people of Portland will decide that having gangs of stupid white people burning things down every night adds to the local flavor. At this point, nothing about that city would surprise me. But, if the people of the city ever have enough of this or if these dumb asses ever get brave and go somewhere else, it is going to end very badly for them.

      I think your friend’s explanation is probably right. They seem like spoiled kids who refuse to understand that actions might have consequences.

      1. The problem is that it’s spreading. Look at Seattle. I know people mock California for being the worst, but nothing even approaching this happens in California. Not even in San Fransisco and Berkeley.

        1. That spread will stop once a few of them end up in prison. Right now they think they are untouchable and doing this is just a good time. Once doing it means going to prison, they won’t see it as so fun anymore. And it isn’t spreading except to places run by Democrats that allow it to happen. There is a limited supply of such places.

    2. Welfare is a big thing there. I remember a article coming out several years ago from a portland kid complaining that her favorite organic stores didn’t always take snap.

      1. I have a distant step relative there, and while she is older today, she basically followed a similar path. She shacked up with some guy in a commune outside Portland, doing odd jobs to earn money under the table while taking welfare for her 3 kids. They were proud anarchists- they would go protest every now and again, and then come back home to their house in the woods that was completely disconnected from the grid. Eventually, the person owning the land they were on was evicted or something, and they moved into an apartment in town.

        The good news is that their oldest kid became a great hard working kid. He is a lefty, but he works hard and puts food on the table as best he can considering he didn’t even graduate high school. Their youngest though is a professional agitator. She sleeps wherever she can find a good couch and spends her nights out protesting.

        1. One thing I have noticed about proggie parents is they infantilize their kids for as long as they can and don’t want them to ever have to face any adversity. Why? Because if their kids grow up and become productive adults, it will make the parents, who have been coddling them for 20 years or more, look like complete failures-better to have your kid be a failure than you.

          1. Keeping their kids as infants is very much the tactics that Democrats want to use on all of us: You can’t do that, you need big gov to do it for you. We will fix all your worries, just sit here, don’t think and otherwise be happy and we will provide.

            No difference between the parents you mention and big gov.

    3. Its obvious that there are BIG BUCKS behind the operation.

      The “kids” are indirectly funded by DNC-supporting deep-pocket oligarchs, with the funds being controlled by the groups’ inner circles who are getting rich off the whole thing.

      The DNC sanctions arson, violence, rape, and murder as long as they think it benefits them politically.

      1. It’s all true. The DNC are a giant pedophile group sponsored by George Soros who drinks baby blood every night. And if you believe that I also have a bridge to sell you.

      2. But there is ZERO verifiable evidence of this. It’s just wishful thinking on the part of conspiratards who want every social ill to be traceable back to shadowy insiders. It’s QAnon shit, so show the independently verifiable evidence. Not just fucking youtube or meme, but actual evidence.

        1. There is tremendous evidence of this. There is no question it is supported by Soros and the open society foundation. They are the ones who have funded the campaigns of the DAs who are refusing to prosecute the rioters and pretty much every other criminal.

          I suppose you could say that Soros isn’t the DNC, but that seems like a bit of a stretch. The fact is all of the people who publicly support this and officials who are refusing to stop it are Democrats. Sure, maybe the DNC isn’t writing people checks to riot. But, that doesn’t change the fact that the Democrats support this and own it.

          1. That’s just evidence that Soros backed prosecutors are terrible. Not that their is a grand conspiracy to riot and revolt against the system. More likely they just don’t understand the terror they have unleashed.

            1. I can’t read their minds. But, what difference does it make? Either they are malicious are so stupid as to be hardly believable. Either way the result is the same. If the best you can do to defend Soros and the Democrats is “they had no idea refusing to enforce the law and allowing people to riot would cause chaos” you really are not offering a defense.

              1. Neither can I read their minds. Wasn’t offering a defense, since I called them terrible. Just don’t think making connections and assigning motives is very useful without facts supporting those assertions.

                1. I quit working at shoprite and now I make $65-85 per/h. How? I’m working online! My work didn’t exactly make me happy so I decided to take a chance on something new…KBg after 4 years it was so hard to quit my day job but now I couldn’t be happier.

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            2. No evidence except the bail funds and layers guild

      3. What evidence have you?

    4. I’d guess it is probably a mix of welfare, trust funds and now other kids joining in since this is where the action is with everything shutdown and the feds giving them an extra $600. The seeds were planted over the decades and CV-19 was just the miracle grow to make them blossom.

      1. There’s probably low-level drug dealing thrown in for some kids.

    5. it’s not kids. hipster bros with no jobs have been moving to Portland for years. now they’re getting an extra 30K a year to be unemployed, so they can peacefully protest full time.

    6. There was a news report on either 60 minutes or 20/20 of welfare in Oregon. This was maybe 20 years ago, maybe more. Oregon was handing out welfare money to perfectly healthy 20 somethings, some of them were wandering around the country and still getting paid. One kid, high as a kite, who stood out was banging on the counter demanding his payment. Does this still go on in Oregon? It would explain why so many assholes drifted there.

  4. All the people described in this piece seem like mental or emotional retards. And it seems like letting them run free is akin to letting equally incompetent people, with severe mental deficiencies include substance abuse, camp out on sidewalks. It may not be libertarian, but if we do not have some constraints on behavior in the public square, and maybe significant constraints on some individuals, life outside our private enclaves will go to shit.

    1. I can’t help but wonder how our society and education system could be so broken as to produce people who are this stupid, irrational, and immature. Good God, what were these kids’ parents doing when they were growing up?

      1. “Good God, what were these kids’ parents doing when they were growing up?”

        Trusting teachers and voting for democrats.

        1. Yeah, but that describes like half of the country. I don’t think it can be the determining factor here. There is something here different from the norm. And it’s unhelpful and counterproductive if you want to understand what’s happening to pretend that all Democrats are radical leftists.

          1. In Portland they will let you get away with it. Last I heard, the state police were getting out of Portland because the new DA let all the rioters off.

      2. The public education system isn’t broken. It was designed to do this. Take away personal responsibility and critical thought and you get this shit.

        1. The whole point of socialism IS to “Take away personal responsibility” and use gov-guns to push all natural consequences onto the ‘hated’ group. However it has to be defined; successful, white, male, republican. It’s the EXACT same tactic used by Hitler to convince the majority of the German population that Jews were all evil and must die. Categorize ([WE] the people) and then build hate by blaming them for everything.

      3. Meh!. Charles Manson assembled these same type of kids 50 years ago. They too spouted SJW nonsense about the war and the environment and used it as an excuse to slaughter people.

    2. mental or emotional retards

      They grow up to be politicians.

      1. What scares the shit out of me is that that’s the only job open to most of these people. No private sector employer is going to hire them, and they’re not qualified for any government sector job. So they end up being professional activists, “community organizers”, and shit like that. And move their way up until they’re running for office.

  5. The best part of this whole thing is that these people seem to be completely unaware that hardly any black people live in Portland. They are all out rioting and terrorizing for “racial justice” in a city that is entirely white and run by some of the most liberal people in America. If they were not doing so much damage and causing so much harm, it would be hysterical. How do you not notice that your “racial justice” movement doesn’t have any actual black people in it? How do you think your mission in life is to “end racism” and it never occur to you to move to a city where significant numbers of black people actually live?

    There have been naive and stupid young people for as long as there have been young people. These people, however, seem to be a new level of stupid exceeding anything found in the past.

    1. These people, however, seem to be a new level of stupid exceeding anything found in the past.

      I don’t know, I suspect the Red Guards, the Khmer Rouge, and the Bolsheviks were pretty high up on the stupidity scale too. It’s hard to say if they’re actually dumber than them or not. Definitely not as effective though, at least not outside of places like Portlandia where they’re allowed to get away with their wannabe communist revolutionary cosplay.

      1. They are dumber. The people you mention were nuts and evil for sure. But they at least had some internal logic to what they were doing. It was monstrous logic but it was rational to some degree. The same cannot be said of these people. They don’t even want anything. They don’t want Utopia. They just want to retard. Retarding is the end in itself. That is why they can’t be placated or reasoned with.

        1. John…they are grossly stupid. Meaning, 144X more stupid. 🙂

        2. These protests are like a festival mixed with a religious service. People feel like they are getting out of their dull routine and doing something exciting, but they also feel like they are part of something important and meaningful and morally good. It’s a dangerous and addictive combination.

          1. Yes it is. We are lucky that a real charismatic leader hasn’t shown up to organize these people. I still don’t think there is enough of them to do much damage but I could totally see these idiots ending up drinking poisoned koolaide in some jungle compound somewhere.

            1. You don’t need very many people, see the IRA. There were what, 3 dozen of them actually willing to take up arms? There are more people starting fires in Portland right now than the IRA ever had.

              Antifa could actually learn quite a bit from the IRA. In particular, the part about how killing civilians causes you to lose public support and makes operating an insurgency very, very difficult.

              1. I quit working at shoprite and now I make $65-85 per/h. How? I’m working online! My work didn’t exactly make me happy so I decided to take a chance on something new…NFl after 4 years it was so hard to quit my day job but now I couldn’t be happier.

                Here’s what I do…>>……> Click here

          2. “part of something important”…..

            How one decides to fulfill the need to self-importance says miles about who they are.
            The use of Bullying Dictative (usually Gun) Power to feel important.
            Being important by *earning* it and supplying VALUE to society.

            1. …and I believe this is what REALLY separates these city protests from the Bundy Standoff. The Bundies weren’t out to dictate society; they were there to ensure the federal government didn’t steal anymore land they had no right to claim. They trying to add VALUE to society by giving society the LAND they are rightfully entitled to.

      2. “I don’t know, I suspect the Red Guards, the Khmer Rouge, and the Bolsheviks were pretty high up on the stupidity scale too”

        Right. If they were so stupid, how come they won?

        1. Because the people had been disarmed?

        2. Because they cheated. The Tsar has stepped down (not executed), democracy was on its way, stuff looked there was a future. But the Bolsheviks panicked and got the exiled Lenin on a train back to Moscow and the rest was history. No one remembers that six months of Russian democracy. The Bolsheviks took over while the new state was still tottering on its new legs.

    2. these anarchists are giving anarchy a bad name.
      they’ve been protesting stuff for decades. social just or BLM is just the latest excuse to get out of lockdown and burn stuff down.

      1. Only Socialist Governments pretends to make Social Justice. I don’t know why they’re even in a Republic; seems a MOVE would be well in order.

    3. Haha! None of these kids would last 70 hours, let alone days where I grew up in the Bronx. And to be fair, neither would my daughter or step sons. We worked hard to give them a better life and raise them in an environment where they did not have to be in near constant fear for their safety. These kids in Portland have likely never known real hardship and racism is some abstract concept they heard about on social media. Even if they did move to a city where significant numbers of black people life, like here in Philly, they would stay where the middle class blacks and whites live. The only way they would go anywhere near those neighborhoods where there are multiple shootings a week and junkies regularly breaking into cars and houses would be to buy drugs.

  6. related: man in Portland left with serious injuries after being attacked by protesters


    1. That’s mostly PEACEFUL protesters to you . . . .

      1. As I’ve said, Lee Harvey Oswald was MOSTLY peaceful in his dealing with JFK. Three shots over less than 30 seconds doesn’t come close to his decades of living NOT killing Kennedy.

    2. was wondering where this was in her “everything’s fine here, we’re fine, how are you” simp bullshit. They almost killed that guy, and he wasn’t the only one they attacked. I’m shocked that there are still regular people wandering around there after dark without a gun. I’m even more shocked that none of these animals have been shot yet

  7. “Let’s go around the back,” says C. The street here is dead quiet, no protestors, no pedestrians, only a lone cop sitting in the Justice Center lobby. Why does he have the door open?

    “Because they came last night and threw feces and diarrhea in here,” he says, above the whirr of an industrial fan trying to blow out the stench.

    Such classy people.

    1. They are literally monkeys throwing shit. The whole thing is so bizarre. Like I said above, they are having race riots in a city that is entirely white. It is as if liberal New York kids in the early 60s decided to protest Jim Crow by burning down New York rather than going to the South. It is the most surreal thing I have ever seen.

      1. it’s not entirely White, but it might as well be. Oregon, and Portland in particular, was historically an extremely racist place. Worse than the deep south. The hidden history of Portland.

        1. Sure it was. But it isn’t now. Maybe the wilds of Oregon but certainly not Portland. If your goal in life is to improve the lot of black people, living in Portland makes about as much sense as living in the tropics having the goal of improving the lot of Eskimos.

          1. eh, take a look at how they talk to any minorities that don’t toe the Democrat line, and then get back to me how they aren’t racist anymore. These assholes are plenty racist, they’re just democrats, so such behavior is acceptable.

            1. Absolutely.

            2. This 100%. If I disagree with a white person who believes that I am oppressed, it’s because I must be a sellout, or delusional, or if they are feeling generous, ignorant. Obviously, I just don’t know that I’m a victim of systemic racism.

      2. Portland is what happens when The Warriors is viewed as a how-to manual and not as a decent movie.

        1. But at least the Riffs accepted evidence when presented to them and dealt with those Orphan agitators.

      3. it’s not race riots, it’s just riots.

      4. It is as if liberal New York kids in the early 60s decided to protest Jim Crow by burning down New York rather than going to the South. It is the most surreal thing I have ever seen.

        That would have at least made some sense.

        1. I haven’t heard any of their defenders or supporters in the government or the media bothering to ask just how random destruction and violence is going to improve race relations or benefit the black community. Maybe Portland is different, but things in the Bronx didn’t start to really improve until people stopped destroying things, shooting, and killing. Turns out most people of any race don’t like living in neighborhoods that are being burned down and have lot’s of crime. Who knew?

          1. That’s true. I think after David Shor lost his job for tweeting Omar Wasow’s research, not many people in the media will go near that idea.

  8. The legitimate purpose of government is to protect our rights. We have police to protect our rights from criminals, courts to protect our rights from the police, and a military to protect our rights from foreign threats.

    We have a national guard to protect our rights from rioters.

    I suspect Trump would rather not suffer the spectacle of the national guard patrolling the streets of Portland ahead of an election–for fear of what the press might say to lily-white, swing voting suburban women safely tucked away in their gated communities all over suburban America.

    Their opinions shouldn’t predominate in questions of justice, when the question is whether the courts should protect the rights of an unpopular minority–be it an African-American gang member or an accused cop. And their opinions shouldn’t predominate when the question is whether the national guard should protect the rights of the people of Portland from having their buildings burned down by “protesters”

    IF IF IF President Trump is reelected, I hope the first thing he does is send the National Guard to Portland to restore order. I lived in LA during the riots, worked at a hospital in the middle of them, and I’ll never forget my libertarian sense if relief when President George H. W. Bush sent in the National Guard to restore order.

    Libertarian government has a legitimate duty to protect our rights from rioters.

    1. That is the thing about all this, the far left is making war on urban liberals, minorities, and immigrants. If they were going after Republican communities, I would be worried. But they are not and won’t because they have no real popular support and can only operate where the local authorities allow them and the public has been disarmed. What is happening is Democratic Mayors are allowing the far left to terrorize Democratic voters. I will happily support assisting those voters vote out the mayors and DAs doing this. Will certainly support helping put an end to this should the governments of these places ask for help. But I will be damned if I am going to support stepping in and stopping this if the people in these places refuse to stand up and try to do it themselves.

      I think going in and stopping this would not solve the problem. It would just let the city leadership off the hook for the chaos they have allowed while letting them call Trump a tyrant. And as soon as the feds left, it would go right back to being what it was. So, unless you want to Portland under permanent federal control, which I don’t think anyone wants, the only solution to this is to contain it and let it go on until the people of Portland decide they want their city back.

      1. “What is happening is Democratic Mayors are allowing the far left to terrorize Democratic voters.”

        It’s much like AOC and “The Squad” going after Pelosi.

        It’s like the social justice warriors at your local college going after the liberal college administration.

        Wasn’t this the real subject of Fight Club? Wasn’t that film all about anti-consumerism?

        I’d say it’s the New Left versus the Democrat Party Machine in Chicago at the DNC in 1968–but there’s no draft, no Vietnam, and the police aren’t the aggressors in Portland.

        There are legitimate liberals out there who want to end racism, police brutality, etc., but some people just want to watch the world burn–and that’s what’s going on in Portland. They’re not out for justice. They just want to burn things (I still say mostly because of the economy, their anxiety about the future, and their fucked up, childish absence of responsibility).

        Libertarian government has a legitimate duty to identify those who have violated people’s rights, to prosecute them for what they’ve done, to make them pay restitution to their victims, and to lock them up in cages to protect the rest of us–so that they can’t violate our rights again.

        And if it takes the National Guard to restore order, then that’s what we need–for the sake of liberty.

        It’s the students during the Cultural Revolution turning against their own party. God help us all if the Democrats take the White House and don’t have the balls to stop their own mess.

        1. WE are lucky in that we have a federal system where it is impossible for a few people to take over and allow this sort of thing. They can only do it in a few areas. The areas that are run by Republicans and any but the most insane Democrats don’t allow this. They enforce their laws.

          I am not worried about this even if Biden were to win. Biden winning would create a lot of worries but I don’t think Antifa coming to your home town is one of them. The country is too diverse, the government too federalized and the population too well armed for that to ever be an issue.

          1. Who’s going to send in the National Guard if not Biden?

            1. The governor. The President only sends in the national guard in cases where he invokes the Insurrection Act and basically declares the state government to either be in revolt or in collapse such that it can no longer function.

              1. …which, mind you, Trump has ample evidence of both in regards to Portland.

                After the re-election, it will be fun.

            2. Governors can activate the national guard without federal approval, right? That Oregon’s Governor hasn’t done so is telling. Maybe he has the same opinion we do (perhaps silently). Why send the Guard and risk looking like an authoritarian in an election year when Portland is perfectly capable of handling things themselves?

              1. Yes they can. And for cases where the local LE either can’t or will not maintain order, governors are supposed to provide assistance in the form of the NG or the state police.

          2. Yup! We are relocating to Western PA from Philly for work. Just visiting to find a rental was so enjoyable. The peace and quiet, the sense of normalcy, no protesters, no boarded-up store fronts, no tent cities, and no self-righteous liberals with their “BLM” signs, stickers, and t-shirts and fake solidarity. If they had jobs or a purpose they would realize most of us black people didn’t ask for their help or pity and we don’t need or want it.

            1. I can think of few things more psychologically destructive than the “systemic racism” myth, and I cannot forgive anyone pushing it.
              It’s 2020. If you make wise choices and engage in productive behavior, you’ll succeed to the extent your talents allow.
              Beating the idea of “systemic racism” into people’s heads discourages individuals from doing just that, and interferes with their ability to control their own lives.

              1. Yup. And I think that there are some anti racists who know that they’re making things worse. Most of them are probably just hooked on virtue signaling, but not all.

        2. Ken…the way I have said it. If the government cannot protect my life, my liberty, or my property; then why the fuck do I need government?

        3. Wasn’t this the real subject of Fight Club? Wasn’t that film all about anti-consumerism?

          I don’t know what you got out of Fight Club, but to me, it wasn’t a parable. Or at least not the organized, targeted, violent anti-consumerism parts anyway.

          1. Why are you guys talking about fight club? Isn’t the first rule of fight club to not talk about fight club?

            1. His name was Robert Paulson…

      2. Agreed, John. The National Guard is for when a locality literally can’t prevent continued rioting, not for when a locality simply chooses to look the other way.

        I will say that it makes sense for them to stay put in the cities, though. That’s where the majority of police abuse happens. The longer the Left controls an inner city, the worse it gets.

        1. If there is a federal answer to this, it isn’t sending in federal troops. It is having DOJ use the old Klan laws to go after the mayor and city council for refusing to protect the rights of the city’s citizens and allowing a mob to terrorize them.

          What the city is doing here is no different than what white mayors and governors used to do to the black community only instead of the Klan it is Antifa.

          1. It is having DOJ use the old Klan laws to go after the mayor and city council.

            That would be hilarious, actually. Hopefully Barr does this right after the election not matter how it turns out.

    2. Fuck Portland.
      Let that bitch burn.
      The residents need to go full civil war and massacre these degenerates, then hang Wheeler and the DA from city hall

      1. When the people of Portland get sick of the mayor and local officials allowing this they will vote out the authorities allowing this.

        Most of this is going on in a few blocks and it doesn’t impact most Portland residents (yet).

        1. In a few years residents will be complaining about the urban blight creeping out from those few blocks while also complaining about attempts to gentrify the area, thus robbing it of its historical and cultural history.

    3. Trump wanted the National Guard keeping the peace in Portland. Portland didn’t want peace.

  9. Without property rights, there are no human rights just whatever privileges the ruling class gives you.

    1. Exactly! Some of them are actually demanding white people give up their homes because it the neighborhood used to have predominantly black residents. Well if they can just ‘liberate’ a home from it’s current owners, what is to stop the next group with the next moral grievance to do the same? Who lived there before the black residents? White people. Oops. That won’t work. To that end, they may as well give back the entire Pacific Northwest to the original inhabitants, the Native Americans. The Native American’s have a far more compelling argument for ownership if the inherent evil of gentrification is the justification for eliminating property rights.

  10. Now that Antifa/BLM is infiltrated with FBI/CIA-sponsored provocateurs who have the mentality of a young Stalinist John “The Torturer” Brennan, and listening to the rhetoric of the rioters, it’s not strange that the deep-state operators are not recognized by the rest of them.

    1. I have no doubt that BLM and Antifa are full of FBI informers. I would even believe they are provocateurs. But, these people were plenty violent on their own. They don’t need to be provoked.

      1. True that. That’s why the provocateurs blend in so easily.

      2. Sometimes you need someone to throw the first brick, though. Usually it’s just the dumbest, most poorly adjusted person in the crowd. Sometimes it’s a person who vanishes shortly thereafter.

        1. they would all be singing kumbaya (if that’s not cultural appropriation) and braiding daisies if not for the deep state/right wing/Russian provocateurs, no doubt.

  11. And of course the so called media keep refusing to show any of this except highly sanitized clips. Which many in the left still think happened months ago.

    I say let em go because the more mayhem the more votes for trump. Democrats cannot win in chaos caused by their own supporters.

    1. The media has in their efforts to help Democrats actually harmed them. One of the biggest double standards the media applies is how it treats the far right and the far left. The media does everything it can to embarrass the Republicans by associating them with the far right in any way possible. Let a Republican candidate for dog catcher in rural Alabama says something nice about Jim Crow and it is a national news story requiring every Republican office holder in America to apologize and condemn the candidate.

      In contrast, the media let’s the far left run wild and never reports on it much less expects Democrats to disavow it. The result of this double standard has been for the far left to march through every institution in the country and now damn near take over the Democratic Party if not actually run it. In contrast, the far right is a complete joke. The best the far right can do is have a few hundred incels show up at its big national march in Charlottesville. They make the Illinois Nazis in the Blues Brothers seem like a serious organization by comparison.

      The constant excuse making and enabling of the far left has now finally I think this summer come back to bite the Democrats. The retards are out of the closet and there is no ignoring them or not being associated with them if you are a Democrat.

      1. The media has in their efforts to help Democrats actually harmed them.

        Why should they change strategy from 2016? It worked so well that time. I still think the media silently want Trump in office because he’s much better for ratings than Biden would be.

        1. When’s the last time anyone even saw Biden except in a 30 second commercial clip? I’ve been getting calls and texts from the DNC asking me if I’m supporting Biden/Harris. I have burst a few volunteers bubbles telling them I’m undecided. Because if I don’t vote for Biden, ‘I ain’t black.” It’s like they just assume the hate for Trump is so intense they could nominate a fruit salad and win.

          1. Check out the “blacks for Trump” crowd. On Twitter at least, they seem like the happiest bunch out there

  12. So, the only black kids mentioned in the article were a) the one calling for restraint and b) the one who returned Nancy’s phone.

    I think that the vast majority of people who were actually concerned with black lives left these protests a long time ago.

    1. The complete lack of support for these people in the black community never seems to matter to these people.

      1. What do you mean “these people”? 😉

    2. I think that is why she mentions that it is choreographed. Even she suspects that they themselves are trying to have the white kids look like assholes and the black kids show humanity whenever they’re performing for who they suspect is press.

      Seems far-fetched, but who knows anymore. Everything about Portland right now utterly defies logic.

      1. The purse-snatcher-then-good-samaritan routine is an old grift

  13. Penn State student gov plans to ‘interrogate’ members to check for ‘internal biases’


    Even the “educated” are stupid these days.

    1. Every incorrect question will result in punishment. If the punishment isn’t met with a fervent “Thank you, Xir! May I have another?” you clearly have internal biases that you aren’t willing to sacrifice.

  14. “Do you believe that property is worth more than human lives?” asks the boy.

    Then gimme all your property, junior.

    1. As if it’s some kind of either/or thing. See how good human lives are, and how much they are valued, in places that don’t have protections for property rights.

    2. Are your White feelz worth more than Black owned businesses?

      1. It doesn’t matter who owns the business. Don’t let them argue on their terms, as soon as you play their identitarian games, you’ve lost. Indiscriminate property destruction is unjust and immoral no matter who the victim or the victimizer is. The only way to fight their nonsense is with actual liberalism. Everyone is an individual. No special categories of people with different sets of rules and no collective punishments or benefits.

        Anything else is either unjust on it’s face or will inevitably lead to abuse and corruption.

        1. “It doesn’t matter who owns the business. Don’t let them argue on their terms, as soon as you play their identitarian games, you’ve lost”


          It’s the same with any of these “existential” threats, like climate change or covid.
          Once you admit their problem, that something must be done, you’ve already ceded the field to them.
          You’ve already admitted defeat, and are just negotiating terms of surrender at that point

    3. “I believe *my* property is worth more *to me* than your life is if you try to take it.”

  15. >>”This is not your fight, you wouldn’t get it, you’re old.”

    with a name like Rommelmann I hope you punched this chick in the face.

  16. For those of us who live in the Peoples Republic of Portlandia, what would you realistically suggest we do?

    Get strapped and go downtown?


    1. Vote. Throw the bums out.

        1. Portland was created by left wing voters. Maybe the city needs to devolve into a “thunder dome”. It is an interesting experiment to watch from afar.

    2. I’d suggest staying out of downtown when protests might be happening. Vote for a mayor and city council members who will enforce laws. If that doesn’t work then leave. Move to Idaho or something.

      1. Idaho is good on people fleeing the west coast socialist republics at the moment. Thanks!

    3. Yep.
      Get organized first, but there is no longer any legitimate government, rule of law, in Portland.
      If the time to take up arms is not now, then when?

    4. Get strapped and go downtown?

      Start a private security company. Contract with affected businesses to establish your bona fides at a pro bono or discounted rate. Maybe even a shell company to bait Antifa and a legit security company. On the side, start a blog about tips for businesses to avoid and overcome Antifa’s influences.

      1. @ MC, you just might be on to an idea there.

    5. Get strapped and go downtown?

      The opposite. Keep the idiots downtown by making sure they know their shit won’t be tolerated anywhere else and refuse to do any business downtown. They are attention whoring cowards. The last thing they want is to get busted by Beaverton, Tigard or Gresham cops with cameras turned off and whose district attorneys will send them up. The hippies that live downtown are never going to learn until their rooftop gardens are in flames, so fuck them. The downtown business owners will eventually express their displeasure to the city council/mayor by closing their checkbooks for campaign contributions.

      After 20 years of watching the city become a cesspool, I was happy to leave the PRP for Texas. Even in Austin, being strapped downtown is not begging to be disappeared to the gulag. And the protesters here now know that threatening passerby can get you dead even without police intervention.

      1. @Chuck P.

        Funny, not in the haha way, I moved here FROM Austin.

        Perhaps we passed each other. Looks like I will be heading back.
        We need 24 months though. Career and school reasons.

        1. Austin and now Portland? Pro tip – pick somewhere to live where they don’t sell bumper stickers saying “Keep XXX weird!”

      2. Also left after 5 years. That town was a fucking joke even without the current performances. It’s full of assholes and run by children.

    6. Sitting there quietly hoping for the riots to end isn’t going to work.

      If you’re the peaceful type I’d suggest moving out of Portland, it’s pretty clear your kind isn’t welcome there anymore.

  17. “They don’t like to be photographed,” she says, “they” meaning the various young people who’ve confronted law enforcement nightly since the killing of George Floyd.

    “they” meaning people who are breaking the law.

  18. “Do you believe that property is worth more than human lives?” asks the boy.

    “Do you believe a $20 bill is worth more than $100 bill?”
    *lights $20 bill on fire*

  19. What do the peaceful protestors in Portland want?

    1. They have no idea. They really don’t want anything. Rioting and “protesting” is the end in itself. If they wanted something, they would be protesting somewhere where black people actually lived and in places where the governments were not already at their beckon call.

  20. Could it be the questionable peacefulness (man nearly beaten to death, sitting fire to a building that is occupied while you block the exits – all of which happened since the feds pulled out, not to mention increasing property damage in residential neighborhoods) might be because Wheeler has started declaring them riots and allowing the cops to break them up earlier?

    1. Wheeler is an asshat that should have been putting the violence down from the start (while allowing peaceful protests) and most of this shit wouldn’t have happened.

      1. At what point does a “protest” just become a nuisance? The people of Portland have a right to use their streets and enjoy their city in peace. It is one thing to have a protest for even a few days or weeks. But these people will never stop protesting. And they can’t even explain what they are protesting or what actions by anyone would cause them to stop.

        I don’t think their “protest” even if it is peaceful should be lawful at this point. They are just out making a public nuisance without any purpose or reason. It is not a protest. It is a mob. Even if it is peaceful, it is still a mob.

  21. “You’re too old, you wouldn’t understand,” is the shit you say to your parents when you’re 14-16. Then you, theoretically, reach a level of maturity where you realize that this is not an effective argument.

    Unfortunately, if the city government decides that this is a valid point and you’re free to destroy shit when you get angry, you never will grow up.

    1. Pro tip – respond to narcissistic, know-it-all children that say this as such, “You should write a book now while you know everything!”

  22. This is an excellent article. We need more of this sort of thing around these parts.

    1. Yes it is. What is going on in Portland is important. And someone needs to be on the ground showing the world what is going on, whatever that is. Thanks to Ms Rommelman for doing that. I wouldn’t go down around those animals. You have to give her credit for being willing to do so.

  23. This article touches on an important topic.

    Photography is Not a Crime was a big thing a few years back. PINAC is still around, but much less relevant. But it is relevant in the light of the “Police cannot interfere with the press” edicts.

    The media had a field day freaking out when a CNN crew got detained when they didn’t clear a street after being repeatedly told to clear the street. “But we are the media!!”

    The media is not above the citizenry. Nor are they below. They are citizens. Everyone has the right to freedom of the press, the right to gather and disseminate information.

    Arguing that having an employer behind you means you have the right to go where you want and ignore such orders as you please is silly. The PINAC battle was with police excluding people from reporting – specifically. As in “Put that phone away or I will arrest you” type stuff. “everyone clear the street” is not directed at preventing coverage.

    And if people truly want to act as press, rather than using it as a shield, then coordinating with the police to gain privileged access is the way to go. Pushing your way past a police line in the middle of a riot is probably a bad idea, even if you do yell “press!” at the top of your lungs while you do it.

  24. Calm down comrades. Just think of it as a grassroots urban renewal.

  25. HMMMM, quiet night in Portland….

    illegal Checkpoint set up by fake ‘security’ force stops and detains all vehicles, searching for and then stealing anything that ‘might’ be used as a weapon. Anyone who objects is pulled out and beaten in the streets. Anyone who attempts to flee is run down and given brain damage.

    Check out Andy Ngo’s twitter

    1. If reason were an actual Libertarian publication run by Libertarians instead of hipster leftist doofuses, Ngo would have a running guest column reporting on the radical left.

      1. I find Ngo to be prone to exaggeration and being, generally, disingenuous. Of course, he’d fit right in around here, except his exaggerations tend to go against the exaggerations of the prevailing narrative here.

        1. What has he ever exaggerated about? Every time I see anything from him, there is a video showing exactly what he is claiming happened. Do you think he was lying when he said Antifa beat him to the point of a brain injury? Was he faking it?

          I could see where you think that he is exaggerating because it I suppose can be hard for some people to believe that anyone could be as violent and retarded as Antifa is. But, the truth has a way of exceeding the human imagination. So, yes, they really are that violent and that retarded.

          1. I prefer to just view his videos without the context he gives them. The only relevant context he provides is that sometimes the clips are from different cities.

            But I’ve seen him use a video to show evidence that “The city is burning” when the video clip is a contained fire in a trashcan. Not that I approve of simply starting fires like this, but I’m much happier when there’s zero desire to spin.

  26. https://nypost.com/2020/08/17/blm-mob-beat-white-man-unconscious-after-making-him-crash-truck/

    Just a quiet night in Portland. Nothing says quiet like stopping vehicles and beating their drivers unconscious.

    Maybe Rommelman didn’t see this or know it happened. But, it would be nice if reason would include the full truth in addition to what Rommelman saw.

    1. She wasn’t writing about last night. This is from night 77 (according to the article), which, as I understand it, was either Thursday or Friday night.

      I think it takes her a few days to publish because she’s very extensive in reviewing her footage and her own notes.

      1. My mistake. I would be curious to see what she writes about this. My guess is reason won’t publish it if she writes about a particularly violent night.

        1. Ironically, when I saw the heading, I was reminded of Eric Remarque’s “All Quiet on the Western Front” – a quiet night when the character is killed…RIP Portlandia

      2. Fair point. With all these nights of violence, it’s hard to keep track of them.

    2. No, the article refers to Thursday night last week, so they selectively chose a more quiet night to report on.

      1. so one night out of 80 was mostly peaceful, got it

    3. And they did that because he interrupted them mugging a tranny

    4. To be fair, Rommelman’s reporting was for Thursday night & the unidentified man beat & kicked unconscious happened last night. Not a peep this am on the news. Imagine if he had been not been white…

      1. Imagine if a bunch of Trump supporters did that. It would be the only thing reason wrote about for days or maybe weeks.

        1. We don’t have to imagine, people still talk about Charlottesville. Far more damage, both in terms of human life and property, has occurred in Portland but we don’t get nearly the same style of coverage.

  27. Local measures forbid police from interfering with the press, ergo, anyone who wants to be is press. People film incessantly, and those suspected of not spreading the right message can have their camera taken away.

    By the way, this isn’t that hard, which is why I’ve been steadfastly against any ‘special’ or extra-legal protection for people in the ‘press’. The press are not special. They should not receive ‘shielding’ from legal consequences any more than I am. But when you do employ extra-legal (or perhaps, higher-tier) protections for people in the press, you create a mess where anyone who sharpie’s the word ‘PRESS’ on his tee-shirt or helmet gets shielded from being interfered with as they try to burn down a building with people inside.

    Everyone should be able to film, everyone should be able to criticize and report, but everyone should go to fucking jail if you try to burn shit down, beat people or shoot people.

  28. “Do you believe that property is worth more than human lives?”

    Depends on the human, and whether the property is mine or not.

    1. Or whether there are people inside that property I’m burning down. You know, details.

      1. Details are a patriarchal and racist part of white culture.

        1. Facts are for old people. Old people are just too ignorant to understand the new ways.

  29. It’s as if, under different circumstances, one might encounter them at cotillion.

    This is exactly the point. That sweet girl at the cotillion dance will throw a Molotov cocktail into an occupied building just as fast as the committed partisan. Most of this shit IS upper middle class white kids who’ve been motivated by the essential free-pass that Ted Wheeler has given them. I have no idea how I’d have behaved when I was 16 years old and I was in an angry crowd the moment I realized that whatever I did on that night was ‘consequence free’.

  30. Alexandria, VA is not far behind Portland. Someone just started a shit storm on Nextdoor by wishing we had a Chik Fil A here.

    1. Thanks to Virginia electing governor Coonman, I don’t see the state stepping in to save Alexandria from the retard mob should it come. And unlike the District, the feds likely won’t either unless they are stupid enough to try and attack the Pentagon, which is possible.

      I could totally see these retards trying to vandalize Arlington National Cemetery. They really are that stupid. If they ever do, they better hope the feds and the Old Guard get them before the resulting mob from the rest of the country shows up and does.

      1. The guy guarding the tomb of the unknown soldier (I think that’s where I’ve seen the video) WILL shoot them

        1. Is that gun really loaded?

          1. I saw a video where the guard at least went through the motions of chambering a round when someone stepped over a chain fence they had been told not to.

            Might’ve just been for show, but I wouldn’t test my luck.

            1. There aren’t mags in those M-14s. (There might be, in the new pistols the NCOs and CO got recently.) Makes it a lot more imposing when the Guard cycles the action when he gets really perturbed.

              But I’ll there are loaded mags in that guard shack. And Park Police aren’t very far away.

              Wow though, I can only imagine the outrage if those clowns actually splashed some paint on those Memorials.

      2. Arlington does have a Chil Fil A in Crystal City (not far from Pentagon and the cemetery), so it could happen. I don’t think things will get any better here unless Biden wins and they boot the donkeys out of Richmond. Virginia usually elects the opposite party of the president for state government. It could be a lost cause though-the GOP here has to get over their fetish with Confederate monuments first before they can win back at least some of the NoVa vote.

        1. What the mob of retards did to the monuments in Richmond was a crime. NOVA is hopeless. Maryland has a saner government. It is New Jersey with worse traffic.

          1. The Richmond retards are mostly kids from NoVa who go to VCU, plus a few drifter losers thrown in. I think Maryland hasn’t gone down the toilet the way Virginia has is because MD has gotten too expensive- most of the progtards there live in Montgomery County, and the rest of the state is either too rural or Black for their comfort. We seem to have unlimited room for them in the Old Dominion though.

  31. The guy that ran 20 ft before placekicking a man’s head last night was wearing a vest that said SECURITY. The guys trying to force the ATM in Seattle had riot shields. PRESS, SECURITY, and even POLICE are just camouflage for these thugs.

    HINT: real security guards don’t wear sneakers.

    If you have to be one of these places, carry a handgun. Don’t stop for these fuckers. They are highwaymen.

      1. Initially yes, but the airport authorities have stated the Air Jordon kicks wearer hasn’t worked for them for several years.

      2. Don’t worry ladies, the new DA will not prosecute him. Handsome, passionate young man with Che as his role model. I’m sure he’ll never lay a hand on you!

  32. “”Get out of here,” the second girl says. “This is not your fight, you wouldn’t get it, you’re old.”

    If by this she means not seeing the efficacy of shitting in a communal bucket, point taken.”

    I laughed pretty hard at that. Thanks for your work on this, Nancy.

    1. I’m unsure if she was speaking figuratively… or literally.
      Not a good sign

      1. Ha, works on multiple levels.

  33. Says a lot about Marxist indoctrination when they posit the question in a way that makes property and life adversarial and not complementary. Property cannot be more important than life, nor vice versa, because property is life and life is property. We used to understand this; not anymore.

    Here’s to hoping COVID blows up the entire public school system and ends the stranglehold of teachers’ unions so we can, as they like to say, Correct The Record.

  34. Property and things can be remade. Lives taken cannot.

    Concerns about looting also look pretty silly when you consider how much money the police take in civil forfeiture each year as well, since that’s more than burglary.

    1-2 weeks of occasional looting incidents over a three month long movement has nothing on systemic abuse by the police and other government forces to oppress minorities and other people they don’t like that’s been going on longer than any of us have been alive.

    1. So I can have your TV then?

    2. Property and things can be remade. Lives taken cannot.

      Spoken like someone who has never gotten laid, amirite? Making more people is easy. Insurance doesn’t cover riots.

      1. Dude. You have not SEEN real riots.

        Protestors in France, they do serious riots. Or the Protestors in Hong Kong.

    3. So, rioting is okay as long as nobody gets hurt? You do realize people have been physically harmed and murdered in Portland over the last 2-3 months due to the “mostly peaceful protesters”?

      Property rights are valid for government and corporations, not just individuals. Your grievance against government or society doesn’t give you a right to damage property, no matter how valid your grievance is. Whatever your cause, you invalidate it by this type of action. You expect people to respect your feelings when you don’t respect their property or physical well-being? How effective do you really expect that to be?

      1. Police haven’t respected personal property for decades, people didn’t seem to be up in arms. But people not connected to the actual protest taking advantage of the situation, suddenly everyone loses their minds?

        1. Police haven’t respected personal property for decades, people didn’t seem to be up in arms.

          WhErE aRe ThE LiBeRtArIaNs?

          We’ve been agitating about civil asset forfeiture for decades. It’s not our fault dumbasses like you don’t listen. Armed robbers with badges don’t justify all this shit from thugs without. Non-aggression is non-negotiable. You don’t respect people’s property rights? You’re risking a bullet, and you’ll deserve the one you get.

          1. See, here’s the thing you’re not getting: The police are 100% aggression. You. Can’t. Negotiate. With. Them.

            For decades they have pretty much lived (and the law has proven) that they can do what they want, when they want, to whomever they want and you can’t do a thing about it. Which of course includes stealing, abuse, brutality, rape and even murder.

            Personally, it’s times like this that armed revolution was invented.

            1. So, police don’t respect the law so you’ll disrespect the law to fix it? Two wrongs do NOT make a right. You just don’t get it. If you believe their “aggression” is wrong, fighting it with violence and aggression is equally wrong.

              We are a nation of laws. We may reach a point where an armed revolution is necessary. Burning down a federal building while some lawyers, accountants and janitors are working doesn’t help the cause.

              How about we support and elect politicians that will hold government and police departments accountable? And when those politicians don’t uphold their promises, we vote them out? You ever notice that all these “racist” and “aggressive” police departments are run almost exclusively by Democrats? And regardless of which party, if you don’t hold them accountable they aren’t going to care.

              You can be part of the solution by educating yourself and others. Inciting violence to fix “aggression” is simply the same idiocy that has plagued humanity for centuries.

              1. It’s not an issue about who’s in control of the cities/states at the time. All the power of the Police is held by their Unions. Hell, they outright doxxed De Blasio’s daughter in the middle of all these protests. They outright THREATENED him with harming coming to his daughter.

                The Police Unions and in turn the departments DO NOT LISTEN to anyone trying to change or reform them. Changing who is in power will not fix this problem at all.

            2. When the police arrest a guy for robbery, arson, rape, or murder, that’s not aggression. That’s the defense of natural rights that is the one and only legitimate purpose they have. Yes, they also do all that other shit that is unquestionably criminal, but saying they’re 100% aggression is hyperbole to the point of just fucking lying.

              And all that is immaterial to the question of whether we should accept rioters doing the exact same things. If you recognize it’s wrong when the cops get away with it with no accountability, why in the blue fuck are you here suggesting that the rioters should be allowed to get away with it with no accountability?

              1. 1: This is a protest, not a riot. If it was a riot, there would be MUCH bigger disruption, violence, and destruction.

                2: Those responsible for the looting are not connected to the protestors. They’re just taking advantage of the chaos.

                3: If you think that property is so much more important than stopping cops, you’re free to join the alt-right and the counter-protestors. Shake hands and support the cops all you want.

                1. 1: Distinction without a difference. As long as violence doesn’t reach an arbitrary threshold that you set, it’s acceptable? You have no principles.

                  2: They’re acting in concert. The “peaceful” protestors are out with the explicit purpose of providing cover and camouflage for the arsonists and other criminals. It’s not even a secret, and the fact that you try to deny it just proves you’re a liar or an idiot.

                  3: There’s no reason to rank those priorities. Protecting property and stopping cops are not mutually exclusive, they’re complementary. Protecting property from cops may come more slowly though, because it’s difficult and requires political action. Protecting property from rioters only requires a weapon and the will to use it.

                  1. How about protecting your property from cops? You gunna shoot them when they steal your car or house? Oh no wait, you can’t. They’d just murder you outright and claim “I feared for my life.” and get off scot free.

                    1. I addressed that in my post that you plainly didn’t read. “Protecting property from cops may come more slowly though, because it’s difficult and requires political action.”

                      So again, to try to bring this back to the point you keep dodging. Why do you think it’s acceptable to excuse the actions of arsonists, looters, and assorted violent criminals just because there are currently problems with the police?

    4. The rioters have not confined themselves to attacking police property, so your point is moot. Even if the police are guilty of disrespecting property rights (and they are), that doesn’t make it right for people who may or may not have had their property rights messed with by the police to go and disregard the property rights of completely third parties.

      That’s not a line of reasoning, that’s a line of wishful thinking.

  35. Like setting fire to Justice Center while there were people inside, including black people?

    “But those people were illegally arrested by the police,” says the girl.

    I meant the black people that work inside.

    Funniest shit I read all day.

  36. A quiet night in Portland…? Not so much! Here’s a vicious assault by Black Lives Matter protesters on an unarmed man, pulled from his truck on Aug 16, 2020, and beaten unconscious by mostly peaceful protesters: https://youtu.be/44RAevZGr2w

    He still hasn’t regained consciousness.

  37. These poor indoctrinated lefty sheep make you want to feel sorry for them. When you hear them justify their actions you want to turn away and not embarrass them with the truth. The reality is this is how history is made. The large crowds of violent Marxist influenced these sheep and made them believe there was an actual cause. Some came for the excitement. Some came because they are filled with hate they don’t even understand. The one glaring similarity between all is the lack of understanding the goal. That is necessary for them to join in. If they were confronted with the truth and facts most of them would turn away and cling to the lies and propaganda that brought them here.
    This is how Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini and others gained power. They made reality unreal and promises they never meant to keep. Most of these young people were prepare to be uninformed and easily influenced sheep by the infiltration of our institutions of education. They have been hardened to believe hurting those they are told are evil is excusable and actually deific because their cause is unquestionable. These are the people Stalin and Hitler used to murder millions with no conscience or shame. In their young ignorant minds they are saving human kind. They don’t realize they are what human kind needs saved from.

    1. The fact that you’re stating this in the face of not only decades of police brutality and abuse, but their downright sadism during these protests shows you’ve got some real fucked up priorities.

      Police beating people, hurting disabled people, kidnapping people off the street, shooting tear gas canisters at people’s heads, attacking press? That’s perfectly ok.

      People protesting and causing some inconvenience? MARXIST NAZIS! EVERYONE PANIC!

      1. Some inconvenience?


      2. Without the police, you and your marxist friends would be dead.
        Ultimately, that’s what you want too – you’re just not man enough to take responsibility for yourself

        1. And with the police… people’s property is getting stolen, people are being abused/brutalized and yes, people are dead because of them.

          But I’m sure because it’s technically a Democratic society, that makes it ok to do as far as you’re concerned.

          1. You don’t seem capable of thought beyond your programming, but I’ll just point out
            1) you and your friends are stealing people’s property and abusing/brutalizing them, and people are dead because of you and your friends
            2) you and your friends are only kept alive by the police and the threat they present to the many people who are tired of your bullying bullshit and will happily end your miserable existence

            1. Just go ahead and continue to support the Facist behavior of the cops. I’m sure that’ll make you very fair and balanced.

  38. This is just the kind of cultural marxism that destroyed any chance for German to be a functioning republic. Eventually the mob will go so far rational normal moderate folks will support anyone who crushes them…and that is a bad road. America has always taken a different path than old world socialism/communism/facism. But I”m not sure anymore…the bolsheviks have created a country where everyone is tribal and the whipping scapegoat is the American of Irish, Italian, Greek, German, Czech, Polish ancestry. It’s all old world grudges..again…the cultural marxists are getting back at those “peasants” who did their ancestors wrong..

    1. Yes. Because the cops did nothing wrong. *rolls eyes*

  39. Portland has truly lost its collective mind.

  40. Before they beat that person senseless and burned that building down, they were being peaceful and when they were done they went back to being peaceful.

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  43. This is not peace. This is mayhem.

    All on the heads of journalists and Mayors for being complicit in this appalling violence. Stop being useful idiots Reason and stand up for what’s decent and right. Clean that shit up. Those people who kicked that man unconscious – words can’t described what should be done to them.


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