Andrew Cuomo Says 4,000-Person NYPD Social-Distancing Taskforce Needed Before He'll Allow Indoor Dining in NYC

New York City restaurants have been excluded from the reopening of dining rooms in the rest of the state.


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) said on a press call today that he would not allow indoor dining to return in New York City unless local politicians devoted significant police resources to enforcing social distancing and other reopening conditions.

"Our rules and guidance on reopening is only as good as the compliance and the enforcement," Cuomo said, adding that state resources have already been stretched thin attempting to enforce limits on the serving of alcohol by outdoor restaurants in the city. "If we open restaurants that's going to complicate by the hundreds if not thousands the number of establishments that have to be monitored."

Restaurants are allowed to open for outdoor dining in New York City, but can only serve alcohol to seated patrons who've also ordered a meal, per a July executive order from Cuomo.

The governor's latest comments come a day after New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson issued a statement endorsing the reopening of indoor dining areas.

"It's time to allow indoor dining in New York City with reduced capacity and clear guidance to ensure social distancing and safety," Johnson said yesterday. "Summer is winding down, and they need to begin planning for the colder months."

Restaurants in the rest of New York state have been allowed to reopen their dining rooms at 50 percent capacity provided they maintain six feet of distance between parties and following other physical distancing guidelines. Earlier this week, one New York City restaurant filed a $2 billion class-action lawsuit against state and local officials over their continued ban on indoor dining.

"We're going to contact the Speaker today and say if New York City can say this many police, NYPD, can be put on a task force to monitor the compliance, that is something we can discuss," Cuomo said during his press call today, suggesting that 4,000 officers would be needed to police indoor dining establishments.

"The Speaker is talking to the Governor about how we can help bring indoor dining to the five boroughs," a council spokesperson told Reason. Johnson agrees with the need for compliance but wants other city agencies—not NYPD—to be involved with enforcement.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said today at a press conference that he was looking into extending the city's Open Restaurants initiative—which allows businesses to set up on sidewalks, curb lanes, and streets—beyond its current October 31 expiration date, reports NBC New York.

The mayor remained non-committal about when indoor dining might return, saying, "It has to be health and safety first. It has to be, how do we defeat coronavirus? That's the first consideration." De Blasio previously said that he would make a decision this month on when restaurants could reopen their dining rooms. Cuomo has stressed that allowing indoor dining is his decision to make.

New York City's Hospitality Alliance, which represents restaurants, has been demanding the return of indoor dining for weeks now.

"The city exceeds and sustains the metrics that have allowed restaurants throughout the rest of the State to reopen," said Hospitality Alliance executive direction Andrew Rigie in an August press conference. "Our industry's survival over the next several months depends on government immediately developing and implementing a plan that allows restaurants in New York City to safely reopen indoors."

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  1. Restaurants are so last week, hair salons are where it’s at now.

    1. Did you catch Nancy Pelosi’s excuse for that?

      ‘Bitch set me up’

      Not… joking.

      1. When the media runs cover for you, you can get away with shit like that.

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      2. Well, she was. Pretty obviously. The owner of the business, who knew it was illegal, had to allow it to happen. And the owner of the business (a Trump supporter) is the very person who released the footage.

        If that’s not an obvious setup, I dunno what is.

        1. Not true. The salon owner rents “chairs” to independent stylists who operate autonomously. Nancy booked through a male stylist-renter whom she presumably has used before. No one forced her to not wear a mask — two thin straps behind ears don’t interfere with getting a wash. And how could she not know the SF restrictions — everyone else does and she doesn’t? Her whining and demanding an apology were embarrassing to even watch.

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    5. Prepare to meet Andrew Cuomo’s American Gestapo.. I don’t think they’re going to fair any better then the last one.

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  2. JFC these people are criminals.

    1. “It has to be health and safety first. It has to be, how do we defeat coronavirus? That’s the first consideration.”

      Criminally stupid too, believing that we can “defeat” a fucking virus in the short term. Even those that have been essentially defeated took HUNDREDS OF YEARS (if not over a thousand). That he believes closing restaurants will defeat anything other than his re-election chances is proof that retards rule.

      1. It reminds of that Star Trek episode where they find a world where Yankees and communists have been fighting a war for a thousand years and the inhabitants live for centuries due to exposure to a virus. Morgan Woodward plays another Starfleet captain thaT thinks If he can force McCoy to produce an inoculation that will keep the virus from killing people that anyone exposed to it will be become nearly immortal too.

        McCoy then angrily lectures the idiot that the people there are long lived because they’ve adapted to the virus over centuries and all his ideas are nonsense. Which is what all this de coral WuFlu panic has been.

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      2. We can’t defeat a virus at all unless it is one of the rare ones that only infects humans. Smallpox, maybe polio soon. I don’t know of any other defeated viruses.
        Seems totally ridicuous to think that we are going to “defeat” a virus that we know infects many kinds of animals and which mutates relatively quickly. We are going to develop more immunity and learn to live with it just like all the other similar viruses we already deal with constantly.

      3. They don’t believe that. They just insist all the feeble minds believe it or more appropriately, that they “comply” with it and those that don’t provide “enforcement” opportunities as an example of their power.

        It’s time to hang these scumbags! All of them!

      4. Oh, I hope you’re right. These governors are on a control-ego trip and it’s just insane how oblivious they are to the rights of citizens not to have their employment taken away so a bunch of Democrats can posture as being more evolved than Trump. And I used to be a registered Democrat — the lockdowns are just the last in a long string of reasons why I’m voting either Green or Libertarian. It’s disheartening to see how irrationally people are behaving, how easily worked up with baseless fear-mongering. We’ve wrecked the economy for nothing more than postponing some deaths, probably for just a few years given that the majority of fatalities are in people over 70 with underlying issues. Every single one of the lives we’re supposedly “saving” will be lost eventually — and this is what we’re destroying people’s livelihoods for? And then, of course, there are the other deaths from suicide, lack of testing and treatment for non-Covid related illness, that wouldn’t be occurring if not for this radical over-reaction. What an insane world we live in.

  3. “Your papers, please.” Coming to cities near you.

    1. Massachusetts – $500 per day if you come to the state from out of town without a confirmation of a negative CoVid test, less than three days old, on your person.

      1. They do have exemptions, for example, most of the states in the surrounding area where people come from to vacation in MA.

      2. What if you come to Massachusetts at the head of several thousand well armed men, with a good supply of rope?

        1. Sounds like pleasure travel to me! Better quarantine for 14 days.

        2. Do we need to quarantine for 14 days before or after ?

  4. Perhaps we could try something so outrageous, so radical, it just might work. Tell the power hungry governor to stick it, and we’re going to breathe the air together, and share the oxygen, as humans have been doing for millennia. This insanity needs to end.

    1. Agreed. But didn’t they try that in Michigan and Ohio?

  5. In order to make up for lost revenue I can easily see the enforcers standing next to a patron then fining the restaurant for having people stand too close

    1. New city ordinance: 18% Social-Distance Enforcer Gratuity to be included on all restaurant tabs.

  6. We need to keep people to fearful to vote so the support vote by mail so the election can be more easily stolen.

    1. If it is safe enough to buy a lottery ticket, it is safe enough to do any damn thing at all.
      Any petty tyrant that doesn’t shut down lottery sales first, and open them last, is a lying weasel.

  7. Of course, these rules only apply to the little people. Right Andrew?

  8. “For instance, on the planet Earth, man had always assumed that he was more intelligent than dolphins because he had achieved so much—the wheel, New York, wars and so on—whilst all the dolphins had ever done was muck about in the water having a good time. But conversely, the dolphins had always believed that they were far more intelligent than man—for precisely the same reasons.”

    ― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

    I’m convinced Adams knew of the Cuomo/DeBlasio New York when he wrote that.

    1. kids are back in school in Wuhan China, but not NY or most of the USA. Smh

  9. It’s how government works where people couldn’t care less about each other.

    What did you expect?

    1. It’s how government works where people couldn’t care less about each other.


    2. It’s how government works in a “well-ordered” society favored by stormfags.

    3. “What did you expect?”

      From a Nazi like you? This.

      1. Don’t call someone a Nazi without providing evidence.

  10. By any reasonable standard Andrew Cuomo has been the most effective governor when it comes to containing the #TrumpVirus. I’m sure whatever he’s proposing now is a smart, science-based idea.

    Hopefully Cuomo gets rewarded with a prominent role in the Biden Administration. I’m thinking maybe Surgeon General.


    1. I thought New Yorkers already took up social distancing, like moving out of state.

      1. I seriously doubt the numbers would show that.

        If anything I’d expect a massive net movement into New York as people flee states that have botched their #TrumpVirus responses — Florida, Georgia, Texas, and so on.


        1. For smug, snark and sarcasm to work it has to have a kernel of truth somewhere.

          1. But for parody, it doesn’t have to.

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    2. Sad thing about your comment OBL; I know dip-shits who actually BELIEVE this.

      Man that’s depressing.

    3. science-based idea

      If anywhere in the US is close to or has achieved herd immunity, it’s New York City. The amount of PTSD on display among pols there is staggering.

      1. You misspelled “functional retardedness.”

      2. Seriously. It’s over in NYC. No reason for any of this, even if you thought it was a good idea when it was bad.

    4. Cuomo could focus on implementing New York’s model for nursing homes in the rest of the US.

      1. Well, that’s one way to reduce deaths in the next flu season.

    5. I think you need your head examined.

    6. Andrew Cuomo, however, made the huge mistake of ordering Covid-19 patients transferred into nursing homes, thereby infecting much more vulnerable elderly people who were patients in those nursing homes. That’s one thing that Andrew Cuomo really should NOT have done.

      1. I don’t believe that was a mistake, I believe that Cuomo is the kind of scumbag who would do that deliberately. More deaths, bigger crisis, less resistance to power-grabbing.


  11. So how many police brutality incidents are going to come of social distancing enforcement?

    1. ^^This +1000. Fans of the Nanny State still haven’t figured out that the police (whatever name you call them) are part of the government, not some separate entity.

  12. Covid Cuomo also threatened the POTUS lately.

    1. Remember when even if in jest someone made a remark like this during Obama’s reign the secret service would be sent in to investigate?

  13. NYC: turning neuroticism into art.

    1. For over a century!

  14. we are at Ludicrous Speed.

  15. Ye gods what an asshole.

    1. He’s gone full poxy cunt.

  16. We need to reform police by inserting them into every aspect of your life. We’re going to have them monitoring every single restaurant to ensure the masses are behaving themselves. We’ll also have them check your child’s homework. Police can institute mandatory tests on your blood-sugar level to ensure you’re not eating too many sweets.

    Also, let’s defund the police.

    1. Now you’re getting it. It’s fundamentally similar to how we must build up and empower our inner city communities… by breaking out all the windows and burning down the businesses.

    2. Actually, they will mandate the wireless blood sugar monitors for everyone, and have the results sent directly to the administrator of food.

      1. You mean like the Apple Watch? Or the health app on our phones?

    3. It won’t be police watching you. It will be your nanny. She’s equipped with a shame thrower. A sue sword and a cancel gun. Most likely her sisters and girl/boys will mob you to death anyway.

    1. this was reply to A Thinking Mind ^^^

  17. Cuomo is trying to out-DeBlasio DeBlasio.

    1. Ugly Stick draw

    2. Cuomo is trying to out-Stalin Stalin.

      1. The death rate was probably higher in Cuomo’s nursing homes than Stalin’s gulags.

  18. Donald Trump says NYC should only allow indoor dining after a formation of 4000 social distancing task force’

    “Secret police! Storm troopers!!!1!!!11”

    1. The Storm Troopers comment is very appropriate for NYPD, the storm troopers from Star Wars couldn’t hit what they were shooting at either.

  19. Did reality somehow shift into a badly written parody? Something out of dystopian novel? New York will be assigning over 10% of its entire police force for ensure that people remain a certain distance apart from each other in restaurants? Have we solved every crime?

    1. One more death is too many.


      1. There will be fines…

      2. Except when he was slashing Medicaid, then money was more important than poor NYers lives.

    3. Wwkrd what would Kurt Russell do

      1. Call the Duke of New York. A-number-one!

    4. You’re not the only person wishing they could wake up from this unending nightmare. It’s surreal.

  20. It’s so hilarious to see the “leaders” of NY pretend like they are still vulnerable. The virus has a 6-8 week cycle. You’ve been done for months and are locked up for nothing.

    1. C’mon, like they’d ever give up the rush of power that comes from being able to dictate every aspect of their constituents lives.

      In five years people will be wondering why nobody lives in New York anymore.

      1. And California…

  21. Surely there will be elections in NY in a couple of months?

  22. NY deserves this guy. Just like NJ and it’s asshat Gov. Freedom loving people shouldn’t live in NY or CA. And honestly, avoiding visiting them too.

    1. That is exactly how I feel = NY deserves this guy. Just like NJ and it’s asshat Gov.

      And I live in the People’s Republic of NJ.

      1. We can only hope the R’s put up a viable candidate in 2 years. Even with that, it’s no guarantee. Christie (both Chris and Whitman) weren’t particulalry good govs.

        1. The teachers are still furious about Christie, so he’s got that going for him. Whitman… well at least she wasn’t Florio.

          Murphy’s much less of a disaster than I expected. It’s a low bar, but “garden variety fuckhead” places him leaps and bounds ahead of his elected Democratic predecessors.

          1. Yet NJ still doesn’t have the one good thing it was supposed to get by electing Democrats: legal pot.

          2. He’s no different than Corzine (another Goldman Sachs exec). Hopefully he crashes like him as well (campaign-wise, not traffic-wise)

            Although if he pulled a Corzine on the road, I’d be OK with that.

            1. Murphy is worse than Corzine. I never thought I would type or say the phrase “worse than Corzine.”

        2. A northeastern Republican would be a liberal Democrat in just about any other part of the country.

    2. Unfortunately, there’s a ton of New Yorkers leaving New York, yet having failed to learn the lessons that caused them to leave New York. De Blasio is begging anyone with money to move back into the city so he can belittle them and demand more of their money.

    3. DA HARVEY DENT: Together, we can make this city safe for decent people.

      JACK NAPIER (JOKER): Decent people shouldn’t live here. They’d be happier someplace else.

  23. Good thing they defunded the police so they can’t go forward with this stupid Gestapo idea.

    1. Misek hardest hit.

    2. These will be different police.

      It’ll work this time, for sure

  24. By total coincidence, Andrew Cuomo’s cronies have 4000 unemployable, idiot relatives that need jobs.

    1. The Cuomo Brigade?

  25. The level of trust he has in both citizens and restaurant staff is concerning.

  26. Broke: Defund The Police!
    Woke: We need more police to enforce social distancing!

    1. Joke: our business tax revenue is down. Let’s hire more gov drones to ensure it stays that way.

      1. Toke: We’ll fund it with tax revenue from the stimulus money we print.

  27. Look at the bright side. If you think of it as evolution in action, the people who elected Cuomo rejected a libertarian candidate and voted for coercion. Now they are getting what they voted for. I’m kind of enjoying watching this. By the time cannibalism returns, as it did in China in the Taeping Revolt, Albania during the Balkan Wars and Russia during the glorious communist anarchist revolution, maybe the suckers will have learnt a valuable lesson.

    1. Nope. Democrats love his tyrannical whims. My friends in Jersey adore him and their own totalitarian governor. They will obey at their own peril and not think twice.

      1. “They will get eaten first!”

        Those Cthulhu jokes really do apply, this year.

  28. Didn’t Fredo Cuomo and “Curly” de Blasio just defund the NYC police?

  29. If you defund the police, the union rules require they be employed elsewhere.
    And it will be way more than 4,000.

  30. “significant police resources to enforcing social distancing and other reopening conditions.”

    What an asshole

  31. This guy is such an ass. How is his approval rating high?

    1. The voters out there are also asses.

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  33. Everyone deserves a beating now.

    This man can’t be this evil and stupid.

    And other hand, New York voted for him and if they don’t like it they can start the process of recalling. If they’re ok with him, let them deal with it.

    Too bad. We visit NYC often enough. I guess we won’t be going any time soon because part of the experience is dining out.

    Andrew, mangia la merda cornuto.

  34. Andrew Cuomo
    President Trump has actively sought to punish NYC since day one.

    He let COVID ambush New York.

    He refuses to provide funds that states and cities MUST receive to recover.

    He is not a king. He cannot “defund” NYC.

    It’s an illegal stunt.

    I think Andrew is clinically insane or a congenital liar (which makes him guilty of projection). Or both.

    Do these asshats know we can pull out the timeline? It wasn’t that long ago and it’s easy to remember he and the other sentient napkin were defiantly challenging Trump’s calls for a lockdown and cessation of air travel from China. The clown mid wit Mayor told New Yorkers to keep on as usual.

    1. Cuomo also allowed the mass exodus out to the surrounding areas so they too could enjoy the virus fully in its early stages.
      No accountability.

    2. The day before the order went to close the restaurants, he was encouraging restaurant patronage, saying it was safe.

  35. Hey, you pathetic, stupid leftists, where are you on this thread?

  36. So is Cuomo formally the mayor of NYC now or did he just assume the powers since de Blasio is off painting the streets and not paying attention?

    Cuomo delenda est.

  37. HERE► Brilliant article. I had wondered how future generations would view the mind boggling hysteria that is currently gripping the whole world, especially Europe and the USA. We look back at past centurhysteria can be – like a stampede. Thought the writer was a historian, his analysis is so sharpies and wonder how they could have been so stupid. I guess it shows how powerful mass . He has seen through the Emperor’s new clothes!Click here.

  38. This guy is such an ass. How is his approval rating high?

    1. He has the magic (D) behind his name. It protects him from all criticism.

    2. Because he looks good on TV. He has that kind of regular guy family type thing going. Tells stories about his family and being Italian. But he has this rough around the edges don’t mess with me side.

      Chicks like that.

  39. I look forward to seeing your new posts every day. i think many people like your post. thanks for sharing these remarkable things animal crossing

  40. Headline from next week:

    “Social Distancing Police Shoot Black Man for Not Wearing Mask, Then Shoot Black Social Justice Protestors for Standing Too Close to Each Other”

    1. Australia made yet another astonishingly sickening arrest today.

      This time it was a vet.

      Scene: Cops in gloves and masks break down his door to arrest him for the crimes of saying he was going to an anti-lockdown protest.

      The cowardice is through the roof.

      Which begs the question, what the heck will the police do to protestors?

      I don’t know what’s going on in Australia but that’s FOUR arrests that are human rights violations since their retarded anti-science lockdown began.

  41. Cuomo needs to be held criminally responsible for up to 11,000 New York City covid virus nursing home deaths. He signed an order forcing local area hospitals to transfer covid patients to those nursing. But, I am not holding my breath he will be indicted. Like Hillary Clinton he will receive a pardon for this crime.

    1. And Trump gave the fucker everything he asked for. Ventilators, a facility with, what, 2400 beds? He even sent a god dang Navy ship.

      But if this is what represents the average New Yorker’s thinking, then he’s doing what they want.

      God, what a fricken pussy.

      1. But it is a really nice ship. 1000 beds and 12 operating rooms. They got 15 patients.

        I would love to see the inside of that thing.

        1. They should turn it into a museum commemorating one of the great health scares in modern medical history.

  42. Why don’t you just be honest, loser. You want every person in this country to be employed by the government so you can personally control them. Assign their jobs; assign their wages; assign what they may and may not eat; what they may or may not say. A leftist’s wet dream.

  43. I quit working at shoprite to work online and with a little effort I easily bring in around $45 to 85 per/h. Without a doubt, this is the easiest and most financially rewarding job I’ve ever had.ESd I actually started 6 months ago and this has totally changed my life……..CHECK MY SITE.

  44. He might be nuts but I think my wife thinks he’s dreamy.

    So if I just order the chicken wings that would be OK right? It’s not really food.

    I picture a future where there are no restaurants. All food is delivered to your living space by robot or drone.

    Instead there are sitting spaces. Small tables well distanced from each with a single chair. There is no conversation or interaction. You go there just to see other people to break the solitude.

    1. Well, you married her…tell her the “dream” is a fucking “nightmare”.

    2. And he’s not nuts, just a totalitarian asshole.

      Nuts wouldbe a 3 to 5 grade improvement.

      A disgrace to Italian-Americans everywhere.

      1. My brother-in-law and I are Italians and we say this all the time.

        He’s a disgrace in our view. A real cretino. Especially with his abortion law.

        1. If Andrew Cuomo is pro-choice, kudos to him. Since unwanted pregnancies result from different things (i. e. sexual assault/rape, unprotected sex, occasional failure of birth control, for example), abortions must be kept safe and legal in New York State, and in the United States, generally.

          Birth control methods are not 100% foolproof. They can and sometimes do fail, even when people take the best step(s) forward.
          The people who complain all the time about helping people on welfare should realize that overturning the Roe v. Wade law and defunding Planned Parenthood, thereby depriving women and girls the right to make their own reproductive decisions and making abortion illegal will only increase the welfare rolls, not decrease them.

          I’ll also add that before the Roe v. Wade law came in, a woman or girl facing an unwanted pregnancy and seeking an abortion would all too often end up going to back-alley butchers who were totally untrained in performing the abortion techniques, used unsafe and unsanitary equipment, worked in illegal abortion mills, which were also unsafe and unsanitary, and took full advantage of women and girls facing unwanted pregnancies and were desperate to abort their babies. Moreover, these women and girls all too often died of, or were permanently incapacitated by infections as a result of obtaining illegal abortions.

          When Roe v. Wade came into existence, however, all that changed, and women and girls facing unwanted pregnancies were able to assert their rights and obtain a safe, sanitary and legal abortion to end an unwanted pregnancy.

          1. “Birth control methods are not 100% foolproof.” – There is at least one birth control method that is. And hundreds of thousands of abortions each year tells me that many aren’t using the methods which are 99% effective. If you’re using a method that’s only 80% effective, don’t be surprised when you get pregnant and act like it was unforeseeable.

            “the Roe v. Wade law” isn’t a law. It’s the Supreme Court saying “screw democracy; we want abortion to be legal so it’s legal.” That’s not how we’re supposed to do things in this country. You can make any argument you like about how great it is that abortion is legal; even if you somehow convinced me, Roe v. Wade would still be a horrible decision that needs to be overturned.

            Your arguments about women going to back-alley doctors falls rather flat to me. Realize that I think those people are going to get their babies murdered. I don’t want those women to die, but at the same time, I don’t worry so much about the safety of people going to see a hitman that I’ll make it legal to hire one.

            And, while I don’t really want to see the welfare rolls increase, I don’t want to see them decrease so much that I’m willing the allow the murder of those who will be on it.

  45. So what does a social distancing taskforcer do exactly? Do they walk around restaurants with tape measures checking to see that people are far enough apart?

    “Sir step away from the lady. I said STEP away from the lady!” (Reaches for baton)

  46. More government jobs and contracts for the corrupt Gov to auction off to his friends…..

    1. ‘Hey, Anjew. We’re callin’ in our fava. Less tawlk.’

      1. Hey, asshole! I’m on the line. Shut up!

  47. Astounding.
    The left has been screaming that “Trump is a Fascist wanting to take over!” with absolutely no solid evidence of his actions to support that theory.

    And now, after cheering on the ‘Defund the Police’ political teams, Cuomo and Deblasio now want a new 4000 person honor guard which will have the power to shut down businesses. I’m sure that power would *never* be abused.

    A good 30 second spot on TV and social media could wipe out their political careers and reputations. Deservedly so.

    1. For the lives they’ve ruined? I think they should lose more than that.

  48. I confused. How is this a state matter? Surely, even if the NY constitution authorizes the governor to set such a policy, his legitimate options are to do so for all of the state or for none of it.

    1. My political scientist friend Nat Cippolina answered this for me:

      “It is up to the city, but the Governor and the state government are sovereign and the city as a municipal corporation, is a creature of the state, with delegated authority.”

  49. Big surprise…he wants more government.


  50. “…Cuomo has stressed that allowing indoor dining is his decision to make….”

    It’s good to be king.

  51. Only 4,000?? I’m sure he meant 4,000,000.

  52. Stalin’s ghost is shaking his head, saying “Virus . . .a VIRUS has smashed America — with the help of our Fellow Travelers — but if only we had known!”

  53. With the unemployment at the moment, it actually shouldn’t be that hard to hire and train 4,000 people for this.

    1. Ironically most coming from the hospitality and restaurant industry.

      In fact, if I were a schemer I’d get as many of them in there and put them on the Corleone payroll and make a sham of the whole thing.

  54. And Trump’s the “fascist”?

  55. “Our industry’s survival over the next several months depends on government immediately developing and implementing a plan that allows restaurants in New York City to safely reopen indoors.”

    Remember that next time your group is thinking of sending money to Democrats.

    1. Seriously.

  56. The Fuhrer of Socialist New York has spoken.

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  61. Time for Cuomo to give up his dictatorial powers remember how Trump was supposed to be the dictator? This guy has the gall to demand 4,000 social distance police before he allows law abiding people to eat out but won’t demand 4,000 police officers to quell and suppress the violence plaguing his state? Cuomo is one of the biggest creeps in politics. Then he has the gall to hide information on his handling of care homes.

    Get rid of these emergency dictums NOW.

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  67. The 4,000 person coercive task force will need ten of millions dollars to fiance Cuomo’s crony network of ‘consultants’ and experts. Tens of million of those dollars will go for overtime expenses of employees “detailed” to the task force.

    Where does the money go?

  68. Shut up! You will do what I, and I alone, will direct you to do! You will think as I tell you to think! You will speak as I tell you to speak! You will go where I tell you to go — and not go where I say! I will decide all … I will determine everything … I do not need logical thinking, reference to freedoms, a Constitution, or otherwise!

    All you must do is simply comply with that I direct. Shhhhh, comply, comply …

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