Election 2020

Congress Could Postpone the Electoral College To Prevent Election Chaos

Voting during COVID means "we are not going to know who won this on election night," Utah's Republican gubernatorial nominee warns. Postponing post-election deadlines can help.


It doesn't sound like Spencer Cox is planning a victory party for November 3.

"I told my people, 'We are not going to know who won this on election night,'" Cox, Utah's Republican gubernatorial nominee, told The Atlantic's McCay Coppins.

Think about that for a second. Utah hasn't elected a Democrat to be governor since 1984, and it has been voted Republican in every presidential election since 1964. If Cox thinks he might be waiting a long time for his race to be called this year, just imagine what that means for anyone waiting for the results of a more competitive election in a state with a lot more voters.

In Utah, those long waits have become the norm. It's one of only a handful of states to rely primarily on mail-in voting—and while the system is safe and effective, it does take a bit longer to tally the results. When Cox won the state's Republican gubernatorial primary earlier this year, for example, it took until the Monday after Election Day for the race to be called.

"That's very common," he says. "It's just a paradigm shift that people have had to get used to."

The rest of the country doesn't have much time to get up to speed.

Thanks to both historical trends and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are going to vote by mail this year than ever before. Political campaigns and media coverage have focused on how increased mail-in balloting will affect the run-up to Election Day, but the real challenge may come after November 3 has passed. Mailed ballots take longer to process than those cast in person—to prevent fraud, each ballot must be individually checked and recorded by election officials. Even with computers, that's a time-consuming process. A large number of ballots will certainly remain uncounted when Election Day comes to a close.

"The problem is logistical," says Yuval Levin, director of social, cultural, and constitutional studies at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank. He notes that some states took weeks to finish counting absentee and mailed-in ballots during this year's primary season. "We should expect that we won't have results on election night and that it will take some time. That doesn't mean that the results are not legitimate."

Instead of being a single, distinct event, Election Day 2020 will unspool from November 3 in both directions along our timeline at varying rates of speed. There will be a slow build-up as ballots will be mailed, filled out, and returned. That's followed by the day itself, when many people will go to the polls more-or-less as usual, with those results reported that night. Then comes the crucial (and potentially agonizing) process of counting perhaps millions of mailed-in ballots. If nothing else, it will be appropriate for a year when time seems to have little meaning.

When it comes to the presidential race, there's one very important post-election deadline that the states must meet: the planned December 14 gathering of the Electoral College. Six days before that date, each state must certify a winner in the presidential race so the appropriate electors can do the official business of choosing the next president.

That deadline played a key role in concluding the most controversial election in recent American history. The infamous recount of Florida's votes in the 2000 presidential election was brought to a halt, in part, because the state ran up against a federal law that requires presidential electors to be determined six days before the Electoral College meets.

This year, if multiple states are still counting absentee ballots into the first week of December and the election's winner is still unknown, things could get messy.

"If there are these logistical problems, states could just run out of time," says Levin.

His preferred solution: Postpone the Electoral College's meeting until the first week in January. The Electoral College itself is a constitutional requirement, but the day it meets to determine the election's winner is set by federal law. A simple vote in Congress and a presidential signature could give states more time to finish counting votes.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R–Fla.) has already introduced a bill to do just that. His legislation would give states until the end of the year to finish counting and to certify electors, with the Electoral College meeting on January 2 instead of December 14.

"We cannot escape the pandemic-induced reality of increased mail-in voting, and the logistical challenges associated with it will be difficult for some states to resolve in the next couple of months," Rubio wrote in a Medium post announcing his bill. He envisions a scenario in which one candidate leads in a key swing state by fewer than 100,000 votes on Election Day but the state has more than a million mail-in ballots yet to be counted. That's a distinct possibility, particularly in the 15 states where officials aren't allowed to start counting ballots until Election Day even if they arrive earlier.

"We should give states the flexibility to provide local election officials additional time to count each and every vote," says Rubio.

"I think just by giving the states more time we could avoid one kind of disaster we might encounter," Levin says, though he acknowledges that the time for Congress to act is quickly running out. As Election Day nears, any changes to the process will likely be seen as a political calculation intended to help or hurt one party or the other.

It maybe already be too late. President Donald Trump seems intent on spurring as much chaos as possible during the election season, and it seems unlikely that the White House would agree to give states more time to count absentee ballots when the president is also insisting that increased levels of voting by mail will hurt his chances at re-election. His campaign has also sued states for expanding mail-in voting.

In reality, there's no reason to suspect that higher levels of voting by mail will advantage Democrats. Republicans like Rubio are trying to do the right thing by giving states more time to count votes, and Republicans like Cox are right to warn voters that election results will take more time than usual to process.

Americans are living through an election season unlike any other. At least the stakes aren't too high.

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  1. November 3 to December 14th seems like already more than enough time to count votes. No need to postpone the Electoral College. Too bad the Supreme Court ignored the Constitution and said the Electors are only to be robots who can’t exercise any judgment, as was their original purpose.

    1. Well, it’s really Nov 3 to Dec 8 because that law requires the tallies to be done six days before the EC meets. But yeah, that’s still over a month. The mail may be slow but it’s not that slow.

      1. USPS is destroying many high-speed sorters so dumbass government clerks will be hand sorting for two months.

        As one of Donnie-boys favorite Russians said its who counts the votes that wins.

        1. Old news which was overblown hyperbole to begin with, but the Postmaster General has halted all of the USPS reforms until after the election. Keep up with your discredited talking points.

          1. Yes, they had scheduled the removal of 671 high speed sorters – about five times more than in 2018-19.

            1. Yes that happens when you are in an industry that is currently in its death throws.

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            2. The majority were for sorting magazines dummy.

              1. Yeah like I said misrepresented.

            3. The ones used to sort magazines and less needed as fewer people are are receiving magazine subscriptions.

              1. Sounds like a wingnut lie:

                Most of the machines being dismantled in the facilities Motherboard identified are delivery bar code sorters (DBCS), into which letters, postcards and similarly sized mail (but not magazines and large envelopes, which are categorized as “flats” and sorted differently) are fed. The DBCS sorts the mail into one of hundreds of “stackers,” a slot about a foot long. Each slot is for a different destination, be it another post office or distribution facility.

                A DBCS typically requires two workers to operate: one to feed the mail into the machine, and the other to collect the mail from the stackers and put them in the appropriate bins for transport. Running at peak efficiency, the machines can sort about 35,000 pieces of mail per hour, a remarkable and oddly mesmerizing feat. But during times of short staffing or low mail volume—both of which have occurred during COVID—DBCSs can be run with one and a half or even just a single worker, albeit less productively.


                1. It doesn’t matter. DJT will win, and you’ll whine about the unfairness of it all.

                  1. Whining OK if he actually does cheat, or do you just not give a fuck if he does?

                    1. The left will whine whether he cheats or not

                      The right will accept it whether he cheats or not

                2. “Most of the machines being dismantled in the facilities Motherboard identified..”


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      2. The votes will be delivered by High Speed Pony Express.

    2. “,,,the Electors are only to be robots who can’t exercise any judgment,”

      You prefer them invalidating the choice of the majority of voters in their respective States? Yeah, that just makes a shitload of sense.

      1. Because state elections officials lied to the voters and told them they were voting for president, rather than voting for who would vote for president.

        The voters weren’t actually making the choice they thought they were making.

      2. In states like Commiefornia the dem party holds over 2/3 of the votes and the gop has 1/3. with the winner take all electoral vote that means that the 1/3 of the vote DOES NOT COUNT!!!!. the only way to make the National elections honest is to award electoral votes on the percent of votes received for each candidate. that way ALL VOTES will have meaning. The majority rules will still apply but it will be properly apportioned. Had this been in effect when the obama 1st won the presidency he would have lost by the biggest landslide in history. Do the math you will see.

    3. Faith Spotting Eagle got electoral votes in 2016.

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  2. it should take no more than week for mail in votes to arrive and proper scanning ballots & machines like in California it should litteraly take only a week max to tally. I don’t know where the hurry comes from. I’m sure it took far longer before TV was invented and its media with pollsters pushing for overnight results.

    1. Remember, every one of those mail-in ballots needs to have its signature verified, and we need to cross-check with in-person voting to ensure there are no duplicate/multiple voters.

      Each voting district needs an adequate number of people to process 5-10x the number of mail-in ballots as in 2016.

      Is your state ready for this? New York’s 12 District only took 6 weeks to settle on a winner in the 2020 Primary, I’m sure California, New Jersey, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, and New York are all fully-prepared to handle the volume. /Sarcasm

      I fully expect Gore v. Bush 2000, as played out in West Palm Beach Florida to occur all across the nation, when states are caught not checking signatures.


      1. kenintx we can solve that by REQUIRING voter IDs with pictures for every vote cast. It can be done just like the driver licenses required for entry to federal and state buildins and boarding airplanes. If you don’t wish to have those IDs then you don’t get to vote, enter fed buildings or fly anywhere.

  3. If you have to wait that long for results it is obviously NOT effective — unless the effect you’re going for is confusion and lack of trust in the results.

    1. No shit. People have managed to get absentee ballots and IRS forms mailed off on time for years; if a mail-in ballot doesn’t have a postmark of November 3rd on it, it shouldn’t count, plain and simple.

      1. If they wait until November 3rd to mail it it, then they can go to the polls. Early voting should be early — seems kinda “duh,” but government is stupid.

        1. Absentee balloting is not the same as early voting. You can and should vote absentee if, for example, you will be out of the county on election day. Those of us who travel for work have been doing this for years. And I for one prefer to wait the day of (or at most, a day prior) so I have the advantage of as much information as possible.

          Okay, I’ll grant that it’s unlikely anything will be revealed on Nov 2 that would change my vote for President but I’m frequently still researching local ballot issues and lesser known candidates at the last minute. A number of my opinions on ballot issues have changed based on late-published analyses of undiscovered implications, unclear wording or in one case outright fraud.

          1. Meh … it is a privilege I would think to bend the (in person) rules so I do not think getting it in by election day is too much to ask.

          2. I might vote early this year; 2016 I had a close cousin die late Friday before the election, when it was too late to get an absentee ballot, and I spent election day in a funeral home 700 miles from my polling place. I’d hate to have that happen again.

            But the idea that they’re pushing people to vote a month or more before the election is crazy. Let’s face it, they’re just desperate to get those votes cast before Biden says something crazy on a live mike, or strokes out, or something like that.

            There really is no reason this election shouldn’t be conducted like any normal election; Covid 19 isn’t super-Ebola, if grocery stores can be open, so can polling places.

      2. It isn’t about mailing late, it is about the votes being counted when they arrive. In California they have gotten this pretty well figured out, with automated signature databases, and ballot scanning machines. You can see when your ballot arrived at the precinct, and whether it was accepted/counted or not. Even so, it took two weeks to settle on some of the close races here.

        The problem is this has taken several years to get into place (indeed some counties in CA still aren’t there yet), and I doubt states contemplating this now are going to get all the automation in place.

        1. Sorry, I have seen WAY too many boxes of ballots found in poll workers cars swinging elections to tout these people. NOPE

          1. This. I’m at the purple thumb point, or make people go to the Post Office in person to file an absentee ballot—with free Certified Mail and tracking.

          2. The trunk of a Buick LeSabre is very effective for storing last minute ballots.

      3. Most mail today doesn’t get postmarked with a date at all. The ballots should. (Actually, a postmark of Nov. 4th should be acceptable, since ballots could be deposited in mailboxes after the last collection on the 3rd.)

        Taking a few weeks to get the results is something we will just have to get used to. Comparing signatures on each ballot envelope will take a certain amount of time. But 35 days (Nov. 3 to Dec. 8), or five weeks, should certainly be enough. A few more days could be bought by eliminating the requirement to have everything certified six days before the electors vote, but delaying that vote is questionable. I certainly wouldn’t want it delayed until after Christmas.

        1. “Actually, a postmark of Nov. 4th should be acceptable, since ballots could be deposited in mailboxes after the last collection on the 3rd”

          Like hell a postmark of Nov. 4th should be acceptable. On November 4th the election will have been over.

        2. USPS stays open and operating on April 15th till midnight so the returns can be dated the 15th. The same can be done for election ballots. any postmarked after midnight on election day will be trashed.

  4. This is fucking insane.

    1. weren’t you people just bitching about Trump saying he’d delay the election a month

      1. Came to post that. Pretty sure when Trump asked about delaying the elections, several reason writers, including I believe Boehm, declared it unconstitutional.

        1. Well UNLESS it’s their idea of course.

        2. Delaying the election by Executive fiat would be unconstitutional. The Executive branch has no such power. Delaying the Electoral College by vote of Congress, on the other hand, would be entirely constitutional because the Constitution gives them exactly that power.

          That doesn’t mean either one is a good idea. Just that the assessment of constitutionality depends on, you know, the Constitution.

          1. He never suggested to do it by executive question he asked if we should delay the elections.

          2. And asking a question is also Constitutional, just FYI, this little thing called the 1A.

      2. weren’t you people just bitching about Trump saying he’d delay the election a month

        Let’s be clear. The generous interpretation is that they’re oblivious to their idiocy. Which Reason may be but every media talking head and Constitutional scholar cannot be.

        We’ve gone full Banana Republic. Imagine a 3rd world “dictator” asking his people’s representatives if it was OK to delay the election and the Pravda interdicting “You’re a crazy dictator!” only to then turn around, after a month of lockdowns and violent rioting, to say “We won’t know who won the election for quite some time!” They’re pre-emptively delegitimizing not just the election but any action the President takes between Nov. 3 and Jan. 20 (and after), even more fundamentally than if both candidates had said voting was rigged and refused to accept the election results.

        1. The bottom line is that the Democrats have no plan to accept any outcome except Biden winning. They’re prepping their base to treat any claim by Trump to have won, no matter how well grounded, as just a refusal to accept that he lost. And trying to confuse things enough that they can just claim he stole the election if Biden didn’t win.

          They actually gamed out multiple scenarios, and the only one where the Democrats didn’t agree the Democrats would riot, was the Biden victory.

          1. Has Trump inspired confidence in you that he hasn’t planned to cheat till he wins, or do you actually hope he does if that’s what it takes?

            1. Tony there’s bigger problems then your paranoia about the future. Go out and help somewhere.

              1. There literally isn’t.

          2. What is your source of this information?

            1. Boston Globe wrote story about it on July 26th. Just Google “Boston game election scenarios” to find it.

      3. Trump asked whether or not we should put off the election. Reason is asking whether or not they should move off the elector count so that the election can still happen on the 4th, and we can still meet the deadlines.

      4. Not saying, asking a question about it.

  5. Enabler-in-chief Rubio helping the Democrats “look” for more Democrat votes (amazing found in trunks all over the nation!)


  6. If you can get your hair done, Ms Pelosi, you can fucking vote in person. If you can riot, you can vote in person. If you can hit WalMart, you can vote in person.

    1. In all fairness to Pelosi, she’s a lich, and probably can’t die from COVID.

      1. Her phylactery is hidden in a place no man dare venture, so she is practically immortal.

        1. And she carries it with her at all times.

          1. ‘Use enough gun’ then. (With an nod to Garth Ennis.)

        2. Her Horcrux can only be destroyed by the fangs of a basilisk.

  7. Anything to accommodate the Ds mail-in-fraud intentions, right?

    1. Reason Magazine: progress uber alles

    2. You’d think libertarians would be the most skeptical of obvious admitted obvious fucking government fucking propaganda in the service of political interests.

      Fucking sheep.

      I don’t suppose asking you for a cite beyond the insane rambling of Trump would even be considered a valid request to you. You’re so ducking dumb it hurts.

      1. needs more fucking

  8. Pretty sure that, on top of everything else, we’ll be treated to a few weeks of endless recounts that will make us look back on hanging chads with fondness. I suspect that will be the case no matter who wins.

    1. But think of how many Democrat-run districts we’ll find that have more votes than registered voters. I don’t think I’ll have enough popcorn for that show.

      1. That will be OK because voter registration is racist or something

      2. Costco sells microwave popcorn in 48 bag cases with out limits. Just sayin’

  9. >>We are not going to know who won this on election night

    please don’t purchase the lie wholesale.

    1. Purchase? They’re the ones selling!

      1. Right, buying wholesale, selling retail.

    2. We won’t know who won until Biden wins, is what they mean.

  10. This is going to be a nightmare. And just watch, “notorious” is going to up and die* right in the middle of it.

    *if she hasn’t already

  11. Anyone catch the William Barr interview with Wolf Blitzer? He made it very clear that our Media Experts have no idea what the fuck they’re talking about.

  12. President Donald Trump expressed interest in a new unproven coronavirus treatment — the botanical extract oleandrin — recommended by HUD Secretary Ben Carson and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, Axios reported Sunday.
    Lindell told Axios that Trump “basically said” the FDA “should be approving” oleandrin as a treatment for COVID-19.

    The Dotard is giving up on Droxy? For some leafy crap?

    Sevo needs to know so he can take this snake oil from Donnie.

    1. How is this different from begging the FDA for HBD oil approval?

  13. Every day that passes it gets more and more clear that there’s no real risk to in-person voting. If you’re too scared to go to the polls, request an absentee ballot like normal.

  14. Really??!!
    How long does it take to calculate how many ballots the democrats have to”find” to be sure they win?
    LBJ got it done overnight.

  15. This is simply ridiculous. The precincts will count the mail-ins as they come in. Here in Colorado the numbers of republicans, democrats and 3rd party ballots are listed on various websites, since its public information.

    All that happens on election day is the in person and the few remaining mail in ballots are counted. Mail in ballots are only accepted up until the polls close.

    1. Problem is that in Colorado we had years of planning, law passing, regulation creating, process perfecting, and security instituting before mail-in elections became the norm. To ask the rest of the country to pull off such a feat in a few months is ridiculous and will most certainly by fraught with problems.

    2. You missed the fact that several states don’t allow mail-in votes to START being counted till Election day. So if 1 million people in that state vote by mail they start counting those million ballots on Nov. 3.

  16. A certain tiny number of democrats will always try to ‘stuff the ballot box’ because they believe that republicans are ‘suppressing the vote’. A certain tiny number of republicans will always try to ‘suppress the vote’ because they believe the democrats are trying to ‘stuff the ballot box’. They’re both right.

  17. Get your ass to the polls and vote in person. If you can’t get a doctors note and an absentee ballot. There is no reason you can’t vote in person. As for “mail in”..how many folks have moved and not notified their local election board. And we know the election rolls are filled with dead and moved people. the opportunity for fraud and deceit are obvious. If anything we should stop all absentee and mail in ballots this year and get your back end to the polls. Anything else is a communism

    1. What about all the old people you have thrown into cages for the rest of their life?

      1. i honestly don’t recall throwing anyone in cages, old or otherwise. Could you refresh my memory, O Paranoid One?

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  19. “In reality, there’s no reason to suspect that higher levels of voting by mail will advantage Democrats.”

    1. And that’s the sole reason it’s bad to you, right?

  20. Eric is underestimating the shit show that this “election” is going to be. We will NEVER know who actually won. The next occupant of the White House will be whoever the military decides to support.

    1. The Republican has been the choice of a majority of voters at least once in the last seven presidential elections. How often have Republicans been president in that time? If anything, Democrats are owed three full terms.

      1. at least = only

  21. HERE► Brilliant article. I had wondered how future generations would view the mind boggling hysteria that is currently gripping the whole world, especially Europe and the USA. We look back at past centurhysteria can be – like a stampede. Thought the writer was a historian, his analysis is so sharpies and wonder how they could have been so stupid. I guess it shows how powerful mass . He has seen through the Emperor’s new clothes!Check my site.

  22. Fuck democracy, fuck the bill of rights, fuck sanity, fuck raising our sons with any role models, fuck the law. As long as a Republican wins an election, throw the world into a black hole for all libertarians care.

    At least we’ll be able to use the federal government to force women to give birth against their will!

    1. Tony you are such a seed
      You are aware that the US is a constitutional republic, because a democracy is a retarded idea.
      Also the candidate I voted for (nobody) won with 48% of the vote. Hillary, and trump both got under 26%.
      Last I do agree with you that your parents should have had an abortion

      1. Being a republic doesn’t mean that in a two-way race the loser gets to win. Get your goddamn stupid ass out of your face. You either don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about or you are lying like a typical Republican apologist evil cunt. Go back to 2nd grade and/or go find a goat to eat live or whatever it is you people do.

  23. God the cons are freaking dumb. Biden has said he would accept the results if Trump won. Clinton told him not to concede on election night. Trump hasn’t said he’d accept the results. He’s the one claiming there will be widespread fraud without evidence. He’s the one casting doubt on the legitimacy of the election. A small portion of people protested after 2016 and an even smaller group of knuckleheads rioted. That’s not the same thing as politicians refusing to accept the outcome. Hilary got more votes and I know cons will say “we’re a republic the founders intended it that way.” If the situation was flipped I wonder what they’d say. The EC favors rural areas. Most(not all) people in rural areas are inbred, backwards, shit kicking hillbillies. We really shouldn’t be giving these people extra power.

    My 2nd point is who cares what the Utah GOP candidate for governor says. He’s Mormon! His religion is based on the rantings of a con artist pedophile. Mormons need to be barred from political office. And to the Mormon apologists who’ll say I’m a bigot. Don’t care. No one is forcing them to believe the nonsense they believe. The right thing to do is ridicule, ostracize, and discrimate against mormons. What they believe is so fucking stupid and has virtually been disproven. Fuck any Mormon lovers who talk shit to me. Your not much better than the goddamn evil Mormons if you’re defending them(Soldiermedic has Mormon family members so we know he has shitty genes He’s also a sucker and loser for his service… According to Trump at least.). BTW most mormons are conservative, but neocon nanny state conservatives. They aren’t libertarian that’s for sure.

    1. Rev., is that you?

      1. Too Neanderthal for him

    2. He’s the one casting doubt on the legitimacy of the election.

      And for good reason: changing the rules of elections this close to an election itself calls its legitimacy into question. Furthermore, there is no reason why people can’t vote in person the way they always have.

      Democrats are attempting to manipulate the election and using COVID as a pretense for that.

    3. According to Trump at least.). BTW most mormons are conservative, but neocon nanny state conservatives.

      Biden is a war mongering, big spending neo-con plus enabler of socialism and neo-Marxism.

      The Republican party traditionally was a bunch of war mongering, big spending neo-cons without the socialism/neo-Marxism. Not great but better.

      What the Republican party turns into remains to be seen. But it can’t be worse than Biden, Harris, or the Democrats.

  24. “and it seems unlikely that the White House would agree to give states more time to count absentee ballots when the president is also insisting that increased levels of voting by mail will hurt his chances at re-election”

    This is so fucking dishonest.

  25. Am I the only one at this point that finds it hilarious that we still can’t get right an activity that we have been doing in this country for centuries now? I mean, voting is like the base thing this country is built on and we can’t pull it off. I would just love for actual adults to be in charge at some point.

    1. You need to be trying to get something right, to get it right.

    2. 2 words repeated indefinitely: ……… TERM LIMITS, TERM LIMITS, TERM LIMITS……….

  26. It maybe already be too late. President Donald Trump seems intent on spurring as much chaos as possible during the election season, and it seems unlikely that the White House would agree to give states more time to count absentee ballots when the president is also insisting that increased levels of voting by mail will hurt his chances at re-election

    Trump is saying ‘let’s just do things like normal.’ The health commisars have said that in-person voting is okay, so why do we need to change anything?

    The Democrats, the media, and the rest of the left is demanding that a brand new voting system be devised and put into practice in the next few minutes (some early voting starts before the first debate) and the stance is that Trump is spurring chaos?

    Are you out of your minds?

    1. There’s a pandemic, and universal mail voting works fine in several states. He’s trying to suppress the vote. Period.

      Not that this isn’t indeed a fine long tradition of Republicans in America.

      1. Indeed: Republicans have a long tradition of suppressing illegal voting.

        Democrats have a long tradition of suppressing legal votes by blacks.

      2. It is questionable whether COVID actually qualifies as a pandemic anymore. It’s certainly close to the point of losing epidemic status within the US because the death rate per unit time has dropped so low.

        Other states had longer than a few months to prepare.

        There’s nothing unsafe about going in to vote. People have been going out and about for some time now. Everything’s open (except in the most badly Democrat infested areas like San Francisco and NYC). Are you under the impression that people are still holed up at home? I mean, I never was, but apparently some people were. I kept doing what I was otherwise doing from December to present, and you know what, I can tell you I never noticed a reduction in the traffic level or shorter lines at any of the shops.

        1. Nothing unsafe about mail voting either.

          1. Democrat-style vote-by-mail is medically safe but insecure and prone to fraud.

  27. I do think the current deadline gives enough time for states, but it might be a nice gesture if Rubio’s bill was passed.

  28. The way to prevent chaos is to only count ballots that arrive before November 4. It’s up to individuals to ensure that their ballots arrive in time. Simple, straightforward, easy to implement.

    If in person voting is an issue to anyone, we can also have drop-off locations with video recording, where individual voters can drop off their own ballot in person.

  29. It’s crazy to sit back and see the Democrats plan to use mail votes to fraudulently win an election, know that at least 30% of American’s know it’s happening….yet they’re still doing it.
    It’s like the predictions in July saying Biden would not debate and now Nancy is pushing the ‘Trump’s not worthy of a debate’ as predicted.

    WHEN they steal the election I hope it’s not just the ‘Cons’ who get upset and make some noise….the Democrats are a wounded animal who will resort to anything to regain power

  30. Has anyone mentioned what a lousy Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox has been? Not surprising that he still isn’t providing any leadership, just warning about his own futility.

  31. Introduce chaos. Then establish order from that chaos. Create an emergency, then invoke emergency powers.

    The game plan is pretty obvious. Attacking the edifice of the Electoral College isn’t going to work so the forces aligned against the idea of limited republican government need to establish distrust in the current system so a new form of trust, a much more *democratic* form of trust, can be established.

    Cry Havoc!

  32. Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything. – Joseph Stalin.

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  34. Idiotic, as others have pointed out. No reason whatsoever to vote by mail, except to provide an opportunity for fraud, or to keep the FUD alive another month. COVID-19 is not a legitimate reason to mail out ballots to whomever might pick them up, to dead people, people who have moved, etc.

    Yet the elites in this country came to a consensus- that Biden wouldn’t have a good chance at winning unless we had mail in voting, and they could stuff ballot boxes and have their constituents, in the Postal Union, throw out ballots from Republican zip codes. Etc. so, these elites all jointly decided to declare that we needed mail in balloting. That is the reason we are engaging in this nonsense. And it has nothing to do with “science”. What is pathetic is that Reason seems to have uncritically climbed aboard the fraudulent voting express.

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