Joe Biden

Joe Biden Condemns Riots: 'Setting Fires Is Not Protesting'

"Do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters? Really?"


"Rioting is not protesting," said Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden during a speech at a steel mill in Pennsylvania today. "Looting is not protesting. Setting fires is not protesting."

Biden called for the prosecution of looters, shaming them for destroying small businesses and harming working families. The former vice president even spoke directly to the Trump-world talking point that he is a pawn of the radical left.

"You know me," said Biden. "You know my heart. You know my story, my family story. Ask yourself, do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters? Really?"

This isn't a new direction for Biden: The candidate has consistently praised the mainstream Black Lives Matter protests while steadfastly refusing to condone violence or lend support to the more radical political goals associated with the movement. (He does not, for example, want to defund the police.) And he has condemned the riots several times over the summer.

So far, to the extent that the violence is generating a backlash against the Black Lives Matter movement, it does not seem to be impacting Biden's popularity. Nevertheless, Trump surrogates evidently believe the violence in several U.S. cities could be a winning issue, and are trying to spin them as "Biden riots."

"Every time you see a burned out building or looted store, it is a reminder of failed Democrat leadership," wrote Steve Guest, a spokesperson for the Republican National Convention, in a press release.

Several local Democratic leaders have indeed mishandled the violence. But Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler isn't going to be on the ballot in November (except in Portland). As long as Biden continues to call for rioters to face justice, attempts to portray the Biden-Harris ticket as an avatar of lefty violence will be unconvincing.

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  1. "rioting and burni g buildings is bad for my poll numbers, so it needs to stop until the election. Then we can continue to eat a sockful of fruit loops while watching cartoons" said joe biden

    1. Now need to get back to busting on clingers. 🙂

      "Clingers should be grateful for the violence and mayhem as it will prepare them for their ultimate replacement. But first we want to take all of their money and burn down their shit"

      1. I got too board parodying the other Rev. It's hard to maintain that high of a level of retardation

        1. Especially when he is a self parody at this point.

          1. I kind of always assumed the other Reverand was just a old school troll. He doesn't believe anything he's saying, he just says it to get a rise out of people.

            1. He's had that exact same shtick across multiple sites for at least a decade.

              1. It's probably his full-time job. I remember seeing him in the Washington Post comments section about a decade ago.

                1. He follows the Volokh Conspiracy, that's how he ended up here.

                  He has refined his dementia down to just a few phrases over the years.

                  1. It’s probably all he has.

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            2. Isn't that new school; I thought old schoolers did break-dancing and beat-boxing?

              1. That shit’s for clingers.

        2. You’d have to subsist on a diet of lead paint chips to match him.

    2. He literally said democrats won't stop if he isn't elected.

      Biden: "He may believe mouthing the words law and order makes him strong, but his failure to call on his own supporters to stop acting as an armed militia in this country shows you how weak he is. Does anyone believe there will be less violence...if Donald Trump is reelected?"

      Odd that was missing from the write up.

      1. Amusing that he's pretending there that Trump's supporters are the ones the violence is coming from.

        1. Violence is coming from Trump supporters. And from leftists, too.

          1. Yep. Trump supporters attacked Jesse Smollett, and hung that noose in Bubba Wallace's garage, too

      2. Consider the source.

      3. If it had been in the write-up, you would be complaining that Soave was making a dig at Trump. Biden is clearly pointing a finger at Trump in this quote as condoning right-wing violence.

        1. Showing up at midnight so people don't laugh at your stupid takes?

    3. There are a ton of moronic comments parroting Trumpian talking points. The irony of this mindset on a site called "reason" is not lost.

      I'm no fan of Biden. Under normal circumstances I wouldn't vote for him. I don't agree with his policies. But he is a functioning adult human being. It's appalling that only one of the two major party candidates fill those shoes. I know we are past the point of ever going back to "normal". But a President *MUST* have respect for the rule of law and the constitution. If he wins he will have his work cut out for him, formalizing into law so many things that we mistakenly assumed any president would do. Like honoring legitimate congressional subpoenas. Or not letting Russia take out hits on our soldiers without so much as asking politely for Putin to maybe please stop it. Its just nuts that so many people have been inoculated against fact. There is a sizable contingent of people who, for some crazy unknowable reason, want another four years of economic destruction, chaos and misery. But here we are.

      1. Which president in the last 100 years respected the constitution?

        1. Excluding coolidge

          1. Why do we have to exclude Coolidge?

            Anyway, you are right that we have crossed a line where all Presidents blow off the Constitution when it suits their purposes. We are now in the territory where we have to consider who is the most egregious in blowing off the Constitution. I'm not sure of a good metric for measuring that objectively.

            I'm highly critical of Trump, but his Constitutional transgressions seem to be similar to Obama's. There are lots of OTHER problems with Trump -- like idiocy, irresponsibility, divisiveness, randomness.

      2. Haha you just said Biden is a functioning adult. Have you seen him talk lately?

        1. He's a BARELY-functioning adult.

      3. How many socks are you creating today?

        1. "Freethinksman" = "typical npc leftist"

      4. "Honoring legitimate congressional subpoenas"...that's not a thing. Just peruse history. The Executive branch always says no and they compromise.

        Russia didn't take out hits on our soldiers, that was Iran and the reason for Solemini's assassination. The Russia angle is an old talking point.

        Economic destruction and misery? The US was doing great until governors shut down economies. Biden said he'll shut them down again if he's elected...that's just more misery.

        1. Oh my god flail more.

          1. There are receipts.

            1. "Back, and to the left."

              Damn, what would Bill Hicks have thought of all this?

      5. "Or not letting Russia take out hits on our soldiers..."

        Wait, what? Are you referring to the drunken Wagner sorta soliders/fascists in Syria who got massacred for their troubles. I think sending a plane back to Russia full to the brim with dead Russians mercs filled with American shrapnel sends a very powerful "Please stop that shit" message.

        1. And if that didn't, one of their generals recently eating an IED, might.

      6. I actually see things the way you do, except I know that the presidency is much, much bigger than the president. The Trump *presidency*, for all Trump's obvious retardation, has given us two outstanding supreme court justices, in contrast to Obama's choices of a competent lefty (Kagan) and an absurd SJW (Sotomayor). Obama's choices will do decades of harm and Trump's will do decades of good. The next president will choose the replacement for at least RBG and probably Breyer too. The supreme court alone is reason enough to hold your nose and vote for Trump. The past 4 years have shown there are enough adults in the White House to change Trump's diapers and clean up his shit.

        1. "two outstanding supreme court justices"

          Really? The closest I can get to using that description for Kavanaugh is "tolerable."

          1. outstanding

          2. He's not perfect, but I'll take him over Roberts or the left wing of the court any day.

        2. Kagan. Such a competent lefty that she refused to recuse herself when ruling on legislation she advised on. She's awful. Sotomayor had at least done the judge thing before, as well as being competent on 4th Amendment and other criminal justice issues.

          I don't like Kavanaugh. Gorsuch, it depends on which side of the coin comes up. That CRA ruling for sexual orientation was frankly bizarre. I've no doubt Amy Barrett will be fine, when Ginsburg eventually kicks it or Thomas loses patience and retires.

      7. Hey, you forgot to call them "clingers", Reverend.

      8. Biden was part of the Obama administration, which blew off multiple Congressional subpoenas. As for Russia putting bounties on American soldiers, Iran does the same thing and at least Trump didn't actually give the Russians the money to pay them.

      9. But he is a functioning adult human being.

        [citation needed]

        If he wins he will have his work cut out for him, formalizing into law so many things that we mistakenly assumed any president would do. Like honoring legitimate congressional subpoenas.

        You’re kidding, right? Type “Eric H” into Google and the first auto-suggestion is “Eric Holder contempt”.

        Trump is quite the innovator in the field of un-Presidential behavior but with that one, he is following a well-trod path.

        There is a sizable contingent of people who, for some crazy unknowable reason, want another four years of economic destruction, chaos and misery.

        At this moment, the destruction, chaos and misery seems to be originating from an entirely different quarter.

        I do not like Trump. If he succumbed today to some painful, embarrassing, and fatal disease, I might be unable to restrain my Schadenfreude. But the notion that Biden is obviously better is unsupported.

        1. Eh, not that much of an innovator. Between JFK and Johnson you've got his flaws covered pretty well, the only innovation is his use of Twitter as a platform, which is just a time period thing.

      10. >> But a President *MUST* have respect for the rule of law and the constitution.

        So you support the guy whose vice-presidential candidate laughed out loud at the suggestion that the constitution limits what the president can do. Got it.

        1. ^this. Harris has straight up said that the constitution doesn't matter to her.

      11. so you believe the fake Russian conspiracy stuff and the bounty stories? luckily the President has more common sense than that.

      12. Everything you said after ‘there’ was total bullshit.

      13. Where the fuck were you for the last sixteen years? Eight of 'because AQ, that's why,' eight of Mr. Phone and a Pen. And now Trump is the giant threat of overwhelming executive power? What---exactly---has Trump done that so lacks respect for The Law and The Constitution that it's notable in comparison to the previous two guys?

        Get the fuck out of here. Mr. 'I'm concerned.'

      14. "...Like honoring legitimate congressional subpoenas. Or not letting Russia take out hits on our soldiers without so much as asking politely for Putin to maybe please stop it..."

        Didn't that kool-aid taste funny?

      15. Freethinksman
        August.31.2020 at 5:06 pm
        "There are a ton of moronic comments parroting Trumpian talking points. The irony of this mindset on a site called “reason” is not lost...."

        We keep getting 'new' lefties or TDS victims claiming to be, well, sort of 'neutral', and then claiming they hate Trump and would vote for anyone else and 'really don't like the Ds', but will vote for them anyhow.
        And then, a day or two later, we get a new one.
        How many socks are you hiding behind, twit?

        1. TDS doesn't exist Sevo. I'm again you have Trump's Cock Down Your Throat syndrome. It's sad. No matter what Trump says or do it's his critics fault. Trump bears no responsibility for anything in your mind.

      16. Well, there goes Biden. Between Operation Choke Point and the IRS you've got plenty of unconstitutional conduct along with several other examples.

      17. We can get back to normal someday. In the 1960s, things were just as bad as they are now. In many ways worse.

        Of course, they did have better music. But still.

  2. After all that hard work inciting too.

    The polls really must be in the toilet.

  3. BLM/Antifa/Wokies/Inequality of Outcomers belong to one side of the spectrum. And that side is your side Joe. If you don't agree with them, then you better start making the argument against them.

    1. Rather have them on my side then the hypocritical, lying, sociopathic conservative movement under Trump.

      1. Only the left thinks lying for the cause is OK, the left also specialized in hypocrisy and projection. Thanks for being a consistent leftist troll

        1. That's a stunning claim. The right never has anyone lying for the cause?

        2. White House Director of Social Media lying, today:

        3. Ha! Cons lie more than lefty's. However many are so dumb they don't realize they're lying. Look how often Trump lies or contradicts himself, but many cons are too dumb to realize it or just deny it.

      2. Well good. Since they're on your side already.

      3. Dude with the name “killallrednecks” says other people are sociopaths. Tight.

        1. Why are you a redneck? Or a Mormon?

      4. With that moniker, I hope you're safely ensconced in your mother's basement.

        1. Parents are dead so that's impossible.

      5. "Rather have them on my side "

        That side being the "KillAllRednecks" side. Sure, sure. /backsawayslowly

    2. There are some people who have listened to right wing media so much they actually believe that looters and people who simply want the cops to stop killing black people are one homogenous group. Trump and Fox have inoculated the bottom third of the country against fact.

      1. Jeff is working overtime at sock creation.

      2. If people think you’re the same, then you haven’t done enough to distinguish yourselves.

        1. No amount of distinction is going to convince someone who is dead set on believing the right-wing narrative.

          1. the famous Mike neutrality.

      3. BLM leader: “I want to to put these police in a f—ing grave ... I want to f—ing burn the White House down... I f—k police up in New York, I f—k police up in DC”

        1. As I pointed out earlier today, the first time this video was reposted, there is zero evidence the person speaking in the video is a Black Lives Matter leader. Nobody even knows who the person speaking is.

      4. “If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it. All right? And I could be speaking figuratively. I could be speaking literally. It’s a matter of interpretation,” Hawk Newsome said during an interview Wednesday evening on “The Story” with Martha MacCallum.

        1. Protesters = rioters right now. Time to meet force with force.

          1. What about the Constitutional right to peaceful protest?

            1. If they were peacefully protesting they’d be within their rights and therefore protected by the constitution.

        2. What they really want is death, so...

        3. How does that refute what Freethinksman said? He talks about not distinguishing between peaceful and non-peaceful protestors, and you give an example of a non-peaceful protestor. Freethinksman's comment inherently acknowledges the existence of non-peaceful protestors (looters).

          1. We know he is your sock dummy.

      5. There are some people who have listened to right wing media so much they actually believe that looters and people who simply want the cops to stop killing black people are one homogenous group.

        How is that different from the “most cops are good” argument? Yeah, I’m sure there are some good rioters, but I don’t care and don’t see why I should.

        If cops actually were killing black people, there might be some useful distinction between those who are looting and those who are merely egging them on, but as it is, no.

        1. "Good rioters"?

      6. anyone who continues to protest day after day, giving cover to the looters, obviously doesn't care about their city or about the original cause which they are now hurting.

        even Joe Biden has figured that out, so now he's trying to blame Trump.

        1. Were the folks in the pro-Trump parade on Saturday covering for the looters or actually looters themselves?

      7. Nice strawman you made there. It’s complete bullshit like your other comments.

      8. Many of them habituate this very comments section.

      9. looters and people who simply want the cops to stop killing black people are one homogenous group.

        They aren't. There are party muscle, fellow traveler, and useful idiot groups.

    3. better yet, maybe he should stop having Harris and his staff provide bail money and support for the ones that get arrested.

  4. Those polls must have been really really bad. Guess the other commenters were right. Dems are really going to try and pretend that they didn't support the riots for 3 months.

    1. Also, this is probably signalling the return of the Left trying to shove their crazies under the bed. It'll be curious if they can.

      1. I'm not sure they'll be able to. When the "moderate" left of the Democrat party gets absolutely trounced this election, the crazies will be able to point to their failure as proof that the party needs to go even more extreme.

        1. I've heard that posited for years and it hasn't really ever happened, the reasoning "we were too extreme so we need to go more extreme" rarely makes sense to anyone in reality.

          1. If someone had come to you five years ago and said in 2020 the left would be calling a burned out building a peaceful protest, would you have believed them? The moderate left is really bad at standing up to the radical left.

            1. We're talking about people running elction calcs

              1. Have you seen Biden's platform?

                1. Yes it's center-left with some red meat for the commies.

                  Meawhile Biden is anything but the far left choice

                2. the only part of his platform in the national TV ads is a national mask mandate. that alone could be hurting him in the polls, people want to get back to normal.

            2. If someone had told you the left would be marching down the street shouting 'death to america' while burning the block down, and the authorities stood aside and let them, would you have believed them? At this point, most of the moderate left has decided to just be moderate, or moderate right. Gotta agree with Moonrocks here, i don't think they'll be able to

          2. No, the argument will be that Biden and Harris were too moderate and that's what didn't work. The solution will be an extremist by leftist standards.

            It's possible that a hard enough shellacking in the polls this year can snap enough of the Dems out of their echo chamber to avoid this, but there's no guarantee that will happen.

            1. "the argument will be that Biden and Harris were too moderate and that’s what didn’t work. "

              Which is what what I said but reframed.

            2. The thing is, you people said this shit after Hillary and we got...Joe Biden.


              1. but most of the other candidates were further left, and dividing the vote. Biden got the nomination because most of the primary voters didn't follow the debates or the campaign and just voted for the guy they had heard of.

                1. The money people wanted Biden. Or anyone else who'd give their nuts a tug and take advantage of the opportunity. I thought for sure it'd be one of the Castro brothers. No one did though---blacks wouldn't vote for Booker! Of all people!----and Biden or the crazy Socialist were who was left.

                2. Which is both true and irrelevant. We got Joe Biden

            3. Remember how shellshocked people at CNN were after the election 2016? There were two weeks, maybe less, when it seemed like the left was doing serious soul-searching. "Are we out of touch with average Americans?"

              That sure lasted a long time, didn't it? It was a quick pivot to "Russia" and "impeach" before Donald even got to take the oath of office.

              1. They made the cold, calculated decision that a coup was a better option then trying to pivot their positions to attract more voters.

                Think on that. That the policy makers in the dnc decided to tear apart the county instead of simply being less crazy then Trump.

              2. They didn't have marching orders yet but still had to take up airtime. Sort of like the two weeks we wondered why the terrorists hated us. (Clearly our freedoms!)

          3. Social media wasn't ubiquitous until recently. The left operates far more like a hive-mind now.

            1. Somewhat sure, but Biden got the message about violence so clearly it's not all hive mind and there are people with actual chops running the election and trying to win.

              1. Biden got the message about violence so clearly it’s not all hive mind

                In 48 hours every "center-left" politico changed 180° on the riots. It's a perfect example of the hive-mind.

                1. "It’s a perfect example of the hive-mind."

                  So a distinct split from their far left bretheren proves they're a hive mind?


                  1. So a distinct split from their far left bretheren proves they’re a hive mind?

                    Are you retarded? Do you think antifa and CNN had the same messaging until a few days ago?

                    1. So there is no split between the far left and the center left?

                    2. Of course there is Sidd's hypothesis is falling apart that's why he started the name calling.

                    3. I don't know what you're asking.

                      Those two different things are in fact two different things. Does that help?

                    4. Ok so you agree there is a split so no hive mind.

                    5. What?!?! Where did I give the impression that Hillary Clinton and meth addicted trannies have literally all the same thoughts?

                    6. "The left operates far more like a hive-mind now."

                      You said it.

                    7. more doesnt mean explicitly.

                    8. more doesnt mean explicitly.

                      It's really not that complicated.

                    9. It doesn't have to mean explicitly for my questions to remain, so thank you for that but it changes nothing.

                    10. Sidd, desperate now that he realizes he shot off his mouth stupidly and is wrong, rushes to hide behind the terrible cover the word "more" gives

                    11. I didn't mean that all leftists literally turned into an ant colony. I meant that their behavior has moved in that direction but for the time being they're still homo sapiens. I hope that's cleared up.

                    12. I understood it. But recognized what the word more means.

                    13. Have I been arguing with every troll other than Tony? Shriek even put the kiddie porn away long enough to make an appearance.

                    14. No you've been pathetically backpedaling trying not to look like an idiot who competely fucked up and failing.

                    15. Sidd, I politely asked you questions and you insulted me.

                      You're the troll here.

                    16. So a distinct split from their far left bretheren proves they’re a hive mind?


                      This is not an honest question.

                    17. Yes it was. I legitimately wanted clarification.

                      But by all means, use that as your justification for acting like a troll if it makes you feel better.

                    18. And now Sidd is going to pretend an innocuous question caused him to go full douchebag idiot troll.

                    19. Weird how pickles has the exact same passive aggressive midwit manner as white knight.

                      Meanwhile, jim78 strikes me as similar to tulpa, playing the left side

                    20. Let's try this again. No one worth mentioning has insulted anyone else. I think Sidd's point was that literally everyone who mattered---so not the 'failsons' as I think Sidd put it---pivoted to 'protests bad' in the last 48 hours.

                      The Portland guys may not comply, but they might find it rough sledding when their credit cards get cut, their crash pads close their doors, their lawyer guild traitor fucks stop taking their calls, and they find themselves actually getting arrested. We'll see.

                    21. As opppsed to Nardz’ straight-up dimwit anger management challenged manner.

                2. No SidD it is simpler than that. The far left is a hive mind, the center-left is a bunch of political operators who all move and think at roughly the same speed. The 180 was basic political maneuvering by lifelong politicos who saw an opportunity to get put from under the weight of antifa and BLM.

                  1. That's a pretty good analysis.

                  2. Except the center-left operates like a hive-mind too now. In the 2000's Journolist helped several hundred "influencers" co-ordinate behind the scenes. Now the coordination happens with nearly all of them instantly with no central planning at all.

                    1. I covered that

                      " the center-left is a bunch of political operators who all move and think at roughly the same speed. The 180 was basic political maneuvering by lifelong politicos who saw an opportunity to get put from under the weight of antifa and BLM."

                      They saw an opportunity nothing more.

                    2. They saw an opportunity nothing more.

                      I'm not saying there's anything more. I'm saying the speed and totality in which it happened is new.

                    3. "I’m not saying there’s anything more"


                      You've been saying they're a hive mind that is totally "something more."

                    4. Here's an example: Gay marriage went from a bougie centrist concern in the 90's to fringe left in the 00's to required lefty thing in the 10's. That was how things used to happen. Then I saw the same evolution happen on tranny bathrooms in about a month. That's what's changed.

                    5. They saw an opportunity nothing more.

                      I’m not saying there’s anything more. I’m saying the speed and totality in which it happened is new.

                      The bolded part is absolutely you saying there is something more you fucking retard.

                    6. You’ve been saying they’re a hive mind that is totally “something more.”

                      AKSHUALLY I said:

                      The left operates far more like a hive-mind now.

                      MORE. The only thing I've ever claimed is that they adopt the same idea much quicker than before.

                      How the fuck is this even controversial?!?!

                    7. So it's the speed then? Most people wouldn't see that as thd most important factor in determining what is and is not a hive mind.

                    8. "The only thing I’ve ever claimed is that they adopt the same idea much quicker than before."

                      AKSHULLY you claimed

                      "The left operates far more like a hive-mind now"

                      So now you're just lying.

                    9. nice self-own, Jim

                    10. I did document you owning yourself quite nicely, thank you.

                3. If they were a hive mind Bernie would be the candidate, not Milquetoast Joe.

                  1. Biden's come from behind victory was the most hive-mind like thing I've ever seen in American politics. Guy went from 5th place to the nominee in a week.

                    1. Then you're a fucking retard who doesn't know the difference between a hive mind and basic political calculus.

                    2. Are you alright?

                    3. You're the one growing increasingly incoherent, retard.

                    4. You're not doing too well here, Jim

                    5. Not me, not even sure what you're talking about

                    6. Everybody did what Uncle Tom Clyburn told the rest of the Donk Plantation to do.

                  2. "Then you’re a fucking retard who doesn’t know the difference between a hive mind and basic political calculus."

                    Didn't Trump's victory over Clinton basically rip up the political calculus textbook?

                    Sure she won the mythical "popular vote", but she lost 5 states that Obama carried twice. If this were a football game, an analogous case might be: Clinton had 658 yards of total offense while Trump had 629 yards, but Clinton lost by 4 touchdowns after having 5 turnovers. She simply failed to do the things necessary to score.

                    The rookie Trump strategically and tactically outplayed the wily veteran and all here experienced political calculus--her, the master politician and "most qualified person to ever run" (said Obama) for the office?!

                    And Trump is perhaps the most vilified person (and not without cause) ever to run for the office and before the election Mr. Obama had campaigned more for Democrat Hillary Clinton than any modern sitting president had for his party’s nominee.

                    And she still couldn't muster the win? So much for political calculus.

                    1. "So much for political calculus."

                      You seem like an imbecile.

                    2. Ok, tulpa definitely isn't as stupid as Jim78 is proving to be.
                      That was a miss.
                      Might be the pedophile though

                    3. Shriek is my guess too.

                    4. Ok so I looked I guess something about the left going crazy after they lose?

                      Um yeah they do. Like as a rule almost.

                4. Even my European wife commented that the WaPo was no longer calling them peaceful protests and was highlighting the Mayor's call to get tough.

                  I guess the Mayor was getting phone calls about the BLM terrorists harassing diners in the NW quadrant of the city (northwest DC is the richy-rich quarter of town). So long as the rioters are downtown around the Whitehouse, she doesn't care. That's Trump's problem.

              2. Leadership isn't a hive mind, because they don't care. They're sociopaths who know they're spouting destructive bullshit. They want power and wealth, and don't particularly care how they get it.
                The base is absolutely a hive mind

                1. That's definitely directionally true, but national level media and politicians talk so much that I think they have to be true believer types to at last some degree, or else they'd slip up more. My hunch is that the most extreme sociopaths are behind the scenes deep state, financiers, etc.

                  1. Agreed.
                    Some of the base is elevated to mandarin status. Definitely part of the hive mind, plus their own little bubble.

                    Here's a fun one from a HuffPo unit:
                    Trump is actually defending Rittenhouse, suggesting he was acting out of self defense.

              3. It is like they are becoming the Borg from Star Trek.

                1. That's what Tom Woods has been calling them.

        2. Biden has never been far from the middle. There is no reason to suspect his priorities have shifted far left. But that's all the Republicans have. So they stoke fear in the easily duped of something that poses no risk in hopes of terrifying demitards into voting against their own self interest and for another four years of chaos and misery. I've seen enough.

          1. Well, that's the Biden message as packaged, you've earned your check. If we read the fine print, however, we find "vote Biden or we triple the mayhem, and tank everything you hold dear".

            1. Also, if Biden wins, he promises to raise taxes, shut down the economy, and force everyone to wear a sign of obedience/submission

          2. it was more like 3 pretty good years and then 6 months of chaos and misery and fearmongering.

          3. "...But that’s all the Republicans have..."

            How about 3 years of record-breaking economic progress? How about some SCOTUS appointments who have not suffered your brain-extraction surgery? How about no new wars?
            Lame, even for a brain-dead lefty.

          4. ""So they stoke fear in the easily duped""

            Like telling people Trump will not leave if he loses the election?

    2. We're supposed to ignore Biden's staff giving money to the bail fund and Kamala encouraging others to give to that same group.

      1. Not to mention Hollywood. They were literally announcing their bail money donations on Twitter when this all kicked off and the rioters were turning Minneapolis into this century's Detroit. They helped bail out rioters that burned a major city.

        I don't have a problem with Minneapolis' idiot residents having to deal with the consequences of electing mentally ill trannies to their city council, sending bulbhead thots like Ihlan Omar to represent them in Congress, or electing a spineless White Savior like Frey as mayor.

        But Hollywood celebrities deserve to get beaten into paste by the businesses owners who lost their liviliehoods in those riots and now can't even rebuild because--surprise!--insurance doesn't pay for the cost of building something from the ground-up. And I don't mean that figuratively--every celebrity who did that deserves to get their skulls cracked, including Steve Carrell, Don Cheadle, Seth Rogen, Harry Styles, and Ben Schwartz.

        These people are not Americans. They're the enemy.

    3. Just watch that interview last June between Stephen Colbert and Kamala Harris. Even he can't hide how uncomfortable he looks when she says that she wants the riots to continue through election day and starts cackling about it.

  5. So three months late, the corpse is finally dragged out of the basement to condemn violence. Biden is right for (finally) condemning the violence, but he's a bit behind the curve here.

    Now that that's out of the way, what will Biden do about his campaign staff helping to keep these violent rioters out of jail?

    1. Not to mention the president-elect presumptive leading the way - -
      Kween Kamala is bailing out shooters, murderers, and looters.

      1. No, she is bailing out Burners, Looters, and Murderers. Got to get the initials right.

        1. Nice. What you did there, I see it.

        2. Okay that's clever.

    2. Someone told him answering questions was a super spreader event.

      1. but large public gatherings with lots of shouting is not, as long as its for a good cause

  6. "You know me. You know my heart. You know my story, my family story. Ask yourself, do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters? Really?"

    Yo ain't your heart I am worried about. It's your fucking brain.

    1. Not to worry then; he hasn't used that useless shriveled up thing in years. His brain.

    2. Joe doesn't look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters. He looks like a doddering old man who's escaped from the retirement home for Alzheimer's patients. Sad!

    3. Yeah, pretty sure his brain is where the soft spot is...

    4. I would take the concern for Biden's mental condition more seriously if the people who claim he can't string two sentences together coherently would be as critical and hyperbolic when it came to Trump's mind. Trump is way worse than Biden at public speaking currently, but it seems the fuhrer can do no wrong while Biden can do nothing right.

      1. Trump has a mind. Biden does not. Questions?

      2. Biden and Trump and Sanders and Warren are all too old to be President, really. Yet they were the top contenders for some reason.

      3. "I would take the concern for Biden’s mental condition more seriously if the people who claim he can’t string two sentences together coherently would be as critical and hyperbolic when it came to Trump’s mind..."

        I'd take TDS air-heads concern more seriously if they ever posted without unsupported assertions regarding Trump.

        1. Sevo I'm sorry your TCDYTS is so bad. Hell if both Trump and Biden are in decline I'd still rather have Biden because he would be willing to accept he may be losing it. Trump is a narcissist who believes he has all the answers and is smarter than everyone. It's scary cuz people like Sevo with TCDYTS believe everything he says no matter how stupid or false. He could be mumbling incoherently and Sevo would claim he single handedly won World War 4. Anyone who uses the terms "TDS" or "Orange Man bad" is too far gone to help.

  7. So far, to the extent that the violence is generating a backlash against the Black Lives Matter movement, it does not seem to be impacting Biden's popularity

    Link to FiveThirtyEight, lol.
    When were they last right?

    1. Yes, ignoring the newest battleground state polling on RCP and the betting odds. Both show Biden cratering. Self selective data point to feed a narrative. I tend to believe RCP over 538. And the fact that the Democrats are trying as hard as possible to change the narrative.

      1. Also, it is so not impacting Biden's poll numbers that his campaign has announced he is ending his Bunker Campaign and will get aggressive in Battleground states.

        1. He always had to, anyway.

          His staff studied Dukakis '88.

          One of Dukakis's biggest errors was not following up on the momentum he had after the convention, instead hiding out in western Massachussetts.

          Who was predicting that Biden would avoid the campaign trail?

  8. ""Do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters? Really?"

    You do Joe. And then you look like a racist political jobber who sold himself as a vocation. Then you look like a confused senile old man. Then you take your medicine.

    1. You think Kamala Harris with toke up in the Oval Office and listen to Tupac with Uncle Joe?

    2. If you think Biden is an old coot I'd love to hear think of Trump? Thighland and Yo-Semites are wonderful places to visit. Trump also loves to complain about how much golf his predecessors played and all the tax dollars they spent on travel, despite him, Melania, Ivanka, Jared, Eric, Jr, and Tiffany using way more taxpayer money for vacations and golf.

      1. Cool.

      2. Your guy is senile though.

        1. Trump is just as senile if not more. He is also a narcissist who thinks he's the smartest man on earth. I'll take the less senile guy with humility.

      3. Nothing wrong with Thighland. Boobland and Cooterland are also very nice this time of year.

    3. Any recent clip of Biden could be the start of a Snickers commercial.
      "Joe, you're not yourself when you're hungry. You start threatening factory workers."
      After he takes a bite he goes back to groping women and smelling their hair.

      1. Too bad he doesn't have the game Trump has. Trump just grabs them by the pussy. You people have really bad cases of TCDYTS. Everything is "Biden's senile and smells hair." Yet you fail to realize YOUR HERO TRUMP is more senile, constantly lies, and thinks he's the greatest president/person/golfer ever. Anyone with a brain can see Trump and his supporters are delusional.

  9. Several local Democratic leaders have indeed mishandled the violence.

    There's no sugarcoating it.

    1. That might be the funniest thing reason has ever written.

  10. No, Joe. You'll just put radicals in all the administration slots and claim (probably truthfully) that you didn't know what they were all up to.

    Just like Obama talked moderation and then went to watch March Madness on TV while his radical appointees governed for a small minority of the population and against everyone else.

  11. How does Joe know they're ANTIFA? Or BLM? Does he have a signed affidavit from their grandmothers with two forms of ID and a video interview as backup?

    1. BLM needs to carry ID now!? Probably part of Trump's conspiracy with the post office to disenfranchise handicapped minority protesters

    2. Let's put it this way - if these rioters were pro Trump white right wingers, Wheeler, Durkin and the assorted democrat lunatics would not have declined federal help.

      1. He's parodying another commentor on here who always demands proof that the people burning down buildings while wearing a BLM shirt are associated with BLM.

      2. the red MAGA hats are only delivered to you after you take the loyalty oath and sign the prenup. the black BLM t-shirts, anyone can put those on without necessarily being part of BLM, especially if they don't stay mostly peaceful in their protesting

    3. He knows the secret handshake.

      1. But, he ain’t black!

    4. Nice. The overt D is appreciated.

    5. "How does Joe know they’re ANTIFA? Or BLM? Does he have a signed affidavit from their grandmothers with two forms of ID and a video interview as backup?"

      OBL's chair has been retired.

    6. Meanwhile, not one commenter here can answer such basic questions as what is the name of the Washington, D.C. speaker spewing hatred toward police in the video that was linked at least twice today.

      “Nah, I don’t know who is speaking in this video, or exactly where it was filmed, but it proves that Black Lives Matter is trying to overthrow the government and install a Marxist regime.”

  12. Although Biden won't technically become President until January, historians will point to August 31, 2020 as the day he effectively became the leader of this nation. I'm so glad he forcefully denounced the violent right-wing instigators and their attempts to ruin otherwise peaceful Antifa / BLM protests.


    1. Don't forget the reparations tax for white people in California. The blood of the slaves shall be upon white people* and their children! (*Ashkenazim Jews are technically not "white" because of the Holocaust)

    2. #LibertariansForbiden

    3. "Although Biden won’t technically become President because he'll pass the crown to Kamala"


      1. Technically he can't pass the crown until he becomes President.

        1. Without the prunes he can't even pass a stool.

          1. Funny, Fats.

        2. Do you think he'll make it to January 20?

        3. If nominated and incapacitated before the election the major parties are allowed to insert a candidate of their choice.

          If elected and incapacitated before inauguration, the VP-elect becomes POTUS-elect and nominates a person to the Senate for approval as Veep.

          I expect that (if elected) Biden will take office and the results of his Presidential Physical at Walter-Reed will show rapidly advancing dementia and that he will step down to spend time with his family in Ukraine.

          As POTUS Kamala will demonstrate the superiority of female people of color by ending strife, want, and disagreement for everyone, everywhere.

  13. Biden's staff funded bail for these rioters and looters. His entire party basically denied antifa even existed, then shifted to a new reality where the rioters are actually white nationalists. "Looting is wrong but Trump is causing it" is not either a conditional rejection of violence or a veiled threat. Violence continues if we don't vote for Biden!

    The democrats hounded Trump for "not condemning white supremacy" in Charlottesville but remained silent as their foot soldiers lay waste to American cities and reject federal assistance. Biden does not want to denounce the violence, but his hands were forced and he had to tailor his message to not alienate his supporter, many of whom are rioting on the streets.

    1. "...“Looting is wrong but Trump is causing it”..."

      That Trump has amazing powers for such a bumbling dimwit, doesn't he?

  14. The candidate has consistently praised the mainstream Black Lives Matter protests while steadfastly refusing to condone violence or lend support to the more radical political goals associated with the movement.

    If this was written by the hackiest PR person, how would it be different?

    1. "Refusing to condone violence does not equal condemning violence.

      1. "Silence is violence" they told us.

    2. Reason might as well have Joseph Goebbels as editorial chief

    3. After reading this article, I just assumed Robbie was in line for a Biden PR position.

      So much for libertarianism.

      1. Reason: #LibertariansForbidden

  15. Doesn't matter how right Robby is. What Trump is (probably) doing is making Joe come against the riots, which is to say, against BLM, Antifa, etc; which is to say, Trump has tricked Biden into putting down his base and depressing his voter turnout.

    Whether it will work or not is another matter.

    1. Trump isn't tricking anyone. Biden's base is a bunch of bat shit crazy terrorists trying to burn down the country. What candidate wouldn't expect Biden to condemn the riots? Moreover, why shouldn't any voter expect that of him regardless of what Trump does?

      1. The Burn Loot Murder crowd might see Biden's statement as abandonment and decide the system is so corrupt that voting is a waste of time. Whether they wold vote anyway, I do not know.

        1. Ds are counting on real votes to win

          1. Harvested votes, real ones, whatever works.

            1. *meant to say aren't counting on real votes

  16. "You know my heart. You know my story, my family story. Ask yourself, do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters? Really?"

    No. Actually you look like a senile old fool being used as a front for radical fascists who want to destroy the country. I am waiting for the leak of the already prepared amendment 25 statement that will anoint Kween Kamala as our ruler.

    1. If you know his family story, then you'd assume he's a corrupt grifter of the highest order.


    “Death to America” was chanted by the mob as they marched through Oakland, California starting fires and vandalizing businesses

    1. You righties sure love cancel culture! Did the people expressing their free speech hurt your whittle feelings? Toughen up snowflake.

      1. that's a quote from the tweet

        1. So?

          1. Troll, Don't feed it and it will shit is pants and crawl back under a rock and engage in selfish secretions.

            1. That literally never works.

            2. Tulpa's the troll. Both the left and right engage in "cancel culture" or "political correctness" or whatever you wanna call it. However it's the morons on the right that constantly denounce it and preach about it being a threat. Both the left and right suck, but the left isn't as stupid as the right. Also most mormons are super looney conservative (hell Mitt Romney is a goddamn liberal compared to most mormons).

              1. KillAllRednecks
                August.31.2020 at 6:16 pm
                I’m a troll

              2. "...Both the left and right engage in “cancel culture” or “political correctness” or whatever you wanna call it..."

                A standard dimwit lefty or parody-account claim, never with any evidence.

                1. Sevo why not try disproving what I say if you disagree. You seem to just insult. I know your so inbred it's hard, but try to come up with a reason you disagree. Look you can take a break from fucking your sister and practice.

      2. You know, a bunch of snowflakes got together in the Donner pass a while back.

      3. Media matters employees are actually getting dumber.

    2. The Mid East meets the Mid West in California.

    3. Really, their taking chants from literal terrorists now? Did no one in the crowd stop and think for exactly 0.2 seconds on how bad the optics are on that chant?

      1. BLM is supported by CAIR, so I don't think they care about the optics

        1. And CAIR is a Muslim Brotherhood front.

    4. But it was mostly peaceful chants wishing death on their country and their countrymen, and the guillotines haven't even been used yet.

  18. Voters don't think Biden will support violence, they think he and his administration will wink at it and publicly denounce it while privately cheering it and giving violent leftists room to act, like they've been doing all summer.

  19. The looney right has backed it self into a corner. "Violence is out of control! Biden's America is violent!" How is it Biden's fault when he's currently just a candidate, former vp, and former senator? Trump's currently President, and made the situation in Portland worse by sending in his DHS troops. Yes federal officials can defend federal property, but you need to look at common sense. Trump sending DHS troops to Portland invigorated the legit protesters and the knuckleheads causing problems. if Police in Portland stopped beating legit protesters, getting blue flu if a crime victim is liberal, and colluding with racist, far right protesters and criminals there wouldn't be as many protesting. I come from a place of extreme privilege, and all my interactions with PPB have been negative. Some looked the other way, but only when it came to unjust laws. Apperantly armed robbery is not a high priority for Pigs right now, but pulling me over for changing lanes to quickly is. Also the cop didn't wear a mask or social distance, which is a good indicator of his politics. It cracks me up that most cops claim to be conservative and want government to get out of THEIR LIVES. But if you go 1 mile over the speed limit, change lanes too quickly, or run a yellow light Cops should be able to detain you, search your car, and confiscate your stuff. They preach limited government and liberty yet are the biggest, worst of the worst overreaching, intrusive, nanny staters there are. "Not all cops are bad! So you can't hate cops!" No one has ever put a gun to a pig's head and forced them to become a pig. Pigs are like Mormons, they need to be exterminated.

    1. The 99% of the protesters who are knuckleheads causing problems are giving the 1% there to act as human shields a bad name.

      Portland leftist "We want the federal agents to leave!!"

      Sane observer, "Why are the federal agents in Portland?"

      Portland leftist, "because we are trying to burn down the federal courthouse"

      Sane observer, "have you thought about not doing that?"

      Of all of the stupidity and lies of your post, the funniest part of a deeply stupid and funny post, has to be the claim that the Portland cops are beating the protesters. Yeah, the cops are out beating the protesters. That is why they keep coming out and trying to burn everything down.

      What is it like to live in your head? Seriously, what thought process goes on that convinces yourself of this stuff? There is a PHD dissertation in abnormal psychology to be written trying to untangle whatever goes on in people like you's head.

      1. Are you in Portland or Oregon? The vast majority of protesters are not breaking any laws. The ones who are should be dealt with. There are plenty of videos online of cops beating protestors.

        What is it like in your head? Any facts that don't confirm your far, far, far right worldview are "lies?" Please feel free to expose my "lies." To be fair the way the kooky right wing media has distorted the situation in Portland it's not your fault you don't know what's really happening.

        1. If that were true, there wouldn't be any violence much less violence every night for months on end. If the vast majority of protestors are not violent, why are they not turning those who are over to the police and attacking the violent ones themselves?

          Moreover, if you are not violent, why are you going to a protest that you know will be violent and will have violent people at it? This has been going on for three months now every night. Anyone who shows up to protest even though every night has been violent for that long supports violence. If they are so offended by violence, why do they not stop showing up and let the cops arrest those who do and are?

          Stop fucking lying. Or if you want to lie, at least tell a lie that is not comically stupid.

          1. The people protesting are protesting police issues. Some may not be "turning the violent ones over to the police" because they don't trust the police. One of the reasons they're protesting. "Attacking the violent ones themselves" well then they'd be engaging in violence? Some people show up at protests that may turn violent to try and stop it. Many leave if things start to get violent. You do make a decent point. I'd like to ask the far right Trump supporters who feel the need to come heavily armed to protests that may turn violent(they're causing a lot of the violence, not all. The Antifa knuckleheads are causing it too).

            What specifically are you accusinge of lying about?

            1. Some may not be “turning the violent ones over to the police” because they don’t trust the police.

              Then they support violence. It is that simple. If you think that turning someone into the police is bad and won't do it, then you think violence is better.

              Basically, this goes to how mentally defective you are. You can't accept that anyone on your side could be bad or that your side could be responsible for harm. So, you just invent one absurd rationalization after another to keep from admitting the obvious.

              1. If the police are violent then is supporting the police violent? I don't know what square area you're from, but we ain't snitches here. You can support big government, bootlicking, intrusive police tactics where you live, but in Oregon we support freedom. The PPB can't be trusted.

                1. "in Oregon we support freedom"

                  Unless it's freedom you don't like then you burn it down or kill it.

                  1. Setting small fires is wrong and against the law. However kneeling on an unarmed guys neck for 8 minutes or shooting a guy 7 times in the back at point blank range are bigger threats to freedom.

                    1. WRONG! Shooting someone who is defying law enforcement is EXACTLY what creates individual freedom/justice. In a civilized community we don't run around picking fights and defying law enforcement under some delusion of creating justice - that gets handled in the judicial department (court).

                      Letting those who defy law enforcement to just get away and harm other people is NOT JUSTICE!

                    2. I don't know of a single person who defended Chauvin kneeling on Floyd.
                      The Jacob Blake one, like Rayshard Brooks in ATL, is a tougher spot.

                      Neither are an excuse for rioting, destroying innocent people's businesses, and assassinating people who disagree with you

            2. Have you even bothered to learn blac block tactics before sounding so fucking retarded? Half of it is hiding rioters inside the group. It is why they all wear common clothing.

              1. Have you actually been to a protest? Then you would know that the "black block" boogey men are only a small fraction of the people there. The ratio goes up when the trumpistas come looking to brawl, but that's because most protestors are avoiding the incidents that turn violent.

                1. And antifa doesn't actually exist.


            3. Defending property from destruction by RIOTERS is not "coming heavily armed to protests that may turn violent". You would have locals choose to abandon their property. This is a libertarian website; do you not believe in property rights? Your narrative failed with the first pallet of delivered bricks.

              1. Is it their property? Did the owners of said property ask them for help? Even if what they're doing is legal doesn't make it any less wrong. Why would someone travel across state lines to "defend the property" of someone they don't know or didn't ask for their help. They know damn well what they're doing. Kyle Rittenhouse at least has the excuse of being just a kid. The proud boys are hoping one of the protesters does something so they can shoot them. If you think they give two shots about property you're dumb. They want to kill someone. Killing someone cuz they disagree with you doesn't sound very libertarian to me? But there's a lot of different views that fall under libertarian. I don't consider myself a libertarian anyway.

                1. KillAllRednecksSQRLSY
                  August.31.2020 at 6:16 pm
                  I’m a troll

                2. You don't have the mental capacity to function in society.
                  I see a psychiatric institution in your future

                  1. Mind sharing why you think that?

            4. "The people protesting are protesting police issues."

              Some people are easily confused, and our newest lefty shitstain is among them.

              1. I know it's hard for your inbred ass, but why do you think I'm confused? The protests were set off by police conduct?

        2. This poor bastard is so deranged he'd vote for Trump if Trump was a D.

          1. You Trump supporters are so dumb that you don't realize Trump would run as a D if he thought it gave him a better chance to win. I wouldn't vote for Trump ever. If a moderate R ran I'd vote for them(not romney cuz Mormons are evil) but if it was a far right r I'd probably vote 3rd party of for kodos.

            1. IF he still supported the same policy, what difference would it make? None. It would only make a difference if you were a partisan zombie like you are.

        3. The vast majority of protesters are not breaking any laws.

          Stop lying.

          1. What evidence do you have that I'm lying? Have you been to any of the protests?

        4. The Oregon State Police were in Portland, and they were arresting the mostly peaceful protesters who broke the law. Then the local DA didn't prosecute them, and the state police said "see ya later, we're going somewhere the DA actually cares about prosecuting crimes".

          1. Im for the DA having discretion. I'm sure some of the people arrested should be prosecuted and some shouldn't. Without seeing the cases I don't know. Just because some people were arrested doesn't mean most the protesters aren't peaceful. Do you people only get your news from the far right kooks who want Trump reelected? The vast majority of people at the protests don't break the law. Why is that so hard to understand? 10,000s possibly 100,000 people have attended protests over the past 3 months. If anything the fact there's only been few hundred arrests should show that the vast majority aren't doing anything wrong! It's not perfect cuz they don't catch a lot of people who break the law and have arrested a few innocent people, but he'll if you round it up to 1000(hell alot of the knuckleheads have been arrested multiple times), 1000/100000 is 1%. I admit this isn't the best post I'm just trying to get a cross how many people have protested compared to the troublemakers.

            1. Nobody doubts that you're pro marxist rioters (and pedophiles)

              1. I don't know what makes you think I'm a marxist(I know that's the go to insult for braindead cons, but you may wanna look it up because I don't think you know what it means). Mormons worship pedophiles, and I'm pro sending mormons to gas chambers, so I'm pretty anti pedophile.

    2. You sound awfully looney yourself, KAR.

    3. Can't tell.

      UBL sockpuppet
      Actual Fucktard Proggie?

      1. Actual fucktard proggie. You can't satirize these people. They really are this stupid and delusional. For a long time I hated Antifa and the far left. I still have no use for them but part of me feels sorry for them. As nasty and vicious as they are, it is pretty clear they are all mental defectives being manipulated and used by some seriously evil people on the left.

        1. What exactly do you think is wrong with my post?

          1. Is your post and username hyperbole? Or should it be taken literally?
            Let's start there.

          2. It is completely fucking delusional and every word of it is a lie. There have been violent riots going on in Portland for over 90 straight days. That isn't caused by the police and it isn't because "most people are peaceful". That is because there is a violent mob that the city refuses to arrest and stop. It is that simple. There is something mentally wrong with anyone who can't see that.

            1. Are you in Oregon or Portland? There has been violence, but that has been caused by a small minority. The vast majority of protesters have been peaceful. Trump invited more violence when he sent the DHS troops in. Anyone with a brain knew that would role people up. I wish the media(both MSM and kooky right) would stop covering Antifa and proud boys brawls. I feel bad for some of the businesses downtown, but it's not as bad as many are making it out to be. I lived downtown in 2016 and the protests weren't that big a deal. And people I know who still work or live around there say it's not too much worse than 2016. That's anecdotal, but so is a lot of the horror stories.

              1. They shot 80 cops with lasers and tried to blind them. They murdered a guy this weekend for having the wrong politics. There is nothing peaceful about it. Read Rommelman's accounts of what is going on there. Fuck you and your violent fascist mobs. No one here is believing your lies.

                1. "facist lies?" How do you know what's happening if you're not at the protests? It's not just the MSM that's skewing things. The kooks on the right are trying to make Portland seem like a dystopian shithole cuz it helps Trump. Covid has changed things, but if Portland is some liberal hellhole then why have carpetbaggers from California been moving here like crazy? Why have rent and home prices skyrockets the past few years(partly cuz of crummy regulations, but mostly demand)? Take Nancy's "reporting" with a grain of salt. She is obviously looking for the violent ones and ignoring most non violent protesters. She has a history of bending the truth to fit her narrative(she lied about working for her husband when people started calling out her podcast and boycotting her husband's business.) She also gets info from Andy Ngo who lies and distorts his "commentary" to fit his far right world view.

                  1. ""How do you know what’s happening if you’re not at the protests?""

                    How would you? That comment cuts both ways.

                    1. I live in Portland and it's obvious that Trump and his allies in right wing media want to cause as much violence as possible in Portland and portray it as out of control. Most of us who live here are trying to correct the right wing propoganda. A big problem is Trump supporters are as dumb as they come. IfTrump said the sky wasn't Blue his supporters would claim the liberal media painted the sky to make Trump look bad. These people are so delusional it's scary.

                2. We don't know all the facts about the murder yet. Many witnesses say the armed Trump supporters were escalating things. Why do the heavily armed far right goons get a pass, but "SOME OF THE PROTESTERS HAD LASERS! OH THE HUMANITY! How do you know spewing "fascist lies?" If you're getting all your info from "rommel-men" then you're getting "fascist lies."

                  1. Right right yaboyz murdered someone so run interference

                    1. Why do you need to lie to insult me?

                    2. If I ever do I'll answer you.

                  2. dont recognize this guy's name... pretty recent is he? i'm getting the feeling he is a paid agitpropper and not worth engaging

                    1. Haha you kooky cons and your conspiracy theories! "Someone disagreeing with me? They must be fake or some kind of paid agitator." You don't get out much do you?

              2. And if you really believe this, then why aren't you condemning Biden for allowing his staff to bail these people out? Don't you want the violent minority that you claim is causing so much harm to be in jail? Biden's staff doesn't.

                1. I would never condemn anyone for bailing protesters out of jail. I'm against bail in most cases and support the protesters. Also what does Biden's staff bailing people out in another state have to do with anything? That's a goddamn non sequiter.

                  1. Lol you the Dem literally suck Biden off in that last post.

              3. A small minority of the mostly peaceful protesters are violent and destructive. And the rest of the mob is giving them cover and cheering them on.

                1. Remember when that guy tried to assassinate the Obamas and Clintons with pipe bombs?

                2. "giving them cover and cheering them on." You mean the Portland police and patriot prayer? The guys that show up heavily armed to cause trouble. People in Portland don't trust the police(a big factor in the protests) so of course they aren't going to collude and snitch. Why are the protesters collectively guilty?

                  1. No, we mean scumbags like you - your hive

                    1. Good one Tardz! Next time try to stare why you think I'm wrong! I know you can do it! Keep trying!

        2. I'm not pro antifa btw. Don't know where you got that. Most people(including proggie) in Portland don't support Antifa.

          1. Yes you are. You are on here lying and excusing them and pretending they don't exist and this violence is just a few criminals. You are lying for them. That makes you pro antifa. Every Democrat is.

            1. I never said they don't exist? I'm saying they aren't as numerous or disruptive as many people are claiming. The violence is caused by a few criminals! There's been a few hundred arrests(that's not the best statistic cuz many get away and some innocent people have been arrested) since this started. There have been 10,000s if not 100,000 people who have protested since it started. It's a small fraction that's causing trouble! It sucks someone was killed this weekend and we don't have all the facts, but according to many witnesses it was the trumpers escalating things. And it was most likely a small fraction of the trumpers doing the escalating(although bringing loaded guns to an event that has a good chance of getting violent is escalating the situation imo.)

              1. Yeap... no biggie..


                Just because you choose to be ignorant it doesn't mean the rest of us are.

                1. I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I feel sorry for SOME businesses downtown. The dude who wrote the letter to the council is so rich and politically connected I don't feel too bad. Also a lot of the problems downtown predate the protests. Covid and junkies caused a lot of problems. To be fair a lot of the knuckleheads getting violent are junkies.

                  1. Bro we get it you're a boring douchbag Dem pretending not to be.

                    So boring.

                    1. If we are assuming things I'm going to assume you're an inbred redneck. There's the same amount of evidence. Wanting Biden to beat Fuhrer doesn't make someone a dem. I actually have been registered a R more than a D cuz I usually would rather vote in R primaries.

                    2. OMFG you're so rote and boring.

                    3. You know what they say about assuming, it makes you look like a boring idiot.

                    4. You just insult me and don't actually contribute anything. Sorry if my facts burst your bubble

                    5. KillAllRednecks
                      August.31.2020 at 6:16 pm
                      I’m a troll

                    6. What facts?

            2. "every democrat is." Looks like you're the one lying dude. I'm not a dem either btw.

              1. I understand the temptation to tell trolls how noxious they are, but really this type just comes here to provoke and then get off on the response, all the while singing their little song of how much they late "Trumpistas" and "the loony right."

                Feed a dialogue, starve a troll.

                1. That has literally never worked.

                2. I'm a troll cuz you disagree with me? What's with the majority of reason commenters having no logic? If someone disagrees with Trump half the commenters say "TDS or Orange Man bad?" It's like cancel culture. No criticism of Trump can be genuine in their eyes. It boggles my mind people are so dumb.

                  1. KillAllRednecks
                    August.31.2020 at 6:16 pm
                    I’m a troll

                    You got one right.

                    1. Good one! You win the internet!

                    2. KillAllRednecks
                      August.31.2020 at 6:21 pm
                      Good one! You win

                      I know.

                      There's 2.

    4. Get up off of your damn knees.

    5. At least chipper has a new friend.

      1. At least I don't live in SHITHOLE AZ! Too be fair Flagstaff is cool and I have family in phoenix and Tuscon. Still most of AZ is bumfuck awful

        1. You thought this was an intelligent retort? You literally named about 60% of the population centers as good dumbfuck.

          1. I didn't say Tuscon or Phoenix weren't awful, they are.

            1. Bro you're from Portland the entire world is lauginhg at you.

              1. Portland is a great place to live. Despite what the looney right and the fuhrer says it's actually attracting a lot of people. I don't know where you're from, but if it's flyover country or the south it'd be funny.

                1. Still laughing at you.

                  1. Of course you're troll. Sorry that Oregon is better than whatever shithole produced your zero intelligent ass.

                    1. KillAllRednecks
                      August.31.2020 at 6:16 pm
                      I’m a troll

                      Still laughing.

                    2. your zero intelligent

                      got him

                    3. Typo. It should of said intelligence

                    4. It should of said

                      Oh Jesus thankee!!!

                    5. It should of said intelligence

                      Fuckin' LOL

                    6. "your zero intelligent"
                      "should of"


    6. Pigs are like Mormons, they need to be exterminated.

      Hey SQRLSY, I like that your sock name reflects the proper level of bat-shit crazy you reach when off your meds. Good luck with that! Hope they get the dosage corrected soon or that you stop palming the pills.

      1. I'm not a sock puppet. If you're Mormon do the world a favor and kill your family and your self.

        1. KillAllRednecks
          August.31.2020 at 6:16 pm
          I’m a troll

          1. If you're a Mormon kill your family and yourself troll. You certainly seem to have the intelligence of a Mormon.

            1. KillAllRednecks
              August.31.2020 at 6:16 pm
              I’m a troll

        2. That's what the sock puppets always say....

          Here is a test. If you can resist going on and on about magic underwear, that will prove you are not SQRLSY, who definitely has some OCD mixed in with whatever kind of crazy he is on.

          Magic underwear. 3... 2... 1...

          1. I don't know who SQRLSY is and don't care. The magic underwear is harmless idiocy. The real danger is they try to convert everyone they come in contact with and breed like rabbits. If I knocked on a LDS door and said "you gotta try this beer, it changed my life and I want all the world to enjoy it!" they would call me crazy. The thing is that beer is real and drinking it wouldn't affect anyone else. Their God isn't real and they try to force their extreme views on others. I had to live in Utah for a short time and it's a theocracy in many ways. Mormons are scumbags. The world would be a better place if they were gone.

            1. SQRLSY busted again.

              1. I don't know who that is, but if they hate Mormons they're all right in my book

              2. LOL! Definitely SQRLSY. You can smell the nuts on him.

                1. Are you Mormon? If you're please shoot up your church. You'd be doing the world a huge favor.

                  1. KillAllRednecks
                    August.31.2020 at 6:16 pm
                    I’m a troll

            2. They do keep their bodies healthy and ripe for the picking when they get certain urges from Satan to go on Grindr, not that I know anything about that.

              1. You're fat.

        3. KillAllRednecks
          August.31.2020 at 6:19 pm
          "I’m not a sock puppet..."

          OK, a random fucking lefty ignoramus then.

          1. I know you can do it Sevo! One of these days you'll be able to disagree and state why. I know you'll still try and insult me and that's great cuz I'm doing something right if an inbred pos like you doesn't like me.

  20. Ask yourself, do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters? Really?

    Uhh... you and your VP candidate LITERALLY asked your supporters to bail out the rioters in Minnesota. Literally.

    Yes, you have a soft spot for rioters... when you think it's good for you politically.

    1. During the pandemic(and even after because it's the right thing to do) cash bail should be reduced significantly or elimated for most crimes. If you haven't been convicted of a crime why should you be extorted to get out of jail?

      1. Way to miss the whole. entire. point.

      2. The whole problem of bail is flawed.

        Were you arrested for a violent crime? Then you shouldn't be out on bail, regardless of your ability to pay

        On the flip side, if it wasn't a violent crime, then you shouldn't be in jail, period.

        1. ^ finally someone with some sense.

        2. Theft isn't a violent crime. So, you think someone who steals shouldn't go to jail? Wrong answer. Lots of non violent crimes have real victims and the people who do them deserve to go to jail.

          1. Depends on what was stolen and how. If someone is accused of a violent crime they still haven't been convicted.

            1. Yes that's how detention works.

      3. Need links to all the assaults, murders, and robberies based on your well thought out idea?

        1. What's your point? Crime still happens under our current bail system. If someone is accused of murder or rape then bail isn't outlandish. If you're worried about the accused committing some kind of crime there are ways to monitor that person and reduce or stop them from committing future crimes. Whether they paid money to the court or not.

          1. " there are ways to monitor that person and reduce or stop them from committing future crimes. "

            Such as?

            And please, skip the ones that allow the accused to kill the victim before anything can be done.

            1. Ankle bracelet, having cops monitor their residence, court counselors. All this stuff is pretty well known, but I didn't realize you wanted to know. I understand your an idiot.

              1. Not good at reading?

                please, skip the ones that allow the accused to kill the victim before anything can be done.

                1. Did you skip the part where I said bail for murder and rape was not outlandish? All those things I mentioned especially ankle monitors and cops monitoring a defenders residence(could include work or anyplace they go) would reduce the possibility of future crime(especially "kill the victim") considerably. Sorry I keep forgetting you're an imbecile and need everything explained thouroghly.

                  1. So you can't answer got it.

                    1. I did answer. If you're too stupid to read it that's on you. I don't think I could of made it any more clear.

                    2. So you still can't answer and are super butthurt about it got it.

                    3. "I could of"


                    4. You're the one who seems butthurt since you keep trolling me. I don't give a shit about you. And Tardz sorry but I just can't make stupid cons like you understand common sense. If you understood it you wouldn't be a stupid kooky eighty.

              2. your an idiot

                got him

                1. He's just a troll. It wouldn't surprise me if he's also an inbred moron with hookworm from the south too, but he's obviously trolling.

                  1. KillAllRednecks
                    August.31.2020 at 6:16 pm
                    I’m a troll

                  2. Wait you don't get it?

                    He doesn't get it. Holy shit.

                    1. Shhhhhhhh!

                    2. My sides hurt

              3. ""Ankle bracelet, having cops monitor their residence, court counselors. All this stuff is pretty well known, ""

                And when that fails?

  21. Six Democratic mayors in Minnesota have now endorsed Trump as a result of the riots and Biden's platform.

    1. Dozens of GOP politicians have endorsed Biden because they see Trump as unfit.

      1. The neo-cons and warmongers are against trump? Wait a minute, I'm starting to like this guy....

        1. It really blows the lefts mind that the republican base is more than happy to let them claim the pro-endless war crowd.

        2. It would make sense that'd they'd be neocon warmongerers, since the vast majority of GOP politicians are neocon warmongerers. Biden doesn't have a good foreign policy record, but neither do most Ds and Rs.

          1. KillAllRednecks
            August.31.2020 at 6:16 pm
            I’m a troll

            1. yes... a troll and every thread he has been in has not advanced any reasonable line of discussion ... total waste of life...
              i'm sure he is making his Soros bucks (or pennies)

              1. Anyone who disagrees with you must be on Soros payroll! Yeah that's it! I would think the simplest explanation would be people have differing views, but no it has to be Soros.(I don't know, but if you're super pro-israel and anti palestinian it'd be hilarious. So many kooky rights have a hard on for israel, but have anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.) You people live in bizarro world. If you disagree with me that's fine, but at least I'm trying to explain things. The majority of people are just saying I'm wrong with no explanation and/or insulting me. Tulpa's just a troll. It's funny how when there is some sort of explanation why I'm wrong it often involves disproven far right conspiracies.

      2. Some has-beens versus mayors who actually run cities?

        I will take the mayors.

  22. What took so long?

    P.S. Richard Nixon wasn't a crook, and we know that's a fact because he said so.

  23. Why is Joe Biden on the spot here? Isn't the guy with the gasoline President Trump. I am sick to death of hearing how Joe Biden has to say of do something. Trump has spent almost 4 year telling of carnage and then bringing it on to us. But you know we expect that from Trump and we let it slide. We are not living in Biden's America, we are living in a hellhole Trump created and that can change in November.

    1. I'm still waiting for Kamala Harris to tell us whether she plans to take a knee during the national anthem if she's elected Vice President.

      1. Maybe, maybe not. But the anthem will not be played at her swearing in ceremony. At least no the anthem of the United States of America.

      2. I waiting to see if Putin releases the Trump tapes when Trump of no more use to him.

        1. oh. One of those moderates.

        2. That hoax is so lat Feb.

          1. Sorry you must have missed the recent Senate (Republican controlled Senate) report on the Russian interference in the 2016 election. Google it so you can catch up.

            1. You should read the non Vox sites on it sweetie. It doesn't say what you think it does sweetie.

        3. Nobody uses tapes anymore. This is the digital age.

      3. Because she’s black right?

        1. She's Indian.

          1. I wonder why Ken thinks she would kneel during the anthem.

          2. I also wonder why Ken is such a fucking easy mark, but we’ll leave that to his therapist.

            The national anthem? Bog standard patriotic pandering? Give me a goddamn break.

            1. You're obese.

              1. Oh good Tulpa’s here said nobody ever.

    2. then bringing it on to us

      citation needed.

    3. we are living in a hellhole Trump created

      Explain please.

      1. Sorry you did notice that we have pandemic and the President has shown no leadership. We have racial unrest and the President has shown no leadership.

        1. Trump stopped flights to China and shut down the border and people like you called him a racist. Meanwhile, a few Democratic governors were forcing COVID patients into nursing home killing tens of thousands of people. But hey, they made up for it by needlessly shutting down the economy and continuing to do so long after it was clear it wasn't necessary and over Trump's objection.

          Yeah, the whole thing is Trump's fault. He incited those Democrat governors to do all of that stuff.

          1. They are amazingly stupid.

          2. A partial ban on flights from China is the sum total of the best approach because... of all the success that followed? Because Trump told you it was?

            1. And if it had been up to Democrats he would not have done that. Trump didn’t force sick people into nursing homes. Democrats did that.

              1. So the (partial) ban on travel from China would’ve worked if not for those pesky Democrat governors?

                Have you rightwing cunts ever taken responsibility for anything in your miserable lives?

                1. Probably would have worked better than non-infected people wearing masks.

          3. Moderation4ever
            August.31.2020 at 5:05 pm
            "Sorry you did notice that we have pandemic and the President has shown no leadership..."

            We noticed we have a mild, wide-spread illness, and that the D governors have trashed the economies of their states as a result, and that Trump is doing his best to restart those economies, and fucking TDS victims like you arm-wave about 'leadership' absent evidence or particulars.
            Stuff your TDS up your ass so your head has some company, you pathetic piece of lefty shit.

        2. Sorry you did notice that we have pandemic and the President has shown no leadership. We have racial unrest and the President has shown no leadership.
          Moar specifics please. you said, and i quote:

          Isn’t the guy with the gasoline President Trump. I am sick to death of hearing how Joe Biden has to say of do something. Trump has spent almost 4 year telling of carnage and then bringing it on to us.

          Specific examples please. And "trump is a meanie" don't count

          1. "trump is a meanie" is all they got.

            Ask them for one solid example of Trump's "racism".


    4. do you blame women in short skirts for being raped?

      1. What are you talking about here? The woman that have accused Trump of rape? What does that have to do with Trump's lack of leadership?

        1. Do you ever post without lying, scumbag?

        2. I'm curious.
          You won't know the answer to this, because your psyche depends on it, but why did you choose the name "Moderation4ever"?

          This should be fun...

        3. Moderation4ever's brain terminal -- lol....
          'error: my presidential god isn't telling me what to do'
          'error: my presidential god isn't telling me what to do'
          'error: my presidential god isn't telling me what to do'

    5. Moderation4ever
      August.31.2020 at 4:29 pm
      "Why is Joe Biden on the spot here?..."

      I'm guessing that you are such a fucking imbecile you mean that seriously.

    6. The Left tells us that "silence is violence". Of course Biden has to speak out against it.

  24. So far, to the extent that the violence is generating a backlash against the Black Lives Matter movement, it does not seem to be impacting Biden's popularity. Nevertheless, Trump surrogates evidently believe the violence in several U.S. cities could be a winning issue, and are trying to spin them as "Biden riots."

    Does Robby just not know what the word "nevertheless" means? It is meant to make a point of contrast when one point does not logically follow another. The fact that the riots have discredited the BLM movement and caused Biden to drop in the polls is why the Republicans think it is a winning issue. They don't think it is a winning issue in spite of that, which is what your use of "Nevertheless" is saying.

    More than anything, the reason staff are just poor writers.

  25. NOW, to be sure, Robby.

    3 months ago?

  26. 90 days late. About right for Mr. On-top-of-things.

  27. Joe Biden Condemns Riots: 'Setting Fires Is Not Protesting'

    Joe would know. He was there when fire was discovered.

  28. So, he condemned rioting. That is nice. Now, what does he want to do to stop it? Does he think Ted Wheeler should accept federal aid? If not, then what does he think Wheeler should do?

    Condemning the riots is not enough. Biden needs to explain what he wants done to stop them and why Democratic mayors either refuse to stop them even though they are able or refuse federal help to stop them when they can't.

    1. Yes, Robby Soave- a man who never heard a line uttered by a GOP politician without fact checking them- would like us to know that Biden has clearly and vociferously disavowed violent protest.

      Sure, sure, maybe Biden- indeed the entire DNC- had nothing to say about any of this violence at the convention. Sure, his staff has been bailing out violent rioters. And sure he has turned a blind eye to it for months. And sure, he has said the only way to stop the violence is for Trump to lose the election. But, because he SAYS he is against violence, he ought to get the benefit of the doubt, right?

  29. His VP literally asked for money to bail rioters out

    1. And no one in the Democratic Party said a fucking word against the riots until they realized it was hurting them in the polls. If the riots were helping them, the Democratic Party would still be cheering them on.

      1. Why? What possible reason would Joe Biden have to side with so-called rioters? Do you think he’s as stupid as Trump?

        1. No, no. He is much dumber than Trump.

          1. Senile even.

        2. "...Do you think he’s as stupid as Trump?"

          Trump actually held jobs and made a living; Biden's never done anything other than slop at the public trough.
          Pretty good evidence that Biden's wattage it a good bit lower than Trump's.

          1. Look at Joe's major political accomplishments and how he has to hide from them all now.

          2. If Trump brought us nothing else it’s permission to finally put the notion to bed that businessmen make great public servants.

            1. Biden cant get it right in 40+ years but he'll finally get it right in his dotage lololol

              1. He managed to get re-elected, which is probably more than we’ll be able to say for Trump.

                1. Probably? I thought it was certain?

                  Good to see you are starting to accept reality.

                2. Fuck man Nixon got re-elected lololok

            2. "If Trump brought us nothing else it’s permission to finally put the notion to bed that businessmen make great public servants."

              Notice all the evidence to back the stated claim rather than the sub-text of 'I hate him'.

        3. What do you mean so called rioters? Is Biden lying when he calls out the rioters?

          And sided with the rioters because he thought it would help him. It was his staff that was bailing them out of jail.

          1. Trump just defended a double murderer from the White House briefing room.

            You know, you’d think you’d get one of these desperate rightwing talking points right by accident at least once:


            1. Self defense isn't murder, so...

  30. If Joe Biden is against riots, does he plan to fire those on his staff who donated to bail out rioters? If not, why not?

  31. So Finger Slidin Biden is like John F'n Kerry who was for it before he was against it. Joe didn't know anything till his handlers told him what to say after finishing his fruit cup.

    1. ... after finishing his Jello.

      He gets his lime Jello on Sundays.

  32. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Biden's position on the riots is the full equivalent of "I'm against abortion, so I'm not having one". It doesn't matter if he's personally opposed to rioting if he's against any actual policy efforts to actually stop rioting.

    Let me know when he joins Trump in declaring that the governors should call in the National Guard (like they should have done the first week) to shut down the riots. Until then, Biden's policy position is pro-riot, whatever pieties he might mouth.

  33. "Every time you see a burned out building or looted store, it is a reminder of failed Democrat leadership,"

    Works for me.

  34. It looks like his advisors told him, "Look, just say you are against any bad things like rioting, looting, vandalism and setting fires; but you are in favor of good things like peaceful protests." I have yet to see a sound or YOUTUBE bite where Biden has really said something other than an obvious pat answer to any issue.

    But in contradistinction to another poster, I would not describe him as a "fully functioning adult. Rather he is an adult whose functions are fading.

  35. And a thousand “libertarian” race war boners just went floppy. Did you expect him to go Mad King Joe and urge the scary blacks to burn it all?

    The level of political malpractice on the Trump side is, well, I guess pretty much as expected. Claim Biden is in the final throes of dementia, so expectations become “get through a speech without drooling,” and Biden does just that.

    Claim Biden is for scary black looting and set him up for a Sistah Souljah so easy that not a single black voter will bat an eye.

    Retards. All Republicans are dumb retards. Ironically that’s why Russia helps them win despite themselves.

    1. Your thinking process parallels that of a true racist.

      1. The "scary black looting" line jumped out at me, I guess he thinks white conservatives are all on the anti-theft and property damage side and black liberals are all on the pro- side? But we are the racists.

        1. The GOP strategy hasn’t changed in 50 years. I suppose you think the suburbs crap isn’t about race either.

          1. 0/10

          2. You mean their annoying tendency to not roll over and let woke white nutjobs burn everything to the ground? that suburb crap? and it's about race because......oh right, because your white people claim to speak for every black person. So nice of you guys!

            1. Because it’s always been about race. The suburbs exist so white people would have someplace to live away from black people. That is their essence and purpose.

              But that’s more an academic matter than Trump’s obvious race baiting. But it’s not going to work. These aren’t the suburban moms who used to vote Republican because they fear scary blacks. They probably don’t want their sons and daughters attending political protests being shot by rightwing vigilantes.

              1. They aren't race riots in Portland. It's insurrection.

                1. Yes, rightwing vigilantes groups are trying to usurp law and order, agreed.

                  1. 0/10

              2. The suburbs exist so white people would have someplace to live away from black people.

                So . . . you support when black people want to live away from white people - but you oppose it when white people live away from black people?

                And your racism is showing again with your presumption that, for some reason, black people are incapable of moving to the suburbs. Something tons of them have actually done.

                1. Now that it’s illegal to ban them from living there, sure. Of course de facto segregation is a thing in many cities. The easier to ignore their problems, naturally.

                  1. De facto segregation? Shit, even blacks with money don't want to live near hood rats. The ghetto is a damn crab bucket, and the minute anyone gets any kind of money, they beat it on out of there and go live in majority white neighborhoods.

                  2. So you're bitching about something that stopped being a thing before any of us were born?

              3. The suburbs exist so white people would have someplace to live away from black people. That is their essence and purpose.

                And this is why you fail. You're so close-minded that you cannot fathom that there's reasons other than racism that people don't want to live in big cities. That's literally the other reason. It has nothing to do with lower taxes and cheaper housing. It has nothing to do with the expansion of families during the Baby Boom era, nothing to do with the massive increase in automobile ownership.

                Literally the only thing that caused it was scared white people fleeing from their black neighbors, right?

              4. Your party is one of slavery, one of eugenics, one of the kkk, one of jim crow, one of aborted black children, and now convinces minorities to self segregate.

                And you have the ignorance to blame the other side?

                1. Yes, I’m blaming the party of slavery, kkk, eugenics, and the murder of brown children: the Republicans.

                  Save your idiotic history lessons for idiot children who don’t know any better.

                  1. Ugh oh... First two are History Channel links (cannot post more than one). This is "Church of Scientology," level shit.

                    If you preach to your children the opposite of the truth, it becomes the gospel that cannot be dispelled by simply presenting them with reality. Reality, that which you see with your own lying eyes, they say, is merely a lie in-and-of-itself constructed to make you believe that the truth, the real truth that they are telling you, is the not the true truth.

                    "In 1877, a compromise to gain Southern support in the presidential election (a corrupt bargain) resulted in the government's withdrawing the last of the federal troops from the South. White Democrats had regained political power in every Southern state.[17] These Southern, white, Democratic Redeemer governments legislated Jim Crow laws, officially segregating black people from the white population."

                    "Founded in 1865, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) extended into almost every southern state by 1870 and became a vehicle for white southern resistance to the Republican Party’s Reconstruction-era policies aimed at establishing political and economic equality for Black Americans."

                    "For those identifying historical figures with racist roots who should be removed from public view because of their evil histories, Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger, must join that list. In promoting birth control, she advanced a controversial 'Negro Project,' wrote in her autobiography about speaking to a Ku Klux Klan group and advocated for a eugenics approach to breeding for 'the gradual suppression, elimination and eventual extinction, of defective stocks — those human weeds which threaten the blooming of the finest flowers of American civilization.'"


                    1. As I indicated, I know what point you are trying to make. The racist Southerners used to be a faction of the Democratic Party.

                      Of course then the racist Southerners migrated to the Republican Party (as voters, if not party ID) when the Democrats decided to be the party of good and truth on race, which was a split that the politicians predicted would happen. LBJ notably and colorfully said so.

                      Nothing that happened half a century or two centuries ago makes Donald Trump not the king of the racists.

        2. It's interesting that he makes it about race when I think most of us are aware that it's pretty much all white progressives out there at this point. The black people involved in each BLM "protest" taper off quickly by the third day after the latest cause for outrage

          1. The black people involved in each BLM “protest” taper off quickly by the third day after the latest cause for outrage.

            They go on the late-night shift specializing in planning, logistics, and resale.

    2. "...Did you expect him to go Mad King Joe and urge the scary blacks to burn it all?.."

      No, he did exactly as expected: His handlers waited until it was obvious that Trump was kicking his ass on the issue and then wrote a script for him.
      Prolly didn't require more than 5 takes until he got through the entire thing without drooling.

    3. "Did you expect him to go Mad King Joe and urge the scary blacks to burn it all?"

      The left are the only ones pretending that black people are predominantly the ones rioting. Or is "hoping" more accurate?

      Everyone knows it's your "trust fund trash" woke white people (credit to Just Say'n for that delightful term) burning down their own cities

    4. Where are the blacks at these BLM riots? White privilege is hiding your violence behind black grievances, you pasty white fuck

      1. Imagine the disappointment of the organized caravans of rightwing vigilantes who come from out of town to cause violence. Oh well, white granola munchers are good enough as targets, am I right?

        1. "white granola munchers are good enough as targets, am I right?"

          Though, skinny as they are, it takes pretty good aim

  36. Perhaps Biden does not have a soft spot for rioters and looters, but his party has demonstrated they definitely do, and Biden is not a man of deep and firm convictions or ethics. Not to mention what happens when he is declared incompetent or passes from this mortal coil. His VP selection implied he was a racist during the primaries, it is not as if she has any scruples.

  37. Reason style guide:

    Trump passes criminal justice reform: Trump is the law and order candidate

    Trump is first president not to start a war since Ford: Democrats, who voted against removing troops from Afghanistan and Syria, are against war, unlike Trump

    Biden campaign gives money to bail out rioters, but one time he condemned rioters: It's wrong to tie Biden to the rioters whom his campaign donating money to bail out

    NYT sets the narrative, Reason just regurgitates it

    1. Stop pretending like Reason is "independent thinkers" or "libertarians". This is Niskanen shit and nothing more

      1. .000000000017/10

        1. Hey, CJ. You got more hot takes about how you support criminal justice reform, but also send men with guns to enforce pee pee policies?

          Absolute clown

          1. .000000000023/10

            1. i'm trying to figure out your scoring [sry if i am a bit slow]... is a tiny score a good thing? meaning the amount of performative outrage being so small should be taken as a good thing or is it that the person was attempting performative outrage [being a fake] and failed miserably at being convincing?

  38. Fair enough. Shotgun Joe Biden has always been tough on crime, and he picked a former DA who is even tougher on crime for his VP.

    So why isn't he calling the mayors of Minneapolis and Kenosha and Seattle and Portland and Atlanta and LA and Chicago and asking them to crack down on looting, rioting, arson, and violence? Why are the Democrat mayors and governors in those cities and states not asking for federal help, and actively turning it away? Why are city councils and DAs looking the other way for serious crimes and blaming the police?

    1. Because they want to see the world burn as long as it might help get rid of Trump. Leftists hate Trump more than they care about their constituents.

      1. Funny since Trump’s admitted campaign strategy is to increase violence because he thinks he can scare enough people to re-elect him.

        1. Except that that is not his 'admitted campaign strategy' and nothing he's doing is increasing the violence.

        2. Funny how you forgot no civility until dems elected that some dem leaders were spouting.

        3. And those mayors in Portland and Seattle are going along with his scheme?

    2. trump should call on joe to join him in calling on the mayors and governors to call in the guard and stop the insanity (shout out to susan powter) . He could say something like "Joe is the top Democrat, presidential nominee - for sure all these democrat governors and mayors will listen to him and take his advice. He can stop all this violence by joining me and calling on these politicos to bring an end to all this." Then trump wins either way... either joe does it and is ignored by the crazy left pols, in which case it is obvious he is not national leader material ... or they heed his word but by being associated with trumps call to arms he is following trumps lead and he is then no real leader.

  39. "Do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters? Really?"

    No, you look like a weather-vane of a politico whose handlers finally got you to make a statement once they saw your opponent winning that argument.

  40. A vote for Trump indicates you may be crazy. A vote for Biden proves you are an ignorant and naive tool.

  41. The reality is that prominent Democrats and the media have spent months denying that rioting was even happening. Now that it is showing up in their focus groups they'e scrambling to convince us they opposed this violence all along.

    House Democrats vote unanimously against resolution that condemns violence and rioting

    1. The only politician advocating violence and supporting politically motivated killers is Trump. He just did it from the briefing room.

      1. 0/10

      2. You're forgetting Harriss' support of the rioting.

          1. Rioting is the voice of the unheard.

    2. You have to give the Democrats credit. They've found a way to justify their silence on the riots: refusing to admit they exist! Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) tried that when he ran into a citizen who asked him if he disavowed the Antifa violence in Portland. "That's a myth," he insisted, "being spread only in Washington, D.C." Well, if it's a myth, Oregon residents will tell you, it's a pretty convincing one.

      To the hundreds of police and federal officers taking cover from mortars, fireworks, and hammers, the idea that Portland's mayhem belongs in a league with Sasquatch is more than a little deranged. Videos of protestors burning streets, hauling down fences, and lobbing Molotov cocktails at buildings are a lot of things, but faked is not one of them. "Sir," Austen Fletcher pressed, wondering if he'd heard the congressman right, "There's videos everywhere online," Mr. Fletcher continued. "There's fires and riots, they're throwing fireworks at federal officers. DHS is there. Look online. It gets crazy, Mr. Nadler."

      Nadler, whose staff is desperately nudging him to the car at that point, is nonplussed. And why not? This is a man who stood on the House floor and called Antifa -- a group so dangerous that President Trump declared them a terrorist organization -- "imaginary."

      1. "Seven Democrats spoke and ... questioned the witnesses. Not a single one dared to ... criticize antifa in any way, because they're making a cynical decision that they want to encourage these radical leftists who are assaulting and threatening American citizens," Cruz said. "It's really unfortunate."

        1. Trump is defending the guy who killed two protesters.

          1. So protestors chase people down who try to put out fires so they can throw glass bottles at them, hit people with skateboards, and chase people down with guns? Shit man, if that's what you consider a protestor, what would it take to make you think someone is rioter?

            Try going after someone we don't have on video clearly engaging in selfdefense only as a last resort after repeated attempts to flee failed.

            1. The only elected official supporting political violence is Donald Trump.

              You all have defended vigilante murder, two indicted gun nuts from St. Louis who spoke at the freaking convention, and vigilante murderer George Zimmerman before them.

              You are the team supporting political violence, organized or otherwise. Only you.

              1. Right, which is why the left has recently had to try redefine violence to not include barricading doors then setting the building on fire. Or made chance like "No Justice, No Peace" on the 90th day of violent riots. Or the ever fun meme that decrying violence and looting is racist.

                3 months ago you might have been able to get that lie to fly, but your 90 days to late to find someone else to blame for Democrats rioting in Democrat owned cities.

                1. The only politician defending people committing violence at these protests is Donald Trump,

                  1. You have made this bald assertion twice. Care to provide a quote?

              2. Tony, there is no way a person can be as stupid as you deliberately appear to be. What is your purpose?

                1. First you call me stupid then you ask me to answer one of the deepest philosophical questions ever devised?

                  1. ^this is the kinda post that makes me a Tony fan

                    1. Well, not that post isolation, but that post combined with the general insanity of all his other posts

              3. 0/10

              4. ""The only elected official supporting political violence is Donald Trump.""

                Which is it? He supports the violence, or he's bad for sending the feds in an attempt to rein in the violence?

              5. ""vigilante murderer George Zimmerman""

                He was neither according to the outcome of the trial. But I get it, you are way more knowledgeable about the particulars than the jurors could ever be. In your mind.

  42. "Do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters? Really?"

    The Green New Deal is a program that would create the highest energy inflation in history ( falling on the working class the hardest, the wealthy can afford $800-$2000/month electric bills). Forced rationing by way of inflation is socialism, so yes Joe, you look like a radical socialist.

    The DNC's introuduction of Donna Hylton as "one of nation's most impactful community leaders" certainly sets the stage on crime. A convicted (homophobe without remorse) felon who had participated in a multi-day torture, rape, starvation case gives most American's an idea of what a Harris administration thinks about crime in general. So, YES Joe you have a soft spot for felons.

  43. It's Trump's response to the so-called "riots" which is the real danger.

    OK, maybe there's some violence, but it's by right-wing provocateurs. These are mostly-peaceful demonstrations against injustice and the demonstrations should be encouraged.

    Well, maybe not *everyone* who commits violence in these protests is a right-winger, but be assured the Democrats have always been against this sort of thing - what have we said to make you doubt this?

    1. need to be on Slate or the Atlantic. What are the "protesters" protesting to begin with? White supremacy? Ok name elected politician who believes Americans of Euro background only deserve the Bill of Rights? Stats indicate murders by race by police are pretty close to the breakdown by %'s. So what is this about? Unequal outcomes? Hell I could point to Ivy League Colleges, Investment Banks, the Media, and Hollywood as being unrepresentative of say Catholics versus protest the militarization of police..that I can see. Protest the war on drugs and it's massive impact on urban areas? I'm on board. But destroying private property? That isn't protests..that is what the bolsheviks did..

  44. Spoken like a true braindead socialist. It's his own party, via blm, doing the rioting, burning, looting , beating up and murdering. It sure isn't Republicans or Trump supporters. They're gonna end up being the defenders of their property and family, with the force of a gun if necessary. The Soros paid rioters are gonna push things too far and rue the day they were ever born.

  45. Robbie needs to stop being the willful idiot for the left. Biden refused to condemn the execution of a pro trump man in Portland and even blamed Trump. In Biden's mind if you are a conservative, libertarian, even god forbid a republican you deserve to be murdered. Not one gd "main" media outlet covered the murder as a murder by BLM...if it was the other way around we would never hear the end of it. Some tribes are more equal than others...and some just deserve to be murdered right Robbie? This guy is everything wrong with libertarians...the left/bolsheviks are a threat to liberty..Trump isn't

  46. "You know me," said Biden. "You know my heart. You know my story, my family story. Ask yourself, do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters? Really?"

    To quote Kamala Harris "You know... he's a sweet old man. And he means well. But he's not gonna live forever. And I'm number two around here. Pretty simple math, huh, Bob? Everyone, beware. They are not going to stop before Election Day in November and they're not going to stop after Election Day, They should not. We should not."

    So maybe people should take into consideration that Biden has taken a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters on as his running mate solely because of her genitals and the color of her skin?

    And he has condemned the riots several times over the summer.

    When? Was it when his campaign staffers donated money to organizations that bailed rioters out? Is that the tone he wants his campaign to have?

    But Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler isn't going to be on the ballot in November (except in Portland).

    I disagree. Wheeler will be on every ballot where there is a '(D)' after the candidate's name. Want more of what Portland got - keep voting (D). Not gonna say (R) will make things better, but I don't see places run by (R) turning into SJW strongholds that allow white people to destroy minority-owned homes and businesses with impunity.

    1. “You know me,” said Biden. “You know my heart. You know my story, my family story. Ask yourself, do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters? Really?”

      Also, Soave, are you fucking serious? Have you forgotten this? The man who said he supported AOC's absolutely insane GND - the one that wanted to restructure the whole world in 10 years?

  47. Did Joe's handlers finally decide to tell him that unchecked rioting, looting, raping, and murdering has been going on for a few months and it's time to say something?

  48. No, Joe, you look like an appeaser.

  49. Lefties at the talent show: Trash talk Trump (no reason given), Trash talk Trump (no reason given), Trash talk Trump (no reason given) - blame, blame, blame, hate, hate, hate (no reason given)...

    Seems like a lack of attention more than anything else. Here's a clue for the lefties out there. Why don't you try getting attention the RIGHT way by being an asset to society instead of an annoyance.

  50. "Do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters?"
    Why, Yes, Yes you do.
    I wonder how much the Biden campaign paid Robby to write this ridiculous piece.

  51. To answer the subtitle question:

    No, look like a corporate-owned piece of shit with a soft spot for rioters.

  52. Biden looks like the retard he has always been. He's a despicable politicians who won his initial campaign using his opponent's age as the weapon. He was a drug warrior. He was the MBNA pimp. He was a war monger. There is absolutely nothing good about Biden.

  53. Dear Vice President Biden,


    That is all.

  54. Lol.

    Just LOL.

    'You mean saying peaceful protests and defund the police isn't working?'

    And BLM IS violence.

    The Democrats are idiots. They actually thought this was a winner and when people turned on them, they shifted.

    But I believe Biden. He was always tough on crime. Like that skank sidekick of his. It's just that his bosses want to replace cops with peace corps.

    What a mess that party.


    1. “And BLM IS violence.“

      What does that mean, exactly?

      1. "What does that mean, exactly?"

        What it says, shitstain.

    2. "It's just that his bosses want to replace cops with peace corps."

      No. This is how the Republicans have been characterizing their actions, and I think it's what the Dems WANT people to think. But it is a dangerous misconception. The truth is that their embracing of this near anarchy and the calls to defund or abolish the police is merely phase 1 in their strategy. What they really want is to abolish locally run police and create chaos so that they can step in with Federal Agencies and amass more power to the Federal Executive Branch (in other words the President), rendering America, effectively, a military dictatorship.

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  56. "You know me," said Biden. "You know my heart. You know my story, my family story. Ask yourself, do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters? Really?"

    No, I don't know you, nor your "heart", as if that mattered. You've been a cypher in national politics even when you were selected by Obo's handlers as a vanilla VP candidate, and did nothing to prove otherwise in 8 years of doing so, other than below.
    What I know of your story is that you've slopped at the public trough since day one and never held a job. Further, I know your 'views' have often changed, often at 180*, as the public sentiment has changed for the entire time you've spent attempting to get re-elected. I also know you were complicit (by you own admission) in arranging your coke-snorting, dead-beat son's 'employment' by foreign nationals when you, as VP, in a clear conflict of interest, could provide aid to them.
    No, you don't look like anyone who has ever held to any principles at all; you never supported the riots, nor did you oppose them until your handlers figured out which way the wind was blowing. Instead, you are the worst sort of time-serving, weather-vaning, scummy politician who assumes your time spent profiting from taxpayer money now means you should somehow end up as POTUS.
    You are not as ugly as HRC, nor do you seem to be as personally crooked as she is and was, and that's the absolute best that can be said of you.
    Trump has more than his share of faults but through them all, he doesn't begin to descend to your level.
    In your case, we'd be voting for some un-named and un-elected handlers, like those 'handle' RGB, who will keep you upright and do enough takes to keep you from looking like the demented place-holder you are, until you are declared 'incapacitated'. A vote for Joe is a vote for the Willie's mistress!
    In Trump's case, you get what you see, and so far, it's better than HRC could have ever delivered and better than anything Biden's handlers have offered. Joe, go run for dog-catcher someplace.
    "Go, get you out! Make haste! Ye venal slaves be gone! So! Take away that shining bauble there, and lock up the doors.
    In the name of God, go!"

  57. Come on Robby... you have to be able to see the strategy.

    Biden is in no way independent of the rest of the machine. Of course he doesn't go out and say "please riot! Racial unrest helps get out the black vote!"

    No, other cogs in the machine do that.

    When Mayors pull police from areas of unrest, what do you think they are communicating?

    When prosecutors direct their office to release all arestees for rioting, looting and mayhem, what message are they sending? To who?

    And every sociopath in earshot hears them loud and clear. They come in with a free shot at destroying things and hurting people.

    And what does the media do?

    They pretend it doesn't even exist. That only a racist right wing nutcase would clame that there is anything other than peaceful protesters working for a hust cause.

    This is not an accident. It is by design. Right down to the people starting to fight back.

    From the moment the 1619 project was green lit, a large number of groups have been working toward this. There were plenty of people predicting race riots for this summer a year ago.. simply based on chatter coming out of the move on crowd.

    This sort of political violence is not new. Nor is pretending that you know nothing of such things when your group has been working tirelessly to make it happen.

    They even took the name of the provocateurs from nearly a century ago... it is a pretty strong telegraph as to what they intend to do. Bonus points for BLM being populated by CWPA affiliated leaders.

    This dishonest two step is being done so publicly, there is no way that anyone should be fooled. The media overplays their outrage so ridiculously... a week ago there were no riots and you were a nutty conspiracy theorist if you said anything different. Then the polling shifted and literally within hours every news outlets is running stories about the violence in Trump's America and how Trump is inciting violence for his political gain.

    Politics is always cynical. But this has to be the most cynical move I have seen.

    Pretending that it didn't happen is beneath us.

  58. "Do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters? Really?".........YES ! Really, you do! Didn't say jack for 3 months! Now, when your tiny brain realizes your scum bag voters are helping Trump win, you no likey riots! Get lost and take your ho with ya! You ain't qualified to run this country! Trump ~ 2020!

  59. I often read the comments on Reason, but decided to start commenting because the amount of Trump worshipping bootlickers has been increasing. Bad idea it made me realize just how stupid all the Pro Trump folks are. Most literally can't put a constant argument in a comment. It just cracks me up how many people think "TDS" and "Orange Man bad" are real. I have a lot of problems with Obama, but Obama derangement syndrome is real(he's a muslim from Kenya). People who think TDS is real are just braindead.

    1. *constant should be COHERANT. Alot of criticism was of typos(because they're too dumb to actually think for themselves)

  60. Normally I don't find issue with the facts presented in Reason's content, but this article's claim that Biden has consistently spoken out against the rioting and looting over the Summer needs some support. I have not heard him do so until recently, so I would love to see the author cite some sources to support this claim. There is also the association of the Biden campaign with people donating money to bail out the vandals/arsonists/etc., which falls into the "put your money where your mouth is" and "actions speak louder than words" categories. I am 100% Libertarian, and a very passionate supporter of comprehensive law-enforcement/criminal "justice" reform. I am not in any way a supporter of Trump. Nor do I blindly buy Trump and Fox News's claims. But this article seems to paint a rose-colored picture of Biden's association with BLM, and does so without providing any facts to back up its claim.

  61. No, I've never thought Biden was a Marxist. I don't think anyone seriously believes that. What I do believe is that he's a useful idiot for a party that abandoned his vision for government decades ago. He's a moderate Democrat from the 80s. He's like Jim Webb.

    You can run a counter campaign that splits your party. Trump did it last time and changed the GOP for the better. Joe Biden doesn't have the strength to do that.

  62. Great, Joe .... now tell us about all the draconian criminal justice & civil asset forfeiture legislation you & your politically correct VP pick have supported over the years,

  63. “ Ask yourself, do I look like a radical socialist ...” yes , Joe for two months at least. Really!

  64. So he is against rioting and looting? What a profound statement!! Kind of like saying that you are not in favor of tooth decay or acne.

  65. He looks like an opportunist and a liar with a hidden agenda, just like the worst of the rioters.

    Sure would be entertaining to see him try and waddle up and down a ropeline out in the streets where the rioters are, though. Maybe he could get some fondling action amid all those tattooed green haired nosering wearing chicks dressed all in black.

    Better to let the country slouch towards Gomorrah with Trump than turn into a marxist prison with the so-called Democrat party.

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