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Protesters Want to Defund the Police. Joe Biden Wants to Hire More of Them.

The Democratic presidential candidate wants an extra $300 million in federal grants for cops.


"Defund the police" has become one of the most important mantras for the protesters demanding justice in the wake of George Floyd's death. Protesters in Minneapolis, for instance, ostracized Mayor Jacob Frey after he admitted that he did not support the full abolition of the police. "Go home, Jacob, go home!" they shouted.

Minneapolis's city council, unlike its mayor, seems to like the idea. Council members are expected to vote to dismantle the police department and "replace it with a transformative new model of public safety," according to Council President Lisa Bender. It's unclear what that would look like, but there are plenty of alternative models out there; municipalities should absolutely seize the moment as an opportunity to make policing less costly, deadly, and indifferent toward people's rights.

But while many progressives are are now squarely behind the idea of defunding the police, the Democratic presidential nominee is not. Indeed, he wants to give cops more money.

"Vice President Joe Biden does not believe that police should be defunded," a Biden campaign spokesperson announced in a statement.

On the contrary, Biden's presidential platform would distribute an additional $300 million in federal grants via the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) program, which makes it possible for municipalities all over the country to hire additional police officers. The COPS program was a result of the 1994 crime bill spearheaded by Biden, who then was a senator. It is largely responsible for producing one of the most pernicious trends in modern policing: the rise of cops in schools. As Tyler Koteskey and I observed in a 2017 Reason article, COPS grants have helped place more than 6,000 cops in K–12 institutions.

The unfortunate result, which might have been anticipated, is that school disciplinary matters are increasingly handled by law enforcement rather than counselors, teachers, and principles. This is the school-to-prison pipeline at work, and the Democratic candidate for president wants to increase its budget.

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  1. Well this explains all the hot takes from reliable lefty water carriers about what Defund the police actually means. As if Defund the police isn’t at all a clear and concise position.

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  2. And if Biden starts getting too much backlash for this, he’ll completely reverse his position in two weeks.

    Joe “Weathervane” Biden for President.

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  3. Then he can give them surplus military equipment from the 1033 program he supported, and send them out to catch crack pushers and sentence them to much longer terms that the flake coke pushers, under the sentencing guidelines he supported. Maybe he can ask Hillary about advice as to what to do with the super-predators, since she knows all about them.

  4. I wonder what the transformative new police force will be like. will they all be trannies dressed like drag queens, they will need new expensive uniforms, no wonder they will need more money so Joe has the right idea

    1. Sounds like a premise for a new TG BD subgenre at Amazon Kindle: severe discipline meted out by “transformative new police”. With the mandatory lousy book cover.

  5. Like any good government stooge, Joe knows we just need to throw more money at the problem. This works every time the government dumps money in to new programs, agencies, etc. It’s why we basically don’t have any problems in our country.

    Also, from what I’ve read recently, it seems police departments get an inordinate amount of municipalities’ budgets already. And we can all rest assured these proposed funds wouldn’t be used to further militarize police forces…

  6. he should save his money for hiring more voters

    1. That’s what he’s doing. Sucking up to the Police Unions.

  7. I bet Joe doesn’t even know about any of this right now.

  8. I’m imagining Karen with the Black Lives Matter sign prominently displayed in her yard, dialing 911 and getting no answer…

    1. I wonder how many people now demanding that the police be defunded were, two weeks ago, calling the police on their neighbors for not locking themselves in their homes.

      1. Probably a fucking 1:1 correlation.

  9. OK, maybe Joe Biden hasn’t fully embraced the entire left-libertarian law enforcement platform. But I guarantee he will dismantle the most notorious rogue agency of civil rights violators — ICE.


  10. School principles or school principals?

  11. Biden wears his face mask UNDER his nose?

    He’s no smarter than the rest of us. No smarter at all.

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  13. Annual homicide rate in Baltimore, the four years before the Freddie Gray protests (2011-2014): 31.1, 34.9, 37.4, 33.8.
    Average: 34.3.

    Annual homicide rate in Baltimore, the four years since the Freddie Gray protests (2016-2019): 51.4, 57.8, 50.5, 58.6.
    Average: 54.6.

    1. Are those the numbers for Mayberry? Baltimore had more than 300 homicides last year. Those numbers might make sense if they were for homicides per 100,000 people. But remember, Baltimore’s population is forever shrinking as people who are able to move away. The crims and gangbangers stay put, so the water keeps getting saltier.

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