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The Republican National Convention Isn't Out To Convert Anyone

Plus: Lawsuits challenge Trump's TikTok ban, the police abolition movement explained, and more...


The first night of the 2020 Republican National Convention (RNC) revolved around an aggressive show of faux-normalcy, mixed with unhinged praise for Dear Leader, fanfic about his administration, and absolutely insane fearmongering about how Democrats will turn the suburbs into Mad Max.

Differences between the RNC and last week's Democratic National Convention were stark. RNC production values were definitely better—from a purely aesthetic standpoint, at least. The DNC was heavy on people broadcasting from home or alone on a stage, and looking like they were doing so, while the heavily produced RNC setup strove to suggest that everything was business as usual, with no video chat broadcasts and speakers addressing an empty but ornate auditorium. Some have mocked the Democrats for this, suggesting that it's a comment on the parties' respective abilities to put on a good show.

But both productions convey a deeper meaning that fits in with their election messaging. For Democrats, the sparseness and video broadcasts helped emphasize the fact that the country is still in the middle of a pandemic, which is key to much of their pitch: President Donald Trump has bungled the COVID-19 response, we will do better. Meanwhile, the splendor and attempted typicality of the Republican convention fits with the party's message: Things are better than fine, things will keep being this way if we get a second Trump term. Democrats are just trying to play a catastrophe to their political advantage.

Aesthetic differences were only the beginning, however. The most striking split—all policy aside—was at whom the convention content seems to be aimed.

The Democratic convention was relatively light on more left-leaning viewpoints and went comparatively easy on bashing the other side, emphasizing Trump's basic uncouthness and major blunders without devolving into paranoid conspiracies (a la 2016), slamming anyone who voted for Trump last time, or making this a referendum on Republicans as a whole. Their convention was clearly aimed at reaching independent or on-the-fence voters who think something is off about Trump but don't necessarily think he's The Worst, or who want to vote against him but aren't so sure about, say, defunding the police or supporting Medicare for All.

The first night of the RNC went entirely in the opposite direction. There was little designed to appeal to people who weren't already firmly on Trump's side, or at least already so vehemently against Democrats that they'd vote for any Republican to beat them.

"The Democratic convention focused on persuasion and de-emphasized base mobilization," as NBC's Sahil Kapur tweeted. "The Republican convention is focusing on base mobilization and de-emphasizing persuasion."

Hagiography about Trump himself was high among speaker priorities. Charlie Kirk, internet gadfly and founder of the conservative student group Turning Point USA, opened things up by calling Trump "the bodyguard of western civilization." A speaker slated to talk about right-to-try laws mostly just raved about Trump's alleged wisdom and courage.

And then there was whatever this was, from Fox News pundit Kimberly Guilfoyle:

If you've ever wondered what a cross between a televangelist sermon, a Home Shopping Network infomercial, a fascist rally, and a psychotic break would look like…well, I think we've got the answer in Guilfoyle's speech!

She was just one of a number of speakers portraying absolutely catastrophic visions of life in Joe Biden's America. Nevermind that folks have already lived under a Biden and Barack Obama—whom no one would accuse of being less liberal than Biden—administration and crime didn't run rampant, private enterprise persisted, and no housewives were forced into critical race theory education camps. The Republican messaging on Democrats last night was hysterical pandemonium, with repeated suggestions that Democrats are "socialists" who want to "abolish the suburbs."

The abolish-the-suburbs talk was particularly grating because it turned on Republican opposition to deregulation. Their whole shtick here revolved around decrying the easing of certain zoning laws, a sort of NIMBYism ("not in my backyard") which suggests that allowing "low-quality apartments" to be built would turn every quiet suburban backyard into Sodom.

But it was speakers' comments on policing, criminal justice, and COVID-19 that were truly gross. They bashed people protesting George Floyd's murder (and police brutality more generally) as thugs, criminals, communists, and terrorists. They repeatedly praised Trump's handling of COVID-19 and suggested that he alone could save America from even more pandemic-induced deaths.

Reason Editor at Large Matt Welch fact-checks a few more RNC speaker claims:

Check out more Reason reporting and commentary from the first night of the RNC here:

As C.J. Ciaramella noted, the RNC tried to have it both ways on criminal justice issues:

Speakers at the first night of the 2020 Republican National Convention tried to navigate two competing messages on the criminal justice system. One was that Joe Biden was an architect of mass incarceration and lock-em-up policies, which Donald Trump rightfully rolled back. The other message was that only Republicans will stand up for police and the law.

Sen. Tim Scott (R–S.C.), the only black Republican in the Senate, assailed Joe Biden for his role in the 1994 crime bill and creating sentencing disparities between crack and powder cocaine.

[…] But at the same time that speakers were lauding Trump for criminal justice reforms that rolled back some of the laws that Biden helped pass, they were making constant references to riots, violent criminals being let loose on the street, and the threat of antifa mobs coming to your suburban neighborhood once the Marxist Democrats defund the police.

Overall, the night was (like its Democratic counterpart) pretty low on talk of an actual agenda and overflowing with emotive vision-boarding for America. But while Democratic dreams and delusions were at least grounded in some sort of party platform, the only theme Republicans—who have no 2020 policy platform, just a pledge to support whatever Trump does or says—seemed able to stick with was cult-like loyalty to and trust in one man.


• Constitutional lawyer and Godwin's Law creator Mike Godwin on the crusade against TikTok: "I know what moral panics look like; they look kind of like this." Godwin is one of the lawyers on a new lawsuit from TikTok employee Patrick S. Ryan. Both Ryan and—in a separate lawsuit—TikTok Inc. are challenging Trump's executive order banning the social media app.

• What does left libertarianism really mean?

• Writer Josie Duffy Rice explains the police abolition movement over at Vanity Fair.

• Enjoy!

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  1. …mixed with unhinged praise for Dear Leader…

    So it wasn’t the moment the seas started to recede and nature started to heal?

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    2. Beautiful. (Anyone unfamiliar with this sentiment should google it.)

    3. So ENB outs herself as Sqrlsy. That explains the daily shit eating.

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  2. What does left libertarianism really mean?

    Democrats who want to smoke weed?

    1. Or they just went someplace else.

    2. And are willing to buy it with their own money?

      1. That’s just crazy talk!

      2. Drugs are a RIGHT…goddamnit!

    3. Someone who wants you to pay for your own late-term abortion?

      Someone who likes unlimited immigration for the great food trucks it brings, versus having their yardwork done for 25 cents on the dollar?

  3. Jeff Flake joins over two-dozen former GOP members of Congress to launch ‘Republicans for Biden’

    Remember when unreason tried to pimp Kasich and Flake as “Libertarians”?

    We Libertarians knew that these guys are Democrats based on how they talk about things. Sure enough, these guys stump for Democrats.

    HAHA. unreason and the MSM are unable to make money off lying because more and more Americans are not paying attention to them anymore.

    1. You’re not a libertarian.

      You’re a Trump cultist.

      1. See. Lefties and unreason staff. Point proven.

        1. Oh no, poor snowflake got his feelings hurt by being rightfully called out as a cultist. No other person on this site even comes close to the cultish devotion you display to maga bullshit.

      2. I do love that this new leftist meme has become so popular again. Repeated quite a bit by the standard “I have no team, but I use leftists memes constantly” side here at Reason over the last week. WK used it yesterday as an example. Even saw one of you guys try to claim Obama didn’t have a cult worship yesterday. That was amusing.

        1. Sure, Obama had some cult-like worship moments at the start, in 2007-2008. The creepy videos of kids singing ballads to Obama and stuff like that. But the Obama cult worship largely vanished soon after he was elected. On the other hand, the Cult of Dear Leader Trump has only grown over time. So even your whataboutism is off the mark.

          And yes, Team Red has largely devolved into Trump worship. Look at their own 2020 platform. They didn’t even bother writing one, instead it’s just “do whatever Dear Leader wants”. It is sad and scary, quite frankly. And Trump KNOWS this and he uses it to manipulate his base.

          1. You are so dumb. Who else is the Republican party supposed to promote?

            Do you see the Libertarians promoting anyone except Jo?

          2. Some? LOL.

            This is why you can’t be taken seriously. Go look at the magazine covers of Obama as compared to Trump you dolt.

            . Look at their own 2020 platform. They didn’t even bother writing one

            Are you a liar, ignorant, or just plain stupid?


            They literally released like 50 items on their core agenda dummy.

            1. How embarrassing. For Flake. Yes, Jeff, get on the same foreign policy side as guys like Dick Armitage, Mike Vickers, and John Negroponte. . How Libertarian.

              At least I don’t see Ron Paul’s name on that sad list. Nor Mark Sanford’s.

          3. Just to emphasize that chemjeff and I are not the same person, I disagree with what he says here. There was, and still is, a huge Obama cult. Not just for him, but for the entire family.

            I’ve even seen liberals fawning over his daughters years after he was out of the White House.

            There are tweets every day about how wonderful he is.

            1. Puppet says ‘I am not a puppet!’ in its little puppet voice.

            2. Because I am quite sure I’ll be misquoted, I am writing a comment here that everyone can bookmark and link to.

              I think there is a huge Trump cult following. It is evident without anyone who is paying attention, so seeing it does not require being exposed to a meme. If you want, I’ll give you all kinds of examples of Trump cult membership.

              I do not think every Republican, or every conservative, or everyone who voted for Trump is a cult member. Even here in the commentariat, there are commenters who have said they find Trump personally repulsive, but they voted for him as the lesser of two evils.

              Also, it’s worth mentioning, there is a whole Trump sub-cult that think he is a modern “King Cyrus”. They think he is personally a man of poor morals and not a Christian, BUT they believe he is being used by God as a tool for good.

              Furthermore, as I have said at least three times in the past two days, I believe there was/is a cult of personality around the Kennedy and Obama families, as well as a lesser cult around the Clinton family, and a bit of Reagan worship out there, too.

              Presidents who have not inspired cults: Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, the Bushes. Just not dynamic personalities.

              Please bookmark and link to this comment instead of putting what I believe in your own words, especially if you are someone who considers me an enemy that you need to argue with and insult.

              1. “If you don’t dislike Trump, you’re a cultist”

                You don’t understand relatively simple concepts, do you?
                Maybe that’s where all your resentment comes from.

                1. “If you don’t dislike Trump, you’re a cultist”

                  Whom is that supposed to be quoting?

              2. There was definitely a cult following for Jimmy Carter. There was even a syndicated daily post called ‘Peanuts’. Do you really think it was about a sentient dog and bunch of kids without parents? It was actually coded instructions to Carterheads. It was so deep state it was started 25 years before his presidency.

                And Ford? I still see his named on cars and trucks every single day.

                George Sr.’s cult was called the CIA. Don’t tell anyone I told you.

                Junior? You are right about that one.

                1. That’s what that was?!

          4. Let us never forget the outright grief and tears of sadness the white house press corp revealed during Obama’s last press conference. That was Dear Leader moment if there ever was one.

        2. Don’t know what you are talking about, but just pointing out that I, the White Knight, said in at least two different comments that I do think that the Obama family has a cult of personality.

        3. “WK used it yesterday as an example.”

          Oh, I see. Just parsed you’re telegraphic writing. I used the “meme” that the Republican Party is becoming a Trump cult.

          That isn’t a meme I got from somewhere. That’s an independent observation I came up with all by myself.

          I disagree that it is merely a meme. It is a factual statement backed by a lot of evidence.

          I also said yesterday that there were cults of personality around the Kennedy and Obama families, and to a lesser degree the Clintons. Didn’t mention it yesterday, but there was a bit of a minor Reagan cult, too.

          1. So you were the first one to cry CULT! on this site, and all the other progs are following your example?

            1. Sure. But it is the truth, so I’m not going to apologize.

              1. Of course not you’re a cultist.

                1. What’s my cult?

                  The only cult I’ve ever confessed being part of here in the commentariat is the cult of Tulpa Disciplehood, and I think I’m probably the only member.

          2. “That isn’t a meme I got from somewhere”

            He says without realizing that it is and he is notoriously lacking in insight.

            1. Because it is such a hard observation to make with the evidence in front of one’s own eyes.

              1. “hard observation”

                You missplelled “boring meme”

        4. Right, Obama worship is totally comparable to the insane Trump cult into which the GOP has turned. You keep telling yourself that.

          1. Yall are pretty much bitter, desperate old cat ladies at this point

          2. Describe why Biden is the nominee for the Dems without using his VP under Obama as a reason.

    2. They’re former congressmen for a reason, and it’s not because people really care what they have to say.

      1. Exactly. Some of those assholes, like Flake, got out before the voters threw them out. Some of them left so they wouldn’t have to implement the policies they campaigned on. They should just reconstitute the Whig party and run on that.

    3. You are apparently paying attention to unreason.

    4. Kasich was never promoted as a libertarian by Reason. He’s always been a bog-standard McCain-type of Republican that’s thirsty for asspats from the media.

    5. I found it funny seeing David French now argue that abortion isn’t really that big of a deal morally.

      The purge of the GOP was long, long, long overdue. Moral hypocrites and guys with severe war boners are better off being Democrats anyway.

      1. I could also be harsh and note that Biden thought being pro choice was a grievous sin…if a black guy did it. But it’s OK if a white guy does….

  4. Writer Josie Duffy Rice explains the police abolition movement over at Vanity Fair.

    It’s past time someone tries to arrange those deck chairs in a fashion pleasing to the eye.

    1. Apologies, accidental flag. Stupid popups on mobile phones are tasking for left-handers.

      1. It’s fair. I was actually subliminally selling my new line of fashionable deck chairs.

  5. “absolutely insane fearmongering about how Democrats will turn the suburbs into Mad Max.”

    I guess as long as the wasteland is confined to downtown, ENB is good with that.

    1. Oh come on. They’re going to do it PEACEFULLY.

      Let’s be fair to Democrats.

      1. She didn’t read Rommelmann’s article yesterday. Might be nice to see Rommelmann’s take on the daily links now that she has gotten some perspective on what is really happening on the street.

        1. There isn’t any contradiction between what ENB is saying and what Rommelmann reported.

          1. Put your hand inside the puppet head, put your hand inside the puppet head…

          2. Go back to Quora Mike, you’re embarassing yourself again.

    2. Don’t believe your lying eyes, just listen and believe the media.

    3. I was wondering if she’d read the actual journalism from YESTERDAY posted on a site for which she is the editor.

      Because it clearly said mobs were going through residential neighborhoods and starting shit. Had an interview with the people living there, and everything.

      1. I dunno. Did Rommelmann cross post her article to her Twitter feed? If not, ENB might’ve missed it.

      2. ENB is the blog or editor? Can you cite your source?

        1. It’s right on her bio, you moron:

          Elizabeth Nolan Brown is a senior editor at Reason

          I realize you think you’re scoring points by playing this hyper-legalistic game where your boos are getting attacked, but this is just lazy.

          1. Surely, you have noticed that pretty much everyone on staff has a title of “editor” or “producer”. I don’t know if it’s just title inflation or an inside joke, but where does it say that ENB is the editor of the website or the Reason blog, specifically?

            As far as I can tell, the Reason blog has no editor at all. It seems to be a fairly minor side project of the Reason organization, even though it is a big part of all our lives. But I assert that everyone hanging out here in the commentariat is a little weird on that one. Especially, people who are hanging out here every day when they don’t even like the writing.

            1. You asked for a cite and I provided it. Don’t try and weasel your way out of it with that pathetic deflection.

              1. “… on a SITE for which she is the editor“ (Emphasis mine.)

                I’m not the one weaseling.

                1. Again:

                  I realize you think you’re scoring points by playing this hyper-legalistic game where your boos are getting attacked, but this is just lazy.

          1. Mr. Brown can … ah, hell, can we just stop … the “Caw caw!” thing is stupid, my response is stupid. The whole thing is stupid.

      1. Mostly peaceful burning buildings.

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  6. As Rioting Lights Up Wisconsin, Democrat Governor Blames Police

    Lefties need to be prepared for a 1972 Nixon-type election landslide by Trump.

    1. Because the guy the call for police was about, didn’t want to go with the officers who knew he had warrants.

      It would have been fucking outstanding for the City of Kenosha to let people know about this, plus if the dummy was actually armed or not, before part of their city burned down.

      Incompetence or more Democratic Party deliberate malfeasance to try and inspired more rioting? You be the judge.

  7. Uhh…Biden pushed a conspiracy in his closing. The good old ‘ good people both sides’ lie regarding Trump and Charlottesville.

    1. Media/Dems have been pushing the USPS conspiracy for weeks now, after 3 years of Trump/Russia.

      If it wasn’t so sad watching a once libertarian magazine openly pushing biases for Democrats, it’d be funny.

      1. TDS can be fatal.

        1. Unfortunately No.

  8. Some have mocked the Democrats for this, suggesting that it’s a comment on the parties’ respective abilities to put on a good show.

    If you’re going to have no substance, at least have some style. Unless the lack of style was the substance.

  9. Anyone else notice the Kungflu hysteria Narrative by Lefties has shifted down in “news” priority?

    You can notice this on several news aggregators where the top news is now election news and Wuhanvirus hysteria lies are fading fast.

    1. The new chatter is how vaccinations can be mandated.

    2. Hmmm maybe because theres more important news that day and there’s no secret Bill Gates globalist agenda like Breitfart would have you believe?

      1. You and 2 have to figure out who gets to troll this place and who is the fake.

    3. Because numbers are falling equally or more quickly in places where few or no further restrictions were added after spikes.

      See GA and CA. GA issued no restrictions after their spike, yet their numbers are falling more quickly than in CA where they still have mandatory lockdowns and face masks.

      They have to find a new angle.

    4. I think you should be more worried about Georgia becoming a swing state.

      1. That’s the problem, you’re trying to think when you don’t really possess the capability.

      2. As a Georgian, I have little worries about us turning Blue this election. I was even more confident when I saw that the RNC brought up not only {one of my sports heroes} Herschel Walker, but also Dem GA Rep Vernon Davis (is he a “Never-Biden”er?)

  10. …emphasizing Trump’s basic uncouthness and major blunders without devolving into paranoid conspiracies…

    They left the Putin-owns-the-USPS stuff on Twitter?

    1. Well, I guess that after almost 4 years of paranoid conspiracy theories, the Democrats were able to turn it off for a couple of nights. Good for them.

      1. They didn’t though. ENB is just shilling.

  11. “For Democrats, the sparseness and video broadcasts helped emphasize the fact that the country is still in the middle of a pandemic”

    But still not as cool as noble war correspondents hunkered down in a trench, wearing a helmet and flak jacket, as the nation fights for survival.

  12. “What does left libertarianism really mean?”

    As a left-libertarian, I’ll explain. It means agreeing with progressive Democrats on every issue — except the minimum wage, which we want to abolish.

    1. Aren’t you also for open borders, too? Progressives aren’t for open borders, they’re only in favor of legal immigration. Unrestricted legal immigration in the case of countries that brown-skinned people come from, not so unrestricted in the case of European countries.

  13. So far, the RNC seems to be mostly providing content designed to thrill MAGA devotees who already love Trump. I’d think that’s a questionable strategy.

    There may well yet again be more of those than we think.

    1. I guess ENB prefers the Left’s message of “you should all be miserable, terrified, and angry at all times because America is evil”

      1. “Everything is so terrible and unfair!!!!!!”

        Makes a nice acronym.

  14. “The first night of the RNC went entirely in the opposite direction. There was little designed to appeal to people who weren’t already firmly on Trump’s side”

    In other words, it went completely over your head.

    Who do you think Nikki Haley was aiming for when she made the point that America isn’t a racist country? Who do you think was the target demographic of Tim Scott’s speech?

    I’ll tell you who: The primary target for both speakers was swing voting, suburban white women.

    Tim Scott stood up there and gave swing voting, suburban white women permission to vote Republican without thinking of themselves as racists–much like the Democrats use black people to try to make swing voting, suburban white women think they are racists if they vote for Republicans.

    You know, just because a man is black doesn’t mean the only people who listen to him are black people. Or maybe you don’t know! Maybe you need to broaden your horizons.

    1. Or maybe not be so racist as to think that way.

    2. Whenever I ask Lefties what race Americans are, they can never answer.

      It’s almost like Lefties lie and their “racism” Narrative is backfiring.

    3. Ken has it right. I get the feeling that ENB watched the beginning of the night and then was too drunk to pay attention when it hit prime time. Tim Scott and Niki Haley were both put front and center for swing voters during the time most of them would be watching.

      1. Or maybe her mind has gone so far in one direction, already, that she wouldn’t notice a Republican appeal to swing voters if it bit her.

        For some people, everything they hear Republicans say is misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic, and racist. And it isn’t because of what Republicans say. It’s because they’re so narrow minded, they can’t understand what Republicans are saying unless it confirms their preexisting biases.

        They tend to think people who are board minded enough to understand what Republicans are actually saying are narrow minded for understanding them, too.

        1. Or maybe her mind has gone so far in one direction, already, that she wouldn’t notice a Republican appeal to swing voters if it bit her.

          It’s clearly this. When you’re looking at the world through blue-colored glasses, naturally one convention looks like reaching out and the other looks like a thumb in the eye.

    4. This writeup by Reason was just completely insane. Overall it was a good night with many minority speakers doing just as you said. Reason is about one step away from yelling tokenism at all of them with this writeup. I wouldn’t be shocked if ENB had this already mostly queued up before the night even began, then just found examples she could squeeze into it.

      1. And I wouldn’t be surprised if she spent the night moaning while holding a puppy in a safe space, triggered by the mere concept of the RNC.

      2. I don’t know if anyone at Reason participated, but leftists got “uncle tom” trending at the top on Twitter last night

    5. I saw an Indian American saying to voters that the half Indian American democrat VP candidate wants to cry racism at every turn, hell she even called her running mate a racist in the “debates”.

      Then I saw an African American member of the senate say to voters that the half African American member of the senate has a running mate whose history suggests that he is very much racist.

  15. The Republican messaging on Democrats last night was hysterical pandemonium, with repeated suggestions that Democrats are “socialists” who want to “abolish the suburbs.”

    Hit those soccer moms literally where they live.

    1. Actually, those aren’t suggestions; they are facts.

      1. Funny how most of those platform items are at odds.

    2. The “full throated defense” of school choice was directed at suburban, swing voting women, too.

      Even Eric Boehm got that.

      1. So ENB didn’t read that either.

    3. As opposed to the Democrats with repeated assertions that they ARE “socialists” who want to “abolish the suburbs.” after they destroy the cities and implement the green new deal.

    1. They were so peaceful they couldn’t stop it.

    2. I guess when a piece of shit hood rat who’s been tagged for multiple counts of domestic violence gets plugged by the po-po, we should expect the joggers to burn down the city as a matter of course at this point.

  16. In a story of prosecutor and 1A abuse that Reason largely ignored (only a few meandering and small mentions of it in the year it took to prosecute), CMP finally releases the depositions from Planned Parenthood showing their videos were not manipulated and were truthful. Planned Parenthood admits to altering procedures, selling tissue for profit, etc.

    Remember, this is the group that Planned Parenthood paid Kamala Harris to prosecute in California for the release of truthful documents in a undercover reporter sense.

    1. Well, that’s different. Kamala was acting in good faith.

  17. I like the constant lie that The Dotard’s “greatest economy of all time” languished in the 2.x% annual GDP range before the COVID collapse.

    They think if they repeat that lie often enough people will believe it.

    1. And don’t forget that even before the #TrumpVirus, the unemployment rate was actually too low — because everybody needed two jobs.

      Or that everything that’s happened since November 2016 has proved that Paul Krugman was right about the market never recovering from the hacked election.


      1. GDP growth was 2.4%, 2.9% and 2.3% in 2017, 2018 and 2019, respectively, under Trump, for an average growth rate of 2.5%.


        Lying is what they do best.

        1. Don’t you come in here daily claiming every dollar spent is caused by Trump?

          1. Why do you Trump cultists lie about his “great economy”?

            Do you really consider 2% growth “greatest ever”?

            Answer one question honestly (that one) you will gain some respect.

            1. See, I actually point to comments you’ve made. The only time I’ve talked about Trump’s economy was in relation to unemployment numbers.

        2. “GDP growth was 2.4%, 2.9% and 2.3% in 2017, 2018 and 2019, respectively, under Trump, for an average growth rate of 2.5%.”


          This is SO MUCH WORSE than we had under Obama, who single-handedly created the strongest economy in US history.


          1. Cultist!

  18. Why Biden’s Won’t Fully Distance Himself From The Far-Left’s Antisemitism

    Muslims want to take the World back to the Stone Age where agrarian life and slavery were common place. Of course, Lefties would side with that group over Jewish folks who were the slaves and have slowed up political donations to the Democrat party.

    Once Black and Jewish Americans started leaving the Party of slavery, they were no longer useful. The Democrat Party needs useful idiots. That new group would have been Latino immigrants if Trump had not slowed illegal immigration into the USA.

    Now if only the Socialists can keep Americans antagonizing the Muslims, so we get a religious war all red hot! We can finally have America burned to the ground.

  19. WaPo immediately trashes plasma injections despite most health organizations, including Fauci and the CDC, supporting it. The only thing that changed was who publicly supports the procedure.

    1. Follow the money – – – – –

    2. LMAO–medical organizations and media outlets were literally lionizing COVID survivors for months who donated plasma because of the medical benefits for people battling the virus.

      Now that the Bad Orange Man touted what they’ve been spewing, suddenly plasma treatments are “anti-science.”

  20. BLM activist (yes WK, he stated he was with BLM) points gun at reporter covering the riots in Wisconsin.

    The riots have now destroyed many black owned business and have moved into residential areas. BLM activists are even pointing guns at the police as well as bystanders. Included in the article are videos of protesters stating they have the right to burn down whatever they want.

    1. “BLM activist (yes WK, he stated he was with BLM)”

      Thank you. My point seems to have gotten across.

      1. Your point was a disingenuous one that shouldn’t be taken seriously.

        1. Yet JesseAz apparently understands the point now.

          1. Just because he knows you’ll start crying like a bitch about it doesn’t make it a good point.

      2. That you’ll pointlessly bitch at the drop of a hat?

        Yes it has.

        1. That the point sails over your head doesn’t make it pointless. I was making a very, very important point about guilt by association.

          1. No, your point was and continues to be disingenuous.

  21. How do you know that Reason is unserious?

    The first night of the 2020 Republican National Convention (RNC) revolved around an aggressive show of faux-normalcy, mixed with unhinged praise for Dear Leader, fanfic about his administration, and absolutely insane fearmongering about how Democrats will turn the suburbs into Mad Max.

    Probably had too many minorities for them. Too many speakers who actually talked about American greatness..

    1. There was little designed to appeal to people who weren’t already firmly on Trump’s side, or at least already so vehemently against Democrats that they’d vote for any Republican to beat them.

      Alvarez had a great speech. So did Haley, Scott, and even Vernon Jones.

      Did Reason even watch the debates? And if they did, did they do it through a filter of how they thought it would play out apriori?

      1. Convention* not debates.

    2. To be fair, unreason staffers don’t know what makes America great or what what average Americans outside cities actually think.

      Now that buttsex and weed are mostly acceptable, it’s Miller Cosmo time.

    3. Too many speakers who actually talked about American greatness..

      I know it must have happened at some point in the last 3.5 years, but I’m curious when, specifically, was America made to be great (again)?

      1. Trump winning was a GREAT start.

        1. If you think American greatness is defined by who is President… well you aren’t a libertarian.

          1. Where did he say that was the definition? He said it was a start.

      2. Are you full leftist now Leo? America has flaws, but it has been great in comparison to other systems for 3 centuries now.

        Or do you think everything not perfect is bad?

        Here’s some reality… life isn’t perfect. Society isn’t perfect. They all have flaws. So we choose from the best that we can and make due the best we can.

        1. Perhaps we could start by recognizing the REALITY of what America is. It is not “the greatest country evah”. It is a good country in many ways, and a terrible country in a lot of ways as well. That’s not being a leftist. That is being a realist. Too often the flag-waving jingoistic contingent on Team Red wants to ignore or whitewash all the bad parts of America, labeling genuine criticism as “America-hating”, and vote for politicians that only make them feel good about being America rather than actually solving problems.

          1. Name a greater country jeffrey. I want to see what you hold up in comparison.

            1. It depends on what metric you use as a basis for comparison.

              In terms of K-12 education? America is pretty bad among first-world nations. I would take almost any European country over America in this regard.

              In terms of health care? America is a very mixed bag. It has “socialized medicine” just like a lot of European countries, except that the socialism is not immediately obvious. There is a lot more medical innovation here than in other countries, but that is slowly changing too. And measured by health outcomes by citizens, America ranks rather badly among first-world nations.

              In terms of gun rights? Sure America is very good on this matter. But then again America also has a lot more gun violence than any other first-world nation.

              In terms of its system of governance? It was pretty good for a while, but the last several years have revealed I think that America’s fundamental system of governance needs some structural reform. I can’t say that America’s federalist system is clearly superior to, say, Germany’s mixed federalist/parliamentary model. Can you?

              But the jingoistic flag wavers don’t want to have these types of discussions, they just stop at AMERICA SAVED THE WORLD FROM FASCISM AND COMMUNISM, FUCK YEAH MURICA!

              1. Let’s compare your first two criteria.

                US health care underperforms Euro countries. We spend more and perhaps get less. You don’t say here, but I wager you would prefer a more socialized health care system.

                US education also underperforms, and we also spend more. But we have a near-complete socialized education system.

                Maybe the difference is not how socialized a system is.

                1. It’s not ‘perhaps’. We do spend more and get less when it comes to health care.

                  And no, I would prefer to have privatized health care and privatized schools. You are right that the problem is not about how socialized a system is. I note that in many European countries, they tend to be more socialistic than the US (at least overtly), but they are all just better run. Take a look at Estonia for example. They have an extensive social welfare system, far more than the US has. But it is also efficiently run. There’s no waiting around for weeks filing unemployment claims and wondering if you’re going to be able to make your rent payment. There is a web portal where citizens apply for social welfare and it’s handled all that way. Not this bureaucratic monstrosity that we have in this country. I would prefer a more privatized approach to everything. But whatever government does do, it should do so effectively and efficiently, and that is a lesson that the US could stand to learn from many European countries.

                  1. Another idiotic trope. We do not “get less” from what we spend on health care, we get the best in the world. Cutting edge drugs, devices, procedures, that every rich person on the planet flocks here to get when they need it.

                    Our obesity and opioid epidemics are not results of our health care spending

              2. So you have no answer. Just sophistry so you don’t have to answer.

                Good. You’re pathetic.

                1. It is not my fault that you asked an ill-formed question that can’t be answered with simplistic sloganeering. Sorry, but this isn’t Fox News here.

                  1. Yes we get it it is Jesse’s fault you can’t answer. its ALWAYS someone else’s fault with you.

                    No we all know the truth. You don’t have an answer because you’re wrong so you need an excuse instead.

              3. American values are not progressive values.

                Progressives value education above liberty.

                Progressives value health insurance above liberty.

                Progressives value safety above liberty.

                K-12 education is entirely the purview of progressives and has been since the 50s. Health care is regulated by the government as part of the progressive agenda and has been since the 40s.

                Americans understand that none of the above amounts to a hill of beans without liberty because without liberty there cannot be justice.

                Progressives took over 1915. The things that you are complaining about, chemjeff, are progressive.

                1. Well we aren’t living in the year 1915 though, we are living in 2020. The America that exists is the America of 2020, not the hypothetical one that you wish existed from 1915. Americans who favor progressive values ARE ALSO AMERICANS. That is part of the problem here. There is this myth that there is this “real America” and then on the other hand, a bunch of progressives. No, there is only America, which includes within it a bunch of people who often have very different views. You don’t get to pick and choose who the “real Americans” are. They are all Americans.

                  1. America was founded on the principle of limited government. Progressivism is anti-thetical to that notion, especially on fiscal issues. So while it’s completely American that they have the voice to advocate for their preferred style of governance, it should be much more difficult to change the framework of what government is and does than progressives have been able to get away with since around WWI.

                    1. Well said.

                    2. The current Republican Party is *also* antithetical to the notion of limited government. Neither major party has any serious interest in limited government.

                    3. Bloviate some more about Republicans. It underlines the fact that you are not participating in the conversation the rest of of are having.

                    4. “The current Republican Party ”

                      was not the subject of this conversation Mr. Whataboutism.

                    5. Tulpa, the site moderator.

                    6. The White Knight, the site squawking bird.

                2. Funny how “liberty” means “freedom to kick out everyone that looks different” and “freedom to make my religious beliefs de facto law.”

                  1. Funny how you just go straight to lying.

                  2. Everyone who looks different than what? Which “de facto law”(s)?

            2. lol you fell right into it immediately. Can’t even fake it for one comment.

              Instead of asking about other countries (whose elections we are not having) can you just for a second talk about how maybe there could possibly be like one or two mistakes made in history or maybe things we could do better? No? Ok so that’s it? We are at the apex right now?

              1. “Instead of asking about other countries”

                No I think since the claim was made the question is relevant. Name a better one Jeff.

                Fuck your other lame attempts to derail answering.

              2. Haha. Yeah. We should all be progressive and live in the past.

                “They gonna put you back in chains!”


          2. Yes, where is this utopia you yearn for and why aren’t you there?

            1. Yes, where is this utopia you yearn for

              Galt’s Gulch

              why aren’t you there?

              Nobody told me the code for the air shield

              1. Nobody told me the code for the air shield

                Surprisingly the code is 1111. John was so focused on getting it set up that he never changed it. It does also have a visual scanner, but that is just to weed out any virtue signaling mask wearers.

          3. Lesson for Jeff:

            How great YOUR life is depends much more on your own effort in the US than in many other countries. That is being a realist.

            1. He’s obese and it isn’t his fault.

              1. The blame lies squarely on the Keebler elves.

          4. >>It is a good country in many ways, and a terrible country in a lot of ways as well.

            oy. borg it up some more

            1. Resistance is futile.

        2. Trump is the one that argued that America had to be made great again, not me. Maybe he’s the leftist according to your insight?

          I think America is great in spite of its government’s march towards authoritarianism since at least WW1 (probably longer). America never had to be made great, only an authoritarian would argue that. Americans simply have to be let alone to be great. Maybe the LP should be running on the slogan “Let America Be Great Again”

          Anyway, Trumpian thought must have been that America wasn’t great in 2016. I’m simply asking what specifically changed in the last 3.5 years such that America is now great (again).

          1. Is this where you take something literally instead of figuratively because you think it makes an actual point? And oddly you seem to agree with him for the most part.

            1. Well then I’ll let you answer: Was America great in October of 2016?

              1. America has been great for the most part, with various flaws, since its inception. It meanders from being even greater to being less great based on policy choices and direction of authoritarianism found in the country. Under Obama we saw the take over of 16% of the economy based on a reading of penaltax found nowhere in the constitution. We saw an influx of justices in the legal system who stated they would openly judge not based on facts but based on social justice. We continue to have a takeover of higher education to a post modernist view. We saw an increase in regulations and a blame first attitude for foreign relations. There was an increase in wars based on these foreign actions. A subservience to Iran and other dictatorships in the world.

                America was still great relative to other countries, but it was definitely headed in the wrong direction.

                Now let’s hear your answer.

                1. I already answered:

                  I think America is great in spite of its government’s march towards authoritarianism since at least WW1 (probably longer). America never had to be made great, only an authoritarian would argue that. Americans simply have to be let alone to be great. Maybe the LP should be running on the slogan “Let America Be Great Again”

                  In the grand scheme of things, Trump has done very little to move the needle on net freedom in my opinion. The good he’s done on tax reductions is offset by the amount of spending increase that has happened under him (I firmly believe that spending IS taxation). The good he’s done on reducing regulations was upset by the burden that changes to trade have caused businesses. My personal freedom hasn’t increased under Trump as far as I can tell; vaping, bumpstocks, age of majority on tobacco products, etc all lost under his watch. If he had his way we would lose freedom to use a lot of online content providers like TikTok and others. He at least didn’t get us entangled in any new wars, unless you count our cold-war like position on China. That’s on him.

                  1. Again, well said.

                    The fact that Trump has done little to move the needle on net freedom is far better than what would have happened under Clinton and based on the last 4 years, I still believe my freedom will be better served by Trump than Biden.

                    I am curious as to why you think a cold-war with China is a bad thing for America. Our national ideologies don’t share a common a value set. China’s culture, like the USSR, is not great at inspiring tech breakthroughs, but their ability to leverage the technology they are stealing (or convincing us to hand over) seems to be better.

                    1. Again, well said.

                      Be careful. Agreeing with me will get you labeled a leftist.

                    2. God damn even when someone agrees you complain.

                    3. If you are pissing off the left and the right, you are most likely engaged in solid critical thinking.

                      But what do I know? I think that ‘conservative’ means ‘least interfering with natural rights’ and liberal means ‘broadly applied’, whereas, ‘left’ means ‘socialists who are happy to cut people’s heads off’ and ‘right’ means ‘establishment elites who are happy to cut people’s heads off’.

              2. Was America great in October of 2016?

                Ask the Deplorables.

                1. I thought I was.

                  1. Yes like many others here, you stupidly think this isn’t a libertarian website.

    4. This is just embarrassing. No bias here at all.

      If you’ve ever wondered what a cross between a televangelist sermon, a Home Shopping Network infomercial, a fascist rally, and a psychotic break would look like…well, I think we’ve got the answer in Guilfoyle’s speech!

      Was it over dramatic? Yes. Fascist rally? Reason, you’re insane at this point.

      1. I know, right? Analogies and hyperbole are totally unfair when applied to Team Red. Now let’s talk about how Team Blue is a bunch of Marxist Antifa radicals who hate America and want to burn it all down!

        1. But that is happening.

          1. Sure it is. In fact wasn’t it just the other day Joe Biden was wearing all black and shouting KILL THE PIGS, right?

            1. It is funny you have to point to one person to prove your assertion of it not being true while ignoring the thousands of people in the streets actually demonstrating proof.

              1. Just look at all of the thousands of right-wingers proudly waving Confederate flags and making disparaging comments about immigrants. Therefore Team Red is racist and xenophobic. Isn’t that the standard to use here? Take the acts of a few, and apply it to the entire group?

                1. It isn’t the actions of the few! Every “protestor” is an antifa rioter! They’re progressive anarchists! They want a non-existent government that will control everything! And they hate Trump! All of the protesters are the same! Aaauuugghh!

                  1. I love how you’ve gone full team Jeff and still denying the tens of thousands rioting right now. How many hundreds of millions are we at that you deny?

                    1. The thousands rioting are all “The Left” which is synonymous with Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden and every Democrat everywhere. Amirite?

                    2. The thousands rioting are all “The Left” which is synonymous with Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden and every Democrat everywhere. Amirite?


                    3. I’m denying your assertion that all protestors are rioters. That isn’t saying that there are no rioters. Basic logic, smarty pants.

                2. Trump is often taken to task for not denouncing and arresting all the “alt-right” idiots. So where is your condemnation of Biden for not doing the same with antifa?

                3. I would love to look at the thousands of right wingers waving confederate flags. Please post your citations.

                4. Remember, the Confederates were Democrats.

                  We haven’t seen the Dems this pissed off since Republicans took their slaves away.

            2. But just the other day thousands upon thousands of Democrats, including some of the Conventioneers, were wearing all black and shouting KILL THE PIGS.

              You don’t need to drag old Uncle Joe away from his applesauce to do it, when you have willing, young Sturmabteilung.

            3. Joe Biden was wearing all black and shouting KILL THE PIGS, right?

              Silence is Violence,no?

          2. Yes, it is helpful to define parties by their extremists. Just as Dems are street-marauding Marxists all Republicans are QAnon believing killer NAZI Dylann Roof racists.

            1. But the Dems are street-marauding Marxists. They’re proudly on the streets every day.
              QAnon believing killer NAZI Dylann Roof racists on the other hand only ever appear in the breathy opinion pieces of DNC media organs.

              1. But the Dems are street-marauding Marxists.

                As evidenced by noted Marxist Joe Biden cruising down Portland with his AR-15 shooting up every cop he could find.

                1. Like I said earlier, you don’t need to drag old Uncle Joe away from his applesauce to do it, when you have willing, young Sturmabteilung.

                2. You don’t understand how you’re proving you’re intellectually deficient here are you Jeff? You keep focusing on one person while dismissing the thousands daily demonstrating something else.

                3. Did Hitler personally kill any Jew or Slav? Did Stalin personally starve a Kulak? Has Joe uttered one word about ending the violence? Has any dem? Have you?

                4. Sure, tell us more about what’s not happening, Jeff.

                  Kudos? Haha.

            2. Democrats praise and actively abet the rioters. No one did that for Roof. You are so fvcking simple and dishonest I almost feel sorry for you

        2. Do you think this comment has actual merit? Are you still claiming you don’t constantly defend team blue?

          Here’s the thing… I can point to statements from the left supporting Marxism. I can point to riots and destruction.

          Now point to the GOP support of fascism.

          1. Biden is no Marxist despite the rights crazy claims otherwise. Nor does he want to defund the police.

            Trump’s campaign is based on lies.

            1. Sarah Palin’s Buttplug 2
              August.25.2020 at 10:23 am
              “Biden is no Marxist despite the rights crazy claims otherwise…”

              Correct. He’s just a fucking lefty ignoramus like you.

            2. What is it with Team Jeff/Blue? Are you capable of actual honest discussions? Why is both of your arguments to point solely at Biden and ignore everything else?

          2. There are no “statements from the left” supporting Marxism. There are statements by certain individuals broadly associated with the left supporting Marxism. Just like, there are no “statements from the right” supporting racism or fascism, but there are statements by certain individuals broadly associated with the right that do support racism and fascism. Get it now?

            1. Wow. Ignorance is your strong point.

              One of the DNC panelists just last week called for ending capitalism dummy.


              There is open discussion on the left about socialism.

              Why do you deny reality?

              1. Sure I get it. “The Left” is a hivemind that should be generalized according to its worst or most vocal members, but “The Right” is a complex assemblage of various individuals each with different ideas and it would be totally unfair to generalize them according to their worst or most vocal members. I understand completely now.

                1. “One of the DNC panelists just last week called for ending capitalism dummy.”

                  “Sure I get it. “The Left” is a hivemind that should be generalized according to its worst or most vocal members”

                  Or its official party platform.

                2. Haha. Well, now that you mention it, the people who would prefer to treat others as “individual”(s) do tend to gravitate one way, while the people who like to pimp collective guilt and grievance to further divide people tend to go the other.

        3. “I know, right? Analogies and hyperbole are totally unfair when applied to Team Red. Now let’s talk about how Team Blue is a bunch of Marxist Antifa radicals who hate America and want to burn it all down!”

          Exactly. Anyone who makes a comment like that is 100% serious and means every word in the literal sense because they are Trump hating liberal Karen’s who voted for Hillary.

        4. “UHNORITE?”

      2. I can only think of two reasons to watch Kimberly Guilfoyle.

        1. And those positive assets were not well displayed last night. She would have been awful even with the sound muted.

      3. Yes over night Guilfoyle’s speech became the main talking point. She is the one that will be played on every single news network (except Fox) and as far as anyone is concerned, it was all that happened in the 3 hour convention.

        That said, I think people like ENB underestimate just how fed up with this shit the middle of america is. Her anger may have been more attractive to them than people give her credit.

  22. The first night of the RNC went entirely in the opposite direction. There was little designed to appeal to people who weren’t already firmly on Trump’s side, or at least already so vehemently against Democrats that they’d vote for any Republican to beat them.

    Admittedly, when your base is 65 million racists, white supremacists, KKK members and Nazis, why would you need anybody else? Yet somehow, I get the feeling that there’s a hell of a lot more of those racists, white supremacists, KKK members and Nazis out there that are going to vote Trump in November.

  23. More bad economic news.’s benefactor Charles Koch only earned $784,000,000 yesterday.

    Which means he’s still barely in the global top 20.

    The next few months will be difficult. But when President Biden implements the Koch / Reason open borders agenda, I’m confident Mr. Koch will get his net worth up to the $80 billion he deserves.


    1. Billionaires Lives Matter. Much more than yours does.

  24. UK lockdown was a ‘monumental mistake’ and must not happen again – Boris scientist says
    LOCKDOWN will come to be seen as a “monumental mistake on a global scale” and must never happen again, a scientist who advises the Government on infectious diseases says.

    Prof Woolhouse OBE, a member of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviours that advises the Government, said: “Lockdown was a panic measure and I believe history will say trying to control Covid-19 through lockdown was a monumental mistake on a global scale, the cure was worse than the disease.

    “I never want to see national lockdown again. It was always a temporary measure that simply delayed the stage of the epidemic we see now. It was never going to change anything fundamentally, however low we drove down the number of cases, and now we know more about the virus and how to track it we should not be in this position again.

    “We absolutely should never return to a position where children cannot play or go to school.

    “I believe the harm lockdown is doing to our education, health care access, and broader aspects of our economy and society will turn out to be at least as great as the harm done by Covid-19.”

    He said that Sage, the government’s advisory board on dealing with Covid, needed to have members from a wider range of fields.

    1. He just wants to kill grandma!

      1. Again?

        Ask any college professor about how many times grandma can die, especially around final exam time. I guess COVID does the same thing.

      2. They have the NHS for that.

  25. Hysteria is the most dangerous coronavirus symptom
    We need to follow the Swedish example, and keep calm and use our common sense

  26. Arizona sees 20% rise in deaths, not all directly from coronavirus

    The state has recorded more than 7,100 more deaths in the first seven months of this year compared with the same period of 2019. About 4,100 of the deaths have been a direct result of the coronavirus, leaving 3,000 deaths from other causes. In all 42,582 people died in Arizona in the first seven months of the year.

    1. You are not doing this right. There are:
      deaths from COVID
      deaths with COVID
      deaths during COVID

      They all must be added together to increase panic. And make bigger numbers. Reporters love bigger numbers.

    2. How much did Arizonas population increase from Californians attribute to the natural increase in deaths

    1. How could it not be a disaster? We’ve had a post office since Ben Franklin, and all that time we knew enough to vote in person.

  27. I like the idea of a discussion of a left libertarian and would also like to see the discussion of centrist libertarian. I think the assumption for too long has been that only the right wing can be compatible with libertarianism and that is not true. Libertarian leaning politicians like Amash and Paul have either been exiled or coopted. For libertarian ideas to be advance they, like all political ideas, need to expand their base.

    1. How has Paul been exiled?

      1. Amash was exiled and Paul sold his soul to Trump. Does that help?

        1. Amash as suicided, Take it up with his consttuents.

    2. Moderation4ever
      August.25.2020 at 9:58 am
      “I like the idea of a discussion of a left libertarian…”

      Why did YOU bother to include “libertarian”?

    3. Amash left of his own volition ages ago and Paul is there.

      Time to quit fibbing.

  28. PUBLISHED: 11:36 EDT, 17 January 2018 | UPDATED: 11:36 EDT, 18 January 2018

    Flu drives hospitals into ‘war zone’ conditions: Tents on the street in California, ‘state of emergency’ in Alabama, and Boston is using GATORADE to plug shortage of IV drips
    Hospitals in Southern California have set up emergency tents in their parking lot to treat the influx of flu patients – a scene that looks like a ‘war zone’
    The state has been hit hard with the flu and reported 42 deaths in patients under 65 but the number continues to climb
    Other hospitals are treating patients in hallways, cancelling surgeries and turning away patients
    Pharmacies nationwide are running out of flu medications and there is shortage of IV bags due to Hurricane Maria
    The flu is devastating 49 states with Alabama declaring a State of Emergency and the death toll so far killing 85 adults and 20 children in the US

  29. For those of you women out there who want to do your makeup like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, she did a makeup tutorial on YouTube for your edification over the weekend.

    Apparently, her red lips are her signature. Is that because she’s a communist?! You’ve heard of “lipstick lesbians”? Now I guess “lipstick socialists” is a thing. They can’t win on the issues, so they try to appeal to women (especially young women) with shit like this.

    I think young women should be offended.

    I think this defeats what Virginia Postrel tells us about glamour. AOC isn’t enhancing mystery with this. She’s selling herself short. She’s cheapening her brand.

    I can’t imagine Nikki Haley, Jeane Kirkpatrick, or Margaret Thatcher stooping to something like doing makeup tutorials on YouTube–not even when they were young. But then I can’t imagine Ruth Bader Gingsberg, Madeleine Albright, or Nancy Pelosi stooping to this when they were young either.

    1. She’s got a great handle on who her audience is and what appeals to them. This is terrific messaging and persuasion from AOC.

      Like Trump, she’s playing a completely different game than the rest of the politicians. By making this sort of youtube video she’s building her brand as one of that crowd.

      It seems dumb for a politician to be doing something so base, but that’s where today’s under 30 crowd is. She’s right on point.

      Her politics might be absolutely insane, but her political instincts are spot-on.

      I recognize something in her that I recognize in Trump – I don’t understand the popularity. I never have understood how Trump’s simple phrases that communicate so little manage to speak to so many people. Likewise, I don’t see how people can’t see through AOC’s lightweight attempts at intellectualism and her populist screeds against capitalism and American society.

      But I recognize the results. They both engender a passion that I cannot understand. But I can plainly see that it exists.

      You dismiss her at your peril. She’s a formidable politician who is much closer to Trump than she is to Chuck Shumer or Joe Biden in terms of her relationship to the electorate.

      1. There isn’t anything presidential or serious about doing makeup tutorials.

        Do you want this person in charge of the military?

        Do you want this person in charge of budget negotiations?

        Do you want this person on the Supreme Court?

        Do you want this person to remake our economy with the Green New Deal?

        Kayne West has a lot of fans, too, and so does Taylor Swift. Does anybody want either one of them to have political power?

        AOC is inviting criticism in the hopes of alienating her critics as being old and out of touch, but watching that video cheapens her image–in the minds of her supporters. How is the Green New Deal like a make up tutorial? Associating those images in people’s minds doesn’t help the Green New Deal or Occasio-Cortez reach a national audience. It makes them both look ridiculous.

        AOC doing a makeup tutorial makes herself and the Green New Deal look like K-pop sensations BTS new hit single “Dynamite”.

        That AOC song “GND” won’t be popular or taken seriously a year from now, and two years from now, this YouTube video will still be out there–and she’ll be looking about as hip as Leisure Suit Larry.

        1. Yup.

          She does not want or need your vote.

          And president is not the only title with political power.

        2. Ken, you and I do not want AOC in any of those roles. But I agree with Cyto that she has an extreme ability to connect with and motivate some people.

          Classical economists once thought that people behave rationally, and were confounded when they did not. Perhaps we are being equally classical–and wrong–when we expect voters to behave rationally.

          1. She is cheapening her image with her own supporters.

            She’s making the Green New Deal look like this summer’s fashion accessory.

            That is not a path to influence or power.

            That is a way to sell downloads and merch for the next three weeks.

            People are still listening to Zeppelin 50 years after they recorded those albums–long after they stopped being current or fashionable–and they may be listening to those recordings another 50 years from now.

            Nobody gives a shit about or listens to MC Hammer anymore.

            Far as I know, Zeppelin never scored a hit that went as high in the charts as “Can’t Touch This”.

            AOC is turning her brand (and the GND by association) into a rap record from 1989 that no one listens to or cares about anymore.

            1. You should have been ridiculing the content.

              “People think that if you care about makeup and fashion, that is frivolous. But I think these are actually some of the most substantive decisions we make, and we make them every morning”

              Hoo-boy! Wow. And an influential congresswoman.

            2. but to her power…

              Pelosi did not become speaker because of her gravitas. Nor because of her blazing intellect. Nor because she could move the masses.

              She became speaker because she was an expert fundraiser who was able to help a whole bunch of democrats get elected.

              Guess what AOC has been doing?

            3. “AOC is turning her brand (and the GND by association) into a rap record from 1989 that no one listens to or cares about anymore.”

              And then she’ll reinvent herself for 1990.

              The problem for you Ken, is that you’re not a vapid but overly earnest, 20-something, middle class woman, so you’re not in the target range for her appeal. She’ll evolve as her target demographic ages.

        3. I supported AOC’s challenger in the Dem primary – Michelle Cabruso Cabrerra of CNBC.

          AOC has very little party support. She will replace Bernie Sanders in worthless legislation that never gets anywhere.

        4. You’re missing the most important bit of all Ken: she’s still wildly unattractive even after spending all that time on makeup.

          Red lipstick does nothing for those eyes that say “I’ll cut your dick off in your sleep”.

          1. She deliberately made herself unattractive. Like Eva Peron she ‘s taken up a severe look to convey that she’s a serious person. And, like Eva, when she opens her mouth nothing but ignorance falls out.

        5. I think a lot of people said similar things about Bad Orange Man. He appeared on professional wrestling for Odin’s sake. But here he is, occupying the Oval Office.

          1. They said that about him because of his confrontational approach and his position on the issues.

            They didn’t say it about him because he was doing makeup tutorials.

            1. That’s exactly the point. Cortez’ livestreaming is her millennial answer to Trumps loudmouthed New Yorker. It’s what her supporters relate to and like about her and it makes her seem genuine. She’s at least building a devoted base of followers (which is absolutely vital for a nation-wide political campaign) and probably at the same time honing her schtick for broader appeal in the future. I don’t understand the appeal myself, but you don’t have to understand the it to see that it works.

              1. I understand that’s the way it was intended.

                That isn’t the way it’s likely to play, and it isn’t likely to age well.

                She’s going to turn around and sell the Green New Deal after doing make up tutorials?! You want to sell forced job losses to the swing vote Midwest by way of the Green New Deal–on the back of makeup tutorials?!

                That’s nuts.

                This is somebody reading fawning reviews of herself in the press and thinking that it’s real. She wants to sell herself as Justin Bieber. The real world hates Justin Bieber, and they sure as hell won’t bend over for the Green New Deal because Justin Bieber says so. Working women in the suburbs aren’t about to take orders from Justin Bieber either. Justin Bieber isn’t popular. Justin Bieber was popular with girls of a certain age. The rest of the world was always contemptuous of Justin Bieber, and as those girls mature into women, they find their former belieber status to be an amusing embarrassment–like a class photo from junior high.

                That’s what AOC is doing to herself here. She is willfully excluding herself from consideration for the Speaker’s chair, whether she realizes it or not. The only people who ever wanted Justin Bieber in the Speaker’s chair were childish nutjobs and children. Say hello to AOC–the new Justin Bieber.

                1. First thing I want to address,
                  “The real world hates Justin Bieber”

                  The real world that hates Justin Bieber gave him many millions of dollars regardless. Trump’s New Yorker character has made many people in the real world hate him, but it still won him the presidency. Cortez’ airhead millennial act may get people to hate her, but if it gets her the votes she needs then I don’t think she cares.

                  More to the point,
                  “She’s going to turn around and sell the Green New Deal after doing make up tutorials?! You want to sell forced job losses to the swing vote Midwest by way of the Green New Deal–on the back of makeup tutorials?!”
                  Well, no. I don’t think she’s selling the Green New Deal anymore. She made each part of it a central plank in the Democratic party platform, but I haven’t heard her talking about specifically the Green New Deal in the last several months. What she is going to sell with her livestreams is herself as a regular person that’s in touch with what regular people care about. She’s going to sell government run healthcare as the answer to expensive health insurance because she understands the struggle to pay for expensive health insurance. She’s going to sell more welfare as the answer to financial struggles because she understands what it’s like to have less income than expenses. She’s going to sell massive increases in the administrative state because she’s just as frustrated with big multinational corporations getting away with crimes that regular people like her would get put in prison for.

                  It’s going to be up to whoever replaces Trump to effectively counter what Cortez will be selling, and not just with facts and reason, but with effective salesmanship too.

        6. AOC doing makeup tutorials is the Millennial equivalent of Clinton playing the sax.

          We don’t get it because we are the wrong generation for who the appeal is aiming at. As cringy and intellectually vapid as I think she is, she does have a firm grasp on how to appeal to the generation whose voting patterns will dominate American politics for the next thirty years.

          That’s probably why, every time I see her face, I feel like I’m staring into the eyes of Latinx Hitler.

        7. Ken get a grip man.

          Trump Steaks.


    Steve Scalise
    Police cars revolving light Disgusting: Nancy Pelosi just called Republicans “domestic enemies.”

    I was shot because of this kind of unhinged rhetoric.

    Where’s the media outrage?

    1. Selectively elsewhere.

    2. When the Republican equivalent of Hodgkinson kills a few Democratic politicians.

    3. Disgusting: Nancy Pelosi just called Republicans “domestic enemies.”

      I’m perfectly content with treating Democrats the same way. At least it’s out in the open now.

      Scalise needs to figure out that trying to play the outrage game against the Dems is pointless. You can’t shame people who are inherently bad-faith actors.


    did not condemn the riots in #Kenosha in his statement this morning, but condemned the police. Effectively, he gave a green light to the nationwide mayhem. Disqualifying. #2020

    1. Both the riots and the police deserve condemnation in that case.

      That was not a good shoot. I understand they’re worried that he might have a gun in the car, but if that’s the case why did they let him get to the car in the first place?

      In the video I saw, they had plenty of time to go hands on with him (they already had him at gunpoint so things had already escalated as far as they go) before he ever gets to the car door. They deliberately let it go far enough that they felt lethal force was justified when they had plenty of opportunity for non-lethal force before that.

      I don’t know what criminal charges they should face, but I’m 100% confident they shouldn’t be police officers anymore.

  32. Your analysis of who the RNC was targeting is laughable.

    Sure, there was plenty of red meat for the MAGA crowd.

    But unlike the prime time DNC, there was plenty of policy to go with the partisanship.

    And they targeted one thing with that above all else…. minority voters. They hit hard with personal endorsements – particularly Herschel Walker’s profession of a deep, personal family relationship with Trump.

    They went after the minority vote on school choice. They went after the minority vote on jobs. They went after the minority vote by having minority faces directly refuting the years long mantra of “racist” from the DNC and their cohort.

    If you watched that and said “This was only designed to fire up the MAGA base”, you don’t understand politics at all… or more likely, your TDS is dialed up so far that you couldn’t see what was right in front of you.

    1. “you don’t understand politics at all… or more likely, your TDS is dialed up so far”

      A little of both I’m guessing.

    2. See you can say that…but I challenge you to (like you don’t already) go read the comments under pretty much any Breitbart article and see how they talk about said “minority faces.”

      the hate is very, very real.

      1. I checked out the articles for Herschel Walker and Tim Scott. They loved their speeches. Did you mistakenly go to CNN?

      2. The left
        Uncle Tom
        On Twitter


    “This dude is shooting at us” BLM militants run for their lives after Milwaukee homeowner fires warning shots in his neighborhood.


      A group of guys in #Kenosha armed with guns are protecting a local business from rioters:

      “We’re out here trying to protect residents, we’re trying to protect the innocent people and we’re trying to protect the businesses of the citizens out here…”

    2. Did they call the cops?

      1. Did they call the cops?

        “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

    3. “Milwaukee homeowner fires warning shots in his neighborhood.”

      The essential goodness at heart of the Upper Midwesterner strikes again.

    4. If he didn’t actually hit any of them, he needs to work on his target practice.

      1. Allegedly those were warning shots. I suspect if the mob shows up again he won’t be warning them.

        In any case the message was sent loud and clear: You’re not in Portland anymore.

  34. Shorter RNC:
    Ignore all of those pesky policy items. Focus on Dear Leader who will keep you safe, and remember that Democrats are scary horrible people who will burn America to the ground. And while we villainize the opposition and heap cult-like praise on Dear Leader, don’t you dare call us fascist, that is just mean. We are Real Muricans!

    1. Tell me about all the policy items at the DNC convention.

    2. Shorter Jeff:

      This is what Vox told me to say as I obviously didn’t watch one second of it.

      1. NO SCREENS ALLOWED, says the sign in the safe space Jeffy shared with ENB last night.

    3. Fear of the coof has finally driven Jeffy completely batshit crazy. The good news is, his mom has plenty of cookies to leave at the top of the basement stairs for him.

      They will have to take his belt and shoelaces when Trump wins the election.

  35. This has to be a parody.
    Harnessing the power of suburban women to help change Ohio’s future.

  36. mixed with unhinged praise for Dear Leader, fanfic about his administration, and absolutely insane fearmongering about how Democrats will turn the suburbs into Mad Max.

    They literally did the exact same thing for Kamala, but that’s different because reasons.

    One thing the opening paragraph does show is that ENB got super mad about the convention, and must have ate a whole bowl of orangemanbad before squeezing out a steaming roundup this morning.

    1. It must have been a successful convention day judging by ENB and Jeff’s rage.

      1. Jeff would be really upset with the list of primetime speakers: Klacik, Walker, Jones, Scott, Haley, etc… but Vox has told him the GOP only has white people.

      2. “truly gross”

    2. One thing the opening paragraph does show is that ENB got super mad about the convention, and must have ate a whole bowl drank a whole box of orangemanbad before squeezing out a steaming roundup this morning.


  37. “For Democrats, the sparseness and video broadcasts helped emphasize the fact that the country is still in the middle of a pandemic”

    Yes, what we need is a party to remind us of a government that has continually eroded our freedoms and destroyed businesses because it has the power to be the nanny state.

    Seems like a winning strategy.

  38. A Trump supporter texted me last night during the convention, convinced that it was a game changer. I was not watching. Here is what I replied with:

    You think anyone actually is watching this? The networks pimped the DNC like it was the greatest moment in history. Nobody watched.

    I have not seen a mention of the RNC.

    I am quite sure they will call it a white supremacist hate fest and a dark vision for America. They do not care about reality, because they are the propaganda machine.

    Remember, the networks all agreed to stop covering Trump live because he lies. Thereby stopping him from speaking directly to the people.

    1. An hour later, I checked cnn. Here was their first article:

      “Trump uses dark message to kick off RNC despite aides’ claims of optimism”

      1. sight unseen I still was able to predict their take. MSNBC, NYT and HUFFPO all had the same take at that moment. Dark vision for America.

        1. Wow, they’re still trying to push “dark”. It was fresh four years ago. Maybe next they’ll talk about how orange he is and publish a “bombshell” hidden camera video of him bragging about how attractive women find him to be.

        2. yeah but are they wrong?

    2. Here was my reaction to ABC covering Tim Scott… in real time:

      Abc after tim Scott.

      Different strategy

      “Classic keynote… optimistic”

      Cut to black guy.

      Scott is a rare thing jn the republican party…. the only black republican in the senate…

      And get this..

      When trump sent out his white supremacist tweets about Charlottesville, Scott was the first republican to condemn him.

      Totally planned spin…

      1. so I wake up this morning…

        NBC News has Tim Scott. They introduce him as “the only Black Republican in the Senate”

        CNN “Tim Scott, the only Black Republican in the Senate”

        Even “Tim Scott, the only Black Republican in the Senate”

        The identical phrase, across all media outlets. C.J. Ciamarella’s article about criminal justice reform used it word for word. Boehm’s article on school choice did not. The first was a weak hit piece claiming that being against the riots negates Trump’s record on Criminal Jistice Reform. The second was a “hey! Finally someone is on our side!” piece about school choice.

        1. Scott always like to counter with “The Democrats have 2. Why do you keep tokenizing me?”

        2. Since progressives demand that any group of people must have a racial and political quota that matches the population at large, and since they also cast all black Americans as Democrats, then Scott represents extreme OVER representation in the Senate, right?

        3. Probably Boehm didn’t get the memo before he published his article.

    3. Cyto…this election is ‘over’, barring something totally out of left field. Which considering this year…will happen. You know and I know that there is an October surprise coming.

      October surprises aside, the DNC basically put on a ‘America Hate Fest’ for 4 days. What are Team D partisans for? We don’t know. My take is voters want to hear a positive message, with some specificity on what actions will be taken. That simply did not happen at the Team D convention.

      More than anything, the lack of positivity (for anything) and no considered policy proposals just cost them the election.

      1. I am starting to think Trump will actually win this thing again.

        1. I was not sure, but the Team D ‘American Hate Fest’ convinced me. No way they win. Crooked Hillary had the Deplorables moniker driven straight up her fat, old ass. She never recovered from that.

          Brain-Damaged Biden has his ‘Basement Bunker’. He never comes out. He will be tagged with that, and when he tries to weasel out of the debates, he will become Chickenshit Joe. Just watch.

          The DNC Hate Fest was a huge turnoff. When people are feeling down, they don’t want social/political analyses telling them they are terrible people. No! They want chicken soup for the soul.

          This is how it was during the Great Depression. People did not want to hear about ‘Bowling Alone’ [a work describing the breakdown of societal cohesion written 15 or so years ago]…they wanted ‘Gone with the Wind’. That is how it is today. We have a fucking pandemic that is really fucking us up. They want optimism and hope…not nagging and browbeating.

          Does anyone really think that calling ordinary Americans racists and bigots is a winning message?!

          1. I’m also not convinced that “we’ll shut down the country and mandate nationwide masks” is a winning message.

            I also guarantee one thing: Trump will get more than the 39% he got in Oregon in 2016. I’m not saying he’ll take the state but Antifa/BLM have created a LOT of new Trump voters in Portland.

          2. “Does anyone really think that calling ordinary Americans racists and bigots is a winning message?!”

            It’s like they’ve learned nothing since 2016.

  39. We had the Obama administration attempt to impose its morals on the entire nation with the contraceptive mandate in the ACA which culminated in suing a group of nuns for noncompliance. We had the IRS hobbling the ideological opponents of the Democrat Party and the Obama Adminisstration abusing the FISA to gather information on political opponents.

    But…there was nothing be concerned about with the Obama administration.

    1. Both CNN and the NYT fact checked the claim that “the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign” last night. I did not see the claim.

      Both had the same conclusion. False.

      “There is no evidence that Obama spied on the Trump campaign.”

      Both with identical answers.

      1. There is no evidence. It is another wingnut CT like Pizzagate.

        1. Of course not! This guy faked evidence which lead to spying on Trump just for ‘reasons’ I guess:
          “Former FBI Lawyer to Plead Guilty to Doctoring Email During Russia Investigation”

          1. BTW, this plea deal is your sign that Barr and Durham are company men.

            The case is now over.

            Instead of leveraging him to go higher, they let him plead to the least possible charge… and the judge who oversaw the FISA mess is the one who is doing the sentencing. In his plea, he says that he changed the email, but he believed that changing it made it more correct.

            That is the end of the investigation. Done.

            The forged email was the smoking gun. It was proof in writing. And Durham just burned it as a piece of evidence.

    2. Contraception is a personal decision and one based on liberty, you moron.

      I know you wingnuts have been butthurt over ‘Griswold vs Connecticut’ since the 60s. Get over it.

      1. How do you claim that it is a personal decision and then use force to get someone else involved in accommodating that personal decision?

        Your rhetoric makes no sense to what you are advocating.

      2. Forcing nuns to buy birth control is liberty.

        Have any other libertarian wisdom for us?

      3. Now do cake baking.

  40. “Jerry Falwell Jr, an evangelical leader whose endorsement helped power Donald Trump to the White House but who is now embroiled in a sex scandal involving his wife and a business partner,..”

    I guess the walls are closing in. Again.
    Who did that Epstein guy support? And Weinstein? Prolly a Trump supporter, too.

  41. Anyone who is on the fence about riots/thugs/chaos vs mostly peaceful protestors should actually walk around Portland’s downtown and pearl district.

    My fiancee is a more or less centrist Democrat (centrist to my mind, not center of Blue party). Since March she’s been very sympathetic to protestors and their cause, and angry at people she thinks are too focused on crimes she views as unrelated to the protests. We finished up a vacation last week by spending a night in Portland in a formerly favorite pearl hotel. She was shocked at the state of things and wanted to come right home the next morning. Actually seeing what has happened seems to have given her pause.

    1. Considered from this light, the Red messaging on chaos and lawlessness coming to the suburbs starts to make sense. Trump did sign the first step act and start the ball rolling on criminal justice reform. Trump also has been publicly and maybe not super effectively feuding with liberal mayors over their refusal to enforce basic laws against arson and rioting. These things aren’t inherently contradictory, if anything they dovetail well from a libertarian viewpoint. We should want prisons to do a better job aiding inmates in returning to society and functioning effectively, we also shouldn’t want people using otherwise lawful protests as cover to burn shit down.

    2. Ask her to tell her friends. I hope you took pictures or video.

    3. “…Actually seeing what has happened seems to have given her pause.”

      Commies never clean up after themselves.

      1. Too busy working on denial and cognitive dissonance.

      2. Issue that triggered her disgust was actually the insane extend of homeless camping everywhere in the city. Portland was already doing a poor job of dealing with this, now with police and city very distracted with continuous protests they have even less bandwidth and hobos are running wild. Hotel guy said several businesses in the area have closed for good and he expects they will be closing before long. An area we used to really enjoy is just ruined by people literally pooping on the streets.

  42. I like how conservative icon and Trump fan-boy uber-Christian Jerry Falwell Jr got caught watching a pool-boy fuck his wife for him.

    He is a typical conservative and just as much a scumbag as his shitty father.

    Liberty University = shit for brains conservative training ground.

    1. Jerry Falwell Jr got caught watching a pool-boy fuck his wife for him.

      I thought cuck porn was your thing, why are you so mad?

      1. Why are conservatives such shitty people? I can’t think of a single one I admire for anything.

        Chris Hitchens (worth admiring) on Falwell Sr:

        Like many fanatical preachers, Falwell was especially disgusting in exuding an almost sexless personality while railing from dawn to dusk about the sex lives of others. His obsession with homosexuality was on a par with his lip-smacking evocations of hellfire. From his wobbly base of opportunist fund raising and degree-mill money-spinning in Lynchburg, Va., he set out to puddle his sausage-sized fingers into the intimate arrangements of people who had done no harm. Men of this type, if they cannot persuade enough foolish people to part with their savings, usually end up raving on the street and waving placards about the coming day of judgment. But Falwell, improving on the other Chaucerian frauds from Oral Roberts to Jim Bakker to Ted Haggard, not only had a TV show of his own but was also regularly invited onto mainstream ones.


        The evil that he did will live after him. This is not just because of the wickedness that he actually preached, but because of the hole that he made in the “wall of separation” that ought to divide religion from politics. In his dingy racist past, Falwell attacked those churchmen who mixed the two worlds of faith and politics and called for civil rights. Then he realized that two could play at this game and learned to play it himself. Then he won the Republican Party over to the idea of religious voters and faith-based fund raising. And now, by example at least, he has inspired emulation in many Democrats and liberals who would like to borrow the formula. His place on the cable shows will be amply filled by Al Sharpton: another person who can get away with anything under the rubric of Reverend. It’s a shame that there is no hell for Falwell to go to, and it’s extraordinary that not even such a scandalous career is enough to shake our dumb addiction to the “faith-based.

        Hitchens – Friend of Reason Magazine

        1. Sarah Palin’s Buttplug 2
          August.25.2020 at 10:49 am

          “Why are conservatives such shitty people?…”

          You misspelled “lefties” you pathetic piece of shit.

          1. I like you Sevo.

        2. Why are conservatives such shitty people? I can’t think of a single one I admire for anything.

          Dictionary definition of prejudice. Well done.

          1. Yeah, I’m prejudiced. Don’t care. I really hate Islamists and Christo-fascists most though. Anyone who claims they speak for god and wants to mix religion and state to kill freedom. Islamists are slightly worse though.

            1. “Yeah, I’m prejudiced.”

              You misspelled “fucking lefty ignoramus”, fucking lefty ignoramus.

            2. But animism and Gaia worship and plain OL worshipping the state are perfectly good reasons to do that, huh?

            3. It’s kind of funny to read Buttplug, of all people, pretending to be mad about questionable sexual morals.

              I suppose he’ll claim he’s mad about the hypocrisy, but he’s being a hypocrite about the exact same thing, just in the reverse.

            4. “……slightly worse……”

              Haha. Ok.

      2. She was too old. He like the young stuff. Real young.

    2. Kamala agrees with you. “Why waste fucking on some kinky personal pleasures when it can be used to gain political office?”

    3. I like how conservative icon and Trump fan-boy uber-Christian Jerry Falwell Jr got caught watching a pool-boy fuck his wife for him.

      Is that even a sin? I can see how her having sex with someone other than her husband *might* be seen as a sin but him watching it happen? You’re getting into some pretty über-puritanical stuff saying the scripture says “a husband shall not observe his wife enjoying herself”.

  43. “But it was speakers’ comments on policing, criminal justice, and COVID-19 that were truly gross. They bashed people protesting George Floyd’s murder (and police brutality more generally) as thugs, criminals, communists, and terrorists.”

    I guess ENB is still refusing to read Reason’s own Nancy Rommelmann’s dispatches from the riots.

    1. Those stories don’t play well with the Trump personality obsession.

  44. Is this news to anyone? They’ve made it apparent you’re either with him or against him.

    Just amazing that we have this many dumbasses in this country who still think Trump is doing anything for anyone but himself but hey, it’s what we are I suppose.

    1. I don’t think it is really so much about Trump as more compelling issue; what amazes me is how so many persons let themselves get caught up in personality issues and what they like and don’t like about that, vs. more fundamental things [see comment below].

    2. that’s spelled “I am”, not “we are”.

    3. You’ve made it apparent you’re either with him or against him, wearingit.
      Don’t pretend that you haven’t.

    4. Watch how you use that word “we”, fuckface.

    5. Why is the government supposed to be doing something for you?

  45. Ok, so we have a choice; D or R, and no L and G do not count except for sending yourself a nice little virtue signal [don’t waste your vote].

    If you favor limited government, reasonably unrestrained free enterprise, and generally minding your own business [and staying out of that of others] which choice is going to serve you best?

    Personally I want to see another round of judicial vacancies filled along the same line as the most recent 200, including a supreme court justice who is currently dying. That way I can hope to continue living in a constitutional republic for another 20 years or so.

    Everything else, including Trump’s persona, social justice, identity, equity, and any amount of bull shit does not matter. And I certainly do not want those things forced on me.

    1. “…Personally I want to see another round of judicial vacancies filled along the same line as the most recent 200, including a supreme court justice who is currently dying…”

      Who is currently keeping her upright?

      1. She’s had liver cancer [another metastatis, in addition to her lungs, form primary pancreatic cancer]; she just got out of the hospital [again] for revision of a bile stent, which happens about every three months because they clog up [and are considered palliative care, mainly for comfort and relief of acute symptoms]; I expect the team at Walter Reed is what’s keeping her propped up; you and I would have been sent to hospice over a year ago when they found the nodules on her lungs.

        1. I expect the team at Walter Reed is what’s keeping her propped up; you and I would have been sent to hospice over a year ago when they found the nodules on her lungs.

          Yet another example of how the party/ideology has become a ghoulish death cult. I would’ve asked them to ship me to the eastern-most FOB in Iraq.

        2. Tumor with legs.

          A good description of RBG and a great band name.

    2. This is pretty much it. Republicans aren’t even close to perfect, but the Democrats are trying to literally destroy this country. Vote Republican to have some hope of recovering in the future, or vote Democrat if you want to burn it all down and start over in a couple of decades.

      1. the Democrats are trying to literally destroy this country.

        And if you actually believe that type of hyperbolic nonsense, it is just proof that demagoguery works. Pull your head out of your ass and realize that Joe F’n Biden is not going to “literally destroy this country” and don’t fall for their shameless fearmongering from EITHER side.

        1. They’re literally destroying the cities they run.

  46. OK folks, what Party ever, whose sitting president was running for re-election, didn’t do a “Dear Leader” message making him out to be the greatest thing since inexpensive condoms?

    1. “But that’s different because shut up you Russian bot!”

  47. If you have an iPhone, you’ve already got the contact tracing app on your phone. Go to settings, privacy, health. I heard Samsung phones do too, but I’m not sure.

    1. I heard Samsung phones do too, but I’m not sure.

      It’s ther in the options, provided by Google. Off by default and requires an app install.

      1. So they say…

  48. “The Democratic convention focused on persuasion and de-emphasized base mobilization,” as NBC’s Sahil Kapur tweeted. “The Republican convention is focusing on base mobilization and de-emphasizing persuasion.”

    I supposed it’s possible both parties chose those strategies because the Democrats have had a full year to mobilize their base through the primaries while the Republicans didn’t. Maybe the RNC is using the convention to mobilize the base and then in the next few weeks/ months leading up to election day they’ll try and go after undecided voters? Seems like it could be a viable strategy, but who knows.

    1. Or they’re not bothering because Democratic mayors are the best persuasion the Republicans could’ve hoped for. Never interrupt your enemy when they’re making a mistake.

    2. That take completely ignores the content of both conventions.

      DNC: Biden is a great guy and Trump is terrible.

      It was entirely focused on personal, not policy.

      1 day of RNC: Trump is a great guy who has done great things for the country. He is totally nice and look, all these Black people like him!

      Plus, policy points on several issues relevant.

      When Niden focused on how empathetic he was, these guys said it was genius and destroyed Trump. Now Trump meets with a bunch of regular joe types and highlights their contribution. He clearly connects with them. He puts on minority figures who speak of their personal relationship with Trump.

      And the pundits who thought Biden was a genius for focusing on his personal attributes say Trump is not trying to persuade anyone.

      These folks are really suffering from a cognitive block.

  49. somebody’s jelly on Guilfoyle

  50. On the issue of race:

    NBC had Tim Scott this morning. Here is what Savannah Guthrie asked him:

    “The polls basically agree… the most recent polls show Trump with only…. show Biden with 88% support among African Americans. How does the Trump campaign change this?”

    Trump at 12% among black voters? Wouldn’t that be historic?

    Way to bury the lead.

    And this was before they began their pitch last night.

    Biden is supposed to be renowned for his support in the black community, names a VP that fits the demographic…. and somehow drops 5% below historic democrat low water marks?

    1. If you start talking like “they” aren’t a unified block of locked-in voters, “they” might catch on.

      1. Word for word from Scott’s pitch about Biden..

  51. “We want this nation to continue to be a beacon of hope to the world.”

    Trump slashed U.S. acceptance of refugees to record lows as the global population of refugees reached record highs.

    My guess is that Matt “Words and stuff” Welch doesn’t realize that ‘beacon’ is just a metaphor; that you can show people how to make themselves and their communities more wealthy, free, and vibrant in their home countries and still be a beacon of hope.

    1. It can be spun that way, but, traditionally, whenever people have talked about America being a beacon of hope, part of that vision was that anyone could hope to someday immigrate to America, assimilate into the “melting pot”, and have a great life.

      1. Which is still entirely possible. Legal immigration still exists, so the hope that they can someday come here is still alive.

        Limiting the number of refugees coming in is not the same as killing the American dream for immigrants. Particularly when the term “refugee” has been stretched as far as it has, from what I can tell as long as your standard of living is worse at home than it is here you can be called a “refugee”. “My country sucks and I don’t want to be here anymore” has traditionally meant you applied for normal immigration, not just show up at the border claiming to be a refugee.

      2. Haha. Yeah. How many people were on the planet when they put that sign on the Statue of Liberty? 1.5B maybe?

        Progressives. Always living in the past.

  52. I like to image what will happen to the Democratic Party following another Trump win; it used to be the “big tent” in which a Black pastor from Atlanta, a lesbian from New York, and a union guy from Madison would all vote for the same candidate. If they cannot pull this one off [and I am increasingly doubting that they will] the tent is going to be rent.

    1. They will be in disarray, for sure.

      On the other side of the aisle, if Trump loses, the current Republican Party has to reckon with how they have all lined up behind him and held their tongue about any criticisms of him.

      1. I think both Scott and Haley made a strong bid for a 2024 run. Not sure how the DNC will label Scott a racist, Haley, being of southeast Asian heritage, I think they’ll have less problem calling her a racist. The DNC really seems ambivalent about Asians.

      2. I’m sure there would be some hand-wringing on the part of the party leadership because most Republican politicians are still just establishment guys who don’t want to disrupt the gravy train.

        As for the base, I think it will cause them to hunker down and dig their heels in as the impression will be that Trump didn’t loose on the merits but because the entire establishment of elitism in the country was arrayed against him.

        If the dems loose, on the other hand, the civil war brewing within the party will explode. If they win, they have only forestalled that for four years at most.

        I’m at the point where I’m not sure whether Biden winning or losing is more likely to be the spark that burns everything down. I lean towards him losing being safer, if he wins the Dem’s war will spiral out to include the disaffected conservative populists and I think we can all agree that those are the scarier group of potential insurrectionists.

        1. Plus there’s the whole leftist totalitarian thing that they’re telling us they will institute.
          But no biggie.
          Normalcy bias certainly stopped the soviets and nazis from gaining power…

  53. When a stupid cunt starts her post with an insult by calling Donald Trump “dear leader” as if he’s the equivalent of a dictator you know already she’s lost the argument. Clearly this magazine and website needs to rethink their editorial staff.

    1. Her writing was his morning was gossipy and not professional in tone, but it’s going too far to say she “lost the argument”. There are a lot of cult-like followers of Trump who do treat him as a “Dear Leader”.

      Likewise, it was unnecessarily misogynistic of you to call her a “cunt”, but beyond the name calling you did have a point about the tone of her writing.

      1. it was unnecessarily misogynistic of you to call her a “cunt”

        Do you say the same thing when people call you a cunt?

  54. It’s ENB so this will never be mentioned, but Richard Spencer has officially endorsed Biden for president:

    Now, Biden may not be a racist. But all the racists seem to be supporting him.

    1. Well, one racist at least. Spencer.

      1. Don’t forget their candidate, Mr. “You Ain’t Black, Hispanics are Diverse unlike blacks, First Well Spoken Black Candidate, Put Y’all back in chains” Biden. If I were the RNC I would put those on a loop, and contrast with Walker, Haley and Scott describing Trump and run it non-stop in predominantly minority neighborhoods. The other ad should include Jones and Klacik talking about how the Democrats don’t deserve but totally expect the black vote.

        1. Joe has always been a master of opening his mouth and saying dumb things, and not just in his old age.

  55. So….vote Biden then?

    1. Neither Trump or Biden is a good choice, but I can see why someone in a “battleground” state would feel they have to choose the lesser evil.

      If you don’t live in a battleground state, why not vote for someone who represents your libertarian views better (like maybe Jo) or leave the Presidential box unchecked to signal your displeasure with the candidates both major parties are putting up (that’s what I’m doing).

      1. I usually throw my vote in the direction a third party in order to help them hit the 5% mark.

        This year, though, I’m going to vote Trump in order to signal to my bluer than blue state that conservatives still exist.

  56. “But at the same time that speakers were lauding Trump for criminal justice reforms that rolled back some of the laws that Biden helped pass, they were making constant references to riots, violent criminals being let loose on the street, and the threat of antifa mobs coming to your suburban neighborhood once the Marxist Democrats defund the police.” I’m not sure I see the inconsistency here. In fact, this seems like the proper position to take. Much needed criminal justice reforms, while at the same time supporting the legitimate policing necessary to prevent left wing mobs from burning down neighborhoods. The Republicans are right to shine light on the grotesque behavior of violent Marxists and their supporters in the democrat party. But that is not inconsistent with a desire for police reform.

    1. You make a good point.

    2. This is where all the reasonable people stand.

      Police are too violent. The police-state has grown too much.

      Also, rioting is bad.

      it’s not that hard to hold both thoughts in your head at the same time.

  57. The Dems have managed to altruistically call in Red Chinese germ war artillery on their own position to dislodge Boss Trump. Boss Trump now knows how Herbert Hoover felt when time after time his First Responders shot men, women, children, war heroes on the high seas and foreign nationals inside their own borders–in the back. Only after the 1932 Dem repeal platform did Bert decide prohibition was a dead albatross. The Dems now chose their own Drug Czar as candidate, so it’s looking like the LP vote can stay on the logistics replacement curve and net 7 million votes in the top slot thanks to kleptocracy initiation of deadly force. With adversaries like these…

    1. A lot of your posts seem to loop back to the 20s and 30s before and after rambling on to more contemporary (non?) points.

      Interesting style.

  58. CSpan reports viewership for RNC convention was nearly 6 times greater than for DNC’s first night. Also, pollsters who do dial in real time polling report independents giving Republican speeches high marks, and stating they resonated with them.

    1. Youtube also reports those watching on YouTube was nearly double that of the DNC.

    2. CSPAN numbers off of YouTube below. They don’t represent the total viewership, but I would guess they mirror general trends compiled across different outlets.

      DNC stats after one week of time to gather views:

      DNC days 1-3 had 77k, 46k, and 62k respectivley. Day 4 had double of day 1 with 156k.

      Individual speaker stats: Highest was Obama at 512k which is better than the actual nominee’s acceptance speech at 404k. Next highest in order is the intro for Harris (286k), Michelle (212k), Harris’s speech (177k), a 13 year old kid (162k) and Sanders (156k).

      Nothing else broke the 100k mark, most not even coming close to 25k. ‘Winner’ for lowest viewership is Tammy Duckworth at 1.6k, which is less than she would have gotten if she had just done a BTS reaction video instead.

      As for the RNC, after only one day of views:

      Day 1: 473k total. Yes, that is more than for Biden’s acceptance speech (although Obama still ins).

      Individual speakers had Trump the highest at 132k, Trump Junior at 90k and everyone else (except Pence) in 42-67k range. Pence came in lowest at 11k.

      Superficial analysis – the Republican base is more excited about every single speaker. Not only did far more people tune into watch the entire line-up, each individual speaker has high number comparatively. Even Pence gathered more views for his speech than Duckworth, Booker, Yang, and Buttigieg combined, and he is gaining on AOC (14k).

      I think this does not bode well for the Dems going forward, regardless of what happens in this election. Their up-and-coming stars barely have enough support to get people to click ‘play’ let alone to get off their butts to go to the polls. They need more than just vote-by-mail, I’m not sure there is enough enthusiasm to get a dem voter to make the effort to drop it in the mail.

      1. Some of this goes back to a comment someone made earlier about fact-checking that occurred during the RNC that didn’t happen during the DNC. A lot of critics are watching the RNC just so they can call them liars and racists. They don’t see the inherent problem in being so focused on dissecting the other teams tactics that you completely neglect to adjust your own strategy. That is how you lose wars.

        Based on what the progtard lurkers constantly spout, ‘racist’, ‘cult member’, ‘science deniers’, and ‘more spending’ is all they got. The public is smarter than that.

        1. I don’t think 350k fact checkers were watching it. The fact that the Trump’s acceptance speech (which most fact checkers would gravitate too for the ‘meat’) was less than that for the whole broadcast and that numbers for individual speakers were all consistently high suggests the ‘fact checker’ excuse is just an attempt to minimize what the data is showing.

          Quite simply, the one thing this shows is that the Democrats have a ‘passion’ problem that extends past the current candidate. The Trump era has, for better or worse depending on your views, managed to build an excitement in the base for multiple people in a way the Democrats haven’t. None of the ‘hot, up-and-coming’ Dems that the media has been promoting attracted even half the attention of those on the Republican side.

  59. Reason is helping the Libertarian Party make libertarians irrelevant. Libertarians are only relevant inside the Republican Party. What libertarians don’t get is that liberals hate them as much as conservatives. I doubt the Reason staff ever leaves their bubble or they would feel the impact of Democrat policies.

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