Brickbat: No Shirt, No Service


Officials with California's East Side Union High School District have placed a teacher on leave after he was seen teaching a virtual math class while not wearing a shirt, a violation of a school dress code he'd reminded students about just days earlier. Elizabeth Avila said her daughter, a freshman at Silver Creek High School in San Jose, "started feeling uncomfortable. She couldn't concentrate on the topic because all she was seeing was this old man on camera in her bedroom." Superintendent Chris Funk would not release the man's name. "I will say that the behavior is unacceptable, unprofessional and violates several district policies," Funk said.

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  1. Warning: I read Reason every morning in the nude.

    1. I read it in my office – – – –

      1. I read it like both of you combined!

        1. seriously this office is mostly empty nobody notices I’m nakes

          1. My current laptop deliberately has no camera. Had to order it special from Lenovo without the camera. Why? Because I work from home. I figure if I need to be on video I’ll plug in my external camera. Otherwise no one wants to accidentally see me in my underwear.

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            2. stickie taped over mine for 5 years.

    2. I read it while bonking one of my girlfriends. Anal usually.

      1. Too bad she’s only 12

        1. Wow you’re creepy.

        2. That’s a little old for SPBP.

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  2. Pretty weak damn union if he can be put on leave for being weird, creepy, and possibly senile.

    1. Maybe weird or creepy to some people, but not weird in the general sense. It’s not like there’s a law against men not wearing shirts and, I would assume, that if he were doing anything weirder than simply not wearing a shirt there would be discussions about putting him on the sex offender registry.

    2. But on the plus side, he’s got a shot at the Democratic presidential nomination…

    3. “Weird, creepy, and possibly senile”

      Maybe he wants to be a democrat candidate?

  3. “I was just glad that my daughter realized, ‘Hey, this isn’t right’ and said something,” Avila said.

    Today’s lesson: 2+2=KAREN

    1. He wanted to demonstrate 2+2 with his pants off, but just couldn’t quite do it.

  4. Well, the girl was the one who chose to have him in her bedroom; sounds like consent to me.

    1. Couldn’t concentrate on the subject and got flustered enough to tell her mom?

      The signs are all there.

    2. EXACTLY.

  5. Weak brickbat.

    Dude loses sense of propriety working from home. Gets disciplined for it. How did this even make the paper?

    Did SWAT raid his home to search for chest hairs? Did he virtually molest everyone?

    This isn’t even a big kerfuffle at the level of the school.

  6. “This should be one of those zero tolerance-type of things,” she continued. “He needs to be out. If he thinks this is OK, what more is going to happen later if we let it slide?”

    There is your money quote.

    While I appreciate throwing the zero tolerance thing back in their face, the slippery slope argument is ludicrous.

    1. Students, your regular teacher has been placed on leave because of what happened, and I’ll be taking over his duties for the rest of the year. My name is Former Congressman Anthony Weiner…

      1. So, if you all will link up with me on Snapchat . . .

  7. Also, we had this same argument here in Florida. I argued that teachers should all go in to work and teach from their classroom. You really cannot be much more socially distanced than having your own empty room.

    And they would have all the resources provided by the school – we have a ton of technology here in Broward County. Plus, the administration would be able to keep an eye on their employees. The staff of the school is reporting to work. The janitors are there. Office staff. Even the cafeteria staff is working and providing school lunches for the kids with free lunch. But no teachers. The union won that one.

    1. Damned dress code.

    2. Bring back the teachers and the SROs. Let’s see what happens when there’s no students around for the cops to focus their bloodlust on.

  8. Why do these teachers even think they need a camera? Who even wants to look at a teacher’s puss, or even a student’s? Seems it would only distract from the material.

    1. Speech is more easily understood if you can watch the speaker’s lips.

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  11. “Sir, you can’t come in here dressed like that. Didn’t you read the sign?”

    “Yes, I did. It said, no shirt, no shoes, no service. It didn’t say anything about pants.”

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