Brickbat: Judge Not That Ye Be Not Judged


Harris County, Texas, Civil District Court Judge Alexandra Smoots-Thomas has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after going to the home of her husband's girlfriend, parking her car in the driveway and honking her horn, then shooting at the woman after she came out. Smoots-Thomas has been suspended from duties since last year after being charged with 10 counts of wire fraud after prosecutors said she used campaign funds to pay for jewelry and other luxury items as well as her mortgage.  Nevertheless, Smoots-Thomas is running for re-election.

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  1. All her life she’s had this desire to be in Congress in the 1930s so she could sponsor a bill that severely restricts trade and prolongs and deepens the Great Depression. She can’t time-travel, so she acts out.

    To her credit, however, she is set on proving that officials are indeed above the law.

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  2. I wonder if she held the gun gangsta style?

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  3. I’ve never understood why you would kill the girlfriend and not the husband? She didn’t cheat on her.

    1. Because the girlfriend is the one that’s better than her.

    2. You need to level up your male privilege.

  4. Sounds like she would be more at home in the Louisiana court system.

    1. My State or origin; while I was in my teens growing up in the “Land of Indictment” a local sheriff, from Avoyles Parrish, was re-elected while serving time in his own jail. I think his name was Potch Didier.

  5. “Nevertheless, Smoots-Thomas is running for re-election.“

    Of course she is. After all, as some dipshit said, we vote for the person, not the issues.

    1. She lost the primary. Texas Democrats aren’t as loyal to the party as Virginia Democrats. Virginia Democrats elected Joe Morrissey to the State House while he was in jail for having sex with a minor who worked for him. Virginia currently has Governor Blackface (D) and Lieutenant Governor MeToo (D). Get with the tribe Texas!

      1. Texas Democrats aren’t as loyal to the party as Virginia Democrats.

        They do try, though. Ex-Judge Smoots saw State Senator Borris Miles get away with threatening people with guns, and thought it was no big deal: Never change, Sunnyside…

        It’s just further proof of sexism more than anything else.

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  7. So if someone appears in her court for shooting at the person their spouse was cheating with will the case automatically be dismissed?
    Shooting a mistress is now a justified shooting?

  8. Major missing information; is she democrat or republican?
    That is all that really matters, after all.

    1. Democrat. And she lost in the primary.

    2. This article followed today’s journalistic standard: Misbehaving Republicans will be identified by their party, and misbehaving Democrats are not.

    3. But what color is she? I have been told that is the only parameter that matters in determining causation and justice.

      Shoddy reporting, Mr. Oliver!

      1. I’ll give you one guess.

  9. Pure white trash. But this is the sort of person you get when your state is run by redneck shitkickers, white supremacists and deplorables. I’m sure this judge is just part of the good-ole-boy network and as long as she’s coming down hard on the Messkins and Negroes, they don’t care if she………..wait, she’s black? Well, obviously this is just a ginned-up racist attack on this fine lady. It’s amazing how low these people will go to besmirch her reputation.

    1. Mr. Skids,

      I’ll thank you not to besmirch the reputation of the fine citizens of the great Republic of Texas.

  10. Speaking from Florida, I have 2 words for you: Alcie Hastings.

    I like her chances.

  11. Alexandra Smoots-Thomas (D)


  12. $10K bail for attempted murder? Wow. Being in the ruling class sure has it’s perquisites.

    1. These days, that’s likely kind of high. And isn’t Reason all about getting rid of cash bail?

  13. Further evidence that a sense of shame is not an integral part of the mentality of the political class

  14. Just because she’s a judge doesn’t mean she’s not crazy as hell.

    1. This is the same county that keeps electing Sheila Jackson Lee

  15. A Mostly-Peaceful Affair

    The autobiography practically writes itself.

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  17. voting for judges is unclean.

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