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Michelle Obama Hates Politics and Third Parties, Loves Schmaltz and Unity

Plus: The 19th Amendment turns 100, DOJ doubts about Google antitrust case, and more...


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.) and a slew of musical guests were on the roster for night one of the virtual Democratic National Convention, a two-hour hodgepodge of panels, speeches, smooth jazz, hope, and nonsense. But it was former first lady Michelle Obama who stole the show with an eloquent speech that harked back to her husband's heyday and less complicated times.

There was nothing remarkable about the contents of her speech, or at least there wouldn't have been in another era. Perhaps its focus on unity and a simple but dignified message are themselves a rarity in 2020 politics.

"Let's be clear: Going high does not mean putting on a smile and saying nice things when confronted by viciousness and cruelty," said Obama in the pre-recorded segment which aired last night.

Going high means taking the harder path. It means scraping and clawing our way to that mountaintop. Going high means standing fierce against hatred while remembering that we are one nation under God, and if we want to survive, we've got to find a way to live together and work together across our differences.

Obama's speech moved seamlessly between the personal and the political, weaving a narrative thread between her husband's administration with Joe Biden as vice president and a potential Biden presidency. She touched on the COVID-19 pandemic, racial justice, and other highly-charged issues without getting all mucked up culture war grievances; it was all top-level values and empathy.

"The America that is on display for the next generation" is "a nation that's underperforming not simply on matters of policy but on matters of character," said Obama.

And that's not just disappointing; it's downright infuriating, because I know the goodness and the grace that is out there in households and neighborhoods all across this nation.

And I know that regardless of our race, age, religion, or politics, when we close out the noise and the fear and truly open our hearts, we know that what's going on in this country is just not right. This is not who we want to be.

Michelle Obama didn't chastise past Trump voters but appealed to people's better angels, and—in contrast to much Democratic messaging these days—didn't try to portray President Donald Trump as a literal fascist or a shady foreign stooge, but rather someone that many Americans simply know, deep down, just isn't right.

"Let me be as honest and clear as I possibly can," said Obama. "Donald Trump is the wrong president for our country. He has had more than enough time to prove that he can do the job, but he is clearly in over his head. He cannot meet this moment. He simply cannot be who we need him to be for us. It is what it is."

A lot of people seemed to be inspired.

Others found her delivery stilted and optimism forced.

I'll split the difference and say it was indeed schmaltzy and basic but that's probably exactly what the moment called for and, honestly, it was still a little refreshing. (I also liked that it didn't mention Biden's V.P. pick, Kamala Harris, at all even if this was just because the segment was recorded before the pick was announced.)

The only truly annoying part of Obama's speech was her dig at third-party voters.

"This is not the time to withhold our votes in protest or play games with candidates who have no chance of winning," Obama said. "We have got to vote like we did in 2008 and 2012."

That wouldn't be the worst thing: In 2012, the Libertarian Party saw its highest number of votes yet, with candidate Gary Johnson earning nearly 1 percent of the popular vote that year. But Johnson and the L.P. smashed this record in 2016, gaining 3.28 percent of the popular vote.

Were these—and votes for other non-Democratic or Republican candidates—wasted? Hardly. As Reason's Matt Welch wrote recently, "behavior that gets rewarded gets repeated. If you reward your party for nominating people you don't like, chances are very likely that will happen again, sooner rather than later. There is a contradiction in complaining that two-party choices seem to get worse every four years while still voting reliably for one of those choices."

Watch Obama's whole speech here.


Happy 100th anniversary to the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which said "the right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex." I'll be talking tonight with author and Liberty Fund Senior Fellow Sarah Skwire, Rachel Davison Humphries of the Bill of Rights Institute, and the Cato Institute's Kat Murti about the history of the suffrage movement, its divides and missteps, and what the 19th Amendment actually meant for American women and electoral politics. The panel is hosted by Feminists for Liberty, a nonprofit libertarian feminist group that Murti and I founded. Tune in via Zoom at 7 p.m. EST.


Some authorities have reservations about the antitrust attack on Google. "Some Justice Department staffers have expressed internal concerns over plans to bring an antitrust lawsuit against … Google—and what they view as an aggressive timeline favored by Attorney General William Barr," the Wall Street Journal reports:

There are a range of views among staff about a Google case, people familiar with the deliberations said. Some Justice Department lawyers believe Google's conduct isn't blameless, but they don't want to bring a once-in-a-generation lawsuit with flaws and lose in court, the people said.

Some staffers also are concerned that top officials overseeing the probe might be feeling pressure to get a lawsuit filed before the election, the people said.

More here.


• College "free speech zones" are getting a look from the U.S. Supreme Court.

• Teachers are calling the cops over kids skipping virtual classes.

• Viral photos of the horrors supposedly brought by Postal Service cuts keep turning out to be not at all what people fear.

• How social justice slideshows took over Instagram.

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  1. He has had more than enough time to prove that he can do the job, but he is clearly in over his head.

    He’s no senator two years into his first term.

    1. Hello.

      “…There was nothing remarkable about the contents of her speech,”

      Par for the course for an over praised person.

      Nothing remarkable but refreshing.

      Sounds like an ad for a mediocre lemonade drink.

      Trump is better at speeches than Jawbreaker and definitely better than Pipsqueak.

      1. J find it remarkable that she didn’t complain that the government can’t for people tk eat what she wants

        1. Hey Michelle, how’s about you and your hubby there divert some of that 65 million to them poor folks you keep pretending to care about, eh?

          You didn’t a fuck for eight years and you sure as hell don’t give a rat’s ass now. She screams the sort of person who once back at her compound on Martha’s Vineyard says in disgust, ‘I need a shower. I thought that day would never end’. Hypocrite of the highest order.

          Don’t forget they came in with average wealth and left fabulously rich.

          Not bad for a couple of over rated street punks and for someone who was ‘proud’ of being American for the first time when her man got elected President.

          Anti-American through and through if you ask me. And they’re anti-American because they espouse every view that’s thoroughly the antithesis of what the country is about.

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          2. Dont forget the legal shenanigans for their $70 million Hawaii compound that used loopholes to get around environmental rules and is pissing off her neighbors.

        2. Apologies. Dropped my cigarette, then my phone, and somehow flagged your comment while flailing about trying to catch one or both.

          1. Been there before

      2. Whenever I see/hear any Obama or their pimps, THIS rings in my head.

      3. there was nothing remarkable about Obama either, except his corruption. Didn’t stop them from giving him a nobel peace price just for existing.

        1. Nothing, nothing at all remarkable about Obama?

          I think fans and critics can all agree there were remarkable things about him and his presidency. He certainly will not be a forgotten and thus unremarkable president like Chester Arthur, for instance.

          1. The only reason Obama will be remembered is because he’s half black.

            Half black. That distinction will be applied after the first black president is elected.

            Eventually it will be discarded and Obama will be relegated to his place with the Arthurs and Polks.

            1. More like with Nixon and Buchanan

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          2. It’s rather ironic that you cited a President who’s known for trying to reduce federal corruption while in office.

            1. Obama had the least corrupt administration in modern history, if you go by number of people indicted for crimes (zero).

              1. Given Flynn’s soon-to-be released due to Obama’s FBI’s comically terrible scam, Trump is at about zero also.

      4. “Michelle Obama Hates Politics and Third Parties…”

        They left out “…and white people” – although, she tries to hides it to some degree.

      5. “She leaves you hanging on every syllable. Few can do that”.

        Haha. Ok.

    2. Is that a jab at the token historic black Senator that became President or the token historic black Sentaor that just got the VP nod?

      1. are either black?

        1. “The one drop rule.”

    3. Has he even bowed to a single king?

    4. He can’t even indiscriminately bomb civillians correctly.

      1. Haha

  2. Happy 100th anniversary to the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which said “the right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.”

    And the country’s been suffraging every since.

    1. I wouldn’t get rid of women’s vote. I would, however, require property ownership to vote. If you don’t own property, you do not have a vested enough interest in the system to justify a vote in it.

      1. Or how about net tax payer status?

        1. Yeah. I don’t like the ‘own property’ line. I don’ t think it would work and, if it did, it would just be a huge step back towards feudalism.

          Net tax payer would be better, but I think we’d still need some sort of fundamental or inviolate protection against things slavery.

          1. Things *like* slavery.

            And I don’t mean the African slave trade type of slavery either. I mean people who are controlled by the political class, serve the political class, but can’t be a part of or cannot participate as members of the political class.

            1. Agreed. This would be better then what we have now, and some sort of protection against being forced into tax slavery by corrupt politicians would be necessary

            2. That’s pretty much everyone.

        2. I would be fine with that. I also would not let employees of the government vote in elections for that government. Federal employees can vote in state elections but not federal and vice versa. If you work for the government, you should serve the public and give up your vote on how the government works.

          1. Enjoy life at the anti-social, impotent, inconsequential bitter fringe of American society, John.

            I know I will enjoy shaping progress against your bigoted, stale, ugly, preferences and efforts for so long as we are alive.

            1. I enjoy life as a well paid professional with lots of leisure time. The world kisses my ass every day. Whenever you look at your miserable life, remember me out there making money and enjoying myself. Your misery is well deserved. Life is hard being a loser and your being stupid makes it even worse.

              1. Yet, with this satisfying life, you feel the need to whine when Reason doesn’t immediately write an article about some topic you want them to write about.

                1. Wow you seem awful.

                  1. He was mad that John posted something accurately on Friday. He waited until Monday to prove John was right on Friday in an attempted victory lap. It was weird.

                    1. Whatever. John’s whining was part of a pattern of “Reason won’t write about topic x because they have liberal bias” whining that conservative-leaning commenters engage in all the time here. I called him out on it.

                    2. White knight called John out on John being 100% correct

                      Well done

            2. Actually, Kirk, a person like you never gets the better end of the stick on a daily basis with me.

              They get put in their place in ways you can’t ever imagine.

              Come and find out you little coward.

              1. I would be my mortgage payment that Kirkland is a life long member of the “dirtbag left”. He is one of those people who got some worthless expensive degree but lacked the family connections and wealth to latch onto the activist and NGO gravy train. So, he ended up on welfare or living with his parents or maybe working the occasionally menial job.

                Now he sits around calling everyone who doesn’t hold his politics losers because politics is all he has. His political beliefs are the only way he can claim any value or superiority to anyone else. Sadly, there are a lot of people out there like him. And they are all angry and bitter at the world and mean as snakes. They are the ones out trying to burn down police departments in Portland every night. They don’t have jobs or any prospects, so they go out and riot and burn shit down because the local government allows it.

                1. You might lose that bet. He’s probably just a parody.

                  1. True. But that is the only way I would lose my bet/

            3. keep paying those frugal pensions to those brave, hardworking, and noble former public servants Rev. it’s a small price to pay for what they contributed to society.

          2. Everybody owns some property. But I guess you mean immovable property. You’re a piece of shit.

            1. Own land. And if you don’t pay taxes and you make your money from taxes, what right do you have to govern those who do? You are a bum who thinks you should get a say in something you don’t pay for. If you don’t like not voting, get a fucking job.

              And for the record, I work for the government and would happily disenfranchise myself in order to adopt such a system. Let those who pay the bills decide what the government does.

              1. I wish we could deport you to the 18th century.

                1. I wish you were intelligent enough to make a rational argument. We all have wishes. I don’t think either of ours is coming true any time soon. I would think you would get tired of emoting and not understanding your own position much less opposing ones. Thinking and understanding is one of life’s great pleasures. It really is. You should try it sometime. It has to be better than what you are doing.

                  1. Lord was rude to you just now, but don’t pretend you don’t engage in such behavior all the time.

                    1. Fuck off, karen

                    2. Like how you pretend to not engage Jeff?

                2. And we wish we could deport you to Venezuela.

                  1. But NY, CA or NJ will do.

                    1. Hey! Some of us live in NJ. Have a heart!

                3. That would be fucking awesome, because I guarantee you wouldn’t last a day as I’d have one of my overseeers whip you to death.

                4. I wish you commie cucks would consider committing mass suicide like all the other cults do. Tell ya what, you and your buds do that, I’ll make it my life’s mission to send John back in time, deal?

                  1. Thinking more people should be able to vote instead of fewer makes one a commie now? You guys are so far off the tracks, you can’t even remember where they are.

                    1. Like me, you are a commie because you’ve spoken against Trump/Republicans/conservatism.

                      Because, you know, the Venn diagram says if you are not a supporter of those things, you must be a liberal/progressive/commie.

                    2. Revealed preferences are a thing

                    3. “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship.”
                      Limiting the voting populace to only those who have skin in the game is an effort to prevent this.
                      We know the resultant dictatorship is what you commies desire.

                5. Don’t worry, the Green Raw Deal will deport everyone back to the 18th century.

          3. Going for the Starship Troopers model? Not a bad idea; I remember reading a follow-up essay by Heinlien on how the point was: make sure anybody voting actually cares enough to put some skin in the game.

            1. I wouldn’t require military service to vote. I would just require paying taxes and not being associated with the government. Everyone who works for the government claims to be a “public servant”. Okay, then be one. Serve the public instead of ruling them.

              1. It is noteworthy that the Starship Troopers model had it so you couldn’t vote while in the Service. Only after your tour was complete. And if you were opposed to fighting, there were other branches you could volunteer.

                1. And I would have that model as well. If you leave government and go to the private sector, you can vote. Working for the government should not deprive you of the vote forever.

                  1. It would if you receive a pension and benefits in retirement.

                    1. Libertarians for breaking contracts!

            2. A per-capita tax accomplishes the same thing. Want to spend 5 trillion dollars a year? That’s 20K a year for 250 million adults. Want to increase the budget by 10%? Cough up another 2K.

          4. Interesting idea, your saying that a person serving in the US military who would fight an die for this country can not vote for the President. Sounds aweful.

            1. Yes, they took an oath to defend the nation. The military doesn’t get a vote on war. They act as they are ordered.

              It is not surprising that you can’t see the virtue of that. You see government employees as rulers rather than servants to the public. It would never occur to you that anyone could ever actually sacrifice and serve the country. No, for you everything is about power and getting your share over it to rule others. It is why you are a leftist.

              1. I see government employees as citizens just like the rest of us. You have some twisted idea that that black female file clerk working at the Department of Whatever is trying to rule you. Most government employees are regular people with regular lives. It might surprise you to find that they cover most political parties and most religions and ideologies. Government employee have no more conflict of interest, than people who work for government contractors, or people who get government subsidies for agriculture, grazing rights, or sport stadiums. No more conflict that a hard working retired person drawing Social Security or getting Medicare.

                1. Of course they’re citizens, but the job attracts are certain type of person and that profile tends to be mostly left of centre.

                  1. Really could you enlighten me as to what jobs you are talking about? The file clerks that keep records, lots of business people to tract money, city has truck drivers to maintain streets and pick up trash, lawyers to track city issues. Government hires chemists and microbiologists for lab work, planers for roads and structures. I suspect that profile of government employees is little different than the average in the US.

                    1. So you decided to play stupid?

                    2. I love how angry you guys get when simply asked to explain your nonsensical opinions.

                    3. It explains why so many conservative-leaning commenters here see no problems with Trump’s behavior. They themselves have the same meanness of spirit, do they just don’t get the whole concept of civil behavior.

                    4. they just don’t get the whole concept of civil behavior.

                      The White Knight
                      August.18.2020 at 2:39 pm
                      Yet, with this satisfying life, you feel the need to whine when Reason doesn’t immediately write an article about some topic you want them to write about

                    5. D-Pizzle, I know who started acting like an asshole first. I used to be civil to everyone at all times, and John and JesseAz and the other Trump mean girls acted like assholes every day.

                    6. The White Knight never chooses teams. LOL.

                    7. I used to be civil to everyone at all times, and John and JesseAz and the other Trump mean girls acted like assholes every day.


                      You literally created an alt in order to start attacking people. You did so under the guise of civility. You lied. Sorry that your sophistry gets pointed out all the time.

                    8. “I know who started acting like an asshole first.”

                      It was the commentators that call people Drumpf cocksuckers, right?

                    9. It goes back further than anything you are referring to.

                2. that black female file clerk working at the Department of Whatever

                  Interesting that you brought race into it. I’ll tell you, when I’m being stymied by some entrenched bureaucrat, the color of their skin has no bearing on the amplitude of my frustration.

                  As for the rest of it, I actually agree. Those people shouldn’t be allowed to vote, either.

                  1. Mask slippage.

                    1. Yes. your mask slipped and showed what a racist you are.

                3. John often claims that Trump as president has rights which do not exist for the office of the president because he is also a private citizen.

                  If you are looking to have a debate with a consistent and rational position, you aren’t going to find it with John. You can get one or the other some days, but never both.

                  1. John often claims that Trump as president has rights which do not exist for the office of the president because he is also a private citizen.

                    I have never claimed such a thing once. You just make shit up.

                4. “…… that black female file clerk……”

                  Leftists just love to bring race into a conversation unnecessarily. They can’t help themselves.

                  You’re making things worse.

            2. The idea is that while they are still in the military, they have a vested interest in getting more money and power for the military. In other words voters should look at the needs of society as a whole rather than narrow parochial desires.

      2. I guess your life doesn’t matter if you rent.

        1. Since when does your life only matter if you vote? Children don’t vote, do their lives not matter? Foreign resident aliens don’t vote either. Do their lives not matter? What about people who could vote but choose not to do so?

          Your point shows the fundamental fallacy of universal suffrage; that voting is the most important thing anyone does. It isn’t. And if it is, politics and government has become so important that the society is no longer healthy.

          1. And you believe that a citizen shouldn’t have a say in how their government is run unless they own property. I’ll stick with my statement.

            1. What gives you the right to a say in a government you don’t pay for and how a system that you are not vested in should run? If you don’t like not having a say, get a job and start paying taxes and you can have one.

              1. What gives you the right to a say in a government you don’t pay for

                Consent of the governed. Non taxpayers are also governed and they should have a say.

                I get what you’re saying. The fix isn’t in changing suffrage. The fix is in changing taxation.

                1. 19th okay. Repeal 16th.

                  1. And the 17th, while we’re at it.

                    1. Seconded!

                    2. The 14th, as interpreted 100 years later, turned the whole thing on its head.
                      It became obsolete once all the former Confederates died, yet was seized on to completely fuck up the country.

                2. These guys think they can keep tweaking the rules to maintain minority rule. Look at every single example of minority rule in history, fascist-lite rascal riders.

                  They are often set up and maintained by groups with far better cohesion and discipline than today’s American right, and they still end badly for the former rulers. You can only stay ahead of the 8 ball for so long.

                  1. Haha. Yeah, the progs are putting on a clinic in cohesion and discipline right now.

                3. By the way, if anyone gets to be governed good and hard, it’s convicted felons. I really don’t understand what principles are in play to remove their voting rights. Seems rather draconian to me.

                  1. I really don’t understand what principles are in play to remove their voting rights.

                    Really? You don’t understand?

                    That has to be a trun of phrase you’ve simply misused.

              2. What gives you the right to a say in a government you don’t pay for

                My rights are protected by it?
                I may have to die for it?
                People who don’t own property pay taxes too?

              3. If you don’t like not having a say, get a job and start paying taxes and you can have one.

                Because only people who own property have jobs? That’s just dumb.

          2. “voting is the most important thing anyone does. ”

            It is if politics is your religion

      3. I would, however, require property ownership to vote.

        I have made this argument myself in the past, but have since realized that it is a pretty shallow take on representation. Historically (18th century), it was difficult to establish who was a citizen based on how much unincorporated land there was, the fluidity of state lines and other such concerns, so property ownership was one of the few reasonable ways to establish voting jurisdiction without having to consider every case individually. This is no longer the situation.

        While it does exclude transient citizens with less vested interest, it would also exclude permanent leaseholders, spouses, children, and others who are subject to taxation, but would have no representation. Even net taxpayer stretches reasonableness, as higher taxpayers already have undue influence over the system.

        I don’t think government employees shouldn’t have a vote, but definitely think that public employee unions have an inherent conflict of interest (the employees voting for the employer they negotiate with) that is not being acknowledged.

      4. I could see possibly not being allowed to vote on property-related matters, such as property taxes, unless you own property. Not sure that owning property should be a criteria for voting on other matters.

        I always thought it was weird that business owners don’t typically get to vote on business-related matters in a city where they own a business.

      5. John stupiding himself into monstrousness again.

    2. Nah. The country didn’t start going to crap until Ace became “the place with the helpful hardware folks” instead of hardware man.

      That’s when the pandering got out of control. Curse you Ace hardware! Haha.

      1. Burn it down!

        1. I like where this is going.

      2. still way better than Home Depot or Lowes.

  3. I was enjoying the other girl’s links. They seemed much more in line with what we should expect to be provided by a libertarian paper. Why are we back with ENB?

    1. The White Intern will be along to explain.

      1. I actually thought it was kinda weird that she gave so much coverage to Michelle Obama’s speech.

        1. How dare you!

    2. ENB writes: “Perhaps its focus on unity and a simple but dignified message are themselves a rarity in 2020 politics.”
      Michelle says: Because whenever we look to this White House for some leadership or consolation or any semblance of steadiness, what we get instead is chaos, division, and a total and utter lack of empathy.

      That’s focusing on unity, assuming they get their wish that Trump is dead and buried. Seems to me, Trump has provided a lot of empathy towards a bunch of people in government who abused their authority to cheat the people via the Russian collusion delusion, by not calling the MSM to film their 30 man arrest squad arresting the conspirators, and taking them to jail, using a bunch of angry conservative prosecutors who donated to his campaign. That to me is showing a lot of mercy, especially given how they continue to make up stuff about him and seek to impeach him, for winning the election.

      1. People who claim to be unifiers are dividers.

        The whole premise of identity politics to which they embrace is rooted in labeling and thus dividing people.

        It’s utter horse shit.

        1. Whenever you hear a Democrat complaining about how “divisive” someone is, it always—ALWAYS–means “they aren’t knuckling under to everything we want.”

          1. Funny, that’s pretty much what they mean when they say someone won’t “compromise”, too!

        2. No, Rufus; horse shit is at least useful.

        3. I agree that there are those, such as Michelle Obama, who are actually divisive while taking about unity. But, you know who else is divisive — Trump — quite openly.

          Both suck.

            1. Mr. Brown can moo!
              Can you?

      2. You might want to check back in on the Russia thing. The senate has released its most comprehensive report. And it confirms everything we already knew. The Russians did hack the DNC and RNC, they worked with Manafort and Wikipedia to cause the most damage possible to DNC and help Trump.

        1. Whatever, you’ve been saying for months that everything confirms what you already knew though.

          1. Don’t you think it pays to be actually informed on an issue like this? It’s all over the news.

        2. It confirmed the reliance on the Steele Dossier is wrong you mean. You’re just literally repeating the vox narrative that left out most of the findings.

        1. Oh hey more nothing.

        2. The walls, they are closing in.

  4. Some Justice Department staffers have expressed internal concerns over plans to bring an antitrust lawsuit against … Google—and what they view as an aggressive timeline favored by Attorney General William Barr…

    BREAKING NEWS: Deep staters afraid to check corporation with stated (on video) goal to never let Trump election happen again.

    1. While google would probably normally welcome more regulation, an investigation right now is their nightmare. Election season brings out all the crazies they hired. Their employees are all highly motivated right now to use the company products as weapons against their political enemies. They either have to tamp down on their employees, which will piss them off, or run the risk of tons of evidence being gathered in real time of how they are not neutral.

      1. What usually does in companies in anti trust cases is loose lips by their executives or employees. It is really hard to prove anti trust. But that gets a lot easier when you come up with the memos and the emails of the executives talking about how great having a monopoly is and how that power can be used to crush their competitors.

        Considering the lunatics who work at Google, discovery in a federal anti trust suit would be made for TV entertainment. God only knows what those idiots have said.

        1. They’ll probably also get screwed by any conservative employees who have been keeping their head down. The culture at Google is pretty nasty to anyone outside the group think. Resentment is your worst nightmare during an audit.

          1. The video that was leaked of the employee open house after Trump won the election is one of the creepiest things I have ever seen. It was like a film from the Jim Jones compound or something. Google has to be the most dysfunctional and creepy large corporation in history.

            1. It really is horrible. And as I have said elsewhere, it is absolutely a well of doublethink. They claim to be all about progressive policies, and will absolutely punish anyone who pushes back on progressive policies such as affirmative action, and yet when you look at their statistics, they have made zero progress in years on these fronts. The place is full of the smartest, most socially mal-adjusted man-children that you have ever seen.

              What you see as social activism in the company largely comes from the Non-Engineer employees- community managers, HR, marketing and tech support. The actual engineers and their managers have progressive politics, but they are too focused on building shit. They are hugely sexist and discriminatory but feel ok with it because they speak a good line, and that keeps the activists off their back.

              1. The thing about the engineering and the coding world is that it has to be a meritocracy. Either the code runs or it doesn’t. In shit like HR and customer service there are degrees of success and failure and a job can get done just good enough in spite of a lot of incompetence. That really isn’t the case in engineering and coding. It is to a degree in the sense that something can be done more slowly or inefficiently than it could have, but ultimately, the shit either works or it doesn’t. And to get it to work at all requires a tremendous amount of work and intelligence. You can sit around an HR office spending most of your day pushing progressive politics. You can’t do that if your job is to write code.

                1. Either the code runs or it doesn’t.

                  Honestly, this is too binary (HAH!) a view on code. Yes, at some level the end piece of software will either run or not, but once you make it over that threshold, there’s a whole lot of area between “runs at all” and “runs well”. Which you do mention. But then this:

                  And to get it to work at all requires a tremendous amount of work and intelligence.

                  It doesn’t. It really, really doesn’t. You probably need to be of at least average intelligence, but as long as you can think logically (and I mean that in the mathematical sense) you don’t need to be brilliant to write code.

                  You can sit around an HR office spending most of your day pushing progressive politics. You can’t do that if your job is to write code.

                  Unless your job is to write Progressive code.

              2. Isn’t that what that guy Damone showed and got fired?

                Google is evil. Dorsey is just an illiberal, ignoramus punk but what I’ve of Google execs sends shivers down my spine. They act like a cult. Like Costco.

                1. Costco? What has costco done?

                  1. A non-sequitur based on my personal experiences with them.

                    I always felt they act like a cult. And an arrogant one at that.

                    And I loathe Capital One.

                  2. What has Costco done?
                    Try finding the same item on your next visit.

                2. Damore, yeah.

  5. College “free speech zones” are getting a look from the U.S. Supreme Court.

    The Court hates to see your speech go but loves to watch it walk away.

  6. Teachers are calling the cops over kids skipping virtual classes.

    Captive audiences ain’t what they used to be.

    1. Its almost like teachers have a quota or something.

    2. Kamala is pleased by this.

    3. Ironically, these same teachers were hashtagging about black lives mattering, the supposed school-to-prison pipeline, and the evils of over-policing just a few days ago.

      1. Wasn’t it the 0blama/Biden effort to stop the “school to prison pipeline” that led to the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida?

  7. Is it a speech if it was prerecorded, in a studio with multiple takes over a week ago? That’s more like an infomercial. Wasn’t NBC broadcasting the tape last night with “LIVE” displayed on the screen?

    1. Come on–in our new virtual pandemic world, live is different.

      1. It’s a live stream of a prerecorded speech :^)

    2. At least they got the country right this time

    3. Pre-recorded speeches, a normative line we WILL not cross!

      1. “This is the most important election ever…just not important enough for me to spend a few minutes to re-record a yawner of a speech” — Michelle

  8. Hartford Finishing Inc. powder coats and refurbishes the old mailboxes.

    If I see a shiny new mailbox I have to assume it’s fake and won’t use it. That Trump is diabolical.

  9. Loving the 19th Amendment? Are you sure? Was there any other single step that advanced the Nanny State as much as allowing literal nannies to vote?

    1. Ask yourself this; is the country better off now than 100 years ago?
      Since the women got the vote, have wars and famines increased?
      Has poverty increased?
      Does disease still run rampant?
      Has government control over every aspect of an individual’s life increased?
      Maybe it’s time to rethink a few things.
      Is taxation with representation all that much different than taxation without representation?

      1. Since the women got the vote, have wars and famines increased?
        Well, 100 years ago the world was still reeling from the effects of WWI so I’m going to go with a “no”. Things are definitely more peaceful now.

        Has poverty increased?
        How is this even a question? Everyone has a car and a telephone that can connect them with anyone on the planet instantly. Average life expectancy has increased over 20 years. Obesity is now a disease of the poor.

        Does disease still run rampant?
        The current panic attack the country is having over an “”””epidemic”””” that has barely killed anyone tells me that disease is pretty much a solved problem.

        Has government control over every aspect of an individual’s life increased?
        Yes, but the above blessings happened in spite of it rather than because of it.

        Is taxation with representation all that much different than taxation without representation?
        Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner.


    “I saw a truck full of asphalt. Trump is literally stealing the roads so people can’t go vote.”

    “I saw a truck with a DOT number on it driving away with like a dozen cars on it. Trump is literally stealing cars so people can’t vote.”

    1. You’re twitter feed is a lot more sane than my own.

      1. Please God let that be parody. But you can’t tell anymore.

        1. It is a parody. Apparently there is a tweet going around of a picture of a truck carrying mailboxes and someone actually thought Trump was stealing mailboxes to stop the election.

          1. Babylon Bee yesterday had the headline “Trump plays mailbox baseball in another effort at voter suppression”. That is funny.

            What I don’t get is that Democrats don’t think it is funny. You would think they would enjoy a parody that is done at the expense of Trump. But, they don’t. They are so angry and broken they can’t even make fun of their enemies anymore let alone themselves.

            1. Is that what got the Bee suspended briefly?

              1. That is what Instapundit thought but I have no idea if that is true. It would seem an odd thing to get suspended for.

            2. Hmmmm…… seems like they are mocking the “everything is so terrible and unfair!” typical lefty with that one, but I could be wrong.

          2. Quick, somebody find (or make) a photo from Germany in the 1930s showing the Nazis hauling away mail boxes.

            1. Hitler closed the German postal service!!

    2. Democrats are so desperate they are pulling all the stops.

      This term comes from organ-playing, where it means “bring into play every rank of pipes,” thereby creating the fullest possible sound. It has been used figuratively since about 1860.

      And by “pipes”, I mean pipe hitting niggers and cracker Useful Idiots.

      1. “ And by “pipes”, I mean pipe hitting …”

        The White Knight follows through with his threat of socking other posters to get them banned. He can’t even get the verbiage right. Pathetic.

        1. Ever notice that the moment a prog parodies anyone remotely conservative, they go full on giant bigot? It is lurking under their shallow surface the entire time…

        2. But… using foul language won’t get people here banned.

        3. I just showed up this morning, so nope, didn’t do that.

        4. But glad to know I’m “living rent free in your head.”

          1. Are you bird?

        5. By the way, loveconstitution1789’s handle in the comment above is not spoofed. There are no HAIR SPACE characters or any trick like that. He actually wrote that.

        6. Meh. Quoting pulp fiction doesn’t seem so egregious to me.


          (That’s a little inside joke between me and WK. Not aimed at you).

  11. How social justice slideshows took over Instagram.

    Every other slide better be of Kim Kardashian’s ass.

    1. After Instagram banned naked chicks, why does anyone go there anymore?

      1. There are still pinup girls, and asses are uncensored.

        1. Yes. My favorite Instagram babe is a chick named Dane Berkshire. She was red head in the Car Gurus commercial a while back. I am not generally big into red heads. Most of them are kind of homely. But when a red head is hot, oh my God are they hot.

          1. Oh yeah.

          2. >>when a red head is hot

            managed to sucker one into keeping me around for 24 years so far …

  12. Mailbox propaganda? Just how stupid can people be?

    Wait, don’t answer that in an election year.

    1. Americans are not falling for it.

      It’s why the Democrats are bouncing between narratives to see which shit sticks.

      Notice Democrats have not brought once that Trump was impeached by the House? Why do you think that is? It does not play well with Americans is why.

      1. While some are, Tony, Lord of Stazzle, White Knight etc have been pimping this conspiracy theory.

        1. If you are going to speak for me, get it right.

          All I have said on the subject is that Trump was reprehensible when he came right out and said the other day, on public TV, that he doesn’t want the Post Office to be capable of delivering mail-in ballots.

          I did not say that I buy into the argument that the Post Office cannot handle the mail-in ballots.

          1. Can you cite, specifically, the differences in the reality basis of Qanon and this USPS conspiracy theory? Seems neither have much basis in reality, but one is EMBRACED by large swaths of the Dems.

            1. Why are you asking me? I just said I don’t buy into the argument that the Post Office cannot handle the mail-in ballots. And I certainly don’t buy into QAnon theories.

    2. If I am Trump, every time the Media asks me questions about this stuff, I would say, “This country thinks that 9% of the citizens have died of COVID. Do you understand that is YOUR fault? Isn’t your job to educate the populace? Well we have scientific proof that you are not educating the public. You are misinforming them. So before you come to me and talk about telling the truth, go report facts. Look at these metrics and ask if you can be doing something to better inform the public rather than push a narrative.”

      1. Meh. The media is pretty fucked up, no doubt, but if they say 150k have died and some morons can’t do the math…….. do you know of a media source that has claimed 9%?

  13. …someone that many Americans simply know, deep down, just isn’t right.

    He isn’t right for the job. The problem is that no one is right for the job as her husband and his predecessors have it now defined.

    1. Wow, rock on you crazy diamond… is it real?

    2. It’s twitter, so the answer is no.

    3. Hammer has a brother?

  14. if we want to survive, we’ve got to find a way to live together and work together across our differences to smash those racist Nazi bastard white supremacist Republicans.

    Notice she’s addressing Democrats, not the nation at large. It’s Democrats that need to pull together and – as Joe Biden frequently says – unify this country, be a President for all the people. How the hell is Biden proposing to unify with all the people who are voting for Trump, be a President for Trump supporters? He’s not. Trump supporters are deplorables, racists and white supremacists and knuckle-dragging bitter clinger subhumans, there’s no unifying for them.

    1. Notice she’s addressing Democrats, not the nation at large.

      That is true. But to put a different spin on that fact, the nation isn’t tearing itself apart of facing an existential crisis; the Democratic Party is. The rampaging mobs of lunatics are not rampaging in Republican run cities or attacking Republican mayors and police chiefs. They are doing it in Democrat run cities and attacking other Democrats. The far left is making war on the center left. And if Trump wins re-election and the Democrats are left out of power for four more years, the recriminations are going to be brutal. Does anyone think the far left is going to take the blame for the loss and say “yeah, maybe we need to be more reasonable”? Hell no. They are going to claim the party lost because it just wasn’t communist enough and blame the center left for the loss. The center left will be left with the choice of leaving the party or becoming one with the far left. The Democrats can’t win in this country as a far left party. Even if they managed it, it would be a fucking trainwreck and they would be out of power in four years. If they don’t win, the party may go the way of the wigs and end up splitting into a far left and a center left party or maybe a black third party ala Kanye.

      1. Sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and sometimes the most obnoxious hen gets served up for dinner.

      2. Was nice how she blamed Trump for kids in cages. Pretty sure Trump didn’t begin that.

        1. I am pretty sure Trump is going to remind the country of that. And I don’t think anyone gives a shit about that who wasn’t already going to vote for Biden anyway. The fun thing about that whole thing is watching them whine and squirm when you point out that it was Obama who started the policy.

      3. The Wigs have gone left, Ayanna Pressley, Maxine Walters, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden (well Plugs but the Wigs have a big tent).

    2. Why is it always up to Democrats to fix you people?

  15. Michelle got one thing right don’t vote third party it’s a waste of your vote. It is essentially not voting at all.

    Otherwise it was a boring speech. I’m sure her husband’s speech impediment will get people’s legs all tingled.

    1. Yep, let’s keep repeating the same process that offers us choices between giant douches and turd sandwiches.

      1. Is Jo Jorgensen a personal sized douche or a turd canapé? So far major disappointment.

      1. Correct. Voting is just consenting to this lunacy.

    2. If you are a citizen in one of the 20 or so states that will go to one or the other candidate by double digits, then you are absolutely wasting your vote if you cast for Trump or Biden.

      But if you help a 3rd party get 5% nationally, you will unlock scores of third party options for the future.

      1. Lol

        Trump is better than Jorgensen.
        Full stop

      2. If you are a citizen in of the 50 or so states you are wasting your vote, since it won’t sway the election.

    3. If you live in a battleground state, perhaps one could argue this. If you live somewhere where the winner was determined in the primary, vote 3rd party.

    4. Voting 3rd party screwed the Democrats out of 2 of the last 5 elections. Go look at the Green Party tallies, and see whether Democrats win a few more states if even half of those voters went D instead.

      The message was also directed at BernieBros, to shut up, show up, and pull the lever for Joe. I don’t see it.

    5. Adamantly disagree.

      First of all, unless you live in a swing state, your vote for a third party will have no significant effect on the electoral college. Your vote will help the third party retain ballot access, and will communicate the kind of government you want.

      Second, if you vote for either of the two major parties, when you feel, as I do, that they are both corrupt and incompetent and ruining the country, you are going along with a game that someone else wrote all the rules. You are being a sheep.

    6. Voting is essentially not voting at all.
      Voting for a candidate you don’t like is worse than not voting.
      If you’re going to vote, at least send a message. Voting for the biggest anti-government candidate people have heard of sends the loudest message.

      1. So… Trump

        I agree


    The Dems have given former GOP Rep. Susan Molinari a prime spot at the DNC tonight. She is also a former lobbyist for Putin.

    1. Holy cow the years have not been kind to her. She was kind of cute and perky back when she was in Congress. She is only 62. That is not that old for today. She looks like she has been smoking three packs of Lucky Strikes and drinking a bottle of Beefeater every day for the last 20 years.

      1. How did you know my college finals week diet? (add in 2 pots of coffee)

    2. There are a few of these GOP defectors who show out publicly for OrangeManBad. You almost never hear of the opposite anymore, where they used to Democrats, especially if they were left-wingers, and now they’re giving speeches for the GOP. Similarly for Supreme Court Justices.

  17. Michelle: Let’s go high and be kind.
    Rufus: I’ll have the pancakes.

    Too soon?


    2. Haha. I like the comments section here.

      1. White Knight does not agree.

  18. Going high does not mean putting on a smile and saying nice things when confronted by viciousness and cruelty…

    This is kind of an ironic statement considering what people of a different mindset have endured from the left over the past four years.

    1. it was so close by any means necessary as to be a joke.

    2. Is she one of them? Do you think she’s more a perpetrator or a victim?

      It’s cute how the fact that right wingers send death threats to liberals and minorities as a matter of their daily routine, but saying conservatives cling to bibles is offensive, I say, positively offensive!

      1. Yes, conservatives don’t get death threats.

        …sorry, I mean conservatives don’t whine about it. Ask minorities how kind the Left is to any who don’t agree with them.

        1. Ask minorities how kind the Left is to any who don’t agree with them.
          Would those be Joe’s “notable exceptions”?


    Wuhan wave.

    People watch a performance as they cool off in a swimming pool in Wuhan, China

    1. Someone spiked Ra’s coffee with LSD?

  20. Mainstream media continues the politicization of optimistic Covid data. This includes convincing journals to reject various studies such as lowered herd immunity thresholds and T Cell immunity.

    1. It’s pretty much the only reasonable presumption based on the sharp decline in cases in NYC after peak (T-Cell immunity and herd immunity).

  21. A lot of people seemed to be inspired.

    I get it. Trump is garbage. The problem is, so is her husband. Just because the Obamas can mask their arrogance and ambition with flowery speech, that mask has slipped enough in utterances and deeds to know what they are. At least Trump has the unwitting benefit of not hiding what garbage most if not all presidential administrations are.

    1. A lot of my friends and family will vote for Trump but admit that they wish he wasn’t such an asshole. My response to that is that only an asshole could be successful in American politics today and certainly as a Republican. The Democrats and the media are vicious animals. No one is going to beat them or force any kind of compromise out of them by being anything but a complete asshole.

      I look at Trump in the same way I would have looked at Sherman had I lived in the North during the Civil War. Yes, it is about as big of a dick move there could ever be burning down Georgia. But, what other alternative did those people leave us?

      1. Secession?

        1. No. And that is besides the point. The assumption is I am someone who wants to win the war.

        2. Peaceful handover of federal ports and forts?

      2. Disagree. There is no benefit to Trump’s asshole behavior. It is a terrible example for children (and adults), and is further degrading our nation.

        He could get much further in all his stated goals if he built some bridges and exhibited some civil behavior. And his asshole personality is the biggest factor creating a risk of his not being elected for a second term. If he weren’t such a jerk, he’d be a shoo-in for re-election.

        1. “It is a terrible example for children (and adults),”

          He’s a politician, only morons and the morally bereft look to them for behavior to emulate.

          1. You’ll be back to caring about every misstep or foible of the president once Biden is in there. Why don’t you lie and tell me you won’t.

        2. So other than being a jerk, he must be doing a good job if he’d be a “shoo-in for re-election”?

          1. Except he isn’t a shoo-in because he is an awful human being, and that has also prevented him from accomplishing much.

            1. What a sad little creature you are

        3. You are aware that the Dems could have gotten a lot of things they wanted done if they had worked with Trump at all.

          He was MORE than willing to negotiate. Many, including myself, figured he’d eventually sell us out.

          But they refused to do anything. Don’t blame him for the behavior of the Left.

          1. I blame both sides.

          2. Democrats have passed countless bills out of the House.

            1. Number of bills Trump has vetoed?

              He came into office more than willing to work with them. The Dems decided to be cunts. So be it.

      3. But he’s possibly the least successful president of all time, including the one who died after a week.


    It’s been over 24 hours since a BLM activist attempted to murder an innocent man. The assailant still has not been arrested. We still have not been given any update on the condition of the victim. No major media outlet has even told us the name of either man involved.

    1. Old news. The guy got beat near to death for standing up for a trans woman as well.

    2. Reparations?

    3. Well he was swearing a jacket marked “SECURITY”. According to some around here that makes him a MAGAite and not a BMLer.

  23. Watch Obama’s whole speech here.

    Nah. I wouldn’t understand it anyway, I don’t speak Wookie.

    1. She is a political Kardashian


    Last week, a
    survey found that 1 in 4 young adults had seriously considered suicide during June.

    Here’s what that looks like on the front lines of crisis counseling. It’s clear that if schools stay closed much longer some kids will just break.

    1. As I said above, the greatest indictment of our media is that Americans think, on average, that 9% of our country has died of the ‘Rona.

      If you are a serious journalist, you should read that data with a sense of abject shame. At best, it is a serious case of negligence that the people you are supposed to inform have such a warped view of reality. At worst it is a demonstration that you and your like never believed in a duty to inform, but instead you believe your duty is to convince- facts be damned.

    2. 25% fewer democratic voters.

    3. but officially the shutdowns are cost free, and have saved 1.8 million lives.

      1. Nobody thinks or has said that shutdowns are cost-free.

        1. Nobody thinks or has said that shutdowns are cost-free.
          But the left thinks they have been worth it – as well as any excess lives lost – if it gets the Bad Orange Man out of office.
          That’s why the media hyped this latest flu into such proportions.

          1. But if these shutdowns saved 1.8 million lives as they claim, then Trump should get the cvredit.

  25. “Let me be as honest and clear as I possibly can,”
    Right. While totally ignoring that black kids are being murdered in cities where her party has had absolute control for generations.

    1. Black lives matter–as long as they advance my political agenda.

      -Democrat Party since 1828.

      1. Whatever the Democratic (or Republican) Party was up to over a hundred years ago is totally irrelevant today.

        1. For someone who delights in accusing others of being Republicans for expressing their opinions, you sure are quick to shove that progressive cock into your mouth and defend the Democrat party at the smallest slight. You should change your handle to The Democrat White Knight.

          1. The White Knight (D)

          2. If I accuse you of being a Trump supporter it’s because you explicitly said you were.

            1. I don’t know of anyone else besides myself who has explicitly stated they are a Trump supporter

              1. You’ve got to be kidding. lc1789, for one?

    3. maybe Chicago needed better community organizers.

    4. What are you doing to fix that problem other than blame the only ones who give a shit about it? Nobody said it could be fixed by electing a Democratic mayor and having them snap a finger. You’re seeking credit for Republican politicians for their explicit apathy about the problem. It’s grotesque.

      1. If “Caring” leads to dramatically more death, not sure “Caring” is all that good a thing.

        You’re aware that Republican states have A LOT of black folks who manage to not have all of the problems that exist in Dem states/cities. Any idea why?

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    Michelle Obama in 2020: Joe Biden is a profoundly decent man, guided by faith.

    Michelle Obama in 2013: Harvey Weinstein is a wonderful human being, a good friendMichelle Obama in 2020: Joe Biden is a profoundly decent man, guided by faith.

    Michelle Obama in 2013: Harvey Weinstein is a wonderful human being, a good friend

  28. More from Nancy Rommelmann, please.


    St. Louis couple who waved guns at BLM protesters will participate in GOP convention

    1. Troll level supreme. No way would the Republicans have the balls to do that without Trump making them. It is perfect. These people were terrorized in their own homes by a BLM mob and then had a Soros funded Democrat DA try to frame them and send them to jail for the sin of defending their own home against the mob. If there ever was a story that perfectly sums up the Democratic Party of 2020, it is theirs. Law abiding citizens being threatened in their own homes by an angry Democratic mob and it is the home owner not the mob that the Democrats want to send to jail.

      1. This is exactly why Trump will win.

        Average Americans who tried to defend themselves by visibly displaying weapons and prevented a violent attack or property damage were then arrested by Democrat supporters and treated as criminals.

        That has already made up some minds to vote for Trump.


    This is what democracy looks like.

    “The federal government is blocking three out of four applications for Australians to leave the country while the borders are closed, amid concerns they could spread coronavirus when they return home.”


    Less than 25% of USA excess deaths in the 25-44 age bracket can be directly attributed to the virus. Many of these deaths are likely from suicide, despair, alcohol and drug abuse, and violence. We need to acknowledge the effects of shutting down society.

    1. The Karens won’t give a fuck. For them to admit the truth about all this requires them to admit that they supported policies that killed tens of thousands of people. Very few people have the kind of personal integrity to take such responsibility. And the few that do, wouldn’t have been Karens in the first place.

      1. John, does your use of “Karens” apply to Generation Xers or some other group. Lest you be throwing around names that don’t apply, like young people throw around “Boomers” to anyone who is not a Generation Boomer.

        1. I use the term as a generic name for those of both sexes and all ages who panicked over this and insist on shutting all society down and going to any length and violate any civil right in order for them to feel “safe”.

          There are people of both sexes and all ages who fit that description. And people of every group who do not.

          1. and several state governors, like Gov. Karen Newsom of Calif.

      2. If the left cared about human lives, they wouldn’t be having nightly mass gatherings during a pandemic and wouldn’t be siding with explicit communists who paint the hammer and sickle everywhere.

        Yea, I said communists. The downside to rehabilitating the USSR since it fell (NYT “Red Century”, anyone?) is that you have kids wiling to admit they are communists instead of just calling themselves socialist. These kids are totally welcome in any socialist jamboree.

    2. Many of these deaths are likely from suicide, despair, alcohol and drug abuse, and violence.

      Most of those people were average, every day, middle class Americans just trying to make ends meet. IOW, “deplorables.” They won’t be missed by the idiots who did this shit.


    A short thread about covid herd immunity.

    First let’s look at New York & Sweden. NY wears masks, closed business, closed schools, and mandates social distancing. Sweden did not but both reached near zero deaths at the same time.

    Only thing in common is similar antibody levels.

    1. The actual data in the real-world is too convincing to ignore: Many people have t-cell immunity. Herd immunity really starts going about 20%. NYC is locked down for no reason.

      1. California had the earliest shutdown and the most mask wearing. It now leads in confirmed cases.

  33. Is anyone going to mention George Floyd at this convention or is his work done?

    1. He was mentioned, but his long, violent criminal history wasn’t.

      1. Or the fact that he was a deadbeat dad.

        1. None of that actually matters when it comes to affecting the arrest though. Being a career criminal and deadbeat dad aren’t cause for summary execution in the middle of the street.

          Now the fatal level of fentanyl that was in his system, there’s a story that matters. That was at the very least going to result in a hospital visit, if not his death, regardless of what the police do. Doesn’t excuse their actions, but the narrative that Floyd would definitely still be alive right now if not for the cops is horseshit.

          1. Mentioning him is one thing. They’ve been deifying him for months. He was a monster.

    2. I mean, his brother gave a speech. Did you actually pay any attention or are you just angry trying to provoke people?

  34. NEW @TeamTrump Video —> What Happened to Joe Biden??


    “USPS has missed $48.2 B in required payments for postal retiree health and pension benefits as of September 30, 2018. This includes $42.6 B in missed payments for retiree health benefits since fiscal year 2010, and $5.6 B in missed payments for pension benefits since … 2014.”

    1. That is $160 for every man woman and child in the country. Just how many postal retirees are there?

      1. Some of it is that congress passed a very smart law a while back that USPS couldn’t have unfunded liabilities for their pension plans. They could promise their employees the moon, but in exchange they had to actually put the money down to buy said moon right now.


    BLM protesters threaten to burn down entire neighborhood where Minneapolis Police Union chief resides.

    Quick where is Jeff to come along and tell us all these were not real “BLM activists”. The 99% of the protesters who are violent thugs give the peaceful 1% a bad name or something.

    1. Did you read the statement by John Thompson? What an illiterate balloonhead.

      I heard that same type of patois growing up from hood rats who think using random ten-dollar words while demonstrating the grammar skills of a three-year-old makes them seem intelligent.

    2. Sounds like Minneapolis citizens need to go get themselves some arsonist extinguishers.

  37. “Newsom signs bill to require ethnic studies for CSU students”
    “SACRAMENTO — More than five decades after the movement for ethnic studies was sparked by protests on Bay Area college campuses, the state will require every undergraduate in the California State University system to take an ethnic studies course…”

    Frosh 1: ‘Wha’d you take?’
    Frosh 2: ‘I took blacks for hacks; everybody gets an A’.

    1. I definitely want my doctor or the engineer who designed the bridge I drive over to have been properly schooled in hate studies. Good to know that California is emphasizing the important things that make civilization possible.

      1. As an engineer, I can tell you that it’s important to know how a bridge feels when you drive a white car across its black asphalt.

      2. Remember when people were outraged over the teaching of creationism in one district?

        Now we have this and it’s no big deal, apparently. But the fields have even less academic substance behind them. Weird.

    2. “Newsom signs bill to require ethnic studies for CSU students”

      So the time for pretending that Universities were just liberally-run nominally-independent learning centers is over then, right? I mean, once the Governor is openly mandating the curriculum you’re nothing more than a propaganda tool, right?

      1. Emperor Newsom has spoken!

  38. Her fans haven’t been this excited by a speech since Hitler’s rants against capitalism.

  39. Going after President Trump on his coronavirus response is the obvious choice for the Democrats, but it’s also largely unjustified–especially from a libertarian perspective. Going after Trump for the lack of a national police is especially bad. There is no good reason why New York city should have the same policies as the state of South Dakota, and if states like South Dakota choose to preserve their local economy rather than contain the virus with lock down orders, then that’s what they should do.

    We may find that the states that didn’t have mandatory shut down orders end up with infection rates that aren’t much different from New York city’s but with half the unemployment rate–which is about where they’re landing now. Regardless, using the White House to inflict policies on states where they’re unpopular may be the whole idea of being a progressive, but there isn’t anything libertarian about it. We should expect the same people who want this in a coronavirus plan to inflict unpopular national plans on things like carbon emissions, too.

    Meanwhile, look at all the things they’re not going after Trump for.

    Where is the criticism of President Trump’s immigration policies?

    Where is the criticism of President Trump’s trade war with China?

    Where is the criticism of President Trump’s peace deal in Afghanistan or his sanctions against Iran?

    Regardless of where we stand on these issues, the Joe Biden and the Democrats won’t be bringing these issues up–because they’re winning issues for President Trump and losing issues for the Democrats.

    From a libertarian perspective, maybe we should go after President Trump for refusing to sign off on any stimulus deal rather than sign off on the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion in stimulus–with $1 trillion of that going to bail out the states?!

    Maybe the Democrats should go after President Trump’s weak bumpstock ban in the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting?

    All of those issues are losing issues for the Democrats. They’re smart to go after President Trump for his stubborn refusal to inflict a uniform plan on every state from the federal government. It’s their best bet–even if it was the wrong policy. President Trump has done nothing but cater to the concerns of Midwestern swing voters since the day he got into office, and if it weren’t for the coronavirus, he would be cruising to reelection right now. They better concentrate on the coronavirus response because they can’t win on the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, support for rioters, or any of their other pet issues.

    1. The problem with going after Trump for his response to the Corona virus is that it asks the public to forget that the Democrats initial called Trump a racist for shutting down flights to China and that a third of all the nation’s deaths occurred in New York and New Jersey, states run by Democrats. To think Trump is responsible for this you have to completely forget that the states are the ones who have the public health powers not the federal government. Yes, there are plenty of people who are so dishonest or ill informed that they might do that. But, I think those people are otherwise known as the Democratic base. Everyone else, understands that this is a state issue and any beefs they have about the handling of all this is with their governor not Trump.

      1. Oh, yeah. They’ll forget all that inconvenient stuff to concentrate on issues that won’t make them lose.

        Much better to blame President Trump for the virus than to criticize him for taking a popular stance on the issues.

        The biggest act of forgetfulness is the one that’s going on right now–where the Democrats suddenly forget every unpopular cause they’ve championed over the past four years.

        Watching the Democrats forget about their support for socialism and the social justice warriors would be like watching ENB forget about her support for “sex workers”.

        Why aren’t the Democrats talking about defunding the police like they were last week? If there were a physical convention, the news this morning probably would have been dominated by headlines about the anti-fa activists rioting outside the convention and the police response. With the virtual convention, suddenly last week seems like ten years ago. Defund the police–what are you talking about?! We never said we wanted to defund the police.

        1. I don’t think you are the only person who noticed that Ken. I am quite sure the leftist activists who actually believe that bullshit have noticed as well. And that fact explains why Michelle Obama felt the need to say that this is not the time to fight or vote third party.

    2. Are you saying they are criticizing Trump for being a dictator because he refused to be a dictator? Sounds like good Democratic logic to me.

      1. Yeah, in their minds, it’s all twisted together that way.

        They think the job of government is to inflict the popular will on the unwilling, and they want you to assume that what they want is what is popular.

        In reality, they often want the government to force us to do things because they’re unpopular (see the Green New Deal as one example). Regardless, their charge against Trump is that he failed to force people in some states to do things against their will. And forcing people to make sacrifices (of their jobs in this case) for greater good is what being a good president is all about.

        1. California started on that “Green New Deal”, at least the energy part, and is now facing daily “rolling blackouts” because the weather got a little hot and stays that way after the solar panels aren’t getting any sun.
          Will they learn?
          I doubt it.
          Demoncraps are stupid, and you can’t fix stupid.

    3. You know who else wasn’t mentioned at the DNC? Kevin Clinesmith. Or Steven Schrage or Stefan Halper. So basically Reason has been a DNC mouthpiece of late as well

    4. going after Trump for COVID-19 also helps them mask the failures by the several Dem governors in that regard

    5. From a libertarian perspective, I’d dance in the street if the President refused to sign off on any more stimulus deals.

        1. He is after the Midwestern swing voters and those Democrats who defected to him four years ago.

  40. Teachers are calling the cops over kids skipping virtual classes.

    Apparently we’ve found something they’re willing to call the cops for. Sweet Jesus.

    1. Haha. Nice.

  41. Anti-White liberals and respectable conservatives that support massive 3rd world immigration and forced assimilation for Every White country and Only White countries say that they are anti-racist, but their actions will lead to a world with no White children i.e White Genocide. Anti-racism is just a code word for anti-White.

  42. Court axes ‘Save James’ ruling, mom who wants gender ‘transition’ for 8-yr-old regains decision rights
    The order, issued without a proper hearing, allows mother Anne Georgulas power over her son James’ medical decisions – and apparently forces James’ father to pay for pro-trans counseling that costs $5,000 a month.

  43. “This is not the time to withhold our votes in protest or play games with candidates who have no chance of winning,” Obama said.

    “It is, however, the time to engage in mostly-peaceful protest that alienates half the population.”

    1. Can anyone remember a major party convention where that needed to be said? I can’t. Michelle Obama is not a stupid woman. I don’t think she said that for fun or because she didn’t think it needed to be said. The fact that she felt she had to say that tells you how divided and demoralized the Democratic Party is right now.

      1. The DNC is Arkham.

        1. and Portland is Gotham? Or is that Seattle or Minneapolis?

      2. She thinks voters stayed home because they didn’t like HiLIARy.
        In fact 3.5 million voters – almost 2% – stayed home between her husband’s first election and the second.
        HiLIARy lost another 3%.
        It wasn’t the candidate, it was the policies.

    2. So Obama basically told Democrats to settle for Biden. Nice.

  44. the areas in which free speech was permitted — a patio and a sidewalk — amounted to .0015 percent of the campus. The free speech zones were available, moreover, only on weekdays and only for four hours on most days and two on Fridays. Students could reserve them once every 30 days.

    Oh, FFS! Georgia Gwinnett College had jolly well better get any federal funding revoked, and retroactively.

  45. Right now somewhere in a bunker deep below the earth
    “Biden Acceptance Speech” Scene 1 Take 5,473
    “Biden Acceptance Speech” Scene 1 Take 5,474
    “Biden Acceptance Speech” Scene 1 Take 5,475
    “Biden Acceptance Speech” Scene 1 Take 5,476
    “Biden Acceptance Speech” Scene 1 Take 5,477
    “Biden Acceptance Speech” Scene 1 Take 5,478
    “Biden Acceptance Speech” Scene 1 Take 5,479
    “Biden Acceptance Speech” Scene 1 Take 5,480
    “Biden Acceptance Speech” Scene 1 Take 5,481
    “Biden Acceptance Speech” Scene 1 Take 5,482
    “Biden Acceptance Speech” Scene 1 Take 5,483
    “Biden Acceptance Speech” Scene 1 Take 5,484…………………………………..

    1. The question is how obvious will it be that it isn’t being done live?

      1. Well, given that his fundraiser videos had obvious gaffes, it’s gonna be really hard to cover up without having him standing behind a curtain.

    2. They will end up having to take the parts from each take he does best and spicing them together into one take the way they do in recording studios. No way is crazy Joe getting the entire speech right in one take.

      1. Why do that when they can just get an actor to play Biden and then “deep fake” it in post?

        Sure, it’ll probably end up looking like the “deep fake” Peter Cushing in Star Wars Rogue One but they can always just say it looked a little weird because of make up.

        1. “Why do that when they can just get an actor to play Biden and then “deep fake” it in post?”

          This. The techniques are amazing these days.

          It’s hilarious how much they have to hide Biden.

        2. The Democrat run tech companies are getting AI pretty close to being able to just take some old video and audio clips and creating the whole speech frame by frame.

      2. Trumps incompetence and mental illness is getting hundreds of thousands of people killed.

        1. Most of them would have died regardless, unfortunately.
          He may be saving hundreds of thousands by preventing nationwide lockdowns.

          1. He’s not.

            1. Neil Ferguson did a study that showed the U.S. was facing 2.2. million deaths.

              Trump saved over 1.8 million lives.

        2. Ironically, Cuomo and Murphy killed far more than Trump. Magnitudes more.

          1. Would that be via the totally not dangerous virus we should ignore for the sake of economic growth?

            1. Trump shut down travel from China when people like you cried about how racist it was.

              Meanwhile, Trump did NOT stick COVID patients into nursing homes, where the actually susceptible people were.

              Don’t know why Democrats hate the elderly so much, but they seemed determined to kill them.

              1. Just a quick question. Do all of your political beliefs come from sound bytes that dribble from Trump’s mouth?

                Allegedly cutting off China didn’t stop us from having the worst COVID outcome in the world by far, so it wasn’t a fucking adequate policy was it?

                Cuomo’s nursing home thing was bad. Doesn’t make Trump a genius. Your basic bitch Trumpism is so pathetic I can hardly breathe in here.

                1. “…having the worst COVID outcome in the world by far” is nothing but “dribble” from the enemedia.
                  If you want to hear some real drivel, listen to Cuomo calling it the European flu.

    3. Directed by Billy Wilder.

  46. “Going high” and bringing about “unity”: spying on your political opponents a la Richard Nixon, and committing multiple instances of perjury and likely a slew of other crimes in the process.

    Hypocritical, disingenuous scumbags don’t get much lower than Mr. and Mrs. Mofo. What a couple of pieces of work.

  47. “Let’s be clear: Going high does not mean putting on a smile and saying nice things when confronted by viciousness and cruelty,”

    Thanks, Michelle, but we already know how to respond to Progressives.

  48. It occurs to me that if all political advertising by mail were suspended, there would be plenty of capacity to carry ballots.

    1. I like this idea. Not only does this save postal capacity but also save landfill space.

    1. Ah damn, that’s a smooth one.

    2. “How can President Trump square this action with his recent comments against voting fraud?” – Jacob Sullum

      1. She voted in person. No conflict.

  49. So an Obama lied. How is this news?

    1. Because it rarely happens. Just like it would be news if President Trump told the truth. You know “man bites dog” thing.

      1. Rarely is trolling well done. But this is perfect. Absolutely absurd and funny but not so much so as to be obvious. Bravo. Obama rarely lies is comedy gold. Obama never lies would be too over the top and walk over the joke. But “rarely lies” is pitch perfect comedy gold.

        1. Obama rarely lies. Most people rarely lie. Not you and not Trump, but most people.

          1. John, you see Tony buying the parody so completely?

      2. ya funny.


  50. letting chicks vote isn’t the problem it’s letting all the betas vote the way the chicks tell them to.

  51. we are one nation under God

    God… edgy subject for Democrats.

    1. must be worried about the Midwest vote

  52. “This is not the time to withhold our votes in protest or play games with candidates who have no chance of winning,” Obama said. “We have got to vote like we did in 2008 and 2012.”

    That wouldn’t be the worst thing: In 2012, the Libertarian Party saw its highest number of votes yet, with candidate Gary Johnson earning nearly 1 percent of the popular vote that year.

    To be fair here, she’s not talking to Gary Johnson voters. She’s talking to Democrats, and asking that THEY not go third party– which means Green Party for the most of them what feel disaffected.

    1. “This is not the time to withhold our votes in protest….”

      Tacit admission that their candidate sucks?

    2. In 2012, 0blama got 3.5 million fewer votes than the previous election. Unheard of for an incumbent.
      It was massive suppression of Republican votes – remember the number of precincts with zero Romney votes? – that got 0blama the “win”, so that they could preserve 0blamocare.
      Yeah, that type of massive voter fraud is how Moochelle wants to see the 2020 election go.

  53. Were these—and votes for other non-Democratic or Republican candidates—wasted? Hardly.

    It’s a winner-take-all system, so math is math. I don’t subscribe to my vote being owed to anyone, but I also know how math works. If I’m voting for a long-shot but preferred candidate instead of the mainstream, but less preferred candidate. Then I know that I’m reducing the chances of the mainstream candidate’s victory. Again, I don’t owe anyone anything, but it’s a calculus that I have to make. And since people make that calculus individually and not en masse, then it’s a risk you have to bear.

  54. Lolol both fox and cnn billing this as MObama torching trump while reason over be all like “While I may not agree with you, I appreciate your candor”

  55. Michelle Obama hates Trump. End of story.

    1. I hear-tell she doesn’t think too highly of Biden or Hillary either.

      1. But they’re on the same high road so there’s that.

  56. Remember how Twitter was opposed to conspiracy theory and would remove posts promoting theories?

    Notice how USPS mail conspiracies seem to be all over Twitter?

    Any idea why?

    1. The Russians have trained squirrels to bang out Twitter messages.

      Imagine thousands of squirrels banging away on their tiny keyboards rewarded with a nut every time they complete the task. It is pure genius.

  57. S.E. Cupp again proves she’s entirely more stupid than hot.

    1. She is not even hot anymore. Her sell by date was around 30. Her 30s have not been good to her.

      1. yeah I saw that after I posted. guess I haven’t seen her in awhile

        1. Nooooooo. What the hell happened? RINO’d and old.

    2. Two Girls, One Cupp?

  58. If only I could find a candidate committed to:

    Provide a balanced budget, end deficits, and finally address the explosive national debt
    End the unconstitutional foreign wars and military entanglements, and bring our troops home
    Remove barriers to free trade and the free movement of peaceful people
    End federal civil asset forfeiture and pardon persons convicted of non-violent, victimless crimes
    Institute real criminal justice reform and end the failed war on drugs
    Get education out of the government’s hands and return decisions of education to parents, teachers, and students
    Slash federal spending, make government much smaller, and let you keep what you earn

    Then I would know who to vote for.

    1. Didn’t Rand Paul basically run on those things back in 2016?

      1. It’s straight out of the LP platform. I pasted in from Jo Jorgenson’s campaign website.

        Yes I think he did.

        1. You left out the racist marxism

          1. But I’m cool with that. I was a racist Marxist in college. They always had the best weed and the girls were easy.

            1. Fair enough

      2. I am planning to vote for her so the rest of this is just a sideshow for me.

        I watched part of the thing last night. Was more interested in the music than anything else.

    2. I voted for Gary Johnson and Ron Paul before that and Harry Browne before that. Not many other people joined me though.

  59. How one could say they hate politics while speaking at the DNC is an open question, I suppose, since last I checked they are a political party and her speech is presumed to have a political result.

    Public self-loathing with some hypocrisy and self-righteousness on the side? Way to buck the stereotype.

  60. “we know that what’s going on in this country is just not right. ”

    Wow, I agree with her. These mostly peaceful protestors are embarrassing.

  61. People who call themselves libertarians have learned the basic simple fact of voting third party probably more than progressives.

    Just cuz you want voting to be a matter of personal virtue signaling (even though it happens in a private booth), or just because you want third parties to be viable, the facts are what they are. An R or D will win, period, and the only thing you can do is pick one or the other. I don’t like it either.

    1. But it is not the only thing you can do. You do have a choice. It is your choice but you have one.

      Which path to take. Some choose another way.

      I shall be telling this with a sigh
      Somewhere ages and ages hence:
      Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
      I took the one less traveled by,
      And that has made all the difference.

      Robert Frost as I am sure you know.

      For me I sleep better if I vote my conscience rather than following the herd. Perhaps this libertarian thing is not for you. It is certainly not for everyone.

      I have to wonder why if you “don’t like it” you do it anyway.

      1. It’s fascinating that you’ve interpreted both political reality and the Frost poem in the same way. The poem actually says that the paths are indistinguishable, but the guy is gonna tell people the choice he made was pivotal. It’s also true that voting third-party is is indistinguishable from voting for the Republican or Democrat you agree with least. Again, there are plenty of opportunities to virtue signal in life, but voting isn’t one of them.

        I don’t like that we only have two parties to choose from, but that’s the system we’re in. You wouldn’t put any money on a third party candidate winning the presidency. You would simply be opting out except that there’s no such thing as opting out, because we’re gonna have a president no matter what choice you make, and you and people who believe as you do will have contributed to that outcome.

    2. Which election have you voted in that, if it weren’t for you vote, would have come out with a different outcome?

      And if the answer is “none”, then what good did it make limiting your choices to R or D? Or even just D?

      1. Imagine it’s not just me but all the people who think like I do. It certainly made the difference in 2000. And to some degree in every election.

        1. How is that possible when your vote didn’t affect the outcome in any meaningful way?

        2. Let me rephrase my question: since Donald Trump won Oklahoma, what good did it do to count yourself with the largest loser?

          1. I am going to assume we both agree that only Ohioans and Floridians having responsibility for choosing the president is a very bad system.

            1. I’ll take that as “nothing.”

              1. There was other stuff to vote for so there was no reason not to tick the top box too. Also it added to her massive popular vote lead, providing support for the case that the electoral college is an immoral joke.

                1. That sounds like virtue signaling.

        3. And try to avoid saying something like ”signaling the virtue of the loser.”

          1. Fuck the electoral college. Listen to what I wrote. One vote isn’t the issue. It’s millions of people with one vote all believing the same stupid horseshit about third parties. Not remotely enough to ever get one in the Oval Office, but enough to screw over one of the real candidates.

            1. We’re not taking about everyone’s vote. We’re talking about your vote, and that didn’t matter. You could have voted for Donald Duck in every election and nothing else would have changed.

              Other than virtue signaling, I don’t see what you’re accomplishing.

              1. Nobody’s single vote is decisive so that’s why we aren’t talking about that. I’m talking about an attitude that becomes many votes. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

                1. No, we’re talking about your specific vote, and we agree it doesn’t decide anything.

                  In other words: if you were a democrat-leaning libertarian, you would have had nothing to gain from voting D.

                  Sure, you’re signaling that the electoral college is not to your liking, but if you’re a libertarian, maybe you want to signal that having a two-party system is horrible? If he votes D, how does he signal that? He doesn’t.

                  Either way, it’s all signaling.

  62. The third party thing:

    Listen: your vote accomplishes the following things:

    1. You will increment the number of votes of your selected candidate by 1.
    2. Nothing else.

    You will not change an election outcome. The likelihood of your vote changing an election outcome is worse than being killed by a kick from a horse during a shark attack while being struck by lightening on the day you won the lottery, i.e., your vote won’t change anything.

    “But what about everyone who thinks like me? Didn’t we do something?” Yes! In the sense that, everyone’s vote counts! But we’re not talking about “everyone”. We’re talking about “you”: your specific vote. The one you pay the cost of making. The only one you get to decide. And that doesn’t count at all.

    Here are the list of things that affect other people more than voting:
    1. Working at your job
    2. The ice cream you choose to buy/not buy from Walmart
    3. Hugging your family
    4. Volunteering
    5. Going on vacation
    6. etc.

    All of those things effect other people more than voting, because they all involve other people, while your vote doesn’t involve anyone at all, except the candidate who’s vote tally you incremented by one.

    In fact, other than some kind of “virtual signaling” or other signaling, I can’t see much point. Increment that counter for which ever candidate you want to increment it for, from whatever party you like, for whatever you choose to get out of that. Just don’t end up being that person who pretends he’s “making a difference”, because that’s not real, and you want to be reality based.

  63. The world needs to be changed!

  64. If I took Michelle Obama’s advice and do not vote for a third party candidate (Go Jo Jorgensen!) I would be voting for Trump who I detest.

    While both Biden and Trump are terrible candidates, at least with Trump the media will be watching his every move and thwarting every action.

    If Biden is elected, the media will settle into the sycophantic propaganda tools they have become, too cover up and justifying the terrible policies of Biden or whomever is pulling the strings behind the scenes.

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