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Anti-Tech Warriors Are Coming for Your Food Delivery Apps

Plus: Good news on COVID-19 immunity, court nixes California ammunition ban, and more...


"Protect Our Restaurants" campaign calls on Congress, regulators, and city governments to intervene. As the Trump administration continues its all-points crusade against tech companies, food delivery services such as Uber Eats, Doordash, Postmates, and GrubHub could be the next target. A new advocacy campaign is calling on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate these companies for potential violations of federal antitrust law.

"The campaign has worked with several lawmakers, including House consumer protection subcommittee chairwoman Rep. Jan Schakowsky's (D–Ill.) office, to apply more pressure on the FTC for an investigation," Morning Consult reports.

Tons of consumers and businesses across the U.S. use and enjoy food delivery apps. They allow individuals to patronize restaurants that might not otherwise offer delivery services; they allow businesses to expand their audience; they provide flexible gig work for delivery drivers. But restaurants are expected to pay relatively high fees for this service. So a number of them have stopped using these apps and, sometimes, have beefed up their own delivery services or put more marketing into encouraging customers to call directly for delivery.

That's how things tend to go as new, "disruptive" technologies shake up old business models. Consumer choice is expanded. New jobs are created. And existing businesses have to step up their game or face dwindling profits—but also enjoy get a chance to reach more customers and expand their revenue. It's a good opportunity for smaller businesses with flexibility and room to grow.

Unsurprisingly, entrenched food businesses with established audiences tend not to like delivery apps. They don't like giving app companies a cut of their profits, and they don't like giving customers new options for places to eat. They're competition. And they've been gaining use since the pandemic started, with people stuck at home and restaurants often closed for in-person dining.

The people who wants to quash food delivery apps don't say that, of course. They say apps are "exploiting restaurants, workers, and consumers" and taking "money out of the local economy."

But their "Protect Our Restaurants" campaign is basically cronyist lobbying, asking the government to intervene so a favored class of businesses can make more money without improving services. We've seen similar crusades from newspapers, hotels, and other industries whose old business models have been undercut by the internet.

Politics is also fueling this campaign. In addition to support from restaurants, the Protect Our Restaurants campaign is backed by activists with a broader mission against tech companies (and corporations more generally). The American Economic Liberties Project is a project of the Open Market Institute, whose "anti-monopoly" program's mission "is to develop and promote law and policy designed to structure markets and corporate behaviors in ways that ensure a fair and equitable distribution of opportunity, wealth, and power within our society." Their solutions usually revolve around greater government regulation.

Just as Trumpian politicians have seen great success mobilizing animosity at tech companies for their own political purposes, this line of attack is proving profitable for Democrats. Last week, for instance, a "future of antitrust" fundraiser—co-headlined by Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D–Minn.), ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee antitrust subcommittee, and Rep. David Cicilline (D–R.I.), who chairs the antitrust subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee—served as way to raise money for the Biden Victory Fund. Tickets to the online ranged from $250 to $10,000.

Hating tech companies is a good business and good politics, once again.

I recently talked with tech policy and law experts recently about the bipartisan backlash against TikTok, Twitter, Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and other popular tech tools and companies. Check that out here.


• Some good news on COVID-19 immunity: "Scientists who have been monitoring immune responses to the virus are now starting to see encouraging signs of strong, lasting immunity, even in people who developed only mild symptoms of Covid-19, a flurry of new studies suggests."

• The latest election poll:

• The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said Friday that California's ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines is unconstitutional.

• A new study on access to opioid addiction treatment found that "pregnant women were about 20% less likely to be accepted for treatment than nonpregnant women."

• "It's kind of this bastard mix of conspiracy theories, sovereign [citizens], and just straight-up scamming people."

• A federal court has "dismissed a lawsuit filed by two inmates who challenged the Maine Department of Corrections policy on early releases during the COVID-19 pandemic."

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  1. “It’s kind of this bastard mix of conspiracy theories, sovereign [citizens], and just straight-up scamming people.”


    1. Darn those sovereign citizens!

      1. Hey, one sovereign citizen engaged in violence, so they are all guilty by association. It’s just like I’m told we are supposed to think about people protesting for police reform.

          1. Mr. Brown can moo!
            Can you?

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        1. When a sovereign citizen (or a sovereign nation) engages in violence, there is no guilt — it’s called war.

        2. I completely agree with that argument. Now do James Fields.

          1. You completely agree with collectivist thinking, such as guilt by association. Got it.

            James Fields is responsible for his actions. Not anybody who shared political beliefs with him, but has not committed any violent acts.

            1. Did I misread that you were implicitly denouncing collectivism? No? Then we agree, it is only the individuals who should be held responsible for their actions.

              Now imagine that non-violent people are willingly participating in shielding people that are being violent and destroying property (i.e. wall of “moms”). How should matters like this be adjudicated without any injustice being committed upon the “non-violent” people (pretending for a minute that aiding and abetting are not already crimes)?

              1. Some or all of the moms in the “wall of moms” may be guilty of aiding and abetting, or obstructing justice. Sounds like we are agreed that it is only individuals that should be held responsible for their actions.

                1. I quit working at shoprite and now I make $65-85 per/h. How? I’m working online! My work didn’t exactly make me happy so I decided to take a chance on something new…KBg after 4 years it was so hard to quit my day job but now I couldn’t be happier.

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    2. Hello.

      Just so I’m clear. Sweden was right. And no, they did NOT blunder into this. Theirs was a deliberate calculation.

      We say they ‘blundered’ because we want to deflect from the fact we were the retards.

      1. Media is still in full anti-Sweden gaslighting, stating Sweden has been one of the biggest failures on Covid. It is amazing to watch. New York City is celebrated, Sweden is the worst thing to ever happen.

      2. I said this in Bailey’s article: On one hand we have countries and states that decided to follow completely unproven theories about mass lock-downs; that discouraged masks before mandating them; that lifted lock-downs, only to freak out and clamp down again. On the other hand we have a country that refused to follow untested models predicting millions of deaths, and then stuck to a measured approach, regardless of how shrill the complainers were.

        Which one is really blundering?

        1. Truly a marvel of puzzlement.

          I just heard Australia say their outbreak was in nursing homes.

          You would think that after all countries went through including Sweden, Quebec, Italy, Spain, and NY/NJ/MI they would have learned by watching other places and ISOLATE the vulnerable.

          Instead they’re LOCKING down the entire spot of Victoria.

          It’s incompetence to the point of criminal negligence in my view now.

          So remind me who are the blathering fools again?

          1. Holland have also been impressive.

            Sweden. Holland. South Dakota.

            That’s how you do things.

          2. You assume their primary goal is reducing infection, and not expanding authority.

    3. “It’s kind of this bastard mix of conspiracy theories, sovereign [citizens], and just straight-up scamming people.”

      I’m sick to death of talking about Mueller investigation. Can we move on already?

      1. Weismann seemed awfully nervous over the weekend.

        1. Weissman’s Op-Ed was an incitement to sedition, pure and simple.


    LAST NIGHT: Clearly racist BLM protesters shame a black man for defending a white woman who was robbed and beat by the BLM thugs

    “We out here for black lives matter, fuck these white cunts”


      Earlier: Rioters stand over the unconscious man’s body after they beat him. They pour water on him and shout in support of Black Lives Matter. Antifa street medics are examining him. He’s not responsive.

      1. ‘Antifa street medic’ sound like the perfect slang for the people that know fuck all about medicine but carry a medical bag.

        Personally, I didn’t see one person in the entire group of dumbfucks that I would say “That person is a doctor/nurse/trained EMT/first-year med student…”

        1. Personally, I didn’t see one person in the entire group of dumbfucks that I would say “That person is a doctor/nurse/trained EMT/first-year med student…”

          What, you don’t think a barefooted tattooed land whale knows about medicine? Sexist pig.

          1. The part where someone from the crowd vocalizes, “He’s bleeding from the mouth, someone should probably roll him over so he doesn’t choke to death.” Reminded me of The Simpsons episode where Lisa shouts the instructions on how to perform Homer’s heart surgery at Dr. Nick from the gallery. That guy probably stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

      2. BLM seems to be now branching out to going to multiple politicians houses in mob like formations…

        Of course, this will be claimed to be peaceful protesting.

        1. “Mob like formations”?

          Did they engage in actual violence or trespassing? We’re they actually organized by Black Lives Matter?

          1. Both. Why don’t you educate yourself?

            1. Please link to a story about BLM organizing an event at a politicians house where violence and trespassing occurred. Otherwise, we are taking about some vague events that exist only in your head.

              1. Are you the BLM intern as well as the Reason intern?

                1. He’s a squawking bird and should be treated as such.

                  1. R Mac is a mooing Mr. Brown, and should be treated as such.

              2. Democratic State House candidate suggests Minnesota suburb be burned down: ‘I didn’t come here to be peaceful’


                1. Good example of a real, documented case of a Black Lives Matter protest where this Thompson jerk was inciting violence. He was wrong to do that.

                  This is the standard I am asking for: when you talk about “Black Lives Matter” did this or did that, refer to an actual case where what you are claiming is in evidence.

                  Did any actual violence occur, or did it end with his incitement-filled speech? From the stories I see no actual violence occurred, but I might have missed something.

              3. Caw caw, indeed

    2. Again, other than the people in this video being black, how has the person who tweeted the video established that they have any affiliation with Black Lives Matter?

      1. Again, other than the people in this video being black, how has the person who tweeted the video established that they have any affiliation with Black Lives Matter?

        Are you saying only black people should be allowed to report on the Black Lives Matter movement, that only people sympathetic to or involved with the movement should, or both?

        1. he is claiming everyone who doesn’t show him ID, yell out they are BLM, doesn’t have a notary and 2 signatures witness said declaration, is not really BLM.

          Jeff is an idiot though.

          1. No, I am saying go ahead and link to the videos, (rightfully) condemn the behavior in the video, but don’t claim they are “BLM” when you don’t know that they are.

            And JesseAz’s and John’s calling me “Jeff” reveals that they do not come here to have discuss anything in good faith.

          2. sort of like ISIS.

        2. Posting a video to Twitter with no accompanying context or explanation of what is going on in the video isn’t “reporting”. But it’s fine if someone puts a video up on Twitter.

          My beef is with commenters here throwing around the words, Black Lives Matter, without establishing any affiliation between BLM and the videos they repost here.

          1. My beef is with commenters here throwing around the words, Black Lives Matter, without establishing any affiliation between BLM and the videos they repost here.

            So ‘Black Lives Matter’ have some special meaning so that only certain classes of people are allowed to use them and only in certain ways?

            1. Black Lives Matter is a network of organizations. If you are going to post a link to something and claim that it is Black Lives Matter doing this or that, make sure it is actually a link to something where Black Lives Matter was indeed involved.

              Otherwise, describe it accurately. For example, this is a video of a bunch of people acting like assholes. Some of them have “Black Lives Matter” t-shirts, or some of them were shouting, “Black lives matter!”

              I know you are all intelligent enough to get what the difference between those two scenarios is.

          2. it’s the best kind of reporting, showing what happens and letting people judge for themselves, instead of telling them what to think

            1. It might be reporting if the person posting the Tweet put a bit of context, like who is in the video, where it was, etc.

          3. They were literally chanting black lives matter, but keep fronting

            1. Some people chanting, “Black lives matter!”, does not make the event affiliated with Black Lives Matter. You are smart enough to get the difference between those two things.

        3. Whether they have an official affiliation or not, they are participating in the riots, which makes them part of the group that is known as the “BLM Rioters” in general conversation. Unless there is some evidence that the circumstances are completely different (ie: this was a bar fight or a personal dispute and not political violence), or evidence that this is not a current video, I think we can say that they are BLM without checking identification by way of Occam’s Razor.

          If it makes you feel better, add the word “apparently”

  3. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said Friday that California’s ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines is unconstitutional.

    The Founders never meant Californians to be able to load their muskets with more than one ball at a time.

    1. The Founders never meant California


      1. That’s right! At the time, Californians spoke Spanish, and were foreigners! Oh, and by the way, NOT part of the country.
        Other than that, good point.

        1. Part of Northern California was owned by the Russians so it was Putin all along

        2. which always seems to be skipped in US history class

    2. Wait, the 9th Circuit decided in favor of the 2nd Amendment?
      What is their ulterior motive?

    3. Way to bury the real news here.

      The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said Friday that California’s ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines is unconstitutional.

      The 9th! The court that sees no government overreach as being unreasonable. What kind of wacko world are we living in?!

      1. It IS 2020, you know. Anything can happen.

  4. Biden 50 (-5)
    Trump 46 (+5)

    Joe’s team hasn’t gotten it that the more they let the man out of his basement the worse off he is.

    1. Oh they understand, but there’s a limit to how much they can hide him.

      1. Agreed….They can’t stop it now. Eventually, Brain-Damaged Biden will have to exit the Basement Bunker and answer some actual questions. And then he will have to debate POTUS Trump…unless he becomes Chickenshit Joe and bails out of the debates.

        1. But rest assured, he will NEVER hear the question “Will you promise to accept the results of the election this time?”
          Or the question, “will you release a list of 25 potential Supreme court nominees and swear to only nominate from that list?”
          Or the question “How long do you think Kop Kamala will wait before presenting the 25th amendment papers?”

          1. Or the question: So Joe, have you hit up Heels Up Harris lately?

            1. Gee, your hair smells terrific!

    2. They are just ramming those ads onto youtube vidoes-and they’re the 15 second variety that can’t be skipped. The more you see him speak, the less effective he is.

      I can’t stand to watch Trump speak either, but his campaign ads don’t force me to listen to him, usually it’s just an image with some music, linking to a poll.


    People in D.C. seem to hate things that President Trump says.

    Watch their reaction when they find out it was actually something Joe Biden said.

    1. Digging the cleavage on that one girl

      1. They are all under 40 and outside. Yet, they wear masks. My God what a bunch of conformist, goose stepping assholes. At least the Nazis had snazzy uniforms. These people with their face diapers just look like dorks.

        1. it’s very difficult to love everybody when they beg for my hatred with their conformity-faces.

        2. someone should make noise-canceling masks and distribute them freely to these people as a public service (to the rest of us)

        3. They are all under 40 and outside. Yet, they wear masks.

          Thousand. Dollar. Fine.

        4. I didn’t expect to agree on that… then I watched the video. Holy crap! 3 young people in a park sitting apart from each other on the grass …. and wearing masks.


          I guess they are all in a big city where that’s just how it is, but dang if it doesn’t look silly.

          Also, I enjoyed that nobody backed off on Biden support after hearing the bait and switch.

      2. Thanks for the comment. I wasn’t going to click the link if you hadn’t said it. Definitely a prime contestant for the motor boating championships.

      3. “Digging the cleavage on that one girl.”

        And with that one phrase, you got me to actually click on the video. Well done.

        Starting around :50 in the clip, and pops out again at various times later. I’m down with the swirl.

    2. I’m not saying all liberals are ignorant… but I have yet to find an exception in any significant amount.

      1. They are always ignorant about politics, history, and current affairs. They often know a lot about whatever field they work in. Interestingly, the more they know about a subject, the more conservative they are about it. They never seem to make the connection between knowledge of something and being conservative about it.

        1. And progtards like ENB never have social niceties. Example: The POTUS’ brother died. You’d think someone at Reason might express some kind of condolence, instead of jumping on the #wrongtrump bandwagon. They’re irredeemable.

          1. She really is a contemptible woman.

    3. Funny stuff.


    It’s possible that wearing masks had no statistical effect on reducing infection because they gave mask wearers a false sense of security. When the steel helmet was first issued to Tommies in WW1 head wounds immediately rose because soldiers assumed helmets were bulletproof.

    1. This has been obvious to anyone who paid attention to the CDC or WHO mask policy prior to April of this year.

    2. It’s pretty rare to see footage of people wearing masks AND social distancing. It’s just too complicated to do both

      1. That’s a new thing. In the past, wearing a mask in public made social distancing really easy: people saw someone wearing a mask and they’d get away from the weirdo as fast as possible.

    3. The problem is that the government deliberately lied about masks, and hurt their credibility. They lied about masks in order to conserve them for HCPs.

      Do masks help? The answer is yes.
      Do masks prevent transmission of covid-19? Nope.

      Personally, I wear a mask when I know I will be around people, like when I go grocery shopping, or something like that. But on my daily walk around the neighborhood – fuck that, I go maskless. The CDC guidance says to wear a mask when you cannot maintain physical distance of 6′ or more. Seems pretty straightforward to me.

      1. Please use the approved CDC term “cloth face covering”.

        1. Ah fuck…You’re right. Sorry about that. I’ll try to do better, damn it!

        2. I prefer the common man’s term “face diaper”.

    4. Again:
      Remove mask from pocket.
      Remove cash from same pocket.
      Deposit change to same pocket.
      Leave store.
      Deposit mask in same pocket.
      Go to next store.

      If this thing survives for even 10 min. on surfaces, the masks are between ineffective and counterproductive.

    5. The helmet fact was disproven almost immediately. The head wounds increased because people survived to go to the medical tent. Beforehand, they were simply corpses.

      Head wounds were very common because it was trench warfare, and the head was typically the only thing that could be shot.

  7. A Racial Reckoning For… White Vegans?

    “These white women, they are the gatekeepers of the vegan movement,” Amoako said. “We Black creators have been here this whole time.”

    White women are starting to acknowledge Black and racialized vegans now, following a string of racial reckonings happening in several sectors and communities, Amoako said, but “I’m not gonna lie to you, some of us are still skeptical.”

    1. Nothing worse than a radical vegan.

    2. Fair Trade tempest in a teapot?


    BLM publicly declared war last night in downtown Portland before taking to the streets to rob, physically assault people and nearly execute a man

    “We are at war, are you guys ready?!”

    1. Who is the speaker in this video?

        1. So, you got nothing. You don’t know who it is. And, therefore, you have no idea if she is affiliated with Black Lives Matter.

          Furthermore, you’ve demonstrated you are intellectually lazy and don’t actually care about getting the facts.

          1. It’s the mother of a dude who was killed in 2018 because he pulled a gun on cops.

            You can look shit up for yourself, midwit

            1. “Mid-wit” is FAR too much credit. “Sub-wit” might be fair.

            2. I will qutoe the entirety of the text posted with the video:

              “BLM publicly declared war last night in downtown Portland before taking to the streets to rob, physically assault people and nearly execute a man

              “’We are at war, are you guys ready?!’”

              Somehow you know that it is “the mother of a dude who was killed in 2018”, but you certainly didn’t get that information from the tweet.

            3. And going back to my main point, what is her affiliation with Black Lives Matter that supports the statement, “BLM publicly declared war last night…”.


    Like California, Oregon allows political parties to see in near-real-time who’s voted and who hasn’t. Harassment and voter impersonation follow. There’s no way to know how many voters are impersonated because no ID is required and no one checks.

    According to the California Election Integrity Project, Los Angeles County processed 90% of all the state’s last-minute, provisional ballots – 40% of all U.S. provisionals. All you had to do was see who hadn’t voted yet and call your guy in LA to cast the ballot.

    …Is it really such a stretch of the imagination to consider that people who threaten the lives of dozens of people living in a Portland apartment building, who barricade doors to lock police in as arsonists set a building on fire, and who shoot ball-bearings at people won’t jack you up for a ballot? How vulnerable is an apartment manager with keys to hundreds of mailboxes? How about their antifa buddy who works at the post office?

    People who riot, maim and assault strangers on a nightly basis will think nothing of organizing mobs to plunder the post office, using their handy IEDs to blow up election receptacles, stealing bags of ballots, using their hacker contingent in all manner of criminal activity to steal votes or extort people.

    1. Why Do Most Countries Ban Mail-In Ballots?: They Have Seen Massive Vote Fraud Problems

      France banned mail-in voting in 1975 because of massive fraud in Corsica, where postal ballots were stolen or bought and voters cast multiple votes. Mail-in ballots were used to cast the votes of dead people. Examples for other countries are provided.

      1. Listen, I have a new one for you. You do know that The People’s Republic of NJ is about to witness a no bullshit miracle, right? We will literally have thousands of people resurrected in one shot, who will magically return ballots by mail.

        Christians have one guy who resurrected (not being disrespectful here!); NJ will have thousands. Truly miraculous.

        I worry about the down ballot candidates. That is why Phailing Phil Murphy, the affable asshole governor of The People’s Republic of NJ made the move he did. He is turning the People’s Republic into a one-party state.

        1. But surely those ballots will be declared invalid because of the separation clause in Jefferson’s letter?

        2. Jersey-style voter fraud is not real voter fraud!

          *proceeds to use knife and fork to eat pizza*

    2. So, we are making up hypothetical voting problems to worry about, when we know the significant issue coming up is reliable handling and counting of mail-in ballots.

  10. “The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said Friday that California’s ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines is unconstitutional.”

    According to longtime libertarian activist Michael Hihn, gun safety legislation is almost always perfectly constitutional. We need more Democrat-appointed judges if we’re going to defeat the gun fetishists.


    1. Give it up, OBL. Parody accounts have to be funny to be effective.

      1. “longtime libertarian activist Michael Hihn” always makes me chuckle.

  11. “Anti-poverty” tactics…

    Isn’t everyone anti-poverty?

    1. Wishing against poverty is not the same as acting against poverty, especially what people do for themselves. Anyone who chooses to dedicate their lives to drum circles and activist marches may not like poverty, but like religious zealots throughout history, that is what they deserve.

    2. Not everyone. A lot of people are fine with poverty as long as it isn’t affecting them personally.

      1. And a lot of people are fine with demanding that others fix their poverty.

        1. That’s true.

    3. No.
      democrats need poverty to show idiots why they should vote for democrats.

      1. If wealthy people are more likely to vote Republican, and poor people are more likely to vote Democrat…

  12. Trump frequently accuses the far-left of inciting violence, yet right-wing extremists have killed 329 victims in the last 25 years, while Antifa members haven’t killed any, according to a new study

    1. David Dorn would disagree, except that you killed him.

      1. Barry Perkins, David McAtee, Chris Beaty, Dorian Murrell, Patrick Underwood, etc…

        Also from Nuttplug’s article:
        assembled a database of almost 900 politically motivated plots and attacks… ending in May 2020
        So before the riots Antifa riots even began. The journalist is as dishonest as Nuttplug.

        So who’s “rightwing”?
        the rightwing “boogaloo” movement.
        This will be a shock to the Boogaloos who have been marching with Antifa

        And also:
        the Oklahoma City bombing of a federal building, which killed 168 people
        So rightwing is “people who kill people”. Gotcha.

        But don’t forget those “rightwing” jihadis: Jihadist groups were responsible for 95 people’s deaths since 2010

        But where did the study get this definition?
        Why from a DNC super PAC of course: “In total, we drew from the following data sets: the Anti-Defamation League’s (ADL) Hate,
        Extremism, Anti-Semitism, and Terrorism (H.E.A.T.) Map”

        1. Well, he’s a kiddie-diddler, but then he’s also a dishonest shit and too stupid to read his own links besides.
          What’s not to hate?

        2. Haha. If it wasn’t for the pedophilia I’d just feel sorry for him.

        3. I don’t know about the other ones, but David McAtee was killed by cops after shooting at them.

    2. Shows how ineffective they are.

    3. Like poor, progressive James Hodgkinson who was killed by supporters of right-wing extremists at a baseball game.

    4. Antifa hasn’t killed anyone. It was white supremacists who shot all of those people in Seattle and have been rioting in Portland for 80 straight days.

      All of that child porn really did rot what little brain you had.

      1. Potemkin riots?


    Matt Taibbi
    Part of the subtext of news in the Trump era is that the world is in a profound crisis and every political story has to be understood accordingly, as an epic battle to right the great wrong of 2016 – I think that’s part of why we’ve seen these strings of moral panics in media.

    Wesley Yang
    100 percent of all sane, normally functioning human beings have noticed this. Distressing how few write for the press, though.
    Quote Tweet

    Shashank Nayak
    · 16h
    Replying to @wesyang
    Matt Taibbi noted this. For weeks there is a huge story that seems to grab attention and it is declared that this is the most important event that determines the future or something and then it just vanishes until something else comes along and the cycle is repeated.

    1. To his credit, Taibbi has wised up on what’s been going on with the establisment political and media class.

      1. And issued a pretty funny slam of the DNC today.

        1. I think Taibbi might be the best political commentator coming from the left at the moment. He’s one of the only people that admits that they are in dire need of cleaning their own house.

  14. More bad economic news.

    Charles Koch current net worth: $57.0 billion

    Barely in the global top 20. Down $5 billion this year. And — because of Drumpf’s draconian immigration crackdown — unable to hire the highly skilled Mexican immigrants necessary for his business to thrive.


    1. If Koch is down 5B, then he is incompetent and therefore unworthy of our help.

      1. It’s not Mr. Koch’s fault that, unlike Jeff Bezos, his prosperity requires unlimited, unrestricted immigration.

        1. Ah, but it IS Mr. Koch’s fault that he did nothing to ameliorate the problem. Epic fail, OBL. Step up your parody game, please!

  15. 80 Nights in Portland: Rioters Chant ‘Kill a Cop, Save a Life’ as Two Officers Hospitalized

    “Police said that by the time they put out their press release outlining the night’s attacks that there had been over 60 calls for police help that were on hold because the police were busy responding to the far-left rioters who were attacking them,” the Daily Wire reported.

      1. I wonder if the people who made those calls are ready to vote out the mayor and DA who think rioting and leftist terror is so groovy?

        1. probably. Stockholm syndrome is real.

        2. “ready to vote out the mayor”
          Be careful who you vote for. The person running against the mayor is the self-proclaimed antifa candidate.

  16. “Tons of consumers”

    Is this the new non-binary gender measure for quantities of people? Help me out: how many typical Americans per ton?

    1. Well, if you believe those who say that Americans are so fat they can’t get out of their Laz-Z-Boys, it’s about three Americans per ton. /sarc

    2. “Tons if consumers” is an apt way to describe people ordering and eating food from restaurants.

      1. What, restaurants too “white privilege” for you?

        1. Where did you get that from? I happen to like restaurants very much, thank you.

          1. We know fat Jeff.

          2. Haha. He’s not laughing with you, he’s laughing AT you!

          3. Ha ha, I’m not Jeff.

    Maybe catcalling isn’t that bad? Maybe the demonizing of catcalling is actually racist, since most men who catcall are black

    1. I remember when that viral video happened with the girl getting cat called, and activists were furious when people started pointing out that everyone who catcalled in it were minorities.

      1. Obviously a setup.


    Italy Closes Nightclubs As COVID-19 Revival Rocks Europe; US Deaths Top 1k For 5th Day: Live Updates

    1. Give it up people, it’s not going away.

    2. As COVID-19 Revival Rocks Europe

      Where is the band going to play if the night clubs are closed??

      I didn’t even know that John Fogerty had the disease.

    3. They’re back on Twitter? Whose dick did they suck?

    4. COVID-19 revival is the least fun revival ever.


    GRAPHIC: With the streets in downtown Portland occupied by BLM & antifa rioters, a man crashed his car. The mob pulled him out & beat him senseless in front of the passenger. He’s bleeding & unconscious. No police.

    1. The media is going everything it can to keep the rest of the country from knowing what is going on in Portland. I am skeptical they are accomplishing this. Last spring, every liberal I know was posting pro BLM and Antifa stuff. More BLM but a good amount of “Eisenhower the Original Antifa” kind of bullshit. I don’t see anything like that anymore. They of course will never admit the truth. But, they know it and have just pretended that their pro Antifa opinions never really happened.

      1. No, they just keep tweeting each other about “peaceful protests” and distracting themselves with conspiracy theories about the post office.

        Why do you think they gin up the crisis of the week? To keep up the hysteria so they don’t have to take a good look at what’s happening.

        1. The media is doing that. But I think the average dumb, white liberal, knows the truth even if the social pressures are such that they can’t say it out loud.

      2. They are allowed to change their minds, just like you John. Remember when you thought Trump was a joke candidate to troll the democrats?

        1. Sure they are allowed to change their minds. They should and likely have here because they were wrong. They are allowed to change their minds and I am allowed to gloat about being right and their being complete gullible morons for thinking Antifa was anything but a terrorist organization.

          1. To be fair, gloating isn’t a very effective way to convince people of anything, despite how much fun it might be. More effective than that would be to congratulate them on finally seeing reality in this instance and encouraging them to revisit their understanding elsewhere.

            People naturally are biased to thinking that they can’t be wrong, and this is especially true of leftists because it’s so easy to get stuck in a leftist echo chamber. If you can make it safe for them to admit that they were wrong about BLM, they might be open to being wrong about some of their other beliefs.

            1. Yes. And I am not gloating out loud anyway. The best thing to do is let the truth speak for itself and let them figure it out on their own, assuming they can and are willing.

            2. It’s really easy to get stuck in a rightist echo chamber, too. It’s the same dynamic for either a leftist or rightist, so neither is more susceptible.

              1. Jeff,

                You are a leftist echo chamber.

              2. No, it’s not. To stay in a right-wing echo chamber, you have to stop watching TV, movies, Netflix, stop reading any mainstream newspapers and stick only to smaller right-wing outlets, carefully curate your own consumption of Youtube and Twitter to avoid leftist recommendations, and after all of that you’ll still get seepage from the left when the latest talking point on the right is what stupid stuff CNN said yesterday.

                By contrast, staying in a left-wing echo chamber involves simply not watching Fox News.

                1. Staying in a right wing bubble is just as easy. Keep your TV tuned to Fox News, only read news at Breitbart, only talk those in a small social circle of like-minded people. Don’t say that isn’t possible, because I know plenty of people who are exactly like this.

                  1. Neutral Jeff everyone. Denies reality. Still thinks 2+2=5.

                    1. It shows that you have no interest in genuine discussion that you go for the stupid, “He’s Jeff’s sock” diversion.

                      I’m not Jeff and I don’t think 2 + 2 = 5. I also agree with you that postmodernism is a bad trend in academia, but also think the 2 + 2 = 5 story is a poor example of that.

            3. We don’t need to convince them Moonrocks, you are getting this wrong.

              We are telling the truth but it just looks like we are mocking and humiliating them for being so fucking stupid and hypocritical. They’re doing the rioting, violence and mayhem. Personally, I want to see that useless rabble keep doing what they are doing. And if those Progtard bastions go down the tubes…well, they did it to themselves now, didn’t they.

              They will lose the election for Brain-Damaged Biden.

              1. The people that supported BLM and now are trying to erase that past support aren’t doing any rioting. To the contrary, the riots appall them to the point that they change their allegiance (from pro-BLM to not pro-BLM). These are exactly the kind of people that can be convinced to vote against Democrats if they can be convinced that the Democrats are causing these problems or making them worse, and part of convincing them of that is to let them admit that they were wrong for supporting Democrats before (or however they want to say it, most likely some variation of “Democrats used to be good but now they’re not”), and to welcome them to the outside. Taking an adversarial stance to them could make them feel personally attacked, which almost always leads to someone doubling down on support for their current team.

                1. They made their beds. Lie in them.

                  1. But it’s not just their own beds, it’s my bed too. I’d much rather they do the right thing now even if they didn’t before so that my bed doesn’t get similarly made, even if that means holding back on some much deserved mocking.

                    1. Well Moonrocks, you have a choice to make, don’t you? I am not being petty. Please understand, I am making the same choice. Namely, to sell my home and find somewhere new outside of The People’s Republic of NJ. I have lived in my small town for decades. NJ went full on progtard, and all that entails.

            4. A ‘wrong safe space’?

              Nah, won’t work.

  20. Wait, has Reason still not written anything about the Kevin Clinesmith indictment? I guess they’re waiting for the party-line from Vox?

    1. The party line seems to be to ignore it. NPR covered it and claimed that he was indicted for “making a mistake during the information gathering portion of the investigation”. He lied to the FISA court to get a warrant to spy on Carter Page and slander him as a Russian agent.

      The media continues to be the absolute scum of the earth.

      1. Some people did some things.

        1. mistakes were made

    2. Oh, this is old news. Stop humoring far-right conspiracy theories.

      1. This is sad even for you.

        1. He has a pretty sad streak going this morning.

        2. Derp says Reason hasn’t written about it. I show, indisputably, that they did. I only linked to one of three articles that came up in Google.

          Explain exactly how this is low.

          1. You are such a good intern for Reason.

            1. If I were, what would be wrong with being an intern for Reason?

      2. Pathetic.

        An article discussing pardoning Edward Snowden, is not an article admitting the entire Russian collusion investigation was a complete lie. Nor is it an admission that the intelligence agencies of the United States wiretapped the political campaign of the opposing party for no valid reason at all.

        1. Derp: “…has Reason still not written anything about the Kevin Clinesmith indictment?”
          White Knight: “They wrote about Clinesmith three days ago…”
          Gray_Jay: “Just a second. Let me move these goal posts…”

          1. How about I clarify the complaint for you. Mentioning this passingly in an article about another issue entirely is effectively not mentioning it. How could this not be the lead story on every news network and website unless you’re trying to help cover up (Tara Reade anyone? Where did that go BTW?)

            There is an FBI employee that knowingly altered and withheld evidence that it fed to the FISA court to kickoff an investigation of a duly elected US president that lasted for 3 years and was THE lead story on every news network and newspaper every single day during that time period. Someone is pleading guilty to the fact that the entire investigation was based on lies. Can you imagine the implications for anyone else that was aware of this fact? How many people in the Obama admin knew? How many major media outlets had this info?

            To say that Reason hasn’t written about it outside of a single paragraph at the end of an unrelated story seems like a reason to be upset. To point out that the “mentioned” it almost seems semantic consider the potential scope of this story.

            1. He’s a left wing shill pretending he’s not.

      3. Caw caw, indeed

    3. Maybe if Stefan Halper, Josef Mifsud, a Russian tranny and his drinking buds, and the Obama Admin all tried to stop Flynn and Papadapolous from ordering food online, Reason would notice

  21. Mom ‘who had sex with pitbull then hanged her kids’ gets public lawyer

    1. A new series coming soon on Netflix?

    2. Everyone’s entitled to a public defender.

      Remids me of a story a PD said
      “I was working a case of a guy who was later convicted of 3 counts of murder with an ax. During our initial meeting he keep asking weather or not I think he’s guilty. Finally I tell him it doesn’t matter if I think you are innocent or guilty it is my job to give you the best representation possible. To which the murder replied “wow I don’t think I could do that”

  22. New jobs are not necessarily created by food delivery aps. The amount of food people will consume is set and not really affected by the development of this technology. It might be that it gets people to eat from restaurants more, although that is hardly clear. If it does, it just shifts money they would have spent at the grocery store or elsewhere to restaurants. Yes, it creates jobs for the delivery people, but that comes at the expense of the jobs of waiters who now are not needed to serve them. Either way it is a wash. Either people eat out more as a result of this causing the delivery jobs to come at the expense of grocery stores or it doesn’t meaning the come at the expense of servers.

    That is not to say these technologies are bad. They are not. But, I don’t think they create any jobs or make the country any richer. They just make life easier for those who choose to eat out. Again, good for them but not everything new creates jobs or makes the economy any richer.

    1. But think of all the hipsters, struggling actors, and English majors. Which is cooler? Waiting tables at the bistro on Main Street, or stocking shelves at Safeway?

      1. The reason staff are utter hicks. If something is good for urban hipsters, then it must be something everyone wants and is important to them. If you only read reason, you would think Uber was the biggest technological breakthrough and economic innovation of the 21st Century. Nothing against Uber, but it is a fucking taxi cab. We have had taxis since we have had cars and with horse drawn carriages before that. Uber isn’t exactly “paradigm shifting news from the world of science”. It actually, by allowing for congestion pricing, isn’t even that good for poor people. But if you listen to reason, Uber is the biggest and greatest thing ever. Hipsters out drinking can get a cheaper cab home. It changes everything man, Everything!!

        1. Uber is huge in that it changed the model for the better.

          Try getting a cab within minutes of your call on a busy night (much less very busy nights like NYE).

          Try getting a cab that doesn’t smell like week old nacho cheese.

          Yes, the basic premise of getting someone from A to B isn’t new, but the way in which Uber did it is, and it benefits everyone involved. If it were no different, and not preferable, cab monopolies wouldn’t be going apeshit about how unfair uber is.

          1. All of that is true. But it only matters if you take taxis, which most of the country doesn’t. It is a big deal to a small group of people in a few cities.

            1. it’s a large group of people in a few cities. most people live in large cities now.

              1. Most people who live in large cities still own cars and don’t take cabs. Where do you think the traffic comes from? It is not a big deal to anyone but a very small group of people.

                1. I use it when traveling. Way better than cabs.

                  Used to drive for uber until they lowered rates such that it made no sense to be apart from the wife on the only nights it was financially feasible. They tried to pull a fast one by guaranteeing that I’d make an equivalent rate per hour, but hourly doesn’t mean shit when all of your costs are based on a per mile basis.

    2. I’m more impressed how ENB blamed a Democratic proposal on Trump.

      1. ENB is just fucking hopeless. She represents a new harpy haplotype we haven’t figured out yet.

        1. Eh, I think I’ve got her pretty much figured out.

    3. of course the apps make the country richer, because of voluntary exchange.
      people wanted restaurant food delivered before, but there wasn’t enough service to do so, and only a few (mostly bad) restaurants offered it. now it’s easy. you get the food you want, minus the hassle of getting in your car and waiting in the drive through or for take-out. win-win.,

      1. It doesn’t make the country wealthier. It makes things more convenient for some people. But convenience is not the same as wealth.

  23. “It Was A Debate!” – Resurfaced Kamala Clip Cements Her Credentials As A Phony

    “It was a debate!” she shrieked when asked about her attacks on former Vice President Joe Biden in the 2019 Democratic Party debates, totally unwilling to stand by anything she said about her now running mate.

    Back then, Biden was a racist. So she implied. She also said she believed his sexual assault accusers.

    But no more!

    1. A woman who told the world she was absolutely certain Brett Kavenaugh was a rapist, is now Joe Biden’s running mate.

      1. John, you simply do not understand the woke concept of rape. A woman gets to decide at any time after after any encounter with a man if rape occurred, and can change her mind multiple times.

        1. The woman who claims Biden assaulted her back in the 90s hasn’t seemed to change her mind.

          1. But that’s different because Biden is obviously innocent and the woman is a Russian spy.

        2. it all depends on the political preferences of the accused

    2. So, we can safely assume she will spew lies when facing Mike Pence.
      Don’t expect anyone to connect those dots

  24. Just as Trumpian politicians have seen great success mobilizing animosity at tech companies for their own political purposes, this line of attack is proving profitable for Democrats.

    Modern journalistic principle at work: If a column by necessity condemns a DNC action, a To-Be-Sure-I-Hate-Trump line has to be included.

    1. If these companies do have a monopoly, why shouldn’t anti trust law be applied? To my memory, reason has never come out against anti trust law in general. I think there are arguments on both sides regarding the existence of anti trust law. But reason has never made the argument that anti trust law in general is unjust. They just assume any attempt to apply it to the beloved tech companies must be bad. They never seem to make that assumption about any other areas of the economy.

      Reason and it’s readers absolute unqualified love for the tech companies remains a mystery.

      1. Doordash has the biggest market share of delivery apps, and it’s like 35%

        1. Then maybe they are not a monopoly. ENB doesn’t say that. She just complains that anyone dare investigate the sacred tech companies to see if they are.

          1. At 35% market share, you don’t need an investigation to find out if they are.

            They aren’t.

            1. If the grubhub+uber merger had gone through, and it didn’t because of some EU stuff, they would’ve gotten up to 51%.
              But thats just food delivery too

              1. 51% is still not a monopoly

      2. If there are 4 companies (Doordash, Grubhub, Uber Eats, and Postmates) plus the ability for me to run down and pick it up myself either curb side or walk-in, can anyone really say there is a monopoly? These apps only exist because of people who are willing to pay extra for delivery instead of takeout, which is a textbook example of capitalism at work.

        I did like how frequently ENB managed to wedge references to Trump in there when every politician involved is a democrat.

      3. That’s like saying the DoJ is sueing ie, safari, brave, chrome, and Firefox because them combined makes a monopoly

    2. ENB is truly worthless scum

  25. Was it 2+2=5? Was it the ongoing mayhem in our cities that just won’t stop? Was it the senseless beating in Portland last night?

    Where’s your Woke breaking point?

    1. The best part is the response that includes a pic that says comicgate is a love group, and twitter put a sensitive content warning over it.


    Hundreds of teachers gather with other higher-risk adults in protest to avoid being in a room with dozens of low-risk students.
    Quote Tweet

    New York Post
    · Aug 4
    Teachers bring coffins, guillotine while protesting NYC schools reopening plan

    1. If a locality doesn’t open it’s schools, I think it is a violation of the anti-deficiency act for them to receive any federal money. Sorry but virtual doesn’t cut it. If they don’t want to open, send the money to the parents so they can give it to someone who will.

      1. School district closes schools, charges students $140 per week to attend ‘learning centers’

        Shortly after announcing that the fall semester would begin online, the board of education of the Durham, North Carolina public school department said it will charge families $140 per week to send their children to “learning centers” at various local schools.

        The school board, which last month said it planned to activate its “Plan C” and start school in the fall with virtual learning, this week “authorized the opening of six learning centers to provide support for students who need supervision” while schools remain online, according to the school district’s website.

        1. And nobody said WTF?

    2. Unions>>>>>Science

    3. Teachers are the most selfish pieces of shit I’ve ever encountered. This has just brought it out to the parents.

      1. Everything will now change wrt the delivery of educational content. It will take a little time, but I am now convinced this will be the case. It has incredible implications for teachers unions over the long-term.

        The idea that money should follow the child is gaining a lot more currency now.

        1. “money should follow the child is gaining a lot more currency”


      2. No, no, no, no. Teachers are the most important, smart, noble, and selfless people in the world, despite coming from the bottom quartile of college students and earning twice the median wage with an abbreviated work year.

        1. I always thought it was strange that teachers are put on a pedestal of knowledge and wisdom. there is no evidence for this.

          1. I feel the same way about nurses and veterans and I’ve meet many.

    4. Those who can, do.

      Those who can’t, teach.

      Those who can’t teach, peacefully protest (mostly).

    5. If the teachers at my sons’ private school (Which is starting in-person and on time) are any indication, they’re all completely convinced that going to school is a death sentence. That within weeks they will all be dead.

      These are the people teaching our children.

    6. protesting makes you immune though.
      that recent uptick in cases, and then in deaths, that followed the mass protest was just a coincidence.

      1. It was because of all the secret Klan meetings. Duh.


    The left’s failure to distinguish universal mail-in voting and absentee voting is not unlike their failure to distinguish legal immigration from illegal immigration.

    1. and they gloat so hard when expressing their ignorance of the difference. If you mock loud enough, there’s no need for others to do their own independent thinking on the topic

    2. It’s literally true that mail-in and absentee voting are the same thing.

      The right, and especially their leading spokesman, Trump, have done a poor job making their argument, which is that the massive scaling up of mail-in voting is problematic. But Trump strays off that message all the time: by saying mail-in and absentee voting are different (they are not); by talking about voter fraud, which is a relatively minor problem.

      1. So you don’t know what the word literally means.

        1. OK, smart guy. What is the difference between absentee and mail-in voting?

      2. In absentee voting, you request a ballot if you’re not going to be available to go to the polls and vote. In mail-in balloting, everyone gets sent a ballot, whether they plan to vote at the polls or not.

        I expect that mail-in voting will end up with a lot of people going to the polls to vote, and being told they already voted by mail.

        1. There is one state, as far as I know, Nevada, that is mailing everyone ballots. In all of the other states that Trump and the Republican Party are complaining about, they are mailing out mail-in ballot applications.

      3. It’s literally true that mail-in and absentee voting are the same thing.

        No it is not. And that has been explained to you on multiple times. Look Jeff, everyone knows you are stupid. And you should probably get some slack for being so. But no on is this stupid. You know that is a lie. So stop fucking telling it.

        1. Explain it one more time.

      4. It’s funny how stupid you are.

      5. It’s literally true that mail-in and absentee voting are the same thing.

        This statement, even if true, is irrelevant.

        The things being compared in the original post are “universal mail-in voting” and “absentee voting”. And those two things are indisputably different.

  28. The leading indicator that seems to predict the outcome of presidential elections is the S&P 500.

    “The S&P 500 has correctly “predicted” the winner in 19 of the past 22 presidential elections.

    In this case, the prediction method is simple: If stocks are higher over the three months before the vote, the incumbent party wins; if stocks fall over this period, a new party wins the White House.”

    —-Business Insider

    May 27, 2016

    I quoted a story from before President Trump won in November of 2016–to show that it predicted the election of candidate Trump over Hillary Clinton. On August 8, 2016, the S&P 500 closed at 2181, and on November 8, 2016 closed at 2132. It’s now 20 out of 23 (87%).

    It isn’t unreasonable to see a connection between the S&P 500 and swing voter sentiment either. The S&P 500 is a weighted average meant to be typical of the entire economy, and its value is a direct expression of investors’ immediate expectations of the U.S. economy’s immediate prospects at that point in time–given the information that is currently available.

    Voters’ expectations about the way things are going and investors’ expectations about the way things are going are, or course, interrelated. Voters are also both employees and consumers, and when consumer confidence is high, the earnings of consumer cyclicals in the S&P 500 reflect that. Likewise, when earnings in the service sector go bad, chances are that there are a lot of voters employed in the service sector who are worried about their jobs.

    The coronavirus may complicate things. It may change voters’ perceptions in unpredictable ways, and if people are voting by mail sooner than they usually do, how they vote won’t reflect how they feel about the economy and their immediate future on November 3, 2020. It will reflect how they feel at the time they voted. That being said, the S&P 500 was at 3295 on August 3, 2020, and it closed at 3380 on Monday. That augers well for the incumbent.

    Who here believes the economy is likely to be worse two and half months from now than it is today?


    1. The left will destroy as many lives as they can in their pursuit of totalitarian power, and some just for fun

    2. “Who here believes the economy is likely to be worse two and half months from now than it is today?”
      With stimulus money running out at the end of July it could be worse without that sugar high.
      Anyway, Dems are encouraging early voting (before people notice that Biden isn’t all there)

      1. I wouldn’t rule out getting another $1,200, but I’m not sure stuffing people’s pockets with money wasn’t stopping them from going back to work either.

        Lots of companies were complaining about people being reluctant to go back to work so long as they were getting paid more to stay home and do nothing.

        People getting paid to do nothing is not good for the real economy, and as those people go back to work, the consumer outlook should improve along with the economy.

        The Soviet Union had close to a zero unemployment rate. Consumer confidence was terrible.

    1. New York City really was a clean and well run city under Gulliani and Bloomberg. It was easily one of the safest large cities in the world and safer than most European capitals. It was a great city and an amazing place to visit.

      Then they elected a clinical retard mayor and in a few years it was all over. It is now worse than it was under Denkins. Those retarded idiots destroyed it. But what can you say, the people who lived there voted for this.

      1. And now said retards are leaving to come vote for the same shit where the rest of us live.

        1. It was just “bad luck” that DiBlasio destroyed New York City. It will work better next time. This is what these idiots believe. They never learn. They are truly untrainable.

          1. Mayor AOC?

            1. She wouldn’t be any worse than DiBlasio and an AOC administration would have the virtue of being serious comic relief.

              1. Up until the point you stop laughing and start crying at the sheer stupidity of it all.

                1. For most of the country, it would be a fire across the river. Literally.

          2. It clearly Trumps fault

      2. That is true. I have stopped commuting there now.

    1. Targeting the “ultra rich”, just like the income tax was originally promised to, amiright?

      1. But what is a more sustainable democracy? One where most people have to contribute to tax revenue, or one where a minority pays all the bills?

        I try to get progressives, especially tax progressives, to answer this without much luck. And given that the top 20% of US households pay 70% of federal taxes, including payroll taxes, the issue is not just academic.

    2. While I believe wealth taxes are unconstitutional… the fuckers in California deserve this shit at this point.

      The really unconstitutional part of the law is that California claims they can continue taxing the wealthy for 10 years after they leave the state.

      1. If the government takes your house to build a road, they have to pay you “fair market value”, even if that valuation is bullshit. If they take 5% of your stock for public purposes, and that stock has a known cash value, why don’t they have to reimburse you?

        1. Because you have more money than you need.

          1. More money than people of your color deserve.



    Protest in NW DC on Saturday against President Trump’s efforts to hinder mail-in voting

    1. The irony is thick.

      “Voting in person is too dangerous because of crowd density. Too many people gathered in a space.

      Let’s go protest in dense crowds!”


    During the latter half of Obama’s presidency, the USPS removed 12,000 mailboxes. Where were the congressional investigations?

    1. Looking for Russians?


    Anybody have an answer for why the number of OVERALL hospitalized patients in SE Texas remained ~flat even as the number of #Covid patients went from 1,000 to 3,000 and back? (Same trend for ICUs, same trend in AZ/FL.) Because it sure looks like a ton of with-not-from #SARSCoV2.

    1. Because when the COVID numbers went up, they stopped admitting people for other types of treatment.

      1. But how many ICU visits are elective?

        1. But we are talking about hospitalizations not ICU. And any hospital room can be made into an ICU room. Also, not every COVID patient goes into ICU. Even if they did, the number of hospital patients could remain the same with just more rooms being used for ICU than before.


    Florida: almost 400,000 #SARSCoV2 “cases” (positive tests) in the last six but the hospitals are emptier than they were on July 5, and #Covid hospitalizations are down 40% since peak…


    Thousands of Seattle Democrats gather to demand mail-in voting because it’s too dangerous to vote in-person.

    1. Mail in protests! The wave of the future.

    2. Reality check: if it is safe enough to buy lottery tickets, it is safe enough to vote in person.

    3. If its not to dangerous to gather to demand something then its not to dangerous to gather while voting

  34. Yes and no. Wearing a mask despite the BS from the ‘experts’ vs. turning in Jews to be gassed aren’t exactly the same.

    If you have at any time wondered if you would have conformed or rebelled against the consensus, at *any* of the great turning points of the last century and a bit, I think you now know.

    1. What drives me crazy is the claim that I am putting people at risk by not wearing a mask. I am not putting anyone at risk unless I am sick. Where does anyone get the right to assume I am sick without any evidence much less any due process? The whole thing turns freedom and due process on it’s head and just assumes everyone is guilty of carrying the dreaded virus and must be treated as if they are.

      That is complete bullshit. If I actually have the virus and the country health department wants to quarantine me in my house until I recover, fine. If a business wants to check people’s temperatures and not let anyone with one in their business or require them to wear a mask, fine.

      But, love them or hate them, we have public accommodation laws in this country. And some people cannot wear a mask safely. No business has any right to require a mask absent evidence someone is sick or require their customers to reveal their health information in order to avoid wearing them.

      The masks violate our rights ten ways to Sunday.

      1. But mask rules pander to the widespread fear and sense of fragility that too many people choose to wallow in. Your (and my) desire for a society that understands and accepts some degree of risk and emotional discomfort in order to preserve liberty and personal freedom does not have a chance against mob panic (and political grandstanding–and more pandering).

        1. You might have the virus and must therefore wear the mask. Well, I might be a serial killer too. So, by that logic, I guess I should give up my guns as well. Right?

          What pisses me off is how people who should no better and would never buy such bullshit in other context buy it here because as you say they are panicked and seduced by the pleasure of virtue signaling.

      2. “No business has any right to require a mask absent evidence someone is sick or require their customers to reveal their health information in order to avoid wearing them. ”

        While I don’t support “mandates,” you don’t have the “right” not to wear a mask in a private business any more than you have “right” to enter a private household without permission from the legal resident of said home.

        1. If we lived in a country that didn’t have public accommodation laws, you would have a point. But we live in a nation that does have such laws. And no business can turn someone away for having a disability or heath issue. Nor can a business require people to give their health information over as a condition of using a public accommodation.

          So, no a business should not under the laws as they are currently written be able to require a mask absent some evidence the person is sick. Beyond that, we are way down the road of the government punishing businesses for doing things the government doesn’t like. So, telling risk adverse dumb asses to fuck off and stop requiring masks is really not any further down the slippery slope than we already are.

          1. I see no logical connection between these statements:

            1) “Nor can a business require people to give their health information over as a condition of using a public accommodation.”

            2) “So, no a business should not under the laws as they are currently written be able to require a mask absent some evidence the person is sick.”

            One can refused to service you for any number of reasons, including, but not limited to, how you are dressed, whether or not you are wearing tattoos, for simply for being a “pain in the ass” or for being impolite. If a business owner insists you wear a mask, or a hat, or a pair of pantaloons, that is their right. If you don’t like it, shop somewhere else.

            1. But it is no longer the decision made by the business owner.

              1. In many areas, that is correct. And, as I said, I tend to oppose “mandates.” But it is not the customer’s “right” to just ignore the conditions which the business owner/operator will grant entrance or service. If said customer wants to sue such an establishment, or feels that the business has broken some law, they can hire an attorney, or call the police.

            2. How I am dressed is not information protected by HIPPA. Can a business ask me if I have an STD or HIV as a condition of doing business with me? No. Could they ask me if I was a cancer survivor? No. You are comparing apples to oranges. I have no privacy right to how I am dressed. My medical history, however, is entirely different. And you cannot discriminate based on medical history and you cannot require people to disclose it as a condition of doing business with them.

              1. Wearing a MASK does not implicate that you are carrying a communicable disease. Sorry, I see no logical relationship. Does wearing shoes indicate that you have toe fungus? (okay, well, that’s a joke).

                1. No. but opting out of a mask requires me to tell you I have a medical condition. And you have no right to invade my privacy like that.

                  1. “… opting out of a mask requires me to tell you I have a medical condition.”



        2. Please to be reading the ADA.

          1. I worked in the private, government, and non-profit areas for decades. In one program I managed, ten percent of the people I supervised were disabled. I am quite familiar with the ADA.

      3. John….How do you address the possibility of asymptomatic transmission. It is a real thing. Yes, it is still under investigation.

        I get what you are saying. Would you agree with this statement? “I would wear a mask in public if there was no way to physically distance more than 6 feet from others”

        1. 6 feet was fabricated from thin air.

        2. EVen if it exists, so what? That doesn’t give you the right to assume I am sick without any evidence. No matter how it transmits, I can’t transmit anything if I don’t have the virus.

          1. John, I hear you (and JesseAZ), but I am not so sure that your premise is sound = That doesn’t give you the right to assume I am sick without any evidence. No matter how it transmits, I can’t transmit anything if I don’t have the virus.

            I mean, asymptomatic (without symptoms) people with covid-19 appear to transmit the virus. Granted, we need more work done there to flesh out how/when that happens. But there is credible scientific evidence of asymptomatic transmission.

            Does that change the way you think about it?

            1. No it doesn’t. Because you are still assuming I am sick. If I am not sick you can’t treat me like I am. And if I have no symptoms or there is no other evidence I am sick, you can’t assume that I am sick. For the nation’s entire history that is how public health powers worked. If the government had reason to believe you were sick, they could quarantine you. Now, thanks to thinking like yours, the government gets to assume you are sick no matter what and treat you accordingly. It has turned public health law into a back door to tyranny.

              1. Yeah…this is not so easy. BTW, I agree = And if I have no symptoms or there is no other evidence I am sick, you can’t assume that I am sick. For the nation’s entire history that is how public health powers worked.

                But when have we had to deal with asymptomatic transmission before?

                1. Yes we have. And that doesn’t change anything. The possibility of it shouldn’t make it okay to deprive everyone of their rights and lock them in their homes.

                2. HIV/AIDS? Very transmissible with no symptoms of any kind, and yet our response wasn’t to assume everyone was positive and ban them from banging each other.

        3. What other rights will you give up based on a precautionary principle?


    Marauding antifa black bloc in Seattle smash up property as they march around the city. People watch in disbelief. No police. #SeattleRiots #antifa

    1. It is just a matter of time before that disbelief turns to anger and the public looks for it’s guns. Part of me is happy to see the Progs try this. The Antifa rioters are the scum of the earth. There is no rehabilitating them or doing anything with them. Sending them to jail will just cost taxpayer money and they will come out of prison likely worse than when they went in. So, when the public does finally have enough, the result will be a bunch of dead Antifa people, which will be a service to mankind.

      The cost of that it risks starting a cycle of political violence that no one should want. I think more likely, the death of their beloved pet Antifa would cause even liberals to decide allowing rioting is a bad idea.

      1. Who wins a violent street contest, the nation’s hunters, or the nation’s Intersectionality Studies majors?

        1. We have seen the tests runs for this several times this summer. Antifa has tried to go out of it’s protected enclaves and take on the deplorables. It hasn’t ended well for Antifa. They literally get their asses kicked and go running to the cops for help every single time someone stands up to them. They are the most comically pathetic insurgent group in history.

          The dumb ass in Austin that Jo Jorgunson is so in love with is so emblematic of Antifa. Run around with a gun and play tough guy shoving it in car windows without it ever occurring to you that you are just giving the drivers a legal justification to shoot you. They guy should win a Darwin award.

        2. “Who wins a violent street contest, the nation’s hunters, or the nation’s Intersectionality Studies majors?”

          The nation’s bombers, which is traditionally where the street violence goes next. See, “Days of Rage,” for an interesting look at just how many things got blown up during the unrest of the late ’60s through the 70s.

  36. For those who didn’t think it could be done… 80 straight days of mostly peaceful riots is celebrated by beating a man unconcious.

  37. Wow.

    In the first sentence of her letter announcing the House will come back to vote on Postal Service legislation (*not unemployment benefits) Pelosi warns of mail delays delivering social security checks.

    But the Obama admin ended social security cheeks by mail 10 years ago

    1. Pelosi is:

      A) Senile
      B) A lying cunt
      C) A politician
      D) All of the above

      1. E) out of touch with reality and all the above.

      2. F) No different than any other Team D politician

  38. Forced confiscation of high capacity magazines: that’s violence.

    1. Yep.
      Cop shows up and asks for the high capacity magazine.
      Owner says “Sure, just let me remove the bullets first.”
      Owner empties magazine.
      Surviving cops shoot owner.
      Sounds mostly peaceful to me.

  39. I guess ENB was so excited about the Democratic National Convention starting tonight that she forgot to mention it. For those of you who weren’t aware, make sure to set your VCRs. There’s gonna be a kabuki* shit-show of progressives and socialists trying to keep their names alive on national television webcam. The highlight tonight will be a speech by Bernie Sanders! Aren’t you excited?


    Bernie Sanders has an average unfavorable rating of 47% according to Real Clear Politics.

    Leading off with Bernie Sanders, who is wildly unpopular outside of the Democratic Party, is no way to show swing voters that you’re pivoting to the center. If it’s any consolation to Biden, I bet hardly anybody but die hard Democrats will be watching.

    I’m trying to think of anything I’d rather not watch than Bernie Sanders telling me what he thinks about Joe Biden, and I’m drawing a blank. They say politics is show business for ugly people, but I think that was back when they had a crowd show up for a spectacle. There won’t be any spectacle here. Just a boring webcam.

    1. *I wish we were talking about the Kabuki Warriors because that would be a hell of a lot more fun.

      In fact, as bad as the ratings have been for wrestling lately, I wouldn’t be surprised if RAW outdraws the Democratic National Convention tonight.

      This is also where the Democrats’ lack of depth on the bench is going to hurt them in the future. Both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama made a national name for themselves as keynote speakers. Michelle Obama is about as close as they have to someone with crossover appeal today–and that isn’t saying much. The Obama name itself is as divisive as anything needs to be.

    2. Ken, at least we do not (yet) have gigantic TV screens in our home that show what our rulers choose, and can’t be turned off.

      On the other hand, maybe the DNC will provide the same entertainment value that reality TV offers with shows about hoarders and compulsive eaters.

      1. Remember, the proles rolled with laughter at the stuff the Party showed on their screens–and that may be what it’ll be like tonight.
        It’ll be like watching an Evel Knievel jump, where half the people are tuning in just hoping to see a crash.

        But I doubt many people will be watching anyway.

        1. Thank the gods for apathy. And thank Thaddeus Russell for celebrating the renegade class in his survey of US history.

          It make me wonder how our politics would differ if we required a majority of eligible voters, not just votes cast, to attain office.

      2. “compulsive eaters”

        Leave Jeff out of it.


    These men from last night are lucky to be alive. How many white supremacist groups have black members, asking for a friend

  41. What a surprise….Birdbrain Nolan has nothing to say about a DOJ attorney falsifying documents to the FISA court. And nothing to say about the ongoing riots, violence and mayhem happening right now in Team D lead cities. Nor a word on Brain-Damaged Biden’s latest verbal fuck-up.

    How far the lowly and mediocre have fallen.

  42. So when the government takes away your business and rights and then you along with a like minded group petition the government for redress, that is cronyism?

    Wake up reason editors.


    Meet Young Joe Biden, the ‘Wild Stallion’
    He’s not out on the campaign trail now, but when he was a young man in a hurry, he told us who he was.

    1. The bigger question: Will more than 100K people even tune in to watch the DNC this evening?

    1. Journalists? Heck, yesterday CBS let us know that 35 million Americans (11%)had “contemplated suicide” in June according to a poll. What kind of maroons would believe such nonsense?
      The kind who run CBS.

  44. OK; it takes a long time to scroll through all the thoughtful and coherent comments at this site, so maybe I have forgotten, but didn’t this article open with the sandwich maker saying a private lobbying group and a subcommittee headed by a democrat were going after app delivery companies, and it’s all Trump’s fault?
    Does anyone here know of a libertarian web site?

    1. Legal Insurrection? 🙂

    2. TDS is real. Sadly, the comments section is the libertarian part of Reason.

  45. presumed-covid-free should be equivalent to presumed-innocent.

  46. >Tons of consumers

    Freudian slip much? But this “food delivery” nonsense is hardly even a service industry. Intermediation? We don’t need no stinkin’ intermediation. But your Silicon Valley overlords are well pleased with you. You may have a cookie.

    This comment not approved by Silicon Valley brain slugs.

  47. Very poorly written headline: “court nixes California ammunition ban”. This has nothing to do with ammunition or the draconian regulation that California places on it. This is about magazine capacity.

    Your article is even more poorly written. You use the not only incorrect but clunky terminology “high-capacity ammunition magazines”. A “high-capacity magazine” is a drum that typically holds 100+ rounds. The California ban that was overturned was on “standard-capacity” magazines that hold 11-30 rounds.

    Reason, you’ve gotta step up your game, you can’t call out the anti-gunners if you are using all the wrong terminology.

    1. Jay…It is Elizabeth Nolan Brown. She starts with a mental handicap.

  48. Established restaurants like delivery apps too — they can sell more food without expanding their dining rooms.

    Who doesn’t like food delivery apps? Socialist labor organizers, because the workers aren’t organized.

    1. Is organized a euphemism for paying dues?

  49. “As the Trump administration continues its all-points crusade against tech companies, food delivery services such as Uber Eats, Doordash, Postmates, and GrubHub could be the next targets.”

    Yet all the legislators mentioned in the article as crusading against GrubHub, etc. are Democrats.

    Looks like TDS is still strong at Reason.

  50. “The campaign has worked with several lawmakers, including House consumer protection subcommittee chairwoman Rep. Jan Schakowsky’s (D–Ill.) office, to apply more pressure on the FTC for an investigation,” Morning Consult reports.

    Can we get this tied into the Era of Trump?

  51. Mail-in Voting Is Only Democrats’ Latest Election-Stealing Strategy

    The Party of slavery is always trying to have as much power as the Party of Abolitionists.

  52. California Court Rules John MacArthur’s Church Must Comply With County Ban On Religious Services

    Just ignore Commifornia courts and what that corrupt state government wants. Freedom of religion is specifically protected by the 1st Amendment.

  53. Dear God, this comment section is just 100 links to dumb tweets and articles all neo big dumb culture war. “This person on red team did this. That person on blue team did this other thing.”

    I guess people gotta make sports out of something since normal sports aren’t really happening.

    1. I ignore twitter links like I ignore NYT and WaPo “citations”.
      Oh, yes; and Tony.

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  55. This is no joke, anything can happen.

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