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No, Governor Cuomo, COVID-19 Is Not 'Just a Metaphor'

Cuomo's tortured analogy obscures his own failed leadership as the coronavirus claimed the lives of 30,000 New Yorkers.


Democratic National Convention host Eva Longoria introduced Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday night as the man who led New York "with clear direction and memorable powerpoints" during its coronavirus outbreak. Cuomo then spoke for a few minutes about how his state "climbed the impossible mountain, and now we are on the other side."

He did not mention that the path to the summit involved the deaths of more than 30,000 New Yorkers—an appallingly high death toll that was likely worsened by Cuomo's executive order forcing nursing homes to readmit elderly citizens who were sick with the virus. Far from being a beacon of sane leadership, Cuomo has continuously beclowned himself at all stages of the pandemic.

Perhaps it's unsurprising that Cuomo failed to address his myriad failures. But at the very least, he should not have minimized the horror of what occurred under his watch. It was something of a shock, then, when Cuomo referred to COVID-19 as "just a metaphor" for the country's more serious political divisions.

"We know that our problems go beyond the COVID virus," said Cuomo. "COVID is the symptom, not the illness. Our nation is in crisis, and in many ways, COVID is just a metaphor. A virus attacks when the body is weak and cannot defend itself. Over the past few years, America's body politic has been weakened. The divisions have been growing deeper. The anti-Semitism, the anti-Latino, the anti-immigrant fervor, the racism in Charlottesville…and in Minnesota, where the life was squeezed from Mr. [George] Floyd."

It's true that the country is facing plenty of other problems, including the government's ongoing mistreatment of immigrants, lack of accountability in law enforcement, racism, and anti-Semitism. But to say that the coronavirus is, like these other problems, merely some symptom of a larger problem is absurd and offensive. It minimizes the comparative horror of COVID-19—a once-in-a-century disaster that has already killed more than 170,000 Americans and will undoubtedly kill many more. The coronavirus is neither a metaphor, nor one issue among many, nor a symptom of some other disease. It is the disease and by far the most important issue facing the next president.

Our political divisions are frustrating but thankfully nowhere near as fatal.

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  1. “[...] and in Minnesota, where the life was squeezed from Mr. [George] Floyd."

    Trump contributed to racism in the Minneapolis PD?

    That’s weird considering Minneapolis has been soleaky run by Democrats for the last 50 years.

    1. The BLM schtick is already getting old and the democrats won’t admit that they are the ones who brought us mass incarceration and militarized police with Joe Biden’s crime bill.

      1. Yep.

        It’s all Republican “white nationalism.”

        It can’t be their fucking doing. They mean well.

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      2. Mass incarceration and other tough on crime shit was definitely a bipartisan effort. But we should not let them pretend that the Democrats weren't full participants and supporters of it.

    2. What about the guy whose life was squeezed out by the NYPD in Satan Island?

      However, I don't agree that Covid-19 is the most important issue facing the president in the next term. Not even close to the most important. The virus will pass of its own. Meanwhile the president can bargain for less spending by Congress and can see us thru foreign affairs, building better relations with other countries. The president can work for good or ill on federal drugs and medical device policy. Lots of things off the top of my head more important than Covid-19 to a presidency.

  2. "The death of 1 is a tragedy, the deaths of 32,000 is just a statistic" - Josef Cuomo

    1. His brother Fredo is looking more and more like the smart one.

      1. I'm smart and I want respect!

  3. Still debatable whether Hillary would have handled Covid any better than Trump has. Unlikely she would have extended the lockdowns, further damaging the economy during an election year.

    1. Lockdowns are pretty much all the governors (and mayors) domain. Hopefully no president would ever have that power.

      1. Doesn’t mean they wouldn’t try to by using some kind of national security executive order.

    2. I'm just glad Trump didn't try to impose a national policy. I shudder to think what Hillary might have done.
      Or maybe people would have been more restrained because they wouldn't have been trying to make Trump look worse.

      1. Or just doing the opposite of what he suggests out of pure TDS. And then flip-flopping like mad. First, he's making too big a deal of it. He's engaging in "hysterical xenophobia". Then, when the death toll rises, "he downplayed the virus!!"

  4. "his own failed leadership as the coronavirus claimed the lives of 30,000 New Yorkers."

    Nuttplug and Tony like to pretend that was Trump.

    1. You can't expect the buck to stop at the desk of a complete moron, after all, even if he is sitting his fat ass behind it.

      1. So trump is bad because he didn't nationalize industries, use emergency declaration to form a police state, and let states run themselves? Your libritarining wrong.

        1. Why simultaneously acting as a fascist for sending in the feds in Portland.

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        2. Maybe history's first "would be dictator" who deliberately passed on a clear and excellent opportunity to seize extraordinary power into the Feds and the Executive Branch/Presidency?

          A terrifying number of pepole still believe that if we'd had a national lockdown for 4-5 weeks, we'd have "eradicated" the virus like they did in New Zealand, and could have been pretty much back to normal months ago. Even the fresh outbreak in Aukland, and announced postponement of the NZ elections is likely to alter many of their conclusions on that issue.

      2. Hey, Cuomo is not that fat.

  5. Jesus.

    NY has the second highest death rate on the planet....after NJ.

    Don't forget he directed escape from New York as over 420 000 left the city.

    And then his stupid-ass decrees demands on restaurants and bars.

    1. If you’re stupid enough to want to stay in NYC after this, you’re absolutely getting what you deserve.

    2. What? You mean the bars near you don't serve soup?

      Of all the stupid things Cuomo has said, this is the...well, this is one of them, anyways.

    3. And it's nearly certain that NJ is only #1 because of their close proximity to NYC.

  6. Cuomo is a butcher. Only democrats could like this guy. They’ve sunk so far into the sewer there is no way out.

  7. The coronavirus is a metaphor for Trump. Trump is responsible for every bad thing that has ever happened in the history of the planet, millions of times more deadly than the coronavirus.

  8. an appallingly high death toll that was likely worsened by Cuomo's executive order forcing nursing homes to readmit elderly citizens who were sick with the virus.

    Since every state that did this had high death rates I think "likely" worsened is a bit of an understatement. To be sure.

    1. Shhhh. If you say that, then people might start questioning the democrats. Then literally Hitler gets 4 more years. What this country obviously needs is a dementia patient bravely calling the shots from an undisclosed bunker so he doesn't catch a cold or wonder in front of a camera without a teleprompter.

      1. I really, really, really want the teleprompter to go down when he gives his DNC acceptance speech.

        1. Do you actually think there's a chance that they would let him give a speech that isn't pre-filmed if they don't have to?

    2. Hell, even in states where the death rate is low, most people who’ve died have been in nursing homes.

      The response to CV is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people. Every single mayor, governor, and public health official responsible deserve the woodchipper.

      1. I don't blame them for the initial lockdowns. All they really knew at the time was that China had been lying about the virus, that they were stalling on exports of medical supplies, and that they'd purchased 2.2 billion masks and hundreds of tons of medical equipment from other countries' privately held inventories.

        That kind of all pointed to, "oh shit, this is gonna be bad, and here we are with empty warehouses."

        The moment we were okay on supplies and had learned more about the virus, we should have been on a comprehensive strategy to get back to normal.

        Yes, there's be further deaths--perhaps more than would occur otherwise, but the lockdown was never supposed to be about ensuring no one died. My husband and I, having experienced COVID ourselves, have been sitting here thinking, "the longer this shit goes on with the masks and the stickers on the floor and the mandatory hand-washing stations at the supermarket, the more scared people are going to be to go back to the way things were.

        And now, of course, we have teachers and students (in the US and Canada) terrified to start in-classroom school in the fall. They're incrementally reinstating in-office work at my husband's company (an oil and gas firm), and he volunteered to be among the first 10% to go back (partly because we don't have air conditioning at home), but the rest of the first wave had to be voluntold, and all the other staff are dreading when it's their turn. Even though they've completely modified the space for social distancing.

        It went on too long. Everyone's threat thermostat has recalibrated.

    3. Understatement is better than overstatement.

    1. go on ...

  9. "It minimizes the comparative horror of COVID-19—a once-in-a-century disaster that has already killed more than 170,000 Americans and will undoubtedly kill many more."

    Really? We suck at history don't we? The '57 and '68 flu pandemics killed a higher proportion of the population than Covid-19 has so far. As did the 1889 flu pandemic. Small pox killed more than 6x as many people than covid-19 has (globally) on average per year for its last 100 years before it was eradicated.

    This is a run-of-the-mill pandemic. Stop feeding into the panic narrative.

    1. Cocktail parties and all that.

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  11. Covid is no big deal, only kills the disposable olds, children are immune, nothing to worry about, it's just a bad flu... and New York is a rotting deathscape because Cuomo mishandled Covid.

    You're going to spend all your cognitive dissonance points on Donald fucking Trump. It's unreal.

    1. and New York is a rotting deathscape because Cuomo mishandled Covid

      That's not very nice of you ignoring DiBlasio like that.

    2. It's not unreal. It's just Tuesday. This insanity and incoherence is what they are.

    3. Are you unaware that old people die or something ? The death rate of the elder due to civil overlaps nearly with the natural death rate by age group.

      People die. Sorry your parents failed you. 3 million a year die.

      You never once advocated this strongly to reduce speed limits and force fatties into diets.

  12. Let's talk about NY, and Asinine Andrew's performance.

    NY has one of the highest personal income tax, and property tax rates in the nation. The crown jewel, NYC, is currently overrun by rioters who commit violence and mayhem nightly. Out-migration is greater than in-migration. unions of all types feed off the carcass of the state like remorseless remora. And to top it off, incompetence and a willful blindness to science lead to the awful decision to stick covid-19 patients in nursing homes...with fatal results.

    What could possibly be wrong?

    NY....You truly deserve the representation you elect. America...choose wisely.

    1. The most frustrating part of that order by Cuomo was it was signed just a few days before the field hospitals were up and running and the Comfort docked in NYC. Facilities provided and staffed by the federal government, mind you.

      If I recall, none of these hospitals ever exceeded half capacity in terms of usage. A lot of the nursing home patients could have convalesced there.

      To add insult to injury, the order was not rescinded until 10 days AFTER the Comfort had departed.

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  14. This is what you get when reality (NYS has one of the highest COVID death tolls) does not line up with the media narrative (Cuomo is a governor who is a true and competent leader).

  15. Stupid US
    I can see it already. Liberal are forcing us to wear the mask now, then they will fake the numbers so after the lock down and just before the election they can say how many lives they have saved. Joe wins from a lie that been in the works months ago. Us stupid sheep will believe and praise those officials for forcing us to play their election game. Stupid US

    1. ^This is why we need to reopen the schools.^

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  17. Cuomo may be a rational and ethical retard, but you have to admit he is a cunning politician. And, as Mencken suggested, just what most people in New York deserve.

  18. Right now, as I type this, ambitious Democrats in New York are preparing their primary campaigns.

  19. Doesn't matter; his brother will write a fawning article about him

    1. Oh,

      "...the man who led New York "with clear direction and memorable powerpoints" during its coronavirus outbreak..."

      Would you cast your gaze on his POWERPOINTS?!

  20. The virus was an unknown and it is very easy to 2nd guess in hindsight. The one thing that was known from the beginning was the elderly were at high risk. Cuomo and those in Pa, MI, and MN all forced nursing homes to take these patients. That is not 2nd guessing that is first order stupidity.

    1. Yes initial mistakes can be forgiven. But these assholes are still refusing to admit that they fucked up big time. Until there is a broad admission that the response to covid was about the biggest political fuckup ever, shit is going to be retarded.

    2. Agreed. Pretty much the only thing we knew about the virus early on was that the elderly had death rates through the roof. That was data out of China, and it's been the one thing that's been consistent.

      I know a lot of people hate the lockdowns, and from hindsight think we shouldn't have done them (the cure was worse than the disease may have turned out to be). But by that time (middle of March) here's what our governments knew:

      1) China lied like a rug about the virus, including how it spread

      2) China was apologizing for delays in exports of medical supplies, claiming (read: lying) that they'd found an unusual number of counterfeit and defective items. At the same time, media was reporting that China was upping domestic production by up to 400% (in preparation for anticipated global need).

      3) China had spent 6 weeks stealth purchasing our (Australia, US, Canada, UK, etc) private sector inventories (wholesale and retail) of ventilators, N95s, surgical masks, PPE, face shields, gloves, disinfectant, etc.

      4) I'm not sure whether our governments knew at that point that China had cut off domestic travel in and out of Hubei, while continuing international flights, but all signs regarding (1) were that the virus had emerged earlier than the first officially recorded cases in China, and had been circulating in the human population for longer than previously believed. Which meant that it could have been here--being misdiagnosed as the flu--as early as December.

      Given all of that information put together, it's hard for me to fault our governments for the initial lockdowns.

      I disagree with Zeb--I don't think the lockdowns were a "political fuckup". Boris Johnson was going for herd immunity, and everyone thinks it was the Oxford model that changed his mind. I doubt it. He rethought the strategy in... you guessed it, the middle of March, when the other Five Eyes countries, who share intelligence, began locking down and started announcing they were recruiting auto plants to make ventilators and domestic clothing manufacturers to make PPE.

      All of that said, once we'd replenished our supplies and learned more about the virus, we should have begun safely opening back up. Hospitals in Canada generally operate at 98%+ capacity, and most have been 80% or lower since this began. One hospital in my city has two completely empty floors (out of 9), and exactly 1 COVID patient.

      The longer we wait, the more people's threat thermostats will recalibrate to the point of a phobia response when exposed to normalcy.

  21. And because Cuomo's hubris is unlimited, he is actually publishing a memoir about his 'courage under fire' and fantastic leadership of NY during the pandemic. It will be released in October. I mean this guy is amazing. Over 30K deaths in NYS and Cuomo actually has the nerve to write a freaking book about what a bang up job he did. The fact that he spent so much time doing interviews, and press conferences, and also found time to knock out a manuscript should tell the residents of NYS just how much of a priority their lives were for the Governor.

    1. He has more hibris than Trump.

    2. They get what they deserve. I heard somewhere is approval in NY is something like 70%. Even Californians are finally upset with Karen Tiresome. NY is a lost cause at this point.

  22. Cuomo is a metaphor of arrogant stupidity. Oh wait. Did I say metaphor? I meant of course example.

  23. Why is Robby Soave and Reason still promulgating the highly-inflated numbers (fatalities) that we all know are total crap. This thing hasn't been much - if any - worse than a bad flu season. I understand the mass media controlled by the same establishment that's brought us this hoax. But a "libertarian" publication that positions itself as a source of truth? Very disappointing.

  24. Check out the charts charting the "first wave" curves for NYC and Sweden (very similar shapes but very different magnitudes), and try to guess which one was reported in the MSM as a "success story" and which was called a "cautionary tale".

  25. Hate crimes kill in the single to low double digits every year. Without some mass shootings, last year's total count would be even lower.

    Can someone explain to me how a nation with systemic (not covert) racism can host a population that's 40 percent non white and foreign born? And as far as "systems" go, who runs it?

    If I was discriminated against at Starbucks 4 times a week, chances are baristas and the karen manager will be progressives. The racist school system that holds black kids back, yeah they're all liberal. Tech and Wall Street, self explanatory.

    It's all nonsense. None of the migrants who cross the desert to reach our borders are in fear of border patrol or right wing gun nuts coming after them. 2 weeks before Floyd's death most blacks were streaming hours of Netflix and playing endless hours of video games in peace. The leaked video shows that Floyd asked to be put on the ground. Because he was at least semi resisting before, the officers (two non white) used a tactic from the manual. They're guilty of criminal negligence, but charges of racism is made up BS.

    The democrats already prejudge America to be a racist nation, and they LOOK for things that confirm their preconceived notions. If nothing else, it's useful distraction on how they mismanage the big cities. NY is shit, and shit tends to attract disease.

    These MFers are so unbelievably stupid. Most typical non white person has almost no long term interaction with white people in their personal lives. Most Asians practically live in a cultural bubble. Even at work, their coworkers are more likely to be Latinos. Their bosses are likely democrats. They live in some dystopian nightmare where some white guy with gun will jump black kids for sport. They're no different from Don Quixote, except they run the nation.

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