Michigan Governor Issues Executive Order To Enforce Her Other COVID-19 Executive Orders

Redundancy with an iron fist


Executive orders on executive orders! Can there ever be enough?

For Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, the answer just might be no. Last week she issued an executive order requiring stricter enforcement of her other COVID-19 executive orders, of which there have been hundreds.

Yes, it's a crisis; yes, some sorts of quick action are necessary. But Michigan's Democratic governor has made a name for herself with outrageous and arbitrary rules. She suspended lawn care services, even though COVID-19 transmission is less likely outdoors. She forbade Michigan residents from traveling to their own in-state vacation residences. She banned "all public and private gatherings of any number of people occurring among persons not part of a single household." She prohibited big-box retailers from selling paint, outdoor goods, and other "nonessential" items in-store, forcing those establishments to block off select aisles. (And yet lottery ticket sales somehow remained "essential," perhaps because the proceeds help fund K–12 schooling.)

All this prompted some resistance. Several lawsuits against her orders have been filed, the plaintiffs ranging from a lawn care company to the state's Republican lawmakers, who took issue when Whitmer extended the state of emergency without weigh-in from the legislature. And four sheriffs publicly announced in April that they would not be enforcing parts of Whitmer's lockdown order. "While we understand her desire to protect the public, we question some restrictions that she has imposed as overstepping her executive authority," they wrote.

Whitmer rolled back the more extreme portions of her stay-at-home executive order soon after the pushback began, though she has defended the measures as the right move.

Her new executive order mandates that state department directors and agency heads "review allocation of their resources to ensure that enforcement of COVID-19 related laws is a priority." It issues a similar admonition to police, requiring that they "enforce violations of COVID-19 executive orders and epidemic orders in the same manner as it would enforce any other violation of law, using enforcement discretion as appropriate."

The order also gives state departments the ability to weaponize licensing requirements against businesses. "When interpreting a licensee's obligation to demonstrate or maintain suitability for licensing, state department directors and autonomous agency heads must consider violations of law, including violations of COVID-19 related executive orders and epidemic orders…as evidenced as a lack of suitability for licensing." It also says those departments should suspend licenses as they see fit, allowing them to revoke permits that arguably shouldn't exist in the first place.

The licensing weapon may well have an impact, but the rest of the order is the epitome of redundancy. Taken as a package, these orders perfectly embody Whitmer's iron-fisted approach to governing, reminding many Michiganders why they've become disenchanted with her leadership.

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87 responses to “Michigan Governor Issues Executive Order To Enforce Her Other COVID-19 Executive Orders

  1. Fascists gotta fascist – – – –

    1. WK will be here shortly to neutrally both sides the issue in a total not defense of the left.

      1. the South Dakota governor is having a 400,000 dollar fence built around her mansion, to protect her from leftist mobs since she didn’t panic over COVID-19, and dared to support the President. So clearly, she’s inciting violence…

        1. I’m sure she has life insurance if she dies. Health insurance if injured. And the property is also insured. So it wouldn’t really be violence.

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          2. +1000.
            I am SO tired of this economically and morally ignorant rationalization.

    2. What you do when you know you’re going being reelected and you want to punish everyone.

      1. when you’re not going to be reelected.

        1. or chosen as the vp candidate. She is on tilt.

          1. Yeah, all that tyranny and she couldn’t even get the nod. Not black enough.

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      2. oh, it’ll be a selling point to voters. sure we had 10,000 people die anyway, and millions lose their jobs and businesses and self-respect, but she made a bunch of Karens feel safe.

    3. So it’s double secret executive order?

    4. I don’t think it’s even that well thought out. It’s just panicked flailing.

      “We have to do something! This is something! Therefore we have to do this!”

    5. As we all should know, there is absolutely no state power to require Americans to wear masks.

      These tyrants will get theirs when Civil War 2.0 kicks off.

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    7. Why?,,, Why have they not stormed the castle yet? WHAT will it take?????

  2. Hopefully that translates into electoral votes for trump. But I suspect the democrats are going to stuff the ballot boxes and force recounts in their favor.

    1. Remember what happened in 2016, when the Green Party candidate demanded a recount, which could only benefit Hillary? 26% of Detroit ballot boxes were invalidated because of broken seals or the # of ballots written on the outside of the box not matching the # of ballots inside. I don’t know what would have happened if the recount had not been stopped; would those ballots have been thrown out, increasing Trump’s lead?

      This might have been honest incompetence, or it was incompetent cheating…

  3. And the people of Michigan keep ignoring her.
    She should just quit while she’s behind.

    1. She didn’t get the VP nod. At this point, this is the peak of her 15 min.

      1. Probably taking her frustrations out on the electorate.

    2. Go to her Twitter feed. The praise she gets is nauseating.

      1. Well, it’s Twitter. 80% of the people on Twitter are far-left idiots. Unless the GOP nominates a terrible candidate, she has ZERO change of getting re-elected in Michigan. I agree with much of the sentiment on here, she’s helping push MI to Trump.

        1. From past performance in Virginia and now in Kansas City, I predict the GOP will just forget to field a candidate against her.

        2. Unless the GOP nominates a terrible candidate, she has ZERO change of getting re-elected in Michigan.

          Michigan GOP: Hold my beer.

        3. She’s not up for re-election until 2022. Michigan’s 1963 constitution established 4-year terms for governor, elected in the non-Presidential Congressional election years. (Although it wasn’t until 1970 that a candidate won the regular 4 year term _and then completed it_.)

  4. The order also gives state departments the ability to weaponize licensing requirements against businesses.

    I think the word your are looking for is ‘leverage’, ‘withhold’, or ‘blackmail’.

    I have no idea how you weaponize a license or licensing process; going around offensively issuing people licenses or proactively denying licenses to people who weren’t exactly subservient to your authority anyway?

    1. It is working in New York.

      1. I’m not saying leveraging or blackmail doesn’t work. I’m saying “You’ve disobeyed me so I’m not going to give you permission.” isn’t a weapon.

        1. It is when it is selectively enforced. “Show me a man and I’ll show you the crime” is the mantra of a police state. “Show me a business, and I’ll show you an excuse to revoke their license” is using rules as a weapon.

          1. If there’s selective enforcement, consider the sheriff’s who state they’ll determine which orders to enforce or not.

            1. If you take an oath to obey Constitutional mandates, do you not have to refuse to enforce ones you believe to fun afoul of it?

          2. Guess you’re not a Michigan resident. If you were, you would no the “selective enforcement” is coming from the individual sheriffs who are deciding whether they will follow the regs for public health.

            1. If Whitmer said she’d murder five out of ten people for public health reasons, they’d likely ignore that also. Even though it is a “reg for public health”

    2. no, he means weaponize. Just like they weaponized air conditioning and water in LA if you have a house party.

    3. My understanding was that she lost the state Supreme Court case against the barber when she tried to take his license for violating the lock down.

      And now she’s just making an executive order doing the same thing?

  5. Michigan
    Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band.

    Write your own joke.

    1. I live in Michigan. Here are a few more:
      Ted Nugent
      Kid Rock
      The Detroit Lions
      Flint Water
      Whitmer, again.

      We’re waiting for the inevitable Mask 24/7 Mandate from our governor.

      1. She’ll issue an executive order banning breathing. There there won’t be any need for masks.

        1. They will ultimately enforce her order through the injection of lead pellets into the work units, I mean citizens. This is done over a distance using a hand held device That projects said pellets at high velocity. Given the correct injection point, or points, breathing will come to a rapid end.

      2. In case you aren’t aware, there is a petition being circulated, as I mention below, that overturns the law giving her this authority. You should sign it if you haven’t already.

      3. What, no shout out to Madonna? She should be on any list that includes flint water and the Detroit Lions.

  6. these masks over millions of chicks’ faces isn’t shutting them up like they should

    1. Muzzles would better prevent the dispersion of droplets.

    2. Cloth can only do so much. I mean, aside from saving the human race and all…..

    3. A few months of school for kids with masks and shields will condition another generation of karens that make the current crop of fools look enlightened.

  7. Christ, what a bitch.

    I suspect that in the unlikely event Michigan voters actually send her packing there’s a cabinet post in a hypothetical Biden administration with her name all over it (creepy Joe will need to have someone else’s hair to sniff besides Horrible Harris).

  8. Biden thinks Harris is tough? I’ll show him tough.

  9. Governors seem to love the ability to make laws by fiat. How about that.

  10. See the gaps around her nose? That’s where all the droplets and viral particles come out.

  11. “And yet lottery ticket sales somehow remained “essential,” perhaps because the proceeds help fund K–12 schooling.”

    Which wasn’t happening anyway because the schools got shut down.

    1. Slush fund toga party!

  12. “Yes, it’s a crisis; yes, some sorts of quick action are necessary.”


    1. I could at least entertain that argument (though likely not agree) 5 months ago. For a period of 2-3 weeks at most. But again, 5 freaking months have gone by since the freakout started. MORE than enough time for every legislative body in this nation, including Michigan, to convene and determine what, if any, actions are reasonable and necessary through the normal legislative process. These governors seem to believe that “emergency powers” means that if something unexpected happens, they get to exercise unlimited executive authority until that thing goes away.

      It’s obvious that the intent of “emergency powers” was always to provide a means for the government to react quickly to an immediate threat, when convening the legislature was impossible or impractical in the time frame required. But the ability of the executive to impose rules outside of what has already been properly legislated, to the extent it should exist at all, must be limited ONLY to that period where the legislature is unable to convene. Once the legislature has had a chance to get back to town, they get to run the show again. Which needs to be days or weeks at most. The necessity for expansive emergency powers is largely rooted in a time when communication and travel were slow, but heck, even in 18th century America, I think the founders would have agreed that any member of government should have been able to be reached and gotten back to their seat of government from anywhere in the nation at that time within a month, or two at the very most.

      The truly disturbing part is that, with a few exceptions like Wisconsin, several courts have upheld the ability of state governors to operate as complete tyrants indefinitely. There had better be a round of legislation specifically restricting the extent and duration of executive emergency powers in states across the nation after this- even if they happen to agree with the executive this time around, legislatures everywhere should be terrified of ANY executive being permitted to exercise such unchecked authority for so long a period, regardless of the reason.

      1. Agreed.

        And furthermore, the “crisis” was very obviously NOT a crisis by the end of April.

        No, the real crisis here, is how quickly we, as a society rolled over for these executives and their authoritarian diktats.

        1. As I knew from my first job in a newspaper, reports lie for advertisement profits. It is not hard to find the truth. It began with Dr. Rashid Buttar in charge of making COVID-19 for science three years ago. He reported it was sold or stolen for pharmaceutical profits. Then hundreds of medical doctors confirmed 90% of the reports are complete lies because more money was paid for adding someone on that list. Meanwhile, hundreds or thousands of people could not obtain the treatment they needed because the equipment was reserved for COVID-19 and no one there had it.

      2. They don’t want the authority, because with it comes responsibility. They’re glad to fill a seat while being able to blame the governor for everything, when they can’t blame a majority in the other party, or the feds, or Mars.

        1. In Michigan they do. They’ve been trying to get it back since she extended it the first time after 30 days.

          1. There’s no indication they want it back. The only 2 pieces of legislation the Houses have produced are essentially duplicates of the EOs she produced months ago.
            They just don’t like that the EO laws give her the power that should have been reserved for the likes of Snyder.

      3. She retains this authority because of a law from 1945. There is currently a petition being circulated to overturn this law. I’ve signed it, and will be asking my neighbors to sign it.

  13. “Taken as a package, these orders epitomize Whitmer’s iron-fisted approach to governing, reminding many Michiganders why they’ve become disenchanted with her leadership.”

    Most Michigan residents approve Gov. Whitmer’s performance (and disapprove Pres. Trump’s performance).

    Or perhaps Mr. Binion was focusing on Michigan’s science-disdaining bigots, superstitious clingers, and disaffected right-wingers . . . in that case, good point!

    1. “Science”. Lol

  14. She must be going through “the change.”

    1. It’s a serious issue. At my age most the women I know are now either menopausal or post-menopausal and it ain’t pretty. I had no idea the change can fuck up a woman’s brain like that. And we want them to rule???

  15. What a cunt.

  16. Making a push to be Kamala Harris’ VP pick?

  17. Pure evil cunt.

    Also. She looks like Greta drunk.

  18. In related news, the Michigan congress passed a bill that would stop Covid positive patients from being placed in nursing homes, and Whitless vetoed it.

  19. Governor Whitmer has no right to live in the United States of freedom. Export her immediately to CHINA, with the kind of government she wants to enforce against us.

  20. Killings are coming: Just got back from the grocery store and MAN, people pushing people around, pushing their carts, people are just plan pissed. My take, we are NOT being told the truth, all we get are lies from officials and news media. Mayors and city council people, I would be scared because you are the ones pushing this agenda. WOW never seen anything like it

    1. Long past time to lamppost some of these tyrants

  21. Over 90% of the masks people are wearing are not for medical purposes. It states this clearly on the package you buy at Walmart, Target, Walgreen’s or similar places. Thus we must not have a medical emergency and therefore Whitmer cannot make up her own laws. I am sure Pelosi has promised the Dem governors that she will get them funds to cover their immensely under funded pension funds if they go along with strict lockdowns in their states. Thus the Marxist mandates can be forced upon the sheep-like public with little resistance. I would hate to leave here since I have resided in Michigan for 70 years, but I refuse to be bullied by Marxist Democrats.

    1. Everything I have read has said your typical cloth mask or bandana most people are wearing have no medical benefit. These masks are providing a false sense of security for people. It is quite stupid. I only wear a mask because it is required locally and I don’t feel like being harassed by psychopaths. Saw a video of an overweight, balding and bearded man that wears a dress and thinks he is a woman stalking a guy at a grocery store and trying to dox a Kroger manager for not kicking a maskless patron out of his store.

  22. What the governor fails to realize is that there are no Covid 19 laws. I understand that she believes she has dictatorial powers and can unilaterally pass legislation, but she doesn’t and she can’t. The police can’t ticket me for violating a law that doesn’t exist and there is no law requiring face coverings.

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  23. And Democrats complain that Trump is taking away their freedoms.

  24. The pussy eaters who write for need to be put in permanent lockdown: “Yes, it’s a crisis; yes, some sorts of quick action are necessary…” You shit for brains keep writing like this and it only gives credence to authoritarian assholes like that Michigan bitch yo claim is in toxic overreach. You stupid whores. Thanks.

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  28. “Yes, it’s a crisis…” and action is needed.
    I respectfully disagree.
    It’s called real life. Every single one of us will die. The only action needed is that human beings transcend their delusions of power in order to accept reality. Far more suffering is being created by this dismantling of our world than by any virus with a fatality rate of less than one percent. Where was all this concern for human life when the US was busy spending trillions to kill hundreds of thousands in Iraq? What a piece of work we are.

  29. What’s the latest on the lawsuit regarding the use of the Riot Act to continue the state of emergency ad infinitum without any legislative oversight? Guessing it’s having to work its way up the long way?

  30. Gretchen’s simple reasoning is rather simple; she issued an edict, her subjects are to follow those orders. Recalcitrance to these orders, necessitate more edicts to enforce the old edicts.

    So, just fall in line and move along.

  31. She exudes all the charm of a death-camp sub-commander.

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