Black Lives Matter

The Libertarian Party Mourns Garrett Foster, Activist Killed at a Black Lives Matter Protest

"Garrett Foster understood that libertarianism was about speaking on behalf of those who are the most acutely affected by the abuses perpetrated by an overly aggressive and unaccountable government."


Garrett Foster, a libertarian activist, was killed on Saturday while attending a Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest in Austin. While the events surrounding his death are still being investigated, libertarians who recognize the importance of being involved in the anti-police brutality protests have expressed their sadness for his loss, and are reminding others that libertarians have both an opportunity and a duty to participate in the current debate on American policing. 

Foster attended a BLM protest with his fiancée, Whitney Mitchell. The pair met when they were teenagers and moved to Austin a few years ago. Foster was lauded by his family and several others for the care he provided for Mitchell, a quadruple amputee. Foster and Mitchell were actively involved in local BLM protests following the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer.

There is some dispute between the Austin Police Department (APD) and numerous witnesses over details in the official story, Intelligencer reports.

On Saturday, Foster was exercising his right to open-carry an AK-47 rifle, as allowed by Texas state law, and marching alongside fellow protesters. Just before 10 p.m., the protesters crossed the intersection of Fourth Street and Congress Avenue. That's when a driver, who remains unidentified by the APD, aggressively accelerated his car toward the crowd of protesters. The protesters, including Foster, who was pushing Mitchell through the intersection, approached the vehicle in an attempt to get the driver to stop.

Both witnesses on the scene and the APD confirm that the driver fatally shot Foster from the vehicle and that Foster did not discharge his weapon during the encounter. Another member of the crowd returned fire. The APD says both shooters had licenses to carry.

The fact in dispute is whether Foster pointed his weapon at the driver. Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said on Sunday that the driver maintained Foster had aimed his gun towards him, leading him to shoot. Several witnesses say the opposite is true. They maintain that Foster's rifle was pointed downward. The APD has asked for video and pictures from the scene.

While Foster's loved ones grieve, libertarians also honor Foster's life and his commitment to principle. Foster was very vocal about his support for Libertarian Party presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen and vice-presidential candidate Spike Cohen.

Cohen tells Reason that he was "honored" to have someone like Foster in the movement and that Foster will be "greatly missed" by his loved ones and those in the Libertarian Party.

"Garrett Foster understood that libertarianism was about speaking on behalf of those who are the most acutely affected by the abuses perpetrated by an overly aggressive and unaccountable government," Cohen says.

Cohen notes that libertarians "can stand back and allow this movement to be co-opted by authoritarians who push for even worse policies, or," like Foster, "we can take our natural place within this movement, which is largely espousing and advocating for policies that we've been advocating for since we were founded in 1971."

Libertarian National Committee Chair Joe Bishop-Henchman tells Reason, "Garrett joined the [Libertarian Party] in 2017, and while I never got to meet him, his enthusiasm for a better world and the Jorgensen/Cohen campaign was evident. Libertarians across the country are mourning his loss."

Bishop-Henchman adds that libertarians are "joining efforts" to work towards criminal justice and policing reforms, "which have been consistent positions of ours for decades."

"We bow our head at the passing of Libertarian Garrett Foster," the Libertarian National Party tweeted on Sunday.

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  1. Aggressively accelerate, I’m guessing if a video of this turns up the car will be stationary, or going about 1 mph.

    1. “I think all the people that hate us and want to say shit to us are too big of pussies to stop and actually do anything about it”
      -Garrett Foster, liberaltarian

      1. In these videos I see one person acting like a libertarian, minding their own business and attempting to move freely on their way. And I see another person trying to restrict a persons legal movement, then intimidate them, then harm their property, then threaten them with a weapon.

        Who’s the libertarian?!

        1. If we don’t know who owns the road, we don’t know who is supposed to set the rules for its use. Public property is a logical justice-free zone where anything goes. Down with public property!

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          2. There are very few disputes about who had the right of way on public roads since it’s written the fuck down in laws.

            I can think of few better ways to turn roads into shooting galleries than to privatize them.

      2. “……are too big of pussies……”

        Without that quote this wouldn’t be so funny.

        It still wouldn’t be tragic, it just wouldn’t be as funny as it is.

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      3. ”I think all the people that hate us and want to say shit to us are too big of pussies to stop and actually do anything about it”

        Fucked around. Found out.

      4. He was an authoritarian piece of garbage trying to use armed force against a driver making lawful use of a public street.

    2. There are videos all over the place. Here’s the one I cited on Saturday night:

      1. I couldn’t tell jack shit from that video.

        1. well it wasn’t a high speed approach by a vehicle… that much is clear.

          1. Nope the car was just being driven in a normal fashion. Imagine that a car being driven on a road, the nerve of that guy.

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    3. The video I see indicates that he tried going faster than what I would normally consider safe- but not rapidly accelerating. It is noteworthy that he DOES stop, and THEN people start mobbing him, so that description is not true.

      As to what that all means, I think this will be an “Eye of the Beholder” type thing. Some people will rightly see that he is moving much faster than I would expect for someone within 2 or 3 feet of pedestrians. Now, whether he was fearful for his safety or something else, I don’t know.

      And likewise, there is no evidence either way about whether or not the protestor pointed a gun at him.

      1. Why would the driver be more concerned about scratches on his car than the black protestors around him? This is another example of white supremacy – whites think their property is more important than black lives!

        1. I read the Rabbi’s sarcasm.

          The roadway protests are a potential flash point. Should I find my car surrounded, with screaming aggressive folks, I know that a window can be broken, and my ass drug from the car in about 2 seconds. I have every intention of not remaining motionless if surrounded by people holding objects that could break glass/break skulls.

          1. Agreed. US is a totally lawless country. Hard to believe it’s the home of the federalist papers.

            1. Everything in the U.S. gets magnified in the media or online.

        2. I suspect the driver was more concerned that his car was about to turn into his coffin, if the mob had its’ way, more so than he was concerned with marring it’s finish. True to form Rev. W., you make it an issue about race, proving you have no valid argument and in the hope of ending any discussion you spew your overused, typical insult(s). Racist, White supremacists everywhere, systemic racism when systemic racism is affirmative action, the latest democrat inspired hate machine legislation. That is the only codified discrimination on the books today. It’s just Jim Crow for revenge but it’s directed at the wrong people. The old democrats who passed those Jim Crow laws as well as those victimized by them are all long dead by now, so get over it. Whenever you get some empty headed bigot the first thing they do is go to their obsession, and make everything about race. I’m getting real tired of that.
          What you should consider is, why was this crowd mobbing this mans’ car in the first place? There have been multiple instances of this happening in numerous “peaceful protests” where the driver was pulled from their vehicle and peacefully beaten to death by a crazed, chanting mob. Add to this the fact that out of this mob steps a guy carrying an AK who more than likely was not there to inquire about the time and it’s lucky that only one person was shot.
          I might also add that there were shots fired at the car as it drove off, so not only was the dead guy armed but others, which is fine, I carry a pistol(s) with me everywhere I go as well, but it seems somewhat reckless to shoot at someone who is splitting in an automobile when standing in the middle of a crowd like that. If the shooter ever heard about the concept of collateral damage, he sure as heII didn’t care about it.
          I reckon the bottom line comes down to two main points, one; if you are going to play in traffic you are just about as likely to get your own self hurt as not, and two; If you are going to point a weapon or brandish it in such a manner that it likely could be misconstrued as threatening, pull the trigger just as soon as the muzzle swings over the target because when that occurs you are going to be seen as one big threat by whoever is looking up the bore of that weapon and you have to assume they just might shoot you at that instant. You don’t carry a weapon to look cool or to try to scare people, you carry it to prevent yourself or your loved ones from being killed or seriously assaulted. It’s a shame when someone is killed on account of it’s permanency. You can’t take that back so people who are going to carry a weapon better realize the responsibility they are assuming when they do so. It’s no game.
          That said, roads are made for cars, sidewalks for pedestrians and when they mix it up, as physics would dictate, pedestrians lose, every time and not always in the manner one might expect.

          1. Let the looters, rioters, arsonists, Antifa, BLM and “protestors” continue on this road and guaranteed many more are going to die. We are currently in the US but we live in Costa Rica. I miss some things about Texas but truthfully with the way the libtards have taken over I am quite grateful to be living outside the USA.

          2. “Shots fired at the car as it drove off…”
            That doesn’t sound like a good shoot. Should we anticipate charges?

          3. Good comments.

            We still do not have an answer as to why Garrett was carrying an AK-47? Was he afraid of the peaceful protesters?

            Did the vehicle do anything that would make Garrett approach the vehicle with an AK-47? I do not know anybody who would not be very frightened at that in those circumstances. Garrett had to know that. So why did he do it?

            I finally bought 2 hand guns several weeks ago. One for general carry and one for concealed carry.

            If I was in the car and the people surrounded my car I would immediately pull out my gun and switch it from safe.

            If, I say again, “IF” Garrett had his AK-47 in any position which suggested a readiness to shoot, I would have immediately pointed my gun at him and prepared to shoot. If he would have responded likewise or if the gun was pointed at me, then I would have shot him and taken off and ran over anybody who “intentionally” stood in my way and then called police when I was in a safe location.

            If Garrett was a true Libertarian and a journalist, I can’t imagine his being so stupid as to point the weapon at anybody. So I tend to doubt that.

            But what was his purpose in approaching the vehicle? That was not smart either when you are carrying an AK-47.

            If the weapon was still slung over his shoulder, then the person had no right to shoot no matter how scared. We have no right to shoot someone just because we are scared. Someone must overtly threaten our lives in order to defend ourselves with lethal force.

        3. If you damage my property you will have the maximum force permitted under the law in whatever jurisdiction it occurs in used against you. Don’t like it? I just don’t care.

        4. My property is absolutely more important than the lives of black or white thugs who attempt to terrorize drivers making lawful use of road ways. Know this: In my state I can lawfully kill you with legal impunity as soon as you attempt forcible entry into my vehicle or business. Break a window, try to force the door, etc and you will be immediately killed and your surviving family members will not even be able to sue me as the law gives me both criminal and civil immunity.

      2. At this point I’ve seen enough of these videos at this point I’m going to side with the drivers. These people are fucking hysterical and in a frenzy and out looking for violence, they want a confrontation and they are going to perpetuate one.

        1. I’m sure peaceful lynch mobs exist. Shouldn’t we give the protestors the benefit of the doubt and a presumption of innocence?

          1. Look on the bright side. At least the peaceful protester Foster wasn’t arrested by “jackbooted thugs”!

          2. No because as soon as they block streets they are not peaceful. Of course they’ve been telling you they are not peaceful for months by screaming “NO JUSTICE NO PEACE”. What part of that is even remotely confusing?

      3. Foster didn’t fire the gun at all, per APD. He didn’t have to.

        Run up to a motorist while carrying a rifle, as you’re part of a protest, and it’s entirely reasonable for the motorist to apprehend an imminent unlawful threat of seriously bodily harm. That means the motorist gets to use deadly force to stop that threat.

        God damn to Hell the Austin City Council for ordering their officers to not arrest (nor their DAs to charge) these protesters, who have been wandering around the night time downtown streets like some species of retarded sheep.

        1. People will conveniently ignore the Utah shooting of a driver from just a few weeks ago. Foster had his gun aimed down, but he was about 3 feet away from the driver per the still linked above. Now if he is 6 feet tall… where would the gun be kind of pointing at when the car is just about 5 feet tall. Hmmm….

          1. Cars are concealment, not cover. Especially to rifle FMJ. The idiot richly deserved to get shot.

          2. There’s a screenshot that looks like he was pointing his rifle at the car from about 3 feet away on the driver’s side. The brake lights are on.

          3. I read that another shooting occurred during a protect on the road in Aurora, Colorado. From what I’ve read, one of the armed protestors shot at the fleeing vehicle and while doing so, hit several protestors on the opposite side of the road. I can’t understand why they keep trying to force physical confrontation with regular citizens.

          4. Re: car is just about 5 feet tall
            Good point. Keep in mind that in many passenger cars, the seats are quite low.
            In many cars, the driver’s butt could be as low as 2 feet off the ground. In some cars, the seat can be cranked even lower.
            That would mean that Foster would be pointing the rifle at the driver’s torso even with the rifle at low ready.

          5. It doesn’t make any difference anyway. A rifle held in a ready down position gives the person holding it the ability to use deadly force in less than a second, that justifies reasonable fear of imminent death or great bodily harm. Game over for Foster. Any effort to potentially bring a weapon one is carrying into a firing position without legal justification is an offensive act and can easily justify deadly force.

        2. Accelerating into a crowd and honking your horn isn’t the kind of thing an innocent motorist does. The driver was either drunk or instigating. Haven’t heard anything about DUI so I don’t think that was the case. Driving into a crowd with your vehicle is the kinda shit half assed terrorists do.

          1. Wow.
            Gonna go full retard, eh Spooner?

            Foster deserved to die, and it’s only thanks to the uncommon mercy of regular Americans that more assholes haven’t been rightly run over.

            Get the fuck off the roads.


              I worked across the street until we moved to a bigger office at the beginning of April. I worked as a delivery driver a few blocks from there for a few years when I was younger. The line of sight is wide, and that’s a column of about 1000 people. There is no way he didn’t see them. Plus the dude had a red light and didn’t stop to make the turn. It’s a wide turn, wide enough that he could have stopped well before he did, and the Statesman reported that he only stopped because he hit an orange barrier.

              There’s barely anyone downtown besides cops and protestors, especially at night. It’s mostly offices and bars; the office workers just remote in and the governor ordered the bars closed. It’s an easily navigable grid, if your path is blocked it takes 30-60 seconds to reroute.

              They were marching up Congress Ave, it’s closed down all the time for all sorts of things. Prior to Covid, anyone driving in that area at 10 P.M. Saturday would have found it barely more navigable, as it is filled with drunk bar hoppers, crazy homeless, and Uber/Lyft cars idling in the street.

              Foster wasn’t banging on the dude’s car, he was pushing his fiance’s wheelchair and then after the car stopped he walked up to it. Maybe he wanted to tell the driver to cut he shit because he could’ve killed people driving like that. The only guy who said he pointed his rifle was the guy who facing a potential indictment for murder.

          2. Blocking a vehicle’s movement, then swarming it when it stops is even more stupid. And criminal. Doing it while armed makes you a target for lawful deadly force.

            I mourn this man’s stupidity.

            And choice of weaponry.

          3. Video on the NYT story shows that the driver was completely motionless at a stop light for at least 16 seconds before the “protestor approaches him. Video linked within this thread shows the car traveling before it gets to the stoplight – at well below normal speeds and coming to a gradual stop.

            Link to video within this thread clearly shows the driver is traveling well below normal driving speed an

          4. The driver was driving on a public street in a completely reasonable manner. As usual the morons in the street trying to block traffic with zero authority to do so were the problem. That includes the jackboot authoritarian “libertarian” who for reasons known only to him thought he had the right to brandish a rifle at a motorist. He paid the price.

        3. Open carry is legal you fool

          1. Brandishing, not so much. You person with a limited imagination.

          2. You people better seriously learn the difference between carrying and brandishing or it will be you on the ground gagging on your own blood killed in completely legal justifiable homicide. You even touch a weapon you are carrying as you approach me and you just forfeited your life. If you soy boys want to make the weapon you use to justify my deadly force against you an “assault weapon” so much the better for my case. Sorry to tell you but 9 out of 10 people think idiots walking around with semi automatic rifles in public places in an age of high publicized mass shootings are lunatics and I’m happy to take advantage of that bias. 🙂 I’m equally happy to take advantage of you giving up the element of surprise by open carrying in the first place. You want to give up tactical advantage I will take full advantage of that in any confrontation too.

        4. Run up to a motorist while carrying a rifle, as you’re part of a protest, and it’s entirely reasonable for the motorist to apprehend an imminent unlawful threat of seriously bodily harm. That means the motorist gets to use deadly force to stop that threat.

          Not to mention that if I’ve got you at gunpoint and you’ve got the rifle slung around your shoulder and shout “I’m gonnan kill you!” I don’t necessarily have to wait for your hand to get to your rifle, for you to chamber a round, disengage the safety, draw down on me, and the rest of situation to be otherwise fair before firing.

          I’m not saying Foster threatened him and, I agree, that if the driver says ‘pointed’ and there’s no ‘pointing’ it’s an inconsistency but in such a situation even otherwise safe and passive gestures can be (mis)taken for aggression.

          1. He didn’t have it slung at all, he had it in a ready down position that would have permitted him to fire it point blank at the motorist in less than a second.

      4. He didn’t even seem to slow down at the intersection, which is telling when the intersection is full of people. I have to wonder if there’s an alcohol element to this. He did stop after the intersection, I’m assuming because his path was completely blocked.

        1. I would suggest there’s a “terrified of the mob”element to this.

        2. COMPLETE LIE He is at a full stop at the intersection for 16 seconds before the incident.

        3. So he stopped. What’s the problem then? Your post doesn’t even make sense, according to you, he didn’t slow down but he stopped. Jesus try making sense. The mob then surrounded the car and began striking it, the Darwin award candidate with the AK being part of said mob. Notably the Darwin award candidate with the AK was the only one shot even though the rest of the mob arguably posed a threat too so it looks to me like he used considerable restraint.

      5. The driver would have had to have been blind to not see that crowd of people before he accelerated. I know because I used to work across the street from where this happened, even with the planters on the corner the field of view is wide and there are a shit ton of people. The view, and turn, are wide enough that even if someone were obscured by the planter the driver would have to be going unreasonably fast around the corner.

        Honestly I’m surprised the driver didn’t end up being over the limit, that’s what it looks like to me. Especially considering that it was the day the bar owners opened up in defiance of Abbott’s order.

        A few things:

        The driver had a red light but didn’t stop before making the turn.

        Witnesses say he stopped after turning because he hit an orange barrier.

        Congress Ave is frequently shut down for parades, marches, the X-Games, protests, marathons, biker rallies, etc.

        There are always a bunch of pedestrians in that area, day and night.

        Foster was pushing his quadruple amputee girlfriend and saw this guy driving erratically into the crowd he was with.

        Either the driver was drunk or he was looking to confront the protestors.

        1. Or he took a wrong turn and panicked when he was supply red by a violent mob. How dare you defend these pieces of shit

          1. Well the panicky little bitch should be in jail for mruder

            1. Without a doubt.

              1. Typical leftists.
                Scream fuck the police, try to bully people, then start crying when someone stands up to you and go running to the police to take care of it for you

                1. You got it. Just like the politicians. De-fund the police, where’s my armed guards, where can I buy a gun? If it weren’t for hypocrites, there ‘d be no democrats.
                  Only the liberal mind would think the answer to an exponential growth in criminal conduct would be to do away with the police.
                  I shouldn’t be surprised when their traditional answer to armed criminals has always been to disarm the honest people. makes them better victims I suppose.
                  In lieu of gun control perhaps we should implement idiot control, where liberals are outlawed or at least subjected to “reasonable restrictions” like being licensed and registered and just plain forbidden in certain areas? I’d settle for just equipping them with silencers, if we could do away with the two hundred dollar NFA tax and all the paperwork. The reduction in noise pollution would certainly be a welcome benefit.
                  And the quiet, man, now wouldn’t that be sweet.

            2. Made good hits and no collateral damage as far as I know.

              Doesn’t sound panicky to me…

              1. In a crowd like that, that says he was very close to the car when he got shot.

                It is sad, and it is stupid, but I won’t mourn for a retard who was asking to get shot.

            3. Your dumbfuck ally shouldn’t have been waving his gun around unless he wanted to get plugged, Marky-poo.

          2. I know the area very well, it would have been obvious he was turning into a 1000 person column before he started the turn.

            And these people aren’t rioting or looting, they aren’t firebombing shit and you can watch hours of video from that day showing them just marching and chanting. They aren’t disrupting businesses down there, people aren’t scared to be near the protestors. Grow the fuck up you partisan hack.

            1. Fuck off npc. You don’t know the area very well. Bringing it up at the beginning of multiple posts says you’re lying.

              Lying Jeffy is disappointed in your lying skills.

        2. The governor opened the bars. He must have been drunk.

          Well there ya have it. Haha.

          1. No, he didn’t open the bars, he closed them. 800 bars across Texas planned to open in protest of Abbott’s order. 18 of them had their license suspended Monday. I’m guessing more will follow. And people in this comment section are more pissed off about this guy marching than what Abbott is doing. It’s telling where their priorities are.

            1. What people? Did they say what they were more upset about?

              1. He’s projecting. What he *thinks* people said, in order to make the point he intends to make.

                Forget it, Mac. It’s Woketown.

                1. The woke should all be out to sleep.

            2. Based on what I see, the vehicle turned after the column had moved by, or at least, mostly moved by. He honked and people ran back to confront him.

              Regardless, he might have thought they had passed, turned, stopped, honked and then the crowd surrounded him. All he needed to justify shooting was few of imminent harm and the AK the Moro brought was enough.

        3. Foster was pushing his quadruple amputee girlfriend and should have stayed focused on his excessive stump fetish instead of trying to intimidate a bunch of pussies.

          Foster was not to quick on the uptake or the draw when he failed to even fire a shot at the “hostile” he rushed to challenge while being Johnny on the spot. Talk about unprepared.

          1. Wow! Foster was an idiot. Only idiots bring guns to a “Peaceful Protest (Yes, I know he was within his rights).” But the stump fetish line is not classy.

        4. Video proves you entire post is false.

        5. Foster was pushing his quadruple amputee girlfriend…

          yeah I’d want to die too… he suicided out

        6. If he hit a barrier how did he immediately drive away after the shots were fired? BLM terrorists who start these altercations in the first place by blocking streets with authority to do so have no credibility so your witness statements are worthless.

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    4. Yes, they approached a car aggressively accelerating to get it to stop, dontcha know.

      I’ve seen the pictures of the crowd surrounding a stopped car, beating on it, with this bragadocious LARP douche near the passenger window with his gun shouldered, but pointing down at about a 45deg angle. A violent crowd blocking the street, beating on my car, and a guy with a scary “assault weapon” a half of a flick of the wrist from being pointed at my face, and I would feel threatened , too. Especially after how CHAZ/CHOP murdered those two black teenage boys, whose lives definitely didn’t matter.

      And for those that don’t know, he was running around giving interviews about how everyone was too pussy to step to him and his AK. Or should I say Aggressively giving interviews about his Aggressive gun brandishing.

      I guess part of being a Libertarian Activist and Libertarian write is ditching the whole NAP thing and gaslighting for violent Marxism full time.

      1. Vote Libertarian! Help the Democrats get stuff done!

      2. How is not shooting your rifle at the guy who just accelerated into the crowd of people including Foster and his quad amputee wheelchair-bound wife a violation of the NAP? If the driver didn’t want to be surrounded by people why did he drive into the middle of them? I worked across the street, there was no way he didn’t see that there was a shit ton of people.

        1. How is running interference for Marxist assholes libertarian?

          “Accelerated into the crowd” – cars accelerating is what roads are for.
          They are not for crowds of violent collectivists.

          Dude’s widow is irrelevant.
          Why is it that you leftists think pity is a legitimate argument?

          1. That road is used all the time for marches, protests, rallies, events, competitions, conventions, marathons, parades, and entertainment that exclude cars. It is not disrupting anyone’s commute in any way beyond a very minor inconvenience.

            Maybe your state is different, but in Texas when you are making a right turn at a red you are supposed to stop. This guy didn’t.

            And the crowd wasn’t violent. It’s obvious you’re projecting, and it’s pathetic. I do not support the far left crap being espoused, and I shudder at the rising normalization of authoritarianism on both sides. Asshats like you feed the flames, right/left authoritarians and bigots beget left/right authoritarians and bigots; reap what you sow.

            Personally I hope the lot of you eat your hearts out.

            1. Stfu bootlicker. No one cares about your opinion. You suck Chinese cop dick – admit it. Go back to the CCP.

        2. The protests were not legally protesting once they attempted to shut down roads.

          This isnt the first time dummy. It has included at least two shooting of a driver or passenger, as well as assaults.

          When people talk about useful idiots they mean you.

          1. It’s a group of people shutting down a few blocks in an empty downtown. I know the area, it’s not fucking up anyone’s commute. It’s not anything remotely serious if you happened to have them come across your path. The APD is there, with the protestors. The APD isn’t arresting people, barriers are set up to prevent vehicle traffic during the protests. It’s scheduled and peaceful. No businesses are being harmed.

            Don’t fuckin sling around the word idiot when you’re an ignoramus.

            1. Wow. Useless idiot. Sorrry.

            2. And yet no barrier was present when the car turned. So that’s an important point for the other side of the argument.
              Laying on the horn, and a hearty “get out of my way” is a perfectly reasonable approach to people improperly impeding a car’s progress. The number of people doesn’t change that. He’s on a road designated for motor vehicle traffic, his expectation that he can proceed is reasonable.
              He stopped when he saw it wasn’t possible.
              The crowd was indeed “violent ” when they started pounding on his car and a masked gunman rushed up with a rifle at the ready.
              He reasonably feared for his life and reacted by defeating the threat.
              The guy who fired on the car after it was leaving is harder to justify.

        3. Those rednecks who brought their scary guns to the lockdown protests sure were out of line though.

          Out of the road too, apparently.


        4. Yeah, he should have have known that roads aren’t for cars, only for violent shitheads.

          1. The priority in question involves the end result.

            If the driver knew his legal standing & rights better than the protestor, then his gun wins all ties. Not every maniac tries to be civil. The legal test is not civility per se but rather all knowable legal tests.

            When dealing with the public, your rights are gone. Rights apply chiefly to dealing with government officials and honorable Men, no?

            You need to know the law and its applicability that peons like us common people have to consult with in order to deal with any ambiguity of confrontation and equivocal-minded riders driving their metal-bodied tanks into an armed protest.

        5. The car was already stopped. BLM terrorists have no authority to block streets in the first place. Garret the soy boy poser brandished a weapon at a motorist in a STOPPED CAR and got exactly what was coming to him. Approach my car with a shouldered firearm and see what happens.

      3. Give a purple haired Yale-y an editorship…

        1. Yeah, I’m not sure if blame for the recent decline in article quality, from previously even-handed writers, falls on her head or her boss’s. It’s been noticeable though.

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      4. “I guess part of being a Libertarian Activist and Libertarian write is ditching the whole NAP thing and gaslighting for violent Marxism full time.”

        Yep. This shit is going to be embarrassing in years to come.

    5. I am certain that if the videos actually fully supported the protestors it would be all over the place by now. Hell if it even half supported.

      1. I’m sure you’re a fucking idiot.

        1. That’s says a lot more about you than him

        2. So witty. Progtards always are.

        3. Soldiermedic76 is a pretty calm, rational guy. If you’re arguing with him, Internet rando, it’s safe to say you’re the fucking idiot.

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    7. I saw the video of it last night. The car is completely stopped by the crowd and it drives away at about 20 mph as one of the protestors shoots at him.

      Garrett was a dumbfuck open carrying an AK, stopping innocent people in the street as they tried to drive home. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

      If this is what being a libertarian is in 2020, you’ve lost me. Reason magazine and the libertarian party have gone completely off the rails. I’m done.

      1. “Trying to drive home”

        Why don’t you look up a map of Austin’s downtown? It happened at the corner of 4th Street and Congress Avenue. There were barricades up to prevent vehicle traffic and anyone stumbling across the protest could have rerouted in 30-60 seconds. APD is on scene, considers the protests valid exercises of 1st Amendment rights, and the protestors are peaceful.

        I know the area well, and that dude had a wide field of view at the intersection, on top of not stopping at a red light to make a right turn.

        That area is normally (Pre-Covid) filled with drunk pedestrians, idling Uber/Lyft cars in the middle of the street, crazy homeless people, and a bunch of other non automobile traffic. It’s barely more navigable than during this protest. Congress is shut down all the time for various events, night or day. And with Covid, nothing is open down there. It’s just protestors and police.

        That dude drove into a column of 1000 people and honked his horn.

        If only Foster had a MAGA hat on, perhaps then he could earn your sympathy.

        1. Hey spooner – don’t come back loser. We all know who you are and who you work for. Astroturfing dipshit. How’s that neomarxist paycheck working out for you? Feel good to finally be employed? Go back to Ukraine you fucking anti human traitor.

        2. Foster talked shit, and he got hit (with bullets).

        3. i work down there. they didn’t have a permit to protest, there were no barricades, very little APD presence, and they took over Congress ave. so they could stop traffic and intimidate people that don’t agree with them. he didn’t hit any of the protesters, but yet they surrounded him and starting beating on his car and got an AK shoved in his face. you can tell from his interview that day that he was anxious to intimidate people; thankfully he won’t get any more chances. play stupid games, win stupid prizes

          1. Spooner is lying? What a shock.

        4. “If only Foster had a MAGA hat on, perhaps then he could earn your sympathy.”

          Nope a gun brandishing moron is a gun brandishing moron regardless of political affiliation. This may be lost on you but the purpose of streets is to provide a venue for cars to be operated in, not for morons to mill about blocking traffic. On top of that the car was stopped when the Darwin award candidate approached it with AK shouldered. The poser soy boy found out a little too late he had no clue what he was doing either legally or tactically.

      2. It’s not. These are phony libertarians polluting the comments section and writing uninformed opinion pieces. Defending peaceful protestors is one thing but supporting those who intimidate and destroy is entirely another. Leftists seem to show so little concern for the rights of anyone other than the handful of unarmed people killed by cops. You own a restaurant in an occupied zone or are driving home to your family while being attacked at a light? Fuck you, oppressor! You’re not confused. They are.

    8. What are the libertarian fundamentals on blocking a public road (armed)?

      1. You mean the anarchist fundamentals? Call these posers what they are.

        1. “Fuckwits?”

        2. These are not anarchists. You besmirch our anarchist allies.
          True anarchists would not be protesting to a state to enact their policy preferences.
          True anarchists would find some place to do their own thing and maybe defend themselves from the gov’t’s Waco-style sieges.
          They most certainly wouldn’t be impeding innocent citizens’ free movement (aka false imprisonment).
          These are leftist authoritarians trying to seize the reins of power so that they can force the rest of us (libertarians and anarchists alike) to behave according to their wishes.

          1. Better shoot them as traitors right away then.

            And no, I’m not being sarcastic. It’s time to put down insurrectionist Bolshevists.

        3. Posers is exactly right. I have said for a while now that these soy boy posers with their decorative rifles on were going to come up against somebody proficient with a handgun who took them as a threat and be on the ground bleeding out before they knew what happened. Garret turned out to be that soy boy poser. Soy boy Garrett got completely owned in every sense of the word by a motorist at the considerable disadvantage of being in the confines of a car with a handgun against an already shouldered semi auto rifle. That soy boy never should have picked that rifle up.

    9. Yep. The car comes up behind the crowd and honks a few times to get them out of the way. Every “protestor” within a 30 foot radius turns around and swarms the car.

      Why’s reason lying?

      1. Why is Reason lying? Orangemanbad.

        A man who may or may not be an idiot possessing the uncanny ability to make his opponents confirm their own idiocy.

      2. “Every “protestor” within a 30 foot radius turns around and swarms the car.”

        The video clearly shows them swarming the car. That’s an aggressive action. If you run up to a car stalled in a crowd carrying a AK47, then yes the driver logically thinks he’s being blocked and attacked.

        Furthermore, as soon as the driver was free of the crowd and the people shooting at him, he stopped and called the police. Those aren’t the actions of a guilty man trying to provoke a shooting.

        Maybe he was irate with the protestors. Maybe he was drunk. We don’t know any of those things. But what we do know, doesn’t indicate he committed any crimes. It looks like he was attacked and shot in self defense. Then immediately reported the incident.

        1. Oh please, the protesters were the ones clearly irate as usual that somebody would dare drive a car on a street they had taken over with zero authority to do so. BLM are masters of the peaceless protest. It’s the only kind they know. They even advertise it by screaming: “NO JUSTICE NO PEACE” at the top of their lungs at every opportunity. Virtually no BLM protests are peaceful.

    10. Nailed it.

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    12. There’s a lot of people out there claiming to be libertarian that aren’t. Why would a libertarian be in a crowed like this trying to stop cars?

    13. The car was basically just being driven in a normal fashion for the street it was on. The “protesters” then clearly became infuriated that a person would dare to operate a motor vehicle on a street and mobbed the car. The Darwin award contender with the AK was among them holding the rifle in a ready down position that more than justified the deadly force that was used against him.

    14. Absolutely!

    15. “Foster was exercising his right to open-carry an AK-47 rifle, as allowed by Texas state law, and marching alongside fellow protesters…”

      Correction: The writer forgot to mention these ‘protesters’ were marching down the middle of a public street. At night.

      “That’s when a driver, who remains unidentified by the APD, aggressively accelerated his car toward the crowd of protesters.”

      Correction: The writer forgot to mention that there is a video of this ‘peaceful protest’ online and everyone can see that the driver was going slowly through the crowd until they swarmed the car, pounding on it and screaming.

      “…Foster, who was pushing Mitchell through the intersection…”

      Correction: The writer forgot to mention that Foster was pushing a woman in a wheelchair down the middle of a public street. At night.

      “…approached the vehicle in an attempt to get the driver to stop…”

      Correction: The writer forgot to mention that the crowd swarmed the vehicle and Foster went over to the car with his AK-47 to threaten the driver.

      “Both witnesses on the scene…”

      Correction: The writer forgot to mention that the witnesses were part of the crowd that swarmed the vehicle.

      Correction: The writer also forgot to mention that anyone can watch this video and hear 5 shots from a rifle, a delay, and then 3 shots from a handgun. (But muh Narrative!)

    16. Yes, the Austin news has been showing it over and over. The driver stopped, was surrounded by an angry mob, one armed member of which ordered him to roll down his window, when he did, Foster pointed the AK at him.
      The Driver was an active duty member of the US Army, also working as an Uber driver. He had just dropped off one passenger, as was driving to his next assignment. The road was not closed, and other cars who found themselves surrounded by the protesters were slowly threading through the crowd.
      These days, driving near BLM protests can get you shot. In the town closest us, a guy got shot in the head by protesters for no reason at all. The protesters claimed he “ran through” their protest, but the video shown no such thing. He was just driving through town, and did not know there was a protest.
      Others have been shot for “driving aggressively” near protests.

      So if you are driving near any town, and find yourself being blocked by a protest, they might pull you out of the vehicle and burn it. Or they might leave you alone. Or they might shoot you in the head. You cannot predict what the mob will do.
      You also cannot predict where the mob might be, especially if you are traveling in an unfamiliar area.

      I used to work in Africa, where it was not unusual for people to block roads and kill or rob anyone that tried to pass through. It is not supposed to happen here. Why can BLM or Antifa block roads without fear of arrest, when I would go to jail for doing the same thing?

  2. a duty to participate

    Sounds very libertarian to me.

    1. The dude was an ex-Navy tactical welfare queen looking to be a big shot by carrying an AK-47 to a “peaceful” riot. How do protesters think things will turn out when they block traffic, harass drivers trying to get home, and use an open display of weapons to intimidate? These aren’t the same protestors who marched to Selma.

        1. Well, not to belabor the point, but they did manage to stay off the road. Or maybe not. Whatever. They weren’t threatening anyone who wasn’t “too big of pussies” to shoot them.


        2. Huh, seeing a bunch of front slung weapons there, but none in the low ready position.

        3. they had a permit and were not walking out in streets to stop cars; apples and oranges. happens all the time in Austin, zero incidents with the 2A crowd

        4. You better learn the difference between carrying and brandishing. Foster didn’t understand it and it was a fatal mistake. When he was shot he had the rifle in a ready down position that would have allowed him to shoot the driver in less than a second. That is more than enough for reasonable fear of imminent death or great bodily harm. Little soy boys who have taken to carrying guns better damn well understand deadly force law because the penalty for not understanding it is death. Clearly he had no proficiency with the weapon either. He had taken a ready stance with a semi auto rifle on an individual forced to defend himself with a handgun from the cramped confines of a car and he was still bested. He was a soy boy poser.

      1. Congress Ave is shut down all the time for marches, protests, parades, and a shit ton of other things. Downtown Austin is a grid, if that guy needed to go south it would take him all of 45 seconds to do a U-turn and head back the other way and get back on track. Each street is 150-200 ft apart.

        Blocking traffic and trying to get home are not excuses for driving into the crowd. He didn’t live on that block, and if it weren’t for Covid, there would still be a shit ton of pedestrians all over that area, Uber cars stopped in the lane he tried to turn into, and police barricades because there are a crap ton of bars in the area. There are multiple bars within a block of where this happened.

        1. There it is: “you don’t have rights, only leftists do”

          1. Tell me where you have a right to drive into a shit ton of people on the road? At least here in Texas, you can’t knowingly plow into pedestrians in the road. They could be jerking off to frogs fuckin but you’d still have to stop. Let alone peaceful protestors.

            If Reason makes you so angry why don’t you make a leather sole flavored pacifier, plop it in your mouth, and head on over to Fox News.

            They’d be happy to have you.

            1. “At least here in Texas, you can’t knowingly plow into pedestrians in the road.”

              Which, ya know, he didn’t do. At all. No pedestrians were hit. And he was at a complete stop when it happened.

              I honestly don’t see why people are picking this as the incident to draw their line in the sand on. Asshole A grabs his gun and explicitly goes downtown to stop people from exercising their right to free passage. Asshole B goes driving through town and has his passage blocked.

              Set aside who is protesting what and why. If a guy with a gun blocks another guy with a gun, 3 times out of 10 shots get fired. Once upon a time we had manners to avoid these confrontations, and police to mediate large gatherings so that such confrontations were less likely. Well, for good or bad, those safety nets are on temporary hold, if not gone. Shootings will continue to happen. This isn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last until people decide they’ve had enough and reinstitute these social norms.

            2. And yet no one actually got hit by the car, you Antifa fuck. Your ally thought he was Billy Badass and got plugged for waving his new toy at a car like a moron.

            3. I’m sure as hell not going to sit around and wait to see if I become another Reginal Denny with my head bashed in with a brick or my family with TBI, especially after you hear on the news that police aren’t able to help.

            4. You mean the people blocking the road which exists for vehicles to operate on who have no business being there in the first place? He didn’t drive into anybody He simply drove on the road that was there for that purpose. The car already stopped when the soy boy poser wonder made his appearance trying to be a big man with his AK and got himself justifiably shot.

        2. They didnt have permits dummy.

          Just because an officer ignores your crimes 100 times it doesnt mean you aren’t committing crimes.

          1. You are so creepy.

            1. No I won’t go out with you.

        3. Look at the videos. The protesters were all around the car; the driver had nowhere to turn around, and 45 seconds wouldn’t have done it for him.

          1. He literally drove into the middle of them. He would have seen them well before he made the turn, but he just started honking instead of reconsidering. He stopped when he hit an orange barricade marker.

            1. Thanks for confirming that he was warning people to get out of the way, dumbfuck.

              1. I love this “orange barricade” that is invisible to people but capable of stopping cars…

            2. If he hit an orange barricade presumably right in front of his car how was he able to simply drive away after the shots were fired? The BLM terrorists story is BS as usual. It should be called: Black LIES Matter because lie is all they do.

        4. Goddamn asshole, stop lying. We already know everything you said is a lie. Just gtfo, we’re onto your bullshit.

        5. Ah yes, more in: Roads are not for cars, they are for woke protests! How dare you try to drive on roads!

      2. I’m so glad he got shot. Dude was right, he’s a fucking poseur who can only get laid from the limbless. One less NPC.

      3. Don’t forget that BLM is known at this point as a group that will surround cars and drag the drivers out and beat them, and in some cases shoot them (Provost comes to mind)

        If a bunch of KKK fuckers, some armed, surrounded a car with a black man, I doubt that any one of these asshats would be trying to protect the KKK.

    2. Right up there with “Silence is violence”, amirite?

  3. Fuck you Zuri Davis you lying piece of shit.

    1. I’m not normally for this approach to Reason’s employees, but it’s appropriate here.

      Complete garbage. And how utterly typical that the Libertarian Party’s Vice-President Nominee endorses the conduct of a nut like Foster.

      These are the people that you ‘Principled Libertarian voters’ are supporting.

      1. Their Presidential candidate is woke. Their VP mourns the death of a Darwin award nominee.

        Cannot figure out why the LP is such a joke…

        1. I can tell you why. The Libertarian party is being infiltrated the same way other groups have been by the far left. It’s what they do. They join groups and hide amongst them in order to give their ideas a veneer of respectability. They did this with the Democrat party, with BLM, and with the media. They’ve tried to do it with the gaming industry and sports, and now there’s people trying to do it with the Libertarian party.

          1. The left IS literally intellectual cancer at this point.

            1. They should be treated like a cancer. Before America is destroyed.

      2. I’m not normally for this approach to Reason’s employees

        Yea, far too charitable. Didn’t even mention the stupidity.

    2. Well put. Concise. To the point.

  4. I won’t comment on the shooting since I don’t know all the facts. As a libertarian I would never join one of these ‘protests’ . Associating with people burning, looting, attacking cars and people , including the police is not libertarian.

    1. Marxists, general; don’t forget Marxists.

      1. That’s my number one reason for not participating. The Marxists, aka Antifa

        1. Reason #1 of many.

        2. Congratulations on not being a useful idiot!

        3. That’s my problem with Reason and this kid. This is identified as a BLM protest. BLM is a self identified Marxist organization. Libertarians do not allign themselves with Marxists.

    2. the only safe protests to join are the ones that the media thoroughly inspects for “violent rhetoric” like people wearing pro-gun t-shirts or “right wing violence” like someone accidentally driving over a squirrel in their pickup

    3. Associating with people who burn, loot, attack cars and people, including police and other law enforcement people is not the sign of anybody with even a modicum of common decency, regardless of his/her social & political bend.

  5. “That’s when a driver, who remains unidentified by the APD, aggressively accelerated his car towards the crowd of protesters. The protesters, including Foster, who was pushing Mitchell through the intersection, approached the vehicle in an attempt to get the driver to stop.”

    Accelerated so aggressively that people could then catch up to him on foot? This is nonsense.

    1. Accelerated so aggressively that our brave hero felt it was safe to get in front of the vehicle.

    2. It is also noteworthy that Zuri’s language “crossing the intersection” seems to be intentionally misleading- making people think that the protesters were going through a crosswalk. These people were in the street (Illegally) and they were going through the intersection in the middle of that street (illegally).

      When you are a driver, you are expected to yield to pedestrians- even jaywalkers. So I still don’t think that the driver necessarily gets a get out of jail free pass here. But Zuri very clearly chose her wording to make the most sympathetic statement possible, to lead those unfamiliar with the situation to think these protesters were minding their own business, rather than intentionally trying to create confrontations with passersby.

      1. “Reason”

      2. It’s a tragedy because he didn’t deserve to be shot.

        But this is also a case where there is a crowd ignoring traffic and blocking it without permits. It creates a dangerous situation, and bad things sometimes happen in dangerous situations. Also, did you see how short his skirt was?

        1. He pointed a gun at someone who reasonably acted in self defense and shot him. He most assuredly did deserve to be shot. This is not a tragedy and fuck a how old thinks it is.

          1. God damn John you are vile. You fucking disgust me.

            1. “ God damn John you are vile. You fucking disgust me.”

              Look asshole, here in Texas if you point an AK47 at someone or even have it in the half ready position and swarm a car you will be fucking shot. The inbred fuck forgot he was in Texas and thought he was in Portland. He’s on video that night saying the reason he open carries his assault rifle in public is because people who disagree with him politically are pussies and won’t do anything about it. So stop Pearl Clutching about it and acting like a group of kindergarteners got shot. He fucked around and he found out. Period.

            2. Guess we’ve got a new progtard in these parts.

        2. Congress Ave is highly pedestrian and downtown Austin is a grid, with blocks 150-200 ft long. Normally the area is filled with drunk people going to all the bars, and considering the Uber/Lyfts parked in the right lane of most streets, it’s barely more navigable in a car under normal circumstances. The guy should have turned around and taken a left to go south. He also was well aware of how many people he was driving into, there’s a wide field of view at Congress intersections.

          1. We get it. You’re an idiot.

            1. Not even worth reading his punk ass propaganda anymore. We officially found someone worse than sqrlsy. But hihn is still the worst.

          2. Congress Ave is highly pedestrian


            This is the road (other side of the river) this clown is describing as “highly pedestrian.”

            1. But why get a picture of the other side of the river? I went to google street view and looked in the approximate area where this shooting happened, and it’s very clearly a pedestrian center.

              I still think assholes who take it upon themselves to march down the street without permits and ignoring traffic signals are assholes. The driver is also an asshole because he didn’t even stop at a redlight despite the multiple pedestrians. If there had been no pedestrians, he might well have gotten into an accident with the car that caught the dashcam video of the shooting.

              1. it’s very clearly a pedestrian center.

                In the sense that people walk all over downtown, sure. In the sense that this is not actually the main traffic thoroughfare but a place dominated by pedestrians, hell no.

                1. It looked like a place you could expect to see a lot of pedestrians, yes. So I’m saying the guy who didn’t even come to a full stop at a red light when the street was filled with people is an asshole. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that alcohol played a role in this as well.

                  1. It looked like a place you could expect to see a lot of pedestrians, yes.

                    Not on the roads you absolutely do not. They picked that street to maximally disturb traffic, not because it’s a natural place for street walking.

              2. I just looked at street view. No idea where you’re getting this idea.

          3. There were both protesters and traffic behind him. Where was he supposed to go?

          4. He was driving an Uber. That usually means picking up people from downtown bars and restaurants.
            Protesting does not give you a special right to stop cars and point guns at the driver. Even on Congress. Even on 6th street.
            I would assume that someone who stopped me on the road and pointed a rifle at me was a carjacker, or some kind of psycho.
            This was almost a story about a nutjob with an AK who murdered an Uber driver/Army Sergent for being on the wrong street.

        3. He called his “opponents” pussies who wouldn’t do anything to him in an interview a couple of hours before his death and then while attending a political rally attempted to intimidate someone with a lethal weapon. What is violence or threat of violence used against civilians to effect political change again? Oh yeah, terrorism. Dumbfuck wannabe terrorist deserved to get shot.

        4. Yes he did. He richly deserved to be shot for low readying that AK on the motor vehicle driver and if you don’t understand that, don’t even touch a gun, don’t even think about it. The life you save will be your own.

      3. They are simply bullies.
        “Whose streets? Our streets!”
        Fuck that

    3. Yeah, that’s the disconnect.

      If he was aggressively accelerating, you’d GET OUT OF THE DAMNED WAY, at the very least. You wouldn’t be able to chase him down and then surround the car.

      “Well, he didn’t fire his rifle”. Grand. He was in a fucking mob surrounding a fucking car. Shame he was only shot once.

      1. He accelerated into the crowd and stopped when he hit an orange barrier. He was surrounded by them because of his own actions, he literally put himself in the middle of them.

        1. She was wearing a short skirt and walked down a street with horny drunk men. She was basically begging for it.

        2. The videos show that the driver was surrounded by “protesters” and had nowhere to go to get away from them. Then it shows the mob turning or hurrying up to close in on him. If one of them was holding a rifle and pointing it in the driver’s general direction, they yes, the driver had good reason to fire — and speed up.

          1. hell, I’d say he had good reason once they started banging on his car. BLM’s SOP is to drag people out of their cars and beat them, and then to lie about what happened. YGWYFD

        3. zero barricades downtown that night because they didn’t have a permit; you’re a fucking liar

      2. Just learned he was shot three times.

        Triple that next time.

      3. He was shot three times center mass. Despite having to fight from the cramped confines of a car he was operating with a handgun against an assailant with an already shouldered AK the driver completely owned the soy boy in all respects. That poser never should have picked that rifle up.

    4. He literally drove into the middle of them, a column of 1000 people. He took a right turn with clear visibility of the pedestrians, without stopping despite the fact he had a red light.

      No one had to catch up to him, he put himself right in the middle.

      1. How can you type with all of marx’s 8 inches so deep down your throat?

        1. He’s thinking of that sweet, sweet 50 cents a post, or whatever his rate is.

          Great job correcting the shill, everyone.

      2. When my wife approaches a red light right turn she does not look to the right. She looks left. If she thinks she can beat the traffic she blows right through. I’ve warned that this is illegal and dangerous but she’s been getting away with it for decades so I need to STFU. I suspect this clown is a kindred spirit as far as driving is concerned. Blew through the turn looked up and hit the brakes. Saw an armed mob coming at him and panicked. Fired at the most obvious threat and got the hell out. Stupid but still self defense.

        1. I think he probably just wanted to go about his life as normal when a psychotic mob swarmed his car and assaulted him for the unforgivable offense of having a life independent from the collective.
          I wouldn’t say he panicked. He responded appropriately to the situation forced upon him

      3. DON’T STAND THE DAMN STREET and there won’t be a problem.

    5. It’s a complete lie, the video is out there, a car was slowly driving down the street and tried to drive past this crowd, who then swarmed the car, after which Foster threatened the driver with an AK-47, but this is Texas, so…

  6. shot a dude pushing a quad through the street. nice.

      1. lol. regardless of melanin they still require a push.

        1. I think some blacks consider a lack of melanin to be a defect. Naturally, Nick Cannon was fired for his anti-Semitic comments, not his anti-white racial statements. Good time to convert if you’re a white goy.

          1. She dark. WFAA did a segment on her about ten years ago, as a rehab patient in around Dallas. Caught sepsis from a UTI, and bye-bye everything below the elbows and knees.

            Brave lady.

          2. Ok, that’s funny.

        2. Did he ask for her hand in marriage?

          1. I don’t think marriage is an African custom.

            1. Not according to the Smithsonian.

          2. When he did, I bet he took a knee!

            1. Bravo, sir.

    1. For the life of me, I cannot grasp the logic behind pushing his girlfriend through the protest. Libertarian or not, I would’ve refused to the point of breaking up with my quadruple amputee girlfriend before taking her to the protest.

      I can’t tell if she’s so white she got a white slave to push her around or if she’s so black she got a white dude shot. Either way, it’s pretty clear that the police standing on George Floyd’s neck has fuck all to do with either of them. If she insisted, I’d have tossed a rock in her lap and told her to knock herself out.

      1. Either way, it’s pretty clear that the police standing on George Floyd’s neck has fuck all to do with either of them.

        She appears to have received adequate health care and has wheels. All a gift of the taxpayer (the same ones she is railing against)?

    2. He wasn’t pushing anyone he was brandishing the AK in a low ready stance at the river so stop making things up. Oh that’s right, lies are all you have, BLM = Black LIES matter.

  7. The Libertarian Party Mourns Garrett Foster


    1. I guess I won’t be donating my $1 to the Libertarian party or Reason magazine this year.

      1. .5/10

        1. This place has needed an omnudsman for a very long time. Bravo for your efforts.

  8. My heart goes out to his friends, family, and loved ones.

    1. Press ‘S’ to spit on his grave.

      1. s


        One less white thug is always a good thing. Statistically white thugs are the biggest criminal threat to white people. Being white I therefore prioritize the elimination of white thugs from society.

    2. The basic law of human evolution is: “Fools die.”

    3. “My heart goes out to his friends, family, and loved ones.”

      I don’t feel good that he was killed or that his wife is now a widow. I do feel that he put himself into the situation and the driver was acting in self defense.

      1. I don’t feel good that he was killed or that his wife is now a widow. I do feel that he put himself into the situation and the driver was acting in self defense.

        Let’s be clear here, he didn’t just put himself in that situation, he literally put her in that situation too.

  9. If these eye-witness statements are from protesters, they are probably lying. People acting lawlessly have good reason to lie.

    1. APD let the driver go. In Austin. After s/he’d just shot one of their pets. That’s how egregious Foster’s conduct was.

      Don’t run up to people trapped in a car, when you’re part of a mob and you’ve got a rifle on your chest. Someone might think you mean to use the damned thing.

      1. Isn’t there a libertarian case for being allowed to intimidate and threaten people you disagree with? I thought this was America!

      2. Don’t take a victory lap yet. Self defense is a good excuse if nothing further can be corroborated but if some more video evidence shows up backing what the witnesses say I’d bet claiming self defense after reckless driving into a crowd with your vehicle isn’t going to hold up as well.

        1. The witnesses are mostly lying sacks of crap like yourself.

          “He was pushing her the entire time!” goes right along with “Michael Brown was on his knees! And they shot him!”

          It isn’t a ‘victory lap’ when an idiot runs towards a car with a rifle, and gets killed. I wish you people wouldn’t put innocent motorists and other city dwellers in these positions.

          ‘Just drive around’ LOL, No. How about you, ‘just get a parade permit.’ Or do this crap at Auditorium Shores. No cars on that lawn. But then you wouldn’t get to have your martyr if you did those things.

          Congress and 4th is lousy with surveillance cameras, and I bet the hole Ace is that the driver had a dashcam that verified their version of the story. Again, the default is that a homicide is unlawful. A person claiming self-defense doesn’t get to walk away without being charged, unless there’s a good bit of evidence to support their story. Pretty decent evidence if the driver is walking out of APD a few hours after the shooting, with no charges, despite admitting they shot and killed someone.

          1. “‘Just drive around’ LOL, No. How about you, ‘just get a parade permit.’ Or do this crap at Auditorium Shores. No cars on that lawn. But then you wouldn’t get to have your martyr if you did those things.”

            But then they couldn’t make people “uncomfortable” as that marxist fart (radical jeff or something) who sometimes inhabits these comments was complaining a week or two ago. Your rights have to be violated to be protected, you see?

          2. There are probably more people who would be inconvenienced by the protestors taking over Auditorium Shores than Congress Avenue. Congress Avenue is barely alive and you want to send them all to a park where people are trying to relax and enjoy a bit of relief from the Covid madness? If you were relaxing by the lake and a bunch of people showed up with megaphones it would take longer to walk to your car to than it would to reroute around the protestors on Congress.

            And it’s 10 P.M. when this happened, if you wanted to enjoy a night out on the town that involved a drink or two, one of the parks is where you’ll probably be, seeing as Abbott closed down the bars. The protestors isolated themselves better than anyone could imagine. And that’s kinda the point, this dude drove into a crowd of people that were isolated from the rest of Austin’s population.

            Lack of a parade permit doesn’t give you the right to drive into people with your car. Speaking of which, “innocent motorist” is an interesting way to describe someone who had clear line of sight of at least dozens of people and decided to take a turn at a red light without stopping straight into said people.

            1. Maybe he intentionally went to start shit? So? You guys shouldn’t have been standing there. Dumbass.

              1. Maybe he shouldn’t have driven into a police placed barricade. One that had been there for weeks. And just so you know, the street is legally used by pedestrians, bicycle, pedicabs, horses, amphibious vehicles, parade floats, etc.

                Something tells me you’d sing a different tune if everyone had a red MAGA pacifier equipped with truck-nuts in their mouth.

        2. except that we’ve seen BLM lie again and again about this shit. They do it for the media coverage, but there’s usually cameras around that show the truth.

        3. ” but if some more video evidence shows up backing what the witnesses say”

          Well sure, if evidence that contradicts his version show up, then you have to take the new data into account. But that’s pure speculation.

          1. Well you know there were a large number of witnesses that contradicted his statement. And video evidence that showed him recklessly taking a right turn on a red light into dozens of people.

        4. The only direct image of the confrontation shows the AK toting soy boy holding the rifle at a low ready position pointed at the car so game over deadly force was justified.

  10. We’ve seen the violence perpetrated by the protests. We saw two unarmed black teenagers killed at the hands of CHAZ security. We saw a woman get shot through the window of her vehicle, the protester quietly pocketing his gun and continuing down the street. We saw a black Trump supporter get murdered. People are nervous.

    My advice to law-abiding gun owners is this: Stay the fuck away from these riots. They’re dangerous and you’re only putting yourself at risk for either being killed or being brought up on charges if you feel you need to defend yourself and you either make the wrong call, or you make the right one, but the prosecutors don’t care.

    1. I honestly can’t believe how far this publication has fallen in the 10 years I’ve been a reader.

      1. Best thing to do is take a steaming shit on their comment section for every bullshit article they publish. Are there any other good libertarian websites?

        1. You could revisit the Glibs. I liked in the past.

          1. I’ve been reading the American Conservative but it is a little too Christian for my tastes.

            1. Bigoted Semite!

          2. The Glibs created an echo chamber, unfortunately.


              They love new commenters, Rabbi. Especially those with diverse perspectives.

            2. Glibertarians. Bunch of people who got pissed off here in 2017 and created their own site.

              1. I post on the glibs website. I’ve said things that people on there disagree with and I’ve never had a problem. I’ve gotten some heated criticism, but that’s something that should be expected. The people I’ve seen have problems there had them because they became abusive. I for one would welcome anyone who wants honest discussion. Hell, I’ve encouraged one of my die-hard democrat friends to post there.

                I left Reason a couple of years ago because garbage takes like this were becoming more frequent. I’ve read only a few articles this year and it’s good to see it’s been a good decision. Now it’s apparently libertarian and all resistancy to run up to a stopped car while brandishing a firearm. I used to be a print subscriber, but the magazine and the website have been run into the ground. It’s a joke at this point. Go somewhere else.

                1. Hey wonder what those ole commenters are up these days.

                  Sees fakertarians links

                  LOL have fun with your comrades.

                  1. That’s the best you can do? What are you, twelve?

        2. The Foundation for Economic Freedom has some pretty good articles.

      2. Oh, there is also Free the People if you like Youtube podcasts.

      3. been here about 9ish, but same.

    2. I don’t know what happened or why, but when most people see white guy + AR-15, they think you’re a racist. That’s the image the media has been broadcasting to the country since before Barack Obama was president. And being a perceived racist in the middle of what might be a racist riot is the last thing you want to be.

      No one should die for exercising their First and Second Amendment rights, but I’m not sure there’s any message the protesters are trying to get across right now. What do they want? To defund the police? To fire the mayor? Are they going to keep protesting until there is no more racism in this country? Do they want President Trump to resign?

      Why join a mob of angry, unemployed, and scared people who don’t seem to want anything in particular? They’re all there for their own reasons, but mostly those mobs are just about being angry, unemployed, and scared. This ain’t MLK marching from Selma to Montgomery. These are soccer hooligans looking for trouble.

      1. AK, not AR—and he’d just bought the thing a month prior—but I agree with the sentiment.

        Weird he’d go for the AK, despite going through Air Force Basic and learning the AR-pattern, but w/e. Slave to fashion, I guess.

        1. From a style perspective, the AK has more of revolutionary aesthetic, right? If you’re going to a BLM rally, the AK probably has more street cred.

          1. Che shirts and Cuban cigars are pretty cool too! He could have done with a Black Panther t-shirt and one of the tricolor “Afrika” medallions

          2. It also hits harder than the AR.

            1. Heavier bullet, but the AR actually has more penetration power and is far more accurate.

            2. Not true, seen both fired at a dead goat. AK round hit the goat and nothing happened. AR round actually moved the body of the goat from the impact.

              1. Depends on the round, especially with the 5.56mm – some projectiles are designed to tumble on impact, thus transferring more energy into the target.

                The exact point of impact maters for much the same reason. A non-upsetting bullet might easily zip right through the abdominal cavity with little to no visible effect, but hit the shoulder/blade and you are going to visibly see the impact.

                1. Go look for gel photos of the common 123 grain Soviet x39 bullet, versus gel photos from various 5.56 bullets. ‘Fackler’ bullet drawings’ is a decent search term to start

                  What you’ll find is that while the x39 round may tumble, given enough of a projectile path length (as all Spitzer bullets will in dense media), it won’t fragment And it’s not going fast enough for significant cavitation related tissue shear. It nets out to a small, curving permanent wound path, not unlike that from a handgun bullet.

                  Compare with 5.56. When those bullets fragment or expand, they typically do it rapidly, and they’re going fast enough along with the frag or expansion, that tissue shear is a significant wounding mechanism. Permanent wound cavities can be several inches across vs the 0.3 (normal) to 1.0 (tumbled) inch width of the x39 wound cavity. When the 5.56 bullet doesn’t frag or expand, like was the problem with initial lots of M855 (Search for ‘fleet yaw’ for more explanation.), you have problems. It’s not pleasant to receive a .25 inch diameter wound, but it often isn’t incapacitating.

                  1. Your argument also points out why one wants to stick with a 11.5″ or longer barrel with the AR pattern rifle. Bullet velocity drops about 100fps with every inch you take off and once below 2600 fps the bullet doesn’t fragment as designed.

          3. The AK and the ammo for it was probably easier to get, to be honest. I’m hearing that even in Texas, ARs and .223 ammo is incredibly hard to find right now.

            1. Back during the Great Gun Rush of 2009, I could still buy ammo for my Yugo SKS by the case; getting anything for the AR, on the other hand, was a pain in the ass until about late 2010.

            2. Ammo, for most anything ordinary, is hard to find right now. Once fired brass is also in short supply.

            3. Lots of 5.56 LAP rounds on the shelves here in [redacted]… target rounds are wiped out though.

      2. Do they want President Trump to resign?

        They want him to lose. That’s why the funding links on the BLM website go to ActBlue.

        This is all standard left wing political cosplay. Floyd’s involvement is a new flavor to freshen up a tired dish. They don’t care about deaths, since the protests started 20 or so people have been killed participating in them, almost all black. This is the first one protesters focused on because it’s the first to advance their political agenda.

      3. Hiram Gilberto has extensive footage of the protests on his Facebook, they certainly aren’t rioting, looting, or vandalizing. They’re just marching and chanting. They’re not hurting businesses because it’s all offices/bars/restaurants there, and they’re either closed or working from home.

        1. The tens of millions, hundreds at this point, cities have requested calls you a damn liar. The multiple dead people would as well, but they are dead. The 3 blind cops are looking to flip you off, but they cant see.

        2. …given that the states are trying to reopen, do you (or the people giving you talking points) have any idea WHY they are still closed? All of those boarded up windows and all are just in case a hurricane hits out of nowhere?

    3. Filled with rage then Billy Joe reached for his gun to draw
      But the stranger drew his gun and fired before he even saw
      As Billy Joe fell to the floor, the crowd all gathered ’round
      And wondered at his final words

      Don’t take your guns to town son
      Leave your guns at home Bill
      Don’t take your guns to town

  11. I saw an interview with him earlier in the day and he said something like (if I recall correctly) he was bringing a gun to protect the people from law enforcement. Well that’s ridiculous. It’s obvious instigation. He was trying to pick a fight and he got it. I feel sorry for him and his family and hope that justice prevails, but it just makes me think, “Live by the gun die by the gun.”

    Nevertheless, I am grateful to brave law enforcement officers (state and federal) who protect and defend our rights from the mob. I also defend the 2A, but don’t bring a gun to a riot.

    1. Eh, I’ve got no problem with him bringing a gun. That’s what 2A is, and there’s no reason 1A and 2A have to be separate. One might argue your 1A rights are more effective when visibly backed by the 2A ones.

      That said, if you carry a gun you need to learn deescalation. Whether you’re in the right or not during a confrontation, you have the option of deadly force at your disposal and that needs to be taken seriously. Getting into dick waving contests with random passerbys is not a good idea, particularly in Texas where they’re likely armed. Why escalate when you know that is probably going to result in deadly force getting used?

      If he did indeed point his AK at the car he got what he deserved.

      1. I always run toward physical confrontations with my gun because I want to be a hero!

      2. Finally, a thoughtful comment. TY.

      3. His Facebook, before it got shut down, had a post that showed he’d owned that rifle less than a month.

        1. And he bought it because “they wouldn’t let us march in the street anymore”

          1. Wtf does that even mean
          2. Justice was served

          1. Re: “1. Wft does that even mean”

            “Marching in the street” is a leftist euphemism for rioting resulting in deaths, injury, and property damage, sometimes to completely uninvolved, innocent civilians and small business owners that are not in any way agents of or even sympathetic to the state.

          2. It means exactly what it sounds like means: He planned to use the weapon on police.

    2. No, he didn’t say that. He literally foreshadowed his own death–“If I use it against the cops, I’m dead, and I think all the people that hate us and want to say shit to us, they’re too big of a pussies to stop and actually do anything about it.”

      I don’t know what the fuck he was thinking coming up on a vehicle, brandishing a rifle, with no actual awareness of what might be on the other end, but his stupidity got him killed. Don’t come fucking strapped to a Day of Rage unless you’re prepared to kill, or be killed if someone decides you’re a threat.

      1. The best part of the interview was when he was asked why he got the rifle to begin with: “Well, my roommate got arrested and they won’t let us march in the street anymore.” High-quality reasoning right there.

        1. So what part of the interview did I get wrong? Because now you seem to agree with my characterization.

          1. You claimed he said he was there to protect people from law enforcement. That was inaccurate. He flat-out admitted that if he got in a shootout with the cops he’d be dead, which shows he wasn’t actually concerned about the police capping him. He also claimed that he wasn’t afraid of being shot by a civilian because he thought the people that didn’t like him would be too scared to show up and try anything.

            1. OK then why did he bring a gun? Your answer makes no sense. Which side do you think he was on? The people or the police? And if he’s on the side of the protesters, why wouldn’t he want to protect them even if it meant he’d surely be shot?

              1. He did a bang up job

              2. Because he was young and thought his righteousness made him invincible?

              3. Your answer makes no sense.

                Red Rocks is telling you what the guy said, you’re focussed on what you wanted the guy to have been thinking.

                1. Dajjal has a known drug addiction and it fucks with his reasoning skills.

              4. OK then why did he bring a gun?
                This guy? Because he’s a pasty white dude and thought it would look cool.

        2. Oh the reasoning is crystal clear: He planned to use the gun on police to prevent arrest or other police interference with their activities.

      2. “they’re too big of a pussies to stop and actually do anything about it.””

        Well he proved himself wrong. I’ll chalk that up to Karma.

      3. Don’t come fucking strapped to a Day of Rage unless you’re prepared to kill, or be killed if someone decides you’re a threat.

        Don’t come openly strapped to a Day of Rage with your quadruple amputee girlfriend. Just don’t. It’s not about your 1A or 2A rights, it’s about taking responsibility for someone other than yourself and not making a hard life even harder unnecessarily. If the Rebels defeated the Empire and you want to go see the fireworks together, fine. If you always wanted to see Paris, great. But bringing an amputee to a gunfight is just begging the question about your moral bankruptcy.

        1. This right here. What kind of retard brings his wheelchair bound girlfriend to a protest that can reasonably be assumed will go violent at some point. Fucking retards that’s who.

    3. Wait a minute… this is starting to sound like dhs had a dude go kill him for carrying a gun. Or maybe even BLM did. The shooter really wasn’t found? If they don’t have the guy who killed foster, then this sounds a lot like a setup.

      If that is case, well foster was a goddamn idiot to do what he did, so the world really is better off without him passing on his genes, but it still would be pretty heinous if dhs secretly pulled something like this off. Wow.

      1. There were 2 shooters, the driver and a BLMer, Foster never got a shot off. What the cops are saying happened was that Foster approached the car with a bunch of other people (we have a picture of him with his gun at the ready position) and the driver opened fire, killing foster, after which another armed rioter opened fire on the driver. The driver managed to get away, and from my understanding the police caught, interviewed, and then released both shooters.

        1. The second shooter should have been kept I think but I guess it’s every man for himself after the first shot is fired? Is that how it works?

          Either way, I’d like to see some names to be sure. Even if it was a setup, foster had it coming – that’s the stupidest shit I’ve ever seen from a gun owner. Literally I can’t think of anything more irresponsible than that.

          1. I’d say there could be an argument for the second shooter just knowing shots had gone off and he was returning fire. Without knowing more I’m willing to at least give him the benefit of the doubt. And I’m kinda glad they didn’t, because otherwise this poor bastard would have his life destroyed by these animals.

          2. ” Is that how it works?”

            Reasonableness of the action, based up the actors perceived situation. Then factored in with the likelihood of obtaining a conviction.

            Even if A shooting B is determined to be justified, C shooting at A in the heat of the moment, may be – if not justified – darned hard to prosecute.

            Since Mr. C obviously missed any and all targets letting it go may be the best option.

          3. “I’d like to see some names to be sure.”

            So would I. APD has stated the driver was an Uber driver, and had just dropped off a fare. I suspect Coulter’s Law is playing a role—else we’d have heard all about how White the driver was—and it will be absolutely delicious if the driver turns out to be a person of color. Scuttlebutt is that the driver is former Army.

            1. And once again Army beats Navy. Well, we got something anyhow after that embarassment that was last year’s Army-Navy game.

        2. That’s actually great focus right there–the driver zeroed in on the guy who was the deadliest threat, neutralized him, and then exfiltrated himself from the situation while the remaining rioters were too disoriented to respond, other than the “medic” who managed to weakly fire back.

      2. Ok they got the shooter because he called 911 and was subsequently released. We still need to know his name. I guess he shot foster three times point blank with a 44.

        Jesus how dumb can you be taking an AK to a riot though? That is not responsible gun ownership / that’s literally instigation. I wonder about this foster guy too.

        1. Taking the AK isn’t the issue, even if his reasoning for doing so was completely retarded–coming up on a vehicle with your gun at the ready without knowing what’s on the other end is what got him killed.

          Foster forgot that his primary responsibility in life at that point was to take care of his fiancee, not position himself in a manner that could get him killed.

          1. He should have had the gun strapped. Running at someone in a parked car carrying an AK47 is a threatening action. The idiot got shot because he was stupid. I feel bad for his wife and family, but he was a dumbass.

        2. Why do we need to know the shooters name? So BLM can go harass him or worse? Or their media allies?

      3. WTF are you even talking about? There were two shooters, the one in the car and one in the crowd who fired shots at the car. Both were identified and both were interviewed by police.

  12. >Shoulders rifle against car swarmed by protesters
    >Gets ventilated
    Is Reason even trying to be libertarian?

  13. The lid appears to be off the violence at this point. It’s pretty clear reason’s on the side of the commie mob. This guy’s death is very possibly a tragedy, but after months of protests and clear violence at these things along with videos of people getting shot at driving through these crowds who can blame the driver from dropping brass? The gov isn’t going to protect you it’s clear they don’t give a fuck. This is what happens when a society has broken down and this shit will only get worse.

    1. Oh no, you’ve got it wrong. The government will protect the people aligned with the mob and punish those who try to defend themselves from its wrath with the full force of the police. We’ve entered the anarcho-tyranny stage of American government!

    2. I see no reason for outrage on either side of the fence here.

      If you illegally block traffic, and then come at a car with a rifle- not slung across your back, but in the ready low position- you are asking to be in a shooting position.

      And to be clear, I am willing to accept that the driver didn’t need to shoot- that Foster wasn’t pointing his rifle at this guy. But this is the price of the situation we are in. Choosing to illegally disrupt people’s right of free movement is going to lead to violence. Bringing a rifle to that event is pretty much guaranteeing that the violence will include the discharge of weapons.

      Either person could have been killed- both came into that situation prepared to shoot. I would feel the same either way.

      If you don’t want this to happen, then the Police should be there blocking traffic- keeping protesters and cars separated. If they cannot do this, then you should expect a shooting.

      1. Is the libertarian solution to protestor obstructed roadways the construction of private sidewalks or private roadways or both?

        1. Just sell the land to Bezos. He’ll find the best solution.

      2. The protestors are planning these protests. IF they were intent on being peaceful they should apply for a permit and inform the police of their route. That way the traffic could be re-routed around them.

        Since they CHOOSE not to attempt to have an organized, peaceful protest, they will get whatever they encounter, and deserve it. Some will get caught in the chaos; that’s the chance you take going to a disorganized rally with a strong history of violence.

        1. Yes I agree with you. My point is that this event is a logical conclusion to what was going on, not some tragedy that should result in outrage on either side of the fence.

          130 years ago, grown men walked into bars packing heat, and periodically they would end up out in the street shooting each other. We didn’t need to argue whether Joe was right to cuss out John for killing his cow, or for John to then insult Joe’s momma. If you took a gun out drinking, and started insulting others, you could expect a high likelihood of being shot- right, wrong or indifferent.

          Now that the police have abandoned their duty to mediate our conflicts, we have gotten to the point again where armed men are settling their disagreements with a duel. If you carry a weapon into town and block peoples’ right of passage, you are likely to be shot- whether your cause was just or not.

          1. “Now that the police have abandoned their duty to mediate our conflicts, we have gotten to the point again where armed men are settling their disagreements with a duel.”

            I wouldn’t quite say the police have abandoned their duty. They just expect that if they’d been in the same position as the Uber driver with the same results, the headlines would be all over the country talking about another police killing of a BLM protestor.

            I do agree with your assessment that we are seeing signs of an honor culture over a legal culture.

      3. “And to be clear, I am willing to accept that the driver didn’t need to shoot- that Foster wasn’t pointing his rifle at this guy. ”

        Irrelevant. Foster was in an openly offensive stance that enabled him to fire on the driver in less than a second, that justifies deadly force. Tell you what, go out with an AK on the street and when approached by police take up that position on them. See what happens.

    3. Agreed. It’s better to be judged by 12 then carried by 6


    This Daily Mail page includes a picture just before the shot. There’s someone standing directly behind the car long enough to place her purse on the car and root through it.

    It’s another case where people have surrounded the car preventing the occupants from leaving. This is a crime.

    1. By the way, this in a different news report

      Sheila Foster said her son was pushing his fiancee’s wheelchair when he was gunned down.

      Sheila Foster is wrong. There’s not enough evidence to say that Foster pointed a weapon at the driver– for instance a careful review of the picture could show here’s merely handling the stock while the rifle could be pointed in a downward direction. But it’s clear as fucking day he’s not ‘pushing his fiancee’s chair’.

      It’s possible this shooting is not justified. It’s possible Foster did not point his weapon at the driver. But when you have an incredibly volatile situation and armed people approach your vehicle, it can be menacing to the occupants and causes tensions to escalate.

      Something something police something causing the something escalation.

      1. Reason has to defend collective groups (i.e. mobs, protestors) against individuals because that’s what the libertarianism is all about!

        1. “libertarianism” is being taken over by far leftists, as the cancer spreads to more things.

      2. I assume you are talking about the screen grab from the video? The weapon may be pointed in a downward direction. But, he clearly has the weapon at the high ready position. So, for all intents and purposes, it was pointed at the driver. He’s ready to shoot at that point. All that’s needed is a slight aim adjustment.

        1. I assume you are talking about the screen grab from the video? The weapon may be pointed in a downward direction. But, he clearly has the weapon at the high ready position.

          And why? The car is completely stopped and has been for a significant amount of time. He is not responding to any threat.

        2. “The weapon may be pointed in a downward direction. But, he clearly has the weapon at the high ready position.”

          Exactly, you can’t see the position of the gun because of the woman in the way, but you can tell by the position of Fosters right elbow that he’s holding a gun in a ready position. It may not have been aimed at the driver, but he’s in front of the stopped car with an AK47. The driver isn’t at fault here.

      3. Sheila Foster is wrong.

        She’s not just wrong, it’s an active lie either by her or her daughter. The entire protest ethic encourages lying so it is not reasonable to accept any statement at face value.

      4. Paul, I’d argue that even if no gun was pointed at the car, a mob surrounding it justifies self defense with a gun 100% of the time.

        1. I’ve already had some Antifa bugman tell me that these drivers should be subject to “community justice” if they don’t let their mobs unlawfully detain them.

          People are getting sick of this shit, especially from pale-skinned self-loathing white people with too much time on their hands.

          1. Community justice is what Foster got. it just came from a different community. That’s how this game works. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. I’m 100% prepared for community justice. Something tells me the people least prepared and capable of managing community justice are the people calling for it.

            1. Indeed. These people have no clue what they’re actually asking for. And they sure as hell won’t like it.

              random dude 1: “You’re a racist”
              *shoots guy at point blank range*
              random dude 2: “My community punishes slander with death.”

        2. It is almost like Reason has never heard of Reginald Denny.

          1. Zoomer here. Did Reginald found the Denny’s restaurant chain?

            1. Naw, he was a truck driver famous for stopping when ordered by a mob during the Rodney King riots, after which he was dragged out of the truck and beaten half to death. All of this was caught on camera by a news helicopter. It’s one of the reasons a lot of truckers are refusing to go to areas where this shit is happening.

              1. Did not anyone at Edwards Air Force Base watch that?

                How could the wing commander have refused to send assistance?

                1. I don’t know whether that would run afoul of posse comitatus or not, but even if legal, and even if there were a jet with pilot, fuel, and ordnance ready to go (which itself can take seemingly forever in peacetime), what would you have liked the Air Force to do?

                  There would have been no forward air controller, no TACP on the ground, no way for the hypothetical pilot to even measure his own grids and know where he would be depositing the ordnance. How much do you think an attack pilot can actually see from the cockpit of even an A-10? And what’s he going to do, assuming Godlike omniscience of the battlefield and his own position? Spraying the area with 20mm would be about the least destructive weapon he could employ, and that would still be rough on Mr. Denny.

                  1. The A-10 packs a 30mm just FYI.

      5. Didn’t you say upthread that the governor opened the bars, so the driver was probably drunk?

        Damn, dude.

        1. Uber driver who had just dropped off a fare. Called the cops as soon as he escaped the mob. Unlikely that he was drunk.

      6. “It’s possible this shooting is not justified.”

        Most of the rest of that paragraph contradicts the first sentence.

      7. But he wasn’t wearing any form of identification!!!!

        You come at me, wearing a facemask, holding a rifle at low ready position, and I am going to treat you like the imminent threat that you most certainly are.

        My rules of engagement do not require me to wait for the muzzle to be on me, nor for rounds to be sent at me. Especially not at that range. Once shot from a 7.62×39 can easily pass through both my car door and me, then I’m done.

        Not letting that happen.

      8. How do you push a wheelchair with a rifle in your hand? If he wasn’t intending to use it why wasn’t it strapped on his back? The shit makes no sense.

      9. It makes no difference. The rifle in a low ready position is an imminent threat of death or great bodily harm. It takes a fraction of a second to raise it to fire and the driver was under no obligation to wait for that to happen. You people who have no clue on this I have an experiment for you: Go out with your AK on the street and when approached by police assume the same low ready position on them. See what happens. You will all be killed and the cops will walk. it won’t even by close.

  15. “The fact in dispute is whether Foster pointed his weapon at the driver. Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said on Sunday that the driver maintained Foster had aimed his gun towards him, leading him to shoot.”

    I’ve seen the videos of him and the rifle that night. He was using a quick draw sling with it slung across his chest. I’ve also seen a very good screen grab from the shooting video where his stock is clearly in the high-ready position. That’s not a stance you use to exercise you rights. It a stance you use to clear buildings. If he was truly peaceful, he would have had it slung over his shoulder, not at the ready. You can morn him all you want, i for one will not.

    1. You should take a look at just about any open carry rally then, carrying in the position that Garrett was carrying in that night is extremely common at those events.

      1. It makes no difference how common it is. I have no doubt that there are stupid people who like to use their quick draw slings because they think it makes them look like Navy SEALS. I’ll bet you won’t find any pics or videos where they have their weapon in the high-ready position though. And, Garret did exactly that in the last picture that will ever be taken of him.

        1. Now that I see that photo and have your explanation, I completely agree. He deserved to get killed. I don’t mourn an idiot.

          1. He ran up and pointed a gun at someone thinking he could bully them into compliance. Instead he got his head blown off. He left the driver no choice but to shoot him

            1. “He ran up and pointed a gun at someone thinking he could bully them into compliance. ”

              Foster was interviewed saying that he was going to bully people into compliance.

        2. Holy shit he did have it pointed. Good pic whoever took that. What a fucking retard poseur. Who taught him to use guns? Omfg this is obscenely stupid.

          End of story. Dumbass is dead and deserved every one of those slugs. Wow.

          1. And I guarantee the shooter’s lawyers already have that pic and the accompanying video where his car gets swarmed ready to go.

            1. They aren’t going to need it. The cops already have it too and know this was clear cut self defense and so does the prosecutors office. Had he taken this stance on any LEO in the city he would be dead as disco. Prosecution would be hopeless and in fact is hopeless. He justified deadly force in spades.

        3. That’s low ready, high ready places the muzzle up. Had he been in a high ready or port arms stance he might have been better off.

          The obvious part from the picture is his hand on the pistol grip and finger near, if not on the bang button. That tells any observer he is not merely carrying a weapon, but has deployed it for immediate use.

          With the muzzle angled down, once he got withing a few feet of the car, he was effectively pointing at the car. He really left himself with no safe place to move that muzzle. So was perceived as a threat, and treated like a threat.

          1. It would not make any difference. If you are carrying a weapon even touching the weapon in a confrontation absent clear justification for doing so can be logically taken as an offensive act and justify deadly force i.e. “He was trying to draw his weapon”.

      2. What you will not find at any open carry rallies is them blocking traffic and aggressively approaching vehicles while armed. They know if they did the police would be all over them. Contrary to the police actions in these protests where they seem to go out of their way to let them get away with anything they want. And that will of course lead to escalation on the part of the protestors.

        1. How does a libertarian justify violent mobs blocking traffic and terrorizing people? Tutu thinks it was the driver’s duty to submit to this mob. You can’t hold her in too much contempt

          1. When you realize that most of Reason’s writers are of the same cohort of the assorted idiots at the NYT and their only goal is to show them how damned woke they are…nothing really shocks you that much.

          2. “How does a libertarian justify violent mobs blocking traffic and terrorizing people? ”

            A libertarian can’t.

        2. What you will not find at any open carry rallies is them blocking traffic and aggressively approaching vehicles while armed.

          Bingo. These Antifa faggots that are trying out their new toys for the first time have no fucking clue what it’s like to handle guns safely and in a manner that won’t get you killed. That’s why pro-2A rallies don’t end up in shootouts with the police or civilians.

      3. He’s got the gun in a quick draw sling, his elbow is cocked, and his hand is on the trigger. He’s literally in position to fire, especially at a downward angle into a lower car. He deserved to be shot for violating the nap, and with a firearm to boot. That’s how you know he’s just a dumb cunt, not a libertarian.

        Because a libertarian would recognize the right of a passer-by to move legally on their way and not be impeded, harassed, intimidated, threatened, or obstructed.

        And you know he’s a dumb cunt, not a real veteran. Because anyone whose been to a combat zone knows you don’t go around sticking your gun in peoples faces for no reason. Especially people who pose no threat. This fucktard created a threat, himself, where there didnt have to be one. And he threatened the wrong armed motorist. Fuck him

        1. This times a thousand. If he had ever heard an actual shot fired in anger, he would have realized how stupid shoving a gun in someone’s face is.

          1. It doesn’t even have to be a gun, there’s legal president with this. There was a story from new York just a few years ago of an Indian family in their van that got stuck in one of those street bike/quad stunt gangs you’ll see taking over a section of highway. And they started threatening him and bangin on his car so he panicked n fled while mowing a bunch over. And he got off for fear of life and his families

            1. Precedent you mfers

          2. Agreed. I doubt BLM will even support him – he makes anyone associated with him stupid by default.

            1. “I doubt BLM will even support him – he makes anyone associated with him stupid by default.”

              That made me laugh. I don’t think your average BLM protestor is logical enough to begin to realize what you are saying. They are more at the level of: “Evil Bad Man shot poor BLM protestor with quadriplegic wife! Evil police let Bad Man go!”

            2. BLM isn’t going to do much. He’s white. He doesn’t merit riots.

        2. “Because a libertarian would recognize the right of a passer-by to move legally on their way and not be impeded, harassed, intimidated, threatened, or obstructed.”

          Yep. Small wonder why Zuri doesn’t seem to recognize this aspect of the encounter, and how it led to the death of the idiot.

        3. From the Dailymail article it looks like his stint in the AF was abbreviated at best.

          The following month, Mitchell was struck down by a mysterious illness and later had to have all four of her limbs amputated following sepsis.

          Foster had to leave for basic training two months later but was discharged from the Air Force, aged 19, to become her full time carer.

          Sounds like he got a dependency discharge.

          1. Yeah, it sort of like the American Indian Elder and Vietnam veteran assaulted by white kids wearing MAGA hats, turned out not to have served in Vietnam and turned out to be the aggressor. Where’s our resident special ops guru DoL to explain to us why we are wrong?

  16. After reading this article I would imagine Zuri Davis had an impassioned defense of the McCloskey’s exercising their rights. Oh wait no she used that as a platform to point out another injustice.

    1. Telling, isn’t it, Idle? I don’t like what the McCluskeys did, but my beef is with specifics of their actions, not the sentiment. They preserved their house and neighborhood, and didn’t have to shoot anyone. Passing grade.

      1. And for standing up the mob, they are now going to pay the price. The politically correct leftists will be caught and released after any crime while normal, law-abiding citizens will be criticized and harassed by police and DAs for daring the protect what is rightfully theirs. Anarcho-tyranny is the future of American government.

        1. Looks like Soros paying for a bunch of DA campaigns is getting the desired results

    2. Principals, not principles.

      It’s all the rage these days.

  17. This guy was a piece of shit who ran up to a car and pointed a rifle at the driver while his buddies surrounded the car and were in the process of terrorizing the driver. He got exactly what he deserved. He was a piece of shit leftist terrorist who earlier that night said the public was “too big of pussies to do anything “. I guess he found out otherwise

    These people are terrorists and should have been arrested for blocking traffic. Since they didn’t do that, the driver was 100% right to shoot.

    Fuck the miserable author of this piece and her lies defending this scumbag. A new low for reason. It is now a leftist fascist publication.

    1. With that description and his military background, he sounds like a natural leader for the Libertarian party! #Sad

    2. And it’s worth pointing out utterly ignorant these people are. They are all trying to fit in to PC online culture. This is all virtue signaling. Yet these fucking idiots haven’t the slightest idea who they are representing. When you tell them the Ford foundation is communist and the open society is neomarxist and those two have funded BLM to the tune of 100 million, they lash out and make every excuse under the sun.

      Don’t like the Washington post as a source? Here’s the Atlantic and politico. And then they fucking deny reality. It’s truly fascinating because they have this idealized version of BLM in their heads of what it should be – just like religious believers when confronted with inconvenient facts about their religious leaders. And their identity shatters right in front of you when they see the truth.

      This world is fucked up crazy.

      1. This is the result of instant communication changing culture faster than we were ready for it.

        Hopefully everyone learns a lesson about guarding against emotion – driven issues.

        Always fully vet what you support.

        1. “Hopefully everyone learns a lesson about guarding against emotion – driven issues.”

          +10, excellent comment. I have to watch myself to avoid letting my emotions overwhelm my logic. It’s easy to start viewing everything through rose tinted glasses and start giving the sources that lean my way the benefit of the doubt and start nit picking every detail of the sources that don’t agree with my biases.

          As a human, it always takes an act of will to overcome our built in bias.

        2. Reading about CNN and WaPo settling with Sandman, maybe some media outlets might be learning that lesson the hard way.

      2. They don’t even have any demands or any kind of plans. Rioting and protesting is an end in itself.

  18. Seems clear this guy acted aggressively with an ak47 and in Texas. Bad idea.

    But a good lesson for those trying to impose a one party rule in a state that will never tolerate it.

  19. Why do I get the feeling Reason is one article away from announcing they side with BLM?

    I don’t know. I get all the right to protest stuff but it seems to me, and this is just me, a responsible libertarian will examine their life and determine if it’s worth taking the risk leaving behind a quadruple amputee. Ms. Whitney, it sounds like, had someone who cared for her. It’s not easy to find that.

    As for the incident, look, if you approach a car and swarm it it’s the law of the jungle that takes over.

    Besides, these people marching in the streets blocking roads, aren’t they supposed to have a permit so police can properly manage the roads for everyone’s safety?

    1. The dumbfuck said in his streamer interview that he was carrying the rifle because “they won’t let us march in the street anymore, so we have to exercise some of our rights.” Total fucking stupidity, especially when you have someone who literally cannot fend for themselves without another person to be a full-time caretaker.

      Note that these people getting capped aren’t even getting shot by the hated government agents; they’re getting shot by people in fear for their lives, or in friendly-fire incidents like the one in Aurora, because these idiots have never used a gun in their life and have no clue how to handle it safely.

      1. These dumb fucks are going to keep screwing around and they are going to wish they had the cops back to protect them

      2. The Chief of police Hall is a hero and did her job arresting 647 protestors blocking a bridge. She warned them not to do it because it was in violation of the law and they did.

        Do your job and protect the city and you won’t need Federal agents coming in to clean up after your stupid incompetence. And we’d be spared this weird articles here at Reason siding with ‘peaceful protestors’.

        1. That was in Dallas.

          1. By the way, didn’t the shooter get released after questioning?

            1. both of the shooters did if I remember correctly (there was a second one, an armed “protestor” in the crowd that returned fire at the driver)

          2. And then what happened, Rufus? Did the DA let the 647 go without either charges or bail? Because that seems to be the trend lately.

            Good on her for having them arrested.

            1. I don’t know.

  20. A “libertarian” about his fellow BLM marchers:
    “They’re Marxists and looters and vandals, but some of them are very fine people”

  21. “Garrett Foster understood that libertarianism was about speaking on behalf of those who are the most acutely affected by the abuses perpetrated by an overly aggressive and unaccountable government,”

    I guess I’ve been libertarianing wrong all these years, I didn’t know I was supposed to be white-knighting.

    1. Real libertarians help out the inferior negroes. I did not realize it was about the white man’s burden either

    2. Yeah, I always thought it was about speaking out against aggressive government because it’s bad for everyone.

    3. Yeah, I don’t need Spike Cohen telling me how to libertarian.

      1. Spike admits he is a legalize-murder anarchist infiltrator absolutely hostile to the U.S. Constitution. This is what the Mises Caucus wants the looter media to condition people to connect with the word “libertarian”. These agents have infiltrated the platform committee and are vandalizing the planks as you read these words.

    4. Garrett Foster understood that libertarianism was about speaking brandishing his AK47 at an Uber driver in a stopped car in the middle of an aggressive crowd.

  22. A true Libertarian would have carried an AR. Marxists, elephant poachers, and Che acolytes carry an AK.

    1. I prefer the M14 Garand, personally.

      1. M1 Garand.
        M14 was based upon the Garand.

    2. Nonsense.

      Libertarians carry any gun that suits their gun needs, and the AK has its virtues.

      “This physial object is tainted by the ideology of people who used ones like it” is … way too magical a thought process.

      1. Carry what you want but know that if you approach me with your weapon and you put so much as a finger on it I’m taking it as an offensive action and I’m shooting you without hesitation or warning.

    3. I prefer my M14 personally. I’m not gonna try to tell you it’s a better gun than an AK or AR, because it’s a heavy mother compared to an AR and it’s pretty old design, but it’s what I’m most familiar with.

    4. Libertarians pick up and use the weapons of their dead enemies.

  23. It sure seems there are libertarians who aren’t much like me.

  24. Visions of Reginald Denny danced in the driver’s head….

    1. And if this asshole would have shot that guy the way they did the guy in Provo, reason nor the author would give a shit not write a word about it.

      It is your duty to die I guess

      1. They would steadfastly ignore it

        1. They would mourn him like they mourned those two kids killed for joyriding in CHAZ.

          Silently, privately, and very little.

      2. The LP certainly wouldn’t have put out a statement of mourning about it.

        So, because this BLM thug supported the LP, they will defend him, And people here claim Trump supporters blindly support somebody…

  25. Telling that reason hasn’t written a single word about the multiple innocent people Antifa has murdered or shot this summer. But this asshole gets a full on puff piece.


    1. As I said elsewhere, Koch should just light his money in a bonfire. At least he’d get warmth and light from it, which is more valuable than Reason.

  26. What libertarian joins a statistically illiterate marxist protest?

    1. A bad one, probably a Paulist?

      (I kid, I kid. Except I kinda don’t – the Paul cult attracted people without any grounding in theory.)

    2. I used to do that as a volunteer for John Hospers’ Libertarian Defense Caucus. I infiltrated conservatives, communist surrenderists, anti-energy gangs–even tracked them infiltrating the Travis County LP as far back as 1980. Politics is not pretty, nor is investigative reporting.

  27. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. What the hell did he think was going to happen when he threw in with a violent mob to attack bystanders? Sorry Zuri whatever he may have espoused in life he died repudiating it in who he chose to side with and his actions prior to his death.

    My condolences to to his family, friends and fiance. If only he hadn’t decided to put himself in harms way for a mockery of the phrase “Black Lives Matter”

    1. It doesn’t matter his cause. He could have been protesting for gun rights and what he did would have still justified the driver shooting him.

      1. The true icing on this shit cake is what he said in that interview earlier about people being too pussy to step to him. Mere hours later he was proven wrong lmao.

        If anything this story gives me hope that karma still exists.

        1. he said in that interview earlier about people being too pussy to step to him.

          First I’m hearing of this. That’s glorious.

          1. It is true. He said he wouldn’t take on the cops but the people who claim to hate them were “too pussy to do anything “

  28. Even if we ignore the people assaulted and killed during the current “peaceful protests” by the “peaceful” protestors, most people my age remember Reginald Denny quite well. We know what can happen if you let the “peaceful” protestors yank you from your vehicle.

    1. Reason hasn’t given a single fuck about those people. The staff is just scum.

  29. I’ll help edit for full honesty:

    That’s when a driver, who remains unidentified by the APD, aggressively accelerated his car toward the crowd of protesters (edit: but stopped without injuring anyone). The protesters, including Foster, who was pushing Mitchell through the intersection, approached the vehicle in an attempt to get the driver to stop (edit: You can only approach a stopped or barely moving car on foot, so this sentence contradicts physics. Besides, the pictures clearly show break lights on the “aggressively accelerating” car. And, even if you can run 80 mph and get in front of a 3,000 pound car, and the driver is intent on hurting someone, you still won’t be able to stop the car… again, physics) Since the physical impossibilities in this story are so obvious, we can only assume bias is blinding the author.

    1. You can only assume the author is a lying hack. She is not blinded she knows the truth and is just lying

      1. You can only assume the author is a lying hack.

        Bullshit. I’ve got many more assumptions.

        1. I always assumed Zuri was a dude

          1. Based on literally nothing that I can think of

            1. “After graduating from Florida Atlantic University at the age of 18, Davis moved to Washington, D.C., to pursue political messaging. She previously worked at Rare and currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.”

              There’s a staff picture on Reason. The person in the picture looks more male than female.

      2. You’ve read her other criminal justice stories, right? She has gotten better (until obviously this one), but for awhile, Davis was really bad about telling only one side of the story. Usually in the most slanted way possible. There were a few where I had to link to the appellate opinion, and read the recitation of facts, just to try and figure out what actually happened in the alleged miscarriage of justice.

        Typical, these days here. All we need now is for Stossel to start showing his ass, and the devolution to DailyKos will be complete.

        1. I remember writing five years ago about another bitch, Lauren Galik.

          It is very important to be right on the facts, even if we disagree with the legal conclusions of the appellate courts that heard the appeals, or the propriety of the sentence. I would expect writers on Reason, if they were to write about alleged miscarriages of justice in criminal trials, to at least review the relevant court rulings and be familiar trial record. I was able to find the appellate rulings in less than an hour after reading this article. How much time did Lauren Galik have to do research?

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  30. Libertarians would not block streets, it’s a form of aggression.

  31. You know, I don’t normally read the comments on Reason, because good posts almost universally are full of garbage comments.

    But I guess today is opposite day, because that’s the dumbest defense of an idiot playing stupid games and winning the stupid grand prize I’ve ever seen, and the comments – through still a bit nutty – are bang on.

    If that guy is a “libertarian”, then I guess I’m in the wrong club, because to me that looks like “crazy dude who doesn’t think his actions have consequences trying to be woke for internet points.”

    1. Welp, that makes it official. I’m not voting for the Libertarian ticket this time.

      How bizarre that the Comments section is the only place where you can find logical reasoning here. That is becoming increasing true across

  32. Are. You. Fucking. Shitting. Me?

    Yeah, please, ask me to donate.

    That’ll work.

    After you start having decent content again, like 20 years ago.

    1. Amen. This shit is getting a bit ridiculous.

      1. I was a print subscriber when I lived in Florida back in the 90’s. What it is now is unrecognizable.

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  34. The Sherrif who taught the CCL class I took years ago pretty much said the following:

    Rule 1 of self defense… don’t go looking for trouble.

    Rule 2… if trouble finds you, retreat if you can (even if you don’t have an ethical or legal obligation)

    Rule 3… if you point it, shoot it.

    Seems like he failed 3 common sense rules on how to avoid the need to resort to self defense. After all… self defense is best served through danger avoidance. Defensive force is much riskier towards achieving that end and thus, if that is your goal, should be avoided as much as possible.

    1. Who? The driver? He as driving a car on a street where he had every right to be, when blocked and surrounded by a mob including a thug brandishing an AK. Retreat is not a viable option unless he was in a car that can outrun a bullet.

  35. Also… would like to add a comment about Fosters poor choice of comrades.

    The enemy of my enemy isn’t always my friend. The Poles weren’t saved by the Red Army kicking out the Nazis. They were just brutalized by the Red Army instead of the Nazis. Common cause with the devil isn’t a good reason to help him get power.

  36. Let’s also celebrate the possibly-libertarian driver of the automobile who protected himself from a mob equipped with at least one AK-47 and at least one person willing to point it at others. (The picture of the guy pointing his AK-47 at the car from a distance of about two feet made its rounds on the Internet about 8 hours ago.)

  37. I would say a protestor for BLK is not a libertarian. Was obviously a Marxist.

    1. Libertarians don’t block traffic and hold drivers at gun point either.

  38. Haha. A lot of the usual high minded suspects skipped this thread.

    That’s how bad it’s getting for the left. You can only defend crazy to a certain point.

  39. That moment when “libertarianism” abandons the NAP for open carrying your rifle, blocking traffic, and pointing your weapon at people that don’t comply.

  40. 1. Antifa is not Marxist. I would know. Antifa is categorically and by definition opposed to any instantiation, conceptualization, or practical movement towards fascism. If anything, Antifa is primarily composed of anarchists and libertarians (Redneck Rebellion is a great example). But they are far from Marxists.
    2. The people defending the driver according to the logic that a protestor shouldn’t be open-carrying at a protest: are you suggesting that protestors writ large shouldn’t be open-carrying? Are you suggesting that, if one were to drive into a far-right protest wherein protestors were open-carrying, that one should then be allowed to open fire based on a feeling of personal threat and danger? Some of you need to remember: you can’t have your cake and eat it, too.
    3. By any and all other accounts, this was a peaceful march. I’m sorry if the slight civil disobedience of occupying streets upsets you, but this is also how the Civil Rights movement was able to gain traction (and shutting down roads is hardly exclusive to leftist marches; selfish white cats in midwestern cities also shut down roads because they didn’t like having to be quarantined [and see where we are now], and they even also took over state capitol buildings with AR-15s–and yet….).
    4. As with Charlottesville, VA, people want to claim that leftists are the violent ones, yet it’s the “leftist” in the march who again ended up dead because, yet again, a car pulled into a march while he was pushing his partner in a wheelchair. Hell, even go with Antifa: look up the number of homocides linked to Antifa the past many years; then look up the number of homocides linked to the alt-right groups that substantiate the reason for Antifa’s existence in the first place.
    5. A lot of y’all need to learn how to civically and civilly engage with one another. You can agree or disagree with what I said above, but you’re not going to persuade anybody by resorting to ad hominem attacks and arbitrary monikers and empty identifiers. For example, I’m a Marxist myself, but it doesn’t mean what you likely think it means. Read a book and consider the state of things before you start posting in a comment section like you actually know something.

    1. No one is arguing that the protester shouldn’t have been open carrying. Foster (the deceased protester) should not have pointed his assault rifle at the driver‘s car. Pointing a firearm at another person is considered use of deadly force. It’s morally and legally acceptable to use deadly force to protect your life. Foster’s fatal mistake was in not anticipating that his victim would also be armed. As to the rest of your argument, I stopped reading after the first sentence of your second point. I wasn’t bored enough to subject myself to the rest of your rambling and disjointed mess of a word salad.

      1. Why are you engaging in a forum if you’re not going to actually read other posts? How insular and reductive is that? PS: show me where he pointed his weapon at the vehicle and, more to the point, show my why the man pushing his partner in a wheelchair didn’t feel threatened by an approaching vehicle (without stopping at red light) into crowd of people.

        1. “Why are you engaging in a forum if you’re not going to actually read other posts? ”

          Why are you addressing the guy if you actually think he didn’t read your post?

        2. 1) The picture has already been posted in this thread.
          2) Video of the incident shows, definitively, he was not pushing anybody in any wheelchair.

          I should take you seriously…why?

      2. Also, this is precisely the problem: “As to the rest of your argument, I stopped reading after the first sentence of your second point. I wasn’t bored enough to subject myself to the rest of your rambling and disjointed mess of a word salad.” If you’re unwilling to read or consider competing arguments, fair enough; just say as much. But don’t be dismissive because you’re either unwilling or incapable for responding. See #5, at which you clearly never arrived. If the whole idea is to just troll or entrench ourselves deeper into our own positions, then what are we doing?

        1. 1. Antifa is a communist mouvement from the 1920’s, same flag, same agit prop, same use of accusation of fascism to attack their opponents, same street violence and intimidation tactics. Who do you think you are lying to here? Your usual Buzzfeed audience?
          2. Asking the victim to let your goons surround him and decide when and if it’s apropriate to attack before he is able to defend himself is asinine.
          3. So many peaceful murders and peaceful arson. But if the Pravda/New York Times, said it’s peaceful, it shall be. Make me think of those well read an educated marxist in the 60s about Goulag. But anyway, all of this is for the greater good so it’s ok.
          You rationalisation of political violence and intimidation is aligned with the history of your movement.
          4. Did he get “pistol wiped” like the black kid in Chaz by your Antifa friends ?
          5. We wouldn’t have guessed you were one. Congrats for your ability to read.

    2. I’m happy to read you do not plan to vote, as no reasonable anarchist believes in government.

      1. I said I wasn’t an anarchist, and I never said I didn’t plan to vote. Were you attempting to reply to a different post?

    3. Antifa is in no way libertarian. If they’re anarchist, then they are that self-contradictory brand of far-left communist-anarchist. Pretty much the opposite of libertarian.

      1. They are not communist-anarchist. You’re just making up ideologies to apply to a group to suit your liking, which is fine enough, I guess. They are literally anti-fascist which is, in the most extreme form, anarchist and, in a more moderate sense, libertarian (the logical conclusion of libertarianism is, after all, some iteration of anarchism). I would know this, as I’m a Marxist.

        1. They are fascist you have wit. Just because they call themselves anti doesn’t change what they are.

          1. Ok. Whatever you say.

            1. Are Nazis socialists?

              1. Why don’t you go to one of Trump’s rallies and ask one?

        2. ANTIFA is a communist movement and always has been. That’s consistent with them being “anti-fascist” because communists were anti-fascist.

          Many people are anti-fascist, but few anti-fascist are ANTIFA.

          ANTIFA represents an opposition to fascism that is itself rooted in a totalitarian ideology, and one closely related to fascism itself, namely communism.

        3. They are not communist-anarchist.

          Their emblem is literally the black and red flags of anarcho-communism. GTFO of here with that gaslighting.

          1. I guess Spooner clocked out and this is the swing shift clocking in.

          2. ” GTFO of here with that gaslighting.”

            People have been misusing the term gaslighting, but here it’s spot on.

        4. Explains antifa’s long and stories history with Communist parties. Because they’re not communists. At all.

        5. Fascists are Marxists too

    4. ANTIFA is a communist organization and has been for the more than a century it has existed. It has been using both the same name and the same symbols. Trying to represent it as anything else is a lie.

      As for you, there is no rational or civil debate possible with someone who follows an ideology that advocates violence and lying.

    5. The people defending the driver according to the logic that a protestor shouldn’t be open-carrying at a protest:


      By any and all other accounts, this was a peaceful march.


      As with Charlottesville, VA, people want to claim that leftists are the violent ones,

      The guy was shown on video not four hours earlier saying that he thought anyone who saw he was armed would be too cowardly to shoot at him.

      show me where he pointed his weapon at the vehicle and, more to the point,

      There’s a link upthread, goofy.

    6. Nobody expects a Marxist to be persuaded by anything; argument or fact. This widely-held expectation is based, for most of us, on many, many, many past interactions with delusional nutjobs who style themselves “Marxist”.

    7. 1. Antifa is not Marxist.

      You are wrong. Completely and totally. Next.

      2. The people defending the driver according to the logic that a protestor shouldn’t be open-carrying at a protest:

      No one is doing this. As with Antifa and marxism you are wrong. People are not complaining THAT the protester was open carrying, they’re complaining about HOW.

      3. By any and all other accounts, this was a peaceful march

      If you ignore the occupation of the streets and the attacking of motorists. As you seem determined to do. Wrong again.

      4. As with Charlottesville, VA, people want to claim that leftists are the violent ones, yet it’s the “leftist” in the march who again ended up dead because, yet again, a car pulled into a march

      The leftist in Charlottesville that wound up dead, do you know what she was doing when she was hit? Attacking motorists that a group of leftists had swarmed and stopped in the intersection. She was engaged in violence against people–not alt-right protesters, THAT march had been over for well over an hour by this time–just people trying to drive somewhere.

      And what got the idiot who killed her going in the first place? Having HIS car swarmed and –almost– stopped further along that same street by –say it with me– a mob of leftists.

      5. For example, I’m a Marxist myself, but it doesn’t mean what you likely think it means.

      And now we see why everything you said was wrong.

    8. One can tell you are a Marxist communist by the lies you attempt to spread. 1) As far as antifa goes they are Marxist communists their name is as phony as the People’s DEMOCRATIC republic of Korea or the DEMOCRATIC Republic of Germany (Old Soviet East Germany) neither name is anywhere near truthful. 2) No is suggesting people shouldn’t be allowed to open carry, except Leftists and Communists. Darwin Award Recipient and Criminal Garrett Foster was pointing his gun towards the occupant of the vehicle, the occupant of the car felt their life threatened by Garrett Foster threatening him with the firearm and he responded by defending himself and shooting the late Mr. Foster. 3) is just nonsense and blather, you just wanted to insult people who were white and who you disagree with. 4) a bogus strawman argument based on leftist/ Marxist/ Communist propaganda. 5) Marxist/ Communism is responsible for 100+ to 200 Million deaths in the 20th century alone, I’m pretty sure we know what Marxism means p[erhaps it is you who doesn’t know what it is or means.

    9. Better learn the difference between open carrying and brandishing. The penalty for not knowing can be, and in this case was, death.

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  42. pushes more fake news than even the big corporate media. ????

    1. “Fake news” is the new term applied to any news that is disagreeable (part of the post-truth, alternative facts world that has been engineered by the self-evidently fascist administration in the WH).

      1. Self evident? Trump is a wealthy businessman who wants to lower taxes and eliminate social programs. That is the opposite of fascism.

        It’s modern communists and socialists whose political ideology has become indistinguishable from 1930’s fascism: people like you.

      2. Let me guess, you read the 12 points to recognize fascism and think you are an expert now?

        1. “parapraxis” is simply repeating the traditional post-WWII communist propaganda; you could hear that crap coming out of any East Bloc radio station: “western democracies are fascist”, “capitalism is fascism”, “the US is systemically racist”, etc.

          What is new is that communists manage to get ignorant young Americans to believe it.

          1. I know, and the 12 points bullshit is part of that propaganda.

      3. Maybe for you.
        I use it to refer to news inappropriately slanted, framed or selectively presented so as to create a false impression as to the facts.
        It isn’t that hard to tell. And if I hear anything repeated much more frequently than seems necessary (“Trump praised the KKK!”, “Trump said all Mexicans were raptist!”, etc), I go back and almost invariably find there’s ‘more to the story’.

        So fuck you false definition. You don’t get to pretend reality is whatever you want it to be. I mean, you can, but you’d be an idiot.

      4. “Fake news” is the new term applied to any news that is disagreeable

        Wrong again.

        “Fake news” is the term applied to any news that is easily and obviously debunked.

        ‘Trump told people to inject bleach’
        ‘Biden is sane’
        ‘Reason is a libertarian magazine’
        ‘Antifa isn’t Marxist’

      5. LOL That administration will be in the White House until January 20, 2025.

      6. If Trump were any kind of fascist, elections would already be cancelled indefinitely and the country would be under martial law “because COVID-19” and the frightened sheeple whining he isn’t doing anything about it would thank him.

  43. Has anyone seen Chemjeff the last day or so? Or did we just find out that he was this asshole?

    1. I guess if he doesn’t ever show up again, we’ll have a pretty good idea.

      1. In his defense, chemtard’s far more verbose and articulate than Foster was, if you go by his Facebook and video interview.

        1. Verbose when he is emoting. Articulate when he is copypasting.

          The voice changes between the two. Any time he is concise he is almost certainly doing the latter.

          1. There would have been similarities in his Facebook posts. Foster wasn’t prissy or arch like Jeff, he was a typical dudebro in his posting style.

    2. I had the same thought…

  44. Although the Summer Olympics have been cancelled, Conclusion Jumping seems to be thriving.

  45. If you participate in protests organized by Marxists, you’re not a libertarian. And if your participate in protests that you know frequently turn violent and on top of that bring an AK47 to such a protest, you don’t follow the NAP.

    1. “If you participate in protests organized by Marxists, you’re not a libertarian.”

      Mostly yes, but sometimes no. Depends on the purpose or subject of the demonstration. I could envision an event of narrow and specific focus where common cause could exist.

      In this specific case? No, the goal, if any, was all too nebulous; and the actual behavior far too aggressive for any libertarian to belong.

      Birds of a feather really does matter.

      1. I could envision an event of narrow and specific focus where common cause could exist.

        The stated objective of Marxists is to destroy free societies and free markets, and everything they do is in furtherance of that objective. If you participate in anything they do, you are helping them achieve their objectives.

        Marxists frequently use specific liberal or libertarian policies in isolation to advance their objectives. For example, free speech, free trade, and open borders are long term objectives of libertarianism. But Marxists do not promote those policies as long term objectives, they promote them as short term strategies to destroy liberal societies.

    2. “and on top of that bring an AK47 to such a protest, ”

      Bringing an AK47 would be exceptional but not actually wrong. Pointing it at an Uber driver in a stopped car surrounded by an aggressive crowd is Darwinian however.

      1. It’s not legally wrong. However, it suggest that you anticipate violence at the protest.

        1. Much the same way wearing a seat belt says you anticipate a car crash. But I would add that while a handgun might be analogous to a stock lap-shoulder, a magazine fed semi-automatic rifle would be closer to a five point racing harness.

          1. Much the same way wearing a seat belt says you anticipate a car crash.

            No, not the same way. A seat belt protects your life at no cost to anybody else. A gun requires shooting someone else in order to protect you, and if you anticipate needing it at some event, you should seriously question whether you should go in the first place.

      2. It’s not legally wrong, unless TX has a law prohibiting open carrying at public gatherings like some states do that I don’t know about, but it shows poor judgement. Open carrying in general just says: “Shoot me first” in the event of confrontation and open carrying a rifle screams it even louder.

    3. You know who else rallied gullible white nationalists to dehumanize and scapegoat Marxists?

      1. Suharto?

        1. Nice.

          One of Mel Gibson’s and Sigourney Weaver’s best movies.

      2. Ah, another strategy of Marxists: accuse others of what you are guilty of. Tony: Marxists are pretty much interchangeable in their/your evil beliefs and historical crimes from Nazis, and you are pretty much interchangeable in your lies and how you dehumanize people.

        1. That is a nonsense statement. Communists were maybe the main (political) foe of Nazis. Indisputably. Since you’re presumably not a Nazi and I’m not a communist, then what the fuck are you even talking about? Are you just being a hysterical man child using words he doesn’t understand? The fascists don’t want you smart, son.

          1. Communists were maybe the main (political) foe of Nazis. Indisputably.

            That is correct: communists were “the main political foe of the Nazis” and at the same time communists also follow an ideology that is very similar to fascist ideology. Not just that, fascist leaders originally were socialists/communists. Ideologies that are very similar often are the most hostile to each other because they actually compete for recruits.

            and I’m not a communist,

            You’ve identified yourself as socialist. Socialism, communism, fascism, social justice, and progressivism all describe closely related, collectivist, anti-capitalist, authoritarian ideologies; the finer distinctions may matter to you, they don’t matter to people who favor liberty, individual rights, and free markets.

            1. Socialist and communist are not the same thing, I call myself a capitalist thank you very much, and nobody living today in the civilized world is an actual real communist. Kim Jong Un *maybe* but Marx wouldn’t recognize it in him, and he’s hardly part of the civilized world.

              Use big boy words so we can have an actual debate. Or carry on dehumanizing everyone who disagrees with you on fiscal policy as black-hat Nazi-adjacents. I’ll just sit here and note that your president and your party have been playing fucking footsie with actual self-described Nazis for 4 years.

              1. Socialist and communist are not the same thing,

                As I was saying: Socialism, communism, fascism, social justice, and progressivism all describe closely related, collectivist, anti-capitalist, authoritarian ideologies.

                Beyond that, whether socialism and communism are “the same thing” is a pointless discussion.

                Or carry on dehumanizing everyone who disagrees with you on fiscal policy as black-hat Nazi-adjacents.

                You are using dehumanizing, loaded language, not me. And you are doing it because you think you can paper over the fact that socialism, communism, fascism, social justice, and progressivism all describe closely related, collectivist, anti-capitalist, authoritarian ideologies; the fact that fascism historically grew out of socialism; and the fact that many American progressives promoted European fascism and considered it a model until WWII, while European fascists got many of their ideas about racism and propaganda from American progressives. Facts.

                I call myself a capitalist thank you very much

                You can call yourself whatever you want, it’s facts and reality that you obviously have a problem with.

          2. Nonsense both were vile “Socialists” the difference was who was going to be in charge of the World when the War was over, the National Socialist of Germany or the International Socialists of the Soviet Union (Communist Russia) it was like two different Mafia families fight each other to see who would run a city. Both were scum fighting for position and caring only about themselves and their own profit.

      3. There’s no appreciable practical difference between Marxists and Nazis. The former killed most of their victims in “gulags” and the latter in “concentration camps” but dead is dead and basically they are two sides of the same coin.

  46. Now a days, people are harming each others. There is no value of life in today’s era. Jealousy, discrimination, money and power is the real weapon of people;
    There is scarcity of peace and kindness. We should be kind and helpful to each others. Give respect to everyone. We should take care of people around us.
    so, don’t kill a person. His/her birth, his/her life is also precious. Except of this, we should wish them on their Birthday with the help of Happy Birthday Wishes in Hindi. Be kind to each others. They will feel happy.

    1. [yawn] Meanwhile in actual reality per capita murder rates and most other violent crimes rates are only about half what they were in the late 80’s and 90’s so America is significantly less violent that it was 30 years ago.

  47. OMFG. Reason actually published this?

    Apparently they didn’t learn their lesson from their love affair with Michael Brown. Foster was a dumbass full of Big Talk who decided to play Call Of Duty in real life and found out that in Texas at least people will shoot back.

    Just as Reason discovered to their chagrin that Michael Brown was a thug who attacked a cop, so too will they discover that no, you don’t get to point AKs at car drivers, no matter what you are protesting, and not expect to get shot.

    If this is libertarianism in 2020, then it’s no wonder the Libertarian Party is completely irrelevant.

    1. The LP candidates tweet, after JoJos kerfuffles the last couple of weeks, has me seriously rethinking who I am voting for. Fuck this, I am definitely writing I’m either James Holden or if shit continues to get bad, Amos Burton.

  48. I was becoming comfortable with my “Fuck Reason” position, cancelling my subscription.

    Now I’m going to have to get comfortable with a new “Fuck the Libertarian Party” position. Hell, I used to persuade people to vote for the Party (or they were just telling me that to get me to stop haranguing them). Not any more. First Tuccille’s mendacity, now this? Pathetic. Fuck ’em.

    I may still hold some libertarian values as an individual, but there isn’t an organization that reflects them.

    1. Did you know that a common Russian spambot tactic is to constantly declare them “over” whatever publication or political philosophy they’re spamming?

      1. Pissed that he’s stealing your schtick?

      2. Tony, you are no doubt pretty familiar with the tactics of Marxist/communist/Chinese/Russian propaganda.

      3. It is standard looter fare to recite “I used to be taken in by Ayn Rand’s ideas when I was young and foolish, but senility–did I say maturity?–cured me of that silly fad.” The disparagement is sprayed on without a single fact, premise, logical operator or conclusion.

        1. Educated adults got over Ayn Rand in middle school: fact.

          1. @Tony Your a fucking retard, go fucking die in gutter, shit for brains. None of your “comments” are smart, you think they are but they are the dumbest fucking drivel anywhere on the internet. Your a prissy little faggot who throws hissy fits when you don’t get your bitch way. Most educated adults got over Marx: Fact. Now grow the fuck up, slaver scum.

            1. Is it that girls won’t touch your peepee at all or they just can’t find it on the first go?

          2. You just demonstrated his point.

    2. I wish I had subscribed to their paper magazine so I would feel the immense joy of cancelling it.

      I used to vote for libertarian candidates in the local CA elections. Not anymore. Their alignment with marxist radicals who are against everything they stand for is inexplicable.

      Meanwhile, even if a “nativist” agrees with 90% on libertarian agenda, they will still earn the scorn of the open border hardliners like Shikha.

    3. The actual party (the National LP) has been a bunch of Anarchist losers for years. The party has been totally irrelevant on the national stage never getting over 1% in an election even with a Koch brother on the ticket (as Veep one year).

      The reason? Everyone hates Anarchists.

      But they actually started the long descent into madness back in the 80s. Look up “The Dallas Accords” and you can learn about what happened and why.

      So if you’ve ever found yourselves wondering why a “Libertarian” would be spouting Anarchist rhetoric about Open Borders and dissolving the federal government, its because these aren’t Libertarians. A real Libertarian is a Minarchist, not an Anarchist.

      Minarchy is the system envisioned, designed, planned, and guaranteed to us by the Constitution for the United States of America.

      Anarchy is nothing – no system, no design, no plan, no guarantee. Just the Law of the Jungle writ large on the land. That’s why normal people, who enjoy civilized society, hate Anarchists.

      1. You clearly don’t have a proper grasp of anarchism. It doesn’t mean no rules or no plan. That’s Hollywood talking, so knock that shit out of your head. I tend to favor anarchist capitalism on its face, with competition being the primary driver of market/group policy forces. The check and balance (and likely the beginning of a pipe dream) is a well-educated and well-armed society. Can’t have mega corps bulldozing people over without their cronyist goverment backstops.

  49. Sorry, not mourning the loss of someone who supports BLM, with their dangerous neo-Marxist ideas, explicitly anti-white rhetoric, and desire to tear down liberal values.

    Your actions have consequences.

    1. I move that Das Boothead wave a gun at BLM/Antifa events. This may be a way to free the LP of communist infiltrators, agents provocateurs and planted hostile ideologues that have been accumulating since Gerald Ford pardoned Tricky Dick Nixon.

  50. I guess he found someone who was not a pussy.

    1. That’s may be the stupidest comment you can make about this.

  51. “Garrett Foster understood that libertarianism was about speaking on behalf of those who are the most acutely affected by the abuses perpetrated by an overly aggressive and unaccountable government.”

    But he didn’t understand that pointing a rifle at someone might result in that person shooting you. Dumbass.

  52. So now the LP people want to be socially accepted so much they are trying to square a circle of supporting a Marxist group with libertarianism because the Marxist group uses the excuse of police violence. It was one thing to bend libertarian principle to let in warmed over republicans in an attempt to win elections but this is quite another.

    As to the gun pointing. A man of average height or more aiming a rifle at the occupants of a passenger automobile, a typical sedan made in the last 60 years or so will be aiming at a downward angle. This squares all witness accounts. Sure the driver of the car is looking right down the barrel of rifle and it is pointed at a downward angle. That’s how a standing person aims at a sitting person.

    1. “This squares all witness accounts. Sure the driver of the car is looking right down the barrel of rifle and it is pointed at a downward angle. That’s how a standing person aims at a sitting person.”

      Even if he had the barrel pointed downward at the engine hood, it’s in the ready position and if your the driver, you don’t give him a chance to fire first at that range. It was clearly self defense from the drivers point of view. From Foster’s point of view he was threatening a driver who drove too fast into the crowd of protestors.

      If Foster had been a cop doing the same thing, Reason would have clearly taken the Uber driver’s position. Changing your stance based upon who’s in what position is not a Logical position. It’s an emotional position.

      Principals over Principles (the new Reason motto).

      1. From Foster’s point of view he was threatening a driver who drove too fast into the crowd of protestors.

        That’s why street demonstrations require permits. Either the area was closed off to vehicles and the protesters had a right to be on the street, or the area was open to vehicles, in which case the protesters had no right to be where vehicles were going.

        In any case, the car slowed down immediately after turning the corner. Foster wasn’t protecting anyone at that point, he was seeking a conflict.

      2. Yes, threatening a motorist who “drove too fast” or made a bad turn or whatever with a firearm is simply not socially (or legally) acceptable.

        If I am riding my bicycle and some motorist isn’t paying attention and nearly hits me as I ride 100% to the letter of the vehicle code I don’t get to draw a firearm on that motorist. That’s simply not considered a reasonable response.

        I’ve been pulled over by a cop by giving a motorist who brush passed me (with maybe an inch of gap to the side mirror) the middle finger, which is merely speech. If I draw a firearm I would be headed to jail.

        When I biked several miles a day situations where a motorists doing stupid things on the level in the video were a daily occurrence. I’ve had motorists who did things to me deliberately (like running me into curbs or off the road) and putting a firearm in play would have only caused me trouble even then.

        And yes, there is a double standard on this when it comes to cops. Cops do get away with not only drawing but pointing and firing.

        1. Pulling someone over for giving a middle finger is absolutely an abuse of power in and of itself.

  53. Reason just keeps stooping lower and lower.

    Simple thought exercise. Reverse the politics. Make this a pro-life march and the driver is a prius driving hipster. Zuri Davis would be preaching about the violence inherent in open carry and how thugs shouldn’t be ruling the streets.

  54. While the events surrounding his death are still being investigated, libertarians who recognize the importance of being involved in the anti-police brutality protests have expressed their sadness for his loss, and are reminding others that libertarians have both an opportunity and a duty to participate in the current debate on American policing.

    Fuck you reason. I have no duty to march with these dorks.

    1. And that says nothing about being on their side.

      Trump has been generally reluctant to go to war and has signed more criminal justice reform into law than his predecessors. These protestors are doing their damnedest to guarantee that both with Trump and in popular sentiment, that/those movements die. If they’d pulled this shit under Nixon or Lincoln, untold gallons of innocent blood would’ve been spilled and people would still be calling on police to make their streets safer.

      Any duty I have to debate in no way transfers to standing shoulder to shoulder with Foster as he gets his dumb ass dirtnapped.

  55. “Garrett Foster understood that libertarianism was about speaking on behalf of those who are the most acutely affected by the abuses perpetrated by an overly aggressive and unaccountable government.”

    What does this have to do with limited government, free enterprise, and generally minding your own business? I thought that is what libertarianism was, but seems these hacks want to be about getting an overextended government to make others behave as you wish.

    1. Yeah I have no idea what she’s talking about. That meme shirt about libertarians taking over the world to leave you alone is a better description of libertarianism.

  56. This guy did no favors to libertarianism or 2A. What a buffoon.

    1. This may be a way to get rid of the anarchist idiot the Von Mises Caucus plastered onto Jo Jorgensen’s campaign. If Spike the Pinhead will agree to wave a gun in downtown Austin, I’ll help pay his way. The cops in Austin can drop a menacing idiot from half a block away with one shot while holding the reins of a horse with the other hand–in poor light.

      1. Mega yikes. Wtf dude?

  57. Just here to see if another one of my comments gets deleted
    Maybe it was because I used this author’s name when I pointed out how NON LIBERTARIAN this article, and Reason, is now

    What a joke, looking forward to this author’s next piece ‘Why trade unions are actually a great thing’…
    Reason you have been compromised

    1. I’ve said this same thing for years. Reason developed an Anarchist tilt years ago but now appears to have entered a new perversion; the SJW Liberal phase.

      Is this the last gasp of Reason? When will Nick Gillespie admit to being a closet Sanders/Clinton/Biden supporter? It does make you wonder how this magazine went so far off the ideological rails. I guess it was starting with all that Anarchist baggage – its really impossible to have any rational agenda with such a deranged world view.

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  59. Let it be noted that Reason did not mourn the death of David Dorn (his name does not appear in this publication) or a woman who was murdered for saying “All Lives Matter”, but they mourn the death of Garrett Foster, an armed anarchist who allied himself with Jacobins and anarchists. That driver was threatening no one at the time the mob descended on it.

    What’s next, Reason? You’re going to commemorate the day Robespierre was guillotined? Yes, he was an ardent abolitionist and anti royalist. He must have been some sort of Libertarian hero!

  60. Garrett failed the IQ test of life: he displayed a rifle while leading a mob to a vehicle, in a road blocked by the mob.

  61. I can hardly believe this guy is libertarian… threatening with a weapon is already a NAP violation in this scenario. I am disappointed the VP candidate has made a public stand in support of this.

    Does anyone else recognize BLM as a fraud? A group of Marxists cooks up demonstrations and riots based on a false premise: that black people are being murdered by police because they are black. The fact that whites are *more* subject to police brutality, has to be forgotten — the problem is far greater criminality among blacks, e.g. 6% of the population committing 50% of the murders.

    What objectively matters to help our black citizens, is a list of peaceful things like education, school choice, learning how to use an alarm clock and keep a job. BLM has taken the LEAST of our problems and tried to suck all the oxygen out of the room with it.

  62. Another AntiFa idiot that got what he deserves. Boo hoo zero sympathy from me – glad he is dead.

    Now let’s hope that the citizen he menaced, whose life he threatened by brandishing/pointing a weapon at him, is not railroaded by Deep State goon AntiFa calling themselves “District Attorneys”. We know thousands of these turds were put into office by the machinations and funding of George Soros the Marxist agitator and subversive.

    1. You literally have zero hard evidence for that, you heartless fucktard.

  63. I wonder if there is any hope for honest self-reflection to take root in the community of people who call themselves “Libertarian” when what they actually ARE is Anarchists who desire Open Borders, and an end to most laws that regulate society or are in other fashion designed to support public health and safety?

    A real Libertarian is rightfully a Minarchist. This is the only possible manifestation of Libertarianism in a non-Anarchist system.

    Foster seems to have been basically at the opposite end of the political spectrum from a classical Libertarian and more on the Fascist or Communist/Socialism axis.

    If you agitate for a racial spoils system you’re not a Libertarian – because a Libertarian would understand that within a society you must have an equal playing field. A real Libertarian would demand meritocracy because that is the inevitable product of implementing free markets. The mechanism that powers free markets, which is the economic forces of supply and demand, rely on merit to decide which products and services are the best/most desirable and assigns value to that scale from least to most expensive. That’s just how free markets work. So you can’t be a Libertarian who believes in racial preferences, set asides, Affirmative Action, or “reparations” for real or imagined grievances imposed or suffered by virtue of race.

    If you don’t support nationalism, then you’re not a Libertarian either – Libertarians believe in nations as the organizing meta-principle of human society and they understand that whether its a small nation or a large one, that this is the default political model by which humans organize with each other for the purposes of mutual benefit and protection – it could be a monarchy, a democracy, a republic, but they’re all nations, and all defined by membership – typically delineated by parameters such as a border, a common language, and a shared culture (ethnic/linguistic heritage).

    Lots of delusional or cowardly Anarchists out there though, that refuse to admit they are NOT Libertarians but have co-opted this political identity because literally anything is better than admitting to supporting Anarchy.

    1. “Agitating for a racial spoils system”? What sort of Goebbelsesque bullshit is that? He was marching against innocent unarmed black boys and men from being executed by police officers in case after case across the USA. Now, you may agree or disagree with the cause for which he was marching. But if you claim that his marching was anti-liberty, then you ain’t no libertarian, minarchist or otherwise. You’re just an immoral Trumpist enemy of liberty.

      1. Have you read BLMs webpage? Because it is pretty obvious you haven’t. And your automatic assumption of him being an anti-liberty Trumpistas is just asinine ad hominems, othering, tribalist bullshit that seems more appropriate for a leftist than a Libertarian. Agree with me or else, buy the schadenfreude or your evil doesn’t sound very Libertarian to me.

        1. Exactly. Guess Desert is perfectly fine with Maoist bullshit.

      2. If you understand why the French revolution was so despised even by liberals of that time, then you understand why BLM must be shunned and shamed out of existence.

      3. He was marching against innocent unarmed black boys and men from being executed by police officers in case after case across the USA.

        Not ‘case after case’.


        There were two cases last year of unarmed black people being killed by cops that have yet to be resolved.

        There were 10 total. 6 were found to be justified. 2 were prosecuted as murder.

        2 out of 375 million encounters between police and civilians.

        Do you understand how good a record like that is? It is so near to perfect that if you multiplied the shitty outcomes by 100 you’d STILL be so close to perfect that you wouldn’t be able to see the difference.

    2. Incredibly well-said. I wish I could upvote this.

    3. I’m not even going to waste my intelligence on you. You stupid.

    4. Anarchist or ”left” libertarians at least have something interesting to offer. It’s utopian so it’s harmless, but at least it’s in theory egalitarian and rejects social structures on principle instead of what’s convenient for rich people.

      Right-libertarians are absolutely indistinguishable from Republicans in any real way. A little less theocratic but side with the theocrats every time anyway? Supposedly anti-war but it’s never affected your vote, and that’s not your main area of concern, which is the culture type of war.

      You’re just lapdogs for status quo powerful interests with a veneer of principle to give them cover. Sure, keep cutting taxes for the rich. It leads predictably to a stratified de facto oligarchy, the opposite of what a real libertarian should aim for, but hey it’s a tax cut!

      The racism and nationalism are just minnows for the barking seals. Your devotion is cheaply bought.

  64. Another thing I wanted to mention: has nobody listened to the audio? There were 5 loud gunshots, followed by 3 somewhat muffled. I figure surely the 3 were the driver and his pistol, so what was the 5 before?

    Surely this might lead to a better understanding of this homicide.

  65. According to the police: “Several protesters — including Foster, who was holding an assault rifle — approached the car…the driver reported Garrett had pointed his assault weapon at him. The driver then pointed his handgun outside the window, fired multiple shots and then drove away.”
    1) Both video/photos (Tim Pool) and witnesses (local CBS) have corroborated the driver’s account – according to both, Garrett raised his rifle.
    2) Foster went through Air Force basic training, so he was taught firearm safety: never point a gun at anything you do not intend to destroy.
    3) Foster was part of an armed mob; he didn’t fire, but someone else fired at the fleeing driver.
    4) After fleeing, the driver is the one who called 911.

    Tim Pool: Far Leftist’s Raise 100k For Armed Man Killed In Austin While Prosecuting McCloskey’s In STL
    Controversial Activist LIES About BLM Protester In Austin Being UNARMED, Then Asks For Donations
    CBS Dallas Ft Worth: Armed Protester Shot, Killed By Driver In Austin Identified As Garrett Foster, Alleged Shooter Released From Custody

    1. There they go with ‘assault weapon’ again. Even if it was select fire (which it very likely wasn’t), it still isn’t an ‘assault weapon.’

    2. Foster went through Air Force basic training, so he was taught firearm safety:

      Air Force Basic Training is not heavy on weapon handling. One day of academics and dry-firing/cleaning. One day at the range.

  66. I find it amazing to see how many “libertarian” commenters here are outraged at a protest march blocking a street! OUTRAGE! CAUSE FOR DEATH! I mean, are you serious? There is nothing “Libertarian” about condemning people peacefully marching down a street to protest what they see as an injustice in society. Anybody here who claims that the fact that they blocked traffic makes them criminals, or subject to death, ain’t no libertarian. Nor a decent American either!

    1. Blocking traffic is not the same as mobbing a car and pointing a rifle at someone. Don’t let facts get in the way of your false narrative there. We wouldn’t want a rationale discussion, just partisan screeching.

      1. Even blocking traffic is bad enough.
        It’s aggression against uninvolved peaceful citizens, physically impeding their expression of their right to get from point A to point B, usually to do something at point B that they consider important. If a blocked driver is on the way to the hospital for matter of life or death or to a job to earn wages, they’re being seriously harmed.
        I could support the protests if they directed their civil, non-violent disobedience towards the gov’t or agents of the gov’t, but not at uninvolved citizens.

    2. The precedent is now set…anyone protesting anything can simply walk down the middle of high traffic streets?

      Come on…use some of that common sense that supposedly makes you libertarian.

  67. You gotta fucking kidding me!!

    I’ve been with the party since 1989, and have been a lethal force instructor before that.

    No libertarian is stupid enough to think that blocking one’s retreat from danger and/or pointing a rifle at them when cornered for no offensive action on that person’s part is acceptable in any way. It clearly violated the non-initiation of force principle and Foster got what he deserved.

    I have no experience with the Austin or Texas state party, but I’m sure they have been going through the same degeneration the rest of the party has since the late 90s, wherein anyone is allowed in and to call themselves “Libertarian” regardless of facts. And it is incredibly frustrating that the party would embrace this aggressor who flatly violated the sacred principle upon which the party is founded.

  68. This punk got what he deserved. He is pathetic on so many levels. What kind of white loser hooks up with a quadriplegic black women? What a peace of crap white cuck. Good thing he got smoked before he could reproduce. Libertarian? What silence = white violence? BLM? Ho many Negros die at the hands of police each year out of the 330m in this country? Less than 10 I hear. The only reason this is an issue is because 50% of whites and 84% of Blacks (mixed race Africans) in this country have IQs less than 100. They are easily manipulated into believing anything they are told.

    1. Dude… seriously? Flagging yo shit for sure.

      1. Free speech can be very triggering for some of you huh? Probably call yourself a libertarian which lately more and more means whining like a little girl about anything you disagree with while asserting a right to walk around with rifles in urban public settings looking like a complete nut. Going to go out and meander about with a rifle you better damn sure understand deadly force law because you can be killed by any concealed carrier you encounter with practically speaking near impunity for so much as putting a hand on the weapon. All they have to do is claim fear of imminent death or great bodily harm and jury bias will take care of the rest.

    2. This post gloooooooooowwwwws.

    3. I thought you people liked women who can’t fight back.

  69. This is what Anarchist communist infiltration of the LP brings. Henchman et alii attract the kind of idiots who take weapons into a riot staged by anarchists whose ideology requires the legalization of murder. They then brandish those weapons, get shot and CNN says see? see? Libertarians–especially their ADA candidate Spikey Pinhead–are reckless violent terrorists exactly like ANTIFA.
    With friends like these…

    1. I didn’t realize the mainstream libertarian platform on guns was to stop calling for liberalization at some point before open-carry. Where do the government restrictions begin? I’m genuinely curious, and I’d be happy with a link.

  70. Really disappointed in two things right off the bat. 1) a Reason piece that erroneously uses the phrase “allowed by Texas law,” especially in a piece about libertarians, and 2) the amount of hasty judgement shown in these comments. Y’all already claiming a death isn’t a tragedy or that he “fucked around and found out” when it’s impossible to know that for sure. Not to mention those of you who are being outright racist.

    Freedom is dangerous, and being armed isn’t inherently a problem. Doesn’t mean anyone set out to hurt anyone, either.

    1. The pictures pretty much support the driver that the peaceful protestors surrounded his vehicle and then the armed protestor had his rifle at the ready pointed towards the vehicle and the driver. But don’t let facts get in the way of your narrative.

  71. He was a libertarian because he was carrying an AK-47? Nonsense. He was peacefully protesting with his AK? Nonsense again. Zuri Davis is a fucking idiot or a liar.

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  73. It is sad anyone dies demonstrating with a BLM group or any groups for that matter. But by grouping yourself with this fascist movement is asking for trouble and puts you at risk for just what happened. This group is not peaceful and is backed by George Soros and uses the BLM to get people to back what seems an innocent thing superficially but has many fascist things it backs deep down. Jorgensen should not be backing this just like the chairman of the Libertarian party should not have been pushing for a take over of the Venezuelan government. Obviously the police need to be rethought/reformed, but tearing up property and terrorizing people in public is not how best to get it done! The point is align yourself with libertarian principles and demonstrate with people who have those principles at heart. Not a fascist movement like BLM!

  74. All I’m seeing in these comments is happiness, glee and excitement that a young man is dead. He made a mistake, but he was by all accounts a nice kid who loved his wife and put his money where his mouth is, acting to defend other people’s first amendment rights. He died for something, at least. Most of the commenters here will die with a handful of cheetos clogging their throats, sure their next comment will finally drain all the tears from the libtards.

    Taking such joy in the death of someone is disgusting and one of the most fascist things I’ve ever seen.

    1. Taking joy in someone’s death isn’t “fascist”. The word “fascist” gets bantered around and is now a term applied to anything offensive. Just as the word racism has lost all meaning from it’s overuse, same goes for fascism.

    2. All I’m seeing in these comments is happiness, glee and excitement that a young man is dead. He made a mistake, but he was by all accounts a nice kid who loved his wife and put his money where his mouth is, acting to defend other people’s first amendment rights.


      All I’m seeing in these comments is happiness, glee and excitement that a young man is alive. He defended himself against a blustering idiot who was carrying an AK around to intimidate the people he saw as ‘pussies’ who were too weak to do anything about it.

      But that’s probably because that’s what actually happened.

    3. You betcha. A thug brandishing an AK-47 at a motorist for daring to drive on the street. That is a dangerous and unstable individual and worse for me, he was white. Statistically white thugs are far more likely to attack other whites than any other race so the death of this thug has made my America a statistically safer place. I place a priority on the elimination of white thugs because white thugs are, statistically speaking, the greatest threat to me.

  75. Do you horrible rightwing assholes plan on calming down once you’re no longer in Trump defense mode, or will you only re-teabag the nation in light of a Democratic president?

    It’s a given that you’ll treat something minor and fake Biden does as infinitely worse than something major and real Trump did, I just want to know if you’ll stop stroking out on your orgy of white supremacy and paranoid delusion or if you’ll take a goddamn break sometime soon. Because is lf this really is as much like 1930s Germany as the historical parallels suggest, I need to go buy a gun.

    1. What about today parallels 1930’s Germany?

      1. The racist nationalism, the scapegoating of minorities and liberals, the individual hero narrative, cult of personality, a willingness to put your political enemies in camps or otherwise take away their due process… I could go on. It’s just that I am having a hard time thinking of a fascist movement this large that just decided to calm down spontaneously.

        1. The racists are on the left.
          The scapegoating is coming from the left.
          Those with no respect for the rights of their “enemies” are on the left.

          But you are correct; there is little chance that this will calm down spontaneously.

          1. You’re scapegoating right now cowboy.

        2. @Tony I would seriously love to meet you in an alley without that keyboard someday. I bet your a skinny ass, beta male faggot who has never gotten into a fight in his life, people better than you intimidate you and that is why your a leftist. The alleyway meeting would end really fast, I bet I could snap you with two fingers like a weak twig, shit for brains.

          1. Actually I don’t think fat, uneducated, cousinfucking rubes are better than me.

        3. Racist nationalism? You mean the same thing Bernie Sanders supports in our immigration policy? And never mind the endless onslaught of explicit anti white racism on MSM each and every day as well as universities “scapegoating” whites for creating all the evils of society and teaching that to our kids.

          Scapegoating of minorities and liberals??? Examples please. And scapegoating those from an opposing political party is politics 101.

          Individual hero narrative? You mean like progressives trying to cancel others they disagree with in order to appear heroic to their peers?

          Cult of personality? You mean like Obama?

          Putting political enemies in camps??? What are you referring to?

          1. For people so devoted to a politician, it’s like you never even watch him speak.

            Stop lying to me. I hate liars.

      2. What about today’s parallels with 1923 Germany? With BLM/Antifa playing the part of the Nazis and the feds playing the part of the Weimar Republic.

        1. The Portland courthouse playing the part of the Reichstag.

          The fact that the GOP has all the fucking self-described Nazis in it.

  76. Ummm. Did someone take his wife home or is she still in the intersection?

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  78. Two months ago it was reasonable to call these demonstrations “anti-police brutality protests”, but not today. Every demonstration is backed by the openly-Marxist BLM. They are excuses for fascists to put on their Antifa gear and cause mayhem.

  79. “Libertarian activist” fuck you, “Reason”. Restricting people’s right to movement isn’t libertarian, there is many people who say their libertarian but don’t know what the fuck that means. Fucking “Reason” takes everybody at their word, also apparently, people who burn private property and beat the shit out of innocent people. I’ve thought about just having you kicked off my e mail list but then I wouldn’t get a laugh out of you Koch brother’s sponsored stupidity. I’ll say this, if you get in my way on the road and I need to be somewhere, one way or another your gonna get out of my way, especially if your stopping my car to take me out of it and try to kill me. Your gonna become road kill, “libertarian” or not.

  80. At least one photo clearly shows him brandishing the AK in a ready down position at the driver which clearly placed the driver in reasonable fear of death or great bodily harm and justified deadly force. All the little soy boys posing with their rifles better learn the difference between carrying and brandishing and better know deadly force law where they are because not knowing or not caring comes with a death sentence as Foster found out. As for the motorist, his crime was what again? Oh right, attempting to drive a car in the street. Contrary to what some people think that is what streets are for, not for people to me,ander about on foot holding stupid signs. Blocking traffic is not peaceful protest and is NOT a constitutionally protected activity. Keep blocking streets and starting confrontations with motorists and you’re going to keep getting killed, whether run over or shot and the motorists are usually completely justified.

  81. Darwin Award recipient Garrett Foster can be seen in pictures pointing his rifle toward or at the car in question. I’m am pretty much a Libertarian but I will not mourn the late criminal Garrett Foster. He foolishly took actions which made the driver of the car feel in fear for his life, the driver responded as any reasonable person would and defended himself. “Libertarian” criminal Garrett Foster gambled and lost. It was foolish of him to violate the occupant’s Freedom, Liberty and rights, he won’t do that again. As the saying goes play stupid games, win Stupid prizes, in the late Mr. Foster’s case we have a winner!

  82. Just before 10 p.m., the protesters crossed the intersection of Fourth Street and Congress Avenue.

    I am always a little confused as to why these protests have to happen in the middle of the night when most people are starting to retire to bed and few people are even paying any attention. I am guessing it is because “under cover of darkness” lends a certain anonymity to what they are doing.

  83. To all the little poser rifle toting soy boys: If you approach my car with any firearm and so much as touch the firearm with even one finger you will be double tapped in the chest with two .40 S&W JHPs with no warning or hesitation. If you are not down after the first two rounds you will be shot two more times and I will be completely justified under the laws of my state. I will tell police: “By reaching for his weapon he put me in reasonable fear of imminent death or great bodily harm, as such, deadly force was used to eliminate the threat posed as specifically permitted by state law”, and I will walk. Your family will not even be able to sue me as I will have civil immunity under the laws of my state.

  84. The driver was mostly peaceful.

  85. Fuck that guy and his nigger girlfriend. There’s about to more of that for his protester buddies real soon!!

    1. ^ Left wing agent provocateur.

      1. It’s the real life Clayton Bigsby.

  86. RE: Foster was very vocal about his support for Libertarian Party presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen and vice-presidential candidate Spike Cohen.

    Cohen said:
    “Garrett Foster understood that libertarianism was about speaking on behalf of those who are the most acutely affected by the abuses perpetrated by an overly aggressive and unaccountable government,” Cohen says.

    Libertarians “can stand back and allow this movement (BLM) to be co-opted by authoritarians who push for even worse policies, or,” like Foster, “we can take our natural place within this movement, which is largely espousing and advocating for policies that we’ve been advocating for since we were founded in 1971.”


    I exited the Rep party based on their lack of Libertarian principles. I didn’t want to join a “Third Party”, but I had to.

    But if the Libertarian Party thinks that the BLM movement is something to even informally support, then they are completely off their rocker and lack Libertarian principles even more than Republicans. To whom shall I go now?

    The BLM movement, by the words of their leaders and by the information on their websites make them Marxists and wholly antithetical to Libertarian principles. You don’t join a Marxist group in the hopes of changing it. That’s flat out stupid. You oppose them vehemently.

    I very much agree with severely reigning in qualified immunity from all government agencies and employees and strongly focusing on stopping police brutality. It’s decades past the time to have done that. But defunding the police is wholly asinine. There is no such thing in a free society that desires to remain free. There is only anarchy or just another group of thugs worse than the last.

    While I voted for Johnson and Weld in 2016, I believe Trump has more than earned reelection. I had planned to vote libertarian again in 2024, but now we’ll wait and see.

  87. The priority in question involves the end result.

    If the driver knew his legal standing & rights better than the protestor, then his gun wins all ties. Not every maniac tries to be civil. The legal test is not civility per se but rather all knowable legal tests.

    When dealing with the public, your rights are gone. Rights apply chiefly to dealing with government officials and honorable Men, no?

    You need to know the law and its applicability that peons like us common people have to consult with in order to deal with any ambiguity of confrontation and equivocal-minded riders driving their metal-bodied tanks into an armed protest.

  88. Lie down with dogs, you are gonna get fleas

  89. Libertarian Party mourning a dumb ass who stuck an AK into the wrong face? The protesters in this case are the authoritarians attempting to impose their will at gun point.

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  91. As a dye in the wool Libertarian Party member since 1992 (but have been voting for the party ever since 1988/Ron Paul) I will wait for more facts before I decide who is innocent and who is guilty.

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