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What Is Dexamethasone? A Potentially Life-Saving Treatment for Seriously Ill COVID-19 Patients

Plus: The U.S. Supreme Court stops an execution at the last minute, a senator argues that you shouldn't get HBO GO for free, and more...


A much-needed bit of good news in the global fight against COVID-19 emerged Tuesday, as researchers in England announced that a cheap and readily available drug is an effective life-saving treatment for some of the most seriously ill patients.

The drug, dexamethasone, has reduced deaths by one-third among patients who were sick enough to require a ventilator to breathe, according to an Oxford University study. Less severely ill patients receiving supplemental oxygen have also improved after receiving dexamethasone, researchers found, but the drug's effectiveness seems to wane when used on patients with mild symptoms. The scientists who announced the study's findings on Tuesday said they would expect dexamethasone to save one life for every eight patients treated while using a breathing machine.

Dexamethasone is a steroid that has been used for decades to treat a wide range of immune system disorders and inflammation issues, including lupus, arthritis, and severe allergies—though it can also have some nasty side effects.

Britain's health secretary immediately authorized hospitals in the country to begin using dexamethasone. The drug is widely available, cheap, and familiar to most doctors, which should allow it to have an "immediate impact" on reducing the number of coronavirus deaths, Scott Gottlieb, a former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), told CNBC.

The announcement about dexamethasone came just one day after the FDA withdrew an emergency use authorization for another drug, hydroxychloroquine, which President Donald Trump had speculated could be a cure for COVID-19.

Is dexamethasone the long-awaited breakthrough that will finally curb the pandemic? Probably not, as only a vaccine or sufficient herd immunity will stop the spread of COVID-19.

Still, if further studies and wider use of the drug bear out the initial results, it is terrific news that will reduce the virus's toll on humanity. Since the initial outbreak in Wuhan, China, late last year, COVID-19 has killed an estimated 440,000 people, including more than 110,000 in the United States.


The U.S. Supreme Court blocked the execution of Ruben Gutierrez on Tuesday night because prison authorities in Texas would not allow a priest to be in the execution chamber as Gutierrez was killed.

The late-breaking stay may allow time for a more important challenge to Gutierrez's sentence to get another look. Gutierrez was convicted of the 1998 murder of Escolastica Harrison, an 85-year old woman, during a robbery. He had admitted to being involved in the robbery but denies that he killed Harrison, and his attorneys argue that DNA evidence linking him to the crime has never been properly tested. In June, a federal district judge ruled that Gutierrez's planned execution should be put on hold until that testing can be done, but an appeals court overturned that decision and lifted the stay. The Supreme Court's decision to stop Gutierrez's did not touch on the DNA issues.


Sen. Ed Markey (D–Mass.) thinks people getting HBO for free on their phones is a problem worthy of congressional attention. In a letter to the chairman of AT&T, Markey accuses the company of harming consumers, stifling competition, and violating net neutrality (which was, of course, repealed a while ago) by giving its customers unrestricted access to HBO's streaming service.

That's a bunch of nonsense, explains Daniel Lyons, a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute:

Subscribers normally receive a certain amount of data from the carrier each month for a fee. But with zero-rating, AT&T subscribers receive the same amount of data, plus unlimited HBO Max, for the same price. It is difficult to argue that consumers are somehow harmed when a company enhances consumers' purchasing power by offering them additional content at no extra charge. […]

These bundling opportunities can also enhance competition among streaming services. HBO Max is a relatively new product, attempting to gain market share in an increasingly crowded market for streaming services. By offering the product at a discount to AT&T customers, HBO Max can increase its profile and attract customers.


• Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R–Ky.) will hold a press conference Wednesday morning to discuss police reform legislation being crafted by Sen. Tim Scott (R–S.C.).

• Not all chokeholds are created equal, and President Donald Trump's recent executive order (like many other supposed bans) only stops police from using some of them.

• Black kids are 10 times more likely to be stopped and searched by police in Washington, D.C., than their white counterparts. Less than 1 percent of all searches conducted under the city's stop-and-frisk policy removed deadly weapons from the streets.

• Five states (Arizona, Florida, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Texas) reported record increases in new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday.

• The English Premier League returns (sans fans) today after a 100-day shutdown.

Are toilets spreading COVID-19?

• A new paper argues that there should be at least 36 alien civilizations within the Milky Way galaxy. So where are they?

Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly described a now-retracted study as showing that hydroxychloroquine was effective in combatting COVID-19. The retracted study found that that hydroxychloroquine was harmful to users.

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  1. …researchers in England announced that a cheap and readily available drug is an effective life-saving treatment for some of the most seriously ill patients.

    England??? Tariff that bitch.

    1. Hello.

      Oh, look who cares again.

      1. About the American worker? You betcha.

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    2. Don’t worry, as soon as Trump agrees with how good it is, we will find out that it is rat poison after all.

      1. You beat me to this comment. Now for 3 straight weeks of daily Ron Bailey articles flip-floping about it’s effectiveness every time a different study comes out.

        1. It’s called reporting. A new study comes out, Bailey blogs about it.

          You guys are so continually victimized by every little thing.

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        2. You act like he’s the one doing the studies or editing the science journals.

          1. Piss off, Jeff.

          2. I act like the constant back and forth isn’t a good look. I don’t think the media in general would have nearly the crisis of confidence they’re suffering now if they would hold off on reporting on until they can responsibly say there’s really good scientific evidence. Saying we don’t know, but we’ll give it a try is okay. It’s the constant pretending to be authoritative that rubs me the wrong way.

            1. There are media that do that, but Bailey is usually careful to make it clear that the studies he is blogging about are not the final word.

  2. It’s a potent steroid. Will cause…


    1. Used a bunch in high-altitude medicine, as a treatment for HACE and HAPE. When you can’t just get the patient to lower altitude, or stuff ’em in a Gamow bag. Krakauer talked about ‘dexy’ a bit in, “Into Thin Air.”

      Not surprising in hindsight that it would also work to help COVID patients dying from a form of pulmonary edema.

    2. That was my nickname in college. Well, part of me anyway……

  3. Hmm, still nothing about Google banning The Federalist from their ad policy because of their comments section, which they do not censor, counts as “speech”?

    Google should be held to that exact same criteria.

    1. Google is a private company. It can do whatever it wants.


      1. Tell that to the French.

      2. While I am fully aware this is a parody, we have a private company looking to censor other private companies over what is specifically not their speech in any way, shape, or form. Google has infinitely more control over YouTube then the Federalist wields over their comments section.

        Section 230 was designed to specifically protect things like online comments. And Google is ignoring that.

        Fuck ’em and string them up.

        1. I know, lets write horrible things in the comments section then report ourselves to get Reason deplatformed. They might care then.

          We can do this. Hell, it would be the easiest thing we do all week.


          1. How exactly are you going to deplatform Reason? They don’t (as far as I can tell) use google adwords for advertising, so google doesn’t have an opinion about demonitizing them.

            1. What?! Shock! Google isn’t actually a monopoly?! There are other ways to place ads on one’s website?

              1. Microsoft wasn’t a monopoly. Standard Oil was not either. Odd.

        2. Um…these latest examples are not google deplatforming people. These are examples of Google not allowing its ads to be used on a publisher’s websites. And not because of the content of articles but because of the comments.

          While I don’t agree that google should do this, I don’t see any moral reason to punish them for it (other than declining to use their services). And I really wonder why people want to put government in charge of deciding who businesses must do business with. The same logic that says Google must provide ads for people whose speech they disagree with is the same logic that says cake bakers must provide gay wedding cakes on demand.

          1. According to federal law, The Federalist is NOT a publisher. And most certainly their commentors are not.

            1. If you are referring to Section 230, it matters not at all if a website is a publisher or not.

        3. Section 230 was not designed to protect online comments. It was designed to shield internet sites from liability for user-generated content.

          And, going back to Libertarianism 101, yes, Google can make whatever rules they want to about who can use their ad placement service. Also, going back to Libertarianism 101, everybody else can comment freely on whether it is a douchey move on Google’s part. (It is.)

          1. “Section 230 was not designed to protect online comments. It was designed to shield internet sites from liability for user-generated content.”


            1. Ok, smart guy. What did I get wrong?

                1. You got nuthin

                  1. I guess online comments are just content generated by users rather than user-generated content…

    2. Yeah, that nobody has written about it yet on their blog is pretty ironclad evidence that Reason is actively suppressing the story.

    3. Just a local story. Reason is waiting for Josh Hawley to POUNCE on Google to cover deconstructing his statement in the most unflattering interpretation they can

      1. Of course, the other half of the story is what is going on with Google and ZeroHedge.

        There’s a lesson here for everyone. News is almost always initially misreported these days. Partisans on both Team Blue and Team Red should calm the fuck down on putting their spin on stories until all the facts come out.

        Just to give a couple of examples:
        – Jussie Smollet. What an embarrassment for the left.
        – The Ukraine trying to recruit Vindman. What an embarrassment for commenters here (especially John) who started attacking Vindman’s loyalty to the United States, and then, the very same day, it turned out that the guy who “tried to recruit him” was only joking. It was all a big nothing burger of a non-story.

        1. “It was all a big nothing burger of a non-story”

          They don’t call you “Lying Jeffy” for nothing…

    4. Quit asking for government to control a search engine. WTF is wrong with you? There’s no way that will turn out in a way other than full government control over search results. It’s like you’ve never read the history of any single regulatory push ever.

  4. “• Black kids are 10 times more likely to be stopped and searched by police in Washington, D.C., than their white counterparts. Less than 1 percent of all searches conducted under the city’s stop-and-frisk policy removed deadly weapons from the streets”

    Small issue. I don’t buy anything the ACLU says about anything.

    1. I’m going to assume, that they didn’t bother to normalize for neighborhood. DC doesn’t really have middle class neighborhoods. They have twice your mortgage for a studio apartment areas, and get robbed at gunpoint in your apartment two days after you move in areas. There isn’t a ton in between and the separation between the two areas is often less than a block. At least in my experience, which was heavily based upon downtown areas.

      1. Yes, there are no poor whites who live in the District of Columbia. So, it is poor black kids and rich white kids.

        1. Nope, there are poor white kids. My assumption though was that this statistic didn’t compare the poor white kids to the poor black kids or even compare the rich white kids to the rich black kids. But instead compared arrests rates from a majority who lived in rich areas to arrests rates from a majority who lived in poor areas.

          1. Where are there poor white kids in DC?

            1. Every time I think of the children that are being used as props in photo ops by the Pelosis and the McConnells of the world that infest that city, I think to myself “those poor children.” Is that what you mean?

            2. I have lived here for 13 years and I couldn’t tell you. Poor whites live in upper Montgomery County and way far NOVA like Fredericksburg.

            3. Where are there poor white kids in DC?

              Writing for Reason. Check under the B’s.

      2. My experience is near 30 years old at this point, but that struck me too when I visited D.C. Beautiful brownstone, immaculate flowers, Porsche in street parking. Turn the corner and, “Holy shit, did I just step on a crack pipe?!” Like within two blocks or less. It was really strange.

        1. That will all be fixed with statehood.

        2. My experience is about 6 months old (due to lock-down, I haven’t been to DC lately). That’s a good description of DC still. Some areas have improved though (near the Nats ball park for one).

      3. Many of these are now the same area!

    2. La la la going to plug my ears to any information that doesn’t reinforce my worldview. Better go back to zerohedge for all your news.

      1. That’s literally advocate daily. See your comment above.

    3. In DC white kids are driven to private school so they can avoid the cops. black kids aren’t allowed to go to private school thanks to Obama so they have to walk where the police can stop them. Its all in the optics of what is happening and its all racism by Obama’s white half.

    4. Uncle Joe thinks smart kids are just as likely to be stopped as black kids

  5. Black kids are 10 times more likely to be stopped and searched by police in Washington, D.C….

    Nice of DC cops to record the race of those they stop, I suppose.

    1. Aren’t there like lots more blacks than whites in DC?

      1. Aren’t there like lots more black cops than white cops in DC?

        Cite … Page 30

        1. Nice site. Did you see that there is 1 “race not designated” cop in DC? How does that work? Are his chromosomes still trying to get that sorted out?

          1. He’s an American; doesn’t fit in anywhere in the racist sexist democrat ‘you are what you look like’ list of acceptable buckets.

      2. “Aren’t there like lots more blacks than whites in DC?”

        This is easily checked in several places. My look on the internets is that it is about evenly split- 45% black, 43% White.

        Actual population numbers don’t explain a 10x disparity, so why bring it up?

    2. Wait, I thought progressives wanted more government assistance for minority citizens.

  6. A new paper argues that there should be at least 36 alien civilizations within the Milky Way galaxy. So where are they?

    Staying the space fuck away from here.

    1. Do the math on how much nondirectional radio signals degrade with distance and how long it takes before such signals are indistinguishable from noise. IIRC, for our civilization, it’s only something like 20 light years or so, assuming really big antennas searching too. Things like using Arecibo as a giant searchlight at a nearby star are, of course, going to be different.

      We may just not be able to detect them. But we’re getting close. Spectroscopy is getting good enough that we might be able to find elevated amounts of, say, Helium, in distant planetary spectra. Or pick a different industrial civilization signal.

      1. My God, man. Haven’t you seen Independence Day? Do we really want to add that to 2020?

        1. Could be in the Democrats’ plans to unseat Trump.

      2. That is also assuming they use radio to communicate, just because we use it does not mean they will. Could be using light or something else we have not thought of yet and cannot detect.

        1. Radio is light

      3. It’s probably less than 20 light years, and shrinking because we’ve just been getting more and more efficient with our RF signals.

        And that’s assuming we don’t find a better way to communicate over distance than RF in the near future. Maybe everybody is talking to each other with neutrinos or gravitational waves or something more exotic…

  7. Are toilets spreading COVID-19?

    I knew it was the toilet paper all along!

  8. “Pence writes that “deaths are down to fewer than 750 a day.” If that’s a plateau, it works out to about 275,000 deaths a year.

    At that rate COVID would be the number three cause of U.S. deaths after cancer and heart disease, representing nearly 10% of all deaths.

    Solid fucking logic there. Things ALWAYS stay the same and never go down. Ever.
    The media cannot die fast enough.

    1. I know. What a fucken idiot. These people have Twitter accounts.

      That’s not a static figure and the goal was to ‘flatten’. You don’t extrapolate from that point.

      JFC the ignorance in full view in 2020 is astonishing.

      Reminds of when Elaine said to George, ‘I have no idea what your parents did to you’.

      I have no idea what education did to people. I have a doctor friend who has full unhinged TDS and is addicted to cherry picking data.


      1. Mind you, the person who many here felt should be VP now, Tim Kaine, argued in the Senate that the US CREATED slavery.

        I know it’s “wrong” to note how much they dislike the country, but can we note that they are absolute fucking morons?

        People discuss how Trump is “dumb”, but he’s infinitely more intelligent than the last Dem VP and the last Dem VP candidate.

        Also far less corrupt than the last Dem Pres.

        String them all up.

        1. I know it’s “wrong” to note how much they dislike the country, but can we note that they are absolute fucking morons?

          That’s not stupidity at work–it’s total gaslighting by Woketard white liberals trying to be the last ones up against the wall.

          I really wish they’d take their propaganda to its logical conclusion and kill themselves.

        2. I don’t think it’s wrong to point that out if they’re deliberately lying about the facts of HUMAN HISTORY this way.

          We’re at this point because no on pushed back. When Howard Zinn was running rampant I said to a friend there’s no way this shit won’t problematic down the road.

          The idea America ‘created slavery’ is preposterous and simply not factual. Also, no nation on the planet obsesses over it like they do in the States. Could it be there’s good business in keeping this up?

          Unfortunately, it’s killing the soul of America. For the love of God, the Civil War ended the institution at great financial and human cost. Why in the world is it still being discussed? It’s unhealthy to keep looking backwards.

          And you’ll never ever convince me that watching black men clothes line old ladies in the street or smashing a skateboard across the face of a girl like I saw yesterday is because of the ‘legacy of slavery’.

          That’s utter bull shit and a LIE. There’s other issues at play that must be considered.

        3. I think the current standard, the bar that every Congressperson has to pass was set by Congressman Hank Johnson when he asked an Admiral if sending more Marines to Guam might cause the island to tip over. This actually happened.

          So as long as you don’t say something dumber than that, you’re qualified to be in Congress. Maybe the Senate’s bar is a little higher? I don’t know…

          1. Biden’s in the Senate, and IMHO he exceeded Hank Johnson’s stupidity with his shotgun video, long before suspicions of senility arose:

            1) He claimed that the AR-15 recoil is too much for women, but they can fire a shotgun. The AR-15 shoots flames and makes a lot of noise, but with the standard configuration (5.56mm/.223 roounds) it has very little recoil. A 12-gauge is brutal, and I expect that any shotgun heavier than a .410 will have a heavier recoil than an AR-15.

            2) Then he recommended firing the shotgun blind through a door. There’s a man from Genesee County, Michigan, doing time for manslaughter for following that advice.

  9. More bad economic news.’s benefactor Charles Koch only earned $757,000,000 yesterday.

    That’s not nearly enough to stop 2020 from being absolutely disastrous for Mr. Koch’s hard-earned fortune. He desperately needs an uninterrupted influx of highly skilled doctors and engineers from Mexico.


  10. It is difficult to argue that consumers are somehow harmed when a company enhances consumers’ purchasing power by offering them additional content at no extra charge.

    And Markey is not up to that challenge, try as he might to manufacture a problem for him to solve.

    1. Isn’t offering consumers additional content at no charge exactly what got Microsoft in trouble with the FCC? I mean, technically that’s what got them in trouble, we all know the real problem was that Microsoft wasn’t paying the protection money to K Street.


    Kente cloths were historically worn by African empire associated with the slave trade. So, basically the Democrats were wearing the garb of the people who supplied the slaves for the middle passage.


    1. And they bowed in subjugation to them.

    2. Unpossible. Only capitalist white males can be oppressors and slavers, and only after they invented slavery in Alabama in 1960.

    3. Kente cloths

      Your name is Toby!

    4. That’s the thing that’s been glossed over for decades as Woke Studies has gradually morphed into the nation’s new religion–nearly all African slaves weren’t caught singly in labor-intensive kidnappings like in “Roots”–they were sold or traded by African tribes who captured them as war booty, the same thing that’s happened for thousands of years.

      On the other side of the continent, the Zanzibar market was one of the largest slave trading sites in the world. Those slaves didn’t just magically show up in Zanzibar by the thousands–they were taken from inside East Africa by African tribes and sold to the traders.

      This is a big reason why Marcus Garvey’s “Back to Africa” movement was more like a blip in African-American history that’s not really examined in depth–because even most African-Americans know that the motherland continues to be a violent, dangerous shithole outside of the tourist areas and carefully curated safaris that people go on every year.

      1. I have a good friend who is black and pretty far left, but amazingly sane and honest none the less. He will say upfront that he personally benefits from the slave trade because it means he lives here in the US and not in Africa. He caveats that by saying he can say that but white people can’t. But, I am so amazed by his honesty, I am fine with that caveat.

      2. “This is a big reason why Marcus Garvey’s “Back to Africa” movement was more like a blip in African-American history that’s not really examined in depth–because even most African-Americans know that the motherland continues to be a violent, dangerous shithole outside of the tourist areas and carefully curated safaris that people go on every year.”

        Another irony, given what you wrote, is that most native Africans in my experience, absolutely detest black American culture, and aren’t thrilled with most blacks. You haven’t lived until you’ve eavesdropped on two AFAIK, Nigerians in the oil services biz, bitching about the black folks they had to pass between the corporate offices and the trade show. No idea why they were speaking English, and not Igbo or Yoruba. Maybe they were putting on a show for my benefit, though I can’t see why.

        Absolutely hilarious though. I think I dropped my swag bag, which ended the conversation.

        1. So do black natives of the Caribbean. And as a group, immigrants from the Caribbean do really well for themselves. They are almost as successful as Asians. That fact is something progressive whites dare not mention. I guess all of the evil racist deplorables are okay with Jamaicans and Haitians or something.

          1. I notice, though, Caribbean blacks jump on the BLM bull shit but not so much the Haitians. At least it’s the case in Quebec/Canada.

        2. I’ve witnessed it many times.

          The hate they had for people like Spike Lee and Jay-Z was interesting. The also hated the fact that they engage in ignorance acting as if Africa is one big monolithic country and race. Which, of course, it isn’t.

  12. A new paper argues that there should be at least 36 alien civilizations within the Milky Way galaxy. So where are they?

    We need to build a dome, and get the Martians to pay for it!

    1. A dome? To go over our flat earth?

  13. The late-breaking stay may allow time for a more important challenge to Gutierrez’s sentence to get another look.

    HOT TAKE: Wardens denied the priest purposely to engineer this extra time.

    1. This actually came out of a case where they would not allow a Muslim cleric so to be fair no priest either.

      1. Thought it was a Buddhist, but yeah, this. Although, I am guessing the guy who picked a Buddhist did so because no Buddhist spiritual advisers had been approved to be in that part of TDCJ. So, another delaying tactic.

        Looks like it worked for this guy, so far.


    So I made the mistake of going to for the first time in a while. Check out Paul Finebaum talking about the Oklahoma State Coach being seen in an evil One America Network shirt. Someone on OAN said that BLM was a farce. So, Mike Gundy should be fired for wearing such a shirt. The stupid in that video is terrifying.

    ESPN got rid of comments on their articles a couple of years ago. So, the people who work there live in this woke bubble where Twitter is getting out to see the public. I can’t help but wonder if maybe they honestly have no idea how stupid they sound to the rest of the country.

    1. Well, ESPN has hit their lowest studio ratings numbers in the history of the damned channel, so they are working hard to kill themselves.

      MLB is also trying to kill itself, so good bye to it.

      NFL is reverting back to their “losing 20% of their TV audience” form.

      Does anybody HONESTLY give two shits about the NBA?

      Sports are dead. Good job. Sided with winners there, champs.

      1. My fantasy is for Trump to explode heads by taking all the “National” sports leagues to court to get an injunction against them using “National” in their names, because they do not reflect “National” values.
        Hello ‘Kneeling football league’, ‘Black basketball association’, ‘Millionaire baseball league’, etc.
        Some fun.

        1. Look at this post. Just look at it. Reverse-TDS is real, folks

          1. Look at this post. Just look at it. TDS is real, folks

      2. I’m hoping that as the big networks shoot themselves in the feet it will lead to leagues, conferences and even teams deciding to just stream their own content online. I think people are really fed up with having to get access to 10 different networks just to watch their favorite team play. People have been tired of blackouts for decades. I’d happily pay my preferred university or pro team 10 bucks a month or something to stream all its sports content.

    2. ESPN is counting on no live sports for months creating a demand that they can’t kill no matter how woke.

      1. The problem with that is that the longer there are no live sports, the more people learn to live without sports. I know for myself, if sports had restarted a month ago, I would have watched everything they put on. Today, I am more ambivalent about it. Every day that goes by, I find other things to do and care less about sports.

        I doubt I am alone in that.

        1. If MLB never returns, I’ll be fine.
          The NBA? Utterly tiresome.

          I got used to not watching the NFL a few years ago and never got back into the full swing of watching them since.

          1. So, protestors vs. police as the new spectator sport? Cops can always be the home team, and play visiting mobs from other cities.

            1. Wrasslin will morph into actual death matches.

              1. the claymation ones were fun.

            2. Skeptic, you are on to something there!

              Mash it up with “The Purge” “Running Man” “Warriors” and “Hunger Games”

    3. What is this “ESPN” of which you speak?

      1. It is the “Entirely Socialist Propaganda Network”.

  15. which President Donald Trump had speculated could be a cure for COVID-19

    And there it is…fuck you Boehm.

    1. Good thing you are on eternal vigilance for any misstatements regarding Dear Leader.

      1. Misstatement? There was no need for any mention of Trump with regard to chloroquine. Boehm is channeling her inner ENB on this one.

        1. Seems quite relevant. Several commenters here felt it was relevant to post their prediction that if Trump says anything about this new treatment that it will be immediately poo-poo’ed by left-leaning media. Why is it OK for them to make the connection, but not Boehm?

          Why all the black knighting on Reason writers?

          1. How much dick do you get from Boehm for white knighting him?

  16. Pence writes that “deaths are down to fewer than 750 a day.” If that’s a plateau, it works out to about 275,000 deaths a year.

    But it’s not “a plateau,” you Media Matters piece of shit. It’s a coronavirus that will eventually burn itself down to a less potent strain, just like every single one before it.

    And if it doesn’t? Well, at least I can take comfort in the knowledge that you are going to suffer from it along with everyone else.


    Media now going to capitalize “B” in “Black” but keep “w” in “white” lower case. If is a small thing but taken as a whole, the behavior of the media would not be any different if it wanted to cause a resurgence of white identity and white supremacy in this country.

    1. I notice that many autocorrects (including the one on this site) change asian and hispanic to Asian and Hispanic.

      1. But we still get to change it back. God knows we have to proofread every post twice, and still it sometimes morphs while lost somewhere on the web.

    2. I thought ‘black’ was supposed to be this horrible thing to call people, and that we needed to use African-American or Person of Color? Black’s OK now?

      (If only I could find the exact Bloom County Sunday comic that started with, I think, Milo’s grandmother saying, “What a pretty colored girl..”)

      Make up your damned minds already.

      1. Class it up by calling ‘those people’ coloured (with the U)

      2. Have you ever heard of the euphemism treadmill? This would be a great example. It will never be settled because people will start using whatever the PC term is in a derogatory way necessitating the need for a new or recycled PC term.

        1. How about we outlaw hyphens?
          Call everyone Americans, or Canadians, or English (ok, not them), or whatever?

          1. Kontiki doesn’t ring the same.

      3. Everybody was pretty colored in the Sunday edition.

  18. Most Progressives can not do math, only numbers. Science fiction has almost always had to use the possibility of faster than light travel to defeat the distances involved. If the speed of light can’t be sidestepped, then we would never see signs of alien life because by the time any sign reached us, the civilizations would be millions or even billions of years old and probably gone. The Fermi Paradox has been effectively reputed by people capable of actual math several times.
    What if some civilization came by earth 100,000 years ago? Just an eye blink in the life of the planet. Would they have seen anyone to talk to? Almost certainly not, so they just keep on going.

    1. No they just build the pyramids, and stone henge and move on

      1. And that black obelisk buried on the moon

    2. You capitalized progressive.

      1. Maybe he likes Flo, and wants to save on his car and renters insurance?

      2. They really don’t like numbers, either.

    3. If there are 36 civilizations evenly distributed throughout the galaxy (or evenly distributed where stars likely of having planets capable of supporting life probably are, there are still likely hundreds to thousands of light years distant from each other on average.

      As Douglas Adam’s wrote “Space is big…”

  19. “What Is Dexamethasone? A Potentially Life-Saving Treatment for Seriously Ill COVID-19 Patients”

    Unless Trump recommends it. Then it’ll be useless or worse.

  20. Meanwhile, US companies won’t do business with US police…..

    (not that I’m all for US companies doing business with US police, but the double standard is incredible)
    The police in China are collecting blood samples from men and boys from across the country to build a genetic map of its roughly 700 million males, giving the authorities a powerful new tool for their emerging high-tech surveillance state.

    They have swept across the country since late 2017 to collect enough samples to build a vast DNA database, according to a new study published on Wednesday by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, a research organization, based on documents also reviewed by The New York Times. With this database, the authorities would be able to track down a man’s male relatives using only that man’s blood, saliva or other genetic material.

    An American company, Thermo Fisher, is helping: The Massachusetts company has sold testing kits to the Chinese police tailored to their specifications. American lawmakers have criticized Thermo Fisher for selling equipment to the Chinese authorities, but the company has defended its business.

    The project is a major escalation of China’s efforts to use genetics to control its people, which had been focused on tracking ethnic minorities and other, more targeted groups. It would add to a growing, sophisticated surveillance net that the police are deploying across the country, one that increasingly includes advanced cameras, facial recognition systems and artificial intelligence.

    1. Betcha it’s great for tissue-typing too. Xi is going to live forever, or die trying.

    2. Hmm, I am struggling to remember the last time an insane leader of a totalitarian state got fixated on genetics and the purity of the national population…help me out here.

    3. Can’t wait until the next Democratic administration makes it mandatory to send your DNA samples to 23 and Me for “contact tracing purposes.”

  21. Addition of concrete barriers in CHAZ is a ‘clear sign that the city is letting protesters stay long term’; Updated


    So, Google tried to demonitize the Federalist because it didn’t like the contents of the Federalist’s comments section, which the Federalist didn’t moderate. This guy makes a great point

    you want to treat the
    comment section, which they don’t curate, as THEIR speech but simultaneously say the content you directly host and modify IS NOT your speech under Section 230?

    1. Want to get Reason deplatformed so they start caring about these things? Easiest thing in the world to do nowadays.

      1. Google only cares if the publication is something they don’t like. If they like the publication, you can have anything you want in the publication. So, it won’t work.

      2. As someone above pointed out, Reason doesn’t do Google Ads.

      3. What makes you think Reason doesn’t care about these things?

    2. Remember, John, Josh Hawley is the problem. Not Google. The guy who NOTES what they do is guilty of double-plus ungood thought.

      But, we know…muh private platforms and all.

      1. Cosmos believe that their enemies won’t use their own principles to hang them with, while simultaneously selectively practicing theirs. Meanwhile, people are getting fired and losing friends and family members because they won’t fall in line with Oceania’s new enemy.

        If the last few months haven’t demonstrated to these balloonheads how irredeemably psychotic and vindictive the left has become, then maybe they deserve the fate that’s coming for them.

        1. I think it is. Look at the center left. Most of the victims of the mob are center left liberals who helped create the mob and spent their entire life convinced no matter how bad the far left was, it still was better than the evil right. And now Frankenstein has come home to meet it’s creator.

          1. That idiot Rick Wilson tried to cancel Domino’s over a tweet they sent to Kayleigh McEnaney over 8 years ago, when she was all of 24 years old and puttering around DC as an intern. The same Rick Wilson that called Biden a clueless moron during the same time frame.

            I will give Rick credit for figuring out that you can have a viable career in the media as long as you’re slamming Republicans.

          2. What the hell is this “center left” of which you speak?

            1. A bunch of upper class twits who live in the suburbs and think that they are thoughtful and reasonable unlike the evil Republicans.

    3. Do I really have to explain the difference between the government censoring someone and a private business deciding who they want to do business with?

      1. No. But you seem to be missing the point here. The point is that if google is going to claim the Federalist is responsible for it’s comments, then why doesn’t that same logic apply to google and every other Social media platform?

        You completely miss the point here. Try again.

        1. No. But you seem to be missing the point here

          It’s chemjeff. He understands the point, he’s just being his usual obtuse, quisling self in the hopes that his lefty boos won’t cancel him.

          1. If it were chemjeff, the handle would say “chemjeff”. That’s how you know it is chemjeff.

            1. If it mewls like a chemjeff, and stumps for lefty boos like a chemjeff, it’s a chemjeff.

        2. Because Google is being hypocritical. Being hypocritical, as a private company.

          However, the great point you quoted specifically references Section 230, which means the person you were quoting was not making a distinction between government and private action.

          1. No one is trying to stop speech. They only expect you to be responsible for your speech. You can’t seem to grasp that. You have a right to own a gun. But you don’t have a right to use it negligently and cause harm. You have a right to free speech, but that doesn’t mean you can slander someone or steal their copyrighted material.

            What about that can’t you understand?

            1. That was a total non-sequitur as far as anything being discussed in the Google/Federalist matter.

              1. NO it isn’t. Google is claiming that the federalist is responsible for the content of its comment platform, which it doesn’t control. It is saying that running a platform that other people use makes the federalist accountable for what goes on there.

                Now think hard and apply that logic to Section 230. I don’t know how to make it any simpler.

                1. You are making it too simple, as in oversimplifying. You are glossing over the difference between government regulations and private business agreements.

        3. to be fair, google IS responsible for it’s actions, with PRIVATE individuals and enterprise. I’m assuming you don’t use google products intentionally right?
          The difference is government vs. private. google is NOT responsible to the GOVERNMENT for it’s content and how it handles that. It IS responsible to consumers and business partners. it’s simple.

          Asking the government to take action is basically asking the government to control all information. That’s what they WANT. why would you invite that?

          1. You’ve just made the case against Section 230…

          2. “The difference is government vs. private. google is NOT responsible to the GOVERNMENT for it’s content and how it handles that. It IS responsible to consumers and business partners. it’s simple.”

            Ok, but currently that responsibility is absolved by Section 230 protection preempting legal challenges. Private individuals cannot hold Google accountable or seek redress through civil suit, preventing private individuals from making their case before a jury.

            “Asking the government to take action is basically asking the government to control all information. That’s what they WANT. why would you invite that?”

            Government is taking action now, through 230 summary dismissal of suits. Without 230, Google could be taken to court for a jury to decide the issue. That wouldn’t be government taking action against Google, but private individual(s). The government would be acting as host and referee then, instead of defender/advocate for Google as it does now.

  23. Fact check: Yes, Kente cloths were historically worn by empire involved in West African slave trade

    The claim: Kente scarves worn by Democrats were historically worn by rich African slave owners and traders
    On June 8, Democratic members of Congress wearing kente cloths and face masks knelt in Emancipation Hall to memorialize Black lives lost to police brutality. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., read the names of unarmed Black people who’ve recently been killed by police.

    “We were there for eight minutes and 46 seconds on our knees,” she told reporters afterward . “My members will attest, it’s a very long time. It’s a very long time.”

    The group then introduced the Justice in Policing Act of 2020, aimed at changing policing after a series of Black individuals killed by police officers led to weeks of protest in the U.S. and overseas.

    In the days since, social media users have pointed out the cloth’s historical ties to the slave trade in order to criticize the legislators’ garment choice.

    “Yesterday the Democrats wore kente scarfs and knelt down for their photo op. So check this out, Kente cloth was worn by the Ashanti. It’s made of silk so the affluent wore it. The Ashanti were also known as slave owners and traders. Huh?” Dave Brandon posted on Facebook June 9. “This makes me wonder why they chose to wear this particular tribe’s garb.”

    …The Asante supplied British and Dutch traders with slaves in exchange for firearms, which they used to expand their empire. Slaves were often acquired as tributes from smaller states or captured during war. Some slaves were brought across the Atlantic whiles others stayed in Africa to work in gold fields.

    According to the BBC, by the end of the 18th century the region exported an estimated 6,000-7,000 slaves per year.

    1. They dressed as the suppliers of the slaves for the middle passage. I linked to that above. Comically stupid is the only way to describe this.

      1. Or a Freudian slip?

        1. Yea, that definitely hurts the “cultural appropriation” criticism.

    2. So topless and loincloths would have been more appropriate? A photo many would never want to see.

  24. Obviously, an organization totally free of racism should be called in for an investigation:

    “Africa seeks UN probe into US ‘systemic racism’”
    “…African countries are pushing for the UN’s top rights body to launch a high-level investigation into “systemic racism” and police violence in the United States and beyond, according to a draft resolution introduced Tuesday…”

  25. Obviously, the lefty rags are going to trumpet right-wing violence where ever it can be found, but…

    “What we know about the ‘Boogaloo Bois’”
    “…Dr. Lawrence Rosenthal, director for the Center for Right-Wing Studies at UC Berkeley,..”

    Yes, folks, we CA taxpayers pay for a “Center for Right Wing Studies” at Cal.

    1. As opposed to the other 90% left wing programs at Cal?

      1. As opposed to the other 90% left wing programs at Cal?

        As opposed?

        The Center for Right Wing Studies is a ‘politically neutral’ academic project venturing into the heretofore alien and unstudied phenomenon of ‘right-wing thinking’ from a neutral, apolitical academic perspective.

        Just take a look at their website, and feel the waves of apolitical scholarly neutrality.

        1. It’s the one “studies” department in all of academia that isn’t slavishly devoted to stanning the particular group it’s researching.

    2. well to be fair, Cal itself could accurately be named “Center for Left Wing Studies” witout irony

  26. Black kids are 10 times more likely to be stopped and searched by police in Washington, D.C., than their white counterparts.

    I blame racist Republicans

    1. That must be true; look at how long the Republicans have controlled the District

  27. Black kids are 10 times more likely to be stopped and searched by police in Washington, D.C., than their white counterparts.

    Because the few hundred white kids in D.C. are all the children and grandchildren of congressmen and go to Sidwell Friends School.

  28. I’m not going to bother finding the article, but someone brought up an issue with an NFL team signing Kap. Will you get fair competition? If you get a sack or pic, or give up a sack, or drop a pass, is that just football or will you get cancelled since that could only be deliberate?

    He had been figured out by opposing defenses, and lost the starting job to Blaine Gabbert. He has been out of the league for 4 years. Coaches will get cancelled for having him just carry a clipboard.

    Should be fun.

    1. I’d love to see Kaep run some franchise into the same place the Browns have been, success-wise, for the last 20 years, but it’s not going to happen. If Kaeperdink really wanted to play, he’d have been signed somewhere long before now. He and his camp have deliberately sabotaged any good-faith efforts to get him in uniform again, and the reason is pretty obvious–he has far more value as a martyr and meat shield for Nike’s slave labor factories than he does as a shitty journeyman QB. He knows it, his whore girlfriend knows it, his agent knows it, Nike knows it, and the media knows it.

      The last thing any of these people want is Kaep signing an NFL contract.

      1. If you sign him, then you can’t leave him on the bench and good luck benching him or cutting him no matter how poorly he plays. Some poor team is going draw the short straw and have to sign him, but God help them.

        Sadly, I have a terrible fear he could end up in Kansas City. One of the smart ways to deal with Kap is to have a team with a star QB. That way no one can complain if he sits on the bench all year. And there are few more anonymous positions in sports then backup to a star quarterback. And considering Andy Reid’s past success dealing with problem children, riding the bench in Kansas City would make sense from the league’s point of view.

        As you say, I bet Kap won’t sign anywhere because there is more money in being a martyr.

        1. The Chiefs signing him and putting him behind Mahomes is the only possible avenue I can see of him coming back. I think Kaep is petty and racist enough to demand playing for a team that doesn’t have a starting white QB, and in KC he can ride the pine without looking like a overrated doofus, assuming Mahomes doesn’t get injured.

          But I don’t think he’ll take that risk for that very reason. Mahomes’ is not a big QB, and I think we’re going to see him deal with injuries on and off because of his reckless playing style. Kaep won’t risk having to put up or shut up.

          1. That is why the Chiefs drafted a running back in the first round. Last year they used Mahomes’ mobility to cover up a lot of flaws. So, they went out and got a big play running back in the draft to give Mahomes some protection. I don’t think you will see Mahomes taking off and running or scrambling as often this year. He still will at times. His ability to run in the open field is what makes their offense unstoppable. He is fast but no elusive and as you say not big. The Chiefs will have him handing the ball off more or dumping it off in the flat and letting Edwards Hillaire do the work rather than running himself this year.

        2. Cam Newton is a much, much better QB (and person) than Kaep ever was, and Cam remains unsigned.
          Of all the years to bang the bs Kaep drum, the year where the NFL has its first legitimate QB glut just highlights how hollow it is.
          Of course, the media will completely ignore this

          1. God yes. I would sign Newton as a backup long before I would Kap. But I have a feeling the league is going to force someone to sign him.

            1. Apparently the Chargers are going to give him a work out.
              If, you know, he shows up.
              Good news is that they already lost all their fans by moving from San Diego, and haven’t had a real home game in LA since

    2. Could be a genius woke move by the NFL. Imagine imposing racial protections and penalties. If a black QB is sacked by a white tackle, that incurs a 10 yard penalty against the defense. And points will adjusted to correct for white privilege.

      1. I love it! Do Pacific Islanders get a free pass to stomp on people in this scenario.

        1. Considering we rained radioactive hellfire on some of their islands, sure why not.

  29. “SF proposal to tax companies with high-paid execs heads to November ballot”
    “The measure, which Haney has dubbed the “overpaid executive tax,” would bring in between $60 million and $140 million annually by taxing businesses that pay the highest-earning person in the company 100 times or more the median salary of its San Francisco workers, starting in 2022.”

    From what I dub a fucking lefty ignoramus.

    1. Well, the CEO’s chose to stay in SF in spite of decades of idiotic policies they supported.

      Seems like karma to me.

    2. and everyone is show shocked that all these companies are moving to Vegas, Austin, Boise, even utah. it just doesn’t make sense! Why would they leave SF?

    3. Yeah, like all that money the Philly soda tax raked in. Hah!

  30. Minnesota Freedom Fund collected $30M to pay bail for protestors.

    They have spent $200,000.

    That seems to match up.

    1. It always comes down to stealing with the left. Look behind the curtain of any leftist initiative and someone is getting rich taking other people’s money.

    2. How much went to that same super-PAC that BLM was kicking back to?

      1. It’d be ironic if it went to the Super PAC that is bankrolling the entire Lincoln Project.

  31. I saw a video on twitter of some black girl (dressed like a slutty Ronald McDonald*) lecturing about the racism of Aunt Jemima and it occurred to me that civilization has probably peaked.

    One of the biggest problems that the most underprivileged group in this country apparently has is a breakfast food that uses outdated stereotypes? Congratulations black people! You have First World Problems! You’ve made it! So let’s burn down the society that gave you so much that you need to whine about petty BS to feel more alive! sigh

    **ok, not totally relevant to the issue but it didn’t exactly help her credibility

    1. I referenced the issue with the OSU football coach wearing an OAN shirt above. But that is not all. In addition to the OAN shirt, a group of black players demanded the following changes to the program to make it less institutionally racist and sensitive to their culture. The changes were:

      1. Players be allowed to wear ear rings.
      2. Players be allowed to wear do rags when traveling and appearing at official functions.
      3. Players be allowed to wear saggy pants when at events representing the teams
      4. The head coach rescind the ban on playing music that is demeaning to women and uses racial slurs in the locker room and workout facilities.

      I have a black friend who grew up in Louisiana. His grandfather once broke both his legs in a construction accident. When the ambulance got there, they refused to take him to the hospital because it was a “white” ambulance and was not taking a black man to the hospital. So, the guy went without any treatment and was transported to the “black” hospital in the bed of a pickup.

      I wonder what my friend’s grandfather would think if he could see black men who are getting a free college education and opportunities he could only dream of now claiming that calling each other the “N” word, demeaning women, and dressing like gangsters is part of their culture such that to be denied doing it as part of a scholarship is “racist”? All of that work and sacrifice made in the civil rights movement and this is how the beneficiaries of it say thank you.

      1. 4. The head coach rescind the ban on playing music that is demeaning to women and uses racial slurs in the locker room and workout facilities.

        I look forward to female jock sniffers being subject to these types of high-literacy nuggets while interviewing butt-naked players on a high-protein diet:

        1. I am quite sure that there are female managers and trainers who work for the team. I am pretty sure blasting music calling women whores and bitches would constitute a hostile work environment. That is a sexual harassment suit waiting to happen.

          1. I guarantee they won’t say a fucking word about it. The minute anyone raises the issue, even if she’s black, the media will put out a couple of chin-stroking pieces, at best, and that will be it. At worst, the person raising the complaint will be called racist and get fired.

            1. Yup. Women and gays are being thrown off the Prog boat.

              1. On the bright side, black college athletes get to go back to raping with impunity because the media will excuse their actions as being traumatized by systemic racism.

            2. Look at how long it took for the Maverick’s SVP to get canned, the one anointed by I want to say GQ, as one of the top up and coming 20 African-Americans in pro sports front offices. Who also was a complete bastard to the women under him for years. Pun not intended.

        2. “Coach is racist, not letting us listen to songs that use ‘nigga’ every three seconds.”

      2. Of course older black men don’t share that stupid and frankly racist idea that ghetto culture = black culture.

        Like the comedian George Wallace said about his nephew who wore baggy pants “I tried to kick his ass, but I couldn’t find it”

      3. Pleas pleas pleas let the first song played in the locker room be Johnny rebels “nigger hatin me”

    2. We have ceded control of the circus to the clowns.

      1. “It’s time for truth the barker said and poured his self a beer
        Oh yeah forsooth said Ben the Geek but who’ll be left to hear
        They’ve driven off the fools and saints and now they’ve stole the show
        It’s all a bloody circus mates and clowns are in control.”

        Words of wisdom from Rhodes Scholar and philosopher Kris Kristofferson.

  32. Judge rejects bid to stop Trump rally

    The lawsuit had sought a temporary injunction against ASM Global, the company that manages the 19,000-seat BOK Center, according to the lawsuit, “to protect against a substantial, imminent, and deadly risk to the community.”

    …The suit tried to force ASM Global to make mandatory, for both attendees and arena workers, the use of face masks at the rally and also to enforce social distancing rules that would be impractical for a mass public event such as a political rally or demonstration.

  33. For those of you that care, two nuclear powers that have 40% of the world’s population are having a border clash. 20 Indian troops dead so far, plus some number of Chinese.

    But go on about Aunt Jamima and Snap, Crackle, and Pop.

    1. As I wrote yesterday, this has been building for awhile in Kashmir. China wants the land and a better bridge between it and Pakistani ports and Baluchi oil it’s been underwriting for the last 10-15 years or so. Accordingly, China is trying to find out if India is going to be a bitch or not. So far, they are.

      A limited war, from China’s perspective might not be a bad thing for their land and air forces. It gets them some seasoning (I don’t think the US gave them the operating handbooks for NTC, unlike everything else seemingly). It lets China figure out what works, what don’t, and it scares the piss out of smaller countries that might otherwise think of joining with the US and containing China’s ambitions. The US is unlikely to overtly interfere. India’s nuclear deterrent is likely small, and might be destroyed in a surprise first strike by China, if China thinks things might get that bad.

      Or it could all turn out to be nothing, like so many of these incidents do.

    2. If you haven’t, check out pictures of where these fights take place.
      15,000 ft elevation, snow and rock and subzero temps.
      And apparently it was hand to hand, no gunshots.
      Fn brutal


    Good story. The fact remains that most actual Americans are decent people who get along. The problem is activists, politicians, and journalists. We are a great nation failed by the worst political and media class in it’s history.

    1. Not just in America John. Up here too.

      The pandemic flushed out just how bad it is. It’s like when you take a plunger to the toilet and all the gunk comes out.

      It was that palpable. It stuns and troubles me how blatantly cynical, opportunistic and RETARDED the media and politicians are.

      We knew activists were morons. That’s just stating the obvious.

      Sad part? Where some people may have realized this, there’s a whole lotta sheep out there.

  35. U.S. Justice Department to propose rolling back protections for big tech

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Justice Department is preparing to proposes legislation as soon as Wednesday to try to remove protections that big tech platforms like Alphabet’s (GOOGL.O) Google and Facebook (FB.O) have had for decades, a department official said on Wednesday, speaking on condition of anonymity.

    President Donald Trump said in late May he would propose legislation that may scrap or weaken a law that has protected internet companies, including Twitter (TWTR.N), in an extraordinary attempt to regulate social media platforms where he has been criticized.

    The Justice Department plans to make a legislative proposal that Congress would have to pass, according to the Wall Street Journal, which was first to report the proposal.

    Trump wants to “remove or change” a provision of a law known as Section 230 that shields social media companies from liability for content posted by their users.

    1. Yeah that’s what this country needs is to have a government clamp down on content platforms. WTF?

      1. Except that doesn’t describe a clampdown, but a getting out of the way

  36. The EPL w/o fans is scrimmage. Also my guitar-nut nephew turned 15 yesterday I’m trying hard to get him into Van Halen he goes “I guess Jump is okay” I’m like dude Jump is their *worst* song I think I’m going to make him listen to Fair Warning.

    1. All of sports is dead to me now. I was as much a sports guy – some may say a junkie – as the next guy (except Stump the Schwab). But I went cold turkey in the last two months. I can just imagine the emotional train wreck ESPN must be these days.

      MLB are retards.

      I’m glad I can take in some sports with Clay Travis and Outkick. They’re sane.

      1. >>MLB are retards.

        word. mlb network has been fantastic with the childhood stuff though just yesterday was Tom Seaver’s 1978 no-no v. STL and this morning I woke up to Game 4 of the ’69 Series … love it

      2. Professional and college sports in this country are fucked in the short term. They make way too much of their revenue from TV contracts and merchandising, and what’s the point of buying a jersey if the player isn’t playing? I wouldn’t be surprised to see some franchises actually fold–way too many bad teams are already being propped up via revenue sharing, and not having any games is going to cripple their bottom line.

        And if that happens, all the sports cable networks are fucked, too, because they rely on the 24-hour sports cycle to create most of their content. At least the leagues can retrench some by offering streaming access to their video archives, and rebuild whenever the coof burns itself out in the next year or two. What’s ESPN going to do–show reruns of 30 for 30 and USFL games for the next two years?

    2. I will never understand what happened to Eddie Van Halen. Here it is in 1983 and he is on top of the world and is the greatest guitarist of his generation. And what does he do? He decides he wants to be a keyboard player. The entire 1984 record is Van Halen teasing his audience. He kind of plays when he feels like it but never really plays that much or let’s it rip. The whole record is big eff you to his fans.

      Worse than that, Van Halen was that rarest of rock bands, a band that was legitimately funny. And rather than embrace that and realize what a gift that was, Eddie Van Halen decided they had to be a “serious band” whatever that means. They ran David Lee Roth out of the band and then hired Sammie Hagar, who as a solo act was also funny, and ensured the music he made was entirely humorless.

      1. Drop Dead Legs is a highlight of 1984 but yes. I think a producer helped split them up during making 1984 if I remember the story. Everything through Diver Down is still must-listen.

      2. “1984” and its aftermath was basically Eddie asserting himself as the alpha male of the band. Everything that happened going forward was going to be directed by him, and the rest of the band members needed to go along or else. That’s why Roth left/got fired, it’s why Sammy finally got fed up and bounced after “Balance,” and it’s why Michael Anthony got fired, despite the fact that his bass playing and harmonies were critical pieces of what made the Van Halen sound so distinct through the band’s heyday.

        Eddie’s always been a bitchy, petty control freak, but the success of “1984” is what allowed him to finally take over the band’s direction. That album was a global-selling phenomenon that typically only happens once to even the really good bands, if it happens at all, and it’s biggest-selling single was a keyboard-centric piece. It’s no wonder Roth high-tailed it out of there soon after the tour was done.

        1. That makes sense and it seems to be the fate of a lot of great musicians. They get so big that no one can say no to them anymore and end up indulging their worst instincts. Lennon and McCartney are the prototype examples of that. Only the other one of the other Beatles or maybe George Martin had any standing at all to tell them no or that an idea sucked or needed work. No matter what they did, they would always be the star surrounded by yes men. And their music suffered for it.

          Even though pretty much every later Beatles song can be called a Lennon or a McCartney song, nearly every one of them and all of the really good ones were improved in some significant way by the other. After the band broke up, they didn’t have that.

          Same thing with Van Halen. Without the rest of the band to inject humor into it and remind Eddie Van Halen he was a guitarist not a keyboard player and they were a hard rock band not a ballad band, there was nothing to keep him from going off the rails.

        2. I never jumped on Van Halen.

          1. funny I can’t remember anything I didn’t draw a VH on

      3. I think Dave was a seriously abrasive personality day in, day out, and Eddie just couldn’t stand being on the road with him anymore.

        It may be that being the kind of personality that can light up a whole stadium like no one else can could be a personality that grates on you day after day.

        I’ve heard that Ted Nugent can be that way. I like Ted, but I don’t have to live with Ted day after day on the road.

        1. P.S. Dave Mustaine and Michael Schenker

          1. Absolutely bingo on Schenker.

            Also: Roger Waters. I guess being a stuck-up whiny commie bitch made it damn near impossible for his bandmates to be in the same room.

            Finally: Ritchie Blackmore.

    3. I can’t imagine a 15 year old guitar nut not going crazy when he first hears, “Eruption.”

      1. I’m hoping. also Sinner’s Swing, Mean Street, and Atomic Punk

  37. The big story we should be focusing on right now is in New Mexico.

    “A man has been arrested in connection to a shooting Monday evening at a demonstration where protesters planned to topple a conquistador’s statue in Albuquerque, New Mexico.”

    On its surface, it seems like just another story about a bunch of social justice warriors trying to tear down a statue–like tearing down a statue of a Confederate hero–and some conservative militia types counter protesting. It’s so much more than that!

    The people trying to tear that statue down aren’t doing so in the name of social justice for African-Americans, and the people who were defending it appear to have been doing so ostensibly to defend their Spanish heritage–in regards to events that happened more than 200 years before New Mexico became part of the United States.

    The groups opposing each other over this statue seem to be centered around the descendants of the Spanish, who have been in New Mexico since before the 1600s, defending the statue of the Conquistador, on one hand, and on the other hand, the opposition appears to be centered around both local Pueblo Native-Americans, who were horribly mistreated by the Conquistadors, as well as Latinos who have migrated into New Mexico from Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America in the later part of the 20th Century.

    The reason I find this so interesting is because it demonstrates one of my guiding principles–people rationalize what they do in historical terms for reasons they imagine to be peculiar to their circumstances, but they’re often really being driven by economic forces that are happening world wide and cross culturally. In other words, they’re doing things for reasons that aren’t peculiar or unique to their own history at all. They’re doing the same thing other people are doing at the same time for the same reasons–regardless of whether they realize what those reasons are.

    Shouldn’t it be surprising if the arguments against toppling a statue to a Conquistador by a descendant of the Spanish is more or less the same as the argument made against toppling a statue of a Confederate hero by the Daughters of the Confederacy? What does it say about the arguments of social justice warriors–that they’re righting some historical wound–if their arguments are the same regardless of whether they’re talking about the acts of Civil War heroes of 1865 or whether they’re talking about atrocities perpetrated by Conquistadors. And mind you, the atrocities in question occurred not only before New Mexico became part of the United States but also before the first pilgrim ever set foot on Plymouth rock!

    1. How long before the Italians get violent over a Columbus statue? Columbus is a big deal to the Italian American community.

      1. They won’t. The Italians we know from the movies don’t resemble modern Italians in any way whatsoever. They’ll complain about it like Cuomo did the other day, and acquiesce when it’s taken down anyway.

        The irony of all those Columbus statues is that most of them date from the late 19th and early 20th century, when Italian immigrants were heavily discriminated against and they were trying to fit into mainstream American society.

        1. That was one of the best episodes of The Sopranos

          The mobsters felt compelled to defend the statue of Columbus because it was a repudiation of their own myth. Tony wanted to imagine that people would think him a hero despite doing all the awful things he did. Initially, I thought that was to his credit for being able to see that what he was doing wasn’t really a great contribution to the community like his other mob associates wanted to believe. In the end, it really exposes him as a psychopath. Psychopaths care what other people think about them, but they don’t feel compelled to rationalize what they’re doing. They can see themselves as brutal murderers, and not feel compelled to rationalize it to themselves because apart from public appearances, they don’t give a fuck about right and wrong.

      2. How much you wanna bet they’re having the same arguments in Australia with the indigenous people there and the same arguments with the Maori of New Zealand? They had a big protest in Germany over last weekend, where tens of thousands of people showed up to protect against the murder of George Floyd. I strongly suspect that the murder of George Floyd is just what they’re using to rationalize their protest, but what’s really driving them is more likely to be about economics. When tens of millions of people suddenly lose their jobs and hundreds of millions more get scared because of a virus and lock downs, this is what you get.

        Like birds feeling compelled to fly south for the winter, the ultimate cause of the unrest we’re seeing right now is economic. People rationalize what they’re doing using whatever historical context they have, but like the revolutions of 1848, this is probably happening everywhere in the western world at the same time for the same reasons. The student uprisings of 1968 weren’t all about Vietnam–that certainly wasn’t the driving force in Mexico and Pakistan and they part of that. The populist revolt of 2016 didn’t happen all over the western world because of historically unique reasons in each country. It just seemed that way.

        When a bullet is fired out of a gun, the only forces that impact its velocity are the forces that are acting on it as it is fired. Or, rather, the energy and forces that went into the bullet’s creation–historically–are negligible. We tend to project rationality on people that we wouldn’t in other circumstances. Canadian geese don’t fly south in formation because they understand the laws of aerodynamics, and just because social justice warriors regurgitate things they think they’re supposed to say doesn’t mean that’s the reason they’re doing what they’re doing either.

        1. What arguments? From what my inlaws said when they visited New Zealand 20 years ago, even then the white population was doing everything it could to bend over backward for the Maori, including shoving their own heads up their asses. Anything to assuage that white guilt from living in civilized Paradise. I can only imagine it’s gotten worse with time. Christchurch didn’t help relieve the need for self-flagellation.

          Australia is likely even worse. I’m waiting for them to just trade places with the Aborigines.

          1. My understanding is that Australians were largely brought there as prisoners by the British–and they still feel guilty for what the British did!

            Canada is like that to a certain extent, too.

            If the arguments social justice warriors all over the world are making are more or less interchangeable–stripped of reference to historical context–then it’s unreasonable to assume that their rhetoric about redressing past wrongs is the driving force behind their arguments. When economic times are bad and things get scary, the have-nots go from coveting to looting. They rationalize it in all sorts of ways, but . . .

            Everybody should spend some time in Westwood (Los Angeles). Jews, Muslims, and the gay community have been living on top of each other there–eating in each other’s restaurants, etc. for decades. Why do they get along so well? I strongly suspect it has something to do with the fact that they all got rich. It’s so easy to be tolerant when you’re prosperous.

            I remember when the African-American community was targeting Koreatown. Some people told me it was about Latasha Harlins.


            I can’t help but notice that this was a case where an ethnic group migrated into the center of another group that was economically in the have-not category, and the migrants did extremely well for themselves. I’m sure it caused a certain amount of resentment, but that was exacerbated when Los Angeles was hit hard by the recession of 1991. Unemployment continued to rise in Los Angeles even as the national economy came out of recession.

            Any social justice explanation for the subsequent riots and targeting of Korean-Americans that doesn’t account for the economic impact of the recession on African-Americans in that community would be at best incomplete. We shouldn’t get too distracted by their arguments.

            If the Maori were more prosperous, I suspect their complaints would be fewer.

  38. English study? Not a good start.
    Already approved? No money there.
    Cheap? No money there.
    How can this possibly be a good idea?

  39. Are toilets spreading COVID-19?

    BAN TOILETS! Or at least — temporarily, of course, during the crisis — disable the flushing mechanisms!

  40. >>there should be at least 36 alien civilizations within the Milky Way galaxy. So where are they?

    watching this whole fucking planet like some demented Truman Show

    1. South Park did it.
      Of course, the conceit goes back to at least Homer 3,000 years ago

      1. SouthPark takedown of Mickey Mouse and China last season was delicious.

  41. That dexamethasone would work in severe Covid-19 cases is hardly news. It’s probably one of the first things a doctor would think of in case of a viral pneumonia, which severe Covid-19 cases usually are.

    1. Yup.

      This is just critical care folks sharing information. We tried this and saw it worked for some significant number of patients, we tried that and it did not. It is empirical which much of medicine is based on. Nothing wrong with that. Of course you try dexamethasone when your patients lungs are turning into jello.

  42. chapter 33, verse 50 of the Qur’an:

    “O Prophet! We have made lawful to thee thy wives to whom thou hast paid their dowers; and those whom thy right hand possesses out of the prisoners of war whom Allah has assigned to thee.”

    What do we tear down because of this?

    1. Well, muslims stayed one step ahead of cancel culture by not having any statues.

  43. What is your opinion – is dexamethasone the long-awaited breakthrough that will finally curb the pandemic? electrician alexandria

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