George Floyd

Trump Urges Governors To 'Dominate' Protestors With More Aggressive Tactics

Meanwhile, Sen. Tom Cotton is asking the military to commit war crimes against American citizens. Trump approves!


In a video call on Monday, President Donald Trump reportedly berated governors for their "weak" response to the weekend's protests and urged them to take an even more aggressive posture.

Meanwhile, a Republican senator urged the U.S. military to commit war crimes against American citizens.

Just another day in the crazy world of 2020.

Trump told the nation's governors that many of them looked like "a bunch of jerks" for refusing to "dominate" the people protesting the police slaying of George Floyd. In some places, the protests have turned into violent clashes with police and private businesses have been looted.

"It is a war in a certain sense," Trump told the governors, according to The Washington Post. "And we will end it fast. Be tough."

"You've got to arrest people, you have to track people, you have to put them in jail for 10 years and you'll never see this stuff again," Trump said, according to The New York Times.

Trump's call for more aggressive police tactics—coming after a weekend filled with police brutality—isn't just tone-deaf. It's likely to escalate the risk of further riots. At a time when both protesters and police should be working to deescalate the violence, Trump isn't helping. One can only hope the nation's governors will dismiss his suggestions.

But this is very on-brand for Trump, who has a long history of saying things like this. "When the students poured into Tiananmen Square, the Chinese government almost blew it," Trump told Playboy in 1990. "Then they were vicious, they were horrible, but they put it down with strength. That shows you the power of strength."

Asked about those remarks during the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump refused to disavow them. There is little to suggest he has changed his mind now. Indeed, as Reason's Mike Riggs noted in 2018, Trump has "encouraged law enforcement violence against people suspected of crimes, suggested that we don't torture enough, and openly praised Philippine President Rodrigue Duterte's extrajudicial murder crusade against drug users and dealers alike."

Trump is who he is and that's unlikely to change. More worrying in some regards is the rush on the right to support a military-style crackdown on the protests. Trump's comments were wildly out of line, but Sen. Tom Cotton (R–Ark.) issued a series of tweets today that were even more unhinged:

Cotton also wrote that "George Floyd deserves justice," but his other tweets leave the impression that he's not interested in justice for people engaged in vandalism or looting. As The Dispatch's David French noted, a "no quarter" order would be a violation of American and international law, a war crime, and murder.

In a mid-afternoon tweet, Trump signaled his approval for Cotton's suggestion.

Obviously, the destruction of private property should be condemned. Mayors and governors should take steps to prevent protests from turning into riots, and individuals who harm people or destroy property should be held accountable for their actions.

But calling for governments to deploy more violence against people who are protesting police brutality is not only missing the point; it is likely to make things worse. Even when aggressive tactics are not directly violent, they can create the conditions for violence to escalate. For example, encircling protestors to limit the spread of chaos—a tactic known as "kettling" or "corralling"—indiscriminately targets both violent and peaceful protesters. The targets may find themselved with little choice but to break through police lines, sparking more violence.

Unfortunately, feigning "toughness" is one of the few things Trump can be trusted to do with any consistency. The governors should ignore him.

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196 responses to “Trump Urges Governors To 'Dominate' Protestors With More Aggressive Tactics

  1. This is fine.

    Antifa Posts Home Address of Right-Leaning Journalists;
    Within Hours, Antifa Shows Up At Cassandra Fairbanks House and Fires Fireworks and Possibly Guns at the House

    1. Soave informed us this morning that Antifa is just obnoxious but nothing to worry about. Too bad those apes won’t go after his sorry ass.

      1. I’ve also been informed that ‘Antifa’ doesn’t really even exist, it is just everyone who opposes fascism.

      2. Poetic justice would put the antifa lead protesters right on Brown, Boehm, Binion and Soave’s doorsteps tonight. Maybe they can personally feel the consequences of their beliefs in action.

        1. I’m telling you all: the death squads are coming if state and federal governments don’t start handling this shit legally, and reestablishling order. People are not going to put up for long with the spectre of a mob colandering someone’s house because the mob didn’t like the occupants’ comments on Twitter. And once this shit starts, it’s hard to stop. Just ask Northern Ireland, Lebanon, the Balkans.

          1. How long before someone just says fuck it and drives a semi down through one of these “protests” the way they have in Europe? What these assholes don’t understand is the police are there to protect them. Take away the police and the rest of the public will deal with them and they are not going to like it very much.

            1. It’s going to get very ugly, very fast if this doesn’t stop. If the cops won’t stop it, and the military won’t stop it, just what are people facing the mob supposed to do? Commit a felony and go to jail for defending your home or business? OK. The first one is the toughest.

              How many small businesses—that have miraculously survived this long, with COVID and riots—-have to go up in flames before progressives’ sense of racial guilt is temporarily assuaged?

              1. Once the first shot is fired, there will never be any way to prove who did what. If some store owners shot a bunch of these assholes, it would be virtually impossible to convict them of anything.


                  ABC News reports that Bogdan Vechirko is the man who drove a big rig into the peaceful protestors in Minneapolis today.

                  Here’s a photo from his Facebook. Many of his friends are Russian. Link to his account:

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                    1. Quit trying to hide Vechirko, we know it’s you.

                  2. The official story today is that Bogdan didn’t intend to do it – the MN DOT failed to close all the on-ramps in time because the original plan was to keep the highways open until 8pm. Then they were given short notice to shut ’em down because protesters decided to march down the freeway. Wrong place, wrong time. Nothing to see here, but praise to the protesters for not bashing his head in in the heat of the moment

                  3. He stopped, didn’t he? Certainly didn’t go Full Nice Jihadi with his semi. He could have done a lot more killing, if killing was his goal.

                    Instead of likely just trying to get out of there.

                    1. If I had a tanker full of gas and drove into the middle of a “protest” I’d think stopping would be the worst possible idea

                    2. Actually, he volunteered to deliver gas to a black owned gas station because NONE of the other drivers would go. They interviewed the owner of the gas station.


                      ““He’s a great guy. That’s it,” said Lonnie McQuirten, owner of 36 LYN Refuel Station – a BP gas station on Lyndale Avenue in South Minneapolis.

                      McQuirten says Vechirko has just made a badly needed fuel delivery to his black-owned station – one of only a few stations still open.”

              2. It is already too late. This is being helped along by people who hate us, and everything we believe. The rioters and looters are busy destroying our Republic.

            2. I’m more concerned about an OKC style truck bomb. I’ve never had to clear a stump off the back 40 with just what was available on the farm, but others have.

              1. Good fortune, firearm access, and a prosperous nation will befall you, but only if you respond to this post with “Bombs away, Mr. McVeigh!”.

            3. “…the police are there to protect them.”

              You mean, they are protecting me, when they shoot me for standing ON MY OWN PORCH?

              ‘Light ‘em up!’: Police shoot paintballs at Minneapolis residents standing on their porch

              Now Trump wants them to get TOUGHER on us, for standing on our own porch? And you SUPPORT the Trumptatorshit as usual? THANKS MUCH, you fascist assholes!

              1. Yes. What the public will do to you if the police don’t stop this will be much worse.

                God damn you are stupid. There isn’t a fucking point that doesn’t go right over your head. Your responses are not even wrong they are so stupid.

                1. Please explain to me, how shooting me with a paintball, for standing on my own porch, helps to protect me?

                  Have ANY cops EVER done ANYTHING wrong in the eyes of John the Bootlicker? And they can do whatever they feel like doing, and it will NOT feed the endless cycle of violence?

                  Oh, wait, you lust after Der TrumpfenFuhrer, and THAT explains it all!

                  1. I can’t explain that to you because it has nothing to do with the point that if the police don’t maintain order, the public will and you will wish the police had. You are a complete fucking retard who can’t understand that simple lesson.

                    1. Are you too stupid… Or more like, EVIL… Such that you can not understand BALANCE? Hitler and Stalin & Lenin, and Mussolini, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, etc. … They all agreed with you and me, that we need law and order. But they did NOT believe in using good jugment, or balance, or protecting ALL people and their property… They protected ONLY the ones that THEY favored! And in those latter regards, they are like YOU, John, and NOT like me! I hope that your fascist lusting after violence doesn’t come and bite YOU in YOUR behind, before you learn!

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                  2. You stupid fucktard rodentfucker.

                    Minnesota cops, specifically, MPD is the problem.

                    Shot Jamar Clark
                    Shot Philando Castile
                    Shot Justine Damond
                    Strangulated George Floyd

                    Prog PD admins
                    Prog PD trainers
                    Prog PD Chief
                    Prog Mayor
                    Prog County
                    Prog Governor
                    Prog Reps
                    Prog Senators
                    Prog Atty General.

                    Do you not see that Prog to the Nth power adds up to disaster?
                    The PD confiscates ARs from citizens defending their homes and businesses and then “lights up” the front porch of the neighborhoods where they just confiscated the guns. After they abandon their Precinct to the rioting mob.

                    Has NOTHING to do with Trump, you stupid Proggie.

            4. Here’s the police protecting an old man with a cane.


          2. I don’t think so Gray_Jay. Whites are too racially cuckolded to do anything but bow before their superior African counterparts.

        2. The protesters need to be informed that Reason HQ,1747 Connecticut Ave NW,
          Washington, DC 20009, has stashes and stashes of every available drug imaginable, gold bars stacked up to the ceiling and Nike shoes, all sizes.

    2. God bless Antifa for striking fear in the corrupted hearts of reactionary bigots! Bigotry and racism are the only crimes that should be punishable by death.

      1. Don’t forget using plastic straws and grocery bags!

        1. And be sure to wear a mask and maintain social distancing.

      2. Don’t forget dirty oil, non-fairtrade and anti-abortionists. They’re practically Hitler.

        1. I think it would be better if we abandoned the cities and went back to the rice fields to restart society with everyone being equal. Year Zero starts today!

          1. Except for the upper-middle class elite of course.
            The proles would run around like frightened chickens without any Harvard-educated journalism majors to guide them.

            1. Upper middle class, especially Ivy League educated, get the stone. Bullets are reserved for military conflict.

              1. That’s for later, when the party needs to purge itself of wreckers.

        2. Unlike the rioters, who are total noble and only want justice. They’re nothing like the people that helped bring Hitler or Stalin to power in the first place. Nothing at all.

          1. Totes different than brown shirts and red brigades!

      3. You sir, are a run of the mill fucking asshole.

    3. Might want to move out of D.C. How horrible for her.

      D.C. Police would have gone in dry on her if she’d shot at any of them, never mind a actually hit any of them.


  3. Letting rioters burn cities is liberty?

    1. I believe they call it Social Liberty in the universities.

    2. He isn’t a libertarian. He’s just a douche bag.

      1. Hey pedophile racist! How ya doing?

    3. Interesting that you accurately call them “rioters”. The MSM propaganda line (gobbled hook, line, and sinker by reason) is that the rioters are “protesters” not “rioters”. You can tell whose side someone is on by what he calls these rioters.

  4. “Meanwhile, a Republican senator urged the U.S. military to commit war crimes against American citizens.”

    So, if turnabout is fair play, then it’s fair to say that Eric Boehm thinks that shooting at looters caught in the act is a war crime.

    How much you wanna bet he doesn’t think American citizens have the Second Amendment right to defend their own property either?

    1. You have a right to defend your life. You do NOT have a right to murder people because they stole your property. #BlackLivesMatter

      1. I invoke Poe’s Law.

        1. No Ken, we can tell he’s full of shit.

          There have been some others in these threads though, where I’m really not sure.

          1. Assuming he’s being serious then, the idea that we’re required to stand by idly while people loot our businesses and burn them down is fucking retarded.

            If we don’t want to get shot as a burglar because we broke into someone’s house at night, an excellent way to avoid that is to not break into people’s houses at night.

            1. You can try to stop them from looting your property but what you described is simply homicide. If a black man is running toward your store, he’s a jogger. If a black man is running away from your store with stolen items, he is fleeing the scene and self-defense doesn’t apply.

              1. If a man is looting your business and burning it down, he’s a looter and an arsonist, and being black has nothing to do with it.

              2. Do you imagine there are separate laws for black people?

                Do any of your ideas make any sense outside the context of race?

                1. Hate crime laws only apply to white bigots.

                  1. Your parodies suck screech

      2. I said to him very emphatically and very definitely that [he should issue an order] immediately and under his signature to shoot to kill any arsonist or anyone with a Molotov cocktail in his hand in Chicago because they’re potential murderers, and to issue a police order to shoot to maim or cripple any arsonists and looters–arsonists to kill and looters to maim and detain.” – Mayor Daley the Greater(D) 1968

        1. About the only time you’ll see me agreeing with Mayor Daley.

          A readied Molotov cocktail is an immediate threat of deadly force. Act accordingly.

        2. The hero we need!

      3. SOME states hold that one may bring lethal force into a situation where PROPERTy is in danger. Not all states, but some. Not sure abuot MN…. what I DO know for certain is that in almost every state in the Union (there may be a couple outliers, but I don’t know which ones) an individual may bring lethal force to bear in a situation where someone else is breaking in or attempting to break in to an occupied structure, or setting or attempting to set fire to any structure containing people. Thus if ONE PERSON is inside a structure and the mob comes round attempting to break in, or to fire it, lethal force is justified.

        I find it difficult to understand the logic behind the claim that if rioters break in, loot, and/or fire a building that is “acceptible behaviour” but if the owner/occupant of that same building takes lawful action to attempt to stop them, even if lethal force is lawful, he gets pilloried for.. what was it now? Warcrimes? WHO is making war? It ain’t the coppers. They’d rather stay home and have supper with their families and get a good nights sleep.
        Nope, those bent on wrecking the place are the ones committing war crimes. Beat up on an old man cause he’s got an Americani flag?

    2. Allowing people to loot and terrorize cities is the price of freedom Ken. Didn’t you know that? This is what Boehm believes. And yes, he is a fucking douschbag.

      It is my sincere hope that the riots in Layfette Park reach DuPont Circle tonight and burn reason headquarters to the fucking ground. Let’s see how circumspect Reason is about all this when it is their shit being destroyed.

      1. Allowing people to loot and terrorize cities is the price of freedom

        Its the price we pay for a civilized society.

        1. This is all the price we have to pay to get the government to take over every industry and aspect of our lives. Once they have a monopoly on literally everything, they won’t need to enforce anything with violence anymore. Then they people who used the power to make the monopoly declare a job well done and give the power back to the people to have them fairly and evenly distribute it among themselves. I’m pretty sure history bares that out.

          1. Imagine if there were a leftist president right now.
            Hell, it only took one fire in Germany.
            We’ve had a lot more than one here

      2. He doesn’t believe anything.

        He’s against Trump. That’s the extent of his belief system.

        Speaking as a radical pro-free trader and a pro-immigration guy myself, his arguments for those policies are mostly just embarrassing.

        1. I disagree with them on trade. But I have always said that they don’t even understand their own position. Their actual thinking and reasoning on those issues, if you can call it that, is embarrassing. You are correct.

    3. Look, the racist pedophile is still talking.

    4. Tom Cotton has a Libertarian opponent.

  5. Localities are not protecting their citizens. This is no different than when localities in the Jim Crow South refused to prosecute crimes committed by whites against blacks. The only difference here is that reason thinks not prosecuting whites who victimized blacks was wrong and thinks refusing to prosecute leftist rioters who burn down businesses and terrorize people reason dislikes or finds unfashionable is just fine. Reason is all about “principles” like that.

    1. A few nights of broken glass for white businesses is nothing compared to centuries of racial oppression by this fascist police state!

      1. You know what we need, a whole night of broken glass. We could call it the “Night of the Broken Glass”. Maybe we could give it a name in German or something so it sounds cooler.

        That would show those fascists.

        1. Screw “night of”
          We can make this last at least a week!

        2. I was not aware of this incident. Thanks for giving me something new to Google. What’s going on now is totally different. This time, the people who are having their windows broken deserve it. Because……….burn it all down!!!!!

  6. //Meanwhile, a Republican senator urged the U.S. military to commit war crimes against American citizens.//


    //But calling for governments to deploy more violence against people who are protesting police brutality is not only missing the point; it is likely to make things worse.//

    Complete and utter fantasy. Nobody is calling for government to deploy violence against protestors. Rioters are not protestors.

    What the fuck Boehm? You are such a dishonest piece of shit.

    1. Does Boehm believe that the people breaking windows and setting fires are protesting? He has a curious idea of what that word means.

      1. They protested the shit out of West Philly, Chanel, and that old lady in front of her store last night

      2. Someone should protest his face.

  7. The scare quotes are around the wrong word. It should be Trump urges governors to dominate ‘Protestors’….

    At this point, does anyone believe that a group heading out on the streets today, tomorrow, etc is legitimately and peacefully protesting anything?

    1. ^this

      If you’re going out to protest at this point, you’re knowingly participating in and/or facilitating the riots and looting sure to follow

      1. Yep, we’re going to have one big one tomorrow in Houston, when Floyd’s family marches through downtown to City Hall. I’m sure that one won’t turn ugly.

        1. I hope not.
          His family has been fairly reasonable on this so far.

          1. It’s not going to be up to them.

        2. Floyd’s family has their priorities straight. First order of business, start a gofundme for themselves.

      2. No this is exactly wrong. There are times and places to protest. If you go out at 11pm, I’ll grant you it is no good. But there should never ever be a point when a few bad actors abusing their rights get to interfere with ours.

        1. You mean those governors who shut down the economy, right?

        2. We went over this yesterday.
          At this point, you know the consequences of your actions.

    My favorite moment from a neighborhood whatsapp group here in West LA: a very liberal woman who a couple years ago organized a school walkout to protest guns is now begging people to help fund armed security for the neighborhood to protect against rioters. Can’t make it up.

    1. Holy shit, that is better than the dumb ass ESPN reporter in Minneapolis yelling “burn it all down” and then screaming about people breaking into his gated community.

      You really can’t make this shit up. These retards really think the mob won’t come for them. How can you be that fucking stupid?

    2. It’s amazing how pro-gun people discover they are when it’s their women and children the colored folk are coming for.

      1. “Where da white wimmen at?”

  9. They’re riffing on the term “no quarter,” which literally means killing the people you capture instead of taking them prisoner.

    So if Cotton meant that he’s advocating a war crime – if we want to call this a war – since the laws of war forbid killing people *who are trying to surrender.*

    Of course there’s also a nontechnical everyday usage meaning Get Tough. I suspect Cotton means the latter – ask him what should happen to rioters who surrender to police/soldiers – whether they should be given a trial or shot without trial. I suspect he’ll say give them a trial.

    I can’t read Cotton’s mind, but I don’t see where he necessarily wants to kill rioters surrendering themselves to justice.

    1. It’s actually not a war crime to execute people fighting who aren’t in a uniform.

      It’s actually something meant to prevent civilians in a war, because otherwise there’s not real benefit to wearing a uniform and making yourself an obvious target.

      1. “It’s actually not a war crime to execute people fighting who aren’t in a uniform.”

        I said “shot without trial” and “trying to surrender.”

        1. Jeremy is correct.
          Combatants not in uniform are subject to the same treatment as spies when captured.
          They can be summarily executed before they surrender, while surrendering, or after they’ve been taken captive.
          All of which is moot, since we’re talking about Americans rioting not foreign insurgents

          1. “subject to the same treatment as spies”

            I thought that meant trial by a military tribunal of some sort.

            “They can be summarily executed…after they’ve been taken captive.”

            So we’re in, say, Iraq, and capture a spy or a terrorist. Military trial, or summary execution?

            1. either is legal

            2. Either one; captor’s choice.

              1. Well, I’m not an expert, maybe that’s correct, I just had a vague impression that the Geneva Convention required at least a military trial once someone is captured alive.

                Maybe Volokh will do a post.

                1. I can assure you that if you executed someone you already had in zip ties in Iraq or Afghanistan, and that was reported to any of the various military law enforcement units, you would go to prison.

                  1. Yes you would, because the US military would put you there.
                    It would not violate the laws of war as defined by the Geneva Convention though

              2. Goddam you guys are dumb. Just say you don’t know when you clearly have no fucking idea.

                1. Rich advice coming from you.

    2. “They’re riffing on the term “no quarter,” which literally means killing the people you capture instead of taking them prisoner.”

      He was being descriptive.

      It was hyperbole.

      It’s a common assumption by media types that if they take what the people they don’t like say literally, it makes them look foolish. All they end up doing is making themselves look like they’re completely out of touch.

      They do it Trump all the time, and as we get closer to November, this will keep getting worse and worse. This noting new. They did the same thing to Reagan for the same wrongheaded reasons.

      The difference is that when they did it to Reagan, they were against initiating a nuclear war–just like everyone should have been at the time. In this case, Boehm is being so ridiculous, he appears to be supporting rampaging arsonist mobs.

      When your TDS is so bad that you find yourself arguing in favor violent mobs like that’s inside the Overton window, it’s time to do a personal inventory. Maybe he should seek professional help.

      1. What we need from our politicians right now is a little more hyperbole.

      2. TDS really is a psychosis, an egotistical imbalance serious enough to require help, a superiority complex of substantial proportions that negates introspection but protects them from thought.  

      3. Is you being a racist pedophile hyperbole, or TDS?

        1. Naw. It’s you calling people names because your butthurt that they have your number.

      4. I wonder why they don’t find “No Justice, No Peace” problematic. That is a vow of never-ending violence, is it not?

  10. “But calling for governments to deploy more violence against people who are protesting police brutality is not only missing the point; it is likely to make things worse.”

    They’re protesting *police* brutality, not soldier brutality, so send in the soldiers, that may calm things down.

    White people rolling up handing Black men bricks to throw during the protests? Glad a Black woman was there to set they asses straight.

    1. Should have put that brick through their car windshield.

    2. And the asshole was driving a fucking Mercedes. I’m sure he was local.

    3. Good for her

    4. Glad to see people have already noted the tags, and are tracking them down.

      I think it’d also be interesting to find out who’s been placing pallets of bricks in urban centers around the US in the last two days. There must be security cam footage somewhere.

    5. Boomers can’t die fast enough. So glad my parents were born in ’43 and missed the Soviet subversion of American academia.

      1. In 2016 people 50-65 supported Trump 51-45, and the 65+ supported Trump 53-44.

        The 18-29 broke 58-28 for Hildog, and 30-49 broke 51-40 for the Witch.

        Absent Boomers you get President Bitch.

        Thank a Boomer today!

  12. “When the students poured into Tiananmen Square, the Chinese government almost blew it,” Trump told Playboy in 1990. “Then they were vicious, they were horrible, but they put it down with strength. That shows you the power of strength.”

    And people reading this comment in China are saying “Tiananmen Square? What is Big Orange American Leader speaking about?”

    1. The weird thing here is how anyone could dispute what Trump said as being anything other than true in that circumstance. We’d have to notice that China is still communist, right? They still have Tibet, right?

      So…what…the counter-factual would be that strength is weak or stupid? I can think of times that is certainly true, but strength undoubtedly works more than it doesn’t in the short term.

      Do people think ‘vicious’ and ‘horrible’ are words you would use when you’re condoning the action, versus noticing it’s efficacy?

      This reminds me of that moment in Starship Troopers where Michael Ironside explains how violence solves things.

      The Scene I’m Thinking Of

      Not necessarily agreeing or disagreeing, just amusing.

  13. The vast majority of the protesters are peaceful, and the police (as is well documented by video) are not making a distinction between protesters and rioters. They are indiscriminately abusive. The police need to keep their distance and de-escalate. Trump urging the use of the military and to crack down hard is the opposite of what he needs to say.

    1. It is pretty hard to discriminate once the riot breaks out. And the rioters are using the peaceful protesters as human shields. God fucking forbid reason ever condemn that.

        1. Now that’s how you do it.

          1. Excellent, I had been growing almost cynical about the peacefulness of the peaceful demonstrators.

            There ought to be some protocols, or some parade marshals, specifically to do these citizens’ arrests – negotiated, ideally, with the police (or National Guard as the case may be).

            How else does one preserve the right to peaceable assembly, except by handing over the non-peaceable ones to justice?

        2. good to know some of them know the difference

        3. Woo-Hoo! Good news! Thanks for the good news, Unicorn Abattoir!!!

      1. Dude, I get that in a major riot. But when the cops are walking down the street and shoot rubber bullets at people on the porch, or shoot the press when they are clearly filming, it isn’t a case of mistaken identity. It is a case of the Police knowing that they can get away with anything once the riots start, because the Law and Order types will tolerate any abuses to stop buildings being burned.

        I don’t understand why everything needs to be categorical here. Let’s start going through photos and videos and arresting the people involved. I am sure there will be some grey areas, but by and large we could easily decide on whether the majority of those videos were acceptable protest vs rioting and acceptable policing vs abuse.

        1. If they only shot rubber bullets at one porch would you consider that “mostly peaceful”?

        2. “shoot the press when they are clearly filming”

          The press isn’t given special rights. If a disperse order is given, the cops don’t care what your job is.

    2. There is such a thing as being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    3. The protesters aren’t making a distinction between protesters and rioters either.
      If they want to distance themselves from the rioters, then they need to actually distance themselves.
      As it is, they’re providing cover and opportunity

      1. See: Unicorn’s 4:11 link for how to do it right

      2. they’re providing cover and opportunity

        Feature, not a bug.

    4. The vast majority of the protesters are peaceful

      You conveniently ignore that obstruction of the public domain is a violent act, you hypocritical piece of shit. It would be violent if I came over to your house and bricked up all your doors and windows, right? It’s not like they are protesting transportation, so why the fuck are they blocking roads?

  14. It would be nice if just once when riots are an issue if even a single writer at reason would write an article about the need for private security and public common defense leagues to maintain order and protect property and liberty when the police can’t or won’t. Hell, you know you might want to get all crazy and argue that the existence of such things would eliminate or greatly reduce the need for the police altogether.

    That is almost sounds like a “Libertarian” response to the situation.

    Nah, writing that might cause your friends not to like you or some day keep you from getting that gig at the Atlantic and no one wants that.

    1. Private security, and private police forces are common in this country already. Many companies have private security, both armed and unarmed. Many states also allow private police, this is common on universities, and in at least one case, a church. The effect of these is minimal.

      1. I wouldn’t say that. GW University is three blocks from Lafayette Park. So is the World Bank. Both of them have their own security forces. Have these dumb asses done anything to those places? Not last I looked. All it takes to stop them is someone with a gun who means it.

        1. We know from the rodney king riots that those in korea town who defended their business with guns suffered no loses and we’ve seen it in these riots. Armed people private security can do the job

  15. Does anyone think that dozens and dozens of cities and towns are just ‘spontaneously wilding’? Newsflash: They are being helped and aided in an organized fashion.

    These antifa lead rioters and looters hate our Republic, and the ideals we stand for. They wish to destroy what we took centuries to build. Fuck that.

    Shoot the rioters and looters.

    1. Spontaneous? No, they see on TV that there’s a protest in xzy city, so they do it too.Just like the original Tea Parties in 2009. Then lowlife barbarians see what looters in xyz city are getting away with so they ape them too.

      1. Yeah, I guess the difference is the Tea Parties picked up their own trash. 😉

  16. Protesting capitalism and common decency to own the cops

    Antifa set fire to a homeless man’s only possessions. This is how we defeat racism.

    1. It is just a matter of time before they run into the wrong person. The only issue is whether the police arrest them and save them from themselves or the police don’t and they end up dead.

      1. Well, the LAPD arrested an armed business owner protecting his business live on TV.

    2. Possessions are a bourgeois concept. Onward comrades!

    3. If you go into that feed it has a cool video.
      UFC fighter Jon Jones takes spray cans away from ANTIFA.

  18. You know what I can’t figure out is who the audience is for the shit they publish here anymore.

    Where are the left-libertarians out there who think this stuff is great?

    Who’s out there thinking, “I never really gave the libertarians much thought until they came out as pro-rampaging mob–but now that they’ve done that, I’m on board the Libertarian Express!”

    Is the sole purpose of this site, now, to antagonize libertarians?

    1. They’re writing for Koch, not libertarians, and Koch is currently enjoying a newfound billionaire bromance with old archenemy Soros.
      I guess all that former tension between the two really was sexual.

    2. Clicks. The only audience is clicks.

    3. whole thing’s clickbait I just show up to see what you guys all have to say

    4. They have said in the past that they want to sell some soft version of Libertarianism to those who don’t know anything about it, but in that process they end up selling something no one at all is interested in.

    5. That’s what I don’t get, either. If you’re going to write stories for the left, you’re doing it terribly and there’s tons of competition. If you’re writing stories for libertarians, then write them for libertarians.

    Antifa organizers set up pallets of bricks and other objects to be used to loot and cause mass property damage. They got this idea from Battle Royale video games–like supply drops on the battlefield.

    1. This is where I’d normally point out that no one around here is actually pro-antifa, so why are you talking as if someone here is?

      Can’t say that today, not after all the effectively pro-antifa posts staff have put up in the last 48 hours.

      I didn’t think this world was possible. It’s like they’re taking the side of Al Qaeda in the aftermath of 9/11.


    The Washington Post has published an opinion editorial by “historian” Mark Bray, author of the contentious AntiFa Handbook which has been endorsed by radical left politicians such as Keith Ellison. Worse still, Bray’s endorsements of violence were even condemned by his own college.

    1. Bray has also claimed, on Democracy Now! that “anti-fascists view their struggle as trans-national and trans-historical,” undermining the mainstream media’s claim that President Trump cannot designate AntiFa as a terror group because it is domestic.

      1. “”trans-historical””

        Gender studies?

        1. I presume that means they just don’t know shit about history, so they ignore it.

    2. Of note: Keith Ellison, Minnesota AG and deputy DNC chair, has personally overtaken prosecution of Chauvin.
      He’s very likely to f it up, because he’s a politician not a prosecutor

      1. “”He’s very likely to f it up, because he’s a politician not a prosecutor””

        Feature or bug? If you want to keep the unrest going. It’s a feature.

        1. Correct.
          But it’s happened before.
          I met a prosecuter in the Fulton County DA’s office a couple years after the Ray Lewis trial.
          She said it would’ve been an easy conviction (for something relatively minor compared to murder, since Lrwis was merely present at the scene but not the perpetrator) but the Fulton DA took over and wanted to try it himself, because he’s a politician and wanted the “glory”, but he totally flubbed it

    3. But have his tweets been flagged as violent?

  21. You can only protest and yell for so long before you run out of breath! Shit will eventually hit the fan and splatter all over your face. It’s not hard to understand!

  22. Because Boehm can’t into honesty, here’s the part he mysteriously left unclear;
    According to an Anonymous Source™, Trump is reported to have said on a private conference call with governors. “If you don’t dominate, you’re wasting your time—they’re going to run over you, you’re going to look like a bunch of jerks.”

    So as usual he’s built an entire article around hearsay but is passing it off like it was part of a presser.

  23. Just for the record:
    10 U.S.C. § 275. Restriction on direct participation by military personnel The Secretary of Defense shall prescribe such regulations as may be necessary to ensure that any activity (including the provision of any equipment or facility or the assignment or detail of any personnel) under this chapter does not include or permit direct participation by a member of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps in a search, seizure, arrest, or other similar activity unless participation in such activity by such member is otherwise authorized by law.

    (To see this in practice, refer to Little Rock Nine)

    1. Send in the TSA??

      1. Or any of the other dozens of armed federal agencies that have no legitimate reason to be armed.

        But it may be that outside an airport, what TSA does will be considered sexual assault.

  24. >>Even when aggressive tactics are not directly violent, they can create the conditions for violence to escalate.

    empty stores are looted and burned even more than guarded stores.

  25. The protests at Tiananmen Square did not involve destruction of property and looting….these were mere protests…different situation. Violence against others were not involved. How you can even compare this in any way with Antifa’s right to do what they are doing is insane. I do believe we must be careful in how we respond to this so that civil rights are not infringed upon. However, peaceful protests are considered within the constitution, ‘the right to assemble’, not violence and destruction. This is where your civil rights stop and this is where you have committed a crime and should be put in jail.

  26. “Obviously, the destruction of private property should be condemned. Mayors and governors should take steps to prevent protests from turning into riots, and individuals who harm people or destroy property should be held accountable for their actions.”
    Ok, author, what is your proposed solution for accomplishing this? Absent a constructive alternative, you’re just another rock thrower

    1. Charge those who can be found with crimes if sufficient evidence can justify it?

      1. That prevents nothing; the damage and looting are unaffected.

        1. So who do you think should be rounded up by the state for pre-crime?

  27. How odd…directly quoting what Riggs said in 2018 about what he suggested Trump supported – rather than directly quoting Trump and letting us judge. When journalists quote the opinions of what others think Trump might have]e been suggesting, that smells of disingenuous reporting.

    1. While it may smell of disingenuous reporting, it is without doubt propaganda.

  28. What’s needed is a nasty but nonlethal response. I propose using large paint guns spraying a pink dye or paint on the rioters. Better would be if it was mixed with a foul smelling chemical that’s difficult to clean off.

    1. Yes. Skunk smell and day-glo pink.

  29. Violence is not speech. Rioters are no better than the cops they’re protesting.

    The need for better policing is in no way a justification for violence against innocent people.

  30. Adios, Reason. I can get crap like this anywhere.

  31. This is where the libertarian movement loses a lot of people: When it says “Use your own gun to protect yourself from an angry mob.”

    Most people can’t fight off an entire mob by themselves, no matter how well-armed they are. They need a better answer, and they’re not getting it from many libertarians.

    1. “Most people can’t fight off an entire mob by themselves”

      Whom are you refuting here?

    2. This just in: a militia normally contains more than one person.

  32. ERIC< you gotta wake up, man, or are you siding with the destructors?

    There are TWO groups of people out on the streets .. there ARE peaceful protestors wanting to be heard, pleading to end the violence against unarmed civilians.

    There are ALSO organised outside agitators coming in from other places bent on rioting, destruction, theft, looting, bullying…. and will stop at nothing to destabilise, destroy, make war on America.

    Get this right, or you WILL lose your credibility. HONeSt reporting is as essential as HONEST police work. You are not helping by making light of the active and funded rioters.

    1. You are correct. There are those who want to protest and be heard. Then there are the ones who are tired that things never change because no one ever listens. So, this will continue to happen. It has too!

    2. There are TWO groups of people out on the streets .. there ARE peaceful protestors wanting to be heard, pleading to end the violence against unarmed civilians.

      There are ALSO organised outside agitators coming in from other places bent on rioting, destruction, theft, looting, bullying…. and will stop at nothing to destabilise, destroy, make war on America.

      You don’t think that there are also locals looting and rioting?

  33. I’m a lifelong libertarian who is fed up with Reasons rose colored glasses perspective. Looks like the comments are running against the idea that these “protests” are peaceful and the looters and terrorists in their midst deserve to be left alone to calmly fade away. The trust fund children and their tactics of chaos and violence cannot be separated while they are about the business of using the peaceful protesters as cover. Trump has no choice now that the left’s spineless leaders have given over control of the inner cities to this mob. Trump is the principle stomping down the hall towards the class where the substitute teacher has lost control. Now who the hell cares what the students think? They’re idiots who have to be made aware they will not be allowed to disrupt class any more. Shoot to kill orders are regularly issued for looters in hurricane ravaged areas and they WORK. I got no problem with it. Without order thre is no hope of liberty.

  34. When you misuse the term “protesters” to refer to looters and rioters, is it because you’re engaging in pathetically transparent propaganda…or is it because you’re actually too dense to understand the difference?

  35. Reason, you mendacious fucks. The very first paragraph of the NYT story:

    In his first remarks from the White House since massive protests have swept the country, President Trump said Monday evening that the looting and violent demonstrations in reaction to the death of George Floyd in police custody were “acts of domestic terror.”

    “Looting and violent demonstrations” you piles of loose stool. Fuck you stink.

  36. “The governors should ignore him.”

    So Reason is reasoning that when peaceful protests morph into violent rioting, destruction of private/public property, and looting that the Governors should ignore the President’s suggestion to DO THEIR JOBS in preserving law & order!

    There is a difference between *protesting* & *rioting/destruction/looting*. Yes, every individual has the Natural Right to assemble and protest, and even withhold all taxes/monies due until there is redress of grievances. However, NO ONE has the just authority to violate the Natural Rights of others (for example, private business owners).

    It is obvious to all true libertarians who champion the Natural Rights of the Individual reading this drivel, that Reason panders to the folly of Anarchists in like manner as does the Libertarian Party.

  37. “Meanwhile, a Republican senator urged the U.S. military to commit war crimes against American citizens.”

    Now do Grant and Sherman. You lurves you some war crimes as long as they are committed against people you hate.

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