Duterte Fanboy Donald Trump Wants America to Start Executing Drug Dealers

The president has never encountered a problem he can't imagine solving with violence.


Christy Bowe/Polaris/Newscom

People close to President Donald Trump say he wants to import the Asian practice of executing drug dealers, reports Jonathan Swan of Axios.

"According to five sources who've spoken with Trump about the subject, he often leaps into a passionate speech about how drug dealers are as bad as serial killers and should all get the death penalty," Swan reports.

Trump got the idea, Swan says, from the president of Singapore, who told Trump his country does not have a drug problem because they execute people who traffic drugs above a certain quantity threshold. Though Swan doesn't mention it, this law extends to marijuana traffickers.

We should not be surprised Trump holds these views, given that he has encouraged law enforcement violence against people suspected of crimes, suggested that we don't torture enough, and openly praised Philippine President Rodrigue Duterte's extrajudicial murder crusade against drug users and dealers alike. As A. Barton Hinkle noted in 2016, Trump's authoritarianism extends to less horrifying issues, such as eminent domain, entry to the U.S., and tariffs. There are few policy arenas where the man feels government force would be uncalled for.

Swan's report gives Kellyanne Conway some space to run some interference for the president:

Conway, who leads the White House's anti-drug efforts, argues Trump's position is more nuanced, saying the president is talking about high-volume dealers who are killing thousands of people. The point he's making, she says, is that some states execute criminals for killing one person but a dealer who brings a tiny quantity of fentanyl into a community can cause mass death in just one weekend, often with impunity.

Trump reportedly won't demand a capital-punishment-for-dealing bill because he thinks it's too radical. But if "kill 'em all" is Trump's opening bid, then we shouldn't be surprised when he kiboshes drug-related sentencing reform (which Attorney General Jeff Sessions has already denounced) and instead endorses a new five-year mandatory minimum for trafficking fentanyl in excess of two grams. Swan says he may back a bill along those lines.

Unfortunately, America seems particularly susceptible right now to this kind of idea. In 2015, an Ohio judge sentenced Edwin Sobony to two years' probation after he beat his wife's drug dealer with a baseball bat. "Vigilante justice is not supported by the court. But the people in this community have just had it," Judge Charles Schneider said at Sobony's sentencing. Assault with a baseball bat normally gets you prison time in Ohio, and the victim, a cousin of Sobony's wife, was hospitalized with a fractured skull. But Schneider said he was inundated with letters in Sobony's defense and noticed in the comments section of local news articles that people wanted to pay for Sobony's legal fees. The mob was feeling it, and Schneider listened.

The Florida legislature and Gov. Rick Scott, meanwhile, recently decided that selling a lethal dose of fentanyl should bring a charge of first-degree murder. The penalties for first-degree murder in Florida are life without parole and death.

We have seen this kind of response before. Back in 1995, then–Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich called for the U.S. to begin executing people who smuggled drugs from overseas:

Mr. Gingrich, speaking to about 400 people at a money-raising event here for Representative Charlie Norwood, Republican of Georgia, said, "The first time we execute 27 or 30 or 35 people at one time, and they go around Colombia and France and Thailand and Mexico, and they say, 'Hi, would you like to carry some drugs into the U.S.?' the price of carrying drugs will have gone up dramatically."

Mr. Gingrich said his proposal, which he said he would make in a bill to be filed next month, would impose a mandatory death penalty on people convicted of bringing illegal drugs into the United States.

"If you import a commercial quantity of illegal drugs," he said, "it is because you have made the personal decision that you are prepared to get rich by destroying our children. I have made the decision that I love our children enough that we will kill you if you do this."

Gingrich now supports drug sentencing reform, and he recently co-authored an op-ed titled "Opioid Addictions Won't be Cured by Tough Sentences." If he really is the Trump whisperer he claims to be, maybe Gingrich can talk some sense into the president. But I expect the mob instinct on this issue is far stronger.

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  1. According to five sources who’ve spoken with Trump…


    1. We need at least a dozen unnamed sources if we’re going to take stories about Trump seriously.

      1. We need at least a dozen unnamed sources if we’re going to take stories about Trump seriously.

        Indeed, as the things said by that man directly to anyone willing to listen are already within the confines of that category called “This Shit Is Just Unbelievable, What Else Is This Man Willing To Spew Out Lacking Any Possible Restraint?”

        Anything else added to it might as well be made up because the truth is much, much worse.

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  2. He often jokes about killing drug dealers… He’ll say, ‘You know the Chinese and Filipinos don’t have a drug problem. They just kill them.’
    ? A senior administration official to Axios

    Are you fucking serious? Is this what counts as news now?

    Why would Trump talk about killing drug dealers and simultaneously have federal agencies on a reduced War on Drugs mission? Maybe Trump hyperbole or has TDS so fried your lefty brains that you assume everything a person says is absolutely what they will do?

    1. It’s incredibly relevant to talk about, particularly with pieces like this,

      “But the president doesn’t just joke about it. According to five sources who’ve spoken with Trump about the subject, he often leaps into a passionate speech about how drug dealers are as bad as serial killers and should all get the death penalty.”

      I’m sorry it chaps your ass. But it’s pretty fucking relevant to at least talk about it. Probably nothing will come of it, but we still discuss what those in power are discussing even if it doesn’t come to pass.

      1. I’d take it more seriously if it wasn’t third-hand information.

        1. Maybe, and I would say that’s a pretty valid criticism. Best I can tell though, LC is saying “Who cares, it’s just a joke.”

          1. Actually, I said people like you are a joke BUCS.

            1. Among lefties.

              1. Among Nanarchists. Sounds good.

      2. I talk about how great it would be if every socialist was dead. I would not murder them even though they are trying to kill me. I would not order them killed even though they would order me shot.

        For someone who is supposed to report news, to take what I say and make it seem like I will use all my resources to kill socialists right now is bullshit. Especially a private conservation that has context. Was it just venting?

        As you say, maybe we should spy on everything our government says and does. You will get a class of government that never says what are thinking out loud. Like many tyrants in history, these types of sociopaths have one or two people that hear the truth while the rest of the orders get passed down .Obama never had anyone leak his private conversations that were not cleared for virtue-signalling. Obama never said anything objectionable? Funny how there are all these sources close to Trump that want to tattle on him.

        But yeah, lets take a lefty media person’s word about how poopy Trump is and discuss that ad nauseam.

        1. “For someone who is supposed to report news, to take what I say and make it seem like I will use all my resources to kill socialists right now is bullshit.”

          First, Trump is the president, not just some random internet dude.

          Second, *imagine if a President Hillary had said it*….. no one here, least of all you, would be excusing it as a joke.

          Third, so what is the objective standard for which we should pay attention to what Trump says or does or tweets? Because it sure sounds like the “standard” is that when Trump says stupid shit that we like, then we ought to pay attention to him, evidence of leadership, etc., but if he says stupid shit that we don’t like, then we shouldn’t pay attention to him, “it’s just a joke”, etc., etc. I think Trump ought to be held to the same standard that we hold everyone to – telling jokes about wanting to kill drug dealers, *by a person who actually has the power to change policy in that direction*, is at the very minimum tasteless.

          1. That’s a good point. (inb4 lc butts in among lefties)

          2. Like I said, maybe we should report everything non-internet dudes say that work in government.

            Hillary has said worse and its been cleared from history forever.

            Obama ordered Americans murdered via drone and his exact words for that order are classified in some BS operations report.

            Lefties need to be careful of what they wish for because it tends to come back and bite them.

            Evidently, based on sources that won’t reveal themselves, Trump mentioned that drug dealers should get the death penalty. Drug dealers that sell to kids are pieces of shit.

            Let me know when there is a law working its way through Congress to execute drug dealers. Otherwise, lets focus on Hillary breaking federal law, North Korea threatening to nuke the USA, and vice crimes getting outrageous police attention.

            1. Let me know when there is a law working its way through Congress to execute drug dealers.

              The point is that by the time a law is working its way through congress, it’s too late. Politics lag culture, which means we need to pay attention to culture- like when people are floating trial idea balloons like “execute drug dealers”.

              Overton windows matter, and it’s important to make sure certain things stay outside of it.

            2. Mostly I just remember that announcement he made about solving the opioid crisis by threatening North Korea. Guy’s got a such good head on him and he’s in charge of a lot of stuff, seems like the things he says might be worth noticing in case he tries to build the wall by challenging China to an arm-wrestle or something.

              1. That head got him elected over Hillary.

                I wonder it there is a concerted effort by media to twist things people say?

                I guess we’ll never know.

          3. Well stated.

  3. he often leaps into a passionate speech about how drug dealers are as bad as serial killers and should all get the death penalty

    Drug dealers or (((drug dealers)))?

    1. Drug (((dea)))lers.

      The parenthesis are a visible signal of bold coding, right?

      1. Among (((N)))anarchists

  4. The penalties for first-degree murder in Florida are life without parole and death.

    To be fair, tough sentences like this have reduced the murder rate in Florida to nearly zero.

    1. True. Murderers are known for being very rational, weighing risks, and not acting out of emotion.

      1. It’s not that easy to kill a person with your bare hands. It normally takes some forethought.

    2. 17 is pretty close to zero.

  5. Does it occur to this psychopath that cigars, cigarettes and alcohol are drugs that are sold at his golf courses and hotels?

    1. I didn’t know Obama owned the golf courses and hotels he stays at.

      1. Buttplug levels of bad reading comprehension here, lc. Step it up among lefties.

        1. Among Nanarchists.

          I wonder why Red Tony is backing up sock puppets?

          I will go over an check the russian troll article and see how Red Tony did on the quiz.

          1. I was just about to get to that. Can you hold on like 20 minutes?

            1. Spoiler: You’re not a Russian troll.

            2. I can hold. Clearly I have upset your other handles, so you’ve dropped everything else you were working on.

              1. My love handles are just fine, actually. Not upset at all. Although they do get a bit frisky when I eat Doritos.

                1. Hmong Nanarchists.

                  1. Hmong Nanarchists.

                    Oh, i see now! Nanarchists are a southeast Asian ethno-political party.

                    Still not really relevant.

                    1. They’re always relevant.

                      Among lefties.

                    2. Among Nanarchists.

  6. I admit that I totally would have guessed that “Axios” was an investment banking / financial services / wealth management firm and not a spinoff of Politico.

  7. This is because he knows he’s lost DACA. It’s a desperation move, actually a good sign.

  8. Violence is like duct tape. If it didn’t fix the problem you didn’t use enough!

  9. I am not for drug prohibition, but am also not clear why, if a drug dealer mixes heroin with a lethal dose of fentanyl and it results in the death of someone they are not charged with, it would be wrong to charge them with at least second degree murder? Maybe negligent homicide. Didn’t their actions/negligence directly result in the death of the user? I agree first degree murder is a stretch, however.

    1. Re: soldiermedic76,

      if a drug dealer mixes heroin with a lethal dose of fentanyl and it results in the death of someone they are not charged with, it would be wrong to charge them with at least second degree murder?

      But you will concede that there’s a big gulf between a drug dealer who willingly and maliciously adds fentanyl to a product he’s selling, and a regular off-the-mill marijuana dealer who sells the regular stuff to willing customers, correct? If you concede such, then what justifies Trump’s predilection for treating all drug dealers the same as serial killers?

      Because what Trump is talking about (if sources are to be believed) is unleashing a level of violence not seen except in tyrannical regimes.

      1. Did I say at any point I support the war on drugs, in my post or treating drug dealers the same as serial killers? Straw man much? I simply pointed out you can support the ending of drug prohibition while also supporting punishing those ehose actions result in harm to others.

        1. Afer things missing from your example are:

          1) Whether the drug dealer informed the user the product had been laced with fentanyl. For a lot of dope fiends this is a deal maker. Many look for a strong product that may have even killed other dope fiends because that means the shit is good.

          2) Whether the user used other drugs such as alcohol which will increase the risk of overdose.

          And then were do we draw the line. Alcohol kills many more people in total per year. Should alcohol makers face the death penalty? I say these people have personal agency and unless someone forces them to do drugs then the consequences for doing them falls solely on their shoulders.

          1. If I treat my livestock with an antibiotic that may cause harm. And don’t follow the label for withdrawal and you eat it, should I be held liable? I mean users only want beef from undiseased animals right? Using fentanyl in a non-proscribed method is different how?

    2. You are correct. And this is one very strong argument against prohibition. Pfizer spends more time on QC than Harold who stands on the corner of 2nd and Main.

      1. This is one of the strongest arguments for ending drug prohibition.

    3. I’m not clear on why a run-of-the-mill drug dealer would want to kill his customers like that, but I suppose if he intentially laced his product with a lethal dose of something, then yeah, he would be guilty same as anyone else commiting murder.

      1. This is my argument. If a drug dealer is trying to kill somebody, then it’s 1st degree murder, open-and-shut. That’s rather bad for business, though, and instead I expect the overdoses are due entirely to incompetence. Fentanyl is active at 0.1mg doses, so a scale to properly weigh it would be tens of thousands of dollars. There are also analogues out a hundred times more powerful than fentanyl. The reason illegal drugs get stronger over time is to reduce the volume necessary when smuggling. A kilogram of carfentanyl would be… uhh… probably close to a million doses. I don’t feel like doing math right now.

        1. There’s an awful lot of FUD going on in this post. “Well, my third-hand source said Trump specified ‘all drug dealers’ so of course that includes your pal Joe dealing weed in the dorms….” Well, actually we don’t know anything of the sort but let’s write a confusing post about it anyway.

          1. True. I think drugs, like guns, are an issue prone to knee-jerk reactions. There is no way Trump, or any politician who values his/her position, would really support Duterte-style vigilantism, but there are those in our country who would, and incendiary stories like this stoke the fire. I think it’s possible to report on Trump realistically. I think.

        2. I think 10 million.

          0.1 MG = 10,000 in a gram = 10,000,000 in a kg.

          1. Oh snap. I was off by a few orders of magnitude and so are you. Carfentanyl is 100 times stronger than fentanyl, so a dose would be 0.001mg. 1 gram would be 10^6 doses, so a kg would be 10^9 doses. My BS alarm is ringing hard, but it checks out. Now, ain’t nobody making kilos of carfentanyl. A dusting would take out a town, and I’m pretty sure it was used during the Moscow theatre crisis and killed pretty much everyone except the opiate-addicted terrorists.

            Damnit. Should’ve just done the math at the beginning. I had this problem all through school. Turns out “feelings” don’t make for sound science.

      2. Since most drug dealers are likely driven by a desire for profit, I doubt any of them would intentionally kill one of their paying customers.

        But if you really want to make sure there isn’t some poisonous mix-up that occurs on occasion, the best thing to do would be to legalize ALL of it. I mean, back during Prohibition, you had people dying from drinking bathtub gin and all kinds of adulterated booze. When was the last time you heard about someone walking out of a package store and later dying because their whiskey was cut with methyl alcohol?

        As for Trump’s hatred of drug dealers being imaginary TDS… I’d like to think so, but then there’s AG Jeff Sessions and his dinosaur thinking and reefer madness. If Trump was open minded on drug legalization, Sessions would have been pink-slipped by now (or more likely never appointed).

        1. When was the last time you heard about someone walking out of a package store and later dying because their whiskey was cut with methyl alcohol?

          That happened to my nephew a few years back. But he did buy from a shiner.

        2. I am all for legalization because it would make it safer.

        3. Trump made pro-legaliz’n statements over many yrs., & has never AFAIK explicitly repudiated them. He might have in mind some schizophrenic policy that’d make drugs easier to get legally but have violations policed more tightly and/or punished more severely.

        4. No, Sessions would still have been appointed & kept for payback reasons. Trump’s pretty regular about that. He may not be a politician, but he’s a politician, if you know what I mean.

      3. Did I say wants to? It is pretty much guaranteed that if you actions, rather willful or not, if they result in the death of another, you are responsible for that. Negligence that results in someone’s death is criminal according to our laws. Especially, when you are being willfully negligent.

      4. A lethal dose though depends on the user’s tolerance, so the outlier may die when the rest of his clients are happy with the product. But dropping a few customers can actually increase sales when other addicts hear that this guy has the strongest product on the market.

        1. Didn’t the Wayans brothers make a joke like this in one of their movies. Some guy was doing some drug, and turned into a skeleton and the other guy say “damn, I want some of that shit.”

  10. We should not be surprised Trump holds these views, given that he has encouraged law enforcement violence against people suspected of crimes, suggested that we don’t torture enough

    Much to the delight of the “Suck Trump’s Dick” Squad at Fox & Friends.

    The predilection for violence coming from this president should be grounds for much concern, especially when he delights with the idea of torturing people or placing innocent laborers on to boxcars to ship them across the border to the Sonora Desert.

    1. It’s especially interesting that for all this talk about mass shooters, the American public and politicians embrace the idea of violence on a wide spectrum of issues. Looking at the violent culture that produces mass shooters in the first place (aside from other factors) would be too much brain work. Much easier to look at these issues in a vacuum and hyperventilate about needing easy answers.

  11. Once again delighted to know that I made the right decision to abandon the party that nominated this turd of human for its candidate.

  12. Killing people is the solution to any human problem.

    1. And if you do it enough it simply becomes a statistic.

  13. What would we need government for if we stopped painting some people as bad guys and other people as innocent victims?

  14. Certainly much more libertarian than Gary Johnson.

    1. At least Trump knows where Aleppo is when it decides to bomb it! All hail glorious leader…

  15. The winning…

  16. Sigh.

    There goes trying to use the WoD and it’s logical conclusions when arguing with Dems about further gun control – the asshole wearing the MAGA hat will pipe up that it’s fine executing drug dealers in the pursuit of utopia but executing NRA members and gun company CEO’s us is totally not ok y’all.

    Maybe someday we’ll elect somebody who at least read the cliff notes on natural rights.

    1. A few days ago I would have called this an unfair comparison between Republicans and Democrats. But I ran across a Dem call for capital punishment to apply to gun dealers whose guns were used in the the commission of a crime. Sigh.

      1. Holy hell people are straight-up strung-out on emotional bullshit.

      2. When do we get to the point that arguing against capital punishment for gun and drug dealers is punishable by death? After all, we must be supporting people who are supporting murderers!

      3. They have also called for the rape andurder of Dana Loesch and her children. So it’s nothing new.

    2. What’s natural about rights?

  17. Executing drug dealers is a bit much. Murder charges or maybe negligent homicide charges make sense if drug dealers knowingly lace drugs with deadly substances.

    This post complained that “There are few policy arenas where the man feels government force would be uncalled for.”

    Um … government is the application of violence. Every person who suggests solving something with government action is calling for the use of government force or the threat of government force.

    1. This.

  18. Duterte and Dudetard.

  19. If you have Amazon Prime, look for shit released by Sprocket Films. They have a lot of old cheesy docu/news crap from the olden days of the 1930s – 1960s.

    Find one called “Marijuana” from 1968 hosted by Sonny Bono. It’s both hilarious and sad. Sonny Bono comes off as a huge government-cock-gobbling tool trying to be cool.

    1. Is that the one where the guy “high on drugs” gets out of his car without putting it in park, then it rolls down the hill? That one’s hilarious.

  20. There is a huge difference between drug users and people killed by a crazy murderer: heavy drug users have a death wish, murder victims didn’t ask for it! You can’t give them the same sentences.

  21. If only we could execute people who repeatedly defraud contractors, vendors, investors, customers, and the public.

    1. Obama would be first down the Green Mile alright.

      1. The black character in The Green Mile was innocent.

        Sorry – *spoiler*

        1. And the Nanny/Police State killed him nonetheless.

  22. No one going to point out that there’s no way a Supreme Court with Kennedy on it would let a single person get executed for drug dealing?

  23. I wish Rand Paul had his ear. He could explain how the WoD and leftists propositions on guns are related and suffer the same fallacy.

  24. It’s difficult to take Trump (or Trump hearsay) seriously, as he usually makes all sorts of extreme statements, which seem to be directly tied to what thoughts are floating around at a particular moment.

    On a side note, if one openly muses about which non-murder crimes are passable for the death penalty and which aren’t, they should recheck their libertarian status.

  25. I don’t think the comments are justification for total OMG FREAKOUT mode.

    I do think the comments illustrate Trump’s mentality on the issue, that drug dealers are just as bad as murderers, and that it’s this mentality that should be fought against.

    1. Or that media is still lying and trying to get people like you to believe them.

    2. Exactly. And it’s really the same basic mentality of public discourse today. No regard for nuance, complexity and context. Essentially, anti-intellectualism.

    3. Yeah, nobody should freak out on behalf of poor drug dealers, that’s for sure. They should calmly add another data point to the growing mountain of evidence that Trump is a pure flake.

  26. Such a pity to have a brain as apparently chemically addled as Trump’s without any of the fun of actually doing drugs or drinking.

    1. Trump’s “damaged brain” AND still beat Hillary.


      1. Surely I have enough miles by now to trade up to a better class of interlocutor?

        1. Among Nanarchists.

        2. Psh. This is the comments section at Reason.

        3. Frankly, Tony, you deserve lc.

          1. My god that reflects REALLY POORLY on Past Me.

            1. Among Nanarchists that comment one right after the other.

              I wonder how that happens?

              I guess we’ll never know.

  27. I’m no fan of Trump, but goddam he’s a breath of fresh air.

    “President Trump on Monday slammed the “disgusting” law enforcement officers who failed to rush into the Florida high school earlier this month as a gunman slaughtered students and teachers inside, claiming he would have entered the school himself even without a firearm to stop the attacker.”


    1. Yeah! If Trump had been there he’d have rushed straight in! Pausing only to get an exemption because of his bone spurs!

    2. How is that a breath of fresh air? “politician says something incredibly stupid while lying at the same time” is hardly “fresh”.

  28. Why is this a story? Third hand sources relay something Trump says in conversation, but cite no policy action stemming from it. huh. almost like the POTUS can have personal AND professional opinions on topics. amazing.

    Someone whose older brother died of substance addition should have a bit of leeway to have a “passionate” opinion on a topic. Until it become policy proposals….who cares?

    At least the POTUS isn’t a cokehead hypocrite….so we got that going for us.

  29. The president has never encountered a problem he can’t imagine solving with violence.

    Wouldn’t that apply to every President except maybe Carter? And to 99.999999999999% of all the people who’ve competed for the Presidency?

    1. Don’t let Carter off the hook. He just was more in favor of using force to protect the environment or something.

      1. The Contra shit was going on under Carter before Reagan was POTUS.

  30. high-volume dealers who are killing thousands of people

    You know, he’s right: we should execute Jeff Sessions and all the other people causing the introduction of fentanyl into American heroin supplies.

  31. The fiercest, meanest drug dealers would love that. It eliminates a lot of competition, leaving the most violent.

  32. Making drug dealing a Capitol Offense may be effective. Nothing else has seemed to cut down on this scourge, and we know it works, the Chinese have shown us.

  33. Making drug dealing a Capitol Offense may be effective. Nothing else has seemed to cut down on this scourge, and we know it works, the Chinese have shown us.

    1. “Nothing else has seemed to cut down on this scourge….” Portugal’s drug policy?

    2. “How do we stop poor Americans from dying in droves? Hmm… Wait! I know! We’ll create a violent black market and implement capital punishment so that poor Americans will die in droves!”

      Also, China =/= cultural proxy for America.

  34. Just once I wish you people would look at the big picture instead of blindly running down Trump. By eliminating drug dealers you would get rid of most of the CIA and if you extended that to drug users you would get rid of most of the politicians. But it would probably be like most other laws in this country, it would not apply to the rich or politically connected. Just to the rabble

    1. You don’t find many libertarian drug warriors.

      Actually, you find none. Quite a few authoritarian right-wingers prancing about in unconvincing libertarian drag, though, accompanied by some socially inept, backward goobers who fall for the masquerade.

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  38. Society cannot reason with the unreasonable. Individuals who show a total disregard for life and health of other human beings must be treated as non humans(nein mensch) and put down.

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