Libertarian Party

Libertarian Party Picks Spike Cohen as Its Vice-Presidential Candidate

Cohen, who had been linked with parodist Vermin Supreme, identifies as an anarchist.


Spike Cohen, who runs Muddied Waters Media, won the Libertarian Party's nomination for vice-president today. On the online convention's third ballot, Cohen got 533 votes—52 percent of the total—narrowly edging out former presidential candidate John Monds.

Jo Jorgensen, a Clemson psychologist who served as the party's vice presidential candidate in 1996, was chosen as the Libertarian presidential nominee yesterday in a separate vote. Jorgensen had expressed a preference for Monds to be her vice president.

Cohen has linked himself to political satirist Vermin Supreme, who ran this year for the party's presidential nod. He has written on Supreme's campaign website that his worldview "lines up solidly with the Libertarian Party Platform, with the only exceptions being when I think it doesn't go quite far enough in promoting maximum freedom. I understand that the Platform is an attempt to compromise between different positions and I completely respect that, but as an individual candidate my policy is anarchy."

Reason covered a vice-presidential candidate debate that included Cohen last week.