It's Going To Be Hard Enough To Get Kids Back to Day Care After COVID-19

The pandemic has exposed many of America’s destructive barriers to work. It’s time to eliminate them.


As Americans emerge from their homes and try to return to some semblance of normal life, we have a small window of time to remove regulations that are nuisances in the best of times and deeply damaging in the worst.

We can start with child care. As parents begin to return to work, their old day care options are disappearing. The Washington Post reports that "one-third to half of child-care centers may not reopen at all." It adds that even the surviving centers may operate at limited capacity for a time.

Those restrictions on supply will surely raise the cost of child care, exacerbating trends that were already underway before the COVID-19 pandemic. As of 2018, a study from the Economic Policy Institute put the average cost of day care in D.C. at $24,243 per infant each year. Despite those already staggering numbers, the nation's capital decided to require college degrees for day care workers, increasing costs further. Those considering more informal arrangements had to tread carefully: D.C. has been known to crack down on large, semi-formal playdate groups.

Day care regulations don't always make sense. It's crucial to keep kids safe, of course, but some jurisdictions impose rules that have little or no rational connection to safety. Wisconsin, for example, imposes more than 400 requirements on licensed family child care providers, some of them as trivial as ensuring children not use "trampolines and inflatable bounce surfaces." Oklahoma's mandates specify the number of puppets that must be available per child. Is it any wonder that the number of small family child care providers declined by 35 percent from 2011 to 2017? Such vague and strange regulations hardly make the trade enticing, especially when child care providers already earn so little.

Senseless regulations can reach even further into home-based businesses, preventing people from working from home even when doing so has no impact on the neighborhood. The most absurd case might be the Georgia blogger who was shut down for uploading YouTube videos from his house, but there are plenty of other examples. Many localities prevent salons from operating out of their homes, while many state licensing laws prevent cosmetologists from practicing in the client's home (or almost anywhere outside of a salon). This may have made sense during the coronavirus lockdowns, but as businesses reopen it makes no sense to maintain such rules. Indeed, allowing more people to work from home will give businesses and workers more flexibility during the reopening—and will be valuable for the many people who continue to socially distance themselves for health reasons.

Regulations also make it harder to help the homeless and needy. Several years ago, Arizona's cosmetology board cracked down on a cosmetology student for cutting hair for the homeless without a license, until Gov. Doug Ducey stepped in to protect him. Even food donations to the homeless have been banned in some places; at other times, food provided by volunteers has been destroyed. Meanwhile, food banks across the nation are struggling.

One bright spot is MUST Ministries, a charity in Georgia that provides lunch for children during summer breaks. In summer 2018 alone, MUST fed over 250,000 hungry children. Despite this wonderful work, in 2019 health officials forced them to overhaul their procedures because it was being done in homes and churches instead of certified kitchens. MUST adjusted as well as it could, and earlier this year it partnered with the Cobb County School District to feed students in need. The original crackdown was needless, but when Georgia came asking for help in the early days of the pandemic, MUST stepped up.

The pandemic has exposed many of America's destructive barriers to work. At a time when tens of millions of Americans are newly unemployed or otherwise struggling, regulatory reform is vital.

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  1. Government Almighty wants to make it nearly impossible to have and support children in the USA, while working. Only welfare mooches may have kids! I don’t know how they expect to sustain the Socialist Security system under this type of scenario…

    1. Then to top it off, Dear Leader wants to cut immigration to near zero, and it is one of the few things that allows us to sustain our population of WORKING people! Which sustains Socialist Security, as well as producing goods and services, of course…

      It is TOO DAMNED EXPENSIVE to have kids while working, and Government ALmighty is making it WORSE! And blaming immigrants for it all is NOT helping! need more immigrants!

      1. So you want more immigrants, to feed into an ever expanding social security program as though it is the obligation of other people to fund your personal safety net into perpetuity?

        Weren’t you supposed to some sort of doctrinaire libertarian?

        1. I try to live in the real world. SS system sucks… The enemy of the good, is the perfect. We could at LEAST move towards something like Chile has… Semi-privatized SS, but still mandated. It ain’t libertopia, but at least, a step in the right direction.

          Libertarians are NOT going to get the USA public to bless the dissolution of SS! Ain’t gonna happen!

          So in the meantime, we have to try to make it work… Immigrants ***DO*** help make it work, if we honestly study up on the FACTS!!! Immigrant-bashing helps NOTHING! (Other than re-electing Dear Leader, that is).

          1. Again, I don’t see how a state mandated welfare system is in any way libertarian. The premise seems to be that you are entitled to other people’s money to help you bankroll your retirement, and that the government should have a hand in enforcing such a system.

            1. Did I say it was libertarian? I don’t like socialism either… But I live in the real world enough, to know that I do NOT get my way in this!

              YOU go fix it for us!!! I know me and MY ego are small enough to realize that I am NOT going to fix it! Better is better, and worse is worse… If I am REALLY lucky, I can nibble around the edges just a TINY BIT to help fix it! I won’t sit on my ass, doing nothing, until such time that everyone agrees with MY vision of libertopia! Example: School vouchers. Government Almighty still involved too much? Heck yeah! Better than what we have now! Heck yeah! So I will support school vouchers! Etc. …

              1. So you support immigration because you want other people to bankroll your retirement?

                1. I support individual freedom for individual humans, and do not support magical beliefs in “magic soil”, fundamentally. The unsound nature of SS is a tiny part of that. Even if we were all stellar examples of moral uprightness, and collected gold or other money, to support us in retirement, sufficient money saved… For lack of enough new workers born in the USA, there won’t be workers in our retirement homes, even with all the gold saved in the world! I can’t eat gold, gold isn’t going to wipe my ass or change my bedsheets, or, Government Almighty forbid, change my adult diapers in my falling-apart years! We need WORKERS to do this!

                  Anti-immigrant scapegoaters? Beware that humans are NOT native to the USA!!! Now ALL of ye (“Native” Americans too!) go BACK where ye came from!!! Or have ye NO principles at ALL, ye hypocrites?

                  1. Are you a libertarian?

                    1. One of my highest principles is a love of freedom for all human individuals, so, yes…

                      Benevolence (weak word) or love (strong word) for others outranks freedom, for me. If I have to give up some freedoms for the long-term good of others, so be it! I am not a crazy or obsessed libertarian… There are other values! We are both individuals, AND members of tribes, nations, groups… I can compromise!

                      Short answer: Libertarian? Yes! Slightly longer: I believe that maximum possible freedoms are best for all, in the long run! But yes, with freedom does come responsibility… Behave irresponsibly? An excuse for others to curtail your freedoms!!! Punch me in the nose? Don’t bitch when we take away your freedoms to swing your fist wherever you want to!

                      And you?

                    2. I consider myself a minarchist, but find that it is most practical to push for my preferred policies through the Republican party, rather than the LP.

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                2. Lol best comment of the day!

        2. true , you cannt afford immigrants that ads zero to your country’s productivity and increase a load on tax payers

          1. All the goods and services created by illegal sub-humans are totally worthless, and they are all welfare leeches? What planet did you say that you’re from? Planet ZeroHedge maybe?

            Here’s a good read for those who still have an open mind… Cato…


              FUCK OFF Á àß äẞç ãþÇđ âÞ¢Đæ ǎB€Ðëf ảhf

              1. You told us that you like to sautée live human babies in your yeast-infected twat juice! What do you have to say for yourself?

                1. Good god. I know you thought things like that, but I never expected to actually hear you say it.

                  1. Gasbag Blowhard defends Tulpa and Tulpa’s sicknesses, all day, every day! Good to know! Turds of a feather, flock together!

                    1. 🙂

                  2. As much as it pains me to say this, Geraje, I’m with the logorrhea patient on this one. I have a lot of respect for you as a thinker and writer, even when I disagree with your views (as I often do), but I will never understand why you so often rise to the defense of the infinitely sockpuppeting troll. I would think mindless trolls would be the bane of an attorney’s existence.

                    1. Defense? What exactly did I do to defend him? Serious question.

                    2. Let’s be honest: SQRSLY is clearly a troll off his fucking rocker. I have no idea who or what “Tulpa” is, even though the name gets mentioned. And, I don’t care.

                      I was trying to have a discussion with SQRSLY, against my better judgment, and he started ranting about frying babies in twat juice.

            2. Once again, committing the sleazy lie of aggregating the benefits of legal and illegal immigration.

              For the cheap seats: illegal immigration is a massive net drain on local, state and federal government budgets. Any pro-criminal immigration stance needs to acknowledge that fact.

              Also, using f-ing Cato as a reference doesn’t exactly advance your limited government creds.

              1. Citations please, Freddy the Jerk! Cato actually studies crap and uses facts, instead of just making shit up!

                Freddy the Jerk hates illegal sub-humans… THAT is supposed to persuade us all?

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      3. Low skilled migrants are a net drain on government; that’s one reason to oppose them.

  2. At a time when tens of millions of Americans are newly unemployed or otherwise struggling, regulatory reform is vital.

    Just as government has gotten its boot firmly on the throat of the people, you think they should ease up on the pressure? I’m not sure you understand the nature of government.

    1. …”we have a small window of time to remove regulations”…

      Ha! Tell me another.

  3. Well in a culture that prides itself on women choosing abortion or single parenthood I find myself unmoved by a call for government to do anything more or less.

    Culture trumps politics. Ya made the bed now lie down and take it.

  4. The goal is simple. Kill all forms of private daycare so only government daycare is available. This allows even earlier indoctrination to the Leftist agenda.

  5. Ok, on a more serious note, Ms. Weissman makes good points. Let me tell you from a managerial standpoint, we need childcare opened up pronto. Perhaps others have similar experiences as I do. Hopefully other ‘white collar’ managers will chime in.

    In my professional capacity, I have several ‘Moms’ who now have children home full-time. We all work remotely. But I must tell you, the lack of available child care impacts productivity. It certainly does for my department. Not enough to derail us, but disruptive enough that it matters. That productivity hit comes with a cost, which is something I wish political policymakers would keep in mind. Just from a ‘Get America Open Again’ perspective, we have got to have childcare up and running again.

    Also want to point out that I am frankly amazed how well ‘Moms’ I have seen who are full-time in the workforce have adapted. At least, those who I have observed. They really have a three-ring circus going on right now with full-time work, childcare happening simultaneously. I don’t know how they make that happen, but they do. Me personally…I’d go crazy. 🙂

    1. What, pray tell, do these white collar moms do exactly?

      1. What would the country look like if these moms stayed home at raised the kids?

        1. Like something out of Handmaid’s Tale, no doubt.

      2. SW developers, corporate legal

    2. “Also want to point out that I am frankly amazed how well ‘Moms’ I have seen who are full-time in the workforce have adapted. At least, those who I have observed.”

      Totally agree. My wife tried doing this for a couple weeks before it became too much at her work, and she just had to take leave. In my company, which is a little more old school, the moms seem to be doing ok. But at my wife’s company, there are so many DINKs or single income households, that probably 5% of the larger department had to juggle kids. She and I tried making it work, by dividing up the day, but the assholes in her department just wouldn’t make it work. “We just have to meet this morning…no other time works. Don’t worry, we’ll send you notes” (Narrator: The notes were never sent).

      She finally gave up and took leave. While I’m happy her employer allowed for paid leave, as you say many other moms are relying on their company to be flexible. I have found that its the co-workers, not the managers, who make it most difficult.

      1. It would probably help her a lot if you didn’t waste EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY running boring socks here gray_jay.

        1. I have been posting under this name, and only this name for over a decade- back before the shit posters like you turned the comments into a dumpster fire. If you took a step back, you’d realize just how much you are like the proggies- except instead of seeing russians under your bed, it is socks.

          1. There probably are sucks under his bed, too. Crispy ones.

          2. Shit, I’ve been accused of being a sock by multiple posters here, despite using this handle, and only this handle, since 1999.

            1. I don’t remember when I first started posting here. It was before you had to register.

      2. Overt, my experience so far is that the biggest challenge, from a purely management perspective, is the flexibility aspect. You need to be able to juggle multiple tasks among multiple staff, all of which assumes you diligently cross-trained staff. Now my proportion of ‘Professional Moms’ is 40%, much higher than your 5% in your example. So the coworker factor you’re talking about is much less for me.

        The other dynamic I have found completely amazing about Moms in the workforce (as a group) is the degree they will often co-ordinate between each other for coverage, without involving me at all (or the managers that report to me). It is way over what I observe as the norm. It has been absolutely fascinating to watch and observe. I hope that HBR does something on this, because I think it would be a really interesting organizational dynamics case study/article.

  6. not only childrens each one will face a change in lifestyle
    some business may vanish off , some will get a boost
    you can read one of my post regarding this

  7. Thank god in India we dont have day care center in trend , our grand parents take care of us better than any one else

  8. I’m a private daycare operator in Canada – Quebec where we have subsidized daycare. It’s a bizarre, uneven daycare landscape.

    In the 10 years I’ve been in operation I can attest to the slow mission creep and growing regulations that bog us down in red tape. We’re at the point it’s threatening the quality because the rise in regulations is forcing us into hiring Admin/HR people which we don’t want or need as an added cost.

    Labour costs are intense in this business and the law we have ‘qualified’ workers only adds to the cost. Worse, we have a shortage of them. In our experience, you don’t need a fleet of educated workers. You just need a couple to lead or give pointers. Some of the best workers we ever had didn’t possess a degree but had a natural instinct with children.

    We want to hire more of those but the government doesn’t put a value on that. How can they value what they don’t see?

    Turing daycare into a government enterprise isn’t a good idea in my opinion.

    As for the public who fall a little too hard for the ‘private is bad’ line don’t realize the costs to running a day care is already high and encouraging the government to take more measures only inflates the costs that they complain about. Rules imposed I regard largely pointless and redundant. The ‘code book’ has grown quite a bit in the last three years.

    The other part is they insist we follow their education guidelines but a lot of it is either garbage or just rip offs from American and European sources. We don’t follow the government because we think it’s weak sauce and go with daycare philosophies from Italy.

    People say ‘I’ll gladly pay if it means paying a living wage’ and all that. What I’ve learned? People know the cost of everything but the value of nothing when government obsessively intervenes.

    I’m a little scattered here but let’s just say I’m more in line with this article than not.

    1. “Some of the best workers we ever had didn’t possess a degree but had a natural instinct with children.”

      Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!! My Truly Beloved once worked in a day care. Truly Beloved doesn’t have a degree in child development. Some absolute witch at the day care did, and wanted to be bossy all the time. The kids and the parents hated her (the witch with a degree)! Let me mention a 4-letter word… “Love”. Love of children (or love in general) does NOT come from a textbook!!!


        FUCK OFF Á àß äẞç ãþÇđ âÞ¢Đæ ǎB€Ðëf ảhf


        1. You told us that you like to sautée live kittens in your yeast-infected twat juice! What do you have to say for yourself?

          1. Is it babies or kittens?

            1. Tulpa and the Evil One hate ALL living things! Especially those who the rest of us find to be cute! Puppies, kittens, human babies, binturongs, bunnies… They are ALL to be hated, by both Tulpa and the Evil One! Intestinal tapeworms are adorable to these kinds of Tulpa-beings, ONLY for the pains that they inflict! Tulpa would even be happy to sautée and eat tapeworms, though, as long as Tulpa gets to inflict some PAIN!!!!

              1. 😉

  9. I am truly shocked that the answer isn’t 3rd world nannies for everyone.

    1. 3rd world nannies already prop up our Social Security system, w/o the ability to pull benefits. Sounds like taxation w/o representation to me!

      Please don’t forget, we tax the illegal sub-humans to make them pay to help prop up Social Security, but they never get to benefit from the taxes that they pay! (In the particular case of SS). See “The Truth About Undocumented Immigrants and Taxes” (in quotes) in your Google search window will take you straight there, hit number one… AKA

      This is a part of a long pattern of Government Almighty fuck-ups making necessary, MORE Government Almighty fuck-ups! Government Almighty mandated WAY too many licenses, before we’re allowed to earn an honest living… Put too many of us into poverty. To “help” with this poverty problem that Government Almighty created, Government Almighty gave us welfare. Welfare then attracts too many illegal sub-humans, sometimes, so to fix THAT problem, Government Almighty now wants e-verify and giant border walls and giant border armies, so I suppose Government Almighty will next fire up the military draft to fix THAT problem! (Lack of a large enough wall-and-army forces).
      Those of us who like individual freedom, would like for Government Almighty to SHRINK, for once, instead of always making itself BIGGER to fix all of the problems created by Government Almighty in the first place!

      1. 3rd world nannies already prop up our Social Security system , w/o the ability to pull benefits

        You’re ignoring the teensy inconvenient fact that this supposed “propping” is accomplished through identity fraud.

        1. And who is hurt by illegal sub-humans paying into my Social Security account? Or paying in to a made-up number?

          YOU are hurting ME by stealing my ID as you being a supposed human being, like me, when in reality, you hurt the reputations of ALL humans, by PRETENDING to be a humane human, while actually being a jerk! And PROUD of being a jerk! You’re a worse ID thief than the illegal humans who you despise, arrogant Jerk!

          1. And when one of your lovable criminals uses that ID to get a car loan, nobody gets hurt, right? When they use it to get welfare benefits, that hurts noone, right? When they skip on a warrant issued under that fake ID, no harm, no foul, right?

            You’re willfully ignorant as well as insane.

            1. And on Freddy the Jerk Planet, all illegal subhumans from other nations are horrible criminals, and ALL ‘Mericans are TOTALLY upstanding, law-abiders, right? Stellar “Menchen” like Dear Leader?


      2. Please don’t forget, we tax the illegal sub-humans to make them pay to help prop up Social Security

        We don’t tax them enough to make up for the costs they impose on the US. Immigrants need to pay at least $20k in taxes for the US just to break even.

    2. 2nd world au pairs for the win.

  10. Oklahoma’s mandates specify the number of puppets that must be available per child.

    In New Jersey, we keep all of our puppets in the state assembly.

    1. As opposed to in the stands?

  11. The govt created the need for massive numbers of day care by destroying the value of the dollar to begin with (starting in the late 60’s) middle class demanded both parents working…it was aided by the cultural marxists who told traditional families that women had to work instead of being a choice. Now making college degrees mandatory just creates more demand for the academic complex..useless degrees funded by govt backed debt and the solution will always be more govt aid for families for day care. They created the problem…nothing wrong with the traditional family where the wife stays home until the kids are at least in 3 or 4th grade then go back to work…

    1. Real feminism would have been making it OK for the man to stay home instead of the women, and the partners could have made that choice equally. Marxist feminism means women get what they want, and screw everyone else.

  12. How about people who can’t take of their kids DO NOT have them?

    1. Sad to say, what you propose above is plain and simple ethics, yet, I suspect that a teacher in public schools who said or taught such a thing, would be nearly immediately fired, or worse! It is everyone’s RIGHT to reproduce, and responsibility is just some sort of repressive concept!

  13. Way more people can work from home now, and home school. Probably the only good thing to come out of the SARS-CoV-2 panic.

  14. I’m not sure about the moral part. In fact I’m positive he’s completely immoral.

    1. He’s moral when he’s into the stuffy stuff, in a stuffy sort of way.

      When the stuff and stuff gets to be WAAAAY to utterly and completely full of stuffy stuff and stuff that’s stuffy in a stuffed-up way, THAT is when he gets to be immoral! Except, of course, when he is NOT immoral, and stuff and stuff!

      I hope that I have helped to clarify matters, and stuff!

  15. The barriers to work are much less damaging than the barriers to a child having a full-time stay-at-home parent. I hope this event leads more families to embrace the idea of stay-at-home motherhood.

  16. As a parent, I’m also a bit worried about the safety of my children after all this pandemic thing. We should expect changes in the educational system, that’s for sure and certain. And, I think there still be a lot of sanitizers and distancing rules everywhere.
    Although I’m happy my children will be allowed to go outside and won’t be locked inside the house, I’m still thinking about the way to know where a kid is. Maybe some kind of phone tracking or something like that, like the one described on I just don’t want them to walk around while the situation is still quite unstable.

  17. The most absurd case might be the Georgia blogger who was shut down for uploading YouTube videos from his house. electrician grand rapids

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