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Jo Jorgensen Wins Libertarian Party Presidential Nomination

The Clemson psychology lecturer and 1996 Libertarian vice presidential candidate got 51 percent on the fourth ballot.


In a day-long virtual meeting, after four ballots, the 1,035 delegates assembled for the Libertarian Party's online convention selected Jo Jorgensen as their presidential candidate.

She won with slightly over 51 percent of the vote (not every delegate voted in every round) on that fourth ballot, with 524 votes. Jacob Hornberger came in second, with nearly 28 percent of the vote. Vermin Supreme came in third, with 20 percent of the final vote.

Reason ran an interview with Jorgensen, a lecturer in psychology at Clemson who was the party's vice presidential candidate on a ticket with Harry Browne in 1996, on Thursday.

The party's voting procedure involved six candidates officially in nomination: Jorgensen, Jacob Hornberger, Vermin Supreme, John Monds, Judge James Gray, and Adam Kokesh. (Members could vote for other people if they wanted, or for none of the above, and many did.)

Jorgensen led the vote in every round, though she was only 12 votes ahead of runner-up Jacob Hornberger on the first ballot. As per the party's procedure, the lowest vote getter in each round was technically eliminated for the next one.

Kokesh was eliminated after round one, Gray after round two, and Monds after round three. Jorgensen's lead grew with each round, to 82 votes over Hornberger on the second ballot and a 126-vote lead on the third. Hornberger's support remained pretty steady, rising only to 285 from his first-round 236 votes.

Jorgensen vowed to "make this the most successful campaign we can" in a speech after the results came in. Runner-up Hornberger said in a concession speech that he "hold[s] her in the highest respect and esteem."

Joseph Bishop-Henchman, an at-large representative on the Libertarian National Committee who is running for its chairmanship this year, said in a written message on learning of her victory that "Jo Jorgensen has proven that she is a fighter, and will serve as a great contrast to the 70+ year old men she's taking on. She brought a remarkably diverse group of Libertarians together."

Jorgensen's vice presidential running mate will be selected in a second vote scheduled for tomorrow.

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  1. Congratulations are in order. I will not be writing in Baba Booey after all.

    1. Although I think the Libertarians have the best ideas, we must not go there with a third party. Libertarians should vote Republican, then use that party as its platform. There is already some good debate on Libertarian ideas within the Republican party. Right now it is more important to marginalize the Democrats. If the Libertarians start garnering 3, 4, 5 percent of the vote, it makes it much more likely that the Democrats win the White House. We all lose in that case. Stick with the Republicans, at least for now, but debate your ideas within the party.
      Remember Perot in 1992. This is exactly what I speak of.

      1. Republicans have been telling us this for 50 years.

        “Just stick with us until we defeat the Democrats once and for all, and then we’ll discuss your issues.”

        Ross Perot got us a hamstrung “triangulating” Democrat with a Republican Congress whose gridlock got us closer to a budget surplus than we’ve seen in a long time.

        What does the alternate universe where Bush won 1992 look like?

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          2. A libertarian has a much better chance of getting elected as a republican than as a libertarian. A democrat has a much better chance of getting elected if the libertarians take away republican votes.
            The libertarians are going nowhere if they do not convince republicans of their ideas. Run as republicans.
            Peace out.

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        1. The problem with your illogic is that voting for any Libertarian candidate guarantees Democrats will win. That is FAR worse than any Republican candidate. Honestly if you think its better that Biden is President it would be better for you to stay home election day. Wait isnt that what Democrats want? Cheat by mail?

          1. Honestly if you think its better that Biden is President it would be better for you to stay home election day.

            That doesn’t make sense. Staying home has the same effect on the outcome as voting third party. A vote for a third party is not a vote for (fill in whatever party you like least). It is at worst a null vote.

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        3. Are you serious? The two most corrupt figures in American Political history get consigned to the dustbin.

          No Janet Teno, no Eric Holder. No RBG, no Breyer (though he is comparable to how a squishy Bushiest pick turns out)

          No Waco, and therefore no Oklahoma City and no Columbine. No Columbine, and no Columbine Effect and no epidemic of mass school shootings.

          No selling satellite/Guided MRV nuclear missile tech to the Chicoms for campaign bucks.

          No Shawmut Bank lawsuit. No focus on imaginary “redlining” in the early 90s, which became “predatory lending” after it fell apart. No refocus on the Community Reinvestment Act. No Financial Crisi of 2008.
          No Jamie Gorelick.

          No Jamie Gorelick also means possibly no 9/11. Which means no Afghan War and no 2nd invasion of Iraq.

          No Obama. No 2016 Campaign. Probably no Trump. The alternate timeline is vastly different.

          1. Yeah, but anyone can speculate on an alternative timeline. Maybe Clinton would have won in 1996 and all the same shit happened only worse.

      2. Ummm…… no. LOL @ “There is already some good debate on Libertarian ideas within the Republican party.” If the Republican Party cared about libertarian ideas and those who advocate for them, they wouldn’t have treated Ron Paul the way they did in 2012.

        1. Or Rand Paul in 2016 for that matter.

      3. Not kicking that football anymore, Lucy! 😀

        Either you just turned 21 or you think we all have Alzheimer’s!

      4. Republicans.

        Been there and not going back.

        This may be the hill I die on. So it might be.

        Couple people here are obsessive about trying to destroy libertarian principles. I won’t say who.

        There was a time when it looked right. This stealth Republican thing. I was wrong. It was a scam all along.

        1. Libertarian principles = reflexive leftism to echo

        2. Just make sure you stay home on election day when you die on the libertarian hill. We dont need ballots cast for any libertarian candidate that has less than zero chance of winning anything, ever. History bears that out. Not that Libertarians dont have good ideas but they can not defeat the endless lies of the left.
          In a better world the media fairness doctrine would constrict what lies the Left could tell but alas that hasnt been around for years.

          1. “We don’t need ballots cast” for whoever I want to vote for.

            Well fuck that.

            You can take your “we” and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

            What kind of place is this? What kind of America, because it is not the one I grew up in.

            Yeah teach me history. Show me about how sacrificing principles for expedience works. Do whatever you want. I do not care.

      5. Perot would have been way better than Clinton or Bush. I have no regrets about voting for him. The Republican Party is an embarrassment to the ideals they held just 20 years ago, not to mention an enemy of liberty.

        1. You take the cards you are dealt. You have 2 big tent parties, one of which is the lesser of two evils. The republicans have a handful of libertarian leaning representatives. The libertarians have zero.
          A libertarian has a much better chance of getting elected as a republican than as a libertarian. A democrat has a much better chance of getting elected if the libertarians take away republican votes.
          The libertarians are going nowhere if they do not convince republicans of their ideas. Run as republicans.
          Peace out.

          1. If I’m going to vote for evil, I’m voting Chthulhu. Why choose a lesser evil?

            Stop being cowed into voting for the duopoly. They’re the same damn party for all practical purposes. Voting third party (or write-ins, even imaginary characters) is significant – it’s a protest against the choices you have. And the duopoly will get worried as their percentage of the vote shrinks.

            Don’t get deceived into voting for a terrible candidate just because ‘no one else can possibly win’. That’s self-defeating logic. Of course if we never vote for a third party, a third party will never win. Which is exactly what the duopoly wants. This is duopoly agitprop, plain and simple.

            (And quite honestly, I can’t see any real difference between Trump and Biden, except possibly hours of twitter use per day).

      6. I agree. Perot was my first vote but I was one who would not have voted at all if not for him. Every time I have voted third party this has been the case. But like it or not, we’re facing a full blown socialist takeover of the US and a globalist takeover of the entire world. To allow leftist ideologues to have this one means there won’t be anyone to vote for next time around.

  2. I dunno. Doesn’t look crazy enough.

    1. Both of you can jump in a lake. Johnson was a governor at one point (admittedly as a Republican). Didn’t he get the highest libertarian vote ever (still admittedly low)? We’ll see what Mz Jorgensen can do, and I hope for her great success, but Gary Johnson was a pretty good candidate.

      1. Whats an Aleppo?

        That killed him. And I voted for him.









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          Perry recaps Obama’s 57 states’ goof


          By Meghan Ashford-GroomsNovember 30, 2011

          By W. Gardner SelbyNovember 30, 2011

          We all make mistakes.That was Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s message a day after suggesting during a New Hampshire campaign stop that the U.S. voting age is 21.

          On the Nov. 30, 2011, edition of “Fox & Friends,” Perry indicated that his much-talked-about goof was a simple slip of the tongue — something that the current president has also done. “From time to time, we all will get something wrong,” Perry said. “The president of the United States said there was 57 states one day.” See his response about five minutes into the video posted here.

          Of course, the voting age is 18. And the United States has 50 states.

          Perry’s right, though, that Barack Obama flubbed in this fashion.

          It happened in May 2008 as then-Sen. Obama was closing in on the Democratic presidential nomination.

          As reported by Reuters, Obama was howdying a crowd in Beaverton, Ore., on May 9, 2008, when he said: “It is wonderful to be back in Oregon. Over the last 15 months, we’ve traveled to every corner of the United States. I’ve now been in 57 states. I think one left to go. Alaska and Hawaii, I was not allowed to go to even though I really wanted to visit, but my staff would not justify it.”

          1. He’s a Democrat. He’s allowed to make mistakes. They’re just gaffs. They have no bearing on his intelligence.

          2. “ “It is wonderful to be back in Oregon. Over the last 15 months, we’ve traveled to every corner of the United States. I’ve now been in 57 states. I think one left to go. Alaska and Hawaii, I was not allowed to go to even though I really wanted to visit, but my staff would not justify it.””

            Ah, so it turns out he thought there were SIXTY states.

            1. Given their massive and pervasive election fraud, it’s no surprise they lose count of the number of states in the union. They just ass them as needed.

        2. No it fucking didn’t. He was third party, he was never going to win anyway, regardless of how many propaganda trash outlets like NYT made asses of themselves (“capital of Syria”) trying to overplay what was a completely innocuous query response to a question that was intentionally presented without context (“What are your thoughts on Aleppo?” What? The salt? The Shriners?).

          1. And he fell for it. He was a klutz. And blew a golden opportunity to make a good showing for the LP.

            1. If he hadn’t blown that question, it wouldn’t have been publicized. If he had never blown any questions, he wouldn’t have gotten any publicity.

              1. Nice observation. Libertarians are ignored, unless they make a gaffe. Johnson didn’t come off as well as he might have. He didn’t make a great case repealing drug prohibition, sounding like a pothead.

              2. Perzackly. The MSMS plays gotcha. When you don’t bite, they just don’t print it, and nobody ever knows.

        3. Why the fuck is everyone still stuck on Aleppo? Jeepers Cripes, you act like he flunked and had to retake kindergarten! Did you now what a Leppo was before that question? No, you did not.

          I can understand the purists mad over the cake stuff, but acting a like a purist then bailing for Trump over the Leppo question is fucking nuts.

          1. “Gary Johnson is as ignorant as I am”

            Not a good defense

          2. Stop projecting your ignorance. I knew what (and where) Aleppo was in 1996, much less 2016. It’s like people don’t learn anything about history anymore.

      2. Gary Johnson was an awful candidate. He was given two Town Halls on CNN, and couldn’t articulate a basic libertarian principle. He wasted that golden opportunity to bring in voters and clearly explain some basic principles. He was horrendous.

        1. Also spent considerable effort getting the least libertarian person possible on the ticket as his VP….who then all but endorsed Hillary before the election.

        2. He was given two Town Halls on CNN, and couldn’t wouldn’t articulate a basic libertarian principle.

          Had he been an inexperienced pol I might give him the benefit of the doubt. But he wasn’t so the omission had to be conscious.

          1. He got it in his head that he could win, so he started trying to play the middle and avoid alienating people. That was probably a mistake.

            1. It is the only way to win though.

              1. True, and I admit I fell for it a little, too. But in retrospect, he had no chance, and might have done more good not compromising the message. I’m torn on the subject.

      3. Bake the cake johnson? Do some of you even bother looking at the candidates.

      4. The pro-choice Johnson-Weld ticket increased our spoiler vote clout by probably a factor of four, allowing for the usual miscounts by looters. This would amplify our law-changing clout by a factor of at least 40 based on how past small parties changed laws. The 2016 LP ticket swayed the ELECTORAL vote gap by covering the gap in 13 states. If Jo turns out an antichoice racial eugenics plant, her nomination could well alienate the other half of the American public. That women already avoid the LP since it waffled on individual rights for women is statistically obvious.

        1. Only made a difference if you make some really unrealistic assumptions about how they would have voted in the absence of the LP option. Meanwhile, in this world, the results were as they would have been had GJ sat on his thumbs instead of campaigned.

          1. The vote totals may have been hurt by Johnson’s campaigning. Just giving people the option and posting his resume was enough.

        2. Women avoid the LP because the men in it are sexist scum who don’t know how to behave in polite company. I’ve talked to a lot of woman when they ask me why I’m libertarian with the way they treat women. It’s hard to explain that we feel people have the right to jerks and I can deal with that.

          That doesn’t help with growing the party though, guys. Maybe if we had some webinars or something on how to make friends and influence people and libertarian men took it to heart we could get somewhere. As it stands now, very few self-respecting women want anything to do with party because of the behavior of the members and not because of the platform.

          1. Libertarians aren’t necessarily sextet, they just tend to be anti social autistics in general

            1. And by sextet, I mean sexist (which is a word my phone apparently doesn’t like)

              1. From your phone to God’s ears.

            2. It would probably help you guys with the ladies if you stopped telling women that date rape and sexual harassment at work were all in their heads. Bitches, man.

              1. That’s what your fellow scum in the Democrat Party do, fucktard.

            3. Yep, was watching that clip from C-SPAN of the 1991 Libertarian convention in Friday Funnies and my first thought is that libertarians still dress the same, like the IT department in Walmart suits, 30 years later.

            4. Libertarians support voluntary transactions, there is no reason to paint us as autistic hermits. Many of us are quite well adjusted socially.

          2. “women avoid the LP because the men are sexist scum”

            So then why the fuck don’t they avoid the outright rapists in the Elephant and Jackass Party? Idiotic fucking claim,

            1. Probably because the donkeys and elephants at least pretend.

              1. That’s it exactly. They can be polite in public and that doesn’t chase people away.

          3. Women avoid the LP because libertarians don’t pretend that they can be a social safety net.

            Women want social programs for the needy. Period.

            1. Women want social programs for the women. Period.

          4. Libertarians aren’t any more sexist than the population at large.

            Of course, to most people today, not wanting to pay for your birth control and thinking that women should be treated equally to men is sexism.

          5. In my experience, libertarians of both sexes are by far the nicest and smartest people I’ve met.

            1. Except just yesterday you called all voters who don’t vote the way you like thieves

          6. “webinars or something on how to make friends and influence people”

            Michael Cloud used to make a living doing that. Did it make a difference in the LP?

            Ironically, the first time I met the man himself, he walked into a statewide petition organizing meeting in a bathrobe, bare feet, and bed head.

        3. Yes Hank, you LOVE murdering babies. We know. Kermit Gosnell is your idol.

        4. Johnson didn’t do better than the typical LP candidate because he was pro-choice. He did better because he was far more qualified, and the two old parties ran a criminal and a reality TV star.

        5. Gary Johnson is not a libertarian, Hank. Period.

      5. Anybody else remember “Bake the damn cake!”? I do. Screw Gary Johnson.

        1. Gary Johnson is an asshole and a fucking pothead idiot.

      6. Back to 0.4%.

      7. He was an opportunist. I miss Ron Paul.

  3. Damn, and I wanted a pony. Well, she’s got my vote anyway. Not that that is saying much, since I would have voted for whoever was nominated.

    1. She may still pick Vermin for Secretary of Dental Hygiene though…

  4. We weren’t favored with a strip tease this year. (Yet.) Sarwark did a most credible job chairing the 12 hour marathon. Without being able to seek quick voice votes on motions, he calmly soldiered on.
    And there were the usual prima donnas making points of insipid information or orders that always clog up the conventions and send half the delegates in search of the nearest refreshments.

    1. My only gripe with Sarwark today was declaring calls to add Hill and Ruff to the nomination list as dilatory and then for allowing for himself to be put up for a vote immediately afterward. I assume he had legitimate reasons but it was a bad look. Water under the bridge now.

      There’s always an element of the LP hell bent on self-destruction and being a douche. Unfortunately, they would have done the same in person. There’s a time and a place to cause trouble for just reasons (as Sarwark did in Vegas). Sometimes you just have to accept that your candidate/friend simply didn’t interest the delegates enough for a token.

      1. The Kleptocracy is huge and burdened with loot; the tiny LP an existential threat at 80% per annum increase. Foolish to expect looters to stop at anything when it comes to infiltrating us to remove that threat.

        1. They don’t need to infiltrate when the LP already attracts plenty of crazies on its own.

  5. She’s got my vote. This one is easy.

  6. So in keeping with recent Libertarian tradition, will she be choosing a VP running mate who’s an outspoken fan of her opposition?

    1. No, besides the fact that she doesn’t get to pick her running mate, it looks like she has chosen Monds as her preference.

      1. Deliberately missing the joke?

  7. Shes way better than Johnson. Her campaign platform is a bit thin bu when you’re up against two dumpster fires that might be for the best. Just point out how you aren’t Donald Trump or Joe Biden and play down the stereotype of libertarians as pot smoking anarchists. I do like how she seems to come from that branch of libertarianism that’s less purist and more practical. I fully expect to be voting for her this November.

    1. “Shes way better than Johnson”
      That’s a bar set so low you could roll over it.

      I’m glad it wasn’t Hornberger, but I don’t really know much about her.

      1. Why? What did you dislike about Hornberger?

      2. 2020 is one giant bar of historically low proportions. There is literally no bottom anymore. Anyone could run for president these days and have a real shot. I wouldn’t even blink an eye if a convicted serial killer were nominated to ticket of a major party.

        1. Well, there was Obama, but he didn’t become a serial killer until his first term.

      3. Hornberger would have been great. People respect principled arguments. No liberals or conservatives are going to be persuaded by utilitarian arguments — they want big government to enact their policies and crush their enemies.

        1. Such a nice thing to say

        2. “People respect principled arguments.”

          Donald J. Trump is the elected president of the United States of America in anno domini 2020 and you make a comment like that? Jorgensen could probably increase her election chances ten fold by doing a strip tease live on national TV. I’m not saying she should, but if there’s any question about the level of arguments Americans prefer you should keep that in mind.

  8. Yay! Also yer skrewd.

  9. Kind of a pity. It would have been nice to have a doctrinaire libertarian make the cut and compare numbers to the ill-fated Johnson (I am more or less assured Trump will win the coming election, so whoever runs for the LP is a sacrificial lamb at best). Would have given a better indication as to the direction of the party.

    Although this could be an indication that maybe the party is maturing a bit. Look forward to voting for her this November.

    1. I look forward to voting the Ticket, not the choice straddler. In the meantime I plan to support pro-choice candidates in other races. Herbert Hoover and God’s Own Prohibitionists tried a straddle plank in 1932, when mindless fanatics wanted additional children shot for having beer. Remember how that worked out?

      1. I know how ‘pro choice’ has worked out. Your ilk have murdered far more children than any republican.

        You’re a sick piece of shit. And no one finds your phrasing to be clever. You’re just bizarre and obscure.

        1. You shoudl try being more of an asshole. I’m sure that will settle the abortion debate once and for all.

  10. Okay you cant win but please do what you can to siphon off votes for the Dims, not Trump…

    1. She definitely needs to go hard on Biden. The dims are the only ones she could pull any decent amount of votes from in this election cycle, but, she really needs to light a fire under her ass. I’ve watched some of her ads on YouTube and as one commenter put it, ‘comes across as Comfort Inn commercial reminding you of the continental breakfast’. I get the message and she has my support but she can’t just gently tap dims on the shoulder with the stick of reason, she swing that motherfucker HARD! They already have a dead fish for a candidate. The best she could do for the Trump crowd is pull enough from Trump’s personality cult playbook to let them know they have a better option in the next cycle.

      1. First congratulation to Jo Jorgensen. This election will be a referendum on the President same as any election when an incumbent is running. I am not sure where Ms. Jorgensen could draw votes. I suggest that the best outcome for Libertarians is a Biden win and the Senate stay Republican. Some would see Trump as a libertarian. I think they are fooling themselves, much like the Evangelicals. Trump is incompetent, authoritarian, and a grifter, he is not on your side, he is on his side. And his cultist are not likely to be persuaded if he loses a few votes to the Libertarian. Only a loss will persuade the Republicans it is time to move on to better candidates.

        1. Oh, look. The faux-mod ass who always whines that the most “Libertarian” thing to do is support the most totalitarian morons around is claiming the most “Libertarian” thing to do is support the most totalitarian morons around.

          “incompetent, authoritarian grifter who is not on your side”

          That applies blanket to the Democratic cult tenfold.

          1. No I did not say to support the most totalitarian moron, that would be Trump. I don’t think either the Republican or Democrats are cultist. I am saying that some cultist have an overly large influence on Republicans at this time, that will end when Trump is no longer President.

            1. Why do progressives like yourself always like about your partisanship?

              Rhetorical question.

              You won’t own your partisanship because you know your opinions and arguments are feeble.

              Nobody lacks strength in their convictions like leftists

            2. Trump isn’t the one with the totalitarian agenda. You’re really pitching that nonsensical bullshit to the wrong crowd.

            3. I’m no fan of Trump but if he’s such a totalitarian, why didn’t he accept the power offered to him to deal with Covid 19? Why did he insist on leaving that power with the states. Seems pretty counter to someone trying to amass power and become a dictator.

              1. Was the crown offered him three times?

                Yes, indeed it was, and he put it aside three times.

          2. Then, if you believe that, you should vote for the libertarian candidate. The fact that others are corrupt, incompetent, and unPresidential shouldn’t excuse Trump for being those things.

            1. Corrupt?
              Trump has been endlessly investigated (even to the point of attempting to frame his associates) by the combined might of the Ds, media, R establishment, and US intel agencies… and they’ve turned up nothing.

              Trump has faced resistance from all of the above and is fighting back against a century of progressive era work. He’s managed to deregulate a great deal and install many constitutionalist judges. He’s ripped the mask off of the most dishonest elements of our society and political system. He’s not lost support, and is even gaining more.

              How about you define what you’re idea of “presidential” is and then tell us why it’s superior to Trump’s style.

              1. Turned up nothing? The Mueller Report gives ten examples of obstruction on his part. Plus the Ukraine call.

                Trump has failed in his response to Coronavirus by waiting too long to act. He has also failed to end any wars despite promising to do so. He has ballooned the budget deficit.

                Falsely accusing Joe Scarborough of murder is as u presidential as it gets. Plus the Twitter rants, the poor spelling, the lies, and the insults. Moron.

                1. There are plenty of reasons to oppose Trump the the Mueller report – as we now know – is definitely NOT one of them. You are, of course correct on the deficit, and probably wrong about Scarborough. Do some research.

        2. I suggest that the best outcome for Libertarians is a Biden win and the Senate stay Republican.

          If Biden wins his VP will be 25th A’d into office and probably even before he takes his oath. That means if Biden wins, Michelle Obama will be preziddle.

    2. Trump is the worst POTUS since LBJ from a libertarian perspective. The worst on federal spending by miles, the worst on deficits (future taxes) by miles and miles, anti-free trade and pro tariff, terrible on immigration, corrupt to the core, and the very epitome of the Unitary Executive.

      The only good thing to say about him is that he has not pursued the Bush/Cheney nation-building formula.

      (Yes, I am aware of his Aborto-Freak SCOTUS picks. I am no fan of a police state)

      1. Regardless of your ravings, she is not going to beat Trump, and neither is Biden. She has my vote but the best she can do is build a following for next time.

        1. “She” being Jorgensen? You absolutely should vote for her as should everyone who claims to be a libertarian.

          1. “She”being Jorgensen”


      2. Can’t argue those points, but Gorsuch will go down as one of the best Supremes we have had. First step in criminal justice reform was a good thing as well.

        1. Gorsuch will go down as one of the best Supremes we have had

          Perhaps, but as of today it is only an “accomplishment” to the Aborto-Freaks.

          1. How’s that? Gorsuch has not ruled on abortion.

            1. You’re dealing with someone who makes Pod look intelligent.

          2. Why don’t you invent vagina plugs and then we won’t need abortions.

            Oh we did? They’re called condoms and contraception?

            Oh, then why don’t people just do that instead of murdering babies?

      3. It is amazing how dumb you actually are. You are so dumb you think we exist in a unilateral dictatorship instead of a multi branch federal system.

        Yes, the president who has offered tax cuts and more regulation reduction since reagan is the least LP president ever.

        You’re a literal retard.

        1. Trump has fired four IG’s who were investigating him and/or his minions, you idiot.

          And Obama’s tax cut was larger than the Con Man’s while Jimmy Carter deregulated 100x more than him including entire industrial markets.

          When you call those two “the most libertarian” then I will take you seriously instead of as just a GOP lick-spittle.

          1. Obama fired his IG’s too; but you, the dishonest fucks that you are, claim that Trump’s firings are different because “shut up Russian bot”.

            Your so constantly dishonest and full of shit.

          2. You want to do this.

            Obama alone.

            Increased taxes. Fired the majority of IGs. Didnt even nominate certain IGs so had no oversight (this is assuming you even actually believe the IGs are more than a political entity, which you fucking believe). Sanctions everywhere. Creation of ACA. Reduction of federal drilling and exploration. Increase in foreign aid and spending. Iran deal. Sending money to fund Iran. Multiple foreign wars. Gun running to mexico. Increase drug incarcerations. Spying on Congress. Going after political groups with IRA and OSHA. Spying on Israel. Spying on a political campaign. Most 0-9 decisions against at USSC. Usurping congress right to determine when in session.

            And you think Jimmy fucking Carter was libertarian? God how fucking dumb are you??

            You really are the dumbest person on here.

            1. “And you think Jimmy fucking Carter was libertarian? God how fucking dumb are you??”

              Legalization of homebrewing, deregulation of both trucking and the airlines. Its opinion is wrong, but I see where the plug was going with it.

              Good luck to Candidate Jorgensen. May she pull more votes from Biden’s side than Trump’s.

            2. Tax cuts are not good if you increase the deficit. They are not truly tax cuts but rather just deferred taxes.

              1. Tax cuts are ALWAYS good. Nobody has a gun to anybody’s head to force them to loan the criminals some money.

            3. Carter actually ABOLISHED the Civil Aeronautics Board. So by that measure …

          3. “Obama’s tax cut”

            Is a figment of your mentally twisted mind,

          4. Que the clip of the moderator of the quiz challenge in Billy Maddison

      4. “worst POTUS since LBJ from a Libertarian perspective”

        What a stupid fucking lie to try and pass off, when the biggest complaints Dems have had about Trump are over policies or actions that Obama actually enacted. Fuck off, Buttplug.

        1. I don’t judge politicians by what their opposition thinks. I judge them by what they’ve actually done. And Trump fails like a floating turd refusing to go down the drain.

          Don’t give me that Obama shit, he was a turd too. Get off that opposition blow job you’re on. Just because one president was bad does not mean the next one is automatically the best ever.

          1. Because a President can just do things. Congress does not exist, apparently.

            1. I detect sarcasm, but you ignore congress’s ever diminishing role in governing the United States. Everything is executive orders these days. Has been for a decade now. Welcome to the new America, be sure to keep a picture of Dear Leader by your bedside.

      5. You’re just mad because he won’t legalize all that Kiddie porn you love so much.

      6. Since when does Gorsuch favor a “police state”? He’s easily the best SCOTUS judge libertarians have seen in decades.

        1. Gorsuch put out his Aborto-Freak Bat Signal by joining the Federalist Society. Banning the pill and abortion is their mission.

          1. Evidence? I think that you are delusional.

      7. “Trump is the worst POTUS since LBJ from a libertarian perspective.”

        Seriously? Trump isn’t that capable of a tyrant.

      8. I don’t like the Trump butt sniffers here, but it’s disappointing how the loudest Trump haters here are all radically pro-abortion. I dislike Trump but am pro-life like Justin Amash.

      9. Yes, yes and yes BUT I’m disappointed in all of you if you don’t understand what is happening globally. Biden= goodbye liberty FOREVER

    3. No one siphons off my vote. I vote for the candidate I want to be President the most. My vote never decides the election or even my own state’s electoral vote, so why try to be strategic?

  11. And I thought Gary Johnson was bad. Jo Jorgensen will be lucky to get 1% of the popular vote in 2020. Libertarian voters should vote Trump this year. Hopefully the Libertarian Party will open their eyes and nominate someone like Jacob Hornberger, John Monds or Sam Robb in 2024. Only then will they have a chance to win 5% of the popular vote.

    1. Unless you’re in one of a few swing states voting for her won’t make any difference.

    2. Nope.

      Without a Libertarian option I write-in Baba Booey.

      Hornberger had no chance at 5%. None of the candidates do in ’20. This isn’t going to be a good year for third parties. Vermin Supreme would stand the best chance with his appeal to younger voters. His campaign was light years ahead of any other. Jorgensen and any future LP presidential candidate should take note.

  12. I wish more people were involved in the nomination process, otherwise the LP will remain insular for a long time. Vermin Supreme (what is HE doing there) should have been weeded out a lot sooner.

    But I like that Jorgenson knows “pox on both houses” has been dragged out too long. I’m curious about how she would impact the general election.

    1. Vermin Supreme is a long-time libertarian and brilliant satirist. He confuses the ignorant and takes the piss out of politicians. Unlike you’re average American voter Vermin is in on the joke. He wants you too to be in on the joke.

      1. I suspect Vermin Supreme would get 2 or 3 percent of the vote just on his name, from people who want to vote for Mickey Mouse. But the LP should run a serious candidate who would be plausible as President.

  13. Reason Readership….here is the link to her website. I think this is a candidate we can be proud of.

    1. That’s a horrible website! I wanted to sing up for more infor but the form didn’t seem to go anywhere or at least everything looked the same after I hit “Join Jo” and nothing told me anyone got my info.

      And what the heck is this?

      Who is Jo Jorgensen?
      She is the perfect Libertarian to represent the Libertarian Party in 2020.
      Jo is: Principled Persuasive
      Jo has Practical Experience.

      Why is there a colon in there? Why are being treated like children with multiple uses of alliteration throughout the website? I understand her name has it but we’re adults and don’t need nursery rhyme tactics to get our attention.

      Plase, Jo, if you’re reading, redo the website to make professional and effective. I’ll be happy to work on copy for you but the whole thing needs a huge redo.

      1. Sorry about the typos- I’m not writing and editing professionally on here- but hopefully, you’ll get someone who can do a better job on the copy and the website itself.

      2. What about being a college professor screams “practical experience”???

        1. Maybe having her own business for a decade or so…

          1. That would count

  14. Is there a reason she was favored over Hornberger? It had seemed like they were the two most likely candidates to win, but Hornberger seemed more popular. I am sure I will vote for Josgenson, but from looking at the two campaign websites up to this point, I thought Hornberger had a better background and just more information about his platform.

    1. Jorgensen*, oops

    2. Agree…Doctor Jorgensen’s website is pretty scant on any details of her actual policies.

    3. I hope she was favored over Hornberger because the Browne/Jorgenson campaign had the largest increase in LP membership at all levels, e-vah.

      We’re never going to get any traction if we keep giving back our gains after every campaign.

  15. Since Reason presumably is a libertarian oriented publication, perhaps Candidate Jorgensen will read and respond to these direct questions.

    1. Will you sponsor legislation to abolish the FISA court?
    2. The quarantine restrictions we have in place…where do you stand?
    3. Will you commit to pulling our troops out of the ME by a date certain?
    4. Regarding taxation, do you advocate a flat tax? Consumption tax?
    5. What is your strategy to persuade the Congress to implement your ideas?
    6. Who is your ideal SCOTUS nominee, and why?
    7. Will you commit to reducing the size of the FBI by at least 90%?
    8. Regarding firearms, will you sponsor legislation to allow medical marijuana patients to get firearms? Sponsor ‘shall issue’ nationally?
    9. Will you sponsor campaign finance law to require disclosure of who contributes and how much (to eliminate anonymity)?
    10. When you leave office after 8 years as POTUS, what will have been your greatest accomplishments?

    1. Answers:

      1 – 10. Freedom. I will support freedom and liberty.

      It would be nice if she answered your questions, since I think they are important. But, she isn’t going to. Her website is a dumpster fire of aimless fluff and incoherence.

      1. Well Geraje, here is hoping she sees and responds, whether here or on her website. I’m asking the questions in good faith.

        1. That’s fine.

          I just don’t think she will respond, especially to Question 5, which I think is the most important among the bunch you included. Without an answer to Question 5, the rest of her answers are more or less irrelevant.

    2. Observe how looter sockpuppets ALREADY seek to bully the candidate from behind a mask of anonymity.

      1. Hank, why don’t you rant more about “Prohibitionists”, and “girl bulliers,” you quack.

        1. He could also rave about ‘looter infiltrators’, or the Hoover administration. Did he write a term paper on Hoover? Is that why he manages to insert that in two thirds of his rankings?

          He also loves to see babies murdered.

      2. Wait…what? Bully the candidate? Really? Because that is not the intent.

        I am asking some of the same direct questions that other libertarians are no doubt asking. I deliberately asked a few open-ended questions for Candidate Jorgensen to fully and clearly express her libertarian views.

        Personally, I am most interested in #’s 6,10…what she truly wants to accomplish the most, and her view of judicial philosophy and the limits of the judiciary in general.

        1. Hank Phillips has moments of lucidity, but they’re few and far between. I wouldn’t worry to much about his accusations.

    3. Regarding 1, 8, and 9, I don’t know if the president can “sponsor” legislation.

      1. I’m for it, but don’t know if we’ll like the results when it’s up to any other judges to make these rulings.

      2. Who’s going to believe or listen to the president’s opinion on this anyway? The only reason to state one is for people to take sides on it, and that’s not going to help anything except possibly re-election.

      3. Sure, but won’t announce the date, so you won’t know anyway until it’s done.

      4. No. I’m not for taxes.

      5. By getting into a good bargaining position on marginal decisions, favoring relatively good packages coming to my desk for signature. The veto threat works only in a balance of power situation w.r.t. the legislature.

      6. Some young libertarian fanatic who I think would be excited about being on the court for the rest of hir life. Doesn’t have to know anything about law, just be a vote. An explicit ideologic puppet, not a scholar. Scholars think too much.

      7. Sure. Reduce the staff to 1 person, to be paid the entire budget as salary just to shut the fuck up.

      8. Sure, there’s probably some legislative way to do these things, provided I get a solid majority in both houses.

      9. No. Why would I be for that?

      10. See #6.

      1. Understand that means that if the Democrats want to send a million people to the gas chamber, and the Republicans want to send 900,000 , make it known that I’ll sign the bill to gas 900,000, rather than face a bipartisan veto-proof majority compromise to gas 950,000. Everything’s relative; I’d be saving 50,000 lives.

        1. That was regarding #5.

        2. I think I know what you’re trying to say here, but the hypothetical scenario you’ve laid out doesn’t seem great for advocating utilitarian reasoning.

          I can say, unequivocally and without reservations, that I would want a President to veto any bill that would send any number of innocent people to gas chambers, regardless of political strategizing.

          If Congress authored such a bill, and it had serious potential to become law, then the Constitution would have already been shredded. If it passed on a veto-override, then it would clearly be time for open, armed rebellion. That’s the position I would like the President to take in such a circumstance.

      2. You Jo Jorgensen? Then please don’t speak for the candidate. 🙂

  16. Members could vote for other people if they wanted, or for none of the above, and many did.

    They just threw their vote away.

    1. The result is better’n being saddled with the closet fascist judge or Koko The Clown, true. But 2/3 of all voters in mystically brainwashed Ireland broke free of the Vatican’s spell and recognized that women, too, have individual rights even without a 14th Amendment to define individuals as “All persons born.” Irishwomen who change their minds or are unpleasantly surprised now have access to the medical cartel. This is WAY more freecom from coercion than they enjoyed under Amendment 8.

      1. “Unpleasantly surprised”? A baby as a consequence of sex is a surprise, that can’t be predicted or forseen? The fuck did I just read?

        1. It’s a glob of cells called an “embryo” you moron. Go to where you belong. This is a libertarian site.

          1. Fuck off, you child-porn posting pedophile.
            You’re farther away from being a libertarian than Pol Pot or Pinochet.

            1. Fuck you, you statist cocksucking conservative child molester Denny Hastert wannabe.

          2. Technically, you’re just a glob of cells called a “primate.”

            1. But I’m not a statist trying to deprive a woman of nine months of freedom like conservatives wish to do.

              1. You view pregnancy to be a form of imprisonment?

              2. What other unique individuals are we allowed to kill off for convenience?

                Wait.. you’re one of the pro china, who cares if they imprison and organ harvest from Uygher, free trade idiots.

          3. It has unique dna you anti science child raper. You’re just mad you cant rape the “glob of cells.”

      2. //The result is better’n being saddled with the closet fascist judge or Koko The Clown, true//

        How is the result better if your vote doesn’t make a difference in the election … results?

  17. Goddamn, I hate conservatives.

    (Progressives suck too)

    1. That’s cool, because I despise you personally and everything you stand for, you sickening, authoritarian kiddie-toucher.

      1. That is the distinguishing trait of you conservatives – you constantly have to lie to hold up your shitty myths. Trump is the consummate liar – he does it with ease and no hint of self awareness. Fat Rush Limbaugh (Praise Be Unto Him) is the same.

        “America is founded on Christian principles” – what a fucking lie that is – unless you think Christians are the rightful slaveowners (which is no doubt prevalent).

        When is the Boogaloo?

        1. Many members of the founding generation were either Christians of various sects, or Christian deists. (See “The Jefferson Bible”)

        2. Yeah, well at least those who actually practice Christianity have given up on human bondage.

        3. Again… the pro china free trade who ignores actual slave labor on China part calls others pro slavery. Never change kiddie fiddler.

          1. It’s not our government’s job to police China.

    2. You hate anybody more intelligent than you. Which explains your constant anger.

  18. I’d congratulate her, but Ms. Jorgensen deserves better than the Libertarian Party.

  19. Is she going to promote ranked-choice voting?

  20. Well, I’ve noticed that some of the best Presidents had the same first and last initial… except for Wilson… and Hoover… and Reagan.

  21. I wonder if the LP will get on the ballot in all 50 states (57 in Obama’s world). Won’t make a difference if they do, they cannot even get an electoral vote without a faithless elector. In this election if you care about capitalism, freedom, and getting constitutionalists on the court, you would not vote for You Ain’t Black Biden or the pointless third parties.

    And if you’re a dumb faggot like Buttplug or AmSoc, you don’t vote at all you just piss and moan.

    1. Libertarians have won in “lower” races.
      Running for the higher ones is probably necessary to help validate the lower ones regardless of actually winning them


    There’s really no more important question right now.
    The “panic” was not accidental, but part of a plan.
    Tyranny that we won’t recover from stands on the precipice of total victory.

    1. //If the cycle of lockdowns continues, small businesses will be wiped off the map. The elites have rigged the economic game; they control where every dollar of the bailout money goes, and many of their corporations are the only institutions that are equipped to survive the onslaught. Some of these companies will go down, but in the long run the goal, in my view, is total centralization of production and distribution.//


      1. Ending the lockdowns should be the first plank in her platform.

        1. Agreed — and, also, that lockdowns are as a general matter inappropriate, unconstitutional, and fundamentally illiberal.

          1. Also correct

          1. How many deaths are you okay with?

        2. How can a President end the lockdowns? Governors initiated them.

          Maybe sue the state and governor in court?

          1. Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law 18 USC 241, 242. Judge Nap as the AG and turn him loose on the bad (state) actors.

  23. Already people raging because a woman got the nomination. Same old LP, never changes.

  24. She seems nice.

    Do I get to vote now?

    I am for her.

  25. Godspeed JJ. I’m voting for Biden as I want a viable means to drink the tears of right-wingers when their man-baby Dear Leader has his ass handed to him by a senile dotard. Better a senile dotard than a senile narcissistic lying butthole dog whistling to racists. I’ve picked my poison, thank you very much.

  26. Regardless of how good a candidate Ms. Jorgensen may be, there is no chance of her winning the general election, and we MUST do all within our power to get trump out of office!!! Hopefully there will not be enough well-intentioned voters who vote Libertarian, and take the opportunity away from the Democratic candidate, which could allow the current administration to complete their evisceration of our nation.

  27. Nothing eloquent. I’ll be voting for her. The first woman I’ve voted for in a national election.


    1. Is there any reason, other than sexism, *not* to vote for her?

      Oh, and Woodhull for President in 1872 or whenever!

      1. It’s not her turn yet? 🙂

    2. I’d urge you to vote Trump, unless you’re really not worried about the party of totalitarianism getting their puppet in.
      Just think about where Florida would be had Gilliam become governor instead of DeSantis

    3. The first woman I’ve voted for in a national election.

      Sarah Palin has a sad.

  28. On a more serious note, I see that at least she improves on the LP platform by being a squish on abortion rather than an outright “choice” supporter.

    “…Jo Jorgensen…suggested that the current pro-choice abortion language [in the LP Platform] might be deleted so that it doesn’t “keep some people from even considering us.'”

    Sadly, she doesn’t indicate that she herself is prolife, and I couldn’t find anything about it on her campaign Web site. Not even something like Amash’s “to be sure I’m prolife but don’t worry, I won’t have the chance to impose that on anyone.”

    So the choice is Republicans who steal from the unborn (or cheat federal bondholders, those being the choices re the debt) or Libertarians who are at best squishy on the issue of *killing* the unborn.

  29. A respectable choice, and no complaints.

    I’m just amazed Hornberger didn’t do better. The man has been flooding with position papers three times a week, which is the closest thing to primary campaigning I’ve ever seen in the LP. Do people just not like him, or what?

  30. Wow, such vituperation over something that makes no difference at all in the real world. No wonder libertarians are such losers. But y’all keep doing what you do best.

  31. I probably won’t vote for president.

  32. This election is about Supreme Court judges and economic liberty. The Democrats are better on the 4th amendment and the Republicans are better on the rest. A vote for the Libertarian candidate is a vote to scuttle the Bill of Rights except for the 4th amendment.

  33. American Libertarianism is over. These “Left-Libertarians” are Marxists and thus the enemy of liberty. Jo Jorgensen wants open borders which means she’s a Leftist and the enemy of liberty. Hold your nose and vote Republican otherwise you are voting for Joe “Two Fingers” Biden.

  34. A pitter-patter of applause followed the announcement.

  35. Amazing that Jorgensen led the vote in every round, though she was only 12 votes ahead of runner-up Jacob Hornberger on the first ballot. electrician in santa clarita

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