Joe Biden

Poll: 50 Percent of White Democrats Are 'Bothered' Biden Is an Old White Man. Most Black and Hispanic Democrats Don't Care.

Identity matters more for young, highly educated liberals than it does for many minorities.


Some 41 percent of Democratic voters are bothered by the fact that their party's nominee—former Vice President Joe Biden—is an elderly white male, according to a recent poll by the Pew Research Center.

Responses varied wildly across racial lines, but not in the way many people might expect. White respondents split evenly on the question: Half were bothered by Biden's whiteness and half were not. Black and Hispanic respondents, on the other hand, largely didn't care. Just 28 percent of the former and 30 percent of the latter indicated that Biden's age and ethnicity mattered to them.

The younger, more liberal, more highly educated, and whiter the respondent, the more likely they were to care about the candidate's identity. (Results were essentially indistinguishable along gender lines.)

These results demonstrate a point that comes up frequently in my book, Panic Attack: Young Radicals in the Age of TrumpThe progressive activist fixation on identity—race, gender, etc.—is not broadly popular, even among left-of-center Americans. The demonstrations of performative wokeness that are part and parcel of life on college campuses seem alien (and alienating) to just about everyone else. When progressives push the Democratic Party to be more consciously identitarian, they arguably make it more unpopular among a swath of gettable voters who are turned off by these kinds of appeals. But, most importantly, the voters who are expected to be enthused by the appeals to racial identity—people of color—don't care nearly as much as the undergrads at Middlebury, Oberlin, and Reed College.

This poll brings to mind a previous survey result from the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank, which similarly found that a majority of minority respondents expected to take offense at various microaggressions weren't actually bothered by them.

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  1. White guilt is a dish best served … to leftist whites, who would probably die from boredom if they couldn’t carry on some sort of martyr complex to supplement their devotion to the pantheon of social justice.

    1. White Lib’s Burden.

    2. While I think people should never be judged collectively, it is obvious to any non-racist that white privilege exists and reparations are needed to mend the ills of the past. The horrors of slavery are immense compared to problems in the white community and they continue to reverberate within the social problems of the African-American community to this day. Maybe you will confront the hate within yourself and donate to the NAACP or SPLC.

      1. You’re gunning for OLB’s spot, amIright?

        1. I came here to say that. Rabbit’s delivery is drier though, it doesn’t make me giggle the way OBL’s does.

          1. The Rabbi’s shtick is closer to the Rev’s shtick than OBL’s.

            Rabbi, Reverend …. get it? It’s a parody account of a parody account.

            1. Had not considered that… Good point.

            2. Gwyneth Paltrow might be dumb as a brick but I really wish I could molest her too. #FreeHarveyWeinstein (no relationship)

            3. The Rabbi seems to be a pure shitposter, without necessarily espousing a certain agenda. Which is more enjoyable, at least to me.

              1. Someone has to stir the shit bucket. And I only get paid in Hot Pockets.

                1. Are you Jim Gaffigan?

          2. I like the dry humor, I find him funnier than OBL

        2. I think OBL and RHW are the same person.

          1. Wrong. OBL supports open borders for all countries. I support open borders for all countries, except Israel. Remember, nation states (except Israel) are racist institutions that should be replaced by multi-cultural liberal democracies.

            1. Yes, but the important question is: how concerned are you about the Koch fortune?

              Some (OBL) might find your lack of diligence on this topic problematic.

      2. It’s OK to judge people who belong to a particular group of their own free will. There is nothing wrong with saying that Scientologists and SJW’s are morons, because people like you willingly choose to adopt a bizarre ideology that gives you that group membership. One could even argue that it’s highly moral to publicly judge groups like SJW’s and the KKK due to their blatant sexism and racism.

        1. Now do the Philadelphia Eagles

      3. I don’t think any black living today experienced slavery or their parents or grandparents. Privilege is what any American, regardless of race or color, receives by hard work and a good education.
        I doubt slavery is still playing a part or the reason of the breakup of black families which has resulted in 75% of blacks being raised by their mothers. Those are personal choices that have been made since the leftist welfare state has influenced them.
        Obama Father’s day speech
        “If we are honest with ourselves,” too many fathers are “missing—missing from too many lives and too many homes. They have abandoned their responsibilities, acting like boys instead of men.” “Children who grow up without a father are five times more likely to live in poverty and commit crime; nine times more likely to drop out of schools, and 20 times more likely to end up in prison.”

    3. Math is hard. Or at least harder than self flagellation.

    4. “Most Black and Hispanic Democrats Don’t Care”

      Note the evasion.

      Robby doesn’t fail to express his outraged racial tolerance sensibilities over 2 white teens making a racist Tik Tok video, but entirely dodges the ~30% rate of Black and Democratic racism against Whites.

      “It’s only racism when Whitey does it.”

    5. The Unbearable Whiteness of Being a White Democrat.

  2. They should be bothered that he’s a gaff-prone moron who objectifies women and has trouble making coherent sentences. And that was before he got old.

    1. How is it that a giant, moneyed organization like the DNC cannot come up with someone, anyone better. I guess part of the problem is that they don’t seem to groom or search candidates at all — just like the rest of us, they sit around and wait to see who shows up for the Democratic primary debates. The one proactive thing they do do is to make sure to squash Bernie.

      1. Because you can’t make socialist assholes palatable, and socialist assholes is all they have left.

      2. I don’t think teh DNC wanted to waste anyone with talent on this elections. but notice Newsom is learning from Trump and having daily addresses and the media loves him. H may Run in 2024 but he has so much power over his California fiefdom that he may not want to leave until forced and since there is a two term limit here he will be ready in 2024

      3. Obama fucked the Democrats the same way Trump is fucking the GOP. Saint Obama left no room in the party for anybody other than members of his cult and there was nobody who could step into his shoes and take over as a leader after firmly implanting their identity as a follower.

        Look at OFA – Obama For America collected all kinds of data and contacts and resources to help Obama and instead of honoring the quid pro quo with the Democratic Party of “we’ll share our resources with you if you’ll share your resources with us” they simply changed their name to Organizing For America and kept all that stuff for themselves. Fucked over Hillary when it was her turn and she found out the DNC’s resources had been looted by Obama before she got a chance to loot them for herself.

        And Trump is doing the same thing – as I’ve said many times, he’s a pit bull leading a pack of chihuahuas. Come 2024, the GOP is going to revert to their former John McCain/Mitt Romney-supporting little milquetoast feebly and haplessly and utterly ineffectively protesting the Democrats beating their asses and cramming socialism down their throats selves. Come 2024, you’re going to see a whole host of Jeb!s and Little Marco’s and Nancy-boy Lindsey’s frantically waving their hands and “ooh, ooh! Pick me, teacher, pick me! I can be just like Trump!” and no, no you can’t. If you never had the balls to get up on your hind legs before Trump came along, why should anybody believe you’ve grown a pair since? If you can’t stand up to Trump even a little when he has half the world against him, you sure as hell can’t stare down his enemies, you little punk-ass shitweasels.

        1. Come 2024, the GOP is going to revert to their former John McCain/Mitt Romney-supporting little milquetoast feebly and haplessly and utterly ineffectively protesting the Democrats beating their asses and cramming socialism down their throats selves.

          The current crop of Republicans admittedly doesn’t have anyone like Trump right now. For all the complaints about his narcissism, he clearly gives no fucks if people like him or not, or he would have taken down his Twitter feed a long time ago.

          But I think the contention that they’re going to return to their Rockefeller Republican/neocon phase is mistaken, IF Trump ends up winning another term. The RNC is having no problem with fundraising due to Trump’s absurdly high popularity with the Republican base, they’re very generous in sharing voter data with candidates (this was one of the things that fucked the Dems in 2020, the candidates had to buy access to the voter rolls because the DNC was flat broke)

          Personally, I’m hoping he wins just so neocon grifter fucks like Kristol, Max Boot, Jen Rubin, and Rick Wilson are left without a political home, and whatever policy influence they once had is gone forever. The Republican base gives them no credibility any more and the Democrat base only considers them to be McCain-type useful idiots to swipe their fellow “conservatives.” Both bases hate their guts. That alone would make whatever lunacy happens in the second term worth it.

          Regardless, the tone has been set with Trump–the Republican base expects someone who trash-talks the opposition and, especially, the mainstream media. A soft-ass like Romney is just going to get rolled the first time a primary opponent calls him a spineless cuck; if he won’t fight back against that shit from Obama, what makes anyone think he’d do it against other Democrats or people from his own party? The funders ultimately won’t give a shit who gets nominated as long as the party wins elections by doing that.

        2. There is always Don Trump junior.
          He had the audience of “The View” applauding so much the Whoopie Goldberg had to silence her own liberal audience.
          His book was excellent as well.
          There is also the Republican Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis.
          He has been masterful at balancing the demands of leftists to destroy the state economy with keeping business running.
          The golf courses and gun ranges are “essential businesses” here!

        3. I’ve heard this about Obama before. I never followed the inner workings of the DNC closely, but it sounds like a likely explanation.

        4. If I were the head Democrat strategist (do they even have one?), I’d advise punting on the Presidential race and concentrating on more Congressional seats. Maybe that is what they are doing with Biden.

      4. Uh, really. BHO?

    2. And now you can add senile to his list of attributes.

      At the first televised debate (assuming they even an in-person debate) Biden will:
      a) have his teeth fall out in mid-sentence
      b) randomly start to wonder off the stage in a confused daze after the moderator asks a question
      c) if the moderator is female, make a pass at her and either before or after the debate touch her in a creepy, inappropriate way and/ or sniff her hair
      d) shit his pants
      e) all of the above

      Make your predictions, gentlemen! I’m gonna go with e, all of the above.

      1. You are making assumptions that he will be able to find his pants first. If he were left unattended, I’d take even money that he wanders out in tall black socks and garters.

        1. So gross.

    3. On the upside, he knows the difference between “origin” and “orange”, his sentences make as much sense as Trumps, and he can keep thoughts together for more than twenty-four hours.

      1. Nigga, he can’t even keep his thoughts together more than 24 minutes. You must be binge-watching clips of him from 1989.

        1. Just BDS

      2. One positive for Biden is, although he is going senile, unlike Trump, he will listen to advisors and let them guide his decisions. And, of course, along those same lines Biden won’t govern by midnight tweet.

        (Just to be clear, I’m not voting for either one.)

        1. Poor guy. He still thinks Trump does ALL his own tweets.

    4. Agreed. My primary complaint is his age. It is time for younger blood, say 50-65, to keep up with the rigors of office. Newer ideas, a fresh approach: what a concept!

      1. Agree that age is the problem. Even before the field thinned out you had Bernie, Elizabeth, Joe and Donald, we were looking a choice of septugenerians. It just makes no sense.

        1. Especially now that there is a virus that targets septugenerians (and older).

      2. Hey!

        As an almost old guy myself and, one who doesn’t particularly care for Biden or Trump, all I can say is you youngsters just wait. You’ll get yours!

        I’m already having to admit that, now that my 63 yo self is facing all sorts of things I had little concept of, the “old guys” from my previous self must be laughing at me. And, I deserve it.

        You youngsters have no idea. None what so ever.

        1. Trump 2020

  3. Some 41 percent of Democratic voters are bothered by the fact that their party’s nominee—former Vice President Joe Biden—is an elderly white male…

    They’re right to concern themselves with Biden’s age, but if half of them truly is firmly entrenched in racial wokeness then that doesn’t bode well for the party.

    1. Don’t worry. Stacey Abrams or Kamela Harris will likely be the President of the United States in 2 years.

      1. 2 days; they will declare Biden unfit to hold office immediately after the inauguration.

        1. If Uncle Joe doesn’t die first. My guess is that the DNC will use deepfake technology to project Biden’s face onto Sloppy Joe Kennedy III or some other DNC schmuck.

          1. My guess is that the DNC will use deepfake technology to project Biden’s face onto Sloppy Joe Kennedy III or some other DNC schmuck.

            We’ll have to see if they start to really push for the debates to be conducted via teleconference instead of in person due to coronavirus hysteria.

          2. Why not i think they have someone playing RGB’s part now she probably died years ago

            1. They’re using the old mother prop from Hitchcock’s Psycho

        2. Yep. They will have the amendment 25 document in their purse at the inauguration.
          Fun fact; if the dems get the senate and keep the house, (both almost mandatory for ol’ Joe to get elected) they can pass a law designating the DNC as the organization to determine presidential competency.
          Look it up yourself.

        3. I don’t think they will have to invoke the 25th Amendment. Joe won’t know what’s going on, so they will let him parade around and do ceremonial things while running things behind his back.

      2. what’s Michelle Obama, chopped liver?

        1. More like a turnip.

      3. Trump will win reelection.

    2. Well, the hypocrisy should bother them at the very least. They had a choice of nearly anyone, and the party pushed through a man about as fundamentally opposed to their rhetoric as they could get. Old, white, male, rich, and a known serial molester.

      Worse, this array of people of various qualifications and identities were pushed aside in favor of a man in obvious mental decline. So, not only was it determined that none of what they said mattered actually mattered, but it mattered so little that they would put a sock puppet up instead.

      Say what you want about Warren, Gabbard, Steyer, or even Bloomberg. At least their brains worked consistently.

      1. I would never say that about Warren. That bitch is irredeemable, and quite clearly delusional. I do not consider people beholden to delusions to have anything that would qualify as a consistently working brain. Granted, she’s not drooling on herself like Biden, but that isn’t saying much.

      2. Say what you want about Warren, Gabbard, Steyer, or even Bloomberg. At least their brains worked consistently.

        Eh, kind of.

      3. “Various qualifications”.

        I saw no evidence of this.

  4. The demonstrations of performative wokeness that are part and parcel of life on college campuses seem alien (and alienating) to just about everyone else.

    Well, sure. The “woke” college kids have the luxury of indulging their ludicrous fantasies. Adults out in the real world have to give at least a passing nod to reality.

    1. That’s been happening for ages. It’s not new.

      I was a college student myself once. Thought I knew it all. Then came graduation. And the real world. Kind of sucks.

      Just wait.

  5. I previously linked to articles about black primary voters who weren’t excited by Biden but thought (at least among the Dem candidates) he would be most likely to attract centrist white voters. It could be construed as insulting that Biden was their idea of Stuff White People Like, until you remember his competition in the primary.

    I suspect the Democrats who are bothered by Biden’s race aren’t the white swing voters discussed above.

  6. Ahhhh, the pathetic young whites who have been brainwashed, oops, I mean “educated”, into hating themselves.

    There are lots of good reasons to dislike Joe Biden. But the fact that he’s white isn’t one of them.

    1. That means more coming from a minority like you, Mikey.

  7. I was wondering how much more extreme the self hate would be among young, white, college-educated Democrats if separated by fields of study and career, say esoteric humanities and arts vs more practical engineering and business. Then I realized the practical cohort would be too small to measure.

  8. Really this is a great point

  9. “Identity matters more for young, highly educated liberals than it does for many minorities.”

    Well, they must know better. Cue the Rev to explain if for you.

    And can we take a closer look at what we call “educated?”

  10. Wow! It’s a good thing we have this new poll to open our eyes to the fact that SJWs white-knighting for the hapless minorities who just can’t help themselves due to the fact that they’re too stupid to know what’s for their own good are largely over-educated upper-middle-class white people who can afford to indulge their fantasies of nobly shouldering the white man’s burden. Who would ever have guessed such a thing!

    1. Just get back on that damn, government plantation you all!

    2. Haha. Good post. Nobly is the keyword. Heroes all!

  11. White democrats are racist. News at 11.

  12. I don’t care that Biden is white, but I do care that out of a country with 300 million people the two major party candidates our process has come up with are a really old fart who is going senile and a really old fart who is deranged. These are our two choices. Not voting for either of them.

    1. In fairness to the senile one he may be senile and deranged. He does like to publicly sniff children like all the time.

      1. Oh, OK. I’ll give you that.

      2. They say the sense of smell is the last one to go.

      3. He also likes when kids jump on his lap.

    2. Yeah, I agree. The survey doesn’t separate out the old concern from the white concern, and many people (left and right) care about the age but not about the race. I fit into that category.

      Re: “progressive activist fixation on identity”, as someone who has traditionally been a leftist but not necessarily a Democrat, I think some of the most polarizing identity politics is not from the progressive wing of the Democratic party. While they certainly place a greater emphasis on racial equality than the right, even the libertarian right, it’s not necessarily the type of thought that this article criticizes. Especially the more socialist/radical left tends to put more emphasis on class than race (“no war but the class war”), and sees racial disadvantages as mostly a result of economic disadvantages or historical efforts to restrict non-whites to the lower class.

      The tendency to go too overboard on race comes from the core of the Democratic party, the liberal party devotees. It’s why Democratic candidates invariably focus on diversity, because the part of the base that identifies strongly as Democrat (and therefore vote more and influence primaries more) cares about it. Also, by focusing on race and not class, the “establishment” Democrats can deflect attention from the progressive/radical criticisms of the party being in the pocket of monied interests. We saw this in 2016, where loyalist party Democrats criticized “Bernie Bros” for being racist, painted Sanders as an old white man, and focused on the fact the Clinton would be the first woman president. It’s also in the fact that Clinton attributes her loss at least partially to sexism. Meanwhile independents voted for Sanders at a much higher rate. Plus Sanders’s challenge to Trump was much more along the lines of “I’ll be better for the working class” rather than the “I’ll represent Americans of all colors and prevent the rise of racism” that Hillary represented.

      I’ve reflected on my commentary above and I suppose it depends a bit on how you define “progressive”, but I stand by the point that in general identity politics comes from the core of the party and not from the far left.

      1. Max thinks Poor kids are just as smart as White kids

      2. “While they certainly place a greater emphasis on racial equality……”

        No, they place a greater emphasis on guilt and grievance. It is at the center of everything in their ideology. Identifying victims and villains is intentionally divisive. Getting along, or “equality” is absolute anathema to leftist goals and strategy.

        God forbid we ever start treating people like individuals. The left would have nothing.

    3. There are alternatives.

      Why is everyone so afraid?

      1. Trump is the best President in US history.

  13. >> Some 41 percent of Democratic voters are bothered by the fact that their party’s nominee—former Vice President Joe Biden—is an elderly white male, according to a recent poll by the Pew Research Center.

    Those same Democratic voters argue that old white male Bernie should be the nominee instead…

  14. This study shows that only 49% of wite democrats are not clingers. I thought us woke people were doing better then that. I will need many more boots than anticipated

    1. Those boots better be organic and vegan, and made by transgender artisans earning $50 an hour with free health care.

      1. I read that as transgender Asians, which didn’t seem like a difficult demand to meet.

        1. Isn’t boy pussy Thailand’s chief export?

    2. The timing of compliance and replacement may have to be vaguely postponed due to the findings of this study. More self loathing required.

      Rev hardest hit.

  15. “(Results were essentially indistinguishable along gender lines.)”

    Well, of course; gender itself is indistinguishable among democrats.

    1. Well done.

      1. Hence this relatively new concept of gender fluidity.

        Ain’t it grand?

  16. people of color—don’t care nearly as much as the undergrads at Middlebury, Oberlin, and Reed College.

    You know, the schools that Kirkland’s handlers went to.

    1. Not Wesleyan?

      1. At least Wesleyan has Dar Williams as an alumni.

  17. Anyone notice how ‘quiet’ coverage is toward Brain-Damaged Biden?

    That is not an accident. The moment there is a debate, he will be humiliated on national TV. The man cannot put together three coherent sentences. You simply cannot hide that.

    1. If we stopped the Corona hysteria, we might have to talk about Joe Biden! We certainly can’t have that!

      1. They will have to have a virtual debate. One where Biden can read from a teleprompter.

        1. That’s not gonna stop him looking deranged if that fireside chat thing he was trying last month is anything to go by.

          1. I hear Clint Eastwood is available.

        2. The DNC will find an excuse to not have a debate at all. “blah blah blah, lends legitimacy to Trump, blah blah blah”, or something to that effect.

          1. No question about it.

    2. even his stances are ridiculous. The newest is that “Trump is too weak on China, only Biden can stand up to the Chinese threat!” I would LOVE to see him questioned about his business relations there by someone who isn’t MSM

      1. include family members who are still on boards of Communist Chinese companies they said they would resign from – – – –

  18. College makes people stupid.
    Not uneducated, just… STUPID.

    1. Knowledge, intelligence and wisdom are separate. Universities only provides the first and only of what they want you to know.

      1. Classic distinction:
        Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit.
        Wisdom is not putting a tomato in a fruit salad.

        1. Love it!

  19. the coronavirus made everyone stop saying “black and brown” so that was nice.

    1. It also stopped a lot of people saying ‘black and tan’.

      1. probably worse.

      2. The only proper use for this phrase is when pouring an ale.

    2. And I just heard our POTUS refer to “Hispanic Americans”, “African Americans” and “Asian Americans” at his daily press conference.

      I long for the day, not so long ago, when it was just “Americans” and we were often bashed as such by the rest of the world.

  20. I’m bothered that he’s suffering from dementia.

    1. nitpicker

  21. Self-hating whites or resentful of baby boomers who saddled them with government and student debt?

    1. They saddled themselves with student debt.

      1. Bingo!

        Go to the head of the class.

  22. Look, Biden is clean and articulate. Well, not really, but that’s still storybook, man.

  23. Identity politics is a problem but it is not limited to just Democrats. Democrats work too hard as pleasing everyone. Republican are more focused and seem to be mostly focused on a single identity group, older white males. Democrats sweat microagression, Republican push dog whistles. Would it not be nice if Democrats relaxed a bit and Republican branched out to future.

    1. “Democrats work too hard as pleasing everyone”

      No, they seem to have a “progressive stack” of groups they seek to cater to. If you’re higher on the stack than some conservative white fellow, Dems want your vote. But if it’s a conflict between, say, black parents and white unionized teachers, black parents lose out.

      1. Unfortunately for the black parent they are not going to do any better under Republicans.

        1. Unfortunately for the black parent they are not going to do any better under Republicans.

          Americans, black or white, are doing a lot better with a functioning economy and a free society. Democrats are hell-bent on destroying both. That’s the real problem. Republicans do a lot of stupid stuff, but at least they haven’t written “Destroy America” on their banners.

    2. Republican are more focused and seem to be mostly focused on a single identity group, older white males.

      No, Republicans don’t give a f*ck about identity groups. Who Republicans focus on is people who make a net positive economic contribution to society and to the country. That group happens to be predominantly married white and Asian males. The fact that you interpret this in terms of race is a reflection of your racism, not theirs.

      Republican push dog whistles.

      People are either hallucinating those dog whistles, or fabricating them out of nothing because they think that attacking people with epithets like “Nazi” is the best way to deflect from the fact that the fascists in this countries are found the same place they have always been found: among the progressive left.

    3. Government works too hard as pleasing everyone


      BTDT…as a government worker no less with a private industry background.

  24. I’ve lived for a few years in Europe and traveled to about 26 countries, some of which were 2nd and 3rd world and/or majority black and Hispanic, and I’ve never seen any group remotely as racist as “white guilt” American liberal Democrats and the angry black American Democrats that blame all their internal problems on other people.

    They waste 90% of their lives projecting their sins on others and blaming others for all their faults, failures and shortcomings… instead of doing something productive to improve their lifestyle… which is why their hate their lives so much. Race doesn’t cause theses issues, the ideological brainwash they voluntarily put themselves through and their self-serving, crap values do.

    I’m fine with them torturing themselves from now until the end of time. If we are happy, and they are miserable, that’s their fault and they have no one to blame but the jerk in the mirror.

    1. I’m fine with them torturing themselves from now until the end of time. If we are happy, and they are miserable, that’s their fault and they have no one to blame but the jerk in the mirror.

      Unfortunately, they want to make you as miserable as they are. In fact, if you don’t care or worse yet enjoy your life, you are a racist in their eyes.

      1. Happy people need not apply. If you’re not pissed off or full of guilt something must be wrong with you.


    2. Got a good taste of that myself when a true African was hired into my department with a large percentage of so called “African Americans”. She was educated, articulate and had no sympathy for the “blacks” in our department.

      Needless to say, she was universally hated by all of the “African Americans” that comprised my coworker’s and staff.

      But, she was smart enough to overcome that. They were always wearing supposedly “African” clothing and adornments symbolizing their connection to a homeland that no longer exists. She took them shopping at actual African outlets in nearby Oakland and taught them what was really “African” and what was just good old marketing crap. Then they began to appreciate her.

  25. I’d betbig that 99% of registered democrats have never heard of inflation or hyperinflation either, so there’s that.
    Related in other news:
    McConnell speaks the unspeakable: “Broke states should declare bankruptcy”– Thats one of the best political lines, IMO, of the past two decades.

    1. McConnell speaks the unspeakable: “Broke states should declare bankruptcy”– Thats one of the best political lines, IMO, of the past two decades.

      Broke companies and broke households should also declare bankruptcy, but for some reason McConnell wants to bail them out.

      1. Yep he does…votes. We are all one big collective now.

  26. Southern blacks started voting in large numbers for Democrats back when the Democrats still overtly advocated and implemented segregation and eugenics. The reason is simple and same as today: blacks are generally poorer than other groups and Democrats promise them government handouts.

    1. Please don’t state facts that make sense. We all just want to be part of some tribe that has previously experienced injustice and line up for our share of reparations. White guilt just helps us get there.

    2. Blacks that vote for the Party of slavery are what they used to call “house niggers”. They get special perks for supporting the system that enslaves them.

      More and more Black Americans are leaving the Democrat Party as they choose to be Americans and not some enslaved Democrat voter waiting for handouts.

  27. Know a guy. Great dude in person. His social media reads like a parody of a progressive but he’s 100% serious. His feed is non-stop white guilt and virtue signaling. He recently came out against Biden and referred to him as a rapist. Thing is, had Bernie been accused he probably wouldn’t say a peep.

    This is the type of person being polled here. It’s going to be fucking hilarious when Trump gets re-elected. Those of his ilk refuse to acknowledge they are primary drivers of Trump’s success.

    Progressives are insane.

    1. “…… refuse to acknowledge they are primary drivers of trumps success”.

      That’s the revs whole schtick. He’s more trump/2020 than lc1789.

      Whether he does that deliberately or not is debatable. He never breaks character, so it’s hard to tell. Either way, I hope he doesn’t change a thing.

      He won’t. Haha.

  28. Biden has the demeanor of an overused crash test dummy held together with duct tape and bailing wire.

  29. Biden is overdue for his appointment with the glue factory.

  30. Proving that while “ordinary” people are ability and result oriented liberals remain obsessed by race, sex, and similar personal identity markers.
    Unfortunately this prevails in liberals of all ages, including media workers who hide information useful in evaluating candidates and bureaucrats.

  31. Of course minorities don’t care who is running. They will vote for what ever Democrat they are told to vote for. The fear of not being supported and allowed to live as they do is greater then the concerns of who is the best candidate for the country. For them to disregard a President who has done more to put minorities back to work and support black colleges kind of proves that point.
    If they want to work toward a better life their choice should be President Trump. If they want to protect their way of life they vote for who ever the DNC puts before them or who the Obama robo calls instruct them to vote for.

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