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Trump Tweet-Threatens To Close the Borders (Which Would Just Destroy the Economy Even More)

Plus: New York legalizes Zoom weddings, federal labeling laws exacerbate grocery store shortages, and more...


Trump threatens executive order suspending all immigration. President Donald Trump and Republicans are once again using the mass death and unemployment brought about by COVID-19 to try and institute their favorite flavors of authoritarianism. Last night, the president announced on Twitter that he would be "signing an Executive Order to temporarily suspend immigration into the United States!"

As with a lot of Trump bluster, the president might be overstating the case.

In reality, the executive order has not yet been drafted and will likely not attempt to suspend all immigration, officials from the Department of Homeland Security told Politico. "One possibility that has been discussed is an exemption for temporary guest workers, including those who work on farms," Politico reports. With non-worker visas already severely restricted, "the impact would probably address only immigrants coming here to work."

Trump's immigration-ban tweet comes as the State Department "has been practically begging immigrant healthcare workers to come here to help fight coronavirus and has been offering them emergency visa appointments," notes The New York Times' Evan Hill. (See here.)

Implicit in Trump's tweet "is that immigrants are spreading COVID-19 in the United States," notes Alex Nowrasteh, director of immigration studies at the Cato Institute's Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity. But "there is no relationship between COVID-19 cases or deaths at the county level and the share of the population that is foreign-born in each county," as Nowrasteh details in this post.

While "the federal government has the legitimate power to restrict immigration or other travel across borders to limit the spread of serious contagious diseases and to protect public health," blanket bans "are akin to closing the barn door after the horse has escaped," adds Nowrasteh. "At most, a reduction in travel from China might have delayed the onset of a pandemic for a few weeks after Trump imposed a virtual ban on travelers and immigrants from China on February 2, 2020. But further immigration bans now will have no effect."

Trump and his allies are largely portraying the possible order as a pro-employment measure, rather than one aimed at public health (which both plays to the Trump base's preoccupation with foreigners stealing their jobs and avoids any awkwardness around whether the coronavirus outbreak is still a big deal as the president encourages protests against stay-at-home orders).

"There is another side to this issue, of course," writes Tyler Cowen at Bloomberg: "Many countries may decide to continue to limit visitors from the U.S. The American government might then respond by restricting in-migration from those countries."

In any event, the president has moved on this morning to more ranting about how good his TV press conference "ratings" are and how powerful people in media won't acknowledge it. Trump may give his base some red meat with overstated promises about immigration, but the only thing that truly seems to animate the man himself is projecting popularity.



With this Zoom, I thee wed… New Yorkers can now get married via video chat. Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order saying clerks can perform ceremonies remotely, which was banned. "Many marriage bureaus have temporarily closed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, preventing New Yorkers from getting a marriage license during the current health emergency," the governor's office said in a press release, also noting that this permission will only be temporary.


Federal labeling laws make pandemic grocery store shortages worse. The problem right now isn't that there's a food shortage, explains Reason's Eric Boehm, but rather supply chain issues. And picky laws about how food can be packaged and labeled for sale to restaurants versus grocery stores means that a lot of products sitting in storage—or going to waste—while restaurants are shut down cannot be repurposed for sale to grocery stores, even if the food content is identical.


• For new Hulu series Little Fires Everywhere, Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon "both tossed leading-lady egos aside to play thoroughly unappealing bullies whose sophisticate veneers quickly give way to the streetfighters inside," writes Kurt Loder. (Correction: Glenn Garvin is the author of this review.) "Watch out for them, but watch."

• Should Justin Amash run for president? Reason editors discuss.

• Against bailing out the newspaper industry.

• Fifty-eight percent of voters want a vote-by-mail option this fall, according to a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll.

• This new study doesn't bode well for opening back up restaurants and bars with slight modifications such as more spaced-out tables. But it does add more fuel to the theory that "coronavirus is primarily transmitted through larger respiratory droplets, which fall out of the air more quickly than smaller droplets known as aerosols, which can float for hours."

• The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) bungling of early testing for COVID-19 just keeps getting worse. In February, the CDC "sent states tainted test kits in early February, that were themselves seeded with the virus," notes Ars Technica.

• Some good news, for a change:

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  1. We have reached Peak Karen. The Karen Singularity.

    Also, STFU, Karen.

    1. Except this is clearly a troll account.

      1. No, I think ENB is for real.

        1. Why did Jeff change his name to Morty

          1. Is it Jeff or DOL (if they’re not the same person)? DOL sure was quick to jump in and defend him.

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    2. Hello.

      Love how people rag on Trump even though they know jack shit themselves about this pandemic.

      ‘Ha, ha! He’s sooo stooopid Hitler wants to close down immigration”. This from a bunch who probably screamed, ‘Racist!’ when he wanted to shut down air travel from China.

      And quoting Sad Beard is just about as ridiculous as you can get.

      Everyone’s an asshole. But I repeat myself.

      1. It’s ENB.
        She’s incapable of writing anything outside of the orangemanbad narrative right now. Even her two favorite topics, hookers and baby abattoirs are bundled with a nevertrump subplot.

        Trump – “I will be signing an Executive Order to temporarily suspend immigration into the United States”

        Well, the world is in the middle of a pandemic and borders worldwide are shut anyway, so it makes sense, right?

        Not to ENB – “Donald Trump and Republicans are once again using the mass death and unemployment brought about by COVID-19 to try and institute their favorite flavors of authoritarianism.”

        But Trump is supposedly the one with the crazy talk.

        1. I wonder if Sqrlsy is actually ENB?

        2. Exactly.

          It’s the same faux-intellectual variant by people who talk as if businesses failing was their own fault and not the direct result of, you know, the government mandating the shut down.

    3. I don’t get the racial angle. Don’t people realize that Karen doesn’t discriminate? She would be denying herself so many opportunities for petty tyranny if she only asked to speak to the manager when black people were involved.

    4. I double-checked the byline on this article to verify that it wasn’t written by someone named Karen. I never heard of using “Karen” as a put-down. It’s a name. There are plenty of women named Karen. When did this usage (if it really exists) start?

      1. About a year ago. Google “Karen meme”.

  2. Trump threatens executive order suspending all immigration.

    Finally, the critics who have complained the president hasn’t done enough will be satisfied.

    1. He found the sure fire way to end the lockdowns.

      1. Last night, the local news led off with a whole bunch of teaser clips on “re-opening the economy.” Initially, I thought it was just due to some of the broad consensus on easing the restrictions here, but then the lead story was, “Trump issues executive order suspending all immigration.”

        If there was anything guaranteed to get the bobbleheads moving on getting people back to work, the realization that their landscapers and baby-sitters might fuck off back to their home country would be it.

        1. Haven’t all the babysitters and nannies already lost their jobs?

          1. There are still daycare centers operating.

            1. I thought they were all closed down just like the schools.

              Do you mean home daycares that are open? Are they open against lockdown orders?

              1. You do realize that essential workers have kids, right?

                1. Yes, but it was my understanding that daycare has dried up, making it hard for any workers, essential or not, to get any daycare.

                  1. You should probably quit hiding in your house, then. There’s a lot going on you don’t seem to realize.

                2. I don’t think he realizes much.

                  1. You guys seem to be assuming that I’m advocating for locking down daycare or lockdowns in general. I don’t see where I did that.

                    1. “You guys seem to be assuming”

                      No, “I’m” doing no such thing. You, however, seem to enjoy generalizing and exaggerating what others are saying.

                      It’s not making you look very bright. Try harder.

                    2. No we’re noticing that you’re a idiot sockpuppet.

    2. Trump implements China Travel Bans: You’re a racist!!!!
      Two months later: Why didn’t you do it sooner!!!

      Trump sets up Cornavirus Task Force in january: LOL, it isn’t worse than the flu. Let’s vote to ban flavored tabacco instead.
      Two Months later: Why didn’t you do it sooner and spend more money Congress didn’t allocate!!!

      Trump refuses to force factories to make PPE: Why won’t you be the fascist we’ve called you for 3 years!!
      Trump shuts down immigration: Why are you being a fascist!!!

      1. I’m surprised they aren’t getting whiplash with all the back and forth

      2. Good thing he has consistent supports that will defend him without thought nor failure.

        1. Pointing out retarded progressive hypocrisy =/= support. Just saying.

          1. They are dumb enough to believe it is.


    The Washington Post has a problem. The newspaper led the massive effort against the nomination of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh by publishing and relentlessly hyping a completely unsubstantiated allegation of sexual assault against him.

    Now, the paper is leading Democrats’ efforts to bury a similar, if stronger, allegation of sexual assault against Joe Biden. To accomplish this dramatic turnabout, the paper is collectively trying to rewrite history, pretending the allegation against Kavanaugh had more basis than it did while also pretending that the allegation against Biden has less basis than it does.


      In a 2009 Huffington Post essay, former New York Times editor Melissa Laskey mourned Democrat icon Ted Kennedy. Laskey noted that Kennedy had once driven a car into water and left Mary Jo Kopechne to die.

      Though he fled responsibility and sought cover in the Kennedy mansion, his career flourished. Reflecting that Kopechne shared Kennedy’s politics, Laskey wrote she might have felt that it was “worth it.”

      Recently, Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts acknowledged Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegation against Joe Biden. Pitts counseled readers to vote for Biden, even had they found Reade’s story compelling.

      “If Reade were sacrificed to the cause of preventing that [Trump’s re-election], it would be painful and unfair, yet arguably defensible,” the columnist actually wrote.

      1. Now women are disposable.

        1. Or a fungible commodity, at least.

          1. They’re depreciating assets but thankfully, new models come out every year.

      2. women are just another name in a binder for the greater cause

        1. Give ’em $500 and tell ’em to get an abortion.

  4. HAHA. Trump closing borders is the end of the World but Lefties dictating tyranny on Americans is NOT BIG DEAL.

    1. I thought the outsiders were barely trickling in as it is.

      Is ENB virtue signaling again?

      1. You don’t get it. Government is not forcing people to shelter in place, people are complying on their own. This is what reason has gaslighted us with the last week or two. So Trump isn’t really issuing an immigration order, immigrants are choosing not to come here voluntarily.

        1. Oh but I do get it. People aren’t coming in. Trump issues an order that affects very few people. ENB calls Trump a racist.

      2. As we finally expose the media for the liars they are about KungFlu hysteria, the Lefties need a new disease to scare Sheeple to stay home and destroy America’s economy.

        Good old fashioned diseased immigrants from Socialist nations. Typhus, Malaria, Typhoid, Hepatitis, AIDS, HIV, Yellow Fever, Ebola, intestinal parasites, Mumps, Measles, TB, scabies….

        Infectious Diseases Making the Border Crisis Worse

  5. Trump’s immigration-ban tweet comes as the State Department “has been practically begging immigrant healthcare workers to come here to help fight coronavirus and has been offering them emergency visa appointments…”

    It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that the deep state is at it again.

    1. Don’t foreign countries need their healthcare workers for this worldwide pandemic?

      Just think of it as asking would be immigrants to shelter in place. We all know ENB hates the thought of people provoking the government by disobeying a shelter in place order?

      Can we stop immigration like we stop citizens working for a living until we get enough testing ready?

      1. Plus, think of the openings for healthcare workers in WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC right here at home! With 20 million people out of work and rising, think of the job opportunities for steady pay in this WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC!

    2. whats ironic is that hundreds of health care workers have been layed off, offer them a job or is it because they won’t do a “dangerous hero’s” job for pennies on the dollar


    Nuke the fridge: Trump campaign ad featuring Nancy Pelosi’s premium ice cream stash is brutal

    There’s really not much we can add to this clip except to congratulate whoever’s idea it was to but Speaker Nancy Pelosi on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” and have her give a tour of her two industrial-grade freezers packed with premium ice cream while people unemployed because of the COVID-19 lockdown were lined up at food banks.

    1. Let them eat ice cream!
      Thanks, Nancy.

    2. As if there weren’t enough reasons to despise that fat piece of pig offal, that tone-deaf clip with Pelosi was the cherry on top of the shit sundae that show has turned into since Ferguson left.

    3. Back when I had an “R” next to my name (pre-GHWB), *that* is what I wanted the Republican party to do. TAKE THE DAMN GLOVES OFF!

      Thank’s, Trump. Not much of a President, but maybe a precedent.

  7. The MSM are the enemy of the American people.

    1. Right wing incels who oppose corporate regulation of social media, drive thru abortion centers, and methamphetamine vending machines are the greater threat to our liberty! Keep clinging to the big black barrel of your assault rifle, wimp!

      1. Oh, look, PB has new socks too!

        1. not PB but I’m trying my best. This is an unpaid job btw

          1. But necessary!

  8. With this Zoom, I thee wed… New Yorkers can now get married via video chat.

    We knew it would happen. Same-sex marriage has led to people marrying their laptop screens.

  9. Trump. Trump. Trump.
    This place is more about Trump than Trump is.

    1. Trump

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        1. Trump Trump Trumpiddy Trump TRUMP!

          1. If you say that into a mirror at midnight you can summon Sqrlsy.

    2. Imagine thinking what happens on Twitter has anything to do with real life! You’d lose your mind, too.

      1. Trump

    3. I don’t understand your position.

      Trump is the President. Is it inappropriate to have discussions about the President’s pronouncements and actions?

      1. Orangemanbad is virtually the only thing Reason’s B clique writes about these days.
        Other things are still happening outside of the US president’s twitter feed.

        1. Huh. Just seems like an odd expectation that Trump’s tweets would be off limits as a topic to write about.

          When is it OK to talk about things the President does and says?

          1. Huh. Just seems like you keep responding to something different than what is actually being said.

          2. Fuck off Jeff.

          3. “would be off limits as a topic to write about”

            They aren’t, but that’s not what the other commentators are saying, is it. They’re complaining that Trump is the only thing being written about.

        2. Orangemanbad?

          Orange Man bad?!? He BAD, all right! He SOOO BAD, He be GOOD! He be GREAT! He Make America Great Again!

          We KNOW He can Make America Great Again, because, as a bad-ass businessman, He Made Himself and His Family Great Again! He Pussy Grabber in Chief!

          See The Atlantic article by using the below search-string in quotes:
          “The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet” or this one…

          He pussy-grab His creditors in 7 bankruptcies, His illegal sub-human workers ripped off of pay on His building projects, and His “students” in His fake Get-Rich-like-Me realty schools, and so on. So, He has a GREAT record of ripping others off! So SURELY He can rip off other nations, other ethnic groups, etc., in trade wars and border wars, for the benefit of ALL of us!!!

          All Hail to THE Pussy Grabber in Chief!!!

          Most of all, HAIL the Chief, for having revoked karma! What comes around, will no longer go around!!! The Donald has figured out that all of the un-Americans are SOOO stupid, that we can pussy-grab them all day, every day, and they will NEVER think of pussy-grabbing us right back!

          Orange Man Bad-Ass Pussy-Grabber all right!

          1. “Orange Man Bad” as a summary from conservatives, of page after page after page, detail after detail, testimony upon testimony, of HOW and WHY Orange Man is a lying hypocritical narcissistic and corrupt, self-centered weasel, who is ruining the good reputation (for years if not decades) of the USA, internationally, shows the utter contempt that conservatives hold the rest of us in! “Here, dummy, I can summarize ALL of the encyclopedic knowledge that has been gathered concerning Der TrumpfenFuhrer, so that YOU (dumbshit) will NOT have to trouble your pretty little head, studying all that boring stuff! It just amounts to Orange Man Bad, end of story!”

            Don’t study medicine or boring medical texts… I will summarize it for you! “The human body is made of icky pus and smegma, slimy blood and mucus, and icky poop!”

            Law summary: “He or she who habeas the corpus, must take proper care of it.”

            Computers? Stop studying, you fool! “Learn to code; garbage in, garbage out; just be logical!”

            Electrical Hardware Engineering? “Don’t stick your diode in an anode! Sparks is as sparks does!”

            And then conservatives and other Trumptatorship worshippers and ignorance worshippers have the NERVE to say, “We need more SKILLED AND TALENTED immigrants and fewer ignorant ones coming into the USA!”!

          2. “Orange Man Bad” stale shit from stale shitters and shit-for-brains!!!
            Nothing can be as stale as “orange man bad”!
            (With the implied idea being that “anyone who says bad things about Orange Man, no matter HOW long and well-documented the list of Trump evils may be, such bad-things-sayer must be a stupid moron”).
            Albert Einstein delivers a long lecture with 553 equations and tons of evidence. Conservative moron will say that Einstein said “stuff and stuff is relative”, and walk smugly away, thinking that they have “summarized” Einstein!

            Conservative moron will tour Holocaust museums and “summarize” by saying “Mustache Man Bad”!

            Fucking stupid, smart-ass moronic conservatives STOP smugly posting “Orange Man Bad”, and I will stop posting my reply!

            1. Right but you said you eat your own shit.

              Now threadshit more in a vain effort to prevent anyone from knowing you said you eat your own shit.

              1. Right, but you said that your twat bleeds more yeast-scum than a Pacific Ocean’s full, every night!

                Q: What do you call a Tulpa with anorexia nervosa and a yeast infection?

                A: A quarter pounder with cheese!

            2. Damn, it seemed from your posts in brickbat this am you were stable on your meds and coherent today. Then you shit out this rambling gibberish.


              1. R Mac and Tulpa… Both of them are both A) too stupid to talk politics intelligently, and B) Too evil to discuss ethics and morality. They both, barely have the 2 neurons required to literally talk shit, though!
                AND they’re both incapable of anything funny or humorous!
                What is the difference between A) a good joke, and B) R Mac and-or Tulpa?
                One is a shift of wit…
                …The other is a wift of shit!

                1. “The other is a wift of shit!”

                  Is that what you’re having for lunch, Sqrls?

                  1. Intellectually, I am eating for lunch, the lunches of all empty-headed lightweight pretend-brainiacs and narcissists like YOU, Mamma!

                    So is it true that you have “summarized” the NAZI-driven holocaust as simply being “mustache man bad”?

                    1. Still not denying you’re going to eat more poop, huh?

                    2. Well in his defense, he’s probably gonna eat poop at some point.

    4. Trump’s jealous that the coronavirus is getting more airtime than he is so he has to feed the media their outrage biscuits to distract their attention. In a way, you have to be glad they’re so easy to distract with a tweet or two, otherwise Trump would have to take it up a notch and start snapchatting dick pics.

      1. Orange dick pix?

  10. 6 weeks of KungFlu in the USA. 42,000 American deaths. About 1,00o American deaths per day. Less than heart disease deaths.


    1. What an idiotic statement. You used to say it was less than flu deaths. Woops, shot right past that metric. Guess we’ll just pick a new one. And hey, while we’re at it, why not use the average daily death rate which includes the early days of an exponential growth curve. Why not, right? I mean, if we used actual daily deaths, Corona is the leading cause of death.

      Here you go, actual daily death rates of the leading causes in the US, day by day. (It’s Covid-19 currently.)

      1. You’re absolutely correct. Drumpf dropped the ball on COVID-19 but there are plenty of things that can be done to reduce unnecessary deaths. Banning all tobacco products, alcohol, and cars from driving over 30 MPH would be a great start!

        1. Faux conservatives often mistake agreeing with scientific findings as agreeing with certain policy implications.

          1. So you’re saying that electro-shock therapy doesn’t cure homosexuality?

            1. No matter how you try to goad me, I’m not hooking you up to the jumper cables again. You weren’t supposed to enjoy it, weirdo.


        1. Where is the pants shitting? I’m correcting yet another lie being told by Trump stoolies. Why aren’t you mad at LC1789 for lying to you again?

          1. Because, unlike you, he isn’t a statist douchebag posting on a libertarian website. But don’t let me interrupt your fear-mongering you coward.

            1. Point to the statism.

    1. Accusing someone of tyranny rarely works.
      Accusing someone of racism almost always does.

  11. Learn to code.
    US newspapers face ‘extinction-level’ crisis as Covid-19 hits hard

    1. Reason staff really has to tow the party lion to be employable in this industry.

    2. A business model that relies on retail advertisements to survive suddenly finds itself in dire straits when that revenue source gets choked off with their enthusiastic approval.

      The ones who supported the lockdowns are the epitome of cutting off one’s nose to spite your face.

      1. The ones who supported the lockdowns are the epitome of cutting off one’s nose to spite your face.

        A little ‘cutting off your nose to spite your face’ a little ‘cutting off your nose to prevent the spread of coronavirus’.

      2. They are just economical halfwits who hate the working class because they gave them wedgies in middle school. I guarantee they don’t even understand how this happened to them. And it’s more like amputating head from your body because you broke your leg.

    3. Maybe’s benefactor Charles Koch could expand his media operations into the newspaper business. In exchange for steady Koch funding, each newspaper he bails out could be required to print at least 5 pieces per day promoting open borders.


      1. We need a scorecard of how many “independent” news outlets end up shutting down or get bought out by hedge funds in the next few months.

      2. The newspaper industry would be riding high if they started printing on 1000 sheet double ply roles. Extra! Extra! All The News That’s Fit To Wipe Your Ass!

    4. Hopefully ‘the Guardian’ is first, they can fold into ‘the Daily Worker’ at this point.

  12. “In Georgia, gyms, bowling alleys, salons, and massage therapists will be able to accept clients beginning April 24, though Kemp added that they will be subject to social-distancing guidelines”

    How does a massage therapist practice social distancing?

    1. 6 foot long arms.

    2. Full body condoms; see the Naked Gun.

    3. I imagine that will apply more to waiting areas and staff break rooms.

    4. 10 foot poles, Stash Kzyzniewski and Henryk Dobrewieczor.

  13. “But “there is no relationship between COVID-19 cases or deaths at the county level and the share of the population that is foreign-born in each county,” as Nowrasteh details in this post.”

    Unless he thinks all foreign born people all came here in the last few months this has fuck-all to do with the topic.

    1. Agreed that what Nowrasteh said didn’t make any sense, but how does Trump’s (proposed?) ban on legal immigration make sense, either?

      Wouldn’t it make more sense, and be a lot less draconian, to simply test legal immigrants when they physically show up in the country? Have them do two weeks of quarantine if necessary?

        1. Can you explain your “No”?

          1. There’s a worldwide pandemic that, despite its debatable level of danger, has shutdown just about every country and led to 22 million people losing their jobs in the last month. And you would like to divert more resources to bringing more foreign nationals to the US.
            It’s incredibly stupid.
            But feel free to try to justify your idiocy

            1. Are you saying that a legal immigrants coming into the country are a bad thing? Don’t we approve the legal immigrants because we believe that they will enhance or contribute to America in some way?

              1. Well your a thick skulled one, aren’t you?

              2. Fuck off Jeff.

      1. Americans weren’t afforded such considerations.

        1. Isn’t there a big difference in the number of people who would need to be tested between testing legal immigrants upon arrival versus testing all Americans?

          Isn’t there lots of talk and preparation that widespread testing of Americans is going to start happening?

          1. We got locked down against our wishes.

            1. That seems like a non-sequitir to what we were discussing.

              1. Damn. You are dumb.

                1. Well it’s Jeff…

      2. It would be a lot less draconian if I could go buy paint, and until I can do that, I prefer our resources be used to fix that, not keep immigration flowing.

        1. I can buy paint where I live. Are you the guy who said he lives in Michigan? If so, sorry about that. Your state governor has gone way overboard.

          1. I appreciate the support. But even if less draconian, most people in this country are still having their freedoms curtailed on some level. And one of the main reasons given is a lack of resources for hospitals/healthcare services. Your idea is to take some of those resources to the border so we can keep immigration flowing.

            1. Didn’t President Trump say that there are now lots of tests available?

              1. Are you Jeff or DOL?

                1. Must be laundry day. All his socks are in the wash.

                2. He’s not me, but it is funny how your logic train peters out so quickly. Just answer the dude. It’s all about resources, right, totally not xenophobia knee jerk blame the other, right? So explain why you support a blanket immigration ban, and leave the ad hominem behind. Or admit you are illogical. Your choice.

                  1. So it’s you.

                    1. So irrational, then. Got it.

                  2. Bro you’re caught give it up Morty

                    1. I don’t know who De Oppresso Liber is, but he’s not me.

                    2. It’s projection. The trump toads like to run a bunch of alt accounts. It’s funny how the reason trolls like Tulpa, who everyone used to hate, suddenly became their friends and all the alt-accounting is forgiven. The cult loves them some cultists, no matter if they are pathetic internet trolls or worse.

    2. Isn’t NYC full of immigrants? What a load of fertilizer

  14. Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina Move to Reopen as Hot Spots Emerge

    Little do scared pussies huddled in their homes know that Georgians were already going about their lives for weeks.

  15. …a lot of products sitting in storage—or going to waste—while restaurants are shut down cannot be repurposed for sale to grocery stores, even if the food content is identical.

    So your wild claim is that asparagus they serve at Spago is the same I could use to make whatever food asparagus makes?

    1. whatever food asparagus makes?

      I use it as filling in my bacon wraps.

  16. I say we all change our login names to Trump

    1. There.

      1. You Trumped everyone!

        1. yep

    2. Always Trumpeting the great ideas.

    3. Changing my name to Trump Abattoir might get me in trouble.

    4. Done

  17. JHU sick map

    Spread facts about this cough due to cold.

  18. Should Justin Amash run for president?

    I suppose, if he doesn’t already have enough material for a book deal somewhere.

    1. He’s got enough “Orange Man Bad” for several books.

    2. No. Palestinians, like Justin Amash, don’t really exist.

      1. Funny how a Republican of Palestinian descent all of a sudden opposes the Republican president once he recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

        1. >Palestinian Christian
          I think the Israelis probably treat Christian Arabs better than Muslim Arabs. Doesn’t mean Palestinian Christians support Israel as a Jewish state.

          1. Yeah, that was my point. Amash went full-blown NeverTrump, when Trump moved the embassy.

    1. Did you see the EPA vs Montana landowners ruling (not the official name). It’s not good; but Gorsuch basically called his colleagues paternalistic central planners (except for Thomas).

      1. Yeah bullshit federal supremacy decision.

        There should be no EPA and landowners can sue individually or as class action against people that pollute and injure their property rights.

        Put the EPA budget toward the courts to make sure quick and cheap trials for landowners. This would even the odds against wealthy companies who try to crush the landowner.

    2. ought to have been unanimous.

    3. Maybe a good ruling, but a terrible decision. Especially reading Kavanaugh’s fucked-up concurrence on stare decisis if you had any hope Kavanaugh might be a second Gorsuch. Precedence is good for providing a certain amount of predictability and certainty in the law, but when he claims that erroneous precedent shouldn’t be overturned for bad reasons but only for good reasons and, while he can’t define good reasons, he knows them when he sees them, he’s not making a very good argument for why judges shouldn’t just rule on the whims of the moment.

      And when he points to Brown as the shiningest example of overturning precedent, never mind that Brown was pure progressive judicial activism, legislating from the bench and establishing the principle of rule by “experts” that later led to Auer and Chevron, it’s not looking good for the long-overdue rolling back of the shit-crockery of the Warren Court.

      1. Right but you’re an idiot and no one cares what you think.

  19. Yesterday in America:

    999,862 of every million people did not die of coronavirus.
    997,600 of every million people were not tested positive.

    And yet, 1 Million out of every million people were generally under lockdown.

    1. TYRANNY pure and simple.

    2. I agree that the lockdowns are onerous, but isn’t it an exaggeration to say that 1 million out of every 1 million people are under lockdown?

      Some states/areas have much more restrictive orders than other areas. But also, “essential” workers are out there physically going to work every day.

      1. So we are willing to murder essential workers? Isn’t that what we are doing? Putting our most valuable in the most vulnerable position?

        1. Putting our most valuable in the most vulnerable position?

          Celebrities are still going to work?

        2. I’m not defending the lockdowns. Did you see where I said I think they are onerous?

          But, personally, I don’t see how exaggerating helps the situation. Seems like you are making a shared bad situation unnecessarily political.

          1. I bet you are a riot at parties.

          2. Fuck off Jeff

          3. Definitely Jeff. It is the combination of pretentious attitude, moving the goalposts through seemingly related questions and protestation of innocence that give it away.

            At the end of the day, DOL may not be a Jeffy sock, but the fact they are both cowards at heart makes them virtually indistinguishable.

  20. Against bailing out the newspaper industry.

    Which branch of government would get to decide the content?

    1. The Democrat (ie bureaucrats) branch.

  21. Fifty-eight percent of voters want a vote-by-mail option this fall…

    I wonder the Venn diagram overlap of these 58% and those who wanted voter ID.

    1. My poll shows 98% of voters would like to be paid to vote.

      1. That’s a good idea.

        1. Well, if they vote *properly*.

          1. How dare you but yeah.

        2. That’s the Cook County way.

    2. just check the box asking whether you have an ID

  22. More L.A. County Residents Likely Infected With Coronavirus Than Thought, Study Finds

    All those Sheeple stayed home and lost wealth because tyrants in government told them to.

  23. Now more than ever, this country needs to implement Charles Koch’s vision of unlimited, unrestricted immigration. American billionaires (except Jeff Bezos) have been seeing their net worths drop dramatically due to Orange Hitler’s high-tariff / low-immigration policies. The only way to reverse this alarming trend is to open the borders.


    1. So Jeff Bezos is smarter than Charles Koch?

      1. That’s not the right way to look at it.

        Charles Koch is worth more than you and me, therefore he’s smarter than we are.

        Jeff Bezos is worth more than Charles Koch only because of factors beyond Mr. Koch’s control — specifically the alt-right white nationalist takeover of the government.


        1. Jeff Bezos is an alt-right white nationalist?

          1. “Skinhead”?

            1. +1000000

          2. Yes of course; he doesn’t pay a “living wage”.

          3. No. But Drumpf is. And his immigration restrictions have severely damaged Charles Koch’s net worth. Haven’t you been paying attention to what I’ve been writing here for the past couple years?

            1. Who is this Drumpf person?

            2. I thought you stood with AOC? Jeff Bezos is a destroyer of communities just like Hitler!

              1. Jeff Bezos will deliver the rope to hang his body into the hands of the Proletariat via Amazon Prime!

      2. Mackenzie Bezos was the brains.

    1. Marijuana is legal in your state?

  24. In February, the CDC “sent states tainted test kits in early February, that were themselves seeded with the virus…”

    But please tell me their authoritative pronouncements about Climate Change were right on target.

    1. In mother Russia, test kits infect you!

    2. Hahaha, holy shit, that’s great.

      Three guesses where those test kits were manufactured, and the first two don’t count.

      1. Well, China tells us that the US Army originated the virus. So… here???

    3. A modern day Tuskeegee experiment.

  25. “Trump’s immigration-ban tweet comes as the State Department “has been practically begging immigrant healthcare workers to come here to help fight coronavirus and has been offering them emergency visa appointments,” notes The New York Times’ Evan Hill.”

    Considering that a lot of healthcare workers are being laid off here in Michigan cuz the bitch has banned all “non essential” health care, I’m calling bullshit. My dad knows a nurse who is not currently an ER nurse, but she has been in the past, and they just sent her home, rather than just transfer her back to the ER. But we need to import other healthcare workers?

    Am I missing something here?

    1. The imported ones vote Democrat.

    2. Immigration above all. Citizens need to be out of work and on the dole, knowing their place.

      We also need to eliminate the secret ballot with vote by mail, so we can buy/threaten people in their living rooms to get the ‘right’ votes. Free minds and free markets, dontcha know.

    3. Yes – Reason’s fundamental “fuck Americans, we suck” position

      1. The media’s business model is shut down their advertisers, then call their readers horrible, stupid people. Can’t imagine why the industry is dying.

    4. “Am I missing something here?”

      The narrative. You’re missing the narrative. Don’t let yourself be confused with facts that don’t fit within the narrative

    5. Anecdotes from Los Angeles area: Friends in the healthcare industry at both public and private hospitals are being furloughed one to two days a week at this point.

      1. This is after they were asked to take their paid time off over the past month.


    Germany’s largest newspaper responded with a scathing video Saturday after China wrote an open letter saying it’s “pretty bad style to blame” them for the novel coronavirus pandemic.

    The feud began after Bild asked “whether China should pay for the massive economic damage the coronavirus is inflicting worldwide,” German journalist Julian Reichelt said in the video.

    Bild determined, in an article titled “What China Owes Us,” that the country owes Germany the equivalent of almost $162 billion USD, the Jerusalem Post reported.

    “I followed your reporting on the corona pandemic in general and China’s alleged guilt in particular today,” Wednesday’s open letter from China’s embassy spokeswoman Tao Lil read according to the Jersusalem Post. “Apart from the fact that we consider it a pretty bad style to blame a country for a pandemic that is affecting the whole world and then to present an explicit account of alleged Chinese debts to Germany, the article ignores some essential facts.”

    Reichelt, Bild’s editor-in-chief, responded to Chinese President Xi Jinping with a video that ripped apart the country’s communist leader and how the virus has been handled by them.

    1. “we consider it a pretty bad style to blame a country for a pandemic that is affecting the whole world ”

      That’s right, blame the victims instead. They were asking for it

      1. I’d love to see this lead to a massive drop in global prestige for the ChiCom menace and a mass disinvestment in the country itself, but I doubt it will happen. China’s been economically colonizing a lot of these places for a reason, and they have state-run media crafting narratives that our servile media class eagerly lap up like thirsty dogs.

        Setting up economic relations with these people was the biggest strategic mistake in the country’s history.

    2. You know who else unleashed a deadly force upon the rest of the world that cost billions of dollars and a large number of deaths to combat?

      1. The Mongols?

        1. Obama’s website developers?

      2. Your mom?

      3. Emperor Palpitine?

  27. At-home testing will help prevent hospital-acquired infections and reduce the crushing demand for PPE by healthcare workers currently collecting samples.

    When these are made available in 2023 this is going to be awesome.

    1. Now with 10% fewer seeded viruses !

  28. GOP Senator Criticizes Facebook for Removing Some Event Pages Promoting Protests Against Stay-at-Home Orders

    You know the Lefties are aware of far more anti-quarantine protests and criticisms than they are publicly admitting. Democrats are tyrants and more and more Americans are realizing this.

  29. Quoting Matthew Yglesias does not help anybody. It makes you look worse for having done so. Yglesias’ primary claim to fame is bragging about gaslighting Americans about the Tax Cuts.

    1. Tell me about it.

      When I think Sad Beard, I don’t think ‘reason’.

      I don’t know what was the purpose of linking to that Tweet since it really doesn’t contribute much except to continue this ‘he’s so dumbs’ narrative that seems to please half-wits.

      This is high school level interpretations of an issue passing off as ‘hard intellectualism’.

      I just mostly come for the comments now.

      1. There’s more on this site than the comments?

      2. Wait, I thought Sad Beard was Paul Krugman. Is there more than one Sad Beard, is it a title that can be passed from one holder to another or am I just mistaken as to who Sad Beard is? And didn’t Justin Trudeau once have a beard? (Aside from Sophie G., obviously.)

        1. No. Sad Beard was always Matt Asperger Yglesias. Krugman isn’t on the spectrum. He’s just an asshole.

    2. The Roundup more and more becomes “a summary of correct thinking media”. Which consists of CNN, NYT, Politico, etc.


    3. I had to look up who Matthew Yglesias is. I guess he’s the person who some people here are calling “Sad Beard”.

      Whoever he is. His quote is kind of true, because Trump has a pattern of angry press conferences and reversing himself.

      Are there always so many pro-Trump people here? I thought this was a libertarian website.

      1. A new concern troll emerges!

        1. Whining up and down the page too. Is it one of the writers, I wonder?

        2. it’s Matthew Yglesias.

      2. No, it used to be a libertarian website. Now it’s mostly a progressive, open borders, Orange Man Bad website with a couple libertarian leaning writers to keep up appearances.

        1. And 90% conservative Republicans in the comments bitching about it all day. Every day.

          1. People miss the old magazine from before it became Vox Jr.
            You can’t blame them.

          2. 90%? No. Maybe your confusion comes from people like DOL saying everybody that doesn’t hate Trump and blame everything on him is in a cult? Or do you say that too?

            Either way, I’m a libertarian, and other than voting for Clinton when I was 18, I’ve voted Libertarian in every presidential election since, including the last one. I will be voting for Trump next election, but not because I’ve become a conservative Republican, but because 1. The other major party is becoming more and more socialist, 2. Judges (meh on the last one unfortunately) and 3. Trump has done a good job exposing a lot of people and organizations (including this one) just by acting like a mean poopy head. And I think four more years of it will be even more enlightening and entertaining.

      3. Lol.

      4. No you didn’t jeff.

      5. “so many pro-Trump people here? I thought this was a libertarian website”

        While not libertarian, Trump has advanced more libertarian policies and ideas than any other president in the last fifty years.

        I’m guessing for you “libertarianism” is just a way of announcing that you’re a contrarian, but that you’re socially left and totally cool with the way that sex and drugs works for the American upper-middle class elite.

  30. Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order saying clerks can perform ceremonies remotely, which was banned.

    It’s a pilot program for “Zoom voting”.

    1. Is there anybody in New York questioning Cuomo’s authority on issuing executive orders?

      1. You mean the wreckers, saboteurs and kulaks?

  31. In February, the CDC “sent states tainted test kits in early February, that were themselves seeded with the virus,” notes Ars Technica.

    Ah, but has that statement been evaluated by the FDA?

  32. “The problem right now isn’t that there’s a food shortage, explains Reason’s Eric Boehm, but rather supply chain issues.”

    Over at instapundit, the “Get off my lawn” types are doing victory laps claiming that Just In Time supply chains have been discredited in this whole ordeal. This is, to put it mildly, poppycock.

    In the United States, our supply lines from China have been disrupted since at least January. We have been in a lockdown for a month. That began with two weeks of prepper buying similar to a region that has an incoming hurricane. And we ran out of toilet paper.

    And here we are a month into the greatest stress the world economy has ever seen, and people aren’t starving. We can even get asswipe when we need it.

    The thesis of the Anti-JIT folk is that somehow, having larger stockpiles of materials on hand would have meant that these shortages didn’t happen. But is there any reality to that? I remember hurricane preps and blizzard preps in the 80s- before JIT was widely accepted in the country, and we still ran out of stuff on the store shelves. Because while you can warehouse stuff, you cannot warehouse it at every location everywhere.

    Similarly, just because you have materials doesn’t mean you can manufacture. I spent the first few weeks trying to find some adjustable dumb bells when my gym shut down. Powerblock, a manufacturer, was completely tapped out. And they couldn’t produce more because their Minnesota factory was shut down by the governor. Let’s just say Powerblock had brought in greater raw inventory than ever needed before, on the assumption that one day gyms would close leading to a 5x amount of orders. Now they’d be down 5x in costs of raw materials, and STILL unable to capitalize on it, because their factory is shut down.

    Overall, the shocks to our supply chain are largely caused by the government shut down, not JIT supply chains. Indeed, JIT supply chains have allowed more companies to be more agile. Is it better to be sitting on a pile of cash, or a pile of inventory that isn’t needed today? Neither helps you if you are locked down, but if you can do anything, cash can be redeployed to what is in demand while raw inventory may not be useful for anything.

    This is not to say governments and individuals shouldn’t stockpile consumables. It is much better to stockpile at the end of a supply chain, than at points in between. Had the US maintained its stocks of PPE, the country would be in a better place. But expecting all the manufacturers to maintain raw materials such that they could on demand bust out 30x more products than normally needed, is insane.

    1. expecting all the manufacturers to maintain raw materials such that they could on demand bust out 30x more products than normally needed, is insane.

      “If it might help save just one life, ….”

    2. Good post. Unfortunately, the tax code strongly discourages companies from having excess cash at the end of the year.

      1. They actively discourage cash reserves and at the same time are trying to strangle business, it’s almost like they don’t want business’s to succeed in a pandemic.

        1. Well, to be fair, it’s only certain kinds of businesses. Amazon is doing great.

    3. This. I’ve had supply issues with small engines since at least late january.

  33. “Trust us. The worst is yet ahead of us,” Tedros told reporters from WHO headquarters in Geneva. “Let’s prevent this tragedy. It’s a virus that many people still don’t understand.”

    You fucked up! You trusted us!”

    No thanks you piece of Marxist terrorist shit liar. Why is this degenerate who has blood on his hands (see Chuck Todd — another piece of shit partisan hack – THIS is what someone with REAL blood on his hands looks like. Not Donald Trump you useful idiot) still head of WHO?

    Our eyes should be focused on where it belongs: China and the WHO.

    1. Ahh yes, because the WHO is responsible for Trump getting rid of the pandemic team, not plussing up ventilators and taking precautions like Obama’s team warned him to, golfing and jacking off at his rallies, etc. when he had time to be getting ready.

      Face it jackass- he alone is not all at fault but he is most certainly at fault. Gd trump cultists that hate when dear leader is factually criticized for being the pos he is.

      1. Boy are you going to be pissed in November.

      2. No, you face it, jerkweed–the WHO is one of the main contributors to this GLOBAL PANDEMIC because it was too busy sucking China’s cock to provide objective, scientific communication. Your manic obsession with Blonard Blumph doesn’t change that one iota.

        If there’s anyone who deserves to die choking on a vent from BatCoof, it’s you.

      3. “and taking precautions like Obama’s team warned him to”

        If only the Obama administration had more than 8 years to take those precautions themselves.

        1. And I’d love to see a cite of these ‘recommendations’; probably something alone the lines of ‘ya know one of the Obo staff said: You be careful now, ya hear?’
          Shitstain here certainly doesn’t have them; he’s repeating from the list of lies the troll posted here last week.

          1. we have all been told to prepare and prepare since at least the 60’s with the atomic bomb scares. there has not been a year where there wasn’t a prediction of some world wide disaster. We are all tone deaf to those predictions and even with this “Pandemic’ if it wasn’t for teh governments shut downs we would all be better off. this is really a pandemic about pandemics a PAP its not real it was created

        2. Obama did sweet fuck all. He’s the guy who everyone praises and gives credit to even though he’s a ham and does nothing. We all know those types in a corporate setting.

      4. That’s the best you’ve got useful idiot?

        No, you listen jackass. Trump was up against a corroded and corrupted health system awash with incompetence and he had to navigate through that. Even the left-leaning Politifact rebutted the claim that by firing people he made it worst. That’s a pile of shit.

        Red tape and lies from the WHO and China are the main culprits.

        It’s dim-witted useful idiots like you that will make it harder to deal with China and to reboot the system properly.


      6. not plussing up ventilators

        Did anyone in the world do this?

  34. Trump and his allies are largely portraying the possible order as a pro-employment measure, rather than one aimed at public health

    Which is obviously just crazy talk. I mean just because we have 22 million more unemployed people in one month, doesn’t mean we don’t need to import even more immigrants to do…something…something…something.

    1. Yeah, I’m not really sure how more job seekers is supposed to help mid massive unemployment boom.

  35. So he’s an idiot who only knows one thing and that’s to blame someone else.

    This isn’t news. Only his idiot followers will swallow this load of manure and be completely ignorant of the actual ramifications of it.

    1. ^this is why the term “npc” is a thing

    2. You left out the word “cult”. Fail.

    3. wearingit
      April.21.2020 at 10:18 am
      “So he’s an idiot who only knows one thing and that’s to blame someone else…”

      No, he’s an accomplished puppeteer; he’s got lefty scumbags like you dancing a fine jig!
      Fuck off and die; the world will thank you.

    4. So he’s an idiot who only knows one thing and that’s to blame someone else.

      Said wearingit, while blaming someone else.

    5. You could replace wearingit’s comments with the results of a random lefty buzzword generator and nobody would be able to tell the difference.

  36. “If you’ve been paying attention — and almost no one has — Hong Kong was strangled over the past several days, as the Communist apparatus rolled up much of the protest leadership, and asserted its right to rule in any fashion it wishes. ‘One country, two systems’ is dead. The city itself will now likely go into decline: ordinarily with Shenzhen taking over its role in commerce, but who can say now? Another light goes out. The Communist Party of China is tying up loose ends and, to borrow a phrase, taking care of all family business. This isn’t the main event. This is preparatory to that. The main event is coming — and it is hastened by a Zhongnanhai calculation that the United States possesses neither the attention span nor the competence to do something about it. You can pick your metaphor: August 1914, December 1941. Just be aware that what they’re contemplating will end up a metaphor all its own.”

  37. He has tenure:

    ‘Because JESUS and FREEDOM’: Maine prof attacks quarantine protesters in expletive-laden rant

    “This isn’t activism. It’s fucking bio-terrorism,” he continued.


      Dartmouth professor who cheered Covington Catholic ‘doxxing’ compares ‘Reopen’ protesters to Nazi toadies

      1. Ivy League boasts $140 billion in endowments, will receive $53.7 million in feds’ COVID bailout

        1. The Kennedy Center, the Ivy League…who knows what else.

          Anyone who thinks the holdup for more small business loan money is just more money to help states hospitals and States is awfully naive.

          Has Reason done any articles about all the pork progressive pork that made it into the last bill?

        2. Man, if only there was some oversight on the biggest bail out in history. If only…

          1. Ya mean like the House of Representatives?

          2. “Other congressional leaders are responsible for appointing the remaining slots on the commission and for choosing a chairman or chairwoman.”


            Fuck off you dishonest piece of shit.

            1. So how does Trump firing the IG help with oversight? Cmon, you can do it little brainlet.

              1. How does it hurt? The bill was written to include a commission to oversee it as the money goes out.

                I’m sure an IG in the future might investigate if any fraud or mismanagement occurred, but all of this bs spending is in the bill. The IG doesn’t get to veto parts of the bill or be some sort of arbiter of what it means.

                An IG investigates. But you know that already, you’re just being a dishonest piece of shit.

                1. How does removing the person charged with investigating fraud, waste, and abuse hurt efforts preventing, fraud, waste, and abuse?


                  Try again.

                  1. You don’t really understand how investigations work? Yes you do liar.

                    Do you think cops prevent most crime or investigate it afterwards? You know the correct answer, but you’ll lie in response.

                    You don’t care about the truth. You know you got caught. But you’ll continue to be dishonest to try to win this argument because Orange Man Bad.

                    1. So people knowing that fraud isn’t likely to be investigated (due to IG being removed) will …bear with me here, I know your attention is short…help or hurt prevention of fraud?

                    2. There will never be another IG again?

    2. Another soy-laden manlet trying to grow a beard to compensate for his male pattern baldness and low sperm count.

  38. Should it come as a surprise to anyone that unemployment is worse in the states that instituted lock-downs?

    “The coronavirus pandemic is hitting state labor markets to very different degrees, with some seeing as many as one in five workers file for unemployment benefits and others far fewer.

    The variation appears to partly reflect when officials mandated business closures to stem the spread of the virus during the four weeks through April 11, as well as the state economies’ dependence on the industries most affected . . . .

    Rates of illness, however, don’t appear to be a factor. South Dakota, the state with the smallest share of the labor force filing claims, at 4.9%, had about double the rate of reported cases of Covid-19 per 1,000 residents through April 11 as Hawaii, where the highest share of workers sought assistance, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of Labor Department claims figures and Johns Hopkins University data on the disease.


    When it comes time to bail out states like California, Hawaii, and New York with federal taxpayer money because of all the unemployment, always remember that the worst of the unemployment we’re seeing isn’t because of Covid-19. The worst of the unemployment is because the governors and legislatures of those states willfully chose to lock down their economies–and keep them locked down.

    There is no good reason why federal taxpayers–who do not reside within and cannot vote in California, Hawaii, and New York–should be forced to reimburse those states for their outrageous willfully-chosen, self-inflicted unemployment crisis.

    No taxation without representation.

    If the unemployment rate is a result of the choices of the Democratic governors of those states, Cuomo and Newsom, then maybe the people who can vote in those states should vote them out of office and replace them with Republicans. If the voters in those states are so pathetic they can’t even kick someone out of office for willfully bankrupting the state, then let them stew in the misery they’ve created for themselves. There is no good reason why the rest of us should be forced to pay for their intransigence and stupidity.

    1. We should pass a state bailout law that says if you need the bailout, you have to agree to revert to territory status, and let the rest of the country redraw the state lines as we see fit.

    2. But you know we will.

    3. “Should it come as a surprise to anyone that unemployment is worse in the states that instituted lock-downs?..”

      The front page of the Chron has featured stories on the major financial impacts of ‘the pandemic’, never quite mentioning that they are actually a result of Newsom’s ‘order’ shutting down the economy.

      1. If we can’t hurt the Democrats in Sacramento with this, then what issue will?

        I still want to believe that the people of California won’t the state turn into Detroit, where the worse things get, the more authoritarian and socialist they become–until the city gets so bad that it’s abandoned.

        I want to believe that there is a self-inflicted economic shock so powerful that the voters will wake up. I want to believe that when the pertinent issue in an election isn’t homphobia or xenophobia, that my fellow Californians will vote in their own economic interests. I want to believe that hope is not completely lost.

        I want to believe.

        I don’t believe but I want to.

        1. Yeah, I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

    4. Serious question, if the epicenter of this was georgia, Alabama and Florida does anyone think for a second New York would have ever shut down?

      1. Certainly, because we’re all in this togeHAHAHAHAAA!! Damn, couldn’t quite get it out!

        1. On second thought, since it might help save just one life, Cuomo would shut NY down.

  39. Not all CA residents are weinies:

    “Hundreds gather in Sacramento to protest shelter-in-place order”
    “SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Hundreds of protesters lobbying to ease Gov. Gavin Newsom’s tight stay-at-home orders rallied around the California Capitol on Monday, even as Newsom continued to urge restraint, saying the worst thing state leaders could do is “make a decision that’s based on politics and frustration.”
    He outlined his approval for some counties to gradually relax some restrictions aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus, saying he approved a plan by Ventura County in Southern California to reopen golf courses and parks…”

    He made the announcement with no mask, but he’s just so dreamy in his efforts to plan our new fair, green economy, isn’t he?

    1. Almost two weeks after he announced the deal during a cable TV interview, very few details have been disclosed. The governor’s advisors have so far declined requests for information about the agreement with BYD, the Chinese electric car manufacturer hired to produce the masks, though the state has already wired the company the first installment of $495 million.

      Newsom, who has been praised for his efforts to slow the spread of the disease, bristled on Saturday at suggestions that his administration has been too slow to explain a deal that will cost California taxpayers 30% more than his January budget would spend on infectious disease prevention for an entire fiscal year.

      “I’m for outcome here,” Newsom shot back when asked by a reporter about withholding the contract’s details. “Some are consumed by process, personality, intrigue. Who’s up, who’s down. We are for actually solving a major, major problem — not only for the state but potentially a template for the country.”

      But a bipartisan chorus of concerns has emerged in the Legislature. Lawmakers have grown increasingly frustrated that the governor’s advisors have asked only for expedited approval to spend money without briefing them on what has been agreed to.

      1. Nor has his ‘green, fair’ economic planning commission had a single word to say on how *they* are going to plan CA’s economy.

    2. Golf, the engine that drives the economy.

  40. “Morning Psycho on MSDNC”
    Banjo Boy?

  41. I think american were prepared for alien invasion , world war , Oil War , but corona comes out of syllabus
    More strange is that chinese are now enjoying this , For instance , whole world is postponing their wedding and auspicious functions , but chinese are looking for matrimonial alliance ,and their matrimonial sites crashed
    See this

    1. I think we found our foreign bot

      All of your post are belong to us

  42. World-wide number of flu cases: ~2.5M
    World-wide number of flu deaths: ~170K
    US number of flu cases: ~800K
    US number of flu deaths: ~42.5K
    US number of new cases, last 24H: 17
    Cost of knee-capping the world’s strongest economy: Priceless!

    1. Nope, Reason’s shitty software allows posts by Abdula pitching Crimean porn sites, but not a link to:
      worldometers, COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

      1. Seriously? I never realized that’s what those links went to. I’ve been missing out this whole time!

        1. Well, you can’t catch syph on those sites, but your ‘puter sure can!

          1. Sevo, you can get the same information on Johns Hopkins U’s Covid site.

      2. “Abdula pitching Crimean porn sites”

        I had no interest in clicking those links before… now I do. Thanks for nothing, Sevo.

        …real Crimeans, huh.


    Preventing people from going to church: IT’S AN EMERGENCY

    Preventing people from protesting: IT’S AN EMERGENCY

    Preventing people from buying seeds for food: IT’S AN EMERGENCY

    Using emergency powers to stop immigration during pandemic: DICTATOR

  44. I thought that seeing the Democrats and the news media go big on the pro-lock down argument, even calling for President Trump to lock-down the country with a national pandemic policy was awful–especially considering that it came shortly after criticizing President Trump for the travel ban from China and Europe, that was about as hypocritical and stupid as we were likely to see them this election cycle.

    I was wrong.

    I oppose Trump shutting down immigration in response to COVID-19, even though it’s likely to help with unemployment to some extent, and that’s the real justification for what he’s trying to do. He isn’t trying to stop people from bringing the virus to American at this point so much as he’s trying to make American companies hire American workers in the face of the worst unemployment rates we’ve seen since the Great Depression. At least, that’s the justification that will be put forward to the voters.

    It’s an election year move. President Trump wants the news media to criticize him for doing everything he can to make American employers hire unemployed Americans, and his campaign wants the Democrats, the news media, and Joe Biden to criticize him for prioritizing the interests of unemployed Americans over people from other countries in an election year. Whether the news media realizes they’re being his dupes is beside the point–they couldn’t stop themselves being trolled by him even if they wanted to stop themselves.

    All that aside, do the Democrats have any idea how it plays in Peoria to average Americans, when the Democrats are lining up to defend shutting average Americans out of their jobs even as the unemployment rate goes through the roof–and the Democrats and the news media are mostly obsessed with how all this impacts illegal aliens and people from other countries?!

    If the Democrats and the news media got together and stayed up all night trying to think of new and better ways to get President Trump reelected, they could hardly come up with anything better than what they’re doing with this story.

    It’s amazing.

    1. That goddamn Donald Trump runs political messaging circles around these fuckers and our betters is probably one of the most under-covered stories in the history of country. He routinely out positions them in a way that I’ve never seen anybody do. It’s not hard and yet he sets a transparent rhetorical/positional bear trap and they walk into it every time.

      1. And the media can’t stop themselves!

        It’s very much like watching the media go after him for calling out people who are disrespecting the flag.

        He positions his policies in such a way that when the news media goes after him for it, it makes them look awful and him look great.

        It is amazing.

        It’s made me question everything, not just what we thought we knew about media theory but also stuff as fundamental as noble lies. If all our information is digitized, networked, and leakable in real time, and noble lies, because of that, aren’t effective by way of mass media anymore, then how does the leadership, through the media, get the people on their side anymore?

        To some extent, President Trump uses some of that Situationist International descended stuff about creating spectacles in the media–that the leftist activists always use, where they create things for the media to cover. The animal rights people, for instance, can’t control what the media says about their cause, but they can make the media talk about their cause by, say, suing the California Dairy Board for false advertising for claiming that “Great milk comes from happy cows, and happy cows come from California”. PETA didn’t care about that lawsuit at all–they just wanted the media to talk about how dairy cows are treated.

        President Trump (and/or his various advisers) have taken that to another level, where they can actually control what the media says about him–by making them condemn popular policies that he advocates. I’m not sure the media can be manipulated that way unless they’re condemning the president, so it may not work for everybody. If we went back to a Democrat candidate in the White House, they might go back to noble lies and the media faithfully projecting them as intended.

        Although, like I said, in the age of digitization and Wikileaks and when anyone with information can share it with the world, I’m not sure noble lies are as effective as they used to be, and I’m not sure the news media will ever regain the public’s approval again. It may be that it is better to be hated by the news media than loved because when they hate you, it makes them easier to manipulate like President Trump has done. Biden may be undone by his support in the news media.

        1. He (or his staff) has ENB and the various lefty twits who show up here dancing a jig every morning to the tune of “Trump Tweets”.

          1. He’s basically trolling them, and on some level, they must realize it, but they can’t stop themselves–because they think their job is opprobrium.

            It can’t be about digging up information the public wouldn’t have otherwise, like Woodward and Bernstein, because the Washington Post wasn’t competing with the internet back then.

            When I look at the following chart, where the public’s trust in the media was hovering around 70% back in Woodward and Bernstein’s day, you see that long, slow gradual decent to 55% or so–around to the time that the internet achieves serious market penetration. Then it goes to shit and hits an historic low of 32% the week before President Trump was elected.

            We’ll test those lows again ahead of the upcoming election, and the latest poll I saw–even after the lock-downs–had the approval rate of the media by independents at 33%.

            My general hypothesis is that the public’s approval of the media was high when they were a source of news rather opprobrium–that it’s being the self-appointed arbiters of opprobrium that makes them so unpopular. I’d say they should go back to being a genuine source of information rather than opprobrium, but they can’t compete with the internet as a source for information, so they sell their credibility short because it doesn’t really matter anymore anyway.

            Their credibility is a buggy whip and reacting to Trump’s tweets is manufacturing buggy whips. Horseless carriages are taking over and there isn’t anything they can do about it but keep making buggy whips. We don’t need their buggy whips to get from place to place or to find out what’s going and why anymore. I don’t know, maybe we still need a few of them. I understand Gannet shut down over 100 newspapers because of the virus–because no one wanted to pay a premium to advertise to locked-down consumers anyway, but I doubt a lot of those will come back.

              1. Well it’s like when I point out that you’re a lying censorious coward.

                Ignore it and you’re stuck with everyone knowing the truth about you.

                Defend yourself and you’re the idiot who lies about being a lying censorious coward

        2. “He positions his policies in such a way that when the news media goes after him for it, it makes them look awful and him look great.”

          Its almost like he has reasonable positions that would be insane to oppose…

    2. These people don’t represent Americans, they represent an ideal of non-state globalism. It’s the same fetish that’s been indulged for over 70 years, if not longer, except now the worm is turning and nationalist impulses are pushing back against these assumptions thanks to the overall corruption, venality, and general uselessness of these overarching institutions (the WHO being China’s bitch is just one recent example).

      Look at Europe–the EU has been effectively sidelined as each country tackles BatCoof in its own way. There’s been no coordinated continental response, and when Brussels tried issuing one, even Germany said, “Yeah, thanks for that,” and went about doing what it wanted to do anyway. No declarations out of the UN that matter, not that anyone would give a shit anyway. If the world’s leaders at that time saw how utterly ineffective and irrelevant their precious New World Order institution had become in the face of a slightly more aggressive common cold bug that mostly kills old and fat people, they’d drop over from a collective heart attack.

      The nationalist/globalist dichotomy isn’t going away, but the latter are fully on the defensive right now in the wake of the utter failure of their institutions to coordinate or influence anything.

      1. Like I said, I think this is mostly about getting President Trump reelected. I don’t think it’s about globalism vs. nationalism any more than than condemning the NFL players for dissing the flag was. Maybe some people see a nationalist angle to it–but it’s hard to ignore the fact that the American flag and the national anthem are near and dear to the hearts of American voters in both parties, and having the news media condemn you for standing up for the American flag in an election year is an easy way to help you win an election.

        If the unemployment rate isn’t above 20% already, it’s headed in that direction, and regardless of the nationalism vs. globalism divide, having the media condemn you in an election year for trying to make American companies hire unemployed Americans rather than foreigners (in that environment of 20% unemployment) is a no-brainer. If Joe Biden can pay the media to condemn him for wanting American companies to hire Americans, he should, but you can’t buy that kind of advertising.

      2. “The nationalist/globalist dichotomy isn’t going away, but the latter are fully on the defensive right now in the wake of the utter failure of their institutions to coordinate or influence anything.”

        That depends.
        The last few years have been rough for the globalist caste, but with the covid they instantly gutted all private enterprise and imposed totalitarian control.
        It should represent their last, desperate gasp… but will it?
        Will The People have the means and will to finally throw them away?

        1. True, but note that the most totalitarian measures are really being implemented at the local level, not the global one, and the intensity of response varies by location.

          It’s not the UN or WHO or even the feds driving these policies, it’s Boss Hogg and Roscoe P. Coltrane following the recommendations of self-interested NGOs.

          1. Which is a good point, but those media and NGO cares certainly got the ball rolling

            1. “cares” shouldve read “caste”

              1. Oops, I mean should’ve read “cadres”

      3. non-state globalism

        No states across the entire globe? Uh, I’ll take it.

        1. “mono-state” would have been a better term.

          The society from 1984 is basically these peoples’ utopia.

          1. The idiot progs pushing it always imagine they’ll get to be the boot stepping on the face, whereas after the revolution they’re always the first to be shot.


    And this – maybe the most important of all – from two weeks ago, two more weeks in which the lockdowns and media hysteria have caused enormous panic and pain. Demand answers for what happened. Demand accountability. Attention must be paid.
    Quote Tweet

    Alex Berenson
    · Apr 6
    1/ If the trends of the last few days weren’t clear enough, @NYGovCuomo’s press conference today leaves no room for doubt: new hospitalizations in New York, the center of the epidemic, fell to 358 – a 75% drop in four days.

    1. A trend that would have been obvious to anyone who checked NYC’s daily data summary. Hell, they even added a bunch of helpful bar charts showing a steady decline in deaths, cases, and hospitalizations since the first week of April.

  46. What reason and other pro-immigration/open borders libertarians are really saying is that the rights of the immigrants come before the rights of Americans. That is ridiculous. Trump made defending America a center-piece of his campaign and his halting immigration is an extension of that policy, including his border wall and preventing migrant caravans who the Left are using to disrupt our immigration courts in order to cause them to collapse. Is Reason a libertarian publication or a mouthpiece of the American Chamber of Commerce while playing footsie with groups like Pueblo Sin Fronteras?

    1. Your comment would make more sense to me if Trump’s tweet had been about shutting down illegal immigration, but Trump is (proposing?) shutting down legal immigration.

      1. Shutting down Americans, ok, shutting down immigrants, bad.

      2. No jeff it doesn’t matter you need to update your talking points

  47. The same people who have been telling us for weeks that it is totally okay to close churches, shut down protests, and make it impossible for people to do much of anything including making a living is totally okay and necessary because it is an “emergency” are now having kittens over closing the border. Shutting down huge areas of life and commerce is totally okay. But stopping sacred Mexicans from coming here for jobs that right now do not exist, that is just a dictatorship.

    And for reason to claim that an economy that is seeing tens of millions of people laid off will only get worse if we don’t allow more immigrants is truly peak wokeltarian. Apparently immigrants are magical and give off some kind of magic aura that brings prosperity.

    1. I’m finding your analysis confusing. Isn’t President Trump one of the people who is saying we need lockdowns (including not attending church in person)? He personally attended church remotely from the White House.

      Isn’t his tweet about closing the borders to legal immigration going even further down the road of “we have to lock everything down!”

      1. There is nothing confusing about it. If you think you need the lockdowns, then you should also think people shouldn’t be immigrating either. The two positions are consistent. What is not consistent is thinking the lockdowns are necessary but somehow international travel and immigration is okay.

        1. So, are you arguing pro-lockdown or anti?

          1. Pro-consistency.

            I happen to think that both the lockdown and closing the borders at this stage are pointless at best and likely counterproductive.

            1. That makes sense.

              I’d still like to know what John is arguing for or against.

              1. No one cares what you want jeff

              2. Yup, definitely Jeff’s new sock.

                John’s position was crystal clear, but when Jeff can’t rebut the argument he attacks the wording instead.

      2. Hey, new concern troll, you do realize that most of the countries in North America have shut down their borders right now, correct?

    2. I don’t care about any of this. These people are absolutely insane and beyond reason. It’s pretty evident at this point that they hate anyone who works for a living and want us destitute and dead.

      1. I am starting to agree with you. Even I could not believe that the left thinks this state of affairs is a good in itself and not a necessary response to a bad situation. But, I am starting to think they just like it and would keep it this way forever if they could. They really are that fucking nuts.

        1. It’s not just the left John. What’s amazing is the amount of intelligentsia on the right are okay with this too. It’s almost enough for me to go full commie.

          1. They all are working from home and cratering the economy to the point of no return and aren’t even going to care or notice till they get their goddamn pinkslips and will be wondering how that even happened.

            1. It’s pathetic. I really have to restrain myself to not respond to some of the emails I get at work.

              1. It’s a consequence of not understanding what value added they actually provide to the company and not understanding how what they do actually translates to the bottom line. A ton of people are going to be surprised when they are given pink slips after working from home through this because I’m almost positive companies are using this time to evaluate where the fat is.

                1. Not to mention the sales are already in the pipe. We aren’t going to know the full effects of the shutdown till after we open back up in June/July/August. They will be immense and they will be catastrophic.

        2. That’s the irony of their stupid, self-worshipping virtue-signaling–yeah, there will be a number of national chains that go down with this, but the problem is that every time this happens, a shit-ton of small businesses go in the toilet along with them and the remnants are bought up by the few remaining mega-corps that are left. They don’t mention in Demolition Man that the reason Taco Bell won the Franchise Wars, was likely because of the economic collapse that happened due to all the social chaos taking place, before Cocteau implemented his quasi-fascist state (wait a second…)

          If you don’t like seeing corporate monopolization to take place, a bad recession should be the last thing you want to see. All this is doing is ensuring that Amazon becomes even more of a retail and warehouse behemoth than it already is.

          1. I don’t know about that. I’ve resorted to going to other outlets because Amazon won’t ship me “non-essential” shit in a timely manner. Wal Mart will (and it’s cheaper). Newegg will (and it’s cheaper). Etc.

        3. I think their goal is to only allow Americans back to work under their ideals only. look at Newsom’s advisary panel on how to reopen its not needed just reopen, but we know it will have all sorts of Green New Deals and SJW regulations tacked on before people can go back to work

        4. People are obeying the government all day every day and waiting for their government checks. Why wouldn’t the left be masterbating to this?

    3. Food trucks, John. Food. Trucks.

  48. Reason’s definition of libertarianism: complete, total, unrestricted freedom for foreigners, and no freedom at all for Americans (besides the freedom to stay locked up inside and obey our liberal masters).

    1. The claim that an economy that is mostly shut down and has a huge portion of its workers laid off needs immigrants is so stupid as to be unworthy of a serious response. Open borders is literally the only issue reason cares about. Reason will sell out any principle no matter how important and make any argument no matter how absurd in the support of open borders.

      1. Who’s gonna pick the crops? Seriously. Even up here in Maine farmers rely on Mexican migrants to pick potatoes since the teenagers who used to do it won’t. It’s like that all over the country.

        1. The same people who always do. Do you think people just come across the border to pick the crops and go home? Moreover, stop getting your ideas about what immigrants actually do from Dalmia. Most immigrants and especially illegal immigrants work in the restaurant industry, which last I looked wasn’t exactly hiring these days.

          1. “Do you think people just come across the border to pick the crops and go home?”

            Yeah, actually. A lot of them come here to do shitty work for precious dollars, and then go back home to live like kings for a couple months. Wash, rinse, repeat.

            1. I don’t have any bad feelings or care about people who do that at any point but it’s a ridiculous argument to make when we are currently looking at probably 30 million unemployed Americans by the end of next week. Probably just set that debate aside for a couple of months.

              1. 30 million unemployed Americans who are not allowed to go work.

                But, yeah, the restaurant and tourist industries are going to take a long term hit here and those people will be looking for work soon enough.

                1. oh it’s not just restaurants and tourism zeb. The ripple effects are going to be felt beyond that. Any entertainment that relies on crowds, Car dealerships, and consumer good that can be put off, construction, brick and mortar retail (just a guess but christmas is probably going to suffer), Farming, medicine(elective surgeries and people are going to fear going to the doctor). Or not and V shaped recovery here we come.

          2. Do you think people just come across the border to pick the crops and go home?

            Yes, that absolutely does happen. There is a whole special visa program for it. In New England there are crews of Jamaicans who come through every fall to pick apples.

            I don’t know why it’s so hard to believe that there are lots of temporary farm workers. You can come to the US, work for a few months, and be quite well off when you go home, rather than being poor in the US. I really think that if we allowed a lot more temporary labor into the country, there would be less permanent immigration of poorer people.

            1. In New England there are crews of Jamaicans who come through every fall to pick apples.

              I forgot about those guys. Worked with a few while cooking in coastal restaurants during the summer months. Talk about a work ethic, those guys kicked ass!

              I don’t know why it’s so hard to believe that there are lots of temporary farm workers.

              Because it conflicts with the right-wing narrative that Mexicans only cross the border to have anchor babies and go on welfare.

              1. Crops never got picked before immigrant labor.

                1. Before that it was children. Before that it was slaves.

        2. Well trust me Sarc in about three months that’s going to be a job someone is going to be lucky to have and viewed as such because it’s a job.

          1. I doubt it. Most Americans are too proud to do menial labor like that.

            1. They aren’t going to have much of a choice. What jobs are even going to be left after this? Do you just think things are going to take off like a rocket ship the day after we open back up? We’ve crippled millions of companies probably to the point of not opening up when we open, than we are going to add draconian social distancing rules to even conduct business when we open back up, than we have to deal with the palpable fear of the virus with at best a strong minority of the population who fear going anywhere.

              1. The amount of bankruptcies of even blue chip companies are going to shock people

              2. I could be wrong. I hope I am wrong. But I doubt it.

              3. Depends on how long the $600 checks keep flowing. Unless they are going to start paying farm workers over $15/hr.

                1. True. Unemployment running out completely in like 70% of states because of budgetary issues next month is going to be the libertarian moment we can all get behind. It’s going to be lit to see the slash and burhahahahaahaha who am I kidding like that’s going to happen.

            2. Bullfuckingshit, sarc.
              You’re a joke

              1. Thank you for your brilliant insight.

                1. Crops never got picked before immigrant labor.

            3. “I doubt it. ”

              Youre a whiny beoken down drunk. No one cares about your pontification.

        3. Kids are not in school they can pick and maybe take some home to the family

          1. You kidding? Most American kids have no work ethic whatsoever. There’s no way anyone will give them a job.

            1. Yes yes you’re right because everyone else is lazy like you

              God damn you’re fucking stupid

              1. He knows most kids in the country.

          2. And if someone does give them a job, most those are piece work, not hourly. So when they find themselves making jack shit because they’re too lazy to break a sweat, they’re gonna quit. We’ve raised a generation of pussies.

            1. Stop projecting

              1. More incredible insight from Nardz!

                1. Crops never got picked before immigrant labor

        4. “Who’s gonna pick the crops?”

          Sarcasmic thinks farming is stuck in 1960’s California.
          This should relieve your concerns.

  49. Banning immigration now is like locking the barn door after the horse has left. COVID-19 is already here. We’re at the top of the list of infected countries. Someone shit in the dip and we’re worried someone might double dip?

    Also, who’s going to pick the crops? We already know teenagers won’t do work, but locking them up so they can’t work even if they wanted to means no one left to pick the crops. Lots of unemployed who would want to pick crops, but they’re under lockdown too. No one allowed to leave their homes to pick crops. Now we have no legal temporary workers to pick crops. Gosh, whatever will we do.

    Better not just lock that barn door, burn the whole damned barn down, teach that horse a lesson!

    1. Oh come on! That’s not the intention, so it can’t possibly be the result!

    2. Who’s going to pick the crops if the workers decide that risking their health over BatCoof isn’t worth what they’re getting paid? The Smithfield/JBS incident is instructive because those slaughterhouses provide massive amounts of product for the shelves.

      The supply chains are already showing strain–our grocer is charging up to $6.50 for a dozen eggs, depending on the supply, and because I live in a majority Hispanic city, demand is massive because people here can’t live without their crappy breakfast tacos every day. What do you think will happen if the people packing those eggs and shipping them to market suddenly decide to say, “Fuck this, it ain’t worth it anymore, I’ll just collect unemployment for now” or decide to head back to their home countries?

    3. “”Banning immigration now is like locking the barn door after the horse has left. COVID-19 is already here. “”

      One could say that about the lockdowns.

      It’s not about COVID-19 coming, it’s about flattening the curve.

      1. How does picking crops affect that?

        1. Because they need to shelter in place. Else they will spread the virus. That’s way I’m stuck at home. Why shouldn’t that apply to them too?

    4. “who’s going to pick the crops”

      The same ones who have been picking the crops since the seventies… machines.

  50. Three cheers for protectionism!

    Hip hip hooray!

    Hip hip hooray!

    Hip hip hooray!

  51. Matthew Yglesias’ tweets are often cited is he a friend?

    1. I think she and her husband are buddies with most of the folks at Vox–their tweets get cited a lot in her Roundup columns.

      1. It’s pretty pathetic.

  52. Here’s a crazy idea. How about letting people assess risk on their own and make their own decisions on what is acceptable. This cannot go on.

    1. Sounds good! Open the borders!

      1. What the hell does that have to do with personal risk assessment?

  53. And how about some full throated defense of liberty here? These protests absolutely need to happen. Governors have seized unprecedented powers. That is far more dangerous than the virus. It’s time to realize that it doesn’t add up. It is absolutely not a worthwhile tradeoff. Let people assess the risk on their own.

    Here is what the response should have been: Secure and sanitize hospitals and nursing homes. Do lots of testing of people who come and go from those places. Encourage others with serious medical conditions to stay at home and avoid contact. Do NOT encourage people with mild to moderate respiratory symptoms to go to hospitals. Explain to people what pneumonia looks like and what to do if someone has it. No lockdowns, no forced business closures, no fucking bullshit.
    It’s looking like a lot of the real hotspots are hospitals and nursing homes. I think we have failed to protect those adequately. And I believe that the course we have taken will lead to more deaths among the vulnerable populations, not fewer. The longer the virus is actively spreading, the more opportunities there will be to get infected. This is an unbelievable fuckup. By trying to protect everyone, we have failed to protect those who need protection.

    1. >>These protests absolutely need to happen.

      dude you’re gonna get us shut down.

      1. Here’s something fucked up. This is a NH group opposing the restrictions:

        I challenge anyone to find a google search string that will have it as a result on the first page.

        1. First one I tried worked
          nh group opposing lockdowns

          1. You get a result that is the website I linked?

            Google must hate me. I don’t get it with that search.

            1. Google doesn’t hate you, you are not that important.
              BUT, Google does know more about you than you know about yourself, and is sure that the article would not interest you.

            2. Use DuckDuckGo.

              1. Still don’t get that site. I do get their facebook page, though.

    2. It’s looking like a lot of the real hotspots are hospitals and nursing homes. I think we have failed to protect those adequately. And I believe that the course we have taken will lead to more deaths among the vulnerable populations, not fewer. The longer the virus is actively spreading, the more opportunities there will be to get infected. This is an unbelievable fuckup. By trying to protect everyone, we have failed to protect those who need protection.

      I’m still a bit confused. Gov. Pritzker said yesterday that IL nursing homes will now be reporting any cases of corona virus directly to the CDC. There was also some bit about how all flu cases in a home would be regarded as COVID if even one tested positive but, number fudging aside, I’m a little flabbergasted that the CDC isn’t already polling nursing homes regularly and paying someone to man a 1-800 number 24/7 in case of an outbreak. We’ve known for decades that they are hotbeds of co-mingling carriers with multiple co-factors. Pritzker practically won the election because of his predecessor’s mishandling of a legionnaire’s disease outbreak.

      1. Show’s you everything you need to know. If the Gov didn’t exist it’s almost a gurantee the response would have been better. they have fucked this up every step of the way from laying down in front of the development of tests to causing food supply shock shortages.

        1. People in charge hate the idea of individuals self-organizing to deal with a problem. And yet it seems that is what functioning people in a free society do every time we have a disaster.

    3. Let us never forget the New York Metro transit authorities role in this. The oversight in basically making nursing homes a priority as ground zeros in this fight is almost criminal given what we knew about this bug from Italy and Spain before it largely came here. We should have been making testing of nurses and caregivers a priority and we failed so badly at that thanks to the CDC and FDA’s response. Both those organizations should be destroyed and bulldozed after this.

    4. “”Governors have seized unprecedented powers. That is far more dangerous than the virus””

      I keep hearing that it’s not. I’m hearing that life being sacrificed to uphold freedom is horrible and wrong. As someone who took an oath that said I would do just that, I am offended.

      1. God, I hate that line of argument. For one thing, freedom is really important. And for another, the economic disaster will kill a lot of people. It’s just harder to see which people exactly, so people who don’t think things through don’t care.

    5. “Do lots of testing of people who come and go from those places.”

      Woops. So that’s not possible still. So now what?

      “I take no responsibility at all.” – DJT

      1. Then take extreme precautions until it is. And stop testing sick people if the tests have more utility testing caregivers and doctors.
        I think it’s really too late now for a lot of places. I was talking about what the initial response should have been.

        1. The problem you’re gonna have here Zeb, is you’re trying to have an honest discussion with DOL. That’s not what he’s here for. He wants to argue any topic until he can blame something on Trump, and then keep arguing until he gets you to blame Trump. And if you refuse to blame Trump for everything, you’re a cult member that likes Trump’s dick in your mouth.

          TDS is a thing, and he’s got it bad.

        2. You don’t have any idea what the initial response should have been.

          1. We should all know what the initial response should’ve been by now:
            “Heads up – there’s a new cold/flu bug that escaped from a lab in China going around. Don’t freak out, because it’s not that big a deal, but maybe take some precautions like washing your hands more often and avoiding crowding right up next to someone. Postpone visiting the grandparents for a few weeks. And if you’re old, fat, or have respiratory or immune conditions, stay home for awhile. Otherwise, go about your life like normal. That is all.”

          2. I have lots of ideas about what it should have been. Of course it’s beside the point now since that’s not how it happened. Cut our losses now and stop this insanity.

  54. “Morning Psycho on MSDNC”

    I won’t technically say that I approve of the President going on like this, but at least it gives a much better view of the inside of a politician’s head than we’re accustomed to getting.

    1. True, although it changes, sometimes to the point of being self-contradictory, from day to day. But, I guess that is what is going on inside President Trump’s head, so your observation holds.

      1. Poor Jeff.

  55. Just for the record, a tweet is not newsworthy.

    1. A tweet from the President of the United States is not newsworthy?

    2. Right agree with you
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  56. “Many countries may decide to continue to limit visitors from the U.S. The American government might then respond by restricting in-migration from those countries.”

    Would it really be wrong for another country to limit Americans coming in?

    And if the U. S. will issue a migration ban anyway, how can a migration ban be seen as retaliatory for anti-American migration bans?

  57. Hello.

    Love how people rag on Trump even though they know jack shit themselves about this pandemic.

    ‘Ha, ha! He’s sooo stooopid Hitler wants to close down immigration”. This from a bunch who probably screamed, ‘Racist!’ when he wanted to shut down air travel from China.

    And quoting Sad Beard is just about as ridiculous as you can get.

    Everyone’s an asshole. But I repeat myself.
    for more visit

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